ADAM LEVINE & BEHATI PRINSLOO Let's Go To Vegas ... What Cheating Scandal?!?

Adam Levine and his pregnant wife Behati Prinsloo are still going strong after his cheating scandal ... in fact, things appear to be so good between the two, they hopped on a jet to hit Sin City together.

Adam and Behati took a private jet from Santa Barbara to Las Vegas Tuesday for an apparent couples getaway ... and they better get used to Sin City, because Maroon 5 just announced a Vegas residency.

The couple doesn't look to be in turmoil over Adam's recent cheating scandal. Remember, five women came forward this month claiming to have engaged in various stages of DM conversations with Adam, with the first woman alleging a physical relationship with the singer, which Adam's denied.

Hopping out of an SUV before climbing aboard a private plane, Adam wore a vintage Sublime tee with ripped jeans and some neon Nike Air Force 1s ... while Behati paired a leopard-print dress with leather boots, covering up her baby bump with a jacket.

Maroon 5 is starting a Las Vegas residency in March at Dolby Live in Park MGM ... and in the interim, Adam's got a charity performance Saturday in Sin City to benefit Shaquille O'Neal's foundation.

We saw Adam and Behati put on a united front the day after he admitted he "crossed the line" by communicating online with multiple women ...  and they haven't shown any signs of a fractured relationship since.


Look closely, they've still got their wedding rings on.

Oregon State Robot Breaks World Record ... In 100-Meter Dash

Oregon State University

Mankind is doomed, except for Usain Bolt.

Oregon State University just unleashed the fastest bipedal robot in the world -- a machine that is faster than the speed of light your average mall walker ... which just clocked a 100-meter dash with the time of 24.73 seconds!!

The star robo-athlete is named Cassie ... which was invented by the OSU College of Engineering. OSU says Cassie was built with knees like an ostrich and has no cameras or censors -- so it is basically blind.

The big single-entry race went down at the school's Whyte Track and Field Center ... and while it may not outrun the average human, the accomplishment is incredible for a robot.

FWIW ... Bolt's 100-meter world record is secure at 9.58 seconds.

As it turns out, Cassie has another major feat on its resume ... after running a 5k in 53 minutes back in 2021.

"Cassie has been a platform for pioneering research in robot learning for locomotion," project leader Devin Crowley said. "Completing a 5K was about reliability and endurance, which left open the question of, how fast can Cassie run? That led the research team to shift its focus to speed."

For the sake of all humans out there ... we hope Cassie doesn't get too fast now.

Myles Garrett Suffered Bicep Strain, Shoulder Sprain, Lacerations ... In Car Crash


3:21 PM PT -- Myles Garrett sustained a shoulder sprain and bicep strain, minor lacerations, and some bumps and bruises during his car accident Monday afternoon, according to the Cleveland Browns.


The injuries are consistent with body camera footage we posted earlier today -- taken just minutes after the single-car crash -- where Garrett's seen rubbing his bicep and pointing out the area to emergency responders. MG was also bleeding at the scene.


Thankfully, the Browns say Myles didn't break any bones, and he cleared concussion protocol. Despite averting serious injury, the team says Garrett's status for Sunday's game against the Falcons is up in the air.


"Although we hope to have him back soon, his availability for Sunday's game in Atlanta will be evaluated by team doctors throughout the week."

New police video shows Myles Garrett appeared to be bleeding heavily from his right wrist following his car crash on Monday.

The footage -- captured on Medina County Sheriff's Office body cam and obtained by TMZ Sports -- reveals medical personnel was checking out the Cleveland Browns star just moments after the football player had crashed his Porsche 911 Turbo S in Ohio.

First responders can be heard in the clip asking about Garrett's bicep -- while also looking into other parts of his body.

The 26-year-old -- whose shirt was ripped and tattered -- seemed to be dazed and confused.

Eventually, medical personnel got Garrett to his feet -- and you can see in the video, blood was oozing from his wrist area.

