Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott's son's name change is now official in the eyes of the law.

According to new legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the judge signed off on the famous parents legally changing their child's name from Wolf Jacques Webster to Aire Webster.

The docs say Kylie showed face in court virtually Friday ... and while Travis did not make an appearance, the docs say he didn’t file any objection to the switch so the judge ultimately granted the petition.


TMZ broke the story ... Kylie filed docs to change the kid's name back in March, noting they regretted the initial name choice of Wolf Jacques and saying they thought Aire was a better fit.

Remember ... Kylie and Travis announced as far back as March 2022 they were scrapping Wolf ... and in January 2023, a few weeks before the kid's first birthday, Kylie revealed they were now calling him Aire.

The name has Hebrew origins and it's said to mean "Lion of God."

TYRESE GIBSON Sues Teddy Pendergrass' Widow ... BIOPIC RIGHTS ARE MINE!!!

Tyrese Gibson is embroiled in another legal saga ... this one doesn't involve Home Depot, but rather the late singer Teddy Pendergrass.

The 'Fast & Furious' star has a production company, Voltron Entertainment, which is suing Teddy's widow, Joan Pendergrass, over the rights to Teddy's biopic.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Tyrese claims his company locked up the exclusive rights to Teddy's life story way back in 2011 ... with Joan's blessing.

Tyrese says Joan would give Tyrese the rights to a book and movie about Teddy in exchange for Tyrese's company agreeing to invest in the projects and use his celeb status to promote them and Teddy's legacy.

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In the suit, Tyrese claims he and Voltron have since invested around $450,000 into the project ... which he says he's been pushing forward for nearly a decade.

Problem is ... Tyrese claims Joan switched up in 2022 and refused to extend the option on the rights to Teddy's life story.

Tyrese claims Joan's about-face caused Voltron to suffer financial harm ... so now he’s suing Joan in her individual capacity and as executor of Teddy's estate for at least $1 million in damages.

We reached out to Joan ... so far no word back.

Central Park Zoo Sea Lion Escapes Zoo Exhibit ... After NYC Flooding


A sea lion at the Central Park Zoo made a great escape amid all the flooding in New York City ... swimming out of its enclosure thanks to rising waters.

Video shows the sea lion on the other side of the exhibit, swimming around in brown water ... which was high enough for the animal to get out of the pool.

There are two other sea lions happily swimming around the enclosure, but one was able to make it over the fence ... with the marine mammal is chilling in a spot normally reserved for humans, at least when it's not underwater.

For reference, here's how the sea lion exhibit usually looks ... as you can see, the pool isn't that big, and the escaped sea lion is pretty close to a tent that leads to another area of the zoo.

The sea lion didn't escape the zoo completely ... but she did get out of their habitat, and she's obviously pretty curious about what lies beyond her little pool.

As you know ... heavy rain is pounding the Big Apple and there's extreme flooding throughout the city.


The Central Park Zoo was closed to the public Friday as a result of the severe weather conditions, and the sea lions seem to be making the most of a rainy day.

This ain't "Free Willy" though ... the zoo says flood waters are going down and the sea lions are back in their enclosure.

Khloe Kardashian Keep That Whale Tail Away from Me ... I'm Terrified!!!

Khloe Kardashian may have grown up on the coast, but that doesn't mean she's down with the creatures of the sea ... in fact, she's TERRIFIED of whales.

If you missed it, Khloe revealed her fear during the season 4 premiere of "The Kardashians" this week when the family took a trip to Mexico and could see whales nearby in the ocean. Khloe exclaimed, “I am really freaking out ... I feel like I am going to cry. I don’t think I am comfortable seeing it.”

Khloe further explained her phobia Friday, getting on X to say, "This has been a phobia of mine for years. I don’t want anything bad to happen to whales and I know the phobia is totally irrational, but we don’t pick our phobias. I low-key have a fear of the ocean, but a whale I can’t even look at, it freaks me out so much."


