Breonna Taylor's Boyfriend Sued by Cop He Shot Claims Severe Trauma and Distress

Jonathan Mattingly -- one of the officers involved in the fatal shooting of Breonna Taylor -- is suing her boyfriend, Kenneth Walker, for shooting him in the leg during the raid.

The Louisville officer claims Walker's actions were "outrageous, intolerable, and offends all accepted standards of decency and morality." Mattingly says since March 13 -- the night he and 2 other officers busted into Taylor's apartment and killed her -- he has experienced "severe trauma, mental anguish, and emotional distress" due to what Walker did to him.

As we've reported ... Walker claims he fired a shot because the cops didn't ID themselves and he thought they were home intruders. Mattingly says they did announce themselves several times as cops. He says when they broke in, he was shot with a 9mm.


The cops were at Taylor's home as part of a failed narcotics raid. No drugs were found, and Breonna had no criminal history.

Walker was initially arrested for attempted murder, but those charges were later dropped. Walker sued the Louisville Metro PD for misconduct, and also sought immunity based on Kentucky's "Stand Your Ground" law.

Mattingly's now countersuing, which Walker's lawyer calls a "baseless attempt to further victimize and harass Kenny" and insists he was acting in self-defense.

Mattingly is suing Walker for emotional distress and assault and battery.

President Trump Sacks Election Night Party Plans

Hold the balloons and confetti -- President Trump is reportedly bagging on a planned election night shindig at his hotel in Washington D.C., and it could be a major sign ... of several things.

The event scheduled for Tuesday night at his Trump International Hotel was billed as THE Trump campaign's celebration of winning 4 more years in the White House, and POTUS would be in attendance. An email invite to the bash screamed, "It will be absolutely EPIC, and the only thing that could make it better is having YOU there." Very Trump-esque.

However, the Prez is now opting to watch the poll results pour in from the White House ... according to the New York Times.

Now, Democrats will say the Prez is running scared ... eyeing poll numbers that show him trailing anywhere from 3 to 8 percentage point. Another option could be the administration finally adhering to coronavirus concerns. Current D.C. restrictions are for no more than 50 guests at a party.

The more likely option though is the strong likelihood the election won't be decided on Tuesday night -- so, what's the point of filling a ballroom if ya can't pop champagne bottles?

We've reached out to the Trump campaign ... no word back yet.

Kim & Kylie Purrrfect Halloween Mode ... Shout-Out Carole Baskin!!!

Kim Kardashian and Kylie Jenner are still doing Halloween in full force ... at least when it comes to their costumes.

Kim went with what's sure to be a popular costume in 2020 ... getting all decked out as one Carole Baskin. She nailed it, even including her kiddos as tigers, and North gets extra credit for busting out the famous Carole Baskin dance. Mark Wahlberg would be proud.


As if that wasn't enough ... Kim paired up with her BFF, Jonathan Cheban, who was Joe Exotic.

Now, Kylie and her pals dialed things back to the '90s -- dressing up as Power Rangers ... KJ was the Red Ranger, complete with long, red hair. Looks like she got her hands on an authentic Power Rangers buckle too. Naturally. She's a billionaire, after all.


Kylie's crew filled out her Rangers lineup, and after Morphin' time ... they all hung out for a rooftop party -- that's as close to COVID-safe as you're gonna get. Without staying home, that is.

Mike Tyson Daughter Urged Me To Confront Boosie ... Over Anti-Gay Comments


"I was Boosie at one time."

That's Mike Tyson explaining why he felt compelled to confront rapper Boosie Badazz over his history of homophobic comments ... saying he knows what it's like to go from ignorant to enlightened.

Tyson got right to the point with Boosie during a recent taping of his podcast, "Hotboxin' with Mike Tyson" ... condemning Boosie's offensive comments about Dwyane Wade's child Zaya, who recently came out as a transgender girl.

During the podcast, Tyson pressed Boosie on where his hate was stemming from -- wondering if Boosie's aggression comes from his own insecurities about his sexuality.

It was a powerful moment that seemed to have resonated with Boosie ... and Tyson has been cheered for the way he handled it.

But, Tyson tells "TMZ Live" the conversation probably wouldn't have happened if it weren't for his daughter -- who passionately told the boxing legend why Boosie needed to be set straight.

"My daughter," Tyson said ... "She flew all the way from New York City to Los Angeles, California where I'm at just to be there because she thought Boosie was so disrespectful she had to confront him."

