Adele Show Postponed Over Disputes, Not COVID, Sources

Adele says her Vegas residency was postponed because of a massive COVID outbreak on her crew, but multiple sources connected to Caesars Palace claim the real reason the show is on ice is because Adele's displeased with the production.

Our sources say Adele was unhappy with various set pieces, a choir, the sound system and other items associated with the show. Several sources say they could not satisfy her production demands ... they say she felt numerous elements "were not good enough."

@adele / Twitter

That said, we're told the folks at Caesars were "shocked" when Adele canceled at the last minute. Mind you, crews have been hard at work on every aspect of the show since at least December. One source said this was not a matter of them trying to pull it together in the 11th hour -- we're told Adele wasn't ever satisfied with the results.

As for COVID, our Caesars sources say they can't speak to Adele's crew, but the Caesars' crew was ready, willing and able, and they say they can't understand why she waited until the last minute to pull the plug.

We've reached out to her camp for comment, but no word back yet.

The singer said she and her crew had been awake for 30 straight hours to right the ship, but at the last minute, it proved too much.

Our sources say Caesars is hoping to pull off at least some of Adele's February slate of shows.

Janet Jackson Claims MJ Bullied Her Over Weight ... Called Her 'Pig, Cow' as Kids

Janet Jackson's revealing a painful aspect of her tight relationship with Michael Jackson -- claiming he brutally taunted her about her weight, and she says it had a lasting impact on her.

Janet opens up about her brother in the upcoming documentary, "Janet," and reportedly says Michael teased her by hurling insults like "pig, horse, slut, or hog, cow,'' during their childhood.

While that might sound like typical sibling jabs -- she says they both laughed at the time -- JJ says it hurt her deep down.

The 2-part docu-series premieres Friday night on A&E and Lifetime, and shows Janet discussing her weight issues, and much more about Michael -- including the molestation accusations against him and how they impacted her career.

Janet also gets into her marriages and relationships with James DeBarge, Rene Elizondo Jr., Jermaine Dupri and Wissam Al Mana ... the father of her son.

As for Michael's cruel remarks -- according to Daily Mail, Janet says in the doc ... "When you have somebody say you're too heavy, it affects you."

Janet and Michael were famously very close -- she's said Michael and Randy Jackson were the siblings she bonded with most -- but it looks like the "Janet" docuseries is about to reveal a new facet of their relationship.

Tiffany Haddish Addresses DUI Bust with Fallon ... My Prayers Were Answered

Tiffany Haddish is laughing off her DUI -- well, sorta ... let's just say she's taking it in stride.

The comedian gave a little insight into what happened -- from her perspective, anyway -- during an appearance Monday on the 'Tonight Show' with Jimmy Fallon, to whom she described her Georgia bust with some humor to spare.

Jimmy asked if she was willing to talk about it, and sure enough, Tiffany was ... starting out the story by saying she'd been asking God for a new man in her life. Well, he answered her prayers, it seems, but might've overcompensated ... 'cause TH says she got more than she bargained for.

Instead of one man, Tiff says she was blessed with 4 ... and they were all in uniform -- which got a chuckle out of Fallon and the audience. She then says she's got a good lawyer and they're dealing with the sitch now, without elaborating much more about it.

TMZ broke the story ... Tiffany was arrested earlier this month when local residents in Peachtree City reported a driver who’d apparently fallen asleep on the side of the road. Cops eventually tracked down Tiffany's car, where they eventually got her in cuffs ... suspecting she'd been smoking weed. She was booked for DUI and improper stopping on a roadway.

The arrest follows Tiffany losing a number of friends and family, including her grandmother, her longtime producer, her dog and close comic pal Bob Saget.

Simone Biles Hits Insane Flips In Gym ... Twisties Cured?!?

@simonebiles / Instagram

Simone Biles appears to be on her way to putting the twisties in her past ... 'cause she recently hit a bunch of insane flips in the gym, showing no signs of the mental block that plagued her in Tokyo.

Biles posted the videos on her social media page Monday ... revealing she's once again hitting some of the crazy stunts that made her an Olympics legend.

Biles did the tricks into a soft foam pit ... and captioned the footage, "did some flips the other day just to make sure."