She continued, "They are ginormous, and we discover new species all the time. Over 80% of our oceans are unchartered. That’s f***ing bananas! We don’t even know what’s in there."

The whole thing is kinda hilarious, but there's also a lot of Kardashian fans relating to Khloe's fear ... so maybe she ain't the only one!!!

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Wanted to Move Family to the UK ... But It Never Happened!!!

Joe Jonas expressed his desire to make a UK estate his family's "forever home," but that's unlikely to sway the judge in deciding to move his divorce from Sophie Turner overseas ... because that's just not how the law works.

Sophie says Joe expressed his desire to move his entire family on multiple occasions, and even wrote a letter to a homeowner in the UK expressing interest in buying their estate.

Sophie submitted the letter in court docs in which Joe says, "We could tell that your family have truly loved living here and we can envision our children growing up here and making this our forever home."

While the letter may prove Joe wanted to live in the UK, his family never established residency there. They have lived as a family in the U.S. ... therefore, it's pretty certain a U.S. judge -- not a UK judge -- will handle their divorce.

What's more ... our sources say that while he, Sophie and the homeowners in the UK did reach an agreement to buy the home for $7.5 million, the sale never closed and is still in escrow. So again, no residency in jolly ol' England.

We're told Joe, Sophie, Willa and Delphine have never lived anywhere longer than 6 months other than when they were in Florida ... which is where Joe filed for divorce.

And, there's an even bigger point. Even though Joe and Sophie agreed they would make England their home in the future, once the divorce is filed, all bets are off. The North Star for the judge is determining what is in the best interests of their 2 kids, when the parents live on 2 separate continents.

Mauricio Umansky Kyle and Morgan Aren't Having Sex Not Romantic Relationship


Mauricio Umansky says he's positive ... Kyle Richards has not cheated on him and she and Morgan Wade are not having sex. In fact, he says their relationship is all friendship and business, and that's it.

We got Mauricio on his way into "Dancing with the Stars" rehearsal Friday and our photog asked him about the rumored relationship between Kyle and Morgan.

As you know, Kyle and Morgan have been hanging out a ton during Kyle's separation from Mauricio ... with the women filming lots of things together, like documentaries, reality TV segments and music videos.

But, Mauricio says that's where Kyle and Morgan's relationship ends.


Sounds like Mauricio would know, because he's still communicating with Kyle during their time apart. He says she actually texted him Friday so he could clear up some recent comments he made about their relationship timeline.

Mauricio raised eyebrows this week in his appearance on The Agency's 'Red Mic' podcast when he said, "We were dealing with our own things, kind of, super quietly and internally, just our own issues, I mean, certainly, we're not separated. We're not divorced at this point. We are not any of that stuff."

Kyle and Mauricio have been separated for months now ... but he says the answer was in response to a question about whether he and Kyle planted the initial story of their separation back in July to boost TV ratings, which he denies.

Mauricio tells us People, which was first to report their separation, actually got the story wrong, at least technically ... insisting he was NOT separated from Kyle at the time the story broke. Of course, they separated shortly after.


Mauricio is super pissed at whoever was the source behind the People story ... he says he tried to get the outlet to give him a name, telling us if he finds out the source is someone who works for him they're getting fired ... and if it's a member of their inner circle, the person is getting booted.

Obviously, there's a lot of drama around Mauricio and Kyle right now ... and it's been a rough year for them both, which he says is a factor in their separation ... but he says 'DWTS' has been a great outlet to relieve stress.


Kyle would seem to agree ... showing up to support Mauricio in his big 'DWTS' debut.

Mauricio has a lot to say here ... and he tells us why he's not ready to give up on his marriage.

Ne-Yo You Are The Father! Declared Legal Dad To His Youngest Kids

Ne-Yo has been declared the legal father of his 2 youngest kids he's got with his new girlfriend ... this coming months after asking the court to establish him as their pops.

