Bam Margera Stolen Bentley Crashes Into House ... 'I Can't Write This S***!!!'

Bam Margera's Bentley had one helluva ride ... a thief stole the car and crashed into someone's front porch during a wild police pursuit ... and it's on video.

The "Jackass" star says his expensive whip was stolen Tuesday night in Vista, CA, where he had stopped to charge his phone and get gas on his way to his shaman's house.


Bam says he looked out a store window to discover his car was missing, and then suddenly a bunch of cop cars swarmed and police helicopters appeared overhead and the chase was on.

Flash Media/

BM says the high-speed chase ended when the thief crashed his whip into a house ... and video shows the Bentley stopped on someone's front lawn, right up against a house, with tons of police on the scene.

The only good news here ... sources close to Bam tell us the car was NOT totaled, but it's been towed to a dealer and needs some repairs.

Oh, and the icing on the cake -- Bam says his phone ended up in someone else's hands too!!!

We think he summed it up best while talking to his buddy, Danny Way ... "I can't write this s*** dude!!!"

Cloris Leachman Dead at 94

Cloris Leachman -- the incredibly talented and hilarious actress and comedian, who starred in some of the biggest movies and TV shows ever -- has died ... TMZ has learned.

Leachman passed away of natural causes Tuesday night at her home in Encinitas, California, with her daughter, Dinah, by her side ... this according to her son.

He tells us ... "She had the best life beginning to end that you could wish for someone." He adds that she was at peace, and "she left everyone with a lot of love."

Cloris' career in showbiz began shortly after she competed in the 1946 Miss America Pageant, when she made her debut on the 'Actors Studio' TV series.

After years of landing small roles on television, Leachman had her breakthrough playing the landlady, Phyllis, on "The Mary Tyler Moore Show" in the '70s ... which led to her own spin-off.

She won 2 Emmys for the role, and a Golden Globe for Best TV Actress for "Phyllis."

In film, Cloris is best known for 2 movies she made during the same time period -- "The Last Picture Show" in 1971, for which she won an Oscar for Best Supporting Actress ... and 1974's "Young Frankenstein."

She'd go on to star in another popular Mel Brooks' film in 1981, "History of the World, Part I."

But, that's not all -- she was also racking up Emmys for "A Brand New Life" and "Cher" in the '70s, "The Woman Who Willed a Miracle" in the '80s, "Promised Land" in the '90s ... and most recently, "Malcolm in the Middle."

With 22 Emmy noms, she's the most nominated actress in history, and her 8 wins is the most of all time ... tied with Julia Louis-Dreyfus.

Her other notable roles spanning over 7 decades include "The Twilight Zone," "Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid," "WUSA," "Yesterday," "Spanglish," "Raising Hope" and the "Mad About You" reboot.

Cloris also voiced characters on several projects, including 'The Croods' films and "Bob's Burgers."


When we last saw her in 2017, she joked about her faux feud with Betty White, and accepted a duel ... on the dance floor.

Cloris was 94.


NFL's Chad Wheeler Breaks Silence on Dom. Violence 'Deeply Sorry & Ashamed,' Blames Manic Episode

Breaking News

2:06 PM PT -- Chad Wheeler has broken his silence on the allegations -- saying he's "deeply sorry" and "truly ashamed" ... and blaming the entire incident on a "manic episode."

"Events happened over the weekend that transpired from a manic episode," Wheeler tweeted ... "I am deeply sorry for the pain and suffering that I have caused to [the victim] and her family."

He continued, "I apologize profusely for the turmoil that I have caused to my family, teammates, fans and those closest to me. The most important thing right now is that [the victim] gets the care she needs and I get help. Both are happening."

Wheeler also announced he would be stepping away from football and seeking treatment.

"It is time for me to walk away from football and get the help I need to never again pose a threat to another. I cannot express my sorrow or remorse enough. I am truly ashamed."

The Seahawks have just announced Wheeler is a free agent this offseason and they have no intentions of bringing him back in the wake of the arrest.

