Lady Gaga Dognappers May NOT Have Targeted Her


There's new evidence to suggest the 2 men who dognapped Lady Gaga's French bulldogs and shot her dog walker may not have even known they were her dogs ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement and other sources tell TMZ ... dog walker Ryan Fischer was not just taking a short walk around the block when he was ambushed ... we've learned ... just minutes before the attack he was at a store with the dogs 7 blocks away.

Ryan and the 3 dogs were at Almor Wine & Spirits at the intersection of Sunset Blvd. and Fairfax in Hollywood. As most of you know, Sunset Blvd. is heavily trafficked and well lit, and someone could have spotted Ryan and gotten a good look at the dogs ... to determine their breed.

He then walked 4/10 of a mile ... where he was ambushed on a residential street. TMZ broke the story ... Ryan was shot and 2 dogs were stolen. They have since been recovered unharmed by a woman who saw them tied to a pole in an alley. Law enforcement believes Ryan walked for about 10 minutes before being ambushed.

We've learned LAPD detectives have gone to the store and obtained the surveillance tape, which shows Ryan and the dogs. Unfortunately, the white sedan with the perpetrators is not seen in the video.


Although cops initially believed the target may well have been Gaga, there's now a real possibility the perpetrators could have seen Ryan on Sunset Blvd., scoped out the dogs and followed him to a dark, residential street.

There's another reason this may not be a hit targeted at Gaga ... during the entire time the perpetrators had the dogs, sources connected to Gaga tell us they never made a ransom demand.

As for Ryan, who was just doing his job -- walking the dogs on a nice evening -- he's expected to fully recover from the chest wound. He fought to protect the dogs ... so he's the hero in this story.

Breonna Taylor Georgia Teacher Says She Caused Her Own Death

@genn.ey / Instagram

A Georgia high school teacher is fending off calls for her firing after she told her students Breonna Taylor caused her own death by hanging out with bad people.

Susan McCoy, who teaches forensic science at Pebblebrook High School in Mableton, GA, told her students in a zoom class, "I'm sorry she was killed, but you know, when you hang out with people with guns and shooting, you're likely to get caught in the crossfire."

McCoy, who at one point said, "What's her name -- Breonna something" -- leveled false allegations against Breonna's boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, saying Breonna was "hanging out with the guy who was wanted on charges ... and he fired at them, and they fired back."

As most people know by now, Walker was NOT the guy who was wanted on charges ... he and Breonna were simply sleeping when cops broke into their home. Walker says cops never ID'd themselves and he fired a shot in self-defense, striking a cop, and that's when police returned fire, killing Breonna.


Now, McCoy is doing her mea culpa, saying, "I want to apologize sincerely publicly for things I said today in my class that had to do with something that I was very ignorant about. I'm just heartbroken that I said something so rude and disrespectful." She went on to say, "I should never have talked about something that I didn't understand and I truly, truly apologize and ask for forgiveness and hope that someday I can have that trust back with my students that I know that I lost."

School officials have not said what, if any, punishment McCoy will face.

Crime and Punishment Guard Dog Naps Through Armed 'Robbery!!!'


Talk about asleep at the wheel ... getta load of this pooch that didn't let a little armed robbery get in the way of his afternoon nap!

A jewelry store owner in Thailand may be calling Cesar Millan after his "guard dog" slept through a fake, armed robbery training drill.

The Husky named Lucky was out like a light when the "robber" breezed in and pointed a gun at the owner.

The point of the exercise was to teach staff how to react. If Lucky's considered staff ... he flunked the test.

The "robber" made off with a bag of bling.

As for Lucky ... well, he'll catch lots of zzzzz's in the doghouse.

R. Kelly Fully Vaccinated ... Got Both Doses in Prison


R. Kelly might feel like he's trapped in a prison cell, but he's in a better place than much of the country when it comes to being vaccinated ... because we’ve learned he's already received his second dose.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the incarcerated singer's as COVID-safe as can be, after recently receiving shot #2 from the Bureau of Prisons at MCC Chicago, where's he's currently housed while awaiting trial.

