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Britney Spears Speaks On Her Mental Health ... I'm Gonna Be Just Fine!!!

4/23/2019 7:11 PM PDT

Britney Spears just posted a video -- the first time we’ve heard her speak since getting treatment for mental health issues -- and she wants her fans to know she’ll be back in action soon.

Spears went on Instagram Tuesday to send out the short clip, giving an update on her health and saying her family is going through some serious “stress.”

The singer says she's dealing with a lot of “stress and anxiety” and she just needed some time on her own to deal with the situation.

She also posted a lengthy caption, saying, "Wow!!! There’s rumors, death threats to my family and my team, and just so many things crazy things being said. I am trying to take a moment for myself, but everything that’s happening is just making it harder for me. Don’t believe everything you read and hear."

She closed the message with, "My situation is unique, but I promise I’m doing what’s best at this moment. You may not know this about me, but I am strong, and stand up for what I want! Your love and dedication is amazing, but what I need right now is a little bit of privacy to deal with all the hard things that life is throwing my way. If you could do that, I would be forever grateful. Love you."

TMZ broke the story, Spears has nearly wrapped a month-long stint in a mental health facility after the pressure of her dad’s failing health and a new mix of medications took a toll on the singer. 

We got Britney's boyfriend, Sam Asghari, out in Los Angeles earlier Tuesday and he gave a positive update on her condition and said she's doing "amazing." Sam strongly insinuated it's time for her fans to stand down on claims she's being exploited or held against her will, because there's "nothing to worry about."

As we first told you, Britney checked herself into a mental health facility in March, and her medicine triggered the crisis. We're told doctors were adjusting Britney's cocktail of meds. But, the reality is it's a trial and error process to find the right mix, and while she was dealing with those changes, she also had to cope with her father's recent illness. 

As we reported ... Britney got a day pass from the mental health facility on Easter Sunday, and she spent her free time hanging with Sam in Beverly Hills. 

If fans didn't believe her boyfriend when he said Britney was gonna be back soon, now they're hearing it directly from her.

Luke Walton's Accuser 'I Thought He Was Going to Rape Me'

4/23/2019 5:03 PM PDT
Breaking News

4:57 PM PT -- We asked if there was any video or photo evidence to help prove Tennant's case, and her attorney essentially told us no.

4:53 PM PT -- When asked what they want to get out of the case, Tennant's attorney says they have no particular sum in mind. 

4:49 PM PT -- Tennant says she did not go to law enforcement because she feared it would jeopardize her career.

Tennant's attorney says they do not intend to file a police report because they do not want to put Walton in jail.

4:43 PM PT -- Tennant says she didn't come forward at first because, "I was scared." 

"I was scared for my job, my safety and what my job would be like."

She claims she's spent years trying to move past the incident and "bury it" -- but she couldn't. She says she finally mustered up the courage to tell her story. 

4:40 PM PT -- Kelli Tennant got emotional while telling her story ... recounting how she felt Walton was "going to rape her" during the hotel encounter. 

Tennant says she begged Walton like crazy to let her go but he ignored her pleas ... until finally giving up and letting her out of the hotel room. 

"This type of behavior cannot be condoned," Tennant said. 

4:33 PM PT -- Kelli says the alleged sexual assault took place in 2014, when she was 25-years-old. 

Her attorney says she was uncomfortable coming forward back then but she's comfortable now. 

Kelli says she met Luke Walton about 10 years ago through the volleyball community. 

The woman accusing Luke Walton of sexual assault will speak with the media at 4:30 PM PT ... and TMZ Sports will be live streaming the whole thing. 

Kelli Tennant and her attorney, Garo Mardirossian, will hold a press conference at his office in Los Angeles, they announced. They are both planning to speak. 

Mardirossian has just issued a pre-press conference statement saying, "By way of this lawsuit, Ms. Tennant is speaking out and saying #timesup to the culture of abusing women in the NBA."

We broke the story ... Tennant -- a longtime sports reporter -- claims Walton sexually assaulted her in a Santa Monica hotel room while he was an assistant coach with the Golden State Warriors. 

Walton has lawyered up and adamantly denied the allegations -- with his attorney attacking the accuser as an "opportunist." 

There are TONS of unanswered questions ... what was the date of the attack? Is there any photo of video evidence? Witnesses? Etc. 

