Sean Penn Major PDA with Nathalie Kelley ... Seems To Be Over Olga

Sean Penn sure looks like a man about town lately -- he was making out with one actress earlier this summer, and now ... he's on to the next, and that'd be Nathalie Kelley.

The actor was in Miami this weekend for Art Basel, and on Saturday ... he and the 'Dynasty' star hit up South Beach together hand-in-hand and in lockstep, where they certainly looked like a full-blown couple.

They were both smiling ear to ear and at one point ... NK even rubbed Sean's muscle-y arms. They'd been seen grabbing lunch before this, but it was unclear if it was romantic.

Now, there's no doubt ... they're definitely an item, and Sean appears to have moved on.

Of course, we're referring to Ukrainian actress Olga Korotyayeva -- with whom he'd been in a relationship with earlier this year. They went to Saint Tropez together, and there too they were showing major PDA ... smooching in the street, and him putting his arm around her.

No word on what happened between then and now, but Sean's got his eye on Nathalie here. Remember, these latest dating moments for Sean come on the heels of his 3rd divorce.

He'd married Australian actress Leila George back in 2020 during the pandemic -- this after dating for about 4 years -- but called it quits very soon after that ... with Leila running to court  about a year later to signal she wanted an end to their marriage.

That was divorce #3 for him ... now he's just riding the bachelor wave in H'wood, it seems.

Tiffany Haddish Performs Cabaret-Style Song ... At MacFarlane's Xmas Party


Tiffany Haddish recently said she was ready for the next chapter of her life post-DUI, and seemed to signal what that looks like this weekend at Seth MacFarlane's holiday shindig.

The actress/comedian was on hand for SMF's annual Christmas party Saturday night at the Pacific Design Center in West Hollywood, where the man of the hour shared the stage with TH at one point to let her do her thing ... namely, an original cabaret-style song.


Check it out ... in video, obtained by TMZ, you can see Tiff belting out an old school sultry ditty that she said would make Sexyy Red and Lil Kim blush -- AKA, this one's naughty.

The crowd sure seemed to love it ... and why wouldn't they? Fact is, Tiffany absolutely killed it. Now, naturally, Seth himself sang some songs as well, and yes -- he rocked the house with his old Sinatra-style crooning too ... just like he always does.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's interesting that Tiffany's keeping this cabaret thing going -- she rolled something else out just like this a couple weeks ago during her birthday celebration, and seems to be signaling she's all in on this type of performance. We know for a fact she's focusing on music lately.

Anyway, great to see her focusing her efforts on something positive after the arrest. Sounds like she's ready to put that in her rearview.

Will Smith Hangs Out w/ Curvy Jada Lookalike ... During Art Basel in Miami

Jada Pinkett Smith might think the Oscars slap saved her marriage to Will Smith -- but hubby seems to be singing a different tune in FL ... where he's rolling with her lookalike.

The actor's been spotted out in Miami these past few days for Art Basel ... and between Thursday and Friday, this mystery woman has been tagging along with him and his crew -- and yes, she's a dead ringer for Jada ... with kinda the same shaved-head look/'do.

She's a bit thicker/curvier than Jada ... but frankly, we're still not sure who exactly she is. What we do know, though, is that she's been at Will's side lately and acting pretty chummy.

No PDA or anything between 'em from what we can see ... but whoever she is, she's in his orbit. Of course, it's interesting because she looks exactly like Jada -- but more importantly, Jada just said she'd never leave Will after he stood up for her at the Academy Awards.

From Jada's POV ... "so many positive things came after it." If you ask everybody else, though they might say otherwise -- and it's still a bit unclear how WS really feels about it.

Anyway, Jada was not with Will late last week in Miami ... so while she might be saying they're closer and more unified than ever post-slap -- Will appears to be telegraphing something else. He went to Saudi Arabia last week without her ... and now this.

