Gabby Petito Family Gathers for Funeral in NY

Gabby Petito's family still has so many unanswered questions about her death, but they're still coming together to pay their final respects.

Those closest to Gabby are gathering at Moloney’s Funeral Home in Holbrook, NY ... near where the 22-year-old grew up on Long Island.

Last week, the Teton County Coroner's Office confirmed the family's worst fears ... the body found in Grand Teton National Park was indeed Gabby's, and also revealed her death as a homicide.

As you know, Gabby had been on a cross-country trip with her fiance Brian Laundrie when she went missing at the beginning of September. While no one had a clue about her whereabouts, Laundrie briefly returned to his parents' home in Florida -- without Gabby -- and has since vanished.

Moab Police Department

Since then, law enforcement released body cam video of the couple shortly after a domestic dispute. We also know a 911 caller reported seeing Laundrie strike Gabby.

The FBI and other law enforcement agencies continue to conduct an extensive manhunt for Laundrie -- who's been indicted for unauthorized use of a credit card right around the time Gabby went missing, and cops now have a warrant for his arrest.

Sunday's funeral services come on the heels of Friday night's emotional vigil for Gabby in her hometown of Blue Point.

Scores of residents attended and held up lanterns they purchased for $20 to help the Petito family cover burial costs.

In lieu of flowers, the family has asked for donations to the future Gabby Petito Foundation.

Offset Helps Pay For 'Friday' Star's Funeral ... Other Celebs Pitch In Too

Anthony Johnson's family is no longer burdened with funeral costs ... thanks to the generosity of celebs like Offset.

The late actor's widow, Lexis Jones Mason, tells TMZ ... Anthony's funeral has now been paid for, with nearly $70,000 in donations pouring in from famous folks and thousands of random donors.

We're told the Migos rapper chipped in $5,000 for the service, with Lil Rel Howery donating another $4k on the family's GoFundMe.

Lil Rel's rep tells us the comedian/actor felt compelled to help out because he sees comedy as a brotherhood.

Michael Blackson also helped raise $10,000, and in addition to donations, Anthony's widow tells us she received a flurry of calls this week from celebs like Fat Joe, D.L. Hughley, Faizon Love, Michael Colyar, Tommy Davidson, D.C. Young fly, Tyrin Turner and more.

We're told folks who called expressed their love, sent condolences and talked endlessly about how much they loved the "Friday" star.


TMZ broke the stories ... Anthony was found lifeless in a Los Angeles store earlier this month before being pronounced dead, and his family was scrambling to pay for his funeral.

With the services paid for, Anthony's widow says she's giving some of the extra money to his 4 children and she wants to use other funds to start a standup comedy school for underprivileged youth.

We're told Anthony didn't have life insurance, so Lexis wants to use some of the money to spread awareness and begin advocating for comedians and actors to get life insurance.

Bottom line ... Lexis says the family feels beyond blessed for the donations ... and will use the money to carry on AJ's legacy.

J Lo Performs at Global Citizen Live Concert ... And Ben's Watchin' Me!!!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were all about the Global Citizen Live concert in NYC ... and she jumped on stage with a performance that definitely did not disappoint.

The concert was part of a worldwide event, staged in London, Paris, Rio, Lagos, Nigeria and the Big Apple ... all to put a spotlight on the hunger epidemic, the climate crisis and COVID vaccines.

Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Lizzo and Paul Simon all performed in New York, but J Lo got the most buzz as she took the stage with LL Cool J and Ja Rule for "All I have" and "I'm Real." She also sang "If You Had My Love" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

Global Citizen

She also wore a gold-colored Yankees hat ... interesting given her breakup with A-Rod.

The concert ran 7 hours and was a big hit ... a lot better than the rained-out Central Park concert this past summer, for sure. The skies were kinder on Saturday night.

Machine Gun Kelly Flipped Off and Booed ... At Louder Than Life Festival

Gage Puffinbarger / YouTube

Machine Gun Kelly got an earful Saturday night at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, when the fans turned on him and began booing and flipping him off.

