Bernie Sanders Meme Hot Sweatshirts Sell Out ... Big Money for Food Charity

Inauguration Day Bernie Sanders freezing his ass off is the hottest thing on the internet ... and now it's also a huge fundraiser in his home state.

Here's the deal ... Sanders' campaign started hawking crewneck sweatshirts Friday with that incredibly meme-able shot of the Senator rocking his mittens for $45 each.

All proceeds are going to Meals on Wheels Vermont ... and within just a few hours they were completely sold out.

Demand was incredibly high from the jump, with the campaign website quickly adding a disclaimer saying it would be 4-8 weeks until the gear was delivered ... due to an overwhelming number of orders.

Inventory was wiped out by Friday evening, and folks late to the party were greeted by a "sold out" message on the site.

It's unclear how many sweatshirts Bernie's campaign sold, but ya gotta imagine at $45 a pop there will be plenty of Meals on Wheels served up at a crucial time for hunger across the country.

For those who missed out on the Bern ... Bernie's iconic shot's also been memorialized as a baseball card and bobblehead.

Buffalo Bills Fan Smashes Table After Smashing Cancer ... Epic Video!!!

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Even Chiefs fans are gonna love this!!!

Here's Buffalo Bills superfan Victor Neilson celebrating his victory over cancer in the most Bills way possible ... BY SMASHING THROUGH A TABLE!!!


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Nelson had just wrapped up 5 months of "intense chemotherapy" for cancer at the Vanderbilt-Ingram Cancer Center in Nashville -- and after ringing the famous victory bell, he took things to another level!

Nelson strapped on his Bills helmet, his Tremaine Edmunds jersey and a pair of Zubaz pants -- and took out a folding table LIKE A CHAMPION!!

"Through all the prayers and support, I have prevailed," Nelson posted after the table-smashing.

I am" officially cancer free. Thanks to all for the prayers and support. Couldn’t have done it without you. GO BILLS, BEAT THEM CHIEFS!!"

Check out all of the nurses, doctors and other staff on hand to help Vic celebrate -- it's awesome!

Nelson says he hopes the video will inspire others who are fighting cancer -- and now he's raising money for Vanderbilt Oncology in Nashville.

Bills Mafia ... are they awesome or what?!

Christina Ricci Husband Claims She's the Abuser But Judge Denies Him Restraining Order

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4:31 PM PT -- The judge rejected Heerdegen's request for a restraining order against Christina. The judge said there was no basis for an emergency order before their next court hearing in March. 

This means Heerdegen must stay away from Christina and their son at least until then ... under the terms of her restraining order against him.

11:44 AM PT -- Christina's legal team was also in court Friday to file an opposition to Heerdegen's request for a restraining order. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, she says there is "overwhelming evidence" that he is the abusive one -- even beyond the photos she already filed with the court.

She says she has an audio recording from his alleged attack on her on June 25, 2020. According to the docs, James can be heard "terrorizing Christina, spitting and screaming at her, admitting to violence, following her from room to room, chasing her and then violently assaulting her." She says the recording ends abruptly with her in tears, saying she's going to call the police.

Christina Ricci's husband agrees quarantine's been a dangerous time in their household, except he claims she is the one who's the abuser.

James Heerdegen filed Friday to get a restraining order against the actress, claiming alcohol and substance abuse is fueling her allegedly abusive conduct.

In his court filing, James claims Christina was boozing hard during quarantine and would routinely abuse him physically and verbally while she was intoxicated. He says she would often hit and scratch him with her arms, hands and nails.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Heerdegen also claims Christina would habitually follow him around their home, screaming and yelling profanities at him in front of their son. He says her alleged outbursts are causing their child emotional distress.

James says Christina attacked him back in October 2019, claiming she grabbed his throat while he was on the toilet. He says she "squeezed and pushed on my throat with her left hand using her right hand to gain leverage by propping it up against the doorframe" ... according to the docs.

