Angus Cloud Cause Of Death Revealed ... Combo of Fentanyl, Cocaine & More

Angus Cloud died from a lethal combination of fentanyl, cocaine, methamphetamine and more in what's being ruled an accidental overdose ... TMZ has learned.

According to the Alameda County Coroner, the "Euphoria" star suffered acute intoxication from the combination of drugs which also included benzodiazepine.


TMZ broke the story, Angus died at his family home in Oakland July 31 -- police and the fire dept. responded after his mother, Lisa, reported a "possible overdose," saying he didn't have a pulse.

A source close to the family told us Angus had been battling severe suicidal thoughts after burying his father in Ireland the week before. Angus was staying with his family, trying to work through overcoming his grief ... though his mom denies her son was suicidal.

As we reported, Angus' father, Conor, passed away in May after a short battle with cancer, which Lisa said "moved quickly which was devastating to all who loved him."

Angus attended an album release party just a few days before his death ... appearing to be in good spirits at the time while partying it up with a bunch of people.

In the wake of his death, Angus' friends came together to paint a mural in Oakland ... which has since become a gathering place for people wanting to remember him.

@madebydarin / @kalonstadamonsta / @danirose.a

The mural was even the site of a candlelight vigil ... and the artwork captured the attention of Angus' "Euphoria" costar Zendaya, who posted about it on social media.

Zendaya's also been among the celebs sharing tributes to Angus ... she says she will cherish every moment they shared.

Sophie Turner Joe Is Illegally Keeping Our kids in NYC ... Cites Child Abduction Law

Sophie Turner is at war with Joe Jonas over their 2 kids ... she says Joe is unlawfully keeping their children in New York City and she wants them "returned" to England with her.

Sophie says in April, 2023, the family made England their "permanent home," and regularly discussed their desire to raise the kids in the UK, and for the kids to attend school there.

She says they felt England was a safe place to raise kids, and they were both down with the plan. She had a lengthy passage in her legal docs, outlining all of the activities in which the kids have engaged in England.

She says "with some hesitation," she and Joe agreed the kids would stay with Joe while the Jonas Bros toured the U.S., because she was busy shooting a "very intense," time-consuming series.

Sophie says the agreement was that in September, when she finished filming, she would return to New York, to "collect the children and return home to England."

This past Sunday, Sophie and Joe met to talk about their separation, and she reiterated her desire to take the kids to England that week. Joe was in possession of the kids' passports, and "refused to return the passports to the Mother and refuses to send the children home to England with the Mother."

The Messenger was first to report the lawsuit.

Based on Joe's alleged refusal, she filed these legal docs in federal court, citing the Hague Convention -- an international treaty -- which deals with child abduction across country lines.

She's asking for a court order demanding that Joe produce the passports and return the kids to her.

Don't forget, we reported that the 2 sold their Miami home last month, BTW ... and were planning on moving to England, beginning their search for a spot overseas last December -- touring a couple of spots, too.

Sophie argues they've been living in the UK for 5 months now, and even sold the Miami home the month before he filed.

BTW ... Sophie gets into why they split. She says they had an argument on August 15 and Joe filed for divorce Sept. 1. She found out September 5 through the media. She adds they had both agreed the kids would follow her to England in Sept., but on Sept. 19 Joe's attorney contacted her people and said the kids would not be returning to England.

We reached out to Joe's camp ... so far, no word back.

Do you think the Sophie Turner/Joe Jonas divorce war will get uglier? Vote below.

Shannon Sharpe Selena Gomez Makes Him Celeb Roadkill ... Inadvertently, of Course


Shannon Sharpe is a Hall of Famer, Super Bowl champion, and on TV every day, but the NFL legend is learning a lesson in Hollywood hierarchy ... 'cause his convo with cameras outside an L.A. hotspot got derailed by Selena Gomez.

The former Broncos tight end was choppin' it up with photogs after his dinner Monday night at Giorgio Baldi ... when out of nowhere, the singer and actress showed up behind him to make her way to her car.

The camera guy quickly shifted his focus to Selena ... asking Shannon to hold his thought on Team USA's performance at the FIBA World Cup so he could get his shot of the former Disney star.

After securing his footage of Selena, the photog made his way back to Shannon and apologized for the interruption .... but the ESPN host took it like a champ, saying, "Nah, bro. You good."