Check out the video ... the fans unleash on MGK. As for why ... well, maybe a couple reasons. First, a lot of metal/rock fans aren't happy he went from rapper to rocker. It's partly a purist thing, and partly shade that maybe he pivoted to rock out of necessity.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The second reason -- MGK trashed Slipknot recently, saying he was happy to not be a 50-year-old wearing a mask. Corey Taylor of Slipknot was the target, and MGK wasn't done with him, claiming Corey did a verse for MGK's album, "Tickets to My Downfall" but, as MGK put it, "it was f**king terrible," so it was 86'd from the album.

Corey proceeded to own MGK with receipts in the form of email screenshots, in which it was pretty clear -- MGK loved Corey's track but it was Corey who passed.

Anyway ... a good time was had by some.

'Storage Wars' Star Barry Weiss Surprises Cast with Majestic Entrance ... 'Did You Miss Me?!?'

A+E Networks

"Storage Wars" star Barry Weiss returned to filming the only way he knows how ... by surprising the cast with a grand entrance.

TMZ's got this first look at Barry back in action for the Season 13 premiere of the hit A&E show. The episode, shot in March, shows Barry filming for the first time since a terrible bike crash sidelined him for quite a while.

You can see in the video Barry hasn't lost his sense of humor or style, for that matter, after rolling up in one of his exotic cars. Because you're wondering ... it's a 1939 Lincoln Zephyr that's retrofitted with a flamethrower exhaust. 🔥🔥🔥

At first, the cast can't make out who's behind the wheel ... much less be able to tell it's Barry because they've never seen him in that particular car -- although, he's known for his hot wheels.

Someone jokingly says it's the Batmobile before Barry rolls down the window and reveals his pretty mug. He asked, "Did you miss me?!?" ... before the cast unloaded a few jokes on him.

Everyone was glad to see him back in action, although a fellow bidder laments that on the day he's searching for collectibles ... the king of 'em comes out of retirement.

As we reported, Barry was seen across SoCal back in March filming again, but this time we have his pals' reaction on video. TBH, Barry looked great, and that's saying a lot considering the hell he went through.

After his nasty 2019 bike accident, Barry underwent multiple surgeries on his back and femur. The road to recovery was a long one, but now we can see how he's muscled his way back.

The season 13 premiere kicks off November 2 with back-to-back episodes.

Michael Jordan Worn Undies Sell For $2,784 'Show Definite Use'

Think your new J's are the s**t? Nah, think again ... 'cause somebody just copped a real deal pair of Michael Jordan's worn underwear, and they cost about 3 grand!!

We're serious ... a lucky Jordan fan just bought a one of a kind pair of boxers at Lelands Auction Saturday night ... with the final bid coming in at $2,784.

As we previously reported, the gray and black boxers hit the auction block in August ... and the company says the trunks have evidence of "definite use" by the G.O.A.T. himself.

It's not what ya think ... there are some loose threads and a dry cleaning tag attached to the drawers.

While you may think most people wouldn't want to get their hands on these skivvies, think again ... there were 19 bids!!!

Lelands secured the garment from Jordan's buddy and bodyguard John Michael Wozniak, who you might remember from "The Last Dance" documentary.

Woz also gave the company other items worn by MJ -- suits, coats, dress shirts and ties that were included in the auction lot.

To whoever copped those undies ... you wearing 'em or framing 'em???

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Huge day in court next Wednesday, when Britney asks a judge to boot Jamie from the conservatorship -- and the conservatorship itself may be on the chopping block -- and sorry Debra Messing, Kim's gonna get big ratings hosting 'SNL.' So, we gotta ask ...

Britney Conservatorship Should End ...

Sam Can Handle Her Mental Health Needs ...

Kim Hosting 'SNL' ...

Media Coverage Of Gabby Petito ...

Brian Laundrie ...

21 Savage Charged With Drug, Gun Possession ...

90-Year-Old William Shatner Going To Space

Biden Is Handling The Border Crisis ...

I'll Get A Booster Shot When Available ...

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this stretched-out snap is a fashion icon and trend-setting singer who has been wowing audiences for nearly two decades.

This tight-lipped lady has not only topped the charts with her impressive catalog of music that you'll always want to replay, but she has also created an empire with her entrepreneurial skills -- she's found success with her brands in the fashion and beauty world.

