Dr. Dre Wife Challenging Prenup in $1 Billion Divorce

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Dr. Dre's wife is not getting divorced without a fight, because she's challenging their prenup and $1 billion is on the line.

Nicole Young just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, in which she claims she was forced to sign the prenup back in 1996.

Nicole says Dre is now worth $1 bil, and says before they tied the knot, "I was extremely reluctant, resistant and afraid to sign the agreement and felt backed into a corner. Given the extraordinary pressure and intimidation by Andre, I was left with no option but to hire a lawyer (of course, with the help of Andre's team of professionals) and unwillingly signed the agreement very shortly before our marriage."

She then says 2 years into the marriage, "Andre acknowledged to me that he felt ashamed he had pressured me into signing a premarital agreement and he tore up multiple copies of the agreement in front of me. Since the day he tore up the agreements, we both understood that there was no premarital agreement, and that it was null and void."

Sources connected to Dre beg to differ, telling TMZ, he never expressed shame over the prenup and he never tore it up or said it was invalid. Our sources also say Nicole had her own lawyer and she had a clear choice on whether to sign or not.

Our sources say Dre has made it clear ... he will pay spousal support and all her expenses, but clearly Nicole wants a big piece of the pie, claiming he amassed most of his fortune during the marriage.

Nicole is asking the judge to separate the divorce from the prenup issue, but it looks like a fight is brewing.

Beirut Explosion Massive Mushroom Cloud Over City ... Shockwaves Injure Thousands

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12:02 PM PT -- Lebanon's Minister of Health says at least 30 people are dead and around 2,500 injured from the explosion.

Beirut looks like an atomic bomb went off, after a massive explosion rocked the city and left hundreds of people severely injured.

Several videos captured the terrifying moment Tuesday in the Lebanese capital -- where, at first, a port-adjacent building simply appeared to be on fire with smoke billowing up. Suddenly, a massive explosion erupted from the site ... sending a huge mushroom cloud into the air ... along with debris and shockwaves.

It immediately engulfed the area ... and people were screaming in horror at the sight. The scene was frighteningly similar to watching the Twin Towers fall on 9/11 -- although it's unclear yet if the Beirut explosion was a terrorist act.

Lebanese news agencies have reported it started with a fire in a building housing fireworks -- but other reports say there were high-powered explosives in there.

Based on the size of the blast, the latter makes more sense.

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Ben Affleck & Matt Damon Double Date PDA at the Beach ... With Ana and Luciana!!!

Ben Affleck and Ana de Armas are looking madly in love these days, and they're even doing steamy double dates with Matt Damon and his wife.

Ben and Ana packed on some mouth-on-mouth PDA Monday in Malibu, rolling around in the sand, and taking a romantic stroll down the coastline.

Typical hot date -- lots of passionate kissing, tight hugs, and smiles all around -- but this time Matt and Luciana were tagging along. Yeah, they got that awkward front seat to Ben and Ana's make-out session.

Take note, Ben did have a face covering, but with all the kissing it remained firmly in his back pocket. Can ya blame him?

Click through the gallery to see the hot foursome having a blast at their picnic ... and enjoy the cute pups running on the beach too.

L.A. House Party Shooting Cops Don't Believe NFL Player Involved ... Alleged Gang Cover-Up

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There were no NFL players involved in the fatal shooting at a raging house party in a swanky Los Angeles mansion, contrary to reports ... at least according to cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... they believe the Mulholland Drive mansion party that ended when shots rang out was a gang-related bash for the 8-Tray Gangster Crips, and they say they don't have any evidence to support an NFL player being there.

FOX 11

The fatal shootout went down early Tuesday morning, ending the wild party and sending three people to the hospital, one of whom is now dead. The other two gunshot victims are in critical condition.

RMG News

While a man who claimed to be the head of security told CBS L.A. the party was in celebration of a player recently getting drafted by an NFL team, our law enforcement sources say cops believe the NFL player scenario was a cover story if any trouble happened. It's maybe not the brightest excuse -- the NFL Draft was held in April and rookies are already in training camps.

Video shows the moment gunshots ring out on the property, which was crawling with hundreds of people, many of whom were dropped off in buses. The driveway was also packed with luxury cars.

Our sources say the party had cake, balloons, decorations and loads of Crips ... but to their knowledge, no NFL players.

