Dr. Dre Served with Divorce Docs at Cemetery As Grandmother Laid to Rest

Dr. Dre's divorce has been extremely contentious, and something happened Monday that punctuates the bitterness ... a process server for his ex-wife attempted to serve him with legal docs at the cemetery where he buried his grandmother.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Dre was at a Los Angeles cemetery Monday to put the woman who helped raise him in her final resting place.

There's a dispute over where exactly Dre was confronted by the process server. Sources connected to Dre tell TMZ ... a process server came up to him at the burial site as Dre was standing by his grandma's casket and tried serving him. Sources connected to Nicole Young tell TMZ ... Dre was served in the cemetery's parking lot after the burial.

Either way ... we're told Dre recoiled in anger and wouldn't take the documents in hand. Our Dre sources claim the process server dropped the documents by the gravesite. Our Nicole sources say they were dropped in the parking lot.

The papers involved payment of Nicole's attorney's fees. There's a dispute over how much he was supposed to pay. The music mogul paid $325,433.  The judge signed an order that he owed a total of $1,550,000. Dre believes that amount is in error and he paid the full fee. Nicole says the order is clear ... Dre owes a balance of $1,224,567. The legal docs that were served included the judge's final order of $1,550,000.

Either way ... this divorce is about as acrimonious as it gets.

Dog the Bounty Hunter Leaves FL for Colorado ... Not Giving Up Laundrie Search

Dog the Bounty Hunter has vacated the state of Florida amid his search for Brian Laundrie -- but that doesn't mean the guy's throwing in the towel ... quite the opposite, in fact.

Sources close to Duane Chapman tell TMZ ... he's back in Colorado -- where he normally lives -- and has plans to meet with his doctor over his recent ankle injury ... which he suffered while on the hunt for the elusive Laundrie.


He might be down and on the mend at the moment, but that doesn't mean Dog is out of the fight -- we're told he still has reason to believe BL is alive ... and will continue filtering through tips.

Speaking of those ... we're told that since he's been back in the Rockies, Dog's received upwards of 4,000 possible leads -- through which he's sifting for one that might be legit. As you can imagine, it's a daunting task -- but DTBH is up for it.

@duanedogchapman / Instagram

Consider this as well ... Dog was roughing it in the Sunshine State -- which our sources say took a toll on him. The guy was seen wading through marshy swamps in the area -- but even beyond that ... we're told he'd been putting in 20-hour days, and sustained injuries that he hasn't really made public ... leaving him cut up and bloodied.

Now, as to whether Dog will return to Florida once he's back to 100% ... we're told he absolutely will. Our sources say Dog is still invested in the case, and will get back into the field soon.

Lil Yachty He's a First-Time Father!!!

Lil Yachty's celebrating a major life milestone -- and likely losing sleep -- because he's on daddy duty now!!!

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the "Yacht Club" rapper is father to a baby girl who was born in the last couple weeks in New York City.

We're told Lil Yachty is in the Big Apple right now, where he's spending some time with the child.

It's unclear who the mom is ... to us, anyway. Obviously, Yachty knows, but he has had a few different girlfriends recently. Stay tuned.

We reached out to his reps, but so far ... no word back.

Congrats, Yachty, enjoy being a #GirlDad!!!

Sara Gilbert Legal Separation from Linda Perry Signed, Sealed & Delivered

Sara Gilbert and Linda Perry's split is finally official -- because a court has signed off on everything ... including what happens with their kid.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the former couple's legal separation became official last week, and it looks like a pretty clean break ... with the couple agreeing on a 50/50 split on custody.

As you know, Sara and Linda have a 6-year-old son together, Rhodes, and they will have joint physical and legal custody ... so, both will continue to weigh in on various decisions, such as school and medical issues.

Day-to-day decisions over the boy's well-being will be the responsibility of the parent he's with at any given time. Neither of them will pay child support to the other -- they're both very successful, after all.