No word yet on if Biles is officially 100 percent free of the infamous twisties that first hit her at the 2020 Olympics in July ... but the video is an encouraging sign nonetheless.

It's the first time Biles has been seen hitting the tricks since she said she was struggling to find up from down while performing the stunts on the sport's biggest stage.

Biles had said back in October she was still fighting the problem ... and noted she was keeping any twisting out of her routines during her performances in the Gold Over America Tour in the fall.

But, it appears Biles is inching closer to returning to her old form -- which, of course, is a super-positive sign for her potential return to the Olympics in 2024.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Car Accident Victim a Huge Fan ... 'God Bless' But I'm Hurting

One of the people involved in Arnold Schwarzenegger's multi-car wreck couldn't believe her eyes ... not only because of the movie stunt-like crash, but because she's a huge fan of his.

Habiba Muminova was one of the drivers who had a close encounter with Arnold's SUV in Friday's crash, and she tells TMZ ... she felt like she was "hallucinating" when Arnold exited his Yukon.

Habiba says Arnold's one of her favorite actors, and while she says, "God bless him," ... she's painfully aware this wasn't exactly a great way to meet him for the first time. Still, she says she's telling everyone what -- and who -- happened.

Habiba says she was just doing her job Friday -- driving patients to doctor's appointments -- when all of a sudden she was smack in the middle of an accident involving a movie star/former governor.

She says she was waiting at a red light to turn on Sunset Blvd when Arnold's SUV collided with a red Prius ... and before she knew it one of Arnold's back tires was smacking into her car, causing a harsh jolt.

Habiba says the initial impact was so strong, she thought she broke her spine.

With Arnold's SUV blocking her door, Habiba says she climbed out through the passenger side window, where she was met by first responders and advised to get a ride to the hospital. Instead, she stayed put on the scene with the patient she'd been transporting.

She says she's now experiencing pain in her spine and back, from the shoulder down her left side and she's getting checked out by a doctor this week.

Habiba's concerned about her job moving forward -- she says her car is badly damaged, which will make it difficult, if not impossible, to drive patients around town.

She says she's reached out to an attorney for legal advice.

As we first told you ... law enforcement sources say police believe the accident was Arnold's fault, though he was not ticketed.

Antonio Brown Hit Miami Club & Racked Up $15K Bill ... After Bucs Loss


Antonio Brown celebrated the demise of Bruce Arians and the Buccaneers in style on Sunday -- partying hard at a Miami nightclub just hours after his former team was booted from the playoffs.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the ex-Bucs wideout watched his old squad lose to the Rams in Tampa -- and then he made his way down to Miami to celebrate.

We're told the 33-year-old hit XXIII Club ... and copped around $15,000-worth of bottles while there!!

Brown rocked a huge fur coat ... and was the life of the party at the packed venue -- which, at one point, played his new "Pit Not The Palace" song for the crowd.

Of course, Brown was in great spirits ... because, after all, the team that he says screwed him over earlier this month finally fell in heartbreaking fashion to L.A. earlier on Sunday.

In fact, Brown was so pleased with the result on the field, he trolled Tampa Bay on his social media page with an edited "Bucs eliminated" meme, and later tweeted that Arians was a "barbarian."


It seemed Brown had been moving on from his beef with the Bucs -- remember, he told us recently he and Tom Brady had hashed things out, and said just before that that his shirtless exit from the team was not very professional.

But, based on the looks of his Sunday night celebration, it's clear the guy's grudge ain't going anywhere anytime soon.

Hong Kong Pets Leave Country On Private Jets ... Amid COVID Fears

It's next to impossible for pet owners in Hong Kong to get their animals out of the country ... as a result, pet owners in large numbers are chartering private jets for their animals.

Here's the deal ... flights out of Hong Kong are packed to the brim and pet owners can't get dogs and other house pets on board.

Enter Top Stars Air, which has found a niche with group charters for pets.

The owner of the company says pet owners have chartered jets for dogs, cats, hamsters and rabbits. Forget businesspeople ... the target audience now has 4 legs.

A flight from Hong Kong to New York runs $22,000, but plenty of folks have plunked down that kind of loot for their beloved pets.

As for how many ... the owner of Top Stars says business is up 700% since the beginning of the pandemic.

