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Nipsey Hussle Sister Keeps Custody of Daughter ... Baby Mama Pissed

5/20/2019 3:19 PM PDT

Nipsey Hussle's daughter, Emani, will not go back to her mother ... and the mother is livid.

Tanisha Foster was in court Monday, trying to regain custody of her 10-year-old girl. Emani has been living with Nispey's sister, Samantha, since his death last March.

Nipsey's family was in court and squared off with Tanisha, whom they believe is not fit to care for Emani. The hearing was sealed ... but there's another date scheduled in July.

Tanisha's lawyer, Larry Lewellyn, tells TMZ he's working with Nipsey's family on a visitation schedule that will be in Emani's best interest. 

As for Tanisha ... she left the courtroom crying and told us she's "pissed off."

We broke the story ... Samantha believes Emani's biological mother is unfit to care for the 10-year-old, and Samantha played a crucial role in helping raise her when Nipsey was alive. Samantha wrote in her petition that she wants to "ensure the continued stability for Emani and ensure that she will be able to maintain her current and ongoing relationship" with her fam.

Emani's mother, Tanisha, broke down crying in court last week, saying she hadn't seen her daughter in months. At the time, the judge gave them about 20 minutes alone together.

Still ... Nipsey's sister might have a strong case in asking for guardianship. Tanisha has a warrant out for her arrest right now, relating to an unsettled DUI case in 2017. She's also got a lengthy rap sheet filled with arrests dating back to 2006 and 2007. 

Nipsey has another child with Lauren London -- a son named Kross -- but he's obviously staying with his mom. No issues there.

George Foreman Wilder vs. Joshua ... Could Be Bigger Than Ali vs. Frazier

5/21/2019 12:20 AM PDT

Watch out Ali vs. Frazier ... your status as the biggest heavyweight fight of all time is in jeopardy ... that's according to George Foreman, who says there's one fight that could be bigger.

Deontay Wilder vs. Anthony Joshua.

Wilder nuked Dominic Breazeale's face via 1st-round knockout this weekend -- and immediately, ring reporter Jim Gray began pressuring Deontay about when he'll fight Joshua, the most decorated active heavyweight. 

We talked to Foreman, who says he doesn't know when the fight will happen, but he DOES know it'll be HUGE when it does. 

"If Joshua and Wilder fight, it would be the biggest heavyweight fight of all time!"

Just so you guys know, historically all the biggest fights have been between heavyweights ... until Floyd Mayweather came along and changed the landscape.

We asked George again, and he doubled down saying the fight would be "bigger than anything."

Question is ... will it ever happen? Wilder didn't seem convinced after destroying Breazeale and Joshua is busy preparing to fight another dude no one's really ever heard of.

But, if George is right, we're talking about maybe a $300 million dollar event ... SO GET TO IT GUYS.

Guess Who This Overall Sweetheart Turned Into!

5/21/2019 12:01 AM PDT

Before this blonde bombshell starred in movies, authored a New York Times best selling novel, became a platinum-selling recording artist and launched her own clothing lines, she rose to fame as iconic child actress on a wildly successful TV series. 

She was born in Houston and split her time in San Antonio, two places where her father owned a chain of convenience stores. She fell in love with acting as a young girl and moved to Los Angeles with her sister and mother. After landing small parts and commercial gigs, she finally caught her big break and was cast as the title role on a Disney Channel show. 

Can you guess who she is?

Formula 1 Legend Niki Lauda Dead at 70

5/20/2019 6:41 PM PDT
Breaking News

Legendary Formula 1 racer Niki Lauda has died ... according to his family.

Lauda, considered one of F1's greatest drivers ever, died Monday ... nine months after undergoing surgery for a lung transplant. 

Niki won the F1 drivers' championship in 1975 and '77 with Ferrari and again in '84 with McLaren ... but he's most famous for crashing and catching fire in 1976 at the German Grand Prix.

Lauda was badly burned in the crash, but he made a miraculous recovery an returned to racing only 6 weeks later. 

Lauda's incredibly comeback after dodging death instantly made him the stuff of legend .. and his 1976 rivalry with British driver James Hunt was the plot line of the movie "Rush." 

Niki, who was born in Austria, had a tight working relationship with 5-time F1 champion Lewis Hamilton. Lauda was involved when Lewis signed with McClaren ahead of the 2013 racing season. 

Niki's family released a statement after his death ... saying, "With deep sadness, we announce that our beloved Niki has peacefully passed away with his family on Monday."

"His unique achievements as an athlete and entrepreneur are and will remain unforgettable, his tireless zest for action, his straightforwardness and his courage remain."

"A role model and a benchmark for all of us, he was a loving and caring husband, father and grandfather away from the public, and he will be missed."

Lauda was 70. 


