NBA's Malik Beasley Wife 'Blindsided' By Pic w/ Larsa Pippen


Malik Beasley's wife had NO IDEA the NBA star was hanging out with Larsa Pippen in Miami last week until she saw photos online ... and she ain't happy about it!

Sources close to Beasley's wife Montana Yao tell TMZ Sports ... she was "blindsided" when she saw the pics of the Minnesota Timberwolves star arm-in-arm with Pippen during a Nov. 23 outing in Miami.

In the photos, 24-year-old Beasley and 46-year-old Pippen are wearing masks and holding hands while walking out in public. Larsa is wearing a pretty sexy outfit with no bra.

Our sources tell us Yao -- who has a child with Beasley -- had expected Malik to be home in Minnesota for his 24th birthday on Nov. 26 ... and she was disappointed when he didn't make it back.

Then, things got worse when she saw Malik was out galavanting with Larsa.

We're being told Yao is pretty upset about the whole situation -- and doesn't know if things will be salvageable with Malik.

We've reached out to Beasley's camp -- but so far, no comment.

When Snakes Attack Puppy Pounced on by Aussie Python

Youtube / Wolf Hope

Pet ownership in Australia is freakin' wild -- snakes and other scary critters will try to eat your dog whole ... like this one almost did.

Check out this scary footage of a carpet python latching on to a 9-week-old puppy named Jasper, trying to squeeze the life out of the pup in a backyard near Brisbane.

It happens in a matter of seconds -- Jasper's casually sniffing around when .the python strikes from out of a bush. Jasper tries to squirm away, but the snake's grasp is secure.

Thankfully, the owners realized what was happening and hurried out to free their baby canine from the serpent, but it wasn't easy. You see them smack it in hopes of forcing the snake to let go, and even lift it up and swing it around while it's still got a grip on Jasper.

The owner eventually manages to toss the python aside, and we're here to tell you this story has a happy ending ... for both animals. Jasper ended up being okay -- aside from a bite in his ear, which his owners treated, he's back to his usual self.

And, if you care, the python was said to be fine too. Reptiles, man -- they're something else.

Swingers Convention Super Spreader ... of COVID-19!!! More Than 40 Infected

A few dozen swingers are battling an outbreak ... of COVID-19 after couples passed around the virus, along with their partners, at a New Orleans convention.

The 5-day Naughty in N'awlins romp last month turned into a super spreader event, with at least 41 swingers testing positive for the coronavirus ... according to one of the organizers.

Naughty Events honcho Bob Hannaford says the swingers convention did everything it could to try and stay COVID safe -- touchless check-ins, temperature checks, extra sanitizing, wristbands denoting who previously tested negative or had antibodies. It wasn't enough to stop the positive tests in the aftermath of all the raunchy fun.

The first positive test came back the day after the swingers convention ended and 40 more followed. Out of the 300 swingers who attended, 41 have tested positive. That's a positivity rate above 13 percent.

While at least one swinger was hospitalized, the majority of the positive cases showed minor symptoms or were asymptomatic. The organizer's having second thoughts about the whole event ... saying he wouldn't swing there again, in hindsight.

Not sure ya need hindsight to know swapping bodily fluids with strangers in a pandemic is dangerous, but whatever. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Joe Biden Suited and Booted ... Emphasis on Das Boot


Joe Biden is giving his broken foot woes the boot ... quite literally.

The President-elect was spotted Tuesday in Wilmington, DE, popping into the Queen Theater to announce new cabinet members, and he was dressed to the nines in his usual navy blue suit ... now accessorized with a walking boot on his right foot.

Doesn't look like the boot was giving JB much trouble ... after exiting his SUV (without assistance) he struck a pose, lifting the boot pretty high, almost like a soldier. When asked how he's feeling, he flashed a thumbs up.

By the looks of it, Biden's probably gonna be just fine ... a vast improvement from how fragile he looked limping out of his doctor's office over the weekend.

Of course, that's not to downplay the seriousness of his injury -- remember, his doctor said he suffered a hairline fracture in his middle foot area when he took a tumble playing with his German shepherd, Major.

Biden will be in a boot for the foreseeable future -- several weeks the doc predicts -- so get used to these images.

