DMX Def Jam Covered the Funeral Costs ... Shelled Out $35k!!!

After DMX gave it to us for the better part of 3 decades, the late rapper's label returned the favor and covered his funeral expenses.

According to X's probate docs, obtained by TMZ, Def Jam Recordings paid the bill Brooks Memorial Home Inc. in Yonkers, NY sent to the family. The receipt, dated May 5, 2021, covered the services of Earl Simmons ... X's full government name.

Courtesy of BET

According to the document, those costs included the transfer of remains to the funeral home, embalming ... plus the hearse and flowers.

There's no specific mention of the awesome monster truck that carried DMX's casket to Barclays Center celebration of life in Brooklyn.

Speaking of which, that customized red casket went for $7,450, according to the docs. The total tab Def Jam paid came to $35,228.13.

As we reported ... DMX died at the age of 50, following an overdose back in April.

His kids and famous friends like Nas, Eve and the original Ruff Ryders delivered powerful words at his service.

Scott Disick I don't chase young ladies, per se ... But They Do Chase Me!!!


Scott Disick's apparent inclination to date women much younger than him is pure coincidence and not even his doing -- so says the guy himself, who's got a helluva explanation.

The Lord gave a little insight into what seems to have been a trend these past few years with his famed SOs -- the last two of whom have been about 20 years his junior, give or take. Of course, we're talking about Sofia Richie and his current boo, Amelia Hamlin.

The former is 22 now, but started seeing Scott when she was around 19 ... which is exactly how old SD's new GF, Amelia, was just a few short weeks ago, before hitting the big 2-0. Of course, during the 'Keeping Up' reunion Sunday ... host Andy Cohen had to ask about it.

Check it out for yourself ... Scott denies he goes after young women specifically, but notes there IS some sort of pursuit happening. Although, apparently, it's the other way around ... and the reason he offers is hilarious.

While we're on the topic of our Lord and Savior -- there were other juicy moments from the fan-driven Q&A that are also worth seeing ... including lingering questions people had about Scott and Kourtney's relationship, and the huge "what if" folks have wondered about for years now.

It seems their chapter has officially come to a close ... but that doesn't mean anyone's sour. On that note, watch how Scott reacts to whether he's chill with Kourtney and Travis Barker.

Shaq Unloads on Ben Simmons I'd 'Knock His Ass Out' If He Were My Teammate

"If he was in my locker room, I would have knocked his ass out."


That's Shaquille O'Neal pulling no punches on his disdain for Ben Simmons on Sunday night after the 76ers got bounced from the playoffs.

... and Shaq was so disgusted with the way Ben played -- and then explained his terrible performance -- he talked about how HE would've dealt with Ben if Simmons was his teammate.


Shaq's comment drew shock and even some laughs from his "Inside the NBA" co-hosts ... but Shaq replied, "I ain't laughing."

24-year-old Simmons -- the #1 overall pick in the 2016 NBA Draft -- did not play well during the series against the Atlanta Hawks ... especially during that crucial Game 7.

In fact, Ben only scored 5 points -- including 1 point in the 4th quarter -- in a 103 to 96 loss to ATL.

After the game, Simmons told ESPN, "I ain't shoot well from the line this series ... Offensively, I wasn't there. I didn't do enough for my teammates. ... There's a lot of things that I need to work on."

During the post-game show, Shaq was critical of Simmons.

"If I played Game 1 and 2 and I know I’m not helping my teammates, what do you think I’m going to do in Game 3? It don’t take you seven games to realize that, I don’t wanna hear that man."

"It don’t take seven games for you to know that you’re not playing right ... Get right!"

Shaq continued, "He's not getting double-teamed, just be aggressive, that’s all I want. I don’t want to hear all that, stop that, cut it out."

As for the Hawks, they'll move on to play the Milwaukee Bucks in the Eastern Conf. Finals.

Tessica Brown I'm Going To Be The Kylie Of Hair Care!!!


"Gorilla Glue Girl" is looking to become the Kylie Jenner of hair care now that she's got her own line on products ... and she wants to rip a page from Oprah's book too.