The two finished their chat about sports ... with Shannon praising Deion Sanders' successful season with the Colorado Buffaloes and how he handled the death threats surrounding Colorado State player Henry Blackburn.

The clip is the perfect example of the levels of Hollywood fame -- Shannon's massive in the sports world, but Selena is undoubtedly the bigger fish overall. No one's immune to it ... except for maybe Beyoncé, Taylor Swift or Barack Obama.

So don't sweat it, Shannon ... you're big time in our book.

Lizzo Sued by Former Tour Employee Your Show was Hell!!!

Lizzo is back under fire for allegations tied to inappropriate working conditions on her tour ... getting sued by a woman who says she was forced to hear racist and fatphobic comments from members of Lizzo's team while working unthinkable hours.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Asha Daniels says she was hired by Amanda Nomura -- a member of Lizzo's team -- to join Lizzo's tour in 2023 to work in wardrobe. Daniels claims the work was grueling, sometimes going from 6 AM-2 AM and getting refused breaks.

Daniels, a Black woman, says Nomura was brutal, often making racist and fatphobic comments -- allegedly calling Black women on the tour "dumb" "useless" and "fat."

Daniels also claims Nomura told her she wasn't allowed to dress sexy around Lizzo because Lizzo would get jealous when her boyfriend was around other beautiful women.

During one instance, Daniels says she injured her ankle when Nomura rolled a clothing rack over it. She says her ankle became swollen, and when she wore a pair of Crocs to work she was reprimanded and told she needed to put on a pair of tennis shoes.

In the docs, Daniels says she alerted Lizzo's management team to the behavior, and claims Lizzo's tour manager, Carlina Gugliotta, even advised her to privately film Nomura's conduct, but Daniels felt that would be unethical.

Daniels says she eventually brought all of her concerns to Gugliotta, and believes those concerns were relayed to Lizzo ... but was eventually fired before her contract was set to end.

Daniels claims her experience on the tour has left her with ongoing anxiety and PTSD as well as migraines, ocular distortions, brain fog and fatigue.

Remember, Lizzo was sued last month for claims that included sexual harassment by 3 former employees who claimed they were forced to attend sex shows and were subjected to uncomfortable behavior and situations while working for Lizzo.

We should note -- Daniels is represented by Neama Rahmani -- the same lawyer who sued Lizzo on behalf of the 3 women from the lawsuit last month.

Lizzo has denied those claims, saying in part, "My character has been criticized. Usually, I choose not to respond to false allegations but these are as unbelievable as they sound and too outrageous to not be addressed."

Daniels is suing for sexual harassment, racial harassment, disability discrimination and more. She's asking for damages including unpaid wages, loss of earnings and others.

Kim Kardashian Makes 'AHS: Delicate' Debut Fans Pile on Praise

Kim Kardashian had a lot of people doubting her acting skills leading up to the premiere of "American Horror Story: Delicate" ... but she proved them all wrong, with a performance that's getting a ton of positive feedback online.


The Ryan Murphy hit series premiered with a new season on FX Wednesday night with Kim, Emma Roberts, Cara Delevingne, Matt Czuchry and more.

Kim plays Siobhan Corbyn, a publicist for Emma Roberts' character, Anna Victoria Alcott.

Kim comes out swinging right out of the gate with her opening line, "Tell them to suck my c***." From there, she holds a steady and seemingly natural performance throughout the episode ... leaving fans excited for what more is to come this season.

Twitter's response was overwhelmingly positive for the mother of 4 and SKIMS honcho, one user wrote, "Kim Kardashian did her thing. She had the odds stacked against her, but she was really giving actress. Props to you." Another said, "Wait a minute ... Kim is actually eating on #AHS" and another wrote, "Kim K out acting everyone was the biggest shock so far."

Remember, Kim's been doubted before when it comes to being in front of the camera ... proving skeptics wrong when she nailed her monologue on "Saturday Night Live" and got a ton of praise for the sketches on her episode.

It remains to be seen just how involved Kim's character will be throughout the rest of the "AHS" season, but the fans have certainly spoken ... they're team Kim.

Naked Traveler Grins 'n Bares It to Catch Flight


Traveling light is always the goal, but, uh ... this guy's taking it just a hair too far.

Folks in Dallas-Fort Worth airport got an eyeful when this butt-naked dude casually strolled through one of the concourses, past a TGI Fridays -- hey, for some folks it's always Friday!!!