12:11 PM PT -- "The Seahawks are saddened by the details emerging against Chad Wheeler and strongly condemn this act of domestic violence," the team said in a statement. "Our thoughts and support are with the victim."

The team added, "We encourage Chad to get the help he needs. If you are experiencing mental health issues, please reach out for help."

Chad Wheeler's girlfriend told police ... the NFL player had stopped taking his medication for bipolar disorder in the days before he brutally attacked her -- and had "snapped into a bad place" on the night of the incident.

It's all spelled out in the police report, obtained by TMZ Sports, in which the alleged victim attempted to explain why she believes the Seattle Seahawks offensive lineman violently attacked her.

The Kent Police Dept. in Washington say they first received a call from a friend of the victim around 9:45 PM on Jan. 22 -- saying the woman was locked in a bathroom after a physical fight with her boyfriend.

Soon after, the victim called 911 herself and told the operator she was being "killed."

When cops arrived at the scene, officers say they "could hear a female screaming from inside the apartment" and forced their way inside. They also forced their way into a locked bathroom where they found the woman with blood all over her face and Chad standing behind her.

Cops detained Chad, who was not being cooperative, and he began to repeatedly yell, "sorry" while crying out, "I don't beat women," according to the police report.

The woman was transported to a nearby hospital where she told cops she had been dating Chad for 6 months without any notable issues.

She also explained, "Chad suffers from bipolar disorder and is medicated but has not been taking his medication recently."

According to the police report, the woman said, "Chad had a rough week and had a manic episode this evening. She said it was not provoked by an argument of any sort."

The woman says Chad "snapped into a dark place" out of nowhere and told her to bow to him -- which she refused. And that's when he beat her up, according to the police report.

The woman told cops Chad strangled her "with both his hands for some time" -- and continued his attack even after she fought back.

The woman says she lost consciousness -- and when she came to, Chad said, "Wow you're alive?"

That's when the woman says she ran to the bathroom, locked the door and called cops and family members.

New Trey Songz Video Removed Mask to Snack on Fries ... Other Maskless Fans Got Pass???


A new video from the Trey Songz saga shows he had a good excuse to take off his mask at one point during the Chiefs game -- but it won't help his case with cops.

As you can see, Trey's face mask was in chin strap mode as he chowed down on a cup of french fries. While masks were required for all fans, the stadium does allow an exemption for eating and drinking.

However, we're told this was about 10-15 minutes before the KCPD officer came over -- backing up 3 visits from stadium security -- demanding Trey pull up his mask.

The other interesting element to this new video is that you can see there are at least a couple other fans watching the fight who didn't have their masks up.

It does make ya wonder if the singer was being singled out ... whether it be by other fans or security.

Kansas City Police

Of course, the video police released Tuesday clearly shows Trey throwing the first punch during the interaction with the officer -- so, the french fry excuse only goes so far in explaining what went down.

As we reported, Trey also posed for a masked up pic with a security guard at some point prior to the fight. Worth noting ... he did appear to have the mask down during each of the 3 visits from security.

Trey's team claims the officer had it out for him before the brawl, but there's still no footage supporting that.

Michael Strahan Tests Positive for COVID-19


Michael Strahan has tested positive for COVID-19 ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the "Good Morning America" host and NFL Hall of Famer tell us he is currently quarantining ... which is why he's been absent from 'GMA' all week.

Football fans also noticed he only appeared remotely for his other gig on "FOX NFL Sunday" during the NFC Championship -- that's because Michael was already taking precautions.

We're told he found out on Saturday he'd been exposed at some point last week, and immediately started quarantining. Our sources say he's planning to appear on 'GMA' Thursday, remotely, to discuss his diagnosis. He's not currently experiencing any severe symptoms.

There's also this ... we've learned Strahan's daughters came into contact with him AFTER he'd been exposed -- so they're getting tested. So is their mother, Jean, with whom they live most of the time. We're told they haven't gotten their results yet.

