NFL's Mark Walton Insane Pizza Hut Arrest Caught On Police Video ... 'I Can Pee On Myself?'


NFL free agent Mark Walton argued with Pizza Hut employees, yelled at cops, got violent with his cousin, and then peed on himself before being arrested last January ... and the entire, wild scene was all caught on police video obtained by TMZ Sports.

It all went down back on Jan. 31 ... when around 11:24 PM, the 24-year-old running back got into a tiff with workers at a Miami Pizza Hut shop.

In the police footage, you can see officers rolled up to Walton while he was in a heated dispute at the pizza joint's ordering counter.

In the clip, Walton says he was pissed at employees because after they canceled one of his orders ... he claims one of them called him a "f*** n***a."

Walton says he personally came to the store to confront them over it ... and that's when all the drama began.

Cops say Pizza Hut employees claimed Walton was "banging on the windows" prior to their arrival ... and you can see in video, Walton was yelling at the employees when the officers showed up.

Mark continued to bicker with the Pizza Hut staffers while cops were present ... and eventually, he became combative toward the officers themselves.

At one point, as the cops tried to get him to calm down and leave the area, Walton screamed at an officer, "You don't know who I am! I don't care! I'm about money!"

Walton eventually walked away from the scene with his cousin -- though the two didn't get very far, because they ended up in a physical altercation at the back of the Pizza Hut.

You can see in footage, when cops turned the corner to check in on the two ... Walton was standing over his cousin, who appeared to be knocked out while bleeding profusely from his forehead area.

Cops ordered Walton to the ground at taser-point ... and while they put him in handcuffs, the NFL player told them his cousin had fallen after grabbing him during their dispute.

While detained, Walton argued with officers more ... and then asked them if he could "pee on myself." When cops said yes, Walton let it go.

Eventually, Walton admitted to an officer on video that he had been drinking earlier in the day.

Walton was ultimately hit with 2 charges over the incident, misdemeanor trespassing and misdemeanor disorderly conduct.

But, court records show he reached a deal with prosecutors last month to have the case closed ... though we're working on the specifics of that agreement.

Walton was a Cincinnati Bengals fourth-round pick in the 2018 NFL Draft ... but he was eventually cut by the team in 2019 following multiple arrests.

Walton eventually signed on with the Dolphins in '19 ... but they too cut him after he ran into more trouble with the law.

The current free agent has rushed for 235 yards on 67 carries in his two-year career.

Camille Kostek Supports SI Swim's First Male Finalist ... 'I Love Him!!!'


The S.I. Swimsuit issue is looking to break barriers with its FIRST EVER male model finalist ... and cover model Camille Kostek tells TMZ Sports she couldn't be more excited for the move!!

21-year-old Lewis Freese is one of 15 finalists in the "SI Swim Search" ... an international competition to bring newcomers to the magazine.

Kostek -- who won the same contest in 2018 -- raved about Freese's chances at making history ... applauding the publication for its continuous efforts towards inclusion.

"Lewis is the best," Camille told us at LAX this week. "I've been watching through his whole swimsuit journey. It is, like, unbelievable."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

"I had a feeling with just everything that's evolving and things that are changing. I mean, all walks of life are meant to be celebrated. I had a feeling this was going to happen and I'm so happy it's Lewis that's gonna break the mold."

Camille also has a message for any haters against bringing change to the iconic swim issue ... saying it's time they learned to be with the times.

"If you're not with it, you're gonna get left behind because everyone's got one life to live. Live your authentic self, live your best self."

"Those people that are the first that are brave enough to do that, I can't applaud those enough going for it."

The newest swimsuit issue hits stands in July ... and will feature huge names like Kostek, Olivia Culpo, Kate Bock and more.

Camille says she'll be alongside Freese for his debut photoshoot with SI ... and has a bit of advice for the newbie -- even though she says he doesn't need any.

"Own it, baby." she said. "I saw your video. I've been watching you, I've been listening to you and I can't wait to hug you in person."

Get it, Lewis!!!

Vanessa Bryant Launches Mambacita Line ... Hollywood Rocks the Hell Out of it

Vanessa Bryant celebrated what would have been Gigi's 15th birthday by announcing a new clothing line in her name -- and Hollywood was quick to jump on board in support.

