Meg Thee Stallion at F1 Grand Prix Bum-Rushed by Martin Brundle ... Sassy Clash w/ Posse

Megan Thee Stallion's entourage might need to learn the rules of the road track when it comes to media etiquette at a Formula 1 event -- at least according to this driver-turned-reporter.

Check out this interaction between Sky News' Martin Brundle (an ex-racer himself) and Meg, whom he bum-rushed while she and her posse were striking their way across the grid at the U.S. Grand Prix Sunday ... where all the cars and pit crews were hanging out on the ground-level, and where camera crews were rolling ... with journos on the hunt for interviews.

In the middle of their live coverage -- which was getting broadcast on ESPN -- Brundle noticed MTS making her way through the commotion, and tried getting an impromptu one-on-one chat with her ... which he sorta successfully did, if only for a short while.

He asks her if she has any "rap for us today on Formula One" ... and she laughs, saying no -- she didn't have anything for him. Brundle pressed further, asking who she was rooting for.

Before Megan even got a chance to respond, some dude in her crew swooped in from behind and pushed Brundle back ... apparently telling him he "couldn't do that."

Well, old Martin had a helluva comeback to that ... saying that not only can he do that, but he just did. OHHHHHHH!!!! The irritated look-back from the blond assistant is classic too. 😆

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

There are different reactions to this ... some say MB shouldn't have gotten in her space like that. However, others say she (and her team) shoulda known it's fair game in the F1 world ... especially from Martin, who's a vet in the biz and well-known figure -- not a random pap.

Unclear what Meg knows about F1 ... she appeared to be there simply to plug Cashapp.

Snoop Dogg Mother, Beverly Tate, Dies

Snoop Dogg's mother, Beverly Tate, has died ... this according to her own son.

The rapper broke the news Sunday, posting a tribute to her on Instagram and writing ... "Thank u god for giving me an angel 🕊 for a mother 💖🙏🏽🌹💝 TWMA." There's another post where he thanks his mom for having him. A cause of death wasn't revealed.

SD's father, Vernell, also confirmed the news ... and he too asked for prayers, noting the family needed it now more than ever.

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Ms. Tate had been hospitalized earlier this year for undisclosed reasons -- Snoop had asked his fans send good vibes while his mother was in the hospital. He later updated folks by letting them know she was "still fighting" and had opened her eyes ... but didn't mention much else specifically.

Clearly, they were close. Snoop attributes a lot of his good qualities to how she raised him -- even recently disclosing that she was the one who encouraged him to apologize to Gayle King over his comments in response to her Kobe Bryant remark last year.

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Beverly had two other sons by Vernell ... and raised the family in Long Beach, CA. She brought Snoop up in a church environment -- something he still alludes to this day.


J Balvin Apologizes for 'Perra' Vid ... Where Black Women Were on Leashes

@jbalvin / Instagram

J Balvin is issuing a mea culpa for a music video of his that portrayed Black people -- especially women -- as animals ... namely, dogs ... who were literally on all fours.

The Colombian reggaetón star took to IG to apologize for the controversial visual offering of his track "Perra" with Dominican rapper, Tokischa, who's of African descent herself. The track's all about how she (Tokischa) is a dog in heat ... and looking for a male to bang.

Naturally, the video would be provocative ... but it seems Balvin and co. went all in on the canine theme -- getting a lot of their dancers/background actors in animal-style makeup, in which many of these folks of color were made to look like actual pooches.

Not just that, but some of the Black people are in cages at certain points, Tokischa is depicted in a dog house throughout the video and eating from a bowl ... and the most striking image is when J Balvin himself is walking a couple of Black ladies on leashes.

The project was slammed by several critics, but the biggest may have been Colombia's very own Vice President and Chancellor Marta Lucia Ramirez ... who deemed it sexist, misogynistic and flat-out racist. After all the backlash -- it was taken down by Balvin.

In his video, Balvin says he's sorry to anyone who was offended ... especially women, and especially Black women. He says he didn't mean for it to be interpreted as degrading -- noting he was simply trying to help give some shine to an up-and-coming artist in the Dominican Republic.

Balvin says his work has always been about tolerance, love and inclusivity -- and after hearing how it affected people ... he felt the need to come on and address it on camera.

The guy even apologizes to his own mother at one point ... so you can tell he's taking it seriously. While the video was removed from YouTube ... the official audio is still up.

