North West's 11th Bday Party New Photos & Video Inside Bash ... Kim K Plays Proud Mama!!!

Kim Kardashian went all out for North West's 11th birthday -- because we're now getting an inside peek into the festivities ... and it honestly looks like a little kid's dream come true.

Check out these new photos and video obtained by TMZ that show exactly what North's big bash out in New Jersey looked like from within ... they show what the kiddos were up to at the American Dream mall in East Rutherford, where North and her besties had a blast.

As you can see, North and her pals took over the place in their matching "I❤️NW" shirts -- a twist on the famous "I❤️NY" slogan, obviously -- and they enjoyed all sorts of rides and activities that were there just for them, including a photo op with SpongeBob and Mr. Krabs.

Justin Timberlake Fans Hawking Mug Shot Merch After DWI Arrest

Justin Timberlake fans are capitalizing on his legal woes ... turning his glassy-eyed mug shot into merchandise.

Check it out ... several Etsy creators have already released products centered on Justin's DWI arrest ... t-shirts, shot glasses and mugs have popped up on the e-commerce site.

One shirt -- which comes in a variety of colors -- features JT's mug and pokes fun at his song, "SexyBack" ... the tee is emblazoned with, "I'm Bringing Tipsy Back."

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Justin Timberlake certainly got unwanted publicity this week with his DWI arrest, and the first debate looms between Biden and Trump. So we gotta ask ...

Justin Timberlake's DWI Arrest ...

Media Coverage Of JT Arrest ...

Who Ya Got In The Debate?

Kylie Jenner Cries Over People Judging Her Looks ...

Travis Scott Arrested For Disorderly Intoxication ...

Katy Perry Working With Dr. Luke ...

Kendrick's Thunderous Rendition Of 'Not Like Us' ...

Kanye's Wife Bianca Censori ...

Bill Belichick's 23-Year-Old GF ...

Jordon Hudson 64-Year-Old Ex Defends Her ... Amid Belichick Romance

Jordon Hudson's 64-year-old former lover is racing to her defense ... blasting haters who have accused her of being a gold digger for her romance with Bill Belichick -- while praising her as "wise beyond her years."

Joshua L. Zuckerman -- a businessman -- tells TMZ Sports ... he met Hudson several years ago, and after bonding over psychology, philosophy and nature, they became romantic.

The two were off and on for a while -- but ceased their dating relationship just prior to Hudson coupling up with Belichick.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

Knock Knock, Kris Jenner's in the house, and she's throwin' some shady switch-ups right at your front doorstep! Put your sleekest shades on, examine these two photos and see if you can pick up the minor differences!

Kicking off Paris Fashion Week with a bang, The OG momager was out in Paris earlier this week and dressed to impress in a matching floral Chanel set, paired with some blacked-out specs ... duh!

The Kardashians are known for their trendy looks, but can you throw the changes in the bag?

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Kris Jenner photos!**

CHRIS CUOMO If Biden Flubs Debate He Could Withdraw


Chris Cuomo isn't a fan of Presidential debates, dismissing them as pageantry -- but he says that's not the case with the face-off next week between Joe Biden and Donald Trump.

Cuomo was on "TMZ Live" Friday ... and his take is the debate will be a major test for Biden, not on policy issues but on cognition.

The NewsNation anchor breaks it down like this: If Joe steps onto the debate stage and performs well, then Trump's gonna regret all those digs, like comparing him to cartoon characters and mocking his cognitive abilities.

TMZ TV Hot Takes Kyle Richards's Teen Gets A Porsche Bianca Censori, Travis Kelce

Kyle Richards is defending a big purchase, Bianca Censori is spilling out of her top, and Travis Kelce is opening up about his next career move ... all this on today's TMZ TV Hot Takes.

TMZ Live


On "TMZ Live" Harvey and Babcock explain why Kyle feels a pricey Porsche is a perfectly fine gift for her 16-year-old daughter.

Stars In Gloomy Weather ... Throwin' Major Shade All Over Hollywood!

Hollywood's been overshadowed by blissful stars under the clouds, and since June Gloom -- a time when SoCal's forecast is nothin' but clouds -- is still throwing shade, you might as well soak in these stars sharing some grey thoughts!

Big celebs like Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker didn't let the overcast get in the way of a strato-tastic boat ride with band member Mark Hoppus, and keep your eyes up on the fog in Cody Simpson's sexy speedo shot 😜!

Hopefully "No-Sky-July" ain't on the horizon ... Check out our gallery of stars In gloomy weather ... ya don't wanna mist out!


Andy Cohen’s Daddy Diaries Podcast

Andy Cohen's swooping in to defend Jennifer Lopez -- this after Meghan McCain added fuel to the star's online hate brigade by shading her big time.