It's unclear how much he'll be working for now. We've seen other anchors work from home while quarantining -- CNN's Chris Cuomo comes to mind.

'GMA' has been through this already ... you'll recall Michael's co-host George Stephanopoulos caught the 'rona last year.

Chester Bennington Widow Files for Divorce ... 1 Year After Tying the Knot


Talinda Bennington has filed for divorce 1 year after tying the knot again ... TMZ has learned.

Chester Bennington's widow filed her divorce petition Wednesday in L.A. County Court ... according to court records. As you know by now, she got married to L.A. County firefighter Michael Fredman around New Year's Eve 2019 at Turtle Bay Resort in Kahuku, Hawaii.

Talinda already took to Instagram to announce the news too ... saying, in part, "Divorce is never easy, but in our case it is for the best. We have remained good friends and he continues to be an important part of my children's lives."

Talinda and Michael had no kids together during their short marriage. She and Chester had 3 children -- son Tyler and twins Lily and Lila. The children were also part of Talinda's wedding to Fredman.

Interestingly enough ... Talinda and Chester were also married on New Year's Eve in 2005.

As we previously reported ... Talinda and Michael got engaged back in April 2019 ... just over 2 years after the Linkin Park singer committed suicide.

After the news about her engagement broke ... Talinda said, "I can find love after tragedy" and added, "To all suicide loss survivors, you CAN be happy again. You CAN have space in your heart for grief, joy, happiness, sadness and love."

Pamela Anderson I Married My Bodyguard ... Fell In Love In Lockdown

Breaking News

Pamela Anderson tied the knot -- for the fifth time -- and this time she said "I Do" to her bodyguard.

The actress and her muscle, Dan Hayhurst, got married Christmas Eve in a private ceremony at Pamela's Vancouver Island home in Canada ... according to the Daily Mail.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Pamela says she fell in love with Dan during coronavirus lockdown, when they were together 24/7, so they got hitched over the holidays.

The ceremony, reportedly in the backyard of a home Pam originally bought for her grandparents, was super small ... no bridesmaids, no groomsmen, no family or friends, just a local pastor and a witness.

Hey, when ya fall in love and get married during a pandemic lockdown, it's hard to invite a lot of people to a wedding in the middle of said pandemic. Pamela says both of their families gave their blessings, as did their friends.

As we said, Pamela's done this 5 times now with 4 different grooms ... and that's not even counting last January when she said "I Do" to movie mogul Jon Peters before breaking up 12 days later having never filed legal docs to become mister and missus.

Dan joins Tommy Lee, Kid Rock and Rick Salomon (twice) as Pamela's other halves.


Tim Robbins Files for Divorce After Secretly Marrying GF


Tim Robbins has filed for divorce, which comes as a surprise ... because we didn't know he was even married.

The "Shawshank Redemption" star filed legal docs Wednesday in L.A. to divorce Gratiela Brancusi ... who he'd been rumored to be dating for about 3 years now.

The 2 were first linked publicly when he brought her to the premiere of his HBO show, "Here and Now," in February 2018, but they attended several more events together in 2019 ... including a family outing at a hockey game in Dec. 2019.

It's unclear when they got hitched ... but he's seeking a dissolution of their marriage now. According to his filing, they don't have any kids together.

As you know ... Robbins was previously with Susan Sarandon. The famous Hollywood couple began dating in the late '80s after meeting on the set of "Bull Durham" and were together for 2 decades, until their split in 2009.

They were never married, but have 2 adult sons together.

Lewiston, ID City Council Woman Says She Rocks 'Muslim' Garb To Avoid Mask Wearing

this is what it's come to!

An Idaho woman showed up to a city council meeting dressed in what she described as Muslim attire, as an example of the lengths she says she goes to just to avoid wearing a mask.

This went down Monday in the city of Lewiston, where council members opened the meeting with public comments ... which brought forth a throng of angry citizens, many of whom were griping about local mask mandates and restaurant shutdowns, claiming it was illegal.

