Seth Rogen Ceramic Vase Sells For Thousands ... New Hobby's Paying Off!!!

Seth Rogen's got a new revenue stream if he wants it ... because one of his ceramic vases just fetched nearly 5 figures at auction.

Here's the deal ... Seth donated the ceramic sculpture to the Vancouver Art Gallery for its first-ever auction, and we're told the winning bid came in Tuesday at a cool 12,000 Canadian dollars ... which is about $10,000.

As you can see, the untitled sculpture functions as a vase and has different shades of orange and brown, plus some blue, with a bumpy exterior giving it a distinct texture. Do we sound like snooty art critics yet? Didn't think so.

Seth also wrote his first name on the bottom, which definitely adds some value.

If you follow Seth on social media, you know he's been showing off the ceramics he's been making since picking up the hobby during quarantine.

Seth's got a large collection of hand-made ceramics -- he's got 3 pottery wheels and 2 kilns in his home studio, and now it seems there's an emerging market for his pieces. Whoever got that first one likely has a true collector's item now.

By the way, Seth isn't pocketing the money for his vase -- a Vancouver Art Museum's spokesperson tells us it will support public programs and exhibitions ... a crucial helping hand due to the decrease in revenue during the pandemic.

LaMelo Ball Wins NBA Rookie Of The Year ... As LaVar Predicted!!!

Call LaMelo Ball "ROY" from now on ... 'cause the Charlotte Hornets star has just been named the NBA's Rookie of the Year!!!

And ya know who predicted this way back in November?! None other than Melo's dad, LaVar ... who told TMZ Sports it was "GUARANTEED!!!" to happen.


Now, before we give him the title of "LaVarstradamus," it wasn't that bold of a prediction to begin with -- Melo was the #3 overall pick and the expectations were high from the very beginning.

19-year-old Ball managed to average nearly 16 points, 6 rebounds and 6 assists in 51 games as a rook ... and still held on to get the top honors despite missing a chunk of the season with a wrist injury.

There will almost certainly be some folks pissed with the results -- Minnesota Timberwolves #1 pick Anthony Edwards had a stellar rookie campaign, earning just over 19 points, 4.7 rebounds and nearly 3 assists per game.

The decision is made by a list of sportswriters and broadcasters who vote for the top 3 rookies of the season -- first place votes get 5 points, second gets 3 points and third gets 1.

Whoever gets the highest point total of votes wins the award ... no matter which player has the most first place votes.

The league has yet to make Melo's award official, but ESPN's Adrian Wojnarowski says it's a done deal.

Joe Francis Casa Aramara Catches on Fire Main House Burned Down

Joe Francis' beachfront estate in Mexico -- where tons of celebs have vacationed -- is partially in ashes, 'cause the place turned into an inferno.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Casa Aramara -- Joe's oceanside estate in Punta Mita -- burned down late Tuesday night. We got a hold of some photos and footage from during the blaze, and it's quite clear he's gonna have to rebuild from the ground up.


We're told Joe wasn't in town during the fire, but was obviously made aware of it. Our sources tell us 20 people were renting the estate at the time, not to mention an additional 20 staff members that were on site. The guests are now shacking up in a hotel.

We're told there's no clear indication yet of what started the blaze -- but what is clear is the main house is completely gone. The other 3 smaller houses are still intact.

Our sources say Joe is en route to survey the damage, and you gotta imagine ... he's gonna be devastated. The estate has been a sort of celebrity mecca, and an incredible source of income, we'd imagine, for Joe.

Some of the A-listers who've crashed there in the past include ... Russell Wilson, Ciara, the Kardashians, Jason Derulo, Selena Gomez, Eva Longoria, Lance Bass, Ashton Kutcher ... and on and on.

Hopefully, Joe's got a good insurance plan so the pieces can be picked up quickly here.

Lil Pump Migos Belongs on Rap's Mt. Rushmore BEST. RAP. GROUP. EVER!!!


Lil Pump's not just throwing his support behind naming Migos to rap's Mt. Rushmore ... he's anointing them the G.O.A.T.!!!

The "Gucci Gang" rapper and his entourage were in the middle of a serious L.A. shopping spree at A Bathing Ape, and we asked him about the whole "Mt. Rushmore" debate that went down last week.

