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Jussie Smollett Osundairo Brothers Sue Mark Geragos for Defamation

4/23/2019 7:29 AM PDT

The 2 brothers who allegedly faked the Jussie Smollett attack are suing the actor's lawyers, Mark Geragos and Tina Glandian, for defamation, claiming the attorneys lied to the media and tried to make it appear Ola and Abel Osundairo were the culprits in a real, homophobic and racist attack.

The brothers filed the case in Chicago federal court, claiming Jussie "used his clout as a wealthy actor to influence [the bothers] who were in a subordinate relationship to him and were aspiring to 'make it.'"

The suit says when Tina Glandian went on GMA, "Today' and the Reasonable Doubt podcast after the charges against Jussie were dismissed, she told a string of lies ... including the brothers wore whiteface during the attack and the brothers were involved in an illegal Nigerian steroid trafficking ring.

The lawsuit also claims Glandian falsely claimed one of the brothers "engaged in fornication with Mr. Smollett."

As for Geragos, the suit claims he "repeatedly indicated that plaintiffs conspired to criminally attack Mr. Smollett, and by doing so, implied plaintiff's committed perjury" to the Grand Jury and conspired to make false statements to the Chicago PD.

The suit doubles down and says the brothers never knew Jussie would go to the cops ... rather, he was staging the "attack" for social media.

The brothers say as a result of the alleged defamation they suffered extreme emotional distress, humiliation, anxiety, damages to their reputation, and damages to current and prospective business relations.

Britney Spears Meds Triggered Mental Health Crisis

4/23/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Britney Spears is at the tail end of her 30-day stay at a mental health facility ... and we've learned more about how she landed there in the first place.

As we reported, Britney has had a rough time dealing with her dad's recent illness. Jamie and Britney are super close -- he's been her conservator for nearly a dozen years -- and his health battles have taken a big toll on her.

We're told at the same time, Britney's doctors were adjusting her meds which had lost their efficacy. Britney's mental health issues were stabilized with a cocktail of medicines that were designed specifically her. Over time, those meds were increasingly ineffective and doctors needed to create a new cocktail.

We're told there were problems. First, they had to wean Britney off the existing meds. This cannot be done quickly and there's a risk of suicide if it's not done right -- it's that serious.

As doctors weaned her off the meds, they created a new cocktail, but it's all trial and error, and there were errors that made Britney unstable and ultimately unwilling to cooperate with doctors.

She was admitted to the mental health facility and we're told doctors think they've now found the right mixture of drugs.

Britney got a day pass Sunday to spend time with her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, in Bev Hills. She went back to the facility the same day.

One other thing ... there have been reports the conservatorship has forced meds on Britney against her will. Not true. The conservatorship Britney is under does not permit the conservator to force drugs on the person for whom the conservatorship was created. 

On that note, there have also been reports Jamie Spears forced Britney into the mental health facility. The type of conservatorship Britney has -- through the probate court -- does not allow a conservator to force someone into a mental health facility. 

What's more, we're told Jamie is adamant -- he did not want his daughter to go to the facility because he thought it would leak out to the media and he felt there were better ways of solving her problems. We're told Britney is the one who said she wanted to go. 

Robert Kraft Spa Masseuse Arrested ... After Video Shows Sexual Encounter

4/23/2019 7:25 AM PDT
Breaking News

Cops have arrested another woman in the Robert Kraft prostitution case -- a 58-year-old who allegedly performed a sexual act on the Patriots owner with another woman at the Orchids of Asia Day Spa. 

Jupiter Police arrested Shen Mingbi -- who cops say was in the massage room with Kraft on January 19, 2019. 

According to the police report, Kraft was joined in the massage room by 2 women -- one of whom was Mingbi. 

Officials say the encounter was captured on surveillance and shows both Mingbi and Lei Wang using their hands on Kraft's penis. 

Officials say Mingbi was also involved in sexual acts with several other men at the spa. 

Wang had already been arrested and charged in the case -- but now, officials have busted Mingbi, too. 

Mingbi has been formally charged with 1 count of deriving support from prostitution and 8 counts of offer to commit prostitution. She's in court right now (Tuesday) to face the charges. 

As for Kraft, he's got a hearing on Friday where he'll continue to fight to block officials from releasing the spa video to the media. 

Kraft has claimed the release of the video would hamper his ability to get a fair trial because it would taint the jury pool. 

Justin Bieber Did I Say Album Coming Soon?!? Gimme Another Year, Please!!!

4/23/2019 12:50 AM PDT

Justin Bieber jumped the gun at Coachella when he said an album was coming soon ... 'cause TMZ's learned it's actually gonna be about another year before a full set of new tunes is ready.

