Travis Kelce Sings Taylor Swift's 'Love Song' While Raging in Las Vegas


Travis Kelce might've been without Taylor Swift this weekend while raging with his teammates in Las Vegas (again) -- but he certainly had her on his mind ... take a look.

Videos of the NFL star belting out "Love Story" at XS nightclub at the Wynn are circulating all over social media -- and considering his enthusiasm over a T-Swift classic, it's safe to say she was sorely missed for the good time he and the Chiefs were having here.

XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas

These clips capture just a snapshot of Travis' rager ... and he wasn't just singing Taylor tracks -- dude was out there screaming his lungs out to a ton of other tunes, celebratory and otherwise.

There's been a little criticism that TK surrounded himself with a bunch of hot women during his night out in Vegas with the boys -- but clearly ... Tay Tay is front and center in his heart.

As for the rest of the celebration ... well, we covered it pretty well already. He was enjoying himself next to Patrick Mahomes and just about every other Chiefs player who helped the team win the Super Bowl a few weeks ago ... with everyone coming back for round 2.


Travis was only in Sydney for a couple days with Taylor before he hightailed it out of there and flew back to Vegas for yet another victory lap with the guys ... and they partied hard.

Taylor, meanwhile, was busy finishing out the rest of her Australia stint -- and soon, she'll be flying off to Singapore for more shows. Unclear if Travis is tagging along for that or not.

TMZ Studios

In the meantime ... carry us out of here on a high note, Trav!

Taylor & Travis Why This Relationship Works When Her Others Didn't

TMZ Studios

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have a secret sauce that makes their relationship work in ways their prior relationships didn't, and that becomes evident in Monday night's FOX primetime special, "TMZ Investigates: Taylor and Travis, Ultimate Love Story."

Dr. Phil, Mark Cuban, Skip Bayless, Patti Stanger, Heather McDonald and others have a clear take on T&T ... the relationship works because they are successful in fields that are radically different.

Think about it ... Taylor's past relationships include Joe Jonas, John Mayer, Jake Gyllenhaal, Joe Alwyn, Harry Styles and others. See any common threads? Yep, they're all in Taylor's lane -- entertainment. It's impossible to match Taylor's success, and that inevitably gives way to conflict, jealousy, competitiveness, and on and on.

Travis breaks the mold. He's not only in a different field ... he's top of the heap. He's not competing with Taylor or comparing her success with his. He's conquered his profession and is comfortable and, as Skip Bayless puts it ... they can relate to each other on a star level.

As Dr. Phil says ... not only are they NOT jealous of each other's success, each actually celebrates the success of the other. They are each other's cheerleader.

TMZ Studios

We get into why the relationship works and what challenges lie ahead, in "TMZ Investigates: Taylor & Travis: Ultimate Love Story" ... airing Monday at 9 PM/8 Central on FOX.

Israel Protester Sets Self on Fire Outside Embassy ... Rushed to Hospital w/ Life-Threatening Injuries

A man set himself on fire outside of the Israeli embassy in Washington D.C. ... apparently protesting the conflict in the Middle East.

Pictures of the protester have been circulating online in the middle of his act of self-immolation, and he was reportedly rushed to the hospital with life-threatening injuries.

D.C. fire officials reportedly told The Independent ... the man lit himself ablaze in the afternoon and was extinguished by United States Secret Service.

Video from outside of the embassy seems to show the aftermath of the protest ... with investigators searching the area.

The Metrolitan Police Department's bomb squad was also reportedly called to check out a suspicious vehicle in the area, but ultimately said it did not contain hazardous material.

The New York Times reported the man self-identified as an active duty Air Force soldier while other outlets claim he said, "I will be no longer complicit in genocide" before starting the fire.

This all seems like one huge protest against the conflict between Israel and Hamas currently raging in the Middle East, kicked off when Hamas agents attacked a music festival -- killing hundreds and taking more hostage on October 7, 2023.

Israel responded by launching an all out war against Hamas in Gaza, and tensions between the two sides -- and their supporters -- has been high in the aftermath.

TMZ Studios

We've reached out to the Air Force, the embassy and local police for comment ... so far no word back.

