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Osundairo Bros Jussie's 'Attackers' Can't Land Acting Gigs ... But Abel's Landing Punches

4/22/2019 1:00 AM PDT

The men who allegedly "attacked" Jussie Smollett at his behest are feeling the pain in the aftermath of the whole debacle ... because their acting careers have taken a major blow.

Sources close to the Osundairo brothers -- Abel and Ola -- tell TMZ ... the 2 have come up empty trying to land an agent in the past several weeks. We're told they've reached out to about 10 of the top agencies in Chicago and none have been interested in signing them.

This especially hurts right now because it's pilot season in the TV biz, and actors like the bros can't even get auditions without an agent.

What's worse is Abel actually HAD signed with the Gray Talent Group about a month before his involvement in the Jussie drama became known, and got dropped shortly afterward.

The reason he was given, according to our sources, was generic and didn't mention the Smollett case ... but it was obvious. We're told the agency told Abel it couldn't provide him the opportunities he desired, adding ... "parting ways with talented actors like yourself is a difficult decision and not a direct reflection on your character or your abilities."

Unfortunately for the Osundairos ... their fitness biz has tapered off as well. Our sources say while it seemed to be booming about a month ago, many of their potential clients turned out to be feigning interest in getting in shape and were really looking to get details on Jussie's case.

The good news -- at least for Abel -- is his boxing career is on the rise. He followed up his win in the semifinals of the prestigious Chicago Golden Gloves Tournament last month by winning the whole damn amateur competition last Friday ... in the first round.

So, congrats on that at least.

Meagan Good To Kaepernick Let's Do a Movie Together!!!

4/22/2019 12:50 AM PDT

If Colin Kaepernick is trying to get that Hollywood money ... Meagan Good says she's ALL IN -- telling TMZ Sports, "I'll do a movie with him!!"

Of course, Kaepernick's having trouble finding work these days ... even after he settled his lawsuit with the NFL -- league owners still don't seem to want to give him a shot at playing QB.

Enter the "Shazam!" actress ... who tells us she would LOVE to see Kaepernick take up acting if he decides to officially hang up his football cleats.

"I just think Kaepernick is amazing and pray for him to continue to just have the platform that he has whatever way that he has, and if he wants to act, dude, he can do it!"

Unclear what their roles would be in a future flick ... but we know Kap has SOME level of comfortability behind the camera -- 'memba his famous Nike commercial??

Soooo, as Good says ... "Sup Kaepernick?!"

'Step Up Revolution' Director Scott Speer Arrested for Arson ... After Alleged Domestic Dispute

4/22/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Scott Speer roughed up his wife during a drunken rampage before trying to burn their house down, and he's now been booked for arson ... according to law enforcement sources.

The "Step Up Revolution" filmmaker was arrested last week at his San Fernando Valley home after cops and firefighters arrived at their place for an alleged domestic dispute.

We're told Speer had been drinking heavily when he got into a fight with his wife, who allegedly suffered some minor injuries. Cops say the spat culminated with Scott setting fire to a broom with the intention of lighting up the whole house.

Fortunately, the flames were extinguished ... but Speer was hauled away by cops and is facing a felony charge for arson. We're told domestic violence charges are possible as well.

Speer's bond was set at $250k ... he's posted it and has been released from custody.

We reached out to him ... no word back so far.

Along with directing 'Revolution' ... Speer produced "Step Up All In" and directed 2 recent Bella Thorne movies -- "I Still See You" and "Midnight Sun." 

Cardi B vs. Tasha K Blogger Goes HAM ... I Could've Blown You Away!!!

4/22/2019 12:30 AM PDT

The blogger Cardi B is suing -- over some wild allegations -- just got served in a heated exchange with the process server ... one that included an apparent threat of gunfire. 

We broke the story ... Cardi's going after Tasha K for claiming the rapper's a drug-using prostitute with herpes. Cardi's lawyers hired a process server to deliver the lawsuit to Tasha's residence Thursday night.

