O.J. Simpson He May Have Driven to Murder Scene in a Different Bronco

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O.J. Simpson went to ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson's condo the night of the murders in a Ford Bronco, but there's evidence that the Bronco wasn't his.

TMZ has a new documentary on Tubi -- 'O.J. How He Really Did It' -- in which Harvey Levin, then a reporter at KCBS-TV in L.A., shares never-before-heard stories about the murders.

One thing that always puzzled him ... how is it that O.J. would have been soaked in blood after brutally stabbing 2 human beings to death, yet his Ford Bronco had relatively little blood inside the vehicle?

UFC's Tim Kennedy Florida Bank Sniper Didn't Put Hostages In Jeopardy ... He Saved Their Lives!!!


Ex-UFC star Tim Kennedy -- who's also a U.S. Army Special Forces sniper -- is praising the police sniper who took out a bank robber with a close-range kill shot between 2 hostages.


Tim tells TMZ … law enforcement did incredible work here to preserve innocent lives and protect civilians, and anyone who thinks the sniper put the hostages at risk with such a daring shot has no clue what goes into a snipe like this.

Remember ... video shows the moment a Lee County Sheriff's Department sniper shoots through a computer monitor inside a bank, killing a robber who was using 2 hostages as human shields while communicating with a negotiator.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

J Lo and Ben are headed for divorce, but some fans are still rooting for a reconciliation, and Taylor got right in the middle of the Chiefs's ring ceremony! So we gotta ask  ...

J Lo And Ben's Marriage Can Be Saved



Nathan's Hot Dog Contest w/o Joey Chestnut ...

Darren Criss Naming Baby 'Brother' ...

Lia Thomas Barred From Olympics ...

Hunter Biden Should Get ...

I Have More Faith In ...

I Care More About ...

Jake Paul Addresses 'Tyson's Too Old' Criticism ... Tell Mike That!!!


Most boxing fans are PUMPED for Jake Paul and Mike Tyson's November fight. But, there's a group of critics who've attacked The Problem Child for fighting a mid-50s Iron Mike.

We asked 27-year-old Paul what he'd say to the detractors.

"Tell Mike Tyson that. Because he does not give a s*** what anyone thinks," Paul told Babcock on the TMZ Sports TV show this week (airs nightly on FS1).

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

These actors were spotted on set but can you spot the sneaky switcharoos in the two shots?!  Timothée Chalamet and Elle Fanning were caught in character, shooting for an upcoming biopic, "A Complete Unknown" ... and now it's up to you to uncover the unknown in the two set shots.

Stepping onto the scene in New Jersey, the duo looked perfectly dressed for their parts and even held onto some props. And, with that being said, there's no doubt their acting skills are locked in ... they got this in the bag!

Move your hair out of your face and see if you can locate the changes!

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Timothée and Elle Fanning photos!**

Taco Bell Yo Quiero Stolen Taco Art?!??

Tú quieres stolen art from Taco Bell?! Well, it just so happens there's some available on the black market ... for a hefty price tag.


Here's what's going on ... wall art commissioned for the fast food giant's image rebranding some 20 years ago was swiped from various locations over the years ... and now the heist pieces are popping up for sale online.

Mark Smith, the artist behind the dope designs, tells TMZ he's known for years that the art was stolen from stores ... but only recently has there been a hot resale market ... which includes one picture going for $10K on eBay!

TMZ TV HOT TAKES Kate's Parade Plans ... Pope Francis, McGregor

Kate Middleton's cancer treatment is going well, Pope Francis is hanging with Hollywood's biggest comedians and Conor McGregor's suffering a setback ... all this and more on today's hot takes.

TMZ Live


First up on "TMZ Live" Harvey and Charles have a big update on Kate's cancer battle, plus her plans for a big public appearance.

Celeb Dads With Their Awesome Mini-Mes Life Father, Like Son!

It's a dad's world and we're just livin' it ... well, for this weekend at least 😜! Come kick off Father's Day weekend with these A-list stars and their adorable celebrity mini-mes!

Proudly posting their little ones on social media, famous fathers like Rob Lowe had a lil' R&R with matching robes and face masks with his son John Owen .... like father like son, Cristiano Ronaldo's son is absolutely SHREDDED and watch what happens when Andy Cohen matches his PJ's with little Ben!

Take a scroll through our gallery of celebrity dads with their mini-mes and check out all the adorable matching moments!