Beyoncé Uncle Butch Dead At 77

Tragedy has hit Beyoncé's family ... the megastar's uncle has passed away.

Bey's mom, Tina Knowles, delivered the news on Instagram just hours ago, revealing her brother, Rowland Martin Buyince, who went by Butch, died over the weekend. No word yet on how what happened.

Tina uploaded a black and white photo of Butch in a United States Air Force uniform with a caption honoring his memory.

She called Butch her "Beautiful big brother" who was now with God in heaven, while expressing she'll miss him "so much."

She described Butch as a handsome "career Airforce man” who had a passion for riding motorcycles and was a black belt in karate.

TMZ Studios

Tina noted Butch's "beautiful green eyes," while emphasizing that he was a "great story teller" and was beloved by his incredible wife Jeanette, daughter Dana, and two grandchildren Yvette and Roland.

So far, Bey has not commented on Butch's passing ... but we expect something from her to down the pike.

As you know, Bey's been making headlines lately with her recent pivot to country music, releasing the hit country song, "Texas Hold 'Em."

Butch was 77.


Alexis Bellino 'RHOC' Wanted Her Back Before She Started Dating Shannon's Ex

Alexis Bellino dating Shannon Beador's former flame makes for some juicy 'RHOC' storylines ... but it's not the main reason she's coming back to the reality TV show.

Sources connected to the show tell TMZ … Alexis was already in talks with 'RHOC' producers to return to the show before she started dating Shannon's ex, John Janssen.

While Alexis' return and her new relationship with John seem intertwined, we're told it's just coincidental ... because by the time they started dating in Dec. 2023, Alexis was pretty deep in negotiations to come back.

TMZ broke the story ... Alexis is returning for the upcoming season as a friend of the show, more than a decade after walking away from 'RHOC' in 2013 as a fan fave.

Our sources say Heather Dubrow is a big reason Alexis is coming back.

Alexis and Heather infamously had a nasty falling out on 'RHOC' back in the day, but we're told in the last couple years they've rekindled their friendship.

Sources say Heather's been in the ear of show producers for years, suggesting they consider bringing Alexis back into the fold ... with Heather even pushing for Alexis' return as recently as last season.

TMZ Studios

So, the Alexis and Shannon beef is just a bonus ... and we're told Alexis has already been a standout early on in filming.

NFL's Joey Bosa Joey Chestnut's Gonna Wreck Me ... In Pistachio Contest

Pistachio power

NFL star Joey Bosa is a quarterback's nightmare on the football field, but he admits he's no match for Joey Chestnut ... telling TMZ Sports he's predicting to take an L from the professional eater in Monday's pistachio contest.

The Los Angeles Chargers defensive weapon will be participating in the second annual Wonderful Pistachios Get Crackin' Eating Championship on the Santa Monica Pier ... where he will have eight minutes to out-eat opponents for the title and a $10k prize.

Bosa -- who recorded 6.5 sacks in nine games this past season -- jokes he may have a future in eating nuts for a living ... saying, "Forget football. This is my calling right here. Pistachios."

He has some tough competition, though ... including Nick Wehry, James Webb, Bartley Weaver, Darrien Thomas ... and, of course, Chestnut, who Bosa feels is unbeatable when it comes to eating contests.

The dude is setting the bar pretty low for himself ... telling us he just wants to make it out alive.

"I don't really care where I place," the 28-year-old says. "My main goal is to not choke and die on a pistachio in front of a bunch of people."

"If I could accomplish that, then it's a win in my book."

But the pistachio contest isn't the start of something new for Bosa -- he says we won't be seeing him at the Nathan's Hot Dog Eating contest anytime soon.

TMZ Studios

"I'll stick with the healthy snacks."

LAMAR ODOM Pastor Gifts Former B-Baller New Rehab Facility

Lamar Odom has taken the reins of a New Mexico rehab facility ... and he's ready to give it some serious TLC to help those hit hard by the drug crisis.

