Traylor Taylor & Travis Leave Game in Convertible for Dinner Date!!!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce didn't kiss Sunday ... they didn't hug or anything like that, but it's pretty clear, both during and after the game, they're a thing.


Taylor and Travis left Arrowhead Stadium Sunday after the big game in Kelce's sweet convertible. They apparently went to grab some grub, and according to social media buzz, paid to have an entire restaurant unto themselves. We cannot confirm that, yet!

As they left the stadium, they walked side-by-side around the locker room area, strolling past photogs and looking, well, couplie.


Taylor was all in during the game, cheering on Travis as she sat, and stood, and screamed next to Travis's mom.

There have been rumblings for over a month the 2 were dating, and weeks ago we got the sense the rumors were true.

So how does TRAYLOR sound?

Joe Jonas, Sophie Turner Kids Can't Leave New York Area ... At Least for Now

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner have agreed they will NOT take their kids outside the greater New York City area for now ... this, just days after Sophie filed legal docs saying her intention was taking the kids to the UK for good.

Both Joe and Sophie agreed to a temporary consent agreement and filed it with a federal judge. Daily Mail first reported the filing.

As we reported, Joe and Sophie are locked in a legal battle over custody. Sophie went to federal court last week, citing a child abduction law and claiming Joe refused to turn over the passports of their 2 kids. She claimed they had an agreement the kids would live in the UK.

Joe countered, saying a judge in Florida -- where he filed the divorce -- said the kids could not be removed from the U.S., thus setting up a legal battle.

The agreement they made is not binding on a U.S. judge. The North Star in determining custody is what is in the best interests of the children.

Keke Palmer Chrisean Needs HELP, Not Hate ... Black Single Moms Got It Rough!!!

Keke Palmer believes Chrisean Rock's issues are reflective of the challenges facing so many other Black single mothers ... publicly offering the embattled reality star support.

Keke, who's a new mother herself, couldn't contain her anger as many -- including Blueface's manager Wack 100, called for Chrisean's baby to be removed from her care.

The way Keke sees it, personal opinions against Chrisean are irrelevant -- maternal health care is the #1 priority in situations like these, and she says neglected kids are the ones placed in the system which often leads to a path of crime.

Keke says there's an ongoing epidemic in health care for Black women and Chrisean is simply one of the many victims.

The CDC reported that in 2021, Black women suffered nearly 70 deaths for every 100,000 live births ... almost 3x the number of White women.


The "Nope" actress echoed much of what Cardi B told us when she spoke about Chrisean's early struggles with motherhood ... but the controversy surrounding her newborn baby is becoming more critical by the day!!!

Chrisean and Blueface are both under fire after the "Thotiana" rapper exposed their son's genitals ... accusing Chrisean of failing to schedule the appropriate surgery to fix a hernia, which has grown rather large.


She's also still trying to live down last week's viral Walmart video that showed her carelessly holding her baby.


Chrisean barked back at Blueface for airing out their baby's business ... but also admitted she hadn't yet set a date for him to have surgery, either.

Bruce Willis's Wife Opens Up on His Dementia 'Hard to Know' How Aware He Is of This


Bruce Willis's wife, Emma Heming, just revealed how severe her husband's condition is as it pertains to his dementia ... and it sounds worse than what people might've realized.

Emma went on 'Today' Monday morning to discuss Bruce's diagnosis at length -- and she was accompanied by a professional in the field who was there to provide more context on what exactly BW is battling with frontotemporal dementia ... his specific condition.


This is a tough watch, because the situation clearly weighs on Emma and their 2 young daughters together ... something she describes in detail in this heart-wrenching interview.

One standout from her remarks comes when Hoda Kotb asks her, point blank, if Bruce is aware of what's going on with him ... and the answer is telling. Emma says it's "hard to know."

Emma also explains Bruce has lost the ability to make decisions for himself, as opposed to outright memory loss -- although, it sounds like that too might be affected.

In any case, it's evident Emma is now overseeing his well-being. She says she doesn't consider herself his caretaker now, but a "care partner."

When it comes to their kids ... Emma says she's been honest with them on the science of what's happening to their dad.

As we reported ... Bruce's family announced last year that he'd be stepping away from acting, as it had become apparent his health was deteriorating and he needed help.

Of course, he has a huge family that's stepped up big time during this whole thing -- including his ex, Demi Moore, and all of his adult children too. And, while Bruce has stepped out of the spotlight, he continues to surface in public ... seemingly always in good spirits.

Kourtney Kardashian Disney Baby Shower Hint of Son's Name In the Trees??? 👀

Kourtney Kardashian threw an epic baby shower for her and Travis Barker's future son together ... and some fans are seeing the forest for the trees on the kid's potential name.

