A$AP Rocky Sweden May Be Forced to Pay Millions ... If He's Found Not Guilty

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The stakes are not only high for A$AP Rocky in his Swedish assault case ... the European nation itself could be forced to pay UNTOLD MILLIONS if he's ultimately cleared.

There's something we found about Swedish law that ups the stakes dramatically ... if someone is charged with a crime and is found not guilty, the country could be on the hook for all the money the victorious defendant lost as a result of incarceration and the trial.

In A$AP's case ... that's a fortune. He's already been in jail for going on 3 weeks and it's all but certain he'll be formally charged Thursday with aggravated assault. The chances of getting sprung from jail once he's charged are slim to none, because Sweden considers him a flight risk.

By the time he goes to trial, months may have passed, and that means a bunch of scheduled concert dates will go down the tubes.


He's already had to cancel 12 shows and is booked for 7 more through the month of September.

It's unclear exactly how much Rocky gets paid for each gig -- but between 2014 and 2017, reported booking fees from each concert range from $80k to $120k. It's 2019, so let's just say his flat quote these days is north of $100k.

The longer he sits in jail, the more the stakes go up ... $2 mil, and maybe a lot more.

Here's the rub. The law says the country "may" be forced to pay a victorious defendant. They don't define "may," but if history is any lesson, Sweden doesn't want to cut Rocky a break.

Future Team Pulled Him from Brutal Ibiza Fight ... To Avoid Another A$AP Rocky


Future wanted to kick some ass before a melee broke out that left his bodyguard knocked out cold ... but his team pulled him away, fearing he'd end up like A$AP Rocky ... behind bars.


As we reported, a group of around 10 guys started harassing Future and his crew at the Ibiza Airport ... and sources connected to Future say it was full-on racist attack, which began with racial epithets. A fight erupted, and Future's bodyguard did some street justice with 6 of the guys before he got coldcocked with an alleged rock to the head.

We're told before the fighting began, Future was fully engaged and enraged, but his team had A$AP on the brain and didn't want the rapper to end up in a Spanish jail, so they literally pulled him away from the scene. That's when the bodyguard took over.

Future clearly wanted in on the action, because his anger was apparent hours later when he referred to the attackers as "fake goons" and other choice words.

It's interesting ... it sure looks like Sweden is trying to send a message to black rappers that the come to the country at their peril. The message seems to have been received loud and clear, and rappers visiting other European countries are adjusting their moves accordingly ... clearly out of fear the justice system will screw them.

By the way ... eyewitnesses tell us the sucker punch video is edited to make it look like Future was watching nearby with no concern for his bodyguard ... but fact is he didn't see it and had already left the scene.

The good news ... our sources say the bodyguard is doing fine.


As you know ... things played out much differently for A$AP in Stockholm earlier this month, where a man allegedly harassed and attacked the rapper's bodyguard. Rocky tried to diffuse the situation but eventually snapped and now has hell to pay.


A$AP's still sitting in a Swedish jail awaiting official charges, but the guy who attacked his crew will not be prosecuted.

O-Town to Diddy Need Mentors for 'Making the Band' Reboot?!?


Diddy's search for mentors is OVER ... O-Town's offering their services if Diddy needs a hand for his "Making the Band" reboot.

We got the band out Monday in NYC and had to get their take on Diddy bringing back the famed reality show. If ya missed it ... Diddy announced earlier this month he's bringing back the MTV series that helped launch bands like O-Town and Danity Kane. It's set for a 2020 return.

The guys were in the middle of dishing some advice for the reboot but also took it a step further ... shooting their shot and literally telling Diddy to call them about possibly serving as mentors on the show.

The guys also talked to us about their 4th upcoming album and how they funded the project -- through its fans. That's right ... the guys crowdfunded on Kickstarter and raised nearly $100k to get it done. How'd they repay their fans' generosity? Watch ... it's actually pretty awesome.

Ex-UCLA RB Craig Lee Arrested For Attempted Murder After Weed Shop Altercation


Ex-UCLA running back Craig Lee -- who was a key piece of one of the school's best recruiting classes ever -- was arrested for attempted murder over the weekend, TMZ Sports has learned.

According to court docs, 23-year-old Lee -- a top H.S. recruit who played for UCLA from 2013-2015 -- was involved in an altercation at a weed dispensary back in 2016 that turned violent.

Officials say Lee and at least 2 other men entered Kings Palace Marijuana Dispensary in Jurupa Valley, California on June 30, 2016 ... when someone from the group shot a store employee.

Officials say a security guard in the store returned fire ... and that's when they say Lee and the other suspects bolted out of the place before law enforcement arrived.

