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David Dao

David Dao is a doctor who was dragged off an United Airlines flight departing Chicago’s O’Hare International Airport in April 2017. The airline reportedly requested for passengers to voluntarily give up their seats in exchange for compensation to make room for employees. When not enough passengers volunteered, Dao was forcibly removed from the aircraft by law enforcement. The disturbing incident was captured on cell phone video and quickly went viral and made news headlines. The video shows Dao being dragged down the aisle. He appeared to be bloodied and injured. Dao said he was in a rush to get home to Kentucky because he was scheduled to perform surgery the following day. United CEO Oscar Munoz faced backlash for the wording of his apology to Dao.

Chicago Cop Who Dragged Dr. David Dao Off United Flight Sues Airline Over Firing

United Airlines Sued
Officer Who Dragged Dao Off Plane Says ... I'm Not to Blame!!!

The officer who violently dragged a United Airlines passenger last year says the airline set him up to take a fall, and he believes he was wrongly fired... according to a new suit. James Long was… READ MORE >

United Airlines Settles with Dr. David Dao For Savagely Dragging Him Off Flight

United Airlines
Settles with Dr. Dao For Big Bucks

United Airlines will cut a huge check with Dr. David Dao -- the airline and disgruntled passenger have settled the looming lawsuit. Dao's lawyers just said they've reached "an amicable… READ MORE >

- 662 days ago
Pro Golfer Matt Goggin Blames United Airlines for Broken Clubs, Fears Dao Treatment (PHOTO)

Pro Golfer Matt Goggin
United Went All Dao On My Clubs!

Matt Goggin wants justice for his broken golf clubs -- he's just afraid to demand it from United Airlines for fear of getting manhandled a la Dr. David Dao. The Australian pro golfer's pissed… READ MORE >

- 664 days ago
Dr. David Dao's Lawyer from United Incident Now Representing American Airlines Mother (VIDEO)

Dr. David Dao's Lawyer
Repping Mom from American Airlines 'Her Concern Was Her Child'

Dr. David Dao's lawyer from the United incident is now on board for the mom from the American Airlines incident, but it sounds like this one ain't going to court. Attorney Tom… READ MORE >

- 665 days ago
United Changes Policy for Overbooking and Removing Passengers (DOCUMENT)

United Airlines
Policy Change for Overbooking, Removing Passengers

United Airlines has just made a big change to its overbooking policy, in the wake of the disastrous removal of passenger Dr. David Dao. Effective immediately, a passenger cannot be removed to… READ MORE >

- 675 days ago
Rosa Parks' Niece Outraged by Disgraceful Comparison to Dr. David Dao (VIDEO)

Rosa Parks' Niece
Disgraceful to Compare Dao to My History-Changing Aunt!!

Rosa Parks changed the course of American history while Dr. David Dao MIGHT change United Airlines' policy, so it's insulting to compare them at all ... so says Rosa's niece. Urana… READ MORE >

- 676 days ago
United Passenger Dr. David Dao's Attorney Raises Rosa Parks Comparison (VIDEO)

United Passenger Dr. David Dao
Attorney Raises Rosa Parks Comparison

Dr. David Dao's attorney dared to go there ... bringing up a comparison of Dao's brutal removal from a United flight to the plight of civil rights pioneer Rosa Parks. It happened during the… READ MORE >

- 676 days ago
United Passenger David Dao Not Suing Yet, Suffered Concussion and Major Facial Injuries (VIDEO)

Dr. David Dao
Not Ready to Sue United Just Yet ... Suffered Concussion, Other Facial Injuries

Dr. David Dao and his attorneys aren't suing United or the City of Chicago ... YET, but they put intense pressure on them with a blockbuster news conference where they revealed Dao's… READ MORE >

- 676 days ago
United Passenger David Dao's Lawyers Speak as Lawsuit Looms

United Passenger David Dao
Lawyers Speak as Lawsuit Looms

United passenger David Dao is pulling out the heavy artillery Thursday as his lawyers and daughter get in front of reporters, and there's a likelihood they will announce a lawsuit against United… READ MORE >

- 677 days ago
United Airlines Passenger David Dao Asks Judge to Preserve All Video of Incident

United Passenger David Dao
Asks Judge to Preserve All Video of Incident

David Dao is making his first legal move against United ... demanding the airline preserve all evidence related to his bloody incident. TMZ has learned the doctor's lawyers filed documents in a… READ MORE >

- 677 days ago
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