GloRilla Dame's Estranged Wife Can't Clown Me ... Custom GloLillard Jersey

GloRilla's not letting Damian Lillard's estranged wife get her down ... turning a roast on its head by embracing a new nickname she gave her.

The rapper posted a video to her IG story showing off her fresh new jersey ... a yellow crop top-esque fit with red lettering on the back reading "GloLillard" with Dame's number "0" below it.


It's a pretty friendly shot clap back at Lillard's estranged wife Kay'La who the Milwaukee Bucks star filed for divorce from back in October.

Gardening Stars ... Celebs Soiled Themselves For Earth Day!

Today marks Earth Day ... a day to celebrate Mother Nature and display acts of kindness to our planet. And, of course, Hollywood is on trend with GO GREEN, so come plow some dirt and hit the gardens with the stars!

A big GREEN thumbs up for David Beckham and daughter, Harper who posed for a plant selfie, while Christie Brinkley picked up her gardening tools in her organic vegetable and flower garden. And, Cody Simpson was a total force of nature, planting and promoting his love for horticulture.

Scour through our gallery of Celebs Gardening ... it'll have you feeling dirty!

David Zucker Not Involved In 'Naked Gun' Remake ... No One's Reached Out!!!

David Zucker's not excited about "The Naked Gun" remake ... saying he's not involved with the project, and he's worried the team behind it doesn't realize how difficult the spoof is.

that's hollywood !!!

We spoke with Zucker -- director of famous classic comedies like 'Naked Gun' and "Airplane!" -- about the Paramount+ remake starring Liam Neeson and Pamela Anderson ... and, he says he doesn't know how it's going to turn out 'cause no one's reaching out to him.

Zucker says he and his partners, Pat Proft and Mike McManus submitted a script to Paramount back in 2018 ... and says they thought the studio liked the concept.

Singer Alessia Cara 'Memba Her?!

Canadian singer Alessia Cara was just 18 years old when she skyrocketed to fame -- reaching millions across the globe and topping the music charts with her hit song "Here" back in 2015.

"Here" peaked at number 5 on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart, and her massive popularity continued into 2018 when she won a Grammy for Best New Artist. Other hit songs of Alessia's include "Beautiful" and "Stay", produced by Zedd.

In 2019, she garnered enough success to show out at The Met Gala.

"I'm sorry if I seem uninterested, Or I'm not listenin' or I'm indifferent ... Oh-oh-oh here, oh-oh-oh here!"

Guess what she looks like now!

L.A. Mayor Karen Bass Residence Broken Into ... While She Was Home!!!

Los Angeles Mayor Karen Bass received a nasty surprise this morning ... 'cause LAPD says an individual broke into her residence -- while she was home.

The Los Angeles Police Department announced the news late Sunday afternoon ... posting to X a person broke into the Getty House, the official residence of the mayor, at around 6:40 AM Sunday.

While they confirmed occupants were in the home at the time, they wouldn't say exactly who ... but, law enforcement sources tell us Mayor Bass was one of them.

TikToker Eva Evans Dead at 29 ... Creator of 'Club Rat'

Eva Evans -- a popular TikTok influencer -- has died ... her sister, Lila announced on Instagram Sunday.

Lila posted a photo of Evans alongside a heartfelt caption saying she finds herself stuck between denial and acceptance ... because the family just found out her sister died yesterday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She adds she wishes Eva were still alive because she would have the perfect words to say ... whereas Lila herself simply did not.

David Beckham Sues Mark Wahlberg's Co. ... You're Unfit to Make Fitness Deals!!!

Two fitness titans are on a path to square off in court, because David Beckham has sued Mark Wahlberg's company over a fitness deal that made the former soccer star way lighter in the wallet.

Beckham's company, DB Ventures Ltd, alleges in the lawsuit F45 "duped" him into signing on with F45 Training, a company in which Wahlberg has a 36% interest. M.W. also serves as the company's chief brand officer.

Beckham, who got close to Mark when he moved to Cali to play for the L.A. Galaxy, became F45's Global Ambassador. The selling point -- David has millions of social media followers, so it would presumably greatly expand the reach of the company.

Meg Bennett Soap Opera Star Dead at 75 ... 'Young and the Restless,' 'General Hospital'

Meg Bennett -- an actress and writer on popular soap operas like "General Hospital" and "The Young and the Restless" -- has died ... according to her family.

Bennett passed away on April 11 after a battle with cancer, her family wrote in an online obituary.

Bennett, who grew up in Pasadena, got her start on "Search For Tomorrow" back in 1975 where she starred as Liza Walton for a few episodes.

