Kroy Biermann Face Off with Cops Over Dog Drama In New Body Cam Video!!!


Kroy Biermann is fuming, but this time it's not at Kim Zolciak -- he's pissed cops ticketed him over his dog escaping his yard, and new body cam footage shows him fighting tooth and nail to keep his cool.

TMZ obtained this video of Kroy's run-in with cops in late June outside the couple's Georgia home, where neighbors called authorities to report the Biermann's Cane Corso -- named Stone -- for getting out into the community and terrifying some folks on the streets.

As we first told you ... cops cited Troy for the dog getting loose, but now we're seeing exactly how he took the news when officers confronted him, and it's interesting.

Gypsy Rose Blanchard No Quickie Divorce With Ryan ... Spousal Support Off Table

Gypsy Rose Blanchard is going to have to hold her horses on cutting all ties from estranged husband Ryan Anderson ... their divorce is not going to speed through the courts.

Ryan's attorney, Jeffrey Carrier, tells TMZ … when married couples without children divorce in Louisiana, they have to live apart for 6 months after divorce papers are served before they can even request a divorce hearing.

Gypsy and Ryan publicly split in March, but we're told he wasn't served until the middle of July ... which is when the 6-month clock starts. As a result, this divorce will bleed into next year.

Jordon Hudson Bill Belichick's GF Hits Glitzy Bash ... Parties With Ex-Patriots Cheerleader!!!

Jordon Hudson spent a night away from Bill Belichick last week to let loose at a glitzy bash ... and not only did she get to party with an ex-Patriots cheerleader at the event, but she rubbed elbows with the Larry O'Brien Trophy too!

The 23-year-old -- who's been dating Belichick since 2022 -- left the legendary NFL coach at home, put on a gold-colored gown for a girls night out and cruised over to the Best of Boston Soiree in Massachusetts to have a good time.

Hudson, a former beauty pageant queen, spent a lot of the July 17 night with some of her friends from the pageant world -- including Miss Massachusetts USA 2024 Melissa Sapini -- but also former New England cheerleader, Zoe Bucuvalas.

TMZ TV HOT TAKES Celine's Big Comeback ... Clooney, Tiger Woods

Celine Dion is set to return to stage, George Clooney is getting behind Kamala Harris and Tiger Woods is showing off some gnarly scars ... all this on today's TMZ TV Hot Takes.

TMZ Live


On "TMZ Live" Harvey and Charles have all the details on Celine's big return to music, now that she's set to perform at Friday's opening ceremony for the Paris Olympics.

Gabby Adler In 'It's Complicated' 'Memba Her?!

American actress Zoe Kazan was in her mid-20s when she played Gabby Adler -- the middle Adler child, obsessed with texting and still struggling with her parents' divorce -- in the 2009 Rom-Com film "It's Complicated."

Zoe shared the big screen with Hollywood greats like Meryl Streep who played Gabby's divorced mother and exquisite baker, Jane, Alec Baldwin as Gabby's father and successful attorney who attempts to rekindle things with his ex-wife, Jake, and Steve Martin as the architect and Jane's love interest, Adam.

Other worthy cast mentions include John Krasinski and Lake Bell.

Guess what she looks like now!

Thomas Matthew Crooks Snipers Took Photos Of Him Before Shooting

Snipers at the Donald Trump rally in Pennsylvania were able to take photos of would-be assassin Thomas Michael Crooks before the shooting ... but no one was able to stop him until it was too late.


The latest revelation comes from recently released body cam footage from after the shooting ... with snipers chatting with a Secret Service agent standing next to Crooks' dead body.

The conversation, on top of the roof where Crooks took position and squeezed shots off at Trump, includes the agent being told a sniper snapped photos of Crooks and sent them around to law enforcement during the rally.

Green Dress Girl on TikTok I'm Unbothered By Mean Comments ... Wanna Work With Beyoncé

The "Green Dress Girl" from TikTok is looking past all the negative comments on her viral post ... 'cause she's looking forward in hopes of landing a gig with Beyoncé!!!

Rachel Parrish -- BKA her TikTok handle @raechristine___ -- recently went viral after her critique of club culture sparked a major online conversation ... and she joined us on "The TMZ Podcast" to tell us how her life's changed.

Let the Haters Hate

Despite being incessantly mocked for her club fit -- a green dress and some white heels -- Rachel says she's mostly ignored the haters and focused on the positives ... like being recognized in the airport.

Halle Berry I'm Posing Topless With Cats ... 20 Years After 'Catwoman'

Halle Berry is marking the 20th anniversary of her titular role in "Catwoman" ... by ditching her top and taking photos with a couple pussy cats.

HB just posted a series of pics, and she's topless and using two rescue kitties to cover up her exposed body ... particularly upstairs.

Halle's wearing nothing but some black panties and a black and silver cat eye mask ... which pairs nicely with the black and white felines in her photos.

