Jeremy Allen White Smoke Break w/ Rosalía in L.A. ... Still Going Strong, Eh???

Jeremy Allen White and Rosalía aren't putting dating rumors to rest -- in fact, they're adding fuel to the fire and lighting a match ... to spark up cigs, and more rumors, no doubt.

TMZ got these photos of "The Bear" actor and the Spanish singer hanging out Wednesday in WeHo ... where they were chopping it up in a parking lot, and enjoying a smoke break in each other's company.

It's kinda funny ... you could argue this scene here is life imitating art a bit -- namely, on Jeremy's end. His character from the TV show is constantly stepping out to inhale a cigarette amid the restaurant chaos ... and while this moment isn't nearly as dramatic, it does feel familiar.

Anyway, JAW and Rosalía ended up talking a bit more -- sans cancer sticks -- and ultimately departed with a nice big hug ... but no kiss, something we know Jeremy ain't shy to do when he's into a new boo.

Still, it's interesting to see them continue to hang amid last month's public farmer's market outing -- where Jeremy was walking around with a huge bouquet of flowers ... which may or may not have been for his new would-be significant other.

Folks thought there was something going on between them then ... and they're sure to keep on believing that after this latest rendezvous.

What adds an extra layer of intrigue here is the fact that Jeremy is still navigating a divorce from his wife, Addison Timlin ... with whom he shares 2 children.

The exes seem to be on good terms, 'cause they're constantly stepping out as a family ... so it would appear they're going about their uncoupling amicably.

Anyway, Jeremy certainly isn't scared to put his personal life on the front street, and with his growing success in the biz, he's only going to get more and more attention the bigger he gets.

The dude's IDGAF vibes are pretty palpable ... he's as down-to-earth as they come.

Farrah Abraham Nothing Illegal Going On W/ New BF ... Leave CPS Out Of It!!!


Farrah Abraham says her relationship with a new boyfriend she met via OnlyFans is legit and not an escort situation ... telling us there's nothing seedy going on and folks need to back off.

The former "Teen Mom" star tells TMZ ... she's serious about dating her new man and seeing where their relationship goes by keeping him out of the limelight, and he's not paying her for her companionship, as some folks online are claiming.

Farrah says her social media is being flooded with negative, hateful comments since posting a collage of photos and videos with her new BF from a Thanksgiving trip to Turks and Caicos.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Some folks are taking issue with Farrah leaving her teenage daughter behind to go on an overseas trip with a mystery man over the holidays ... threatening to call CPS on her.

But, Farrah says her daughter would never go on a couples birthday trip with her, and the kid always has a caretaker when she's out of town. In other words, no reason to call CPS. Farrah says her daughters safety is high priority and she abides by all laws as a responsible parent.


TMZ broke the story ... Farrah made her new BF sign an NDA after meeting him on OF and then matching on a dating app, as she tries to take extra steps to make sure he isn't using her for fame for online clout.

Farrah says her new boo had no issue signing the NDA ... and she clears the air on the nature of her relationship and claps back at her critics.

Dr. Drew On Israel-Hamas War Child Hostages Scarred for Life ... Conflict Hardest on Developing Brains


Dr. Drew Pinsky says children swept up in the war between Israel and Hamas are going to be dealing with the fallout for the rest of their lives, because it could very well rewire their brains.

The famous doc joined us for Thursday's "TMZ Live" to discuss the youngest hostages Hamas released this week to Israel. Although they seem okay, outwardly, Dr. Drew says, there's potential for tremendous internal damage involving the development of their brains.

As the trauma builds, Dr. Drew says most kids will start to shut down and dissociate ... and many will have their brains shattered and rewired, creating lasting psychological harm.

And, he adds this painful prognosis doesn't only apply to the hostages ... Drew says the ongoing conflict can have the same impact on children living in Gaza, surrounded by death and destruction.

Add in the fact some of these kids are coming off another traumatic experience during COVID shutdowns, and Dr. Drew explains why it's a toxic mix for youth.

He also warns the media attention the released hostages are getting can be problematic. While there's a natural desire to celebrate the young survivors ... he told us how having cameras and mics in their faces could make recovery more difficult for them.

Antonio Gates I Belong In HOF ... And Julius Peppers Does Too!!!


Antonio Gates says he feels he like belongs in the Hall of Fame ... and he tells TMZ Sports if and when he gets in, Julius Peppers should be there right alongside him!!

