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Scott Steiner

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Scott Steiner has been a mainstay in professional wrestling for over 15 years. When he started out in the business, he was a singles wrestler, wrestling in some smaller federations before coming to the NWA (WCW) to team with his older brother, Rick. It was at this time that Steiner became world famous as one half of the greatest tag team of the 1990's. The two brothers wreaked havoc on anyone who dared get in the ring with them. Known for their amazing wrestling arsenal of suplexes, the two won the WCW tag team titles on many occasions throughout a ten year time period. Steiner, especially, bacame well-schooled in the art of the suplex, as he would use many varieties of this devastating wrestling move to render his foes senseless. He also invented the Frankensteiner, a wrestling move that involves jumping up onto your opponents shoulders from their front, letting your body fall upside-down so you head is between their legs, and then using your stomach and leg muscles to power them forward onto the mat. This move was perfected by Steiner, who could perform the maneuver from a standing position, while his opponent was running at him, or to an opponent sitting on the top rope. After several years in WCW, which saw him win his first singles title (WCW TV title) in a brief singles push for a couple of months, The Steiner brothers went off to the WWF in early 1993. For the next year, the two continued their assault on every tag team in their path, winning the WWF Tag Team titles on two occasions before leaving in early 1994. The next stop for the tag team tandem was Japan, where the two continued to prove why they were the best in the business. When WCW came calling in 1996, the Steiner Brothers headed back home. Once again they became the best tag team in WCW's ranks, taking on famous tag teams like Harlem Heat, the Road Warriors, and the Outsiders. They became a huge force in WCW against the nWo uprising in 1996-97. Their feud with The Outsiders (Scott Hall & Kevin Nash) in 1997 saw the tag team belts change hands between the two several times. By early 1998, Scott did not even resemble the Steiner of old. He had cut his hair short (it had always been shoulder length), had beefed up his always-impressive physique even more to look like a bodybuilder, and had grown quite a mean streak. Even with his changing appearance, fans were still completely shocked when he turned on his brother at WCW's Superbrawl VIII pay-per view in February of 1998. Steiner joined the ranks of the nWo and became one of its lead men, taking on the moniker "Big Poppa Pump". He spent most of the year feuding with his brother and helping the nWo in their war against the newly formed Wolfpack. By early 1999, the nWo had joined with the Wolfpack and WCW was in disarray. Steiner did not let this chaos get to him, as he won the TV and the US titles in the first couple months of the year. He also reunited with his brother in the summer of that year, as the he and Rick held the US and TV titles, respectively. By 2000, Steiner was a main event star who was on his way to win the World Title. He did just that in the fall of that year, defeated Booker T to become the World Heavyweight Champion. He took on all comers in his four-month title reign and became one of the most dominant WCW Champions in history before WCW folded and was bought out by the WWF in March of 2003. He lost the WCW Title to Booker T on the very last edition of WCW Nitro. Steiner decided to take things easy for a while to recover from some back problems that he had been having, along with a severe nerve problem in his left leg. He did wrestle several times for the internation-touring WWA, winning their version of the Championship. He finally showed up in WWE in fall of 2002, immediately getting into a feud with then-champion HHH. After headlining two straight pay-per-views in early 2003, Steiner began a partnership and then a feud with fellow WWE superstar Test. This lasted for most of the year. He again was forced to take some time off from action due to a groin injury. He has yet to return to action as of April 2004, but knowing Steiner, he will return with a vengeance, so watch out.  See full bio on IMDb »

EX-WWE Scott Steiner -- Clotheslines Pierogi ... At MLB Game (VIDEO)

EX-WWE Scott Steiner
Clotheslines Pierogi ... At MLB Game

Big Poppa Pump painfully pummeled a pierogi in Pittsburgh ... POW!  It all went down at the Pirates game ... ex-WWE superstar Scott Steiner was standing near the finish line of the pierogi… READ MORE >

Scott Steiner -- I Didn't Threaten Hulk Hogan ... But I Still Hate Him

Scott Steiner
I Didn't Threaten Hulk Hogan ... But I Still Hate Him

Scott Steiner is calling BS on Hulk Hogan -- claiming he never threatened to kill the guy before WrestleMania ... and says Hulk's just acting like a scared little bitch.  We broke the story… READ MORE >

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Scott Steiner Allegedly Threatened to Kill Hulk Hogan ... Cops Investigating

Scott Steiner
Allegedly Threatened to Kill Hulk Hogan ... Cops Investigating

Whatcha gonna do brother, when a former wrestling star (allegedly) threatens to KILL YOU!? Well, if you're Hulk Hogan -- you call the cops ... because that's exactly what happened during an… READ MORE >

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