Chris Cuomo Chipped Tooth from Violent Shivers ... Hallucinated from COVID-19


Chris Cuomo says the effects of the coronavirus are no joke ... it's been so bad he says he chipped his tooth from violent shivers and hallucinated seeing his dead father.

The CNN anchor ended his show Wednesday night describing the horrors he's experienced from contracting COVID-19 ... and he says he now gets why hospitals are being flooded with scared patients.

Cuomo said he was up all night Tuesday with a 103-plus fever "that wouldn't quit" and tightness in his chest. He said, "I was shivering so much, that Sanjay's right, I chipped my tooth." And for good measure ... he let his audience know his chompers aren't cheap.


Then, the hallucinations. Chris said, "I tell you, I was hallucinating. My dad was talking to me." Cuomo's dad is the former NY Gov. Mario Cuomo, who died in 2015.

In short ... Chris says the virus came at him like nothing he's ever seen or experienced. And he issued a warning to young, healthy and strong Americans ... nobody's safe from the virus.

But believe it or not ... what scares him the most is not knowing whether he may have spread the virus to his wife and kids. Chris said not being able to protect them has been difficult ... since he's now relegated to his basement.

As we reported ... Chris was diagnosed with the disease earlier this week. At the time, Chris said he was feeling well and would continue to broadcast his prime-time show from his home. But it seems the virus has really hit peak level.

Tom Brady Moving Into Derek Jeter's Tampa Mansion

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If it's good enough for Derek Jeter, it's good enough for Tom Brady!!

The newest Tampa Bay Bucs QB has picked his Tampa Bay-area home, according to the Tampa Bay Times -- and it's the 32,000-square-foot mansion Jeter built!!

TB12 has already begun to move into the sprawling waterfront estate in the exclusive and super private Davis Islands neighborhood.

The home is siiiiick -- 7 bedrooms, 9 bathrooms, an entertainment room -- and a billiards room that wraps around a pool! There are also two boat lifts which allow access to Tampa Bay.

Jeter reportedly built the home in 2011 -- and it's the biggest mansion in a celeb-packed area. We're told Brady will have a bunch of famous and rich neighbors including a bunch of players from the Tampa Bay Lightening hockey team.

Also, there are reports Brady and Jeter had dinner on the Sunday before TB signed with the Bucs ... maybe that's where they made the deal for Tom to live in the home!!

'Tiger King' Star Doc Antle Joe Exotic Got Taken for a Ride ... Others Should Pay Too!!!


The 'Tiger King' leading man, Joe Exotic, was done dirty by vultures and snakes in his inner circle, and shouldn't be the only one suffering ... so says his role model, Doc Antle.

We talked to the owner and founder of Myrtle Beach Safari -- heavily featured in the documentary -- and he gave us his hot take on how everything played out for Joe ... his one-time friend and comrade in cats.

Doc tells us Joe was taken advantaged of and set up by Jeff Lowe and his cronies, who came into the picture once Joe was desperate amid ongoing lawsuits between himself and his nemesis, Carole Baskin. He says that was a bad idea, 'cause it ended up with the 'King' himself paying the price, while everyone else walked away clean.

Doc says, yes, Joe ultimately achieved what he wanted -- fame and glory -- but he can't even enjoy it while behind bars. He also says others were just as bad, or worse, than Joe and shouldn't be let off the hook just because they ratted out their buddy.


On a lighter note, we also asked about his, um, lifestyle ... ya know, the multiple wives thing and the commune, of sorts, he's set up for himself. Doc says he's been getting BLOWN UP by people wanting to join, men and women alike.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Unfortunately for them -- and all three of his wives, apparently -- Doc says his heart belongs to one woman and one woman only ... and she ain't even human. Sorry, folks ... the harem is closed.

Len Singer Marc Costanzo 'Memba Him?!

Canadian musician Marc Costanzo was in his mid-20s when he gained fame as the fun-loving frontman of the Ontario-based, pop-rock band, Len ... who famously dropped the anthem of the summer in '99, "Steal My Sunshine."

While many of the bandmates cycled in and out of the pop group over the years ... the one other constant in Len was Marc Costanzo's sister and better-half, Sharron Costanzo, on bass and vocals.

Since their spike in popularity Len and the Costanzo siblings have delivered a few follow-up albums but have largely remained a one-hit wonder.

Guess what Marc looks like now!

Old news is old news!
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