Tessica Brown tells TMZ ... the recent launch of her "Forever Hair" products has been a rousing success with over $25,000 in sales and the early returns have her determined to become a billionaire just like Kylie did with makeup.

As we first told you, Tessica is hawking hairspray, sleek edge control, and hair growth drops -- and says her initial line of products were inspired by her infamous substitution of Gorilla Glue Spray Adhesive for her normal hair spray.

Tessica's already got big plans for her first $25k ... she says she's gonna buy a house in Louisiana, and once she rakes in more it'll be time for her Oprah moment.

@im_d_ollady/Tik Tok

The triple comma club is still a long way off, but ya gotta hand it to Tessica for making a big ol' jug of lemonade out of her viral screwup.

Tokyo 2020 Transgender Weightlifter To Compete In Games ... On New Zealand Women's Team

For the very first time, a transgender athlete will compete in the summer Olympics ... and shocker, there's already controversy.

43-year-old Laurel Hubbard -- who transitioned from male to female in 2013 -- has been selected to the New Zealand women's weightlifting team to compete in the women's 87-kilogram division.

The issue?? Hubbard competed in men's weightlifting competitions before she transitioned -- and some critics are already blasting the situation as unfair to other athletes.

But, the International Olympic Committee has specific guidelines for transgender athletes to compete -- testosterone levels must be below a certain level -- and Hubbard has met the criteria since 2015.

In other words, she's good to go!!

The CEO of the New Zealand Olympic Committee, Kereyn Smith, issued a statement Monday supporting Hubbard.

"We acknowledge that gender identity in sport is a highly sensitive and complex issue requiring a balance between human rights and fairness on the field of play," Smith said.

"As the New Zealand Team, we have a strong culture of manaaki and inclusion and respect for all. We are committed to supporting all eligible New Zealand athletes and ensuring their mental and physical wellbeing, along with their high-performance needs, while preparing for and competing at the Olympic Games are met.”

Not everyone feels that way ... back in May, Belgian weightlifter Anna Vanbellinghen reportedly called Hubbard's qualifying situation "unfair" and a "bad joke."

Hubbard, though, wasn't letting the disapproval get in the way of her feat Monday ... saying, "I am grateful and humbled by the kindness and support that has been given to me by so many New Zealanders."

"The last 18 months has shown us all that there is strength in kinship, in community, and in working together towards a common purpose. The mana of the silver fern comes from all of you and I will wear it with pride.”

Added Olympic Weightlifting New Zealand President Richie Patterson, "Laurel is an astute student of the sport and technically very good with the lifts. We look forward to supporting her in her final preparations towards Tokyo."

The Games are set to kick off on July 23.

Kat Graham Breaks Hearts of 'Vampire Diaries' Fans ... Not Interested in Reboot!!!


Kat Graham just sucked the air out of the room for 'Vampire Diaries' fans ... 'cause she's NOT down to bring it back, despite an off-screen reunion with BFF, Nina Dobrev.

We got the 'Vampire Diaries' star at LAX, and had to ask if her recent meetup with Nina rekindled any old costar feelings -- ya know, possibly a reboot? That's certainly what fans of the hit WB drama were thinking when they saw Kat and Nina chilling.

Welp, despite the fact she and Nina posted some touching words about their friendship -- inadvertently fueling the reboot frenzy among fans -- Kat shot down the idea pretty hard and fast.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Check out the vid ... Kat says Nina would probably agree with her that they're not looking to go back to that well. When we told her the answer's going to break tons of hearts, she scoffed and explained ... true 'TVD' fans should know by now the cast remains tight years after the finale.

Not only are Kat and Nina -- who played BFFs Elena and Bonnie -- still tight, so are the show's on-screen brothers, Paul Wesley and Ian Somerhalder. Case in point, earlier this year they launched their own liquor brand, Brother’s Bond Bourbon.

Sorry, fans ... you're just gonna have to drink to the cast's friendship. For now.

Steven Keaton on 'Family Ties' 'Memba Him?!

Chicago native Michael Gross shot to stardom in the '80s after he landed the life-changing role as the easygoing hippie father Steven Keaton -- who looks after his four children and wife -- on the classic NBC family sitcom "Family Ties."