Originally Published -- 4:19 PM PT

The Weeknd, SZA & Travis Scott 'GoT' Inspired Music Vid is Coming ... Check Out the BTS Shots

4/23/2019 2:53 PM PDT

"Game of Thrones" is all about winter right now, but the music that's on its way inspired by the hit show's gonna be way more fire than ice ... with some huge stars at the forefront.

TMZ's obtained behind-the-scenes shots of The Weeknd, SZA and Travis Scott on set while shooting the video for their track, "Power is Power." The trio's all decked out in clothes fit for the Seven Kingdoms ... in front of some iconic imagery from the show.

We're told the rappers/singers shot the video last weekend in L.A. Their collab is part of HBO and Columbia Records' release of "For the Throne" ... an upcoming album inspired by 'GoT.'

Other artists set to be featured on the album include A$AP Rocky, The Lumineers, Ellie Goulding, Ty Dolla $ign, Mumford & Sons, The National, X Ambassadors and the late Lil Peep.

Travis and SZA -- who we're told are huge 'Thrones' fans themselves -- have been teasing the vid for a bit ... but now we have another sneak peek.

"For the Throne" drops Friday ... but we'll probably have to wait a little longer for the 'Power' video.

Fred Savage Harassment Lawsuit Dismissed ... Signs Point to Settlement

4/23/2019 4:20 PM PDT

Fred Savage is no longer being sued for allegedly assaulting and harassing a female crew member on his TV show ... and all signs are pointing to a settlement. 

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the court signed off on the lawsuit's dismissal ... and the key thing here is the suit's being dismissed with prejudice, which means it's likely Savage and the woman who sued him reached a settlement out of court. 

TMZ broke the story ... Youngjoo Hwang sued Savage back in March 2018 for allegedly tormenting female crew members on the set of his TV show, "The Grinder." She claimed he had a rep for intimidating women working under him, hurling profanities and telling them, "Don't ever even f**king look at me anymore!" 

When the suit was filed, Savage denied Hwang's accusations, saying they were without merit and completely untrue. Savage said her claims were investigated by FOX, but he says the network found no evidence backing her story.

Hwang's attorney, Anahita Sedaghatfar, tells TMZ ... "We are very pleased with the resolution reached in this case. My client stood on the shoulders of the brave women who came out before her during the inception of the #metoo movement and I hope she serves as an example to other women so they too can have the courage to come out and speak their truth."

We reached out to lawyers for Savage ... so far, no word back.

Britney Spears' BF Sam Says She's 'Doing Amazing' ... Fans Can Stop Worrying

4/23/2019 1:34 PM PDT

Britney Spears' boyfriend has an update on her condition, and strongly insinuates ... it's time for her loyal fans to stand down on claims she's being held against her will or exploited.

We got Britney's bae, Sam Asghari, out in Los Angeles Tuesday and asked him the question that's on everyone's minds ... how's she holding up? He says she's doing "amazing," but then directly addressed the allegations many fans have been making since finding out Britney is in a mental health facility. 

Sam made it clear, he's thankful Britney's fans are so concerned -- but also insisted there's no reason for it.

TMZ broke the story ... Britney checked herself into a mental health facility last month, and she's at the tail end of what we're told would be a 30-day stay. She got a day pass from the facility on Easter Sunday, and spent her time hanging with Sam in Bev Hills. 

The trigger for Brit checking herself into the facility, as we first told you ... was her medicine. We're told doctors were adjusting the cocktail of meds Britney takes. The reality is it's a trial and error process to find the right combination -- and while she was dealing with that she also had to cope with her dad's recent illness.

Fans may or may not choose to buy what Sam's selling here, but he's certainly painting the most positive picture possible.

Travis Scott Sued Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul Says You Jacked My Hook, Pay Me $20M!!!

4/23/2019 5:54 PM PDT

5:52 PM PT -- A source tells TMZ, Travis Scott and DJ Paul spoke on Tuesday and the resolution is expected shortly ... a rep for Travis confirms the conversation happened, but would not elaborate on details. 

Travis Scott straight-up jacked a portion of Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul's track ... so claims DJ Paul in a new lawsuit.

