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Kylie Jenner I'm Dragging My Friend to the DMV ... So He Can Get His License

6/18/2019 5:27 PM PDT

Kylie Jenner just might be the friend of the year ... because she WILLINGLY went to the DMV with her buddy, and helped him get his drivers license. 

Kylie spent part of her Tuesday afternoon at everyone's least favorite government agency ... riding shotgun with longtime makeup artist and pal, Ariel Tejada, on a quest to secure his DL.

It's not every day you see a BILLIONAIRE inside a DMV ... but here's Kylie, strolling though the office in Thousand Oaks. 

Kylie shared the adventure on her Instagram Story, and it sounds like she was the driving force behind the big errand ... because she says she had to drag him out of the house to finally get it done. 

Looks like their big day of studying paid off ... Kylie was happy to report Ariel passed his test and got his license!!!

No word on who drove home.

Bella Thorne 'Shame On You, Whoopi!!!' For Shaming My Nude Pics

6/18/2019 3:19 PM PDT

Bella Thorne is firing back at Whoopi Goldberg after she seemingly shamed Bella for having nude photos on her phone, on the cloud, or anywhere.

In a series of super emotional posts Tuesday, Bella tearfully blasted Whoopi ... who took the stance on "The View" that celebs who take nude photos are just asking for trouble with hackers and, essentially, said they should know better. 

Bella said Whoopi's comment only inflames a painful situation. She also suggested Whoopi's lack of sympathy toward young people who get exposed this way is part of the reason people commit suicide after their nudes are leaked.

In case you missed it ... Bella's Twitter was hacked last week, and over the weekend she posted a series of topless photos in order to beat her alleged hacker to the punch. She says the person was attempting to extort her with the racy pics. 

Whoopi, Meghan McCain, Sunny Hostin and Joy Behar debated the issue in Monday's episode of "The View" ... and their convo clearly triggered Bella. 

Bella says she's not going on "The View" anymore, because she doesn't want to be judged by a bunch of older women ... and she's calling out the hosts for brainwashing the next generation and accusing them of some serious double standards. 

Brett Favre My IG Was Hacked!!! Not Coming Out of Retirement

6/18/2019 2:18 PM PDT

Sorry to crush the dreams of everyone hoping to see 49-year-old Brett Favre unretire (again) and suit up for 2020 ... the Gunslinger tells TMZ Sports his Instagram was HACKED.

Football fans lost their minds after Favre's verified IG account posted a throwback pick from Super Bowl XXXI with the caption "A true champion sticks to his or her calling. I will be coming out of retirement and making my return to play in the NFL for the 2020 season."

The post was deleted minutes later ... leaving people to speculate whether Favre was really coming back again.

Look, we've seen Favre throw passes recently and the guy still has a cannon for an arm. In fact, in late 2017 Favre told TMZ Sports he was confident he could still make NFL throws but didn't want to take the hits anymore!!! 

So, when we saw the new Instagram comeback post, we had to call him up to see if he was REALLY trying to get back in the league ... but alas, it was not meant to be. 

Favre says the explanation is simple -- someone hacked his social media account -- he's not trying to pull a Rafael Palmeiro and play pro ball into his 50s. 

Now, Favre says the phony post was deleted and his team is scrambling to find the culprit. 

Too bad ... we can think of a few teams that could probably use the help. 

Young Thug Concealed Weapons Case Dropped ... No DNA Evidence

6/18/2019 2:29 PM PDT

2:10 PM PT -- According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, cops were unable to find any DNA on the gun found in the same car YT was riding in. We're told because there were 3 people in the vehicle, investigators could not determine who the weapon belonged to, so YT will not face any charges. 

The D.A.'s Office also cleared up details on the car accident that triggered the search. It was actually the police cruiser that was "unable to stop in time" before it hit Thug's Rolls-Royce.

Someone's gotta pay for what the D.A. deemed, "minor damage."

Young Thug's lawyer, Michael Goldstein, tells us, "I commend the District Attorney's Office for making the right decision after carefully reviewing the facts and body worn video over the past 9 months. The fact so much time and work went into this decision reinforces trust in our system of justice." 

Young Thug will NOT be prosecuted in his L.A. gun case ... TMZ's learned the District Attorney is rejecting the case.