Meanwhile, the video shows his female passenger on the ground being checked out by other first responders.

Cops say Garrett and the woman were ultimately transferred to a local hospital for non-life-threatening injuries.


NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Garrett wrecked the car while trying to avoid an animal on the road.

Police say they do not suspect alcohol or drugs were involved in the incident.

It's unclear if Garrett will be available for the Browns this weekend in wake of the accident.

Originally Published -- 3:34 PM PT

Post Malone Returning To the Stage in Cleveland After Boston Hospitalization


3:24 PM PT -- Post Malone just broke his silence, confirming that he'll be back on stage tonight in Cleveland.


Post Malone is stepping back into the spotlight after needing to be hospitalized in Boston last weekend -- powering through the pain for his fans.

Sources connected to the singer tell TMZ ... Post will perform Tuesday in Cleveland, where he's scheduled to hit the Rocket Mortgage FieldHouse.


This is pretty major news, considering fans (especially those in CLE) have been wondering if he'd be able to take the stage after abruptly pulling the plug on Saturday's gig. Now, we know he'll see his fans -- but we're told he's still nursing a rib injury from that nasty fall.

Our sources tell us PM got a CAT scan and X-Rays done over the weekend, and doctors found he's suffering from a small fracture in his rib cage. We're told Post was given pain meds to manage things -- and after a few days of rest, our sources say he's given his team the green light that he plans to rock the house.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He's got another gig Wednesday in Pittsburgh, and more shows next week. Obviously, he'll feel things out after Cleveland, but it's a good sign he's making his way back so soon.

Originally Published -- 2:55 PM PT

Chris Redd Dating Kenan Thompson's Ex ... But No Hard Feelings!!!

'SNL' alum Chris Redd is dating Christina Evangeline, the ex-wife of his former costar and pal Kenan Thompson ... but we've learned there's no bad blood flowing between the guys.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ ... Christina and Chris became official within the past year, and there was no overlap or cheating when it happened.

In fact, we're told Kenan and Christina were living separate lives, and intending to divorce since 2019.

Chris -- who also costarred on Kenan's NBC sitcom -- and Christina have known each other for the past 6 years, with things staying very respectful between them.

Just last week, Chris announced he wouldn't be returning for 'SNL's 48th season, and after he and Christina were seen out together in NYC ... some fans speculated Kenan got Chris fired.

Our sources say that's far from the truth -- which is that Chris chose to leave because of a handful of upcoming projects, including a stand-up special for HBO Max and an Audible project with Lorne Michaels.

Obviously, that project wouldn't be happening if Kenan had urged Lorne to boot Chris.

We're told Kenan's aware of his ex's romance with Chris and has no hard feelings -- he's apparently moved on and is happily dating other people.

As we reported, Kenan and Christina decided to end their 11-year marriage earlier this year ... with the actor filing in May to make the split official.

'Try Guys' Ned Fulmer Fired After Cheating Allegations


1:14 PM PT -- Ariel Fulmer also released a statement, saying, "Thanks to everyone who has reached out to me - it means a lot. Nothing is more important to me and Ned than our family, and all we request right now is that you respect our privacy for the sake of our kids."


12:31 PM PT -- Ned Fulmer just released a statement, saying, "Family should have always been my priority, but I lost focus and had a consensual workplace relationship. I'm sorry for any pain that my actions may have caused to the guys and the fans but most of all to Ariel. The only thing that matters right now is my marriage and my children, and that's where I am going to focus my attention."

Rough week for 'Try Guys' star Ned Fulmer ... he just got kicked out of the group after being accused of being unfaithful in his marriage.

The popular YouTube group 'Try Guys' announced Tuesday that Ned was no longer working with the group's 3 other members -- Keith Habersberger, Eugene Lee Yang and Zach Kornfeld -- following allegations Ned cheated on his wife, Ariel.

