Police Misconduct Cops Attack, Slug Man Videotaping Police Stop

A man who was videotaping cops who stopped a black driver was ordered to stop taping, and it ended with the guy getting assaulted.

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Joe Bennett was driving home in Jeffersontown, Kentucky when he saw a number of police cars swarm a car. Bennett decided to live stream the stop on Facebook ... as he said, he was doing his "due diligence as a citizen."

Joe is at least 50 feet away, and maybe further, saying "I just wanted to observe, so I tried to give them distance."

He actually says the video is "the most boring live video ever," when at the 3-minute mark a cop walks ominously toward Bennett and orders him to stop filming, coming up with an excuse that it's a crime scene investigation -- as if that's a justification.

Bennett refuses to stop, so the cop asks for his ID. Now, technically, if a cop asks for ID -- even if the request violates the law -- you're supposed to comply, but Bennett says he did nothing wrong so he refuses. That's when the cop attacks, grabbing for Bennett's phone and slugs him.

A police official told Spectrum 1, "Officers were in the area investigating and making arrests related to a check fraud scheme thwarted at the Citizens Union Bank across the street from the McDonalds." What's unclear ... cops reportedly say a suspect claimed Bennett was the driver in the check fraud scheme.  You do hear the cop say, "you are involved," but Joe tells us he was never told he was being accused of a check fraud scheme.

Joe tells TMZ the citation says, "Officers were investigating a case where fraudulent checks were being cashed at a local bank.  Officers were informed that there was a gray jeep involved.  Officers were told that the gray jeep was picking up offenders after they attempted to cash the fraudulent check.  This officer was informed that the above subject (Joe Bennett) at which time was standing on the side of his vehicle was the driver of the gray jeep.  Officer approached the subject and asked him for identification.  Subject refused.  Officer told the subject he was named in the investigation and the subject still refused to identify himself.  Officer attempted to put handcuffs on the subject before things escalated. Subject tensed up and started to pull away. Officer delivered one empty strike to the subject and to the subject to the ground."

Bennett says he was cited for resisting arrest and menacing.  Bennett tells TMZ officers cleared him at the scene in the check fraud scheme.

Kim Kardashian Death Row Visit Brings Big Boost For Julius Jones' Family, Supporters


Kim Kardashian's visit with an inmate on death row in Oklahoma is being hailed as a big morale boost for the folks already fighting for Julius Jones' freedom.

Kim brought a lot of extra attention to Julius' case when she met with him face-to-face in Oklahoma City ... and we're told it's got his family excited and supporters energized.

Folks at the "Justice for Julius" campaign tell us their website has seen a tenfold traffic increase, and thousands of emails from all over the world are flowing into the site and into the inbox at the Oklahoma Pardon and Parole Board, urging a commutation of his sentence.

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Jones, a Black man, was only 19 when he was arrested for the shooting death of a 45-year-old white man named Paul Howell back in 1999. Jones was convicted of 1st-degree murder in 2002 and sentenced to death, but lots of folks say the case was racially charged with little evidence tying him to the scene. Julius claims he was framed and it was racial.

Julius filed a clemency petition last year and is waiting on the parole board to recommend his sentence be commuted ... a final decision is in the hands of Governor Kevin Stitt.

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We're told since Kim's visit Cleveland Browns quarterback, Baker Mayfield, who's been wearing Julius' name on the back of his helmet all season and has been wearing custom cleats with Julius' face on it, is fully on board the Julius team.

But, more than anything, we're told Kim's visit brought renewed hope and energy to the folks on the ground in Oklahoma who have been working tirelessly on the case.

Julius' sister, Antoinette Jones, tells TMZ ... Kim provided the family with a sense of optimism moving forward, making good on her word to fight for Julius. Antoinette says Kim's drive reminds her of Robert Kardashian Sr.

It's pretty heartbreaking ... Julius' sister says he told Kim he's still broken up about not being able to take her to junior and senior prom because he was locked up, and he told Kim he wants to make it up to his sister. She says Kim feels that's another reason why Kim wants to fight for his freedom.

Not everyone is feeling great about Kim's visit though.

Oklahoma Attorney General Mike Hunter called her out for advocating for Jones, claiming "every criticism surrounding his case has been disproven" and railing against "celebrity endorsements."

Nevertheless ... Kim's making an impact on Julius' case one way or another.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Donald Trump's started on the pardon train, so the question -- is Joe Exotic next? And, what's the deal with the Grammys?  So we gotta ask ...

Trump Should Pardon Joe Exotic ...

Grammys Overlooking The Weeknd ...

