Pres. Biden on Debt Deadline We Have a Deal!!! Now, It's Congress's Turn

President Biden says a deal has been reached with the GOP on a bill to raise the U.S. debt ceiling -- but Congress still has to sign off on it ... and pretty soon, too.

JB made the announcement Sunday, telling reporters he and Speaker Kevin McCarthy finalized the language on legislation they'll introduce to the House of Representatives later this week ... in hopes that it passes quickly, at which point it goes to the Senate.

While it remains to be seen if that'll actually happen -- and it needs to before early June, or else -- Joe sounded optimistic about the bipartisan agreement ... noting both sides didn't necessarily get everything they wanted ... but, in the same breath, admitting that what they'd landed on was good enough to avoid a catastrophic default/likely economic collapse.

As for what exactly the deal entails ... well, that'll be revealed when the bill is posted publicly so everyone can peruse the deets. Reports have been flying ahead of that though ... and it sounds like SNAP benefit recipients are going to be hit with new work requirements, something many Democrats are lamenting. But some Republicans are groaning as well.

Without bogging you down with the minutiae ... some GOPers say McCarthy conceded too much and didn't cut back federal spending in a meaningful way -- but rather, kicked the can down the road ... while also letting Biden and the Dems to maintain a lot of the budgeting they've already put in place, including pretty much everything in the Inflation Reduction Act.

Another element from the deal ... this debt deadline issue -- which circles back every few years or so -- will be untouched for another two years ... when we'll do this all over again.

The funny thing ... both sides are sorta lauding the new budget deal as a W for their respective parties -- although there are dissenters from each side of the aisle crying foul ... and considering Speaker McCarthy has to appease MAGA Republicans forever more, it'll be interesting to see if they call for his seat in the fallout. He's said he isn't worried about it.

In any case, it seems like we'll avoid having to start paying back trillions of dollars we've borrowed as a country (for now). Yay for procrastination and prolonging our financial woes!

Jewel Unique Nat'l Anthem at Indy 500 ... Leaves Fans Divided

Jewel sang the National Anthem at the Indy 500 this weekend, but there's no consensus for it online ... folks either thought it was the greatest thing ever or straight dog poo.

The singer was tapped as the talent to lead everyone while crooning the "Star Spangled Banner," which she did to kick off the festivities in Indianapolis ... except, she had a very unique take on the classic tune -- and it doesn't sound like everyone enjoyed it.

Check it out for yourself ... Jewel was strumming the guitar and pretty much rearranged the entire song, belting out a slower, more soulful take that had some country twang embedded.

Like we said, it was very ... different. You could argue it was in the same vein as Fergie -- or, on the flip side, maybe Marvin Gaye. Depending on how you interpret it will probably decide which camp you fall in -- as the reactions to Jewel's rendition were very love/hate.

One wrote, "Jewel butchered the national anthem at the Indy 500. People were trying to sing along but couldn't because of the way she sang it. What a shame." Another shared a similar sentiment ... "jewel’s national anthem for indy 500 might be the worst anthem rendition to date." There are tons of other responses like this ... likening it to Roseanne.

Of course, there were just as many who liked it ... with one person praising it mightily, writing ... "Jewel just did the best national anthem I’ve ever heard in my life I’m not exaggerating."

The truth is probably somewhere in the middle. Jewel's iteration definitely didn't follow the traditional structure of the Nat'l Anthem, but that's kinda what you want from these ... right? Anybody can come out and belt put the "SSB" right on cue, but that's been done a ton.

Bottom line ... Jewel took a risk and tried something new, and considering how much chatter it's spurred -- you could argue she succeeded. IndyCar Series wants eyeballs on their product, and it sounds like they achieved that with Jewel.

Start your engines ... and start the outrage!

LeBron James Attends Nephew's HS Graduation ... Amid Retirement Mulling


LeBron James has tons of free time now that he's out of the playoffs, including family time -- which he soaked up this weekend with yet another graduation drop-in.

The Lakers superstar attended Chaminade High School's ceremony Saturday in West Hills, CA -- where his "nephew," Auston Mims, was all set to walk across the stage in a cap and gown as part of the Class of 2023. Mims played football there, and LBJ is close with the kid ... having attended games of his in the past. Although it's unclear if they're actually related.

Auston appears to be the son of LeBron's longtime friend and business partner Randy Mims. In any case, Bron was front and center to watch Auston receive his high school diploma.