Mind you, there was surprisingly little fanfare or shock from his fellow travelers, besides the guy who recorded this Monday night. He couldn't help yelling the obvious, "There's a naked guy in the airport!"

That brilliant color commentary was very much appreciated by the nudist himself, who turned, smiled and pointed at the camera as if he were an all-star athlete walking off the field.

Cops weren't as impressed and took the man into custody for a mental health evaluation ... and he was not booked for any crime.

It's never a dull moment when you're flying these days!

Nicki Minaj's Husband Kenneth Petty Put On House Arrest ... After Threatening Offset

Nicki Minaj's husband is back in prison ... sort of.

Kenneth Petty was put on home detention for up to 120 days -- and all because he threatened Offset on social media.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, Petty violated his federal probation by "making threatening remarks while in the company of someone with a criminal record."


A judge ordered Petty to be placed on house arrest for as long as 4 months to keep a close eye on his activities. As part of being monitored, Petty might have to be fitted with an electronic GPS ankle bracelet, although that hasn't been determined yet.

Petty's new troubles began last week when he posted an Instagram video, featuring himself and two buddies sounding off on Cardi B's husband. The trio was standing across the street from an NYC hotel where Offset was supposedly staying -- and they were all acting pretty menacing.


In response, Offset later posted his own video on social media, showing himself chuckling on the tarmac outside his private jet -- which was nowhere near the hotel.

Clearly, the feds didn't find it funny ... because they wasted no time putting a stop to it -- and Petty!!

Over the years, Petty has been convicted of attempted rape and attempted murder and has served two stints in prison. In 2022, he was sentenced to 3 years probation after he failed to register as a sex offender in California.

Wild Golf Course Altercation Man Rips Off Shirt, Asks For Fight ... 'I'll Plant You, Bitch Boy!!!'

TikTok / @kennethdavis8680

A golfer absolutely lost it during an altercation on the course this week ... ripping off his shirt and challenging at least one man to a fight on a tee box -- and the unreal scene was all caught on video.

It's unclear where and when exactly the dispute happened ... but it appeared it went down after a man in a green polo and khaki shorts nabbed someone else's ball.

You can hear in the video, several golfers seem to approach the guy and ask for the ball back ... but the man is clearly in no mood to return it.

"You'll leave after I don't give you a goddamn thing," the guy says.

He and the others trade words for a few more minutes ... until the man blows a gasket -- and challenges someone to a fight.

"I'll plant you, bitch boy," he says. "Now get the f*** off the cart!"

He then rips off his shirt, flexes ... and screams, "You see that! That's a dude that's been to heaven, bitch. And you want to test God? You f***ing come get it, s*** stack!"

After calling the man mentally ill, the group of golfers disperses ... and the video ends.

So far, no word if any arrests were made -- or if anyone was disciplined by course officials over the tiff.

Tori Spelling Happy Birthday, Mom!!! Signs Relationship on The Mend???

They've had a rocky relationship over the years, but it appears Tori Spelling has decided to put all that aside to wish her mother, Candy, a very happy birthday.

Candy turned 78 Wednesday, and Tori took to Instagram to celebrate, posting a series of sweet pics of the two with the caption, "I love you. Grateful to be your daughter. Some of my happiest memories involve laughing so hard with you that we were happy crying uncontrollably and you doing your LOL wheeze…"

She continues, "I never take for granted the beautiful life you raised Rand and I in with Dad. And, I am such a resilient and strong human and I owe so much of that to you. Strong 💪 women run in our family. I’m passing it on. Loved and still love watching horror films in bed with you. Always. Xo"

The message is as nice as it is surprising, given the pair's history -- Candy's accused Tori in the past of shunning her, keeping her grandchildren from her and has allegedly held money from Tori when Tori's struggled in the past.


However, over the last few years it seems they've mended things ... we recently spoke to Candy after pics surfaced of Tori seemingly living out of a trailer with her kids. Candy told us she'd be more than willing to help Tori out financially ... but unclear if the offer was ever taken.

Ringo Starr Falls Onstage During NM Concert


Ringo Starr took a nasty spill during his concert in New Mexico ... but he got right back up and made light of the sitch -- while continuing the show.