The two NFL legends were officially named semifinalists for the highest honor in professional football earlier this week ... and when we saw Gates out in LA on Tuesday, we had to get his thoughts on it all.

The former Chargers tight end said he was stoked for the recognition, calling it a "dream come true" -- before adding that he was pretty sure when the final cutdown comes, he'll make it.

"I feel like, mentally," he said, "I belong in there."

As for the rest of the 24 semifinalists, Gates said he could make a case for just about every player on the list ... though he specifically said Peppers definitely deserves the nod.

Some other names who will be considered for the class of 2024 include legends like Dwight Freeney, Andre Johnson and Devin Hester -- three guys Gates said should get long looks for the Hall's final cut next year too.

The list of 25 will be pared down to 15 finalists soon ... before the Class of 2024 is officially revealed at "NFL Honors" in February.

Good luck to everyone who made it this far!!

Mindy On 'Drake & Josh' 'Memba Her?!

American actress Allison Scagliotti was 14 years old when she first started playing Mindy -- the smart but conceited high schooler -- on Nickelodeon's sitcom series "Drake & Josh" back in 2004.

Scagliotti was cast alongside Drake Bell as the cool, attractive and guitar playin' brother, Drake Parker, Josh Peck as the nerdy brother, Josh Nichols and Miranda Cosgrove as the devious pranking sister, Megan Parker.

Aside from reprising her role in the spin-off film, "Merry Christmas, Drake & Josh" back in '08, she's also known for her roles on "Warehouse 13" and "Stitchers". And,  in more recent years, she's been honing in on her music skills!

Guess what she looks like now!

Henry Kissinger Dead at 100

Henry Kissinger, one of the most powerful and influential Secretaries of State in U.S. history ... the man who helped shape foreign policy in the United States for decades, is dead.

The famous statesman, diplomat, author and scholar died Wednesday at his home in Connecticut. The cause of death is unclear.

Kissinger was widely considered the most powerful secretary of state since World War II, serving as a top advisor for presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

During the 1970s, Kissinger negotiated America's exit from the war in Vietnam, helped open the U.S. to China, stabilized relations between Israel and Arab countries in the Middle East and eased tensions with the Soviet Union. He won the Nobel Prize for his Vietnam peace efforts, but critics say Kissinger saw the handwriting on the wall -- maintaining a democracy in Vietnam was a losing battle -- and negotiated the peace agreement as a face-saver.

Sure enough, it didn't take long for democracy to fail. Critics think the peace deal was a way of getting some space before democracy fell, so the U.S. wouldn't look bad.

He was always controversial -- both revered and reviled. He was praised for opening up China and resetting U.S. relations with Russia, but he also engineered the secret carpet-bombing of Cambodia. And he was central to the effort to topple the democratically-elected president of Chile.

When Kissinger wasn't shaping U.S. foreign policy, he was cultivating a playboy image in Hollywood ... dating movie stars like Candice Bergen, Shirley MacLaine, Jill St. John and Liv Ullman.

Kissinger was born in Germany and fled to the U.S. with other Jewish immigrants as a teenager way back in 1938 ... studying at Harvard before climbing the ranks in Washington D.C.

Despite leaving the federal government in 1977, Kissinger remained a prominent influence on foreign policy and business ... though his legacy is celebrated by some and despised by others.


Kissinger was 100.


Teyana Taylor Ab-Solutely Taking Divorce In Stride ... I'm Still Making The Rounds

Teyana Taylor is still making public appearances despite all her divorce drama with Iman Shumpert ... and she's looking fine as usual.

The singer just showed up to do an interview on Jimmy Kimmel's talk show ... so it's clear she's unbothered by the nasty split.

Teyana's body is scorching hot here ... she's showing off her super toned abs, with nothing covering skin from her waist to her chest.

Normally, we would call this post-breakup hotness ... but, let's face it, Teyana has always looked like this ... so eat your heart out, Iman!!!

TMZ broke the story ... Teyana accused Iman of being a jealous spouse aggravated and annoyed by her Hollywood career, among other nasty claims.

Teyana was quietly divorcing him, but Iman revealed their full names in a recent court filing, exposing their split. As a result, she's disappointed and frustrated with him.

Despite the bad blood, Teyana's promoting her projects ... and it will be interesting to see if Jimmy asks her about the split.

Teyana’s got plenty in the works, with her new movie “The Book of Clarence” coming out in January. She’s also up for some awards for her work in the indie drama “A Thousand and One” … so there’s PLENTY to talk about with Jimmy.