Heerdegen's filing comes 48 hours after Christina was granted a restraining order against him, claiming he'd beaten her multiple times and she now fears for her life and their son's. She filed to divorce him in July.

In his docs, James claims Christina filed false domestic violence allegations against him to "leverage" her control over their son and prevent Heerdegen from seeing the kid. He also claims she filed a false police report.

James says Christina was sober during her pregnancy but claims she started abusing alcohol and pills when she began breastfeeding, and things got to the point where he was throwing out some of her breast milk for fear of alcohol polluting the milk ... according to the docs.

Christina's attorney, Samantha Spector, tells TMZ ... "This filing is nothing more than a transparently abusive attempt to silence my client. It will not work. Christina will not be intimidated by Mr. Heerdegen and his barrage of misleading claims – and she remains determined to protect her family."

The judge has not yet ruled on Heerdegen's request to restrain Christina.

Originally Published-- 11:25 AM

Capitol Rioter Admits Dragging Cop Down Stairs ... Denied Bail, Allegedly Tried to Flee U.S.


The Capitol rioter caught on camera dragging a cop down a set of stairs confessed in court, and he's just been denied bail after prosecutors say he tried to flee the country.

Jeffrey Sabol, a geophysicist from Colorado, admitted assaulting an officer during the insurrection, reportedly explaining it away as a "fit of rage" ... Friday in federal court in New York.

After the failed coup, prosecutors claim Sabol traveled to NY and bought a plane ticket from Boston to Switzerland -- a non-extradition country -- in hopes of not being shipped home to face the music.

The FBI arrested Sabol Friday morning at a medical facility just outside NYC, where prosecutors say he was being held in a psychiatric center following a suicide attempt.

Sabol, a father of 3 who grew up in upstate New York, was also captured on camera holding a police baton against a cop's neck during the riots ... according to prosecutors.

In locking him up without bail, the judge reportedly said Sabol's alleged conduct was "beyond the pale" and "shocking."

Kobe Bryant Mamba's Old '63 Impala Hits Auction ... Could Fetch $250k

The tricked out 1963 Chevy Impala once owned by Kobe Bryant is hitting the auction block -- and we're told it's expected to sell in the $250,000 range!

The car has a pretty famous and well-documented history. Kobe's wife Vanessa went to West Coast Customs (the "Pimp My Ride" people) back in 2006 and had them customize something special for Mamba ... so she could gift it to Kobe on Christmas morning.

The final product was pretty amazing -- the guys at WCC rebuilt the engine, installed hydraulics, gave it a custom paint job. There was also some major work done on the sound system.

And check this out ... the interior got some major work as well, as described by the Barrett-Jackson auction house.

"The interior was beautifully re-worked, with all new white leather upholstery studded with genuine Swarovsky crystals and offset by royal blue piping and carpets."


Kobe got rid of the car around 2013 -- and it was later auctioned off by Barrett-Jackson in 2014.

Now, the car is changing hands once again -- with the folks at Goldin Auctions running the sale. The auction is live and there's already a $100,000 bid -- but Ken Goldin tells us he expects the car to sell in the neighborhood of $250k.

The seller's identity has not been revealed. All we know is the vehicle is located in Indiana and the winning bidder is responsible for picking the car up after the sale ends next Saturday.

Good luck!

Spinderella Trashes Salt-N-Pepa Biopic ... You Wrongfully Excluded Me!!!

DJ Spinderella just went off on Lifetime's Salt-N-Pepa biopic ... a project she's got nothing to do with, and she's pissed about the level of disrespect.

S-N-P's former DJ blew her top Friday, one day before the movie debuts, saying she was disappointed to learn "a decision was made to move forward with a Lifetime biopic that wrongfully excluded me from every aspect of development and production all the while using my image throughout, given that I played an integral role in the group's story and success."

Spinderella said she felt compelled to speak out because "too often, Black women who have made meaningful contributions in their industry are left out of historical narratives." She's especially mad because she says S-N-P was all about empowering women, so she "could not have dreamed that this same group would one day disempower me."