Ringo and "His All-Starr Band" had been performing for two hours at Rio Rancho Events Center in Albuquerque Wednesday night when the ex-Beatles drummer ran into trouble -- literally.

While his band played the encore, "Give Peace A Chance," Ringo dashed back onto the stage after a mini break -- and he tripped, falling to the floor.

Check out this video, obtained by TMZ, Ringo trots up a small flight of stairs leading to the stage, where he then takes the tumble.

But, he jumps right up to his feet, rushes over to a microphone and starts singing the chorus with his group.

Moments later, Ringo cracks a joke about what happened, telling the packed crowd, "I fell over just to tell you that," meaning "Give Peace A Chance." He then exited the stage.


Before the encore, Ringo cranked out a few famous oldies from his Beatles days, including “A Little Help From My Friends.” And, the fans just loved it, proving Ringo hasn’t lost his touch — or his step!!

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan We're A Couple Of 'Traitors' ... Join Reality Show

Pippen and Jordan are teaming up to win it all again ... but it ain't MJ and Scottie -- it's Larsa and Marcus on a reality TV show.

Larsa Pippen and her boyfriend, Marcus Jordan, have signed on for season 2 of the Peacock series, "The Traitors" ... a competition where 20 contestants try to smoke out the backstabbers of the group in hopes of securing a $250,000 prize.

The couple is already on location in Scotland for filming ... and they're basically treating the business trip like a vacation as well, posting several selfies together on social media during their downtime.

The addition of Larcus to the competition will be interesting -- they're the first public couple to be on the show together, which could cause some problems with fellow contestants who may not like their established alliance.

The entire cast has not been announced yet, but it will consist of other famous faces in reality TV and other industries, according to People, who first broke the news.

"Survivor" star Cirie Fields won it all the first time around ... securing the quarter milli after outlasting names like Brandi Glanville, Rachel Reilly and Cody Calafiore.

Larsa and Marcus -- who started dating last year -- are used to having cameras in their faces ... as they've documented parts of their relationship for "Real Housewives of Miami."

Air Jordan may not approve of his son's relationship with his wingman-turned-nemesis' ex-wife... but if Marcus is able to go the distance and win a huge chunk of change, maybe he'll come around??

Caitlyn Jenner Didn't Mean to Shade Kim K ... 'Calculated' Comment Not What It Seems

Caitlyn Jenner wasn't trying to fire shots at Kim Kardashian when she said the mogul "calculated" her way to fame -- in fact, her comments were part of a bigger convo, where she spoke proudly of Kim.

Here's the deal, Caitlyn's featured in the trailer for the upcoming docuseries, "House of Kardashian," which dives deep into the family's rise to fame. In the first look, which came out last week, Caitlyn says, "Kimberly calculated from the beginning, 'How do I become famous?'"

While it seemed like a dig, sources close to Caitlyn tell TMZ ... her use of the word "calculated" wasn't the best choice, but it's already been relayed to Kim she didn't mean it as a diss.

We're told the explanation given to Kim, after the trailer dropped, was that Cait's words were edited to come off more controversial than they actually were... it's a promo, after all.

One source added, Caitlyn's proud of Kim, and thinks what was shown in the 40-second clip isn't reflective of her actual intentions when she sat down to discuss her ex-wife and children.

Caitlyn was only a contributor on the Sky-produced series, so she has no creative control over what makes it into the final edit from her interview ... but we're told she agreed to talk with producers, intending to be a positive voice to defend her family's legacy.

BTW, we're told Cait and Kim are on good terms after the dust settled. If anyone understands the power of editing it's the Kardashians, so ... no harm, no foul.

Rep. Lauren Boebert Drag Queen at Date's Bar ... Spills the Tea, Defends Quinn!!!


The drag queen who performed at the bar owned by the guy who was fondling Rep. Lauren Boebert's boobs last week says contrary to Boebert's claim, that date wasn't #1.

TMZ talked to Kendra Matic ... who was the lone drag performer who took the stage at Quinn Gallagher's Aspen bar back in January, and she gave us a LOT of previously unknown insight into this whole saga.


For starters, KM tells us she 100% stands behind Quinn -- whom she says is a great guy who she would definitely work with again if he called her for another drag show. Kendra says the gig earlier this year went really well ... and insists QG's got a good heart.

It's because of how fond she is of Quinn that Kendra can't understand his relationship with the Republican congresswoman -- and yes, we're using that term specifically here.


