Garrett Hedlund Arrested for Public Intoxication

Garrett Hedlund is in custody after being arrested for public intoxication, TMZ has learned, and it's the latest in a series of problems the actor is facing.

The arrest went down in Franklin County in Tennessee Saturday night. Bond has been set at $2,100 for the misdemeanor arrest, and at the time this story went up he had not posted it.

The "Friday Night Lights" and "Troy" star has been going through it. He broke up with Emma Roberts just a few weeks ago. They had a child together back in December 2020 ... a son named Rhodes. The 2 began dating in 2019.

Garrett has had other legal issues as well. He's being sued for allegedly driving so drunk back in January 2020. He passed out and slammed into a Nissan carrying a woman and her 3 kids. He was arrested that same night for DUI and pled no contest to a DUI charge the following month. Garrett was placed on 3 years probation.

Typically one of the conditions of probation is that no laws can be broken, so the latest arrest may be problematic for him.

Kim Kardashian Shades Everyone During Saturday Night Out!!!

Kim Kardashian has moved on from Kanye in many ways, but wardrobe ain't one.

Kim was out on the town Saturday night, hitting up the David Kordansky Gallery for a show.

She was draped in all black, and that includes the sunglasses that make it next to impossible to navigate in the dark. But navigate she did, all the way to dinner.


Kim showed up in WeHo to dine at Craig's. Again, for the uninitiated, Craig's is one of 5 restaurants in L.A. where celebs know there's a bank of paparazzi always at the ready, so you get the drill.

Kim walked in arm-in-arm with Shelli Azoff, wife of music titan Irving Azoff. The Azoff's have known Kim since birth ... Irving's her godfather.

All in all, an enjoyable Saturday night in the City of Angels.

As for Kanye ... he's in France with GF Julia Fox. They arrived very much as a couple at the Kenzo Paris Fashion Week show. We say "very much a couple" because they're wearing matching outfits.

Kanye West Ultimate Dadd-Ye ... $400K Minivan!!!

Kanye West's minivan may not come with little juice box holders -- but it's got swivel seats, custom speakers and TVs big enough for a living room -- all tools to get him in dad mode.

Kanye's been spotted whipping around L.A. lately in a 1-of-1 custom luxury Mercedes-Benz van ... less horsepower than the Lamborghinis we usually see him drive, but it still comes with a hefty price tag of more than $400,000!!!

We're told the vans are sold exclusively by RD Whittington, owner of Wires Only in L.A. and Miami.

Ye's version is called Executive Style, seats 7 and features multiple TV screens, fully reclining and swiveling chairs ... as well as a sound system to rival a recording studio.


We've obtained some photos from inside different versions of the van, Kanye's is almost exactly like the one with red leather seats -- but you can see the insane light and interior options that come with these suped-up minivans.

RD will show off more crazy rides on the Jamie Foxx-produced "Million Dollar Wheels" ... which premieres February 21 on Discovery Plus.

When you think about it, Ye's vehicle makes a lot of sense ... he's got 4 kids to drive around AND a new album on the way. So, the available seating and impressive audio setup are a perfect fit for his needs.


We saw Kanye out to grab some ice cream Thursday in the van -- he had a massive smile on his face when a fan told him he was an "awesome dad."

Great compliment, but now, we're thinking that smile's also for the minivan!!! Words you never expected to see, right?

'SNL' Pete and Colin are Ferry Funny!!! ... Over Impulsive Boat Purchase

'SNL' took aim at itself Saturday night, poking fun at Pete Davidson and Colin Jost for sinking several hundred thousand dollars into a boat ... and it was hilarious.

It started with Alex Moffat bellying up to the anchor desk, playing his character, "Guy who Just Bought a Boat." Moffat then turned things by intro'ing Pete Davidson as "Guy Who Just Bought a Ferry."

Pete was funny, telling Colin, "We’re boat people now, Colin. I mean, you always were. You look like you own the yacht they rent out for rap videos."

Then, giving a little clue about how this all went down, Colin responded, "It’s very exciting. We thought the whole thing through."

As we reported, Pete and Colin just bought the John F. Kennedy at auction ... it was part of the Staten Island Ferry fleet. They ponied up $280,000 for the vessel, and plan to rehab it ... then turn it into a club that will be docked somewhere in NYC.

As you may know, both Colin and Pete are Staten Island guys ... he rode that same ferry to NYC when he was performing standup, and Colin took the ferry back and forth when he was attending high school in Manhattan.


