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Doug Hemphill is known for his work on The Dark Knight (2008), Blade Runner (1982) and Apocalypse Now (1979).  See full bio on IMDb »

DMX Reports for Duty as Detective on Set of 'Chronicle of a Serial Killer'

It's Det. DMX Now!!! First Pic From New Movie

DMX is resuming his acting career, but in a role most would consider a stretch ... 'cause now he's playing Johnny Law and busting bad guys. It's called "range" in the biz.   We got this… READ MORE >

DMX's 'Stolen' Corvette Ride Has Feds Investigating Probation Violation

'Stolen' Corvette Ride Gets Feds Back on His Case

DMX mistakenly rolling away with someone else's ride could cost him dearly if the feds find out he hopped in the driver's seat ... something X insists he did NOT do. Sources close to DMX tell TMZ… READ MORE >

- 84 days ago
DMX and Crew Leave L.A. Restaurant in Another Diner's Corvette

Confusion at the Valet Stand ... Whose 'Vette Are We Driving Anyway?!!?!

DMX had a great night out on the town Friday night ... in a car that was reported stolen. X and his crew hit up STK restaurant inside the W hotel in Westwood and had a great time. At around 1 AM… READ MORE >

- 89 days ago
DMX Kicks Off Kanye's Latest Sunday Service with a Prayer

Kicks Off Ye's Sunday Service With a Morning Prayer

Kanye West's weekly Sunday Service just had a special guest stop by to lift everyone up in God's name -- it was the big dog himself ... Mr. DMX. X delivered a "morning prayer" Sunday ahead of… READ MORE >

- 94 days ago
DMX Makes Surprise Cameo in Danielle Bregoli's New Music Video

Surprise ... I'm Down with Bhad Bhabie!!!

DMX is back in action, because he's making a surprise cameo in Danielle Bregoli's new music video ... and it's awesome.  Bhad Bhabie just dropped the video for her new single, "Bestie",… READ MORE >

- 115 days ago
DMX Takes Photos with Gas Station Workers Shortly After Prison Release

Pit Stop After Prison Release ... Snaps Pics With Employees

A few lucky DMX fans working at a Maryland gas station were among the first people to see the rapper after he got out of prison, and when they asked for a photo he replied ... "X Gon Give it to… READ MORE >

- 145 days ago
DMX Seen for First Time Since Release From Prison After Tax Evasion Sentence

Released From Federal Prison!!! ... First Pic with His Family

9:38 AM PT -- We just got the first pic of DMX post-prison out with his son and fiancee. We're told X and family hit up a local spot for breakfast as soon as he was released. And, the dog is out… READ MORE >

- 146 days ago
DMX Getting Out of Prison in One Month, He's Got Family and Movie Offers on the Brain

1 More Month Behind Bars ... Then It's Time For Family and Hollywood!!!

DMX can see the light at the end of the prison tunnel ... because we've learned he's going to be released in exactly one month.  DMX's attorney, Murray Richman, tells TMZ… READ MORE >

- 175 days ago
Comedian Robert Klein Comes Unhinged, Squares Off with Donald Trump Supporters

Robert Klein
Loses It On Trump!! Faces Off with Trump Supporters

Robert Klein ain't cracking jokes when it comes to Donald Trump -- he came unhinged, ranting about the President's numerous scandals ... then came face-to-face with some… READ MORE >

- 251 days ago
DMX Ordered to Repay Uncle Sam Millions in Tax Evasion Case

Ordered to Pay Uncle Sam Millions ... In Tax Evasion Case

DMX got bad news from the judge in his tax evasion case ... he's going to be a lot lighter in the wallet -- like more than $2 mil lighter. X will have to fork over $2.3 million in restitution to… READ MORE >

- 443 days ago
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