Liam Hemsworth Files for Divorce from Miley

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Liam Hemsworth is the one who's pulling the plug on his marriage, because TMZ has learned he just filed for divorce from Miley Cyrus.

Liam filed legal docs in L.A. ... citing the standard "irreconcilable differences."

Sources connected to the couple tell TMZ, Liam and Miley had a prenup, keeping their earnings during the marriage separate, so there won't be a fight over money. And, since there are no kids, we're told the divorce will be easy breezy.

The handwriting was on the wall for weeks ... Miley and Liam announced their separation August 10, after less than a year of marriage. Our sources tell us Liam is "over the marriage" and just wants to move on.


The day before telling the world she split from Liam, Miley was spotted making out with her longtime friend, Kaitlynn Carter, at Lake Como in Italy. There were allegations of infidelity, although it appeared the couple had split months before.

The date of separation is relevant, not so much legally, but in terms of PR. In the docs, filed by disso queen Laura Wasser, she does not list a date of separation ... it reads TBD -- to be determined.

Here's what's interesting ... our sources say, despite appearances, Miley had made overtures as recently as this week, saying she wanted to work on the marriage, but Liam was steadfast that it was over. We're told fact is, Liam's people said he would be "insane" to jump back in.

Liam and Miley had been drifting apart for some time ... Liam was photographed in June grocery shopping without his wedding ring.


The breakup started out amicable, but it quickly turned nasty, with claims of drug use and infidelity. She released a song last week, "Slide Away," which we're told is her version of the split, blaming it on Liam's alleged penchant for whisky and pills ... something he strongly denies.

Miley and Liam tied the knot back in December, hosting friends and family for a wedding celebration at their home in Nashville.

It was the first marriage for both of them, and they were together, on and off, for a decade.

Ex-NFL Star Mario Williams Arrested for Trespassing Video Shows Intense Standoff w/ Baby Mama

Exclusive Details

8:42 AM PT -- Cops tell TMZ Sports ... Williams admitted he "gained access to the garage by making a copy of the resident’s garage door opener using a universal garage door opener."

Cops added, "Williams was arrested on a misdemeanor charge of criminal trespass and booked into the Harris County Jail without further incident. Williams was released from jail after posting a $100 bond."

TMZ Sports

8:23 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained footage of the moment Mario Williams was confronted by the mother of his child inside of her Houston apartment ... and the standoff is intense.

We're told 34-year-old Williams had been banging on the front door of the apartment and the woman refused to let him in. So, he used a garage door opener that he allegedly made without her permission to gain entry.

Our footage shows the moment the woman confronts Williams at her garage entry door -- in which a very heated Williams accuses her of using their child's iPad to gain access to the contents of his iCloud ... allegations she adamantly denies.

The woman repeatedly demands that Williams get out of her home -- saying, "How did you get in here?"

A rambling Williams claims a law enforcement officer opened the garage for him.

As the two continue to argue, Williams calls 911 to report the woman for the alleged iCloud break-in ... while she continues to yell at him to leave her home. Mario describes the woman to police as "my, I guess, ex-girlfriend."

Eventually, a law enforcement officer at the scene intervenes -- telling Mario, "I know who you are."

We're told the woman had a relationship with Mario for years -- but they've been separated for months ... and clearly, things are not going well between them. She claims this latest incident has become par for the course.

We're told Williams was cooperative with police. He's due back in court later this month.

6:47 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has confirmed the woman in the incident has a child with Williams. Unclear if the two are still in a relationship or if they've broken up.

Mario Williams -- the #1 overall pick in the 2006 NFL Draft -- was arrested for trespassing Tuesday after an incident at a woman's home in Houston, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

The 34-year-old defensive end -- who hasn't played in the NFL since 2016 -- was allegedly inside of the home without permission.

Sources connected to the incident tell us Williams "broke into the home and began yelling at" the woman who lives there. We're told the woman was extremely emotional and screamed at him to get out.