The D.A.'s Office tells us ... the case was rejected earlier this month due to insufficient evidence. YT's attorney, Michael Goldstein, confirmed to us the case is now closed. TMZ broke the story when cops busted Young Thug back in August -- a member of Thug's crew ran into a police car, which triggered a vehicle search. That's when cops discovered the weapons. 

YT -- who was seen in handcuffs and escorted to a waiting cruiser -- was booked just after for carrying a concealed weapon in a vehicle ... a felony. The bust came on the night he was celebrating the release of his new album, "Slime Language" and his 27th birthday.

So, the arrest was quite the double whammy ... but now it's water under Thug's bridge.

Originally Published -- 1:54 PM PT 

Anderson Cooper Pays Final Respects to Mom Gloria Vanderbilt

6/18/2019 12:57 PM PDT

A somber Anderson Cooper paid his final respects to his mother, Gloria Vanderbilt, Tuesday in NYC.

The CNN anchor looked on as pallbearers loaded his legendary mother's casket into the hearse before she was laid to rest at a private family cemetery in Staten Island. The plan had been set in motion -- as she and Anderson revealed in the HBO documentary "Nothing Left Unsaid" -- for her to be buried with her husband, Wyatt Cooper, and next to her son, Carter Cooper, who died in 1988 at the age of 23.

As we reported ... the heiress to the Vanderbilt railroad fortune and creator of the insanely popular Vanderbilt jeans died Monday after battling stomach cancer. It was so advanced, she had been taken to the hospital earlier this month.

Anderson penned a touching tribute to his mother on Instagram not long after the funeral ... saying her love was the greatest gift to him. Gloria Vanderbilt was 95.

CNN aired an in memoriam salute to Vanderbilt Monday night which Anderson actually voiced. It touched on her life, career, family and passions. Cooper did not appear on his nightly show on the network.

DMX It's Det. DMX Now!!! First Pic From New Movie

6/18/2019 12:31 PM PDT

DMX is resuming his acting career, but in a role most would consider a stretch ... 'cause now he's playing Johnny Law and busting bad guys. It's called "range" in the biz.  

We got this shot of DMX on the set of the upcoming film, "Chronicle of a Serial Killer" ... and he's fully embracing the role of a cop, badge and all! It's a pretty striking image, considering X's lengthy rap sheet.

The movie features Brendan Sexton as a serial murderer ... and DMX is playing Detective White, who's trying to track down the killer. Tara Reid, Eric Roberts and Aly Mang are also starring in the film.

TMZ broke the story ... Michael Madsen was booted from the cast because of his recent DUI charge, and as it turns out ... DMX was tabbed to fill Michael's shoes.

The director, Steve Stanulis, tells TMZ ... when his casting director suggested X for the role, he knew it was a perfect fit, and the rapper didn't even have to audition. Steve says he has no doubt DMX is "going to bring a different dynamic to the role." 

Filming just started in New York, and Steve says he's excited to bring DMX into the fold.

No word on if X gets to work with the K-9 unit.

In other news...

Lady Gaga Kisses Married Man During Las Vegas Concert

Lady Gaga raised a few eyebrows after she kissed a married man at her Las Vegas residency show.


XXXTentacion Fans Visit Gravesite ... 1 Year After Murder

6/18/2019 10:48 AM PDT

XXXTentacion is being remembered on the one year anniversary of his murder ... by a bunch of fans who have flooded to his gravesite.

Throngs of people made their way to the Gardens of Boca Raton Memorial Park on Tuesday ... where XXX -- gov. name Jahseh Dwayne Ricardo Onfroy -- was buried. There's a massive mausoleum there erected in the rapper's honor.

We're told immediate family members also arrived and went inside the mausoleum and closed the doors behind them. The public was not let inside the structure for the private moment.

As we first reported ... XXX was shot dead exactly 1 year ago when 2 men wearing hoodies rolled up on XXX at a motorcycle dealership in Pompano Beach, FL and opened fire. The deadly shooting was caught on video.

The suspects -- who made off with a Louis Vuitton bag and $50k in cash -- are now awaiting trial.

X's girlfriend gave birth to the rapper's son 7 months after his death. He chose the name for his firstborn son -- Gekyume Onfroy, who was born 3 days after what would have been the rapper's 21st bday.

BTW ... X's official Instagram account just posted a video announcing that a documentary on the rapper has been in the works and is coming soon. Check it out.

