Ben Affleck Lists Palisades Mansion for $30M

Ben Affleck just put his Pacific Palisades mansion on the market -- for a whopping $30 million -- definite proof he and Jennifer Lopez have officially shacked up together.

Affleck, who married J Lo back in June, listed the 7-bed and 9-bathroom home Tuesday for $29.995 million ... he bought it back in 2018 for $19.250 million. It should come as no surprise the house has plenty of space, with a massive pool and spa and 13,500-sq-ft of living space.

dressed to the nines!!!

The timing of the sale is certainly interesting, we told you a couple months ago it appeared Ben and Jen had moved into a massive mansion, previously owned by billionaire and Mariah Carey's ex, James Packer ... so Ben would need to unload his current crib.

We're told Ben and Jen are currently leasing that home, which Packer bought years ago for $60 million ... so the lease ain't cheap.

As we told you, Ben's been in L.A. while Jen worked overseas following a family trip to Paris, so it's time to get their affairs in order as husband and wife.

Santiago Arana and Amir Mostame of The Agency hold Ben's listing.

Steven Seagal Poses at Russian-Controlled Prison Where 50 Ukrainians Were Killed

Actor Steven Seagal, a vocal supporter of Vladimir Putin, showed up at a Russian-controlled prison camp ... the site of an explosion on July 29 that slaughtered at least 50 Ukrainian prisoners.

Seagal seems to be surveying the wreckage ... eyeballing some of the shrapnel that killed the Ukrainians. There were hundreds of Ukrainian prisoners in the camp at the time of the blast.

Putin bestowed Russian citizenship on Seagal back in 2016 ... this after Seagal spoke out in favor of Russia's annexation of Crimea.

Seagal is been vocal in his support of Putin, calling him "one of the greatest world leaders, if not the greatest world leader alive today."

Ukrainian military officials have accused Russia of intentionally moving prisoners to the facility, knowing it would be the site of an attack.

As for Seagal, he was banned back in 2017 from entering Ukraine territory.

Seagal was appointed in 2018 as a "special representative" in Russia's foreign ministry.

ESPN Reporter M.A. Voepel 'I'm Transitioning To Male'

ESPN reporter M.A. Voepel -- who's been covering sports for the outlet for more than two decades -- has come out as transgender ... saying Tuesday, "I'm transitioning to male."

Voepel said he decided to open up about his true self this week because he's slated to receive the Naismith Hall of Fame's Gowdy Award next month -- an honor recognizing media members who have made great contributions to basketball -- and he wanted to be there "as authentic self."

"Fear can keep us paralyzed for decades, especially when we think we will lose all that is dear to us, including career," Voepel said.

"At some point, you realize you need to have faith that your happiness/well-being is worth pursuing, and also have faith in other people's kindness and grace. Grateful for a company that supports all of its employees, for terrific family and friends, and for societal progress."

Voepel, who formerly went by Mechelle Voepel, added, "Please feel free to call me Voepel, MV, Michael, Mike; I’m good with them all."

Voepel has had a huge career with ESPN after initially joining the company in 1996 ... covering the WNBA, women's college basketball, volleyball and much more.

"I may look and sound a little different," he said. "Glad to be who I've always been inside. Dedication to covering women’s sports, a lifelong joy as well as job, and admiration for all involved -- players, coaches, execs, fans, referees, colleagues -- that stays exactly the same. Thanks!"

Immediately following his announcement, several ESPN personalities congratulated him ... including T.J. Quinn, who wrote, "Proud to have you as a colleague."

The WNBA added in a tweet, "Congrats MV sending all of our best."

Oprah's Co. Sues Podcast Hosts You Can Talk About Me, But Don't Use My Logo!!!

You can talk about Oprah, but don't go ripping off her signature logo -- that seems to be the message being sent by the media mogul herself in a new lawsuit.

The legendary talk show host's company, Harpo, has filed suit against a couple of up-and-coming podcasters who launched a series this year called "Oprahdemics" -- where they discuss all things Winfrey and go through their favorite TV moments in fine detail.

The two hosts are Kellie Carter Jackson and Leah Wright Rigueur, and Harpo is suing them and their production company, Roulette Productions, for trademark infringement.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, Harpo claims the women are specifically utilizing a giant "O" that Harpo says is just an attempt to create confusion as to whether Oprah is behind the podcast.

In addition to their 15-plus-episode first season -- which seems somewhat successful in its own right -- Harpo says the co-hosts have hosted popular IG live chats, Q&As in NYC and have even gotten a plug on 'Good Morning America' ... all with branding Team Oprah says violates established trademark rights.