Zendaya & Sam Levinson He Blamed Her for 'Euphoria' Delays ... But It's All Good Now!!!

Zendaya and "Euphoria" director Sam Levinson are gearing up to finally shoot the show's long-delayed third season -- but a while back, he was reportedly blaming her for holding up production.

Sam, who's also the head writer and creator, took issue with Zendaya focusing on her movie career more than the hit HBO series, at least according to a source close to Sam who told THR ... "It was all about her."

Sounds like there was bad blood between them for a bit, because Zendaya's side of the story is Sam should get some blame, too, because he was busy working on another HBO show, "The Idol."

'SpongeBob' Voice Actor Mr. SquarePants is Autistic ... That's His Superpower!!!

Tom Kenny -- the voice behind "SpongeBob SquarePants" -- is hitting the iconic yellow sponge with a new diagnosis ... autism.

The veteran performer, who's played SB for years, made an appearance at a Comic Con event in Detroit ... where he took questions from dedicated fans about the beloved Nickelodeon character ... and doubled down on a theory that SpongeBob is neurodivergent.


As Tom told the crowd at the convention ... SpongeBob is "kind of on the spectrum," going as far as to call the cartoon character autistic.

Kanye West Shields Bianca During L.A. Outing ... For My Eyes Only!!!

Kanye West is protecting his wife, Bianca Censori, from prying eyes ... using his body as a shield during their latest outing -- while she continues to rock wacky, revealing outfits.

The couple stepped out for lunch at the Chateau Marmont Tuesday in L.A., where Bianca opted for a surprisingly covered-up, monochromatic ensemble ... which included a top, skirt, stockings, baseball hat and heels.

While she still showed some skin -- her shirt was see-through, after all -- her look was far more modest than what she's been known to wear lately. As you know ... BC's been out with no pants, a completely see-through top, the teeniest bikini and more bold fashion choices. So yeah, this is relatively safe by those standards.

Lil Rel Howery Shows Off Drastic Weight Loss ... Doubters Say It's Ozempic!!!

Lil Rel Howery is proudly showing off his body transformation -- he's looking a lot slimmer and fitter, and some folks think he's getting a helping hand from a popular drug.

The comedian is being hounded by allegations he's using one of the weight loss drugs -- like Ozempic or Wegovy -- which are super popular these days, especially among celebs looking to shed pounds.

For his part, Lil Rel says his new look is all from diet and exercise -- specifically, he's chalking it up to 5 years of physical, mental and spiritual work on himself.

Yellowstone National Park Geyser Erupts, Folks Go Runnin' Wrecks Part of Boardwalk!!!


Yellowstone National Park tourists were sent scrambling after an unexpected hydrothermal explosion occurred at a geyser there ... which left a destructive scene in the aftermath.

The incident took place Tuesday around the Biscuit Basin area of the park -- which is just over 2 miles away from Old Faithful. Luckily, there were no reports of injuries following the explosion ... however, it caused damage to the sightseeing boardwalk.

Biscuit Basin's parking lot and boardwalks are temporarily closed in order to prioritize visitor safety ... with YNP's geologists currently investigating the event. They say the hydrothermal explosion was not a sign of an impending volcanic eruption ... and said there's been no changes to the Yellowstone region as far as they can tell.

Humpback Whale Breaches, Capsizes Boat


Anglers off the coast of New Hampshire got dunked by a humpback whale ... when the marine mammal breached and came down hard on their boat, capsizing the vessel.

Ya gotta see the video ... a group of fishing boats are bobbing around on the surface when all of a sudden a whale comes up from the depths, launching into the air and landing on the back of a boat.

The vessel tips over and capsizes ... with two folks onboard jumping into the water as the whale submerges.

'Hawk Tuah' Girl Haliey Welch Autographed Cards Selling For $100

Move over, LeBron James and Shohei Ohtani ... there's a new name taking over the trading card market -- "Hawk Tuah" girl Haliey Welch!!

The internet sensation -- who went viral just weeks ago -- inked yet another deal amid her meteoric rise in popularity ... this time, linking up with Leaf Trading Cards for an exclusive series of cardboard collectibles.

The company says fans can buy packs for $100 a pop ... and each batch will feature one autographed card with a unique inscription below a snapshot of her rocking a cowboy hat.

Francis Ngannou Opens Up On Son's Death ... 'What Do You Mean He's Gone?'

How I Found Out
The Joe Rogan Experience

Francis Ngannou is speaking into a mic for the first time since his 15-month-old son died suddenly back in March ... and his words are nothing short of heartbreaking.

Ngannou made an appearance on Joe Rogan's "JRE MMA Show" Tuesday and he talked about a wide range of subjects, including the moments he experienced in the leadup to the death of his son, Kobe.

Ngannou revealed his son had mild inflammation of the brain ... which led to him fainting twice. The first incident happened while they were in Cameroon, but he said the doctors found nothing.

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