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Jaycee Chan

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Jaycee Chan is the son of the Internationally famous action star, Jackie Chan and Taiwnese actress Feng-Jiao Lin. He was born Chan Jo-Ming, but changed his surname to Fong/Fang in February of 2004 as this is his true ancestral name. Although this is his name in the Eastern hemisphere, his name remains "Jaycee Chan" in the Western hemisphere with a few sources listing him as "Jaycee Fong". Jaycee, who attended The College of William & Mary, is an actor, singer, composer, lyricist, and guitarist. He also plays the piano, drums, and bass guitar. He released his first, self-titled, CD, "Jaycee" on September 15, 2004. This CD, for which he composed the music and wrote the lyrics for 10 of the 13 tracks, earned him many music awards in Asia for Best New Male Singer. In addition, Jaycee is active in many charities that include children's charities, help for research of organ diseases, natural disaster relief funds,and wildlife awareness public service campaigns in Asia. Jaycee is currently quite popular in Hong Kong and Mainland China. He is fluent in English, Cantonese and Mandarin. In addition to his musical and acting skills, Jaycee is noted for his sincerity, impeccable manners, subtle humor and cheerfulness.  See full bio on IMDb »

Jackie Chan -- Unleashes Verbal Beatdown on His Son

Jackie Chan
Hits His Son With A Verbal Beatdown

Jackie Chan served up a can of whoopass on his own son, but he didn't use his fists of fury ... he used his words. Sticks and stones ...  READ MORE >

Jackie Chan -- I'M ASHAMED OF MY SON ... After Weed Bust in China

Jackie Chan
I'M ASHAMED OF MY SON After Weed Bust in China

Jackie Chan says he's "VERY ASHAMED" of his son Jaycee -- claiming his 31-year-old son humiliated his family after getting busted for pot in China. Chan's son was caught in a huge drug… READ MORE >

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