"Teen Mom OG" star Cheyenne Floyd and her fiancé had a rude awakening following a romantic getaway to Mexico ... her man got busted going through customs at LAX.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Zach Davis, who appears on the MTV show with Cheyenne, was taken into custody after customs agents discovered he had outstanding arrest warrants.

We're told Zach violated probation for cases involving theft and DUI ... and our sources say that's what triggered the warrants and ultimately led to his airport arrest.

Our sources say Zach was taken into custody Jan 3 ... he was booked, held briefly and then released.

Cheyenne and Zach share a newborn child together, and she obviously has a child from when she was younger ... remember, she's a "Teen Mom OG" ... and they were all down in Mexico livin' it up before the reality check at LAX.

We reached out to Cheyenne's team ... so far, no word back.

Isaac Bruce Rams Will Upset Tom Brady's Bucs ... I'm Callin' It!!!


Rams legend Isaac Bruce is predicting an early exit from the playoffs for Tom Brady ... saying his old team will beat the Buccaneers today -- by one point!

The former wideout -- who's admittedly pretty biased given the fact that he played for the org. for 14 seasons -- made the prognostication to TMZ Sports earlier this week.

"I say it's close," Bruce said. "28-27."

Bruce is confident in his former team given the tattered state of Brady's O-line. The Hall of Famer tells us he expects Aaron Donald and Von Miller to have a big role in the matchup due to the injuries in front of Brady.

Bruce, though, did acknowledge that beating TB12 won't be easy.

"It will be really tough to hold Tom Brady under 25 points," Bruce said, "but I think it will be 27-28 Rams in the end."

Kickoff for the game is slated for 12 PM PT.


And, if you were wondering what snacks Bruce might be munchin' on during the game -- check out this clip, seems there's a good chance it'll be ice cream and cookies!!!

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

More legendary entertainers passed this week ... kinda overwhelming. And, Adele postponed her Vegas show, but was that the right move? So, we gotta ask ...

I'd Live In The Manson Murder House ...

Adele Postponing Vegas Residency ...

Best Meat Loaf Song ...

Novak Djokovic Got Screwed By Australia ...

Whose Side You On Now?

Farrah Abraham's Arrest For Slapping Security ...

'Jeopardy!' Ignoring Alex's Pick -- Laura Coates ...

When Omicron's gone

I Love Living In America

Famous Fans With NFL Mascots Get In The Game!

The NFL playoff season has been whittled down to divisions and these famous fans are having a field day with one of the most important members of the football team ... the mascot!

Adriana Lima laughs it up with T.D. representing the Miami Dolphins, Rob Lowe proves he is number one with the Los Angeles Rams' Rampage, Nick Swardson celebrates a win with Minnesota Vikings icon Viktor the Viking, and Jesse Metcalfe & Cara Santana pose on the field with Rowdy from the Dallas Cowboys.

Kickoff your football Sunday with these famous fans cheering alongside their favorite mascots!


'Black Voters Matter' Co-Founder Not Shocked, Very Disturbed ... By McConnell's Comments

Sen. Mitch McConnell's attempts to backtrack his remark about Black voters aren't flying with some people ... especially the leader of Black Voters Matter.

LaTosha Brown, who co-founded the group, tells TMZ ... the Senate Minority Leader's comments weren't shocking, but most certainly disturbing, because she says the comment was rooted in racism.

She admits McConnell probably didn't intend to say what he said, but LaTosha believes that's what he believes ... so, it just came out. As she puts it, "The lips will betray the heart."


As you know, Sen. McConnell's come under fire for the comment that certainly sounded like he doesn't view Black people as Americans. He said, "Well, the concern is misplaced, because if you look at the statistics, African American voters are voting in just as high a percentage as Americans."

What made it even worse was the fact he said it just before leading the push to defeat the John Lewis Voting Rights Act in the Senate. In fact, McConnell was attempting to explain why he thinks there's no need for the legislation.

While doing damage control, the Senator said he'd simply misspoken -- but LaTosha sees it as less of a gaffe, and more like a slip of the truth.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this stretched-out snap is a woman known for making headlines with her royal family.

After marrying into the British monarch, she became a cultural icon for everyone -- not just for people in her home country, but for the many fans across the pond as well.

This wife and mother of three children may be a part of one of the most powerful families in the world, but her influence hasn't stopped her from assisting so many people in need. She is devoted to philanthropy and giving back to her community ... thus she has impacted numerous charities with her devoted work.

Jon Hamm Why's Everyone Famous On 🍎 TV+??? ... Hilarious FOMO NFL Ad

Jon Hamm doesn't like to be left out, especially if Hollywood's boarding the Apple train without him ... which he made perfectly clear in an ad that would make Don Draper blush.

