Kamala Harris Favorite to Be Democratic Nominee ... PA Gov. For VP???

Joe Biden dropped out just hours ago ... but, oddsmakers never rest, and they've already released new betting lines for Democrat president and vice president picks.

BetOnline -- an offshore betting company -- has adjusted it's odd ... and, it's no surprise but they're picking Kamala Harris as the next Dem prez candidate -- with whopping 1 to 9 odds assuring her as a favorite.

If you don't know 1 to 9 here means you'd have to bet $900 to win $100 -- so, the betting site's pretty certain it's Kamala's job to lose.

Van Jones Tears Up on CNN After Joe Biden Drops Out


Van Jones could barely hold back tears after Joe Biden dropped out of the 2024 presidential campaign ... choking up with emotion live on CNN.

The political pundit hopped on the air following JB's surprise announcement Sunday morning to discuss the decision and the president's legacy ... and, check out the clip 'cause Van's personal connection to Biden's on display.

Jones compares Dems telling Biden to drop out with having to take a grandparents' keys away from them as they get older ... saying it's a fight the entire time, and leads to an emotional breakdown after.

President Biden I'm Not Running ... Vote For Kamala Instead!!!


11:18 AM PT -- Mere minutes after dropping out of the race, President Biden has fully endorsed Vice President Kamala Harris in the 2024 presidential race ... saying picking her as his number 2 was the best decision he's made -- and asking Dems to come together to defeat Donald Trump.

President Biden is waving the white flag on his reelection bid ... dropping out of the race for the White House amid mounting pressure from within his own party.

POTUS announced Sunday he will not be at the top of the Democratic ticket in 2024 in a lengthy statement published to X ... saying it's in the best interests of the nation for him to step aside.

In the statement, Biden touts his administration's accomplishments ... citing a reivatalized economy, lower prescription drug costs and passed gun safety laws among other notable achievements.

Activist Captain Paul Watson Arrested in Greenland ... May Be Extradited to Japan

Captain Paul Watson -- an environmental activist and star of the show "Whale Wars" -- has been arrested in Greenland ... and video published to his foundation's X account captures the shocking moment.

His foundation -- the Captain Paul Watson Foundation -- posted video explaining when they landed in Nuuk, Greenland to refuel for their voyage to the Northwest Passage to stop the Japanese whaling ship the Kangei Maru.

However, the foundation says as soon as ship docked, Danish federal police boarded and arrested Watson.

Hollywood Celebs Happy Joe Biden's Backing Down ... Some Slam For Late Exit

Joe Biden dropping out of the 2024 presidential election made waves across the country ... and Hollywood was no exception -- with stars sharing their thoughts on social media.

Numerous bold-faced names posted their reactions to JB stepping down this morning -- and, while some thanked the prez for his service, others are slamming his announcement and calling on him to resign

Barbra Streisand came out quickly after the news ... thanking Biden for his significant achievements in his one term as president -- while Cardi B gloated about how she called this happening weeks ago.

Barack Obama Kind Words For Joe Biden ... No Kamala Endorsement

Barack Obama's breaking his silence on Joe Biden dropping out of the 2024 presidential race ... complimenting his former VP -- but stopping short of endorsing the current one.

The 44th POTUS released a statement Sunday a few minutes ago ... and, it's a glowing tribute to the sitting president -- a man he calls a "patriot of the highest order."

Obama says he came to admire Biden's character in the years they worked alongside one another as president and vice president ... character he says has helped Biden save the country from ruin over the past few years.

Joe Biden Aides Read Drop Out News on X

Joe Biden's decision to drop out from the 2024 presidential election Sunday didn't just shock the world ... it also shocked members of his own staff, according to a new report.

Prominent political publication Politico cites an anonymous Democrat who they spoke to after the sitting president announced he would drop out of the 2024 election.

The official told Politico, "We’re all finding out by tweet. None of us understand what’s happening."

Kamala Harris Honored By Biden's Endorsement ... Mentions Joe's Son Beau

Kamala Harris says it's an honor to have the sitting president's endorsement ... and, she's ready to unite the party in one quest -- defeating Donald Trump.

The current vice president of the United States has just released her first official statement since Joe Biden announced he wouldn't seek reelection and was dropping out of the 2024 presidential race.

KH pays tribute to Biden's many decades of service and extraordinary leadership abilities ... before mentioning her relationship with Beau Biden -- Joe's son who passed from cancer in 2015.