The former athlete's manager tells TMZ ... the previous owner left the property to New Mexico Pastor Anthony Torres, with hopes of opening a treatment center. But when the pastor hit a roadblock with funding, he turned to Lamar, knowing he'd been involved in opening up rehab centers himself.

Lamar checked out the property -- which sits on an acre of land -- and the pastor decided to gift it to him with the intention of using it as a sanctuary for people battling fentanyl addiction.

We're told the property, once owned by the American Legion, is getting a whole new lease on life under Lamar's Odom Recovery Group.

Of course, Lamar's already made a considerable impact across different communities with his network of addiction treatment facilities. From Restoration Recovery in Sacramento to Compassions in Laguna Hills ... from Inner Minds Health in San Bernardino to Vanity Wellness Center in Woodland Hills ... he's covering some serious ground.

Oxy Dental

Lamar's not just stopping at addiction treatment -- he's also keeping busy in the dentistry world with his new venture, Oxy Dental.

TMZ Studios

After battling his own demons with addiction, the fact that Lamar's using his experiences to help others turn their lives around is truly heartwarming.

Guess Who This Stylish Kid Turned Into!

Before this stylish princess dressed to the 9s turned into an actress, she was just a gal from Jersey with big dreams of becoming a star. She starred in her school plays and was dancing and singing before landing two Disney films.

Being fluent in French is just another skill of this talented star, and people may have been surprised when she put her live singing pipes on the big screen in “Les Misérables".

Also known for her fashion sense, she's always looking stylish got Hollywood event ... she has Miranda Priestly to thank for that 😜!

Can you guess who she is?

'Once Upon A Time' Actor Chris Gauthier Dead at 48

Chris Gauthier -- known for shows like "Once Upon A Time" and "Smallville" -- has died ... his agency confirmed in a statement.

The actor reportedly passed away suddenly Friday after recently falling ill with TriStar Appearances/Event Horizon Talent lamenting his loss to TVLine.

Tristar's Chad Colvin wrote in a Facebook post that Gauthier was the very definition of a character actor ... not an actor with a name one might know, but one whose sheer presence in a show or movie could pique the interest of any audience.

Gauthier appeared in a number of popular projects over the years including "A Series of Unfortunate Events," "iZombie," "Psych," "Supernatural," "Smallville," "Watchmen," "Agent Cody Banks," "Little Man," "Freddy vs. Jason" -- and a whole lot more.

He was perhaps best known for his role in the TV show science-fiction show "Eureka" where he played gourmet chef Vincent in 67 episodes, and later as Mr. Smee -- Captain Hook's first mate in the ABC drama "Once Upon A Time."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In fact, his 'OUAT' costar Colin O'Donoghue, who played Captain Hook in the series, also posted a touching tribute to Chris ... saying he was the real captain all along.

Chris is survived by his wife Erin and their two children.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He was 48.


Britney Spears Thanks Janet Jackson on Social Media ... Shot at Justin Timberlake???

Britney Spears is showing some love to the great Janet Jackson on Instagram ... while her feud with Justin Timberlake rages on.

The singer-songwriter wrote a loving tribute to JJ in a since deleted Instagram post, thanking Janet for breathing continued life into her dreams while saying she's always looked up to her.

She wrote the emotional message on a screengrab of Jackson' self-titled album, "Janet" released back in 1993.

While it might have just been an innocuous tribute post to another music legend, Britney's got some common ground with Janet ... in that Justin Timberlake won't apologize to either of them.

no apologies given

Remember ... during a show in New York City at the end of last month, Justin told the crowd he was going to apologize to "absolutely f***ing nobody" before singing "Cry Me A River" -- a clear dig at Brit, but Janet fans assumed that meant her as well.

Justin and Janet will be forever linked for their fateful 2004 Super Bowl Halftime show where Justin ripped Jackson's costume revealing one of her breasts to the crowd -- something he chalked up to an accident at the time.

However, he apologized to both Britney and Janet back in 2021 ... after the documentary "Framing Britney Spears" aired on Hulu, saying he had inadvertently benefited from misogynistic institutions and felt he needed to say sorry for that.

Of course, Britney and Justin have been on especially bad terms after the fake-out apology ... with Spears basically calling Timberlake a crybaby in a basketball-related post.