Jada Pinkett Smith I Was A Porn Addict ... Before Meeting Will

5/20/2019 6:08 PM PDT

Jada Pinkett Smith is coming clean about one of her past addictions ... she says she couldn't stop watching PORN before starting a relationship with Will Smith.

Jada made the stunning revelation in Monday's "Red Table Talk" episode ... opening up about her "unhealthy relationship" with porn and saying she couldn't get enough adult videos when she was single and trying to practice abstinence. 

The 47-year-old actress started talking porn with her daughter, Willow, and mother, Adrienne Banfield Norris, at the start of the show as they were all getting ready together backstage ... gotta be an awkward convo for any family. 

Willow asks her momma if her porn fixation came from an emotional place ... and Jada says that's exactly what happened. Jada, who's been married to Will for almost 22 years, says she was feeling an emptiness when she got hooked on porn. 

Monday's talk was about the effects of porn on relationships ... and Jada says she used to watch some hardcore videos she says were "profoundly disturbed."  

Alice Marie Johnson So Proud of Kim K ... Freeing Inmates is Her Calling!!!

5/20/2019 3:50 PM PDT

Kim Kardashian West was destined to spearhead criminal justice reform and free prisoners; she just needed a spark ... according to Alice Marie Johnson, the woman who provided that spark.

Alice joined "TMZ Live" Monday to talk about Kim's continued efforts and success in getting non-violent drug offenders out from under life sentences. She says she's incredibly proud -- and impressed -- by what Kim's doing ... but not surprised.

We broke the story ... since helping Alice get out of prison last year, Kim's helped free 17 more inmates over a recent span of 90 days.

She's also studying to become a lawyer so she can be better equipped for her charitable work.

Alice tells us she believes this passion was always inside of Kim waiting to be unleashed, and once she took a chance on her case -- and took it all the way to the White House -- the floodgates were opened.

Johnson's story is the subject of her new memoir 'After Life' ... and Kim's role is obviously significant. Kim also wrote the foreword for the book, and Alice says it's a must-read thing of beauty ... straight from the heart.

It goes on sale Tuesday.

Morehouse College Grads Getting New Bling To Commemorate Smith's Student Loan Gift

5/20/2019 3:30 PM PDT

9:40 PM -- The jewelers at Jadelle are producing the cufflinks for Morehouse's class of 2019 on their own, and the Smiths will not be involved.

We're told Hope was contacted, but only to request a family logo Jadelle wanted to include in the design.

Morehouse College's class of 2019 is getting another amazing gift to commemorate the Robert F. Smith covering their student loans -- and this one involves a Bev Hills jeweler.

Sources connected to the billionaire couple tell TMZ ... Hope Dworaczyk Smith was contacted by Jadelle Beverly Hills about creating a custom pair of cufflinks for the 396 graduates. We're told the jewelers plan to make something that includes gold, silver, diamonds, the school name and, perhaps most importantly ... the Smith family name.

We're told Jadelle will be footing the bill, which is expected to be around $250k.

Our sources say the jewelers -- a fave spot of Kim Kardashian, Sofia Richie, Jamie Foxx and Justin Bieber -- were inspired after seeing Robert surprise the grads with his plan to pay off their student loans.

We're told Jadelle hopes to deliver the goods to the grads in August. 

The cufflinks won't help 'em pay their bills, but will remind them of the guy who is saving them thousands upon thousands of dollars!

Netflix's 'Jailbirds' Megan 'Monster' Hawkins Arrested ... Back in Sac County Jail

5/20/2019 3:23 PM PDT

One of the female inmates featured in Netflix's new docuseries about life on the inside is right back where she started on the show ... behind bars in good old Sacramento.

Megan Hawkins -- known as "Monster" on the series -- was arrested in Elk Grove, CA Friday after she allegedly tried opening a bank account with an ID with someone else's name on it. Cops say that one of the bank employees recognized her from the show and called it in. 

According to Elk Grove PD ... Megan was gone by the time officers arrived, but she hadn't gotten far. Police say they found her parked nearby in a vehicle that'd been reported stolen ... with tons of credit cards that didn't belong to her and a controlled substance.

She was arrested and booked for five felonies -- ranging from identity theft to forging or altering checks, just to name a couple. She's being held on a $10,000 bond in Sacramento County Jail  -- the same place where she's featured for Netflix's new hit.

Megan is one of the most recognizable characters on the docuseries -- her tongue is split right down the middle ... hence the whole "monster" thing. 

This photo is fitting for the nickname too -- it's one heck of a beast-y mug shot, if you ask us. Stay classy, Sac. 

Ric Flair Out of Surgery Doctors Say It Was Successful

5/20/2019 2:04 PM PDT

Ric Flair is out of surgery and in the recovery room -- and doctors say the procedure was a success, this according to Flair's wife, Wendy Barlow

"Doctors said the procedure was a success," Wendy tells TMZ Sports ... noting that she wants to thank everyone for their prayers and support during this difficult time. 

