Disney World Jungle Cruise Boat Goes Down With People Onboard!!!

Kimberley German

"The Most Magical Place on Earth" became the wettest place for a group of theme park guests who got caught on a sinking vessel ... the park's famous Jungle Cruise.

One of the boats at the Magic Kingdom in Orlando started taking on water, which meant everyone onboard had to trek through the water, and try to climb to dryer conditions.

As you can see, there wasn't much wiggle room, but it's an amusement park -- no one was in danger of drowning here. Just a soaking inconvenience.

As you can see ... the Jungle Cruise waterways are pretty shallow.

The boat, named the "Bomokandi Bertha," reportedly sank around 12:30 and caused the ride to be shut down for nearly 2 hours. During that time the wet passengers were safely unloaded and the boat was towed away.

There are no reported injuries, and ya gotta hope everyone walked away with some FastPasses for their troubles.

All aboard?!

Offset My 'NCIS: L.A.' Gig is a Twofer!!! Acting Debut and New Song


Offset's officially following the lead of his wife -- he's adding actor to his resume ... along with hip-hop star.

The Migos rapper's set to make his acting debut on "NCIS: Los Angeles" and TMZ got a sneak peek. Offset plays the role of an undercover CIA agent being approached by the show's stars -- Chris O'Donnell and LL Cool J -- to save a special agent who's been captured.

Gotta say, it's pretty solid ... much like Cardi B's Hollywood debut last year in "Hustlers."

As an added bonus, Offset's guest spot will feature the world premiere of his new track, "Danger" .... which you can hear in the clip.

According to a behind-the-scenes vid ... LL says Offset hit him up about getting involved with the hit CBS show and he helped him get going, but Offset did the rest.

They say the role is significant because it's not the normal rapper-turned-actor typecast situation ... and it's clear they're pretty stoked about that.

The episode airs Sunday ... get ya popcorn ready, Cardi!!!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Catches Tiny Break In Domestic Violence Case


Ronnie Ortiz-Magro has won a battle in his domestic violence case but there's still a full war to settle.

Prosecutors dropped 2 charges against the 'Jersey Shore' star in his domestic violence case with Jen Harley. Ronnie was arrested last October after an explosive fight at their Airbnb in L.A., and faced 7 charges. Now, according to docs obtained by TMZ, prosecutors asked the judge to drop 2 of those charges -- brandishing a weapon and criminal threats.

The judge has already signed off on the prosecutor's request.

We've reached out to the City Attorney's Office to find out why they dropped the charges, but haven't heard back. Ronnie's attorney, Scott Leemon, tells us, "The facts and circumstances relating to the arrest and charging of Ronnie were exaggerated and actually incorrect."

He went on to say, "The City’s Attorney agreed with us and dismissed 2 of the pending charges against Ronnie. They agreed that these allegations were baseless and made up. We are hoping further investigation will yield similar results."

As we reported ... Jen alleged she suffered bruises and scrapes during an altercation with Ronnie that resulted in cops busting through the door and Tasing him before slapping cuffs on him and wheeling him out on a gurney.


He later pled not guilty to 7 misdemeanors -- domestic violence, child endangerment, brandishing a weapon, criminal threats, false imprisonment [of Jen] and 2 counts of resisting arrest. It's now down to 5 misdemeanors.

The news comes less than a month after cops in Vegas recommended Jen be charged for allegedly attacking Ronnie with eyeliner. Prosecutors have yet to make a decision in that case.

Drew Carey Attends Amie Harwick's Wake


Drew Carey is paying his last respects to Amie Harwick, his ex-fiancee who he called "a beautiful person who didn't deserve to die like she did."

"The Price is Right" host looked understandably somber Thursday morning outside the Huff & Lakjer Funeral Home in Pennsylvania. He walked into the wake, along with Amie's family and friends.

Several of her loved ones cried and hugged outside the funeral home.

As we reported ... Carey opened up about Amie's tragic death recently on his SiriusXM show, calling his engagement to her the "best relationship of my life." He says they shared a special connection over music, and he shared a setlist he made specifically for her.

We broke the story ... Harwick was killed after she was allegedly attacked by an ex-boyfriend in her home, which caused her fatal fall from a third-story balcony.

Gareth Pursehouse has been arrested and charged with her murder. Pursehouse had a long, troubling history with Harwick ... beginning when she filed for restraining orders against him nearly a decade ago.

Mark Wahlberg vs. Dr. Oz Push-Up Challenge Goes Down!!! And Up and Down and Up


The highly anticipated push-up contest between Dr. Oz and Mark Wahlberg -- all over their breakfast beef -- just went down, and we have a winner ... but it was closer than you think!