Harpo wants a judge to step in and block the women from building their podcast brand on the goodwill of Oprah and her company's trademarks ... but they're not seeking money in the lawsuit.

Plane Crash Catches Fire On CA Freeway ... Passengers Escape Flames


A plane crash on a busy California freeway certainly caused for some serious traffic delays, but video from the incredible scene shows just how lucky the pilot and passenger were to escape.

The footage, obtained by TMZ, shows billows of black smoke towering above the crash on the 91 freeway in Corona, CA Tuesday. Surrounding drivers were forced to slow down and pull over, after a witness says the plane "blew up" on impact.

You can see the plane's pilot and passenger escape the flaming wreckage, sprinting away as the whole vessel becomes engulfed. ... luckily, authorities say both people riding in the plane escaped uninjured.

The flames have also since been put out, but there's some serious cleanup still to do to clear everything out.

The Federal Aviation Administration is investigating what caused the crash.

Sesame Place Announces Comprehensive Plan ... Amid Racism Accusations

JULY 2022
Instagram / @__jodiii__

Sesame Place has heard all the outrage over alleged racist snubbing at the hands of some of their mascots -- and now, they're rolling out a major plan of action ... with specific steps.

Park leaders announced comprehensive initiatives Tuesday to address what much of the public has perceived as intentional discrimination as it pertains to Black children ... some of whom have filmed not-so-nice encounters with costumed characters.

Among things Sesame Place says it's going to implement ... an overall racial equity assessment to review what their current policies demand of staffers, plus new standard operating procedure for workers as well.


The assessment, they say, will be done by internal and external stakeholders -- including noted leaders in the field, who'll see this through to completion to make sure SP stays on track -- and there'll also be mandated anti-bias training and an education program meant to make all guests feel welcome, included, seen and treated equally regardless of race.

Sesame Place says this training is going to be thorough and thoughtful, and that it'll become part of the onboarding of all new employees going forward. Worth noting -- SP had already told TMZ they were going to be diving head-first into this, and now ... the follow-through.

WCP Communications

One last thing Sesame is committing to ... ushering in what they call a best-in-class diversity, equity and inclusion (DE&I) program with some heavy hitters overseeing things. Some of the names they're bringing on are Debo P. Adegbile, Joseph West and Sadiqa Reynolds -- all of whom have decorated resumes stacked with experience lending to their expertise here.

Sesame Place definitely needed to tackle this issue in this fashion -- because the scandal was only growing by the day, and the fallout is still far from over. A good start, though.

Marshawn Lynch Arrested For DUI ... Mug Shot Released


12:44 PM PT -- Lynch's mugshot has been released ... and he appears to be struggling to keep his eyes open.

Ex-NFL star running back Marshawn Lynch was arrested in Las Vegas on Tuesday ... after cops claim he was driving under the influence.

LVMPD says 36-year-old Lynch was pulled over near the Las Vegas Strip on Fairfield Avenue and West Utah Avenue around 7:25 AM on Tuesday. Sources tell TMZ Sports he was driving into curbs on the side of the road before the traffic stop.

After speaking with Lynch, cops believe he was driving under the influence ... and was taken to jail.

Lynch did not submit to a breathalyzer, but we're told he had his blood drawn.

Marshawn played for 12 seasons in the league ... winning Super Bowl XLVIII with the Seahawks in Feb. 2014.

Lynch -- who played for the Buffalo Bills, Seattle Seahawks and Oakland Raiders during his career -- is a 5-time Pro Bowler and 2-time NFL rushing touchdown leader.

In the regular season, he had 10,413 rushing yards, 85 rushing TDs, 2,214 receiving yards and 9 receiving TDs.

Off the field, Lynch co-owns the Beasts of the Fan Controlled Football league ... and Bay Area Panthers in Indoor Football League.

It's not the first time Lynch has been arrested for DUI -- in 2012, he was busted after cops determined his blood alcohol level was above the .08 limit while driving in Oakland.

Story developing ...

Originally Published -- 12:02 PM PT

'Insecure' Star Denise Dowse in Coma After Case of Meningitis

Actress Denise Dowse, famous for her roles on "Beverly Hills, 90210" and "Insecure" is currently fighting for her life in a coma, TMZ has learned.

Denise's sister, Tracey, revealed the news late last week, saying, "I am requesting support and prayers be offered me and my sister, and my only immediate family Denise Dowse."

Tracey continues, "She is currently in the hospital in a coma brought on by a virulent form of meningitis. Her doctors do not know when she will come out of the coma as it was not medically induced."

It's unclear where Denise is currently hospitalized, but Tracey says her sister should have many years ahead of her, and all thoughts, prayers and support are greatly appreciated.