If all that wasn't enough, she has also shown off her acting chops when she was featured in popular films ... such as a starring role in the ensemble cast for an action-packed remake taking place at the MET Gala.

Lil Baby's Celeb Jeweler No More Fake Patek Philippe's On My Watch!!! Here's What I'm Doing ...

Lil Baby's celeb jeweler is doing more than just profusely apologizing to the rapper for selling him a fake Patek Philippe watch ... he's taking costly action so it never happens again.

Gabriel Jacobs from Rafaello & Co. tells TMZ ... moving forward he's going to hire a professional watch authenticator who will inspect all the watches he sells ... to avoid another fake watch disaster.


What's more ... Gabe tells us anyone who has purchased jewelry from him can return and have it authenticated to assure them the jewelry's legit. He says he has no issue whatsoever with that in wake of the fallout from selling Lil Baby a fake Patek Philippe watch for $400k.

As we reported ... Lil Baby posed with the watch before hitting up the Met Gala but got pissed off after watch enthusiasts alerted him that the 40th-anniversary Patek Philippe Nautilus watch was a fake.

Rafaello & Co. issued a lengthy apology, copped to the mistake, refunded the dough and gifted the rapper 4 diamond rings. Gabe, who says he quickly righted the wrong because he wants to continue working with the rapper, doubled down a week later saying his mistake was not doing enough due diligence.

In fact ... Gabe says he showed the watch in question to 2 other dealers who also couldn't tell the Patek Philippe was a fake. That said ... Gabe insists it was an honest mistake.

He says he has NOTHING to gain by selling a budding rapper a fake watch. He also told us he gave Baby $3.5 million worth of jewelry to wear at the Met Gala ... so what's to be gained by selling him a fake watch?

Gabe says cashing in on an easy $400k is NOT worth his reputation.

Leslie Odom Jr. Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Leslie Odom Jr.'s looks are so good he deserves a standing ovation!

Here's the 31-year-old version of the multi-talented actor at the premiere for his first film, "Red Trails," in New York City back in 2012 (left). At the young age of 17, he had already made his Broadway debut in the smash-hit musical "Rent."

And, 9 years later ... The 40-year-old singer -- and star of "Hamilton" -- attended the Emmys in Los Angeles just last week (right). You can catch him hosting the Tony Awards tonight with Audra McDonald.

He's not throwing away his shot!

The question is ...

Leslie Odom Jr. ...

Britney Spears Jamie Recorded Bedroom Convos New Documentary Claims

Britney Spears had no sense of privacy or control of her life through a majority of her time in a conservatorship -- to the point her father was recording her chats from within her own bedroom ... those are the claims an explosive new documentary.

The bombshell allegations surfaced Friday in Hulu's "Controlling Britney Spears" ... which details accounts from people who say they were involved in the inner workings of Britney's conservatorship, as well as what allegedly went into monitoring her.

According to a guy named Alex Vlasov, he worked for a security company called Black Box ... which he says Jamie and a woman named Robin Greenhill -- who worked for Tri Star, Britney's business management company -- hired to keep tabs on Britney for years.

He claims Black Box had him set up an encryption system on Britney's mobile devices ... so texts and emails she'd send and receive would loop back to Jamie and Robin via a separate iPad they had. He likened it to parents keeping a watchful eye over their minor children's activity.

Then, Vlasov went on to claim that Jamie was controlling and overbearing over people who could interact with Britney ... especially men.

Vlasov alleges Jamie set up some sort of listening device in her bedroom ... alleged audio of which Vlasov says he was once asked to destroy.

He felt super uneasy about the demand and made a copy ... but he doesn't reveal any of the contents of what's on those recordings, which he says amounted to about 180 hours worth, ranging from convos she had with Sam, her kids and others.

The timing of the doc couldn't have come at a better time for Britney -- because she's going to try and get her father off the conservatorship once and for all next week ... and possibly attempt to end the whole thing altogether.

Of course, the one thing that remains unanswered is whether a judge will force her to undergo a mental evaluation before she cuts bait. Most everyone -- even Jamie -- is now in favor of that.

