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Don Lemon

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Don Lemon is an actor, known for Into the Storm (2014), Beyond the Lights (2014) and The Wendy Williams Show (2008).  See full bio on IMDb »

CNN's Don Lemon Says Race Was a Factor in Trump Snubbing Kyler Murray

CNN's Don Lemon
Trump Snubbed Kyler Murray ... Race Was a Factor

CNN's Don Lemon says he wasn't shocked to see President Trump congratulate Nick Bosa on being the #2 pick in the draft -- while ignoring Kyler Murray -- in part because Bosa is white and Murray… READ MORE >

Don Lemon Asked What to Do if 2020 Dem Nominee Wore Blackface in the Past

Don Lemon
What to Do if 2020 Dem Nominee Wore Blackface

Don Lemon IS GOOD at comebacks ... and it's never been clearer than with this video. We got Don at LAX Friday and asked about the blackface scandals in Virginia ... specifically, whether people… READ MORE >

- 100 days ago
Don Lemon's Racist Twitter Troll Won't Be Charged for Death Threats

Don Lemon's Racist Twitter Troll
No Death Threat Charges ... More Trouble Than It's Worth

The man who made death threats against Don Lemon last year will not have to answer for his harassment, 'cause prosecutors say he's too small of a fish ... TMZ has learned. Law enforcement sources… READ MORE >

- 198 days ago
CNN's Jeffrey Toobin Says Trump Has a Habit of Attacking Black People

CNN's Jeffrey Toobin
Trump Attacks Black People A Lot You Tell Me What It Means

Jeffrey Toobin thinks it's awfully peculiar President Trump seems to have a habit of viciously attacking black people ... but stops short of calling him a full-on racist. We got CNN's Chief Legal… READ MORE >

- 286 days ago
Donald Trump Calls LeBron James, Don Lemon Dumb

Donald Trump
Disgustingly Calls LeBron and Don Lemon ... Dumb and Dumber

Donald Trump, the man who callously separated children from their parents and forever traumatized them in the process, has viciously attacked LeBron James, the man who just opened a school for… READ MORE >

- 289 days ago
LeBron James Says Trump Is Using Sports to Divide America

LeBron James
Trump's Using Sports to Divide America

LeBron James says Donald Trump is using sports to create a racial divide in America ... and he won't sit back quietly anymore.  "What I've noticed over the last few months that he's kinda… READ MORE >

- 294 days ago
Don Lemon's Twitter Troll Hates Liberals, Except for Huma Abedin

Don Lemon's Twitter Troll
HATES Liberals ... But He's Hot for Huma Abedin

Don Lemon's Twitter troll -- who's now been reported to police -- has a history of hating on almost all liberals, except one ... "beautiful" Huma Abedin, who he wishes would come over to his… READ MORE >

- 571 days ago
Don Lemon Gets Death Threats From White Nationalist

Don Lemon
Gets Racist Death Threats From White Nationalist Trump Supporter ... Files Report With NYPD

Don Lemon received a series of racist, frightening death threats by a self-proclaimed white nationalist Trump supporter -- and they were so ominous, police are now involved -- TMZ has learned.… READ MORE >

- 572 days ago
Don Lemon Says ESPN Should Apologize To Trump, After Trump Apologizes To Obama

Don Lemon to Trump
Apologize To Barack Obama ... And Then ESPN Will Follow

Don Lemon says if President Trump wants an apology from ESPN for Jemele Hill's remarks, he should man up and do one thing first ... say sorry to Barack Obama. What would Trump be apologizing… READ MORE >

- 611 days ago
Don Lemon Predicts Who Will be Left When the World Comes to an End

Don Lemon
Here's Who'll Be Left When the World Ends

Don Lemon's as ready as he can be for nuclear war, but it seems sort of pointless ... because he's not even on his own list of who'll make it out alive. Our photog got the "CNN Tonight" host at… READ MORE >

- 648 days ago
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