Granted, he did spend Thanksgiving with her and the rest of the family -- so it's hard to say what's really going on. Per usual with them, we're sure it's complicated ... and then some.

Time will tell if this foxy doppelganger's identity is revealed in the near future, and what exactly her connection to Will is. 👀

Kristin Cavallari I've Never Banged On a 1st Date ... But Do It If You Want To!!!


Kristin Cavallari says she's never actually had sex on a first date, but still encourages people to bang immediately if they want to ... so, somewhat of a clarification -- but not really.

The reality star chopped it up with a photog at LAX, and got asked all about her podcast remarks from last week ... when she caused a bit of a stir by encouraging women to hook up with dudes if they felt a connection ... or even if they just felt like it.

Let's Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Her comments at the time were pretty clear, and she's re-explaining here -- saying she thinks there's too much emphasis placed on timing and what society deems appropriate.

Like we said, she makes to sure to be clear on this -- she's not necessarily one to do the deed right away, per se, but by the same token ... still seems to be advocating for open and free love. She even says the reaction she got wasn't as bad as it seemed (mostly bad).

Let’s Be Honest with Kristin Cavallari

Kristin also talks about Tyler Cameron again here ... confirming he was, in fact, the hottest dude she's ever slept with -- but noting they're just friends, and that she may have him on her pod pretty soon.

All's well that ends, we suppose. As for this sex-on-the-first-date stuff -- do you, boo boo.

Truth be told, nobody really cares anyway ... especially if you keep it to yourself. 🤫

Kanye West Wife Bianca Goes Sheer for Art Basel Very See-Through Getup!!!



3:16 PM PT -- Looks like Kanye was out there playing new music during his Miami outing ... including that new Backstreet Boys-sampled song he's been teasing this past week.

A fair amount of the track was played during what appears to be an impromptu listening event out at Art Basel ... and it sure sounds pretty catchy. We know Ye's got this new album he's been working on lately, and from the looks of it -- he may be close to done.

Kanye West and his wife, Bianca Censori, are back in America -- and they hit up Art Basel together this weekend, where BC was showing off her assets ... with a see-through getup.

The couple was spotted strolling around casually Sunday at one of the art galleries on display in Miami right now -- taking their time to check out the artwork and maintaining somewhat of a low profile, it seems ... which you can see in this video, obtained by TMZ.

Check it out ... Ye's got his whole head covered up like he usually does these days, and Bianca was in as revealing of an outfit as we've seen her in over these past several months.

Indeed, it looks like her breasts were on full display ... nipples out and everything. Of course, she didn't have a care in the world about it -- and nobody around them appeared to bat an eyelash either. Like we said, it's almost as if most of the folks here didn't recognize them.

Anyway, eyewitnesses tell us it was just Ye and Bianca rolling with a few security guards -- no larger entourage from the looks of it. We're also told it didn't appear that they spoke to anyone ... not even each other as they walked around.

Couple takeaways ... for one, Ye's back in the States, which is interesting considering he's been away from a long, long time now -- be it in Europe or the Middle East. Also, Bianca's also very clearly back in his orbit ... this after being out of the picture for a hot minute.

Just like old times ... eh, Ye?

Originally Published -- 2:37 PM PT 

Taylor Swift Back in Kansas City ... To Watch Travis Take on Bills!!!


2:28 PM PT -- Tony Romo just mistakenly identified Taylor Swift as Travis Kelce's wife during the broacast.

Definitely seemed to be a slip of the tongue, because he corrected himself very quickly afterward to say she was just his girlfriend. Of course, his screw-up has sent the Swifites into a frenzy, as they think he might've revealed something that's being kept secret.

Namely, that they're actually hitched. As far as we know, there's no truth to that ... yet.

Another Sunday, another Taylor Swift sighting at the Kansas City Chiefs game -- this time, she's back in Missouri to watch Travis Kelce take on Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills.