When it comes to how they're going to be splitting up their property and other assets ... there's a separate agreement, but those details aren't public.

Sara and Linda got hitched in 2014, with SG giving birth to Rhodes in 2015. She's got 2 other children from previous relationships. Sara created and co-hosted "The Talk" for years, and has since gone on to star in the "Roseanne" spinoff, "The Conners."

Linda is the lead singer of the '90s rock band, 4 Non Blondes -- and also founded 2 record labels.

YNW Melly DNA Sought by Prosecutors ... Could Be Match in Murder Case

Prosecutors in the YNW Melly double murder case could help prove their case against the rapper -- that is, if they can get their hands on his saliva and match it to DNA at the scene.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, prosecutors are asking a Broward County judge to force Melly to submit an oral swab ... because they want to check if his C's, A's, G's and T's match up to DNA samples they found on a key piece of evidence collected during the investigation.

That evidence is a yellow jacket ... which prosecutors say already has DNA that matches Anthony Williams, one of the 2 people killed in the shooting.


Prosecutors claim there are 3 other potential DNA profiles on that jacket ... and seeing as how Melly is one of the people charged with the murders -- prosecutors wanna see if his DNA is also on the jacket.

As we reported, prosecutors allege Melly and his pal, Cortlen Henry, gunned down their buddies, Anthony Williams and Christopher Thomas Jr., and then hatched an elaborate plan to make it seem the men had died in a drive-by.

A judge has yet to rule on the swab request.

Candace Parker Absolutely In G.W.O.A.T Convo ... Says Vivica A. Fox


Watch out Diana Taurasi, there's another G.W.O.A.T in town -- so says Vivica A. Fox, who tells TMZ Sports Candace Parker should absolutely be in the conversation of being WNBA's best ever.

The Phoenix Mercury superstar was voted the greatest (by fans) before Game 1 of the WNBA Finals last week ... and four games later, lost the championship to Parker and the Chicago Sky.

Fox -- a HUGE hoops fan -- kept a close eye on the series, of course ... so we had to ask for her take on the end result.

"It was a unbelievable series," Fox said. "They were down by 14 in the 4th and seeing them comeback was absolutely amazing."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The award-winning actress -- who's also an L.A. Sparks sponsor -- is a huge CP fan ... and with Parker winning her 2nd title in two different cities (LA in 2016 and now Chicago), we asked if she should be considered the best.

"Oh my goodness, absolutely! Congratulations Candace!" Fox said, "We're very proud of you here in L.A. We miss you."

BTW -- CP has a ton of accolades -- Finals MVP, Defensive Player of the Year, 6-time All-Star, 2-time Olympic gold medalist and first female to dunk twice in an NCAA game.

Of course, the most recent accomplishment is winning Chicago its first WNBA title -- something Chi-town's own Chance the Rapper has vowed to commemorate with a tattoo.

"It warms my heart to see how much the men have come out to support female sports now," Fox said about the upcoming ink.

"From Chris Paul for Phoenix Mercury to Chance the Rapper in Chicago that's what I've been pushing for."

"Congrats WNBA, Chicago Sky and girls keep making it do what it do!"

Guess Who This Handsome Little Man Turned Into!

Before this smirking sweetheart was plotting out evil plans on television, he was just another cute kid getting his photo taken in Baltimore, Maryland.

This blue boy is best known for his mysterious character who is up to no good on a teen television series set in high school -- whose pilot premiered over a decade ago. Recently, the namesake was picked up by HBO for a progressive new reboot for the next generation.

Now, this bone-chilling actor has returned as the love-crazed star of a highly anticipated third season thriller ... and it's going to be killer!

Can you guess who he is?

Milwaukee Bucks Reveal Incredible Championship Ring ... Turns Into Pendant!!!

The Milwaukee Bucks just received their 2021 championship rings ... and they're a bit of a twofer -- 'cause they can be converted into pendants!!!