It's pretty messy, Ned was recently filmed kissing producer Alex Herring, who also works on projects with the crew, in a New York club.

The 'Try Guys' -- famous for trying all sorts of things, from food to women's clothing -- say they cut the cord with Ned following an internal review, explaining they did not see a path forward together.

It appears Ned is already being scrubbed from a ton of 'Try Guys' content ... eagle-eyed fans say he suddenly disappeared from some recent videos, and he's been absent from the group's recent podcasts.

Originally Published -- 12:11 PM PT

Victoria Beckham Sparks Marriage Trouble Concerns ... Over Faded 'DB' Tattoo


11:51 AM PT -- A source close to the couple tells TMZ there are no marital issues between the two, Victoria's recently had several tattoos removed from her body.

Victoria Beckham has people worried her marriage with David Beckham might be on the rocks -- and it all has to do with what appears to be a fading tattoo.

Fans took notice of VB's wrist this week when she did a lipstick tutorial on IG, pointing out that some signature ink she normally rocks on her wrist seemed to be almost totally gone. It's a cursive "DB" ... obviously her husband's initials, and one she's had since their 10th anniversary.

From the video, it looks like the tattoo is in the process of being removed. You can still see traces of it -- but the tat is certainly faded, and there's no explanation thus far.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Of course, this is still a cause of concern for some -- mostly because of Sylvester Stallone's recent tattoo drama -- but the public might be overreacting here.

Fact is, it appears Victoria is still wearing a wedding band on her left ring finger -- plus, her and David were photographed last week holding hands in public. On the flip side, however, he did attend the Queen's wake by himself a couple weeks ago.

It could all be much ado about nothing, but just to make sure ... we've reached out to reps for both David and Victoria about the missing ink. So far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 11:37 AM PT

SELMA BLAIR and Ex-BF Drop Restraining Orders Against Each Other ... He Still Faces Possible Criminal Prosecution


2:49 PM PT -- 9/27 -- Carlson's dodged a bullet as far as his criminal domestic violence case ... a spokesperson for the L.A. City Attorney's Office tells TMZ his case has been referred to a City Attorney Office hearing. This almost always includes a meeting with the individual advising them to stay out of trouble ... and sometimes includes a required course like anger management.

Selma Blair and her ex-boyfriend have dropped the civil restraining orders they have against each other, but Selma is still cooperating with prosecutors in the criminal case against ex Ron Carlson.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Selma and Ron each dismissed their civil restraining orders against each other. On the surface, this may look like they've made peace, but far from it. Ron was arrested for domestic violence and the L.A. City Attorney has the case. When Ron was arrested, a criminal protective order was put in place where Ron could have no contact with Selma. That expired March 1st.

TMZ broke the story ... Selma beelined it to court back in March and got a temporary order of protection against Ron, claiming he attacked her, on the heels of his arrest for felony domestic violence with corporal injury.

Not long after Selma got a temporary restraining order against him, Ron got a TRO of his own ... claiming Selma was the aggressor during the incident. He said she struck his eye with her arm and scratched his nose, eyes and cheeks. Ron denied attacking her and claimed self-defense.

Nonetheless, Selma made a surprise appearance at last night's Emmy Awards to present.

As for the situation with Ron, it was a pretty nasty situation all around ...  and we're told in no uncertain terms, they're not back together.

Originally Published -- 9/13 12:48 PM PT

NASA's DART Mission Nailed Asteroid 6 Million Miles Away ... NASA Amazed by Up Close View!!!


NASA is over the moon about the success of its DART mission ... something the director of the whole operation sees as the beginning of a new era for humankind.

Dr. Lori Glaze, the Director of NASA's Planetary Science Division, joined "TMZ Live" to talk about DART -- an explosive dry run, if you will, at protecting Earth by crashing spacecrafts into potentially dangerous asteroids.


Dr. Glaze says her whole team was really confident the spacecraft would hit its target, but seeing it all up close -- in high definition, no less -- was an experience like no other.