ANG News

Parties of any size are banned in Los Angeles county due to the pandemic, and so far cops say no arrests have been made.

Kristin Cavallari Cuddles Up with 'Laguna Beach' Ex ... Relax Fans, They're Just Friends

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Kristin Cavallari's reunited with Stephen Colletti, her ex-boyfriend from their "Laguna Beach" days, but frenzied fans hoping they're getting back together should know ... there's nothing romantic going on.

Kristin immediately sparked the rumor Tuesday when she shared a photo hugging on Stephen and captioned it, "2004 or 2020?!" For those who don't know ... the 2 were the hot high school couple on the popular MTV reality show, which aired from '04 to '06.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... there's no rekindling of their old relationship -- they've simply remained good friends since their split many years ago.

We're told Kristen was down in Laguna to visit Stephen and Alex Murrel, another star of 'LB: The Real Orange County' ... and that's all there is to it.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This isn't the first time fans of the former flings have gotten their hopes up of a renewed romance. A couple years ago, Kristin -- who went on to star on "The Hills" and her own series, "Very Cavallari" -- shared a video in which she name-dropped him ... and he commented back.

Of course, at that time Kristin was very married to NFL QB Jay Cutler. Now, Kristin and Jay are going through a divorce, so ... let the rain fall down?

Rafael Nadal Pulls Out Of U.S. Open ... Over COVID-19 Concerns

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Rafael Nadal is officially OUT of the U.S. Open ... the tennis legend said Tuesday it's just too damn unsafe for him to travel to America during the COVID-19 pandemic.

"The situation is very complicated worldwide," Nadal wrote in a statement. "The COVID-19 cases are increasing, it looks like we still don’t have control of it."

The world's No. 1-ranked player added, "This is a decision I never wanted to take but I have decided to follow my heart this time and for the time being I rather not travel."

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The annual tournament is set to begin in just a few weeks on Aug. 31 ... but the field will now be watered down considerably with Nadal and Roger Federer (knee issues) out of the event.

"All my respects to the USTA, the US Open organisers and the ATP for trying to put the event together for the players and the fans around the world through TV," Nadal said.

Nadal joins the women's No. 1-ranked player in making the decision ... as we previously reported, Ash Barty opted out of the event just a few days ago saying she, too, had coronavirus concerns.

"There are still significant risks involved due to COVID-19 and I don't feel comfortable putting my team and I in that position," Barty said.

The tournament, which will take place in Queens, NY later this month, is still scheduled to feature some of the game's top competitors ... including Serena Williams and Novak Djokovic.

Neil Young Sues Trump Campaign Stop Using My Music For 'Un-American Campaign!!!'

Neil Young just went after President Trump's campaign in court for using his songs at rallies ... and the rocker isn't pulling any punches.

In his lawsuit, Neil claims the President's campaign is still playing his classics "Rockin' in the Free World" and "Devil's Sidewalk" at rallies. According to the docs, Neil says he "in good conscience cannot allow his music to be used as a ‘theme song’ for a divisive, un-American campaign of ignorance and hate."


He's made no secret of the fact he's no Trump supporter, but does say in the lawsuit he's not trying to disrespect people who are.


He alleges the campaign did not have a license or permission to play his songs at any of Trump's public events. And, Young says it's not like this is anything new, either.

Neil's been pissed at Trump's campaign, and warned it to stop doing this when he was a candidate back in 2015. Neil's joined a long list of artists who are telling Trump's team to cut the BS. Tom Petty and The Rolling Stones are just some of the other acts who've gone after the campaign.

Neil wants damages and an injunction to ban him from playing it at campaign rallies.

Trump 2020 Campaign Stickers Put on Black Bear Animal Rights Group Solves the Case

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10:29 AM PT -- 8/4 -- The reward to find the Trump bear sticker-er is off -- because we're told Help Ashville Bears located the perp, and they talked it out ... making clear what he did wasn't cool.

HAB tells TMZ ... their group got a bunch of tips about who put the Trump 2020 sticker on the collar of the black bear, and they tracked the guy down. We're told he is indeed a Trump supporter -- and told them putting the sticker on was his way of protesting the way the animal was being treated ... namely, being tracked with an uncomfortable collar for study.