This audio from their run-in, obtained by TMZ, makes it clear things quickly got dicey.

You hear the server ID himself to Tasha and a male companion as they pull up to their home. Tasha got pissed because she says the guy was in her driveway, looking through her mail. 

Although she was pissed, he does his job ... handing her the docs and delivering the line, "You've been served." Tasha responded by informing him she's within her rights to "blow something in your head."

The server assures her he didn't do anything illegal, but Tasha wasn't having it. 

For the record, Cardi's suing Tasha -- and another blogger, Starmarie Ebony Jones -- for defamation, and wants their video posts about her deleted.

'Game Of Thrones' Behind The Scenes Photos

4/22/2019 12:01 AM PDT

Fear may cut deeper than swords ... but these fun photos prove that when the camera stops rolling, there is nothing to be afraid of!

"Game of Thrones" is striking down on it's final few episodes and the close-knit cast is remembering all of their favorite behind the scenes moments of the epic series. Whether it's Sansa and Arya reuniting in Season 7, the Lannister siblings paying off their debts in humor in-between takes, or Daenerys' not-so fantastical ride on a green screen dragon just last episode, these crew candids are sure to prepare you for winter.

The things they do for love.  

Matt Stafford's Wife Kelly Recovering After Scary 12-Hour Brain Surgery ... 'Truly God's Work'

4/21/2019 5:25 PM PDT
Breaking News

Kelly Stafford is on the road to recovery following brain surgery that went twice as long as planned and had everyone very concerned ... but she says God was looking out for her.

As we reported ... Lions QB Matthew Stafford's wife was diagnosed with a brain tumor recently and had to undergo a serious procedure this week to remove it.

Kelly says when doctors opened her up, they discovered an "abnormal vein." Fortunately, it wasn't abnormal for her neurosurgeon, who had not only seen it before ... but written a paper on it.

As Kelly puts it ... "That's truly God's work."

Because of the complication, an expected 6-hour surgery became 12 hours, but Kelly made it through. Video of her in the hospital shortly afterward shows how challenging the recovery will be, as Kelly struggles to walk with Matt by her side.

Good news is ... she's now back home with her family "learning my new norm."

She says it will take some time, but she's grateful for everyone's support, thoughts and prayers and adds ... "This Easter is the beginning of a new life for me."

Kelly and Matthew met while attending the University of Georgia and got married in 2015. They have 3 children together.

Get well soon, Kelly!!

In other news...

Jenna Dewan Opens Up to John Cena About Her 'Very Intense' Year Following Channing Tatum Split

Jenna Dewan is getting candid about the ups and downs of the past year


John Legend Hoppy Easter ... Goes Full Bunny Mode!!!

4/21/2019 3:26 PM PDT

Kanye West isn't the only guy putting on an Easter Sunday show ... and John Legend's giving him a run for his money.

Chrissy Teigen just shared some very amusing videos of her husband getting in an Easter Bunny costume ... then hopping and running around in the yard.

John's presumably doing it to surprise their children, Luna and Miles, but Chrissy's clearly enjoying the bunny shenanigans too.

Several other celebs are in the Easter spirit Sunday, too. Gabrielle Union posted a vid of Dwyane Wade dancing with their girl, Kaavia James, for a special daddy-daughter Easter dance.

Other stars to bust out the pastel clothes and pose for family Easter pics include Jessica Simpson, JWoww, Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott, Nick Jonas and Priyanka Chopra, Fergie, Jessie James Decker and more.

As we reported ... the other major Easter performance went down in the California desert, as Kanye held a Sunday Service featuring a choir, orchestra and several guest stars.

Didn't see anyone in a bunny costume, though.

Kanye West Sunday Service from Coachella ... Spiritual, Emotional & Quite a Show!!!