View this post on Instagram

Documentary coming soon 👀

A post shared by MAKE OUT HILL (@xxxtentacion) on

Molly Qerim ESPN 'Had My Back' After LaVar Ball Comments

6/18/2019 10:38 AM PDT

Molly Qerim is breaking her silence after the LaVar Ball incident on "First Take" -- telling TMZ Sports she's grateful for the way ESPN execs "had my back" after the way LaVar talked to her on-air. 

"ESPN was really supportive," Qerim told us Tuesday morning in NYC ... "All the executives had my back. Much appreciated."

The network quickly condemned Ball's comments to Qerim on Monday as "inappropriate" -- when he told her, "You can switch gears with me anytime."

We asked Molly if LaVar (or anyone in the Ball family) had reached out to apologize -- and she told us, "I haven't heard from anybody, but to be honest with you I shut my phone off after work."

As for her how famous NBA star husband, Jalen Rose, handled the situation -- Molly says, "I think Jalen would have just liked if [LaVar] would have apologized to me publicly."

Does Molly think ESPN should ban LaVar from coming back on "First Take" or any other ESPN show? We asked that too ... check out the clip. 

For his part, LaVar is adamant the comments were NOT intended to be sexual in nature -- and he insists he meant no disrespect. 

'Tidying Up' Star Marie Kondo She Stole My Folding Method ... Linda Koopersmith Claims

6/18/2019 10:05 AM PDT

Decluttering guru Marie Kondo -- who rose to fame with the Netflix series 'Tidying Up' -- stole her famous folding technique ... at least, that's the claim of another celeb organizer who wants her due credit.

We got Linda Koopersmith -- aka "The Beverly Hills Organizer" -- out Monday in Hollywood, and she went off about the agony of watching Kondo reap the benefits of an organizing technique she says she actually invented YEARS ago.

Check out the clip ... Linda brings receipts. She says what Kondo has dubbed the KonMari Method is the same upright fold she's done on TV shows through the '90s. Koopersmith -- who counts Jennifer Lopez and Khloe Kardashian among her many celebrity clients -- says she unveiled the method in 2003 on the Style Network's "Clean House" show.

She says she also included it n her 2005 book, "Beverly Hills Organizer's Home Organizing Bible."

What's more ... Koopersmith says she's uploaded videos on YouTube, all date stamped long before Kondo rose to stardom. Kondo's Netflix series was an instant hit and her book 'The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up' has sold millions.

And, in case you're wondering ... Koopersmith doesn't want an apology, nor does she even plan to sue. But, she does have one request of Kondo. Watch.

Max Landis 8 Women Accuse Him of Psychological, Sexual Abuse

6/18/2019 9:37 AM PDT

Screenwriter and director Max Landis is being accused of sexual abuse and emotional torture ... as 8 women have gone public with their allegations.

The women claim the son of legendary director John Landis has a pattern of manipulative and vicious behavior. Many of the accusers claim he got violent and even raped them during their relationships.

The allegations come on the heels of one of the women, Ani Baker, taking to Twitter to warn other women about Landis, saying ... "the experience/aftermath of this person is really destructive, and it will be riddled with pain and emotional work that you don't need to spend your precious energy on."

Baker claims once, after they had sex, she playfully slapped Landis' butt and he responded by violently putting his hands around her throat and threatening to kill her.

While Baker may have opened the floodgates with her post, she's hardly the first woman to accuse Landis of abuse. He was widely accused of misconduct on social media back in 2017 when the Will Smith movie "Bright" was released -- which was written by Landis.

Actress Anna Akana wrote, "Written by a psychopath who sexually abused and assaults women, right? Cool."

The women claim Landis' MO is to use his circle of friends, which he dubbed "The Colour Society," to entice women to get close to him ... then torment them through a series of insults, intimidation, humiliation and in some cases, sexual violence. One woman described him as a "cult leader."

Another accuser, in the Daily Beast expose, claims Landis would pretend to hit her, then laugh when she flinched. Another claims he fat-shamed her, while another described him this way ... "He would systematically try to have sex with all the women I knew. We’re not people to him.”

Landis is also accused of forcing abuse and humiliation porn on a woman, and the worst of it -- forcefully holding down a woman and raping her despite her saying "no" repeatedly.

We've reached out to Landis ... no word back. He has yet to comment about any of the allegations.