Indeed, T-Swift is in the building at Arrowhead Sunday ... and just like all the other times before, she'll have a front-row seat to all the action as TK and co. take on the New York team. Her presence there was pretty casual ... looks like she strolled right in.

Check out this video of Taylor walking right past the Bills as they were about to exit the tunnel. Doesn't seem they even noticed her as they were hyping each other up.

She didn't seem to mind that nobody stopped to acknowledge her ... she simply cruised right on through and went on about her business -- on her way to the luxury suite, no doubt.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The photos of her there at the stadium are already pouring in, and it looks like she's in selfie mode ... taking pics with friends and fans alike. As far who she's sitting with -- the early photos popping up online seem to suggest she's right next to Travis's mom, Donna Kelce.

We'll see what sort of impact Taylor has on the game today ... remember, last time she attended (literally last week) it appeared to have the opposite effect that she normally has ... namely, spurring the Chiefs to a win.

Anyway, get used to seeing Taylor at these games for the foreseeable future ... she won't have to start touring again until February, when she has to fly to Tokyo for a string of shows.

In the meantime ... let's play some football!!!

Originally Published -- 1:47 PM PT

Bronny James Makes USC Debut ... LeBron Watches From Courtside

Bronny James just made his college basketball debut ... and his dad, LeBron, had a front-row seat for the special moment.

The 19-year-old USC hooper entered Sunday's home contest against Long Beach State around the 13-minute mark in the first half ... and the Galen Center erupted as James stepped onto the court.

Of course, the former Sierra Canyon standout's college career was put on hold after he suffered cardiac arrest during a workout back in July ... but as we previously reported, he was given the green light late last week to finally suit up for games.

LeBron -- who vowed not to miss Bronny's first game, even if it conflicted with his Lakers schedule -- held up to his promise ... getting a courtside seat and documenting his son's entrance on his iPhone.

He also said following the Lakers' In-Season Tournament championship win over the Indiana Pacers on Saturday he was looking forward to being in L.A. for the game ... so we take it it was one helluva weekend for the James Gang.

The Galen Center is filled to the brim with fans lucky enough to catch Bronny in action ... and through the first half, he's logged a rebound, an assist and a block that would make his pops proud.

Offset Denies Blueface Claim That He Banged Chrisean Rock

Blueface claims Offset slept with Chrisean Rock -- something she seems to be denying ... and which he's most certainly calling BS on ... this amid his latest issues with Cardi B.

The rapper made the allegation online Sunday amid his ongoing feud with Chrisean ... with the latest hurdle between them now being about their child together -- which Blue just announced the other day was not, in fact, his after he allegedly got confirmation.

On the heels of that drama, Blue tweeted out ... "Being tatted ona hoe is not a flex you literally f****d cardi B husband couple weeks ago I’m tired of n****s looking at me while they f*****g you get the rest of em gone asap please."

It looks like Chrisean is tweeting back at Blueface right now and saying it ain't true, to which Blue responded with specific dates and times ... "So you ain’t f*** cardi husband November 10th at 4am at their house in LA…I’m making this up ?"

Welp, Offset chimed in on the back and forth ... and he's saying yeah, Blue is making it up.

Offset wrote in direct response to one of Blueface's tweets, "I ain't never  talk or touch that lady. Real talk man you need some help!" To that, Blueface appears to have replied and said this ... "If the truth tears you down you living a shameful life and I feel bad for you cuz I ain’t never gone lie on my d*** if I hit it ima admit it on SY."

As for Chrisean -- who's been feuding a lot with Blueface lately, especially pertaining to her baby boy -- she threw out her own accusations at him ... including claims that she'd seen Blueface's Internet search history of late and saw some gay porn results, which he denied. She, of course, also denied his Offset claim, saying ... "U just crashing out making up s***."

Now what's interesting about Blueface's accusation here is the fact that Offset and Cardi do, in fact, appear to be going through more difficulties -- as she's been cryptically implying she's over him ... seemingly referring to him as "dead weight" and straight up unfollowing him.

