'Jersey Shore' 'Jerzday' is Official!!! Cast Honored in Atlantic City

The cast of "Jersey Shore" have officially become New Jersey legends ... September 22 will live forever as "Jersey Shore" Day in Atlantic City.

Eight members of the cast were honored by the mayor of A.C., Marty Small, outside the Hard Rock Hotel & Casino ... where he legitimized "Jersey Shore" Day, a.k.a "Jerzday."

X / @AtlanticCityGov

The ceremony drew a crowd of pumped-up fans ... waving Italian flags and hoisting posters of 'JS' favorites like Snooki, Vinny and JWoww, who were in attendance.

Instagram / @snooki

In fact, all 8 cast members from the current "Jersey Shore: Family Vacation" were in attendance, including Mike "The Situation" Sorrentino, Pauly D, Angelica Pivarnik, Deena Cortese and Sammi "Sweetheart" Giancola.

Mayor Small explained why the cast deserves such an honor ... "Because in the last 15 years, this group has made New Jersey proud with strength, perseverance, family values, gym, tan, laundry."

Clearly, the Mayor appreciates the amount of attention the show has drawn to the city over the years. In fact, the reality show's spin-off, "Family Vacation," recently filmed in A.C.

The 'JS' cast is clearly overjoyed their legacy will live on forever in a place that's near and dear to them ... congrats!!!

Sophie Turner Mommy Time with Her Kids After Night Out with Taylor

Sophie Turner's sending the message that she can do both -- have a fun night with Taylor Swift AND get in some QT with her kids -- all amid her heated custody battle with Joe Jonas.

The "Game of Thrones" star was out with her kids Friday in Manhattan ... pushing 3-year-old Willa and her 1-year-old little sis in a stroller.


Sophie's low-key outing comes the day after her second dose of girls' night with Taylor ... remember, the ladies headed into NYC's Hotel Barriére Fouquet Thursday night.

Of course, the backdrop to them hanging out is that Taylor briefly dated Joe back in 2008.

The women were like 2 peas in a pod Tuesday, hitting up Via Carota to grab some dinner together -- of course, all while Sophie and Joe's divorce really heats up.

As we reported, Sophie filed a lawsuit Thursday against Joe, claiming he's unlawfully keeping their daughters in the U.S. instead of letting them go back to England with her ... citing a child abduction law.

Joe's denied any wrongdoing, and says Sophie's actually the one violating a court order in Florida -- where he filed his divorce docs -- blocking both parents from relocating their kids.

We also got pics of Sophie and Joe grabbing lunch Monday in Manhattan. We were told there were no signs of drama that day ... which, of course, changed with her lawsuit.

BTW, Sophie was also spotted with Willa hours after filing her lawsuit, so it appears she's fully capable of balancing mommy time and fun time with friends.

49ers Vs. Giants Fans Bloodied In Wild Fight In Stands ... After 'TNF' Game


Several Giants and 49ers fans got into such a wild fistfight in the stands following their game Thursday night ... at least two people were left bloodied.

The brawl went down just minutes after San Francisco beat New York at Levi's Stadium in Santa Clara, Calif. ... after a witness said fans had been trash-talking so much, one of them threw a beer that landed on a woman.

According to the bystander, as soon as the liquid fell on the lady ... a melee immediately broke out -- and in footage from the scene, obtained by TMZ Sports, you can see things got violent in a hurry.

One fan wearing a Joe Montana jersey was punched in the face so many times, his nose gushed blood.

Just feet away, two Giants fans were seen throwing haymakers at a guy in Niners gear ... hitting him so flush in the face, a cut opened above his right eye.

To the SF supporter's credit, he fought off the men ... landing several punches of his own -- before bolting from the area.

One witness tells us authorities did ultimately come to the stands to address the fracas ... though by the time they arrived, nearly all of the combatants had left.

A spokesperson for the Santa Clara Police Dept., however, tells us they are investigating the incident further.


The fight was hardly the only one at the stadium on Thursday ... just a few hours before -- a man was seen pulling a woman's hair during a scuffle in a different part of the venue.

Singapore Airlines Refunds Passengers $1,400 ... Dog Farted On Us for 13 Hours!!!

Singapore Airlines is getting the gas face from a couple of pissed passengers who say a 4-legged traveler's flatulence blew them out ... all the way from Paris to Singapore.

Gill and Warren Press say they ended up seated next to a dog, and its owner, during the 13-hour trek back in June.

It's a cute enough dog to look at, but the Presses say the pooch bombed on them for the whole flight ... farting so badly, they eventually surrendered their premium seats, and moved back to economy.