Eventually, this woman -- who ID'd herself as Katie Dugger -- stepped up to the podium ... wearing a bright purple headdress that she later said she got in Peru, but apparently used in public to get out of putting on face covering.

Watch for yourself ... it's bonkers. Basically, Dugger says in order for her to go to school in-person, this is what she has to wear to get by without any hassle, passing herself off as a Muslim. She even wraps the fabric around her face like a burka, to bring her point home.

She isn't using the religious liberty argument ... she claims her aversion to mask-wearing is all about childhood trauma πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ.

In any case, it just goes to show ... the inclination to fight masking up -- even at this point in the pandemic -- is still very much alive in this country.

Capitol Police Union Blasts Leadership for Riot Response ... 'Inaction Cost Lives'


12:13 PM PT -- The Capitol Police union admits its front-line officers are beyond angry, and is blasting the bosses for failing to protect them from injury and death ... stating "Leadership Betrayed Our Mission."

The union calls acting Chief Pittman's admission that the department knew what was coming on January 6 but did not properly prepare the cops for potential violence "unconscionable" and "inexcusable."

The Union Chairman says, "The officers are angry, and I don't blame them. The entire executive team failed us, and they must be held accountable. Their inaction cost lives."

The union goes on to criticize Pittman further by suggesting she should not remain Police Chief, but rather another leader from within the department who has the support of the front-line officers should get the job.

Capitol Police officers are furious with their Police Chief for apologizing to lawmakers for the Capitol riots ... while still failing to talk to them about what went down January 6, and what to do if something similar happens again.

Sources within the Capitol Police tell TMZ ... neither acting Police Chief Yogananda Pittman, nor any of the other USCP higher-ups have directly addressed the officers who were on duty during the insurrection to say sorry to them for the lack of preparedness.

Even worse, we're told upper management has not clearly communicated to the officers what's being done -- or should be done -- to thwart another coup attempt at the Capitol.

According to our sources, cops want to hear from their leaders, "This is what went wrong, and this is what we need you to do next time" ... but so far, nothing.

Instead, Chief Pittman issued an apology to Congress on Tuesday, admitting that her department was not well enough prepared for the terrorist attack. She added they knew armed militia groups and white supremacists would be protesting, and there was a strong potential for violence and that Congress was the target.

We're told the feeling among the police officers is ... USCP management cares more about the image of the agency and getting the media off its back than taking care of its force, and Pittman's apology lends more proof.

Our sources say there's also not much internal support for Pittman as police chief, especially because she was the head of intelligence during the Jan. 6 riots ... and cops involved that day feel she let them down.

We broke the story ... Capitol Police officers were also incensed by the lack of direction before President Biden's inauguration, and a lack of clarity in the use of deadly force.

Originally Published -- 12:50 AM PT

'Mighty Ducks' Goalie Shaun Weiss is Celebrating 1 Year of Sobriety!!!


Shaun Weiss -- famous for playing Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" -- is damn near unrecognizable again, but in a great way ... and that's because he's now 1-year sober.

His friend, Drew Gallagher, tells TMZ ... Shaun officially hit the milestone yesterday. He says Shaun chose to delay his Christmas as part of the celebration ... waiting to open presents on the day he celebrated his sobriety.

There's more good news ... remember the full dental sponsorship he got back in September to address his need for new teeth? Well, his permanent pearly whites -- top and bottom -- are almost done. He's wearing temporary dentures for now.

Shaun, who is still at a sober living house in Tarzana, CA, is getting ready for his next steps in life. We're told he's working on his comedy chops and doing some scriptwriting.

As we reported ... Shaun lived on the streets, suffering from methamphetamine addiction, and ran into trouble with the law before checking into a sober living facility changed his life. πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸ‘πŸ½ πŸ‘πŸ½

Halsey Surprise ... I'm Pregnant!!!

Breaking News

Halsey just dropped a bombshell ... she's got a bun in the oven!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The "You Should Be Sad" singer definitely is not that now ... she made the surprise announcement Wednesday, posting three pics of her baby bump and adding the caption, "surprise!"