Giannis Antetokounmpo and the defending champs revealed their bling prior to tip-off against the Brooklyn Nets to start the 2021-22 season ... which features 360 diamonds on top alone.

The sides feature 16 diamonds each -- symbolizing the 16 wins during the Bucks' playoff run and the franchise's 16 division titles.

4.14 carats of emeralds are included on each ring, representing Milwaukee's 414 area code. There are also 50 round stones on the inner bezel to mark the 50 years since the team's first title.

There's also a QR code on the inside of the ring ... which links to a highlight video documenting the team's championship run.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, the best part?!? The rings can be converted into pendants and worn like a chain!!!

Jason of Beverly Hills -- who also designed iconic rings for teams like the Lakers and Warriors in the past -- explained the unique feature ... saying, "We sought to create something that had a bit more versatility than rings of the past."

"As championship rings have gotten bigger, they have become less and less practical to wear."

"We addressed this by developing a push-button system that allows the players to wear the top of the ring as a pendant, making it a piece of jewelry they can wear every day around their finger or on their neck to celebrate their tremendous season."

Giannis was clearly thrilled with the finished product ... smiling ear to ear as he got his ring.


Harry Jowsey Calls James Charles Homophobic Slur

Tap In w/ Harry Jowsey

Reality star Harry Jowsey is under fire after a clip from his podcast calling James Charles a homophobic slur made it online, only to be deleted shortly after it was posted ... and Jowsey is already apologizing.

The former "Too Hot to Handle" star dropped a new episode of his popular 'Tap In' podcast Tuesday, and about 8 minutes in you can hear him talking to someone in the room about makeup guru James Charles ... claiming Charles is making advances on him.

Jowsey says, "James Charles is trying to f*** me ... the makeup artist. You don't know who he is? Just some f*****."

It appears the comment was not supposed to make the podcast's final cut, and seemed to be more of a conversation between Jowsey and a member of his team. However, listeners were quick to grab the audio and post it online.

The original version of Jowsey's podcast was 40 minutes long, and it's now only 27 minutes ... so it appears an editor cut the James Charles comment as well as other segments of the episode out and re-uploaded the shorter version.

Harry tells us, "I'm deeply embarrassed that I used such an offensive term so casually in conversation. I spoke with James already privately and I look forward to using this as a learning experience and not forgetting the weight that my words carry. I also want to sincerely apologize to the entire LGBTQ+ community who I wholeheartedly support.”

@harryjowsey/Tik Tok

The comment is somewhat surprising considering Jowsey recently said he was an ally of the LGBTQ+ community, saying trans women are women and sharing he had hooked up with Nikita Dragun.

As for Charles and Jowsey, it doesn't appear the two have any sort of solid friendship, though we have seen them at the same events.

James Charles has not yet commented on the audio.

Adam Silver Urges Kyrie To Get COVID-19 Vaccine I Wish He Were Playing!!!

Adam Silver wants Kyrie Irving to end his COVID-19 vaccine standoff ASAP ... saying it's time for the Brooklyn Nets star to listen to the science and do what's best for his family, the community and his team.

The NBA commish addressed the drama surrounding Irving's status with TNT's "Inside The NBA" prior to the start of the 2021-22 season on Tuesday ... and was asked what he'd say to the 29-year-old as he remains away from the team.

"I'd tell him to get vaccinated, first and foremost, for himself and his family," Silver said minutes ago. "Next, for his teammates and his community and also for the league that I know he cares so much about."

"I understand that it's not just Kyrie, there are people in this county who disagree with the notion of getting vaccinated. But, at least from everything that I understand, science is firmly on the side of getting vaccinated."

Silver praises the "miracle" vaccine for helping the league get to where it is today ... reflecting on the journey back to normalcy after the paused 2020 season and the bubble in Orlando.

"I think at some point for Kyrie to be engaged member of society, putting aside this league -- he needs to get vaccinated and that's, you said, that's the law in New York. The law in New York is if you want to play in an arena, if you want to visit an arena, you want to participate in an activity in an arena, you need to be vaccinated."

