Walmart Cops Shoots at Customer ... Allegedly Stole a BBQ

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A BBQ will get you shot at a Del City, Oklahoma Walmart ... that is if you dare to steal one.

It's hard to believe watching the video, but an off-duty officer from a college police department happened to be at the superstore and decided to take the law into his own hands after spotting a customer allegedly making off with a BBQ without paying.

As the customer and the cop get into a scuffle in the parking lot, you see the customer in the driver's seat back up while the cop is close to the vehicle. That's all it took for the officer to fire off 9 rounds.

Remarkably, the customer wasn't killed, but he was taken to a local hospital. It's unclear how many times, if any, he was hit. He is reportedly in stable condition.

As for the cop ... he's a member of the Langston University PD. His department says they are cooperating with the Del City Police Dept. which is investigating.

BTW ... cops say the man who was shot at had a receipt, but still left the store without paying for everything in his shopping cart.

Christopher Columbus Statue Toppled and Thrown in Harbor

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@louiskraussnews, @jmgpix / Twitter

Christopher Columbus took an involuntary swim Saturday night, after protesters toppled his statue in Baltimore and threw it in the drink.

It seems almost inevitable that Columbus is about to become a scarce sight in this country, given the fact he was an awful man responsible for the rape and murders of countless people.

The Mayor of Baltimore was understanding ... his spokesperson said, "We understand the dynamics that are playing out in Baltimore are part of a national narrative."

President Trump wants anyone who topples a statue prosecuted and put in prison, but the winds of change are now clear. Columbus statues have been either removed or vandalized in Miami, Richmond, St. Paul and Boston.

The questions ... will the Columbus Day holiday be 86'd? Will Columbus Circle in NYC have a name change? And so on, and so on.

Coronavirus London Streets, Pubs Reopen ... Wild, Dicey Scene

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England has reopened its doors to pubs and restaurants -- on what they're calling "Super Saturday" -- but the government's warnings/threats seem to have fallen on deaf ears.

Check out the scene in the SoHo district of London, where an insane number of people broke loose Saturday from their flats and hit the streets and bars. There's zero social distancing and masks are few and far between.

Here's the thing ... the UK has banned gatherings of more than 6 people and there's a strong recommendation that people stay 2-meters apart. Clearly not the case.

Pubs closed back in March due to the virus and the lockdown. The government has warned if people don't follow the rules the pubs will be the first to get shut down again.

Europe has 280,000 confirmed COVID19 cases and 44,000 deaths.

The government has also allowed hair salons, outdoor gyms, playgrounds, hotels, movie theaters, museums and libraries to reopen.

Looks a lot like America.

Seattle Protest One Protester Dead After Car Slams Into Her


6:29 AM PT -- 7/5 One of the protesters has now died from her injuries. The woman -- 24-year-old Summer Taylor -- died in the hospital Saturday night from her injuries. She was a Seattle resident who was peacefully protesting on a closed stretch of I-5 when the car plowed into 2 people. The other protester who was injured, Diaz Love, is in serious condition and remains in the ICU. As for the driver, Dawit Kelete, he has been arrested and charged with 2 counts of vehicular assault. Now that someone has died he could face homicide charges.

Two protesters were mowed down by a car early Saturday morning in Seattle, and the driver is now under arrest.

It happened at around 1:30 AM on a stretch of the I-5 that was closed to traffic. A car suddenly barreled down the road, striking 2 people. A 24-year-old woman is in critical condition with what troopers said were life-threatening injuries. Another woman suffered injuries that were described as serious.

Eyewitnesses told authorities they believed the incident was a "purposeful attack."

The Washington State Patrol took the driver into custody. A spokesperson says it does not appear that impairment was a factor.

Originally published -- 7/4 7:17 AM PT

4th of July Bev Hills Party Breeding Ground for COVID


Hundreds of young people in SoCal ran for the hills on the 4th of July ... Beverly Hills that is, where they may get 2 cases of Corona -- and only 1 is the beer.

It's a crazy scene that has been repeated all over the country. Partiers packed in like sardines without face masks. There's a lot of drinking and super-close contact ... ideal for the spread of the virus.

Not that they're listening .... but California is experiencing a huge spike in coronavirus cases.  In the last 2 weeks in L.A. County, 28,130 people tested positive and 391 have died.

It's now as clear as can be ... there are lots of people who just don't care if they get the virus or just believe they are impervious to it. Wrong.

They clearly don't believe in science, so the question -- will they get a vaccine if and when it's available?

Dick's Sporting Goods Violent Confrontation Over Candy Bar ... Caught on Video

Chucky Wells / Facebook

Video has surfaced of a violent confrontation at a Dick's Sporting Goods store where a customer was punched and put in a chokehold ... all over a candy bar.

It went down in Toledo, Ohio Thursday. Cops say they received a call from an employee at the store that a customer -- 36-year-old Aaron Buckenmeyer -- had stolen some merchandise.

