Nicolas Cage Merry Christmas to All ... Check Out My Red Suit!!!

Merry Cagemas!

Nicolas Cage is a busy guy, but he's also apparently super festive, rocking a red suit at LAX just weeks before Christmas.

Cage was in a hurry Friday as we spotted him making his way out of Los Angeles. He kept things brief, putting on his signature shades while riding up the escalator, but offered a few words before going through the ticketing checkpoint.

Most notably, we asked him if his red suit was at all an ode to the quickly approaching holiday season. Cage played along, saying it was ... and then hurried to his destination.

Unclear where he was headed, but given a recent interview the actor did, he's likely not headed to a film set. Cage got candid about his career, telling Vanity Fair he's getting ready to stop making films ... "I may have three or four more movies left in me.”

While we may not know what the Hollywood A-lister's holiday plans include in the next few weeks, he's at least got the dress code down pat.

Ryan O'Neal Dead at 82

"Love Story" and "Peyton Place" star Ryan O'Neal has died.

His son Patrick posted, "So this is the toughest thing I’ve ever had to say but here we go. My dad passed away peacefully today, with his loving team by his side supporting him and loving him as he would us."

It's unclear how O'Neal died, but he's had his share of health problems, including a prostate cancer diagnosis in 2012. In 2001, he was diagnosed with chronic leukemia.

O'Neal was not only one of the hottest actors in Hollywood back in the day, but he was a major heartthrob. His credits include "What's Up, Doc?" "Paper Moon," "Barry Lyndon," "A  Bridge Too Far," "The Main Event," and "The Driver."

Ryan was nominated in 1970 for a Best Actor Oscar for "Love Story."

He was famously life partners with Farrah Fawcett from 1979 - 1997, and they reconnected between 2001 and 2009, when she died. Patrick said, "Ryan never bragged, but he has bragging rights in Heaven. Especially when it comes to Farrah. Everyone had the poster, he had the real McCoy. And now they meet again."

BTW ... he shared the big screen in "Paper Moon" with his daughter, Tatum O'Neal.

As for the heartthrob part ... well, he dated a gaggle of beautiful women, including Ursula Andress, Barbra Streisand, Bianca Jagger, Jacqueline Bisset, Joan Collins and Diana Ross.

Ryan is survived by 4 children and 5 grandchildren.

He was 82. RIP

Blac Chyna & Tyga Finally Settle Custody Dispute Over King Cairo

It's a Christmas miracle come early -- as Angela White, formerly Blac Chyna, and Tyga have finally settled their years-long custody dispute over their son, King Cairo -- and Tyga won't have to pay child support.

Sources with direct knowledge of the settlement tell us both parents have come to a surprisingly amicable arrangement ... they'll have joint legal and physical custody, and will both have the right to make decisions on the 11-year-old's health, education and general welfare.

When it comes to parenting, we're told Chyna will get King every weekend from Friday to Monday and Tyga will have him the rest of the time.

What's more ... the court ordered neither parent can talk poorly about the other around King, and they'll enroll in a program to monitor communication back and forth about co-parenting.

TMZ broke the story ... in custody docs, Chyna claimed she had resorted to selling her personal belongings -- including clothes, purses and shoes -- in order to stay afloat, making around $178K in the process. However, she claimed the financial help from selling the goods would only be temporary, and she needed money from Tyga.

Turns out, Tyga won't have to pay up ... and the new arrangement should hopefully make for a better environment for their kiddo, too.

Win, win?

Stay tuned ...

Michigan School Shooter Ethan Crumbley Sentenced ... Life In Prison


Ethan Crumbley -- the teenager who killed 4 students during a shooting rampage at a Michigan high school -- has just been sentenced to life in prison without the possibility of parole.

The 17-year-old was given his sentence Friday ... you'll recall, Crumbley killed 4 of his classmates and wounded 7 other people when he opened fire at Oxford High School, in the Detriot suburb of Oxford Township, MI.

Crumbley told the court he was "a really bad person" before he was handed his hefty sentence ... adding he's been trying to do better in his life but admits, "I have done terrible things that no one should ever do."