The couple says the gas was only half the battle, because they also had to contend with the pup -- which looks like a bulldog mix -- loudly snorting.

They were determined to get something for their troubles, and told Insider they went through several months of negotiations with Singapore Airlines before getting a $1,410 refund.

The Presses say they plan to donate the money to a guide dog org in their native New Zealand.

As for their future travels, they'd just appreciate a heads-up if they're seated next to an animal. Gil says, "I expect to see a baby. I expect young children. But, I don't expect a dog."

Gotta wonder what Singapore Airlines would pay if it were a gassy human.

We've all had those flights!

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Shannon Sharpe Selena Used Me To Hide From Paps!!!

Shannon Sharpe believes he was a pawn in Selena Gomez's game of hide and seek with the paparazzi ... laughing off his viral moment and playfully accusing the singer of using his celeb status to her advantage.

The Hall of Famer shared his side of Wednesday's infamous interaction outside Giorgio Baldi with former Cincinnati Bengals star Chad Johnson ... and he seems to think Selena's team concocted a master plan to make a mad dash to her car without getting captured by the cameras -- using Shannon as a distraction.


Sharpe reckons Selena's party realized he was famous at some point in the night ... so when he got up to leave, they followed right behind -- hoping the photogs would be too focused on the Broncos legend.

Of course, it only half-worked -- the guy interviewing Shannon bolted from their conversation mid-sentence to get a shot of Selena ... before eventually getting back to the ESPN host.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Shannon admits he doesn't know much about the former Disney actress ... but said had he known it was her at the time, he probably would've asked for a selfie anyway.

There's always next time, Shay Shay.

Danny Masterson Bijou's Divorce Wasn't a Surprise

Bijou Phillip's divorce filing against Danny Masterson seemed shocking considering her very public support of the actor, but behind the scenes, it wasn't a big surprise ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the estranged couple tell TMZ Masterson knew the divorce docs were coming, so he wasn't blindsided as many had suspected. We're told Danny and Bijou's main concern now is to protect their daughter from upcoming appeals and legal challenges.

As we reported, Danny was sentenced to 30 years to life behind bars for two rape convictions.

Many speculated Bijou's divorce filing could be an attempt to protect their daughter's future assets if civil lawsuits follow ... though the exact reason she filed is still unclear.

As we reported, Bijou was steadfast in her support of Danny throughout his trial ... even writing a letter to the judge and praising Danny for his character and her trust in him as a father and partner.

Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis also wrote letters of support for Masterson, but faced heavy backlash from the public ... Ashton stepped down from the anti-child trafficking organization he co-founded in wake of the anger.

Gisele Bündchen I Wasn't 'Living' While Married To Tom Brady ... I Was 'Surviving'

Gisele Bündchen says she wasn't living while married to NFL legend Tom Brady ... she was only surviving.


The supermodel gets candid with "CBS News Sunday Morning"s Lee Cowan in a brand new interview -- looking back at her relationship with Tom -- about a year after pulling the plug.

She believes she was doing more surviving than living while attached to him, and admits she's now able to "choose more of what I want" ... something that obviously feels right to her.

Gisele goes on to say she wouldn't change a thing about her past if she had the chance, which appears to apply to her divorce, too -- although she admits a breakup like this was something she never thought would happen to her.

As we reported, Gisele and Tom announced their separation together last October, with Gisele claiming at the time, "The decision to end a marriage is never easy, but we have grown apart."

Folks eager to hear more of Gisele's side of the story will have to wait until Sunday night when her full interview with Cowan airs on CBS.

Joe & Sophie Grabbed Lunch with Daughters Days Before Custody Lawsuit

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner were seemingly in each other's good graces just days before she sued him over custody of their daughters ... grabbing lunch as one big happy family.

In photos taken Monday and obtained by TMZ, you see Joe, Sophie and their two girls all sitting together at Momofuku Noodle Bar Uptown in New York City. A witness tells us there were zero signs of drama between the two and everything seemed amicable.

What the witness didn't catch, however, was if the four all arrived together or separately ... and who came with the kids if they weren't together.

Of course, that's a super important point given what's unfolded with the couple in the last 48 hours.

As we reported, Sophie sued Joe in federal court Thursday claiming he wasn't allowing Sophie to take their daughters to live in Europe, a plan she says was in place for a long time. What's more, Sophie claimed Joe had hidden the kid's passports, making it more difficult.

Sources close to Joe tell us he was totally blindsided by Sophie's filing.