ICYMI ... the prominent hip-hop outlet, My Mixtapez, tweeted its Mt. Rushmore of Atlanta's best. Shockingly, Migos was NOT on the list. Jeezy, Future, Rich Homie Quan and Lil Baby took the honors.

Since then ... the omission has gotten attention from a lot of culture writers, including The New Yorker ... which recently penned an article headlined, "Migos Would Like to Be on Rap's Mt. Rushmore."

So, why the diss from My Mixtapez? Takeoff reportedly said he thinks they're being counted out because they're a group, with Offset suggesting a quick fix -- "It should be a little circle with all three heads like boom, boom, boom on that Mt. Rushmore, 'cause we done birthed a lot of this."

FWIW ... Migos thinks T.I., Gucci Mane, OutKast and Lil Jon also belong on the Mt. Rushmore of Atlanta's greatest. But, Lil Pump is certain Migos should be right up there with them ... regardless of being a group.

BTW ... we also ask Pump if it's true he bought a monkey, and the rapper not only has a hilarious way of confirming the rumor, but also revealed his pet primate's unique name.

Simone Biles Brother Acquitted Of Murder Charges ... Chaos In Courtroom


Simone Biles' brother was acquitted of all charges stemming from a 2018 New Year's Eve shooting in Ohio on Tuesday ... and the scene inside the courtroom was tense.

26-year-old Tevin Biles-Thomas was facing charges of murder, voluntary manslaughter and felonious assault following the incident where his 23-year-old cousin, a 19-year-old and a 21-year-old died.

Biles-Thomas -- who pled not guilty -- was in court in Cleveland when the judge granted his attorney's request to acquit him on all charges due to a lack of evidence.

When announcing the ruling, the judge pointed out several inaccuracies with witness descriptions of the shooter's clothing ... among other issues.

Biles-Thomas' attorney also claims Tevin never fired any shots during the shooting.

Following the ruling, the mother of one of the victims lunged towards Biles-Thomas ... saying, "You have to be f***ing kidding me. I’m going to kill you."

The woman was held back by security and will reportedly NOT face charges.

Biles-Thomas' attorney, Joseph Patituce, addressed the confrontation following the acquittal ... saying, "We get it, she’s angry. She was led to believe Mr. Biles was guilty, when he wasn’t, and she reacted like a mother. We don’t fault her for that,"

"She lost a son and we understand, and we respect the fact that she has suffered horribly, her family has suffered horribly, just like the other families -- including Mr. Biles," Patituce said.

"I mean, Mr. Biles’ own cousin was murdered in this case and he had to sit there and stand trial with the accusation that he was responsible, murdered his own cousin, which simply wasn’t true."

Biles-Thomas was a soldier in the U.S. Army ... although his current status is unknown.

The Olympic gold medalist -- who was separated from Biles-Thomas during childhood -- addressed her brother's arrest back in 2019, saying, "My heart aches for everyone involved, especially for the victims and their families."

"There is nothing that I can say that will heal anyone's pain, but I do want to express my sincere condolences to everyone affected by this terrible tragedy."

Travis Scott & Kylie Jenner Back on 'Wifey' Terms at NYC Gala!!! But Stormi Steals Show

Travis Scott is publicly confirming what we knew -- he and Kylie Jenner are back together, and they're so tight he's calling her "wifey," and turning date nights into family outings.

Kylie and their daughter Stormi flew to NYC Tuesday and got all cozy with Travis while he was being honored at the 72nd annual Parsons Benefit for his contributions to fashion, design, entrepreneurship, the arts and social justice.

Stormi damn near upstaged her parents, smiling for cameras as the whole fam -- dressed to the nines, mind you -- headed into the event.

During his acceptance speech ... the rapper reportedly gushed and said, "Stormi, I love you and wifey, I love you." They also walked the red carpet together as a family ... and Kylie later posted a pic on IG with Travis fully embracing her with his arms wrapped around her.

By all reports, Travis and Kylie were all over each other during the evening ... holding hands and acting all lovey-dovey.

As we reported ... they recently rekindled things and went from simply co-parenting to full-on dating, but not exclusively. However, Travis calling her "wifey" again feels like they might be taking things to the next level.

