Diddy Not Laying Low, Out & About in Miami ... After Release of Cassie Video

Diddy isn't hiding from cameras in the wake of the Cassie video – if anything, he's making a point to be out in public ... stepping out into the wild and seemingly telegraphing a few things, if these pics are any indication.

The rap mogul looked unbothered as he smoked a cigar while taking a leisurely stroll through his Miami neighborhood Sunday. Dressed in an all-white outfit and wearing a medallion -- which featured a childhood photo of himself and his father -- Diddy appeared to be signaling something with his look ... although, he stayed mum when he ran into photogs.


Instead, the rapper offered up a one word response, "Love" ... which he supported by making the shape of the letter "L" with his hand. Hard to say for sure what he's trying to communicate – but on its face, he's showing that he ain't ducking out of the spotlight ... even at this point, with many in the public having turned on him.

Kristin Chenoweth Praying for Diddy Shares Own Story of Abuse

Kristin Chenoweth is weighing in on the Diddy-Cassie saga – and somewhat surprisingly ... she says she's praying for the guy, noting this chapter hits close to home for her.

The actress spoke out on the 2016 video making the rounds – which shows Diddy beating on Cassie – and says she has her own reasons for being rattled by the footage ... which is why she admitted to her X followers that he's in her thoughts.

The comment raised alarms among her fans, who asked for more insight into her cryptic response -- while some were quick to slam her for seemingly empathizing with him. However, she quickly clarified, revealing she's actually a survivor of domestic abuse herself -- which is why she felt compelled to comment.

Cassie Lawyer Slams Diddy's Apology ... Over 2016 Assault Video

Cassie's legal team is crapping on Diddy's apology over the leaked 2016 video that shows him assaulting her -- calling him a hypocrite ... and suggesting he misled the public.

One of Cassie's lawyers, Meredith Firetog, issued a statement Sunday -- saying, "Combs’ most recent statement is more about himself than the many people he has hurt."


She adds, "When Cassie and multiple other women came forward, he denied everything and suggested that his victims were looking for a payday." Of course, she's referencing Diddy's strong denial in December ... this after he'd been sued by yet another accuser, post-Cassie.

Taylor Swift Sporting Mark on Her Collarbone ... It's Sooo Hickey!!!

Turns out Travis Kelce IS with Taylor Swift in Sweden ... symbolically, anyway, because the singer's flaunting what looks a lot like a hickey on her neck. Can they get any more high school?!

Several fans at her shows in Stockholm noticed the love mark while Taylor was seated at the piano and performing her "Evermore" era songs at the Friends Arena.


The big red blotch was pretty obvious as Taylor was wearing a blue dress as she sang, "Champagne Problems." Swifties don't miss a beat, and several posted videos zooming in on their girl's neck.

Kate Hudson Looks Right at Home Onstage ... During Los Angeles Concert

Kate Hudson is in her singer era – hitting the stage at her album release show this weekend ... and looking like a real pro too.

The actress showed off her music side by performing a number of songs off her new album, "Glorious," in Los Angeles Saturday ... and we gotta say, she fits right into the scene, as her show looked and sounded freaking awesome.

Kate looked and played the part of songstress well, as she hit the stage at The Bellwether ...  keeping her long blonde locks down and lose while wearing a bodysuit with a sheer pink number over it.

Diddy Posts Video Apology for Cassie Beating


Diddy's uttering his first words about the videotaped beating of Cassie ... saying he "takes full responsibility for his actions," and claims he's already gone to rehab.

He posted a video Sunday morning, looking directly into camera, he said, "It's so difficult to reflect on the darkest times in your life, but sometimes you gotta do that. I was f***ed up. I mean, I hit rock bottom."

He says he's not making any excuses for his behavior -- the brutal March 2016 assault on his then-girlfriend Cassie while they were staying at the InterContinental Hotel in Los Angeles. The surveillance video -- obtained by CNN -- showed Diddy chase her down a hallway, grab her by the back of the neck and hurl her to the ground .. where he kicked her and dragged her.

Selena Gomez Fights Back Tears Amid 9-Minute Standing Ovation at Cannes


Selena Gomez is taking yet another step back toward her acting roots, 'cause a movie she's in just premiered at Cannes and people loved it -- getting on their feet for her ... making for some light waterworks.

The singer was spotted wiping away tears after her forthcoming musical crime drama, "Emilia Perez," received an impressive nine-minute standing ovation at the Cannes Film Festival on Saturday.

Selly tried to keep her composure as all eyes were on her at the end of the screening ... but her emotions eventually got the better of her. You can tell it meant a lot that people liked the performance – and frankly, it's a good sign that she's all in on her acting career yet again.

Travis Kelce REJUVENATED & HAPPIER THAN EVER After T-Swift Alone Time

Kelce Jam

Travis Kelce looks like he's feeling pretty damn good after his whirlwind trip to Europe with Taylor Swift ... bringing a renewed energy to his music festival this weekend, and letting everyone know just how freakin' happy he is.

The NFL star was all smiles Saturday as he arrived at the Azura Amphitheater in Kansas City for Kelce Jam -- where he casually dressed in a t-shirt, jeans and a bucket hat.

Lil Wayne, Diplo and 2 Chainz served as headliners ... and Patrick Mahomes even showed up, hitting the stage with TK at one point.