The Disnelyand-themed bash went down Sunday, and it looks to have been hosted at their Calabasas mansion -- with the backyard being turned into a recreation of the famous theme park ... complete with Disney signage, Mickey Mouse ears and even the Dapper Dans!

Indeed, Kourtney's camp went all out here ... however, in one of the intricate party decorations -- an apple tree in the vein of 'Snow White' -- folks noticed a bunch of cards with hand-written notes were being hung ... and somebody zoomed in on one of those.

There's a note that can be partially read ... and it seems to mention a baby name. It's hard to make out in its entirety -- but what it appears to say is ... "May Baby Rocky have ... life filled with love." The rest of it is too blurry, but seemingly more well-wishes.

Eagle-eyed fans have seen this ... and there's already speculation Kourtney and Travis might be naming their kid Rocky. Of course, it could also be a reference to the fact TB is a rocker -- but in any case, it's spurred a lot of chatter online.

Time will tell what they end up calling the new Baby Barker ... but Rocky's not half bad.

Anyway, the rest of the shindig was top-tier in terms of Kardashian-led blowouts. Like we said, the party favors were incredibly well-thought-out and detailed -- and it looks like they didn't spare any expense in making the crib look like it came straight out of Anaheim.

BTW, Travis was masked up while mingling with friends and family ... he's got COVID right now. It also looks like folks were maintaining social distancing all throughout -- safety first.

As for Kourtney, she looks like she's almost ready to pop ... that baby's probably due any day now. She was all smiles and in an incredibly good mood based on what we can see.

Of course, the reason that's significant is because she kinda fell into the crosshairs of a mayor from another ritzy town just down the freeway ... and that would be Malibu.


As we reported ... Mayor Silverstein excoriated City officials for what he claims was them bending the knee to organizers of a Poosh party -- which is obviously Kourtney's wellness brand. He alleged that the folks who put that together got a last-minute special events permit greenlit ... and he suspects it was done under shady circumstances.

Luckily, Kourtney doesn't live in Malibu ... and she was at arm's-length from that drama this weekend.

Priority #1 for her, it seems, was to celebrate with her hubby and loved ones ... and to get ready for this bundle of joy that's coming soon.

Golf Cart Police Chase Shirtless Man Sparks Pursuit ... Slow & Steady with Dog in His Lap

RMG News

A shirtless man in L.A. led cops on what has to be one of the slowest and most bizarre chases ever -- going way under the speed limit in a golf cart ... with a dog in his lap!

The slow-speed pursuit went down Sunday night -- the driver, reaching top speeds of 19 MPH, had allegedly stolen the vehicle from a nearby shopping center, which is when the "chase" began in earnest.

With as many as 4 LAPD cruisers in tow ... the driver was topless and barefoot with a pup chilling in his lap.

After multiple failed spike strip attempts by officers, he drove the cart into a parking lot and hopped out with the dog in his arm ... running around a semi-truck that was unloading.

Cops then took him to the ground -- as an officer took the dog to safety -- putting an end to this very unique pursuit. That'll teach him to stay on the green.

Blueface I Can Post My Son's 🥜 If I Want ... Blame Chrisean For Neglecting Him

Blueface may have successfully destroyed any bit of public goodwill he had in his custody fight with Chrisean Rock ... posting a pic of their son's unhealthy genitals in an effort to prove his point -- but he's sticking to his guns.

On Sunday, Blueface shocked and angered onlookers online by uploading the graphic pic on social media with a complaint ... "This what my son d**k look like an she worried about me an lil baby c*** like bih get our son c*** right then do what you want."

We blurred the pic for obvious reasons, but Blue's defense is their still weeks-old son was suffering from a hernia but Chrisean still hadn't scheduled the necessary surgery to correct the condition.

Fans were split over Blueface's lack of family discretion ... one fan noted Chrisean's behavior during pregnancy may have pre-doomed the entire situation while Blueface even challenged another who questioned his parenting skills.

Others still want CPS to intervene ... which pretty much mirrors the thoughts of Blue's manager Wack 100, who demands the child return to the hospital so it can get the proper care.

Blue and Chrisean have been at each other's throats since the baby's birth ... last week Chrisean admitted fault for not cradling his head properly while shopping at Walmart, much to Blue's disappointment.

He doesn't think she's serious about raising the child but until something's done, the lil tyke will be the main one suffering.

Bam Margera 1 Month Sober ... Skating Like A Pro Again

Bam Margera has hit a fantastic milestone on his road to recovery ... we're told he's been sober for a month and is even hitting the skate park again.