Sources close to the situation tell TMZ ... the Biebs got caught up in the moment when he said "album coming soon" after wrapping up his Sunday night surprise performance with Ariana Grande. Yes, he has been working on new music, but that tease for a new album immediately cranked up fan anticipation.

Great marketing, for sure, on JB's part -- and while he HAS recorded a few songs already ... we're told he's still working on creating a new sound.

Of course, the bottom line is he actually IS recording ... and doing so when everything's coming up Justin. We're told he feels very centered, and he's excited about getting back in the studio grind.

Remember ... Bieber hasn't released a solo of his own for more than 3 years -- his "Purpose" album dropped way back in November 2015. He told the Coachella crowd he hadn't performed in like 2 years and seemed to have thoroughly enjoyed, his words, getting his groove back.

He was also recently featured in Lil Dicky's new single "Earth" -- the one where he plays a baboon. It was Justin's first collab since "No Brainer" was released last July.

Goes without saying ... Justin's new album is already highly anticipated.

Wendy Williams Cops Investigated Anonymous Claim Husband Was Poisoning Her

4/23/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Cops paid Wendy Williams a visit to check on her after a random caller alleged her husband, Kevin Hunter, was poisoning the talk show host.

According to the police report ... the outrageous call, made back in January, came from someone claiming to work for Williams' production company. The caller believed Kevin was slipping Wendy something harmful, and he or she wanted cops to check on her.

The report says 2 officers went to Williams' New Jersey residence and were greeted by Hunter, who was hesitant to let them in for the welfare check because he said Wendy was sick and recovering from a health problem.

Cops say they explained to Hunter they were required to speak with Williams due to the anonymous call. When he allowed them to enter, they found Williams in bed "with the blanket covering from neck to toe."

According to the report ... one of the officers asked Kevin to leave the bedroom so they could talk to Wendy alone, but he didn't want to leave her side. As for the health problem she had -- Wendy told cops she was recovering from a broken shoulder.

An officer eventually asked her if there was any truth to the anonymous tip she was being poisoned, and Wendy responded with something like ... "Well, I'm very popular." When the cop repeated the question, the report says she became tearful, but denied there was any truth to it.

The cops left after Wendy told them once more she was okay.

As we reported ... Williams filed for divorce from Hunter this month amid cheating rumors, and just weeks after she returned to her show and announced she was living in a sober home and getting treatment for addiction.

She was on hiatus from her show at the time cops performed that welfare check.

Kevin -- who was also an executive producer -- has now left the show in wake of the divorce filing.

Luke Walton Sued For Sexual Assault By Female Sports Reporter

4/22/2019 7:20 PM PDT

7:15 PM PT -- The Sacramento Kings tell TMZ Sports, "We are aware of the report and are gathering additional information. We have no further comment at this time." Sacramento Kings head coach Luke Walton is being sued for sexually assaulting a female sports reporter who claims he forced himself on her in his hotel room ... this according to a new lawsuit. 

In legal docs, obtained by TMZ Sports, Kelli Tennant claims while Walton was an assistant coach for the Golden State Warriors, he asked her to come and meet him at the Casa Del Mar Hotel in Santa Monica to drop off a book she had published.

FYI, Walton worked for the Warriors until April 2016, when he left to become the head coach of the Lakers.

In her suit, Tennant -- who worked as a reporter for Spectrum SportsNet and SportsNet LA -- says the 2 had a business relationship that went back several years and that's why she had asked him to write the foreword in her book.

Tennant claims when she arrived at Walton's hotel, he convinced her to come up to his room so they could "catch up." But when they got to his room, Walton suddenly pinned her to the bed, placing his hips and legs over her body.

In the docs, Tennant claims Walton began forcing kisses on her neck, face and chest. She claims she screamed for him to stop and tried to free herself, but he held her down, groped her breasts and groin, and rubbed his erection on her leg.

Tennant claims she was "in shock and fear. She was afraid she was about to be raped," the suit states. 

Tennant claims Walton eventually relented and let her get up from the bed, but as she was walking toward the door to leave, he grabbed her from behind and again forced his body up against hers. 

Tennant claims when Walton finally stopped and released her -- he walked her out of the room as if nothing had happened. 

"He smiled, laughed again and made the disturbing statement, 'Good to see you,'" Tennant claims in her suit. 

Tennant claims she did not initially report Walton's conduct but was forced to continually interact with him because of her job. She says each time she saw him, Walton would make implied threats of additional physical threats through his conduct -- imposing himself on her with big hugs or a kiss, even though she thought she made it clear his advances were unwanted. 

