'NAKED & AFRAID: LAST ONE STANDING' Survivalists Gag On Elephant Poop Seeds💩!!!


"Naked and Afraid: Last One Standing" is back with its brown-out episode -- survivalists chowing down on elephant poop-covered seeds.

TMZ snagged the first-look exclusive clip -- nothing triggers the survivalists' gag reflex like what they had to endure to win the $100K grand prize in Africa -- sifting through hardened elephant dung and chewing the seeds out without rinsing.

As you see, they all rush over to the dung piles for the challenge ... extracting the tiny seeds. Then, they ingeniously build a bird trap using the chewed seeds as bait.

Howie Mandel I Keep My Penis Super Clean ... No Cancer Worries For Me!!!


Howie Mandel says he's feeling vindicated about being a germaphobe in light of a worldwide rise in penis cancer caused in part by poor hygiene ... 'cause his shaft is clean as a whistle.

We got Howie outside Jimmy Kimmel's late-night talk show set in Hollywood and our photog asked him about the surge in penile cancer cases happening around the world ... seeing as he's well known for his aversion to germs.

Howie says there's two things he never does ... shake hands, and shake penises!!! 😂

NBA's Cameron Payne Tense 911 Call ... 'My Name's Terry'


NBA guard Cameron Payne dialed 911 just before he was arrested in Arizona last month ... and in a tense conversation with dispatch, he said his name was "Terry Johnson."

The chat with the Scottsdale Police Department -- which lasted more than five minutes -- happened on June 14 at around 2:30 AM ... after the 29-year-old hooper said he had gotten into a verbal dispute with his girlfriend.

Initially, you can hear in audio of the call -- obtained by TMZ Sports -- that Payne wanted officers to come to his house ASAP. But, in an ensuing back and forth with dispatch, Payne pled with the official to drop the matter.

Alie Davis Cooking Up Hot Shots In Kitchen Selfies!

Sink your teeth into this week's Summer Hot Shots ... where actress Alie Davis is serving up some mouth-watering photos in a California kitchen that will have you asking for seconds!

When this model isn't baking your eyes with delicious selfies ... Alie likes to mix things up with UGC content on her socials, relax at home while not working ... and even used to be a college gymnast!

What's cookin' good lookin?!

Be sure to check back in all summer long to see who will be melting down your modems with our Summer Hot Shots Features from around the world!

50 Cent's 'Many Men' Streams Up 250% 📈 But Producer Says Trump Camp Can't Use It!!!

Not Happening

50 Cent took full advantage of his song "Many Men" trending alongside the Donald Trump assassination attempt -- but the song's producer, Darrell "Digga" Branch, sees it as a bittersweet moment.

The veteran beatmaker tells TMZ Hip Hop ... having the classic record go viral in 2024 is definitely a plus, but he's not down with it being used to make Trump look gangsta -- as it turns out, he can't stand the guy.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Digga says his notifications began to light up shortly after DT got hit in Bethel, PA. He admits wondering at the time if it was real or a prank, but of course, we now know the shooting was the real deal.

Richard M. Nixon, John F. Kennedy RARE SIGNED DEBATE PIC FOR SALE

Long before the catastrophic Biden vs Trump showdown, Richard M. Nixon and John F. Kennedy squared off in the first-ever televised Presidential debate -- and now, you can snag a slice of that historic moment for yourself!

Momentsintime.com is offering an ultra-rare B&W snapshot of Nixon and JFK from the 1960 debate, signed by both legends -- and it’s yours if you drop $54K!

The photo is gold-framed, pristine, and was signed for Oliver Treyz, the then-prez of ABC News.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

What a week ... Trump shot, Richard Simmons and Shannen Doherty died, and that was just on Saturday. So we gotta ask ...

Did Secret Service Fail In Protecting Trump?

Trump Is Alive Because Of ...

Biden Will Withdraw Before DNC ...

Hulk Hogan At RNC ...

Mauricio Making Out With New Woman ...

Shawn Mendes And Camila Cabello Giving It A 3rd Try ...

Whose Side You On?

Whose Side You On?

Bhad Bhabie Back With Le Vaughn ...

TMZ TV HOT TAKES Kim K Olive Branch To Taylor?!? Kyle Richards, Ingrid Andress

Kim Kardashian and Taylor Swift may be healing the divide, Kyle Richards is pissed at Mauricio Umansky and Ingrid Andress is making lemonade ... all this on TMZ TV Hot Takes.

