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Casper Smart

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The years 2014 and 2015 have proven to be banner years for actor Beau "Casper" Smart, completing roles in eight projects portraying distinctive characters ranging from an embattled UFC fighter to an ego maniacal youth soccer coach. His growing body of acting roles includes four feature films - Perfect Match, Restored Me, Street, and Wild for the Night; the lead role in the FIFA-released short Pepsi's Beats of the Beautiful Game and co-starring/guest roles on USA network's Benched, NBC's Shades of Blue and television's number-one comedy CBS's Big Bang Theory. Summer 2015, Smart brought his unique sense of style and brand of humor to truTV's Fake Off, serving as one of four judges on the second season of the pop culture reality competition show. Starting his career as a professional dancer, Smart's explosive, high-energy dance skills quickly translated into requests for stand-out choreography ultimately landing him highly sought after creative director spots for multi-platinum, multiple award-winning artists and corporate brands. Smart's early credits included roles on the FOX's hit phenomenon Glee, How I Met Your Mother, Def Comedy Jam, Disney's Step Up: 3D, Honey 2 and Dance Flick. Born and raised in Orange County, CA, Smart played played saxophone - alto, tenor and baritone in High School and at the age of 18 he got his first taste of dance - krumping, an offshoot of the hip-hop scene that features exaggerated, aggressive movements and a freestyle spirit. A year later, Smart won a dance contest held by choreographer Debbie Allen and took home a $1,000 cash prize. He continued to hone his skills and became part of the world-renowned Tommy the Clown crew performing to sold out crowds worldwide. Smart currently resides in the greater Los Angeles area and in spare time enjoys boxing, Muay Thai, Ju Jitsu, & all forms of outdoor recreational activities including wake-boarding, snowboarding and is an avid motorcycle enthusiast.  See full bio on IMDb »

Brooke Hogan, Casper Smart Slippin' and Slimy for Reality Show

Brooke Hogan
Grease Me Up And Put Me in, Coach!!!

Wanna see Brooke Hogan covered in lube? Well, you're in luck. Brooke was doused in some sort of slippery fluid Thursday in Santa Monica while trying to climb UP a slide. It wasn't just for giggles… READ MORE >

Casper Smart is Dating New Chick Who Rivals J Lo

Casper Smart
Dating New Chick & She's a Handful!!! ... J Lo Who?

Casper Smart's got a type -- they've gotta be smart, talented and, of course, booty-full. Casper has been dating 30-year-old Paige Hathaway for the last couple of months. She's a fitness… READ MORE >

- 426 days ago
Jennifer Lopez's Exes Descend on Hollywood with A-Rod in Town Too

J Lo
Dos Exes y Uno BF ... A-Love Story

You'd think there was a Jennifer Lopez convention going on -- Marc Anthony, Casper Smart and Alex Rodriguez were all chilling in Hollywood and WeHo Wednesday night. J Lo's exes -- Marc… READ MORE >

- 496 days ago
Maxim Hot 100 Party Crawling with Celebrities

Maxim Hot 100 Party
Crawling with Celebs

The Maxim Hot 100 party was blazing Saturday night, with tons of hot chicks. The event was held during BET weekend at the Hollywood Palladium with plenty of Absolut Elyx on hand. Celebrity guests… READ MORE >

- 577 days ago
Casper Smart Praises A-Rod, No Jealousy for Dating J Lo (VIDEO)

Casper Smart
Praises A-Rod No Jealousy for Dating J Lo

How's this for maturity?!?  Casper Smart tells TMZ Sports there's ZERO jealousy or animosity or bitterness at Alex Rodriguez for dating his ex-girlfriend, Jennifer Lopez ... and… READ MORE >

- 623 days ago
Casper Smart Says He's Training MMA To Be A Movie Star (VIDEO)

Casper Smart
I Train MMA Hard ... So I Can Be A Hollywood Action Star!!!

Casper Smart says there's a reason he's putting in work on the MMA mat ... and it's not to beat up J Lo's next boyfriend ... telling TMZ Sports he wants to be an action movie star! We got Casper… READ MORE >

- 686 days ago
Casper Smart -- Smashes into Tree, Destroys Luxury Whip (PHOTO)

Casper Smart
Smashes into Tree DESTROYS Luxury Whip!

Just when Casper Smart thought 2016 couldn't get worse -- he totaled his Mercedes sports car, but on the positive side ... he was able to walk away from the nasty wreck. Casper smashed into a… READ MORE >

- 776 days ago
Jennifer Lopez -- Something Old, Something New? (VIDEO)

Jennifer Lopez
Something Old, Something New?

Jennifer Lopez is a smart, savvy celeb who knows exactly what she's doing ... so there's gotta be something to the fact that she made a surprise appearance during her ex-husband's concert just… READ MORE >

- 878 days ago
JLO -- Bustin' Out in NYC (PHOTO)

Bustin' Out in NYC

Jennifer Lopez still has affection for ex-BF Casper Smart, but she's sure making him feel bad. JLo was out and about in NYC Friday, just after posting this "Protect your heart."  And she… READ MORE >

- 879 days ago
UFC's Bruce Buffer -- Hey J Lo, Give Casper a Break ... It Was a GREAT Fight! (VIDEO)

UFC's Bruce Buffer
Hey J Lo, Give Casper a Break ... It Was a GREAT Fight!

UFC ring announcer Bruce Buffer is going to bat for his boy, Casper Smart -- asking Jennifer Lopez to give him a pass for blowing off a NY fundraiser to be Octagon-side at UFC 202.  READ MORE >

- 879 days ago
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