She hasn't clarified what exactly the problem is ... but considering his history of alleged infidelity, something tells us it might be about that -- especially with this latest development.

Cardi hasn't responded to any of this mess so far, but she very well might soon.

Mama June's Daughter Anna 'Chickadee' Cardwell Dead at 29 ... After Cancer Battle

Mama June's eldest daughter -- Anna "Chickadee" Cardwell -- has died after a difficult cancer battle.

Tik Tok / @officialmamajune

Cardwell passed away Saturday night due to complications from her stage 4 adrenal carcinoma, which had previously been described as terminal. Mama June broke the sad news online, writing ... "With the breaking heart, we are announcing that @annamarie35 is no longer with us. She passed away in my home last night peacefully at 11:12 PM."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

MJ adds, "She gave one hell of a fight for 10 months she passed away with her family around her like she won’t and we will will be updating y’all with more information as we get it today. We love y’all and continued prayers and thoughts for our family doing this difficult time."

Cardwell's passing comes not long after her mother asked the public for prayers on Friday ... when she signaled Anna would be leaving this world soon.

Instagram / @mamajune

June had told her followers in a video that the family was going through a transition, and that while Anna was still technically with them ... her life was in God's hands.

Anna had been diagnosed with cancer in January -- this after doctors did tests and found her lung, liver and kidney had been affected. She's said to have undergone chemotherapy in March, and was documenting her journey as recently as October on social media.

It sounds like things took a turn for the worse, though ... and Mama June's family is gutted.

Anna was a big part of their popularity in reality TV -- she'd appeared in several episodes of their hit shows "Here Comes Honey Boo Boo" and "Toddlers & Tiaras." She was very much so online, and had a fair amount of followers of her own ... upwards of nearly 250,000, in fact.


The last time we saw Anna was on the TMZ Tour, where she was riding like a normie and bantering with our camera person ... spitballing on what nickname she'd give Harvey Levin.

Anna is survived by her mother, June; her husband Eldridge, her two children, Kaitlyn and Kylee; and her three sisters: Lauryn, Alana and Jessica. She was only 29 years old.


Joe Manganiello Hits NYC Gala w/ Caitlin O'Connor ... Go Public Post-Sofia Divorce

Sofia Vergara has moved on to a new partner amid her divorce with Joe Manganiello, and now ... he's done the same, linking up with Caitlin O'Connor and going public as a couple.

The actor showed up Saturday night to the Children of Armenia Fund Gala in NYC, and he had Caitlin hanging off his arm as his date. There've been sightings and rumblings of them having already been together of late ... so, it seems they were ready to reveal their romance.

Joe was looking sharp with a traditional suit ... COC was draped in a beautiful green gown. They held on to each other as people fired off photos, and smiled happily for the cameras.

If you're wondering why they were even there in the first place ... it's cause JM was honored with the COAF Humanitarian Award. Sounds like he's been involved with them for a while.

Now, as far as who Caitlin is ... well, she's an actress too -- and like we told you, she met Joe at a 'Winning Time' after-party earlier this year, and they hit it off. She was only in 2 episodes of the hit HBO series, but she's been in a bunch of other stuff as well.

Like we said ... this would be Joe's first relationship post-Sofia ... to whom he was married for 7 years before filing to end their marriage in court earlier this summer. That divorce case is still pending at the moment, but it looks like it might be finalized in due time.

Sofia, meanwhile, is already dating a new fella too ... a respected orthopedic surgeon named Justin Saliman, who's been seen hitting the town with her a lot over the past few months.

Her and Joe's split came out of nowhere this year, but we've heard they'd grown apart ... and that another big reason for their divorce was over kids. He wants 'em, she doesn't.

Everybody's moving on, it seems.