Monolith 4 Men Removed It from Utah Desert ... So Much for Aliens!!!

The disappearance of this monolith won't appear in "Unsolved Mysteries" ... 'cause a hawk-eyed photographer solved the case after catching 4 Earth dwellers in the act.

You'll recall this monolith appeared in the Utah desert back on November 18 and it was mysteriously removed a mere 10 days later. Well, photographer Ross Bernards has the receipts to prove 4 men showed up on the same evening he had been there with his boys to pay the monolith a visit.

Ross says a group of 4 men arrived after his group and, as if on a mission, toppled over the monolith and dismantled it ... in less than 10 minutes!!! No tools required, apparently.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ross says he had been sitting there taking a break when the group came up out of nowhere and told them, "You better have got your pictures" ... as if the group was there specifically to remove the shiny structure that captivated the entire globe.

The photog added, "They quickly broke it apart and as they were carrying it to the wheelbarrow that they had brought, one of them looked back at us all and said 'Leave no trace.'"

Ross says he didn't stop the group from taking down the monolith, explaining ... "they were right to take it out" because the next day it drew massive crowds roughing up a delicate desert.

No word if these same men are on their way to Romania.

Elliot Page Comes Out as Trans Formerly Known as Ellen

"Juno" and "Umbrella Academy" star Elliot Page is coming out as trans ... he shared his truth Tuesday morning, saying he's finally loving himself enough to pursue his "authentic self."

Elliot says folks in the trans community inspired him to come out, and he's pledging to support them and try and make our society more loving and equal.

While Elliot, formerly known as Ellen, says he's happy to come out as trans, he says he's also scared ... because of the invasiveness, hate, jokes and violence that too often happen to the trans community.

Elliot addresses the threats facing the trans community head-on, saying he will do everything he can to take on the "harassment, self-loathing, abuse and threat of violence every day." He takes a pointed shot at "political leaders" who've attacked the trans community. Although Elliot doesn't name names ... in the past, he's been vocally critical of Vice President Mike Pence.

As you know ... he previously came out as gay when he was still going by Ellen back in 2014, but now he's going by Elliot and he says he loves being trans and queer.

Terrifying Video Shooter Opens Fire on Woman ... Police Believe She was Targeted

Exclusive Details

10:36 AM PT -- According to Sterling Heights police ... cops believe this was a targeted hit in which the suspect was waiting for the woman to leave her residence and clearly trying to kill her.

We're told the victim was shot at least twice and is currently hospitalized in stable condition, and thankfully recovering from non-life-threatening injuries.

Cops say the shooting suspect has not been identified and is still at large, and no motive has been established at this time.

A woman trying to leave a condo complex got ambushed by a man in a pickup truck, who opened fire on her ... and all signs point to a hit job.

The video footage from a home security cam shows the horrifying scene played out Saturday ... in Michigan.

The woman leaves the residence and gets in her SUV, but as she backs up ... suddenly a truck across the street drives behind the SUV and blocks her.

The driver of the truck jumps out and begins firing. You hear at least 8 shots ring out, as her friend screams from outside the condo.

The SUV driver flees the scene and the shooter follows her. Around 30 seconds later the victim returns to the condo and runs inside, yelling to her friend, "I'm shot!"

The victim's condition is unknown. Police are searching for the shooter.

Originally Published -- 9:52 AM PT

Mysterious Monoliths New One in Romania Vanishes ... On Heels of Utah Discovery

9:01 AM PT -- 12/1 -- It might feel like we're talking in concentric circles here, but we kid you not ... the monolith recently discovered in Romania has followed in the footsteps of its State-side brethren ... and also disappeared.

According to local reports, the metallic structure -- which was buried into the ground on a hill overlooking the city of Piatra Neamt -- was removed overnight by an unidentified party. Pretty similar to the one found in the middle of nowhere in Utah.

There are some new developments on its potential origin though -- apparently, the townsfolk there believe it was a prank by a "metal-worker" ... or a welder, perhaps? Unclear if that person was the one who got it out of there.

The saga continues ...

Now you see it, now you don't ... and now you do again, because a new monolith is upon us -- in Europe -- right after one vanished into thin air here in the States.