HAB says they educated this fella on why that behavior is unacceptable, and eventually ... we're told he acknowledged that and promised not to do it again. As for how he got the sticker on the bear in the first place -- HAB says the guy lured it over with food. Go figure.

We're told HAB doesn't plan to pursue the matter any further, as no crime was committed ... and the dude promised to change his behavior. The sticker oughta be removed ... eventually.

President Trump has the black bear vote ... at least that's what someone wants you to think after a Trump 2020 sticker was slapped on a wild animal's tracking collar.

Help Asheville Bears, an animal rights group based in North Carolina, says it's offering $5,000 to find the folks responsible for putting a Trump 2020 sticker on this bear's collar.

HAB calls the person responsible for the political statement is "cruel and heartless" ... and the group says this is the second black bear they know of with the Trump reelection campaign sticker.

The black bear was photographed by Asheville resident Sheila Chapman, and she says the animal was hanging out on her front porch when she snapped the pic. The sticker itself doesn't seem to be harming the animal, but it might have a hard time getting into the Democratic Convention.

Sheila thinks the bear is being tagged and tracked by The North Carolina Urban/Suburban Bear Study -- she claims she's seen bears with collars before in her neighborhood -- and says the sticker angered her and made her sad.

HAB seems to believe the person who effectively made the bear a walking Trump billboard might be someone involved in the study. Let's face it, ya don't see a lot of civilians walking up to wild bears ... with or without political agendas.

HAB is calling for a full investigation, and the bear study program told CNN its researchers don't condone people approaching bears for any reason.

Seems face masks aren't the only things getting political nowadays.

Originally Published -- 8/3 6:02 PM PT

GA School Reopening Kids Crammed in the Hall ... Get Ready for the Spike

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A Georgia school's reopening may very well be exhibit A on the lack of COVID-19 safety precautions in place for students ... just look at this hallway, which looks like a superspreader's dream.

The photo shows the first day back for kids in Paulding County, where -- with the support of the Georgia Department of Education in partnership with the Georgia Department of Public Health -- schools are opening up their doors with "guidelines, not mandates" on how to deal with the pandemic ... and judging from the pic it's an absolute failure.

Students are crammed in a narrow hallway, and at least half of them are walking side by side without face coverings.

Georgia's "Path to Recovery for K-12 Schools" lists "prioritizing safety" as its top concern for the reopenings ... but it sure doesn't look like that's being followed.

This school photo is not the only one to raise eyebrows this week in Georgia. Another from Etowah High School in Woodstock shows a large group of seniors bunched together for a color-coordinated clothing pic ... ALL without masks.

The troubling photos come on the heels of coronavirus cases being reported at other recently reopened schools across the country ... which has led to protests over the unsafe nature of doing so.

As everyone knows, kids can infect their parents and grandparents, but also the teachers are at risk when students are in situations that make transmission almost inevitable.

President Trump, of course, has been a vocal proponent of reopening schools ... while ignoring the inherent risks.

O, Canada ... Edmonton Man Spews Racist Rant Over Wearing a Mask


Racism ... it ain't just an American problem, as this pissed off white Canadian guy proves with a wildly racist and unhinged rant against a liquor store employee.

As happens these days, it all started because the white guy was asked to wear a face mask while inside the store. That ticked him off, and his racial bias against the clerk -- a person of color -- came pouring out.

He launched into this tirade, accusing the worker of being stupid and brainwashed, apparently by his religion ... in the racist's eyes. The best part is as he's screaming racist crap, he says his country of Canada was great before "you people" showed up, and "Canadians are the nicest f**king people in the world!!!"

All evidence to the contrary.

When the racist made a nasty comment about the clerk's beard, they came face-to-face, and nearly to blows. Luckily, there was no physical violence here ... but this guy is no Canadian ambassador.

Rideshare Passenger Uses Hand Sanitizer As Weapon ... Surprise Attack On Driver!!!


11:10 AM PT -- The drive, Nicholas, tells us he picked Danny up at Denver Intl Airport -- passengers are supposed to wait at an island that's accessible from both sides -- and Nicholas says he chose the safer location. Nicholas says he didn't call the cops for the incident.

A rideshare passenger caused loads of trouble for a driver without even leaving the curb ... launching a sneak attack with a bottle of hand sanitizer after a tense showdown.