Maybe Britney's trying to collect allies in her war with JT ... or maybe she's just sending love to a fellow artist.

TMZ Studios

Either way, Britney's post certainly got fans' eyebrows raised.

Stay tuned ...

Cam Newton Dragged Into Brawl ... Fight at 7v7 Football Event

K.O.-ing The QB

Cam Newton appeared to get in a fight with a group of guys recently ... and it was all caught on video.

The former NFL quarterback's right in the middle of a group of guys who have jumped on him, and he's trying to hold them back without swinging back.

As they spun around, another man in a white t-shirt came up and threw a punch at Cam, a blow that appeared to make contact with someone.

Ultimately, Cam fended off these people long enough to receive help from others -- including a police officer who came in and backed several individuals away from Newton.

There's not a lot of context about what started the brawl which seems to have taken place at the B.E.S.T. Academy 6-12 in Atlanta.

TMZ Studios

It seems Cam was there for an event put on by his foundation C1N, a 7v7 league that plays tournaments all across the country.

Another angle of the brawl shows a couple of the guys shoving Cam around before the group goes flying off into an area covered by trees -- but, outside of that, it's unclear what might've set off such an explosive situation.

We've reached out to Cam's camp and Atlanta police ... so far no word back.

Chuck Liddell UFC Champ Overboard!!! Falls Off Boat Into Bay

Accidental Plunge

Chuck Liddell went for a swim in San Diego over the weekend ... though he didn't do it voluntarily, instead slipping off a boat into the bay!

TMZ has obtained video of Chuck hanging around on a boat, talking expressively with a couple dudes and seemingly leaning forward to show them a move with his fist balled.

Unfortunately, seems like CL didn't quite have his sea legs underneath him 'cause he started to fall backward -- and Chuck's companions weren't looking toward him, so they weren't able to stop his descent.

Liddell made a big splash into the water, and the alarm bells sounded with the whole crew kicking into rescue mode to drag Chuck back on board.

One of the guys on the boat jumps off the back and swims toward Chuck helping him back up. He's got guys pulling on his arms while another supports his back as a little dog looks on.

It takes a while for his buddies to pull him back up onto the deck -- Chuck's a pretty big dude -- but ultimately they dragged him up out of the water.

Nice And Dry

Acting like the champ he is ... Chuck just kept on vibing into the evening, eyewitnesses say he had food delivered to the Lamborghini ship.

He also waved hello to a collection of fans -- though he didn't leave the ship for the rest of the night.

TMZ Studios

So it seems like Chuck's alright after his fall ... but, we've reached out to him to check in. So far no word back.

UFC Fight Night 237 Fight Breaks Out Ringside ... Fan Knocked Out!!!

Swingin' In The Stadium

UFC Fight Night 237 saw some big names throw down in Mexico City ... but the biggest knockout of the night may have actually happened outside the Octagon.

Video of a brawl breaking out in the crowd during the big event Saturday night is going viral online ... with a huge group of men grabbing each other by the shirt and throwing punches, essentially turning the crowd into a mosh pit.

Right in the middle of the melee ... one of the biggest knockouts in UFC history -- if you can count a fight going down in the stands that is.

Check out the vid ... a man in a black shirt throws a vicious left hook against his unsuspecting victim, and the guy's body basically goes limp as he hits the concrete canvas.

Audience Assault

The fight sorta cools off after the KO ... with guys on both sides holding people back -- though they don't look like security guards per se.

In fact, it seems like security took forever to respond -- just check out the multiple angles of the fight that go on for a while ... and UFC prez Dana White even expressed his shock at the lack of a security presence.

White said he stood there watching the fight for a while, just waiting for security to come in and handle the fight ... but they seemed to just let it go until it ended.

DW's clear though -- he doesn't feel it reflects poorly on the UFC ... even if it was one of the craziest things he's ever seen, he said.

BTW ... several fights actually went down in the ring too with Brandon Royval defeating Brandon Moreno to launch himself back into UFC Flyweight title contention.

TMZ Studios

A pretty successful night in UFC ... even if some fans got a closer look at the action than they were expecting.