Yeah, you read that right -- Tyson's daughter wanted to be the one to go after Boosie, but Mike wouldn't allow it.

Instead, Mike listened to what his daughter had to say and ultimately believed she made some solid points.

Mike said his daughter argued that Boosie's comments have been "disrespectful to the community" -- and she was so passionate about confronting him, Mike was concerned things would go off the rails.

"But, he conducted himself like a gentleman," Tyson said about Boosie ... "It went okay. It didn't go like I anticipated it to go. My daughter has a lot of courage and stuff."

Now, Tyson says he's rooting for Boosie to grow from their conversation and "win the fight over those demons."

There's more ... Tyson also explained to Harvey and Charles why he decided to make a boxing comeback and why he predicts "PAIN" for his upcoming opponent Roy Jones Jr. when they clash at Staples Center on Nov. 28.

As for the notion that Tyson and Jones Jr. will be taking it easy on each other, Mike invited Harvey into the ring to take Roy's place ... and you gotta see Harvey's reaction! Classic!!!

Applebee's Arrest Body Cam from High Chair Dispute


The woman who was arrested at an Ohio Applebee's over a high chair conflict was given ample opportunity to avoid it ... based on police body cam footage anyway.

As we reported ... Shannel Malcolm got into it with restaurant staffers after she claimed she was denied 2 high chairs for her twin babies. Welcome to 2020, where cops get called over high chairs, and the video shows Shannel's absolute disbelief once she saw the officers.

At first, she's not all that interested in explaining her side of the story. Instead, she whipped out her phone, and as we reported ... live streamed the incident.

Two babies, one high chair
Shannel G. Malcom / Facebook

The officer did speak to an employee who explained they were following the law by not allowing Shannel to have high chairs at her booth because it would be dangerous to her kids.

Applebee's told TMZ ... 2 high chairs in a booth created a fire safety hazard, so they offered to seat her at a different table. They claim Shannel refused and got aggressive with a pregnant host -- and that's why they called police.

As for why she got arrested? Well, watch the video to see what happened after the officer kicked her out of the restaurant.


Shannel was jawing with other patrons, and totally defiant when the cop tried to let her go with a ticket. That's when the handcuffs came out and, as we told you ... she got arrested for disorderly conduct and obstruction of justice.

High chairs, folks. High chairs.

Brett Favre Endorses Donald Trump ... After Town Hall Question

Breaking News

Brett Favre has something in common with Lil Wayne and Jack Nicklaus -- they're all officially on the Trump Train.

The NFL legend officially endorsed Donald Trump for President on Friday -- just days after he got the chance to ask POTUS a question at a town hall special.

Here's what Favre tweeted out Friday morning ...

"My Vote is for what makes this country great, freedom of speech & religion, 2nd Amnd, hard working tax paying citizens, police & military. In this election, we have freedom of choice, which all should respect. For me & these principles, my Vote is for [Donald Trump]."

Just last week, Favre appeared on a special toes hall edition of "America This Week" with Eric Bolling and asked Trump about sports, politics and anti-racism efforts.

"My question is the NBA and the NFL are struggling with lower ratings as fans clearly do not want political messaging mixed with their sports," Favre said,

"So, how should the leagues support and promote an anti-racism position without becoming political and alienating fans?"

Trump began his response by praising Favre as a "great guy" and a "champion" -- and then got to his answer.

He argued that people don't want to see sports mixed with politics -- "They've got enough politics with me and with everybody else. And, they don’t want to see it with football or sports on Sunday or whenever they happen to be watching."

Trump said he's for players protesting -- but not "on the sidelines during the football game, especially when they’re making $10 million a year for something they’d be doing anyway for free if they weren’t in the league or the NFL or in the NBA."

Seems the answer was enough to win Favre over -- because he got the QB's endorsement.

'Cake Boss' Buddy Valastro Gets Back to Work, But ... Look Ma, No Hands!!


"Cake Boss" Buddy Valastro is getting back to work just over a month after impaling his hand in a gnarly freak accident ... but he won't be getting his hands dirty.

So here's the deal, Buddy's very first event since the horrific bowling injury is scheduled to go down Friday with Goldbelly CEO Joe Ariel. They're teaming up for an event dubbed Halloween Goldbelly Live! ... where they'll teach, via Zoom, how to make "Frankencakes."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

But, sources connected to the event tell TMZ ... the "Cake Boss" will ONLY be instructing and not actually doing any of the decorating or whatever else goes with making the Frankenstein cake kits. We're told someone from Buddy's team will be doing the actual decorating while Buddy mostly oversees the production.