According to new docs, obtained by TMZ, a judge has found it in the best interest of the kids that Ne-Yo be declared the natural and biological daddy of Braiden, born in 2021, and Brixton, born last February ... giving them all rights and privileges under the law.

The docs also provide the 2 will also have their last name changed from Bagnerise to Smith -- Ne-Yo's legal last name.

TMZ broke the story, the singer asked for the court to establish parentage for Braiden and Braxton back in May. He was also looking to have them be able to inherit from him as if they were born in wedlock.

Don't forget, Ne-Yo's wife Crystal filed for divorce last year in Georgia, citing he had a kid with Sade while they were still married. In Crystal's case, she was looking to get child support for the 3 kids they share together -- Roman, Isabella, and Shaffer.

Jacky Oh! Cause Of Death Revealed Complications from Cosmetic Surgery

DC Young Fly's partner Jacky Oh!'s died as a result of complications from cosmetic surgery, complaining her head was "burning" just hours before her death, TMZ has learned.

According to the autopsy report, obtained by TMZ, Jacky flew to Miami in May to undergo a procedure where she had liposuction and fat transferred to her butt ... aka a BBL.

The surgery was completed May 30, and Jacky was prescribed Cliprofloxacin (an antibiotic), Oxycodone (a painkiller), and Ondansetron (anti-nausea).

Shortly thereafter, the 32-year-old began to get a headache, returning to the surgeon for a post-operative appointment ... she then decided to get a massage to help alleviate her pain, and was advised to take ibuprofen and to stop taking the Ondansetron.

On the night of May 31, Jacky began to feel her head was "burning" and began to have difficulty speaking, Jacky was with her aunt, who called 911 -- but Jacky went unresponsive before they arrived ... and was pronounced dead at the hospital at 11 PM.

The autopsy report states Jacky had swelling in her brain and extensive bleeding of the skin around her torso.

A since-deleted social media post before Jacky's death claimed she was in the city to go through a "mommy makeover" with Dr. Zachary Okhah.

Dr. Okhah spoke out shortly after her death, but didn't address the situation directly -- instead stating his office "remains devoted to the highest quality medical care." He added, "All aesthetic procedures are performed in a hygienically safe environment to universally recognized medical standards."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

DC, who shares 3 kids with Jackie, called her "the GREATEST MOTHER I KNOW" in an emotional tribute online, saying "LOVE YOU FOREVER jus know we goinn harder than ever and GOD is in control and he got us covered."

The rapper went all out on an ATL funeral celebrating the life of his loved one -- droves of folks showed up to say goodbye, and her casket rode in on a horse-drawn carriage.


DC gave a touching speech about Jackie at the funeral ... echoing the outpouring of love she's received since her death. For those unaware, Jackie and DC met back in 2015 when he joined her and the rest of the cast of "Wild 'N Out."


We also got DC weeks after her death, and he said he's doing his best to stay strong as he jumped back to work.

A rep for Jackie told us her beauty brand, J Nova Collection, saw a massive spike in sales following her passing ... receiving over 2,000 orders in just 2 weeks. We were told the website had to shut down due to the increase in traffic.

Page Six first reported the cause.

Tyrese Gibson Fires Back at Home Depot ... You Can't Bully Me!!

Tyrese Gibson isn't about to let Home Depot call him a liar over his claims of racism ... saying he refuses to be bullied by the retail giant, and is gonna do all he can to correct the alleged discrimination he says he faced inside one of HD's stores.

Tyrese tells us he's 100% committed to "taking a stand against The Home Depot in defense of our own civil rights and the civil rights of all who have been subjected to discriminatory practices and consumer racial profiling."

He continues, "The Home Depot and its team of attorneys seek to deny our claims and silence our voices as reflected in their most recent court filing. But we will not back down. We will not be bullied. We will use all of our energy to  correct the conduct of the company, in service of the broader goal of a shared future free from discrimination."


TMZ broke the story, HD responded to Tyrese's lawsuit Thursday claiming they've reviewed surveillance footage that pokes a lot of holes in Tyrese's initial lawsuit.