Victim Kylie Ossege, who was shot by Crumbley during the rampage, broke down in tears Friday while detailing the horrific incident ... which included the feeling of warm blood soaking into the carpet.

You'll recall, Crumbley pleaded guilty last year to 4 counts of first-degree murder, a count of terrorism causing death, and 19 other charges related to the deadly massacre.

Crumbley's parents, Jennifer and James, were also taken into custody, being charged with 4 counts of involuntary manslaughter -- one for each student who was killed. Their trial will begin next month.

Prosecutors said Jennifer and James knew about their son's mental health issues but still bought him the gun he used in the attack.

A teacher at Oxford High claimed to see Crumbley looking up information online about ammunition ... but when it was brought to Jennifer's attention, prosecutors say she didn't appear to be alarmed. The following day, Crumbley opened fire at his school.

Ex-Bad Boy Prez Harve Pierre Sexual Assault Allegation Is Fiction ... Calls Lawsuit 'Disgusting, Desperate'

Diddy's former President of Bad Boys Records, Harve Pierre, is slamming the gang rape lawsuit that named him as a defendant ... and he's telling us he won't stand for his name being sullied.

In a new statement obtained by TMZ Hip Hop, Pierre says, "This is a tale of fiction. I have never participated in, witnessed, nor heard of anything like this, ever. These disgusting allegations are false and a desperate attempt for financial gain."

He continues, "I will vigorously protect my reputation and defend my name. Those who know me recognize that these claims are not true."

Pierre stands accused of enticing a Detroit minor back in 2003 into hopping on a private jet to hang with him and Diddy for a NYC recording session ... where she claims the men sexually assaulted her in the studio bathroom.

The suit also claims Pierre sat back and smoked crack cocaine from a Pepsi can as the assaults took place. The details alleged by the Jane Doe accuser are heinous and vicious ... but Pierre adamantly denies any of it is true.

Diddy has maintained his innocence throughout the multiple lawsuits he's faced -- including the one he quickly settled with ex-girlfriend Cassie in November.

Much as Diddy has said about the suits brought against him, Pierre's strongly suggesting his accuser's simply out for a money grab.

Sam Haskell Jr. Shirtless in Court Accused of Killing Wife and His In-Laws


Sam Haskell Jr. -- the man accused of murdering his wife and in-laws -- showed up to court for his latest arraignment without a shirt ... something cops say is due to his suicidal thoughts.

Haskell Jr. was brought into the Los Angeles courtroom Thursday shirtless as he was escorted inside.

The officer inside the courtroom said Haskell Jr. didn't have a shirt on due to suicidal ideations ... explaining he initially was just wearing a velcro vest that had no material he could choke or injure himself with, but the vest kept falling down, so it was taken off.

As we reported, Haskell Jr. was hit with 3 counts of murder last month in connection with the death of his 37-year-old wife, Mei, and her parents ... 72-year-old Gaoshan Li and 64-year-old Yanxiang Wang.


Remember, we obtained footage that appeared to show Haskell dumping what may have been a body into a dumpster in Encino, CA -- and as you'll recall, a homeless person later reported finding a torso at that same dumpster the following day.

Haskell Jr. is due in court again next month.

LYNNE SPEARS Britney Returning Home for the Holidays ... 'Things Are Always Possible'


Lynne Spears made her second trip to L.A. in 2 weeks to see Britney -- though there's a chance the next reunion could happen back in Louisiana for Christmas.

Lynne jetted into LAX Thursday, acknowledging "all things are always possible" when asked if there was a chance for her and Britney to continue their reconciliation back in their home state for the holidays.

She also tells us familial relationships on the whole are "going well" -- and is a fan of Britney's longtime manager, Cade Hudson ... who's been spending a lot of time with Brit.

As for Britney's ex-husband Sam Asghari ... she seems pretty glad he's outta the picture!!

However, when it came to all other personal matters, she played coy ... dodging questions about her ex-husband Jamie Spears' health following his leg amputation ... news TMZ broke earlier this week.