Bill and Hillary Clinton Endorse Kamala Harris After Biden Drops Out

Bill and Hillary Clinton wasted no time throwing their support behind Kamala Harris ... adding they've never experienced anything that concerns them more than a second Trump term.

The former First Couple made the announcement on X soon after President Joe Biden said he wouldn't seek a second term ... abandoning his reelection bid.

The Clintons kicked off their statement by lauding Biden for all his hard work in public service ... specifically pointing out his economic accomplishments, and saying he'd worked hard to fulfill the Founding Fathers' goal of forming a more perfect union.

Prominent Republicans If Biden's Unfit to Run, He Needs to Resign!!!

President Joe Biden's announcement dropping out of the 2024 presidential race has Republicans up in arms ... 'cause they're demanding Biden step down -- saying he can't be president if he's not up to run again.

Several prominent Republicans in Congress are now calling on Biden to resign from the highest office in the land ... arguing his abandoned reelection campaign says he's unfit for another race -- so clearly, he's unfit to hold the job.

Speaker of the House Mike Johnson posted a statement to X ... saying the Democrats just forced their supporters' chosen nominee off the ballot -- essentially invalidating the millions of votes cast for him.

Donald Trump Reacts to Joe Biden Dropping Out ... Crooked Joe Wasn't Fit For Presidency!!!

Donald Trump's reacting to Joe Biden dropping out of the presidential race -- claiming this always should've happened 'cause the dude wasn't fit to be president.

The Republican candidate for president posted to Truth Social just moments ago ... calling the sitting president "Crooked Joe Biden" and claiming he wasn't ever supposed to attain the highest office in the land.

DJT says Biden won the presidency via lies, the fake news media and by sitting at home in the lead-up to 2020 instead of actively campaigning like he did.

Adidas Sorry Connections w/ '72 Olympics Campaign Lingering ... Apologizes to Bella Hadid

Adidas is issuing another mea culpa over their Munich Olympics campaign ... publicly apologizing to their partners -- including Bella Hadid.

The footwear giant posted another apology -- their second in the last few days -- early Sunday morning ... acknowledging connections are still being made between the Munich Massacre of the 1972 Olympics and their recent SL72 campaign.

Adidas says the connections weren't meant, and they apologize -- all falling right in line with the apology they issued earlier this week after the American Jewish Community called them out.

Bhad Bhabie Yeah, There was that Whole Beating Thing ... But I'm Back with Le Vaughn!!!


Well, now we know ... Bhad Bhabie is passing off the beating she took at the hands of her boyfriend/baby daddy as one bad night, because they're back together in a big way.

Our TMZ Celebrity Tour bus rolled past Avra restaurant in Bev Hills Saturday, and saw the 2 nearby hugging and smooching. Their baby was at home, and this was clearly date night.


As we reported, Bhad Bhabie had posted video early this month of Le Vaughn knocking her to the ground. She also posted a pic of a horrendous bruise on her eye. She deleted both, but what happened to her was clear.

Donald Trump Assassination Attempt Keith Olbermann Says, Bullet Schmullet!!!

There's growing skepticism Donald Trump was hit by a bullet, and the latest to join the chorus is former ESPN host Keith Olbermann.


TMZ reported hours after the shooting, a well-placed source who had spoken with Secret Service told us ... Trump was hit by pieces of glass that had shattered during the gunfire.

The narrative changed almost immediately when the official word came out ... that Trump was grazed in the ear by an errant bullet, and had he not turned his head he would have been dead.

Donald Trump The Secret Service Blew It ... Changes Tune About Agency

Mistakes Were Made
Fox News

Donald Trump is now getting in on all the Secret Service bashing a week after his attempted assassination.

The 2024 Republican presidential nominee and his VP pick J.D. Vance sat down for an interview with Fox News host, Jesse Watters, which will air Monday on the network.

In a teaser clip released Saturday, Trump slammed the Secret Service for not protecting him at the Butler, Pennsylvania rally last weekend.

Jake Paul Rocks Mike Perry In 6th Round ... Wins Via TKO

Jake Paul outlasted "Platinum" Mike Perry on Saturday ... defeating the Bare Knuckle FC and former UFC fighter via sixth-round TKO.

Jake handled Mike for the majority of the bout ... knocking Perry down in the first two rounds. He appeared gassed as the match went on, before ultimately catching a second wind and taking care of business.

Jake ended up getting the victory in the 6th ... and shortly after his hand was raised, he called out yet another UFC fighter -- Alex Pereira.

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