Pet owners in Hong Kong may have reason to fear because the country has some of the most restrictive and in some cases drastic COVID restrictions in the world.

Authorities there have been euthanizing small animals by the thousands over COVID fears.

More than 2,500 hamsters and other small pets have been euthanized after authorities tested a hamster in a pet store that turned up a positive COVID read.

Crazy times.

Kat Von D 'Cheaper By Dozen' Home for Sale ... $15 Mil Cheap Enough???

Kat Von D is saying goodbye to all things California -- she just listed her L.A. mansion, which also happens to be a famous movie location ... TMZ has learned.

Long before Kat moved in, the huge home was featured in the 2003 movie "Cheaper By the Dozen" -- but take a look around this pad ... ain't a damn thing cheap about it!!!

The 3-story, gorgeous crib is 12,565 sq feet with 13 bedrooms and 10 bathrooms.

Kat paid $6.5 million for it back in 2016 ... and she's put some work and money into the place since then.

We're told she completely restored the Victorian home which some unique features, like a library, hidden bar with hand-carved walls and 7 fireplaces!!!

You know you're living right when your living room has a title -- Kat's is called the 'French Ballroom' -- and one more bonus is the 2-bed, 1-bath carriage house over the garage.

It also has some more commonly seen luxuries ... like a pool and spa.

Jamie Sher of The Sher Group holds the listing.

Kat selling shouldn't come as a surprise -- back in October, she announced she was leaving Cali for good and putting down roots in Indiana.

As you can see, she's leaving behind a huge home in SoCal, but we're betting she'll have a pretty sweet pad in Indiana too, where she'll get way more bang for her buck.

UFC Legend Don Frye Hits Fan At UFC 270 ... Claims Man Was Drunk, Challenged Him To A Fight


UFC legend Don Frye got into a physical altercation with a fan at UFC 270, punching the man in the face ... this after the retired MMA star and pro wrestler tells us the guy bumped into him and challenged him to a fight.

TMZ Sports obtained video taken at the Honda Center in Anaheim, CA Saturday night ... showing 56-year-old Frye jawing with two men as someone who appears to be security attempts to keep the peace.

Frye is seen popping the guy in the head with a jab (clearly not at full force) ... sending the man's head snapping back.

We talked to Don ... who tells us the incident started when the guy, who he believes was drunk, bumped into his hat. The men then had a spirited conversation, which Frye says culminated with the man challenging him to a fight.

You can only assume the man didn't know he was challenging Frye ... one of the UFC's earlier stars, and most powerful strikers.

Frye won UFC 8 and Ultimate Ultimate '96 tourneys ... and was the runner-up at UFC 10. Over his incredible career, Don beat guys like Ken Shamrock, Tank Abbott and Mark Hall.

Frye -- who recently went on Joe Rogan's podcast and explained how he got into MMA -- was inducted into the UFC Hall of Fame in 2016.

In addition to the UFC, Don fought in Pride and K-1. He also boxed and kickboxed professionally, and was one of Japan's biggest wrestlers during his time with New Japan Pro-Wrestling.

Don was not arrested -- and stayed to watch the remaining fights -- including heavyweight champ Francis Ngannou defending his title.

As for the fan who was popped with the jab ... it's unclear if the man was removed from the arena.

President Biden Calls Fox Reporter 'Stupid S.O.B.' ... Over Inflation Question


6:14 PM PT -- Doocy just said President Biden called him tonight to apologize. Doocy says apology accepted.

President Biden insulted a reporter with some foul language over what he thought was a ridiculous inquiry ... and it got picked up on a hot mic!

JB brought the press in to the White House Monday for a photo-op following a roundtable chat with his cabinet on how to quickly lower costs in the U.S. -- this as prices continue to soar nationwide. As chirping journos were being ushered out ... FOX News' White House Correspondent Peter Doocy fired away.

He asked Biden if he thought inflation could be a political liability for the midterms, and Joe actually responded -- albeit, under his breath. It seems he thought the mic was turned off.

Not the case ... because his microphone was on, and you hear sarcastically say, "That's a great asset -- more inflation. What a stupid son of a bitch."