The video begins with Buckenmeyer and an employee are standing toe-to-toe when the employee delivers a crushing blow that sends Buckenmeyer to the ground.

The employee told cops Buckenmeyer had headbutted him and that's what provoked the punches.

You see Buckenmeyer in a chokehold. The employee claims during the takedown Buckenmeyer was grabbing him by the genitals.

As for Buckenmeyer ... he repeatedly told the employee he had asthma and couldn't breathe.

In the end ... it appears the incident was triggered by a candy bar Buckenmeyer had put in a bag that fell out during the confrontation.

Buckenmeyer was taken to a hospital as a precaution for head trauma. The employee was arrested on assault charges.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

It seems the wheels are falling off as we pseudo-celebrate the 4th ... COVID cases are exploding, as are tempers across the U.S. So we gotta ask ...

I Will Obey Any Shutdown Orders ...

For The 4th I'm Listening To ...

Now That Gyms Require Masks ...

Racism In U.S. ...

I Worked On My 2020 Summer Bod ...

2020 Will Get ...

2021 Will Be ...

I Will Vote In November

Breonna Taylor A.G. Posting Engagement Pics ...

Hollywood Bar & Club Scene On Verge of Collapse ... After New Closure Order


California's nightlife is going back into lockdown amid renewed spikes of coronavirus cases -- something the L.A. bar and club scene might not be able to survive ... TMZ has learned.

If you live in the Golden State, you probably heard about Gov. Gavin Newsom once again ordering the closure of bars and clubs in 19 counties -- including Los Angeles County, where those venues had just started to open back up after months of lockdown.

Newsom also said folks couldn't do indoor dine-in service at restaurants -- so even if a bar serves grub, it's a nonstarter. Fact is ... Newsom had no option. The virus is out of control.

Nevertheless ... it's a big problem for lots of bars and clubs -- especially smaller ones that were ramping up to get back into the game ... only to get shut down for a second time.

John Arakaki, who owns St. Felix -- a couple of stylish bars that have been functioning in the Hollywood area for the past 11 years -- says he quickly went through 60 percent of his government loans on safety training, staff payroll, cleaning the kitchen and everything in between. When he reopened 3 weeks ago, he was able to break even after factoring in all his revenue and expenses. He was hoping to turn the corner during the 4th weekend, but that's not going to happen. He says if he's down for 3 more weeks, survival looks bleak.

Cat & The Fiddle -- a West Hollywood pub -- reopened its doors Monday ... just to have everything shut down again 2 days later. The owner spent 5 to 10 thousand dollars in the past couple weeks on face masks, safety training for their staff, and beer and food inventory.

Heck, even popular Hollywood hot spots like Bootsy Bellows and Poppy -- two popular WeHo clubs -- are on the ropes -- they were ramping up for a big 4th of July, and that's now money down the drain. They say they can survive, but that's a relative term.

Some of the restaurant and club owners are especially frustrated because they feel the second shutdown order came from out of the blue. The reality ... the COVID numbers were on the rise for many days, and at a point, the shutdown was only a matter of time.

'Mighty Ducks' Goalie 170 Days Sober ... But I Need New Teeth!!!


Shaun Weiss -- famous for playing Goldberg in "The Mighty Ducks" -- is doing well on his road to recovery following his most recent meth bust ... but he could still use a little help in one area.

Shaun's at a sober living facility in Woodland Hills, where he's staying clean and going to outpatient meetings 5 days a week ... but he could use some new pearly whites, because they're all gone.

His good friend, Drew Gallagher, set up a GoFundMe to help get Shaun a full set of teeth ... and he's trying to raise $25,000 for some much-needed dental work and his ongoing sober-living.

As you can see in this latest pic of Shaun ... he's looking much better and happier. He was having breakfast this week with Drew when the picture was taken ... a meal celebrating 170 days sober.

It's another milestone for Shaun, who finally went to rehab in March after getting out of jail and completed a 90-day program at Quest 2 Recovery in Lancaster.

As we first reported ... Shaun's buddies were desperate to get the troubled child star help before it was too late -- he was dealing with a slew of life-threatening issues and was at one point, living on the streets before January's meth and burglary arrest.

Shaun keeps looking better and better ... so hopefully, he keeps getting the help he needs, including some new teeth.

Lucas Grabeel Gay 'High School Musical' Character I Wouldn't Play Role Now, And Here's Why


Lucas Grabeel, who played Ryan in "High School Musical," says he would steer clear from the gay character role nowadays ... so as not to take a job away from a gay actor.

Lucas tells TMZ ... the last thing he would want to do is take an opportunity away from another actor, and as a straight, white man he feels he's already taken plenty of opportunities away from others without even trying. Guy owns his white privilege.

As you know ... the director behind 'HSM' recently revealed Ryan was gay all along, but he says Ryan wasn't openly gay in the movies, because back in 2006 he didn't think Disney was ready for such a character.