Melissa McCarthy Lay Off My Friend Meghan ... Smart, Interesting Women Threaten People

Melissa McCarthy's defending her royal homie ... calling out trolls who hate on Meghan Markle -- and saying it's 'cause people feel threatened by successful women.

The actress spoke with Page Six earlier this week in a new video posted Sunday ... and, she stood up for her pal -- saying she gets so much hate for seemingly no reason.

McCarthy then adds she feels intelligent women who have lives are consistently torn down 'cause people find them threatening ... which she says is totally the case with MM.

Luke Bryan Slips, Crashes Hard Onstage ... Shares Video on Big Screen

YouTube/David Ross



3:21 PM PT -- Seems Luke Bryan's fall wasn't caused by a fan's phone ... a new angle shows he just sorta slips onstage and happens to land on top of the cell. Might want to look into non-slip shoes, Luke!

Luke Bryan's proving the show must go on ... 'cause he slipped during last night's performance and crashed to the ground hard -- but, took the incident in stride.

The country music singer-songwriter performed at the Coast City Country Festival in Vancouver last night ... and while hyping up his next song Bryan stepped in the wrong spot and went flying into the air.

Check out the clip ... Bryan looks like a cartoon stepping on a banana peel, really getting some height on his slip -- and, revealing he actually stepped on someone's phone.

'House of Dragon' Star Bethany Antonia Posts Hateful DM ... Claps Back w/ Joke

Bethany Antonia's revealing how she handles racist hate ... posting a direct message she got from a troll to her Instagram story -- and cracking a joke about it.

The "House of Dragon" star took to the social media platform Saturday and posted a message she received from a hater who sent some horrible insults to her -- including saying they hope she dies on set.

In response, BA added her own text to the top of the pic ... saying, "Wait till they find out I'm gay too" followed by a clown emoji -- slapping down the troll's comments easily.

Taylor Swift Magazine Redacts Reviewer's Name ... Swifties Sent Violent Threats!!!

Taylor Swift's fans jump to defend their girl T-Swizzle ... and, one magazine's so concerned they removed a reviewer's byline -- 'cause they worried the person might get threats.

Paste, an entertainment/culture outlet, published its review of "The Tortured Poets Department" Friday ... but didn't include a specific author's name in the byline.

The magazine included an editor's note on its account ... saying when it reviewed "Lover" back in 2019 the writer who penned the piece received threats of violence -- and, the mag didn't want to put an employee in danger.

Dutch Soccer Final Fire Breaks Out Behind Goal ... Game Delayed 30 Minutes


A soccer final in the Netherlands was a real barn burner ... quite literally 'cause a fire broke out behind one of the goals throwing the match into chaos.

Feyenoord played NEC Nijmegen in the Dutch Cup Final Sunday -- the championship match of a major knockout tournament in the Netherlands -- when fans reportedly set off fireworks in the stadium ... and a huge banner caught fire.

The plume of black smoke's totally encasing the fans here ... making it difficult even to see the ones in the middle while those on the sides seem to be waving for help.

Mohamed Hadid Apologizes to Congressman ... Racist, Homophobic Comments

Mohamed Hadid's apologizing for racist and homophobic direct messages he sent to Congressman Ritchie Torres ... while still criticizing Torres for supporting Israel.

The real estate developer -- and father to Gigi and Bella Hadid -- posted to Instagram to address DMs he sent to the congressman ... revealed by the New York Post Saturday.

Among the unsavory insults ... Mohamed said Ritchie was dumber than New York sewer rats, said he should dress in a KKK hood to cover his face and he might be qualified to be a bouncer at a gay bar.

Taylor Swift Intense Exercise Routine Would Make Others Barf

Taylor Swift's workout routine is so brutal that it would make some people throw up while forcing others to lay down on the floor ... so says the pop superstar's trainer Kirk Myers.

Myers revealed to Vogue the singer's killer exercise regimen as he finally embraced his cool title as "Taylor Swift's trainer" after a decade of working with her.

Myers provided a road map on how Taylor prepped for her global "Eras" tour, requiring her to perform for 3 hours and 15 minutes each show.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Here's How I Punked Sly Into Starring in Movie Flop!!!

TMZ Studios

Arnold Schwarzenegger epically punked Sylvester Stallone into signing on for the most disastrous film of Sly's career, and that's exactly what Arnold wanted to happen!

Arnold and Sly sat down with Harvey for a candid, sometimes stunning convo about the intense rivalry between the 2 mega-action stars.

Sly was stunned as Arnold explained how he got his now-good friend to star in "Stop! Or My Mom Will Shoot." Arnold knew the script was terrible, but he had heard Sly was kinda interested in it. So Arnold figured if Sly felt he wanted the role, Sly would jump at it.

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