'Simpsons' Showrunner Show Didn't Predict Diddy Slams Viral Image as AI Fake

"The Simpsons" may have a reputation for making pop culture predictions that come to fruition, but in the case of Diddy's downfall, the Fox cartoon made no such prophecy.

The cartoon's showrunner, Matt Selman, explained it all to TMZ after an "AI fake" of Diddy drawn as a 'Simpsons' character fleeing cops in a pink suit made the rounds online.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

The TV producer tells TMZ ... "In the current era of digital misinformation, The Simpsons 'predictions' (or, more accurately, 'coincidences') have become meaningless. Any goofball can whip up an AI image based on a current event and say 'The Simpsons predicted it!' — and decent-but-easily-misled folks will believe it because they so very want it to be true."

Jennifer Lopez Slaps Away Ben Question From Reporter ... 'You Know Better'


Jennifer Lopez is keeping mum over rumors of her troubled marriage to Ben Affleck – and even warned a reporter not to ask about it.

The singer/actress was sitting onstage during Wednesday's panel discussion in Mexico City for her upcoming movie, "Atlas," when she was questioned about the status of her relationship with Ben.

Check out the video ... off camera, the journalist can be heard asking J Lo to address all the speculation around Ben. J Lo got the message loud and clear, and gave the newsman a little piece of her mind.

'Naked & Afraid' Sam Returns, Gets a 'D*** Tick!!!' 1 Year After Burning Penis

TICK ON MY D***!!!
Discovery Channel

"Naked and Afraid" contestant Sam Mouzer is convinced he's cursed -- or at least his penis is -- after suffering another phallus injury ... and this one's more gruesome than the first!

TMZ got an exclusive look at Sam's return to the franchise -- this time he's on "Naked and Afraid XL" -- and he wasted no time making history yet again, as the clip shows him getting a "d**k tick" while out in the Colombian Badlands.

It would be a painfully remarkable event, no matter whose junk picked up the little hitchhiker -- but Sam makes it, well ... maybe the worst luck of all time.

Victor Wembanyama Hits Local Card Shop ... On The Hunt For Pokémon & Manga!!!

Victor Wembanyama might be the biggest nerd on the planet -- literally -- 'cause the 7-foot-4 NBA superstar was just spotted shopping for Pokémon cards and Manga books at a San Antonio store!

TMZ Sports has learned ... the Spurs center visited Heroes & Fantasies -- a collectibles shop some 20 minutes away from the Frost Bank Center -- on Tuesday night in search of adding to his personal collection.

The store's vice president, Adam Conley, says Wemby arrived just before close ... and was "super friendly" as he looked at everything from Pokémon to Magic: The Gathering.

TMZ TV Hot Takes 50 Cent's Diddy Doc Finds a Home ... McDonald's Dirty Mop Drama & LeBron's Advice for Caitlin Clark

We've got some juicy TMZ TV hot takes that are sure to get you through this hump. So, settle in!!!

TMZ Live


First up, on "TMZ Live," Harvey and Charles discuss 50 Cent's new Diddy docuseries ... which officially has a new home at Netflix.

Guess Who This Lil' Princess Turned Into!

Before this little girl decked out in princess attire turned into a leading lady in Hollywood, she was putting on plays in the garage, and watching J Lo in "Selena" on replay -- with big dreams of landing Hollywood stardom!

Perhaps her big break came when she starred in "Short Term 12" however her role playing a kidnapped woman scored her an Academy Award! She also grabbed wide attention with her superpower performance in "Captain Marvel" -- which was made into a wax figure!

If you follow her on Insta, you'd know she enjoys dancing and pilates!

Can you guess who she is? 



Ben Affleck's close friend Jason Mewes ain't buying into the swirling speculation the actor's marriage to Jennifer Lopez is crumbling ... not based on what he's seen.

We got Jason out Wednesday in L.A., and he told us after witnessing Ben and Jen's genuine affection at their wedding less than 2 years ago, he'd be downright shocked if the rumors were true.

Jason expresses some frustration over people immediately jumping to split speculation ... suggesting there's probably a more practical explanation -- most likely work-related -- behind Ben moving out of their marital home.

Boeing Strongly Denies Report Claiming Explosion Risk In 777 Fleet Due to Electrical Issue


7:30 PM PT -- Boeing is denying the most troubling parts of the Daily Mail report. The company says, "This story is misleading and reckless. It makes incorrect connections and sensationalizes the standard regulatory process tha has helped ensure air travel is the safest form of transportation. This is not an immediate safety of flight issue."

The Boeing spokesperson continues, "There are multiple redundancies designed into modern commercial airplanes to ensure protection for electromagnetic effects. The 777 fleet has been operating for nearly 30 years, and has safely flown more than 3.9 billion passengers."

BTW, a source familiar with FAA procedure tells us the agency's March memo regarding potential "electrostatic discharge" was a Notice of Proposed Rule Making ... which is a description of a proposed rule, and NOT a final rule. 

Further, we're told Boeing had issued a service bulletin in November 2023 regarding this matter, and while many airlines might have already taken action based on that alone ... they're not required to do so until the FAA makes a final rule. 

