Thomas Matthew Crooks Quiet, Solitary, Highly Intelligent ... Years Before Shooting

The world is learning more about Thomas Matthew Crooks -- and we've got additional insight from his former peers and even a teacher, who says he was smart ... but notably solitary.

TMZ spoke with a couple of Crooks' ex-classmates from Bethel Park High School -- who were in his graduating class -- and both of them, who asked not to have their names released, tell us they knew him as a loner, but not one prone to violence.

We're told Crooks was seen as quiet and keeping to himself in class ... as well as during lunch, when we're told he'd often sit and eat by himself.

Chanel West Coast No Regrets Over 'Ridiculousness' Exit ... Focused on New Show


Chanel West Coast is all good with leaving "Ridiculousness" -- and she's only looking back long enough to send love to her replacement, Lauren "Lolo" Wood.

As Chanel tells TMZ ... she is focusing solely on her new TV endeavor -- her MTV reality show, "The West Coast Hustle," which premieres Thursday.

As for what fans can expect from her new gig? Well, watch the vid ... we got Chanel Wednesday outside "The Henry" in L.A., where she promised the series is an in-depth look at her personal life -- teasing that her daughter, Bowie Breeze, is the breakout star.


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Get ready to feel Cocky AF ... 'cause Megan Thee Stallion is offering her services as a personal stylist.

From wigs to eyeshadow to body glitter ... Meg's got you covered. And while these items are not official merch ... they are the rapper's top picks for Prime Day so you can recreate some of her most iconic looks.

Shaquille O'Neal Keep Doing Your Thing, Bronny!!! ... Shows Support Amid Summer League Struggles


Bronny James is getting buried on social media over his less-than-stellar Summer League performances to kick off his Lakers career ... but he's got at least one BIG supporter standing firm in his corner -- Hall of Famer Shaquille O'Neal.

It's no secret -- LeBron James' eldest boy isn't necessarily taking the Association by storm after going No. 55 overall to the Purple and Gold last month ... averaging just 4.3 points, 3.8 rebounds, 1.5 assists and 1.3 steals in four appearances -- not to mention going 0-15 from three-point range.

While those kinds of numbers won't garner a ton of praise, it seems some haters are going extra hard on the 19-year-old hooper due to his famous pops and claims of "nepotism."


Ozzy Osbourne is going after Britney Spears, Jonathan Majors is going to propose to Meagan Good, and Patrick Mahomes is going to NFL training camp ... all this on today's TMZ TV Hot Takes.

TMZ Live


First up on "TMZ Live" Harvey and Charles explain why Ozzy is fed up with Britney ... especially when it comes to her social media habits.

'Chocolate Rain' Singer Tay Zonday 'Memba Him?!

American YouTuber Tay Zonday was 25 years old when he rose to fame -- and made national TV appearances -- after his bizarre original song "Chocolate Rain" went viral back in 2007.

Tay's popularity landed him on hit shows like "Jimmy Kimmel Live!" "Tosh.0" and even scored the front covers for popular magazines like People and The Los Angeles Times.

Almost 20 years later, the YouTube video has accumulated 138 million views, and Tay -- who has over 1 million subscribers -- is still creating original content!

"Chocolate rain, history quickly crashing through your veins!"

Guess what he looks like now at 42 years old!

Britney Spears Torches Ozzy Over Dance Flak ... Defends Beckinsale Too!!!

Britney Spears has some words for Ozzy Osbourne after he crapped all over her free-spirited dance videos -- and in the same breath ... she's sticking up for Kate Beckinsale.

The pop star went off on the Black Sabbath rocker Wednesday -- not long after Ozzy aired out his opinion on BS's habit of throwing up dance clips of herself at home ... where she's often twirling around and wearing hardly anything at all.

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Britney starts out by defending Kate, writing ... "I adore Kate Beckinsale especially because she's from London. I realized how incredibly cruel people were talking about her IG saying she needs more age-appropriate content."

Trump Rally New Angle of Shooting ... Shows Attendees in Stands Under Fire


TMZ has obtained a new angle of the shooting at the Donald Trump rally this weekend -- and you can see how close some people were to getting hit by bullets.

Check out this footage we got a hold of -- which captures folks in the stands right behind Trump and right underneath the monitor he was referring to in describing a graph detailing the border situation ... with a ton of people right below it looking on.

You can hear DT speaking and making his typical talking points -- and out of nowhere ... you hear what sounds like 3 shots ring out ... with bullets ricocheting off the metal railings.