Beyoncé 'Renaissance' Film Drops Off Big ... In 2nd Box Office Week

Beyoncé's reign as queen of the box office quickly came to an end this weekend, 'cause she fell from the top spot ... and slipped all the way down to #5, marking a massive drop-off.

The singer's 'Renaissance' concert film endured a 77% collapse domestically, coming in fifth place behind a handful of movies that have been in theaters for a while ... and losing out to a surprising newcomer claiming #1 -- an anime film from the great Hayao Miyazaki.

Of course, we're referring to "The Boy and the Heron," which snagged $12.8 million through Sunday. Obviously, that's not a huge number, which makes Bey's haul even more shocking.

'Renaissance' made only $5 million domestically this weekend ... quite different from last weekend's high mark of $21 million in North American markets. While that initial figure was solid, for sure, it didn't compare to Taylor Swift's opening weekend for the 'Eras' flick.

Remember, Taylor's concert movie made $92 mil in its opening weekend ... and then experienced about a 65% drop-off the next week, with $33 mil -- but it remained the top-grossing movie at the time, beating out Scorsese's "Killers of the Flower Moon." Of course, the film went on to maintain a stronghold at the box office for several weeks thereafter.

The other films that came ahead of Bey's flick this week ... "Hunger Games: The Ballad of Songbirds and Snakes" (#2), "Godzilla Minus One" (#3) and "Trolls Band Together" (#4).

Of course, regardless of the actual numbers ... ya gotta imagine Bey (and certainly AMC) see the ticket sales as a win -- and as a new way to distribute these kinds of films where the artist themselves can reap a higher percentage of the profits. More to come, we're sure.

Alex Jones Reinstated on X ... After Elon Musk Poll

Alex Jones is back on X (formerly Twitter) after Elon Musk randomly decided to leave it to a vote among users to see how they felt about it ... and as they say, the people have spoken.

The notorious conspiracy theorist -- who infamously questioned the legitimacy of the Sandy Hook shooting, and got taken to court over it -- regained control of his account again late Saturday after being removed from the platform years ago.

This all happened back in 2018 when tech companies banned him en masse. At the time, he was embroiled in defamation lawsuits from the families of the Sandy Hook victims ... but that controversy, in and of itself, wasn't why he got banned -- different orgs. cited different reasons, but it all boiled down to what they said were violations of their policies.

For Twitter -- the last social media company to ban him -- they ended up citing abusive behavior by Jones and his account ... similar to what the other companies ended up saying.

In any case, Musk reversed the decision with a poll. He wrote, "Reinstate Alex Jones on this platform? Vox Populi, Vox Dei." After leaving the poll up for a full day, the results came in -- and out of nearly 2 million people that participated, 70% said he oughta be brought back.

Once the poll wrapped, EM wrote ... "The people have spoken and so it shall be." He also responded to some concerned users who felt Jones could potentially pose a threat on X -- but Elon clarified, "He cannot break the law." So, it sounds like AJ will be monitored.

Jones hasn't tweeted any new original content after being reinstated, but he has retweeted a few people who are celebrating his return -- including Andrew Tate, who wrote ... "To show respect to Alex Jones for his triumphant return and to show respect to Elon being a hero -  tell a globalist to get f****d today." Jones has retweeted other far-right figures too.

Jones continues to run his InfoWars website and channel, and broadcasts his program from there daily -- but, he doesn't have mainstream distribution on social media or otherwise.

He remains controversial for many reasons, some of which he addressed in a recent interview with Tucker Carlson ... who sat down with Jones for a wide-ranging interview.

Now that he has a big platform again, we'll see what he says ... and if he goes too far for Elon's taste. These days, the guy seems to be embracing a wide range of speech, period.

Matt Lauer, Savannah Guthrie Big Hugs, Big Kisses During 'Today' Show Producer's Wedding

Well, hell hath frozen over, because Savannah Guthrie has hugged it out with Matt Lauer!

