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Jonathan Davis

Korn's Jonathan Davis, Wife Deven's Death Ruled Accidental from Fatal Combo of Drugs

Korn's Jonathan Davis
Wife's Death Ruled Accidental ... Fatal Drug Combo

Deven Davis -- wife of Korn singer Jonathan Davis -- died from the combined effects of 5 different types of drugs ... TMZ has learned. According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ .... an autopsy… READ MORE >

Korn Frontman Jonathan Davis Speaks Out About Wife's Death & Mental Illness

Korn's Jonathan Davis
Addresses Wife's Death ... She Battled Mental Illness & Addiction

Jonathan Davis says his wife Deven was very sick for the past decade, and suggests her mental illness led to her addiction ... and it's to blame for her death. Korn's lead singer shared a… READ MORE >

- 308 days ago
Deven Davis, Wife of Korn Lead Singer Jonathan Davis, Dead at 39

Korn Lead Singer's Wife
Dead at 39

The wife of the lead singer of Korn has died Friday ... and it comes on the heels of a request for a domestic violence restraining order and major drug issues ... TMZ has learned. Deven Davis was… READ MORE >

- 313 days ago
Korn’s Jonathan Davis -- Lawyers Slaying Me For Serial Killer Museum Case

KoЯn’s Jonathan Davis
Lawyers Slaying Me For Serial Killer Museum Case

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis got a bloody good deal when he wriggled out of a costly lawsuit over a failed serial killer museum, but he forgot to pay the guys who got him that deal ...… READ MORE >

- 1432 days ago
KoRn -- Ex Drummer Sues Band ... You Shucked Me!

Ex Drummer Sues Band You Shucked Me!

David Silveria took a temporary break from drumming for KoRn -- and when he tried to rejoin the metal band, they turned him away ... so now he's suing. According to the docs ... Silveria… READ MORE >

- 1581 days ago
Korn Singer -- Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley Cyrus & Kanye West to Destroy America

Obama is a Dictator Who Uses Miley & Kanye To Destroy America

Korn frontman Jonathan Davis is unleashing the mother of all conspiracy theories -- President Obama's secret agenda to become a tyrannical dictator with Miley Cyrus, Justin Bieber and Kanye… READ MORE >

- 1953 days ago
Korn Lead Singer Jonathan Davis -- Don't Blame Satan for Craigslist Murderer Miranda Barbour

Korn Singer
Don't Blame Satan for the Craigslist Murder

Korn's lead singer paid good money for serial killer memorabilia from Ted Bundy and John Wayne Gacy -- but he's drawing the line with Miranda Barbour ... and thinks her murders… READ MORE >

- 1955 days ago
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