They'd broken up in late 2019 but lately, we've seen them enjoying family hangouts ... like taking Stormi to Disneyland. Prior to that, they had a triple date night with the Biebers and Kendall Jenner and Devin Booker -- and Kylie flew to Miami to celebrate Trav's bday with him.

Meg Thee Stallion Fans Threatening My Life For Slamming Songs ... So Says GOP Pundit

Meg Thee Stallion's new music video ridicules, harasses and runs over a politician -- and it also has GOP politician DeAnna Lorraine feeling like there's a target on her back.

Lorraine, a former California candidate for the U.S. House, tells TMZ ... she thinks MTS is potentially referring to her in the new "Thot S**t" music video, which Meg dropped last week.


Lorraine says she feels that way given their past beef -- and because the video is all about Meg getting revenge on a conservative politician who trashes her and her music.

That sounds really familiar to Lorraine, who you'll recall slammed MTS and Cardi B by tweeting they had "set the entire female gender back by 100 years with their disgusting & vile ‘WAP’ song."

Lorraine says MTS fans came after her, flooding her phone with thousands of texts, calls, emails and IG messages ... some even threatening to kill her.

She provided some of the messages, which include alleged threats to roll up to her house, and reference the "Thot S**t" video taking aim at a politician. Other messages call out Lorraine's hypocrisy for saying zilch when white artists -- like Miley Cyrus -- sexualize their songs ... without any conservative backlash.

Lorraine -- who praised the Kenosha shooter last September and was indefinitely suspended from Twitter for continually spreading misinformation -- says it's a shame MTS fans are blowing her up because she's just "trying to help these people see that they can be more than just their 'WAP.'"

Yes, she actually said, "these people." Diplomacy ... it ain't for everyone.

John Legend Chrissy Teigen's 'Doing Great' ... Amid Bullying Scandal


John Legend did more than put on a brave face to support his wife, Chrissy Teigen ... he smiled and claimed she's doing better than her lengthy apology for bullying made it seem.

The singer was out in WeHo Tuesday and seemed to be in great spirits. You can see him sporting a wide grin as he walked up to his car and was incredibly polite when a photog walked up to ask him about Chrissy's attempts to recover from the trolling scandal.

After exchanging some very quick pleasantries the pap got right to the point ... how's Chrissy doing? John had zero hesitation and answered with a smile ... she's doing great.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As we reported ... CT has apologized for her old ways of internet trolling. Chrissy insisted she's a changed woman ... and is trying to own up to her mistakes and become a better version of herself.

She issued a long apology and added she was reaching out privately to other people she insulted. She didn't name names but some have pointed out that Lindsay Lohan and Farrah Abraham were past targets of Teigen's trolling ... as was Courtney Stodden.

One of the peeps she may have to reach out to could be "Project Runway" star Michael Costello. As we reported ... Costello accused Teigen of getting him blacklisted after she mistakenly thought he posted something racist back in 2014.

He said the trauma of the ordeal led him to having suicidal thoughts. He's since extended an olive branch to Chrissy, while also dealing with claims he's bullied others as well.

Nellie's Sports Bar Woman Dragged Threw Punches ... Team Says in Defense


The Black woman who claims she was dragged down a flight of steps due to racial profiling was in the mix of a brawl right before the brutal act -- but she's sticking to her version of events.

Somebody captured what happened to Keisha Young at D.C.'s Nellie's Sports Bar last weekend -- but this video includes the moments before a security guard started yanking her by her hair.

It's clear there was a massive fight going down at the top of the stairs, and Keisha was right there getting her licks in ... throwing punches, until she appears to get tossed over the huddle of bodies down toward the security guard.


We can't quite tell if it's the guard himself who initially moves her, or if it's someone else -- but at any rate, once she's at his feet ... she starts to unload on him too, and he reacts.

That's where the hair-dragging seems to begin from the original video that has since gone viral. Remember, Keisha's attorneys told us they were outraged ... because they felt she'd been singled out due to the color of her skin, suggesting racism was at play in her treatment -- and they're still maintaining that.

Keisha's attorney, Brandon Burrell, tells TMZ ... the reason Keisha is seen tussling here is because she was defending her cousin, Dayon Kidd, whom we're told is the guy in the white T -- and who we're told Nellie's security team was pummeling after some words were exchanged.