Cops were called to the scene and Williams was arrested and taken to a nearby jail where he was booked for trespassing. Bond was set at $100, which Williams has already paid. He's now out of custody according to official records.

Court records show Williams is listed at 6'7", 290 lbs.

Records show Williams has been ordered to undergo a mental health or intellectual disability assessment. According to the, the woman has previously filed a restraining order against Mario.

Williams is due back in court August 27.

Williams was a beast in the NFL -- making the Pro Bowl in 4 different seasons, along with 3 All Pro Teams.

After being signed with the #1 pick -- over Reggie Bush -- he signed a 6-year, $54 million rookie contract. After that, he famously signed a massive $100 million contract in 2012 with the Buffalo Bills -- with $25 million guaranteed. He last played with the Miami Dolphins in 2016.

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Rob Lowe, Usher & Others Hollywood Duped in Viral IG Hoax ... Permission Already Granted

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Rob Lowe, Usher, Rita Wilson and countless other big name celebs fell for one of the oldest tricks in the digital book ... and some of them still haven't wised up.

Tuesday proved to be a big hoax day on social media -- specifically on Instagram, where tons of stars reposted and shared this fake chain mail-type of message that they apparently thought would prevent IG from being able to use their content in court.

The message reads in part, "Don't forget tomorrow starts the new Instagram rule where they can use your photos. Don't forget Deadline today!!! It can be used in court cases in litigation against you. Everything you've ever posted becomes public from today Even messages that have been deleted or the photos not allowed."

Then come the magic words ... "I do not give Instagram or any entities associated with Instagram permission to use my pictures, information, messages or posts, both past and future. With this statement, I give notice to Instagram is strictly forbidden to disclose, copy, distribute, or take any other action against me based on this profile and/or its contents."

A ton of Hollywood A-listers fell for this -- or at least took the better safe than sorry approach -- and reposted a screenshot of the message on their own timelines, clearly concerned. Some of the heavy hitters who bit ... Julia Roberts, Taraji Henson, 2 Chainz, Scooter Braun, Debra Messing, Judd Apatow, Josh Brolin, Adriana Lima and even Secretary of Energy, Rick Perry.

Many of them have since taken down the post ... clearly realizing it's BS.

The clear sign this was a hoax -- which millions missed -- is that when you already surrender your privacy under IG's existing Terms & Conditions. FYI, if ya didn't know.

Cardi B Blasts NYPD, 'Suck a Fart & Suffocate' ... Cops Deny Wrongdoing, Dept. of Education Clarifies

Exclusive Details

9:11 AM PT -- The NYC Department of Education is weighing in on the controversy and clarifying what exactly happened and why. A rep for the NYCDOE, Miranda Barbot, tells TMZ ... the event Cardi was ranting about is NOT canceled, but merely postponed for security reasons.

She tells us, "This is a misunderstanding and the event will not be canceled. The Principal of Brooklyn Democracy Academy was not previously aware Cardi B was planning to attend her back-to-school event, and she was concerned there would not be enough security in place. We are working with the NYPD to make sure this event is a success, and they were not involved in canceling this event." That backs NYPD's understanding of the sitch.

The good news ... these kids are still gonna get their back-to-school drive. No harm, no foul?

8:39 AM PT -- NYPD had nothing to do with shutting down the back-to-school event in Brooklyn ... according to law enforcement sources. We're told the school shut it down, and cops were never involved ... they didn't know about the event until Cardi posted her rant.

We don't know if Cardi's gotten word about that, but she has deleted the IG post with her rant.

Cardi B is FUMING over the NYPD allegedly shutting down her pal's back-to-school event -- and speaking of fumes, she wants New York's finest to choke on hers.

The Bronx-born rapper went on a tear Tuesday night, calling out the NYPD for what she says were bullying tactics that effectively torpedoed her friend Star's school giveaway for kids coming back to school. Safe to say, CB's nuclear.

She claims the NYPD got ahead of this charitable event that was scheduled for later this month after they caught wind of it, called up the school principal and scared them into backing down. Cardi says she finds that "f***** up," seeing how Star paid out of pocket.