Dr. Oz Plays Hero Mid-Flight ... Helps Passenger in Medical Emergency


Dr. Oz's medical knowledge came in handy on his flight to Mexico this week ... 'cause the celebrity doc treated a fellow passenger during a health scare up in the air, TMZ has learned.

Check out this footage, obtained by TMZ, that shows Oz vigilantly tending to another traveler, whom we're told was going in and out of consciousness an hour into Friday's flight from NYC to Cabo San Lucas.

Dr. Oz has confirmed the medical incident, telling TMZ ... he was en route to a wedding when he heard flight attendants asking for medical help, and he answered the call.

Bill Belichick Dating 24-Year-Old Ex-Cheerleader ... Jordon Hudson

Bill Belichick has a new love interest in his life ... TMZ Sports has learned he's dating 24-year-old former competitive cheerleader Jordon Hudson.

Sources close to the situation tell us the two have been romantic for a while now -- becoming an item shortly after the ex-New England Patriots head coach called off his longtime relationship with Linda Holliday.

According to one of Hudson's former cheerleading teammates, Hudson first met the 72-year-old on a flight from the Boston area bound for Florida way back in 2021 ... and bonded over a philosophy project the student-athlete had been working on.

'RHOC' Alexis Bellino Banging My Man 4 Times a Day ... Best Sex of MY LIFE!!!

Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge

Alexis Bellino says she needs a vaginal rejuvenation procedure, and for good reason .... revealing she's banging it out with her man more times per day than meals!!!

The 'RHOC' star opened up Friday about her sex life when she was a guest on Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge's podcast.

Alexis says she and her partner, John Janssen, are doing the deed several times a day ... and she gushes it's the best sex of her life.


The cause of death for ex-NBA player Darius Morris has just been revealed ...  heart disease is the killer, with drug and alcohol use playing a big role.

Darius' official cause of death is coronary artery disease ... according to the Los Angeles County Medical Examiner.

According to the ME's death investigation summary, obtained by TMZ Sports, drug and alcohol use was a significant factor in Darius' death ... specifically, the effects of cocaine, hydrocodone and ethanol.

'Teen Mom' AMBER PORTWOOD MISSING Fiancé GARY Has Been Found ... Called Police, Says He's OK

Amber Portwood's fiancé, Gary Wayt, is no longer MIA according to cops ... 'cause they confirm he's been located, safe and sound, TMZ has learned.

Bryson City Police Department in North Carolina tell us Gary -- who's been engaged to the "Teen Mom" star for the last few weeks -- made a call to the department from a restricted number Friday afternoon, assuring them he was perfectly fine and in good health.

To make sure Gary was indeed okay ... we're told police grilled him with some very specific questions, and he came back with equally specific answers. That sealed the deal for cops -- they're 100% confident this was Gary on the horn, and they closed the missing persons case.

Political Analyst Matthew Baum AI Candidates Are Coming ... With 'All Kinds of Problems'


Political analyst Matthew Baum can understand the allure of an AI-powered candidate for office -- but he warns that kind of ultimate political outsider could pose some unexpected threats.

We got the Harvard professor Friday on "TMZ Live," where he weighed in on the growing trend of AI candidates running for political offices across the globe.

For example, entrepreneur Steve Endacott is having his AI-generated avatar run for a seat in the House of Commons in the United Kingdom.

Kacey Musgraves Check Out My Hot Naked Bod!!! Posts Full Nude (In Mud?)

Kacey Musgraves is not feeling very camera shy these days ... because she's baring it all for social media, with a fully naked mirror selfie -- albeit, one that's still somewhat obscured.

The country singer posted a very risqué image on her Instagram Story Friday ... she's straight up in her birthday suit in what appears to be a makeup trailer, with a thin coat of some brown substance barely covering up her nipples.

Kacey's vagina must have been pretty exposed ... because she covered it up with a brown heart emoji, which kinda blended in with her bod but still hid the extra private parts.

Daylight Heist Bay Area Jewelry Store ... Ransacked by Gang of 20!!!


Surveillance footage of a group of 20 people shamelessly raiding a Bay Area jewelry store in broad daylight has been released -- with the chaos ending in a police chase and arrests.

Check out this wild clip -- the crew, decked out in full black ops gear, swarmed into PNG Jewelers in Sunnyvale, CA Wednesday with hammers and tools in hand ... and made quick work of the display cases, snatching up a hefty haul of bling before taking off.

The Sunnyvale Department of Public Safety (DPS) disclosed the suspects made a getaway in multiple vehicles before officers arrived. However, the responding officers lucked out -- they managed to spot 2 of the fleeing vehicles in the act.

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