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Sean Spicer

Sean Spicer is the White House Press Secretary and Communications Director for President Donald Trump. Since taking this job, he has had a contentious relationship with members of the media. Comedic actress Melissa McCarthy has been poking fun of his antics by impersonating him in sketches on “Saturday Night Live.” Spicer previously worked as the communications director and chief strategist of the Republican National Committee. His resume also includes a stint as the assistant United States trade representative for media and public affairs under Bush and he’s dressed up as the Easter Bunny for the annual White House Easter Egg Roll. Spicer is married to Rebecca Miller Spicer, who was the associate director of communications for President George W. Bush and a former television news producer. He is an alum of Connecticut College, where he received his Bachelors degree in government in 1993. He joined the Navy Reserve in 1999 and earned a Master’s degree in national security and strategic studies from the Naval War College in 2012. Spicer was born on September 23, 1971.

Sean Spicer Says Sarah Sanders Will Survive in a Divided America

Sean Spicer on Sarah Sanders
Take it From Me ... She'll Thrive in a Divided America

Sean Spicer has ZERO doubt his successor, Sarah Huckabee Sanders, will land on her feet just fine after she leaves The White House ... and maybe one day end up on a ballot somewhere.… READ MORE >

Corey Lewandowski Shopping for TV Deals Despite 'Womp Womp' Controversy

Corey Lewandowski
Looking to Land TV Deal ... What 'Womp Womp'?

Corey Lewandowski has his sights set on Hollywood ... he just needs to channel his inner Prez to blow past some negative pub and make it happen. Sources close to Donald Trump's former… READ MORE >

- 322 days ago
Sean Spicer Accused by Former Classmate of Calling Him the N-Word

Sean Spicer Book Signing
Confronted by Ex-Classmate ... 'You Called Me a N*****'

Sean Spicer's book signing got heated very quickly when a former classmate of his showed up to confront him ... and shouted out a serious n-word accusation in front of Sean's fans. The former… READ MORE >

- 324 days ago
Sean Spicer Heckled During Book Tour in New York, Called 'Garbage Person'

Sean Spicer
Heckled on Book Tour You're a Real Piece of Garbage!!!

Sean Spicer's new book and subsequent book tour did not go over well in New York this week -- at least according to this heckler ... who called him "garbage" 3 different ways.  President… READ MORE >

- 326 days ago
Sean Spicer Says if 'Roseanne' Got Canceled, Samantha Bee's Show Should Too

Sean Spicer
Samantha Bee Should Be ... Roseanne'd!!!

Sean Spicer supports Samantha Bee apologizing for calling Ivanka Trump the c-word on her show, but doesn't think it's enough ... and he wants TBS to follow ABC's lead. The former… READ MORE >

- 382 days ago
Sean Spicer Reuniting With A Trump ... In Wax

Sean Spicer
Reuniting With A Trump ... In Wax

Sean Spicer is back to repping a Trump, but this time it's the First Lady, Melania, as a wax figure at Madame Tussauds in New York City.  Spicer is launching the "Give Melania a Voice"… READ MORE >

- 419 days ago
Sean Spicer's Renting Out His Virginia Townhouse for $2,550 Per Month

Sean Spicer
The Largest Townhouse That I've Ever Rented Out, Period!

Sean Spicer's looking for a tenant to sign a lease on the largest D.C. area townhouse ever witnessed both in person and around the globe -- kidding ... it only has 2 bedrooms. The ex-White House… READ MORE >

- 496 days ago
Sean Spicer Laughs Off Omarosa's 'Celebrity Big Brother' Gig

Sean Spicer
LOL at Omarosa's 'Big Brother' Gig

Sean Spicer considers Omarosa's new gig with "Celebrity Big Brother" a laughing matter ... and a huge step down!!! We got Trump's former White House Press Secretary Tuesday in NYC, and… READ MORE >

- 503 days ago
Sean Spicer Says No Peace Summit with Melissa McCarthy at Emmys

Sean Spicer
No Peace Talk with Melissa McCarthy ... But I'm Open to It

Sean Spicer's riding high off his surprise appearance at the Emmy Awards, and while it got him plenty of applause in the room ... it did NOT get him a sit-down with Melissa McCarthy. Sean seemed… READ MORE >

- 636 days ago
Michael K. Williams Thinks Sean Spicer Earned Second Chance After Emmys Cameo

Michael K. Williams
Spicer Was Funny ... Give Him a 2nd Chance!!!

Michael K. Williams says if Sean Spicer's ready to turn the page on the Trump chapter of his life -- as his Emmys skit seemed to indicate -- then why shouldn't Hollywood welcome him with… READ MORE >

- 636 days ago
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