A score of stars posted selfies and photos over the weekend, showing them in Mambacita hoodies and other apparel being hawked by Dannijo ... the company Vanessa teamed up with for this launch.

Some of the famous faces who snapped up their gear include Eva Mendes, Kate Hudson, Jimmy Kimmel, Ciara, Lala Kent, Jennifer Garner, Kim Kardashian, Cindy Crawford, Lily Aldridge, Tia Mowry, Reese Witherspoon, Khloe Kardashian, Ellen Pompeo, Michelle Williams, Kelly Rowland ... with even more plugging the brand on their respective socials.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Oh and BTW, the sports world wasn't sleeping on this drop either -- pro athletes like Russel Wilson, Devin Booker, Kyrie Irving and the ENTIRE WARRIORS TEAM (including Steph Curry) were rocking Mambacita wear Saturday ... and Vanessa made sure to shout them all out.

Vanessa explained diving into the new venture by saying she wanted to find a way to celebrate Gigi -- who would've turned 15 on Saturday -- by capturing her spirit ... and she felt putting out an entire line in her memory was the best way to do that.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

VB writes, "Gianna was kind, energetic, a leader, and had so much MAMBACITA swag.  When I thought about who would help me capture her laid back yet girly-edge, I thought of female-owned @DANNIJO. Two fun-loving sisters running a successful clothing line, they jumped on the opportunity to celebrate Gigi’s birthday with us, completely pro-bono."

She goes on to say that the details of the line -- even right down to putting #PlayGigisWay on the right arm of each hoodie (Gigi's shooting arm) -- are perfect in every way.

The best part is that 100% of the proceeds are going to the Mamba and Mambacita Sports Foundation ... which serves underprivileged athletes, especially females in sports.

Jake Paul vs. Kamaru Usman Would Be Top 3 Best Selling Fight Ever Says Manager Ali Abdelaziz


The highest selling combat sports events ever by (reported) pay-per-view buys ... Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Pacquiao (4.6 million), Floyd vs. Conor McGregor (4.1 million) AND ... Jake Paul vs. Kamaru Usman?!

That's what "The Nigerian Nightmares" manager, Ali Abdelaziz, believes will happen IF a fight between his client and YouTuber turned boxing star Jake Paul can be hashed out ... as long as UFC honcho and master promoter, Dana White is involved.

"Dana White has to have the microphone, he has to be the promoter," Ali says, later continuing ... "[Dana's] gonna get the UFC monster machine behind it and it's gonna sell I think, this fight did 3, 4 million Pay-Per-View buys, right, but on UFC's platform."

Of course, Jake -- 3-0 in the ring -- and the UFC welterweight champ went back-and-forth with the trash talk earlier this week ... with both guys saying they want to fight.


To put the PPV #'s into perspective, Paul vs. Ben Askren reportedly sold 1.5 million PPV's (a total some have questioned) at $50 a pop. But if the figures are accurate ... just do the math.

So sure, Jake would get the bag ... but Ali says the fight would be more a slaughtering than a boxing match.

"Listen to me, I don't think Jake Paul has enough medical insurance, coverage, to even talk, not even to fight Kamaru Usman," Ali says.

"To fight Kamaru, he'll need to be in bed or hospital for long time because listen, he's a internet kid, he's a YouTuber. I'm talking about pound for pound greatest fighter right now, Kamaru Usman."

Iowa Star Luka Garza Critics Fueling My NBA Prep ... 'I Love To Hear It'


Iowa Hawkeyes star Luka Garza -- voted the best college basketball player in 2021 -- is letting his haters be his motivators ... telling TMZ Sports he's using all the doubters as fuel to becoming a true NBA star.

The 6'11" big man was an absolute beast on the court this past season ... averaging 24 points and 8 rebounds a game.

Some experts have wondered whether 22-year-old Garza's athleticism will hurt his chances at success in the quickly evolving NBA ... but he tells us he's heard all the negativity and is ready to prove he belongs at the next level.

"I love it!" Garza says. "I love to hear it. I love to see it. It's fun for me! They don't know it because they probably don't like me, but it's helping me."

Garza says he's heard the naysayers throughout his career ... and he'll continue to put in the work needed to be a valuable asset to any team willing to take a chance on him.

"I have full confidence in myself that I can be an effective guy for any organization because I play hard as I can, I work as hard as I can."

"I'm excited about the process, it's gonna be a lot of fun and I'm excited to make my dreams come true."