Not to mention the fact she was genuinely out to help the kids of this neighborhood.

Then, Cardi goes IN on the NYPD, saying ... "F*** you and motherf***ing suck a fart and suffocate on it. F*** you!!!" ending with a middle finger to the camera for good measure.

If there's one thing we know about Cardi, it's that she loves the kids -- she went out and surprised some from her old neighborhood last year -- and doesn't dig cops. As you know, she's currently in the middle of fighting charges in her strip club beatdown case.

Our law enforcement sources in the area tell TMZ that the department is aware of Cardi's gripe, and they're trying to clear up what's been dubbed internally as a "miscommunication."

In the meantime ... suck it, NYPD!!! Farts, that is ... if that's even possible.

Lenny Dykstra BAGEL GUY FIGHT TRAINING BEGINS!!! ... Hits NY Boxing Gym


Lenny Dykstra's new fight training video shows the ex-MLB has real knockdown power ... because he almost put HIMSELF on the mat throwing a left hook!!!

Nails hit a boxing gym in NYC to train for his upcoming celebrity boxing match against Chris Morgan, AKA Angry Bagel Guy ... and he's working on everything from jabs to power shots.

Lenny is cocky as hell ... and with good reason, he's a former world class athlete and Bagel Guy ... well, he's just angry.


But, remember, Bagel Guy has been training with legit UFC superstars -- and he's taking the fight very seriously.

So is Lenny from what we're told ... he's been working with Mel Millington, a former Marine-turned-boxing trainer.

Lenny's jabs looked pretty decent but his footwork needs help -- dude almost fell down throwing that hook.

It's all going down Sept. 28 at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City -- and Lenny says if/when he pummels Bagel Guy, he wants his NEXT fight to be against Mickey Rourke.

Remember, Dykstra and Rourke have been beefing for years -- they HATE each other -- and since Mickey's taken fights before, it would be real interesting to see those guys beat each other up.

Tekashi 6ix9ine Fears for Family's Safety, Lives ... Testimony Nears in Kidnapping Trial


It's just about time for Tekashi 6ix9ine to pay the piper, testifying in open court against his alleged kidnappers ... while knowing full well it could make his family members targets of gang retaliation.

The rapper -- who's currently incarcerated on federal racketeering charges -- is expected to testify next month about the kidnapping and assault he claims he fell victim to in 2018. Cops arrested a suspect in the case, who pled not guilty, and also claims Tekashi made up the whole thing.

FYI, the guy calling BS -- Anthony Ellison -- was formerly part of Tekashi's management team and cops believe he's affiliated with the Nine Trey Bloods, the same gang Tekashi was with prior to his bust. Bottom line ... they know each other well.

That's what makes this situation messy for Tekashi -- he's currently preparing to point the finger at this guy, and the potential ramifications are very serious. Sources connected to the case tell TMZ, 6ix9ine's crapping his pants over testifying -- worried about how his mother and brother could be harmed, and also for his own safety behind bars. We're told he knows this could make him a marked man for life.

Case in point ... look what happened to notorious mobster Whitey Bulger last year in prison.

We already know 6ix9ine has shelled out thousands for security to protect his mom, but even with that ... we're told he feels there's nowhere for his loved ones to hide if the Nine Trey Bloods want to get even with him for snitching.


There's really no way out of this jam for Tekashi ... he's required to cooperate with the feds, so if they want him to testify, he's gotta sing. His last hope would be for Ellison and prosecutors to strike an 11th-hour deal.

Barring that ... we're told Tekashi will look kinda different on the stand -- same face tats, but hardly any rainbow hair these days. Not a ton of salon time in prison ...

We reached out to Tekashi's lawyer, Dawn Florio, for comment ... she had no comment.

Lil Nas X & Katy Perry Bezos is So Lit ... Can't Nobody Tell Him Nothin'!!!

Lil Nas X just topped his Billy Ray Cyrus collab by pairing with Jeff Bezos for a huge Amazon office party ... in a freakin' football stadium!! So, yeah ... you could say it was a Prime pairing.