After a 3-year-long investigation into the incident ... prosecutors now say the whole thing appeared to be a robbery gone wrong, because in the arrest warrant, obtained by TMZ Sports, a key witness claims Lee's role "was to grab drugs and money and run."

Prosecutors put out the warrant for Lee's arrest last month ... and on Friday, they arrested him in Los Angeles on charges of attempted murder and attempted robbery -- both felonies.

Lee has been in custody on $1 MILLION bond since. He's set to be arraigned in court on Thursday.

For his part, Lee's family is denying the former running back's involvement in the crime ... saying, "Anyone that knows Craig should know pulling a gun on someone with intentions to murder them is not in his character."


Lee's family has set up a GoFundMe page to try to help Lee retain a defense attorney for the case ... and so far, several of Lee's former UCLA teammates -- including Green Bay Packers star Kenny Clark -- have made donations.

Lee was part of a 2013 UCLA recruiting class that ranked No. 8 in the country and included future NFL studs like Clark, Jaguars' Myles Jack, Buccaneers' Caleb Benenoch and Titans' Jayon Brown.

Lee battled academic issues throughout his career at UCLA -- never logging an official carry before he eventually left the team in 2015.

Kyle on 'Road Trip' 'Memba Him?!

Nashville-born Donald Joseph (DJ) Qualls gained fame after his hysterical role as the awkward ladies man (and car owner), Kyle -- who hooks up with the hottie at the fraternity party -- in the 2000 coming of age film "Road Trip."

DJ Qualls wasn't the only star in the cinematic masterpiece ... he shared the big screen with other celebs like Seann William Scott as his typecast bro character, E.L. Faldt, Breckin Myer as the angsty lover, Josh Parker, Paulo Costanzo as the wise Rubin Carver and Tom Green as ... well ... whatever the hell Tom Green does.

Guess what DJ looks like now!!!

Slim Jxmmi Boycott Sweden!!! They're Screwing A$AP Rocky


Slim Jxmmi is fully supporting a rap industry boycott of Sweden ... and he says it's all because of the country's awful treatment of A$AP Rocky.

The Rae Sremmurd rapper is calling for all rap artists to stop touring in Sweden, and it sounds like the boycott could be indefinite ... because Jxmmi says no one should perform there until A$AP is released from jail and gives his blessing.

Slim has performed in Sweden in the past, but he says that's all over now ... he promises he won't return to the European nation until they change their laws and right their wrongs with A$AP.


As for the dangers posed by touring overseas ... Slim says it's real tricky, claiming he was almost detained once for smoking weed at a festival. His story sounds a little like the one Quavo shared with us last week, when he told our photog he was almost arrested in Sweden.


As we first reported ... A$AP's mom thinks Sweden is trying to make an example of her son -- who is has been in jail for weeks without being charged with a crime -- and she says there's a good chance race is factor.

Slim stops short of calling Sweden's treatment of A$AP racist ... but he did call out Swedish authorities for being far more lenient when white rapper G-Eazy got in trouble over there.

A$AP Rocky's Mom Sweden is Out to Get My Son ... Race A Likely Factor


A$AP Rocky's mom believes the country of Sweden is trying to make an example of her son ... and there's very a good chance it's only because of the color of his skin.

Renee Black says she's run out of ideas to help get her son out of jail ... thinking President Trump's involvement would have been enough of a push to free Rocky. Renee has only spoken to Rocky one time since he was locked up earlier this month, but says he sounded strong.

While Renee tells our camera guy she doesn't want to pull the race card, it's hard for her to ignore the signs ... saying, "if it walks like a duck and it quacks like a duck, then it's a duck."

Swedish prosecutors have maintained the only reason they're holding A$AP is because they consider him a flight risk ... and have until Thursday to decide whether or not to charge him with assault.


It was early July when Rocky and members of his team were seen on video beating a man in Stockholm after the man allegedly followed and harassed them for a long period of time.


On Monday, it was announced the man would not face any charges, and only acted in self defense when he struck Rocky's security guard over the head with a pair of headphones. Prosecutors stated the security picked the man up by the neck prior to the headphone attack.

Austin Butler I'm The King!!! Ready to Play Elvis


Austin Butler looks like he belongs on the Las Vegas strip, or at Graceland ... because he's looking more and more like Elvis Presley.

The former Nickelodeon star was dressed in all black during a coffee run in Los Angeles Monday afternoon, and you can see why he's playing Elvis in the upcoming biopic ... Austin's pretty much a dead ringer for the King of Rock 'n' Roll.

Austin's always kinda had the Elvis look going for him ... and now that he's been tabbed by director Baz Luhrmann to bring the icon to life on the big screen, Vanessa Hudgens' boyfriend somehow looks even more like a hound dog.


Drake Bell told us last week Austin's got a good face for Elvis ... and Butler's got us all shook up as he slips even further into character.

