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Jerry Only

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Jerry got as bass for Christmas while in high school and his friend Manny introduced him to Glenn Danzig. After befriending one another, Glenn asked Jerry to join the band he was starting, The Misfits, as a bass player. Jerry was the bass player for the Misfits from 1977 until they broke up in 1983. Though Glenn Danzig wrote every song, Jerry sued to be able to perform under the name The Misfits. In the meantime he and his brother Doyle (nee Paul Caiafa, who was in The Misfits 1980-1983) started a Christian metal band entitled Kryst The Conqueror and chose the stage name Mo The Great. Fast Forward to 1994, Jerry won the lawsuit, recruited Michale Graves, who had never heard of The Misfits, as a vocalist and a friend from New Jersey, Dr. Chud to play drums. By then The Misfits had grown to be one of the biggest punk bands of all time.  See full bio on IMDb »

Corey Feldman Is a MISFIT?

Corey Feldman Is a MISFIT?

Here is ex-child star Corey Feldman on the streets of Hollywood last night (left) -- and punk rocker Jerry Only of the Misfits with his signature Devilock 'do in NYC a few years back… READ MORE >

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