Sources close to Bam tell TMZ ... Bam recently reached the 1-month mark and has been living on a farm owned by another professional skateboarder just outside of Philadelphia.

We're told he's been on the farm with his girlfriend, Dannii -- the 2 have been going to the gym every day and hiking with their dogs, and Bam's lost a ton of weight ... which has given him the ability to start skating again, and he's once again making it look easy.


Our sources say he's been loving getting back into the sport, but more importantly, has kept a really tight circle of positive friends and influences. Dannii even gave him an ultimatum that seems to have helped -- he picked her over the booze.

We're told the former "Jackass" star feels this is the first time he's wanted to get sober for himself ... as opposed to being forced by family or friends through an intervention.

As we reported, Bam's been in a legal battle with his estranged wife, Nikki, over custody of their 5-year-old kid, Phoenix -- she was granted temporary sole custody of the boy last month, following an arrest and citation for separate instances of public intoxication. Bam has been able to FaceTime with Phoenix 4 times a week.

BTW, Bam's brother, Jess, revealed earlier this year Bam destroyed a guitar they got from Billy Idol in a fit of rage. We're told Bam and Dannii hung out with the singer in Philly last weekend after a concert, and Billy actually signed a new guitar for him.

Way to go, Bam ... keep it up.

Travis Kelce Denim Outfit Not Taylor Swift-Inspired Clothing Co. Renamed Duds on the Spot!!!

Travis Kelce was stepping out of the Chiefs game with Taylor Swift in an outfit that's named after one of her biggest albums, but here's the thing -- the duds were renamed AFTER he bought it ... let us explain.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was rocking the "1989 Bedroom Painting" denim jacket and pants as he left the stadium with Taylor after Sunday night's game.

KidSuper, the company that made the threads, revealed a bit of sneaky marketing after the game ... telling folks on X it was originally called "Bedroom Painting," but the album title was slapped on after Travis was spotted wearing it with Taylor.

Smart move for sure, as Swifties everywhere are wondering if his outfit was the smoking gun proving the relationship ... but it looks like the brand is behind all the commotion.


Taylor sent her fans into delirium Sunday night as she appeared at Arrowhead Stadium, watching Travis play as she sat -- and stood, and screamed -- with his mom!

Courtesy of NFL

We've heard for weeks this was not a publicity stunt ... they really have been dating. Sunday night should put all doubts to rest.

Krayzie Bone Reportedly Hospitalized, Fighting for His Life

Krayzie Bone is reportedly fighting for his life in a hospital -- a scary update that has much of Hollywood sending their thoughts and prayers his way.

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper is said to be on a ventilator as a result of surgery to deal with a respiratory issue he's been battling, which saw him coughing up blood and requiring to go under the knife immediately ... this according to

The outlet reports KB's initial hospitalization stems from a diagnosis of sarcoidosis -- which causes inflammatory cells to form in different parts of the body. After undergoing a procedure to stop internal bleeding doctors detected, sources tell AHH that his condition worsened.

The news appears to have been confirmed by one of Krayzie's own BTNH members, Bizzy Bone -- who posted on social media this weekend ... asking everyone to keep KB in their thoughts. That, of course, spurred a lot of people to react ... including some big names.

Among the celebs who threw up messages of support ... Juicy J, LeBron James, DJ Paul, and others. Of course, tons of hip hop fans at large are pouring out with tributes as well.

Krayzie Bone's family is reported to be seeking privacy and hasn't expanded on where things stand -- but word is ... he's currently sedated and remains in Los Angeles-area ICU.

His contributions to music can't be overstated -- in addition to being a part of one of the biggest hip hop groups to emerge from the '90s, with an incredibly unique style, Krayzie has gone on to launch his own record label, apparel line and podcast network ... to name a few accomplishments. He's also won a couple Grammys in his day as part of Bone Thugs.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The guy isn't even all that old ... he's only 50. Here's hoping he can pull through. 🙏

Psychotic Plan PA Trooper Arrested for Illegally Committing Ex To Psych Ward ... Disturbing Video

A Pennsylvania State Police Trooper allegedly had his ex-girlfriend illegally committed to a psych ward, but his crazy plan backfired after he was caught on video violently restraining her as she begged for her release.


Ronald Davis was arrested last Thursday and charged with felony strangulation, unlawful restraint, false imprisonment, simple assault, recklessly endangering another person and official oppression.

The Dauphin County District Attorney said Davis is married with a family, but had an "intimate relationship" with his now former girlfriend.

Davis allegedly unlawfully secured an involuntary commitment order and had the woman tossed in a mental health facility against her will, according to a criminal court complaint.