Check out these videos, obtained by TMZ, where you can see the King is trying to lay low as the names are called, checking out his phone and keeping his head down. In these clips, he seems to be alone ... but eyewitnesses tell us he was actually there with family and friends.

Of course, he totally stands out -- at about 6'9", no less -- so, eventually, he parked it and had a seat. That didn't stop people from approaching him and fanning out a bit, though.

At one point, a young guy walking by spotted him ... and tapped him on the shoulder for a little handshake -- which Bron obliged and reciprocated. There was even an adult who came over to say hello ... but it kinda seems like LBJ just wanted to keep to himself here.

Anyway, this is the second graduation (that we know of) that LeBron's gone to in recent weeks. Remember, he was just at his own son's Thursday ... and was one proud papa.

The backdrop of all this is the question of whether he's going to hang it up on the court and retire from basketball. He suggested he might in his Game 4 loss presser ... noting he had a lot to think about in the offseason. Stuff like this might be at the forefront of his thoughts.


Fact is, if he was still playing ... it's possible he might have missed these types of moments. Certainly possible, but if a game was scheduled to be played on a Saturday ... it'd probably be tough to do both. Lucky for him, he was able to catch all the big days this year.

Makes ya think, doesn't it? We're sure it's something Bron is considering, no doubt.

Billie Eilish To the 'Bozos' Saying I Sold Out ... I'm a Nuanced Lady, Bub!!!

Billie Eilish has mostly ditched the tomboy style that she got famous with, and is dressing more like a grown-ass, sexy woman ... something her haters can't deal with, it seems.

The pop star addressed this ongoing annoyance head-on this weekend with some telling Instagram posts that dove into what she makes of a select few saying she's a "sellout" for switching up her style and looking more lady-like as she gets older. Her message ... get bent.

Actually, she had a bit more to say about it ... and she got pretty deep in her dissection.

In since-deleted IG Stories -- featuring close-up shots of her mug -- Billie wrote, "i spent the first 5 years of my career getting absolutely obliterated by you fools for being boy ish and dressing how i did & constantly being told i'd be hotter if i acted like a woman."

She goes on, "and now when i feel comfortable enough to wear anything remotely feminine or fitting, i CHANGED and am a sellout ... and 'what happened to her' oMg iT's nOt thE sAmE biLlie she's just like the rest blah blah ..." BE adds, "you guys are true idiots LOL."

Billie hits her point home ... "i can be BOTH you f***ing bozos. LET WOMEN EXIST!" She also threw up extra IG posts for good measure, noting femininity in and of itself doesn't equal weakness ... and that women just *might* want to express themselves differently at different times for a variety of reasons. In other words, she ain't a one-trick fashion pony.

It's unclear what exactly may have sparked Billie's latest thoughts on this -- she's addressed the same thing in the past many times over -- but it could be a recent IG where she's showing off some skin. She's been doing that quite a bit lately ... landing major fashion magazine covers and rocking a variety of outfits she hasn't traditionally been known to wear.

She's gotten a lot of praise for embracing new looks ... which was jarring at first, for some, considering how strongly tied her brand/artist identity was with her oversized, wacky clothes.

Billie's also aged and matured -- both physically and artistically -- right before our eyes over the years ... going from a teen goth pop queen to a nuanced, Grammy-winning musician with a ton of accolades/collaborations. So, even in that sense -- she's changed quite a bit.

Of course, that ain't a bad thing ... despite what her "day 1s" might think. Deal with it. 😎

John Stamos on 'Fuller House' I Was 'Angry' w/ Olsens for Bailing Water Under a Bridge Now

Yeah, I was Peeved ...
And That's What You Really Missed / iHeart Radio

John Stamos says he was sour over Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen skipping out on the "Full House" reboot a few years ago -- but in the same breath, he also says they're all good now.

The actor dished on his feelings over their glaring absence from "Fuller House" just earlier this week -- admitting to "Glee" stars Kevin McHale and Jenna Ushkowitz on their podcast that he was, in fact, "angry" over their decision to not star in the revived Netflix series.

He says he and the rest of the OG cast didn't stay in close touch with them post-'FH' -- with the late Bob Saget being the exception, he notes -- which probably didn't help when it was time to approach them about reprising their role as Michelle ... something they declined.

JS explains, "When I did 'Fuller House,' they didn't want to come back and I was angry for a minute, and that got out." He goes on to explain that there was a misconception that the girls hated their childhood and their time on "Full House" by extension ... but says that's BS.

