Bam Margera Found, Going Back To Rehab ... After Bailing for 2nd Time


5:35 PM PT -- Bam's been located and he's going to check in to a new treatment facility ... TMZ has learned.


Bam's camp tells TMZ ... Bam was found Monday at a hotel in Deerfield Beach, FL.


We're told police showed up along with a crisis intervention team, which included Bam's mother and father. His camp says they held an intervention on the spot, with other members of Bam's family calling in to speak to him.


Bam's camp says Bam insisted on seeing his son, and he was told he needed to get treatment before being able to see his kid.


We're told Bam voluntarily agreed to check in to a new rehab facility ... and he's currently en route.


The Broward Sheriff's Office confirmed deputies from Deerfield Beach made contact with Bam on Monday night and he was found safe.

Bam Margera is worried he'll never see his son again if he stays in rehab and that's why he bailed  ... but his wife is pleading for him to check himself back in.

A rep for Nicole Boyd Margera tells TMZ ... she's hoping Bam can get the help he needs by returning to the Florida rehab center where he's been undergoing treatment this year.

Nikki and their 4-year-old son Phoenix are in full support of the "Jackass" star finishing his program. She has no clue where he is and she's worried sick about his safety.

Bam's camp tells us he left the LifeSkills residential facility again because he was worried he'd never see Phoenix again ... he's afraid he'll never get the chance to prove he's a good dad if he's in rehab.

Nikki claims she's been nothing but supportive of Bam -- even moving from California to FL to be closer to him ... but she thinks she's being unfairly blamed for his exit.

She's still remaining supportive ... and is praying Bam can return to rehab and get the help he desperately needs.

Actress Mary Mara Dead at 61 ... Drowns in St. Lawrence River

Actress Mary Mara drowned in the St. Lawrence River during a swim ...  according to New York State Police.

The "Ray Donovan" actress was discovered Sunday morning in the town of Cape Vincent.

Troopers responded to a call for a possible drowning in the river at around 8 AM ... when they arrived they found her body in the water. Officials say she had been visiting her sister and jumped in the River for exercise.

Mara, a Syracuse native, went on to act in a number of TV shows and films. She appeared in 20 movies and 40 TV shows. Among her TV credits ... “ER,” “NYPD Blue,” “Law and Order” and “Lost."

She also starred in "Mr. Saturday Night", “The Hard Way”, and “Love Potion #9″.

The preliminary investigation showed no signs of foul play. Her body was taken to the Jefferson County Medical Examiner’s Office for an autopsy.

Mara was 61.


Britney Spears Ex Tried to Get into Her Bedroom ... Security Guard Testifies

Britney Spears nearly came face-to-face with her ex-husband when he attempted to crash her wedding and got inside her home ... so says one of her fired security guards.

Jason Alexander is in court Monday for a preliminary hearing, and witnesses are testifying about what went down the day Britney was getting married to Sam Asghari ... and some of the testimony is terrifying.

One of Britney's security guards -- who's since been fired over the incident -- told the judge Alexander beelined it straight for Britney's bedroom after sneaking onto the property and getting inside the main house. The guard testified, Alexander tried opening Britney's bedroom door while she was inside, but it was locked.

What's more, the guard said Alexander kept repeating that he needed to talk to Britney and was looking for her, even though he was not on the guest list.


TMZ broke the story ... Alexander, who cops say was armed with a knife, live streamed himself getting onto Britney's property and up to the second level of her home, demanding to see her on her wedding day. Police arrested him before he was able to make contact with Britney.

The security guard, who got fired by Britney shortly after the incident, also testified Alexander had been spotted on the outskirts of the property multiple times leading up to the wedding ... including the day before, despite being told to stay away.

Alexander pleaded not guilty to the charges against him ... including felony stalking, plus vandalism, and trespassing battery.

Another witness, a detective with the Ventura County Sheriff, also testified Britney told her longtime agent, Cade Hudson, that Alexander was "scary."


Britney got a 3-year restraining order against Alexander after the wedding fiasco, and her attorney, Mathew Rosengart, says he's doing everything in his power to make sure she's protected.

Alexander's bail remains at $100,000 and his next court date is set for July 12.