We're told Kelly got his first dose in January and the second this month, so he's now fully inoculated.

According to the BOP ... 63 inmates at MCC Chicago have been fully vaccinated so far, along with 128 staff members.

As we reported ... Kelly tried twice, and failed twice, to get released from lockup during the early days of the coronavirus pandemic due to the risk of contracting the disease.

He doesn't have to worry nearly as much about that anymore with a roughly 95 percent efficacy rate with the vaccines ... but his trial still looms. It's currently scheduled for September.

We reached out to Kelly's attorneys, who declined to comment.

Kobe Bryant Childhood Basketball Hoop Sells for $37,200!!!

Kobe Bryant’s childhood basketball hoop has sold for a King's ransom!

The hoop fetched $37,200 at Heritage Auctions, and it's truly prized memorabilia. It was attached to the garage at Kobe's childhood home in Pennsylvania ... it's the hoop Kobe used to help perfect his legendary jump shot.

As TMZ reported, the home sold recently for $810,000, but the seller wanted a premium for the backboard and the rim and the buyer wasn't interested. So, it was dismounted and the home seller just scored a sizable bounty.

Kobe memorabilia is in ultra-high demand since his tragic death a year ago last month ... prices have skyrocketed for signed basketballs, jerseys and, frankly, anything Kobe. For example, a signed piece of the hardwood from Kobe's Staples Center -- where he played his final NBA game -- was auctioned off north of $600k!

'SNL' Nick Tries Reassuring Kevin ... Yeah, We're Still a Band!!!

Nick Jonas hosted 'SNL' Saturday night, and someone in the audience had an urgent question whose answer could spell financial collapse ... and the questioner was Kevin.

Nick's bro fired off a question at his bandmate ... specifically, whether they were indeed still bandmates. In other words, Nick's releasing solo music, appearing solo on shows like 'SNL' ... so is this a soon-to-be Reelz episode of "Breaking the Band?"

Kevin has immediate needs after all ... he just bought a house, so he sounds a little cash-strapped.

Nick gave him some assurance they were not dunzo, but watch and judge for yourself.

Nick's new album, "Spaceman," is his first solo project since the family band reunited in 2019. The album will be released on March 12.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Really upsetting week with Tiger and Gaga. So we gotta ask ...

Dognappers Targeted Lady Gaga ...

Tiger Will Play Again ...

Kim K In 2 Years ...

Trump Should Be Prosecuted For Coup Attempt ...

Springsteen DWI Case

'Bachelor' Contestant Rachael Kirkconnell ...

Whose Side You On?

Young Obama Breaking Racist Student's Nose

I'm Goin' On Vacay This Summer ...

El Chapo's Wife No Extra Security in Jail ... Despite Alleged Role in Hubby's Escapes


El Chapo's wife is getting the same treatment as any other inmate, according to her lawyer ... which is interesting, considering she's accused of plotting the drug lord's infamous prison breaks.

Emma Coronel Aispuro is being jailed at a Virginia detention center following her drug trafficking arrest, and her attorney, Jeffrey Lichtman, tells us she's just a regular guest of the government ... with no special security measures in place.

Emma's attorney tells us she doesn't qualify for beefed-up security because she wasn't deemed a security risk, even though the feds are now claiming she twice conspired to help El Chapo escape prison, including one successful prison break in Mexico.

As we reported ... El Chapo's wife was arrested Monday at Dulles International Airport and charged with conspiracy to distribute 5 milligrams or more of cocaine, 1 kilogram of heroin, 500 grams or more of methamphetamine and 1,000 kilos or more of marijuana for importation into the U.S.

Emma's attorney tells us she's at the William G. Truesdale Adult Detention Center in Alexandria, VA ... and he describes her mood as "miserable," but adds she's strong and will survive this ordeal.

Federal law enforcement sources tell us they are unaware of any special measures in place for Emma. The Alexandria Sheriff's Office, which runs the jail, won't discuss security measures.

