Tory Lanez I'm Innocent & Still Friends With Meg ... But She Calls Him 'Crazy'


Tory Lanez says he still considers Megan Thee Stallion a friend despite her claim he shot her ... but Meg doesn't sound too friendly.

The rapper proclaimed his innocence for the first time on video Tuesday, hopping on Instagram Live to defend himself against Megan's accusations, and he really raised eyebrows when he said, in his book, they're still pals.

The friendship sounds like news to Meg ... she says Tory is "genuinely crazy."

It's not like they can hang out as friends anymore anyways ... Tory was ordered to stay the hell away from MTS after a hearing on his felony assault charge in connection with the shooting.


Tory's now calling the shooting a "debacle" and says the only people who really know what happened are him and Meg. Seems he's forgetting Meg's friend and his chauffeur were also there when a gun went off during an argument.

Tory says he's not talking down to Meg or disrespecting her, but says he's tired of his name and character being assassinated for something he "did not do."

Tamar Braxton Suicide Attempt News Spread to Family While Cameras Rolled

WE tv

Tamar Braxton's suicide attempt shook her family to its core ... and their stunned reactions will be front and center when the new season of their reality show airs.

"Braxton Family Values" is gearing up for its 7th season, and the scary summer incident with Tamar will clearly be a focal point ... as her sisters and mother discuss coming to terms with what happened.

A new teaser for the show starts with Toni saying 2020 has been a hell of a year for their family, and reveals she was in a studio recording when she got wind of what happened to Tamar.

The mom, Evelyn, says Toni broke the news to her and the other sisters -- Traci, Trina and Towanda -- who were, of course, stunned.

As we reported, Tamar tried to take her own life at an L.A. hotel in July. Her boyfriend at the time, David Adefeso, called 911 to report it, and claimed it was all over beef with We tv.

Tamar later opened up about the incident, claiming years of mistreatment in reality TV pushed her to the brink and accusing the network of ignoring her cries for help.

WE tv cut ties with Tamar shortly afterward, but made the decision to still air her spinoff reality series, 'Get Ya Life!,' as it was intended.

It seems 'Family Values' -- which premieres November 5 -- will partly pick up where 'Get Ya Life!' left off, and we're told the new season will also focus on Toni postponing her tour due to the pandemic and Traci trying to reconcile with family members.

Kim Kardashian How in the World is She 40 Years Old?!? Aging Like Fine Wine

Your eyes and mind are not deceiving you ... Kim Kardashian is turning 40, and to celebrate, here are 40 of her best hot shots. Not that ya needed an excuse.

Yes, Kim K is celebrating the milestone bday Wednesday, which might have some of you wondering where in the hell the time goes. Thankfully, this gallery should help ease the sting of Father Time ... and just about anything else that's got ya down, really.

Check out the pics for the best possible hump day celebration most of us will muster today. It's a sweet stroll down memory lane that definitely includes Kim dressed to the nines.


BTW, a huge shout-out and big thank you to Paris Hilton for introducing Kim K to the rest of the world back in August 2006 as they sauntered into the Hyde nightclub in WeHo. Unforgettable moment ... even if you're not Tara Reid.

Happy birthday, Kim!!!

Carole Baskin I Had a 'Wife' ... But It Wasn't Sexual!!!


Carole Baskin's not only had 2 husbands, but also a wife ... but she says there's been one big difference between her male and female partners.

The 'Tiger King' star, who just this week came out as bisexual, tells TMZ ... she's had lovers from both sexes, and even had a "nonsexual wife" back in the day. Carole's said she could just as easily have married the woman in her life as she did Don Lewis, and then Howard Baskin.

However, we know Carole often sees things differently than most ... and marriage is no exception. First off, she says her "wife" was heterosexual, and that boundary was always respected.

So, with sex off the table ... Carole says they loved each other in a platonic way, and her partner did all the cooking, took care of their home and was even a secretary for Carole's real estate biz. BTW, she doesn't want to reveal the woman's identity to protect her from the media, but it seems they were together sometime in the mid to late '80s.

As for Carole's rules of attraction -- she says for her it's more about who you are on the inside, and she doesn't have a preference for physical characteristics ... male or female. Of course, she takes it even deeper ... telling us human connection isn't about sex, gender, race or nationality because humans are ALL of those things. Yeah, sleep on that one.

