Marisa Abela Films Winehouse Scene in Costume Still Not Looking Like Amy

Amy Winehouse fans who got PO'd seeing Marisa Abela in costume for the biopic probably aren't gonna be happy with this latest update, 'cause it's still looking a little ... off.

TMZ obtained photos that were taken out in London Sunday afternoon, where the actress was in full costume portraying the late singer. As you probably know by now, Marisa was tapped to play Amy -- but people online are crying foul, saying it's a complete miscast.

Considering the massive amount of criticism early set photos received in the past few weeks, you might've thought the studio would make a tweak or two to Marisa's makeup or something -- but alas, as seen in these pics, they're forging ahead with what they got here.

Unclear what sort of scene they were shooting exactly -- but eyewitnesses tell us it looked like Amy's onscreen dad, Eddie Marsan, was dropping her off at a rehab center. That would make sense ... this film is focusing on Amy's rise to fame in the early aughts, when she was still living in London. By then, she'd already been using substances, alcohol and otherwise.

The backlash over Marisa's casting is likely to continue as the movie moves along in production -- frankly, MA looks nothing like Amy ... and while the real Amy Winehouse's own father says it's not a big deal at all, that's likely not gonna appease the diehard fanbase.

It's a bit weird everyone's so riled up over the fact Marisa's not a dead ringer for Amy. Truth be told, Hollywood's been in the habit of casting actors who don't necessarily look exactly like the iconic musicians they play, especially of late. Austin Butler excluded, of course.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Plus, ya gotta imagine that the producers -- who are working on this with a blessing from Amy's estate -- want to do her legacy justice ... so a little trust goes a long way for this sort of thing. As they say, it's not always about the look -- but, more so, the essence.

Bottom line ... Marisa still has the potential to wow everybody, so we'll just have to wait and see what comes of the performance when 'Back to Black' eventually hits theaters.


In the meantime, let go of all your Lady Gaga fancast dreams, people -- coulda, woulda, shoulda ... but it isn't so. Give Marisa a chance!

Philadelphia Eagles Fly for First Lady Jill Biden ... Going to the Super Bowl!!!

The Philadelphia Eagles' wings were working just fine Sunday afternoon -- they won the NFC Championship and are on their way to the Super Bowl ... which Dr. Jill Biden loves to see.

The First Lady was in attendance for the big game at Lincoln Financial Field, where the Eagles faced off against the San Francisco 49ers ... and completely blew them out in a very lop-sided matchup. It wasn't even close in the end -- the final score was 31-7 ... yikes.

The thrashing Philly put on for the home crowd was watched by thousands in the stands, including a handful of celebs who rolled through -- Bradley Cooper was one of the famous faces who was flapping, but DJB was by far the most prominent person in attendance.

In fact, she had one of the best seats in the house ... sitting next to NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell, no less, and chatting him up during the broadcast. No sign of Joe anywhere -- looks like FLOTUS was on her own for this one ... even though they're both PA peeps.

And yes, Jill's a big Eagles fan ... and made that known before she even got to the stadium. There are shots of her exiting Marine One earlier Sunday in Delaware, where she was rocking an Eagles shirt under her coat. She's from NJ originally, but grew up in Willow Grove.

Welp, the City of Brotherly Love didn't disappoint the most powerful woman in the country ... and, of course, the team is stoked to get their ticket to SB LVII -- set to go down Feb. 12.


The only question is ... who are they gonna go up against? Joe Burrow or Pat Mahomes??The AFC Championship is about to get underway, so we'll know here soon enough.

Sam Smith Not Here to Make Friends But Definitely Here to Spark Debate!!!

Sam Smith's new music video is stirring the pot for its NSFW content -- but it's also sparking debate on an interesting question ... is sexuality just a straight person's game???

The nonbinary singer dropped the visual treatment for their latest single "I'm Not Here To Make Friends," which is featured on their recently-released album, "Gloria." Safe to say, 'INHTMF' is in your face when it comes to showing off skin and sexually suggestive scenes.

Sam is depicted in several eye-popping outfits, including one where their chest is on display with nipple pasties in place. There are also moments where SS is being sprayed in the face with water ... which kinda looks some something often best left behind closed doors.

Of course, the backup dancers and extras are flaunting their stuff in scantily-clad getups all throughout ... so, objectively, it checks the box for a traditionally provocative project.

Now, the controversy ... Sam has been trending all weekend over this video, mostly invoking outrage from people on the right -- who feel like it's wildly inappropriate ... especially as it pertains to age restrictions and kids who might stumble across it on YouTube.