Silver -- who's in Milwaukee for the Bucks' championship ring ceremony -- says he wishes Irving was in town as the Nets face off against Giannis Antetokounmpo and Co.

Kyrie has been adamant against getting the vaxx ... with reports claiming he is standing up for those losing jobs over mandates.

Irving could lose out on millions if he continues to stay unvaccinated ... and now that the season is here, it'll be interesting to see if he holds firm to his stance.

Ray J Files for Divorce ... Says They Have Prenup

5:40 PM PT -- 10/19 -- Ray J is asking for joint legal and physical custody of their 2 kids ... according to the divorce petition.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Ray cites irreconcilable differences as the reason for the split ... and he says there's a prenup, which probably explains why he checked the box to terminate the court's ability to award spousal support to either of them.

Ray J is starting a new battle -- that's actually an old one -- even as he's fighting off a nasty case of pneumonia ... he's filed to divorce Princess Love. Again.

Ray's divorce docs -- filed Wednesday in L.A. County Superior Court -- mark the third time the couple's now walked down the divorce aisle. Princess fired the first salvo with her divorce filing in May 2020.

They spent that summer in quarantine, and tried to patch things up, but by September Ray had filed. Since then, the couple's made another attempt at reconciliation -- both moved to Florida with their 2 kids.

As we reported, Ray's been hospitalized this week with pneumonia, but for 2 days doctors were worried he was also dealing with COVID-19 ... and even held him in the hospital's COVID ward.

We spoke to him briefly Wednesday morning, and he was still struggling -- so, the fact he's pushing forward with a divorce at this moment seems like a sign of just how far south things have gone with Princess.

The couple's marriage first hit the rocks in late 2019 when Princess accused Ray of abandoning her and their baby girl, Melody, in Las Vegas. She was also pregnant at the time ... and gave birth to their son, Epik, in January 2020.

Originally Published -- 10/6 3:36 PM PT

Ye Pretty Fly for a White Guy ... Rocks Bizarre Mask in NYC

Ye is turning more heads in NYC than normal by covering his entire face with a mask that even he would have to admit is ... just beyond the pale.

The artist formerly known as Kanye West is strolling around the Big Apple in your standard-issue ball cap, shades, Balenciaga leather jacket -- oh, and one of those rubber or latex masks he's been wearing a lot lately!!!

This one is super light-skinned, though, to put it lightly. Hell, who we kidding? It's downright Caucasian.

Ye is even wearing something around his neck to keep the same skin tone from his head to chest. He did miss a spot -- from the back, you can see his real skin.

No one really knows what the hell he's up to with these masks. As we first reported, he's filed to trademark "Ye" for use on designer COVID-19 face masks, but we figured that was more akin to the surgical style masks we've been wearing since early 2020.

The full masks might be COVID-safe, but it's gotta be hot as hell in there. If Ye can make these things popular, there's nothing he can't do!!!

We're sure 1984 Eddie Murphy would approve.

Kellogg's Sued Not Enough Strawberries!!!

Kellogg's is trying to pull a fast one by hyping up the strawberries in some of their Pop-Tarts, because there's very few of the actual berries inside ... this according to a new lawsuit.

The breakfast food giant is being sued in a new class-action ... alleging Kellogg's is misleading consumers about what they're really eating when they bite into the toaster pastries.

A New York woman named Elizabeth Russett is leading the crusade against Kellogg's ... in her suit, she claims the fruit filling in Kellogg's Whole Grain Frosted Strawberry Toaster Pastries is mostly other fruits.

According to the lawsuit, obtained by TMZ, the Pop-Tarts in question are actually heavier on pears and apples than strawberries ... which she insists is not enough to provide the berry's nutritional benefits, let alone a strawberry taste.

Russett claims Kellogg's is using their packaging to fool folks who want a snack packed with more strawberries ... she says the damages exceed $5 million and also wants to see Pop-Tarts labeled more accurately.