Carole's also clearing up some statements about her sexuality ... telling us she doesn't identify as a transgender male despite telling PinkNews she feels she was born in the wrong body.

The Big Cat Rescue owner, who clearly believes in reincarnation, says you won't know why you were born as you were ... until you are between lives.

Sounds like a 9 lives thing to us, cats and kittens.

Young Buck GF Allegedly Fired Gun During Spat


Young Buck might have dodged a bullet ... we've learned his girlfriend got busted by cops after allegedly firing a gun while squaring off with him.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the G-Unit rapper and his girlfriend were involved in a domestic incident Tuesday at a home in Tennessee, and at some point, she allegedly picked up a firearm and let off a few rounds.

As you can see, an image captured by someone who says they witnessed the incident appears to show Young Buck's girlfriend pointing a gun toward his truck at the foot of the driveway.

Our sources say it's unclear if anyone was struck by gunfire or where the girlfriend was aiming. We're told she was arrested and booked her for reckless endangerment with a deadly weapon.

We reached out to Young Buck, who had no comment.

MLB Star Tommy Pham Stabbing Suspect Still On The Loose ... Cops Say

Jett Dennis

The man who slashed a footlong wound into MLB star Tommy Pham's back is still on the loose ... TMZ Sports has learned.

The San Diego Police Dept. tells us NO arrests have been made in the case ... this nearly 2 weeks after the Padres outfielder was stabbed outside Pacer’s Gentlemen’s Club on Oct. 11.

As we previously reported, cops say Pham headed out of the venue at around 10:37 p.m. and confronted a group of people who were quarreling near his car.

Police say things ultimately turned violent between Pham and the men ... adding the 32-year-old MLB player was attacked and cut with a blade.

In footage of the aftermath of the incident, the back of Pham's shirt was clearly soaked in blood. Later in the clip, you can see emergency responders worked feverishly to get him medical help.

Fortunately, Pham is expected to make a full recovery ... and Pham himself said in a statement after the incident, "I know I’ll be back to my offseason training routine in no time."

In the meantime, cops say they have not arrested any suspects ... and did not confirm if they had any leads or if they've reviewed any footage from the scene.

Guess Who This Grinning Guy Turned Into!

Before this happy kid became one of the worlds' most beloved celebrities starring in franchise films, he was just another cute kid reppin' Hawaiian shirts spending his childhood moving around to California, New Zealand, North Carolina, Connecticut, Hawaii, and Tennessee.

This smiling sweetheart is a renaissance man known for his variety of successful endeavors including wrestling and acting, to just name a couple. He even recently took on singing when he starred as a voice-over actor in a magical Disney animation film.

You may recognize him by his more popular nickname -- which originated to commemorate his father.

Can you guess who he is?

TikTok Star Bryce Hall Beefs, Brawls With Restaurant Staff ... Fight Caught on Video!!!


TikTok star Bryce Hall can't seem to go out to eat anywhere in L.A. without getting into a fight ... this time, he and his crew were involved in an ugly brawl at a Mexican restaurant, but Bryce says it wasn't his fault.

The violence broke out Monday at Cinco Mexican restaurant near LAX, and video shows Bryce and his boys in a huge scuffle with staffers on the outdoor patio.

Sources with direct knowledge of the incident tell TMZ ... Bryce and his buddies were hanging out on the patio before playing golf at a nearby course, and things took a turn for the worse when a server told Bryce and co. to stop vaping.


It's illegal to vape at restaurants in L.A. but we're told Bryce and his boys refused to quit and Bryce allegedly blew smoke in a staffer's face when asked to stop.

Sources say Bryce and his friends were asked to leave and given the check. When their server went inside to run Bryce's credit card, all hell broke loose.

One source says  it was Bryce and his buddies who jumped an employee, with Bryce throwing the first punch and continuing to brawl until other staffers broke it up.

Now, Bryce tells us he was vaping, but says he was cordial when the manager asked him to leave. He claims the trouble started when he had to ask to get his credit card back more than 10 times .. and the the manager allegedly told him, "No, get the f*** off the property."