Garza says he's working "harder than ever" as he focuses on the NBA Draft ... and is hoping to prove he's a first-rounder.

"I think they're gonna get a player who's gonna play every single game like it's my last. I'm a hardworking dude. I'm open to criticism."

But, Garza isn't just busting his ass on the court -- he's been working non-stop to help star athletes monetize their likeness as well ... creating his own NFT group in hopes of making that happen.


Garza says the NCAA should hop on board with the movement ... especially since it wouldn't take any money from their pockets.

"I think that's the biggest draw to it is for the NCAA, we're creating a new revenue stream that we don't have to take away. We won't have to get a salary from the university."

"We won't have to bother any of the advertisement deals they already have or the TV contract they have. That's still theirs but this is a way that we can make money for ourselves with not even touching the NCAA's money and what they've been able to do."

Caitlyn Jenner If You're a Biological Boy ... You Shouldn't Be in Girls' Sports


Caitlyn Jenner has a take on trans athletes you might not expect -- namely, if you're born as a biological boy, you shouldn't be allowed to compete in girls' sports ... at least while you're still in school, anyway.

We got the California gubernatorial hopeful Saturday in Malibu, and she weighed in on her first big political issue as she takes center stage in her run for Gavin Newsom's job -- telling TMZ she doesn't support trans girls born as boys participating in all-female school sports.

Yeah, we know ... it's a pretty interesting stance -- especially coming from Caitlyn ... who of course, is a trans woman herself AND a former Olympic champion. But, check out her rationale ... she chalks it up to fairness and protecting the integrity of girls' sports.

It's a hot-button issue right now across the country -- upwards of 34 states are considering legislation that would ban trans athletes from competing based on their gender identity ... and at least five have already turned the bills into law.

Caitlyn's words here are HUGE ... She's staked out her position and it's a stark contrast to Newsom's views.

Now, for some numbers -- because this isn't as black and white as it may seem. While some argue trans girls would naturally perform better in athletics because of higher testosterone levels ... that's not entirely true, at least not across the board, anyway -- so say scientists.

There are studies examining this topic -- and they suggest that while, yes, trans women have tended to perform better against their cisgender counterparts in certain activities -- running events appear to be the big one -- it's not conclusive that their testosterone levels alone are the sole cause for that ... and it's not always the case either.

Trans Girls In Girls' Sports ...

More importantly, the studies suggest that once trans girls start getting hormone therapy ... their performances tend to level out across different sports -- and by and large, all things end up being roughly equal. It also appears most athletic orgs require trans athletes to be on hormone therapy.

So in other words ... the data is a bit of a mixed bag. But, either way -- Caitlyn is leaning right on the issue. Republicans are usually the ones who support these types of bans.

Jennifer Lopez Hangin' with Ben ... But Not Hookin' Up

Jennifer Lopez was hanging out with Ben Affleck this week, setting the Internet on fire with proclamations they're back together. Not so, and we have an explanation.

True ... they spent time together, but we're told they're strictly friends. Fact is, they've been friends for a long time following their difficult breakup. There's no such thing as "never," especially in Hollywood, so it's always possible something could be rekindled, but there's no evidence of that now.

J Lo seems to have an M.O. in relationships gone south -- keep it friendly. She's also spent time with both ex-fiance Alex Rodriguez and ex-hubby Marc Anthony since her breakup with A-Rod. Maybe part of it is getting comfort from those she knows, but whatever it is she doesn't drop people like hot potatoes when the romantic thing doesn't work out.

Marc Anthony is a special case, since they share 2 kids. Again, it was a tough breakup but ultimately things got repaired so they could have a civil relationship and co-parent.

What's more, J Lo has maintained business relationships with some of her exes ... notably Marc Anthony and A-Rod.

As you know, J Lo and A-Rod called it quits after 4 years of dating and getting engaged in March 2019. They dodged a bullet ... were it not for the pandemic, they probably would have married.

As far as we can tell, J Lo's not jumping into any relationship in the short term.

Zach Wilson Radio Host Asks About His 'Hot Mom' ... Dragged Online

Carton & Roberts/WFAN

A New York radio host is getting dragged for asking the freshly-minted Jets QB about his "hot mom."