BTW, Buddy's still got a long recovery process. Buddy's returning to the air on November 22 when the Food network airs "Buddy vs. Christmas." If you're wondering ... this special was filmed before his accident. And, speaking of the accident ... TLC will air a 2-hour special on December 23 about the accident with footage captured immediately after the accident.


Just days after the accident, Buddy gave his account of the freak bowling accident. He said his long road to recovery's largely because of severe tendon, nerve and muscle damage to his right hand, which just recently had its third surgery.

As you probably know by now ... Buddy suffered the accident at home when there was a malfunction with the bowling pinsetter. He had tried to release a pin from the cage mechanism but his right hand got lodged and compressed inside the unit. Unable to move his hand, all Buddy could see was a 1 1/2" metal rod slowly impale his right hand three times between his ring finger and middle finger.

Kim Kardashian Kanye's 40th Bday Gift ... Incredible Hologram of Her Dad

Exclusive Details

Kim Kardashian got a virtual reunion with her father -- an amazing 3-D hologram was her 40th birthday gift from her hubby, Kanye West.

Kim just shared an incredible video of Robert Kardashian Sr. in hologram form, and it will blow you away.

Our sources tell us Kim got the surprise from Kanye during her bday getaway to a private island. Ye led Kim, Kris, Khloe, Kourtney and Rob into a dark room where the hologram was unveiled.

Robert's hologram speaks to Kim for about 3 minutes, wishing her a happy birthday and telling her how proud he is of her.

Kudos to Kanye, because the quality of the hologram is awesome -- it really feels like he was in the room. Kim's dad also told her he's excited she's following in his footsteps as a lawyer and he's proud of the great mom she's become. A definite "cue the waterworks" moment.

Our sources say Kim, Kris and her sisters watched the hologram several times along with their guests ... and then the family asked to be alone with it.

Kanye's obviously paid a lot of attention to stories about Robert Sr. ... we're told Kim always told Ye about him, including how he'd leave her love notes and was always super supportive.

A lot of work went into the hologram ... our sources say Kanye spent a lot of time in the studio pouring over old video and audio of Robert to bring the vision to life, and AI was used to finish off the project, which Kanye started in early September.

Kim definitely had a 40th birthday she'll never forget.

Hot Harley Quinn Costumes Guess Who!

Journey through the DC Universe with these Hollywood hotties dressed as Harley Quinn ... It's clear these stars are trying to take over as the Clown Princess of Crime, and have clearly brought their best fits forward!

Now it's up to you to figure out which famous face is in the super-villain snap -- Scroll through our gallery of celebrities like Lindsay Lohan, Teyana Taylor, Nicki Minaj and many more in Harley Quinn costumes and see if you have what it takes to discover which star is all dressed up as the leading lady.

It might require a trip down to Gotham before you can crack the code ... No joking around here!

'Big Brother' Cody Calafiore Reality Check Really Sucks ... World Got Worse!!!

2020 SUCKS

Cody Calafiore came crashing down from his high after winning 'Big Brother' ... he's disappointed with how things are shaking out after spending 3 months cut off from society.

We got the "Big Brother: All-Stars" champ Thursday at LAX and our photog asked what it's like to be back in civilization after being kept in the dark.

Cody says he was optimistic things would get better when he went into the 'BB' house, but now that he's out it's clear to him things are even worse.

It's pretty interesting ... Cody says he spent a lot of downtime in the 'Big Brother' house anxiously thinking about the outside world, wondering about his loved ones, the world and our social situations.

Guess the $500,000 prize can't buy happiness in 2020.


Cody's also speaking out against some of the bullying inside the house, telling us why it's a good thing when fans scour the live feeds and hold house guests accountable.

Now that he's back in the real world, Cody says the first thing on his agenda is getting to the polls. Hey, that's one way to make things better.

Mike Tobacco in 'Killer Klowns From Outer Space' 'Memba Him?!

Los Angeles native Grant Cramer gained fame in the '80s after he landed the role of the hunky Mike Tobacco -- who helps save the small town of Crescent Cove from the wacky antics of alien jesters -- in the 1988 cult creep flick "Killer Klowns From Outer Space."

