O.J. Simpson Had Less Than Millions, But Goldmans Will Get Paid ... So Says Executor


O.J. Simpson's estate is NOT flush with the kinda cash you'd expect -- nor is it enough to satisfy his debt to Ron Goldman's family ... at least that's what his executor is claiming.

We got Simpson's longtime attorney Malcolm LaVergne Tuesday on "TMZ Live," and he opened up about O.J.'s finances following his death last week. As Malcolm put it, O.J. died with less than 5-figures in one Nevada bank account, and overall ... had less than millions to his name.

In his final days, O.J. was receiving the maximum amount of social security, as well as pensions from his time as an NFL star and actor. Malcolm claims those payments totaled less than the $400K per year that's been reported.

TAYLOR SWIFT LONG Lines AT GROVE POP-UP EVENT ... Album Hysteria Kicks Off!!!

Taylor Swift fans are nothing if not committed, and with her new album dropping Friday ... they're going all out to scoop up every little detail they can, including at pop-ups.

Swifties were out in full force Tuesday to catch a glimpse of a temporary art installation at the Grove in Los Angeles, which offered a promise to give some insight into her new album -- and as you might imagine, massive lines were literally snaking around the block.

Swifties Assemble

Even though details were hazy about what exactly the pop-up entails, some fans reportedly started lining up as early as 5 AM -- all just to get a glimpse of this makeshift bookshelf thing that was standing in the middle of the shopping center ... which was all Taylor-themed.

Trevor Bauer Sexual Assault Accuser Charged ... After Allegedly Defrauding Ex-MLB Star

A woman who accused Trevor Bauer of sexual assault has just been hit with a criminal charge ... after she allegedly defrauded the former Cy Young winner into paying her for an abortion he believes never happened.

The charge -- fraudulent schemes and artifices -- was formally filed against Darcy Esemonu in Arizona on Monday ... weeks after a Maricopa County grand jury indicted her on the felony count.

According to a video statement Bauer posted on his YouTube page Tuesday, it stems from allegations Esemonu made against the former Dodgers star in a 2023 lawsuit.

The woman alleged in her papers that Bauer raped her during a 2020 encounter and got her pregnant. In a countersuit, Bauer denied any wrongdoing ... but he did say he had consensual sex with her one time in Dec. 2020, when the condom he had been using broke.

He claimed in his countersuit that after their hookup, Esemonu told him she was pregnant and wanted more than $1 million to terminate it. Bauer claimed he would support her decision ... before he gave her $8,761 for the cost she eventually said it took to end the alleged pregnancy.

However, in his video statement Tuesday, Bauer said, "She never had an abortion, because she was never even pregnant." He added that that was all "corroborated by her own medical records."

Bauer said authorities were made aware of all of this after they initiated an investigation into her sexual assault allegations against him.

Court records show Esemonu was also charged with fraud due to her interactions with a man named Marco Bresciani. In addition, the records show she was charged with felony theft by extortion for wrongdoing against Bresciani as well.

"Her m.o. is clear," Bauer said of the newly filed charges. "Lie to men to get their money. Extort them if she must. When they refuse to pay, stop paying, or stop giving her what she wants, go to the police, accuse them of sexual assault, and file a civil suit against them to retaliate."

Bauer stated he's hopeful he can now get another crack at pitching in the MLB again soon.

"What else do I have to do to prove that this entire situation has been a massive lie?" he said. "This is insane. At what point do I get to go back to work and continue earning a living?"

Ohio Man Shoots & Kills Female Uber Driver ... Both Were Scammed!!!

Clark County Sheriff's Office

An Ohio man has been charged in the fatal shooting of an Uber driver, whom he reportedly thought was involved in an elaborate plot to scam him ... and ditto for the woman, BTW.

Per reports, 81-year-old William Brock told authorities in Clark County that he shot 61-year-old Loletha Hall outside his home on March 25 ... but defended himself, saying he only did so because he believed she was working with someone who'd demanded a ransom from him.