Gross shared the small screen with some iconic child actors including Justine Bateman as the shopaholic daughter, Mallory Keaton, Tina Yothers as the sporty middle child, Jennifer Keaton, Brian Bonsall as the super cute late addition to the family, Andy Keaton ... and of course Michael J. Fox as the oldest son, Alex P. Keaton.

Guess what he looks like now!

Bobby Shmurda on Father's Day Helps struggling NYC dads ... Free Meals & Cuts on Me!!!


Bobby Shmurda might not have any kids of his own -- but still wanted to make someone's dad feel special on Father's Day ... rolling out the proverbial red carpet for those in his own backyard who needed it most.

The NYC-based rapper -- who's fresh out of prison after a long six years -- gave back to the community Sunday ... namely, by helping out struggling dads from different men's shelters in his home borough of Brooklyn with free grub, haircuts by pro barbers (pro bono) and even toys for their own kiddos.

We're told Bobby made at least a couple stops on his Father's Day tour -- first hitting the Win Shelter ... and then moving on over to the CAMBA Men's Shelter after that, while serving up hot meals from a Caribbean-inspired brunch menu ... which had some sweet dishes to choose from.

Some of the food available included jerk salmon, curried chickpeas, stew chicken, mac and cheese, scrambled eggs, mixed veggies, fried chicken wings and even waffles. Good eatin', no doubt. BTW, Bobby's godchildren were on hand to assist with the hot food handouts.

Speaking of kids ... our sources say Bobby made sure to hook up the kids who were on-site as well, handing out gaming consoles, Hot Wheels sets, board games, action figures, footballs, jump ropes, princess-themed costumes ... and a whole Santa bag of other goodies.

And, yes ... we know you're wondering about the obvious. We're hearing Bob's been recording of late -- but no word on when he might be dropping anything. Stay tuned ...

Usain Bolt I'm a Dad Again ... Meet the Twins, Saint & Thunder!!!

Usain Bolt is not letting that surname of his go to waste -- especially as it pertains to his kids ... including the two latest additions to his family, who've got names that really lean in.

The Jamaican track star rolled out a bit of a Father's Day surprise Sunday, taking to IG to post a photo of his brood -- including his GF, Kasi Bennett, his daughter, Olympia Lightning ... and newborn twins, who go by Saint Leo Bolt and Thunder Bolt. One big Bolt-y family!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The two new kiddos kinda come as news to many -- as it doesn't appear a whole lot of people knew he and Kasi were expecting. All the same, friends and fans sent him well-wishes in his comments.

Kasi, meanwhile, paid tribute to Usain herself, throwing up another shot from the shoot and adding this caption ... "Happy Father’s Day to my forever love! @usainbolt You are the rock of this family and the greatest daddy to our little ones. We love you world without end!"

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It's unclear when exactly Kasi gave birth to the babies -- but it appears to be somewhat recent. It also looks like the couple didn't waste much time getting busy for more children -- Olympia was born just last year ... so she's got her about 365 days on her siblings.

One last thing we should note ... it seems like UB is going to be able to enjoy fatherhood fully at the ripe age of 34. He isn't competing in the upcoming Tokyo Olympics ... as he retired from competing a few years back, this after an incredible run and many, many gold medals.

Congrats, champ!

Chrissy Teigen Father's Day Post for John No Words & I'm Fresh Out of Tears

Chrissy Teigen just gave John Legend a shoutout for Father's Day -- but she also seemed to give some insight into her own state of mind ... and it sounds like she's drained, literally.

The embattled model and social media star -- who's been in a war of words lately due to her bullying scandal -- posted a sweet FD tribute to John, whom she snapped posing with both of their kids, Luna and Miles.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She captioned the pic, "There are no words. Only tears that I am fresh out of. To our everything, we love you forever." It's a nice sentiment, but also ... fairly revealing too.

As we're sure you're aware by now -- Chrissy's been fighting off accusation after accusation of bullying by folks like Courtney Stodden, Michael Costello and Farrah Abraham, just to name a few. Some came even after she issued her latest apology ... and it's gotten ugly.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Costello, specifically, alleged she bullied him to the point he entertained suicidal thoughts -- and he posted screenshots of DM's that he claimed showed Chrissy telling him to die. Chrissy, meanwhile, has accused him of doctoring those DMs ... calling them bogus.

