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Vitalii Sediuk

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Vitalii Sediuk was born 1988 in Boryspil, Ukraine. After finishing high school, Vitalii enrolled at Wisconsin International University (USA) Ukraine in the faculty of economics, despite this he was always ambitious about making arts. Being a second year student at the age of 19, Vitalii decided to start his television career and got his first internship on the Ukrainian TV "TET" channel. In 2009, a young journalist tried his fortune on the most popular TV channel in Ukraine, "Studio 1+1", for a morning show, "Breakfast", with 1+1. In more than 2 years of working for "Studio 1+1", Vitalii interviewed many famous and influential celebrities using his entertaining style - a journalist never afraid to ask sharp questions but in a polite manner. Among foreign celebrities he interviewed were Bill Clinton, Madonna, Sarah Jessica Parker, Kylie Minogue, Toni Braxton, Will Smith, Pamela Anderson, Jean-Claude Van Damme, Monica Bellucci and many others. The Ukrainian reporter got his first recognition in Europe when he, in the costume of a royal uniform, offered the ring to BBC presenter LIVE and proposed to marry her during the wedding ceremony of Prince William and Kate Middleton in London. His attempt to present Madonna a hydrangea at the Venice Film Festival turned into a world scandal. Fans of Madonna criticized her for throwing away the gift with a phrase, "I absolutely loathe hydrangea". The pop icon Madonna made an official video response to Vitalii and hydrangea lovers, stating she was entitled to love any flowers she wanted. Six months later, the 23-year old journalist ignited another tempest when he tried to kiss Will Smith at the Russian premiere of Men in Black II (2002), using his Slavic tradition of greeting. The star didn't take it well, backhanding Sediuk. In the interview with David Letterman, Smith said that the situation was "just awkward". Later, on the CBS channel, Vitalii apologized to Smith for showing "too much love". In July 11, 2012, Vitalii Sediuk moved to Los Angeles. In the interview for "The Hollywood Reporter", Vitalii said that he wanted to continue his television career in Hollywood and started a film career as a director and actor. Before landing in L.A., Vitalii completed a 20-minute short film called "The Hydrangea", inspired by the "Madonna" flower incident. It is a look at what happened to the life of a fan when his favorite singer, named "Tefay", came to perform to his native city. The fan is played by Sediuk. The movie is about fanaticism and how the unaccepted gift abruptly changed his life. "The Hydrangea" became the directorial and acting debut for Vitalii Sediuk. In February 10, 2013 Vitalii Sediuk made new international headlines after crashing the 55th Grammys awards and receiving the actual Grammy, on behalf of Adele! Despite heightened security at the Grammys in Los Angeles, the Ukrainian reporter managed to not only get inside the venue, but interview celebrities on the red carpet and sit in the second row of the venue, right behind Justin Timberlake. The celebrity seat was not enough for Vitalii. The Hollywood prankster decided to go on stage and deliver his acceptance speech when Adele was announced as a winner in the category, "Best Pop Solo Performance". This incidence was widely discussed throughout the world and brought the prankster some troubles, afterwards. He strikes again! The warning from the Academy Awards not to crash the Oscars didn't stop Vitalii Sediuk to show up at the 85th ceremony in Los Angeles. Sediuk dolled up at the event in a Björk-inspired white swan dress, carrying a blue bucket filled with 15 Oscar replicas but was stopped by the security. As Vitalii later told the "Hollywood Reporter", that was his protest to the Academy who didn't permit to cover the Oscars and froze his credential. He also emphasizes in the interview that his major goal on the numerous Hollywood pranks is to receive a different emotion from a celebrity and not to betray his own reporting style.  See full bio on IMDb »

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