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Ox Baker

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Douglas Baker, better known by his moniker "Ox" was one of the meanest, vicious, hated and ugliest wrestlers ever. Bald, with a hairy chest, arms and back, Baker would deliberately grow his mustache long and curl his eyebrows up to gain a more "evil" look. It paid off as Baker was jeered and hated by wrestling fans all over. Known for his "love" of beating people up, Baker never won a major title, but was always perfect for feuds with more popular stars like AndrĂ© the Giant, Dusty Rhodes, and Bruno Sammartino. Originally from Sedalia, Mo., Baker got his best national exposure playing Slag, Kurt Russell's opponent in the ring, in the cult classic Escape from New York (1981). Baker is pretty much retired from wrestling scene, but has made an appearance or two on the independent circuits in the 1990s.  See full bio on IMDb »

Wrestling Legend Ox Baker -- Dead At 80 ... Famously Battled Kurt Russell

Wrestling Legend
Dead At 80 Famously Battled Kurt Russell

Wrestling legend Ox Baker -- who famously battled Kurt Russell in "Escape from New York" -- has died at the age of 80. Baker was awesome -- he wrestled with everyone from Hulk Hogan to Jimmy… READ MORE >

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