Selena Gomez Hangin' Out with Tyga After Closing Time ... At Popular L.A. Hot Spot


3:45 PM PT -- A source close to Selena tells TMZ the two aren't dating, they were there separately to see different people, and their groups ended up hanging out together inside.

Selena Gomez and Tyga appear to be hanging out ... spending time together into the wee hours of the morning at a celeb hot spot.

The pair were spotted leaving The Nice Guy in West Hollywood Wednesday morning. We're told Selena left out a back door and Tyga the front around 2:30 AM.

Sources say Selena arrived at the restaurant just before midnight, Tyga was already inside ... and it didn't appear that security let anyone else enter the club once the two were both together. Clearly, they were allowed to hang out past the closing time of 2 AM.

It's unclear what, if anything, is happening between Selena and Tyga ... but the pairing is interesting. We haven't known Selena to date anyone publicly in a long time.

Interestingly enough, it appears Tyga celebrated Selena's 30th with her and friends at a party last month.

We reached out to reps for both, so far no word back.

Originally Published -- 3:10 PM PT

Michael Irvin Attempts To Stop Bar Fight But Patrons Brawl Anyway!!!


Despite Michael Irvin's best efforts to keep the peace -- bar patrons still got involved in a wild fistfight near the Hall of Famer in Texas on Monday ... and the crazy scene was all captured in a video obtained by TMZ Sports.

The altercation happened at around 10 p.m. at Knockout Sports Bar near Dallas -- shortly after Irvin had arrived in town from filming ESPN's "First Take" in New York City earlier in the day.

We're told the former Dallas Cowboys superstar was playing some pool with a friend near the bar area -- when a man wearing a teal T-shirt walked up to try to get a picture with The Playmaker.

Witnesses say the man who was playing with Irvin, though, told the guy to scram -- which set the dude in the teal off.

You can see in the video, the man seemed to have a huge problem with Irvin's friend ... but the ex-wide receiver eventually stepped in to get everyone to calm down.

The footage shows Irvin even hugged the guy in the teal in order to prevent a fracas. But, we're told the guy kept pressing -- and eventually, it led to an all-out brawl.

The man swung on Irvin's friend a few times, appearing to connect with his jaw repeatedly. Bouncers raced in, but the melee seemed to continue.

Finally, some of the combatants left the bar, restoring order to the scene.

It should be noted Irvin was NOT involved in the fight in any way -- he was on the other side of the restaurant having a conversation with a server. We're told he left the venue minutes after the scrap concluded.

We reached out to cops, but they said they were not called to the scene and are not investigating.

Irvin, meanwhile, has yet to publicly comment on the incident.

Guess Who This Novice Rider Turned Into!

Before this horse lover with braids turned into a model and fashion designer, she was the youngest of 3 siblings, hanging out at the horse stables and growing up in Los Angeles.

This hazel-eyed beauty was featured in "Teen Vogue" as a young teenager and walked herself right onto the runways of New York Fashion Week. She enjoys hanging with her famous family all night long and she even made her fashion designing debut with her big sister's fashion brand.

Need one more clue on who this cute kid is? Her godfather loved performing in sequined gloves.

Can you guess who she is?

Anne Heche Cause of Death Revealed Smoke Inhalation, Burn Injuries

Anne Heche died from smoke inhalation and thermal injuries ... which she obviously sustained when her car went flying through the home of a woman in Mar Vista a couple weeks ago ... this according to the L.A. County Coroner.

The Coroner notes another significant factor that contributed to her death was a sternal fracture due to blunt trauma. That essentially means part of her chest was crushed in the accident ... which left her in a coma for the remainder of her life.

Anne's death has been listed as accidental.


As we reported ... Anne was declared brain dead last week, which is considered legally dead in California. Her body was kept on life support for a little while longer so doctors could properly harvest her organs and find donors, which they ultimately did.


The day of the car crash was well documented by bystanders and security footage -- much of which showed Anne flying through the residential area at incredibly high speeds and nearly hitting people along the way. She struck a garage and car before plowing into a house.