Uncle Sam claims Emma aided in her husband's infamous July 11, 2015 prison escape in their native Mexico, and tried to help him escape again after he was recaptured -- but it seems the feds aren't too worried that will happen on U.S. soil.

Plus, El Chapo's serving a life sentence, so there's less risk of him returning the prison break favor for his esposa.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden within this stretched-out snap is a Golden Globe-nominated actress.

This leading lady started her acting career at an early age on the British television show "Growing Pains." Since then she has starred in a number of other productions such as "Love, Rosie," "The Blind Side," "Extremely Wicked, Shockingly Evil and Vile" and so much more!

Her most recent role in a Netflix series landed her the big nomination this year.

Use the clues above and take another good look at the photo to see if you have what it takes to uncover which celeb is hiding in this warped photo!

Mike Trout MLB Debut Jersey Hits Auction Block Expected To Rake In $1 Mil +


Mike Trout is the best player of his generation -- and 1 of the greatest baseball players of all-time -- and now you can own the future HOF'ers 1st game-worn MLB jersey!!

Long before the 3x AL MVP was a bonafide baseball great, he made his debut as a teenager playing center field for the Angels in 2011.

The date was July 8, 2011 ... and Trout's Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim took on the Seattle Mariners in SoCal.

Trout started in center field, batted 9th in the order and was 0-for-3 at the plate (the Angels won 4-3).

Those game-worn threads ... they just hit the block at the online auction house, Lelands -- and are available for bidding through April 2.

The sports memorabilia and card collecting biz has exploded. A 2009 Bowman Chrome Draft Prospects Mike Trout Superfractor card sold for $3.93 MILLION last year.

Lelands says don't be surprised if this 1-of-a-kind uni also cracks 7 figures (aka a milli plus) when it ultimately sells to the highest bidder.

And, speaking of baseball cards ... if the jersey wasn't cool enough on its own, it's also the uniform MT was rockin' on his '11 Topps Update rookie card.

Since starting his career with the 0-fer, Trout's blasted 302 HR's with 1,380 hits and 798 RBI's, and has won 3 American League Most Valuable Player awards ... and he's still only 29-years-old.

Happy bidding!!

Viral Skateboarder 'Doggface' Rental Car Break-In in San Francisco ... Goes to L.A. in Fear


Nathan Apodaca -- AKA, Doggface, the skateboarder who went viral to "Dreams" -- is having a nightmare West Coast trip after crooks targeted his family.

Sources close to the internet sensation tell TMZ ... Nate and his fam have been in the Bay Area recently on a getaway to celebrate his daughter's 14th birthday ... and all seemed to be going well until Tuesday, when he says their rental vehicles were broken into and ransacked.


We got Nathan out on Hollywood Blvd. talking about the ordeal ... and although he doesn't want to let it ruin the trip, he's clearly rattled by what he calls a scary trend in San Fran right now.

We're told they had pulled up to the Twin Peaks Overlook, and ended up parking and locking their rented Suburban and Pathfinder in a garage down below.

When they came back down, our sources say Nathan and co. found windows to both vehicles smashed ... and a number of items missing inside. He filed a police report, but says cops told him there wasn’t much they could do since there were no cameras in the garage.

According to the report, obtained by TMZ, Nathan says they made off with credit cards and checks, sunglasses, reading glasses and some wallets filled with identifying information ... like Social Security cards and driver's licenses.

All in all ... we're told the estimated loss and damage comes out to about $4,000. The worst part is that Nathan and his family were spooked, and quickly got the hell outta Dodge.

Our sources say Nathan returned the damaged vehicles Wednesday and picked up new ones, with plans to then book it down to Los Angeles -- which was NOT a stop in their OG itinerary. They're also changing their return flights to fly out of L.A. instead of SF.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

It's a total bummer for such a nice guy, who's been riding high on good vibes since he blew up from his TikTok video last year -- which has brought so much good fortune and beyond.

