Sydney Sweeney on 'SNL' Jokes About Glen Powell Cheating Rumor ... Fiancé Close at Afterparty

Sydney Sweeney's milking Glen Powell for all he's worth -- the rumor about them banging was front and center as she hosted 'SNL' ... with an assist from Glen, of course.

Sweeney hosted "Saturday Night Live" this week, and during her opening monologue, she addressed all the talk about her supposed romance with Powell in Australia during the 2023 shoot for their rom-com, "Anyone But You."

Sweeney told the SNL audience the "craziest rumor" about her was that she had this affair with Powell, pointing out, "That's obviously not true" ... declaring her fiancé, Jonathan Davino, produced the film, and, as such, was there with her during filming.

Then she set up a gag, saying her Jonathan was there in the 'SNL' studio to support her -- but when the camera cut to him ... you-know-who was sitting in the studio.

The monologue was just the first time Glen would appear on camera ... he also made a cameo later in the show, as Sydney's boss -- with whom she was cheating.

Clearly, the 'SNL' writers found Sydney and Glen's alleged romance interesting enough to lean on it throughout the show -- and good on GP for playing along and showing up in-studio for the jokes.

However, Syd's real-life guy, the long-suffering Davino, was actually in the studio all night ... he just remained behind the scenes.

Jonathan was right by Sydney's side, though, when they strolled into the 'SNL' afterparty. The couple held hands as they entered. Musical act for the night, Kacey Musgraves was also there, along with Glen and other cast members.

For the record, the "Euphoria" actress got engaged in 2022 to Davino -- a restaurateur -- after the couple dated for about 4 years.

But, while Sweeney was on the "Anyone" set, she looked very cozy with Powell in paparazzi photos taken on the beach in Australia, sparking the chatter about their alleged affair.

The pair also posed together at CinemaCon in Las Vegas, staring deeply into each other's eyes.

TMZ Studios

It was all just a ploy, though. Powell himself said last year, they were playing up the dating rumors to promote the movie. That's showbiz!

Mark Dodson 'Gremlins' Voice Dead at 64

Mark Dodson, the actor who gave voice to some of the little creatures in "Gremlins," has died ... TMZ has learned.

The voice actor also brought to life characters for "Star Wars: Return of the Jedi," "Day of the Dead" and countless video games -- and still made appearances at fan conferences. In fact, Mark's daughter tells TMZ he died while in Evansville, Indiana, to attend Horror Con.

She says Mark had flown to Indiana for the event, and checked into his hotel ... and that's where he suffered a "massive heart attack" while sleeping.

Dodson's first big break in Hollywood came in 1983 -- he was the voice of Salacious Crumb, the little creature with the high-pitched voice that was always seated dangerously close to Jabba the Hut in 'Return of the Jedi.'

And, as it turned out, 'Star Wars' opened the door for another iconic role the next year.

In "Gremlins," Mark was the voice of Mogwai ... and, inadvertently, had kids everywhere -- who saw the movie in 1984 -- imitating his voice.

Mark worked continuously for several decades in film, video games, radio and commercials. As his rep tells us, Mark added "his unique voice and sound to each character and script he touched."

TMZ Studios

His daughter, Ciara, says Mark "never ceased making me proud" and his legacy will live on through his grandchildren and her.

Mark was 64. RIP

John Amos Police Investigation Opened Into Alleged Neglect of Care

Cops are looking into allegations of neglect regarding the care of "Good Times" star John Amos and the investigation is just getting started ... TMZ has learned.

Law enforcement sources tell us a case here in Los Angeles has been opened to look into claims hurled by Amos' daughter, Shannon, who we're told recently called Adult Protective Services to allege her father was battling health issues ... and her brother, K.C., wasn't getting him proper care.

Our sources say APS took a report based on what she claimed and then sent the report over to the LAPD ... which then launched an investigation.

We're told cops are familiar with all the back-and-forth claims between Shannon and K.C. -- a lot of the bad blood between John's kids has been widely publicized -- but the investigation will focus on these new allegations, specifically.

There's also this development ... TMZ has learned the beloved actor was recently in the hospital, although we were told it was just for a routine checkup and that nothing serious was wrong with him. We even got on the phone briefly with John, who assured us he was fine.

TMZ Studios

It's unclear if cops are aware of the hospital visit, or if it is in any way tied to Shannon's allegations -- in any case, John and his rep have repeatedly denied any kind of neglect claims.

AEW's Darby Allin Sting's Final Match Is Biggest Moment Of My Career!


Pro wrestling legend Sting is hanging up his boots after Sunday's big match at AEW Revolution ... a moment so special, tag team partner Darby Allin says it's actually the highlight of his young, but impressive, career -- and he's not even the dude retiring!