You gotta see the excitement over just how much they were able to make out on the asteroid's surface!

As we told you, NASA successfully carried out its $325M DART mission Monday evening during a live broadcast.


To put the achievement in perspective ... Dr. Glaze says the football stadium-sized asteroid was about 6 million miles away, and the spacecraft was comparable to a vending machine -- and they absolutely nailed it.

Going forward, she says the hope is they've discovered a way to deflect any future asteroids that might cross paths with our planet. Dr. Glaze says they're already taking measurements to see how effective the DART mission really was.


Don't worry ... the folks over at NASA took some time to celebrate such a big W and we hear it was out of this world!

Diddy Sued By Woman Claiming to be Kim Porter's Niece ... He Calls It a Shakedown


4:34 PM PT -- A spokesperson for Diddy tells us, "This lawsuit is a meritless shakedown to extort money from Mr Combs. Raven is not the niece of Kim Porter as she falsely alleges; nor is there any legal basis for this case to be filed under the anonymity as a ”Jane Doe”. Raven was a part time babysitter to the twins who Mr Combs kept on the job back in 2018 to provide continuity for the twins following the untimely death of their mother. Mr. Combs graciously permitted Raven to live in his home with her son and treated them like ‘family’."


They continue, "Her babysitting services were always intended to be temporary especially since the girls were getting older and spending most of the day at school. In fact, Raven’s transition out of her role was planned and agreed to by her long before she even mentioned that she was pregnant. Mr. Combs will take swift and immediate action to protect his family against these false claims.”


11:16 AM PT -- A source close to Diddy tells us the woman was not terminated because she was pregnant, and that she was terminated for cause. What's more, the source claims the woman is not related to Diddy or Kim.

Sean "Diddy" Combs is being sued by Kim Porter's niece ... who claims she was wrongfully terminated after she told him she got pregnant and needed to take maternity leave.

In legal docs, obtained by TMZ, a woman referred to as Jane Roe -- who identifies herself as Kim's niece -- is suing Diddy, Tri Star Sports, and others, claiming she became a full-time nanny to Diddy's twins after Kim passed away in November 2018. Jane says she was then fired 2 years later when she requested maternity leave.

She claims the day after Kim passed away, Diddy asked her to live at his estate and become a full-time nanny to his twins, Jessie James and D'Lila -- adding she "was responsible for the twins' 24/7 care."

Jane says she got pregnant in August 2020 and told Diddy she needed to take maternity leave ... but says Diddy was "infuriated" and terminated her employment around the time she was set to begin her time off.

Roe claims she was told through Diddy's reps she was canned because she was pregnant and unmarried -- which "purportedly set a bad example" for his daughters.

She's seeking unspecified damages.

TMZ broke the story ... Kim was found dead at her Toluca Lake home in 2018, it was later revealed she died from a form of pneumonia.

Originally Published -- 10:43 AM PT

Jeffrey Dahmer Victims Memorial in Early Stages ... Concerns In Milwaukee

Discussions are underway on how best to honor the victims of serial killer Jeffrey Dahmer ... but officials in Milwaukee are concerned a physical memorial site could attract the wrong folks.

On the heels of the new Netflix series "Monster: The Jeffrey Dahmer Story" -- which has stirred plenty of controversies -- there's a swell of public support to erect a tribute to Dahmer's victims in Milwaukee. While Mayor Cavalier Johnson is on board with that concept, we've learned he's worried about the potential for a memorial to become a mecca for Dahmer fans. Creepy, but yeah, they exist.

Mayor Johnson's communication director, Jeff Fleming, tells TMZ ... the mayor wants to do something to honor the victims' families, but Milwaukee wants to avoid creating a "ghoulish destination for troubled fans" looking for any reason to celebrate Dahmer.

The concern, we're told, is putting the victims' families through more trauma.