We reached out to Kellogg's and they said they don't comment on pending litigation.

Lala Kent Loses Engagement Ring in Public ... Clams Up on Split Rumors


Lala Kent sure looks like a single woman on the face of things -- even though we've been told she and her fiancé, Randall Emmett, are technically working things out.

We got the "Vanderpump Rules" star leaving the Beverly Glen Deli in L.A. Tuesday, and obviously ... had to ask about all these stories that she and Randall are dunzo. Despite us having been told otherwise ... it's best to hear it straight from her mouth.

Unfortunately, Lala wasn't really in a chatty mood ... bolting to her car, and rebuffing each question we asked -- from why she scrubbed her IG ... to why she wasn't wearing her engagement ring.

Indeed ... Lala was without the rock Randall gave her when he proposed in 2018 -- and it's not like she was trying to hide her bare finger here. And yet, even on that front ... LK wasn't talking much.

As we reported ... sources close to the couple insist they're trying to save their engagement -- so it's clear they're going through some turbulence ... and perhaps worse based on Lala's interaction with us.

The couple have had rocky episodes in the past -- but for her to ditch the ring in public view kinda speaks for itself on what may lie ahead. Plus ... no sign of Randall anywhere either.

'Fresh Prince' Reboot Actor Playing Uncle Phil ... Involved in Fatal Freeway Accident

Adrian Holmes -- the guy playing Uncle Phil in the new 'Fresh Prince' reboot -- was involved in a car accident that resulted in fatal injuries for a man who was laying in the middle of the freeway.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Holmes was traveling southbound Monday on the 110 freeway just north of Sunset Boulevard in downtown L.A. -- when, at around 7:35 PM, we're told he struck an unidentified man who was lying down in his lane.

Our sources say Holmes was unable to avoid hitting the man ... and neither could the person driving right behind him -- who also made contact with the individual ... whose body was pushed into the adjacent lane ... and was hit by a 3rd car. For those outside L.A., the 110 is a very busy freeway.

The John Doe suffered fatal injuries, and cops are investigating what may have led to him being out there in the first place.

For now, our sources say ... drugs and alcohol are not believed to have been a factor for all the drivers involved -- unclear if that applies to the victim, though.

Like we said, Holmes is playing the Fresh Prince's famed uncle from the original sitcom -- only this time, there's no Will ... because the reimagined version of 'FP' is a drama, with all new actors.

The new series -- which got picked up for 2 seasons by Peacock -- is based on a viral short film trailer that Will liked so much, he signed on as an executive producer.

Karl-Anthony Towns Praises Jordyn Woods ... She Helped Me Cope With Mom's Death

Karl-Anthony Towns says Jordyn Woods got him through the darkest moment of his life ... crediting the model for helping him cope with the sudden and tragic loss of his mother.

The Minnesota Timberwolves star praised his girlfriend repeatedly on Taraji P. Henson's "Peace of Mind with Taraji" show ... explaining Woods meant everything to him after his mom died from COVID-19 in April 2020.

Waiting for your permission to load the Facebook Video.

"A woman that meant so much to me in my life left my life to be replaced by another woman to take that spot," KAT said of his mom and Woods.

"I feel like in a way, when my mom passed, she was like, 'I'm not going to leave you alone. I'm going to make sure you know who you're supposed to be with.'"

Towns said because Woods had dealt with similar tragedy -- she lost her father several years ago -- he used her shoulder to allow him to process the hurt.

"I leaned on her because she's one of the only people who would actually know how I was feeling and what was going through," KAT said. "Because she was super close with her father just like I was super close with my mother."

KAT and Jordyn didn't officially start dating until around Sept. 2020, nearly five months after KAT's mom's passing, but it's clear the bond they formed following her death springboarded them into their romantic relationship.

And, they've been nearly inseparable since, vacationing all over the globe, speaking glowingly of each other ... and, as was the case with Jordyn's birthday last month, showering each with expensive gifts.

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