In the suit, Tennant claims in May 2017 -- while Walton was the head coach of the Lakers --  there was an incident when Walton greeted her by uttering "vulgar, guttural sounds at her" and said, "mmmm ... you're killing me in that dress."

She says Walton also forced an aggressive hug on her and rubbed his body against hers.

It's unclear, based on the docs, what finally prompted Tennant to come forward with her allegations.

Luke recently left his position as head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers and is now coaching the Sacramento Kings.

Our camera guys spotted Luke and his wife Bre leaving dinner at Avra in Beverly Hills over the weekend, but they weren't in the mood to talk. Unclear if he knew Tennant was planning to file her lawsuit at the time. 

We reached out to Walton's reps for comment ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 5:32 PM PT 

In other news...

Jordyn Woods References Tristan Thompson Drama for First Time Since 'Red Table Talk'

Jordyn Woods is speaking about the drama after what went down between her and Tristan Thompson earlier this year.


Josh Brolin Thanos' Bare Ass is All Me ... But That's it for 'Endgame' Spoilers!!!

4/23/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Josh Brolin's dropping his evil villain persona and showing off his playful side to talk Thanos' ass cheeks, and a major no-no in his book -- "Avengers: Endgame" spoilers ... just don't do it!

Brolin, who plays Thanos was at LAX Monday when we asked him about pulling back the curtain on a nude shot of his incredibly ripped, incredibly villainous character.

If you haven't seen it yet, it's quite a sight to behold ...

View this post on Instagram

Before the armor, a shower. #washingavengerscumoff #powerliftingantmansquish #APRIL26SPOILER

A post shared by Josh Brolin (@joshbrolin) on

Brolin insists the photo's all him -- from the busting veins to the muscular booty -- but based on who he says is training him these days ... we think he MIGHT be joking.

Anyway, where were we? 

Oh yeah, much like the film's directors, Anthony and Joe Russo, Josh is urging moviegoers to keep their mouths shut after they see it ... so as not to spoil the end of 'Endgame.'

Brolin warns those even thinking about ruining it for others -- especially east coasters who get to see the movie first -- they better snap out of it ... or face the wrath of Thanos.

Why test him? Those glutes and hammies mean business!

"Avengers: Endgame" comes out everywhere Friday, but the big red carpet premiere went down in L.A. at the Convention Center Monday night ... and the celebs brought their A game.

Freddie Mercury Buy My Handwritten Set List ... It Will Rock You!!!

4/23/2019 12:20 AM PDT

One of the rarest pieces of Freddie Mercury memorabilia is now up for sale ... and it's the only set list personally written by the Queen frontman to ever hit the market.

Freddie's handwritten list of Queen hits from a 1978 concert in Copenhagen, Denmark, is going up for sale through the memorabilia company, Moments in Time -- and they're hawking this rock 'n roll treasure for a hefty price tag of $35,000. 

The 2-page set list from Queen's show used to belong to a private collector, but he or she's decided it's time to unload it. 

Sure, the price tag sounds steep -- because it is -- but trust us, there's good content in here that's worth your hard-earned money. Freddie scribbled down the names of some of Queen's biggest hits, including "We Will Rock You," "Tie Your Mother Down" and "Bohemian Rhapsody." 

Of course, the set list also comes with a letter of authenticity from the official Queen fan club. 

It's funny ... the final note written at the bottom of the setlist reads, "Hotel!!" Guess Freddie was looking forward to tucking in -- or, more likely, partying like a rock star -- after the show. 

Caught on Video Coachella Woman Arrested For Dumping Puppies in Trash

4/23/2019 6:56 AM PDT

6:43 PM PT -- A suspect is now in custody. Deborah Sue Culwell, a 54-year-old resident of Coachella, was arrested Monday around 5:30 PM PT.

Authorities are about to nab the woman caught on video throwing a bag of puppies into a dumpster in the city of Coachella ... TMZ has learned.

The Riverside County Animal Services has ID'd the woman and the agency says an arrest is imminent. We're told she'll face 7 felony counts of animal cruelty. 

As we reported ... the woman was caught on video last week pulling up in a white Jeep Wrangler. She was seen carrying a bag of what turned out to be seven 3-day-old puppies ... which she then dumped into a trash bin. The puppies damn near died were it not for a Good Samaritan.

As you know ... it can get really hot in Coachella. It was in the mid-90s when the puppies were found. They were barely breathing when they were found by an individual rummaging through the trash bin. The puppies were taken to an Orange County shelter where they recovered.

If convicted on all counts, she faces up to 6 years behind bars. 