The shocking interaction was caught on video, and you see the irate passenger squirting sanitizer all over the car before chucking the bottle at the driver's head.

This ride that literally went nowhere started out on the bad ... the driver asks the passenger, Danny, to put his mask on ... and he responds by shading the driver ... telling him he picked him up on the wrong side of the street.

The driver doesn't take the dig too kindly and tells Danny to get out of the car because the ride is over ... and Danny starts arguing before launching his surprise, sanitizer attack.

We're still trying to locate the driver.

Originally Published -- 12:50 AM PT 

Aurora PD Apologizes for Stolen Car Mix-Up ... Drew Weapons and Handcuffed Black Family


The Aurora Police Department in Colorado has issued an apology after its officers pulled guns on a Black family and placed a woman and 2 minors in cuffs, because cops thought they were in a stolen vehicle ... which they weren't, and it's even worse than that.

Video of the Sunday incident shows Brittney Gilliam being led away from the car in handcuffs, while other members of her family -- her 6-year-old daughter, 12-year-old sister and 14 and 17-year-old nieces -- are lying on their stomachs in the parking lot.

Clearly, they are terrified and some can be heard screaming and crying ... and Gilliam says her sister and 17-year-old niece were also placed in cuffs while cops verified the vehicle was not stolen.

Gilliam told CNN she had taken the girls to get their nails done, and they were sitting in the parking lot with the car turned off when cops approached from behind. She says the officers had their weapons drawn and told them to put their hands out of the window and exit the vehicle.

Gilliam and the 2 others were placed in cuffs as cops accused her of being in a stolen car. She says she explained to them it WAS stolen in February but returned to her, and she had all the documentation for the vehicle. Cops then realized their mistake.

Interim Chief of Police Vanessa Wilson says she's called Gilliam's family "to apologize and to offer any help we can provide, especially for the children who may have been traumatized" by the ordeal.

She adds ... "I have reached out to our victim advocates so we can offer age-appropriate therapy that the city will cover."

According to the Aurora PD ... cops received a call of a possible stolen vehicle and Gilliam's had a matching plate and description, but turns out -- the plate info was for a motorcycle registered in another state.

The department adds ... "The confusion may have been due, in part, to the fact that the stopped car was reported stolen earlier in the year. After realizing the mistake, officers immediately unhandcuffed everyone involved, explained what happened and apologized."

This incident comes as the Aurora PD is already under scrutiny, and facing a reopened investigation, for the death of Elijah McClain. As we reported ... the unarmed 23-year-old was walking home from a convenience store in August 2019 when he was stopped by 3 white cops.

During his arrest, he was placed in a chokehold and briefly lost consciousness. When paramedics arrived, McClain was given ketamine to sedate him, but he then suffered a heart attack in the ambulance and was declared dead 3 days later.

The officers involved in the arrest were all fired, and Colorado's health dept. has launched a probe into the use of ketamine.

FL White Supremacist Attack Woman Who Was Smacked Seriously Injured, Donations Pour In


The woman who was viciously attacked by a white supremacist in Florida is getting a boon of support with tons of cash ... something that will be needed to help with the pain of her injuries.

Kisha Biche's the one who got struck in the face by Nicholas Shock -- this after he went on a racist tirade, describing himself as a white supremacist. Her hubby, Tom Biche, tells TMZ, Kisha actually held off going to the hospital right after the attack, but eventually checked in later that night after the adrenaline wore off and the pain set in.

As it turns out, we're told she actually suffered a concussion -- and she's experiencing some serious symptoms as a result.

Among those symptoms -- headaches, nausea, whiplash and bruising as well, which we're told is popping up all over her body for some reason. He tells us plainly her head's not working quite right ... she's having a hard time remembering things.

Lucky for her, we're told her friends set up a GoFundMe to help her during this difficult time of recovery -- and tons of people are pitching in from all over, even strangers.

The initial goal was $10,000 -- but the money has well surpassed that, and its current benchmark is set at $25k. The description for the virtual fundraiser says the money's meant to help offset dough she's missing out on at her bartender job -- not to mention medical bills.

Of course, Shock was arrested and booked for battery and disturbing the peace. On what the Biches think should happen to him, Tom tells us he hopes the guy finds peace with himself.

