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Damon Wayans

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An outrageous cueball-domed comedian of film and television satire, fortified by a dazzling, sly smile, New York-born Damon Wayans is the third of ten children of Elvira Alethia (Green), a social worker and singer, and Howell Wayans, a supermarket manager. He grew up humbly in the Fulton Housing Projects. He began zeroing in on his comedic skills while still a child, conjuring up a number of weird characters that were later utilized on his older brother Keenen Ivory Wayans' groundbreaking In Living Color (1990), the show that made Damon a huge comedy star. Ostracized by other children due to a severe physical disability - a club foot - humor was a strong part of helping Damon overcome a severely painful and debilitating childhood. He wore leg braces, orthopedic shoes and endured numerous surgeries before his affliction was corrected. Dropping out of high school in the ninth grade, he worked various jobs (mail clerk, etc.) until following older brother Keenen out to Hollywood to seek comedy fame and fortune. Doing the typical L.A. stand-up scene starting in 1982, he toured in national comedy club circuits until earning a regular featured slot on Saturday Night Live (1975) for one season (1985-1986). On the big screen, he had a number of bit parts in films that showcased Hollywood's top comedians, including Eddie Murphy in Beverly Hills Cop (1984), his movie debut, and Steve Martin in Roxanne (1987). He also appeared briefly in brother Keenen's film spoofs Hollywood Shuffle (1987) and I'm Gonna Git You Sucka (1988). Damon gained major notice as an alien alongside Jeff Goldblum and future co-star Jim Carrey in the wild and woolly Earth Girls Are Easy (1988), as well as in various supporting roles that included Punchline (1988) with Tom Hanks and the grim police drama Colors (1988) with Sean Penn. However, smart-alec superstardom came to him via television (thanks again to older brother Keenen) in the form of the landmark sketch variety series "In Living Color". The show, created and hosted by Keenen, gave Damon a showcase in which he easily broke out among the talented ensemble players with his eclectic gallery of sketch characters that usually bordered on raunch: Homey the Clown, the disabled Handiman and the outrageously gay film critic Blaine Edwards from the "Men on Film" skits. In 1992, Damon followed brother Keenan off the popular show over creative and financial issues. For the last decade and a half, the slyly sarcastic comic has become his own "Man on Film". He was Bruce Willis' partner in the noticeably violent crime thriller The Last Boy Scout (1991); wrote, executive-produced and starred as a former conman trying to mend his ways in Mo' Money (1992), which also featured younger brother Marlon Wayans; expanded his "In Living Color" handicapped superhero character Handiman into feature-length form with Blankman (1994); played an in-your-face drill sergeant in the aptly titled Major Payne (1995); co-starred with Adam Sandler as a policeman bringing in a petty crook (Adam Sandler) in the action comedy Bulletproof (1996); joined in the basketball-themed Celtic Pride (1996); and stretched his acting muscles in Spike Lee's comedy-drama Bamboozled (2000). He was also executive producer on Waynehead (1996), a Saturday morning animated show based on his childhood that featured the voices of younger siblings Kim Wayans, Marlon and Shawn Wayans. Although his strongest suit is still in stand-up (he has starred in several HBO comedy specials), Damon went back to steady television employment as star and executive producer of the sitcom My Wife and Kids (2001). He also starred as Detective Roger Murtaugh on the comedy-drama Lethal Weapon (2016), based on the film series of the same name. Divorced from his wife Lisa, he is the father of four, including actor Damon Wayans Jr..  See full bio on IMDb »

Damon Wayans Announces He's Quitting 'Lethal Weapon'

Damon Wayans
Quitting 'Lethal Weapon' ... I'm Too Old for This!

Damon Wayans says he's had enough of working on "Lethal Weapon," so come December ... he's done. The actor made the stunning announcement to Electronic Urban Report Wednesday, saying ... "I'm a… READ MORE >

Damon Wayans Rages on Fired 'Lethal Weapon' Costar Clayne Crawford

Damon Wayans
Ding Dong, Clayne Crawford is Dead To Me on 'Lethal Weapon'

Damon Wayans is blasting his former "Lethal Weapon" costar, Clayne Crawford, as a menace to everyone on the show's set, and blaming him for the stunt that left him bloodied. Damon claims… READ MORE >

- 312 days ago
'Lethal Weapon' Teen Star Chandler Kinney Can't Flush $150k Payday Down a Toilet

'Lethal Weapon' Teen Star
Can't Flush My $150k Payday

The teen who plays Damon Wayans' daughter on the TV remake of "Lethal Weapon" banked nearly $150k for her first season, but still couldn't get a toilet guaranteed from the show. Chandler Kinney… READ MORE >

- 553 days ago
Damon Wayans' Favorite Charlie Murphy Memory Was a Kiss on the Neck (VIDEO)

Damon Wayans
Me and Charlie Murphy Kissed Once We Were Really Necking

Damon Wayans has fond memories of Charlie Murphy -- none of which were more moving than the time they kissed on the neck. We got the 3rd eldest Wayans sibling Wednesday at Catch and asked… READ MORE >

- 709 days ago
Damon Wayans Taking Heat -- Some of Cosby's Accusers 'Un-Rapable' (VIDEO)

Damon Wayans Taking Heat
Some of Cosby's Accusers 'Un-Rapable"

Damon Wayans is drawing fire for comments he made about Bill Cosby's accusers, some of which sounded like he was making a joke but there also seemed to be an underpinning of seriousness. Damon… READ MORE >

- 1294 days ago
Damon Wayans -- Tracy Morgan Got $90 Million from Walmart (VIDEO)

Damon Wayans
Tracy Morgan Got $90 Million from Walmart

Tracy's rep tells TMZ, the terms of Tracy's settlement with Walmart are confidential, adding, "Tracy has had no contact with Mr. Wayans since before the accident so there is no way he would be… READ MORE >

- 1296 days ago
Damon Wayans -- Grounded by Diabetes ... Tour Dates Cancelled

Damon Wayans
Grounded by Diabetes ... Tour Dates Cancelled

Damon Wayans is postponing multiple tour stops after suffering a medical emergency related to his diabetes ... TMZ has learned. The comedian was supposed to perform Saturday in Missouri, but… READ MORE >

- 1488 days ago
Dwyane Wade's Baby -- Birth Certificate Released ... Baby Mama Revealed [Update]

Dwyane Wade's Baby
Birth Certificate Released Baby Mama Revealed

11:30 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has learned ... Aja's two other children were fathered by "Happy Endings" star Damon Wayans Jr. ... the son of "In Living Color" legend Damon Wayans (obviously). We're… READ MORE >

- 1907 days ago
Homey Still Don't Play That

Homey Still Don't Play That

It's usually the fans who awkwardly quote stars when in their presence, but last night, Damon Wayans quoted himself! TMZ caught the former "In Living Color" star outside of Mr. Chow, when… READ MORE >

- 4180 days ago
Wayans to El Paso: F**k You and Good Night!

Wayans to El Paso: F**k You and Good Night!

Comedian Damon Wayans walked out right before a sold-out performance in El Paso, Tex. on Friday night because two female friends of his were not "immediately allowed into the club," the El Paso… READ MORE >

- 4295 days ago
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