4/21/2019 12:08 PM PDT

4:05 PM PT -- We got the full rundown of all the big names at the Service, and the list is massive. Along with those already mentioned ... Justin and Hailey Bieber, Lil Pump, Willow and Jaden Smith, 2 Chainz, Tame Impala, Danny Glover, Kid Cudi, Jerrod Carmichael, Jermaine Dupri and Idris Alba were all in attendance.

Marcus Hyde, Kim and Kanye's photog who was seriously injured in a car crash in October, was also there.

11:50 AM PT -- Kanye's Service has wrapped up ... after an upbeat and emotional couple hours with a lot of help from his friends.

The final hour featured DMX giving a prayer, Chance the Rapper performing "Ultralight Beam" and a huge rendition of "Jesus Walks." At one point it looked like several members of the choir, including Kanye, were moved to tears.

Kylie and Travis were apparently feeling it too ... and were moved to a little PDA. Happy Easter, everybody!

11:05 AM PT -- Though the Service kicked off at 9 AM, Kanye wasn't revealed on Coachella's fisheye lens stream 'til about 9:50, and he didn't get on the mic for another hour after that ... when he performed "All Falls Down." He followed it up by premiering his new song, "Water," with Ty Dolla $ign

He's also rocking purple hair. 

Not that Ye hasn't been busy the whole time -- he's been dancing, playing piano and directing the choir ... while tens of thousands of festival attendees gather around. The show is still going too.

Other highlights so far include the choir and band performing "Beautiful Morning," "Power," "Blood on the Leaves" and Stevie Wonder's "As." Teyana Taylor and Chance the Rapper also performed, and celebs spotted in the crowd include Kim, Khloe, KourtneyKendallKylie and Travis Scott, and La La Anthony.Kanye West is ready to preach his version of the gospel for all the folks at Coachella ... and TMZ will be streaming live when it begins at around 9 AM PT.

Ye will host his Sunday Service, which has become a thing in L.A., attracting lots of celebs. It's more music than preaching, which may be a reason why some not-so-religious people have become believers. Kim Kardashian West was getting the family ready to attend bright and early.

A brand new stage was set up in the campground for Ye, and everyone with a wristband is welcome. Event producers are expecting upwards of 100,000 people. Take that, Joel Osteen.

The Sunday Service will feature a massive choir, orchestra and, we're told, other surprises. In weeks past he's performed both gospel songs as well as some of his hit songs.

During a recent service ... Kanye paid homage to Nipsey Hussle by playing audio of Nipsey delivering inspirational thoughts. It was one hell of a show.

Originally Published -- 8:30 AM PT

Magic Johnson It's Like I Never Left the Lakers ... I Love This Team, and LeBron!!!

4/21/2019 12:41 PM PDT

Magic Johnson has no regrets over how he resigned from the Los Angeles Lakers because he says he's still doing what he's always done ... trying to help them win.

The Lakers icon and former team president was out in Beverly Hills Saturday afternoon when we asked if he would have done anything differently now that he's had time to mull it over ... he says no way.

As you'll recall ... Magic took some heat for blindsiding everyone with his announcement -- including owner Jeanie Buss -- citing the fact he wasn't having fun running the team as his reason.

Seems like he's in good spirits now, and he tells TMZ Sports it's because he's still heavily involved with the Lakers ... basically like he's still got the job. He even says he still talks to Buss daily about team business.

Magic also says his Lakers love is unquestioned and will never waiver ... and the same goes for LeBron James. Check it out -- Magic still has a master plan for getting L.A. back to championship form with James, too.

So ... is there a way to rescind a resignation?

Robert Mueller Spotted Leaving Easter Service ... No Eggs Revealed About Report

4/21/2019 10:44 AM PDT

Robert Mueller seems like he's said all he's going to say about his investigation into Russian meddling in the 2016 election for now ... if you want more, there's 448 pages in his report to dig through.

We got the Special Counsel leaving St. John's Episcopal Church Sunday morning in D.C. -- right across the street from the White House -- after attending an Easter service with his wife.