A friend went along with Davis to record him taking the woman into custody before turning the video over to the D.A., who released it publicly.

Check out the disturbing clip ... Davis is sitting on top of the woman, manhandling her on the ground.

She pleads with him to get off her, telling him, "This isn't normal. Can I please get up? I didn't do anything wrong except disagree with you."

The woman tries to break free, wrestling with Davis and elbowing him in the back.

But, Davis is too strong and keeps her under his control until more cops arrive and she's taken to the hospital to be evaluated. The woman spent five whole days in the psych ward before getting discharged -- but she shouldn't have been there in the first place.

The D.A. said Davis carried on a four-month rocky relationship with the woman, threatening her at one point by saying, "I know you're not crazy, I'll paint you as crazy, I know the law."

Taylor Swift Walks Away from Game w/ Travis ... Side by Side, But No PDA


6:12 PM PT -- Here's the first video of Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce together in public.


The singer and NFL star walked out of Arrowhead side-by-side Sunday, cruising past stadium personnel and other media members. No hand-holding here -- but they're clearly in sync.


4:10 PM PT -- Travis Kelce and the Chiefs appear well on their way to a full-blown routing of the Chicago Bears -- an ass-whooping that Taylor Swift looked ecstatic to take in with a great view.


Check out these photos, obtained by TMZ, that show TayTay enjoying herself in the private box at Arrowhead Stadium alongside Travis' mom ... not to mention a bunch of pals she had around who were watching the game with her.


As you can tell, TS is having a blast ... and if this jubilance is suggestive of how things are going between her and TK -- that's a really good sign. BTW, eyewitnesses tell us Taylor and Donna Kelce chatted for a bit throughout the game ... and seemed to enjoy each other's company.

Courtesy of NFL

Taylor Swift appears to have confirmed the dating rumors about her and Travis Kelce -- 'cause she's in the building to watch his game right now ... standing next to his mama.

The pop star just showed up on FOX's NFL broadcast ahead of kickoff between the Kansas City Chiefs and the Chicago Bears. The Chiefs are at home today at Arrowhead Stadium ... and right as they started to introduce the game, they cut to TS in a private box.


TayTay was decked out in KC colors ... but more importantly, right next to Donna Kelce, TK's mother. When the camera came upon her, she started cheering and screaming.

Indeed ... the fact Taylor is there is a huge deal, and most certainly puts these rumors to rest. Obviously, they are in touch and they are hanging out ... and perhaps even more.

SportsRadio 94 WIP

Remember, just earlier this week ... Travis publicly said he'd invited Taylor to a game, and it sounds like she took him up on his offer pretty quickly.

This, of course, all comes on the heels of Travis's brother, Jason, apparently lending credence to all the speculation ... saying he believed all of it to be "true." We can see it with our own eyes now.

Unclear how serious they are with each other, but if history is any indication -- Taylor's love interests coming out to show support is a good sign that they're together.

How serious it is or how long it lasts ... time will tell. Have fun, you two!

Originally Published -- 1:33 PM PT

Tory Lanez Wants Gen Pop in New Prison ... Not Scared of Dangers

Tory Lanez is isolated in his prison cell, and amid a new, volatile environment, the guy's actually gunning to be among the normie inmates ... and he's not afraid at all.

Ceasar McDowell -- a member of Tory's legal team and the CEO of Unite the People -- tells us he's spoken to TL a few times since he was denied bond pending his appeal, and apparently Tory has a preference on where to be housed at the new facility ... gen pop.

Indeed ... we're told Tory's first choice is to be among the other inmates, as opposed to being siloed away in a protective wing ... where high-profile inmates often go. Instead, McDowell tells us Tory's relayed to him ... he wants to be among the common crowd, which is somewhat shocking.

TMZ broke the story -- Tory's currently isolated because of his celebrity status, getting frequent guard checks and escorts for meals -- but he doesn't want the special treatment ... he wants to be out with everybody else.

It goes without saying ... gen pop is where a lot of danger exists, and where an inmate could more easily run into problems. And despite this, we're told Tory has absolutely no apprehension about his safety ... as McDowell explains Tory thinks he can handle himself.

McDowell tells us that Tory's been fully briefed on prison life from several people in his own world -- and, generally speaking, he's a confident guy. In other words, it sounds like TL thinks he'd be able to fit right in without any problems.

More than this ... we're told there are practical reasons Tory's gunning for a gen Pop placement. An inmate in gen pop tends to have access to more programs and resources (like help/support groups) than the special wing prisoners do ... and McDowell says Tory wants the option to take advantage of those.


