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Jas Prince

Houston native Jas Prince is the son of Rap-A-Lot Records owner James Prince. Following in his father’s footsteps, he discovered Drake on MySpace and got him a record deal with Cash Money/Young Money and Aspire Music Group. He filed a lawsuit for unpaid royalties. Prince is also CEO of Young Empire Music Group.

Drake 'Documentary' Not Drake Approved

Don't Buy the Hype! Not Involved with New Documentary

Drake's Houston team has a warning for fans about a new documentary on his rise to fame -- they have absolutely nothing to do with it, despite how it seems in a clip going viral. The video was put… READ MORE >

Lil Wayne and Travis Scott Rock the Mic for Jas Prince's Birthday

Lil Wayne
No Beef with Jas Prince ... Let's Turn Up for His 30th!!!

Lil Wayne grabbed a mic in Houston, while Travis Scott grabbed major air as both rappers celebrated their pal Jas Prince's birthday in Houston. The turn up went down Tuesday night at Warehouse… READ MORE >

- 602 days ago
Jas Prince Springs Into Action Amid Price Gouging Water in Houston

Jas Prince
Springs Into Action Combats Water Price Gouging in Houston

Jas Prince is pissed at scumbags trying to profit off Hurricane Harvey ... so he's stepping in with a HUGE donation. The Houston-native is donating 20,000 cases of water to victims affected… READ MORE >

- 663 days ago
Drake Takes On Protege, Coaches Up Singer Tone Stith for First Tour

Takes Tone Stith Under His Wing ... Preps Singer for Tour

This is the student becoming the master -- we got video of Drake in studio with up-and-coming singer Tone Stith ... who's trying to kill it on the road, just like Drizzy does. Drake met… READ MORE >

- 699 days ago
Jas Prince Goes Hard for Drake Dough, Sues Birdman Directly

Jas Prince
Sues Birdman Over Drake Contract ... Shady Deals Gonna Cost Ya

Jas Prince is following through on the promise his father made -- going directly after Birdman to get the millions in Drake profits the Cash Money honcho's been sitting on ... according… READ MORE >

- 800 days ago
Rap Honcho J. Prince Goes All 'Godfather' on Birdman's Ass (VIDEO)

J. Prince As 'The Godfather'
Birdman WILL Pay Us for Drake Or ... (Low-Key Threat in 3, 2 ...)

Rap-A-Lot Records honcho James Prince is going after Birdman with a vengeance ... insisting the Cash Money boss WILL fork over the millions he owes for Drake.  J. Prince was… READ MORE >

- 804 days ago
Drake Holds Auditions For His 'Ballet' Strip Club (VIDEOS)

Strippers Audition For His 'Ballet'

Drake and Jas Prince held auditions for their new Super Bowl week pop-up "club" -- The Ballet -- and while Drake's insisted it's "not about no strip club s***" ... it sure as hell looks… READ MORE >

- 875 days ago
Lil Wayne -- Powerful New Ally Vows ... I WILL Get His Money from Birdman

Lil Wayne
Powerful New Ally Vows ... I WILL Get His Money from Birdman

Lil Wayne will get every penny Birdman owes him, or else ... this according to powerful music honcho James Prince, who's jumping in to settle the longstanding beef. Prince, the head… READ MORE >

- 1014 days ago
Drake -- No Time for Billboard Music Awards ... I'm Golfing with the Homies (VIDEO)

No Time for Billboard Music Awards ... I'm Golfing with the Homies

Drake blew off the Billboard Music Awards, even though he was in Las Vegas ... and opted instead for a few rounds of golf with his friends. Actually, it was golf with a tech spin -- at the brand… READ MORE >

- 1129 days ago
Drake -- Shuts Down Houston Street ... We Gotta Party!!! (VIDEO)

Shuts Down Houston Street We Gotta Party!!!

Drake shut down an entire city block in Houston so he and his boyz could celebrate a member of the family responsible for his career. The party was thrown to celebrate J.… READ MORE >

- 1192 days ago
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