TMZ Live


First up on "TMZ Live" Harvey and Charles explain how Ivanka Trump could be easing the thaw between Kim and Taylor.

Celebrity Scramble Guess Who!

Hidden behind this squiggly-browed bro is an American actor and Hollywood hunk known from films like "Top Gun: Maverick". Put your celeb knowledge to the test, and see if you've got what it takes to detangle this mashed-up star!

His nose appears to be a tad twisted in this photo ... quite fitting for his newest movie, which premiered earlier this week. And in reality, he's got a chiseled jawline, and a full moon and rock-hard abs that nearly broke the internet last year!

If there's "Anyone But You" that can figure this out, it's definitely Sydney Sweeney.

Jake Paul Rocks Mike Perry In 6th Round ... Wins Via TKO

Jake Paul outlasted "Platinum" Mike Perry on Saturday ... defeating the Bare Knuckle FC and former UFC fighter via sixth-round TKO.

Jake handled Mike for the majority of the bout ... knocking Perry down in the first two rounds. He appeared gassed as the match went on, before ultimately catching a second wind and taking care of business.

Jake ended up getting the victory in the 6th ... and shortly after his hand was raised, he called out yet another UFC fighter -- Alex Pereira.

Richard Simmons Staff Shares Prepared Social Media Post ... Gray-Haired Pic of Star

Richard Simmons' team's keeping his legacy alive ... sharing a post the late star approved before he passed -- including what looks like a recent pic of the fitness guru.

The people behind Simmons' X account shared a post they say Richard worked on tirelessly that was supposed to go up last Sunday -- the day after he passed away.

In the post, the account managers explain how RS would go over posts multiple times ... holding off on posting until he'd written them exactly how he wanted.

Bella Hadid Hires Lawyers to Take on Adidas ... Blames Them For Lack of Accountability

Bella Hadid's readying for legal battle with Adidas ... with sources telling us she's hired legal counsel to take on the athleticwear giant.

Sources familiar with the situation tell TMZ ... Bella's retained lawyers to take action against Adidas for their lack of public accountability -- basically, saying she feels they spearheaded a cruel and damaging campaign.

Our sources say she's upset the company would put out a campaign that would associate anyone with a tragedy like the Munich Massacre at the 1972 Olympics ... with violence running in contrast to BH's own views.

'Big Brother' Head of House Launches Into Rant ... Less Than A Week In!!!


"Big Brother" is heating up early this year ... 'cause one housemate tore into another just days into the competition -- and, people online are loving it.

Here's the deal ... season 26 of "Big Brother" premiered on Wednesday, and diehards are obviously watching the 24/7 streams -- and, anyone who got up early on Saturday got treated to a verbal brawl between two contestants.

Angela -- who won the first competition, therefore becoming the first head of household -- comes downstairs to breakfast with the other competitors at 8 AM ... and immediately launches into an epic tirade about housemate Matt.

Donald Trump Downgrading His Wound Dressing ... Ditches Huge Bandage in Michigan

Donald Trump's clearly recovering quickly ... 'cause his bandages are getting a heck of a lot smaller -- trading in the big white gauze for a tiny skin-colored band-aid.

The leading Republican candidate took the stage for his Grand Rapids, Michigan rally just moments ago ... and, while many expected to see the eye-catching bandage covering his bullet wound, 45 switched it up with just a small band-aid.

The bandage -- which a ton of people at the RNC wore in solidarity with their candidate -- is nowhere to be found ... while the new one blends in well with Trump's skin from a distance.

Trump's Doctor Ronny Jackson Medical License Expired in 2020 ... Treating Trump Anyway

The assassination attempt of Donald Trump brought his former physician Ronny Jackson rushing to his side to render aid ... but, it appears Jackson's medical licenses are expired.

TMZ has checked, and it turns out Jackson's Virginia medical license expired back in 2020 ... so, technically it seems he's not allowed to treat patients.

The Dallas Morning News reports he's still American Board of Emergency Medicine certified to provide emergency medical services ... a certification that lasts until 2025.

Philadelphia Baby Shooter Alleged Gunwoman Arrested ... Mug Shot Released

A woman accused of shooting a 7-month-old infant on the streets of Philadelphia has been arrested ... and TMZ has obtained her mug shot.

Dominique Billips -- the 28-year-old accused of the crime -- has been arrested and charged with aggravated assault, violation of the Uniform Firearms Act (VUFA), and related offenses according to a press release from Philly PD.

PPD says they arrested Billips Friday -- the day after the caught-on-camera shooting -- apprehending her without incident.

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