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The Miz

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Michael "The Miz" Mizanin was born in Cleveland, OH on October 8th, 1980 to Barbara and George Mizanin. He graduated with honors from Normandy High School before attending Miami University of Ohio (where he was a member of the Theta Chi Fraternity). While in college, he auditioned for The Real World after seeing a casting call on MTV. Despite doubts about his ability to perform on a reality show, Mike went on to become one of the most popular cast members of the show's 10th Season, subtitled "Back to New York." It was on this show where he debuted his wrestling alter ego: "The Miz." In the years following, Mike "The Miz" became a mainstay on MTV, hosting various popular shows on the network and competing on The Real World's sister show, "Real World/Road Rules." "The Miz" went from alter ego to reality after Mike moved to Los Angeles, where he auditioned for the WWE's "Tough Enough." Despite finishing in second place, Mike's performance impressed the WWE executives enough for them to grant him a developmental contract. In the 12 years and counting that followed, The Miz has become one of WWE's biggest stars. He has won the WWE, US, Intercontinental, and Tag Team titles (making him the 25th Triple Crown and 14th Grand Slam Champion in the history of the WWE). In addition to his wrestling stardom, Mike has established a robust film career as well. He is best known for playing Sgt. Jake Carter in "The Marine 3: Homefront" and "The Marine 4: Moving Target." The next film in the series ("The Marine 5: Battleground") is set to be released in 2017.  See full bio on IMDb »

The Miz Gives Heartfelt Message to Ric Flair, 'Keep Fighting!'

The Miz
Heartfelt Message to Ric Flair ... 'Keep Fighting!!!'

No characters. No script.  Just a heartfelt message from WWE superstar The Miz to his childhood hero, Ric Flair -- telling Nature Boy to keep fighting like hell until he's healthy and… READ MORE >

The Miz Says Ronda Rousey's WWE-Bashing Strategy is Working

The Miz
Ronda Trash Talking WWE ... is a GOOD Thing!!

Ronda Rousey giving a big middle finger to her employer is exactly what she shoulda done ... so says The Miz, who tells TMZ Sports her anti-wrestling rant was MONEY. Rousey went scorched… READ MORE >

- 88 days ago
The Miz On Maryse's WWE Comeback 5 Months After Baby, 'She's Hardcore'

The Miz and Maryse
WWE Comeback 5 Months After Baby? ... 'She's Hardcore!'

How in the hell is WWE superstar Maryse back in the ring just 5 months after popping out a kid??? She's a badass ... who kinda ignored doctor's orders, according to her husband, The Miz. … READ MORE >

- 292 days ago
The Miz Says He Won't Mock CM Punk's UFC Return Anymore

The Miz
I Won't Mock CM Punk's UFC Career ... Anymore.

The Miz has had a change of heart about CM Punk's UFC career -- now, he's SUPPORTING the guy ... despite mocking Punk after his brutal debut loss back in 2016.  Remember, the DAY after Punk… READ MORE >

- 460 days ago
The Miz: Ronda Rousey's 'Messing with the Wrong People' in WWE

The Miz
Rousey's 'Messing w/ Wrong People' ... in WWE

The Miz thinks Ronda Rousey's been AWESOME in WWE so far ... but says she's making enemies with the "wrong people" -- HER BOSSES. We got Miz and his beautiful wife, Maryse, leaving Il Pastio… READ MORE >

- 465 days ago
WWE's The Miz Goes Nuts on Middle East Tour, 'My Balls Are In My Throat'

The Miz
Goes Nuts on Middle East Tour 'My Balls Are In My Throat'

The Miz had an AWESOME Christmas in the Middle East -- singing carols, shooting semis and SLINGSHOTTING OFF A FRICKIN' AIRCRAFT CARRIER ... and he documented all the action. That's right ...… READ MORE >

- 537 days ago
The Miz Is Middle East Bound for Christmas, Supporting the Troops!

The Miz
Middle East Bound for Xmas ... Supporting the Troops!

Love him or hate him ... gotta respect WWE superstar The Miz for his Christmas plans -- he's heading to the Middle East to spread holiday cheer to the troops! The Miz and his wife, Maryse, were… READ MORE >

- 545 days ago
The Miz: I'm King in WWE, Not Brock Lesnar

WWE's The Miz
Forget Brock Lesnar ... I'm a Waaaaay Bigger Deal

Brock Lesnar's good and all ... but he ain't an MVP WWE superstar like, say, THE MIZ -- this according to The Miz. Here's the deal ... we got Miz chillin' in the Big Apple, and asked… READ MORE >

- 575 days ago
WWE's The Miz: My Fetus Hit the Genetic Lottery!

The Miz
My Fetus Hit the Genetic Lottery

WWE, reality TV ... IT DOESN'T MATTER -- The Miz says his future daughter will dominate any career she damn well pleases 'cause of her championship pedigree. "Genetically, she's gonna be a… READ MORE >

- 601 days ago
The Miz: Conor McGregor Should Come to WWE After Floyd Fight

The Miz
Conor Should Come to WWE ... After Floyd Fight

WWE superstar The Miz has a Plan B in mind for Conor McGregor after he fights Floyd Mayweather ... and it ain't the UFC! We asked Miz if Conor should join him in WWE after MayMac is a… READ MORE >

- 664 days ago
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