John adds, "But they said, 'We loved our childhood. We loved being with you. We miss Bob.'" He also mentions a recent visit they made to his home when they brought grub/sage.

Since then, John says he and the Olsen twins have "stayed very close." It sounds like this all might've happened after Saget's death last year -- which, in hindsight, is a shame ... 'cause John himself has also conceded that he might've been able to get the twins back on TV if he'd gone about it the right way. Namely, talking to them personally ... which he didn't.

As John explained to THR in 2016 -- when "Fuller House" was first launching -- Mary-Kate was apparently somewhat interested in "Fuller" and wanted him to try to convince Ashley, who was wearier of getting back into acting. He also says they told him never heard an official request from anyone ... despite him thinking he'd gotten a hold of their agent.

In the end, it appears there was a communication breakdown ... and some hard feelings in the wake of not getting them. But, like John make sure to clarify, he's got nothing but love for the Olsen twins ... who've arguably moved on to bigger and better things in fashion, etc.

Like the song says ... what ever happened to predictability? It sure don't live here anymore!

Leo DiCaprio I'm King of Sardinia!!! ... No Steerage for Me

Leo DiCaprio may be as famous for yachting as he is for another, even bigger ship, but these days he's strictly upper deck!

The "Titanic" star was lounging this weekend on the top deck of a super yacht with some buddies ... along the coast of Sardinia.

There he was -- again -- a shirtless Leo lovin' life on the high seas. He was recently seen on another yacht in Cannes, where he was promoting his upcoming flick, "Killers of the Flower Moon."

The movie is a throwback -- an American Western crime drama -- directed by none other than Martin Scorsese.

Leo made an appearance at the Cannes Film Festival but still found the time to jump on a yacht with his pal, Tobey Maguire.

The 48-year-old heir apparent to Jack Nicholson knows how to live. We're waiting to see if he gets an invite to jump aboard Mr. Bezos's big boat.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Jay-Z and Beyoncé not only bought the most expensive property in Cali's history, they paid cash!!! And speaking of money, take a look at Lauren Sanchez's 20-carat sparkler! So we gotta ask ...

Jay-Z and Beyoncé's $200 Million Estate ...

Bezos/Sanchez Engagement ...

Britney Spears And Mom Reuniting ...

Ariana Madix Cashing In On Endorsements ...

Best Tina Turner Song

Who You Got?

LeBron's Retiring From Basketball ...

Taylor Swift and Matty Healy ...

Target Bending to LGBTQ Boycott ...

Taylor Swift's 'Cornelia Street' NYC Townhouse She Rented Now for Sale

Taylor Swift clearly has the Midas touch ... and a place she lived -- a place that inspired one of her super-popular songs -- is now on the market for a King's ransom.

Back in 2016, Taylor rented a townhouse in NYC's West Village. She apparently loved the 4-bedroom, 5,500-square-foot pad and lived there for more than a year.

In fact, Taylor loved it so much, she wrote a song about it -- "Cornelia Street." The song -- a fan fav -- is featured in her album, "Lover."  One of the lyrics ... "I rent a place on Cornelia Street."

The townhouse -- owned by an Italian investor -- was listed by Corcoran Group realtor Laurence Carty earlier this month. It was listed for rent -- $45,000 a month, and an extra $5k if the renter wanted it furnished.

Well now we've learned ... the Italian dude wants to sell it outright for $17,995,000.

Aside from some amazing features, including a 30-foot indoor swimming pool and a rooftop terrace with downtown views, the fact that Taylor lived there has gotta add some value.

The timing is perfect -- you gotta think it's more than a coincidence the house is up for sale smack in the middle of Taylor's Eras tour, which is the hottest ticket in the world.

Timing is everything ... in comedy and real estate!

Wild Biker Shooting At Least 3 Dead, 5 Injured ... Video Shows Panic as Bullets Fly


A wild shootout at a New Mexico motorcycle rally left at least 3 people dead and 5 injured ... and TMZ has obtained video of the violence erupting.

Check out the footage, which shows a woman walking behind a pick-up truck standing in traffic and carefully peering around the side of it.

Suddenly, she turns around and moves swiftly away, crossing the road. She then breaks into a trot when the crackle of gunfire is heard nearby. A motorist repeatedly yells to her, "Get out of the way!"

In another clip, people inside a vehicle are filming the aftermath of the Saturday shooting at the Red River Memorial Day Motorcycle Rally. A rescue truck with lights flashing can be seen parked outside a building as bikers ride down the street.