One question still remains ... can Austin sing?!?

Adrianne Palicki Files For Divorce From Scott Grimes ... After 2 Months!!!


Adrianne Palicki is waving the towel on her marriage to another actor ... she just filed for divorce after only a couple months as husband and wife.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the "Friday Night Lights" star is calling it quits on her union with Scott Grimes. The couple had only recently gotten married, tying the knot back in May. They do not have any children together.

Adrianne rose to fame playing Tyra on the TV version of "Friday Night Lights" ... and Scott is famous for roles on "ER" and "The Orville."

It's the first divorce for Adrianne, and the THIRD for Scott.

It's unclear what lead to the split.

A$AP Rocky Fans in Sweden Showing Support With 'Free A$AP' Posters


A$AP Rocky is getting a groundswell of support from fans on the ground in Sweden ... posters calling for his release are popping up all over Stockholm, and people are snapping pics to bring attention to his plight.

Smash Fest, the music festival A$AP performed at days before he turned himself into police in Stockholm, has started a #JusticeForRocky campaign in the country's capital ... and festival honchos tell us they've printed out and put up thousands of posters that read, "FREE A$AP ROCKY ASAP."

We're told Smash Fest created the signage to show support for A$AP and urge Swedish authorities to release him ... and people have been showing their support for the Harlem rapper by taking pics with the posters and posting them all over social media.

It's interesting ... we're told many of the posters were taken down soon after going up, but Smash Fest printed new ones and replaced them almost immediately.


One A$AP supporter in Stockholm tells us he's been walking around the city with a poster as a silent protest ... and he says most people have been sympathetic and supportive.

Smash Fest tells us they stand with A$AP and they feel sorry for fans who will miss him this summer ... as he's already missing out on tons of previously scheduled shows across Europe.

A$AP remains in a Swedish jail ... and later this week prosecutors are expected to formally charge him with aggravated assault.

Kyle Richards Calls Out PC Crowd After Macy's Pulls 'Skinny Jeans' Plates


Kyle Richards says everyone needs to take a damn chill pill after Macy's was forced to pull its so-called "skinny jeans" plates after they were deemed as body-shaming.

We got the 'RHOBH' star out Monday at Fred Segal's in L.A. and asked her about the storm of controversy created by a single tweet over the weekend.

ICYMI ... a woman complained about novelty plates that measures food portions by "skinny jeans," "favorite jeans" and "mom jeans." From there ... the social media backlash ramped up, and customers began to pile on complaints.


Customers were pissed about the message the plates were sending ... body-shaming that targets women. In a matter of hours ... Macy's pulled the plates from its NYC location and apologized saying, "We apologize to our customers for missing the mark on this product."

She's no fan of the plates but at the same time is NOT a fan of Macy's caving to a noisy crowd Kyle refers to them as too sensitive.

JD McCrary Young Simba Gets Huge Payday ... For 'Lion King' Reboot


Young Simba just can't wait to be king, and he's already reaping the benefits of royalty ... because JD McCrary scored a fat check to do some voice work for the 'Lion King' remake.

TMZ has obtained JD's minors contract from the new Disney movie ... and it says the 12-year-old made $5,000 a day to be the voice of Young Simba.

But, there's more ... he gets $50,000 for each song in which he performs lead vocals -- he has one, "I Just Can't Wait to be King."

He also gets $25,000 a song for duets -- sorry, no duets, but he gets $15,000 for group songs, and he's on "Hakuna Matata" with Seth Rogen, Donald Glover and Billy Eichner.

And, not to forget ... he gets royalties on the album. It says 10%, but we're guessing the definition is less impressive.

JD has been in the biz for a minute, but "The Lion King" is by far his biggest gig ... he's also had parts in a bunch of TV shows, starring in "The Paynes" on the Oprah Winfrey Network and playing Young Michael Jackson in "American Soul."

Jon Favreau directed the remake, and he found a small part for his daughter, Madeleine. According to her minors contract, she pocketed $814 for one day of work as a singer.

It's the second Disney payday for Madeleine ... she previously played Raquel the Rhino in the 2016 'Jungle Book' remake.

"Lion King" dominated the box office in its first 3 days in theaters ... raking in a whopping $191.8 million across North America.

The good news ... Scar can't get his paws on JD's or Madeleine's money.

'Jersey Shore' Ronnie No Charges for Baby Mama In Alleged Ashtray Throwing Incident

TMZ/Getty Composite

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro's baby mama is off the hook for allegedly chucking an ashtray at his face ... TMZ has learned.

Jen Harley's attorney tells us ... the Clark County District Attorney's Office has declined to prosecute her for domestic battery and the case has been dropped. Law enforcement sources say Ronnie would not cooperate so, without a victim, the case couldn't go forward.