As we previously reported, Flair was hospitalized on Thursday after suffering a medical emergency. He was supposed to undergo surgery on Friday, but doctors postponed the surgery due to "complications."

But clearly, they felt he was good to go on Monday -- because they operated as planned. 

Unclear exactly what surgery was performed on Ric -- but we know he had been experiencing heart issues over the past few months and doctors felt his current situation was "very serious."

The 70-year-old wrestling legend has been in good spirits over the past few days and has been chatting with his famous friends on the phone, including Offset

Flair had to pull out of a celebrity roast set for this upcoming Friday in Las Vegas -- but doctors are still optimistic he will make a full recovery. 

Katharine McPhee, David Foster We Got Our License to Get Hitched!!!

5/20/2019 1:28 PM PDT

Katharine McPhee and David Foster took a big step toward the altar, because we've learned they just got a marriage license, although it's all on the down low.

Sources with knowledge tell us ... Katharine and David took a trip to the Bev Hills Courthouse Friday and got the paperwork they need to tie the knot. 

We've learned she'll take his name as a hyphenate -- Katharine McPhee-Foster. 

The 35-year-old singer/actress got engaged to the 69-year-old music empresario back in July.  

They filed for what's called a "confidential" marriage license ... but they kind of gave away the secret on their way out of the courthouse as David held an envelope titled, "Marriage Records."

No word on exactly when they'll make it official, but typically the license is pulled shortly before the nuptials. A marriage license is good for a maximum of 90 days. 

The 2 got engaged during their European vacation on the Island of Capri, and her rock is ... well, enormous, which is no surprise given that David has been an enduring titan in the music biz. 

It will be Katharine's second marriage and David's 5th.

Bijou Phillips' Mom Geneviève Waite Dead at 71

5/20/2019 12:56 PM PDT

Bijou Phillips' mom -- a South African model, actress and singer -- died over the weekend in L.A. ... TMZ has learned. 

Sources close to Bijou tell us Geneviève Waite passed away in her sleep Saturday. We reached to Bijou who tells us, "Our beautiful mother Geneviève Waite Phillips, passed away in her sleep. She was a beautiful soul, and born from another planet. Her ideas, her songs, her voice, and her heart beat to a beautiful African rhythm no one else had and I am so thankful she was able to share it." 

Geneviève married John Phillips from The Mamas & The Papas in 1972 ... and they had two children together, Bijou and Tamerlane.

Bijou continues, "She was a light, a fairy, and a gift of a creature. The lyrics she wrote on her album were timeless and smart. Her mind was poetry and wit, her sense of humor was quick and dry. My father and my mother had a magical, wonderful, heartbreaking life together but they created a masterpiece of music (Romance is on the Rise) and I'm so honored to be their child."

Geneviève's most notable film performance was in "Joanna" in 1968 ... a drama about an interracial couple in London.

Bijou says, "My mother's role in 'Joanna' was groundbreaking for racial divides. My mother was a gift and I will miss her everyday. In everything I cook, and in everything I sing and in everything I do without her wise guidance."

"It's nice thinking she is with our Dad, dancing around in heaven."

Geneviève was 71 years old.


TMZ Live Khloe Lays Down Co-Parenting Rules

5/16/2019 10:55 AM PDT

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  • Wendy Williams Hits the Town with Blac Chyna
  • Nipsey Hussle: First Look at His Final Music Video
  • Halsey Twerks to 'Old Town Road'

Bobby Brown on Chris Rock I'm Over His Lame Whitney Joke ... But No, He Didn't Apologize

5/20/2019 12:37 PM PDT

Bobby Brown says he and Chris Rock are all good ... after the comedian made what some consider a tasteless joke about Whitney Houston -- but you can tell Bobby's still waiting for 2 magic words. 

He was leaving LAX Monday, when we asked if he was still mad at Chris for using Whitney's image to make a joke about people wasting his time. His punchline was, "Hurry up I got crack to smoke."

Bobby told us Chris hasn't reached out to apologize personally, but added ... "He's still my boy" and made it clear he'd like to make peace with him.

Sounds like a simple "I'm sorry" would go a long way with B Brown.

Rock, btw, was getting flooded with comments from pissed Whit fans ... including Bobby, who wrote, "During this time of women empowerment you choose to use your time to try and humiliate our QUEEN!!!"

Chris eventually deleted the post, and Bobby's at least saying he harbors no ill will.

Unclear if Bobby's gonna hear from Rock on this subject -- dude's been taking shots at Whitney for a minute. Still, Bobby says there's one big ticket item Chris could give him if he's truly interested in making amends. 

If you were thinking something basic like a Rolex, think bigger. As Bobby put it, "I got one of those."

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