Huntington Beach Man Shot by Cops, Point Blank ... In Front of Many Witnesses


4:58 PM PT -- Huntington Beach PD tells TMZ ... the victim is not Black.

A man was shot and presumably killed this weekend as he squirmed on the ground in front of at least four police officers ... a couple of whom opened fire on him at point blank range.

Huntington Beach PD confirmed there was an officer involved shooting Saturday, but didn't not provide any further details ... including the status of the man who was gunned down. We're told this individual was transported to a hospital, but his condition is unknown. The cops also say there is no current public safety threat.

TMZ has obtained video of the gruesome killing -- which shows a man, who appears to be Black and/or a POC, writhing on the ground and raise his arm as well what appears to be a plastic bag of some sort ... before the officers around him unload multiple rounds of their firearms.

crowd control

More backup arrived, and the police set up a perimeter to deal with the situation.

As you can see and hear, there were multiple witnesses ... who were near Sandy's Beach Shack at the pier. One eyewitness tells us they saw the cops in pursuit of this man, whom they'd already fired upon at least once. He jumped over the wall and fell to the ground. We're told they heard cops shouting orders at him, but before long ... they were shooting.

Others who were in the area captured photos of the aftermath -- and the man appears to by lying lifeless on the ground as officers approached.

No word yet on what exactly led up to this ... but at any rate, it doesn't seem like the HB crowd was all too outraged by what they'd just seen. If anything, a lot of them appeared to be more on the cops' side. It's unclear at this point if he was armed with a weapon or not.

At first glance, though ... he doesn't seem to have been posing a threat from his position.

Originally Published -- 4:34 PM PT

Dog the Bounty Hunter Joins Manhunt to Find Brian Laundrie ... Shows Up at His House

A new force has entered the fold in the ongoing search for Gabby Petito's fiance, Brian Laundrie -- and that's Dog the Bounty Hunter ... who's already knocking at his front door.

The famed TV personality and real-life human tracker has thrown his hat into the ring to help try and locate Laundrie -- who's vanished and been missing for almost a couple weeks now ... and is currently the subject of a massive manhunt, as he's suspect #1 in this whole case.

Reporter Brian Entin got footage of Dog dropping into the Laundrie family home in North Port, FL ... but it doesn't look like they were willing to chat with DTBH.

He seems to poke his head around the side of the house -- where there are a few parked cars in the driveway -- and finally makes his way to the main entrance, where he knocks and lingers a bit. Nobody answers ... and eventually Dog heads back to his truck with his wife, Francie, right behind him. Entin asks what he's doing there -- and Dog tells him, "you know."

As for why Dog's doing this (and how), we have some answers. His rep tells TMZ ... Dog wants to help bring justice to the Petito family, and feels compelled to get out there and do what he does best -- capturing people and bringing them to the authorities.

We're told Dog is simply volunteering his services at this point, and has not yet made contact with the investigative powers overseeing this case -- namely, the FBI. But, we're told Dog will touch base with them eventually ... and turn over anything he finds along the way.

Right now, the guy's just out in the areas where Laundrie was seen last and gathering intel. Anyone who has good info is encouraged to call 833-TELLDOG -- all tips are confidential.

Mother Nature Sea Lion Jumps Aboard Lady's Boat As Hungry Orcas Circle!!!

@nutabull/Tik Tok

A woman got an unexpected (and apparently unwanted) visitor during a boat trip -- it was a sea lion fearing for its life ... who tried hitching a ride as orcas started to close in.

Watch this wild encounter that was captured by a woman who goes by @nutabull on TikTok and lives on Vancouver Island ... where there's plenty of this type of action in the open waters.

Her videos start with the animal already aboard -- which startles her, 'cause she doesn't know where the heck it came from, or how it made its way up. This pinniped's got hops!

beat it, dude!
@nutabull/Tik Tok

Another thing she immediately recognizes in the distance ... that she and/or her vessel are becoming the epicenter of a pod of killer whales that were starting to circle ... seemingly in pursuit of this little guy, who might normally become fish food in the wild.

The orcas get right up against the boat and start to pop out to take a peek at their would-be meal ... who's in no rush to get back into the water, despite this woman demanding he scram.