In light of his medical woes, our sources revealed Britney has softened toward her dad ... and she's already full steam ahead making amends with mamma Lynne.

Lynne bagged an invite to Brit's 42nd birthday bash at the start of the month ... and they've been making up for lost time during loads of phone calls recently.


Her desire to get back on track with her family comes after giving the boot to Sam ... who dodged questions from TMZ Wednesday about his ex-wife's possible reconciliation with dad Jamie -- the man he once called a "total dick."


Jonathan Majors Referenced Violence, Threatened Suicide ... Texts to Accuser Read in Court

Jonathan Majors' text messages to his accuser, Grace Jabbari, are being read out loud in court Friday -- and, in them, he references some physical violence during a London incident that happened 6 months prior to the one for which he's standing trial.

In the September 2022 texts, Majors says, "They will ask you questions, and as I don't think you actually protect us, it could lead to investigation even if you do lie, and they suspect something."

Jabbari replied, "I will tell the doctor I bumped my head if I go. I'm going to give it one more day, but I can't sleep and I need some stronger pain killers. That's all: why would I tell them what really happened when it's clear I want to be with you."

During her 4th day on the stand, Grace started to read the texts out loud in court, but broke down in tears ... and Assistant D.A. Kelli Galaway had to continue reading the exchange.

The messages apparently refer to an incident that happened while the couple was in London. The judge has already ruled the details of what happened are not admissible in this trial, but did allow their text messages about the incident because they seem to describe "conduct that is inextricably interwoven with the charged acts."

Remember, Majors is on trial for an alleged NYC attack on Jabbari in March 2023 ... when the then-couple had a heated exchange in the back of a taxi, and she claims he struck her as they fought for his phone.

The September 2022 texts also include a portion where Majors threatens to take his own life. He wrote, "Last night I considered killing myself versus coming home. I need love too. Or maybe I'm such a monster and horrible man, I don't deserve it. And I should just kill myself. In this way, my existence is miserable. I want to die."

Jabbari eventually told Majors in text she would not go to a doctor and said she understood his fear about an investigation. When he continued threatening suicide, saying, "I will probably kill myself, it's not really contemplating anymore" ... she told him she would have to "tell someone" if he continued saying such things.

While the texts were read in court, Majors reportedly had his head down ... and when they finished reading them, he glanced at the jury.

Story developing ...

Timothée Chalamet Announces Game Of Year At Award Show The Winner Is ...

Bigger & Baldur
The Game Awards

The 2023 Game Awards went to Hollywood Thursday night ... and some huge stars like Timothée Chalamet and Anthony Mackie were on hand for one of the biggest nights in gaming!

The Game Awards went down last night at the Peacock Theater in Los Angeles ... and Chalamet did some heavy lifting, crowning 2023's Game of the Year, "Baldur's Gate 3!"

The Larian Studios game, an RPG, was released in early August, and with millions of players, it's one of the most played games on Steam.

Mackie, who stars in "Twisted Metal," a TV show based on the late '90s Playstation game, presented an award to one of the most talked about games of the year (for better or worse) -- Cyberpunk 2077.

CP was named the Best Ongoing Game.

HBO's "The Last of Us" was another big winner ... taking home the award for Best Adaptation for their 9-episode series, which beat out films like "Gran Turismo" (starring David Harbour) and "Super Mario Bros.," an animated movie starring Chris Pratt.

Of course, "The Last Of Us," based on the game of the same title, was one of the most celebrated shows of last year, with actor Pedro Pascal and Bella Ramsey playing the roles of Joel and Ellie.

Don't expect the blurring of the lines between the gaming world and Hollywood to slow down, either ... more adaptations are on the way!

In fact, Fallout and Borderlands are expected to drop in 2024. Sequels to Sonic the Hedgehog and the Halo series are also expected next year ... meaning the '24 award show should be awesome.

Maybe we'll even get a Kylie Jenner cameo ...

Nick Cannon, Zeus Network Blasted For Colorist Competition ... 'Dark Skin vs. Light Skin'

Nick Cannon and Zeus Network are getting put on blast for a competition that pitted "dark skin" and "light skin" women against each other.