It's not all bad news ... Spinderella changed her tune near the end of her tweets to say she's in the final stages of writing her memoir, which she calls "a personal journey navigating through life, relationships, and the industry that raised me. 30+ years is a lot of content and I'm ready to share."

As we've reported ... Spin fell out with Salt and Pepa years ago, and she sued the group back in July 2019, claiming she was not getting paid royalties owed to her. Five months later ... the lawsuit was dismissed with prejudice after a confidential settlement was reached, according to Spinderella's attorney, Paul Stafford.

Senator Warnock Compares First Day at Office to 2017 Arrest ... How You Like Me Now?!?!

Sen. Raphael Warnock's come a long way since he was last at the U.S. Capitol  ... and he's letting everyone know he's there to stay a bit longer this time.

The Georgia Senator and Reverend just posted a powerful tweet reflecting on his journey -- which was capped off by winning a runoff election against Kelly Loeffler earlier this month.

Warnock shared a photo of himself arriving to work at the Capitol, saying ... "The last time I was here in 2017, Capitol police were escorting me to central booking for leading a non-violent protest of an immoral budget."

He adds ... "This time they just had to show me to my office."

It's true -- Warnock, along with other pastors -- got arrested in July 2017 in the Russell Senate Office building for leading a peaceful protest against the proposed budget and efforts to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act.

He was handcuffed by Capitol Police as he and the others were singing and praying. Warnock said at the time it was a small price to pay to bring attention to those who would suffer.

The Reverend was booked, fined and released, but later added ... "As a pastor, I believe that the national budget is not just a fiscal document, but a moral document. It reflects what we believe and who we are for one another. And if this mean spirited budget were an EKG, it would indicate that America has a heart condition."

Now that he's a member of Congress himself ... he's got a chance to get American on a heart-healthy track.

Donnell Rawlings Chappelle Takes COVID Seriously ... Everyone at Austin Shows Got Tested!!!


Dave Chappelle clearly thinks there's nothing funny about potential exposure to COVID-19 -- much less contracting it -- because he went all out to keep his Austin shows as safe as possible.

That's according to his pal, Donnell Rawlings, who joined us on "TMZ Live" Friday and revealed Chappelle had strict COVID protocols in place for everyone -- from performers and staffers to servers and every single audience member.

Donnell tells us he's never worked with anyone who takes as much precaution as Chappelle. In fact, Donnell says Dave dropped a whopping $300k to have people tested in his community of Yellow Springs, Ohio for his shows there last year.

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As for how Chappelle contracted the virus ... Donnell says he doesn't know and wonders ... how does anyone really know? That being said ... he's all down for strict measures, and he's glad his comedian pal's taking it seriously.

So much so ... Donnell said, "Dave Chappelle is addicted to corona testing people so much he violated my nose for 2 months."

TMZ broke the story ... Chappelle canceled his Austin shows at Stubb's Amphitheater following his positive test. Donnell says, "I texted Dave yesterday to check on him and I said, 'I love you, brother' and 'we are gonna get through this.' His response -- "I know we will, but dammit, I thought it was gonna be you before me!"

Chuck Schumer Trump Responsible for 'Erection!!!'


Senator Chuck Schumer went in hard Friday on Donald Trump, saying he's responsible for the "erection."

Schumer was on the Senate floor when he pressed for an impeachment trial. There's conflict over when that trial will be held. Mitch McConnell wants to delay it for a few weeks, while many Democrats want the trial held STAT.

Schumer said, "There will be a trial and when the trial ends, Senators will have to decide if they believe Donald John Trump incited the erection." He realized what he had said almost immediately, and corrected himself with the word, "insurrection."

No reaction from his colleagues, but Twitter certainly noticed. One person wrote, "Well, it WAS an uprising!" Another person wrote, "There are gonna be a lot of hard questions asked during the erection hearing."


And, as you may recall, a few days after the Capitol riots a woman confronted Schumer and told him she was "sexually excited" by the insurrectionists.