2020 Thanksgiving ...

Ricky Schroder Posting Kyle Rittenhouse's Bail

I Will Follow Biden's Advice On COVID ...

Drake Playing Obama In Biopic ...

When Vaccine Becomes Widely Available ...

Nelly 'DWTS' Shoes Go To The Teen Project Expected to Raise $50k!!!

Exclusive Details

Nelly's custom-made dance shoes were all the rage on this season of "Dancing with the Stars," and now they're going to a great cause -- helping young women who are survivors of human trafficking.

As we told you ... the rapper wowed 'DWTS' fans and the judges with his slick moves and his hip hop-inspired footwear, but now that the dancing competition's wrapped up, he's sending his shoes to The Teen Project to be auctioned off.

Our sources say Yung Swivel's donating at least 10 pairs to the organization -- which also aids young women who've suffered trauma and homelessness -- and his entire collection is expected to fetch $50,000 ... if not more.

Nelly's been a major advocate of The Teen Project over the last few months, helping the org raise $820k overall in 2020 ... which is about $300k more than last year.

The rapper's been working to raise funds for Vera's Sanctuary, a rehab facility operated by The Teen Project for victims of sex trafficking. Our sources say the money raised by Nelly has already been used to send women who've been through Vera's to college.

Along with the $50k Nelly's 'DWTS' shoes are expected to haul in at the upcoming auction, we're told the organization anticipates an additional $30k in donations to come in this week from Nelly's efforts.

Stars Getting In Shape(Wear) Guess Who!

Not even the holidays can get in the way of these stars and their fit figures!

Celebs are keen on staying on top of their looks, and a lot of them have suited up in shapewear ... And we're sure the snug clothing will help 'em get through all the festive feasts to come!

See what all the hype is about by taking a look through our gallery of stars getting in shape(wear) ... and while you're at it, put your celebrity skills to the test and see if you can guess which Hollywood hottie is in the sexy snap!


Amazon Alexa, Spread Anti-Semitic Propaganda ... Holocaust Lies, Claims of Jewish Conspiracies

Alexa -- Amazon's popular virtual helper -- is spewing out hateful anti-Semitic conspiracies and even lies about the Holocaust ... according to the UK’s All-Party Parliamentary Group Against Antisemitism.

The APPG political group claims the Alexa voice service is offering messages from anti-Semitic websites to people asking about Jewish people and the Holocaust ... without clarifying that the information comes from "selective quotes and misleading sources."

Examples include Alexa allegedly responding to the question, "Do Jews control the media?" with ... "Jew Watch claims that Jews control the world's financial systems and media," while only pointing out that this is from an article it found on Wikipedia.

Likewise, when asked if the Holocaust was a hoax ... the UK officials claim Alexa replied that deniers claim "the Holocaust is a hoax -- or an exaggeration -- arising from a deliberate Jewish conspiracy designed to advance the interest of Jews at the  expense of other people."

The APPG notes that Alexa pulled this selective line from an article, without warning that the full article describes Holocaust denial as propagating several lies about the Holocaust.

Finally, Alexa allegedly responded to a question about whether Israel's guilty of war crimes with "something I found on the web" that says ... "ethnic cleansing on a massive scale and serial human rights abuse, including war crimes, yes -- Israel is guilty of these atrocities."

Officials at the APPG sent a letter to an Amazon exec in the UK asking for an explanation and what will be done to rectify this situation. The group also claims it will be contacting the police about possible "racial incitement legislation."

An Amazon spokesperson tells us ... "We have a zero-tolerance policy towards discriminatory and offensive content. When we detect this type of content, we actively investigate and block responses that don't meet our policy, as we did in this case."

Boosie Badazz Rolls Into Da Club ... In a Wheelchair!!!


Boosie Badazz is recovering from multiple surgeries after being shot in the leg ... but that didn't stop him from turning up at the club on Thanksgiving.

The rapper hosted a "Thanksgiving Bash" Thursday night at the Exquis Event Center in Charleston, SC ... despite being confined to a wheelchair with his leg still heavily bandaged.

Boosie didn't need his legs to get on the mic though, and seemed to be in really good spirits as he rolled in to get the party going.

Still ... it sure seems pretty dicey from a guy who recently went under the knife, not to mention the fact he hit up a club where it appears there were zero COVID-19 precautions in place.

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And get this ... Boosie's planning on throwing another bash Saturday at an Alabama club for his birthday. The dude's definitely not taking it easy.

We broke the story ... Badazz was shot in the leg a couple weeks ago in Dallas, just days after his friend, Mo3, was killed there in a fatal shooting.

