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David Arquette

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David Crane was born on August 13, 1957 in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA. He is a writer and producer, known for Friends (1994), Episodes (2011) and Joey (2004).  See full bio on IMDb »

David Arquette Pooh-Poohs Wrestling Tampon Stunt, 'I Didn't Like It'

David Arquette
Pooh-Poohs Wrestling Tampon Stunt ... 'I Didn't Like It'

David Arquette is open-minded when it comes to pushing the envelope in pro wrestling -- but says the female wrestler who pulled a fake bloody tampon from her pants last month during a match went… READ MORE >

David Arquette Wins NWA Wrestling Hair Match and Scalps Opponent

David Arquette
I Kicked My Opponents Ass ... Then I Scalped Him

David Arquette made a triumphant return to the ring Saturday night, defeating behemoth wrestler Jocephus and then getting his just reward with a pair of clippers. David teamed up with former NWA… READ MORE >

- 12 days ago
David Arquette Back in the Wrestling Ring with Hair Match and Not Death Match

David Arquette
Back in the Ring ... Loser Loses Hair

David Arquette is a glutton for punishment ... returning to the wrestling ring after a deathmatch that almost killed him.  Arquette took the mic at a news conference Friday night to hype his… READ MORE >

- 13 days ago
David Arquette Says His Wrestling Deathmatch with Nick Gage Will Be His Last

David Arquette
I'm Done with Deathmatches ... Hints at UFC Fight

David Arquette vows his incredibly bloody deathmatch was his last, but he's never going to take his foot off the gas. We got David Saturday in L.A. ... a day after his brutal Game Changer… READ MORE >

- 61 days ago
David Arquette Loses in Brutal and Bloody Wrestling Deathmatch

David Arquette
Loses in Brutal, Bloody Wrestling Deathmatch

David Arquette was bloody, mangled and nearly tortured Friday night in a wrestling match ... and there was NOTHING FAKE about it. David was in a 'deathmatch' -- that's the name and not really an… READ MORE >

- 62 days ago
David Arquette, 'I Love WWE But It's Not the Goal' of Wrestling Comeback

David Arquette
'I Love WWE' But It's Not Goal of My Wrestling Comeback

For most pro wrestlers, getting to the WWE is the ultimate career goal -- but David Arquette says that's NOT what's motivating his comeback at 47-years-old.  "WWE's not the goal. I… READ MORE >

- 69 days ago
David Arquette's Chasing Redemption After WCW Disaster, Says Diamond Dallas Page

David Arquette
Chasing Redemption After WCW Disaster ... Says DDP

A lot of people are asking why is 47-year-old David Arquette resurrecting his pro wrestling career nearly 20 years after his stint in WCW?? Well, Diamond Dallas Page says he's got the answer ...… READ MORE >

- 98 days ago
David Arquette Flies Off Top Rope at Canadian Wrestling Match

David Arquette
Top Rope Attack at Canadian Wrestling Match

David Arquette is 47 YEARS OLD -- and flying off the top rope!!! Check out this footage of Arquette wreckin' shop at Border City Wrestling’s 25th Anniversary Show in Ontario, Canada over… READ MORE >

- 99 days ago
David Arquette's Secret Tijuana Wrestling Match, Crazy Flying Moves!

David Arquette
Secret Tijuana Wrestling Match ... Crazy Flying Moves!

Before David Arquette squared off against RJ City in California ... he went to Tijuana, Mexico to train with luchadores -- and the high-flying moves he pulls off are insane!!! Check out this… READ MORE >

- 185 days ago
David Arquette Pimp Slapped at Movie Premiere

David Arquette
Pimp Slapped at Movie Premiere

What did the 5 fingers say to David Arquette's face? SLAPPITY SLAP SLAP!!! The 46-year-old movie star took several open-hand slaps to the face on the red carpet at the 350 Days premiere in… READ MORE >

- 189 days ago
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