As it turns out -- according to Kendra, anyway -- Boebert and Gallagher had actually been seeing each other for a while ... something Kendra says quite a few people in the area were aware of. So, the notion this was a first-time hookup, as Boebert hinted, appears to be bogus.

We'll let Kendra talk for herself here on what she can and can't reveal about the gossip around town over RLB and Quinn -- but let's just say ... a small town talks!

Now, on Boebert herself ... Kendra tells us she's done her homework and seen some of the nasty things the representative has said about LGBTQ+ issues -- and she's disappointed that Quinn is into a person like that.

With that said ... Kendra isn't turning her back on her dude. She's just condemning Boebert specifically. Talk about hot tea in the Rockies -- this story just keeps on giving!

Ronnie Ortiz-Magro Wants Back on 'Jersey Shore' ... Details Comeback From Arrests, Violent Past


"Jersey Shore" star Ronnie Ortiz-Magro says he's grown a lot and turned his life around over the last couple years ... and believes he's ready to get back to work on the show that made him famous.

We got Ronnie Wednesday at LAX, and we talked about his appearance on the reality show's spin-off, "Family Vacation," something he loved doing so much, he says he'd be down to turn his current role into something more permanent, too.

BTW, we asked if he interacted with his ex Sammi Sweetheart -- with whom he had an explosive relationship -- but he's not ready to spill all the deets. It's definitely one major hurdle producers would have to clear, IF they share Ronnie's interest in him coming back.

As we reported, though, the 2 were under the same roof while filming in Florida earlier this year.

Remember, Ronnie stepped away from the series years ago after a slew of domestic violence arrests and issues with his ex-GF, Jenn Harley -- with whom he shares a daughter.

Ronnie told us all about what he's done since coming out of a dark point in his life - sounds like he is making moves -- and explains why he definitely isn't swiping right on dating apps.

Tinashe I'd Mend Fences with Chris Brown ... Forward Focus Until Then!!!


Chris Brown gave Tinashe the dragging of a lifetime this week but the "BB/Ang3l" singer's not tripping -- she's calling the incident water under a bridge she's already driving across!!!

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with Tinashe Wednesday in Hollywood, and she didn't seem too pressed about Chris -- her former collaborator -- openly bashing her discography in response to one of her latest interviews.

ICYMI, Tinashe didn't recall having positive memories working with either Chris or R. Kelly -- but said the issue with Chris was the track the label chose for them to record.

Tinashe tells us she doesn't think Chris watched the full clip, and merely got sucked into social media clickbait. He fired back by asking the public to name 5 Tinashe songs to save their life ... and already had the graveyard mapped out.

Tinashe said she'd be open to having a conversation with Chris in an effort to clear things up, but also suggested it's low on her priority list.

On the other hand, she is excited about her upcoming shows where she promises to incorporate new dance routines for fans.

"Player," the song she recorded with Chris back in the day isn't even on her setlist these days -- she's got a new EP worth of material to perform!!!

James Harrison Blame NFL Rules For Nick Chubb Injury ... Not Minkah Fitzpatrick!!!


James Harrison says it's the NFL's fault Nick Chubb is done for the season -- not Minkah Fitzpatrick's -- telling TMZ Sports he believes the league's rules forced the Steelers safety to go low on Monday night.

The former Pittsburgh superstar didn't mince words when talking about the hit that ended Chubb's season ... explaining he thinks Fitzpatrick had no other choice than to aim for the Browns tailback's knees on the controversial play.

"You've made it to where if a guy goes in there and comes in high and hits him in the head, now he's getting fined," Harrison said. "So what do you have to do? You've got guys shooting low now. That's just what you've done made the game into."

TikTok / @drdavidabbasi

In fact, Harrison says if he were still playing today ... he fears he would have caused similar injuries in an effort to avoid penalties and fines from NFL officials.

"To be honest with you, there would probably be a whole lot more people getting hurt," he said. "Because I'm going to shoot at your legs."

Not all have agreed with Harrison ... former NFL wideout-turned-broadcaster Nate Burleson said on Tuesday he thought Fitzpatrick could have done a whole lot more to avoid hurting Chubb.

The 27-year-old running back, meanwhile, has yet to publicly comment on the hit ... as he's in the process of undergoing surgeries to fix the damage done to his ligaments.

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