Just to leave ya on a good note, here's that old vid that had the world chillin' ... and, best of luck in L.A., Dogg.

Cynthia Nixon Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Cynthia Nixon's good looks were made for the screen!

Here is a 31-year-old version of the 'Sex and the City' star rockin' this updo at a screening of the show in New York City back in 1998 (left). During the show's six seasons Nixon won three Emmy awards for her role as Miranda Hobbes.

And 23 years later ... The now 54-year-old is a current nominee at the 78th Golden Globe Awards, for a role in one of her lasted projects, Netflixs' 'Ratched'. This is the sixth nomination Nixon has received during her career. The talented star was seen showing off her glowing good looks, from the comfort of her home, during a talk show appearance recently (right).

Beauty and talent!

The question is ...

Cynthia Nixon ...

Chris Harrison 'ATFR' Replacement Announced ... Emmanuel Acho Takes Host Seat!!!

Breaking News

Chris Harrison's out, and Emmanuel Acho is in -- he's officially set to fill in as host for 'The Bachelor' season finale episode ... this amid a racism scandal that won't go away.

The former NFLer and current FS1 sports broadcaster broke the news Saturday, taking to Twitter to write ... "IT’S OFFICIAL: I’ve accepted the Rose & am honored to be hosting the @bachelorabc After the Final Rose this year."

He adds, "It’s been a pivotal season & this episode will be one of the most storied shows in its history. Empathy is needed and change is coming. See y’all then! 🌹 ❤️"

It'd been widely rumored that Emmanuel would get a serious nod from ABC ... especially after Rachel Lindsay -- the first Black 'Bachelorette' in the franchise -- publicly name-dropped him recently as a great potential option to step in for Chris.

She said he'd be ideal since he has no affiliation with the franchise, and could be relatively neutral. Not just that, but Emmanuel is Black too ... and well-versed in issues of race, as he's quite vocal on his own programming. He seems pretty stoked for the opportunity too.

GMA confirmed the announcement as well, and Emmanuel responded ... "Life changing. I can't wait!" It'll be interesting to see how he moderates the convo with Matt James and whoever he ends up picking -- including potentially Rachael Kirkconnell, the problem-contestant from whose old racist photos this whole situation arose.

As we reported ... ABC execs were looking for a 'Bachelor' outsider to fill in -- and despite the fact that Emmanuel hadn't been approached as of Wednesday ... it looks like they came knocking shortly thereafter.

Remember, Rachel herself had also been approached ... but she respectfully declined. And while 'Bachelor' Nation thought Tayshia Adams -- the second Black 'Bachelorette' ever -- would also be ideal to serve as the 'ATFR' host ... she had not been approached.

The flip side to this is that Rachel Lindsay took a break from Instagram, apparently because she was getting bombarded with hostile 'Bachelor' fans who were sending hateful comments.

So, good news/bad news there. In any case, we're sure she's happy for her pal. 'After the Final Rose' airs on March 15 ... word is filming could happen as early as this weekend.

'Justice League' Actor Ray Fisher Re-Asserts Racism Allegations Amid Black Superman Rumors

5:18 PM PT -- A former federal judge, Katherine B. Forrest -- who was hired to head up WB's independent investigation -- is also speaking out on their behalf, saying unequivocally that Walter Hamada did NOT interfere in their probe by any stretch of the imagination, despite Fisher's allegations.

She says, "I am disappointed by continued public statements made suggesting that Walter Hamada in any way interfered with the Justice League investigation. He did not. I interviewed him extensively on more than one occasion and specifically interviewed him concerning his very limited interaction with Mr. Fisher. I found Mr. Hamada credible and forthcoming.  I concluded that he did nothing that impeded or interfered with the investigation. To the contrary, the information that he provided was useful and advanced the investigation."

A Black Superman film might be among us soon -- but a Black actor who already starred in a DC flick is pouring cold water on it, re-affirming his claim he experienced racism on WB's watch.

Ray Fisher -- who played Cyborg in 2017's 'Justice League' -- reminded folks Saturday that as hyped as they were on the idea of Michael B. Jordan potentially donning the red cape ... there are still issues he believes run deep at the studio.