"Oh, without a doubt. Without a doubt, it's the biggest [match of my career]," Allen told us, adding, "He's been around longer than I've been alive. Like on top of the wrestling. It's really cool to be a part of it and definitely my biggest match and I'm not taking anything for granted. I'm so grateful for this opportunity, and I'll stop at nothing to prove my loyalty."

Of course, Sting is one of the most legendary wrestlers of all time. Period. WCW, TNA, WWE, and now AEW ... Sting was the man in all the top promotions. He's a WWE and TNA Hall of Famer. He's also won just about every title under the sun.

Wrestling fans have been anticipating the match ... Sting and Darby are fighting The Young Bucks, Matthew and Nicholas Jackson Sunday night in Greensboro, NC.

"I try not to make it about myself at all. I just want to make sure this man's career ends with the respect it deserves, and it's cool to be a part of the end," Darby said of the meaningfulness of the moment.

"I feel like the biggest part of a wrestler's career is the end. If you s*** the bed in the end, people are always gonna remember that. 'Aw, he should've hung up his boots years ago.' But I convinced Sting to come back and wrestle, so I feel it's my duty to make sure that he doesn't embarrass himself."

Check out the full clip with Darby ... just a day before he steps into the ring with Sting for the last time ever!

Celeb Curves In Corsets Guess Who's Getting Waisted!

Kim Kardashian is a style-setter ... FACTS! But, with her latest splash on social media in a form-fitting corset, she's definitely not the only star who's been tied up in the Hollywood trend.

From singers to actresses and everything in between, lots of luscious ladies are wearing these uber-tight tops with built-in boning ... even Kim's sisters have joined in on the hype!

What started as a symbol of status back in the 1800s, the corset has evolved with different variations and takes, and Hollywood appears to be in on it ...

Can you can snatch up these cinched celebs wearing corsets?

Timothée Chalamet Praised by Hans Zimmer For Music Skills ... He Knows His Stuff!!!


Timothée Chalamet may just have a future in music ... or, at least, that's what famed film score composer Hans Zimmer tells TMZ.

We caught up with the 66-year-old Oscar winner in NYC ... and HZ had high praise for Timothée's musical mind after the two worked on the new 'Dune' films. As Hans tells us ... he had TC -- who plays leading man Paul Atreides in "Dune: Part Two" -- weigh in on the upcoming sci-fi flick's score ... and the 28-year-old actor "knows his stuff."

Hans ... who actually first worked with TC on Christopher Nolan's 2014 "Interstellar" film ... hinted he was open to co-composing with the A-lister on a future project -- but the ball, or baton rather, is in Timothée's hand.

Timothée's no stranger to music -- you'll recall, the "Wonka" star's singing chops were front and center for the "Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory" prequel film last year. Kylie Jenner's boyfriend also went viral in 2017 for rapping as his alter-ego "Timmy Tim" in resurfaced videos from his high school days.

HZ didn't just have love for Timothée ... as he also shouted out leading lady Zendaya's musical instincts. But, that isn't new information -- the former Disney Channel star collaborated with Labrinth on the soulful song "All for Us" for season 1 of HBO's "Euphoria."

You can catch more of Timothée and Zendaya in the second 'Dune' movie -- which has infamous popcorn buckets breaking the internet and hits theaters this week.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

The new Diddy lawsuit is as salacious as it gets, and speaking of ... Leah McSweeney went ham on Andy Cohen. So we gotta ask ...

Diddy Sued By Former Male Employee For Sexual Assault ...

Leah McSweeney's Coke Claims Against Andy Cohen ...

Kanye Blasts Kim On Insta Over Kids' School

Kanye's Wife Bianca ...

Oprah Leaving WeightWatchers ...

Hailey's Sister Hitting Bartender With Used Tampon ...

37-Year-Old Kristin Cavallari Dating 24-Year-Old ...

Biden's Dr. Saying No Need For Cognitive Test

I Trust The U.S. Supreme Court ...

Zendaya Good Genes Or Good Docs?!

Zendaya's looks over the years have been EUPHORIC!

Here is a 13-year-old version of a young Zendaya showcasing her winning smile on the Santa Monica Pier back in 2010 (left). This was her breakout year playing Rocky Blue on Disney's "Shake It Up".

And, 14 years later the gorgeous gal hit New York City and brought her striking brows and beauty to the "Dune: Part Two" premiere at the Lincoln Center earlier this week (right).

Yes, she continues to raise brows around the world (and Tom Holland's of course) with her stunning looks, but the question here is ...

Zendaya ...

TMZ TV Recap The Rock Owns His Catchphrases ... Lil Wayne's Lakers Woes, Fyre Fest

Another weekend is coming to a close, and a new week is among us ... and we talked about a lot on TV.