UFO Hearings Navy Ships Being Swarmed By UFOs?!? Expert Says It's Not Drones

UFO expert Jeremy Corbell says at least 100 crafts from out of this world swarmed a fleet of Navy warships ... pushing back against a Naval chief who told Congress it was just drones.

Corbell -- who's long been calling on the U.S. government to take UFOs seriously -- says a dozen crewmembers on the warships told him the unknown objects showed otherworldly capability and definitely weren't drones.


The documentary filmmaker told the Daily Mail the UFOs present a serious national security issue and should not be dismissed out of hand ... in response to Deputy Director for Naval Intelligence Scott Bray, who told Congress he's reasonably confident the objects captured on video back in July 2019 off the Southern California coast are drones.

Corbell says the videos, which have been verified by the Pentagon, show UFOs hovering above Navy warships for hours on end, with at least one disappearing into the ocean without a trace.

@jeremycorbell / Instagram

While the Navy told Congress during last month's historic UFO hearing the objects were likely battery-powered drones, Corbell says the flight maneuvers would rule out drones ... he says witnesses in the Navy told him the objects moved from air to sea and even darted up into the upper atmosphere. He also says the objects were in the air for at least 4 hours, with flashing lights the entire time, which would drain man-made batteries in way less time.

@jeremycorbell / Instagram

Corbell says he just wants Congress and the Navy to get to the bottom of who is behind the phenomenon ... saying it's important to figure out who is controlling the objects.

Houston Texans 'Enabled' Watson's Sexual Misconduct ... New Lawsuit Claims

The Houston Texans have just been sued ... by a woman alleging the team "enabled" Deshaun Watson's sexual misconduct against her and other female masseuses.

Plaintiff Toi Garner claims during a November 2020 massage, Watson "assaulted and harassed [Garner] by aggressively exposing his naked body to her, purposely touching her with his penis, and ultimately ejaculating onto her."

What’s more, Garner claims the Houston Texans are partly to blame for what Watson did to her and to dozens of other woman.

Garner’s attorney, Tony Buzbee - -- who represents the more than 20 female massage therapists who have alleged Watson was inappropriate with them during therapy sessions – writes in the suit that the Texans not only turned "a blind eye" to Watson's "egregious behavior," but in fact helped.

The suit claims despite the fact the Texans were well aware of Watson’s conduct, they allowed him to use one of their massage tables and provided a non-disclosure agreement to Watson which he then "pressed women to sign at the massage sessions."

Buzbee, in a statement following the suit's filing, said this case was the first "of what will likely be many against the Houston Texans related to Deshaun Watson’s behavior."

"Suffice it to say," Buzbee added, "the overwhelming evidence collected indicating that the Houston Texans enabled Watson’s behavior is incredibly damning. We believe the Texans knew or most certainly should have known of Watson’s conduct. Beyond that, we believe the filing speaks for itself."

The Texans also issued a statement following the suit's filing, saying, "We are aware of the lawsuit filed against us today. Since March 2021, we have fully supported and complied with law enforcement and the various investigations."

"We will continue to take the necessary steps to address the allegations against our organization."

Cleveland Browns

Watson, who has repeatedly denied all wrongdoing and has not been arrested nor charged over the allegations, played for the Texans from 2017 to 2020. He was traded to the Browns this past offseason.

Kendall Jenner Spotted with Devin Booker ... Amid Reports of Split

Kendall Jenner might not be as single as everyone thinks ... she was just spotted spending some alone time with Devin Booker.

The two were together at Soho House in Malibu Sunday ... seemingly in good spirits as they passed each other some flirty looks.

Rumors have been spreading that they were done for, but these shots seem to paint a different picture -- or, at the very least, someone might be having second thoughts.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Multiple outlets have recently reported KJ and DB split, although the sources remained vague on details.

Kendall posted online over the weekend, showing her tanning naked, amongst other photos from her camera roll ... and Devin dropped a like on the post.

Devin's been with Kendall for a couple of years now ... they even went to Kourtney Kardashian's Italian wedding last month.

If the couple's really calling it quits, looks like a spark might've reignited.

War in Ukraine Russian Missiles Blast Crowded Mall ... At Least 3 Dead, 40 Wounded


Vladimir Putin is showing no mercy ... disgustingly firing missiles into a Ukraine shopping mall, and video following the attack shows the building -- with nearly 1,000 civilians inside -- up in flames.