Red River Mayor Linda Calhoun told NBC News ... "I can confirm 3 dead and 5 injured. One person died at the hospital."

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

New Mexico State Police said the 5 wounded were being treated at hospitals, but their conditions and the extent of their injuries were not disclosed.

Calhoun said motorcycle gang members were involved in the bloodshed, which ended with several arrests. Upwards of 28,000 bikers attended the rally.

State police did not provide a motive or an official account of what happened ... saying only they had secured the scene and there was no longer a threat.

Boston Celtics Fans Storm The Streets After Buzzer-Beater Win!!!

Boston Celtics fans were partying like they won the championship Saturday night ... celebrating in the streets of Beantown after the team's miraculous buzzer-beater win against the Miami Heat.

Local Boston reporters captured video of fans honking their horns, dancing, and even climbing street poles moments after the Celtics big win.

If you think the celebration is over the top ... then you probably weren't watching the game. Trailing by one with less than a second left on the game clock, Derrick White tipped in the go-ahead shot to save the Celtics season.

The Celtics are now on the brink of making NBA history ... becoming the first team to overcome a 3-0 deficit in a playoff series, and the city is feeling it!

No question the Celtics will be feeding off fan energy ... star forward Jayson Tatum told the press, "I've never been so excited to go back to Boston in my life."

Game 7 of the Eastern Conference Finals will go down in Boston on Monday night.

Aaron Rodgers I Gotta Dance to Taylor Swift!!! Hits Up New Jersey Concert


Aaron Rodgers is a HUGE fan of Taylor Swift ... and TMZ has the video to prove it!!!

Check out this footage we obtained, which shows the New York Jets star QB lapping up Taylor's Saturday concert at MetLife Stadium in New Jersey. It was the second of three nights the pop star was slated to perform at the venue as part of her sold-out Eras Tour.

In the clip, Rodgers is dancing to Taylor's music with his arms raised and his eyes shut. He's seemingly in a trance and totally captivated by Taylor's song, "Style." Anyone know Rodgers was a Swifty?

Well, he did mention it last week during an interview with host Adam Schein on SiriusXM’s Mad Dog Sports Radio. Rodgers said he was "for sure" going to Taylor's concert because he's a "big fan." He also proclaimed his love for Taylor's "Folklore" album and one of its tracks, “August.”

As you know, Rodgers was traded to the Jets from the Green Bay Packers back in April. Before the announcement, Rodgers was very vocal about wanting to play for the Jets and move to the New York metropolitan area.

Now that he's there ... he's certainly making the most of it. But he wasn't the only famous face at Taylor's show ... actor Miles Teller also made an appearance.

Tom Sandoval Booking Concerts Like Crazy ... Recovering Through Music

The "Scandoval" drama isn't a total loss for Tom Sandoval -- while his affair with Raquel Leviss is definitely costing him friendships, it's not hurting his finances where his band is concerned.

We're told concerts for "Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras" have been a big hit amid all the drama. For example, their show at the Wolf Den at Mohegan Sun Casino & Resort in Connecticut earlier this month had a massive turnout, marking the first time the venue's had people lining up to get into a 350-seat theater.

Tom's crew sold out the Gramercy Theater in NYC the following night, with the line wrapping around the block -- even 'SNL' star Chloe Fineman got to meet Tom backstage after the show. We doubt she waited in line.

Tom's band also sold out shows in Pennsylvania and Texas. There Houston venue, in particular, expected 1,000 fans to show up, but was instead bombarded with twice that number ... making it one of the club's most successful shows ever.

The band even rocked a fundraiser on May 11 at DC's Howard Theater, where they donated $10k to Drew Strikes Back ... an org that raises money for the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society.


We've also learned Tom hit a big milestone during this recent stretch of shows ... celebrating 50 days sober.

Tom tells TMZ ... his recent fallout with Ariana Madix has been a difficult and emotional thing for him to navigate, adding he's been in "some really dark places at times and music has really helped me get through it."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He says he's grateful for the big turnouts and is excited to keep the second leg of his summer tour going for him and the group.

Of course, Ariana's been doin' pretty well on the other side, too -- not only does she have a new boo, but she's been striking brand deals with SoFi, Raising Cane's, and even a sex toy company!

Bottom line? Despite the personal drama, everyone's bottom line is doing just fine.

Jimmie Allen Too Much Bad News ... Selling His Nashville Home

Jimmie Allen is officially pulling up stakes in Nashville ... putting his house up for sale on the heels of his divorce, and the bombshell rape allegation against him.