Duplicates of the video are also floating around online ... where some of these stills can be viewed in full.

James Michael Tyler Gunther from 'Friends' Dead at 59 ... After Cancer Battle

James Michael Tyler -- famous for playing Gunther on "Friends" -- has died.

The actor's rep tells TMZ ... JMT passed away peacefully Sunday morning at his home in L.A. -- this after battling stage 4 prostate cancer.

His family says ... "The world knew him as Gunther (the seventh "Friend"), from the hit series "Friends," but Michael’s loved ones knew him as an actor, musician, cancer-awareness advocate, and loving husband."

They add, "Michael loved live music, cheering on his Clemson Tigers, and would often find himself in fun and unplanned adventures. If you met him once you made a friend for life."

James first revealed his cancer diagnosis earlier this year -- which stunned fans, as he'd just appeared in the reunion special and made no mention of it. He later clarified why he hadn't gone public at that time -- saying he didn't wanna be a downer for the special moment.


He was first diagnosed with cancer in 2018, and kept it private for 3 years.

James has acted in several big shows over the course of his career -- including "Sabrina the Teenage Witch," "Scrubs," "Modern Music," "Just Shoot Me!" and others ... but his biggest claim to fame is the long-running sitcom, where he played a worker at the Central Perk cafe.

He starred in 150 episodes of "Friends" over the course of its 10-year run ... and is absolutely beloved by the fan base. James is survived by his wife, Jennifer Carno.

James Michael Tyler was 59.


Kyrie Irving Protestors Try Storming Barclays ... Over Vaccine Issue


Kyrie Irving has some in his corner who are willing to go to war for him over his vaccine stance -- and we mean that literally ... 'cause they were doing just that this weekend.

A group of protestors hit the streets Sunday to advocate for the Brooklyn Nets star, who's sidelined right now since he's not vaccinated ... which is preventing him playing with the team whatsoever, due to NYC's vaccine mandate and the team's wider policy.

Well, these folks think it's BS -- and apparently were itching to get inside to let Nets officials know first-hand, 'cause they were attempting to storm the Barclays Center's front entrance ... shortly before tipoff against the Hornets.

Check out this footage ... demonstrators clashed with security, and bowled over barricades.

It sounds like the chaos only lasted for a short time, and eventually ... cops and security got it under control. So, it appears to have been a flash mob type deal. Still though ... pretty damn intense for however long they were there. Things escalated quickly, as you can see.

Meanwhile, it doesn't seem Kyrie is caving to the pressure -- he's been mostly laying low since making his POV clear ... namely, that he's against mandates, not vaccines.

To this crowd, it's probably all the same ... vaccines, mandates, whatever. They see Kyrie as a hero in their eyes.

Brian Laundrie Family to Skip Funeral ... Plan on Cremating His Remains

Brian Laundrie will not be laid to rest with a traditional funeral -- what's left of his body will be incinerated, and held onto privately by his family ... TMZ has confirmed.

The Laundries' attorney, Steve Bertolino, says that, yes, Brian's parents are planning on skipping a casket-style service ... and going straight for cremation. The ashes will be given to Chris and Roberta Laundrie once the authorities are done examining his remains.

What they do with that afterward is anyone's guess -- but one thing is clear ... they won't be holding any type of public gathering or remembrance, and probably for good reason,

Fact is ... there've been nonstop protesters and media outlets outside their home for weeks on end now -- blaring megaphones, leaving items on their property, creating makeshift memorials and other activity ... all in the name of Gabby Petito, who was murdered.

Cops have been called out several times of late, and have even told protesters (in some instances) to settle down. You can tell it's getting on the Laundries' nerves -- Brian's father nailed in a sign on his front lawn this weekend, which said "No Trespassing."

If they held a service of some sort ... it would almost certainly be protested to some degree -- which would be awkward, to say the least. Still, it appears some have sympathy for Brian's parents ... as it looks like they've been getting flower arrangements sent to their home since Brian was confirmed dead last week.

Fox 13 Tampa Bay

As we reported ... his belongings were found at the Myakkahatchee Creek Environmental Park in North Port, FL -- not far from where he lived. The feds said they hadn't discovered him sooner because a large part of that area had been underwater until recently. Of course, they only revisited the site after word from his parents they'd be doing just that.

There's still a ton of unanswered questions at this point -- but for now, it seems the family is being pursued for any wrongdoing by the authorities ... at least on the face of things.