Matt and Savannah were at the NYC wedding of Jennifer Long, a longtime "Today" show producer. We're told just before the bride came out, Savannah walked up to Matt, gave him a hug and a kiss, and the 2 chatted for a couple minutes.

The reason this reunion is somewhat stunning ... Matt, of course, was fired from "Today" after sexual harassment complaints -- a high-profile and controversial saga at the time.

Anyway, Matt showed up with his girlfriend, Shamin Abas, and Savannah with her husband, Mike Feldman.

But wait ... there's more. Amy Robach and T.J. Holmes were there as well and not only got down on the dance floor ... they were making out as they danced for all to see.

As you know, their ex-spouses, Andrew Shue and Marilee Fiebig, are now a thing!

As for Matt, he's kept a low profile since leaving "Today" six years ago, and he's had no contact with Savannah since his exit.

They were all smiles at the wedding and things seemed chill, so apparently a good time was had by all.

Mariah Carey My XMAS Present to MSG ... A Wicked Dreamgirl!!!

YouTube / Acairoe Fourth

Mariah Carey gave an early Christmas gift to the crowd at Madison Square Garden Saturday night ... bringing out Ariana Grande and Jennifer Hudson to perform "Oh Santa!" with her.

Mariah took the New York audience by surprise when she announced she had an "unexpected, yet amazing" treat. First, Mariah called Ariana and Jennifer "Christmas angels" and then asked them to come help her sing the Xmas tune.

As Ariana and Jennifer were ushered on stage, Mariah greeted them with excitement, saying, "You wouldn’t believe it, but here we have JHud with Ari!"

All three singers looked amazing in stylish outfits ... and Mariah confirmed it by giving the other women a once over and expressing her satisfaction in a word, "Gorgeous."

The trio then launched into the holiday song to the delight of the concertgoers, giving a knockout performance. But it was actually more of a reunion given that Mariah recorded a version of "Oh Santa!" with Ariana and Jennifer back in 2020.

YouTube / Andrew M

At another point in the show, the pop legend shared the stage with her 12-year-old daughter, Monroe, singing a duet of Mariah's 1994 holiday track, "Jesus Born On This Day."

Rapper Quando Rondo Busted on Federal Drug Charges

Rapper Quando Rondo was arrested Friday on federal drug charges ... TMZ has confirmed.

dramatic, emotional arrest

The Savannah rapper was taken into custody Friday without incident. Cops say Quando was a passenger in a car that was pulled over. The vehicle was pulled over with the intention of arresting Quando and not because of a traffic violation. None of the other occupants in the car were taken into custody.

Quando -- real name Tyquian Terrel Bowman -- was indicted back in June along with 18 others on state gang and drug charges. He's accused of violating the Street Gang Terrorism and Prevention Act over his involvement with the Rollin' 60s street gang.

Prosecutors claim the "ABG" rapper instructed another defendant to negotiate weed prices and then traveled to Macon, GA to pay the supplier.

Israel/Hamas War Pro-Palestinian Yale Student Plants Palestinian Flag on Menorah

Instagram / @jake_the_lawyer_

A pro-Palestinian student at Yale tried to co-opt the symbol of the current Jewish holiday by planting a Palestinian flag on a menorah.

The student climbed the oversized menorah, the symbol of Hanukkah, as others screamed, "Get the f**k down!," and "It looks bad for us" ... as seen in viral video posted by attorney Jake Dressler.

One student is seen climbing the menorah to 86 the flag. The flag has now been removed.

It's the latest skirmish on college campuses around the country -- especially elite colleges and universities. As you know, the President of the University of Pennsylvania resigned Saturday after a torrent of criticism over her testimony in Congress Monday, where she would not squarely say calling for the genocide of Jews was bullying or harassment.


We had a free speech advocate on "TMZ Live" Friday, who agreed with the President of Univ. of Penn., but seemed to have a different opinion if the protesters were members of the KKK with a similar message against Black people.

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