Capitol Riots FBI Nabs Accused Pelosi Laptop Thief

The alleged Capitol rioter accused of swiping Nancy Pelosi's laptop -- possibly intending to give it to Russia -- has turned herself in, but she's not facing theft charges ... yet.

Instead, the feds have booked Riley Williams for the same slew of charges as several other alleged insurrectionists -- basically, trespassing, violent entry and disorderly conduct. She was seen on video taking part in the Capitol attacks, and according to court docs ... appeared by a staircase near Pelosi's office.

In the docs, the feds say Williams' former partner contacted the FBI several times in the days after Jan. 6, claiming Williams planned to give Pelosi's laptop or hard drive to a friend ... who would turn it over to Russian intelligence.

The partner claimed she'd seen video of Williams swiping the laptop from Pelosi's office -- but the Russia plan fell through. The partner claims Williams still has the laptop or she destroyed it.

The FBI says the theft allegation's still under investigation.

As you know ... Pelosi's office was a hot spot for the insurrectionists, who included Richard Barnett, the man who was photographed with his foot up on her desk.

Barnett -- who left a "nasty note" behind for Pelosi and took a piece of her mail -- was arrested on multiple criminal charges.

No word yet on when Williams will appear in court.

Gucci Mane, Lil Pump, Tyga Hit Up Maskless 150-Person Miami Bash ... Other Celebs There Too

@elalfaeljefe, @purplemiami / Instagram

Gucci Mane and Tyga are among a throng of celebs living it up like the pandemic has long been defeated ... partying at a huge maskless rager in Miami.

Gucci and Tyga were seen partying over the weekend at a 150-person bash in the 305. The shindig was apparently held in the backyard of ex-"Real Housewives of Miami" star Lisa Hochstein and her plastic surgeon husband, Lenny Hochstein.

Some of the other celebs there included Lil Pump, Scott Disick and Lil Baby. You can see from the videos there wasn't a mask in sight for the private party/concert being held for Electric Feel label founder Austin Rose. Post Malone and 24kGoldn -- who also attended the party -- are among his artists.

Guests were encouraged to wear their masks while not drinking and eating ... and they were also supposed to practice social distancing but that clearly didn't happen. And get this ... according to the NY Post, which first reported the story, guests were on a so-called "honor system" to get tested for COVID before attending the party.

Hochstein told the Post, "We offered the backyard of our home to a friend that wanted to plan a last-minute get together. They were required to hire private security and cap the capacity at 150 people." She went on to say guests were also temperature checked and they were only allowed access to the outdoor space surrounding the house.

Remember, Miami Mayor Francis Suarez told us his city is thriving with few restrictions ... and these celebs are definitely NOT the first to take advantage. Teyana Taylor, for example, celebrated her 30th birthday party there and insisted they followed COVID guidelines.

Capitol Police Many Cops Scared, Angry Dept. Hasn't Given Clear Policy on Deadly Force


As Joe Biden's inauguration looms -- and as many expect civil unrest -- a number of the Capitol Police's rank and file fear they won't be supported by leadership if they have to use deadly force to protect themselves.

Capitol Police sources tell TMZ ... there's been a lot of chatter lately about officers tasked with guarding the Capitol come Wednesday and whether they're allowed to use deadly force if push comes to shove ... and if so, will they be backed by the Department?


Our sources say the issue came up at a roll call meeting last week, where one USCP officer asked his sergeants in the room, if they find themselves in a life or death situation -- like several cops did on Jan. 6 -- can they do whatever it takes to save their own lives, including the use of deadly force?

And, just as important ... would USCP brass have their backs in the aftermath? We're told the answer they got was NOT reassuring -- more of a wishy-washy response that catered more to optics and the need to accommodate peaceful protesters. In other words, the answer they got was vague and, many say, unhelpful.

There've been several suspensions, firings and resignations from the fallout Jan. 6. Some of the rank and file feel they've been made scapegoats ... and much of the discipline was unfair. All of this, we're told, has negatively affected morale.

It's not lost on the officers that they lost one of their own during the insurrection -- Brian Sicknick, who suffered a fatal injury. And, they heard the story of the officer who was dragged down Capitol steps and beaten. These cops want a clear policy on the right to use lethal force.


The clock is running out, and many of the officers are worried, scared and confused.

Delonte West Lands Job With Rehab Facility ... In Florida

Breaking News

Awesome step in the right direction for Delonte West -- the ex-NBAer is now employed by the same rehab facility he received treatment from late last year!!

As we previously reported ... Mark Cuban personally tracked down the 37-year-old at a Dallas gas station in September 2020 and helped the hooper reconnect with his mother.


Together, West's mom and Cuban convinced the former Dallas Maverick to seek treatment at the Rebound therapy center in Florida ... as an attempt to bounce back from hard times.