Originally Published -- 1:17 PM PT

Roy Jones Jr. Amir Khan Quit ... He Needs To Apologize!!!

4/23/2019 12:10 AM PDT

Amir Khan quit in the ring ... and he needs to man the hell up and apologize to boxing fans, so says boxing legend Roy Jones Jr. 

Khan bowed out in the 6th round of his fight with Terence Crawford this weekend after getting hit below the belt ... insisting he was seriously hurt, and couldn't continue.

But, fans felt cheated by the ending ... and they were pissed.

And, they damn sure should be, according to Roy ... who says Khan flat out waved the white flag.

"Amir Khan quit."

Jones Jr. -- a multiple time world champ across 4 weight classes -- says he would NEVER quit inside the ring.

"When I go in the ring. Carry me out. I don't wanna go out on my feet if I lost. Carry me out. I rather give it all, or get it all taken away from me."

Still, RJJ says all ain't lost for Khan -- a fighter he likes and respects -- as long as he gets real about what happened.

"Amir, I love you as a fighter. I respect you since you were an amateur fighter. You went up 2 weight classes, took on Canelo. You did a lot of beautiful things to show that you have courage," Jones Jr. says.

"This time you were in a no-win situation, and you refused to continue," Jones tells us ... "You stopped at a time we know you could've given more. You didn't give it to us, the fans, your all."

"You have to apologize. We respect that. Be a man. Be honest for what you did, and move forward."

Guess Who This Bow Beauty Turned Into!

4/23/2019 12:01 AM PDT

Before this model made headlines for landing on the cover of a prominent magazine and forging her way into Forbes' 2017 list of the world's highest paid models, she had an incredibly tough upbringing while growing up in Lincoln, Nebraska.

She ultimately weathered that storm and was discovered at just the age of 12 while at a shopping mall. She soon appeared in ads and catalogs before making her way to NYC to pursue a career in modeling. 

The insanely successful model nearly quit when she was 18 but her mom encouraged her to keep going, and it proved to be a great decision cause years later she would walk the runway at Paris Fashion Week and well on her way to cementing her role as a supermodel. 

Can you guess who she is?

In other news...

Russell Wilson’s Sexy Voice Causes Controversy

Watch and see for yourself!


Russell Wilson To Seahawks Linemen ... You Each Get $12k In Amazon!

4/22/2019 3:23 PM PDT

Forget watches, luggage and fancy booze ... Russell Wilson just thanked his Seahawks offensive line with the most Prime gift ever -- $12,000 in Amazon stock each!!

Remember, Wilson just signed a 4-year, $140 MILLION contract -- making the QB the highest paid player in the NFL. 

So, to thank the guys who protect his ass, Russell busted out the credit card and spent a grand total of $156,000 on his 13 offensive linemen, TMZ Sports has learned. 

Each player got a letter with the stock gift explaining why #3 hooked them up. 

"Every Sunday we go to battle together," Wilson wrote ... "You sacrifice your physical and mental well-being to protect me, which in turn allows me to provide and care for my family."

"This does not go unnoticed and it is never forgotten."

Russell says he wants to help his teammates prepare for life after football and believes stock in Amazon will help these players achieve their dreams.

"When I sat down to think of ways to honor your dedication a dozen different ideas came to mind. Some were flashy, some were cool, but I wanted to give you something that had a lasting impact. Something that would affect the lives of you, your family, and your children."

"You have invested in my life ... this is my investment into yours."

The Seahawks play their 1st regular season game on Sept. 8 -- we'll see if his investment pays off! 

Easter Bunny Vigilante No Time for Questions ... Hopped into Brawl to Save a Woman!!!

4/22/2019 4:19 PM PDT

The Internet-famous Easter Bunny vigilante says he sprung into action without thinking twice about the fact he was rocking a furry suit ... because he'd spotted a damsel in distress.

The hero-bunny is Antoine McDonald and he tells TMZ ... he saw a guy spit on a woman Sunday outside the Underground Public House bar in downtown Orlando. Antoine says he saw it from across the street and quickly ran over to help her.

It all happened so fast, Antoine says he didn't even have time to unzip his suit or even bother to look for cars as he scrambled to get across the street and to the woman's defense. The video of him -- fully furred out -- going HAM has, naturally, gone viral. When's the last time you saw an Easter bunny open a can of whoop-ass??

The video of Antoine breaking down the brawl is almost as entertaining as the fight itself. Our fave parts? When the boxing bunny went from throwing haymakers to shadow boxing ... much to the crowd's delight.

Also, you gotta see Antoine revealing what cops told him immediately after they broke up the fight. Amazingly, nobody got arrested.

Florida, man.

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