Paul filed legal docs claiming Travis' "No Bystanders" has a hook that's almost identical to DJ Paul's track "Tear Da Club Up." According to docs, obtained by TMZ, Paul says the hook to his track says "Tear da club up, tear da club up" while Travis' track goes "F*** da club up. F*** da club up."

In docs, Paul claims the cadence and sound are virtually identical. What's more ... Paul says Travis used his exact hook from "Tear Da Club Up" for his Grammys performance earlier this year ... line by line.

"No Bystanders" is a part of Travis' massively successful "Astroworld" album ... which debuted No. 1 on The Billboard 200 chart. It was also a fan favorite during the rapper's 55-city tour.

In a previous interview with us in June DJ Paul claimed young artists were going to kill hip-hop ... but it doesn't appear like the lawsuit is in direct correlation to that statement.   

Paul's now suing to get Travis' track pulled and wants the profits from "No Bystanders" ... which he thinks is around $20 million. We've reached out to Travis' rep, so far no word back.

Originally published -- 2:21 PM PT

In other news...

Jordyn Woods References Tristan Thompson Drama for First Time Since 'Red Table Talk'

Jordyn Woods is speaking about the drama after what went down between her and Tristan Thompson earlier this year.


Van Jones Big Props to Meek, Kim and T.I. ... They're Selfless Heroes

4/23/2019 1:12 PM PDT

Van Jones is working hard to bring light to prison reform and start a national conversation about our criminal justice system ... but he says a few celebs are outshining him.

We got the CNN host at Chelsea Studios in NYC Tuesday and asked who he thinks is stepping up the most for the cause ... he points to Meek Mill, calling him a "massive hero" for using his own case as a launching pad to help others.

Van then praises Kim Kardashian West for ignoring the skeptics and proving her ambitions and involvement are no joke ... and he believes it's a sign people from all walks of life have realized we have way too many prisoners in the U.S.

T.I. also gets a major shout-out for working with a church in Georgia to raise $120k to bail out 23 nonviolent offenders for Easter. Van says the rapper's "doing good by the hood," and if more people followed his lead ... things would improve very quickly.

There's a reason Van's so impressed by this group -- and it has nothing to do with celebrity. It's because they're doing the kinds of things he plans to spotlight on his new show, 'The Redemption Project.'

NFL, NBA, MLB $12 MILLION IN FAKE TEAM RINGS ... Seized In Customs Bust!

4/23/2019 1:19 PM PDT
Breaking News

Nearly $12 MILLION worth of fake championship and team rings are now OFF the market ... so say U.S. Customs and Border Protection officials -- who say they just seized 177 counterfeit pieces!

CBP officials announced Tuesday they found nearly 200 fake rings during an inspection of a March 11 shipment from China to the U.S.

The faux bling included Philadelphia Eagles and New England Patriots Super Bowl rings, New York Yankees World Series rings and much more.

And, we gotta say ... they do look pretty awesome.

But, officials say they caught the stuff before it could be sold to Americans -- claiming they saved U.S. consumers $11.7 MILLION with the seizure!!!

"This most recent interception of counterfeit sports rings demonstrates the ongoing vigilance and commitment to the mission by our CBP Officers and Import Specialists," officials said.


Lee Daniels Jussie's Fate On 'Empire' ... Now Being Decided

4/23/2019 11:15 AM PDT

Lee Daniels says there's an important discussion going down right now ... whether Jussie Smollett will be cut from "Empire."

The "Empire" creator was out and about Tuesday in New York City when Adam Glyn asked about the next season of the show, and whether there's a place for Jussie. Here's what's clear ... there's no clear answer for Daniels and Co.  

Also, BTW, there's no clear answer on whether the show is coming back, because Season 6 has not been greenlit ... but we're guessing it will be a go.

As for whether Lee thinks Jussie scammed everyone with the alleged attack, he says there are 2 judges and only 2.

Beyonce's Dad Destiny's Child Musical Coming Soon!!!

4/23/2019 11:07 AM PDT

Beyonce's dad is bringing his daughter's story to the stage ... because he's creating a musical based on Destiny's Child and you already know it's gonna be bootylicious! 

Mathew Knowles is producing the show, "Survivor: The Destiny's Child Musical," and he says it's premiering in Houston next year, with additional plans for Broadway, London's West End and even a world tour!

The musical is told from Mathew's perspective, and Beyonce's dad says he wants to pull back the curtain and treat audiences to an honest, behind-the-scenes look at how one of the greatest female music groups of all-time got its start. 