After all their trash-talking over whether people should skip breakfast -- the doc thinks you should, Mark says chow down -- they finally met up at an F45 Training gym in L.A. for the showdown.

The gladiators decided on a race to 59 push-ups -- for Dr. Oz's age -- but Wahlberg made it an even 60 ... and won by a few seconds. Pretty close, but take a look -- seems like the buff movie star was toying with the doctor a bit. Looks like Mark edged him out in form too, but keep in mind he IS 11 years younger. If ya need a reminder, check out the abs!


Afterward, Dr. Oz was feeling pretty good about his performance, and even thinks he might have gotten the better of Mark. Debatable, but he also tells us Wahlberg is trying out intermittent fasting and has come to the #cancelbreakfast table.


So, long story short ... the fitness challenge itself went to Mark, but Oz may win in the long run if Mark changes his daily diet. One thing's clear -- both of these guys really care about staying fit and healthy ... after the challenge they ran through an F45 workout.

That's another W for Mark, BTW -- he's an investor in the gym.

'Happy Days' Star Breaks Leg During Mountain Hike ... Rescued by Chopper!!!


Cathy Silvers -- best known for playing Jenny Piccalo on "Happy Days" -- had a painful day biking and hiking SoCal mountains ... ending up with broken bones and a helicopter rescue.

The actress tells TMZ ... she and her new BF were mountain biking through the canyons in Santa Clarita, north of L.A., when they decided to do a little rock climbing as well. Pretty adventurous date!


Unfortunately, as they were making their descent on Sunday, Cathy says she heard a loud crack in her leg and was unable to walk. We're told her BF had to carry her downhill for about an hour -- while she was in shock -- before he could finally call 911.

Once search and rescue was notified, we're told it took another couple hours to locate Cathy because they were at altitude, and eventually a helicopter had to be dispatched to find her and transport her to a hospital. She says her pain was almost unbearable during the hours long ordeal.


At the hospital, doctors put her leg in a cast -- turns out she broke 2 bones. Cathy thanks the L.A. County Sheriff Search and Rescue team and Fire Department for saving her ... along with her heroic BF.

By the way ... this was only their second date! Cathy says he's a lock for a third.

Nik Wallenda Daredevil's Death's Sad But ... It's Not Stopping My Volcano Stunt!!!


Famed tightrope walker Nik Wallenda's not the least bit shaken about his upcoming volcano stunt after another daredevil's recent death -- 'cause he says life or death is just his thing.

We got Nik out Thursday in NYC, and wondered if he's at all concerned about walking over the very active Masaya Volcano in Nicaragua next week. That will come on the heels of daredevil "Mad" Mike Hughes' fatally crashing a rocket in California.

Nik, who last summer tightrope walked 25 stories over Times Square, says there's no doubt he's risking his life but this is the business he was literally born into, and risk is just his reality. That being said, Nik admits he has some logistical concerns ... with the volcano itself.

He says the acidic gases it emits add a layer of stress. Nik, who is training with wind machines and an oxygen-deprivation mask, said the volcanic gases could pose a real threat to the wire. Then there's the heat, but oddly he's less worried about that.

BTW, the volcano walk, which will be televised live, is Nik's highest and longest ever -- 2,000-feet up and 1,800-feet across!!!

Coronavirus Foreign Productions Still Welcome in U.S. ... No Limits Amid Outbreak

TMZ/Getty Composite

The coronavirus is slowing just about every industry due to increased fears of a worldwide outbreak, but foreign moviemakers are pushing ahead in America ... full steam.

TMZ spoke with multiple film commission offices, from coast-to-coast in the U.S., and all were on the same page about how they're handling overseas productions/companies from countries like China and S. Korea. Despite hot zones in both places -- and others in Europe and the Middle East -- we were told it's no problemo for any of them to shoot on American soil.

We asked the L.A., NYC and New Orleans offices if coronavirus is making 'em think twice about issuing permits to some of these companies and/or films, and they all said they haven't changed policies. At least, not yet.

Worth noting, Georgia is home to countless film productions too -- and we've reached out to its Department of Economic Development, but haven't heard back.

Of course, Uncle Sam hasn't issued a blanket flying ban from countries heavily affected by coronavirus, even though some major airlines have partially halted travel ... something President Trump touted Wednesday evening.


Bottom line for the film industry ... if you can get here, you can still yell "action" on American movie sets.

So ... come one, come all. Just bring a mask with your cameras and lights, please.

Stolen Hearse Stolen Hearse Found!!! After Cop Chase Ends in Crash

Fox 11

8:09 AM PT -- The stolen hearse was involved in a police pursuit before it ended in a crash on the 110 Freeway in L.A. The driver has been taken into custody and law enforcement has confirmed the casket with the body is still on board.