Here's the deal, Zeus and Nick collaborated on a live show Thursday night called "Bad vs. Wild Las Vegas" -- pinning "Wild 'N Out" stars from Nick's side against "Baddies" from Zeus' side.

Promo posts online said it would feature several competitions with different themes -- one being a separation by skin tone.

The post was met with a lot of hate because of its colorist implications -- Zeus took it down and uploaded an edited version, which read, "Chocolate Goddesses VS Caramel Goddesses."

That didn't sit well with folks, either ... with many pointing out the name change doesn't alter the intent of the competition.

Zeus' new post also added, "Remember, we’re here to break down stereotypes, not to uphold them."

Still, folks chimed in on the game ... getting comments like "This is still colorist y'all are sad" and "This whole idea should've just been scrapped." One added, "This is just as bad as lightskin vs darkskin....yall didnt do anything but try to put a positive spin on colorism."

Zeus and Nick also had a "BBWs vs. Slim Girls" competition go down on the same night ... which was met with the same disdain.

It will be interesting to see if Zeus airs the controversial competitions at some point.


The wins keep coming for Taylor Swift ... whose "Eras" tour has already raked in an estimated $1.04 BILLION in gross ticket sales.

According to live-music trade publication Pollstar, it's the first-ever tour to smash the billion-dollar milestone.

The sky-high numbers have topped all previous tours in ticket sales for the 12-month period from Nov. 17, 2022, to Nov. 15, 2023 -- and yes, that includes Beyoncé's "Renaissance" tour, which takes second place.

It's estimated that Tay's tour has sold a whopping 4.35 million tickets from 60 shows ... with merchandise sales racking up to $200 million during the yearly run.

Those record-breaking numbers are expected to escalate -- as Pollstar predicts that ticket sales from the next eligible box-office year will once again hit $1B -- taking the tour's total to $2B.

Of course, the enormous success of her tour means Taylor will be lining her pockets with some hefty payday checks -- though she's shown that sharing is caring ... dishing over $50M in total bonuses to her concert crew and an extra $100k to every truck driver hauling her tour equipment around the country.

Also, let's not forget -- her concert film also bagged an enormous $250M at the global box office.

Surely, her achievements speak volumes ... hushing the haters of her recent Time's Person of the Year crowning.

Among her grind, it appears she's found the perfect work/life balance ... making plenty of time for BF Travis Kelce.

Tom Petty Auction Items Returned To Family ... After Claims They Were Stolen

Some of Tom Petty's personal items, which recently hit auction, have been returned to the late musician's family ... after claims many of the pieces were stolen.

In a joint statement from Tom's family and RR Auction, they say, "All concerns regarding the recent offering of personal clothing and items of the rock star have been resolved without litigation."

The Petty family says it's grateful the auction house "facilitated the safe return of the items" -- which they add have been returned to the family's "secure archives" ... and say they don't think RR Auction knowingly committed any wrongdoing.

What's more, the family's showing gratitude by allowing some items to actually be auctioned off -- noting they fully support the upcoming sale, which has lots to offer like Tom's hats, jackets, and signed photos.

As we reported, Tom's fam said in May that the products being put up for auction were stolen, coming from the singer's former home in Encino, CA -- and his family was looking into "pursuing swift legal action" against RR Auction.

An attorney for the auction house later told us it was cooperating with Tom's family to get things sorted out -- sounds like they did.

Sophie Turner Kissing Single Life Goodbye!!! Makin' Out with New BF, An Aristocrat No Less

Sophie Turner has rebounded from her split with Joe Jonas, 'cause she's got a new guy!

Sophie was in full make-out mode in London Friday with her new boyfriend, British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson -- no worries on pronunciation ... he goes by Perry.

S&P strolled down the streets of London, hand in hand, as they made it clear to one and all -- they're a couple.

We actually saw the 2 back in October kissing each other in Paris ... but it was unclear if they were in a relationship. Now it's crystal clear.