The smooth-talking actor is featured in a new campaign from Apple TV+ that made its debut this weekend during primetime NFL playoff coverage -- and the consensus seems to be ... damn, that was a good spot. Even more illuminating ... JH is pretty freaking funny!!!

Check it out ... the commercial shows Jon hanging out at home on the couch and surfing through Apple TV+'s many offerings -- with Jon scoffing at the fact that there's all these celebs plastered on the screen, but no sign of him anywhere.

He then asks the camera ... "Hey, Apple -- did I do something to offend you?" He goes on to pitch himself as someone worthy of a show or movie, like all his famous pals seem to have these days, and even makes a fake phone call to Tom Hanks ... which is hilarious.

Apple hits the point home ... they've got all the stars on their roster -- except one, that is. Of course, by hiring him for the ad, they nabbed their man in the end after all. Clever, clever.

Like we said, the commercial's a big hit and even went viral Saturday ... with many saying it was Super Bowl worthy, even though the game is still weeks away. And as for Jon's comedic chops -- well, that sorta took people aback as well ... since he's a big drama (genre) guy.

Of course, if you watch 'Curb Your Enthusiasm' ... you know what's up.

Kanye West Lectures Pap in Miami ... Gimme a Cut from This Video, Bro!!!

My Image, My money

Kanye West doesn't wanna argue with paparazzi anymore -- he just wants to share the wealth ... especially if they're planning on filming him in public.

Ye had a bit of a tense convo Saturday while leaving Miami after chillin' with DJ Khaled and friends -- coming face to face with a pap at the airport who tried asking him a few simple questions. Right off the bat, KW tells him he's not in the mood to be photographed.

The pap plays it cool and calm, and eventually ... Kanye tells him how he really feels about the fact that they guy's making money off the interview. And that feeling is ... fine, but let me get in on it too!!!

Resumed reunion

Check out Kanye's rationale here -- he basically says he thinks he should be able to control how his image is used, including MOTS run-ins like this. He notes that's not how the law works -- which is correct -- but insists ... he's gonna work to turn that around for celebs.

In the end, Kanye and the paps following him actually end on good terms -- with Ye meeting up GF Julia Fox ... and them going through a bit of logistical juggling on how the heck they were gonna get out of there (who's got Ye's ticket???).


Pretty interesting insight from Ye -- especially since he alludes to his alleged not-so-nice face-off with an autograph hound in L.A. -- and it's good to see he's found a more constructive way to deal with the media.

Like they say, cooler heads always prevail.

Elon Musk Ramping Up Human Clinical Trials ... Over Brain Chip Tech!!!

Elon Musk seems ready to start putting microchips in people's brains, 'cause his company aiming to do just that is hiring ... wanting someone who can head up clinical trials. 👀

The richest man on earth has a company called Neuralink, which aims to treat people with neurological diseases and afflictions -- like paralysis -- and get them moving again ... or more specifically, help them move things with nothing but the power of their minds.

It's a fascinating field, and Neuralink is trying to break through here with tech that'll go right into folks' craniums ... which they seem to be getting closer to now, as the company is currently hiring for a Clinical Trial Director ... one who'll presumably be working on humans.

Up until now, Neuralink's brain chip studies have been limited to monkeys and pigs -- and based on results they've shown off, it seems to be as magical as it is hyped.

Take this macaque, for example, which Neuralink says got one of their chips implanted. In the video, it looks like the primate is using a joystick to play a video game that tests hand-eye coordination -- but soon you realize, it's doing it all with its mind ... 'cause the control stick isn't connected to anything. It's simply there to act as fake-out for the animal.

That's what Elon and co. wanna do for humans who've lost function in their hands or legs -- based on their vision, those people will be able to control electronics (like phones and such) with nothing but a thought, and at lightning quick speed too. They've even talked about being able to download memories ... not just in your noggin, but like ... into robots and stuff.

The possibilities, they say, are endless.

Now, this was all teased a couple years back, but now that Neuralink is actively hiring for a Clinical Trial Director and Coordinator -- it appears they're on track for Elon's timeline ... the guy said he wanted to get chips into real-life noodles by sometime this year.

You can read the listings for yourself to see who exactly they're looking for -- but it's obvious they're taking this mission seriously ... and want the best and the brightest working on it.

There's a lot of regulatory hurdles they have to clear before this gets rolled out -- even on a trial level -- but if they do -- ya gotta wonder ... who's signing up to be the guinea pigs?!?