While being carried by stretcher into an ambulance, she briefly came but then lost consciousness.

Anne was 53.

'Texas Flip N Move' Star 'Lone Wolf' Randy Martin Dead at 65 ... After Cancer Battle

Randy Martin, the so-called "Lone Wolf" reality TV home renovator, has died after a cancer battle.

His death was announced Wednesday on his FB page as well as by his costars from "Texas Flip N Move," the Snow Sisters, who had the same statement. It reads, "We are broken hearted over The Lone Wolf Randy Martin who passed away early this morning. Please pray for his wife and family as they navigate this difficult time. You will be missed."

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

Donna Snow tells TMZ ... Randy, a longtime friend/associate, died from cancer, and he was at his home when he passed, with his wife, Judy, by his side. We're told Donna visited him recently and he appeared fairly weak and in bad health.

Judy confirms Donna's account, elaborating to us that he had liver cancer and had been diagnosed in May 2022. She notes ... he was beloved by all, even strangers.

RM has been on the show pretty much since the beginning. The series started on the DIY Network in 2014, and he's had appearances on and off since Season 1. The following year, however, Martin was heavily featured as a main cast member ... which continued on through 2017.

It doesn't look like he's been on there much since then ... but he's certainly considered part of the 'TFNM' family. As his nickname indicates, Randy wouldn't hesitate to get things done on his own -- especially when it came to the business of buying and flipping homes.

That's what the show's all about -- with the catch being they can't see the inside of the houses they buy before working on them -- and Randy wasn't afraid to get his hands dirty. He was quite the personality as well, with quick wit and jokes always on hand.

Randy was 65. He leaves behind a spouse, kids and grandchildren.


'Deadliest Catch' Russia Launches Missile After Fishing Dispute 'Did Russia Shoot A F---ing Missile?!!'


The "Deadliest Catch" fishing boat kinda got entangled in geopolitics, after Russia launched a missile almost immediately after a nearby ship had a run-in with a Russian fishing boat.

The video is crazy ... the crew on D.C.'s Time Bandit was cruising along off Alaska, when someone screamed to look up toward the sun. Sure enough, they saw a missile shooting into the skies just as plain as day.

Apparently, another ship called Wizard had a run-in with a Russian fishing boat, near the U.S.-Russia border. The crews on each boat exchanged words before the folks on the Wizard told the Russian crew to scram.

During the back and forth, the Time Bandit was called for back-up. The Russian ship ended up retreating ... when suddenly things took a scary turn.

You hear someone from Time Bandit's crew scream, "Did Russia shoot a missile, dude?"

Someone responds ... "It's coming right for us, captain!"

You can catch the full episode on Discovery tonight at 8 PM.

Mattel Sues Snack Co. Over Nicki Minaj Chips ... 'Barbie-Que' Not Sitting Right With Them

Mattel is taking a snack company to court over a Nicki Minaj-themed chip that shares the name with everyone's favorite plastic doll.

Legal docs, obtained by TMZ, show Mattel filed a lawsuit in L.A. federal court last week against snack brand Rap Snacks ... claiming they "made the deliberate and calculated choice to launch a new product line using Mattel's famous BARBIE trademark."

Nicki is not being sued.

Rap Snacks recently launched its new "Barbie-Que Honey Truffle Chips" -- with Nicki front and center on the packaging. For those unaware, Nicki's known for calling herself a "Barbie" in her music, with her fanbase even being known as "The Barbz."

Mattel's claiming they weren't approached by the snack company prior to releasing their latest flavor ... and even tried to reach out to them to come to an agreement.

However, they say Rap Snacks "refused to cease use of the BARBIE trademark and issued no corrective advertising, thereby forcing Mattel to bring this lawsuit as a last resort to protect its rights and prevent further consumer confusion."

The company's seeking to stop the company from using its name and trademark, as well as damages.