Who ya gonna call? The Ghostbusters ain't in L.A. yet, so instead the Sheriff's Dept. is on the job, searching for a hearse, fully-loaded -- if ya get our drift -- that was stolen from a church.

Yeah, someone boarded the Hell Express and jacked a black Lincoln Navigator Wednesday night from outside a Greek Orthodox church in Pasadena ... according to cops. The luxury ride was carrying a casket containing a deceased woman who was going to be delivered to a different location.

The theft strikes even L.A. cops as especially bizarre ... or macabre.

The L.A. County Sheriff's Department tweeted a helpful hint to the suspect, saying ... "Out of all the bad decisions you have made, at least make one good one & bring back the deceased person & casket inside the Navigator."

If you're in SoCal, the Navigator hearse has the California license plate 7ZDG618.

Look for flames too. If the Sheriff doesn't catch 'em, we're thinking Satan will.

Originally Published -- 7:12 AM PT

Affleck, Damon & Driver Play Dress-Up for 'The Last Duel'

Ben Affleck, Matt Damon and Adam Driver are dialing things way back -- to the 1300s, that is -- for their next film.

The trio are on the set of Ridley Scott's next period drama, "The Last Duel," in Sarlat, France. The film -- set in Medieval times -- stars Matt and Adam playing real-life knights and best friends, Jean de Carrouges and Jacques Le Gris. You 'memba them, right?

The revenge thriller has a pretty insane storyline ... after Jean returns from the war, he accuses Jacques of raping his wife. Jean turns to King Charles VI to do something about it and he orders a duel to the death. It's a double whammy for Jean because if he loses, not only is he a goner but his wife will also be burned to death.

Ben, rocking a blonde 'do, plays a supporting role in the film, which is expected to come out in late 2020 or early 2021. He was initially set to play the role of Jacques before Adam joined the cast.

This is also the first time Ben and Matt are working together on a film since 2004's "Jersey Girl." If that's less than encouraging ... the BFFs co-wrote this script -- along with Nicole Holofcener. It's their first time doing that since their 1998 Oscar winner, "Good Will Hunting."

How do you like them apples?

Kobe Bryant's Sister Tribute Tattoo ... for Kobe and Gianna

Breaking News

9:49 AM PT -- Vanessa Bryant just showed her appreciation for Sharia's tattoo ... writing on her social media page, "Love you @shariawash - ❤️. #Gigi #Kobe 2~24 forever."

Kobe Bryant's big sister just got a permanent tribute to Kobe and Gianna -- a brand new tattoo with their numbers encircled by a Black Mamba snake.

Sharia Bryant Washington -- the oldest of the Bryant siblings -- hit up tattoo artist Peter Barrios for the work ... and it turned out pretty great.

You can see the numbers 2 and 24 (worn by Gianna and Kobe, respectfully) -- with the Black Mamba snake in the shape of the infinity symbol.

In other words ... Gianna and Kobe forever.

In the past few weeks, a bunch of people who knew Kobe and Gianna have opted for tats -- everyone from LeBron James and Anthony Davis to J.R. Smith and Shareef O'Neal.

Odell Beckham and rapper The Game also got Kobe-inspired body art.

Lamar Odom, who was extremely close with Kobe, told us he's strongly considering a Kobe tat and will likely get one soon.

It's been more than a month since Kobe, Gianna and 7 others passed away in a helicopter crash in Calabasas, Ca.

As we previously reported, Kobe's widow, Vanessa Bryant, has filed a wrongful death lawsuit against the company that operated the doomed chopper essentially blaming the pilot for the crash.

Originally Published -- 6:06 AM PT

'Bachelorette' Alum Chad Johnson 86'd from Charity Boxing Match ... After Dom. Violence Arrest


Chad Johnson is getting a TKO even before his "Battle of the Bachelors" boxing match, because organizers want nothing to do with an alleged domestic violence abuser.

TMZ has learned Chad, the bad boy from JoJo's season of "The Bachelorette," just got axed from next month's fight for charity at SoCal's Commerce Casino. Hearts Entertainment is putting on the event and its CEO, Bruce Thomas, tells us, "In no way shape or form do we condone the type of behavior Chad Johnson's been accused of."

TMZ broke the story ... Chad was busted Monday night following a heated argument with his GF, Annalise Mishler. She alleges things got physical, and responding cops say they found visible red marks on her face.

Johnson was arrested for felony domestic violence and also robbery ... for allegedly snatching Annalise's phone while she called 911.


He's admitted on camera to getting heated, throwing a phone and punching a hole in Annalise's wall -- but he denies getting physical with her.

Just last week Chad was at a boxing gym prepping to be the main event, and talking major smack ... even though he didn't yet have an opponent for the April 23 bout.

We're told the new main event is 'Bachelorette' fan favorites, Robby Hayes and Luke Pell ... who are also alums from JoJo's season.

