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Why Can't Stars Drop The Chalupa?

7/11/2006 11:41 AM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Like Pavlov's dogs, Hollywood's hottest starlets start salivating like chihuahuas the second they hear the call of the bell – Taco Bell, that is.

Paris Hilton confesses her love for the Nachos Bellgrande to a teeming swarm of lensmen (and obviously just can't get enough of the free drink refills) at a Hollywood location, while Nicole Richie (and then-boytoy Steve-O) make a late night run for the border after some hard partying at the Roosevelt Hotel.

Not to be outdone, Britney Spears gives her baby on board just the kind of wholesome nutrition he or she needs with a vitamin-packed chalupa, while Mischa Barton tucks into a burrito to put a little (and we mean a little) meat on her bones.

Now, everybody's had the occasional craving for that gloopy, cheesy, meaty Taco Bell goodness. But what could be driving these stick-thin starlets to indulge their inner frat boy with such glee to the exclusion of other fast-food options like McDonald's, Burger King, and such delicious LA staples as Del Taco and In-n-Out Burger?

Could it be the round-the-clock service? The little yappy spokesdog? The low, low prices? Or maybe those incredibly annoying yet mesmerizing "Good to Go" TV spots for the Crunchwrap Supreme?

Whatever secret seasoning they're putting in the ground beef, it's definitely got these girls thinking outside the bun.


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Taco Bell sucks!!

3028 days ago


Taco Bell sucks!!

3028 days ago


I like to call it Taco Hell! - I haven't eaten there in years and the last time I did I truly wondered why - it's so gross

We live in California for God's sake, you can find decent real Mexican food

3028 days ago


dude i dont care ok? taco bell is good but LOW LOW Prices??? r u kidding me? theyre not expensive but i could get fed off of 1 weeks worth of mcdonalds 1 dollar bs.

3028 days ago


Taco HELL !!!!!!! I get the runs every time I eat that crap.

3028 days ago

Brandon Humphries    

It's like dog food, for people!

3028 days ago


Taco Bell only makes you fat if you shove your face full of it several times a week and sit on your lazy ass all day. It's just like any other food. You just have to eat in moderation. Even healthy food can put pounds on you if you live like a sloth. Of course it's better to eat real food than processed junk but DAMN people. Stop blaming fast food places for your fat asses and stop trying to look like these emaciated, skin and bones, drug addicted & alcoholic, talentless string bean
sluts! And no i'm not jealous of them. 36-25-38...loves it.

Vive la fit girls, stick bitches be damned!!!!!

Taco bell for everbody!!!

3018 days ago

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