Shane Gillis Back on 'SNL' After Firing ... Doesn't Tone Down Jokes

Shane Gillis finally took the "Saturday Night Live" stage more than four years after being hired then fired from SNL before his first episode ... and fans are pretty split on his hosting performance.

The comedian stepped out centerstage of Studio 8H in New York City to host the legendary sketch show, and he barely addressed the scandal that got him fired back in 2019 ... instead launching into material that drew the ire of some fans.

SG started, "Most of you probably have no idea who I am. I was fired from this show a while ago. Don't look that up, please. If you don't know who I am, please don't Google that."

Matt and Shane's Secret Podcast

And, then he just moved on -- not addressing or apologizing for comments he made back in 2018 about Asian-American people that got him axed.

Instead, Shane decided to launch into a whole new set of jokes that seemingly alienated part of his audience.

A Fair One

He performed several minutes on Down Syndrome before using a pair of words pejoratively which have become taboo in recent years. You can check out the clip for yourself to hear what Gillis said.

Shane seemed to feel the tension in the room, mentioning multiple times that he thought certain jokes would get bigger laughs and adding he could see people clearly not enjoying his set.

He performed in a few noteworthy sketches BTW ... one parodying Donald Trump's new golden sneakers and another alongside cast member Bowen Yang -- the first full-time Asian American on the show who was vocal when Shane was fired.

As for fan reactions ... they're pretty split. Just look up Gillis' name on X. Some people are obviously calling Gillis out for his non-PC comments while others are saying they loved his irreverent set.

TMZ Studios

Seems like only one way to settle this ... let us know what you think below!

Shane Gillis' Monologue Was ...

'Star Trek' & Marvel Actor Kenneth Mitchell Dead at 49 ... Lengthy Battle w/ ALS

Kenneth Mitchell -- who starred in a 'Star Trek' television show and Marvel movie -- has died, according to a statement from his family.

The actor passed away Saturday his family announced via his Instagram account ... remembering him as not only a decorated actor but also a dedicated family man.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

His family says he passed away after a battle with ALS that began more than five years ago saying he believed each day was a gift despite the difficulties he faced with his illness.

Mitchell appeared in a number of movies and television shows over the years including "Nancy Drew," "The Astronauts Wives Club," "NCIS," "Castle," "Criminal Minds," and "Grey's Anatomy."

His breakout role came back in 2006 when he received a starring part in the show "Jericho." Mitchell appeared in 27 of the show's 29 episodes during its two-season run.

More recently, Mitchell made the jump into the science-fiction realm ... appearing as Carol Danvers' father Joe in the 2019 Marvel hit "Captain Marvel" and appearing in a number of roles for the Paramount+ original "Star Trek: Discovery."

Mitchell is survived by his wife Susan, kids Lilah and Kallum, his parents, siblings and numerous nieces and nephews. The family's asking people to donate to ALS research in his memory.

Kenneth was 49.


Travis and Patrick Belting Out 'We Are The Champions' in Vegas!!!


Travis Kelce and Patrick Mahomes kept the party going Saturday night in Vegas, hitting up XS nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas with their team as they belted out Queen's "We Are the Champions."

The group partied their faces off with the help of EDM star Marshmello. Travis is up on stage as he and some other guys sprayed the crowd with champagne as everyone went nuts.

It was pretty intense ... Travis was covered in sweat, at times wiping his head with a towel.

Of course, Marshmello played "Love Story" as an homage to Travis's relationship with Taylor Swift, and Trav knew the drill ... jumping and singing along.

XS Nightclub at Wynn Las Vegas

But the real moment was when Travis, Patrick and co. belted out "We Are The Champions," as everyone in the joint just lost it.

Earlier in the day, Travis and Patrick, along with other teammates, hit up LAVO at The Palazzo for a brunch party ... and party they did!


Travis is really racking up the miles, returning from Sydney where he went to the zoo with his GF and then hit up her show.

TMZ Studios

What's so remarkable ... the Aussies aren't into American football, but Travis walked in like a superstar and the crowd went wild for him.

Party on!!!

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