We broke the story ... Harley was arrested in Vegas back in May after a New Year's Eve incident with the 'Jersey Shore' star. Ronnie filed a battery report against Harley, claiming she attacked him inside a club. We obtained video showing Ronnie leaving the club with a bloody face.


Harley claims when she returned home later that night the place was ransacked, she believes at the hands of Ronnie. She accused Ortiz-Magro of smashing valuables, including a vase and a flat-screen TV.

He was also caught on camera smashing the security cam at her front door back in December.

Despite all the turmoil ... the 2 were seen taking a trip to Florida together last month with their daughter, though they didn't look too thrilled about it.

Future Bodyguard Knocked Out Cold ... He Responds


2:47 PM PT -- Future just responded to our story about his bodyguard getting knocked the hell out. He says, "Basically these fake goons ask to suck my d**k for a picture I toldem NOOOOO...apparently they get angry and do sum sucker s**t." 

He goes on to say, "I left the airport, they edit the video they filmed and sent it to blogs real real tuf guys ... what they did to security I didn't see period, I'm not a witness to anything...leave me out (of) anything have to with this incident."

Future's bodyguard was knocked the f out and a source close to the rapper says it was a racially-motivated attack.

The incident went down Monday in Ibiza, Spain at the International Airport. We're told Future had just arrived and was walking through the terminal when 10 guys approached and asked for a photo. Future said, "Not today, guys," because he was tired and had just gotten off a long flight.

We're told the guys then erupted in anger, and began hurling racial slurs and other epithets.

Our sources say Future's bodyguard stepped in and tried to block the guys and get Future to his ride on the curb.

The sources say the bodyguard actually beat up several of the guys before someone came from behind and sucker punched him. The sources claim the person who struck the bodyguard did so with a rock.

Originally Published -- 10:37 AM PT

Harvey Weinstein Accuser Paz de la Huerta Meets with D.A. ... I Want Justice!!!


2:58 PM PT -- Weinstein's attorney, Donna Rotunno, has responded to Paz's trip to the D.A.'s office, saying, "Ms. de la Huerta's narrative has been reviewed and considered several times already and each time, been rejected by the New York DA."

She continues, "We are thoroughly confident that there is nothing more about her claims to be considered. This seems to be little more than a publicity stunt."

Harvey Weinstein has an accuser who is coming after him a second time ... Paz de la Huerta, who spent part of the day Monday with NYC prosecutors.

We got Paz at the Manhattan District Attorney's Office, flanked by her attorney, Mark Heller. As they were leaving, Paz and Mark told us the meeting was about Weinstein, but they wouldn't get more specific.

You'll recall ... Paz is one of several women who've claimed Weinstein sexually assaulted them, and she even sued the disgraced movie producer over two alleged incidents, but the Manhattan D.A. declined to criminally prosecute Weinstein.

They say the D.A. wants to meet them again on Thursday ... unclear why.

She also sheds some light on her hospital scare a couple months back.

Originally Published -- 1:13 PM PT

UFC's Greg Hardy Support from Women Fighters ... Nunes, Ostovich, Etc.


Greg Hardy is winning over some of the biggest female fighters in the UFC -- including Amanda Nunes and Rachael Ostovich -- and he tells TMZ Sports their support means the world to him.

Greg's past is no secret ... he was accused of domestic violence against a woman back in 2014 and initially convicted. The conviction was overturned in 2015.

There was a big controversy when Hardy fought on the same card earlier this year as Rachael Ostovich -- who was the victim of a brutal domestic violence attack ... with some saying it was unfair to Rachael.

But, she clearly didn't feel that way -- and told Dana White she was cool with the decision.

Now, 6 months later ... Ostovich is still supporting Hardy -- she "liked" a celebratory Instagram post Greg made after defeating Juan Adams on Saturday.

Plus, Greg says he's also getting support from stars like Amanda Nunes, Joanna and Kayla Harrison.

Greg says he appreciates those women giving him the chance to "get to know me" -- and wants to show he's not the monster some people think he is.

Inside the Octagon, however, Hardy is on a tear ... he destroyed Juan Adams to improve his MMA record to 5-1 -- and says he's excited to prove he's ready to take on the best heavyweights in the UFC.

Greg says he wants to be on the upcoming UFC card in Abu Dhabi and desperately wants to fight a ranked opponent.

Hardy also says he's still getting love from his old NFL teammates -- including Dez Bryant who reached out to him after the victory.

Hardy says he wants to make his friends and family members proud -- and feels he's doing that by succeeding in the UFC.

Greg says other teammates and coaches have also reached out -- and it means a lot to him.

We also asked Greg about that blood-licking celebration after the win ... and if he plans to do it again.