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Camille Cosby

Bill Cosby's Been in Prison for a Week, Here's How He Spends His Time

Bill Cosby
Making Friends with Prison Staff ... Daily Calls With Wife Too

Bill Cosby's been locked up for a week ... and we've learned he spends his days getting friendly with prison staff, touring the grounds and chatting with his wife.  Cosby was locked up last… READ MORE >

Bill Cosby Getting Star Treatment in Prison According to His Team

Bill Cosby
He's Already a Big Star in Prison ... According to His Team

Bill Cosby didn't stroll down an actual red carpet into prison, but he might as well have ... based on the treatment his team says he's getting in the maximum security prison he now calls… READ MORE >

- 272 days ago
Bill Cosby Takes Sad Mug Shot After Receiving 3 to 10 Year Sentence

Bill Cosby
Takes Sad Mug Shot After Receiving 3 to 10 Year Sentence

1:27 PM PT -- Cosby's first order of business as a prisoner was posing for his mug shot. 12:08 PM PT -- Andrew Wyatt, a spokesperson for Cosby just made a statement outside the courthouse calling… READ MORE >

- 273 days ago
Godfrey Says It's a Shame Because Bill Cosby Made Black People Look Good

It's a Shame, Because Cosby Made Black People Look Good

Comedian Godfrey is heartsick over the fall of Bill Cosby because he remembers the day when Cosby made black people look good. We got Godfrey Monday night in Hollywood outside the Laugh Factory… READ MORE >

- 274 days ago
Cops Swarm Bill Cosby's Pennsylvania Mansion on Comedian's 81st Birthday

Bill Cosby
Cops Swarm Mansion On His 81st BDay

6:10 PM PT -- Cosby's reps, Andrew V. Wyatt and Ebonee M. Benson, tell TMZ ... "No police officers entered the property nor did any officer from Montgomery County make a request that the 'live'… READ MORE >

- 348 days ago
Bill Cosby's Guilty Verdict is 'Mob Justice,' Says Wife Camille

Bill Cosby's Wife Camille
Guilty Verdict is 'Mob Justice'

Bill Cosby is the victim of a lynch mob and straight-up got a heavy dose of mob justice in his sexual assault case ... this according to his wife. Camille Cosby lashed out and viciously… READ MORE >

- 419 days ago
Bill Cosby's Wife Camille's First Appearance in Sexual Assault Retrial

Bill Cosby's Wife Camille
First Appearance For Last Day of Sexual Assault Retrial

Bill Cosby arrived for one of the most important days of his sexual assault retrial -- closing arguments -- and his wife made her first appearance in a show of support. Camille Cosby clutched the… READ MORE >

- 428 days ago
Bill Cosby's Wife Camille Surfaces for Defense Case in Sexual Assault Trial

Bill Cosby
Camille Finally Shows In Sexual Assault Trial

Bill Cosby is launching his defense in his sexual assault trial with one of his most powerful weapons ... his wife. Camille Cosby walked arm-in-arm with her husband Monday as they entered the… READ MORE >

- 744 days ago
Bill Cosby's Wife Continues to No-Show for Sexual Assault Trial (PHOTOS)

Bill Cosby Trial
Wife Still No-Shows in Court

Bill Cosby's wife was MIA from court for the 3rd consecutive day of his sexual assault trial, and it's standing out to the media ... and possibly the jury.  We checked, and Bill… READ MORE >

- 748 days ago
Bill Cosby's Wife Camille -- What, Me Worry? (PHOTO)

Camille Cosby
What, Me Worry?

The only thing bigger than Camille Cosby's coat was the giant grin on her face as she walked into her first deposition in one of her husband's legal battles. Lawyers for 7 women who've filed a… READ MORE >

- 1219 days ago
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