Celine Dion Performing at Olympics Opening Ceremony ... and Making a Bundle!!!

Celine Dion will perform Friday at the opening ceremony for the 2024 Olympics in Paris, and organizers have opened the vault for her ... TMZ has learned.

The icon touched down in Paris Monday, and sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ, she is getting ready to take the stage Friday.

Our sources say she will be paid handsomely ... $2 million!!! By the way, that's for just ONE song!

Thomas Matthew Crooks Dad Surfaces in Public ... Bats Down Media Questions

Fox News Digital

Life goes on for Thomas Matthew Crooks' father in the wake of his son's death following an assassination attempt on Donald Trump ... because he was just seen in public for the first time since the deadly rally.

Matthew Brian Crooks ventured out Monday in the family's Bethel Park, PA hometown ... stocking up on groceries and heading back to his car ... refusing to answer questions about his now-infamous son.

The Crooks patriarch told a Fox News Digital photog the family would release a statement when advised by their legal team ... and until then, they have no comment on anything.

Elon Musk Woke Mind Virus ... 'Killed' My Trans Daughter

The Daily Wire

Elon Musk says his transgender daughter is dead in his eyes -- saying he feels she was brainwashed by the "woke mind virus."

The Tesla chief did an interview with Jordan Peterson on Daily Wire this week, where he made the alarming comments ... saying his 20-year-old daughter, Vivian, was "killed" by what he considers left-wing propaganda as it pertains to LGBTQ+ matters.

Elon referred to his kid by her birthname -- which he rightly pointed out was her "deadname," and he said that description is accurate ... because he says your child is gone at that point.

Sonya Massey's Dad Calls Cop Who Killed Her ... 'Emissary of Satan'


Sonya Massey's father is sharing his heartbreak after his daughter was shot and killed in her home by a white police officer ... slamming the deputy as a devilish figure.

James Wilburn spoke with Gayle King on "CBS Mornings" after body cam footage of the shooting showed Sangamon County Sheriff's Deputy Sean Grayson shooting Massey earlier this month ... this after she'd actually called 911 for help.


According to her dad, he claims he was never told a deputy was involved with the untimely passing of his daughter, and says he was led to believe an intruder shot and killed his daughter. JW said he learned about the facts of the case from his brother ... and felt they had been misled as part of what he characterized as an alleged "cover-up."

Tiger Woods Shows Off Gnarly Leg Scars ... 3 Years After Car Crash

Tiger Woods gave the public its first glimpse of his right leg since he mangled it in a 2021 car crash ... and check it out, the Big Cat's got some really big scars.

Eldrick has usually rocked a leg sleeve when around cameras since requiring multiple surgeries to fix the bones he broke in a horrific wreck in Los Angeles some three years ago ... but on Monday, he ditched it to follow his son around at the U.S. Junior Amateur competition in Michigan.

You can see on one side of his wounded limb, there's a zipper scar that goes from the bottom of his knee all the way down to his ankle. On the other side, there's a deep mark that spans most of the top of his calf.

Secret Service Director Resigns After Trump Shooting

Secret Service Director Kimberly Cheatle is throwing in the towel on her job at the federal agency -- this after the bungled attempted assassination of Donald Trump ... and all the scrutiny that's followed, TMZ has confirmed.

Cheatle tendered her resignation Tuesday effective immediately, just a day after she was on Capitol Hill getting grilled by lawmakers over the bungled security detail with Trump at his rally in Pennsylvania ... where he was shot by Thomas Matthew Crooks.


Multiple members of Congress demanded answers from Cheatle on what exactly went wrong that weekend -- and most of her responses were vague or unsatisfactory to the House members ... with many of them demanding she exit stage left since the buck stops with her.

High As a Kite 13 Brazilian Sharks Positive for Coke

More than a dozen sharks in Brazil have tested positive for cocaine -- elevating concerns that the open waters in the area are being contaminated with drugs and affecting wildlife.

A handful of research groups recently published findings after collecting 13 sharpnose sharks from fishermen off the coast of Rio de Janeiro ... and after they cut 'em open and pulled out the insides, reports say their livers and muscle tissue were found to be laced with coke.

We're not just talking about a little white powder here -- according to these researchers, the concentration in their system was incredibly high ... as much as 100 times more than previously recorded data in other marine life.

'All My Children's Esta TerBlanche Death Scene Detailed ... Required Animal Rescue Response

Esta TerBlanche left behind a bunch of animals -- including some very unique pets -- when she died last week, and they had to be collected by a third party ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us cops got called to the "All My Children" star's home last week when her assistant went to her house to check on her because she hadn't heard from Esta ... who had just returned to the States from a trip overseas.

Our sources say the assistant found Esta Friday on the ground in her bathroom, called 911 and first responders pronounced her dead on the scene.