Denise played Dr. Rhonda Pyne on "Insecure" from 2017-2020 and has had roles in "Coach Carter" "Grey's Anatomy," "Good Trouble" "The Guardian" and "Rocket Power" throughout the years.

Many fans will recognize her for her 10 years on "Beverly Hills, 90210" where she played Mrs. Yvonne Teasley.

We spoke with Tracey Tuesday who said Denise's condition remains the same.

Emmett Till Mississippi Grand Jury ... Declines to Indict White Accuser

Emmett Till's accuser will likely NOT face criminal charges over his lynching -- because a grand jury in Mississippi just determined there wasn't enough evidence to indict her.

88-year-old Carolyn Bryant Donham skirted what many say would've been justice Tuesday when a Leflore County grand jury declined to hand down an indictment, charging her in connection with the 1955 killing of the 14-year-old Till ... which rocked the nation.

Local prosecutors presented newly discovered evidence in the case -- including an old arrest warrant with Donham's name on it from back then -- but after 7 hours of listening ... the jurors felt it wasn't sufficient to bring forth any charges.

Kidnapping and manslaughter were on the table for Donham. The unearthed arrest warrant from 1955 -- which also included the names of the men who were ultimately tried and acquitted -- was never executed, so Donham was never taken into custody at the time or charged with any crime.

Remember, her accusation that Emmett whistled at her in a convenience store is what triggered the atrocity.

There are conflicting accounts as to how Donham sees her role in the Till tragedy ... some claim she has recanted and said she never intended for things to escalate as much as they did, but she's denied that on several occasions. Emmett's family has been calling for her to pay for what she started, but now ... it seems she'll escape prosecution.

The Mississippi Attorney General has already gone on record to say he will not be reopening the case, kicking the matter down to the county.

In the wake of all this ... a new film about Emmett Till is finally making its way to theaters.

Little League Baseball Batter Drilled In Head By Fastball ... Comforts Pitcher Afterward

Touching moment in a Little League World Series regional tournament on Tuesday -- a batter comforted an opposing pitcher after the kid accidentally drilled him in the head with a fastball.

The scene all went down in the first inning of the Texas East vs. Oklahoma matchup in Waco, Texas ... when Isaiah Jarvis was at the plate squaring off with Kaiden Shelton.

On the third pitch of the at-bat, a fastball got away from Shelton, and plunked Jarvis right in the side of his forehead.

Jarvis immediately crumpled to the ground in pain -- but he was able to shake it off after his helmet absorbed most of the blow.

Shelton, though, was so rattled by the wild pitch, he broke down on the mound. Video from the stadium shows he was in tears, and needed a few moments to collect himself.

That's when Jarvis walked over from first base to tell him he was fine. Field microphones also picked up the Little Leaguer adding, "Hey, you're doing just great."

Shelton ended up leaving the pitcher's mound to go play in the infield -- but Jarvis' gesture was clearly appreciated by everyone watching, including the game's announcers.

As for how the contest ended up -- it's currently still pushing forward, with Shelton's Texas East team leading 9-4 in the fourth inning.

Morgan Wallen Brings Out Jeezy ... Chugging Beers & Kickin' It Onstage!!!

David Lehr

Morgan Wallen has been touring for a long time, but his latest show might go down as one of his favorites for more reason than one ... because not only did he welcome one of his heroes, they chugged beers together too!!!

Morgan's 'The Dangerous Tour' made a stop in Atlanta over the weekend, and he brought a surprise guest, Jeezy. The rapper's "Put On" blasted through the speakers while Morgan and fellow country artist Hardy shotgunned beers on stage, Jeezy poured a shot.

While the moment was clearly a good time for fans, it was kinda full circle for Morgan, who actually tweeted back in 2012 that Jeezy was one of his favorite artists.

JJ Jones

After the show, the two hung out backstage and talked music. Jeezy's obviously been listening to some of Mogan's work, raving about his song, "Whiskey Glasses," and saying, "that was my sh**." So he's clearly a fan.

FBI Raid Feds Waited for Trump to Leave Town ... Before Conducting Raid

The FBI raid on Mar-a-Lago and Donald Trump's visit to New York City were not coincidental ... the feds timed the raid so there would not be a confrontation between agents and the former President ... law enforcement sources tell TMZ.

Sources involved in numerous FBI searches tell TMZ ... even if there were not a confrontation, protocol in raids like the one Monday would go like this ... the FBI would swoop in and, if the target of the search warrant was in the house, agents would typically handcuff the target until the property was secured. The target would not be arrested, but rather detained.


Once the property was secured, agents would remove the handcuffs but the target could not reenter the premises until the raid was completed.