The argument from that end is that 'I'm Not Here' is just a hyper-sexualized demonstration of perversion for the hell of it, masked as body positivity and LGBTQ+ empowerment.

Of course, not everyone sees it that way. In fact, the rebuttal coming from the other side is ... where's all the outrage when we see cisgender heterosexual men and women doing the same thing (if not worse) in music videos of the past??? It's a fair question to pose.

One individual broke down this apparent double standard quite well on TikTok -- influencer, Max Hovey came to Sam's defense and said the backlash is misguided and misplaced.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Basically, the idea that someone who doesn't fit society's conventional beauty standards can't openly express their sexuality on camera without flack -- while others can get away with it unscathed -- is screwed up ... according to Max and others who agree with him.

FWIW, Sam doesn't seem too bothered by all the discourse -- they're continuing to promote the hell out of this thing and posting clips and stills from the video without reservation.


Fascinating convo, and far from over ... or so we imagine.

'24' Star Annie Wersching Dead at 45 ... After Cancer Battle

Annie Wersching -- famous for roles in a number of hit TV shows over the years -- has died.

Her publicist confirmed the news to Deadline -- and her husband, Stephen Full, issued a statement. He writes, "There is a cavernous hole in the soul of this family today. But she left us the tools to fill it. She found wonder in the simplest moment. She didn’t require music to dance. She taught us not to wait for adventure to find you. ‘Go find it. It’s everywhere.’ And find it we shall."

Full adds, "As I drove our boys, the true loves of her life, down the winding driveway and street, she would yell BYE! until we were out of earshot and into the world. I can still hear it ringing. Bye my Buddie. ‘I love you little family…’"

Wersching was diagnosed with cancer in 2020, and continued to act thereafter. It's unclear what sort of cancer she was battling ... she kept her diagnosis private for a while.

She'll perhaps be best remembered as Renee Walker on "24," for which she appeared in 35 episodes. Wersching has starred in several other TV series, though -- including "Timeless," "Runaways," "The Vampire Diaries," "Bosch," "General Hospital," "Dallas," "Extant," and more.

Other famous shows she's had guest spots on include "Charmed," "Frasier," "Angel," "Boston Legal," "Supernatural," "CSI," "NCIS," "Hawaii Five-0," "Revolution," "Blue Bloods" and others. She also voiced Tess in "The Last of Us" video game ... which just got made into a series.

More recently, she had acted in "The Rookie" and "Star Trek: Picard" -- that last show is bitter sweet, as "Star Trek: Enterprise" is noted as her first acting gig on IMDb.

She had 48 credits to her name dating back to 2002. She survived by her husband, her 3 children and extended family. A GoFundMe has been started for her loved ones.


Wersching was just 45.


Zachary Levi Agrees Pfizer is Danger to World ... Twitter Piles On

Zachary Levi said something that Twitter's taking as an anti-vax stance -- which could spell trouble for Warner Bros. Discovery ... 'cause he's got a blockbuster movie to promote.

The actor -- who plays the lead in the "Shazam!" franchise -- replied to a question posed on the bird app by Lyndon Wood, who asked ... "Do you agree or not, that Pfizer is a real danger to the world?" ZL's response made no bones about how he feels, "Hardcore agree."

There's not much more context beyond that, and right away ... Twitter users started bashing the dude and labeling him as a right-winger spewing anti-vax rhetoric. This also prompted people to pull up old clips of Zach that they view as problematic -- including a Joe Rogan interview he did a few years ago, where they talked about Elliot Page and Jordan Peterson.

Of course, the jokes also started to fly in regards to WBD and how the execs there might be reacting to this news ... on its face, it comes across as a PR nightmare -- especially with "Shazam! Fury of the Gods" on the horizon and a press tour that'll undoubtedly come with it.

Welp, Zach caught wind of all the hubbub and attempted to clarify ... tweeting a link to a 2009 DOJ press release touching on a fraud case Pfizer was involved in at the time, when they agreed to pay a $2.3 billion settlement. He says this is what he was referring to.

In other words, he's now trying to make it seem like he was expressing a view against corruption in big pharma -- but, frankly, Twitter isn't really buying it ... especially amid the latest Project Veritas drop, which has been top of mind in much of conservative media.

Time will tell how this might affect things with the water tower team. One could argue WBD had a way bigger scandal on its hands with Ezra Miller ... and they ended up salvaging that pretty nicely. Their movie isn't canceled -- it's actually due to come out later this year.