It's been nonstop mudslinging among multiple parties for a good week now -- and, clearly, it's taken its toll on Chrissy herself. The silver lining ... at least she's got her family by her side.

Dippin' Dots CEO Sued By Ex-GF for Alleged Revenge Porn She Says He Sent Nude Pics to Her Mom

The CEO of Dippin' Dots is being sued by a former girlfriend who says he went on a campaign to humiliate her by sending nude images of her to numerous people, including her mom ... but the CEO says the lawsuit is an attempt to extort him.

Amanda Brown says in her lawsuit, she was in a relationship with CEO Scott Fischer from 2019-2020. She says the relationship was tumultuous, partly because of what she calls his "dangerous tendency to abuse alcohol."

Brown claims Fischer solicited private sexual images from her, which he extracted by threatening to withhold on "continued financial support."

She says things got even worse after they broke up when he allegedly sent "private sexual images" to various people "and attempted to blackmail [her] to behave in certain manners." It appears from the lawsuit they were in a dispute over who got the dog and a certain vehicle.

She says he threatened to release private sexual images to Pornhub, and on other occasions, she says he made good on his threats. In one alleged communication, she says he wrote, "F*** you. I'm going to do whatever I can to hurt you, watch what I'm about to do," adding, "I just sent your nudes out to everyone ... I'm going to make sure any sex pics, bad pics are sent to your employer ... then I'll sue you for [the dog] ... do you want to see what war is like ... I'm about to show you."

Brown claims last January Fischer sent a sexual image of Amanda to her mother with this message ... "I'm sending this out tomorrow. Then I'm going to file a petition for [the dog]. I asked for a peaceful exit. I said I had a girlfriend and wanted to move on peacefully. I can hurt so much more. Watch."

Brown said in the lawsuit Fischer has used private sexual images "to gain a thing of value" against other girlfriends. She also claims Fischer was physically violent.

Worse yet for Fischer, if Brown’s allegations are true, the dude may end up behind bars. In Oklahoma, it's a felony "to disseminate without consent the private sexual image of another with the intent to harass, intimidate or coerce the other ..."

Fischer's legal team tells us, "This inflammatory lawsuit brought forth by Ms. Brown is nothing more than an attempt to extort Mr. Fischer after he ended their relationship. It is unfortunate that she has stooped to the level of attacking my client through an outlandish lawsuit, covering up her illegal actions."

They continue, "Mr. Fischer is disappointed this has become a legal matter despite his efforts to bring about a respectful resolution. He is ready to put the matter behind him and move forward."

Damon Dash I've Got Every Right to Sell 'Reasonable Doubt' ... Jay-Z's Offer Was too Low!!!

Damon Dash says Jay-Z attempted to buy his share of Roc-A-Fella records for a price that was way too low -- so he's out to find a new buyer -- and not even a lawsuit from the label will stop him.

Damon's firing back after getting sued by RAF for attempting to sell off Jay's "Reasonable Doubt" album as an NFT. Dash tells us the lawsuit is full of inaccuracies, and it's not the album he's trying to sell ... it's his ENTIRE stake in Roc-A-Fella!!!

In fact, Dash claims as recently as March of this year, Jay-Z attempted to buy his 1/3 share of RAF at, "a price I deemed unacceptable" ... so he's looking for a buyer on his own.

If he comes to an agreement with someone, Dash says, "Under the terms of the deal with a potential buyer, the buyer would buy my share of Roc a Fella Records and Jay-Z will have exclusive administration rights."

Dash claims the lawsuit filed against him Friday was only a scare tactic to prevent him from selling something he believes he has the legal right to sell.

TMZ broke the story, RAF, with the help of attorney Alex Spiro has asked the court to step in and stop Dash from selling "Reasonable Doubt" as an NFT and want him to turn over any NFTs he may have already minted.

CBS Studio Center Worker Injured by Set Wall Collapse

A man working at CBS' famous TV and film studio was injured when part of a 600-lb. wall collapsed on him ... TMZ has learned.

Our sources say the workplace accident went down June 7 at the CBS Radford lot in Studio City around 8 in the morning. The L.A. Fire Department and paramedics were called to the scene.