The progress was clearly visible -- with West smiling from ear-to-ear during activities like horseback riding, frisbee golf and kayaking as he took steps towards recovery.

Now, The Athletic's Shams Charania reports West will continue to surround himself within the Rebound family ... this time, as an employee.

The report also states West has maintained contact with Cuban and his family as he continues to work on his health.

Of course, West was the 24th overall pick in the 2004 NBA Draft ... playing for the SuperSonics, Mavs, Cavs and Celtics.

The guard fell on hard times in the years following his hoops career ... and members of the NBA community -- including Cuban, Doc Rivers and Jameer Nelson -- have been focused on trying to get West back on his feet.

The recent updates have been positive -- West was even spotted working on his jumper back in November ... and it's clear he has a strong support system behind him.


Keep it up, Delonte!

Hillary Clinton Was Trump Talking to Putin ... On Day of Capitol Riot???

You And Me Both/iheart

Hillary Clinton thinks President Trump continues to do Vladimir Putin's bidding, and that his allegiance might be behind the Capitol insurrection.

HC hosted House Speaker Nancy Pelosi on her podcast, 'You and Me Both,' and openly speculated Trump might have been on the phone with Russia's President the day of the riots ... going on to say she'd like to see his call records.


Clinton presented no evidence to back up her conspiracy theory but floated it nonetheless, and the Speaker piggybacked ... saying she wants another 9/11-like commission to dig into Trump's Presidency, the riots and potential ties to Russia.

It's clear they both feel Trump is beholden to Putin, and by extension -- so are his followers, who Hillary now refers to as cult members. Not sure if that's an upgrade or downgrade from "deplorables."

It's interesting she brings up Russia again -- a matter many put to bed after Special Counsel Robert Mueller's nearly 2-year-long probe found the Trump campaign wasn't actively conspiring with Russia to influence the 2016 election.


That being said, Putin's still at the front of Hillary's mind after losing the Presidency in the wake of Russian meddling.

That old tune, collusion, is still number one on the Clinton charts, anyway.

Brett Favre Warns Patrick Mahomes ... Be Smart In Dealing With Concussion!!!


Brett Favre is issuing a stern warning to Patrick Mahomes ... telling TMZ Sports the quarterback NEEDS to listen to the doctors when it comes to handling his concussion.

The NFL's most legendary ironman explained ... "I played 321 straight games, it kind of goes against everything I stood for when I played. But, you got to be smart. You've got to be smart."

Favre says he's legitimately worried about the Chiefs star's long-term health ... telling us if Mahomes rushes back to the field after suffering that head injury against the Browns on Sunday, it could have dire consequences.

"When you're in the moment, and you're young, you're bulletproof, man," Favre says. "But, I'm 51 years old and I'm wondering what tomorrow will bring because of concussions more than anything."

Mahomes and the Chiefs play the Bills on Sunday ... and many in Kansas City and around the league are hoping the QB can clear concussion protocol and play in the huge matchup.

But, Favre is stressing the need for Patrick to be honest with doctors and coaches about his symptoms ... and to take it all very seriously.

Of course, caring for head injuries is a cause very near to Brett's heart ... he's expressed concern he might have CTE due to all the hits he's suffered.


Now, Brett tells us he's in the process of helping develop a drug he hopes could prevent the injuries in the sport going forward.

Guess Who This Squished Kid Turned Into!

Before this pressed little lady became a smash scream queen sensation, she was just another cute toddler staring longingly out the window in Los Angeles, California.

This little lady is best known for starring in multiple slasher films -- she made her debut in a scary holiday film franchise which gained so much popularity she returned for 5 more sequels. Recently, she reprised the role in a 2018 horror movie ... 40 years after the original was in theaters.

When she's not screaming on-screen, she's making audiences scream with laughter, just like in this freaky comedy with Lindsay Lohan.

Can you guess who she is?

Donald Trump SAG-AFTRA Might Boot Him Out ... Reportedly Facing Expulsion

Donald Trump's in jeopardy of losing another vote -- this one with Hollywood's labor union -- and it could cost him a return to his beloved 'Apprentice.'

Trump is facing expulsion from SAG-AFTRA, with the union's board of directors set to gather Tuesday for a special session that could decide DT's fate ... according to Deadline.

There's a lot riding on Tuesday's meeting regarding possible disciplinary action for Trump ... if he's expelled from the Screen Actors Guild, he couldn't do "The Apprentice" again.

As you know, Trump starred in "The Apprentice" and 'Celebrity Apprentice' before becoming President, and he's been a union member since 1989.

Trump's expulsion requires a two-thirds vote from the national board, and Tuesday's emergency meeting is just the first step in a long process, which includes a hearing on the charges he's facing.