Christine Quinn Not Coming Back To 'Selling Sunset'

Christine Quinn is giving a big thumbs down to returning to "Selling Sunset" ... instead focusing her attention on her other ventures.

Production sources tell TMZ Christine will not be featured in seasons 6 and 7 of the Netflix show, which recently began production. We're told it was a mutual decision between Christine, Netflix and the production company.

Our Christine sources tell us she recently signed with IMG Models, and is already booking modeling and appearance gigs at various fashion events.

Christine is also heavily involved with RealOpen, her brokerage that allows you to buy/sell real estate through crypto currency with her husband Christian.

Christine has definitely had her fair share of drama with "SS" producers and her costars over the last few months, skipping the show's reunion after claiming she tested positive for COVID. TMZ broke the story, Christine was spotted on a commercial shoot just days after allegedly testing positive ... at a time when she should've been in quarantine.

She also bashed the show on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast, saying producers manipulate and intimidate the cast to create more drama. She also claimed the show's executive producer told her "to go fall down the stairs" and "kill" herself after she was honest about a scene from the show during an interview.


We got Christine's now former co-star Emma Hernan outside The Oppenheim Group office Wednesday, and while she isn't calling Christine's leave a win, she admits the show's got a bunch of heavy hitters as it is.

Fans of the show know Christine certainly wasn't there to make friends -- often calling the other girls on the show "thirsty bitches" in the past.

Cleveland Browns Replace Field After MGK Concert ... Org. Says It Was Planned

The Cleveland Browns grounds crew rushed to plant new grass right after Machine Gun Kelly's homecoming concert at FirstEnergy Stadium on Saturday ... but it wasn't because the show got too rowdy -- TMZ Sports is told it was all part of the plan.

The Cleveland native played in front of a packed crowd this past Saturday ... giving a bloody performance that even included zip-lining throughout the stadium.

There's just one thing that had people concerned -- Cleveland hosts the Philadelphia Eagles for a preseason game on Sunday ... which means if the field were to have gotten damaged during the concert, the team could be in trouble.

As it turns out, we're told that wasn't the case at all ... because the Browns expected to replace the field after the show no matter what shape it was in.

The team tells us the "Mainstream Sellout" concert marked the end of the stadium's summer concert dates ... so after the rapper/rocker and fans left the place, it was the best opportunity to lay down some new sod for the start of the Browns' 2022 campaign.

There were rumblings the grass would simply not be ready in time for the 1 PM kickoff on the 21 ... but according to our sources, it won't be an issue.

Safe to say the hometown hero will be welcome back.

BRITNEY SPEARS Ex-Hubby Facing Felony Charges For Alleged Bracelet Theft


3:01 PM PT -- 8/17 -- Jason was just arraigned and released on his own recognizance, he'll be back in court September 13.

The hits keep coming for Britney Spears' first husband Jason Alexander ... after serving his sentence for crashing Britney's wedding, he's now facing felony charges for an old alleged crime.

The Napa County Sheriff tells TMZ ... Jason was booked today on an arrest warrant issued back in 2016 stemming from an alleged jewelry theft, and he's been charged with two felonies.

We're told Jason is charged with grand theft and buying/receiving stolen property ... and he was picked up Tuesday from Ventura County jail by Napa authorities after serving a 60-day sentence for crashing Britney's wedding.

TMZ broke the story ... Jason had a felony warrant out for his arrest in Napa County when he got busted in June at Britney's ceremony. Cops in Napa say Jason swiped a $2,000 bracelet from a woman there in 2015 when he was a houseguest.

As we first told you ... cops say Jason had been living in the woman's house for only a few weeks when she claims she noticed jewelry missing from her bedroom. Police say Jason later admitted to the woman he stole her diamond and sapphire tennis bracelet, valued at $2k, and pawned it off.

Now, the alleged theft is coming back to bite him.

Originally Published -- 8/16 6:04 PM PT

Mullet Championship Finalists Picked ... Whose Got The Best Party in The Back?!!

