LeBron James Gets Over Flu ... By Raging Onstage With Bad Bunny!!!

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Forget NyQuil ... Bad Bunny is apparently the perfect cure for the flu -- 'cause after he brought LeBron James onstage Sunday -- the Lakers star looked magically cured!!!

LBJ has been battling a bad cold this past week ... and he was feeling so crappy over the weekend, he missed L.A.'s game against the Thunder on Saturday.

But, on Sunday, clearly, all the guy needed was some Puerto Rican Latin trap and reggaeton to feel better ... 'cause when Bad Bunny brought him onstage at Calibash at Staples Center, LBJ raged his face off!!

Watch the video ... LeBron sure looks like he's feeling okay to us -- boppin' around and getting the crowd fired up. He even got in a little dance sesh with Bad Bunny himself!!

The Lakers play the Cavs on Monday night ... and based on Bron's performance Sunday -- we're pretty positive he'll make his return to the hardwood for the game.

Sorry, John Beilein.

Mexican Wrestling Star La Parka Dead ... After Tragic In-Ring Injury

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Lucha Libre AAA

Mexican wrestler La Parka -- a superstar in Lucha Libre AAA -- died on Saturday ... a little more than 2 months after he suffered a severe injury during an October wrestling match.

La Parka -- aka Jesus Alfonso Escoboza Huerta -- did a leaping dive through the ropes at an opponent in Monterey, Mexico ... but tragically hit his head on a guard rail before falling to the ground.

Escoboza Huerta underwent emergency surgery to save his life ... but the wrestler was reportedly still left paralyzed from the fall.

After battling the injuries for the last several months ... Lucha Libre AAA said Escoboza Huerta was put on assisted breathing Friday after he showed signs of kidney failure.

A day later, the wrestling org. announced Escoboza Huerta passed away after his lungs and kidneys failed. He was 54 years old.

Escoboza Huerta began wrestling in 1987 and wrestled under the "La Parka" moniker for more than 20 years, Lucha Libre AAA said.

He famously won championships in the Triplemanía Cup and Antonio Peña Cup ... in addition to winning the King of Kings event that's annually put on by Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide.

Wrestling superstars Rey Mysterio, Sin Cara and others posted tributes to Escoboza Huerta on social media after learning of his death.

The "La Parka" character was originally created by wrestler Adolfo Margarito Tapia Ibarra ... who wrestled in WCW and now goes by the name of "L.A. Park."

NFL's Bill Cowher HOF Nod On Live TV?! 'Pretty Surreal!!!'


How did Bill Cowher feel when he was surprised with his big Hall of Fame news on live TV on Saturday???


The legendary NFL coach was still giddy on Sunday when we spotted him out in NYC -- telling TMZ Sports he was stoked he got to share that special moment with the world

"It was pretty awesome. Pretty surreal to be honest with you," Cowher said ... "Very surprised!"

Cowher was doing his thing on the CBS pregame show before the Ravens vs. Titans game, when Pro Football Hall of Fame president David Baker suddenly walked in and interrupted to inform Bill he's getting a gold jacket!

The moment was amazing -- Bill got super emotional and thanked everyone who helped him along the way ... all while his cohosts cheered their faces off!

The very next day, Baker surprised Jimmy Johnson on the set of the NFL On Fox pregame show and delivered the same news to the ex-Cowboys coach. His former player, Troy Aikman, was so moved, he choked back tears.

Another emotional moment. Great stuff!


Terrell Owens On Julian Edelman Arrest ... 'That's Edelman Being Edelman!'


"That's what happens when you feel like you're on top of the world!"

That's Terrell Owens weighing in on Julian Edelman's arrest in Beverly Hills over the weekend -- telling TMZ Sports the Patriots WR clearly feels untouchable.

We broke the story, Edelman was arrested Saturday night for misdemeanor vandalism after cops say he jumped on the hood of a Mercedes-Benz during a night out with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola.

Owens, who knows exactly what it's like to be a top-flight NFL star, didn't seem too shocked by Edelman's alleged actions ... saying, "That's Julian Edelman being Julian Edelman."

Edelman was scheduled to appear and participate in the California Strong Celebrity Softball Game at Pepperdine University on Sunday ... but never showed up. It's pretty obvious why.

But, a TON of stars did attend the event -- including Owens -- to help raise money for people affected by the wildfires and the mass shootings in Southern California.