Bob was tight-lipped as he got in his car to leave ... not even telling us if he's planning to take a vacation now that the Mueller Report's been released.

Another reporter was on the scene too ... but didn't appear to have any luck either.

As you know, reaction to the report has been a mixed bag -- many believe President Trump should be impeached over details in the report, while the Prez declared total victory ... using "Game of Thrones" as inspiration.

Regardless, people aren't going to forget about Mueller anytime soon ... though he looks like he wishes they would.

Soulja, Fogle, Cosby & Suge Easter Dinner Prison Meals ... No Chocolate Bunny Zone!!!

4/21/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Soulja Boy and Bill Cosby are spending their first Easter Sunday behind bars, and they're about to find out what Suge Knight and Jared Fogle already know -- holiday dinners ain't all that special behind bars. 

TMZ's obtained prison menus from across the country, and locked-up celebs are chowing down on some seriously depressing Easter feasts ... if you can call it that. Here's a breakdown of their options. 

Soulja Boy at Los Angeles County Jail: 

- Spaghetti, salad, bread and juice 

Soulja's got terrible timing, he's in custody until April 30 after last week's arrest for a probation violation.

Cosby at Pennsylvania's SCI Phoenix: 

- Baked chicken, bread dressing, carrots, gravy, bread and margarine, fresh apple 

Cosby's serving 3 to 10 years for sexual assault. 

Suge at San Diego's Richard J Donovan Correctional Facility: 

- Hamburger, baked potato wedges, steamed corn, coleslaw, ice cream 

Suge struck a plea deal in his murder case back in September and is serving a 28-year sentence. Remember, he's been behind bars since 2015 ... so, he knows the deal by now. No Easter baskets.

Jared at Colorado's FCI Englewood:

- Beef or soy tacos, Mexican or steamed rice, black beans, corn, shredded cheese and salsa

Let's be real -- anything's too good for the child pornographer who's doing at least 15 years.

Just a suggestion from the peanut gallery for next Easter -- we'd force 'em all to eat Peeps.

Kodak Black Border Bust Could Trigger Bond Revocation ... In Sexual Misconduct Case

4/21/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Kodak Black's bust at the Canada-U.S. border could have HUGE ramifications ... in South Carolina.

Sources in the Florence County Solicitor’s Office tell TMZ ... prosecutors in the Palmetto State have the rapper's drugs and gun bust on their radar and are currently reviewing the case to determine if he violated bond conditions in his sexual misconduct case.

We're told if it's determined Kodak violated the terms, prosecutors would hold a hearing where they'll ask a judge to revoke his bond. Last we checked, prosecutors have yet to do that.

As we reported ... Kodak was indicted in April 2017 after he was accused of sexually assaulting a teenager at a hotel in South Carolina. He's been out on $100k bond ever since.

Fast forward to earlier this week ... cops found a Glock 9mm pistol and weed in the Cadillac Escalade the rapper was driving after he tried crossing back on U.S. soil at the Lewiston-Queenston Bridge.

As we told you ... Kodak blamed his damn GPS for making him drive into Canada. He posted a $20k cash bond and hid behind a wad of cash as he left jail.

We reached out to Kodak Black’s attorney, Beattie Ashmore, to ask about possible bond revocation following the latest bust ... but he had no comment. 

Idris Elba DJ's at Coachella Week 2 This Is How It's Done!!!

4/21/2019 7:10 AM PDT

Idris Elba has settled into his new role as a DJ, looking relaxed and confident as he played to a packed house Saturday night at Coachella, Week 2.

The crowd crammed into the Yuma tent as they watched Idris prepare to start his set. It's fun to watch him fire up, talking to the crowd and futzing with his equipment.

Everyone loved it ... it's turned out to be a highlight of the festival, which has come under fire for going way too pop this year.  

Kanye will probably steal the show a little later Sunday morning with his Sunday Service ... TMZ will live stream the Easter festivities beginning at 8:30 AM PT. 

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