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Tommy Davidson

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Davidson started his career as a stand-up comedian in Washington DC, earning an ardent following with sheer hard work in various comedy clubs. As one of the cutting-edge, young stand-ups, he was spotted by major concert promoters, who booked him as the opening act for A-list touring acts, including Patti LaBelle, Kenny G and Luther Vandross. It wasn't long before he came to Hollywood and was performing stand-up at a number of clubs, including the Comedy Act Theatre, where he met Robert Townsend. This led to his first national television appearance, with a starring role in Partners in Crime (2005) and was the conduit to Keenen Ivory Wayans, who proved instrumental in Davidson's career by offering him an opportunity to audition and join the uniquely talented cast of the most adventurous prime-time variety show of its day, In Living Color (1990). He, Jamie Foxx, Jim Carrey and Damon Wayans made TV history with their originality. Tommy's impressive film debut was opposite Halle Berry in Strictly Business (1991). He immediately segued into select high-profile films, starring opposite Jada Pinkett Smith in the romantic comedy, Woo (1998) (New Line), and in the provocative urban comedy, Booty Call (1997) (Columbia Pictures). His credits include numerous feature film roles, from Spike Lee's Bamboozled (2000), where he received acclaim and praise for his turn as "Womack/Sleep 'N Eats", to Juwanna Mann (2002) (Morgan Creek Productions') and the pivotal cameo in Jim Carrey's Ace Ventura: When Nature Calls (1995), which has become a cult favorite. Davidson's hilarious impressions of Sammy Davis Jr., Michael Jackson and other icons have become infamous. His visibility on In Living Color (1990) led to three Showtime specials: "On Strength of New York", "Illin' in Philly" and "Takin' it to DC". His elasticity as a performer who delivers on both the big and small screen led to other projects like the lead in the Disney's animated series, The Proud Family (2001), and as a host on FOX's "The NFL Show", alongside football greats Michael Irvin and Tony Siragusa. Davidson also portrays the lead in Will Smith's up-and-coming animated series, "Youngin's" (2000). Tommy stars - along with 80 other star stand-ups - in I Am Comic (2010), opposite Tim Allen, Lewis Black, Sarah Silverman, Carlos Mencia, Jeff Foxworthy and Kathy Griffin. The film, which premiered on Showtime, is one of Netflix's surefire hits, enjoying a continual surge as a favorite with consumers. Davidson scored big with reviewers and audiences, alike, opposite Michael Jai White, in the critically-lauded spoof comedy, Black Dynamite (2009) (Sony Pictures), last year's big Sundance hit, which is currently being adapted as a cartoon for Adult Swim. He is receiving critical raves for a cameo in Ahmed Ahmed's award-winning documentary, Just Like Us (2010), a feature film masterpiece which is a cross-cultural study of stand-up comedy bridging all ethnicities. Tommy travels internationally selling out every venue in which he headlines.  See full bio on IMDb »

Tommy Davidson -- Bon Voyage ... I Got a Travel Show!

Tommy Davidson
Bon Voyage ... I Got a Travel Show!

Tommy Davidson is on a looong vacation and he's getting paid for it -- so ... win-win! Sources involved in the production tell us the comedian landed a gig co-hosting a new travel show that will… READ MORE >

Jim Brown -- Partying in Bev Hills ... with 'In Living Color' Star

Jim Brown
Partying in Bev Hills With 'In Living Color' Star

So, this is interesting -- turns out NFL legend Jim Brown is really good friends with former "In Living Color" star Tommy Davidson ... and last night, the two went out partying together. We could… READ MORE >

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Ribeiro vs. Davidson: Who'd You Rather?

Ribeiro vs. Davidson
Who'd You Rather?

"Fresh Prince of Bel Air" star Alfonso Ribeiro, 41, and "In Living Color" comedian Tommy Davidson, 49, reminisced about the '90s at a film premiere in L.A. on Thursday.Question is ...More Who'd… READ MORE >

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Tommy Davidson: If You Drive It, They Will Come

Tommy Davidson: If You Drive It, They Will Come

Tommy Davidson traded in his old hooptie for a new car and -- voila -- a hot chick magically appeared at his side. Funny how that happens!Now Tommy better hope his shawty doesn't see the shirtless… READ MORE >

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Funniest Thing Tommy Davidson Has Ever Done

Funniest Thing Tommy Davidson Has Ever Done

Oh. Hell. No. Tommy. We have no idea what Tommy Davidson -- at the grown age of 45 -- is thinking, or what this photo shoot is for, but it ain't right. See Also Tommy Davidson -- Car-mic… READ MORE >

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Tommy Davidson -- Car-mic Retribution

Tommy Davidson -- Car-mic Retribution

There was a tow truck lingering near Tommy Davidson, but for once, he didn't need the hand -- dude traded in one of his 800 hoopties for a hot new Jag!It's the best thing he's been in since "In… READ MORE >

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Tommy Says Bad Cars Caused Lonely Stick Shift

Tommy Says Bad Cars Caused Lonely Stick Shift

Tommy Davidson claims his junk-ass cars have caused his love life to stall -- and he blames the rejection on TMZ!? WTF!?OK -- he only partly blames us, but the former "In Living Color" star claims… READ MORE >

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Tommy Davidson Wishes He Had a Bigger ...

Tommy Davidson Wishes He Had a Bigger ...

...whip.On two different occasions, the former "In Living Color" star has proven how crappy his cars are -- see here and here -- so when we got him last night, we weren't surprised to see him… READ MORE >

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Tommy Davidson: My Other Car Is a Clunker Too

Tommy Davidson: My Other Car Is a Clunker Too

How many hoopties can one man own?Sparks flew -- literally -- the last time we got Tommy Davidson and his broken down car. Now he's got a "new" one -- but it's not without its flaws either. See… READ MORE >

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I Paddled Jamie Foxx's Butt

I Paddled Jamie Foxx's Butt

Both of 'em ruled on "In Living Color" -- but while Jamie Foxx moved on to Oscar-winning roles, Tommy Davidson took down screen gems like "Juwanna Man."Tommy isn't bitter, he says still got one… READ MORE >

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