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Jordyn Woods Promotes Ray J's Headphones In New Celeb-Packed Vid

6/19/2019 3:54 PM PDT
Exclusive Details

Ray J and Jordyn Woods are apparently in cahoots to promote one of his new products ... Woods is featured in a celeb-filled video for Raycon Headphones.

Ray just put up the video, which also features Cardi B, Offset, Melissa Etheridge, Snoop Dogg and others ... hawking Ray J's Raycon E50 Earbuds. 

Woods and Ray J are a pretty interesting pairing, considering their unique connections to the Kardashian and Jenner families ... and we're told, Ray and Jordyn were introduced to each other after JW and Kylie had their falling out.

Sources tell us Ray J's manager, David Weintraub, recently made a $30,000 offer to Jordyn to promote more of Ray's products ... but nothing has been settled. 

Ray and Jordyn were together this week, kicking it with Michael Blackson on the set of VH1's "Hip Hop Squares." 

This has got to put Jordyn in hot water with the Kardashians -- or at least some of them -- because they believe Jordyn already betrayed the fam once over the whole Tristan Thompson thing. 

When one door closes ... 

Danielle Bregoli Screw Tweeting More Carefully After Nixed Jordan Gig

6/19/2019 4:25 PM PDT

If you thought Danielle Bregoli was gonna pay more attention to her Tweets after her concert in Jordan got canceled ... you are DEAD WRONG.

Bhad Bhabie was out Wednesday at LAX where she was asked if she's gonna think twice about joking on Twitter. Her short answer ... HELL NAH!!! You'll recall Jordanian promoters canceled her upcoming show there set for July 8 ... because her tweet from last week was deemed insensitive.

Check out the clip ... Bregoli says she has no idea how the promoters felt her jokey answer was insensitive. It's crystal clear Bregoli's still hella confused about the ordeal.

As we first reported ... a verified account tweeted at her in a bunch of Arabic text. Bregoli playfully replied with a little sass saying, "why yes, I do like McDonald's fries. They be tasting good as f*** sometimes. I appreciate u asking bich. Much love."

Problem was ... the tweeter was a prominent Palestinian marathon runner who was tweeting for concertgoers to boycott Bregoli because he believes she supports Israel.

As we told you ... she's not taken a stance or pledge any allegiance to either Israelis or Palestinians.

Carrie Fisher WOF Star Won't Replace Trump ... Despite New Push From Mark Hamill

6/19/2019 4:15 PM PDT
Breaking News

Carrie Fisher is still years away from getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame despite a massive push from Mark Hamill and "Star Wars" fans ... but when she does, she won't be replacing Donald Trump's star. 

Mark ignited the movement to get Carrie a star to replace Trump's ... tweeting Wednesday morning in favor of the West Hollywood City Council approving a proposal calling for the removal of the President's star. 

Luke Skywalker's stance quickly gained traction, but we're told Carrie finally getting a star is still gonna take some time.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells TMZ ... they would love to consider Carrie for a star on the Walk of Fame, but because it didn't happen before her death ... the process is a little complicated. 

In most instances, a celeb can be nominated by anyone, but the application has to include a written statement from the celeb stating she or he wants the star and will attend the ceremony if approved. 

But, in the case of a deceased celeb ... the Chamber of Commerce can only give out a star on the 5th anniversary of their passing, and with the written consent of their family members ... and only one deceased nominee gets approved each year. 

Trump's star has been targeted by vandals time and time again ... being defaced by fake blood, a golden toilet and a pickax

While some want Trump's star scrubbed forever ... the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells us that ain't happening ... and they say they would never replace any celeb's star in favor of someone else's. 

Trump received his star in 2007 for his work producing beauty pageants ... and Hamill got his star last year, with Harrison Ford paying tribute to Carrie during the ceremony.

The Chamber of Commerce tells us they're still hoping Carrie's family will contact them during the 5th-anniversary of her death so she can finally get her star.

Post Malone Spotted Going Wild ... at South Africa Safari Park!!!

6/19/2019 3:25 PM PDT

Post Malone could NOT look more ecstatic living life in the wild.

The rapper and his crew are currently in South Africa getting in on all the touristy stuff. They all hit up the popular Lion & Safari Park in Broederstroom, South Africa and got a little taste of everything ... from petting cheetahs to feeding giraffes. Side note: who knew giraffes were huge Lays chips fans?