WFAN host Craig Carton scored an interview with Zach Wilson, the #2 draft pick, and asked about his mother -- who got lots of attention during the draft. Zach's mom is undeniably attractive and lots of folks commented, but raising it with her son is a whole other Oprah.

Carton said, “Your mom has become the lead story, and I say that respectfully because people are like, ‘the star of the first round of the draft is Mrs. Wilson because she’s a very attractive woman.’"

He went on ... “And, I’m just wondering how awkward that is for you, that you just got picked second overall in the NFL draft, and the focus is, wow, his mom is really hot."

The 21-year-old QB from Utah responded, “Yeah, it’s not my favorite for sure. I like to keep her out of the spotlight. She’s an awesome lady and I love having her support.”

Carton drew some heavy fire but stood his ground, saying, "Appreciate how sensitive u r but b sure 2 listen 2 what I said versus what u assume I said. I asked him how awkward it was that the Post wrote story about his moms looks, also the #1 trending topic online all day. I didnt ask him bout her looks or 2comment on them Big difference."

In case you're wondering, Zach's mom is Lisa Wilson. She calls herself a "fitness fanatic" and posts lots of pics highlighting healthy cooking and her fam. She's been married for 24 years.

As for Zach ... he graduated from BYU and is on his way to the Jets.

Shawn Michaels Here's How I Teamed Up W/ Kevin Nash 'Two Dudes With Attitude'


Wrestling legends Shawn Michaels and Kevin Nash (Diesel) were WWF Tag Team champs in the mid-'90s ... but initially got linked up together 'cause Nash's WCW character reminded the "Heartbreak Kid" of ... Andrew Dice Clay!!

Yes, Michaels was a HUGE fan of the "Diceman" ... and that's why he tells TMZ Sports that's what instantly attracted him to Nash's "Vinnie Vegas" character -- and ultimately gave birth to "Two Dudes with Attitudes."

"I had seen him on WCW as Vinnie Vegas. I can remember at that time coming off believing that Andrew Dice Clay was the funniest, and he sorta had an aspect of that in Vinnie Vegas," Michaels' says.

"Seeing it, and then, of course, quite some time later talking to Rick Steiner about it, and him mentioning [Kevin] and wanting to have a bodyguard for me."

Shawn was down, so Nash's "Diesel" character became his bodyguard. Together, they were 2x WWF Tag Team champions ... in addition to having a ton of success individually.


Michaels was a 2x Intercontinental champ ... while Diesel was Heavyweight champ and Intercontinental champ.

"There certainly were times we brought out the best in one another from an in the ring standpoint, and taking ourselves to a new level," Shawn says ... "Maybe less so personally. We were kinda troublemakers. But, to look back on it now, I'm very fond."

It's been decades since the men teamed up in the squared circle ... but the duo will be featured in an upcoming doc called "WWE Untold: Dudes With Attitudes" -- airing May 2 on Peacock.

Looking for even more of the "Heartbreak Kid" ... there's an A&E doc called "Biography: Shawn Michaels" airing May 16.

Andy Ruiz Opens Up On Depression After Joshua Loss 'I Got On My Knees & Started Praying'


"I needed to make a change because I was tired of the way I was living."

That's 31-year-old former heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz opening up about depression that literally brought him to his knees ... after losing his belts to Anthony Joshua.

TMZ Sports talked to Ruiz days before he makes his return to the squared circle on May 1 ... where "The Destroyer" will take on Chris Arreola.

When Ruiz starts letting his hands fly ... he'll look a little bit different than the last time we saw him in the ring with Joshua -- 'cause the 6'2" boxing star has lost nearly 60 pounds!!

"I think the weight loss is gonna be good and gonna be an advantage for me," Ruiz tells us.

"I think I'm gonna be a little faster, I'm gonna be able to slip more punches, bob and weave and things that we've been practicing in the gym and you know, I'm still not where I wanna be at but I'm still way better than I was before."

Of course, Ruiz SHOCKED the world and KO'd AJ in June 2019 ... one of the biggest upsets in heavyweight boxing history.

But, the December 2019 rematch didn't go nearly as well for Ruiz ... who stepped into the ring weighing 284 pounds, and looking out of shape in a unanimous decision loss.

After the fight, Andy says he was depressed and knew he had to change his life ... and that started with the drastic weight loss.

