David & Victoria Beckham Buy $24 Mil Miami High-rise Condo ... Has Its Own Helipad!!!

It's a buyer's market, and David and Victoria Beckham are taking full advantage as only filthy rich people can, expanding their portfolio with a sick Miami skyscraper home.

The famous couple reportedly dropped $24 million on the 5-bedroom condo in Miami's One Thousand Museum building -- a 62-story structure that's a marvel on its own.

The Beckhams' new pad was designed by late architect Zaha Hadid and was completed just months ago ... so it's got that uber-modern look to it, featuring big, open rooms and gorgeous views of the city and the ocean.

The 5 bedrooms will come in handy for the family of 5, and their new home also comes with its own fancy swimming pool and rooftop helipad. Let's be honest, it's a must-have item ... in case they need to get to the airport quickly and fly to one of their other luxury homes around the world.

David is co-owner of the Inter Miami CF soccer club, so this is where he'll be chilling after games -- whenever they start playing again.

Coronavirus Court Closures Prevent Adoptions ... Kids, Parents in Limbo


The coronavirus pandemic's not just forcing people to stay home ... it's also keeping children from finding their forever homes.

Leaders of several L.A.-based nonprofit organizations supporting adoptive and foster families, tell TMZ ... essentially, the entire adoption system in the city is at a standstill. They say it's happening in many other parts of the country too.

Of course, adoption is a lengthy legal process to begin with, but we're told court closures are making it downright agonizing. Case in point, a family just one hearing away from finalizing an adoption might now have to wait several months.

As we reported, the L.A. courts are near-paralyzed -- you can't even enter the downtown courthouse to file a lawsuit. Instead, one court staffer is posted up outside to receive documents.

Foster children are also in limbo due to a recent court order in L.A. banning face-to-face visitations with their biological parents. The order's intent is to prevent the spread of the virus, but the problem is those visits increase the likelihood parents can reunite with their kids. That's simply not happening now.

Likewise, an executive with Alliance for Children’s Rights tells TMZ ... one of its main initiatives is putting together "Adoption Days" -- a day where courtrooms are solely devoted to expediting adoptions out of foster care and into permanent homes.

The next one's scheduled for May 15, but we're told it will likely be postponed by the pandemic.

Rich Valenza, executive director of Raise a Child, says the court delays could have a psychological impact on kids because, "They might be wrongfully blaming themselves for these changes, which they had no impact on."

Even though virtual meetings between foster parents and kids are possible ... an exec from Children's Action Network says, "Foster parents can have limited resources, and you can't assume they have the tools to move into this essential virtual universe."

'90 Day Fiance' Star Jorge Calling It Quits with Anfisa After Prison, Weight Loss


Jorge Nava is throwing in the towel on his "90 Day Fiance" marriage to Anfisa Arkhipchenko ... now that he's getting outta prison with a whole new fit bod!!!

Nava was a big hit during season 4 of the show, but he's currently incarcerated on drug charges. He tells TMZ it's over with his Russian bride, and once he's released later this year, he plans to make it official with divorce papers.

So, what went wrong? Aside from him being in prison?? Jorge claims Anfisa abandoned him while he's been doing time, and ran off to be with another guy.

He says they maintained a relationship for a brief period when he first got busted in 2018 for having hundreds of pounds of weed -- but since then, they've gone their separate ways.

Jorge's supposed to get out in May, but he's worried the coronavirus pandemic could delay the process. Whenever he gets out, he's set on getting divorced ASAP. Anfisa's been pretty coy about where things stand on their relationship status, but Jorge decided to spill the tea.

Some might say he's engaged in some PRE-breakup hotness -- because Jorge dropped a whopping 128 pounds during his time behind bars. The transformation was obvious in his most recent mug shot.

He's now 190 lbs -- down from 318 lbs -- and says he mixed regular cardio and intermittent fasting to cut weight. He says he wants to put on muscle once he's out of the joint. He's gonna be a single guy, after all.

Considering all the gyms are closed right now and for the foreseeable future ... he might want to take advantage of prison yard workouts while he can.

Tom Segura Lending Helping Hand (or 2) For Huge Penis Prank Guy's Fam


Comedian Tom Segura is putting the huge penis coronavirus prank to good use ... raising money for the well-endowed guy's family with some informative merch.

Here's the deal ... Tom's selling shirts with the big guy's image. Not to worry, all above the waist ... just his mug with a message to wash your hands. Tom says all the profits are going to the late model's family.

BTW ... most folks know the model as "Wood," but his real name is Wardy Joubert III. We're told Tom wanted to help out after he saw TMZ's story about the photographer wanting Wardy's family to get a cut of all the new merchandise sales due to the prank.

Tom says proceeds from his shirt are going to Wardy's fiance so she can pay for a tombstone at his family plot. Remember, the big guy died back in 2016 and was buried in San Francisco.

Sounds like Wardy was a pretty good guy ... his fiance says he did the full-monty photoshoot in 2009 to make money to save his childhood home.

Shockingly, she says she had just found out about the prank texts and memes when Tom got in touch with her. She's definitely the last one to know!

Joe Theismann Warns Redskins ... Don't Pass On Chase Young!!!


Joe Theismann tells TMZ Sports the Redskins would be making a HUGE mistake if they passed on Chase Young for Tua Tagovailoa next month ... saying he simply doesn't think the QB is worth it.