Ivermectin Pharmacist Denies Man Despite RX ... 'Not Approved for COVID-19'

A pharmacist denied a guy ivermectin, despite the man having a doctor's note, and put his foot down ... saying they're not giving the drug out for COVID purposes, period.

No word on where this happened or when, but it seems somewhat recent. Check out the video -- you see the patient trying to pick up his prescription of ivermectin, which the pharmacist flat out refuses to fill ... noting it's not FDA approved for the virus.

The customer is adamant that it was prescribed to him by a licensed physician, and that the pharmacist is breaking the law by overriding his doctor's orders -- but the pharmacist tells him to kick rocks, and to complain to whoever he feels he needs to complain to.

While the pharmacist does recognize it is a legit drug approved for certain things -- like parasitic illnesses -- it has NOT yet gotten the official green light by the feds ... something the man tries to push back on by saying it's an "off-label" treatment.

The pharmacist won't budge, though ... and the video cuts out before we can see how this headbutt ended. Presumably, the man left that location empty-handed ... but it brings up an interesting dilemma.

For starters, it's unclear how the pharmacist even knew what the guy needed ivermectin for -- there's no indication if the Rx noted it was for COVID, or if the pharmacist simply assumed/deduced it. The man sorta gives it away by not pushing back on his premise.

There's also the issue of whether a pharmacist can legally do this -- refusing to fill a prescription -- and the answer is yes ... in some states, that is. California is one example.

It's becoming clear folks are being prescribed ivermectin for COVID -- like Joe Rogan says he was -- but it seems to be done under the table, and as we see here ... it can be hard to get. So, the obvious question ... if it's actually effective, does it need a 2nd look by the FDA???

'Rust' Fatal Shooting Ass't Director Who Gave Baldwin the Gun ... Had Prior Safety Issues, Former Crew Member Claims

The assistant director on the set of "Rust" who told Alec Baldwin the prop gun he was about to fire was safe has allowed an unsafe working environment on previous productions ... this according to someone who worked with him on a previous production.

Propmaker Maggie Goll worked with A.D. Dave Halls in 2019 on Hulu's "Into the Dark" series. She says, "At first he seemed like an older, affable first [A.D.] with the usual run of idiosyncrasies, but that facade soon disappeared," adding, "He did not maintain a safe working environment."

"He did not maintain a safe working environment," Goll said in a statement to NBC News. "Sets were almost always allowed to become increasingly claustrophobic, no established fire lanes, exits blocked ... safety meetings were nonexistent."

Goll says in one case Halls continued to let cameras roll in the middle of a medical emergency -- when something happened to the pyrotechnician -- and she says that created a dangerous situation.

Perhaps most alarming ... she says Halls didn't hold safety meetings when a gun was used on the set.


Halls is the one who gave Baldwin the prop gun and yelled, "cold gun" ... meaning it had no live rounds. Apparently that was a fatal error.

Halls didn't respond to NBC's request for comment.

Ed Sheeran I'm Positive for COVID-19 ... Shows/Interviews on Pause

Ed Sheeran is hitting the pause button, because he says he's tested positive for COVID-19 ... which disrupts a few things in his immediate future.

The singer made the announcement Sunday on Instagram, writing ... "Hey guys. Quick note to tell you that I’ve sadly tested positive for Covid, so I’m now self-isolating and following government guidelines."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He adds, "It means that I’m now unable to plough ahead with any in person commitments for now, so I’ll be doing as many of my planned interviews/performances I can from my house. Apologies to anyone I’ve let down. Be safe everyone x"

It sounds like the guy will be well enough to carry on with some scheduled responsibilities -- of which we're sure there's quite a few, seeing how Ed's new album is due out next week.

Speaking of one of those commitments, 'SNL' just announced yesterday that Ed would be the musical guest alongside host Kieran Culkin for Nov. 6's episode -- but it's unclear if he'll be able to make that or not ... it's 13 days away, and he could presumably be well by then.

Ed is also supposed to be appearing on "The Voice" this week as a musical mentor -- but they seem to have taped his segment well before this diagnosis. No word if he was planning on making an in-person visit as well -- but if so, that's almost certainly off now.

It's interesting though ... ES seems down to Zoom it up if push comes to shove, so perhaps his gigs won't scrapped entirely. Time will tell, we suppose.