Check out the vid ... Post also got to pet a lion cub and even had a cheetah lick his hand. BTW ... Post was in South Africa because he performed earlier this week at the Castle Lite Unlocks hip hop experience in Johannesburg.

It's reportedly the first time Post Malone has visited the country and wowed the crowd. He performed "Better Now" among the several bangers. The crowd -- like the giraffes -- ate it up.

David Ortiz Not Intended Target Of Shooting ... D.R. Officials Say

6/19/2019 4:39 PM PDT
Breaking News

4:29 PM PT -- Officials say Sixto David Fernandez was the target of the attack because Victor Hugo Gómez believed Sixto "ratted him out" to police years ago.

The gunman who shot David Ortiz in the Dominican Republic earlier this month DID NOT mean to target Big Papi ... so say D.R. officials, who say it was Ortiz's FRIEND they wanted to kill.

D.R. police and prosecutors just announced Sixto David Fernandez -- who was allegedly sitting near Ortiz at Dial Bar and Lounge in Santo Domingo on June 9 -- was supposed to be the target.

Unclear why Fernandez was the target. We're trying to gather information on who Fernandez is and what he does for a living. All we know so far is that cops say he's buddies with Ortiz. 

Officials say the gunman who shot Big Papi from point-blank range in the back was confused by the clothing Ortiz was wearing and fired on him instead of Fernandez.

A cell phone image taken of Sixto by one of the alleged accomplices in the crime was allegedly used to identify Sixto for the hit.

But officials say the gunman mistook white items near Sixto as white pants (Ortiz was wearing white pants that night) ... and that's where the confusion all began.

Officials say they were able to confirm all this because they were able to obtain the picture that was circulated amongst the alleged criminals.

Officials also say a man named Victor Hugo Gómez -- a 43-year-old who's wanted in the United States after being caught in a major federal drug bust -- is the one who ordered the hit.

As we previously reported, officials say at least 10 people were paid around $8,000 to complete the hit.

25-year-old Rolfi Ferreira Cruz admitted to being the man behind the gun ... but said from his D.R. jail cell last week Ortiz was NOT his intended target.

Prosecutors say regardless of who the intended target was ... they still plan to pursue serious criminal charges against all of the alleged suspects.

Originally published -- 3:30 PM PT

Bob Barker Home Smashed by Out-of-Control Car

6/19/2019 3:09 PM PDT

No ... this is not the right way to "come on down" to Bob Barker's house.

The legendary 'Price is Right' host's manager tells TMZ ... the crash went down Tuesday outside his Hollywood Hills home. The vehicle slammed into the perimeter wall, but didn't get close to the house -- the 95-year-old former game show host was safely inside.

Law enforcement sources tell us the car was involved in a collision on the street, and the impact sent it flying into Barker's wall.

We're told everyone involved in the crash is okay -- there were no injuries to people, but clearly to vehicles ... and walls.

Josh Elliott ATV Crash On 'First Responders Live' ... Driver Miraculously Survived!!!

6/19/2019 3:16 PM PDT

Josh Elliott is here with some good news on the out-of-control ATV driver who led police on a wild chase that ended with him getting SMOKED by another car ... the dude somehow walked away alive!!!

The host of the new FOX reality series "First Responders Live" tells us the man recklessly riding around Baton Rouge and eluding cops before a super scary wreck is miraculously on the road to recovery ... and it's all thanks to the police and paramedics the show's TV cameras were embedded with. 

Josh's new show premiered on FOX last Wednesday and it quickly proved why it's a raw, in-depth look at first responders ... because viewers were given front-row seats as a police chase turned into a horrifying car wreck in the blink of an eye, which Josh says illustrates the interplay between cops, firefighters and paramedics. 

'FRL' embeds cameras in several cities across the country, documenting a night in the lives of the men and women who put their lives on the line to protect others. 

Check out our clip ... Josh explains why dumb luck plays a key role in the show, and tells us how fortunate the ATV driver is to be alive.

Courteney Cox Lookin' Fab at 55 ... Back in Mexico with Jen for Bday Fun

6/19/2019 1:38 PM PDT

Courteney Cox is back in Mexico with Jennifer Aniston and her gal pals, and judging by her relaxed appearance ... getting there was a lot easier this time than the last girls getaway.