There were rumors the rapper had to have his foot amputated, but thankfully that was false. He did have to undergo a couple of surgeries for his gunshot wound, though ... including a procedure to remove bullet fragments and have screws put in to make sure his foot properly heals.

We're no doctors, but ya gotta think when they told Boosie to stay off his feet for 6 weeks ... this isn't what they had in mind.

Tiffany Haddish Gives Thanks Via Song ... Fitting for a Grammy Nominee!!!


Tiffany Haddish rattled off a list of things she's thankful for in life, and they're all very relatable ... except the part about the Grammys.

The comedian and actor put on a Thanksgiving Day show outside Hollywood's Laugh Factory -- accompanied by "The Office" star Craig Robinson on the keys -- to provide a little levity during this most unusual holiday season.


She also served up turkey with all the fixins for folks who didn't have a meal or a place to go.

Tiffany sings about how she's thankful for so many things, but she keeps it pretty basic -- food, shelter, health ... with a little bathroom humor mixed in.

But, to top it off, Haddish thanks all of her fans who watched "Black Mitzvah" on Netflix ... which helped her score a Grammy nomination for Comedy Album.

It's actually her second nom -- she got her first a couple years ago for the Spoken Word Album, "The Last Black Unicorn" -- but as she points out ... neither have been for her singing voice.

Keep practicing, Tiff!!!

Donald Trump Of Course I'll Leave The White House, But ...

Sure, I'll move out

Donald Trump seemed to concede something that has Bill Maher and many others worried sick ... that he won't leave The White House on January 20.

Trump now says he will indeed leave 1600 Pennsylvania if the Electoral College declares Joe Biden the winner of the 2020 presidential election. There were certainly signs he would not vacate, especially since he has refused to concede the election.

He's still claiming massive voter fraud -- without evidence -- so that's why his declaration is significant. He even compares the U.S. to a third world country.

As for attending Biden's inauguration ... he wouldn't commit, but listen to how Trump frames his answer. He seems to say he might attend, but emphasis on "seems." If Trump does show up on the Capitol steps, it would be pretty shocking given what he's said about the results and Biden himself.

'AGT' Kid Magicians Arrested by Louisiana Cops ... For Refusing to Live with Mother


A brother and sister who gained fame on "America's Got Talent" with their magic act probably wish they could have disappeared during a tense confrontation with cops ... because they got arrested for refusing to live with their mom.

The teenage siblings, Kadan and Brooklyn Rockett, were arrested last week in Farmerville, Louisiana after refusing to go with police who were trying to return them to their mother. A Missouri judge ordered the handoff in the ongoing custody battle with their father.


We're told the arrest stems from a 2019 Missouri court order requiring the kids to split their time with their mom and dad... and law enforcement sources tell us they had paperwork authorizing the handoff. Our sources say the kids have been living with their dad in California for years, but have refused to see their mom.

In the video, the teens say they're afraid of their mother and don't want to go back to her, but cops say they have no choice. The kids refuse to comply, so the cop begins reading them their Miranda rights and slaps the cuffs on 15-year-old Kadan. 13-year-old Brooklyn -- who's sobbing during the arrest -- was also cuffed.

Our sources say the siblings were in Louisiana for their grandmother's funeral, so that is how the mother knew where they would be in order to send the police to pick them up.

Law enforcement sources tell us the children were held at the Green Oaks Detention Center in Monroe overnight to await a court hearing the next morning.

It's unclear exactly what went down at the hearing because the judge ordered it to be sealed, but we're told Kadan and Brooklyn were released back to their father ... at least for now.

The Rockett parents have been divorced since 2009, but the nasty custody battle has been ongoing. There was a similar incident with the kids and a Missouri judge in October 2019.

We've reached out to the kids' mother ... so far, no word back.

Kadan and Brooklyn were semi-finalists on 'AGT' in 2016 who wowed the judges with their magician skills.

The Pope Compares Abortion To Hiring A Hitman

Pope Francis just compared abortion to hiring a hitman ... because he says both acts are designed to get rid of a problem.

The Pope made his comment to Argentinian women who oppose a new, proposed law that would decriminalize abortion. The Argentinian President vowed to sign a law that would make abortion "legal, safe and free" for all citizens.

The Pontiff said abortion was just like "hiring a killer to solve a problem."

Pope Francis, who is from Argentina, told opponents of the bill, "The country is proud to have women like you."

Francis did say as far as he's concerned, women who have had abortions can seek forgiveness and their priests will "absolve them."

The Pope recently seemed to sanction gay civil unions, but then walked it back.

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