Long story short, Brock had been getting contacted of late by scammers -- who started out by telling him he had to cough up thousands of dollars because some relative was in jail ... which then turned into a straight-up ransom/hostage call, which left Brock confused/rattled.

CHRISSY TEIGEN Defends Bezos' Fiancée Against Troll's Nasty Comment

Chrissy Teigen's standing up for Jeff Bezos' fiancée Lauren Sanchez -- this after a notorious restaurateur unleashed a barrage of venom toward ... for no real reason at all.

Balthazar owner Keith McNally randomly threw up a bunch of IG pics of Lauren Monday with JB at various high-profile events Monday -- adding a totally out-of-line caption that touched on her appearance ... and what he considers her aura too.

He says, "Does anybody else find Jeff Bezos' New wife [sic] – Lauren Sanchez – ABSOLUTELY REVOLTING? What an ugly and **king SMUG – LOOKING couple they make. Is this what having 1000 Billion dollars does to people?"

Christine Quinn Claims Hubby Never Paid Son's Hospital Bills From Birth

Christine Quinn claims her estranged husband never paid for hospital bills tied to their son's birth -- and now she's gunning for primary custody of the kid amid their ongoing divorce.

The "Selling Sunset" star just filed a response to Christian Dumontet's divorce petition from 2 weeks ago -- and she has some startling claims in her paperwork ... including the allegation that he never paid off a huge lingering medical tab from the birth of their son.

In the docs, obtained by TMZ, Christine claims these hospital bills ended up amounting to over $100,000 -- the total amount, she says, has yet to be determined -- and she alleges that Christian had assured her he would foot the bill and pay it off himself.

Dubai Airport Massive Flooding Turns Planes into Watercraft


Dubai airport's looking more like a marina, after a year's worth of rain flooded the desert metropolis in just one day!

Check it out ... the tarmac at Dubai International -- the second busiest in the world -- was completely covered in water Tuesday, making it near impossible for even jumbo jets to maneuver. Hell, one plane had a freakin' wake behind it as it taxied on a runway.

The city was inundated with almost 5 inches of rain leaving the storm water almost as high as the tires on one nearby support vehicle.

KENNY LOGGINS Huey Lewis' Solo on 'We Are the World' ... Yeah, That Was All Me

Huey's '80s Radio / Apple Music

'80s hitmaker Kenny Loggins is peeling back another layer on the legendary recording of "We Are the World" -- revealing how he scored his pal Huey Lewis a solo when Prince bowed out.

Kenny spilled the tea on a recent episode of Huey Lewis' Apple Music show, as both artists were talking about "The Greatest Night in Pop" ... the Netflix documentary about the making of the 1985 charity record.

Huey says the doc helped him piece together lots of details about the recording ... including the fact Kenny was the one who suggested Huey sing the line originally intended for the "Purple Rain" singer.

Riley Strain's Mom Says He Told Her Drink Tasted Funny ... Suggests Foul Play

"It Didn't Taste Good..."

Riley Strain's mom claims her son complained about his drink not tasting right ahead of his disappearance and subsequent death ... and the implication is that he was roofied.

Michelle Whiteid and her family sat with NewsNation for an interview that's airing in full later Tuesday -- and she says Riley was texting her the night of his disappearance, where she says he told her his rum and coke did "not taste good."


Michelle says Riley claimed the beverage tasted like barbecue ... reiterating it was not an enjoyable cocktail. Michelle says she told Riley he probably shouldn't be drinking it then.

NICKI MINAJ'S Hubby Begs Court for Green Light I Wanna Go on Tour Too!!!

Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty, is asking a court for permission to travel out of the country so he can join her on tour in Europe ... and he says he'll be needed overseas.