Kane Brown Twists Ankle On Stage in TN ... Finishes Out Show Anyway

Kane Brown hurt himself while performing live in Tennessee, but he carried on anyway and finished his show like a trooper ... because, hey, sometimes it be like that, right?

The country star was in Memphis Saturday night, belting out songs at the FedEx Forum -- when, at some point, he hopped down to the lower front stage area ... and appears to have twisted his ankle pretty badly, to the point that he had to hop down completely.

You can see he's in serious pain as security attends to him ... this while the band continued playing for a solid 30 seconds or so. Eventually, they stopped -- as it was clear Kane wasn't coming back on stage anytime soon.

The guy had to be helped up and escorted around -- but he didn't pull the plug on the concert ... quite the opposite, KB got himself together and went back up there anew.

It sounds like the rest of his set was a little choppy at times -- some folks claim the guy was stumbling a bit up there after deciding to push forward, and was even tearing up at one point ... so say some eyewitnesses. Still, despite that, Kane did indeed tough it out to the end.

The ankle injury was about as bad as it sounded and looked to spectators, because Kane took to IG afterward and filmed his foot ... which was swollen like a balloon.

There's another tour stop that he's supposed to be at tonight, and some fans were wondering if the event was canceled over this -- which is reasonable ... the dude's legit crippled, it seems.

Not the case ... Kane says he's gonna be there, and that the show will go on.

Drake Offers 2fer for Party Guests Celebrate My Birthday ... with Narcos!!!

Drake's birthday comes just before Halloween, so he combined the 2 Saturday night for a big costumed-themed bash that was all about the cartel!!!

The party went down on a gigantic sound stage at Goya Studios, and all sorts of folks showed up in costume. Now 35-year-old Drake dressed up as a cowboy/kingpin ... complete with a leather fringe jacket and the obligatory hat.

As for who showed up ... Offset, Jack Harlow, Larsa Pippen, Kawhi Leonard, Luka Sabbat, Future, 24kGoldn and many more of his famous pals.

Oh, and of course ... Drake's dad, Dennis Graham.

Drake was joyful as his friends and fam belted out "Happy Birthday" at the Chico Amante-themed bash. FYI ... the translation of Chico Amante is lover boy. A nod to his latest album, "Certified Lover Boy"


BTW ... some folks decided not to dress up ... maybe it's a thing that it's too early, or they're saving their special duds for the following weekend.

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young We Tied the Knot!!!

Tarek El Moussa and Heather Rae Young are now husband and wife ... after tying the knot Saturday in a ritzy ceremony.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... they got hitched at The Rosewood Miramar hotel in Montecito ... the same place Travis popped the question to Kourtney Kardashian a week earlier.

Tarek walked his mom down the aisle first and then went back for his daughter Taylor, as Lady Gaga's "Shallow" played in the background. Heather walked down the aisle to some kind of pop music ... unclear which.

The nuptials lasted about half an hour, and it was followed by a fancy cocktail party where guests downed drinks as the wedding party mugged for photos. That was all followed by dinner and night of dancing.

There was a wall with the inscription, "He finally FLIPPED her last name." Kinda clever -- "Flipping 101" meets "Selling Sunset."

The "Selling Sunset" crew was on hand, including both Oppenheimer bros, Mary and her hubby, and Chrishell.


BTW ... Young wore a fitted corset dress with French lace. That's all we know about fashion.

Tarek and his bride will be flying to the Maldives and Dubai for their honeymoon.

It's the first wedding for Young and the second for El Moussa, who divorced his "Flip or Flop" costar, Christina Haack, after 7 years of marriage.

'Rust' Gun Death Candlelight Vigil for Halyna Hutchins ... 'Her Death Shouldn't Have Happened'

Hundreds of people showed up Saturday in Albuquerque, New Mexico, to pay their respects to the cinematographer who was killed during the gun mishap on the set of "Rust."

Approximately 200 folks -- mostly in the film industry -- were on hand to mourn the loss of Halyna Hutchins, who was fatally shot after Alec Baldwin unwittingly fired a live round from a prop gun.

A number of those present were from the Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild.

The candlelight vigil was held in Albuquerque Civil Plaza, where somber music from violins filled the air, followed by a moment of silence to honor the 42-year-old cinematographer.

Hutchins, 42, was memorialized by the Local 600 International Cinematographers Guild at a candlelight ceremony in Albuquerque Civil Plaza.