The org. was created last year by Christian Yelich, Mike Moustakas, Ryan Braun, Jared Goff, and Mikey Attansio.

Dana White UFC Doc Says ... Conor's In 'Best Shape' Of Career


"The UFC doctor is actually saying he thinks Conor's in the best shape he's ever seen him in."

Dana White says Conor McGregor has been training like such a maniac to face Cowboy Cerrone at UFC 246, even the docs are impressed!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We spoke with the UFC boss about the sport's biggest star returning to the Octagon on Jan. 18 (only available on ESPN+) ... and White says all signs point to the return of the old, dominant McGregor.

"Conor and I have not seen each other face-to-face yet, but we have been texting and I'm hearing that he's in phenomenal shape right now."

"Head seems to be in the right place."

Conor has bulked up for the Cowboy fight -- he fought Khabib at 155 lbs back in Oct. 2018. He'll be at 170 this time around.

But, White is warning fans ... don't count out Cowboy -- a future Hall of Famer who holds the record for most wins in UFC history (23) and most finishes (16).

"I think that the level of disrespect shown to Cowboy Cerrone by the media, a lot of the fans and definitely the sportsbooks in Las Vegas is insanity."

"This is the type of fight that Cowboy Cerrone is an absolute spoiler in. This is his deal. These are the type of fights he likes to be in."

'Jeopardy!' Star Austin Rogers G.O.A.T. Tournament Is Freaking Fun!!! These Guys Are Like LeBron


Austin Rogers is freaking out over the stunning abilities of Ken Jennings, Brad Rutter and James Holzhauer ... the "Jeopardy!" sensation says these G.O.A.T.s are the LeBron's of trivia.

We got Austin -- who captivated America back in 2017 with an impressive 12-game winning streak on Alex Trebek's show -- in Harlem, and he couldn't stop gushing over the trio duking it out for a million-dollar prize.

Austin took home a whopping $411,000 during his run at the top, but he says he's been blown away watching Ken, Brad and James make some extremely difficult questions look like child's play ... and he's putting them on par with the greatest athletes on Earth.

Boosie Badazz Planning Huge Bash for Joe Burrow ... If LSU Wins Title


Not like Joe Burrow needed any motivation ... but here's Tigers superfan Boosie Badazz telling TMZ Sports he's planning a rager for the ages if the QB brings home a title for LSU!!

Of course, Boosie is a life-long Purple and Gold backer and is a HUGE Burrow guy -- he even FaceTimed the Heisman Trophy winner back in November.

We spoke with the rapper before Burrow faces off against Trevor Lawrence and Clemson in the national championship on Monday ... and he says there's gonna be some models waiting for the guy if he comes up with the dub.

"I'm thinking about throwing Joe a party at my house," Boosie says. "Everybody got their clothes on though. Real model-type women. Joe needs the prettiest model in the game right now."

"Joe needs somebody like Scarlett Johansson. Joe a big dog. Y'all don't see it right now, but this the next Tom Brady."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for the game, Boosie is confident Burrow can lead the Tigers to the promised land because "he has no fear in his heart ... he is the truth and I stand behind Burrow."

How confident is he?? Boosie says he's planning to throw up to $40k on the game to back up his talk.

Chiefs Eric Fisher Celebrates TD 'Stone Cold' Steve Austin Style!!!

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The Chiefs beat the Houston Texans in spectacular fashion this weekend -- but nothing was more spectacular than one of their offensive tackles busting two beers together.

As Patrick Mahomes made a touchdown pass to Blake Bell at the top of the fourth quarter in Sunday's playoff game ... the guy's teammate Eric Fisher ran over to celebrate with him and showered in the glory with brew and an homage to Stone Cold Steve Austin.

Fisher ran over to the stands and grabbed what appeared to be two waiting beer cans that were conveniently placed, and then smashed them over his head like SCSA used to.

Looks the apparent owner of the beers -- the guy with the glasses -- wasn't too upset with the move either -- if anything, Fisher was getting cheered on by all the Chiefs fans.

Kansas City went on to beat the Texans 51-31 ... we'll peg it to the beer.

John Leguizamo I Love J Lo for Halftime ... And You Know Who Else???


Jennifer Lopez performing at the SB Halftime show will be HUGE for the Latino community -- but to make it truly momentous, others should join ... so says John Leguizamo.