The SAG-AFTRA Constitution says members can be expelled or suspended for "engaging in actions antagonistic to the interests or integrity of the union." Trump's repeatedly labeled the media an enemy of the people, but the insurrection seems to be the tipping point here.

Stay tuned.

Martin Luther King Jr. Family Visits Grave in Atlanta ... For MLK Day Remembrance

Martin Luther King Jr.'s loved ones paid their respects to the legendary Civil Rights leader ... on the day America honors the man whose dream for equality in the country is still being fought for today.

MLK's sister, Christine King Farris, her son Isaac Newton Farris Jr. and MLK's daughter Bernice King were among the family members who placed a wreath beside the tombstone he shares with his wife, Coretta Scott King.

The family gathered at the King Center in Atlanta for this year's Community Commemorative Service.

The MLK Day holiday -- in honor of his January 15 birthday -- seems more significant than ever after a year of civil unrest, protesting systemic racism and police brutality.

However, in the nation's capital, the MLK Jr. Memorial isn't even open to the public due to the fortification and heightened security following the attack on the U.S. Capitol.

Many have compared these turbulent times to the era in which MLK Jr. and other Civil Rights leaders fought for freedom and equality. If you don't understand why, consider this line from his "I Have a Dream" speech -- "There are those who are asking the devotees of civil rights, 'When will you be satisfied?' We can never be satisfied as long as the Negro is the victim of the unspeakable horrors of police brutality."

Rosie O'Donnell D.C. Rioters Should Do Time ... I'm Praying Trump Does Too!!!


Rosie O'Donnell is just days away from being able to declare victory over her longtime nemesis, President Trump, and says the cherry on top would be him standing trial and going to prison.

Rosie was at LAX Monday when she opened up about how she's feeling as Trump's final days in office wind down. Not shockingly, she's thrilled to see him go, but still wants justice for the events of January 6.

She believes Capitol rioters should be punished to the full extent of the law for sedition ... and insists people who compare Jan. 6 to Black Lives Matter protests are way off base. Rosie's also pretty adamant Trump's a shameless criminal -- she hurled an allegation to that effect while discussing the stack of pardons he's about to sign.

FOX News

Remember, they were enemies for a decade before he entered politics, but Trump infamously took a shot at Rosie during a 2015 Republican debate. He also claimed no one feels sorry for Rosie during a later debate with Hillary Clinton.

Considering how Trump's presidency is ending, no one would be shocked to see Rosie spike the football on him -- but watch, she's patiently waiting for the next shoe to drop. On January 21 ... in a court of law.

2021 Inauguration Feds Pay $10 Million for Ambulances, EMTs ... As D.C. Braces for Possible Violence


There was a mad scramble after January 6 to get ambulances to Washington D.C. for the inauguration, and the federal government inked a multi-million dollar deal to make it happen.

FEMA has hired a company called American Medical Response, Inc. to provide emergency services for Wednesday. The value of the contract -- $10 million.

The deal was signed last Friday and runs through next Monday. AMR offers ground and air ambulances as well as EMT-trained personnel.

The inauguration's already off to a scary start ... as we reported, Monday's rehearsal was interrupted by smoke billowing nearby, leading to a lockdown of Capitol Hill.

D.C. is like an armed camp, with more than 20,000 National Guard troops at the ready. Although the feds now say the inauguration should be secure, they're clearly taking no chances. It's unclear how many ambulances are coming to D.C., but for $10 mil it must be a lot.

Fingers cross AMR's services won't be needed.

Patrick Warren Shooting Death Son Had No Idea Armed Cop Would Come ... And Shoot His Dad Dead


The son of Patrick Warren -- the man with mental health issues who was shot and killed by a cop this month -- says he felt betrayed when the officer arrived, because he didn't want an armed police officer dealing with his dad.

Patrick Jr. appeared on "TMZ Live" Monday ... where he talked about the horror of watching his father die in front of the entire family.


As we reported, the family called 911 the day before Patrick Warren was gunned down. A mental health resource officer came out and talked to the man, who was outside praising God and would not come inside the house. The officer sat on the sofa, reasoned with Patrick and they then walked calmly to a car where the officer took the man to a hospital to get checked out. It was peaceful and successful.


Patrick Jr. says the next day they had a similar problem and he called the mental health unit again, expecting a mental health officer would return. Instead, Patrick Jr. says he saw an armed cop with a gun, who almost immediately escalated the situation.

Patrick Jr. says his dad was not violent either day, and he pleaded with the cop not to use his gun.

Sadly, Patrick Jr. says he has a little brother who also has special needs, but now he's afraid to call anyone for help.

He and his lawyer, Lee Merritt, want the cop who shot Patrick Sr. dead fired, arrested and charged.

Helena Duke No Regret Outing Mom at Capitol Riots Casts Blame on Trump


The daughter who publicly ID'd her own mother as a bloodied participant in the Capitol riots feels some guilt for calling her mom out ... but says she doesn't regret it, for several reasons.

