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Rose McGowan

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Rose McGowan is an American actress and director, known for her contribution to independent film. Since the age of nineteen, she has appeared in acclaimed films by Gregg Araki, Wes Craven, Brian De Palma, Robert Rodriguez and Quentin Tarantino. In 2014, her directorial debut Dawn (2014) was nominated for the Short Film Grand Jury Prize at the Sundance Film Festival. Rose Arianna McGowan was born on September 5, 1973 in Florence, Tuscany, Italy, to American parents Terri and Daniel Patrick McGowan. She is the second eldest of six siblings, and has Irish, French, and English ancestry. As a young child, she was raised within the Italian chapter of the Children of God. During the early 1980s, her family severed ties with the community and migrated to Eugene, Oregon, USA. Following the divorce of her parents, Rose relocated to Gig Harbor, Washington, to live with her grandmother. At age 14, McGowan was accused of drug use by a family friend and committed to rehabilitation. She has consistently maintained the decision was unjustified. Upon release, she spent a year without a home and was emancipated from her parents by the age of 15. McGowan's career as an actor began with The Doom Generation (1995). Originally intended for Jordan Ladd, the character of Amy Blue was, coincidentally, awarded to McGowan by an associate of director Gregg Araki. For her performance, she was nominated at the 1995 Independent Spirit Awards for Best Debut Performance. Subsequently cast in Wes Craven's Scream (1996), she experienced further success when the project defied expectations to become one of the highest grossing films of the year. The innovative career of McGowan was overshadowed throughout much of the 1990s by her high-profile relationship with musician Brian Warner (aka Marilyn Manson). Strong performances in Going All the Way (1997), Lewis & Clark & George (1997), Southie (1998) and Jawbreaker (1999) were largely unseen by the general public. When the relationship ended between Rose and Manson in 2001, she remarked: "There is great love, but our lifestyle difference is, unfortunately, even greater". Rose continued to work solidly, appearing in a string of soft-sounding studio and independent films. Performances from this period included: a political activist in Showtime's The Killing Yard (2001), a grifter in Strange Hearts (2002) and a factory worker in "Stealing Bess" (aka Vacuums (2003)). She was re-introduced to the mainstream as Paige Matthews in Aaron Spelling's Charmed (1998), a popular television series for which she devoted five consecutive years. When "Charmed" finished its run in 2006, McGowan emerged in top form. Critics praised her efforts in Robert Rodriguez's Planet Terror (2007), and Quentin Tarantino's Death Proof (2007). In several interviews, McGowan has expressed a general apathy and disdain for Hollywood. Despite this, her work ethic remains strong. Following her recent marriage to LA-based artist Davey Detail, the actress has resolved to purse further projects as a director.  See full bio on IMDb »

Rose McGowan Challenges Asia Argento to 'Be Better' Than Harvey Weinstein

Rose McGowan to Asia Argento
Be Better Than Harvey Weinstein ... Do the Right Thing!

Rose McGowan is clearly disappointed in Asia Argento for allegedly sexually assaulting Jimmy Bennett but adds, Asia's case makes her realize even the accused deserved due… READ MORE >

Rose McGowan Indicted by Grand Jury in Cocaine Possession Case

Rose McGowan
Indicted by Grand Jury In Cocaine Possession Case

2:15 PM PT -- McGowan's attorney, Jose Baez, tells us, "Rose steadfastly maintains her innocence. These charges would have never been brought if it weren't for her activism as a voice for women… READ MORE >

- 346 days ago
Rose McGowan Says Don't Blame Anthony Bourdain's GF Asia Argento

Rose McGowan
No Blame in Bourdain Suicide Asia Argento is a Survivor!!

Rose McGowan is defending her friend, and Anthony Bourdain's girlfriend, Asia Argento ... saying there is NO reason to play the blame game after his suicide. Rose says she knows people who knew… READ MORE >

- 346 days ago
Rose McGowan Hires Attorney Jose Baez in Cocaine Possession Case

Rose McGowan
Hires Attorney Jose Baez ... In Cocaine Possession Case

Rose McGowan just lawyered up big-time in her cocaine possession case ... we've learned she's hired Jose Baez ... the attorney who won acquittals for Casey Anthony and Aaron Hernandez in his… READ MORE >

- 367 days ago
Rose McGowan, Dismiss My Cocaine Case Because I Was Framed ... Maybe By Weinstein

Rose McGowan
Dismiss My Coke Case 'Cause I Was Framed ... Maybe by Weinstein

Rose McGowan wants her felony cocaine possession case tossed because she says the coke may well have been planted ... and she points to Harvey Weinstein. McGowan has pled not guilty to cocaine… READ MORE >

- 449 days ago
Meryl Streep Posters Call Her Out in Weinstein Scandal

Meryl Streep
'She Knew' Posters Call Her Out For Weinstein Scandal

Meryl Streep's face is plastered all over Hollywood in a campaign to shame her for allegedly keeping silent about Harvey Weinstein's sexual misconduct -- and the posters are hitting close to… READ MORE >

- 519 days ago
Harvey Weinstein, TWC Sued for Conspiracy to Cover Up His Sexual Predator Ways (UPDATE)

Harvey Weinstein & TWC
Accused of Conspiracy To Cover Up Sexual Misconduct

3:27 PM PT -- Dolan's rep Leslie Sloane tells TMZ ... We can state that Mr Dolan is confident that he acted appropriately in all matters relating to his time on the Weinstein board. The Weinstein… READ MORE >

- 533 days ago
TIME Person Of The Year, The Silence Breakers in Sexual Harassment Scandal

TIME Person of the Year
The Silence Breakers In Sexual Harassment Scandal

TIME didn't pick a person of the year this time around ... they picked people who opened the floodgates in America's sexual harassment awakening. TIME chose "The Silence Breakers," including… READ MORE >

- 533 days ago
Rose McGowan Blasts Harvey Weinstein, Victim Shamers

Rose McGowan
Weinstein Keeps Living It Up While Victims Get Shamed

Harvey Weinstein's living in the lap of luxury -- like nothing ever happened -- while sexual harassment victims are facing unfair backlash ... according to Weinstein's archenemy, Rose… READ MORE >

- 534 days ago
Harvey Weinstein Accusers Spend Thanksgiving Holiday Together

Harvey Weinstein Accusers
McGowan, Argento, Sciorra Meet Up Thanksgiving Weekend

Three of Harvey Weinstein's most vocal accusers -- Rose McGowan, Asia Argento, Annabella Sciorra -- spent part of the Thanksgiving holiday weekend together chowing down on a meal prepared by… READ MORE >

- 544 days ago
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