The Bravo star went on his 'Daddy Diaries Podcast' Friday to say he's baffled by the mean social media backlash towards Lopez lately amid her personal woes -- and also blasted a particularly harsh article about the singer's "unlikeability factor."

Andy shared his own firsthand experience with J Lo ... saying she's made 4 guest appearances on 'Watch What Happens Live' -- and he insists ... there was absolutely no drama whatsoever with her during those times.

Diddy IG Scrub Not a Cassie Diss ... Not Strategic Either

Diddy scrubbed his Instagram this week -- including his on-camera apology over the Cassie video -- and while some think it's a diss ... we're told there's no subliminal messaging here.

At some point late Thursday, Diddy got rid of every single IG post on his page -- wiping it completely clean without any explanation ... and that includes the video he posted where he addressed the brutal video of him beating his then-girlfriend.

The internet was rife with theories on what might've been behind the move -- but sources with direct knowledge have assured us there's nothing behind the move other than Puff wanting to reset his posts ... something we're told he's done in the past.

Dallas Freeway Fight Half-Naked Woman Caught in Car Door ... Speeding Away in Video


A Dallas freeway turned into an NSFW action movie, 'cause a half-naked lady started beating on a driver while pulled over on the side of the road ... and then got taken for a ride.

This wild footage is circulating on social media ... it begins with a woman standing on the freeway, throwing punches at another gal who's sitting in the driver's seat -- and the one slinging haymakers happens to not be wearing any pants.

Check out the clip ... the nude woman is smacking at the other -- booty cheeks fully out -- while the guys filming from their own car cheer her on. She's getting some good licks in too, holding her combatant by the hair and throwing some vicious hooks at her face.

Teyana Taylor & Iman Shumpert Divorce Settlement Imminent ... Deadline Given to Submit

Teyana Taylor and Iman Shumpert appear to be on the cusp of settling their nasty divorce ... but they're up against a tight deadline, and the clock is ticking.

The judge overseeing Teyana and Iman's divorce is giving them until June 27 to submit their divorce settlement in writing ... this according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

Teyana and Iman were in court Monday, Tuesday and Thursday this week, hashing out a bunch of issues they've been fighting about ... and now the judge wants them to put that all into writing and hammer out a judgment he can sign off on once and for all.

Prince William He's a Swiftie?!? Reportedly at 'Eras' Tour

Prince William and his kids appear to be Swifties ... because the Prince of Wales reportedly took the kiddos to Taylor Swift's 'Eras' Tour concert in London.

William was in the house Friday night for Taylor's show, with his 3 children in tow ... George, Charlotte and Louis ... at least according to a report from across the pond. Royal reporter Roya Nikkhah says PW is at the London shindig with the kiddos, ringing in his born day.

Taylor's London performance happened to land on William's 42nd birthday ... so it seems like this was his big bday present. They've rubbed elbows before BTW, but that was way back in 2013.

'Ink Master' Star Ryan Hadley Dead at 46 ... After Cancer Battle

Ryan Hadley -- a tattoo artist who appeared on season 6 of the hit competition show "Ink Master" -- has died after a battle with cancer ... this according to his own social pages.

Hadley's Instagram account shared the sad news Friday -- saying he'd passed away the night prior while surrounded by loved ones. The caption continued, "While his life was cut short, in that time he left a legacy behind in both the art and tattoo world."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It went on ... "He loved his many fans, his friends and clients, and most of all his children. He’ll be missed and always remembered. A legend forever." A photo of Ryan doing some tattoo work was added to the post, and it showed him beaming.

Package Thieves Two Men Race to Steal Package ... After FedEx Worker Drop-Off


Two dudes appeared to be equally eager to be king of crime hill -- at least if this footage shows what we think we're seeing ... namely, a race to jack the same FedEx package.

New doorbell cam video circulating on social media purports to show a couple of men racing to somebody's doorstep out in Pennsylvania in an alleged attempt to steal a package that had just been left by a FedEx worker.

Check it out ... the deliveryman takes a picture of the package and starts to walk away ... and, then the race is on. One man from a white car jumps out, while another man from a different vehicle behind it opens his door ... and it's a foot race to the package from there.

'Yellowstone' Neal McDonough Costner's Exit Was Just Bad Timing ... It's Between Him and Taylor


Neal McDonough is weighing in on Kevin Costner's "Yellowstone" exit -- saying it really was just bad timing ... although, he notes the issue is between KC and Taylor Sheridan, which seems to hint at something deeper.

We talked to the 'Yellowstone' actor -- who starred opposite Kevin on the hit show for a handful of episodes back in the day -- and he told us on "TMZ Live" Friday that Kevin isn't BS'ing when he says there were scheduling issues that forced him to bounce.

Take a listen ... Neal explains that Kev was, in fact, busy for his new western movie 'Horizon' -- and because the last season of 'Yellowstone' took a while to get going in terms of production ... it was ultimately impossible for the leading man to stay on.

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