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Susan Sarandon

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Susan Sarandon was born Susan Abigail Tomalin in New York City, New York, to Lenora Marie (Criscione) and Phillip Leslie Tomalin, a television producer and advertising executive. She is of Italian (mother) and English, Irish, Welsh, and German (father) descent. Soon after the 1968 Democratic convention, there was a casting call for a film with several roles for the kind of young people who had disrupted the convention. Two recent graduates of Catholic University in Washington DC, went to the audition in New York for Joe (1970). Chris Sarandon, who had studied to be an actor, was passed over. His wife Susan got a major role. That role was as Susan Compton, the daughter of ad executive Bill Compton (Dennis Patrick). In the movie Dad Bill kills Susan's drug dealer boyfriend and next befriends Joe (Peter Boyle)-- a bigot who works on an assembly line and who collects guns. Five years later, Sarandon made the film where fans of cult classics have come to know her as "Janet", who gets entangled with transvestite "Dr. Frank 'n' Furter" in The Rocky Horror Picture Show (1975). More than 15 years after beginning her career Sarandon at last actively campaigned for a great role, Annie in Bull Durham (1988), flying at her own expense from Rome to Los Angeles. "It was such a wonderful script ... and did away with a lot of myths and challenged the American definition of success", she said. "When I got there, I spent some time with Kevin Costner, kissed some ass at the studio and got back on a plane". Her romance with the Bull Durham (1988) supporting actor, Tim Robbins, had produced two sons by 1992 and put Sarandon in the position of leaving her domestic paradise only to accept roles that really challenged her. The result was four Academy Award nominations in the 1990s and best actress for Dead Man Walking (1995). Her first Academy Award nomination was for Louis Malle's Atlantic City (1980).  See full bio on IMDb »

Hollywood's Political Donations for Democrats Strong Even Before Taylor Swift's Plea

Taylor Swift
She's Talking Politics ... These Celebs Ante Up for Candidates

Taylor Swift certainly talked a big game by endorsing 2 candidates in Tennessee, but a bunch of other celebs are doing more than talking -- they're paying to support their fave… READ MORE >

Susan Sarandon Says Parkland Students Have to Do What Trump Never Will

Susan Sarandon
Parkland Kids Have to Change Gun Laws ... Trump NEVER Will

Susan Sarandon is beaming like a proud mama about the students behind the March for Our Lives rally ... and says she'll absolutely be there to support them. We got Susan Friday at LAX, and… READ MORE >

- 475 days ago
Susan Sarandon's Convertible From Justice Video Is For Sale

Susan Sarandon
Convertible from Justice's Music Vid Is For Sale

Susan Sarandon's got a thing for drop tops -- see "Thelma & Louise" -- and the one she recently drove like a maniac in Justice's "Fire" music video is for sale for one helluva price. It's a… READ MORE >

- 601 days ago
Susan Sarandon Hits Kaepernick Rally, 'I Stand With Colin'

Susan Sarandon
Hits Kaepernick Rally 'I Stand With Colin'

Hundreds of people rallied in support of Colin Kaepernick in NYC Wednesday -- including Susan Sarandon -- who said proudly, "I'm With Kaep." The "United We Stand" rally went down in front of the… READ MORE >

- 666 days ago
Susan Sarandon - Lots of Support At SAG Awards

Susan Sarandon
Lots of Support at SAG Awards

Susan Sarandon let it kinda all hang out at the SAG Awards. The actress wore a bandeau -- look it up -- under a blazer and it got some double takes. She's 69 -- seriously -- so she's killin' it.  READ MORE >

- 1236 days ago
Susan Sarandon Gets All Trippy in Video Tribute to LSD Guru Timothy Leary

Susan Sarandon
Gets All Trippy In Video Tribute to LSD Guru

Susan Sarandon is a sight to behold in this video ... looking like a cross between a flower child and Victorian aristocracy ... as she sang the praises of LSD and Timothy Leary. … READ MORE >

- 1379 days ago
Susan Sarandon -- Hit By Crafty Burglar ... Laptop, Jewelry Stolen

Susan Sarandon
Hit By Crafty Burglar Laptop, Jewelry Stolen

Susan Sarandon had an unwanted visitor with major cajones ... a guy who used a ladder to climb in from the building next door and then burglarize her.According to police ... Sarandon's son… READ MORE >

- 1782 days ago
Susan Sarandon -- My Moneyman Screwed Me Out of Millions

Susan Sarandon
My Moneyman Screwed Me Out of Millions

Susan Sarandon claims she was betrayed by her former business manager who lured her into investing more than $10 MILLION in a real estate deal the manager was using to line his own… READ MORE >

- 1834 days ago
Susan Sarandon Heils a Taxi Cab

Susan Sarandon
Heils a Taxi Cab

Susan Sarandon didn't cause a furor as she tried to flag down a taxi cab in NYC on Tuesday. READ MORE >

- 2802 days ago
U.S. Catholic Org. to Susan Sarandon: You're Ignorant and Obscene!

Powerful Catholic Org.
Slams Susan Sarandon You're Ignorant and Obscene

The largest Catholic civil rights organization in the United States is lashing out at Susan Sarandon for referring to Pope Benedict as a "Nazi" this weekend -- calling the comment, "positively… READ MORE >

- 2803 days ago
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