We got the veteran actor Sunday at LAX, where he was touching down ahead of the Critics' Choice Awards later tonight. The guy's one of the nominees for his work on "When They See Us," and he was definitely in a chatty mood. Today's topic ... Super Bowl LIV.

Our camera guy asked if J Lo performing -- alongside Shakira and, possibly, Pitbull too -- is a good thing for Hispanics at large. John certainly seems to think so ... telling us every Latinx person watching will probably be at home doing a little dance in celebration.

He took it one step further though, offering up a bunch of other big Hispanic names who could show face during the performance and really amp things up. Among them ... Bruno Mars, Camila Cabello, Maluma, Cardi B and even Mariah Carey -- who comes from Afro-Latina descent. JL notes even if she doesn't usually identify as such, he's claiming her regardless.

BTW, J Lo is definitely teasing some major star power ahead of her performance next month. She's already filmed a commercial featuring her fiance, A-Rod, and DJ Khaled. Time will tell who else joins her onstage -- but if it was up to John, it'd be a full docket of talent.

NFL's Julian Edelman Arrested for Foul Play in Bev Hills


New England Patriots star Julian Edelman was arrested Saturday night after allegedly jumping on the hood of someone's Mercedes ... TMZ Sports has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us it went down this way ... Julian was in Bev Hills walking around at about 9 PM when for some unknown reason he hopped up on the car, causing damage.

Impressive, considering the 33-year-old reportedly needs surgery on his left knee during the offseason.

The bad news for Julian ... cops were in the area working a robbery case when someone flagged them down and gave them the lowdown.

Edelman was arrested, cited for misdemeanor vandalism and released. He left with his friends.

Our law enforcement sources say it was apparent to them Julian had been drinking ... which might explain a lot about the incident. He was at dinner earlier in the evening in Bev Hills Cantina FRIDA, along with Paul Pierce and Danny Amendola.

MMA Star AJ McKee Puts TMZ Staffer In Sick Armbar ... TAP OUT!!!



This is A.J. McKee -- one of the hottest young stars in MMA -- and he's REALLY good at submitting people.

So, when he came to the TMZ newsroom the other day, we had him put Lucas in the same crazy armbar he used beat Derek Campos at Bellator 236 in December ... and yea, it was AWESOME!

McKee is undefeated -- 16-0 as a pro -- with the most consecutive wins in Bellator history, including 5 wins by submission (the most in Bellator featherweight history).

Lucas -- who's locked horns with legends like Jon Jones, Brian Ortega, Henry Cejudo, Paige VanZant and Kayla Harrison -- offered himself up as a fight dummy for McKee and learned first hand what it's like to be in his grasp!

As for his fighting future, McKee is currently in the semi-finals of the Bellator Featherweight World Grand Prix ... where the grand prize is a $1,000,000 check!


We spoke with McKee about his career goals, dream fight ... and his favorite moments inside the cage.

Dude is an animal!!! And, don't worry, Lucas is fine!

Warren Moon T.O. Is Wrong ... Dak's Better Than Brady


Terrell Owens is dead wrong ... Dak Prescott -- NOT Tom Brady -- should be the Cowboys starting QB ... 'cause he's a flat-out better quarterback.

Chill, that ain't coming from us ... those are the sentiments of HOF signal caller Warren Moon, who's adamant, bringing TB12 to Big D is the wrong move.

Remember, during a recent radio interview, T.O. said Jerry Jones should sign Brady -- a free agent -- and hand him the starting job.

But, Moon tells TMZ Sports he ain't down with Owens' plan.

"I don't think it's a bad idea for anybody to sign Tom Brady cause I think he can still play, but I just don't think it's a good fit for the Cowboys right now because of the way that Dak Prescott has developed, and he's only gonna get better," WM tells us.

The Cowboys had a disappointing season as a team -- they missed the playoffs -- but Dak put up big numbers ... throwing for over 4,900 yards with 30 TD's and only 11 picks.

Prescott's stats -- with the exception of 3 less interceptions -- were significantly better than Brady's ... and according to Warren, that's not some fluke ... DP's numbers were better 'cause he's a better QB.

"[Dak] definitely played physically better than Tom," Moon says.

"Tom still has those mental gifts that you can't compare because he's got so much experience behind him, and he knows how to play in the biggest games, and that's something you gain when you bring in a Tom Brady."