Doocy says he didn't hear it and was told by other reporters about the comment.

get the fact-checkers on it!
Fox News

Doocy was interviewed about the jab shortly following Biden's remarks, with one FN host openly wondering ... are ya, in fact, a stupid S.O.B.??? PD had a hilarious response.

Originally Published -- 3:25 PM PT

Kelly Cutrone on 'The Hills' 'Memba Her?!

New York native Kelly Cutrone had made a name for herself as a PR guru and style savant but she made the switch into work in front of the lens when she was cast as the no-nonsense boss in the MTV reality television shows "The Hills" in 2008 and the east coast spinoff "The City" in 2009.

"The Hills" was packed with notable characters including Whitney Port and Lauren Conrad as the fresh-faced Teen Vogue employees turn People's Revolution rebels.

Kelly Cutrone made the switch to a judge for a few seasons of "America's Next Top Model" in 2012.

Guess what she looks like a decade later!

Kim Kardashian Coffee Shop Stop With Hillary and Chelsea Clinton

Kim Kardashian is back in the political sphere, this time hooking up with Hillary and Chelsea Clinton at a local black-owned coffee shop in L.A. ... with an important mission.

The trio was spotted Monday at Hot & Cool Cafe in Canoga Park. They were also joined by a camera crew, though our sources say it wasn't for the upcoming Kardashian project on Hulu. It's for "Gutsy Women" ... a Clinton-led show for Apple TV+.

Hot & Cool was founded in 2018, and features a vegan menu. According to the cafe's website, the owners chose the area because residents had historically faced challenges in trying to find healthy and convenient food options.


Not only that, the cafe is known for hiring formerly incarcerated people and underserved youth, something Kim has really been an advocate of recently.


"Gutsy Women" is a show featuring a cast of diverse and trailblazing women -- hence the stop in L.A. to highlight H&C's owners Tina Amin and Tony Jolly.

This is a new wrinkle, publicly at least, in Kim's profile as an advocate for the less fortunate.

As you know, she's been pushing prison reform ... visiting and speaking at The White House while Trump was in office, and she's inching closer to becoming an attorney to continue her work.

It's possible learning about and working on community reform -- which she's talked about in the past -- could be next on Kim's agenda.

Travis Pastrana Hospitalized After Parachute Stunt Crash ... In Florida

Motorsports legend Travis Pastrana has been hospitalized in Florida ... after he terrifyingly crash-landed into a park following a parachute stunt gone wrong.

The horrifying scene was all captured on video ... showing Pastrana is truly fortunate to be alive today.

In the footage, you can see the 38-year-old jumped from the top of a high-rise hotel ... and appeared to deploy his 'chute just a little too late, causing him to hit the ground with force.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Thankfully, his publicist told WSVN-TV's Frank Guzman he is expected to make a full recovery.

"Surgery went well and he is excited to get home and heal up," the publicist said.

Ft. Lauderdale Fire Chief Stephen Gollan tells TMZ Sports the incident happened on Saturday morning, when a video crew was shooting in the area of Las Olas Blvd. and Andrews Ave.

"A stunt during that event did not go as planned resulting in a hard landing of a parachutist that jumped from the Hyatt Hotel," Gollan said in a statement.

"The adult male was immediately treated and transported in serious but stable condition to Broward Health."

According to Keys Weekly, the X Games gold medalist has been in Florida this month doing stunts and drifts. In fact, just a few days before the parachute incident, Pastrana was in the Florida Keys filming with a 1983 Subaru GL Wagon.

Get well soon.

Cardi B Victorious Over Tasha K in Libel Trial ... Awarded $1.25 Million

3:02 PM PT -- Tasha K tweeted about the verdict, saying "My Husband, Attorney’s, & I fought really hard. I want to thank them for their long hours and sleepless nights. Winos it’s only up from here. See y’all in a few days. Back to work."

Cardi B claimed a blogger made up harmful lies about her on the internet is ringing true with the jury ... which just sided with her in federal court.

The rapper won her libel case against Tasha K, who she sued for posting videos where she alleged, among other things, CB was a prostitute who dabbled in drugs and had contracted STIs.

After a week-plus long trial, Tasha was found liable on 3 separate claims, and ordered to pay Cardi $1.25 million in general damages and $250k for medical expenses.