The moment was not just to honor Hutchins ... some mourners talked about fears they had over similar accidents on their films. "Her death shouldn't have happened. Union sets should be safe sets" ... this according to Liz Pecos, President of the local IATSE, the theatre and film union.

Some of the mourners read poetry and talked about Hutchins' "artistic spark and generosity."

There will be a similar vigil Sunday night in Burbank, and a large crowd is expected.

Hutchins' son and husband, Matt, flew to Santa Fe Saturday ... and met with a distraught Alec Baldwin.

As we reported, Baldwin was holding what he was told was a safe prop gun -- a gun that apparently had a live round -- and when he fired it hit Hutchins and the director, Joel Souza, who was wounded.

Brittany Murphy HBO Doc Simon Monjack's Family Pissed ... He's No Killer!!!

Simon Monjack isn't the monster he was portrayed to be in HBO's newest Brittany Murphy doc, so says his brother, who feels he was duped into participating in the whole thing.

The two-part series investigates the life, relationships and death of the actress ... but mostly focuses on her bizarre marriage to Simon Monjack -- who died just 5 months after Murphy. There's a lot of suspicions raised about the circumstances surrounding her death, but one theme in the doc remains constant ... Simon wasn't a good dude.

Throughout the episodes, Simon is accused of controlling Brittany, taking her money, having secret kids and eventually preventing her from getting medical attention.

Monjack's brother, James, who is interviewed in the series tells us he was disappointed that the filmmakers made Simon out to be the villain.

James says the project was originally pitched to him to be investigative journalism into the couple's deaths, but instead, it came off as a sensationalistic piece. James said he and his mother -- who was also interviewed -- had hoped the series would lead to a breakthrough in what actually killed Simon and Brittany, but made it seem more like Simon led to her death.

While James says he was able to watch the entire thing, his mom won't ... and she too is upset that all it really did was point fingers at Simon.

Murphy was found unresponsive at home and died in 2009 of what was ultimately determined to be a case of untreated pneumonia and drug intoxication. Eerily enough, Monjack died in the same house 5 months later of pneumonia and drug intoxication.

Jay and the Americans Jay Black Dead at 82

Jay Black, who fronted the '60s hit group Jay and the Americans, has died.

Jay sang some big hits for the group ... the biggest of which was "This Magic Moment."

The band posted the death notice on its Facebook page ... “Today, we mourn the passing of David Blatt a/k/a Jay Black and we acknowledge the great successes we had with him both as a partner and as a lead singer,” a spokesperson wrote. “We shared both wonderful and very contentious times, and much like an ex-wife, we are so proud of the beautiful children we created. We’ll always remember The Voice.”

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Post.

The group was big when England took over American music ... in case you didn't catch it, Jay and the Americans are Americans.

They were big enough to open for The Beatles in 1964 at their Washington D.C. concert.

Among the other hits ... "Come a Little Bit Closer," "Blockbusters," "Cara Mia," and "Walkin' in the Rain."

The Facebook reference to "The Voice" is his nickname coined by his bandmates.

Jay and the Americans was at the height of its output in the 1960s, officially disbanding in 1973.

Jay continued to perform long after the band broke up ... all the way up 'till 2017.

He is survived by 4 children, 5 grandchildren and 2 great-grandchildren.

Jay was 82.


Alec Baldwin Gun That Killed DP ... Allegedly Used for Off-Set Target Practice

The smoking gun that claimed the life of Halyna Hutchins might've been more than just an on-set prop -- it was also being fired recreationally, even when cameras weren't rolling.

Multiple sources directly connected to the 'Rust' production tell TMZ ... the same gun Alec Baldwin accidentally fired -- hitting the DP and director -- was being used by crews members off set as well, for what we're told amounted to target practice.

We're told this off-the-clock shooting -- which was allegedly happening away from the movie lot -- was being done with real bullets ... which is how some who worked on the film believe a live round found its way in one of the chambers that day.

Obviously, authorities would want to speak to anyone who had been using the weapon for target practice, and -- more importantly -- to whoever was putting the gun back among others used for filming.

We've reached out to law enforcement to see if that's happened yet.


There's also this ... one source who was on set and familiar with the goings-on of the crew tells us that when cops showed up, they found live ammo and blanks were being stored in the same area -- another possible explanation for how an actual bullet slipped got in the gun.

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