The store says Tyrese came in, grabbed a bunch of items and had a cashier ring everything up ... then left the register to do more shopping for 25 minutes, forcing the cashier to clear Tyrese's transaction.


In his original lawsuit, Tyrese said the cash register delay happened because of a computer glitch and he had to go to the parking lot to hide out because people started to recognize who he was rather than stick around to watch the rest of the transaction.

Tyrese says the cashier allowed him to leave his credit card with a couple buddies who would complete the transaction ... but HD is calling BS, saying their footage shows Tyrese never even spoke face-to-face to the cashier.

Eventually, Tyrese got on FaceTime with the cashier from the parking lot, but the cashier and store manager let him know he needed to come inside and present his ID to complete the purchase.

Home Depot says their surveillance footage shows Tyrese come back inside, get in a heated argument with store employees ... but he eventually showed his ID and completed the purchase.

Tyrese's lawsuit is for $1 million.

Tupac Man Indicted for Murder In 1996 Vegas Killing


2:35 PM PT -- Tupac Shakur's sister, Sekyiwa "Set," shared a statement to TMZ saying ... "This is no doubt a pivotal moment. The silence of the past 27 years surrounding this case has spoken loudly in our community. It’s important to me that the world, the country, the justice system, and our people acknowledge the gravity of the passing of this man, my brother, my mother’s son, my father’s son. His life and death matters, and should not go unsolved or unrecognized, so yes, today is a victory but I will reserve judgment until all the facts and legal proceedings are complete."

She concluded, "There have been multiple hands involved and there remains so much surrounding the life and death of my brother Tupac and our Shakur family overall. We are seeking real justice, on all fronts."

1:50 PM PT -- Duane Keith "Keefe D" Davis' mug shot has been released.

1:02 PM PT -- Law enforcement officials just held a press conference, revealing Davis gave them reason to get back on the case in 2018 when he started doing interviews and eventually wrote a book detailing his involvement in the murder.


Officials say once they executed the search warrant, they were able to present their new evidence to a grad jury who made the decision to indict Davis with one count of open murder with use of a deadly weapon with a gang enhancement.

Tupac Shakur was murdered 27 years ago, and there's finally been a major update in the case -- cops have made an arrest in connection to the killing.

Duane Keith "Keefe D" Davis was arrested early Friday morning by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department on unknown charges related to Tupac's murder ... according to the AP, who says they spoke with two officials with first-hand knowledge of the arrest.

Davis certainly isn't a new name when it comes to Tupac's murder, admitting in interviews and his book "Compton Street Legend" that he was in the Cadillac from which the bullets that killed Tupac were fired.

Keefe D is a former Crip, and claims to be the uncle of the late Orlando Anderson ... who's been suspected, at least on the streets, to have been the shooter.


Orlando is also the man who got into the fight with Tupac and his crew inside the MGM Grand right after a Mike Tyson fight ... and shortly before the fatal shooting went down just off the Vegas strip.

It was back in July when cops descended on a Las Vegas home owned by Keefe D's wife, Paula Clemons, executing a search warrant in connection to the murder investigation.

During the search, cops took a computer hard drive, cell phones, a copy of Vibe magazine that featured Tupac and tubs containing old photographs.

They also took several .40 caliber bullets.


Originally Published -- 9:49 AM PT

Sen. Dianne Feinstein Photo Taken Hours Before Death ... While Hosting at D.C. Home

Dianne Feinstein entertained a close friend at her house -- and posed for photos with her -- in the hours preceding her sudden death.

The esteemed, longtime Senator from California posed for a photo Thursday afternoon with former California congresswoman Jane Harman ... who told CNN she was likely the last person to see Dianne.

As we reported ... Dianne died Thursday night at her home in Washington D.C.

Dianne was 90 years old and needed a wheelchair to get around the Capitol earlier this month, but she was standing and smiling in Thursday's photo ... so her death was clearly unexpected, at least judging from the last pic she snapped.