Ryan Shazier's Wife Accuses Former NFL Star Of Cheating ... Exposes Alleged Texts With Woman


4:46 PM PT -- Ryan Shazier tells TMZ ... "Michelle and I have been living apart and are currently separated. As we work through what comes next for our family, I ask for privacy and prayers."

Ryan Shazier is a "liar and a cheater" ... this according to his wife, who just put the former NFL linebacker on blast by sharing raunchy text messages she claims he sent to another woman.

Michelle Shazier -- who has been with Ryan well before his career-ending spinal cord injury in 2017 -- unleashed on her husband in a since-deleted Instagram post on Wednesday ... saying, "A person that loves his family … this is what they do to their family … the WIFE.. that has been there for him since day 1!"

Michelle -- a former college basketball player who has raised two boys with the Pro Bowler -- posted multiple text exchanges allegedly between Ryan and a woman named Marie ... and while they initially start off as casual flirting, things eventually got more intense.

In fact, in one screenshot, a text exchange shows the person Michelle claims is Ryan sending links to books titled "The Ultimate Guide To Anal Sex For Women" and "Blow By Blow: A Step-by-Step Guide On How To Give Blow Jobs So Explosive That He Will Be Willing To Do Anything For You."

"Infidelity at its finest!" Michelle continued in her post. "I can’t sit here and keep hiding anymore . You can have it. I deserve better. 🤍 This is Ryan… he’s a liar and a cheater!"

Ryan and Michelle got married back in May 2019. He has yet to address the allegations.

Originally Published -- 4:05 PM PT

'World's Saddest Elephant' Dies at Manila Zoo

Mali, the "world's saddest elephant," has passed away following health complications after decades of confinement at Manila Zoo in the Philippines ... where she spent most of her life alone in a pen.

The announcement was made Wednesday by the city's mayor, Honey Lacuna, during a news conference -- a day after the zoo's chief veterinarian, Dr Heinrich Patrick Peña-Domingo, confirmed the captive elephant had cancer in some of her organs and a blockage in her aorta.

The diagnosis came after Mali was seen Friday repeatedly rubbing her trunk against a wall -- an indicator she was in pain -- and then laying on her side and breathing heavily Tuesday, passing away later in the day.

At only 11 months old, Mali, whose full name was Vishwamali, was gifted to former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos by the Sri Lankan government in 1981.

In her early years, she lived at Manila Zoo alongside another elephant, Shiva, who died in 1990 after arriving in 1977.

Since then, Mali had been the zoo's only elephant and lived in solitary until her death.

Animal rights activists have long criticized the conditions of Manila Zoo ... blasting the keepers for being ill-equipped to provide the animals with proper care.

In 2013, Paul McCartney wrote to Philippine President Benigno Aquino III begging for Mali to be moved to an animal sanctuary to "bring an end to her suffering," ... while animal welfare group PETA added at the time that Mali "endures intense confinement, loneliness, boredom and isolation" at the zoo.

Pamela Anderson and Dr. Jane Goodall have backed the "Free Mali" movement.

The efforts never amounted to anything ... with PETA expressing their devastation over the tragic news, writing on X: "One of the world's saddest elephants has passed away. We're so sorry, Mali. You deserved better."

Elon Musk Rips Iger, X Advertisers ... 'Go F*** Yourself!!!'


Elon Musk has a message for Disney CEO Bob Iger and all the other advertisers fleeing his social media platform -- don't let the door hit ya on the way out, and go screw yourselves while you're at it.

The owner of X was talking shop on CNBC -- on the heels of his recent Israel visit, and in the wake of antisemitism allegations -- and he fired away about the exodus of corporations cutting ties with him.

Check it out ... he says he actually hopes they stop advertising permanently, and then dropped a very clear "Go f*** yourself" proclamation to everybody who's jumping ship.

You can tell the host was shocked by Elon's choice words -- especially while live on the air -- so, naturally, EM said it again, and then asked if he'd made himself clear. He certainly had!

Elon explained that he feels like he's being blackmailed by these companies with the hope of paying for ads, and emphasized he wouldn't sacrifice his free speech policies for monetary gain ... even if, apparently, it means hurting his bottom line.

Funny enough, Elon singled out Iger in his remarks here, playfully calling out "Bob" as someone who was probably watching in the audience. Indeed, Disney was one of the major companies to pause its advertising with X ... as did many others.

Iger actually addressed that today as well -- before Elon's snipe -- and said, "We know that Elon is larger than life in many respects, and that his name is very much connected to the companies he founded or owns. By him taking the position he took in a public manner, we felt that the association was not necessarily a positive one for us."