Latasha being served

Cardi called BS on Tasha, suing her back in 2019 when the blogger refused to take down the damaging posts.

CB even went on the witness stand during the trial and testified she was suicidal during this period as a direct result of Tasha's stories.

Looks like she made an impact with jurors -- she and her attorneys, Lisa Moore, Sarah Matz and William Pequignot scored a big W, and can close the book on this mess, for now.

The judge said any potential punitive damages Tasha might owe Cardi will be determined in a future hearing.

Super Bowl LVI Homeless Cleanup Near SoFi Stadium ... L.A. Masking the Crisis???

Los Angeles doesn't want Super Bowl LVI visitors and viewers getting an up-close look at the city's homeless problem -- which is why a major cleanup is underway near the site of the big game.

These pics were taken Monday morning ... near the 405 freeway, which significantly is just a couple miles from SoFi Stadium. As you can see, CHP officers are on hand to reroute traffic and clear out homeless encampments ... as private contractors clean up behind them.

With the Super Bowl just 3 weeks away ... it certainly appears L.A.'s leadership is attempting to polish up areas that will be heavily trafficked, and possibly shown in aerial shots, on game day.

Our law enforcement sources tell us cops started moving homeless people bright and early Monday from this area near the 405 and Century Blvd. Not coincidentally, we think, this is smack in the middle of the most direct route from LAX to SoFi.

We're told the situation here used to look "a lot worse" -- and there's a similar effort going on at a nearby park. After that, we're told, crews will remove a tent city under the freeway.

Here's a telling sign of just how bad the homeless crisis is in L.A. ... the company helping with the cleanup is called Planet Green and they say they specialize in emergency disaster cleanup and biohazardous waste cleanup.

The homeless crisis is a city-wide problem -- and while it has previously been addressed in other areas, the current focus seems to be on shielding Super Bowl crowds from the truth ... which is that L.A. has a very real humanitarian crisis on its hands.

Pelicans' Jaxson Hayes Charged After Scuffle W/ Cops ... 12 Misdemeanor Counts

2:15 PM PT -- The Los Angeles Police Protective League -- a group that represents thousands of cops in L.A. -- is blasting controversial county district attorney, George Gascon for failing to bring charges (the city attorney ultimately filed the charges).

The org. also criticized the NBA and Hayes.

“Luckily, when it comes to holding criminals accountable for their crimes, the residents of Los Angeles are not solely dependent on George Gascon and can rely on the United States Attorney and City Attorney to do their jobs."

"We’re pleased that the City Attorney evaluated the evidence and charged Jaxon Hayes for assaulting an LAPD officer, domestic violence, and ten additional crimes. It’s disappointing that the NBA has remained silent on Mr. Hayes’ behavior despite the video evidence and its stated zero-tolerance policy on domestic violence."

"There are fundamental values at play in this incident that Mr. Hayes, George Gascon, and the NBA must recognize, it’s never acceptable to engage in domestic violence or attack police officers.  It’s no more complicated than that.”

Pelicans center Jaxson Hayes has been hit with 12 misdemeanor charges in Los Angeles -- including domestic violence and using violence against a police officer -- all stemming from an incident involving Jaxson, his GF, and police.

TMZ Sports has learned 21-year-old Hayes was charged by the city attorney in L.A. County ... 6 months after he tussled with police.

Hayes has been charged with 12 counts ... including inflicting corporal injury (domestic violence charge), destroying property, use of force, resisting a police officer, using force and violence against an LAPD member, amongst other charges.

Los Angeles Police Department

Remember, back in July 2021, Hayes' girlfriend alerted her cousin that Jaxson was acting erratically, and the GF was worried for her safety.

LAPD responded to the L.A. home where Hayes was staying. However, Hayes wouldn't allow them inside ... and a struggle ensued. Jaxson appears to push an officer into a wall -- sustaining an injury to his arm.

One officer used his Taser ... and Hayes -- the 8th overall pick in the 2019 NBA Draft -- was finally taken into custody.

During the arrest, Hayes claimed he couldn't breathe. The claim sparked a use of force investigation within the LAPD.

The results of that investigation are not yet known.

As for Jaxson -- who's averaging about 7 points and 3 rebounds a game this season -- he's facing time behind bars, if convicted.

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