TMZ Live


Starting out with "TMZ Live," Harvey and Charles discussed the disaster seen 'round the world -- namely the failed Wonka experience in Scotland ... where a company came under fire throughout the entire week for putting on what many have characterized as a scam.

The videos and images have been wild to see, and on Friday ... Billy McFarland of Fyre Fest infamy weighed in.



Next up, we got "TMZ on TV" ... where the gang discussed Dwayne Johnson's business moves in the WWE -- namely, locking up the rights to a ton of his signature catchphrases.

We already know he has rights to "The Rock," but his trademarks go well beyond that.

TMZ Sports


Finally, we land on "TMZ Sports" ... where Babcock and Mojo talked about Lil Wayne's mishap at the Lakers game this week -- where he says he was treated like s*** and bolted.

Check your local listings for when TMZ is on in your area or catch up on past episodes!

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this reworked photo is a famous young lady from Cuba with quite the harmony! Put your celeb knowledge to the test and see if you can guess the celebrity perking their pretty lips!

Yes, she splits most of her time between Los Angeles and Miami, but she definitely enjoyed the colder climates this winter, posing in nothing but a revealing faux fur coat in the snow!

This birthday girl recently switched it up for her new music ... ditching her brunette looks and having fun as a blonde!

Can you guess who this Señorita is? You've got this!

Lebron James Surpasses 40K Career Points First Player In NBA History!

LeBron James just raced past another NBA milestone ... becoming the first player in league history to break the 40,000 point mark!

James recorded the record-breaking basket just over a minute into the 2nd quarter against the Denver Nuggets Saturday night ... dazzling the packed house at Arena.

40k had some style, too ... Bron converted a pretty spin into a left-handed layup, earning LBJ one hell of an ovation from the Lakers faithful -- as well as family and friends.

It was all but assured that LeBron would smash the 40k ceiling before tip-off ... as the King was just nine points away from the threshold.

In fact, the team was so sure he'd reach the milestone, they had a points counter on the big screens inside the arena.

"LeBron James: Founding member of the 40K points club," the Purple and Gold tweeted after LBJ netted the basket.

It's just the latest accomplishment for James.

Remember, Bron broke Kareem Abdul-Jabbar's all-time NBA scoring record in February 2023 ... and also became the first player to pass 30,000 points, 10,000 assists and 10,000 rebounds in 2022.

Los Angeles Lakers

Lebron James! 👏👏👏

Taylor Swift Country vs Country Conflict ... Singapore Concerts Upset Philippines Politician

Taylor Swift's the biggest star in the world ... so it's no shock she can kick off a conflict between two sovereign nations -- and all because of where she's performing next weekend.

Here's the deal ... obviously, T-Swift's over in Singapore right now, having just completed the first three of six concerts in the country. After her next three shows, she's outtie 5000 on Southeast Asia.

The reasons this is drawing ire ... a deal was reportedly brokered by Singaporean authorities that Taylor would not perform in other territories in the region thus making Singapore a must-travel destination for Swifties in Asia.

Well, one lawmaker in the Philippines ain't having that ... publicly calling out the Singaporean government for not exactly being neighborly.

Phillippines politician Joey Salceda is calling on his government's foreign affairs department to protest the grant allegedly given to Swift to keep an exclusivity deal with Singapore.

Salceda told a local outlet that the governments are supposed to be friends ... so in his mind, this is a very hurtful betrayal by the Singaporean gov.

BTW ... Thailand's Prime Minister Srettha Thavisin backing up Salceda's claim -- with Sky News reporting he said he asked AEG, the company behind Tay's tour why she wasn't coming, and they told him all about the exclusivity deal.

Taylor's clearly not letting all the bad blood ruin her mood though ... 'cause she's staying focused on her shows -- putting on several impressive performances for all the Swifties who traveled to see her.

Helen of Troy kicked off a war way back in the day ... and Taylor of Tennessee might accidentally be doing the exact same thing.

Tish Cyrus Parenting Hindsight is 20/20 ... But Weed Woulda Made Me Super-Mom!!!

Tish Cyrus is looking back at her parenting and seeing ways she could've improved ... chief among them, rolling up a joint and mellowing out a bit!

The mother of Miley and Noah Cyrus opened up about her parenting skills on a recent episode of her "Sorry We're Stoned" podcast ... telling guest Wiz Khalifa she regrets not doing some toking back when her kids were growing up.

The way Tish puts it ... she didn't pick up the Mary Jane until she was in her mid-40s, years after her kids were in their teens -- so she feels she wasn't as much fun as she could've been with a little pot.

Tish's daughter Brandi -- seated right alongside her mom -- said she probably woulda chilled out about a few things too ... a jab Tish couldn't have agreed with more.

BTW ... Wiz also has a song about smoking weed with Miley Cyrus titled "23" which came out in 2013 -- a song that made a then-anti-marijuana Tish really upset!