Lots have changed since Lucas played Ryan in the Disney Channel Movie 14 years ago ... and he thinks a gay actor would be cast for the role if the movie was being made today, and he hopes the character would not have to hide his identity.

Lucas' thinking is similar to that of Mike Henry, the white actor who voiced Cleveland on "Family Guy" for 20 years. Mike recently stepped down from the role, saying the black character should be voiced by a black actor.

As for gay characters like Ryan, Lucas says it's finally time for Disney and others in the industry to start educating children about gay people at the youngest age possible.

Sebastian Stan Good Genes or Good Docs?!

Sebastian Stan's good looks might just be his in real life superpower!

Here is a 23-year-old version of the "Captain America" star showing off his blonde locks at the premiere for the movie "Material Girls" in New York City back in 2006 (left).

And, 14 years later ... The now 37-year-old was last spotted showin' off some scruff before a movie screening in Atlanta, Georgia earlier this year (right).

Sebastian has built quite the resume for himself, from starring as Carter Baizen on "Gossip Girl" to playing the Winter Soldier/Bucky Barnes in several Marvel movies.

We stan these looks!

The question is ...

Sebastian Stan ...

NFL's Jeremy Kerley Chip Kelly Galvanized 49ers After Kaep's 1st Kneel In '16


Colin Kaepernick's former 49ers teammate says it was Chip Kelly who punted the elephant out of the room after the QB's first kneeling protest ... with Jeremy Kerley telling TMZ Sports the coach couldn't have handled the situation any better.

"I love Chip for it," Kerley says.

The ex-S.F. wideout tells us shortly after Kaepernick began his protest of social injustices during 2016 NFL national anthems ... Kelly didn't allow things to get awkward.

In fact, Kerley says the former Niners head man brought the team together almost immediately and gave Kaepernick the floor to speak his mind to the locker room.

"For Chip being able to do that, I think that was pretty cool for him to kind of take the elephant out the room and remove all doubt," Kerley says. "I think that was pretty cool, I love Chip for it."

"It kind of removed all doubts and stuff in the locker room and we just bonded, like we were close and it was fun."

Kerley tells us because of Chip's actions ... the 49ers were able to have a blast in 2016 -- and the receiver says even though they finished 2-14, it was his favorite year of his 8-season career.

"To play with Kaep -- a lot of people forget, Kaep was a ballplayer," Kerley told us.

Jeremy says Kaepernick still has the goods to play in the NFL ... adding, "I think it's definitely time for him to jump back on the field and for people to accept him back on the field."

As for Kerley -- who hasn't played since he was with Buffalo in 2018 -- he says he's still leaving the door open for an NFL return ... but tells us he has a pretty sweet job in the meantime.


Morgan Ketzner Start Summer Off With A Bang!

Morgan Ketzner is here to help you float through your 4th of July weekend with these hot shots … complete with stars and stripes string bikini and sequined scrunchie, while hanging topside on Lake Elmo.

When the 26-year-old boatin' babe isn’t showing off on her instagram account or modeling on Sports Illustrated and Maxim, she can be spotted riding her horse named Bobby and trying out her super tan sea legs paddleboarding, wakeboarding and captaining boats around the land of 10,000 lakes.

This year’s Summer Hot Shots are coming to you a little differently … we have teamed up with smoke shows from around the world to create some eye-popping photos galleries with a DIY flare (social distancing, duh!) for your viewing pleasure.

Be sure to check back each Sunday to see who’s heating up that weekend!

Kanye West Announces 2020 Presidential Bid Elon Musk Backs Him!!!

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It's happening (or so it seems) ... Kanye West is running for President, and he says he's doing it sooner than later -- as in RIGHT NOW!!! At least that's how it sounds, anyway.

Ye made the announcement out of nowhere Saturday on Twitter, saying ... "We must now realize the promise of America by trusting God, unifying our vision and building our future. I am running for president of the United States! #2020Vision"

Funny enough, he immediately got the support of one the biggest names in tech -- one Elon Musk, who replied, "You have my full support!" Interestingly, the two of them had just hung out a few days prior to Kanye's declaration ... and they seem like total besties.

Now, back to politics for a sec. It's not completely crazy that Kanye is announcing this bid for the White House -- he's publicly toyed with the idea several times in the past ... perhaps most notably at the 2015 MTV VMAs. Hell, folks thought he'd run in 2016.

Of course, since then ... Kanye has dipped his toe in and out of politics and political talk to much criticism -- and in some cases, to praise. Just depends on who you talked to. And yes, the guy's voiced his support for President Trump many times over since 2016.

If he's serious here -- and it's hard to tell if he is or not -- it would appear he's willing to go head to head with DT in a general election. We should note though, KW has NOT filed to run this year with the FEC, which is a requirement for anyone getting into the race.

Hey, November's a long way from now. It could happen 🤷🏽‍♂️

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