According to court docs, obtained by TMZ, KP says he isn't just looking to globe-trot with Nicki for fun -- on the contrary, he says it's necessary to join her on the European leg of her "Pink Friday 2" world tour for a bunch of reasons, mainly to provide childcare for their son.

The start date he lists for the anticipated travel schedule is April 17, 2024 ... and he says there will be stops in Canada, Sweden, Denmark, Germany, France, the United Kingdom, Austria, Ireland, Switzerland, and Romania.

Jenna Jameson Wife Jessi Files for Divorce ... Less Than Year of Marriage


11:53 AM PT -- Jenna Jameson just responded to the news, taking to her IG Story and writing, "I keep it classy."

Jenna Jameson is once again headed for divorce -- this time, it's her wife who wants to end their marriage ... and she's claiming the reason is because Jenna fell off the wagon.

Jessi Lawless just hopped on TikTok with a video that spells it all out -- she says she's filing for divorce ... and she says she's already filed the docs. In any case, JL says it's coming -- and she goes on to cite Jenna allegedly drinking again as the impetus.

She Tried To Lie

She explains she's had Jenna on a tight leash ever since they got hitched when it comes to booze -- saying it was a hard-line issue for her from the get-go -- and claims Jenna recently got away from home and went to Chicago ... where Jessi says she learned JJ was drinking.

Travis Kelce Officially A Game Show Host ... Confirms 'Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?' Gig

It's official ... Travis Kelce will be adding game show host to his already impressive resume -- the NFL superstar just confirmed he has been tapped to be the frontman of the new "Are You Smarter Than A Celebrity?" program.

Prime Video announced Tuesday the show will be a spin-off of "Are You Smarter Than A 5th Grader?" ... and Kelce said in a statement he's pumped to be the mic man for it.

"I grew up loving game shows," Taylor Swift's boo said, "and I'm excited to be following in the footsteps of so many TV icons by hosting my very first one with 'Are you Smarter than a Celebrity?'"

KATY PERRY Jelly Roll Would Make Good 'Idol' Replacement

Katy Perry says Jelly Roll would make a good 'American Idol' replacement before she dips -- this as the question of who's gonna fill her shoes continues to linger.

The singer told E! News she's all in for the rapper/country star to take her spot next season -- especially since he made a lasting impression on her during his guest appearance on the ABC show earlier this month.

She says "I gotta say, Jelly Roll was crazy when he came on the show" ... adding he had her totally convinced with all his industry knowledge.

Blake Griffin I'm Retiring

NBA star Blake Griffin is calling it a career after 14 seasons ... announcing his retirement in a heartfelt post on Tuesday.

The 35-year-old forward was the first overall pick in the 2009 NBA Draft ... spending 7 1/2 seasons with the LA Clippers, where he made the All-Star team 6 times.

Griffin was a high-flying athlete throughout his time on the hardwood ... winning the league's dunk contest in 2011.

Artificial Intelligence First AI Beauty Pageant Coming ... Cash Prize for Best Bot!!!


12:04 PM PT -- Actress and model Claudia Jordan joined "TMZ Live" today and ripped the AI beauty pageant saying, "It's hard enough being a woman in this society, the way it is and the scrutiny we already get. Now, we have AI highering the standard of beauty where they're just so perfect."


Claudia compares this to photoshopped images in magazines, saying these AI models are just adding to women's unrealistic beauty standards.

Patrick Mahomes Raves Over Taylor Swift ... 'Most Down-To-Earth Person'

It's safe to say Patrick Mahomes approves of his best buddy's relationship with Taylor Swift ... he gushed over Travis Kelce's boo during a recent interview, praising the pop star for being "down to earth."

The Chiefs quarterback spoke about the "Bad Blood" crooner during a lengthy chat with TIME for its Most Influential People of 2023 issue ... and he had nothing but kind things to say about her.

He said of all the celebrities he's met, she's "probably" the most chill out of all of them. He then raved about her tireless work ethic ... before saying he's also been impressed by the way she's trying to become a football expert.

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