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Katie Holmes

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Born two months premature at four pounds, Kate Noelle Holmes made her first appearance on December 18, 1978, in Toledo, Ohio. She is the daughter of Kathleen Ann (Craft), a philanthropist, and Martin Joseph Holmes, Sr., a lawyer. She is of German, Irish, and English ancestry. Her parents have said that her strong-willed personality is probably from being born premature. Being the youngest in the Holmes clan, completing the family of three other sisters and one brother, Katie was always the baby. As a teenager, she began attending modeling school. When she was sixteen, her teacher invited her to go to a modeling competition with other girls from her class. She competed in the International Modeling and Talent Association by singing, dancing, and reciting a monologue from To Kill a Mockingbird (1962). By the end of that time in New York, Katie won many awards. But she said she didn't want to model because it wasn't challenging enough. So when she was seventeen, Katie went to Los Angeles to audition for movies. Luckily, on her second audition, she was cast in the movie, The Ice Storm (1997), directed by Ang Lee. Katie's character was Libbets Casey, a rich New Yorker, who is pursued by two of the main characters. It was a small part, but it marked the beginning of her professional acting career. After the excitement of her first movie, Katie began sending in audition tapes for pilot shows. During that time, she was also starring in her all-girls Catholic high school musical, Damn Yankees, as Lola. After Kevin Williamson received her audition tape for his new show, Dawson's Creek (1998), the producers wanted her to come to Hollywood right away and read live for them. But because they wanted her to come on the opening night for Damn Yankees, Katie had to tell them she couldn't make it. Fortunately, the show's producers wanted her so much for that role, they rescheduled her callback and the result was she got the part as Joey Potter. During her first year with Dawson's Creek (1998), Katie was able to do two movies, Disturbing Behavior (1998) and Go (1999), and, for the former, she won Best Breakthrough Female Performance in the 1999 MTV Movie Awards. The following year, she starred next to Michael Douglas in Wonder Boys (2000), playing Hannah Green, a published author and a boarder at her teacher's (Douglas) house, who has a crush on him, and tries to seduce him. Her first leading role came in 2002, with Abandon (2002). She played a college student named Katie Burke, who is haunted by the mysterious disappearance of her boyfriend who vanished two years prior. With Dawson's Creek (1998) coming to a close after six years in May of 2003, it was a bittersweet thing for all the cast. Accustomed to being in North Carolina filming ten months out of a year, the cast members now had the opportunity to make more movies. Katie demonstrated this in October, when she had two new movies, Pieces of April (2003) and The Singing Detective (2003), coming out in that month alone. Pieces of April (2003) is a charming Thanksgiving movie about April (Holmes), the black sheep of her family, who wants to give her family the perfect dinner before her mother passes on. The Singing Detective (2003) is a dark musical where the main character (Robert Downey Jr.) is a writer in a hospital for skin conditions who writes a dark world of seduction and murder in his mind. Katie Holmes plays the kind Nurse Mills who tends to his every need. She also gets to lip sync and dance in this movie. In 2004, she starred in the romantic movie First Daughter (2004), in which she played the President's (Michael Keaton) daughter, Samantha, who wants to go to college without any Secret Service tagging along. In 2005, Holmes co-starred in Batman Begins (2005), where she played Rachel Dawes, a childhood sweetheart and love interest to Batman/Bruce Wayne.  See full bio on IMDb »

Katie Holmes & Jamie Foxx Jet Ski Together in Miami For Holiday Getaway

Katie Holmes to Jamie Foxx
I Don't Wanna Wait ... Takes the Lead Jetskiing

Katie Holmes and Jamie Foxx are on the waterfront ahead of New Year's Eve -- and on the issue of jet skis ... Katie's leading the charge into battle. The couple mounted some WaveRunners Saturday… READ MORE >

Katie Holmes' Motherly Instincts Kick in on Movie Set

Katie Holmes
I Got a New Baby ... For My New Movie

Katie Holmes enjoyed the hell outta mommy duty while on the job -- think, bring your daughter to work day ... but without Suri. Katie was all smiles Friday with her on-set "daughter" in… READ MORE >

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Break a Sweat with Hotlanta Workout

Jamie Foxx & Katie Holmes
Sweatin' it Out in Atlanta

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes have reached can't-be-apart-for-too-long status as a couple -- she flew out to Atlanta to meet him while he films there. Jamie and Katie busted a sweat… READ MORE >

- 243 days ago
Katie Holmes Blends in with New Yorkers on Subway

Katie Holmes
I Want to Be a Part of It ... Just Another NYC Subway Rider

Katie Holmes' carbon footprint just shrank a size after she hopped on the subway in NYC, and blended in with the other metro riders. We don't see celebs riding the subway often, but Holmes… READ MORE >

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Suri Cruise Opened a Lemonade Stand for NYC Pride Parade

Suri Cruise
Raking in That Lemonade Cash For NYC Pride Parade

Suri Cruise is following that old adage ... if life gives ya lemons, make money. Katie Holmes and Tom's little girl -- who's the spitting image of Mom these days -- was hawking lemonade… READ MORE >

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Seth Green Has Zero Beef with Jamie Foxx After Sucking Katie Holmes' Toes

Seth Green
Zero Beef w/ Jamie Foxx After Sucking Katie's Toes!!!

Seth Green can breathe easy ... Jamie Foxx ain't licking his chops to deal Seth a beating for licking Katie Holmes' toes. We got Seth at LAX on Thursday and asked him about… READ MORE >

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Jamie Foxx Jokes About Dating 'White Girls' During Black History Month

Jamie Foxx
'No White Girls' ... It's Black History Month, Katie!

Jamie Foxx made a super timely joke about Black History Month and white chicks ... which we're sure Katie Holmes is gonna love.  Jamie threw a super baller NBA All-Star… READ MORE >

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Jemele Hill Says Jamie Foxx 'Unnecessarily' Made ESPN Host Look Bad

ESPN's Jemele Hill
Jamie Foxx's Fit Over Katie Holmes ... Bizarre, Unnecessary

ESPN star Jemele Hill says the way Jamie Foxx shut down a live "SportsCenter" interview over a Katie Holmes question was bizarre ... since EVERYBODY knows they're dating!  Hill's good friend… READ MORE >

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Jamie Foxx Ends ESPN Interview Over Katie Holmes Question

Jamie Foxx
Cuts Off ESPN Interview ... Over Katie Holmes Question

Jamie Foxx was NOT having it when he was asked about Katie Holmes on ESPN -- and straight-up walked away from the camera during the live interview.  Foxx was on "SportsCenter" talking with… READ MORE >

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Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes Tight and Together at Clive Davis Pre-Grammy Party

Jamie Foxx, Katie Holmes
Tight and Together At Clive Davis' Pre-Grammy Bash

Jamie Foxx and Katie Holmes were not hiding Saturday night ... staying close to each other and circulating among the celebs at Clive Davis' annual pre-Grammy party. Clive's been hosting bash every… READ MORE >

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