Ben Affleck Return of the Wedding Ring!!! It's Back as Jen (Not That One) Visits Pad

Ben Affleck's wedding ring found its way back on to his hand, just one day after it vanished right in the middle of his marriage drama with Jennifer Lopez.

Ben's left hand went platinum (or silver) again Saturday ... the ring was visible as he punched in the security code at the rental home in Brentwood, where he's been living for several weeks since moving out of the Bev Hills mansion he and J Lo purchased last year.

Less than 24 hours earlier, Ben seemed to signal the end was near for their marriage ... as he did NOT have the ring on Friday evening while going to his kid's school play. With the ring's return, it seems it might have just slipped his mind on Friday.

Diddy's Former Co. Revolt 'Deeply Disturbed' By Cassie Beating Video

Diddy's former employees at Revolt, the media company he co-founded, are reacting to the horrific video of him assaulting Cassie.

The company posted a statement saying, "We are deeply saddened and disturbed by the recent video circulation of our former chairman, Sean "Diddy" Combs,”

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It added, "Even with his recent separation from REVOLT, it is still our duty to address this matter, and recognize the direct impact it has on our staff, our audience, and the culture we represent."

Drake Blows $565K Bet on Tyson Fury!!! Worse 'L' Than Kendrick???

Drake's losses are coming at a fast and furious clip -- the embattled rapper/sports gambler put more than half a million down for Tyson Fury to win his boxing match ... and, he did not.

It's debatable who's in more pain this morning ... Drake or Tyson, after the boxer lost to Oleksandr Usyk by a split decision Saturday night in Saudia Arabia. Prior to the bout, Drake posted his $565,000 wager backing Tyson, and IF he'd won ... Drake would've won $1 million.

Shoulda woulda coulda ... the massive financial blow has fans buzzing about the ol' "Drake curse" in the sports world.

Jerry Seinfeld Heckling, Fighting Breaks Out at Show ... Pro-Palestinian Protesters Sound Off!!!

Interrupted Comedy Show

Jerry Seinfeld's become the #1 celeb target of pro-Palestinian protesters -- for the 2nd time in a week they went at him in public ... this time repeatedly heckling his stand-up routine, and fighting with other audience members.

TMZ obtained this video of the first moment things got heated Saturday night inside Chrysler Hall in Norfolk, VA -- almost immediately after Jerry hit the stage, one demonstrator stands up, and starts yelling, "Free Gaza!"

The solo protester also shouted and pointed at audience members, and said they should be ashamed of themselves.

Joe Budden Cut Diddy Assault Video Segment ... Didn't Give It Proper Care


Joe Budden's explaining a controversial cut to a recent episode of his podcast... diving into why he edited a segment about Diddy, and asserting he's not in Diddy's pocket.

The hip hop commentator says he was live on "The Joe Budden Podcast" Friday when CNN posted the video of Diddy assaulting Cassie from 2016. The episode was uploaded Saturday with the description promising Joe would discuss it.

But, he never touched on it ... completely editing out the segment. Upset fans demanded answers, and JB organized a discussion on Twitter Spaces to address the controversy.

Austin Rogers All For Pop Culture 'Jeopardy!' ... Democratizing the Game!!!


Austin Rogers isn't turning his nose up at the pop culture "Jeopardy!" spin-off ... saying trivia buffs like him are cool with the traditional game -- but, there's a new breed of fans out there.

We caught up with the "Jeopardy!" champ this week at his bar Gaf West in NYC ... and we had to ask him about his thoughts on the new entertainment-focused game coming to Amazon Prime.

Rogers says he loves the democratization of his fav trivia game ... mentioning people have different interests and knowledge bases -- and, that's something to celebrate, not denigrate.

Ashley Madison New Members Join After Netflix Doc ... Celebs Still Using Site!!!

The new documentary about Ashley Madison's infamous cyberattack isn't warning people away from the service ... according to one exec, it's actually boosting membership, including famous folks!

We talked with Paul Keable -- the Chief Strategy Officer for Ashley Madison -- and he tells us memberships are up in recent days thanks to "Ashley Madison: Sex, Lies, and Scandal" going #1 on Netflix. Paul figures it's partly 'cause people forgot the site exists until they saw the doc.


Paul says celebs do still use the site despite the 2015 hack that leaked many prominent people's names as allegedly having accounts. He thinks this is because they're dealing with the same issues as normies, feeling trapped in monogamy and it gives them a chance to explore in a safe space.

If ya don't know, Ashley Madison launched as a dating site for married people, and still promotes itself with the tagline ... "Life is Short. Have an affair."

Paige Spiranac Gets $250K Offer From Porn Site ... Prove You Have Nipples!!!

If Paige Spiranac wants to prove to the world once and for all she does, indeed, have nipples ... TMZ Sports has learned one adult website is willing to shell out a small fortune for her to do it on camera.

Reps for Camsoda tell us ... they officially extended the offer to the Sports Illustrated model and golf influencer on Friday, after learning there were actually people on the internet who wondered if her now-famous boobs have nipples attached to them.

Paige, of course, debunked the theory with her words in an Instagram post earlier this week ... but Camsoda officials say they can fork over $250,000 for her to prove it for good on video.

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