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Toby Keith

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Born July 8, 1961, Toby Keith Covel was the second child of Joan and Hubert Keith (HK) Covel. He was born in Clinton, Oklahoma, and grew up with his sister (Tonnie) and his youngest sibling (a brother, Tracy) in Moore, Oklahoma. After graduating from Moore High School; Toby did not go on to college, but went to work in the Oklahoman oil fields with his father. He later met and married Tricia Lucus, whose child, Shelley Reeve, he adopted. He later had two children with Tricia - Krystal (born in 1985 and married in 2011), and Stelen (born in 1997, and the only son of Toby and Tricia). At the time in which Krystal was born, the Oklahoma oil industry had collapsed; leaving Toby, Tricia and their two daughters in financial troubles. Touring with his band- the Easy Money Band -, Toby got them all out of debt. After signing a deal at Mercury Records, his debut album "Toby Keith", which contained his first chart topper, "Should've Been A Cowboy", finally established him as a professional singer/songwriter. He then left Mercury for a period of three years. Coming back in 1997, he released his final studio album for Mercury, "Dream Walkin'". A year after his first Greatest Hits compilation came out from Mercury; he and his producer, James Stroud, left the label. He then signed a deal with DreamWorks Records, headed by his producer. Since releasing his fifth album, "How Do You Like Me Now?!", and its title track (written by Toby and Chuck Cannon); the then-DreamWorks, now-Showdog Tunes-signed singer and BMI-affiliated songwriter has seen success like never before. That success can be measured with at least five more studio albums since "How Do You Like Me Now?", more #1 singles, Academy of Country Music Awards (including two "Entertainer of the Year" awards) and other kinds of awards, and another Greatest Hits compilation (including songs from albums "How Do You Like Me Now?", "Pull My Chain", and "Unleashed", and a cover of "Mockingbird" with his daughter Krystal, who is scheduled to release her debut album in December 2011). Toby also has since opened his own record label, the aforementioned Showdog Tunes.  See full bio on IMDb »

Toby Keith's Daughter Says Family Narrowly Survived Crash with Drunk Driver

Toby Keith's Daughter
Drunk Driver Nearly Killed Us

Toby Keith's daughter says she and her family barely survived a horrific car crash with a drunk driver. Krystal says it went down on the Fourth of July when she was driving with her husband,… READ MORE >

Donald Trump's Make America Great Again Welcome Concert Went Smoothly

Trump Inauguration
Make America Great Again Welcome Concert Goes Smoothly

The Make America Great Again Welcome Celebration concert just went down in front of Washington D.C.'s Lincoln Memorial, and it also went out with a bang ... literally. Country star Toby Keith,… READ MORE >

- 761 days ago
Toby Keith Telling The Critics To Back Off

Toby Keith
Forget The Critics ... Inauguration Show Is For Our Country

Toby Keith doesn't give a damn what the haters think ... he says his Donald Trump Inauguration performance isn't a personal favor, it's for the good ole U.S. of A.  Keith has faced a ton of… READ MORE >

- 766 days ago
Donald Trump & Family Celebrate Hunters and Fisherman at Inauguration Bash (DOCUMENT)

Donald Trump & Family
Post-Inaugural Bash Thank You Hunters, Shooters and Fishermen!!!

Donald Trump's family will be the main attraction at a fundraiser the day after the inauguration, celebrating hunters, shooters and fishermen who probably pushed Trump over the line in November.… READ MORE >

- 795 days ago
Toby Keith -- Country Singer Rocks Out in Hawaii (VIDEO)

Toby Keith
Country Singer Rocks Out in Hawaii

Toby Keith stepped out of his comfort zone with one of the best songs ever, ever, ever recorded. Toby was vacationing in Hawaii when he took the mic at Kelly O'Neil's in Waikiki and did justice… READ MORE >

- 1144 days ago
Toby Keith Offered Sweet Vegas Deal ... But Not Quite JLo $$$

Toby Keith
Offered Sweet Vegas Deal But Not Quite JLo $$$

Toby Keith doesn't have an ass like JLo's ... or a winning personality like Kanye's ... which may explain why he doesn't command quite the fee offered to others ... but he's not doin' bad… READ MORE >

- 1574 days ago
Asian Groups Slam Toby Keith's 'Racist' Gesture

Asian Groups Slam Toby Keith's 'Racist' Gesture

Toby Keith may think his Nobel Peace Prize party eye gesture wasn't a big deal -- but TWO Asian organizations are furious about it, claiming the "racist" maneuver wasn't just offensive, it was an… READ MORE >

- 3352 days ago
Toby Keith -- Eye Did Nothing Wrong

Toby Keith -- Eye Did Nothing Wrong

No complaints, no foul -- that's what Toby Keith's peeps are saying about his eye-stretching performance at a Nobel Peace Prize after party earlier this week.The insensitive gesture occurred… READ MORE >

- 3353 days ago
Toby Keith Adds Racist Slant to Nobel Party

Toby Keith Adds Racist Slant to Nobel Party

Remember 30 seconds ago, when we published that awesome Nobel Peace Prize party footage??? Well, it's ruined now ... thanks to a moment where Toby Keith made a gesture deemed offensive to Asians.… READ MORE >

- 3353 days ago
Will Smith & Toby Keith -- Norwegian Rap Attack

Will Smith & Toby Keith -- Norwegian Rap Attack

So, Toby Keith can rap -- but that's not the most surprising part about this footage. Will Smith, Wyclef Jean, Natasha Bedingfield and TK rocked out some classic rap at an after party for the… READ MORE >

- 3354 days ago
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