Proving how awesome it is to be the richest man in the world ... Bezos hired Lil Nas AND Katy Perry to perform Tuesday night at Amazon's post-Prime Day concert. No biggie, just a a small get together for more than 45,000 employees at Seattle's CenturyLink Stadium -- and you can tell the boss man was turning up.

Bezos ended up rocking X's graffiti-tagged leather coat, and he posed with Katy and her little dog, Nugget. Lil Nas posted a pic with the caption, "I am now the new owner of amazon and i stole katy perry's dog."

Katy also treated the crowd with her first-ever live performance of "Never Really Over."

Throwing extravagant parties is now Bezos' MO -- just last month he had Taylor Swift headline an Amazon Prime Day concert in NYC. Some critics have bashed him for the lavish events ... saying he should pay employees better instead of staging concerts for them.

Based on Tuesday night's party with Katy and Lil Nas X ... it's pretty clear the $113 billion man is gonna do things his way -- he's gonna ride til he can't no more.

John Schneider Divorce from Elvira Finally Over!!! He'll Pay Her $25k/Mo.

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'Dukes of Hazzard' star John Schneider was NOT a good ole boy when it came to dealing with his ex-wife, and the judge in their divorce is making him pay hundreds of thousands to make amends.

Yes, the divorce that's been nearly 5 years in the making is finally done ... and the judge said John screwed over Elvira Schneider by selling off one of their properties in Louisiana without splitting the cash. According to docs, obtained by TMZ, he also drained one of their IRA accounts.

As a result, Elvira's getting sole ownership of their California property worth $600,000, and she's also been awarded another IRA worth $60k.

One more big ticket penalty for John -- the judge ordered him to cover Elvira's legal fees in the divorce, and that's gonna cost him another $279k.

John also has to pay Elvira $25k per month in spousal support, and she gets a cut of his Screen Actors Guild pension.

TMZ broke the story, Elvira filed for divorce way back in December 2014. Since then, John was sentenced to 3 days in L.A. County jail for failing to pay temporary spousal support.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The legal split from Elvira dragged on for so long, John got remarried -- not legally, of course -- to his longtime GF, Alicia Allain, last month. They held a ceremony with friends present, but now they can go make it legal.

Mountain of Beverly Hills $1 BILLION Property Sells for $100k!!! ... But There's a Catch

There's taking a loss in the real estate market, and then there's this -- the mountaintop property once considered the most expensive in the history of L.A. just sold for 10,000% less than asking price ... WTF?!

Here's the deal ... the Beverly Hills lot -- fittingly dubbed The Mountain -- went for a meager $100,000 at a foreclosure auction Tuesday despite once being listed at $1 BILLION, but it actually cost the buyer a lot more than that.

That's because back in 2004, it was purchased by an investor from the estate of Mark Hughes -- the late Herbalife founder -- but only after he borrowed $45 million from the Hughes estate.

Long story short -- the investor didn't pay much back on the $45 million loan, so it ballooned to $200 MILLION with interest and fees. The Hughes estate foreclosed on the delinquent loan and auctioned off the property this week.

Here's the thing ... only around 20 people showed up at the auction, and no one made a serious bid. So, in the end, the estate bought it back for $100,000, which sounds crazy. But, the thing is ... they also swallowed the $200,000,000 delinquent loan, which none of the other 20 people were willing to do. Still, sounds like a great deal.

The Mountain is a massive 157-acre plot of land in Beverly Hills sitting atop ... well, a mountain. As you can see, the estate looks down on all of L.A. ... all that's missing is a godlike mansion.

Now that it's back in the control of the Hughes estate, it will likely hit the market again with a ginormous asking price ... but maybe not a billion bucks this time around.

Gigi Hadid & Tyler C Hanging Out with Serena Williams!!! ... Friends in High Places


Gigi Hadid and Tyler Cameron are going strong after his one-and-done date with 'Bachelorette' Hannah B. -- and now, he's rubbing shoulders with Serena Williams!!!