President Trump Still Wishes Maxwell Well ... Her BF, Epstein, Mighta Been Killed

President Trump is doubling down on his well-wishes for alleged child sex trafficker Ghislaine Maxwell behind bars -- his reason ... Jeffrey Epstein might've been killed in there himself.

DT sat for an interview with Axios, which just aired on HBO Monday night. They covered A LOT of topics -- but one in particular that raised eyebrows was Trump's feelings toward Maxwell, and by extension ... her longtime associate, Epstein, who died last year.

Fox News

Check it out ... the reporter asks why Trump would send someone accused of horrible crimes his regards -- he said this last week during a press conference at the White House -- and 45 answered by suggesting she, too, could be at risk at dying while in custody.

Trump says her "boyfriend" Epstein was "either killed or committed suicide" while in jail, and that he wished her good luck ... further saying to let prosecutors prove she's guilty. The reporter follows up by asking if he thinks she could also die while in custody, and DT seems to confirm that's where his head's at. He says he's not wishing anything bad upon her.

Fox News

It's interesting that Trump's peddling the conspiracy theory Epstein was knocked off at the hands of others -- because that's exactly how Epstein's own camp feels about it too.

Several medical examiners retained by the family concluded three fractures in Epstein's neck were more consistent with strangulation than with hanging ... leading to the murder theory.

UFC's Dana White The Rock Should Move Fast on XFL Reboot 'Networks Dying for Live Sports'


UFC boss Dana White LOVES that his pal, The Rock, just bought the XFL -- but says he needs to get it up and running FAST while there's still a huge appetite for live sports!

"If I was The Rock, I would try to get that rolling as fast as I could. I'd try to get that on television ASAP. I guarantee you there’s a ton of networks that would do it."

White is essentially saying with COVID threatening the NFL, college football and other major sports ... there's a HUGE opportunity for the XFL to thrive in 2020 if The Rock and his partners can move quickly.

"You have all these multi-millionaire athletes that don’t wanna play right now. All these guys that don’t wanna play, They wanna sit out … don’t wanna stay in the bubble, don’t wanna do what it takes. Don’t be surprised if The Rock slides right into that slot with some great programming. 'Cause let me tell you what, people are dying to watch live sports right now."

In fact, Dana -- who's been successfully hosting UFC fights during the pandemic -- says he's offering to serve as Rock's COVID adviser.

"I'm actually gonna call him today and walk him through what I think he needs to do on the COVID side of this thing. And, I have some ideas for him. "

Meanwhile, Dana is getting ready to launch a new season of the Dana White's Contender Series on Tuesday night -- where top contenders face off for a chance at a UFC contract.


Dana says the whole thing is going down in Las Vegas where the UFC has created a "bubble environment" just like Fight Island ... where fighters are quarantined and tested on a daily basis.

"These guys are in a bubble here. We literally have a hotel, our own hotel ... and you get here and you are literally stuck in your room just getting tested all the time."

"It's a pain in the ass but it's the way that we have to live right now."

Ex-'Love & Hip Hop' Star Benzino Busted in Althea Drama ... Scrapping with Her New BF


Benzino allegedly flew into a jealous rage and took his anger out on his baby mama, Althea Eaton's new man and his truck ... which led to his arrest.

The incident went down Friday morning in Braselton, GA where Benzino allegedly got into a shouting match with a man who was hanging out with Althea ... according to cops.

That other man told cops he "and a female he has been seeing, Althea Eaton, were out for a walk in the neighborhood" but when they got back to his truck, Benzino "approached him in a threatening and harassing manner." Cops say the man told them he didn't know Benzino and had no idea Althea was involved with someone else.

According to the police report, the guy tried getting into his 2018 Chevy Silverado but Benzino wasn't having it, and allegedly hit the truck multiple times with his fist. Cops say they saw 2 dents in the driver's side door.

Now, Benzino told a much different story -- claiming he was in the area watching his son play tennis when "a male came up to him and told him he was going to shoot him."

Benzino denied damaging the dude's truck, but witnesses backed up the other man's claims. Benzino was ultimately arrested and booked on 1 count of criminal damage 2nd degree and 1 count of disorderly conduct. He was taken to Gwinnett County Jail where his bail was set at $8,450, and we're told he remains behind bars.

As we've reported ... Benzino's had his share of trouble with the law, and NO lack of serious drama with Althea.

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