It's a bit ironic Tish is looking back on her parenting ... since a lot of people online are currently gossiping about her relationship with her daughter Noah.

Remember ... reports surfaced earlier this week that Noah was actually dating Tish's new husband Dominic Purcell first -- before Mama Tish swooped in and stole him away.

The Cyrus family's dealing with a ton of issues ... with Miley not thanking Billy Ray Cyrus in her Grammys acceptance speech and Noah reportedly estranged from TIsh.the

Hard to say if Tish smoking weed way back when woulda helped fix some of cracks between the fam now -- TC might need to light up and ruminate on it.

Nicki Minaj Fans Brawl During 'Pink Friday 2' Tour ... Setting Tone Opening Night!!!


Nicki Minaj fans are clearly passionate ... both about her music and standing their ground, it seems -- 'cause a group of her supporters got into a fight during her tour's opening performance!

The Barbz brawl went down Friday night in Oakland ... the first night of her much-anticipated "Pink Friday 2 World Tour" -- and it definitely started the whole concert run off with a bang.

Just check out the clip ... a couple fans dressed in black are exchanging punches in one section -- with someone in an all-pink ensemble and dyed pink hair hopping into the scuffle.

The person in pink getting shoved back seems to set one of the angry fans off even more ... and they jump forward to start raining blows down on the other combatants.

Unfortunately for them, their opponents quickly put 'em in a headlock and start hitting them over and over while being held back against the seats.

Eventually, some security guards come over and break up the fight, but members of the crowd can be heard seemingly questioning the person in pink's gender -- overall, a pretty ugly scene.

The whole thing marred what was otherwise a very impressive show ... with Nicki breaking out all her classic hits including "Starships" which she said a few months ago she was done performing.

The tour rolls on to Denver, Colorado tomorrow ... hopefully, that edition of 'Pink Friday' won't turn into blood-red Sunday!

Brittany Cartwright Would Give Jax Another Chance ... He's Gotta Make Changes


Brittany Cartwright's not closing the door on reuniting with estranged husband Jax Taylor ... but, she has to see serious changes before reconciliation can truly begin.

We caught up with Brittany out in Los Angeles on Friday ... and we asked her all about her split with her husband of almost five years -- specifically asking if the couple's taking any steps to mend fences.

Cartwright says Jax hasn't made much of an effort to work things out ... adding she's asked Taylor to hit some relationship benchmarks, but nothing's happened yet.

Despite Brittany saying there is a lack of movement on Jax's front, she says she's not giving up on her man yet ... seriously hoping to get back together eventually.

She's also confronting rumors that this separation is a publicity stunt head-on ... saying there's no truth to that online gossip.

Brittany alludes to a ton of fighting between her and Jax as well ... adding both she and the couple's son -- 2-year-old son Cruz -- deserve better.


Romantic issues aside ... Brittany says she and Jax still plan on working together --  cohosting their podcast 'When Reality Hits' and even filming their "Vanderpump Rules" spin-off "The Valley" while dealing with their issues.

We broke the story ... even though Jax claimed the couple was still living together through their separation, sources with direct knowledge told us that just wasn't the case -- and pics of her moving out provided further confirmation.

All this came after Brittany announced the news on an episode of their podcast earlier this week ... seemingly bringing an end to a relationship that began almost a decade ago.

Seems there's some chance the two work things out ... but, it doesn't sound like it's going to happen anytime soon.

Austin Butler 'Dune 2' Expected to Make $76 Mil ... Biggest 2024 Opening!!!

Austin Butler's a new face to 'Dune,' but the dude's already got reason to celebrate ... 'cause his movie's expected to make big money at the box office this weekend.

According to Deadline ... "Dune: Part 2" is the year's first big blockbuster hit -- with projections coming out that the flick's gonna take home $76 million domestically.

This is a shade under-reported industry expectations of $80 million ... but compared to the $41 million opening the movie's predecessor picked up, $76 million is a boon.

BTW ... 'Dune 2' isn't facing any stiff competition for the top box office spot -- with no major releases risking facing down the sci-fi heavyweight, the "Bob Marley: One Love" biopic that came out weeks ago is currently expected to finish second.

Tons of people are excited about the new movie coming out clearly ... and, it may have something to do with stars like Butler who've taken on key roles in the second movie.

Among the newcomers joining 'Dune' veterans like Timothée Chalamet and Zendaya ... Butler, Florence Pugh, Christopher Walken, Léa Seydoux and more.

Cast members have gotten fans excited by their frequent event appearances in the promotional lead-up to the release ... with Zendaya particularly exciting audiences, especially in her revealing chrome body suit.

Seems like the promotions are workin' ... and, producers can rest easy knowing they're making enough money to buy all the spice on Arrakis!!!

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