It's time for some of the boldest, bravest, most badass kids and teens in America to show off their personal neck warmers ... all in the form of a mullet competition.

The finalists have been picked for this year's USA Mullet Championship, and the entries certainly don't disappoint. Each kid and teen is given a spot on the competition's website, where fans can scroll through and pick their favorite Billy Ray Cyrus-inspired hairdo.

The first round of voting is open now, and the ultimate winner will take home $2,500 ... plenty to spend on hair products to maintain the perfect Camaro crash helmet.

There's also a competition for adult men and women (the femullet) coming soon, so stay tuned for those wild and whacky looks.

R. Kelly Chicago Case Opening Statements Underway ... '08 Teen, Tapes Mentioned

R. Kelly's child pornography case from 2008 was front and center during opening statements in his new Chicago criminal trial ... something his attorney claims is a witch hunt.

Prosecutors kicked things off Wednesday in front of a jury, saying ... "The defendant, Robert Kelly, had sex with multiple children. He made videotapes of himself having sex with children," while also pointing at 2 co-defendants, ex-associates of Kelly's, whom they claim knew about it while it was going on and allegedly helped keep things quiet.

The woman at the center of the '08 case -- who was alleged to have been videotaped in sexual encounters with Kelly, at the age of 14 -- was mentioned too. She was referred to by prosecutors as "Jane" ... and they say she's going to testify in this case about what happened with RK.

According to prosecutors, Kelly went to incredible lengths to buy Jane and her family's silence at the time ... allegedly shipping them out of the country on his dime, and having his employees move mountains to conceal her identity or any connection to some tapes.

There are 4 tapes in play during this trial, and prosecutors say they'll have the jury watch three of them. At least one of those tapes appears to pertain directly to the alleged '08 victim, and the remaining ones might have to do with other alleged victims from over the years.

Prosecutors have accused Kelly of having sex with at least 4 minors, as well as rigging the '08 trial ... in which he was acquitted. Kelly's attorney, however, fired back.

Jennifer Bonjean, who's now repping Kelly, said her client was the victim of a mob mentality prosecution -- one that she says is way too late, and clearly intended to paint him as a monster, even though he's already been through this wringer once before.


She called his accusers "criminals" who have tried to extort Kelly, and who actually have immunity deals with these same prosecutors. Bonjean also said that one tape prosecutors have alluded to, but won't play, doesn't exist -- and leaned on the fact that the Jane Doe (who's the '08 alleged victim) has long maintained she is not on tape with Kelly.

Bonjean did call her client "imperfect" but insisted he was innocent. R. Kelly has already been convicted of federal sex crimes in NY, and has been sentenced to 30 years behind bars.

Bruce Willis' Daughters Settle 'Die Hard' Debate Jingle All the Yippee-Ki-Yay Way, MF!!!


An age-old debate about Bruce Willis' signature film seems to have finally been resolved once and for all by his own flesh and blood -- and yes, Santa's coming to town!

We got Rumer and Scout Willis Tuesday in Beverly Hills, and while they seemed to be in a hurry -- they were nice enough to quickly answer a burning hot question that we just had to ask on behalf of the public and cinema lovers everywhere.

Namely ... is 'Die Hard' a Christmas movie??? That's what our photog was trying to ask, anyway, but Scout cut us off before we could even get the words out with a firm answer.

Check it out -- SW doesn't just say it once, but twice ... seemingly clarifying that this isn't just how she feels personally, but that this might be the position of the Willis family at large ... including Bruce himself. Ya gotta imagine they've talked about it as a unit.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This is a pretty big deal, frankly -- people have gone back and forth on whether 'DH' is actually a holiday-time classic. The plot takes place on Christmas Eve, but it came out during the summer of '88 ... and became a box office hit. Plus, it takes place in always-sunny L.A.

Also, Bruce recently revisited the Nakatomi Plaza building where the flick was shot -- overlooking the city from the top, just like he did all those years ago. So, yeah ... full circle.