According to property records the country star is selling his home in Brentwood -- a Nashville suburb -- for $2.5 million. He originally listed it last month for just under $3M, before slashing the price this week.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, Jimmie's been in pretty hot water lately. As we reported, his estranged wife Alexis Gale, who's pregnant with their third child, pulled the plug on their marriage -- and then his former business manager sued him for allegedly raping her.

Jimmie told us there's "no truth" to the allegation, and accused her of trying to squeeze him for money after their 2-year consensual relationship ended. He's publicly apologized to his estranged wife for the affair, and for being a poor example for their children.

On the heels of all that, he's lost biz deals, too, such as his collab with The Frozen Farmer ice cream company.

Now, he's hoping for some good news on the real estate front as he unloads the 5-bed, 5-bath home ... which sits on 1.5 acres with lots of great features.

Jimmie and Alexis got married during a secret wedding in 2020, and he bought the home in  December of that same year for $1.5M.

Nicholas Lane Woodward of Benchmark Realty holds the listing ... and no, the singer won't be leaving any of his baggage inside.

Hulk Hogan Billy Graham Shaped My Career I Wanted To Be Like Him!!!


Hulk Hogan will never forget the impact pro wrestling legend Billy Graham had on his life, saying Graham's influence on his career is one of the main reasons he became one of the greatest icons in WWE history!

Hogan reflected on his relationship with Billy after the 79-year-old wrestling legend died last week, recalling how he would take his father to watch Billy's matches  ... and was captivated by BG's larger-than-life personality on the microphone and stellar physique.

"I want to be just like him," Hulk used to tell his dad, referring to Graham, as he watched in awe whenever "Superstar" would flex his biceps at events.

Hogan says he modeled his career after Graham, a former WWE Champion, and WWE Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes, aka "The American Dream."

"I stole a little bit from each of them," Hogan told Babcock on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs weekdays on FS1).

Hogan said he and Billy became good friends over the years and shared a full circle moment  ... telling a story of how Graham came to watch him in the main event at Madison Square Garden after years of watching Billy headline shows.

"We just bonded and just got along great," Hogan said.

One of Hogan's career highlights was when he joined forces with Graham, a moment The Hulkster appreciates all these years later when he reflects on his wrestling legacy.

"When we were in Atlanta working for Ted Turner," Hogan said. "They teamed us up. We looked like brothers. He was in prime shape. I was in prime shape. We had the same balding hairline. It was amazing."

Jodi Benson Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Jodi Benson's looks over the years are out of this world!

Watch and you'll see ... a 38-year-old version of the first 'Little Mermaid' looking absolutely fin-tastic at the premiere of "The Little Mermaid II: Return to the Sea" in Hollywood, California back in 2000 (left). This was over a decade after the release of the original Disney classic film.

And, 23 years later, the stunning actress recently ran a dinglehopper through her hair and hit the premiere for the live-action, "The Little Mermaid," where she looked like no time had gone by (right).

Jodi has shined like a trove full of whozits and whatzits for decades, but the question is ...

Jodi Benson...


Phil Spector's daughter wants a judge to bang the gavel ... to prevent tons of his music memorabilia from being sold to the highest bidder ... and now she's suing one of the biggest auction houses over it.

The late music producer's only daughter, Nicole Spector, is suing Julien's Auctions ... claiming the items actually belong to her, so they have no right to sell them.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, Nicole says she only recently found out about Julien's "Music Icons" auction, which features 82 items the auction house has been promoting as coming straight from Phil's estate.

Among the items ... a letter from President Nixon, a baseball signed by Mickey Mantle, tickets from a 1966 Beatles concert, a book signed by Yoko Ono and tons of gold records and album cover plaques.

Nicole claims Julien's told her they got the stuff from a woman named Sheryl Coughlan, who told them she got the property from Phil's daughter. Problem is, Nicole says she never gave any of Phil's property to Coughlan or anyone else.

In her suit, Nicole thinks her late father's ex-wife Rachelle may be to blame ... claiming she believes Rachelle misrepresented herself to Coughlan as Nicole when transferring the items.

Nicole claims when Phil divorced Rachelle, the judgment called for Phil to get all of his personal property back aside from a few specific items ... but she claims Rachelle didn't play ball and refused to turn over a bunch of Phil's memorabilia to Nicole a few years later when Phil died.

As the executor of Phil's estate, Nicole says the items up for auction are rightly hers ... and she wants the court to step in and force Julien's to hand over all of Phil's stuff.

Old news is old news!
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