The "Cougar Town" star splashed in the waves on the beach in Cabo San Lucas Wednesday as she celebrated her 55th birthday with some of her best friends ... including her "Friends" costar.

The other ladies enjoying fun in the sun include actress Mary McCormack, Kristin Hahn, and Jason Bateman's wife, Amanda Anka.

It's unclear if Jimmy Kimmel's wife, Molly, made this trip, but you'll recall back in February ... she was with Jen, Courteney and Amanda when they had to make an emergency landing on the way to Cabo to celebrate Aniston's big 5-0.

Thankfully, there was no such scare that we know of for Cox's bday gathering ... just nothin' but a good time.

Kimora Lee Simmons Not Keeping Our Kid from Djimon ... He's Just Absent!!!

6/19/2019 12:22 PM PDT

Kimora Lee Simmons isn't keeping her son with Djimon Hounsou away from him, and definitely didn't ruin his Father's Day either -- it's all his own doing ... at least that's what people close to her are claiming.

Sources closely tied to Kimora say Djimon's recent griping that he wasn't able to see his son, Kenzo, for the holiday -- and suggesting it was Kimora's fault -- is completely backward ... 'cause he had every opportunity to make plans, but simply didn't.

You'll recall ... Djimon told a pap this week that he'd gotten screwed out of seeing -- let alone being able to talk to -- his son, and seemed to be pointing the finger at his baby mama.

We're told Sunday's missed opportunity to get together with the kid is just the latest in what we're told has become common in their relationship ... that Djimon allegedly doesn't go out of his way to make plans.

Our sources -- who are directly knowledgeable about this -- tell us Kimora has an open door policy when it comes to visitation. We're told she encourages the whole fam coming together as often as possible -- holidays, birthdays, etc. -- but Djimon hardly ever takes her up on it.

We've also been pointed to a lack of fresh Kenzo pics on Djimon's social media accounts, which seems to back up his Father's Day post. He put up a pic of him and Kenzo, but it appeared to be a throwback shot of the two of them together.

We're told the reason for that is simple ... Djimon doesn't hang out with him enough to post newer pics, which he has no one else to blame for but himself. 

Our sources says Djimon doesn't seem himself lately, and that it's starting to play out in public. 

In other news...

Lady Gaga Kisses Married Man During Las Vegas Concert

Lady Gaga raised a few eyebrows after she kissed a married man at her Las Vegas residency show.


'Blind Side' Star Quinton Aaron I Was Hospitalized ... And It's Way More Serious Than I Thought

6/19/2019 12:52 PM PDT

Quinton Aaron says what he believed to be a mere cold turned out to be something way more serious ... which he never would've caught had he not gotten checked out.

"The Blind Side" star -- who played the co-lead, Michael Oher, in the flick -- scared the crap out of people Tuesday when he posted a video of himself bedside in a hospital, saying he was gonna be alright ... but not disclosing what the heck was wrong with him.

View this post on Instagram

I Appreciate the love and prayers and continue to have faith that it's all gonna be ok!

A post shared by Quinton Aaron (@officialquintonaaron) on

Well, we got to the bottom of it ... and it is definitely much worse than a cold. Try full-blown upper respiratory infection!!!

Quinton says he'd been battling what felt like bad congestion since early May. At first, he didn't think much of it, but tells us when his symptoms carried over into June ... he went to the hospital. Doctors realized Monday his blood pressure was high, so they decided to keep him overnight for further tests. 

Check out the clip for the full diagnosis ... sounds like he might've dodged a bullet by seeing a doctor when he did, and Quinton seems to acknowledge as much. 

Luckily for Quinton, he tells us he's walking out of the hospital Wednesday after being treated for a few days. Feel better, QA!

Youth Baseball Brawl Full Video Shows Kids Running Scared ... Parents with Bats

6/19/2019 11:40 AM PDT

TMZ Sports has obtained the full, unedited video of that terrifying brawl at a youth baseball game in Colorado ... and it's even worse than we thought.

The person who shot the June 15 footage at Westgate Elementary School in Lakewood tells us the violence began when a woman walked onto the field brandishing a baseball bat as a weapon ... and a male parent tried to take it away from her.

During the struggle over the bat (captured on video), some parents began attacking the man, beating him down to the ground.

The violence continued for several minutes while little kids -- terrified -- tried to run off the field for safety.

The parents continued to attack each other ... while scared parents in the stands begged the combatants to stand down.