Talk about riding the fame wave, huh? Tyler and Gigi were spotted out with the tennis legend Tuesday night at La Esquina in NYC, where they were hugging it out with a friend on the way out. Serena was on the move, but they all seemed to be together.

No sign of Serena's hubby, Alexis Ohanian, here -- but Serena was with another tennis great, Caroline Wozniacki ... who's hitched to ex-NBA star David Lee (he was absent too). Point is ... Tyler's racing up the Hollywood ladder since his time on TV.

Granted, the dude had a legit modeling career prior to making it on primetime television -- which is as strong as ever now post-Hannah's season -- but Tyler is the perfect example of having your cake and eating it too. He appears to have banged Hannah, and then quickly moved on to Gigi a few days later. Hannah's not trippin' by the way -- she says she's single.


Meanwhile, Tyler and Gigi have been going out together a lot more -- seems like they're the new "It" couple on the streets of Manhattan these days. A helluva come up for Tyler, if we do say so ourselves.

At the rate he's going, we wouldn't be surprised to see TC out and about with Obama and Beyonce next. That's how much he's level jumping in his celeb status right now.

But, it's all good -- keep on keeping on, bro.

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Larry Bird Upset Over Mural Remove those Tattoos!

Breaking News

Larry Bird is adamant he's NOT a "tattooed guy" -- and he ain't happy with a new mural in Indiana that depicts him as a walking canvas.

The NBA legend's attorney has reached out to Jules Muck, the artist who created the Bird tribute on a Fountain Square building in Indianapolis ... an image that shows a young Bird with ink on his face, chest and arms.

In the mural, Bird looks like a SoundCloud rapper -- with tats showing everything from bunnies humping to the word "Indiana" on his forearm ... there's also a clover (Celtics) and a spider web.


The image is a play off of Bird's famous 1977 Sports Illustrated shoot, when he played for Indiana State.

But, Bird's attorney says the image is a problem because the REAL Larry doesn't have tattoos and Larry feels he "needs to protect" his brand.

"Larry’s position is he has elevated himself from where he began to where he is now through a lot of hard work. He has developed a brand that is marketable and he needs to protect that brand,” attorney Gary Sallee told IndyStar.

"The mural, as originally painted, was a departure from that brand."

The artist says she's conflicted about how she'll handle the issue -- she's still considering her options.

'Marriage Boot Camp' Hazel-E in Epic Couples Brawl!!! Shuts Down Production


The good news for 2 couples on the upcoming season of 'Marriage Boot Camp' is they've already proved they have each other's backs -- unfortunately they proved it during a knockdown, drag-out fight.

Sources close to production tell TMZ ... they had to stop shooting this week after a huge fight erupted over ex-'Love & Hip Hop' star Hazel-E's Instagram. We're told the issue was a racially-charged post from way back in 2017.

We're told Shanda Denyce, wife of Day26 singer Willie Taylor, confronted Hazel about her comments insulting darker-skinned black women ... and then all hell broke loose.

Our sources say Shanda and Hazel-E started brawling first, tearing down a set of drapes in the 'Boot Camp' house in the process.


Meanwhile ... we're told Hazel-E's BF, model Devon B, and Taylor started rumbling and got completely out of control. It took several security guards and crew members to break them up ... but not before a marble table was cracked and several chairs were destroyed.

Once the dust settled, our sources say producers put the cast on lockdown -- and then had an emergency producers-only meeting. We're told they've resumed shooting, and all the couples are still there.

We'll see if they can keep the peace -- either way, it'll make for great TV.

'IT Chapter Two' TMZ Clowns Around the 'IT' Experience ... Fear Floats Our Boat!!!


Pennywise the Clown is back in town -- meaning another freaky 'IT' pop-up has returned to L.A. -- which TMZ got to check out ... and now, with our help, you can float too!!!

The IT Experience: Chapter Two rolled into Tinseltown last Thursday -- and over the weekend, our very own photog Charlie Cotton and his lovely wife, Erin, dove head first into the carnival-like attraction on the corner of Hollywood Blvd. and Vine Street.