Long story short -- her team says the facts haven't changed ... claiming she was approached by security when they mistook her for someone else and asked her to leave.

We're told Keisha's fam didn't like the way they got at her, and in attempting to defend her ... ended up brawling. Keisha's team says this new video picks up after that. Burrell also says the truth would be seen easily ... if only Nellie's would release the full surveillance video.

Chris Paul Tests Positive For COVID-19 ... Reportedly Vaccinated

9:50 AM PT -- More details are coming in about Paul's status ... with Arizona Sports reporter John Gambadoro claiming the guard did, in fact, test positive for COVID-19.

What makes the situation a true case of bad luck -- Paul WAS vaccinated, according to ESPN's Jalen Rose ... which makes it rare, but not impossible, to come down with the virus.

The fact Paul is vaccinated is good news for getting back on the court ... he could return sooner than the 10-14 day window once he starts testing negative.

Potentially devastating news for the Phoenix Suns -- superstar point guard Chris Paul has been sidelined for an indefinite period of time ... as part of the NBA's COVID-19 health and safety protocols.

In other words, CP3's status for the start of the Western Conference Finals is reportedly "up in the air" ... depending on when the Clippers/Jazz series ends, according to Shams Charania.

Paul has been the backbone for the red-hot Suns -- averaging 15.7 points, 4.1 rebounds and 8.7 assists through 10 games this postseason.

Phoenix has been on a tear in the playoffs ... eliminating LeBron James and the Los Angeles Lakers in the first round and sweeping the Denver Nuggets in the semifinals.

The Jazz vs. Clippers series is currently tied at 2 games apiece ... and if either team wins in 6, it sounds like Paul will not be ready to go.

The report adds if the series goes 7 games, the WCF will start after Sunday.

Shams also points out the isolation period may be shorter for vaccinated players -- depending on the medical circumstance -- but those details have not been revealed at this time.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 6:44 AM PT

Shake Shack Sued NYPD Cop Who Got 'Sick' ... shake machines are to blame!!!

The Shake Shack manager will get his day in court, and now one of the NYPD cops wants hers too -- because she's suing the burger joint, and she's sticking to the bleach story!

NYPD officer Genesis Novadiaz just filed a lawsuit against SS, claiming she was one of the 3 officers who thought they were "poisoned" ... and she's pointing the finger at Shake Shack and its employees, including the manager who just filed a lawsuit of his own over the incident.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Novadiaz claims Shake Shack workers at the Manhattan location -- including manager Marcus Gilliam -- were negligent in their duty to maintain equipment in a safe manner for customers ... and, as a result, she alleges she was subjected to harmful cleaning chemicals in her shake, including bleach.

So, she's sticking to her guns, claiming there must've been bleach in those damn shakes. While the theory of intentional poisoning was debunked by an NYPD investigation, Novadiaz is still calling out the restaurant for careless or reckless upkeep on their shake machines.

In the suit, she claims Shake Shack violated a number of New York City and State health code violations -- and oughta be forced to pay for it, because she says she became ill.

Remember, Gilliam himself just sued New York and the officers over the same incident -- claiming they defamed and falsely arrested him by lying about being intentionally poisoned.

Seems Novadiaz wanted to get her own version of the story in a courtroom, as well.

Charles Manson LaBianca Murder House ... Sold to New Owner for Over a Mil!!!

The home where Charles Manson's followers murdered the LaBiancas is finally in the hands of a new owner ... after months of sitting on the market and a significant slash in price.

Sources familiar with the purchase tell TMZ, the Los Feliz crib -- where Leno and Rosemary LaBianca were infamously killed in '69 -- just passed hands from Zak Bagans to someone who's not so famous, and wants to keep it that way.

The anonymous buyer closed on Tuesday, and we're told they paid around $1.8 million ... quite a bit less than the $2.2 mil originally sought when the "Ghost Adventures" star first listed it back in October.

If you can get past its very dark history, the property itself is actually pretty sweet. It's a 2-bed, 2-bath home that clocks in at around 1,600 square feet. It's got a pool, and fantastic views of the city.

You might recall ... Zak told us he bought the place last summer in hopes of shooting a project there, but reversed course after checking the house out for himself, and feeling it'd be best to let it be out of respect to the LaBianca family.