It's unclear when the photos were taken, but in the images, Halsey looks at least a few months along.

Halsey also dropped what appears to be a huge hint about the baby's father ... she tagged Alev Aydin in the post. The two have been hanging out a lot recently -- going back to October, at least -- and he's a writer and producer.

As we've reported ... Halsey just scooped up Liam Payne's Calabasas mansion for a cool $10,161,150. The 9,659-square-foot home has 5 bedrooms, plus a home theatre, giant library, beautiful backyard, pool, koi pond, waterfalls, gardens and a massage/meditation house. In other words, a pretty good nesting spot.

Halsey previously sparked pregnancy rumors back in 2019, rubbing her belly with then-boyfriend Evan Peters. She later clarified it wasn't a baby bump, just a stomach full of pancakes.

This time though, it's the real deal. Congrats!!!

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene Old FB Activity Resurfaces Supported Execution of Dems

Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene is under fire for old Facebook activity that suggests she was onboard with the killing of Democrat lawmakers ... but she's brushing most of it off as "fake news."

The newly-elected Congresswoman from Georgia has a ton of posts, likes and replies/comments that were still active of late, and dug up by several outlets, including CNN, which say she either co-signed or outright called for the execution of folks like Nancy Pelosi, Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton ... just to name a few.

One such post from 2019, before she ran for office and was elected, reportedly shows she liked a comment that read, "a bullet in the head would be quicker" in response to someone speculating how to remove the House Speaker. Screenshots seem to prove ... it's legit.

There are other posts Rep. Greene reportedly liked about FBI agents getting killed ... because they were apparently part of the "deep state" working against Trump.

Her sights were also set on Hillary, it would seem -- she reportedly mentioned her in a couple different posts over the years. In one such case, she agreed with someone on a conspiracy theory about a "hit" Hillary supposedly ordered on a woman who'd seen heinous child-killing content on Anthony Weiner's laptop, and in another ... looping in Obama too.

Somebody reportedly once asked if "H & O" -- apparently referring to Hillary and Obama -- ought to be "hanged" ... to which Greene reportedly replied, "Stage is being set."

In light of all these old posts coming to light, Rep. Greene is commenting, but in a very defiant, Trump-like way.

She writes, "Fake News CNN is writing yet another hit piece on me focused on my time before running for political office. I will never back down to the enemy of the American people and neither should you." Greene goes on to say different people have managed her accounts for her at different points -- and while acknowledging some posts were legit, not everything she engaged online represents her views.

House Republican Leader Kevin McCarthy called the reports about Greene "disturbing," and said he plans to speak to her about it.

Bernie Sanders Inauguration Bobblehead Sales Explode ... Triggers Big Donation


The Bernie Sanders bobblehead is ON FIRE -- with roughly 20,000 people snatching up the special Inauguration Day figure ... leading to a massive $10,000 charity donation!

Just moments after images of a bundled up Bernie went viral on social media -- the folks at the National Bobblehead Hall of Fame Museum got to work designing a special googly-headed Bernie piece.

And man, did the people LOVE IT! We're told the demand has been crazy -- and the Bernie figure is already the 2nd best-selling bobblehead they've ever produced ... behind Dr. Fauci, which is approaching 50,000 units sold.

In fact, sales have been so spectacular, the NBHOF&M says it's donating $10,000 to Meals on Wheels Vermont, Bernie's charity of choice for sweatshirts his campaign is selling that featured the same viral Inauguration Day image.

So, who's buying the Bernie bobbleheads?

We're told at least one figure has been sold in all 50 states, nearly a dozen different countries and 5 continents. Bernie-mania is global.

Oh, and if you're wondering ... the NBHOF&M's 3rd best-selling figure? Sister Jean from Loyola-Chicago!

GameStop Stock Price Continues to Soar ... Redditors Reveling, Hedge Funds Hurting

Exclusive Details

11:28 AM PT -- Jaime Rogozinski -- the man who created the Reddit forum behind this wild GameStop stock play -- tells us when he started it back in 2012 ... his intention was to form a community for investors who don't mind being a little risky with their disposable income in order to try to make some quick cash.