Of course, it all comes down to what James Gunn and Peter Safran wanna do with "Shazam!". They're at the helm of DC now, and they've scrapped A LOT in recent months.


Rocking the boat during such a transitional time might not be the best idea. Just sayin'!

Marc Anthony Marries Nadia Ferreira ... In Star-Studded Wedding

Marc Anthony's married again -- this time saying "I do" to a 23-year-old beauty pageant winner ... with a lot of famous friends in tow, sans one key person.

The singer reportedly tied the knot Saturday with Nadia Ferreira, whom he got engaged to in May. Per Hola!, the nuptials went down in Miami at the Perez Art Museum. Not only was the place packed with celebs, but public officials too -- Miami's mayor included, who officiated.

Other guests in attendance ... David and Cruz Beckham, Salma Hayek, Lin Manuel Miranda, Luis Fonsi, Daddy Yankee, Romeo Santos, Maluma, Marco Antonio Solis and more. We know, you're wondering if J Lo showed up ... so far, there's no sign that she did.

This is Marc's 4th walk down the aisle, and Nadia's first. He's been married to Dayanara Torres, Shannon De Lima and, of course, Jen ... whom he shares two kids with. It's unclear if his children with J Lo were there ... ditto for his other 4 kids from previous relationships.

In any event, it seems everyone had a good time ... these photos showing people mingling inside the venue feature nothing but smiles and laughter -- so it would appear it was a hit.

Considering Marc's arguably the king of modern Latin music to this day ... it makes sense he got everyone in the game out to celebrate. Think 'Godfather' -- gotta pay your respects.



Georgia QB Stetson Bennett Arrested For Public Intoxication

Former University of Georgia quarterback Stetson Bennett was arrested Sunday morning for public intoxication in Dallas, TMZ Sports has confirmed.

Dallas PD tells us they responded to a report of a man banging on doors around 6:10 AM this morning. When cops arrived, they located Bennett, 25, and determined he was intoxicated. Bennett was arrested for public intoxication and taken to the City Detention Center.

Bennett, 25, had been training for the NFL Draft in Fort Worth, TX. The 5'10", 190 lb. quarterback is all over the place when it comes to mock drafts ... with some writers and "experts" having him drafted in the early mid-rounds, to not being picked at all.

He's not the prototypical professional QB, but Stetson's one of the most accomplished college signal-callers ever. SB lead his UGA Bulldogs to a perfect 15-0 season, an SEC title, and a National Championship this season (they won back-to-back National titles) ... after starting his college career as a walk-on.

Bennett didn't win the Heisman (Caleb Williams, USC), but was a finalist for the prestigious award this year. He took home the Manning Award, given to the best college QB in America.

Bennett likely would've been in Alabama this week for the Senior Bowl, but turned down an invitation to play in the game, instead reportedly telling game officials he wanted to focus on preparing for the NFL Combine.


Story developing ...

Kelsea Ballerini, Chase Stokes We Just Can't Keep Our Hands off Each Other!!!

Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes are hiding no more, that's for sure ... these days, they are all over each other in public.

Kelsea and Chase were loving it up at LAX Saturday, kissing and hugging on the escalator and elsewhere as they said goodbye to L.A. for parts unknown.

The "Outer Banks" star and the country singer were quiet about their relationship until recently, but actions clearly speak louder than words, and their actions scream relationship!

As you know, Kelsea just finalized her divorce from Morgan Evans, but she was back on the market for a nanosecond before hooking up with Chase, so good on her!

As for Chase, he's been a free agent since late 2021, when he broke up with his co-star Madelyn Cline.


Kelsea and Chase were first linked at the College Football Playoff National Championships earlier this month. Chase confirmed to our photog that he and Kelsea were an item a few days later.


They were also hanging out in Nashville a few days ago, hitting up Robert's Western World.

Logan Paul Hits Insane Stunt In Royal Rumble Debut ... Cody Rhodes Wins

Logan Paul returned to the WWE for the first time since he tore his meniscus and MCL against Universal Champion Roman Reigns at Crown Jewel -- and the Youtuber-turned-boxer-turned-pro wrestler stole the show in his Royal Rumble debut.

Logan -- who's been out of action since November -- entered his first-ever Royal Rumble match as the second-to-last entrant (#29) ... and immediately made his impact felt.

The Maverick had one of the best spots in the match ... when he collided with WWE superstar and high-flyer Ricochet in a jaw-dropping moment, sending over 51,000 fans into a frenzy at the Alamodome in Texas.

