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Roger Stone

Roger Stone Makes Strip Club Appearance to Raise Cash for Defense

Roger Stone
The Naked Truth ... Strip Club Gigs Paying My Defense!!!

Roger Stone is under the gun and under-funded for his legal defense -- so, ironically, he's ripped a page out of Stormy Daniels' playbook -- making big money at a Virginia strip club. Don't… READ MORE >

Roger Stone Hits Up Salon in Florida, Spotted By Marlee Matlin

Roger Stone
Gettin' His Hair Did At Same Salon as Marlee Matlin!!!

Roger Stone ain't letting his federal indictment keep him from a fresh 'do, and he just happened to be at the salon at the same time as Oscar winner Marlee Matlin. God, his hair's… READ MORE >

- 104 days ago
Roger Stone Talks Prison Fashion & Loyalty Ahead of Arraignment

Roger Stone
Sure, I Look Good in Stripes!!! But, Not the Ones Mueller Wants Me Wearing

Roger Stone touched down in D.C. looking fly ahead of his arraignment on federal charges, and he definitely had jumpsuit fashion on the brain -- but it ain't what you think.  We got… READ MORE >

- 113 days ago
Roger Stone Arrested in FBI Raid, Asks Public For Money For His Defense

Roger Stone
Arrested in FBI Raid ... I Need Money For My Defense!!!

6:02 PM PT -- Stone is now stumping for money, because he says he can't pay off his mounting legal bills without help from the public.  Stone says he's facing $2 million in potential legal… READ MORE >

- 116 days ago
Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller

Manhattan Madam Kristin Davis
Subpoenaed by Robert Mueller

Kristin Davis, the Manhattan Madam who went to prison and was connected to former New York Governor Eliot Spitzer, is being subpoenaed in the Robert Mueller investigation ... TMZ has learned.… READ MORE >

- 305 days ago
Roger Stone Thinks Trump Should Fire Sessions Over Weed Crackdown

Roger Stone on Trump
He's Burning U.S. w/ Weed Crackdown ... Stomp Your D.O.J. Roach!

Roger Stone wants Donald Trump to let the American people legally toke, like he promised in the campaign -- and if Jeff Sessions is standing in the way ... smoke him out. We got President… READ MORE >

- 487 days ago
Brooke Hogan Says Hulk Would Be Unifying Senator

Brooke Hogan
Dad Would Kick Ass as Senator But I Want Him in the Ring

Brooke Hogan's not exactly jumping for joy at the prospect of her dad running for Senator -- but only because she thinks his heart's really in the squared circle ... of wrestling, not politics.… READ MORE >

- 488 days ago
Roger Stone Says Hulk Hogan Can Win Senate Seat Because He's Famous

Roger Stone
I'm Pushing Hulk Hogan for Senate 'Cause Fame Trumps All!!!

Roger Stone has one good reason for floating the idea of Hulk Hogan running for a U.S. Senate seat -- and that reason's sitting in the Oval Office right now. We got President… READ MORE >

- 488 days ago
Hulk Hogan's Flattered People Want Him to Run for U.S. Senate, BUT ...

Hulk Hogan
If I Run for U.S. Senate I'd Win Big!!!

Hulk Hogan may have retired from wrestling, but someone powerful is twisting his arm hard ... to run for U.S. Senate ... something he says doesn't interest him, but he made it clear to us that… READ MORE >

- 489 days ago
Roger Stone Calls Omarosa a 'Loose Cannon' Who Had to Go

Roger Stone
Omarosa Was a 'Loose Cannon' ... Gen. Kelly HAD to Fire Her!

Omarosa's damn lucky she lasted as long as she did, because she was giving President Trump horrible advice ... as far as longtime Trump ally Roger Stone is concerned. Stone was in Harlem Saturday… READ MORE >

- 520 days ago
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