"There was just this one day that I was just depressed with myself and I was weighting 310 lbs. I thought losing weight would be the big issue and learning discipline, because I lacked discipline in my whole professional career," Ruiz says.

Andy continued ... "Like I said, I was depressed, I had got on my knees, I started praying and started telling God for a new change, a new mentality, and the next day I woke up and I woke up like a brand new man and that's when I messaged Canelo and told him if he could open the doors for me, and here we are now."

If the new, improved Ruiz beats Arreola (and he's a massive favorite) ... Andy could potentially face Deontay Wilder, Tyson Fury, Dillian Whyte or even Joshua for a third time.

All he's gotta do is win.

Marcedes Lewis Confident Tebow Can Play TE In NFL ... 'He Gets It'


Tim Tebow's NFL comeback CAN work out well for the former QB ... so says Marcedes Lewis, who tells TMZ Sports he's confident Tim can revive his football career as a TE successfully.

"He gets it," Marcedes said of the former Heisman Trophy winner in L.A. this week. "With the right coach, in the right system, he's athletic, and, if he's willing, he'll be able to get it done."

Tim made the decision to drop baseball for football recently ... telling the Jacksonville Jaguars he's now willing to switch from signal-caller to tight end.

And, the Jags are apparently interested, 'cause multiple reports say after he got a workout in with Jacksonville's TE coach ... the team is now considering signing him to a contract.

Lewis says he doesn't necessarily see Tim being able to play the traditional TE role ... but he believes there's still a spot for Tebow in the NFL regardless.

"I mean, it's definitely a tough position," said Marcedes, who's been playing tight end in the league since 2006.

"I'm pretty sure if he does come back it would probably be in an F tight end role, kind of an adjuster where he's able to run routes and stuff like that. I don't see him inline blocking, so he may be able to pick it up."

As for Marcedes' advice on Tebow's transition to tight end ... Lewis tells us the guy just has to know what everybody is doing on every play at all times.

Easy enough for a former QB ... right, Tim??

Stephen 'Wonderboy' Thompson Chris Weidman Will Fight Again In UFC ... 'I Know For A Fact'


Chris Weidman's shattered leg will NOT stop the former UFC champion from returning to the Octagon ... so says "The All-American's" training partner, friend, and family member, Stephen "Wonderboy" Thompson.

TMZ Sports talked to Wonderboy -- who was in Chris' corner when his leg snapped during his fight with Uriah Hall -- and we asked whether the 36-year-old fighter will ever fight again in the UFC.

Stephen -- whose brother is married to Chris' sister -- didn't hesitate when he answered.

"I know for a fact he will come back," Thompson says.

"[Chris'] style of fighting, if that ever happened to me it would be different because I rely a lot on my kicking. He could never throw a kick again and still dominate in the UFC in his division."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Wonderboy continued ... "He’s not known for his kicking, he’s known for his striking, his wrestling, so that’s the thing that makes this not very worrisome. Yeah, it’s terrible that it happened, and I pray that he heals up fast, and I know he will, but he doesn’t ever have to throw a kick again and still win fights."

Before he can fight again, Weidman -- who had a titanium rod surgically put into his tibia -- has 6 to 12 months of rehab before he can even start training ... so we asked Stephen how Chris was dealing with the traumatic injury.


"Well, to be honest with you, he’s in good spirits. He keeps a very small circle around him of family and friends, and they’re being positive, and to be honest with you he’s great. He’s great."

Awesome news!


We also asked Wonderboy about his upcoming fight with welterweight contender, Gilbert Burns, at UFC 264 in July ... and the 16-4 fighter breaks down why he deserves the next crack at champ Kamaru Usman -- if he gets past Durinho.

Max Kellerman Props to Logan Paul for Mayweather Fight ... But You're Gonna Get Smoked


Logan Paul has exactly ZERO chance of beating Floyd Mayweather when they clash on June 6, so says Max Kellerman ... but he still thinks the event could be GREAT for boxing.

Kellerman is one of the top experts in the world when it comes to the sweet science -- he's like a walking encyclopedia. And, while some people are crapping on the fight as a mockery to the sport, Max says there's a silver lining.

"It's a good introduction for a lot of people to combat sports," the ESPN star explains ... saying it reminds him of when the UFC burst onto the scene.

"A lot of boxing industry [people] felt threatened by UFC back in the day. I always felt, not only did I like the UFC, but that boxing should also welcome it, not feel threatened by it because they were exposing a new generation of fans to combat sports."