Keanu Reeves Thinks About Death 'All the Time' ... But WHY???


Keanu Reeves is sharing his candid thoughts on mortality, and the fact is ... "the end" is something that's top of mind for him right now.

The actor joined author China Miéville on the BBC to promote their new novel, "The Book of Elsewhere," which follows an immortal character who is eager to die -- which explains why the morbid topic was brought up in the first place.

As Keanu put it ... at 59 years old, he's "thinking about death all the time," especially since he described himself as "young-old."

Lisa Kudrow When We Shot 'Friends' ... Audience Made Me 'Really Angry'

no laughing allowed
Conan O'Brien Needs a Friend

Lisa Kudrow isn't looking back fondly at her entire experience on "Friends" ... revealing the one thing that really bugged her during the taping of the celebrated sitcom.

The actress was on Conan O'Brien's podcast when she clarified a confession previously made by her "Friends" costar, Jennifer Aniston ... that she was never a fan of the live studio audience.

As Lisa put it ... the audience would laugh for too long at a joke -- even if it wasn't entirely funny. Being a performer, this thoroughly annoyed LK, as she thought it wasn't an honest response to what she and her costars -- Aniston, Courteney Cox, Matt LeBlanc, Matthew Perry and David Schwimmer -- were doing on the sound stage.

Andy Murray Olympics Are My Last Hoorah ... Retiring After 19 Years

Three-time Grand Slam champion Andy Murray just announced he's calling it a career after the 2024 Paris Olympics ... saying he's officially retiring from tennis tournaments following the Games.

Murray -- who will be repping Great Britain in a few days -- shared the news on social media on Tuesday ... setting the expiration date on his 19-year career.

Murray was most recently forced to withdraw from the singles competition at Wimbledon after his recovery from a spinal cyst procedure took longer than anticipated. He did participate in a doubles match with his brother, Jamie Murray, but the duo was eliminated in the first round.

Lala Kent Apologizes to David Arquette for Cold Exchange ... Says She Was Just Intimidated

Lala Kent is offering up an apology after David Arquette called her out for being an unfriendly costar ... and she seems pretty sincere.

The "Vanderpump Rules" star offered up her mea culpa on her Instagram Stories Tuesday, where explained why she might've come off cold while promoting their horror flick, "Spree," back in 2020.

Per LK, she was intimidated to be around so many established actors ... as the movie's cast list included "Stranger Things" star Joe Keery, "Saturday Night Live" alum Sasheer Zamata, "The O.C." star Mischa Barton, among others.

Gilbert Arenas Ripped For Xenophobic Rant ... Made After Team USA's Win Over South Sudan

Gilbert Arenas went on a rant filled with xenophobic tropes following Team USA's win over South Sudan ... and he's now facing backlash for the remarks, including from Joel Embiid, who's calling the comments "disappointing."

The former NBA star unleashed the offensive tirade on Saturday ... just after LeBron James and Co. squeaked by South Sudan in an Olympics tuneup, 101-100.

James' squad was supposed to win big at O2 Arena in London -- they were, after all, 43-point favorites -- but instead, they needed a last-second layup from the Lakers superstar to get them by.

George Clooney Endorses HARRIS After Asking Biden to Step Down

George Clooney has thrown his support behind Kamala Harris ... which is really the least he could do after he penned an op-ed asking President Biden to exit the race.

Clooney endorsed the Vice President's new campaign in a statement shared with CNN Tuesday, where he praised Biden for being a true leader and "saving democracy once again."

He continued ... "We're all so excited to do whatever we can to support Vice President Harris in her historic quest."

Terrell Davis Escorted Off Plane By FBI Agents ... New Video Shows


Terrell Davis' camp just released new footage of his recent run-in with law enforcement aboard a United Airlines flight ... which they believe proves several agents acted in the wrong.

The Hall of Famer's attorneys shared the video with TMZ Sports on Tuesday ... showing the Denver Broncos legend pulled off the airplane by responding officers -- including the FBI.

In the clip, passengers are heard questioning what led to the removal ... with TD's wife, Tamiko Nash, standing up and interacting with the agents before he was placed in handcuffs and escorted off the plane for questioning.

Jennifer Lopez Still Rockin' Wedding Ring on Bday Week ... No Ben Affleck in Sight

Jennifer Lopez is celebrating her birthday week out in the Hamptons without Ben Affleck around whatsoever -- but there's still a remnant of their marriage in the picture.

The triple-threat entertainer has been out on the East Coast for a little while now, and it looks like she might be sticking around there through her 55th birthday -- which falls on a Wednesday this week -- on account of the fact she was out and about there Monday.

J Lo was photographed cruising around town in a cozy cardigan with a midriff top underneath -- all color-coordinated of course -- but notably ... her wedding ring was on her finger.

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