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Evan Chandler

Evan Chandler (born Evan Robert Charmatz) (January 25, 1944 - November 5, 2009) was an American screenwriter and dentist, and was best known as accuser to pop star Michael Jackson. Chandler was also a screenwriter, co-writing the 1993 comedy film Robin Hood: Men in Tights. In her autobiographical book Shockaholic, Carrie Fisher claims that he was her dentist, and was known as the "dentist to the stars." Addict Fisher would get unnecessary dental surgery just to obtain morphine from him, and this was a dentist who would allow that. He could also be persuaded via financial incentives to come to a patient's house to administer morphine. His license plate read "SLEEP MD". In 1993, Chandler accused the singer of molesting his son Jordan after his son told him of the allegations while under the influence of sodium amytal during some surgery. He also accused Jackson of other things like administering his son sedatives and alcohol, sleeping with him, and stated that Jackson was "more than friends" with Jordy. The 1993 molestation case ended after Jackson reached a settlement with Chandler for a reported U.S. $20 million, although this amount was never confirmed by Jackson. Evan Chandler

Katherine Jackson Attacks MJ Molestation Accuser

Katherine Jackson Attacks MJ Molestation Accuser

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