It all ended in a nightmarish walk through Derry's own circus funhouse, but before that ... there was lots to do!!! The pop-up's got some cool stuff -- a Pennywise-themed Ferris wheel and classic carnival games served as a great warm-up before the final destination.

Check out this year's 'IT Experience' -- a bit more elaborate than 2017's, seeing how it'll take you roughly half an hour get through this thing. But, you also get more of it now.

Instead of sticking to the Neibolt house, you'll actually visit more in-film locations this time -- Mrs. Kersh's apartment, the sewers, and the Chinese restaurant the Losers reunite in.

Long story short, it's a ton of fun -- and if you got a bit more spine than Charlie here ... you should be all good to go. Good luck though, walk-up line times are running up to 6-hours long so far ... and the pop-up sold out on reservation spots within 31 minutes of going up.

We can help you out though!!! Here's the deal -- TMZ is offering a jump-the-line pass if you book a tour with us through September 8. It's like a shortcut ... to HELL (kidding).

So, come one, come all ... "IT" ain't gonna be around forever. But "IT Chapter Two" will be in theaters on Sept. 6!!!

Young Thug All About Pet Snakes And 6-Figure Gold Snake Chains!!!


Young Thug's got a fascinating obsession with slithery creatures ... especially if they're shiny, 2-headed and cost more than your average house in the heartland.

The 'Slime' rapper is flossin' some new bling worth a whopping $250,000!!! It's a 2-headed snake chain made of 18k rose gold and features over 90cts of diamonds. The whole piece weighs more than 2 pounds!!!

Thugger better hit the weights.


Celebrity jeweler Eliantte is the artist who created the masterpiece and the detail is pretty incredible. It's got lifelike scales and both heads look ready to strike any haters.

We're told YT had the chain delivered to him last week while he celebrated 2 huge milestones ... his 28th birthday and the release of his new album, "So Much Fun."


BTW ... Thug's snake fascination goes back a minute.

In 2017, the rapper used a snake crawling out of a skull for his and Future's "Super Slimey" mixtape cover art. The following year, he sent live snakes in glass tanks to media outlets as a promotion for his "Slime Language" record -- and don't forget he has a snake eating a live mouse in the opening scene of his "Scoliosis" music vid.

All of which are way cheaper than dropping $250k on a chain, but clearly Young Thug's got that kinda chain cheddar ... fang you very much.

Tyson Fury I'd Whoop Andy Ruiz's Ass ... With One Hand Tied Behind My Back!!!


Tyson Fury says he'd only need ONE hand to beat Andy Ruiz's ass ... and he tells TMZ Sports he'd even let the fans pick which arm he would use!!!

"I only need one hand for him," Fury said. "One hand."

The boxing superstar's fight schedule is pretty booked up this year ... he's got a bout with Otto Wallin on Sept. 14 and a rematch with Deontay Wilder set for Feb. 22, 2020.

But, Tyson tells us he'd be down for a fight with heavyweight champ Ruiz after that ... saying, "I can never say no to anything."

But, Fury says the fight probably wouldn't be a good one ... telling us he'd wreck Ruiz!!!

By the way, Fury didn't use up all his trash talk on Andy ... he also guaranteed a knockout in his fight with Wilder, saying, "I don't believe Deontay Wilder is going to put the Gypsy King to rest."

"No way!"

Dale Arden in 'Flash Gordon' 'Memba Her?!?

Canadian actress Melody Anderson is best known for her role as the travel agent babe who turned into the galactic warrior Dale Arden in the cult 1980 film adaptation of the comic "Flash Gordon."

Melody Anderson is cast alongside other action actors including Brian Blessed as the high-flying leader of the Hawkmen, Prince Vultan, Max von Sydow as the destructive Emperor Ming The Merciless from the planet Mongo and, of course, Sam J. Jones as the quarterback-turned-savior of the universe, Flash Gordon.

Fun Fact: The rock band Queen is credited with the awesome soundtrack throughout the spacey movie.

Guess what she looks like now!