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Jared Fogle

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Jared Fogle was born on December 1, 1977 in Indianapolis, Indiana, USA as Jared S. Fogle. He is an actor, known for Super Size Me (2004), Jack and Jill (2011) and 40 Most Slimmed Down Celebs (2010). He was previously married to Kathleen Marie McLaughlin and Elizabeth Christie.  See full bio on IMDb »

Jared Fogle Insists He Can Sue Donald Trump for Prison Release

Jared Fogle
Doubles Down on Appeal for Release ... It's My Right to Include Trump!!!

Jared Fogle isn't taking no for an answer when it comes to suing the Prez to get out of prison ... but we get the feeling he's going to hear it again very soon. The former Subway spokesman and… READ MORE >

Jared Fogle Sues Judges, Prosecutors for $57 Million

Jared Fogle Sues Judge
Wanna Lock Me Up? Pay Me $57 Million!!

Jared Fogle wants a ton of cash from the judges and prosecutors who sent to him to prison for child pornography ... TMZ has learned. Fogle's failed to get out of prison with a slew of motions he's… READ MORE >

- 418 days ago
Jared Fogle's Appeal to President Trump for Prison Release Swiftly Rejected

Jared Fogle
Appeal for Release Rejected ASAP ... For Mentioning Prez Trump

Name-dropping Donald Trump did NOT get Jared Fogle what he wanted -- a judge is already calling out the child pornographer for a glaring error -- which is mentioning the Prez. One day after Fogle… READ MORE >

- 422 days ago
Jared Fogle Shouts Out President Trump in Latest Appeal for Prison Release

Jared Fogle
Help Me Out, Trump ... I Want Outta Prison!!!

Jared Fogle's making a new desperate attempt to be released from federal prison, and this time he's calling on President Trump ... even though he's completely misguided. Fogle, that is. The… READ MORE >

- 423 days ago
Jared Fogle Can't Ask Judge to Recuse Herself Just Because She's a Parent

Jared Fogle
You Can't Ask a Judge to Step Down Just 'Cause She's a Parent

Jared Fogle just got served another big L in court -- his request to have a judge booted from his case just because she's a mom was denied. An Indiana appeals court turned thumbs down on Fogle's… READ MORE >

- 453 days ago
Jared Fogle Thinks He Got Screwed and Larry Nassar Got Leniency

Jared Fogle
I Got A Raw Deal ... Nassar Got Leniency!

Jared Fogle might have his most ridiculous legal argument yet for a judge to undo his plea deal -- and Larry Nassar is his exhibit A.  Fogle filed docs seeking to withdraw his guilty… READ MORE >

- 466 days ago
Jared Fogle Wants Judge Removed Because She Has Teenage Daughters

Jared Fogle
Judge Should Be Removed She Has Teenage Daughters

Jared Fogle wants the judge in his child porn case recused, because he thinks she's prejudiced against him since she has teenage daughters. Fogle filed legal docs seeking to have Judge Tanya… READ MORE >

- 472 days ago
Jared Fogle Shut Down By Judge in Bid for Early Prison Release

Jared Fogle
Shut Down By Judge In Bid for Early Release

Jared Fogle got no love from the judge who sentenced him to 15 years in prison ... ruling his legal arguments were BS. Fogle had filed legal docs he prepared himself in the prison library,… READ MORE >

- 488 days ago
Jared Fogle Says Let Me Out of Prison!

Jared Fogle
Let Me Out of Prison!

Jared Fogle is making a play to get sprung from prison, because he says the judge who accepted his guilty plea had no jurisdiction to even hear the case. Fogle wrote the legal docs himself, and… READ MORE >

- 498 days ago
Jared Fogle's Case Gets Jailhouse Lawyer's Attention, Seriously

Jared Fogle
Jailhouse Lawyer Wants to Help Him ... Seriously

Jared Fogle's clearly made at least one friend in prison ... because a jailhouse lawyer wants to get him out.  Jared's pal, Frank Edwin Pate, filed legal docs to say there's no proof Jared… READ MORE >

- 564 days ago
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