Kellyanne Conway Cops Investigating Screaming Match ... Between Her and Claudia


Kellyanne Conway got a knock on her door after getting into a social-media-documented screaming match with her daughter, Claudia, and the people on the other side of the door were cops.

Kellyanne's 16-year-old daughter posted a TikTok video showing police speaking with her mom. KC told the cops Claudia was going through a tough time and even mentions they're going to family therapy.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... this was a welfare check. Someone called police after Claudia secretly recorded and posted a video showing her mom screaming and swearing at her.

@claudiamconway/Tik Tok

Our law enforcement sources say the matter is still under investigation. In fact, Kellyanne mentions an earlier police visit on November 2, which -- not coincidentally -- was the day before the Presidential election. As you know, Claudia detests Trump and is livid her mom has been a tireless supporter of the ex-Prez.

@claudiamconway/Tik Tok

In one of the videos, Claudia insisted she was not looking for attention but rather "looking for safety." She has accused her mom of being "physically, mentally and emotionally abusive."

@claudiamconway / TikTok

The family has been in chaos for a while. Kellyanne's husband is an ardent Trump critic, so home life is anything but peaceful.

We reached out to Kellyanne ... no word back so far.

AOC Offers Her Office to Nat'l Guard ... After They Got Sent to Freezing Garage

Like many of her colleagues, AOC condemned the decision to force hundreds of National Guard soldiers to take their breaks in a frigid parking garage instead of the warm Capitol building, but she went a step further by offering them her office couch for a nap ... and snacks.

The National Guard members were ordered out of the Capitol Building Thursday by Capitol Police, and told to either take their rest breaks outside or in a nearby parking garage ... which resulted in some truly bad optics and, frankly, shockingly inhumane treatment.

The Guardsmen and women were packed like sardines in the parking garage -- "breathing in exhaust fumes and covid" as one reporter put it -- after spending the past several days in D.C. to protect the Capitol and provide increased security for Joe Biden's inauguration.

Though the reason behind the Capitol Police ordering the Guard to move out Thursday is unclear, it sure seems the reasoning is that they didn't want the building to look like an armed camp.  The move drew condemnation by lawmakers on both sides of the aisle, and some of the guard members said they felt betrayed.

The good news -- AOC's tweet and the outrage of other members apparently forced an about face ... all of the service members were allowed back inside the building for the night.

A National Guard spokesperson shed some light on what went down Thursday, saying ... "As Congress is in session and increased foot traffic and business is being conducted, Capitol Police asked the troops to move their rest area. They were temporarily relocated to the Thurgood Marshall Judicial Center garage with heat and restroom facilities."

Well, there was just one restroom with 2 stalls available to the 5,000 troops who were told to leave the Capitol ... and temperatures dipped into the low 40s by nightfall.

And, if you want to know what it might be like to be exposed to the elements in D.C. ... well, just look at frigid Tom Hanks during the Inauguration show.

The troops will be allowed to take breaks indoors Friday, near the Emancipation Hall.

Dave Chappelle Tests Positive for COVID-19 ... Cancels TX Shows


8:18 AM PT -- Comedian Donnell Rawlings, who was scheduled to perform on the same night as Ron White, tells TMZ ... he's tested negative and feels "good mentally and physically." He added he has no symptoms.

The comedian also weighed in on the risks that come with catching COVID saying, "There is always some risk when you're trying to better someone's life. This is the reality of the coronavirus, you can do everything to be safe, but there is always a possibility that you can be unsafe. We did everything we could to give people a good time. Mental health and physical health are neck to neck."

Rawlings added, "I texted Dave yesterday to check on him and I said, 'I love you brother' and 'we are gonna get through this.' His response -- "I know we will, but dammit, I thought it was gonna be you before me!" Great to see Dave's in great spirits.