Mathew says the tale will start from the group's humble beginnings, chronicling its rise to superstardom, plus his own pioneering climb into the music industry. Ultimately, Mathew says the show's message is that building a dream takes sacrifice ... even at the cost of everything and everyone you love.  

You know it's gonna be a rockin' production ... and Mathew says the musical's gonna feature a masterful mix of music, dance and beautiful imagery. He's collaborating with Je'Caryous Johnson to bring his story to life. 

No word on who has the inside track on playing Beyonce, Kelly Rowland, Michelle Williams, LeToya Luckett and LaTavia Roberson

Yes. We are ready for this jelly.

Uber Fires Driver Accused of Killing Ex-UFC Fighter

4/23/2019 11:14 AM PDT

The Uber driver accused of killing former UFC fighter Rodrigo de Lima during an altercation in Brazil on Sunday has been fired by the rideshare company ... an Uber spokesperson tells TMZ Sports

As we previously reported, the 26-year-old MMA fighter was a passenger in an Uber in Belem, Brazil with friends when he allegedly got into a verbal altercation with the driver. 

The driver, later identified as Jefferson Roger Maciel, reportedly kicked Rodrigo out the car -- and despite initially driving away from the scene, turned around and smashed into Rodrigo from behind. 

Rodrigo died from his injuries. He's survived by a wife and 2 young children. 

A rep fro Uber confirmed Maciel was working for them at the time of the incident. 

Uber says allegations are "horrible" -- adding, "As soon as we learned of this incident we immediately removed the driver’s access to the app and we stand ready to assist law enforcement with their investigation."

On Monday, cops said they were still searching for Maciel -- no word if they've located him yet. 

De Lima was 9-3-1 as a pro -- and earned the nickname "Monstro" (which means monster) -- due to his fighting style. 

He had two matches in the UFC -- fighting Neil Magny in 2014 and Efrain Escudero in 2015. He lost both of those fights and moved on to another pro fighting organization.

In other news...

Russell Wilson’s Sexy Voice Causes Controversy

Watch and see for yourself!


Kristoff St. John 'Y&R' Bids Farewell ... in Emotional Episode

4/23/2019 11:30 AM PDT

It wasn't easy but Kristoff St. John's death was addressed head-on when "Young and the Restless" hit the airwaves Tuesday with an emotional episode.

The scene begins with 'Y&R' costar Bryton James -- who plays Kristoff's TV son, Devon Hamilton -- walking into his father's house looking for him. James calls out for Kristoff, who for nearly 3 decades played Neil Winters. James says, "C'mon wake up. It's not a party until Neil Winters shows up."

Check out the clip ... it's a heart-wrenching moment when James walks downstairs, inconsolable after realizing his father is gone. As we first reported ... Kristoff was found dead back in February. It was later revealed he died from heart disease.

Tuesday's episode was the beginning of a 4-episode story arc paying tribute to Kristoff. Many of his former costars returned to the show and paid their respects ... including Shemar Moore, who played Kristoff's TV brother, Malcolm.

The network will also honor Kristoff next week with a special tribute episode ... showing clips from the show along with current and former cast members sharing their best memories of him.

Nicolas Cage Angrily Sings 'Purple Rain' Following Split With Wife

4/23/2019 9:35 AM PDT

Nicolas Cage had something he clearly wanted to get off his chest when he hit up a karaoke bar ... because his rendition of "Purple Rain" was ... emotional.

Nic was at a joint Sunday in L.A.'s Koreatown when he tried his hand and vocal cords on the classic Prince song, and we're guessing the performance was fueled by his desire to annul his recent marriage of 4 days.

As we've reported ... Nic got sick and tired of his new wife, Erika Koike and filed for an annulment. He says they were wasted when they tied the knot in Vegas, and acted on impulse. There were signs it wasn't going to end well ... they got into a heated argument before walking down the aisle.

Erika doesn't see it that way ... she says the marriage was legit, she claims Nic asked her to come back to him, and she wants spousal support

As for "Purple Rain" ... Prince once broke it down like this, "Purple rain pertains to the end of the world and being with the one you love and letting your faith/God guide you through the purple rain.”

So, is Nic dedicating this song to Erika, or someone else???

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