He resurfaced claims he made last year against Warner Bros. and a handful of WB execs, including Walter Hamada ... whom Fisher alleges swept his concerns under the rug, and tried covering for another exec, Geoff Johns, while using other folks involved in 'JL' as scapegoats.

It's a long story, but essentially ... Fisher claims director Joss Whedon (who replaced Zack Snyder mid-shoot) was abusive on the set, while also alluding to racist behavior -- without getting into the nitty-gritty. Fisher alleges when he brought these issues to the attention of Hamada -- the Prez of DC Films -- the guy gave him lip service and brushed him off.

On top of all that ... Fisher claims WB's independent investigation into his claims -- which found no evidence to back his characterization -- was also BS, and hindered by Hamada.

The backdrop to all this, of course, is that it was reported this past week author Ta-Nehisi Coates, an African-American, would be penning a new Superman reboot -- with J.J. Abrams attached to produce -- and that WB's "intent" was to intro a Black Superman.

That kicked the rumor mill into high gear that MBJ would be brought on -- which had been speculated about some years back. Some say he could play Val-Zod ... a Black character from Krypton who's part of DC canon, and who's got all of Kal-El's superpowers.

It's a neat idea, but Fisher seems to think it's nothing but an empty make-good -- in light of what he claims happened to him. For the record, WB denied Fisher's claims before, and doubled down again Saturday ... saying there's simply no truth to it.

A rep for the studio says, "As we have stated before, an extensive and thorough third-party investigation was conducted. Our executives, including Walter Hamada, fully cooperated, no evidence was found of any interference whatsoever, and Warner Bros. did not lie in the press." They add, "It’s time to stop saying otherwise and move forward productively."

Originally Published -- 3:18 PM PT

Lada Gaga Dogs Found Tied to Pole in Alley ... Finder to Get $500,000 Reward


Lady Gaga's 2 French Bulldogs that were stolen this week were tied to a pole in an alley, miles from where they were dognapped, and the finder is in for a big reward ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe the woman who found the dogs is a Good Samaritan who happened upon the dogs and recognized them from all the media attention. We're told the woman saw the email address we posted from Gaga and said she found the dogs, and she was advised to take them to a nearby police station. The dogs are fine.


As we reported, police believe the woman has no involvement in the dognapping so she deposited the dogs at the PD and left.

As for the reward, sources directly connected to Gaga tell TMZ she will "gladly" pay the $500,000 reward to the finder and we're told tears of joy are still flowing in Rome.

As for the dognappers and, in particular, the person who shot her dog walker ... they are still at large, although we're told cops are combing the area for surveillance video.

Roger Stone Does His Best Flavor Flav at CPAC ... Hype Man to Trump MC!!!

Coming to you live from CPAC 2021, we present ... Flavor Flav and Chuck D of Public Enemy!!! Er, sorry -- nope, it's actually Roger Stone and MC TRUMPISTHECHOSENONE.

Check out this bizarre scene that was captured Saturday at the annual conservative convention -- where a recently-pardoned Stone was spotted getting his groove and hype man on next to a rapper who was putting on a song and dance, which appears to be an original.

No word on the name of the song, but based on what sounds like the chorus ... it could be "Feds Did a Sweep." There's more talk of Trump than the feds though ... a lot more.

Listen to this dude's lyrics -- which Stone seems to LOVE as he bobs back and forth to the beat. The guy's talking about "Trump 2021" and "running it back," while also touching on the Capitol insurrection ... calling those guys "patriots," and name-dropping Michael Flynn too.

Then comes the bridge ... "Who won? Trump won! Who won? Trump won! Watermark the baddest, 45 the chosen one." There's more, but we'll just let you listen for yourself.

Of course, there's also the Rambo Trump-themed monster truck behind them ... which is another convo. And, when Stone flashes the Nixon double peace sign, it officially dives into parody.

Take it away, we guess??? 😅

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