Another metallic structure was spotted late last week in Romania ... standing tall on a hill called Boatca Doamnei, just outside the city of Piatra Neamt. This new monolith looks almost exactly like the one found out in the middle of nowhere in Utah last week ... which disappeared just as mysteriously as it arrived.

This one also appears to be made of metal -- the main difference here is that it's got a bunch of squiggles on the back, and it's sorta slanted up top.

Just like their Utah counterparts, Romanian officials don't know how the monolith got there ... or who dug it into the ground.

Authorities say it's actually on private property that covers an archeological site, which requires official permission before anything can go up there. Unclear if/when they'll remove it.

Now, this could just be another prankster doing amateur art installation ... OR, it could be an alien invasion on the cusp of breaking out -- a la, "2001: A Space Odyssey."

We're all voting for art installation, right?

Originally Published 11/30 12:53 PM PT

Coronavirus Lockdown Karen Goes on Homophobic Rant During L.A. Protest


9:44 AM PT -- The woman, Gina Michelle Bisignano, took to her Facebook page to announce, "I was attacked online."

Here's Exhibit A of lockdown fatigue meeting plain old bigotry -- and the end result is, you guessed it ... a hate-spewing "Karen."

This woman, not wearing a mask, went on a homophobic rant while protesting outside the home of L.A. County Department of Public Health Director Barbara Ferrer. The video starts with the woman firing off a homophobic slur at the person recording her. She added Nazi and brainwashing accusations too ... just for good measure.

There were about 50 people marching Sunday, most of whom seemed to merely be protesting the economic impact of California's latest round of coronavirus restrictions -- but this woman's hate speech made her stand out from the crowd. In the worst way possible.

Believe it or not, the video got even worse when the woman made an outlandish accusation about abortions. Also worth noting is her wardrobe choice for the occasion.

Unfortunately, she comes off like a big ball of 2020.

Originally Published -- 7:14 AM PT

BTS Gets Pass from S. Korea on Military Service ... We'll Give Ya 2 Extra Years

Breaking News

BTS is so big, they just forced their government to give 'em a longer leash on when they'll have to drop everything and enlist in the military ... which is unprecedented.

South Korea has long had a law called the Military Service Act -- which requires every able-bodied male in the country to serve at least 20 months before they turn 28 ... and K-Pop boy band members were no exception.

On Tuesday, however, the parliament tweaked that -- allowing top K-Pop artists (who receive government accolades) a 2-year deferment, which they specifically did to appease the oldest BTS member, Kim Seok-jin, who turns 28 this week.

S. Korea's justification for bending the rules ... BTS brings so much cultural and economic prosperity to the country -- especially now that they've broken through with international audiences -- it'd be a shame to rip a key member away when he's about to be in the prime of his musical career.

Mind you, K-Pop singers will NOT be completely exempt from serving -- they'll have to put down the mic and pick up a gun by at least 30 under this rule change ... but the fact S. Korea bent over backward for their biggest boy band is astounding.

Strangely, the nation does allow certain exemptions to their conscription policy -- Korean Olympic athletes who get medals, and Korean musicians who get awards don't have to serve at all, so long as they're internationally recognized as such.

Sounds like all you have to do there to get off the hook is bring in a little prestige (and dough) ... and you're set!

Cardi B Shouts Out Girl Fighting Cancer ... You Motivate Me!!!

@iamcardib / Instagram

Cardi B's getting inspiration today from a little girl named Lyric ... whose story, Cardi says, should remind all of us to be kind and appreciate everything we have.

As Cardi says ... Lyric is a "very strong girl" from Houston who is fighting brain cancer and has undergone 4 surgeries, but she's still smiling and spreading joy.

That's evident by the fact the rapper says so many people have DM'd her about Lyric ... and obviously, love her and want her to get better.

Funny thing is, Lyric seems to be making other people better by being such a shining light despite her ordeal, and putting a smile on their faces. Cardi's so moved, she poured out her heart about Lyric ... saying she feels like she has it tough sometimes, but now realizes it's nothing compared to what Lyric is going through, and that's truly inspiring.

Finally, Cardi shouts out Lyric's mother and commends her for being strong as well, and says she's sending prayers and love to Lyric and the whole family ... and urging them to keep holding on.