As for his lineage ... Perry is the eldest son of Michael Pearson, the 4th Viscount Cowdray -- also a major stakeholder in the Pearson family media empire.

Sophie's loaded -- $10 mil -- but it pales in comparison to Perry, whose bank is north of $270 mil.


As TMZ reported, Joe Jonas filed for divorce back in early September, and it was acrimonious from the jump, although things seemed to have calmed down.

As for Perry, he's coming off a relationship with King Charles' goddaughter, Princess Maria-Olympia of Greece and Denmark.

Joe and Sophie have reached a temporary child custody agreement, where their 2 kids will travel back and forth from the U.S. to the U.K., although no permanent arrangement has been struck.

Life goes on.

Kevin Costner, Jewel Love Match During Tennis Tourney Photos Tell the Story!!!

Kevin Costner is apparently rebounding after his split from Christine Baumgartner because he and Jewel are now a thing ... sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ.

These pics were shot on Richard Branson's Necker Island in the British Virgin Islands ... where the 2 of them were part of a tennis fundraiser for the Inspiring Children Foundation. Jewel is the founder of the org, and Kevin was a guest.

Here's what we know. The 2 flew to the Caribbean together and hung out a lot for more than a week. As one source put it, "There was definitely something going on. They were flirty, and when they were together, it was like they both just lit up."

One source added, "You could tell they were trying to be discreet, but anybody who saw them could tell something was going on."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Jewel had mentioned Kevin on social media, talking about the event, writing ... "it's an incredible time, and one I use to relax, rest and play w my son! @kevincostnermodernwest was kind enough to mentor our kids this year."

They played doubles with Sir Richard, who, as she says, "plays a mean game!"


We're told the 2 also flew back together.

As we reported, Kevin, 68, recently settled his bitter divorce from Christine after 18 years of marriage. Jewel, 49, split from her husband Ty Murray, back in 2014. One source told us Jewel is "picky," adding, "She wants a good man, and Kevin fits the bill."

Our sources say the relationship is "rather new," but everything we're hearing is that they are definitely a thing.


Common I'll Make Sweet Music with J-Hud ... One Day!!!

Makin' Music Together

Common and Jennifer Hudson are talking about a powerful, romantic, soulful collab -- not necessarily a wedding, at this point -- but musically, he'd love to make something together.

The topic came up last night as Common pulled up at LAX, where a photog asked him about the odds of his GF and him hitting the studio anytime soon.

Common says the chances are high, but he's not willing to say exactly when -- he approaches music like relationships ... the records have to happen organically!!!

The Chicago natives have been going strong for well over a year and Common had no problem bigging up his partner ... dubbing her one of the "greatest voices of this generation" oughta score him some points this holiday season.


Common's praise echoed much of what Jennifer told us when we spoke to her in August ... they're not embellishing their union for the public eye, but they're not dodging the PDA moments either.

It's not like Common can really overhype his woman -- Jennifer is the youngest woman to earn EGOT status, and he's just a Tony away from joining that elite status.

They're arguably the most critically acclaimed couple of all time!!!

BHAD BHABIE CASH MY BABY BUMP OUSSIDE!!! First Outing After Pregnancy Reveal

Bhad Bhabie aka Danielle Bregoli, is making sure you "cash her bump ousside" ... as she was seen publicly for the first time since her big pregnancy reveal.

The 20-year-old Dr. Phil alum paraded her bump in a black crop top as she left her L.A. home Thursday ... carrying a Jersey's Mike Sub order to combat those pregnancy cravings.

Bhabie's BF, Le Vaughn, emerged shortly after ... confirming they're going stronger than ever as they prepare for parenthood.

TMZ broke the story back in April that they got matching tats ... so, needless to say, it would've been a pain -- quite literally -- if they had split and got the inkings removed.

Their low-key outing comes a week after the rapper revealed on IG she had a bun in the oven.

This is BB's first pregnancy ... and we're not sure how far along she is.

Looks like Bhabie's baby will be well cared for ... with her raking in 50 million bucks on OnlyFans alone.

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