"But, physically, Dak can really throw the football. He knows how to spread it around. He can run the ball and use his legs. So, I think physically he's a better quarterback than Tom right now."

So, if Brady wants out in New England, he'll have to go lookin' for a job somewhere other than Dallas.

Steve Harvey I Forgive Gronk For Spiking My Lego Head


Steve Harvey says he forgives Rob Gronkowski for Gronk-spiking the amazing LEGO statue of his head ... telling TMZ Sports he didn't want the thing anyway!!!

Our convo with the comedian was hilarious ... he tells us the sculpture was dope -- but there was no way in HELL his wife was going to let him keep it around the house.

So, when Gronk demolished it live on television during their New Year's Eve special last week ... he says he actually found it funny -- despite his on-air demeanor!!!

"That was an act, man," Harvey says. "Gronk's a cool dude. I like him."

Of course, that's been the sentiment surrounding the former Patriots tight end ever since he retired from football and entered the entertainment biz this past offseason

The future of Hall of Famer -- who's now a football analyst and a regular guest on a ton of different television shows and specials -- has been CRUSHING life after the game.

Everyone seems to be loving it too ... well, other than Tom Brady -- whose career plummeted after the TE bolted.

But, sorry, Tom ... guess you can't have it all.

Michael Irvin I Love D.K. Metcalf ... Could Be Next 'Elite' WR


Seattle Seahawks rookie phenom D.K. Metcalf officially has the Michael Irvin stamp of approval ... 'cause The Playmaker tells TMZ Sports he LOVES the guy!!!

In fact, the Hall of Famer says he believes D.K.'s playoff performance last weekend against the Eagles is the start of NFL STARDOM!!!

"I think it's the beginning of his journey towards the elite areas of the NFL," Irvin says.

Metcalf posted a stunning 7 catches for 160 yards and a TD to lead the 'Hawks into the Divisional Round this weekend ... and Irvin tells us he's super impressed with the wideout.

And, why? Outside of the dude's insane skill set, Irv just loves how Metcalf didn't get down on himself after he slipped out of the first round in last spring's NFL draft.

"He put that chip on his shoulder, he went out, worked out with Russell Wilson, 5:30 in the morning, catching passes with Russell Wilson and he's produced this year."

Metcalf could have a tougher time repeating his Wild Card performance this week ... the Packers have a MUCH better secondary than the Eagles -- and it's supposed to be snowing like crazy for Sunday's game.

But, if he is able to still shine? Irvin's message to DeAndre Hopkins and Michael Thomas seems clear -- MAKE ROOM FOR D.K.!!!

Heat Rookie Tyler Herro Turns Logo Into Iced-Out Chain ... Worth $55k!!!


Tyler Herro is just a rookie, but he's turning into a vet baller right before our eyes ... by copping an insane diamond-filled chain ... and it's worth a whoppin' $55k!!!

The 19-year-old ex-Kentucky star has been a stud in his first year in the Association ... he's currently averaging 13.4 points a game and has already gotten praise from ex-Miami champs like Chris Bosh.

TMZ Sports has learned ... Herro wanted to immortalize his own "TH14" logo in bling, so he hit up celeb jeweler Iceman Nick to make it happen.

We're told Tyler got hooked up with a 14k gold pendant with 25 carats of VS1 white and blue diamonds ... and an iced-out 14k rose gold Cuban chain with 18 carats of diamonds.

Add all that good stuff together and you got a piece worth about $55k!!!

FYI -- Nick has a huge list of clients ... from folks like Errol Spence to Deshaun Watson to like, 1/4 of the Buffalo Bills roster.

Ball out, young man. Ball out.

Chris Johnson I'd Beat Lamar Jackson In A Race ... 'Right Now!!!'


Retired NFL superstar Chris Johnson says he's still so fast ... he could beat Baltimore Ravens QB Lamar Jackson in a race TODAY!!!

The former Tennessee Titans running back told the guys on "TMZ Sports" (airing weeknights on FS1) he has zero doubts about it too ... saying, "Yeah, I beat him right now."

It's a WILD statement from the 34-year-old ... considering nobody has been able to catch up to Lamar at all this season (the guy has 1,206 rushing yards on just 176 carries).

But, Johnson swears he's still got wheels ... remember, he told us back in March he could still get his 40-yard dash time down to a 4.2!!!