Kanye West Gifted Rare Pair of Jordan Kicks ... During Khaled Collab Sesh


Kanye West might be able to swap out the boots he's been wearing for weeks on end for something more comfortable and caj -- and it's all thanks to DJ Khaled hooking him up!

DJK gifted Ye a sweet pair of Jordans Saturday during what appears to have been a hangout/collab session at Khaled's pad down in Miami ... where KW was with his crew, and his new boo too -- Julia Fox.

Anyway, check out the sneakers Khaled had all lined up ... and how Kanye reacts upon receiving 'em. It's a super nice gesture, especially considering how rare they apparently are. As Khaled notes, there's only 100 pairs made ... and lucky enough he had some in Kanye's size.

Khaled says he can use the shoes for an upcoming Fashion Week event that Ye's supposed to be attending ... and Kanye seems appreciative of the present.

Of course, they didn't just talk kicks during their time together ... indeed, it looks like Ye and Khaled got to work on some actual music -- much of which was teased on his social media.

No word on what their collab might sound like just yet, but it sure seems Ye and Khaled were feeling it ... dancing around the studio like two little kids having the time of their lives. This is far from their first time making music with one another -- but it's been a while, no doubt.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Time will tell what they cooked up in the Sunshine State, but one thing's clear ... these two guys are good buds on and off the mic.

Idris Elba In the Convo to Play Bond Next ... So Say '007' Producers

The Deadline Podcast Crew Call

Fans' demands for Idris Elba to play James Bond are NOT falling on deaf ears for those who can make it happen ... because he seems to be at the forefront of their minds.

Two producers who are key to the franchise, Barbara Broccoli and Michael G. Wilson, dished about Daniel Craig's final outing as the MI6 agent ... and gave a bit of insight into who could potentially succeed him in future installments -- and sure enough, Idris came up.

During an appearance on the 'Crew Call' podcast this week, Broccoli and Wilson were asked if they'd had any discussions with IE about taking on the mantle ... amid a massive push from the fanbase to get the guy in Bond's iconic tux.

Check it out ... BB says she actually knows Idris personally, adding they're friends -- which seems to answer the question. Namely, yes, she has presumably chatted with him about it.

She goes on to say that Idris has certainly been part of the conversation as someone who could possibly carry on the legacy -- but as for whose convo, exactly, she leaves it kinda vague. Obviously his involvement has been discussed at length among normies ... but Barb makes it sound like his name has been tossed around among the '007' honchos, too.

Of course, she totally hedges and pulls back (as she has often when asked about this lately) and says they aren't even seriously considering names just yet ... wanting to give DC his victory lap while "No Time to Die" is still in theaters.

Still, the fact that the host mentioned calls for Pierce Brosnan to be tapped back in the late '80s/'90s -- and the fact it actually manifested -- seems to confirm ... these Bond gatekeepers listen to what the fans want, age be damned!

We only mention that because some say Idris is too old to play JB, even though Craig is actually older than him at 53 ... not to mention Roger Moore playing Bond well into his '50s.

Who Should be the Next 007???

Naturally, there are other names that have been floated too -- and with this all the speculation at its peak, we gotta ask ... who should actually play the next Bond???

The Weeknd Dethrones Bieber as Prince of Pop ... New Spotify Record!!!

Justin Bieber needs to vacate the Prince of Pop throne immediately, because his replacement's ready to take a seat -- and that person would be ... The Weeknd.

Abel just hit a new milestone that places him a notch above JB -- at least as far as Spotify numbers are concerned. The Weeknd has become the #1 artist with the most monthly listeners on the music app ... clocking in at about 85.6 million.

That's a healthy amount more than where the Biebs was last year, when he claimed the top spot at 83.3 mil ... and having held the record since for a consecutive 190 days.

Of course, if you've been following along ... you know Abel's been hot on Justin's tail for a minute -- even when the latter hit that benchmark, The Weeknd was #2 at the time ... and with the release of his new hit album, "Dawn FM," it seems to have put him over the top.

The record is getting rave reviews, and is soaring on the charts too -- this not too long after 2020's wildly successful run with "After Hours" ... which is still helping Abel to this day, we're sure.

Now, while The Weeknd is technically deserving of the Prince of Pop title with the achievement ... some say he's still got some work to do, because Justin's got a little leverage on him with an all-time high Spotify record that no one seems to have matched just yet.

While TW has surpassed Justin's average monthly listeners ... it looks like Bieber might hold the ultimate honor, after hitting a peak of 94.6M listeners at one point during his reign.

Still, The Weeknd seems to be a little more active and relevant at the moment -- so who's to say he can't get there himself??? After all, the night is darkest just before dawn.

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