Bryce alleges the manager grabbed him and tried to drag him away, sparking the bigger all out brawl. He claims he only put the guy in a head lock while defending one of his friends. In the end, Bryce says the manager kicked him in the nuts.

One employee claims to have suffered a potentially broken hand and bruised face in the scuffle ... and named Bryce as his attacker in a police report. We're told he wants to press charges.

Bryce and his friends had already left by the time cops arrived. Bryce claims he has witnesses and video to back up his version of events.


As we reported ... Bryce was also throwing haymakers outside Mel's Diner on Sunset last month.

Oh, and he's also the guy who had his power cut off by the City of L.A. after throwing a massive rager during quarantine.

Dr. Dre Wife Nicole Demands ... Show Me This 'Ironclad Prenup!!!'


Dr. Dre's wife wants the rap mogul to put up or shut up about his so-called "ironclad prenup" as their divorce war rages on.

Nicole Young filed legal docs demanding Dre turn over the original version of the "ironclad prenup" upon which he's basing his whole divorce case. In the docs, obtained by TMZ, she says Dre's failed to produce the prenup even though the law is clear he must turn over all relevant financial, business and personal documents.

She says because Dre hasn't produced it ... she doesn't know which version of the alleged prenup he's referring to, and calls his refusal to share the info an "intentional abuse" of the divorce process.

Nicole says they got married long before they amassed the billion-dollar fortune that's now at stake -- and claims they stayed together for more than 24 years, despite Dre's "rampant and repeated marital misconduct." She doesn't offer any detail about the alleged "misconduct."

As we reported ... Nicole's already claimed she was pressured into signing the prenup back in 1996. Not to mention, she claims he tore up the prenup 2 years into the marriage, and said "he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing." Nicole insists they've both said it was "null and void" ever since then.

Her new filing seems to be a challenge of sorts to Dre. Basically, since you acted like you tore it up 22 years ago, let me see what you're talking about now. For the record, Dre denies ever tearing it up.

Still, her request for the prenup does seem like a bit of gamesmanship ... because whoever her lawyer was when she signed the prenup should have copies.

She's asking the judge to impose a $50k sanction against him for dragging his heels on coughing up the OG prenup, and, of course, she wants him to finally fork it over.

Troy Aikman Flyover At NFL Game Was 'Odd' ... But I Support U.S. Military

Breaking News

Troy Aikman is speaking out about his "hot mic" comments about a military flyover at an NFL game over the weekend ... saying he was NOT trying to disparage the armed forces.

Aikman and his broadcasting partner, Joe Buck, were critical of the flyover before the Bucs vs. Packers game at Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bat on Sunday ... and the audio later was posted by

"That’s a lot of jet fuel just to do a little flyover,” Aikman said.

“That’s your hard-earned money and your tax dollars at work!” Buck added.

Aikman followed up -- "That stuff ain’t happening with [a] Kamala-Biden ticket. I’ll tell you that right now, partner."

Aikman and Buck took some heat on social media for the comments -- but Troy broke his silence Tuesday afternoon.

"I love a flyover but It was odd to see one over a mostly empty stadium," Aikman said.

"But I am an unwavering patriot that loves this country, has always respected our flag, supported the men and women in the armed forces as well as those in uniform who serve & protect and for anyone to suggest otherwise doesn’t know me, my beliefs or what I have stood for my entire life."

FYI, the military has said stadium flyovers help with pilot training. Some say they also help with recruiting.

Breonna Taylor Case Grand Juror Says Homicide Charges Not an Option ... Family Slams AG Cameron

Breaking News

2:23 PM PT -- Cameron's standing by his work as Special Prosecutor, saying he made the decision to present charges to the grand jury "that could be proven under Kentucky law."

He also says he disagrees with the judge's decision to allow the anonymous grand juror to speak publicly about the proceedings, but he's not going to appeal.

2:03 PM PT -- Breonna's family attorney, Ben Crump, is sounding off on AG Cameron, calling his handling of the grand jury a "despicable miscarriage of justice" ... and accusing him of white-washing what was presented in her case.

Crump claims Cameron did not allow the grand jury to do what it has the legal right to do, and he's calling for a new independent prosecutor to take over.

An anonymous grand juror in the Breonna Taylor case has just revealed the grand jury never deliberated homicide charges against the police officers involved in the raid because the Kentucky Attorney General Daniel Cameron never presented them.

