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Monique received a standing ovation when she stepped on stage for the first time in her hometown of Baltimore, Maryland, giving her confidence to pursue a career as a stand-up comedian. After numerous stand-up performances, she took a leap forward with one of the starring roles in The Parkers (1999). Mo'Nique's huge international breakthrough came with her performance in the independent feature film Precious (2009), for which she won the Academy Award for Best Supporting Actress and over 30 other major awards for best acting including the most important ones like the Golden Globe, the Los Angeles Film Critics Association Award, the New York Film Critics Circle Award, the Chicago Film Critics Association Award, the Independent Spirit Award, the Screen Actors Guild Award, the National Society of Film Critics Award, the BAFTA Film Award and Sundance Film Festival's Special Jury Prize.  See full bio on IMDb »

Steve Harvey Gets in Mo'Nique's Face During Heated 'Blackballed' Convo

Steve Harvey to Mo'Nique
You're Making H'Wood Hate You!!!

Steve Harvey's come-to-Jesus chat with his "sister," Mo'Nique -- about Hollywood blackballing her -- got seriously heated to the point she pretended to punch him ... 'cause ain't no fight… READ MORE >

Lee Daniels Says Mo'Nique Wasn't Blackballed, Needs to Shut Up

Lee Daniels
Please, Mo'Nique ... You Blackballed Yourself!!!

Lee Daniels says he knows exactly who is responsible for Mo'Nique getting blackballed from Hollywood -- Mo'Nique. The famed director tells us it's past time for Mo'Nique to quit… READ MORE >

- 234 days ago
Tony Rock Blasts Mo'Nique's Netflix Boycott, Questions Her Relevance

Tony Rock
Hold Up, Mo'Nique ... What Have You Done Lately?!

Tony Rock's calling out Mo'Nique for exercising extremely poor business etiquette in her beef with Netflix. We got Tony at LAX, and asked what he thinks about Mo accusing Netflix of… READ MORE >

- 396 days ago
Mo'Nique Accuses Netflix of Undervaluing Black Women, Demands Boycott

Mo'Nique vs. Netflix
They Lowballed My Negotiations 'Cause I'm a Black Woman

Mo'Nique claims Netflix severely short-changed her during negotiations for a comedy special ... and she says the proof is in how much some other comedians got paid for specials. The Oscar… READ MORE >

- 398 days ago
Kevin Hart Loves 'Auntie' Mo'Nique and Hopes Beef with Oprah, Lee Daniels Gets Resolved (VIDEO)

Kevin Hart
I Love Mo'Nique Like an Auntie ... Then Again, I Love Everybody!

Kevin Hart is Mr. Positivity -- he's got nothing but good things to say about Mo'Nique and everyone she recently blasted ... and he's down to work with all of them too. We got Kevin leaving… READ MORE >

- 646 days ago
Mo'Nique Has No Fear of Oprah or Lee Daniels, Insists Rant Was 'the Truth' (VIDEO)

I Don't Fear Oprah Backlash ... I Told the TRUTH!!

Mo'Nique won't be issuing apologies to Lee Daniels, Oprah or Tyler Perry and she's not afraid of any further backlash she gets for simply saying what's true ... in her… READ MORE >

- 646 days ago
Terrence Howard Not Hating on Mo'Nique for Blasting Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry (VIDEO)

Terrence Howard
No Hate for Mo'Nique ... She Can Rip Oprah, Lee or Anyone Else

Terrence Howard's not hating on Mo'Nique for going nuclear on his "Empire" boss Lee Daniels ... or Oprah and Tyler Perry, for that matter. We got Terrence outside ABC studios Monday in NYC and… READ MORE >

- 647 days ago
Mo'Nique Blasts Oprah, Lee Daniels and Tyler Perry ... 'Suck My D***!' (VIDEO)

Blasts Oprah, Lee Daniels AND Tyler Perry ... 'Y'all Can Suck My D***!'

Oscar winner Mo'Nique went NUCLEAR on Lee Daniels, Tyler Perry and Oprah ... blaming the trio for her getting shut out of Hollywood -- in not so many words. The… READ MORE >

- 647 days ago
Mo'Nique -- Blackballed or Not ... I'm Not Afraid of Lee Daniels (TMZ Live)

Blackballed or Not ... I'm Not Afraid of Lee Daniels

Mo'Nique just did something remarkable ... fearlessly speaking out about her feud with Lee Daniels -- one of the most powerful directors in Hollywood -- for claiming she's been… READ MORE >

- 1449 days ago
Mo'Nique -- FORGIVE RAY RICE ... He Deserves 2nd Chance

FORGIVE RAY RICE He Deserves 2nd Chance

Mo'Nique just joined an even smaller club than than the Academy Award winners group she already belongs to ... people who want to give Ray Rice a second chance. The "Precious" star was on "Good… READ MORE >

- 1622 days ago
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