NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo Check Out this New Ventilator ... At a Fraction of the Cost


Desperate situations require desperate measures ... and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo just unveiled a new, albeit crude, ventilator that may fit the bill, but he says it's "an unacceptable situation."

The Guv held his daily news conference Saturday, and demonstrated how the device -- called a Bag Valve Mask -- would work. Regular squeezes could keep a patient alive. Problem is ... you need someone to squeeze it 24/7. Cuomo made it clear ... he prays it won't come to this.

Cuomo also revealed an insane problem over ventilators. The cost when the pandemic began was $25,000 a pop. Now it's closer to $45k, because the various states are bidding against each other to snag the equipment. Bidding wars, Cuomo says, in the middle of a pandemic, are ridiculous.

As for New York, Cuomo says the feds have shipped 4,000 ventilators but none are in use yet ... he says they need the equipment because the spread of the virus will get a lot worse before it gets better ... and NY hospitals are already pushed to the limit.

We'll say it one more time ... if this happened 6 months earlier, Cuomo could have ended up the hands-down fav to challenge Trump.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Scary times ... it really does feel like we're in this weird movie. While the scientists warn the worst may be yet to come, Trump is trying to re-open for business. So we gotta ask ...

Who Do You Believe?

Trump Wanting Churches Packed On Easter ...

More Important ...

Whose Side You On?

I'm Scared Of Contracting The Virus

I'm Scared Of Dying From Virus ...

Trump Calling It 'Chinese Virus' ...

Birdman, Young Thug Bus Driver in Lil Wayne Shooting Suspects ... They Struck 'Secret Deals!!!'


The bus driver in Lil Wayne's 2015 bus shooting thinks Birdman and Young Thug struck secret deals with prosecutors ... and now he's demanding to know why they've never been indicted.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Alvin Lewis says he finds it unusual Cobb County, Georgia prosecutors would describe Birdman and YT as co-conspirators in the alleged shooter's indictment, but not bring any charges against them.

Lewis claims there's overwhelming evidence of complicity between Jimmy Winfrey, the alleged shooter, and Birdman and Young Thug -- from phone call records and recorded confessions, to promises of payment.

The driver claims he suffered spinal cord, rotator cuff and psychological injuries in April 2015 when Weezy's bus was shot up in Atlanta. According to the docs, Lewis says prosecutors have kept him informed about Winfrey's case, but he's rebuffed whenever he asked about Birdman and Young Thug.

Winfrey is currently being retried, because the Georgia Supreme Court overturned his 2015 conviction.

Lewis is asking the judge to force the Cobb County D.A.'s Office to turn over any information related to deals that might have been struck between prosecutors and Birdman or Young Thug.

We've reached out to Birdman, Young Thug and the D.A.'s Office, but no word back.

Steamy Stars In Hot Tubs Heat Things Up!

It's the little things that can really make a difference these days and these snaps of some of the sexiest stars soaking up the suds could get your mind off all the chaos and start thinking about some of the sillier things in life ... like Hot Tub Day!

Celebs such as Mariah Carey, Naya Rivera, and David Hasselhoff have shared their snaps and so have plenty of other stars!

Take a look through our gallery of steamy stars in hot tubs to see all the celebs getting in some much needed relaxation ... and maybe get your mind off things!

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Arrested For Shoplifting ... Juwanna Pay For Your Groceries?!?


"Juwanna Mann" star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. really didn't want to pay for hundreds of dollars of groceries ... at least according to cops, who say he gave himself the ole five-finger discount.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the actor was checking out at an L.A. Ralphs supermarket this week when his credit card got declined, so he just took his groceries in his cart and walked right out the front door without paying.

Pretty bold move ... allegedly.

Our sources say Miguel returned to the same Ralphs a few days later, but he wasn't allowed inside and cops were called. We're told Miguel was placed under citizen's arrest, and when LAPD showed up, police cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting and he was sent on his merry way.

Cops arrested Miguel but didn't take him into the station ... they gave him a ticket and he was on his way. During the pandemic, L.A. cops are not booking and jailing people for minor offenses. Cops still call it an arrest.

Miguel's spinning a different tale ... he tells us he was in a long line to check out -- ya gotta stay 6-feet away from folks because of coronavirus -- and he got tired of waiting and bounced with his items, but intended to return another day to pay.

Miguel says he tried to pay for his $200 worth of groceries when he returned, but claims the store manager told him no and that he wasn't special.

Guess Juwanna Mann just doesn't have pull these days.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?

Don't let these two almost identical images of Rita Ora throw you off ... Take another look and see if you can spot the sneaky switches that have been made to this tricky pic!

Earlier this month, before the lockdown, the singer was spotted on her way to BBC Radio One in London, England. We made a few changes to this photo and now it's up to you to find them ... Use your detective skills to see if you can figure out the differences between these two super-similar snaps!

**HINT -- There are THREE differences between the above photographs!**

Tom Hanks & Rita Wilson Lovin' L.A. Again!!! ... After Aussie Quarantine

Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson are no longer castaways ... the couple's back in L.A. and they could not look happier.

Tom and Rita were spotted in their Range Rover on Friday moments after landing at Van Nuys Airport. The couple grinned ear-to-ear ... and it's easy to see why after spending more than 2 weeks in self-isolation after testing positive for the coronavirus.

Just a few days ago, Tom and Rita gave the world a health update and said they were feeling much better. Tom also took the opportunity to remind everyone that sheltering at home is an incredibly effective tool to combat the fast-spreading COVID-19.

As we reported ... Tom and Rita were in Australia filming an Elvis Presley movie when they contracted the disease. They were the first A-listers to test positive for coronavirus.

At the time, Tom's reps told us he and Rita got tested for the deadly virus after feeling like they had a cold. They also felt extra tired and had some body aches. Rita also had some chills that came and went, as well as, slight fevers.

Shortly before their diagnosis, Tom and Rita were spotted touring the famous Bondi Beach in Australia. It was quite possibly the last time they were out before being forced into quarantine.

Now that they're back in California, they'll also have to comply with "shelter at home" orders -- but guessing they'd prefer being cooped up on their home turf rather than a hotel down under.

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