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Mike Epps

Actor and comedian Mike Epps was born on November 18, 1970 in Indianapolis, IN. He’s appeared in “The Hangover,” “All About the Benjamins,” and “Resident Evil: Apocalypse.” Epps stars in the ABC comedy series “Uncle Buck” and takes on the persona of Richard Pryor in a biopic, alongside Oprah Winfrey and Eddie Murphy. He married “The Fighting Temptations” co-star Mechelle McCain in July 2006, but the couple filed for divorce in January 2017. They have two daughters together, Madison and Moriah. Epps also has two additional children from previous relationships, Bria and Makayla. Epps was arrested in February 2017 for battery after allegedly attacking a man in a New Orleans casino.

Richard Pryor's Widow Says His Daughter is in Denial About His Bisexuality

Richard Pryor's Widow
His Daughter's in Denial ... Has No Clue About Dad's Bisexuality

Richard Pryor's widow says his daughter needs to be proud of her father's truth -- that he also liked having sex with men ... and there's no shame in that. We got Jennifer Lee… READ MORE >

Mike Epps Says Ronald Reagan's Hearing Aid Stunt Wouldn't Fly with a Black Woman

Mike Epps on Ronald Reagan
Turned Off Hearing Aids on Nancy, Huh? Try That on a Black Woman

Mike Epps says Ronald Reagan was probably only able to get away with turning off his hearing aid around his wife, Nancy, because she was white. We'll let him explain. We got the comedian Tuesday… READ MORE >

- 418 days ago
Mike Epps to Eagles: Boycott the White House! Here's Why ...

Mike Epps to Eagles:
Boycott the White House! ... Here's Why

Mike Epps is fully supporting Chris Long and Malcolm Jenkins for declining a visit to Trump's White House -- and tells TMZ Sports the REST of the Eagles team should follow suit.  Of course,… READ MORE >

- 475 days ago
Mike Epps Accused of Stealing Idea for Social Media Awards TV Show

Mike Epps
Accused of Stealing Social Media Awards TV Show

3:24 PM PT -- A rep for Epps tells TMZ ... the comedian pitched the show to BET back in July 2015 and has been in development since October 2015. The rep adds, "Their allegations are completely… READ MORE >

- 515 days ago
Mike Epps Gives Kevin Hart Spiritual Advice to Handle Sex Tape Extortion Scandal

Mike Epps
Hey Kevin, Jesus Died for Our Sins ... Now Keep It In Your Pants!

Mike Epps has some sage advice for Kevin Hart from a spiritual outlook, and also on a physical tip. We got the comedian Wednesday at LAX, where he reflected on Kevin's sex tape extortion… READ MORE >

- 613 days ago
Mike Epps Officially Divorced in Super Rich Settlement

Mike Epps
Officially Divorced In Super Rich Settlement

Mike Epps is officially a single man, but it's gonna cost him. A judge just signed off on his divorce from Mechelle McCain Epps, his wife of 12 years, and the property settlement shows just how… READ MORE >

- 627 days ago
Mike Epps Avoids Jail In Casino Brawl

Mike Epps
Cuts Losses in Casino Brawl ... No Jail, Little Cash

Mike Epps has probably lost more money on a high-stakes table than he'll have to dish out in fines for beating down a dude in a New Orleans casino. Epps pled no contest Thursday to… READ MORE >

- 641 days ago
Mike Epps Apologizes Over Kangaroo Stunt During Concert (VIDEO)

Mike Epps
Apologizes Over Kangaroo Stunt

Mike Epps says he's profoundly sorry for causing a kangaroo distress during his Detroit concert. Epps told us when he viewed the video it was apparent ... the stunt was a terrible idea. He says… READ MORE >

- 784 days ago
Mike Epps Kangaroo Video, Feds Taking Closer Look

Mike Epps
Feds Look Closer at Kangaroo Vid ... Handler Wasn't 'In Control'

The kangaroo onstage with Mike Epps was not handled properly at all times, and now a federal agency is reviewing video of the incident ... TMZ has learned. A rep for the U.S. Dept of Agriculture… READ MORE >

- 784 days ago
Mike Epps Shares Stage with Kangaroo, Some Fans Claim Animal Abuse (VIDEO)

Mike Epps
Brings Kangaroo Onstage Some Fans Claim Animal Abuse

Mike Epps brought a kangaroo onstage that appeared to be in distress ... now many of Epps' fans are pissed, and some are even calling it animal abuse. Epps performed Friday in Detroit at the… READ MORE >

- 785 days ago
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