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Kendrick Lamar

'Creed II' Soundtrack Will Be Straight Fire, Says Mike WiLL Made-It

Mike WiLL Made-It
'Creed II' Soundtrack ... STRAIGHT FIRE!

Did you know super producer Mike WiLL Made-It is the guy doing the "Creed II" soundtrack? It's true ... and Mike tells TMZ Sports it's gonna blow your mind.  FYI, Mike is one of the heaviest… READ MORE >

50 Cent Stays Silent on Floyd Mayweather Beef But Chats Kendrick Lamar

50 Cent
Silent on Floyd ... But All About Kendrick

50 Cent was mum on his feud with Floyd Mayweather but proved once again why he's a successful business man ... jumping at an opportunity to promote Kendrick Lamar on his show, "Power." 50 was at… READ MORE >

- 180 days ago
Kendrick Lamar Dwarfed by Massive Bodyguard

Kendrick Lamar
DAMN, That's a Big Ass Bodyguard

Kendrick Lamar was really channeling his "Good kid, m.A.A.d city" vibe in Australia this week ... especially standing next to his towering bodyguard, who mades him look like a tot. The… READ MORE >

- 182 days ago
Kendrick Lamar and SZA Say 'Black Panther' Lawsuit Over Song is Absurd

Kendrick Lamar & SZA
'Black Panther' Lawsuit Over Song is Ridiculous

Kendrick Lamar and SZA were monumentally huge artists and that's what propelled the soundtrack for "Black Panther" ... not a 19-second clip an artist claims was a rip-off of her… READ MORE >

- 193 days ago
Drake's Dad, Dennis Graham, Says He's Clueless About his Son Being a Father

Dennis Graham
Me? A Granddad?! Say Whaaaaaaaa?!?

Dennis Graham most DEFINITELY wanted to cue up Kendrick Lamar's "Bitch, Don't Kill My Vibe" when our photog asked him what it's like to be a grandfather ... cause Dennis wanted nothing to do… READ MORE >

- 235 days ago
Kendrick Lamar's the Center of Attention at Pulitzer Prize Luncheon

Kendrick Lamar
Staying Humble with Mia & Ronan At Pulitzer Prize Luncheon

Kendrick Lamar is the toast of a Pulitzer Prize event where some of the most influential people in the world are pressing to rub elbows with him. The pride of Compton was at Pulitzer luncheon… READ MORE >

- 237 days ago
Tyron Woodley Says Kendrick Should've Given White Girl 'N-Word Pass'

Tyron Woodley
Kendrick Should've Given 'N-Word Pass' ... To White Concertgoer

UFC Champ Tyron Woodley says Kendrick Lamar should've let a white concertgoer get away with saying the n-word ... saying the young lady deserved a pass. It happened last week during a concert in… READ MORE >

- 242 days ago
Steve Aoki Cosigns Kendrick Lamar Stopping Fan From Dropping N-Word

Steve Aoki
Kendrick Was Right N-Word Is Off-Limits to White Fans

The n-word is off-limits period if you're white, and Kendrick Lamar handled the uncomfortable moment onstage when a white fan rapped the word like a pro ... according to Steve Aoki.  Steve… READ MORE >

- 244 days ago
Kendrick Lamar Stops Show When White Fan Raps N-Word Onstage

Kendrick Lamar
Stops Show for White Fan No Saying the N-Word Onstage!!!

Kendrick Lamar shut down his concert after a white fan he invited onstage decided it was cool for her to repeatedly rap the n-word. It was not.  K. Dot was performing Sunday night at… READ MORE >

- 246 days ago
Kendrick Lamar Hits Vatican City w/ Fiancee

Kendrick Lamar
Hits Vatican With Fiancee ... No Saying 'Damn' Here

If you're gonna thank Jesus for helping you win a Pulitzer prize ... might as well do it at the Vatican ... like Kendrick Lamar.  The rap god hit up the Pope's house in Vatican City with his… READ MORE >

- 274 days ago
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