Logan and Ricochet -- positioned on the top rope opposite one another -- launched their bodies at each other ... and collided mid-air in the middle of the ring.

The spot in the match was sick -- and the WWE universe showed their appreciation for the high-risk stunt, cheering both men for pulling off the maneuver.

Ricochet has a flair for flying off the top rope ... but the encounter between him and Logan was remarkable, considering the last time WWE fans saw Paul inside the squared circle was over two months ago.


Another incredible moment during the Rumble match came when Cody Rhodes, son of WWE legend Dusty Rhodes, returned to the ring after being sidelined with a torn pectoral muscle injury since June.

Cody was the last person to enter the Rumble match ... and eliminated Logan, who tossed Seth Rollins, a prohibited favorite to win the contest, over the top rope.

In the end, Rhodes came out victorious ... eliminating WWE intercontinental champion Gunther -- who spent over an hour in the match -- and punching his ticket to challenge for the Universal Championship at WrestleMania 39 at SoFi Stadium.

'Saturday Night Live' Disses Kamala in Biden's Classified Docs Scandal

"Saturday Night Live" poked fun at the classified documents scandal engulfing President Biden, but the most biting humor was reserved for his Veep.

'SNL's Mikey Day played Attorney General Merrick Garland, kicking things off with a speech about how former Trump VP Mike Pence found classified docs at his Indiana home. Kenan Thompson, as an FBI agent, followed with a few wisecracks about Pence.

Then came the bit about Kamala Harris ...comedian Ego Nwodim, playing an FBI agent, bluntly said: 'Come on now. Joe Biden won't even give this woman a pen. You think she has classified documents? Please, Kamala Harris with classified documents."

Ego then walked away as Day returned to the mic, adding..."Well, we had to at least check."


Funny skit, but it also had to sting, since it implied Joe didn't trust Kamala enough to share the nation's secrets. Harris, as you know, has been dogged by criticism about her competence in her role as second in command.

Of course, Joe isn't the only president under federal investigation for mishandling classified docs. His predecessor, Donald Trump, has been embroiled in an ongoing battle with the feds over this very issue since he left office over two years ago, and Trump has been anything but cooperative.

Steve-O Bringing Bam On First Leg Of Comedy Tour... He's the Britney Spears of 'Jackass'!!!


Steve-O's new opening act for the first 9 shows of his comedy tour is Bam Margera ... and the 'Jackass' alums hit the stage together to workshop some new material.

We got video of Steve-O shocking the packed house at the Elsinore Theatre in Salem, Oregon last Sunday -- and Bam's surprise appearance drew huge applause from the crowd.

In the video, Steve-O helps Bam work on some jokes ... comparing Bam's life to Britney Spears' and telling a few stories from rehab.


Steve-O told the crowd he's bringing Bam along for "The Bucket List Tour" because he was terrified Bam was going down a path that would end in an early death. He said he wants his buddy on the road with him to see if it's possible for him to lead a healthy life and find a happy ending.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Remember ... Bam recently revealed on Steve-O's podcast he was pronounced dead in a hospital back in December, when he had 4 seizures and a nasty blood infection.

Steve-O's Wild Ride!

But, it looks and sounds like Bam's doing better now, and it's good to see him having a blast with Steve-O.

Rep. George Santos Deserves Criminal Charges ASAP ... Says Navy Vet Whose Dog Died In Alleged Scam

The Navy veteran who claims Rep. George Santos cheated him out of cash intended for his dying dog's cancer treatment, says he'll get justice if the lyin' congressman is hit with criminal charges.

Richard Osthoff tells TMZ ... he views the alleged scam as both wire fraud and charity fraud -- calling Santos a swindler because he used an alias to get away with the whole thing.


The vet was joined by NJ Veterans Network President Michael Boll when he told us he'd already tried to bring charges against Santos -- but because he was going by Anthony Devolder back then, it led to a dead end.

Osthoff didn't fully disclose what action he's taking to now against Santos, but he tells us government agencies are looking into the case.


As we reported, his late pooch, Sapphire, was a beacon of light for him after getting out of the service and becoming homeless. He realized she needed life-saving surgery when a tumor on her stomach grew larger every day.

He claims Santos, or Devolder, told him he ran an animal rescue, and created a GoFundMe campaign that raised enough to cover Sapphire's surgery -- only to have Santos send him to a different vet, who said the tumor was inoperable.

Osthoff had no choice but to watch his pup die ... while Santos allegedly made off with the thousands raised Sapphire.