Seems like the relationship's getting worse, not better.

Reed Ryan College Football Player Dead At 22 ... After Collapsing During Workout

University of Minnesota Duluth football player Reed Ryan tragically died on Tuesday ... after collapsing during a workout earlier this month, his family announced.

He was just 22 years old.

According to an obituary written by family members, the 6-foot-3, 241-pound defensive end was training in a weight room on Nov. 21 "doing what he loved" ... when he suddenly went into cardiac arrest.

The family says school officials began life-saving measures ... and after they regained the football player's pulse, he was rushed to the ICU. Sadly, he passed away seven days later.

Ryan's family explained in their obituary the medical emergency was all due to "an undetected genetic heart condition and a large, loving heart."

"Reed had a contagious smile and lived life to the fullest in his short years," Reed's family wrote. "Reed loved people, he could talk to anyone and prided himself on being surrounded by friends, family, mentors, and being part of a team."

Reed starred at Waunakee High School in Wisconsin before he accepted a full-ride to North Dakota State University. He played four seasons for the Bison before he transferred to the University of Minnesota Duluth. In his one year for the Bulldogs, Ryan logged eight total tackles and one sack.

"Our staff and players are devastated about Reed's passing," UMD head football coach Curt Wiese said in a statement. "Reed aspired to be better every day at whatever task was at hand. He helped bring out the best in others with his positive attitude, infectious smile, and genuine care for the people around him."

NDSU football added in a statement on X on Wednesday that Ryan was "the ultimate teammate, a constant source of joy, a genuine selfless spirit, and a beloved friend."

"We'll miss you, Reed," the Bison wrote. "Your legacy will live on."


KIM ZOLCIAK AND KROY BIERMANN Hibachi Lunch Date ... Week After Cops Called For Explosive Fight

Kim Zolciak and Kroy Biermann are seemingly back on track once again after an explosive fight prompted one of their kids to call the cops ... this time, grabbing some lunch together with plenty of laughs.

The former reality TV stars went out Wednesday to a Japanese steakhouse and sushi joint, Kani House, in Duluth, Georgia ... sitting down for lunch in front of the hibachi grill.

Snapchat / @kimzbiermann

Kim documented the date for social media -- as usual -- mentioning Kroy while filming and asking why he doesn't do knife tricks in the kitchen like the hibachi chef. Kroy laughs from off camera, joking that's what he does when Kim's not around ... which could actually make sense given the fact they're supposed to stay separated in the house.

The hibachi chef also created a rice heart for Kim and Kroy ... and she loves it, calling it "cute."

In the clips, Kim and Kroy are both laughing and seem to be having a good time ... a stark contrast from last week, when cops responded to their home for an explosive fight in front of their kids.


As we've told you ... Kim and Kroy were bickering over finances for weeks before things reached a boiling point, fighting after a seemingly nice public outing with their kids.

The estranged couple's in dire financial straits, but we've seen them go out for fancy dinners amid their money woes and nasty divorce ... and this seems to be a similar situation.

No boring moments with these two.

Gwyneth Paltrow Holds Hands with Dakota Johnson ... Buddy-Buddy w/ Her Ex's GF

Gwyneth Paltrow continues to be great buds with Dakota Johnson -- the current girlfriend of her ex-husband, Chris Martin -- just proving ... Hollywood divorce doesn't have to be ugly.

The Goop founder posted a photo of her and Dakota holding hands during a Q&A she held on Instagram -- a follower asked her to throw up a pic with DJ. She happily did so ... showing them standing together in the middle of a road.

Of course, we already knew she and Dakota get along, and have for years now ... but it's just interesting to see how GP has navigated post-marriage life compared to some of her contemporaries.

Whereas some famous exes in this town tend to tear each other down during divorce proceedings -- Gwyneth and Chris (and Dakota) have chosen a different path ... peace.

Of course, what forever bonds Gwyneth and Chris is the fact they had 2 kids together ... something GP has publicly acknowledged is likely the only reason she remains friendly with him. She candidly said in 2020, "It's a lifelong commitment to constantly reinvent your relationship with your ex, which you do presumably because you have children together. I don't see a reason to do it if you don't have children together."

In any case, they've all been able to work well as a trio ... and even spent Thanksgiving together last week. As they say, two's company -- three's a consciously uncoupled party (with your ex).