We're told the emergency staff treated a man who was injured when a portion of the enormous wall on a sound stage fell on him.

According to Cal/OSHA ... the worker, listed as an employee of CBS Studio Center, was hospitalized for a dislocated shoulder, and an investigation into what happened is underway.

It's unclear if he was working on a specific production at the time of the accident. A CBS source says it was not one of their own shows. The location is known as the home to several popular shows -- for instance, "Big Brother" and "The Conners" -- but not all of them air on CBS.

As you may recall ... a 'Conners' crew member died at the site earlier this year after suffering a medical emergency.

DMX Father's Day Message ... You Were the Best Dad!!!

DMX's fiancee posted a Father's Day message that is both incredibly sweet and heartbreaking.

Desiree Lindstrom shared a video of an incredibly touching moment between X and their son, Exodus, where dad was teaching the child his ABCs in song. The delight on Exodus' face is palpable.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Exodus was born in 2016 and captured the heart of his devoted dad.

Desiree also posted a message to her man ... "SCREAMING HAPPY FATHERS DAY ALL THE WAY TO THE HEAVENS ABOVE…! Earl you were such an amazing, protective, loving, inspiring, hands on, incredible father! I thank God that @exodus_simmons1 had a father like you! I appreciate every moment you had spent with Exodus… In my eyes you are the best father, a mother could of asked for when it comes to her child! Thanking God and you for all these memories of you being a wonderful father! I love and miss you so much… I know in my heart you are our guardian angel 👼 🙏! Please continue to watch over us!"

DMX, who is survived by his 15 children, died in April.

He was 50 years old.


Matthew McConaughey Soccer Hype Man!!! ... Rallies FC Austin Crowd


Matthew McConaughey continues to gain points as a man of the people ... getting in front of and firing up a massive crowd of soccer fans in Austin.

The actor was a special guest at Saturday's contest between FC Austin and the San Jose Earthquakes. McConaughey grabbed a bongo drum and led the crowd of nearly 20,000 in several chants.

Fittingly, dressed in a green suit, one of the chants was "Verde! Listos!"

While it might seem like a PR stunt to grab support for a Texas gubernatorial run, McConaughey actually has legit ties to the org ... he's a minority owner for the franchise.

He's reportedly very involved with the team, dropping in for practices and mixing with fans.

Saturday's match was the first at Q2 Stadium after 8 on the road this season for Austin.

It ended in a 0-0 draw ... so while MM may not have brought the team a W, it sure beats an L.

Bindi Irwin Father's Day Message ... My Grandpa Has Caused Me Torment for Years

Bindi Irwin is celebrating Father's Day and showing love for 3 men who are pillars in her life, but there's someone else who is causing her great pain ... her own grandfather.

Bindi posted a heartfelt tribute Sunday ... "Appreciation post for the three most incredible fathers in my life. My dad, my husband and my father-in-law. My dad taught me the importance of strength when standing up for what I believe in and to have empathy for all living beings. My husband amazes me every day with his kind and steadfast heart, his love for our daughter is infinite. My father-in-law works tirelessly for his family and is always there with a word of encouragement. These extraordinary men inspire me and I love them so very much."

She showed love and appreciation for her late father Steve, her husband, Chandler and father-in-law Chris -- but she opened up about what she calls her "abusive relationship" with her grandfather, Bob Irwin, saying he has shown "no interest" in her or her family.

Bindi got specific ...“He has returned gifts I’ve sent him after he opened them, he has ignored my correspondence and from the time I was a little girl he has ignored me, preferring to spend time doing anything else rather than being with me.”

And, it got even more heartbreaking ... “He has never said a single kind word to me personally," adding, “It breaks my heart but it is not healthy to engage in an abusive relationship.”

She says her mom, Terri, has persisted, trying to make their relationship with Bob work ... even sending him Xmas gifts, but they have been met with silence.

Bindi says the estrangement has taken its toll ... "I have struggled with this relationship my entire life and it brings me enormous pain."

The last time they were photographed together was in 2007, at a memorial for Steve.

Bindi says the family has financially supported 81-year-old Bob for nearly 3 decades.

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