Anonymous grand juror #1 released an explosive statement Tuesday after a judge granted the juror's request to come forward and speak publicly about the court proceedings and offered the option to other grand jurors, as well.

This juror said, "The grand jury was not presented any charges other than the three Wanton Endangerment charges against [ex-cop Brett] Hankison."

The grand juror added, "The grand jury did not have homicide offenses explained to them. The grand jury never heard anything about those laws. Self defense or justification was never explained either."

As for why the grand jury was never presented with the option to weigh bringing homicide charges against the police officers who raided Breonna's apartment and shot her? The grand juror said, "Questions were asked about additional charges and the grand jury was told there would be none because the prosecutor didn’t feel they could make them stick. The grand jury didn’t agree that certain actions were justified, nor did it decide the indictment should be the only charges in the Breonna Taylor case."

As we reported ... the anonymous grand juror filed a motion with the Jefferson County Circuit Court asking a judge to lift the gag order for grand jurors who want to go public -- because the juror felt like Cameron hung them out to dry when he announced Hankison's indictment.


As you know Hankison and the 2 other cops involved were not charged with shooting and killing Breonna. Instead, Hankison was only indicted for firing his weapon into an apartment neighboring Breonna's.

Remember ... there's also grand jury audio that recently revealed important information about the central issue in the case -- whether the Grand Jurors were adequately informed about whether cops identified themselves before breaching the door to Breonna's apartment.

According to the audio, a police lieutenant testified one of the neighbors claimed to have not heard police identify themselves. It's unclear why the neighbor didn't testify in person before the grand jury. We know there were 12 neighbors in all who said they did NOT hear the cops ID themselves.

Originally published -- 12:51 PM PT

BTS Cutouts Front Row View At World Series Better Seats Than TB12!!!

Breaking News

The biggest boy band on the planet will have the best seats in the house during the World Series ... with uber-popular K-Pop group BTS getting the cardboard cutout treatment!!

And, get this -- the guys got better seats than Tom freakin' Brady!!!

For those oblivious to the music industry, BTS has become the hottest thing in recent years ... with huge hits like "Dynamite," "Boy With Luv" and "DNA."

Their success is evident in the pic snapped of their seat location inside Globe Life Field on Tuesday ... with the band's cutouts placed in front row seats over the 6-time Super Bowl champ and his Buccaneers teammate, Rob Gronkowski.

While Jungkook, Jimin and the boys won't actually be present for the series between the LA Dodgers and Tampa Bay Rays, there WILL be some real-life fans in attendance Tuesday night ... so maybe someone can snap a selfie with the fake members?!

The Dodgers acknowledged the gesture ... and even gave a shout-out to Yoon-gi (AKA Suga), who has attended games at Dodger Stadium to cheer on his guy, pitcher Hyun-jin Ryu.

"We already know who (BTS) is rooting for," the team said on Twitter. "Who’s your bias? Ours is Yoongi. #WorldSeries"

Count this as a win for the BTS ARMY ... and may we request BLACKPINK cutouts next?!

Miami PD Cop Wearing Trump Mask at Polls ... Possible Voter Intimidation

A Miami PD officer wearing a pro-Trump face mask at a polling location is facing calls for his suspension ... and he's clearly in hot water with the department.

The cop was wearing the mask -- which said "Trump 2020" and "No More Bulls**t" -- on Tuesday while patrolling a government center that serves as a polling place.

The officer was called out by Miami-Dade County Democratic Party chair Steve Simeonidis. Simeonidis says, "This is city funded voter intimidation" and wants the cop suspended immediately.

The Miami PD says it's aware of the photo of its officer wearing a political mask and adds ... "This behavior is unacceptable, a violation of departmental policy, and is being addressed immediately."

Three 6 Mafia's DJ Paul Arena Show Stops If Fans Rush Stage Social Distance, Or Else!!!


DJ Paul says Three 6 Mafia's indoor concert -- the first such U.S. show in the COVID era -- won't play out like the infamous Chainsmokers gig this summer ... the fun ends if fans don't follow the rules.