David Ortiz Condition Upgraded to 'Good' ... Still In ICU

6/18/2019 9:15 AM PDT
Breaking News

Good news about David Ortiz ... the Boston Red Sox say his condition has been upgraded from "serious" to "good" just 9 days after he was shot in the Dominican Republic. 

"This morning, David's condition was upgraded to 'good' by his doctors and he continues to make progress with his recovery in the Intensive Care Unit at Massachusetts General Hospital," the team said in a statement. 

"We remain grateful to everyone who has helped David through this ordeal, both in the Dominican Republic and here in Boston."

"David's journey to good health has been bolstered by the many expressions of love that have come to us from across the globe. Your support has lifted his spirits tremendously during this challenging time."

As we previously reported, Big Papi was shot in the back on June 9 while hanging out with friends outside of a hotspot in Santo Domingo. 

Ortiz was initially treated in the D.R. -- but was flown to Boston in an air ambulance on June 10 to receive care in the U.S., where his family and personal doctors live. 

DR police released the mug shot for the man they say shot Ortiz -- 25-year-old Rolfi Ferreira Cruz -- and at least 9 others have been arrested in connection to the shooting.

Cuba Gooding Jr. I Did Not Touch Her Breast ... Remembers Accuser's Odd 'Snow Dogs' Remark

6/18/2019 7:02 AM PDT

Cuba Gooding Jr. remembers 2 things distinctly about his accuser -- that he absolutely did NOT touch her breast, and also that unlike most fans he meets ... she claimed to LOVE one of his worst movies.

Cuba's lawyer, Mark Heller, tells TMZ ... the actor says when his accuser approached him at the NYC club, sitting down on the couch next to him and his girlfriend ... she said she was a fan of his movies, especially "Snow Dogs." If you've seen it, you know why that would stand out to Gooding.

That initial interaction is what you see in the surveillance video TMZ obtained.

We're told, Gooding initially thought she was messing with him because she shouted out "Snow Dogs" over his Oscar-caliber classics, but he decided to be friendly since she was a fan.

As for the touching that's evident in the video ... Heller says Gooding admits placing his hand on her thigh as a cordial gesture -- as friends might do when sitting closely. Then he says he brought his hand up to her hand -- NOT her breast -- and brought her hand to his lips for a kiss. Again, Gooding says it was all a "friendly gesture."

The actor insists he did not touch the woman's breast and wasn't hitting on her ... as he was ever mindful his girlfriend, Claudine De Niro, was sitting in between them.

After the encounter, Cuba and Claudine went downstairs at the club to make out on a couch when the accuser confronted Gooding's security about the alleged groping. We're told Gooding says he had no idea what she was talking about and was confused about who she even was, because he'd met so many people that night. He then got up to leave.

When the case hit the media, Gooding claims he only remembered his interaction with the woman ... mostly because the surveillance video triggered his memory about her love of "Snow Dogs."

As for initial reports about club security having to break up a heated argument between Cuba and the accuser ... Heller says it didn't happen. He adds there are no witnesses nor video to support it either. 

As we reported, Gooding was arrested Thursday and booked for misdemeanor forcible touching and sexual abuse in the third degree ... but Heller told us he sees "no criminality" on his client's part in the security video.

Toronto Raptors Parade Dramatic Video ... Six Cops Tackled Alleged Gunman

6/18/2019 6:57 AM PDT
Breaking News

Here is the moment several Toronto Police officers chased down, tackled and apprehended one of the suspected shooters at Monday's Toronto Raptors championship parade ... and it's intense.

The footage starts showing a man dressed in black trying to run -- but two bike cops grab the dude -- who appears to be holding a weapon ... and wrestle him to the ground. 

Several cops in the area quickly realize what's going on and jump in on the action -- piling on top of the suspect while trying to neutralize the weapon. 

At one point, one of the officers begins reigning down punches on the suspect. 

You can hear some of the cops trying to clear the area -- screaming at people to "Get outta here!!!"

There's more footage that has surfaced from earlier in the parade -- in which you can clearly hear at least 4 gunshots pop off near crowds of people. 

It's terrifying stuff. 

Eventually, cops say 4 people suffered injuries in the shooting -- but all are expected to survive. 3 people have been arrested and 2 weapons have been recovered.

As for the Raptors, team announcer man Matt Devlin was credited with calming the crowd down after the gunshots were fired, telling the audience, "Please, stay calm."

For his part, Drake grabbed the microphone and told everyone in attendance to hug one another -- preaching love and unity.

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