This would present an extremely awkward situation for the feds, and it would become a political hot potato.

Trump was in New York July 20 for Ivana's funeral and, as far as we know, he has not been back to Mar-a-Lago. He was in New York City during Monday's raid.

San Diego Padres Fan Kicks Man Down Stairs At Game ... Wild Brawl At Petco!!!

@clostco, @padresrazamemes

The Padres didn't show much fight on the field on Monday night, but their fans in the stands certainly did ... as several men got involved in a wild fracas out in right field.

The melee happened at some point during San Diego's lifeless 1-0 loss to the Giants at Petco Park -- when four people got into a tiff.

It's unclear what started the altercation, but video shows it got violent in a hurry ... when one fan in a Padres jersey attempted to Sparta-kick a man down a row of stairs.

The guy, though, somehow ended up staying on his feet -- and then he dragged the Padres supporter down the stairs himself.

Eventually, two other guys jumped into the fray and began throwing punches.

The men traded blows for a few seconds -- before a bevy of security guards raced into the action to break it up.

A spokesperson for the San Diego Police Dept. tells TMZ Sports ... "security handled and two subjects were ejected. We were not made aware of fight until it was concluded."

Jared Kushner & Ivanka Trump Dinner Date Night After Dad Gets Raided

Not long after former President Donald Trump was raided in Florida -- his daughter was seemingly having a ball in Minnesota -- grabbing dinner and flashing a smile with her hubby.

Ivanka Trump, DT's former senior White House advisor, was out in downtown Rochester Monday night with Jared Kushner ... about 2.5 hours after her pops got an unwelcome visit from the FBI at Mar-a-Lago, where they executed a search warrant.

In photos obtained by TMZ, you can see IT and JK departing Bleu Duck Kitchen, we're told -- where witnesses say they had a table to themselves and apparently a bit of vino. Both looked to be in great moods, despite what was happening with 45.

The couple mostly kept to themselves as patrons looked on, but no one bothered them. We're told they were being watched over by one security guard before leaving and taking a stroll down the street.

Jockey Taiki Yanagida Dead At 28 ... Horrific Horse Racing Accident

Awful news in horse racing ... jockey Taiki Yanagida -- known as "Tiger" -- has passed away days after he fell and was trampled during a race in New Zealand.

Taiki was only 28.

The accident occurred last Wednesday during the last race at Cambridge Jockey Club ... when the Japanese jockey fell off his horse, Te Atatu Pash, about 250 meters from the post, where the race begins, according to the NZ Herald.

Yanagida -- who lost his helmet in the fall -- was rolled on by his own horse and then trampled by another following closely behind.

The jockey suffered serious brain and spinal injuries and was transferred to the Waikato Hospital where he was placed into an induced coma.

Unfortunately, Yanagida never recovered ... he died on Tuesday. Taiki is the first jockey to die in a race fall in New Zealand since 2016.

"He was such a wonderful young man," Yanagida's racing manager, Ted McLachlan, told the Herald.

"It really is a tragedy and so hard to watch what his mother and sister here have had to go through.

"This will really hurt the other people in the industry because Taiki was so popular."

Yanagida raced in New Zealand for several years and rode over 160 winners since 2017.

New Zealand Thoroughbred Racing CEO Bruce Sharrock also expressed great sadness at the loss.

"Our deepest sympathies are with Taiki’s family – his mother Kayano, sisters Chiaki and Ayano, and his grandmother," Sharrock said.

"We share their grief at the loss of such a talented, friendly, and well-liked young man."


JOHNNY DEPP I'm Back With Dior New 7-Figure Deal As Fragrance Face

If there were any doubts big names would get behind Johnny Depp again following his legal win over Amber Heard, lay them to rest ... Dior is betting big on JD with a new contract.

Sources directly connected to the deal tell TMZ … Johnny just signed back with Dior to be the face of their Sauvage men's scent. We're told in all, it's a multi-year deal worth 7-figures.


We're told the deal recently came together, and was cemented after Dior honchos and famous fashion photog Greg Williams attended one of Johnny and Jeff Beck's rock concerts in Paris as a show of support for JD.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Our sources say Johnny did a photo shoot with Greg before and after the Paris show, and the content will be used in a new Dior advertising campaign.

prime time promo

Remember ... Johnny first signed with Dior back in 2015 as the face of the cologne and the deal has just been re-upped. It's interesting ... after Amber first made her allegations against Johnny, the Sauvage commercial stopped airing on TV.

As we first told you ... Johnny's OG ad started getting some prime time placement on FOX after he scored a courtroom victory against Amber ... and now he's got a new deal that will last for years.

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