7:34 AM PT -- Ron White, who did 3 shows with Dave and Joe last week, tells TMZ he'll go into quarantine until he's tested for COVID later Friday. He says for the shows, "every precaution was made for it to be a safe environment and it was ridiculously fun to be back on stage after 10 months." Ron adds that he feels fantastic.

6:01 AM PT -- 1/22 -- Joe Rogan, who was around Dave this week, says he's in the clear, "Because people are asking, I was not exposed to the person who had covid and I have tested negative every day this week. Also, the person that gave covid to Dave was NOT Elon’s partner, Grimes."

Dave Chappelle tested positive for COVID-19 and has canceled a string of shows in Austin, TX ... TMZ has learned.

A rep for the comedian tells us Dave is currently quarantined after the positive test, but he has not yet experienced any symptoms. Dave performed the first of 5 shows in Austin Wednesday night with others scheduled for Thursday, Friday, Saturday and Sunday.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We are told the remaining shows -- 2 of which included Joe Rogan -- have all been canceled and refunds will be offered.

Chappelle, Rogan, Elon Musk and Grimes were photographed together earlier this week at Stubb's Amphitheater ... where his shows were all scheduled.

Dave's been performing socially-distanced shows since June in his native Ohio, with rapid tests for the audience and regular tests for him and his crew.

Originally Published -- 1/21 7:33 PM PT

VP Kamala Harris Blair House Will Be Temporary Pad ... It's Got 119 Rooms!!!

While President Biden's already getting comfy in the White House, Vice President Harris can't unpack just yet ... but her temporary home is pretty rich in history.

The Veep and Second Gentleman Doug Emhoff will be living at Blair House ... a 19th-century row house situated across Pennsylvania Avenue from the Eisenhower Executive Office Building. It's also steps away from the White House.

The house -- dubbed The President's Guest House -- is usually reserved for former presidents and other dignitaries when they're in town. It consists of 4 distinct buildings merged into one ... featuring 14 guest bedrooms, 35 bathrooms and a total of 119 rooms.

It's unclear how long VP Harris will be at Blair -- the traditional Vice President's mansion at the Naval Observatory is getting a bunch of repairs -- such as new chimney liners -- at the Navy's request. Once Harris does move in, she'll be the 8th VP to live there since it was built in 1893.

Blair House is also where incoming Presidents typically stay the night before Inauguration Day, just as the Bidens did this week. Another fun fact: President Truman lived there too while the White House underwent renovations after World War II.

Harris and Emhoff own a condo in Washington but for security reasons could not stay there.

Andrew Jackson Biden Removes Portrait From Oval ... Causing Family Rift


Joe Biden's driving a wedge between some of Andrew Jackson's descendants ... there's a split in the family over the new look in the Oval Office.

The rift stems from Biden's decision to remove a portrait of our 7th president from the Oval, replacing Jackson with a painting of Benjamin Franklin. It's a change from the layout during Donald Trump's time in the Oval.

Jackson's great, great, great-granddaughter, Barbara Jackson, tells TMZ ... she approves of Biden's big change, because her relative did some really bad things.

She says Jackson did some good, but she can't get over the fact he was a slave owner and was a fierce opponent of ending slavery.

Jackson's great, great, great-grandson, Andy Jackson, tells TMZ ... he's unhappy and thinks his great-great-grandpa has a rightful place near the resolute desk.

Andy, Barbara's cousin, says President Jackson should be remembered for his accomplishments -- defeating the British in the War of 1812 and increasing suffrage -- even if history doesn't look kindly on his cruel policies on Native Americans.

There's some common ground among Jackson's relatives, who descend from his adopted son Andrew Jackson II ... they both feel the decision was ultimately Biden's to make, and they respect it.

Here's a potential tiebreaker -- Andrew Jackson's Hermitage.

Howard Kittel, the President and CEO of Jackson's former plantation turned museum, tells TMZ ... he was disappointed to see the portrait taken down, but not surprised, given Jackson's ties to slavery.


There's also a Lincoln bust that was removed from the White House, but it wasn't Biden's doing. It got carried away in the final days of Trump's presidency.

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