Two Russian missiles were reportedly fired Monday into the shopping center, in the central city of Kremenchuk. According to officials, at least 3 are dead and 40 others are wounded. But, President Zelensky says, "It is impossible to even imagine the number of victims."

As you can see, the harrowing attack sparked a huge fire and caused a huge cloud of smoke to fill up the sky ... as soldiers and firefighters sifted through the rubble to search for survivors.

Zelensky confirmed the obvious ... that the mall held no military importance, and was not even near any other military target. Quite frankly, as Ukrainian officials put it ... the attack was a downright "act of terrorism against civilians".

Zelensky called it an effort by Russia to stop “people’s attempts to live a normal life, which make the occupiers so angry.”

Russia, on the other hand, has denied attacking innocent civilians since first launching the war on Ukraine, back in February.

Unfortunately, this isn't the first time we've seen attacks of this scale. You'll recall earlier strikes from Russia like the one at a Mariupol theater, back in March ... where nearly 600 reportedly were killed.

Rudy Giuliani Grocery 'Assault' Caught on Security Cam Suspect Charged With Misdemeanors


10:03 AM PT -- The suspect, Daniel Gill, was charged with three misdemeanors - assault, menacing and harassment. According to the criminal complaint, obtained by TMZ, Giuliani told prosecutors Gill made him "stumble forward." Giuliani said this caused "physical injury including but not limited to redness, swelling, and substantial pain to the back and left side of his body, as well as causing informant to be placed in fear of physical injury, and becoming alarmed and annoyed."


8:02 AM PT -- A law enforcement source directly involved in the investigation reacted to the surveillance video, telling TMZ ... "Much ado about nothing it seems. It was a pat. This whole thing is a stretch."

Rudy Giuliani's alleged felony assault in a grocery store was captured on surveillance video, and ... let's just say it's not as violent as Rudy made it out to be.

The video captured the moment, Sunday in a Staten Island ShopRite ... an employee came up from behind the former NYC Mayor, and you definitely see him slap Giuliani on the back and then exchange some words.

As we reported, the suspect said "What's up, scumbag?" as he struck Giuliani ... and you can tell from the video the guy's slap and choice words irked, not only Giuliani, but the team of people around him. Giuliani told the NY Post he felt a "tremendous pain" in his back, and the guy was yelling at him about the Supreme Court overturning Roe v. Wade.

The suspect was arrested for felony assault -- it's a felony because Rudy is over 65.


Although Giuliani said he was nearly knocked to the ground ... it doesn't appear that way in the video. Now, Donald Trump's ex-attorney is calling for the suspect to get jail time. During a news conference he said, "He hit me to knock me down and if that doesn't merit jail time in New York, we're in the wild wild west."

Giuliani, who is 78 years old, says any fall is potentially fatal at his age -- "It was a very, very heavy shot. He could have easily hit me, knocked me to the ground and killed me."

Brittney Griner Appears In Russian Court ... Shackles On Wrists, Flanked By Guards

WNBA superstar Brittney Griner appeared in a Russian court on Monday for an important hearing in her drug case ... and while she looked to be in good shape, she was flanked by multiple security guards and had shackles on her wrists.

The Phoenix Mercury center -- who had previously been ordered to remain in pretrial detention until at least July 2 -- made the appearance wearing a grey t-shirt and sweats.

At the proceedings, a July 1 trial date was set for Griner -- nearly five months after she was initially detained in the foreign country for allegedly having hashish oil in her luggage at an airport.

Photos from the court show the 2-time Olympic gold medalist had her eyes wide open ... and was cuffed to an officer who was leading her to her court appearance.

Griner, who was ordered to stay in custody for the duration of her trial, is facing up to 10 years behind bars if she's convicted on the charges against her.

While U.S. officials, including congressman Colin Allred, have claimed Griner is "a political prisoner" ... a spokesperson for Vladimir Putin, Dmitry Peskov, told NBC News that Brittney's detainment is because she broke the country's law, not because she's being used as some sort of pawn.


The U.S., according to Allred, is "actively negotiating" to get Griner back on American soil.

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