He says it's amazing to see how WallStreetBets has progressed ... to the point where it's now being compared to the Occupy Wall Street movement.

Jaime tells us how he thinks this is different though ... and how the GameStop method could be a game-changer for traditional Wall Street.

BTW ... GME's stock price got as high at $377 Wednesday, but has cooled down a little bit and is now around $300. But, who knows what Thursday will bring???

GameStop's wild ride on the stock market is still going strong, as one of the crazier Wall St. stories continues to stun hedge fund managers ... to the delight of Reddit investors.

The video game retailer's stock price has surged Wednesday -- it's up more than $220 for the day, and is approaching $400 -- thanks to a group of traders belonging to the Reddit message board, WallStreetBets.

Here's what's going on, in layman's terms -- the Reddit investors basically decided to make GameStop Corp. (GME) their main stock market focus, buying up as many shares as possible in order to screw over hedge funds that have shorted the stock ... meaning they bet against it.

So, the Redditors have been encouraging everyday investors -- called retail investors -- to buy up GME stock to increase its price and, as a result, the hedge funds are getting screwed.

Elon Musk, who's had battles with hedge funds shorting Tesla in the past, joined the troll job -- that's what hedge fund managers see this as -- by tweeting a link to the Reddit message board behind the GameStop action.

All of it has been working -- GameStop began the year at $19, reached the $90 mark earlier in the week ... and it just got much closer to $400 in the time it took to write this article.

Meanwhile ... hedge funds that shorted GME are losing tons of money.

What a day on Wall Street!!!

Originally Published -- 8:31 AM PT

Osceola Co. Sheriff Deputy On Paid Leave, Being Investigated ... After Student Body Slam

Breaking News
Osceola County Sheriff's Office/Facebook

8:15 AM PT -- The Osceola County Sheriff's Office says their deputy who body slammed the female high school student is now on administrative paid leave pending an investigation, which is being headed up by a separate law enforcement agency.

The Sheriff, Marcos Lopez, says he turned the case over to the Florida Department of Law Enforcement ... whom he says are going to get to the bottom of whether the officer did anything wrong here, or if he broke protocol/the law in restraining the teen.

Speaking of her, Lopez said the girl -- whose name or age he didn't mention -- was treated at the scene and later released, going on to say she was "fine."

On the other hand, the officer's name was dropped in the presser ... Ethan Fournier, who's been on the force for 10 years. Lopez didn't reveal his hand on any opinions, but he did say one interesting thing -- condemning death threats he claims have been hurled at Fournier to the utmost degree.

He said while he doesn't condone rogue officers who engage in violent behavior, he equally disavows anyone calling for Fournier's life. Lopez said he's innocent until proven guilty.

Florida cops are feeling the heat over that video of a deputy's assault on a female high school student ... so much so, they're addressing the case in a news conference.

The Osceola County Sheriff's Office will discuss the case Wednesday morning after the horrific incident at Liberty High School Tuesday afternoon. Video showed a resource officer violently restraining a female student, and throwing her onto the ground ... head first.

In the video, you see the teenager hit the concrete hard, and her body goes limp. The officer proceeds to place handcuffs on her as the crowd around screams. Multiple people appeared to be recording, and caught the action from different angles. It looked like the student lost consciousness.

The only thing we've heard from OCSO thus far is that the officer was breaking up a fight, and that an investigation is underway.

Presumably, Sheriff Marcos Lopez -- who'll be at the podium shortly -- will have some sort of update on what they've learned at this point, and whether the officer will face any repercussions. It'll be interesting to hear if he denounces the act, or tries to justify it.

Several people have accused the officer of excessive force, with some supposed eyewitnesses claiming the girl was already under control and separated when the cop did what he did. Unclear how the student is doing, or what her condition is.

Originally Published -- 7:57 AM PT

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