Grant Cramer shared the big screen with a few other notable actors including John Allen Nelson as the shield-wielding, Deputy Dave Hanson ... and of course Suzanne Snyder as Mike's girlfriend, Debbie Stone.

Grant Cramer can also be spotted playing the womanizing dreamboat, Scotty, in "Hardbodies."

Guess what he looks like now at 58 years old!

Billie Eilish Trump Beef Or Misquote??? WaPo Report Under Scrutiny

6:28 PM PT -- The Trump administration might not hate Billie as much as everyone thought ... the Washington Post report detailing the alleged beef between the Prez and the singer is under intense scrutiny.

Some folks are saying the WaPo took the "destroying our country and everything we care about" quote out of context. It's what Billie said about Trump at the DNC, and allegedly NOT what a top Trump official said about her.

The doc actually says Billie "stated he 'is destroying our country and everything we care about'" ... according to Vice. In other words, the doc was just summing up Billie's views on Trump.

Billie Eilish is destroying the very fabric of American life ... at least that's how officials in Donald Trump's administration view the pop sensation.

Here's the deal ... a top Trump administration official put a decidedly partisan spin on a $250 million campaign it wanted to roll out weeks before the election, aiming to "defeat despair and inspire" hope amid the COVID-19 pandemic. We say it was partisan because the official reportedly ripped celebrities known to oppose the Prez.

Billie drew much of the Trump administration's scorn ... in the docs, which the Washington Post says were obtained by Democrats in the House, the Trump official described the singer as "not a Trump Supporter" and accused her of "destroying our country and everything we care about."


Billie's bad review makes sense ... she performed earlier this year at the Democratic National Convention, and she said the President was destroying the country. Guess her phrasing struck a chord with Trump's camp.

The ad campaign was reportedly seeking celebs to support Trump's response to the pandemic, and other famous folks like Jennifer Lopez and director Judd Apatow did not make the cut either.

J Lo famously bashed Trump's immigration policies during February's Super Bowl halftime show and officials ruled out Judd because he "believes Trump does not have the intellectual capacity to run as President."

The leaked docs reportedly outline lots of other Trump administration beefs with potential celebs for the ad blitz. Highlights include labeling Christina Aguilera, Adam Levine and Justin Timberlake as liberal Obama-supporting Democrats who fight for gay rights.

Jack Black is reportedly referred to in the docs as a "classic Hollywood liberal" and Johnny Depp was passed over because he "appears to be aligned with the liberal left."

So, big shocker ... they found out most of Hollywood is liberal. Hope they didn't spend a ton of money on research.

Originally Published -- 2:24 PM PT

Lil Wayne Endorses Trump After Meeting ... Ripped By 50 Cent!!!

Breaking News

5:11 PM PT -- 50 Cent, who once endorsed Trump before switching course, is even coming down on Weezy.

Fiddy says he would have never taken a photo with Trump like Wayne just did.

Lil Wayne's stuntin' with President Trump, but it's way more than a photo op -- he's also voicing his support for the Prez and his proposed plan for the Black community.

The rapper says he had a great meeting Thursday with POTUS, and shared a photo of them smiling together with thumbs up. He says he's endorsing Trump based on his track record on criminal justice reform, and he's excited about Trump's Platinum Plan.

Wayne believes it will "give the community real ownership." As we've told you ... Ice Cube worked with Trump's team on the plan, which vows to pump $500 billion into Black communities, and provide better access to equitable education and jobs.


Cube didn't endorse Trump, but caught a lot of flak nonetheless, because many critics felt he was being used due to the timing of the announcement ... about a month before the election.

Wayne's meeting, just 5 days before Election Day, might draw the same criticism. It's unclear where they met or what exactly was discussed, but Tunechi says, "He listened to what we had to say today and assured he will and can get it done."


Trump's endorsement from the hip-hop star comes on the heels of Lil Pump publicly backing him as well ... though Pump's reasoning was all about his personal bottom line.

50 Cent also seemed to be in Trump's corner for a moment, but later did a 180 and denounced him.

It looks like Lil Wayne's more certain about his choice.

Originally Published -- 4:19 PM PT

Arizona Coyotes Cut Ties With 2020 Draft Pick ... Over Bullying History

Breaking News

The Arizona Coyotes have severed ties with their 4th-round draft pick ... punting Mitchell Miller out of their organization over his bullying past.