At one point, the woman recording the brawl begins to pray to Jesus to send angels down from the heavens to stop the violence.

Eventually, the fighting stops -- but the arguing continues -- with parents from both teams screaming at each other to leave the field.

Other parents are shouting that the police have been called ... but it doesn't seem to scare anyone.

You can see other parents pacing around the field holding bats while they wait for cops to arrive.

Eventually, police did show up and issue citations to multiple people. They're still on the hunt for the man who threw a violent sucker punch to an unsuspecting parent, sending him down to the ground.

We're told from witnesses that the whole thing exploded from a dispute over the rules.

Long story short, one team showed up with 13 players -- the other with 8 ... and parents were unhappy with how the game was playing out.

Arguments broke out in the stands and, eventually, parents asked the 13-year-old umpire to put a stop to foul language being thrown around. It was NOT over a bad call by the ump. 

But, things only got more heated from there ... and we're told when the woman walked onto the field with the bat, all hell broke loose.

Cops say between 15 and 20 adults were involved in the incident. 

The Lakewood Police Dept. is especially upset at the dude in the white shirt and teal shorts who blindsided a man with a pretty violent shot to the head.

Cops say several people have already been cited in this fight for disorderly conduct and fighting in public -- but they're clearly not done yet.

Officials also say at least one of the injuries is being classified as "serious."

So far, it doesn't appear any children were injured in the fight.

Originally Published -- 6:59 AM PT

In other news...

Farrah Fawcett's Friend Reveals Her Final Words Before Her Death

Farrah Fawcett‘s dear friend, Mela Murphy, is opening up about the late star’s final words before her death in 2009.


Rob Kardashian & Blac Chyna Your Cyberbullying Cost Me $2 Million ... so Claims Her Ex BF

6/19/2019 10:43 AM PDT

Rob Kardashian and Blac Chyna's alleged cyberbullying may prove costly ... so claims one of BC's ex's who's suing them for more than $2 mil.

Pilot Jones filed new legal docs saying he's been damaged to the tune of $2,113,800. He says the alleged cyberbullying and defamation caused him emotional distress in the amount of $500k. He also says Rob and Chyna's alleged attack on him fractured his family and he wants $250k for that.

But, there's more. He wants more than $250k for past and future medical expenses and $600k in lost earnings. And, there's still more ... he claims he somehow lost rent and that's another $7,200 and he wants reimbursement for a trip to Louisiana, where he fled back home after the alleged attack.

And last but not least ... he wants $500k in punitive damages.   

TMZ broke the story ... Jones sued the former couple in 2017 ... claiming they blamed him for selling a pic to an outlet showing him making out with BC. He also claimed they outed him as bisexual and released his digits to the public ... which resulted in threats.

Remember ... Jones is the guy to whom Rob allegedly sent racist and homophobic messages, insinuating he might be the father to BC's then-unborn baby. Jones says things got so bad he tried to commit suicide.

Carrie Underwood Sued You Jacked My 'Sunday Night Football' Song!!!

6/19/2019 10:28 AM PDT

Carrie Underwood is accused of being a "Sunday Night Football" theme song stealer -- another singer claims Carrie straight jacked her hit, "Game On" ... and used it without permission.  

The woman behind the suit is Heidi Merrill -- a singer who had success with the sports-themed song "Cornhusker Strong" back in 2015. 

Merrill says she wanted to ride the wave and make more sports-themed music so she came up with the song "Game On" in 2016 and posted it to YouTube in March 2017. 

In her suit, Merrill says she met Carrie Underwood's producer, Mark Bright, at an event in Nashville in August 2017 and asked if Carrie would be looking to create a new song for the 2018 NFL "Sunday Night Football" show open. 

Merrill says she submitted the song to Bright -- but was eventually told Carrie's camp passed on using "Game On."

Fast forward to Sept. 2018 ... Merrill says she was shocked to see Underwood and NBC promoting a secret new theme song for 'SNF' ... which ended up being called "Game On."

Merrill says Carrie's version is "substantially -- even strikingly -- similar, if not identical" to her own song ... and she's pissed!

She's now suing Carrie, Mark Bright, NBC, the NFL and more for copyright infringement -- but she has not listed an amount she's looking for. 

We reached out to Carrie's camp for comment -- so far, no word back. No comment from the NFL either. 

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