Johnny Depp Plays Guitar For Andrea Bocelli ... Pays Tribute To Jeff Beck


Here's Johnny Depp and Andrea Bocelli performing together over in Italy ... and the duo is honoring the late Jeff Beck in the process.

TMZ obtained video from Andrea's concert Wednesday night in Italy ... and the legendary singer was doing his thing onstage alongside Johnny, who is playing guitar -- which actually carries some significance.


Johnny and Andrea are performing "En Aranjuez Con Tu Amor" ... a song we're told they originally played together back in 2020, when JD and his good pal Jeff visited Andrea.


Photos from the aftermath of Fandango founder J. Michael Cline's suicide show his body being loaded up by the New York City Medical Examiner ... and it's a grisly scene.

TMZ obtained a bunch of photos from the Big Apple hotel where Cline jumped to his death Tuesday ... and the official response includes at least one police officer and a couple members from the ME's office.

As you can see, Cline's corpse is covered in a black body bag as it's being loaded into the back of a ME van ... and there was another car from the ME's forensic operations squad on the ground as well.

Trump Assassination Attempt Bullet Ricochets in Stands ... Bystander Goes Down


Donald Trump took a bullet to the ear Saturday, but more than one was fired -- and, new video shows the moment one of the projectiles hit a railing ... and possibly a spectator too.

The clip -- which is now circulating on social media -- shows the seconds after 20-year-old Thomas Matthew Crooks fired toward the stage Saturday in Butler, PA ... picking up as one of the bullets ricochets off the far railing of the stands and sends people scrambling.

Watch ... the noise from the shot rings out, and a small puff of smoke explodes into the air as the bullet strikes the metal rail. Two people standing nearby immediately react.

J. Michael Cline Fandango Founder Dead at 64 ... Leapt From Hotel, Left Suicide Note

J. Michael Cline -- founder of movie ticketing app Fandango -- has died after leaping from a building in New York City ... TMZ has confirmed.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... the entrepreneur jumped from the 20th floor of The Kimberly Hotel in Manhattan, landing in a third-floor courtyard early Tuesday morning.

We're told he left a suicide note in the room that reads, "So sorry. I can’t explain the pain of f****** up this much. I love you all." Our sources say he then went out onto the balcony and jumped.

Joe Jonas New Album Was Form of Therapy ... Nearly Year After Divorce


Joe Jonas says his new album served as his own form of therapy nearly a year after he filed to divorce Sophie Turner -- and he's promising some great tunes as a result.

We caught the singer in New York City Wednesday -- where our photog asked him about this project of his that's coming out soon ... the first solo album he's put out in a while, titled "Music for People Who Believe in Love."

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Joe's been hyping this thing up as incredibly personal -- which makes sense in light of what he's been going through since he and his wife split up. So, when we asked if he'd been getting on the couch in the lead-up to this ... he had an interesting answer.

President Biden Positive for COVID Public Appearance Nixed

President Joe Biden's got the 'rona -- 'cause he just tested positive for COVID-19 ... and as a result, his public appearances are being put on pause.

The news came down Wednesday out of Vegas -- where Joe was scheduled to deliver remarks at a conference for UnidosUS ... a nonprofit that's geared toward Latino civil rights and advocacy.


Instead of him hitting the podium in front of the media and others -- the organization's head honcho, Janet Murguía, came out instead and announced JB had contracted COVID, and wouldn't appear.

Joe Manganiello & Caitlin O'Connor Not Together Just For Kids

Joe Manganiello and Caitlin O'Connor are talking about starting a family, but that's not the only reason they're together ... despite how Sofia Vergara feels about her ex-husband.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Sofia's claims about Joe divorcing her because she wouldn't have children, negatively followed him to his new relationship with Caitlin.

We're told the Joe/Sofia narrative that's out there is fueling internet trolls to attack Caitlin on social media ... blasting Joe's actress girlfriend as "only a babymaker."

Pepa From Salt-N-Pepa Southwest Called Cops, But I Did Nothing Wrong!!! Passenger Backs Her Up


Sandra "Pepa" Denton, 1/2 of Salt-N-Pepa, is still shaken and confused by her encounter with Southwest Airlines this week, when she says she got treated like a criminal without displaying any criminal behavior!!!

It's a perplexing tale, for sure -- but the "Push It" rapper joined "TMZ Live" Wednesday to give us her blow-by-blow account of SW pushing her off a flight Monday headed to Nashville from Las Vegas.

Instagram / @darealpepa

Pepa says she purchased 2 seats to give herself extra space for an injured knee, but wasn't wearing her protective brace when a flight attendant accosted her over the extra seat.

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