The 'Yotes' selection in the 2020 NHL Draft has been accused of making one of his classmates' lives a living hell back when the two were in junior high in Ohio.

Isaiah Meyer-Crothers, a Black man who has developmental disabilities, told the Arizona Republic earlier this month that Miller beat him up and picked on him constantly.

"Everyone thinks he's so cool that he gets to go to the NHL," Meyers-Crothers said, "but I don't see how someone can be cool when you pick on someone and bully someone your entire life."

The harassment got so bad ... a police report was eventually filed, and in it, cops reportedly said Miller did some heinous things to Meyer-Crothers.

Officers in the report, per the Arizona Republic, said Miller called Meyer-Crothers racial slurs and made him lick a piece of candy that had been rubbed on a bathroom urinal.

18-year-old Miller reportedly admitted to the bullying in a juvenile court back in 2016 ... but the Coyotes still took him with the 111th overall pick in the NHL Draft earlier this month nonetheless.

And, initially, the team had stood by the pick, even in the wake of Meyer-Crothers coming forward with his displeasure over the selection. But, on Thursday, the team announced it's now officially moving on.

"Prior to selecting Mitchell in the NHL Draft, we were aware that a bullying incident took place in 2016," Coyotes' President & CEO Xavier Gutierrez said. "We do not condone this type of behavior but embraced this as a teachable moment to work with Mitchell to make him accountable for his actions and provide him with an opportunity to be a leader on anti-bullying and anti-racism efforts."

"We have learned more about the entire matter, and more importantly, the impact it has had on Isaiah and the Meyer-Crothers family. What we learned does not align with the core values and vision for our organization and leads to our decision to renounce our draft rights."

For his part, Miller apologized in a statement earlier this month for his disturbing past, writing, in part, "I am extremely sorry about the bullying incident that occurred in 2016 while I was in 8th grade. I was young, immature, and feel terrible about my actions."

Miller is committed to playing hockey at the University of North Dakota ... though it's unclear if the school still plans on allowing him to play in the wake of the Coyotes' decision.

Trump's Tampa Rally Fire Truck Sprays Supporters ... 'Are They Friend Or Foe?!?'


President Trump's rally outside Tom Brady's office is a sweltering, hot mess ... but firemen are dousing Trump and his supporters to combat the heat.

Trump addressed a large crowd Thursday outside Raymond James Stadium -- home to Brady's Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the next Super Bowl -- and with folks crowded together under the baking hot sun, a fire truck opened up a hose to keep things cool.

The temperature's around 87 degrees, but that's a Florida 87, so the crowd was grateful -- some even turned their backs to Trump as they tried to get wet and cool down.

Trump noticed the water cannon during his speech, pausing to wonder if the commotion was friendly. If it wasn't he joked, "Let's take care of those son of a bitches." Not shockingly, the Prez couldn't hide his delight when the firefighters aimed at the media's cameras.

The water cannon reportedly sprayed folks as far as 100-yards away ... but some people have reportedly passed out in the sun, and medics are on the scene.

It's the second Trump rally this week dealing with weather issues. As we reported, supporters at Tuesday's Omaha rally were stranded in the cold and some ended up in the hospital.

Dana White Convinced Khabib Will Unretire ... 'We've Been Talking'

Breaking News

It hasn't even been a week ... and Khabib Nurmagomedov may already be coming out of retirement!!


Long story short, UFC boss Dana White told CBS Sports' Zach Gelb that he's been in touch with Khabib recently and he believes there's a good chance the Dagestani superstar will return to the Octagon sometime soon.

"Khabib and I have been talking," Dana said ... "He was completely emotional [at UFC 254] when he got through that fight. I have a feeling that he might go for 30-0."

When asked directly if he thinks Khabib will come back and fight again, White said -- "I do. His dad wanted him to get to 30-0, and I think he wants to honor his dads wish."

As we previously reported, Khabib defeated Justin Gaethje at UFC 254 this past weekend -- boosting his record to 29-0 -- and after the fight, Khabib announced his retirement from MMA.

Khabib's father passed away earlier this year from COVID complications -- and Khabib said he has no desire to continue fighting without his dad by his side.

They were super close. Khabib's dad had trained him since he was a child.

But, White says he may very well reconsider the retirement -- question is ... who is the opponent?

Khabib has recently said Georges St-Pierre is the only fighter that gets him excited for a fight ... and GSP seemed interested too.

So .... fingers crossed!!!!

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