The Memphis MC joined us on "TMZ Live" Tuesday to talk about his group's upcoming performance in Lexington, Kentucky. Paul says they had extensive discussions with the Kentucky Governor's Office to get approval for the show, and he's not about to risk breaking the established safety rules.

He told us they'll have no problem pulling the plug if some folks break free from their social distancing pods to try to bum-rush the stage.

@eyeoftheo / Instagram

As we reported ... the Chainsmokers had a drive-in concert in the Hamptons and videos showed fans packed like sardines near the front of the stage, despite guidelines in place to stop just that. The concert drew an investigation, fine and scolding from NY Gov. Andrew Cuomo.

But, DJ Paul doesn't think a similar scene will play out Dec. 11 in Rupp Arena, where capacity will be limited and folks will be required to stay in groups of 4 or less and wear masks ... as he puts it, "I don't think Lexington, Kentucky gonna play that."

Just in case, though, he says security will be extra tight and they'll remove fans from the venue if they're not wearing face coverings.

If all goes according to plan, DJ Paul says it's gonna be super cool ... and he tells us how Three 6 Mafia fans could be rewarded if they play ball.

Jussie Smollett I'm Back at Work ... As a Director!!!

It's lights, camera, action for Jussie Smollett ... he's back to work after the alleged attack in Chicago, but this time he's behind the camera.

The former "Empire" star has a new showbiz gig after allegedly staging a hate crime last year ... and in what could be the future for Jussie, he's taking a shot at directing instead of acting.

Jussie's got a full cast and crew behind him in New York City, where he's directing the film adaptation of "B-Boy Blues."

As you can see, Jussie looks super focused ... getting hands-on with the cast, which stars Ledisi, Brandon Evans and Broderick Hunter.

Jussie pulled down his face-covering to give a few directions and watched intently behind the camera with a huge pair of headphones and some Starbucks to keep the creative juices flowing. Seems he's taking a liking to directing.

While many in the industry assumed he would never work again after the "attack," Jussie's proving a comeback's almost always possible ... it just requires some evolving, and a hit doesn't hurt either.

@marclamonthill / Instagram

For his part, Jussie still insists the "attack" was not a hoax, and says he has new evidence to back it up. He'll get a chance to present because he's still facing criminal charges and a civil lawsuit from the City of Chicago.

Check out the gallery ... Jussie's also seemingly sending a message with his jacket. Looks like he's saying he's "Born to Win."

Tekashi 6ix9ine Sued Over Underage Sexual Video Case


12:11 PM PT -- 6ix9ine's attorney, Lance Lazzaro, tells TMZ ... the rapper will "defend the lawsuit vigorously" once he's properly served. Lazzaro adds that it's been 5 years ... and she's now deciding to sue.

Tekashi 6ix9ine's old criminal case -- in which he pled guilty to use of a child in a sexual performance -- has come back to haunt him ... because he is now being sued by the person who claims she's the one in the video.

According to legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the woman, identified as Jane Doe, is suing the rapper for allegedly sexually abusing her at a party in 2015 ... when she was just 13 years old.

Jane Doe claims, on top of being underage at the time, she was under the influence of drugs and alcohol and was unable to consent as 6ix9ine and another adult, Tay Milly, made 3 sexually explicit videos which she says they later posted online.

According to the docs ... the first video featured Doe performing oral sex on Tay Milly while Tekashi did pelvic thrusts behind her -- without engaging in sex -- and he slapped her butt. The second vid allegedly featured the girl sitting on 6ix9ine's lap in a bra and underwear, and in the third ... she claims she was laying naked across their laps while Milly groped her.

Jane Doe is suing 6ix9ine and Tay Milly for child sexual assault, child sexual abuse and infliction of emotional distress.

As you may recall ... Tekashi took a plea deal in the criminal case in October 2018 -- in which he admitted to partaking in the making and disseminating of a music video featuring a sexual video of a 13-year-old -- and was sentenced to 4 years probation.

In a recent interview with the NY Times, the rapper said he atoned for his actions, but also claimed he was caught in the wrong place at the wrong time.

He seemed to downplay his crime as well, adding ... "I was 18 at the time. Am I this 40-year-old Jeffrey Epstein type?"

We reached out to 6ix9ine about the lawsuit ... no word back so far.

Originally published -- 10:47 AM PT

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