It's honestly hilarious, but also kinda sad -- because we all know damn well that as soon as it jumps back in, it's almost certainly going to be eaten. There's at least like 3 whales there!

We don't wanna spoil the ending. But, let's just say ... rest easy, sea lion. You lived a long and prosperous life, were sure. Ah damn it -- guess that sums it up. BTW, this woman's rationale for giving it the boot is pretty funny too ... replying to someone in her comments.

Sounds like she chose endangered species ... over one that's in abundance. 😅

Jeffrey Jordan, MJ's Son Accused Of Assault Allegedly Attacked Hospital Staff After Slip & Fall

3:08 PM PT -- Jordan was booked Saturday for one count of aggravated assault of a healthcare professional. He has since been released.

Jeffrey Jordan, Michael Jordan's 32-year-old son, is accused of assaulting staff at a hospital in Arizona Friday night, where he was being treated for an injury he sustained in a bar, TMZ Sports has learned.

Here's the deal ... Jeffrey was at Casa Amigos bar in Scottsdale when he "fell and hit his head," according to police. They say Jordan then became combative with security who were attempting to escort him out of the bar to receive medical attention.

Scottsdale PD, who were in the area for an unrelated call, were summoned to assist. Cops interviewed bar staff, and eventually deemed the incident "medical in nature," not criminal. An ambulance was called to transport JJ to a hospital.

After arriving at a local hospital, that's when things allegedly took a turn.

Jeffrey is accused of assaulting hospital staff while being treated for the injury he sustained at the bar. A report for aggravated assault, a felony, was taken at the hospital.

As for Jeffrey's side, our sources tell us he was confused and disoriented following the fall.

Jordan was NOT arrested or charged with a crime. As of this morning, he still remains in the hospital.

Police tell us the relevant reports will be sent to the Maricopa County Prosecutors Office ... where they will review the case and determine if charges are warranted.

6'1" Jeffrey, MJ's oldest son, played college basketball at the University of Illinois, before transferring to the University of Central Florida in 2010. He played 107 college basketball games over his career, averaging about 2 points a game.

Originally Published -- 12:15 PM PT

GOSPEL SINGER KELLY PRICE Seems to Weigh In Herself Reposts Message, She's Not 'Missing'

1:03 PM PT -- It looks like Kelly Price is finally speaking for herself on her mysterious situation -- and she seems to be putting to bed theories that she's unaccounted for ... albeit, in someone else's words.

Price posted an update on her Instagram Story Saturday, which appears to directly speak to whether she's missing or not. Based on what she has up there, it sounds like she's doing alright ... but still battling COVID.

It's a repost from another person's IG Story, who writes ... "Just spoke to @mskellyprice she is recovering with her supportive partner. She sounds strong. I hope this fabrication can stop and she is able to heal." Underneath that caption is a headline about Price's sister disputing her attorney's claim that she's fine.

The fact Kelly's weighing in now might just be the nail in the coffin here -- she's essentially saying, I'm here. As for whether she's speaking to her family or not ... that's another story.

Gospel singer Kelly Price is NOT missing and is safe, at least according to her attorney.

Monica Ewing, Kelly's rep, tells TMZ ... the singer is continuing to recover from COVID at an undisclosed location.

We're told Kelly's legal rep reached out to Cobb County police to notify law enforcement Kelly is accounted for ... even though she's now listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center.

TMZ broke the story ... Georgia officials say Kelly has been listed as a missing person, following last weekend's welfare check conducted at her home.

@mskellyprice / Instagram

Before going missing, Kelly revealed in July she had COVID and was battling symptoms, and her family says she was eventually admitted to a hospital and ended up in the ICU.

Kelly's family told us her kids recently got a call that she was discharged, which surprised them because she was apparently not fully out of the woods.

The family says Kelly has gone radio silent and they told police her boyfriend is allegedly keeping her children from visiting her home ... and it led the fam to have cops conduct a welfare check.

We asked Ewing to clarify why Price had seemingly been ignoring her family and what her current status was with her fiancé, Ewing reiterated Kelly is safe and recovering from COVID and is trying to get well and will further address the story later.

Originally Published -- Sept. 24 6:04 PM PT

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