BTW -- Santos decided to put a POW-MIA flag in front of his office amid his latest scandal ... and Osthoff sees it as a huge disgrace to him and other vets.


On a positive note, however, he also tells us about all the intense support he's received since news of his ordeal started to spread ... saying he's gotten everything from kind words to donation offers.

Comedian Gary Owen I Want Burrow To Sleep W/ My Family ...'He's The Best'


Bengals super fan Gary Owen REALLY loves Joe Burrow ... so much so, that the comedian tells TMZ Sports he'd be thrilled if the Cincinnati quarterback ever wanted to hook up with his family members!!

Let's be honest -- the thought of relatives getting freaky in the sheets is enough to weird anyone out ... but Owen is an exception when it comes to Joey B, 'cause he says his obsession with #9 has led him to welcome the idea with open arms.

"If somebody in my family wants to sleep with him, do it," Owen joked to TMZ Sports. "Do it. Like, you don't ever want to think of any females in your family sleeping with anybody. But Joe Burrow?? Yeah, I'll drop you off. What time do you need me to pick you up??"

Owen was in Buffalo to watch his beloved team beat up on the Bills in the divisional round ... and he said he will 100% be in Kansas City for the AFC Championship game on Sunday.

But it's not just Burrow that has Owen raving about his Bengals -- he says the defense also deserves a ton of credit, even with their hands full against a dominant Chiefs offense.

"I've never been more confident in a team," he added.

The Bengals and Chiefs face off at Arrowhead Stadium in just a couple hours ... and a spot in the Super Bowl is on the line.

NFL NFC & AFC Title WAGs ... Who's Going To SBLVII?!

The NFL's NFC and AFC Championship games are going down on Sunday ... and all four teams will have their biggest supporters cheering them on -- their WAGs!!!

George Kittle's wife, Claire, is no stranger to huge games -- it's the tight end's second NFC title game ... and if the 49ers beat the Eagles on Sunday, she'll be heading to another Super Bowl with her hubby.

Of course, Fred Warner's wife Sydney -- a former contestant from 'The Bachelor' -- and Arik Armstead's wife, Mindy, will be hoping their DB hubbies can handle Jalen Hurts.

Speaking of the Eagles, Darius Slay's wife, Jennifer, will more than likely be wearing her man's jersey in the crowd ... just like Lane Johnson's girlfriend, Kelsey Holmer.

Jason Kelce's wife, Kylie will be showing love for her man ... and win or lose, the fam has a lot to celebrate -- they're expecting their third kid!!

Kelce's brother, Travis, will be taking the field when the Kansas City Chiefs play the Cincinnati Bengals at Arrowhead Stadium.

No WAGs for the Chiefs tight end though -- since he's currently single -- but his quarterback's wife, Brittany Mahomes, will be passionately rooting for Patrick in the suite, as always.

@brittanylynne / Instagram

We know Joe Burrow will be lighting a stogie if Cincy pulls off the win ... and just like at LSU, his girlfriend, Olivia Holzmacher, will be celebrating as well ... just like Hayden Hurst's girl, Brooke Sharpe.


Enjoy the football, everyone!!

'Pitch Perfect' Star Skylar Astin Trip Away Goes Awry ... Home Hit by Thieves

"Pitch Perfect" star Skylar Astin has fallen victim to a crime that appears to be happening all too frequently in Hollywood ... his home was hit by thieves during a trip away.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Skylar's Los Angeles-area pad was broken into late Wednesday night. We're told the crook(s) made their way inside after breaking a rear window and then tore the place up ... presumably looking for valuables.

Our sources say Skylar got an alert to his phone about suspicious activity inside his home, so he sent a friend over to check things out, who in turn discovered evidence of a break-in and called the cops.

As of now, it's unclear what may have been stolen from the home, but once Skylar makes it back home, he'll assess the damage and figure out what, if anything, is missing. We're told the house was equipped with security cameras ... so it's possible the criminals will be caught.


However, at this time, the case is still under investigation and no arrests have been made.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

There have been many famous faces spotted during Paris Fashion Week 2023, but when Sam Smith shows up ... it's lights out! Put on your warmest pair of pants, come on over to France and see if you've got what it takes to master these switch-ups.

The singing stud was recently roaming the chilly streets of Paris but like the boss he is ... he was wrapped up in all black! It may be tricky to find the changes in the two shots, so removing your eyewear is highly recommended.

Good luck!

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Sam Smith photos!**

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