"Without hesitation," the Redskins legend says, "I take Chase Young."

As for why, Theismann tells us Tua has just too many question marks surrounding him heading into April's NFL draft.

"He's not a generational quarterback," Theismann said. "[Joe] Burrow might be. I think so. But, Tua is not. I'm not sold on the strength of his arm."

Joe tells us he believes Young is the best player in the draft regardless ... and with the Redskins moving to a 4-3 defense, he thinks the pick should be a no-brainer.

Of course, some in D.C. disagree with Theismann ... mostly because Dwayne Haskins was pretty bad in his limited playing time as a rookie last season.

But, Joe tells us he ain't ready to give up on the ex-Ohio State superstar just yet ... and says Ron Rivera and the 'Skins shouldn't be either.

"I don't think you move on from him," Joe says. "I think the kid really loves football. He's a tough kid. He proved it."

Jory Emhoff in 'Contagion' 'Memba Her?!

Los Angeles-local Anna Jacoby-Heron was only a teenager when she landed the role of the artsy daughter, Jory Emhoff -- who loses her stepbrother, Clark, and stepmom to an unknown virus -- in Steven Soderbergh's 2011 thriller, "Contagion" ... which has been one of the go-to binge movies during self-isolation.

Anna Jacoby-Heron shared the screen with an A-list cast including Kate Winslet, Gwyneth Paltrow, Jude Law, Laurence Fishburne ... and of course, Matt Damon as her on-screen father, Mitch.

Since the new-found popularity of the movie, some of the stars from the flic have gotten together to produce a coronavirus PSA.

Anna can more recently be spotted on shows like "Stranger Things" and "The First."

Guess what she looks like now!

Cardi B & 'Tiger King' Her Joe Exotic Support Shot Down ... GoFundMe Says No-Go


5:04 PM PT -- Cardi just responded to our story, and it seems like she wasn't serious about raising money for Joe's defense.

Still, Cardi's a big fan of the 'Tiger King' star. She says she loves Joe and he definitely needs better legal representation.

If Cardi B was serious about raising cash for Joe Exotic via GoFundMe, she's about to be stopped in her tiger tracks ... because the company won't allow it.

Money CANNOT be raised on its platform to fund the defense of inmates convicted of violent crimes, plain and simple ... this according to a GFM rep. It's in their terms of service and everyone, including Cardi, who uses GoFundMe has to abide.

Of course, the 'Tiger King' star is in prison after a jury found him guilty in a murder-for-hire plot to kill his archnemesis, Carole Baskin. He was also convicted of animal-related crimes.

Funny enough, not too long after Cardi vowed to free Joe via GoFundMe, an actual account with her name popped up to do just that. It's been yanked, though ... and the $100 it raised was refunded. We're told it was a bogus account, NOT associated with the real CB.

Cardi seems to be fully wrapped up in the docuseries, like many of us, and might have been joking about launching a Free Joe campaign. If she, or anyone else, is serious ... GoFundMe won't be a party to it.

Originally published -- 3:30 PM PT

President Trump Stay Calm, America ... My Hair Is Real!!!

Fox News

Here's President Trump interrupting a coronavirus briefing to give Americans a very important message ... his hair is real, and it's spectacular!!!

Trump's daily virus press briefing had a hilarious moment Monday at the Rose Garden ... courtesy of Mother Nature, coronavirus testing kits and DT's famous mane.

Ya gotta see the video ... Trump's touting the new FDA-approved 5-minute coronavirus test when a gust of wind sends the test box flying off the podium, and his hair starts flowing in the breeze.

Trump notices the box blowing away, instantly makes a comment, then praises himself and his locks.

The good news ... it seems he's finally getting on roughly the same page as Dr. Fauci.  Trump stressed the need for self-quarantining during the next 30 days. He said private companies are working on developing and manufacturing new tests, respirators and he said a company is working on sterilizing protective masks so they can be reused 20 times.

But, do you actually believe Trump when he says it's real?!?

'Tiger King' Star Carole Baskin Urges Kate McKinnon ... Don't Use Real Cats For Your Show!!!


It would be incredibly cruel for Kate McKinnon to use real cats for her new show ... so says "Tiger King" star Carole Baskin who implores the actress to choose a different route.

A rep for Carole's Big Cat Rescue tells TMZ ... the org would very much feel like it would be cruel to use real big cats in a television series about cruelty to big cats. The org suggests Kate to instead utilize computer-generated imagery (CGI) of cats in the show rather than forcing real big cats to suffer just to entertain the audience.

ICYMI ... Kate -- who plans to star as Carole -- has had a project in the works since November based on the popular Wondery podcast, "Joe Exotic." The enormously popular Netflix doc "Tiger King" has since turned Kate's project a hot commodity, but she's also now in the crosshairs of wild animal conservationists.

The rep for Big Cat Rescue says, "We hope McKinnon has a passion for animals and that her series will focus on the horrible lives captive big cats lead when exploited by breeders like Joe Exotic. We further hope she urges the public to support the Big Cat Public Safety Act that would end the cub petting abuse in America."

PETA, which for years had been working to shut down Joe Exotic, has also come out echoing Big Cat Rescue's sentiments ... pleading with Kate and her producers "to use only CGI, animatronics, or even existing footage of big cats and other animals."

Old news is old news!
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