"So, you say, 'Hey, you like combat sports? Come over here and check us out' and Logan Paul is doing the same thing with Floyd Mayweather now."

As for his fight prediction -- "No, Logan Paul doesn't have a chance to beat Floyd Mayweather in a boxing ring but he's gonna try. Good for him."

Check out the clip ... shout out to David Jacoby (see if you can spot the cameo!).

LeBron James Expected To Return To Lakers Lineup 1 Month After Injury

The King is BACK!!!

LeBron James is slated to make his highly-anticipated return to the Los Angeles Lakers on Friday ... after missing more than a month due to injury.

Bron -- who suffered a high ankle sprain against the Atlanta Hawks on March 20 -- is expected to play in the Lake Show's matchup against the Sacramento Kings as long as warmups go according to plan, Shams Charania reports.

The injury was tough on James -- he was having an MVP-caliber season with 25 points and nearly 8 rebounds and 8 assists before going down with the injury.

LeBron's absence during the 2021 season marks the longest of his career.

The Lakers have certainly missed his presence ... going 8-12 and falling to 5th in the Western Conference during his time away from the court.

Of course, Anthony Davis also missed several games this season with a calf strain and Achilles tendinosis ... so the Purple & Gold have got to be excited to have the gang back together.

There are 10 games left in the regular season ... which is just enough time for the defending champs to get back to winning ways as the postseason approaches.

Tom Brady Jokes About Edelman's Retirement ... He Wants To Play With Me In Tampa!!!


Did Julian Edelman think about joining Tom Brady with the Bucs before retirement???

Tom's at least joking about it ... saying Thursday, "We know Julian didn't retire. Let's be honest. He's just too scared to tell Bill [Belichick] he wanted to come to Tampa!"

Brady was laughing the entire time he said it -- so it's tough to say if that's actually what went down ... but Thursday's interaction between the two pals and other celebs was hilarious nonetheless!!

The former Patriots teammates joined up with Kevin Hart, Michael Strahan, Mark Wahlberg, Deion Sanders and Kay Adams for a roundtable Zoom call during the NFL draft -- and their entire interaction together was pretty damn funny.

Everyone was ribbin' each other ... but it was Brady's joke that raised eyebrows.

You can see in the clip, after Brady made the comment ... others on the call kind of lost their minds!!

Of course, 34-year-old Edelman said just a few weeks ago Tom and Tampa had NOTHING to do with his retirement ... explaining his injuries just wouldn't allow him to play football any longer.

But, when Hart asked Edelman if he was SERIOUSLY done with football -- Julian didn't exactly give a convincing "no" ... with the receiver winking several times while saying, "I am done."

Suuuuure, Jules. Sure.

Roberto Alomar Hall Of Famer Banned From MLB ... After Sexual Misconduct Allegation

Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar -- one of the greatest second basemen of all time -- has been banned from Major League Baseball ... after an investigation into sexual misconduct claims from 2014.

Commissioner Robert Manfred announced the move on Friday ... saying 53-year-old Alomar has been terminated from his gig as a league consultant and placed on the "Ineligible List."

The ban, Manfred says, comes after MLB hired a law firm to investigate claims of sexual misconduct made by a "baseball industry employee," who came forward earlier this year about the alleged incident that happened in 2014.

After the investigation, it was determined Alomar violated MLB's policies ... resulting in severe punishment.

"We are grateful for the courage of the individual who came forward," Manfred said Friday. "MLB will continue to strive to create environments in which people feel comfortable speaking up without fear of recrimination, retaliation, or exclusion."

The Toronto Blue Jays followed suit by severing ties with Alomar, who was serving as a special assistant to the team ... and going one step further by scrubbing him from the team's "Level of Excellence."

Of course, Alomar was a star in the '90s -- he made 12 All-Star teams, won 10 Gold Gloves and won 2 World Series championships ... and was inducted into Cooperstown in 2011.

The Jays are also taking down Alomar's banner at the stadium, which honored his retired number #12 with the organization.

Alomar addressed the punishment minutes ago ... saying, "I am disappointed, surprised, and upset with today's news."

"With the current social climate, I understand why Major League Baseball has taken the position they have."

"My hope is that this allegation can be heard in a venue that will allow me to address the accusation directly."

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