It's a familiar problem in Milwaukee, where Dahmer was born and raised and where many of his murders were carried out ... mainly in an apartment building that's now an empty lot.

We're told there's been a conscious effort in Milwaukee over the years to essentially scrub any connections to Dahmer -- all his belongings were burned, and even the factory where he worked has been demolished.

While the mayor's office says most of the chatter on a potential memorial is coming from the public and not from victims' families, we're told Mayor Johnson is planning on memorializing the victims and wants to work with their families to make it happen, though this is all in the very early stages.

Some folks in the community believe Milwaukee hasn't acted on a memorial because of alleged homophobia surrounding the case -- but Fleming, who covered the Dahmer case back in the day, says the delay is more about giving the community time to heal.

Bottom line ... Milwaukee wants to do something to honor Dahmer's victims, but a physical memorial sounds like a long shot.

Rihanna 50+ Possibilities for SB Show Guest ... Could Go Solo, Too!!!

Rihanna and her creative team are hard at work -- planning her Super Bowl Halftime Show and figuring out whether or not she'll be joined by guests -- with a list of nearly 50 possible names to hit the stage with her ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge of the plans tell us everyone Rihanna's collabed with over the years is fair game to possibly appear -- with stars like Kanye West, Paul McCartney, Calvin Harris, Pharrell, Jay-Z, Drake and more on Rihanna's resume.

We're told at this time, there have been no final decisions on who may join Rihanna, but she will absolutely have the final say. Our sources also tell us there's still a chance she does the whole thing solo and without a guest ... though it's likely she'll have at least one person, if shows in the past few years are any indicator.

As we reported, Rihanna and boyfriend A$AP Rocky were spotted hitting a New York City recording studio Monday night, so it's possible they're working on something together -- maybe even for the big game.

TMZ broke the story, Rihanna will be Super Bowl LVII's Halftime headliner. There were previous reports it was Taylor Swift, but we learned Swift isn't willing to take the SB stage until she's finished rerecording the rest of her old albums.

One thing is for sure -- Dr. Dre's Halftime Show with Eminem, Kendrick Lamar, Snoop Dogg, 50 Cent and Mary J. Blige had fans raving -- dubbing it one of the best of all time, so Rihanna's gotta bring it ... guest performer or not.

Myles Garrett Crash Female Passenger Complained Of Head Injury ... According to 911 Caller


The man who informed police of the Myles Garrett car crash on Monday told dispatch that a woman had complained of a head injury at the scene ... new 911 audio, obtained by TMZ Sports, reveals.

The caller ID'ed himself as Frank from Porsche Emergency Center ... and he told police that he was on the phone to "report a car accident for one of our customers" in Medina, Ohio.

The caller was asked if there was anyone hurt in the accident -- and he said yes, telling them that "a lady" had sustained injuries to her head. He requested for both police and EMS to go out to the scene.

A second man also called 911 to report the crash ... telling dispatch he had seen "a bad accident over here."


"A girl left her car over here," the caller said, adding, "It's just one car. They lost control over here. They're both sitting outside."

The caller also told dispatch that the wreckage at the scene was gnarly.

"They flipped this thing, I do believe," he said. "They tore it up."

Cops say they eventually arrived at the scene at 2:58 PM ... and discovered a gray Porsche 911 Turbo S off the road that had significant damage to it.

Police say Garrett was ID'ed as the driver -- and he was transported to a nearby medical facility with non-life-threatening injuries. They say his female passenger was also taken to a local hospital with non-life-threatening injuries.

Cops do not believe alcohol or drugs were involved in the accident. A spokesperson for the Ohio State Highway Patrol tells us, "A blood draw for the purposes of law enforcement was not conducted due to a lack of probable cause as signs of impairment were not observed by the investigating trooper."

NFL Network's Tom Pelissero reported Tuesday that Garrett crashed his car in an attempt to swerve out of the way of an animal on the road.

