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Bob Baffert

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Bob Baffert was born on January 13, 1953 in Nogales, Arizona, USA. He is an actor, known for 147th Belmont Stakes (2015), Behind the Gate (2013) and Rome Is Burning (2003).  See full bio on IMDb »

Bob Baffert Schools Aspiring Jockeys, Crushes Some Dreams

Bob Baffert
You Wanna Be A Jockey? ... Here's The Key

Anyone looking to make millions for riding a horse 2 minutes at a time needs to pay close attention ... because legendary trainer Bob Baffert is gonna tell you if you're world class Jockey… READ MORE >

Bob Baffert Says Reward For Justify's Triple Crown Is Sex, Sex And More Sex

Bob Baffert
Sex, Sex and More Sex ... For Triple Crown Winner

Bob Baffert is revealing the reward for a horse that won him his second triple crown in four years earlier this month ... and it involves fornication. Lots of it. We got the legendary horse… READ MORE >

- 298 days ago
Burger King's Mascot, the King, Joins Bob Baffert's Triple Crown Party for Justify

Bob Baffert
Justify Going for Triple Crown Requires Company of the King!!!

Legendary racehorse trainer Bob Baffert knows a thing or 2 about winning big races, including that they require some luck ... which is why the King was by his side for Justify's epic win! Baffert… READ MORE >

- 319 days ago
Bob Baffert Says New Horse Justify Is 'Superior' To American Pharoah

Bob Baffert
My New Horse ... 'Superior' To American Pharoah

Legendary trainer Bob Baffert says American Pharoah is old news ... telling TMZ Sports his new horse, Justify, is a "superior" animal to the 2015 Triple Crown winner.  Seriously!!… READ MORE >

- 341 days ago
Bob Baffert Raves About 'Justify,' He's the LeBron James of Horses!

Bob Baffert
Raves About 'Justify' He's the LeBron James of Horses!

The horse that won the Kentucky Derby can be one of the greatest of ALL TIME ... so says trainer Bob Baffert, who just compared Justify to LeBron James! Yes, LEBRON JAMES!!! Justify beat… READ MORE >

- 352 days ago
Kentucky Derby Horse Solomini Gets American Pharoah Treatment from Owners

Kentucky Derby
Is Solomini the Next American Pharoah? Owners Think So!!!

The owners of 2015 Triple Crown winner American Pharoah might know something we don't know ... because they're treating their huge underdog for this year's Kentucky Derby like their famous… READ MORE >

- 354 days ago
American Pharoah Trainer Bob Baffert Gives Betting Tips For Kentucky Derby (VIDEO)

American Pharoah Trainer
Here's How To Make A Lotta Money ... At Kentucky Derby

American Pharoah trainer Bob Baffert doesn't have a horse in the race, but that's not stopping him from giving out some solid advice on how to win big at the Kentucky Derby!! We spoke with… READ MORE >

- 718 days ago
American Pharoah Trainer Bob Baffert, Horse will Knock Up 1,000 Mares!!! (VIDEO)

American Pharoah Trainer
Horse will Knock Up 1,000 Mares!!!

Bob Baffert says American Pharoah, the horse that won the Triple Crown, is getting more action than just about any person or animal that walks the earth! We got Bob leaving Craig's Friday night… READ MORE >

- 767 days ago
Bob Baffert -- Wanna Win $$$ At Belmont? ... BET ON THIS HORSE (VIDEO)

Bob Baffert
Wanna Win $$$ At Belmont? ... BET ON THIS HORSE

Listen up you degenerate gamblers ... Bob Baffert, one of the greatest horse trainers of all time, is gonna give you an iron-clad LOCK to win big money at the Belmont Stakes Saturday. We got… READ MORE >

- 1047 days ago
Bob Baffert -- American Pharoah Is Banging Everything ... He's Gonna Have 200 Kids

Bob Baffert
American Pharoah Is Banging Everything ... Gonna Have 200 Kids

We now know what American Pharoah's been doing since retirement ... EVERY MARE HE CAN ... so says legendary trainer Bob Baffert who tells us the stud is on pace to have over 200 kids!!! We got… READ MORE >

- 1128 days ago
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