Helena Duke joined "TMZ Live" Monday to add some context to why she decided to out her mother, Therese Duke, in a viral clip where Therese gets punched by a security guard outside the Capitol after the insurrection.

Helena says her mom lied to her about her whereabouts on January 6 -- claiming she was getting a medical procedure -- so she wouldn't have known Therese attended the riots ... if not for the video of her getting punched.

As for why Therese was in D.C. ... Helena believes Donald Trump radicalized her mother about a year into his Presidency. She says it was "unsettling" how her mom flipped from lifelong Democrat to far-right Republican.

If you missed it ... the day after the riots, Helena commented on the vid of her mother getting punched -- "hi mom remember the time you told me I shouldn’t go to BLM protests bc they could get violent...this you?"

Shortly afterward she went a step further by publicly ID'ing her mom, aunt and uncle as attending the riot.

Therese has since been fired from her job at a Massachusetts hospital ... which stated her termination was linked to her being involved in the Capitol violence.

Due to all the fallout, Helena tells us she does feel some guilt ... but she has a very interesting explanation as to why it seems she would do it all over again.

President Trump Pardons are Coming ... Lil Wayne Expected to Make the List!!!

It looks like Lil Wayne could be let off the hook in his federal gun case by none other than President Trump ... who's reportedly expected to pardon the rapper before his term ends.

Trump's believed to have a pretty lengthy list of names for his final round of commutations and pardons -- an estimated 50 to 100 people -- and according to Fox News ... he'll announce them in a big reveal Tuesday or, at the latest, Wednesday morning before Joe Biden's inauguration.

When he does, it sounds like people anticipate Lil Wayne to be a notable beneficiary of a presidential pardon ... which ya can't help but think is perhaps a thank you for endorsing Trump in the days leading up to the 2020 election.

As you'll recall ... Weezy posed for a photo op with 45 and touted his track record with criminal justice reform, along with the Trump administration's proposed "platinum plan" for helping the Black community.

Fox News

Trump also praised Lil Wayne as an activist and a "really nice guy." Weezy got a lot of criticism for their pow wow, but it seems he's on track to reap a big reward for it now.

As we reported ... Wayne pled guilty in federal court last month to illegally possessing a loaded weapon while traveling to Miami on a private jet a year earlier.

The rapper's a convicted felon, so he's facing the possibility of up to 10 years in prison at sentencing ... though he's likely to get far less than that for agreeing to the guilty plea.

Of course, he'll get off scot-free if the presidential pardon comes through ... so the final days of Trump's term will be big for Lil Wayne.

Kyrie Irving Buys Home For George Floyd's Family ... Says Stephen Jackson

Breaking News

Kyrie Irving came through with an incredible gesture for George Floyd's family ... with Stephen Jackson revealing the NBA superstar recently bought them a new home.

Jackson -- who personally knew Floyd and referred to him as his "twin" -- vowed to be a father figure for George's 7-year-old daughter, Gianna, after George's death in May 2020.

But, the ex-NBAer says he's not alone in supporting Floyd's family ... joining Etan Thomas' "The Rematch" podcast to praise other huge names who have stepped up in support.

"I'm just continuing to do what I said I was going to do," Jackson said on the podcast. "I said I was going to be my brother's keeper and take care of his daughter and make sure that her next days are her best days."

"A lot of my friends ... Kyrie Irving bought them a house. Lil Wayne's manager bought them a Mercedes-Benz. Barbra Streisand gave them stock in Disney."

As we previously reported, Lil Baby also stepped up to throw a lavish party for Gianna's 7th birthday ... and Jackson says the kind gestures have helped her deal with the tragic loss of her father.

"I think God has definitely blessed her," Stack continued. "Right now, she's doing the best she's ever done. She's happy."

We've reached out to Kyrie's reps for more details ... so far, no word back.

Ben Affleck & Ana de armas Splitsville

The proverbial honeymoon phase is over for Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas, because they've split up ... TMZ has confirmed.

The two actors called it quits recently, with Ana apparently being the one to break it off with Ben. Word is the uncoupling is amicable, and there are no hard feelings. A source connected to the couple tells TMZ ... Ben is in a good place with his family and career, and not hanging his head over the split.

ADA and Ben were getting along swimmingly for almost a year ... first being linked together back in March of last year, and showing PDA all over town in different settings. Ben even introduced Ana to his kids, and she appeared to have moved in with him too.

The pair met while shooting a movie they were both starring in, "Deep Water," and eventually took a vacay to Ana's native country, Cuba. Things got serious pretty quickly -- not only did Ben integrate her into his family life, but they were regularly walking their dogs together.

The last time Ben and Ana were seen together was this past November.

C'est la vie.

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