Scout's position is different than Bruce's mother, though, we spoke with her back around Christmas and she said she didn't think "Die Hard" was a Christmas movie.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Speaking of BW ... he's been getting some serious QT with his family amid stepping back from acting as he copes with his aphasia diagnosis. Good to see he's still the music bug in him -- the actor's wife, Emma, posted a clip of him jamming out on a harmonica.

A$AP Rocky Pleads Not Guilty in Felony Firearms Case


A$AP Rocky has pled not guilty to felony firearms charges.

A$AP showed up at the Downtown L.A. criminal courthouse Wednesday all suited up for his arraignment. Arraignments are quick, and this was no exception. A$AP entered his plea to both charges of assault with a semiautomatic firearm.


A$AP walked confidently to the podium with his lawyer, Sara Caplan of O.J. Simpson fame.

His bond was set at $550k and the preliminary hearing was set for November.


As we reported, A$AP is accused of firing shots at A$AP Relli during a dispute in Hollywood back in November. Relli claims bullet fragments struck him, causing an injury to his hand. He is suing Rocky over the incident.

You'll recall ... he was arrested at LAX back in April after landing in a private jet with Rihanna.

FYI ... there's a protective order prohibiting Rocky from having any contact with Relli. Rocky's lawyer asked that the protective order be mutual, but the judge ruled it should only go one way.

Ironman Athlete Brian Kozera Dead At 44 After Bicycle Crash ... In Pennsylvania

Ironman athlete Brian Kozera -- who was also a police officer and cancer survivor -- has tragically died at 44 years old ... after he was involved in a terrifying bicycle crash while he was training for an upcoming competition.

Kozera -- a 16-year veteran of the Norristown Police Dept. -- passed away after he struck a car on Saturday while he was biking in Caernarvon Township, PA.

According to a crash report, obtained by TMZ Sports, at around 9:48 AM ... Brian ran a stop sign and hit the passenger side of a pickup.

Kozera, according to the docs, was thrown from his bike and ended up being caught in the car's rear wheel. Cops say he was transported to a nearby hospital, but died from the injuries he suffered in the accident.

Kozera had been training for the Ironman World Championships in Hawaii in October 2022 ... according to a statement from the Norristown Fraternal Order Of Police Lodge 31.

In 2014, Kozera was diagnosed with a rare cancer called Lymphocyte-depleted Hodgkin’s lymphoma. He later beat it in 2015 -- and said his battle with the disease gave him the push to become an Ironman athlete.

Kozera was slated to compete in three more events leading up to the competition in Hawaii ... before his untimely death, according to his blog.

Brian is survived by his wife and three young daughters.


Chris Brown Houston Woman Files Docs to Get Show Canceled ... Judge Shuts Her Down

Chris Brown and Lil Baby's show was at risk, though only for a short period of time, of getting canceled ... but a judge has decided the show will go on.

Ms. LaJuan Bailey, through her real estate company, filed legal docs asking the court to step in and block CB and co. from performing Wednesday at the Toyota Center in Houston ... a scheduled stop in his national 'One of Them Ones' tour, which is in full swing.

The paperwork, obtained by TMZ, is trying to achieve a few things -- first, filing a restraining order to prevent Chris from hitting the stage ... and second, asking Chris to address why he missed a charity gig in the area earlier this year.

We spoke to a source inside the courtroom who tells us the judge was quick to throw out the restraining order ... allowing Wednesday's show to happen.

As we reported, Bailey made a stink last month after claiming Chris bailed last minute on a hurricane benefit relief concert after Bailey claims to have shelled out $1 million to get Chris there.

Chris' camp denied her account, telling us there were contract stipulations that weren't met, and Chris gave at least a 2-day notice before canceling. He even tried forking over a 6-figure donation to make things right, but that apparently wasn't enough.

Now, through her new legal action, Bailey's seeking the damages she claims she suffered from him pulling the plug on her charity event ... which have totaled more than $1 million.

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