Manson's followers stabbed Leno and Rosemary more than 50 times, and although ZB's famously into all things morbid and macabre ... this one proved too much for even him.

Now, it's off Zak's hands for good ... and will hopefully be the site of better memories to come. Arto Poladian of Redfin held the listing.

'RHOC' Cleaning House for New Season Kelly, Braunwyn, Elizabeth Won't Return

The cast of ''Real Housewives of Orange County' is about to look a whole lot different, with some very familiar faces NOT returning for the new season ... TMZ has learned.

Production sources tell us the show is set to start production in July, but cast members Braunwyn Windham-Burke, Kelly Dodd-Leventhal and Elizabeth Lyn Vargas will not be a part of the production.

It's currently unclear if it was a decision by Bravo to not bring the women back or if it was a mutual thing ... but either way, they won't be on camera. We're told some women -- including those who are making a return -- learned of the network's decision early Tuesday night.

As for the women returning -- we're told Shannon Beador, Gina Kirschenheiter and Emily Simpson will all be back. We're also told Heather Dubrow -- wife of "Botched" Doc Terry Dubrow -- will make a return to the series, she was previously on seasons 7-11.


As we reported, Dodd came under fire back in January when she was spotted mocking COVID at a restaurant with friends, leading a group cheers, while someone in her group appeared to call the gathering "super-spreaders."

It's unclear if the controversy had anything to do with her exit from the franchise.

Tessica Brown Launching My Own Hair Care Line ... Inspired By Gorilla Glue!!!

"Gorilla Glue Girl" is coming out with her own line of hair care products, and says they'll hold a ponytail like glue, but without the nightmare side effects she infamously endured.

Tessica Brown's launching her business Wednesday under the moniker "Forever Hair," and she's drawing inspiration from her own sticky situation -- telling us she wanted to create products for folks suffering from hair loss and damage, because she knows firsthand how that feels.

So, here's what she's offering -- hairspray for $14, sleek edge control for $13 and hair growth drops for $18.

All the products are available now on her company's website -- -- and while she says her products are inspired by 'GG,' there's one major difference. Her stuff will wash out safely without damaging hair, and without the need for medical intervention.

@im_d_ollady/Tik Tok

Remember ... Tessica had a major hair fiasco earlier this year after substituting Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive for her normal hair spray. Her hair was rock solid for weeks, until a Bev Hills plastic surgeon stepped in to get the glue out.

Tessica tells us she's been working with hair care professionals to create a formula she says does wonders for hair. If her line takes off, it could be the ultimate case of turning lemons into lemonade.

Brett Favre On Packers QB Drama & Jordan Love Don't Press Panic Button Yet!!!

Bolling With Favre

Brett Favre isn't freaking out about the GB Packers QB situation just yet -- telling everyone why they should hold off on pressing the "panic button" ... at least for now!

Favre's speaking his mind on everything from Aaron Rodgers missing mandatory mini-camp to how the coaching staff should prepare the offense with Jordan Love at the helm.

"It's not the first time someone's missed a mini-camp or an OTA," Brett said on "Bolling with Favre" on PodcastOne.

Favre says he has no idea how the Rodgers situation will play out -- but implores the Packers to start preparing as if Love will be the guy.

What that means is the coaches need to figure out a Plan B offense custom fit for Jordan Love -- and they need to figure it out fast.

"Now, you're really kinda studying what Jordan does best, what he does similar to Aaron, how that relates to how I call the game in the future," Favre said.

"Do I do certain formations and plays that Aaron ran well because Jordan seems to run these well, or is he a totally different quarterback?"

"That's a question that they gotta answer and answer very quickly."

As for that "panic button" -- Brett says hold off on pushing it until they know whether or not Aaron will report to training camp this month.

Guess Who This Goofy Girl Turned Into!

Before this baby with a bowl cut was the leading lady of an award-winning television series, she was just another giggling girl growing up in Sioux Falls, South Dakota.

This bleach blonde babe is best known for her role as a stay at home housewife and mother in the 1960s ... in which she was nominated for two Golden Globes and one Emmy Award. Even though she didn't take home the final award, the show gained critical acclaim and made her a household name.

Recently, she starred alongside funny man Will Forte in his own hilarious comedy series.

Can you guess who she is?

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