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Tony Romo

Antonio “Tony” Ramiro Romo is a retired NFL player. He spent his career as the quarterback for the Dallas Cowboys and announced his retirement in April 2017 after playing in the pro league for 14 seasons. He will join CBS broadcasters in the booth as a football analyst. Over the course of his athletic career, Romo participated in four Pro Bowls, but ultimately succumbed to injury after injury. Romo was born on April 21, 1980 in San Diego, CA. His family, comprised of parents Ramiro and Joan and sisters Danielle and Jossalyn, relocated to Burlington, WI, which is where he grew up. He excelled at sports including basketball, baseball, and golf at a young age and gave football a try in high school. Romo went on to play college football at Eastern Illinois University and accepted a walk-on spot from the Dallas Cowboys. Before marrying wife Candice Crawford in May 2011, the hunky athlete dated singer/actress/fashion designer Jessica Simpson in a highly publicized romance. Romo and Crawford have two sons and are expecting their third little boy. Before becoming a wife and mom, she was a local television sports reporter in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. She is the sister of “Gossip Girl” actor Chace Crawford and co-owns the company Hawk + Sloane with her childhood friend, Hollie Siglin.

Barack Obama Golfs With Tony Romo & Emmitt Smith During Masters Weekend

Barack Obama
Plays Golf With Romo & Emmitt ... During Masters Weekend

What's more interesting than watching Tiger Woods lock up a historic win at The Masters?? GOLF WITH THE PRESIDENT ... at least, that was the case for Dallas Cowboys legends Emmitt Smith and Tony… READ MORE >

Tony Romo Hits Absurd Chip Shot From Hospitality Tent At Golf Pro-Am

Tony Romo
Absurd Chip Shot ... From Hospitality Tent!!!

Tony Romo ... Romostrodamus ... Tiger Romo??!?! It might just stick ... 'cause the ex-Dallas Cowboys QB-turned-superstar-broadcaster just hit the most INSANE golf shot you'll ever see an amateur… READ MORE >

- 129 days ago
Tony Romo -- Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Tony Romo
Good Genes or Good Docs?

Here's a 24 year old version of the Dallas Cowboys' starting quarterback Tony Romo in a team headshot back in 2005 (left) ... and 14 years later the eerily psychic 38 year old Super Bowl LIII… READ MORE >

- 135 days ago
Dick Vermeil Says Patrick Mahomes Is MVP Bound, No One Can Throw Like Him!

Dick Vermeil
Patrick Mahomes Is MVP Bound! ... No One Can Throw Like Him!

Brett Favre, John Elway, Tony Romo ... NONE of these dudes had the ability to chuck the pigskin like Patrick Mahomes does -- so says ex-Chiefs head coach Dick Vermeil. "His overall… READ MORE >

- 258 days ago
Tony Gonzalez Thinks Patrick Mahomes Will Break Peyton Manning's TD Record

Tony Gonzalez
Sorry, Peyton ... Mahomes Will Own Your TD Record!!

Peyton Manning's single-season passing TD record is TOAST ... 'cause Patrick Mahomes is driving his Chiefs bus straight through it -- so says K.C. legend Tony Gonzalez. Mahomes has lit up the… READ MORE >

- 261 days ago
Tony Romo, I'm Healthy Enough To Play Quarterback Right Now

Tony Romo
I'm Healthy Enough To Play Right Now

Dallas Cowboys fans everywhere rejoice ... Tony Romo is healthy enough to play quarterback in the NFL again!!!!!!!!! Sooo ... when's the comeback date?!?! Well ... maybe never. Romo stoked the… READ MORE >

- 263 days ago
DeMarcus Ware Jumps Over Partner In 'DWTS' Debut

DeMarcus Ware
Jumps Over Partner ... In 'DWTS' Debut

DeMarcus Ware jumped over a grown ass human on "Dancing with the Stars" -- and it was awesome!!!! The ex-Denver Broncos superstar -- who won a Super Bowl with the team back in 2016 --… READ MORE >

- 265 days ago
Ayo and Teo Give Dance Props to Tony Romo, You Don't Suck!

Tony Romo
Dance Props From Ayo & Teo ... You Don't Suck!!!

Ayo & Teo saw Tony Romo bust out their signature "Rollie" dance move with Teyana Taylor ... and good news -- THEY DIDN'T HATE IT!  The rap duo created the move for their song, "Rolex" --… READ MORE >

- 567 days ago
Tony Romo Gets Dance Lessons from Teyana, 'It's All About Ugly Face!'

Tony Romo
Dance Lessons From Teyana 'It's All About Ugly Face!'

The most important part of hip hop dance -- UGLY FACE -- and Tony Romo has it locked down ... so says Teyana Taylor.  The ex-Cowboys QB got 1-on-1 lessons from the dance goddess herself on… READ MORE >

- 569 days ago
Deion Sanders DESTROYS Tony Romo, 'You Ain't Won Nothin'

Deion Sanders
DESTROYS Tony Romo ... 'You Ain't Won Nothin'

Deion Sanders destroyed Tony Romo. There's really no cute or punchy way to put it. The guy opened up his Hall of Fame mouth and ate the soul of Romo live on television. It happened because Tony… READ MORE >

- 588 days ago
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