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Martin Shkreli

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Martin Shkreli was born on April 1, 1983 in Brooklyn, New York, USA.  See full bio on IMDb »

James Comey Hanging Out with Wu-Tang Clan's Method Man and Ghostface Killah

Method Man & Ghostface Killah
Teach James Comey About C.R.E.A.M. Where's Our Damn Album?!!

Wu-Tang Clan's next collab is gonna be really weird ... is what we'd say if this pic with ex-FBI Director James Comey was taken anywhere near a recording studio. Thankfully, Ghostface Killah and… READ MORE >

Martin Shkreli Sentenced to 7 Years in Prison

Martin Shkreli
Sobs to Judge ... Gets 7 Yrs in Prison

Martin Shkreli's gonna be separated from his $2 million Wu-Tang album for at least 7 years ... that's how long he's going away to prison. A judge sentenced the former pharmaceuticals exec to… READ MORE >

- 466 days ago
Wu-Tang Clan's U-God Says Cher Is On Unreleased 'Shaolin' Album

Wu-Tang Clan's U-God
Shkreli's Blocking World From Hearing Cher On Our Album!!!

Do you believe in Cher collaborating with Redman and the Wu-Tang Clan?!? You should because U-God says it happened, but the feds gotta step in if the… READ MORE >

- 469 days ago
Meek Mill & Martin Shkreli's Xmas Celebration Behind Bars

Meek Mill, Martin Shkreli
Xmas Behind Bars Ain't So Bad For Us Worse 4 El Chapo, Abby Lee

Meek Mill might be behind bars, but that doesn't mean he can't buy himself awesome Christmas gifts from his commissary, and same goes Martin Shkreli, but not so much El Chapo and Abby Lee… READ MORE >

- 540 days ago
Martin Shkreli's Wu-Tang, Lil Wayne Albums Could Be Seized by Feds

Martin Shkreli
Feds Want Wu-Tang, Lil Wayne Albums

Martin Shkreli might have to hand over his one-of-a-kind Wu-Tang album, and Lil Wayne's "Tha Carter V" if the feds get their way -- but that's the least of his problems. Federal… READ MORE >

- 564 days ago
Martin Shkreli's Tummy and Heart Will Be Happy with Prison Menu

Martin Shkreli
Prison Menu Covers My Heart & Tummy!!!

Martin Shkreli has one thing going for him in prison ... a tasty menu!!! The Pharma Bro -- who got his ass thrown back in jail after a judge revoked his $5 million bail for threatening… READ MORE >

- 640 days ago
Martin Shkreli Arrested, Bail Revoked for Hillary Clinton Threat

Martin Shkreli
Arrested Bail Revoked for Hillary Threat

Martin Shkreli is back in federal custody after his bail was revoked due to online threats against Hillary Clinton. Shkreli was arrested Wednesday in NYC after a judge revoked his $5 million bail… READ MORE >

- 643 days ago
Martin Shkreli, Government Wants Him in Jail After Threatening Hillary Clinton

Martin Shkreli
Government Wants Him in Jail After Threatening Hillary Clinton

Bad boy and convicted felon Martin Shkreli may be heading to jail way sooner than he thought, because the United States government wants to put him behind bars NOW, after threatening Hillary… READ MORE >

- 648 days ago
Martin Shkreli Selling His $2M Wu-Tang Clan Album on eBay

Martin Shkreli
Protect Ya Pockets ... Selling $2M Wu-Tang Album on eBay

Martin Shkreli's got interesting timing for wanting to make a buck ... he's now selling off his famous $2 million Wu-Tang Clan album on eBay. Shkreli posted an eBay listing Tuesday night for the… READ MORE >

- 650 days ago
Martin Shkreli Found Convicted in Securities Fraud Case

Martin Shkreli
Convicted in Securities Fraud Case

Martin Shkreli-- dubbed the most hated CEO in America -- was convicted in his long-drawn out federal fraud case. Shkreli was found guilty on 3 of 8 counts. He was charged with securities… READ MORE >

- 683 days ago
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