Daryl Hall Et Tu, Oates??? He Backstabbed Me, Secretly Tried to Sell Out

Hall & Oates are dunzo ... at least in the eyes of Daryl Hall who's accusing John Oates of intentionally going behind his back to sell his half of their partnership to a third party that Daryl doesn't trust.

Hall lays out his beef with Oates in legal docs the judge is now unsealing ... and they reveal exactly why the legendary duo is at war. As we reported, Daryl got a restraining order last week against John, and we now know he got it to block the sale of John's half of Whole Oats Enterprises (WOE) -- a company they'd formed to control some of the group's assets.

In the docs, Daryl explains they'd agree to a business divorce, of sorts, in 2022 ... where they'd start splitting up assets. Where things went south, according to Daryl, is when John secretly decided to sell his half of WOE to a company called Primary Wave.

Daryl says he was "blindsided" by this decision -- which was revealed to him 2 days before he was leaving on a tour ... and he thinks John's timing was intentional. According to the docs, John knows he needs Daryl to approve that sale, and Daryl says, "I have no intention of becoming partners with Primary Wave, and [Oates] cannot be permitted to thrust a new partner upon me in this outrageous fashion."

And here's a sign of how petty this is getting ... Daryl even thinks John timed the Primary Wave deal to coincide with start of Daryl's tour to "ambush" and distract him, potentially screw up his performance ... and intentionally "cause me the maximum amount of harm."

Instagram / @realdarylhall

As for why Daryl's saying "I Can't Go For That" with Primary Wave -- in the docs, he says the company has a rep for exploiting copyrights and trademarks of artists after purchasing their catalogs. Bottom line, he doesn't want PW controlling his name and likeness.

He wants the dispute to be settled in arbitration, and until it is ... he wants a judge to block Hall's sale to PW.

If you wanna know just how nasty this split is, consider this -- it's almost a carbon copy of what Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie are going through in the war over their French winery ... where she tried to sell her half to a Russian oligarch, pissing off Brad.

Sooo ... Daryl is Brad, and John is Angelina. This should end well.

Jay-Z Album Trophy Case Auction Begs Question ... New One Dropping Soon???

Jay-Z and the Brooklyn Public Library are auctioning off a one-of-a-kind trophy case to highlight each of his albums ... but the piece has now caused many to speculate Hov has another project on the way.

Roc Nation and Christie's introduced the limited edition Jay-Z treasure from his "Book of HOV" Wednesday ... a black leather case made by Pinel et Pinel, and personally autographed by the Grammy-winning rapper himself.

Proceeds for the auction will directly benefit the Brooklyn Public Library and any Hov stan.

The case features 13 metal library cards sporting all of Jay's solo studio albums but has 14 slots, the empty space can be seen next to Jay's last released album "4:44" ... which arrived 6 years ago.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Gayle King recently quizzed Jay on the possibility of his releasing new music ... which he says he intends to -- the rollout just has to have a bigger meaning.

There's a chance Jay's next release could coincide with his biblically-themed film "The Book of Clarence" which drops in January 2024 -- much like he did with his album inspired by the 2007 film "American Gangster."

The "Book of HOV" has a nice album title ring to it all the same. 🤔 We reached out to Roc Nation for comment on the missing puzzle piece ... no word back yet!!!

People was first to report on the Jay-Z auction.

LSU's Angel Reese Returning To Play On Thursday ... After 4-Game Absence

The "Bayou Barbie" is slated to return this week -- LSU Tigers head coach Kim Mulkey just announced Angel Reese will be back on the court this Thursday ... ending her mysterious 4-game absence.

Mulkey made the revelation during her press conference ahead of the Tigers' key matchup against 9th-ranked Virginia Tech ... telling reporters, "She will play tomorrow."

It's unclear whether Reese will start or come off the bench.

What also remains fuzzy is why exactly Reese wasn't playing in the first place ... as Mulkey has been consistently tight-lipped about the details surrounding her absence.

Reese's time away started when the 6-foot-3 forward was benched in the 2nd half of LSU's win against Kent State on Nov. 14 ... and she missed the next few games, including the Cayman Islands Classic tournament.

Rumors were circulating around social media that it may have been her grades, while Outkick reported she was suspended for an "attitude adjustment." Neither rumor has been confirmed.

"That’s what coaches do. Sometimes y'all know about it and sometimes you don't," Mulkey said of the situation last week. "Sometimes you want to know more than you're entitled to know."

BTW, the 7-1 Tigers -- who are currently ranked 7th -- have been undefeated without Reese.

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