In a statement from Joe's team, we were told he was simply following what was ordered by a judge in Florida ... the kids can't be relocated during the divorce proceedings. Joe says when things do settle down and they put a plan in place he'll do whatever it takes to figure out a custody plan -- even if the kids live in a different country.

Since lunch with Joe, Sophie's been hitting the town with her seemingly newfound bestie, Taylor Swift ... hanging out both Tuesday and Thursday night in The Big Apple.


TikTok / @kennethdavis8680

The viral golfer who ripped his shirt off and threatened to fight others is no longer welcome at the scene of his bizarre outburst ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The golfer has reportedly been identified as John Reeb, a middle-aged man from Ohio with an extensive criminal history.

We spoke with Heather Ryan, the general manager of Crooked Creek Golf Course in Ottawa Lake, MI, who tells us Reeb is permanently banned from the course due to the behavior he showed in the viral video.

We're told the people Reeb threatened reported him to Crooked Creek staff shortly after the incident ... Reeb was then asked to leave the course and told he couldn't ever come back.

Heather tells us Reeb has also been banned from Cherrywood Golf Club ... another course they own in Ottawa Lake.

Staff at both courses are fully briefed on Reeb and have been given photos of him to make sure he doesn't enter.

Matthew McConaughey Alleged Stalker Shows Up at Book Event ... Restraining Order In Place Forces Her to Leave

Matthew McConaughey's decision to ensure the safety of his fans paid off -- proactively getting a restraining order against an obsessive woman -- and allowing cops to intervene when she showed up at a recent meet-and-greet event.

Sources close to the actor tell us the woman, who has been bothering him for years, showed up over the weekend where McConaughey was promoting his new book.

We're told she was greeted by police, informed of the restraining order, and escorted off the property without incident.

Our sources say McConaughey understood the potential risks the woman could pose if she showed up, and wanted to make sure his fans -- including young kids -- were safe ... so that's why he decided to go to court before the event.

The woman's allegedly been an issue for a long time -- with bizarre emails, concerning letters and frivolous lawsuits. Matthew has been able to ignore the woman, but things recently came to a head when she allegedly stated she was planning on attending Matthew's event to promote his new book.

Good guy McConaughey strikes again.

Chrisean Rock No Excuses for Walmart Baby Video Blueface Doesn't Help Me!!!

Chrisean Rock has heard the message loud and clear from people angry with her lack of care when holding her newborn infant ... but says Blueface has been MIA in helping out with the newborn.


Chrisean addressed the now-viral video showing her young son's head dangling around while she held him in a carrier at Walmart. Rock admits fault for not cradling his head properly, but says the woman who recorded her struggling with the baby could've offered assistance if she felt there was a problem.


Chrisean also called out Blueface -- who took a jab at Chrisean after the video went viral --claiming her calls to him went unanswered. Rock explained she was juggling the baby, dog and 2 full carts with only 2 hands. Chrisean says she was stretched to the limit.

Blue, for his part, says he wasn't ragging on Chrisean over the Walmart but says she's going to have to play the part of the adult when he's not around to save the day.


Cardi B spoke on manic days like this when we asked her the best advice for Chrisean's crash landing into motherhood, where she reminded her to save some free time for herself when the going gets tough and vice versa.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Blueface's mom Karlissa also gave Chrisean an earful but judging from the rant, she feels the same way about all her children's significant others!!!

Kanye West & Bianca Shut Down Florence ... With Her Nude-Colored Bodysuit!!!


Kanye West and Bianca Censori are leaving no stone unturned in Europe -- their titillating trek through the continent is now causing pandemonium in Florence, Italy ... where they've got eyeballs popping once again.

The couple was spotted inside Via dei Calzaiuoli -- a serious tourist hot spot and decided it was as good a place as any to create a live photo shoot!!!

Bianca attracted the attention of all iPhones on the block as she modeled a sheer, nude-colored bodysuit ... giving adults and kids alike more than they bargained for on the trip.

Ye was draped in the same hooded garb-and-sock ensemble he's been sporting lately and fearlessly hopped in the crowd, simply to capture the absolute perfect shot of his wife's flesh-toned outfit.

If you'll recall, Ye and Bianca are already skating on thin ice in the Italian public eye, following Ye's alleged "wardrobe malfunction" a couple weeks ago on a Venice water taxi ride.

Do you think Kanye West and Bianca Censori's marriage will last another year? Vote below.