Garrett's agent, Nicole Lynn, told media outlets Monday the Cleveland Browns star did not suffer broken bones in the crash. It's unclear if he'll be available for Sunday's game against the Atlanta Falcons.

Lil Wayne My Miami Mansion's For Sale!!!

Lil Wayne is celebrating 40 years of life today, and apparently wants to shed some serious real estate ... because he just listed the Miami mansion he built in 2017.

The Hip Hop megastar is looking for a sizeable come-up ... asking $29 million for the lavish 7 bedroom, 11 bathroom palace after originally paying $16.8 million. That being said, future buyers can't say they won't get their money's worth.

Wayne laced the place with high-end luxuries ... which include a commercial-grade elevator, wine cellar, floating staircases, and an outside dock that spirals 110 feet across the waterfront.

The most attractive amenity within the mansion's 10,300 square footage could arguably be the awesome movie theater ... decked out with suede walls, making for an ideal space to entertain guests.

On the outside of the Allison Island gated community also sits a large pool, complete with an open-air cabana with its own kitchen.

Wayne's living in the California Hidden Hills these days after moving close to Kylie Jenner last year. He just celebrated his 40th birthday in L.A. with plenty of famous pals ... and looked right at home!!!

The Miami property was listed by Cyril Matz of Douglas Elliman.

The Walking Dead Negan's Barbed Wire Bat 'Lucille' ... Hits Auction Block

You can own one of the most iconic props from one of the most iconic shows -- Negan's barbed wire-wrapped bat, "Lucille," from "The Walking Dead" -- giving a whole new meaning to hitting the auction block!

If you watch TWD, you know Lucille.

The bat has been at the center of some of the series' most shocking moments ... and now it's available at Goldin Auctions. Bidding starts at $3K ... but the bat will ultimately go for much more.

During the season 6 finale/season 7 premiere, one of the show's most beloved characters was brutally killed by Lucille ... at the hands of Negan, leader of the Saviors, played by Jeffrey Dean Morgan.

Several versions of the bat were made and used in production. This specific bat is a "hero version" ... meaning it was meant for up close shots on television, so it's the highest quality of the props.

Lucille is 34 inches long and has a "4" marked on the knob of the bat ... to signify the bat's length (inches past 30).

GA doesn't only have the bat on the block. They're also selling other iconic TWD items ... including Daryl's 1992 Honda CB 750 Nighthawk motorcycle and Rick's (rubber) Colt Python Stunt, and his worn and bloodied Sheriff top.

The Walking Dead series -- which premiered in 2010 -- will air its series finale in November.

The auction wraps October 15 ... eeny, meeny, miny, moe!

Pusha T Ribbin' On McDonald's Again... New Arby's Wild West Diss Track!!!

Pusha T is back with his 2nd McDonald's diss track of the year ... and this time, he's burning the McRib to a crisp!!!

On the new record "Rib Roast," King Push peddles Arby's Real Country Rib Sandwich while sending shots at the Golden Arches with lyrics like ... "McDonald's what you selling mystery meat?/Hop up and go away, what does history teach?/ Mickey D's McRib you ain't it in the streets/The real country style rib sandwich here to compete."

Call it get back from the grill ... Pusha and his brother No Malice of The Clipse wrote McDonald's iconic "I'm Lovin' It" jingle back in 2003, but the brothers didn't cash out on any royalties on the business end.

While speaking to Complex about the premiere of "Rib Roast," Pusha says he has no ill will toward McDonald's, admitting it wasn't the best business for him per se -- but that's not stopping him from killing Ronald & co. on wax.

Pusha's "Spicy Fish Diss Track" dropped back in March, and reportedly gave Arby's an $8 million marketing bump, as well as a better deal for Pusha ... 40% ownership of the track!!!

Pusha says he's trying to take "street hip hop" to the next level, and his partnership with Arby's is just another notch in the résumé.

Lyrically cooking burgers and such is, no doubt, a safer beef for all rappers these days.

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