In fact, Dianne was working right up until her death ... in addition to hosting Harman at home, Dianne cast her final vote Thursday on the Senate floor.


Dianne needed help getting onto the floor to vote ... raising her hand and voting 'aye' in favor of short-term funding for the government.

Tributes have been pouring in all day since news of her death broke, and there's now a vase with white roses occupying Dianne's longtime Senate seat.

Kevin Spacey Massage Therapist Sues ... Allegedly Pushed For Sexual Favors

Kevin Spacey booked a massage therapist and then made sexual advances and offered to pay extra money in exchange for sexual favors during the massage ... according to a new lawsuit.

The actor is being sued by a male massage therapist in New York who claims Spacey booked three 90-minute massages in August and September 2016 in a room at the New York Edition Hotel.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, the message therapist claims Spacey made unwanted and inappropriate sexual advances and repeatedly pressed him for sexual favors, including him insisting on starting the massage with a focus on the buttocks.

The therapist says Spacey also insisted on doing yoga poses during the massage, exposing Spacey's butt and genitals in the process and making the therapist feel uncomfortable.

In the suit, the therapist claims Spacey repeatedly became sexually aroused during the sessions and even offered extra money in exchange for sexual favors. He also says Spacey repeatedly made sexual comments on his looks and physique.

What's more, the masseuse claims Spacey grabbed the therapist's hand and tried to place it on his genitals, despite the therapist repeatedly rejecting Spacey's alleged advances.

The massage therapist says Spacey booked the appointments through an app, using a different name ... meaning he never knew he was going to see Spacey until he got into the room. He also says Spacey "insisted upon wearing a ski mask" during the appointments.

After the third alleged incident, the masseuse claims he stopped taking appointments altogether at the hotel Spacey allegedly frequented.

The massage therapist claims the Spacey sessions resulted in mental and emotional distress ... saying he still suffers from anxiety, depression, PTSD, and fears for his livelihood as a massage therapist, husband and father.

The masseuse is going after Spacey for damages.

sky news

The lawsuit comes a couple months after Spacey was found not guilty on sexual assault charges in the United Kingdom.

As we previously reported ... Spacey was accused of forcing a different male massage therapist to touch his genitals during an in-home massage in 2016, an accusation Spacey denied, and the case was dropped when the alleged victim died during the investigation.

We reached out to Spacey's camp about the most recent lawsuit ... so far no word back.

Chandler Jones Arrested In Vegas ... Mugshot Released


11:16 AM PT -- The Raiders just released a statement on the arrest ... saying the team is "hopeful Chandler Jones receives the care that he needs. He, his family, and all those involved are in our thoughts"

The NFL also addressed the Jones news ... adding, "We have been closely monitoring the matter and have been in constant communication with the Raiders."

Chandler Jones was arrested early Thursday morning in Las Vegas, TMZ Sports has learned ... just hours after the Raiders star broke down in tears on social media.

The 33-year-old All-Pro was booked into Clark County Detention Center in Nevada around midnight ... where Jones still remains behind bars.

The exact details surrounding the arrest are currently unclear, but our sources tell us Chandler violated a protective order, so cops responded and arrested him.

Our law enforcement sources tell us the Super Bowl champion was cooperative while being taken into custody.

Jones has been away from the Raiders since September 5 after an alleged dispute over access to the team's facility. He has not played in any of their three games this season. The team's 1-2.

Chandler's behavior has caused some concern of late ... earlier this week Jones claimed he was forced into a mental health hospital against his will, and pumped with medicine he didn't want to take.


On Thursday, CJ went live on social media and made serious (and unfounded) allegations about Josh McDaniels and Aaron Hernandez's death, causing Jones to break down crying.

Chandler's behavior has worried the football community ... but he's been adamant that he's okay, and even wants to resume his career with the Raiders.