Dwyane Wade I Tried Breaking Up With Gab Union ... After Having Kid With Another Woman

Club Shay Shay

Dwyane Wade is opening up on one of the most challenging times of his life ... admitting he nearly ended things with his now-wife, Gabrielle Union, after finding out he was having a child with another woman.

The Miami Heat legend -- who fathered his 9-year-old son, Xavier, with Aja Metoyer during a pause in his relationship with Union in 2013 -- broke down his mental struggles with the circumstances during his appearance on Shannon Sharpe's "Club Shay Shay" podcast this week ... saying it's something the couple still deals with to this day.

"It hasn't been perfect," Wade said. "It will never be perfect. We go to therapy, been to therapy. We've had shouts about it, regular conversations about it. It's going to continue to be something that I have to work at and work on."

Wade said he considered cutting ties with Union to avoid facing the music ... but he's thankful she didn't give up on their love for each other.

"I tried to pussyfoot around it," Wade continued. "I tried to break up with her. 'Hey, things have been bad lately.' 'Hey, we've been having a little distance in our relationship anyway.' I tried all of that. She kept showing up."

Wade -- who married Union in 2014 -- explained there is no way he'd be able to navigate through the rough waters without his partner ... but made it clear he also feels for his son, who will always have to live with the narrative.

"When it comes to my son, that's hard for him. This is going to always be there. He's done nothing. It's a stain that's on him for no reason."

Jeannie Mai No Hookup with Mario Lopez ... Zero Infidelity Amid Jeezy Divorce

Ever since Jeezy filed to divorce Jeannie Mai, one particular unfounded rumor's gathered steam online -- that she cheated on him with Mario Lopez -- but we're told all that rank speculation is a load of BS.

Sources close to Jeannie tell TMZ ... there's absolutely no truth to any rumblings of infidelity between her and the "Access Hollywood" host, or with anyone else, for that matter.

It seems the false buzz stems from the fact Jeannie was a guest cohost with Mario last month on his show, but we're told any perceived chemistry between them is simply professional. Translation: It's showbiz, folks.

As for her divorce, our sources say Jeannie's devastated, and heartbroken and is focusing on doing whatever's best for their daughter, 1-year-old Monaco.

For those unaware, Jeannie shared some clips last month from her week cohosting the entertainment news show with Mario, which no one saw as significant at the time.

But, as we reported, Jeezy filed for divorce in Georgia earlier this month, and in his docs said there's "no hope for reconciliation."

Since then, fans online have been looking at Jeannie and Mario's work together through a different lens -- but, again, people in her world say fans are unfairly, and incorrectly, interpreting their working relationship.

Matthew McConaughey Gets Restraining Order Against Alleged Stalker ... Feared She'd Jeopardize Book Event

Matthew McConaughey got a restraining order against a woman he says has stalked and harassed him for over a year ... filing for protection before an in-person event he feared she'd attend.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Matthew claims he's been subjected to harassment from the woman since April 2022 -- saying she has sent him "unhinged letters, emails, and frivolous lawsuits designed to lure me into court to contact me."

He claims she thinks she's in a relationship with Matthew and co-authored his books with him ... adding he's never contacted her and told his security to treat her kindly when talking to her, but wanted them to make it clear he doesn't want to talk.

He says things have escalated, claiming she bought a ticket to a recent photo op event for his children's book, "Just Because," in L.A., and planned to travel "over 300 miles" to meet him.

Matthew claims she also sent a "threatening email" to the bookstore ahead of the event, confirming her attendance.

Clearly, the judge agreed she was an issue ... granting the temporary order for Matthew.

Nick Cannon Nicki's Husband's Tarnishing Her Brand!!! She Vows a Tell-All

Nick Cannon agrees with Charlamagne Tha God's recent hot takes about Nicki Minaj's husband Kenneth Petty being bad for business ... meaning, her business as an artist.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Nick and his 'Daily Cannon' cohorts emptied the clip on their recent broadcast ... with one cohost even declaring Kenneth should officially be referred to as "Nicki Minaj's Husband" from this point forward.

Petty is currently serving 120 days house arrest for threatening Offset on social media amid Nicki and Cardi B's cold war -- a violation of his existing probation as a registered sex offender.

CTG recently tagged Petty with "Donkey Of The Day" dishonors over his street life act, and Nick said much the same ... even joking Petty should have his television privileges revoked while he serves his house arrest.

That might make for a testy household, and while Nicki hasn't come to her spouse's defense yet ... she's been defending her own name as she takes on her home's swatter.

She's promising both fans and foes that she'll be dropping bombs on her Queen Radio program later today. Grab a hard hat for the fallout!!!

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