Unclear which of these Tory might want to join, but what McDowell does tell us is this ... Tory believes being a part of that will help him rehabilitate faster and come home sooner.

Now, while Tory might not fear his own safety in the new prison ... we're told he does have one lingering fear ... the real possibility of losing touch with his loved ones. We're told the communication rules at North Kern State Prison are different than what he had at L.A. County Jail ... where he could call anyone he wanted at any time.

Here, and for the time being, he'll have limited access to the outside world. McDowell says Tory can't make calls himself, but can still receive them from his legal team. This will only be temporary, however, as Tory sits tight in the "reception center" for the next 30 days.

McDowell says once Tory finishes his month in the reception center, he'll head into inmate orientation -- where they'll determine his fate as far as gen pop, etc. In the meantime, Tory's team is working round-the-clock to get a higher court to reverse the bond denial.

Bill Belichick On Taylor Swift, Kelce ... 'This Would Be The Biggest' Catch Of His Career!!!

The Greg Hill Show

Bill Belichick is clearly impressed with Travis Kelce's game on the field and off of it ... lauding the Chiefs star on Monday morning for his ability to apparently woo Taylor Swift!!!

"I would say Travis Kelce's had a lot of big catches in his career," the six-time Super Bowl champion head coach said, "this would be the biggest."

Belichick weighed in on the budding Swift-Kelce romance on "The Greg Hill Show" ... some 24 hours after the pop star was seen cheering on the K.C. tight end during his game at Arrowhead Stadium on Sunday afternoon.

Belichick, of course, is a huge Swiftie ... attending one of her concerts at Gillette Stadium earlier this year -- before praising her for her performance a few months later.

And, it's obvious he's happy for Kelce for seemingly locking down some 1-on-1, dating time with the "Karma" singer now.

It's not yet clear, however, where Kelce and Swift's relationship currently stands ... while she was in his box hanging with Donna Kelce during the game and then spotted leaving with him after the contest -- there was no PDA in sight.


Then again, the two were seen riding around Kansas City together later in the evening ... so maybe a love story is in the works after all -- something we know Belichick is ready to give Kelce some major props for!

Ex-WWE Superstar Mandy Rose I'm Making 'Life-Changing' $$$ ... Thanks To OnlyFans!!!


Former WWE Superstar Mandy Rose says she's raking in the dough outside the squared circle... telling TMZ Sports she's super grateful for those supporting her "lucrative" OnlyFans career.

Rose -- real name Amanda Saccomanno -- was famously booted from Vince McMahon's org. back in 2022 after racy images from her former subscription site were leaked on social media.

But instead of letting the scandal take the wind out of her sails, Mandy has since gone full-send with her sexy content ... and when we spoke to her this week about her adult modeling career, she was over the moon about how successful her new venture has been.

"It's been amazing," Mandy said. "Financially, I have been doing really well. And honestly, personally and mentally, I've been doing amazing. I have so much more time to spend with my family and just get involved in more things that I never thought I'd get involved in."

Mandy said she appreciates the opportunity she had with WWE and thanks the promotion for everything it's done for her career ... but wants her fellow wrestlers to know it's not the "end all, be all."

As for O.F., Mandy loves how she's able to document all parts of her life and interact with her biggest followers ... and, of course, the money.

In fact, she tells us she's helping out her family with her income as they relocate their family business.

"It's been kind of life-changing, I must say ... I'm really blessed, but I will say that I have a lot of financial freedom right now which is really amazing. That's why I'm so grateful that I'm able to help my family right now and kind of rejuvenate their business they got going on, and just continue with my future."

"So, it's been pretty lucrative, not gonna lie."

There's more -- Mandy also talks about her wrestling career ... and those who love watching her in the ring will want to check out what she said!!

Alicia Keys This Girl Has the Tea!!! ... Files Trademark For 'Alicia Teas'

Alicia Keys is dipping her toes in the beverage game, but not booze ... the singer filed a trademark for her own lines of teas, and it seems to be inspired by a gift from Swizz Beatz.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Alicia's company, AK Worldwide, filed to lock up rights to the name, "Alicia Teas" for a line of teas -- an obvious pun on her own name that fits perfectly in the world of drinks.

And, here's the funny part -- it all seems based on a gift from her boo!

Swizz pulled out all the stops for AK's birthday in 2020, gifting Alicia her own personal line of teas ... something folks rarely get to unwrap on their big day.

Swizz even joked the line would eventually be sold in Starbucks stores worldwide ... so this could be a sign that fans of the coffee chain could be waking up with a daily dose of "Alicia Teas" pretty soon!

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