Originally Published -- 9:48 AM PT

'Teen Mom' Jenelle Evans Teenage Son Sneaks Out Window ... Reported as Missing Person

Police are on the hunt for Jenelle Evans' 14-year-old son, Jace, after the teen allegedly slipped out a window and into the night.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ they were called to the "Teen Mom" star's home Thursday night around 8 PM about the missing teen. Jenelle told officers Jace snuck out of the home through a window, and didn't have a cell phone with him.

What's most frightening, Jenelle's home is surrounded by woods, and Jace left in the night.

It's been close to 16 hours since Jace first went missing, and he's still out there ... cops tell us he's been added to a nationwide database for missing persons.

Thursday's escape isn't the first time Jace has gone missing. TMZ broke the story in early August when Jace went missing after school, he was found a few hours late. We were also first to tell you when he went missing from Jenelle's home again in late August but was located shortly after that as well.

Jenelle has chalked the runaways as Jace being a normal teenager, mad at his parents ... but there's clearly something more going on.

Do you think Jenelle Evans should still have custody of her child Jace after his 3rd attempt to run away? Vote below.

Story developing ...

George & Amal Clooney Bring Out Celebs for Albie Awards ... Daniel Craig, Emily Blunt, And Loads More

George Clooney and his wife Amal are proving they can call on some of Hollywood's finest to show up when needed ... 'cause that's exactly what went down at this year's Albie Awards.

The couple looked as stunning as ever stepping into the New York Public Library Thursday night for their big event, put on by the Clooney Foundation for Justice.

George and Amal hosted a pretty amazing lineup of celeb couples ... folks like Daniel Craig and Rachel Weisz, Cindy Crawford and Rande Gerber, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, and Matt Damon and Luciana Barroso all attended, too.

Other stars like Anne Hathaway, Heidi Klum, Scarlett Johansson, Mary J. Blige, Donatella Versace, Jeremy Strong and Greta Gerwig all showed up to enjoy the night together as well.


The awards are named after Albie Sachs, a South African lawyer and former judge who fought against apartheid in his country for decades, eventually putting an end to it.

Sachs was honored with a Lifetime Achievement Award last year ... and those awarded this year include a doctor who saved women from being raped in the Democratic Republic of Congo and a Ukrainian human rights group for uncovering war crimes amid Russian attacks.

Travis Kelce's Ex Swifties Sending Me Death Threats ... After Speaking Out

The Swifties are crossing the line when it comes to being a passionate fanbase ... so says Travis Kelce's ex-girlfriend, who claims she's been getting death threats from Taylor Swift supporters after speaking out about her past relationship with the Chiefs superstar.

Maya Benberry -- who won the "Catching Kelce" reality show back in 2016 -- has been sharing her dating experience with the All-Pro tight end following Swift's appearance at the Chiefs game on Sunday ... accusing TK of infidelity during their time together.

Benberry's comments apparently set the Swifties off ... 'cause she alleges she has been the target of serious hate, according to Inside Edition.

"Swifties are aggressive," Benberry said. "Very negative, very hypocritical. It's really crazy to me that someone that I think is positive and really nice has such a negative and angry fanbase."

As for Swift, Benberry -- who referred to Kelce as a "narcissist" -- says she has no issue with the "Anti-Hero" singer ... insisting she doesn't care one bit if she ends up dating her ex -- but pointing out, "I had him first."

Benberry also addressed those close to Kelce claiming she's looking for her "15 minutes of fame" ... adamantly denying she's clout chasing.

"It's nothing about Taylor. It's more about, you led me to believe that we had a future. And now, five years later, you're laughing and I feel like you're mocking me."

"I'm not jealous or bitter about Taylor. She's beautiful, she's successful. We're in two different lanes. My issue is more with Travis in the sense of, now you're trying to turn me into, I don't know -- a bitter person, a liar, like I'm delusional, and I'm the furthest thing from that."

The drama doesn't seem to bother Tayvis -- as we previously reported, Swift is hoping to attend Kelce's game against the Jets this weekend.

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