The Boeing saga has a concerning new update … as another fleet of jets has a fatal flaw needing to be fixed – according to a new report.

According to Daily Mail, the aerospace company’s 777 jets are dealing with an electrical flaw, called "electrostatic discharge," which could prove disastrous for the planes’ fuel tanks – namely it could cause the wings to catch on fire and/or explode.

The outlet states the flaw was uncovered in a notice by the Federal Aviation Administration … which stated almost 300 planes could be at risk – including aircrafts in United and American Airlines’ inventory.

Graceland Auction Fraud on FBI's Radar

The attempt by someone to foreclose on Graceland is about to become the subject of multiple criminal investigations ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Graceland officials, along with people from Riley Keough's camp, were in touch with the FBI Tuesday, and we're told the agency is "interested" in conducting a criminal probe.

We're also told the would-be victims are in the process of contacting the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation.

Nicole Brown Simpson's Mom Broke Death News to Her Kids ... 'Mommy's in Heaven'

Nicole Brown Simpson's mother Juditha took on the daunting responsibility of telling Nicole's children about her death ... her sister Dominique revealed in a new interview.

Ahead of the 30th anniversary of Nicole's murder, her sibling shared with People insight into how the family operated in the wake of their tragic loss. Per Dominique, Nicole's kids Sydney and Justin, who were just 8 and 5 at the time, were told "Mommy's in heaven" by Juditha.

Dominique recalled how she and her sisters stepped in to help with Sydney and Justin, whom she tried to protect from the horrifying realities of the situation.


Britney Spears is back with another rambling IG post ... and this time she's talking about forgiving those she claims contributed to her health woes.

In particular, the troubled singer gets candid about the nerve damage on the right side of her body, which she says is so severe she can't think straight sometimes -- and that it's left her with loads of trauma.

She's spoken about the health issue before, so it's not anything new ... but she essentially says in her post Wednesday she's digging deep to forgive those she believes have caused her suffering.



1:34 PM PT -- Train just released a heartfelt tribute to Charlie Colin saying, "When I met Charlie Colin, front left, I fell in love with him. He was THE sweetest guy and what a handsome chap. Let’s make a band that’s the only reasonable thing to do."

They continued, "His unique bass playing a beautiful guitar work helped get folks to notice us in SF and beyond. I’ll always have a warm place for him in my heart. I always tried to pull him closer but he had a vision of his own. You’re a legend, Charlie. Go charm the pants off those angels❤️🙏⭐."

Charlie Colin, one of Train's founding members, has died from what appears to be a tragic accident ... TMZ has learned.

NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher Diddy Losing Key to the City a 'No-Brainer'


NYC Councilman Erik Bottcher is taking a far more direct stance than Mayor Eric Adams regarding Diddy's key to the city -- he wants to yank the honor, and stat.

Erik jumped on "TMZ Live" Wednesday, and said taking away the honor is a "no-brainer" in the wake of the Cassie beatdown video. EB says Diddy has no right to be in the company of Nelson Mandela ... the Nobel Peace Prize recipient who received a key back in 1990.

The Councilman says, "It would be bad enough if it was just the video, but [Diddy] put out a statement before accusing these women of lying, accusing them of looking for a payday. So, it's despicable and consequences need to follow."

Chaka Khan's Daughter Diddy Dissed, Screamed at Mom ... Happy He's Going Down

Chaka Khan's daughter Indira is relishing in Diddy's downfall, and it's all over a longstanding -- and previously unknown -- beef she has with him for allegedly disrespecting her legendary mother.

Indira, herself an up-and-coming singer, blasted Diddy in the comments section of his apology video, which he posted after 2016 footage surfaced of him beating his then-girlfriend Cassie.


Like most people, Indira isn't buying his mea culpa, but her reasons are very personal. In her response comment, she slammed him for dissing Chaka by getting up in her face during a past meeting.

Jermaine Dupri 🍎 Music List BEYOND Disrespectful To R&B

disrespectful to R&B

Jermaine Dupri is incensed over Apple Music's 100 Best Albums list ... specifically, the lack of R&B inclusion.

The So So Def hitmaker joined "TMZ Live" Wednesday and groused that several iconic R&B acts, such as Mariah Carey, TLC, Diana Ross, and Jodeci ... didn't make Apple's cut.

JD, who was inducted into the Songwriters Hall of Fame in 2018, notes the music that influenced him and his peers was shockingly ignored.


Kelly Rowland went from 0 to 100 real quick at the Cannes Film Festival ... and a lip reader's now dishing on what exactly went down during her red carpet showdown with a security guard.

Jacqui Press has dissected the singer's fiery confrontation from Tuesday's "Marcello Mio" premiere -- and she says it all kicked off smoothly, with KR graciously telling the security guard, "It's OK," after she accidentally stepped on her dress. But then things took a drastic turn!

Jacqui spills to MailOnline that the security guard's response is still a bit fuzzy, but it was enough to irk Kelly 'cause she apparently fired back with a firm, "Don't talk to me like that."

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