Barack Obama Yeah, I Was Briefed on UFOs But I'm Not Sayin' What's Up!!!


Barack Obama got the lowdown as Prez on UFOs -- or the lack thereof -- and although he won't say if space aliens are a thing, his facial reactions are more than interesting.

Obama appeared on 'The Late Show' Monday night and Stephen Colbert asked the burning question ... whether 44 was briefed on UFOs. He was quick to answer -- yes. After all, the Roswell mystery has survived for decades, so presidents are all looped in.

So SC asked the obvious followup ... what do ya know?  For that, you just gotta watch his reaction. Colbert thinks it's a giveaway ... that there's something in the air.

Obama knows UFOs are real

I believe in UFOs

Then again, Obama could be clowning everyone ... after all, he's played his share of poker, but Colbert thinks the Prez betrayed his poker face and gave an answer loud and clear.

Obama cleverly deflects with an observation about conspiracy theories, so no clear answer.

Kim Jong-Un Gets COVID Vaccine from China ... Analyst Claims

Kim Jong-Un is more like Donald Trump than we think, in that he's reportedly willing to take experimental coronavirus treatments ... including an unproven vaccine.

A new report citing Japanese intelligence officials claims the North Korean dictator and his inner circle within the government have all gotten a 'rona vaccine from China within the last 2 to 3 weeks.

Unclear which pharmaceutical company developed the vaccine for Kim and co., but there are apparently 3 main players out there that have been working on some ... none of which have launched final-stage clinical trials.

So, in other words ... right up DT's alley. You'll recall -- POTUS received a few drugs during his bout with 'rona (some of which were experimental) ... such as dexamethasone, remdesivir and Regeneron's antibody therapy.

Fox News

Kim getting vaccinated is interesting because N. Korea as a whole's been in denial about the pandemic -- the country's officially denied tracing even one confirmed case of COVID-19 ... which no one believes, of course.

They've also reportedly closed off the border with China ... beefing up security to keep people from crossing in either direction.

Ya gotta wonder if Kim's 'rona shot worked, would he give it to his people? Something tells us that's a long shot.

Pitbull Climb This, Kids!!! Donates Fitness Equipment


Pitbull is climbing on board the fitness equipment train just like Jay-Z ... he's investing in the same startup and hooking up students in the process.

Here's the deal ... Pitbull is the latest celeb to invest and partner with CLMBR, and he's helping some charter school students gain access to one of the startup's flagship products, a vertical climbing machine.

Pitbull's collab with CLMBR calls for one climbing machine to be donated to each of the 11 Sports Leadership and Management public charter schools around the country.

There's about 1,000 kids in each SLAM charter school, and they're getting unlimited access to the on-demand, instructor-led fitness content available on the climbing machines. It's like Peloton, but instead of using a bike, you simulate climbing.

Pitbull's got a special connection to SLAM ... he helped start the first school, which serves K-12 students seeking careers in sports leadership and management, back in 2013 in Miami's Little Havana neighborhood, where he grew up.

Pretty soon, the kids will be climbing the ladder like the rest of CLMBR's celeb investors ... which include Jay, YouTube co-founder Chad Hurley and top men's tennis player Novak Djokovic.

'90 Day Fiance' Jon Walters Here Comes Santa ... White Beard Side Hustle!!!


Times are tough for "90 Day FiancΓ©" star Jon Walters ... so he's making extra Christmas cash as Santa Claus.

Check out Jon's brand-new look for his Santa side hustle ... as you can see, he dyed his beard white and he's hawking video messages from jolly old Saint Nick ... for a price.

Jon's selling his Santa videos on Direct Me, a social media platform connecting celebs with fans ... it's kinda like Cameo. He's marketing video calls for $75, but if you don't wanna stick around for a chat he'll personalize a message for only $35.

And, here's a big plot twist -- this particular Santa isn't just a giver, he's happy to take too. He's seeking cash gifts of $12, $25, $50 and $100. Christmas 2020 ... kinda figures.

Jon's really trying here, and he says he wants to bring joy and happiness as Santa ... but it sounds like he needs to work on his ho ho hos.

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