Even though Johnson's out, we're told proceeds will now be split between Safe Horizon -- a domestic violence victims group -- and the event's original charity, the Grand Bahama Disaster Relief Foundation.

Ethan Suplee Tricking Trump Into Dieting Won't Work ... He'll Just Pig Out Later!!!


Ethan Suplee knows what it's like to have a diet forced on him, so he thinks President Trump's never gonna fall for covert cauliflower ... until he's onboard to change his diet.

We got the "Remember the Titans" star Tuesday at LAX, and his own incredible body transformation was apparent ... so we asked him about Trump's former physician saying they tried to improve his health by "putting cauliflower into the mashed potatoes."

Ethan tells us back when he was overweight, his family tried to put him on all kinds of diets but it never worked ... it just made him sneak unhealthy foods. He believes the same will happen with POTUS -- he'll seek out Popeyes and Chick-Fil-A later.

According to Ethan ... the only way a diet or exercise regimen will work for the Prez, or anyone else, is if they really want it, and it can't be forced.

Case in point, the actor tells us chef Andre Rush -- a guest on Ethan's "American Glutton" podcast -- has said Trump can have any healthy meal he wants 24/7, but tends to fall back on his fast-food habit.

When and IF Trump decides to change on his own, Ethan Suplee believes he won't regret it.

We don't wanna say there's a fat chance of that happening, but ... oh well, we just did.

Ray J & Princess Love Still Married ... But Living Separately


Ray J and Princess Love are still husband and wife -- doing the whole co-parenting thing -- but they're not back under the same roof, and that's just the way they like it for now.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... they still haven't reconciled after she claimed in November he'd "stranded" her and their daughter, Melody, in Vegas after a heated argument. Remember, Princess was weeks away from giving birth to their second child at the time.

We're told they're getting along fine now ... doing family stuff together with no drama or arguing. This includes over the holidays, which is also when they welcomed their baby boy, Epik.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Our sources say the couple's living situation -- Princess stays at her luxury Beverly Hills condo while Ray J's at a nearby bachelor pad -- helps keep the peace. We're told she keeps the kids but Ray comes by to visit daily, and he has their dogs at his house.

As for the potential threat of divorce ... our sources say there's zero talk of that currently, and they're using the time apart to focus on themselves and being good parents. Princess, we're told, is very happy with the current set up.

That doesn't mean Ray J's not still trying to make amends though ... our sources say he went all out for Valentine's Day, covering the Bev Hills condo with more than 2,000 roses for both Princess and Melody.


As we've reported ... Princess said she was done with the marriage after the Vegas incident, and Ray J briefly stopped wearing his wedding ring. He had it back on a few days later, though ... but said Princess was still mad.

We're told things are looking a lot better now, but clearly, they still have plenty of smoothing out to be done.

Floyd Mayweather $11k Shoe Shopping Spree ... At NYC Sneaker Shop


It was a regular Wednesday afternoon in the life of Floyd Mayweather ... which means he hit up a high-end sneaker shop in NYC and dropped an INSANE amount of dough.

The boxing superstar and his entire crew dropped by Flight Club near Union Square Park and you already know TBE didn't leave empty-handed.

Check out the video ... Floyd walks out of the store followed by his bodyguards -- one carrying what appears to be 8 bags.

We're told Mayweather copped several pairs of sneaks -- including multiple pairs of rare Nike Air Force 1's -- coming in at a combined price tag of $11,000.

Obviously, these aren't your normal $90 dollar AF1's ... these are special and hard to get.

So, why the huge haul? We're told Floyd has new TMT sweatsuits that are dropping soon ... and he wanted to get coordinating kicks.

$11k might sound like a lot of money ... and it is. Unless you're Floyd ... who according to Forbes, made almost a billion dollars last decade.

Give me 10 pairsssssssssssss 💸 ... you know you were thinkin' it.

Guess Who This School Kid Turned Into!

Before she was co-ruling empires in the TV world music industry, this schoolgirl was posing for cute yearbook pics and cheesing for the camera.

Getting her start in acting in the early 1990s, this eventual rock star would go on to star in some of the biggest shows and movies in the 2000s and 2010s ... and it doesn't look like she's gonna slow her roll either.

Some of her most notable appearances were in "Baby Boy," "Hustle & Flow," "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (for which she got an Oscar nom) as well as comedies like "Think Like a Man," "What Men Want" and slew of Tyler Perry films too.

Perhaps her most famous role though ... playing Lucious Lyon's wife, Cookie, on "Empire," where she's reigned supreme for at least 4 years now.

Ever versatile ... she's shown her range in movies time and again. And, at this rate, we're sure to see her more and more.

Can you guess who she is?

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