Kim Kardashian Locks Lips With Emma Roberts ... During 'AHS' Episode


Kim Kardashian kisses Emma Roberts in the star-studded crowd at the Oscars. Who would think that would ever happen?

Well, it did Wednesday on Fox's latest episode of "American Horror Story: Delicate," starring Kim and Emma.

Per the season 12 show titled "Little Gold Man" ... Kim, a publicist named Siobhan Corbyn, is promoting actress Anna Victoria Alcott played by Emma for an Oscar.

Caitlin Clark Reporter Sorry For Awkward Comments ... 'I Crossed' The Line

The Indiana Fever reporter who was dragged for a bizarre conversation with Caitlin Clark on Wednesday is now apologizing for his actions ... admitting he crossed a line with his behavior.

Gregg Doyel, a journalist for the Indianapolis Star, issued the mea culpa just a few hours after he went viral for shooting a heart-hand gesture at Clark and following it up with some cringeworthy commentary during her introductory press conference.

Doyel first said in a post on his X page he was "sincerely" sorry for the "oafish" encounter. He then posted a column on the Star's website where he tried to explain his conduct.

Indiana Fever

Doyel said he likes to have awkward moments with athletes he covers ... "before asking brashly conversational questions."

However, he realized he's mainly only recently done this with male athletes -- not female ones.

"I was just doing what I do, talking to another athlete, another person, and didn't see the line -- didn't even know there was a line in the vicinity -- until I crossed it," he said.

"In my haste to be clever, to be familiar and welcoming (or so I thought), I offended Caitlin and her family."

Doyel then went on to say what he did and said to Clark was simply "wrong, wrong, wrong."

"I mean it was just wrong," he continued. "Caitlin Clark, I'm so sorry."

For her part, after initially looking uncomfortable with the situation, Clark answered Doyel's questions -- and continued her news conference without further issue. She's yet to publicly comment on the incident and Doyel's apology.

Kanye West Suspect in LAPD Battery Report ... Guy Allegedly Grabbed Bianca


10:16 PM PT -- A rep for Kanye West tells TMZ ... "'Grabbed' is grossly inadequate as a description of what happened. Bianca was physically assaulted."

They add, "The assailant didn't merely collide into her. He put his hands under her dress, directly on her body, he grabbed her waist, he spun her around, and then he blew her kisses. She was battered and sexually assaulted."

Kanye West might have new legal trouble on his hands -- he's the named suspect in a battery report, and cops are now looking into the claims against him ... TMZ has learned.

Megan Fox Unrecognizable Makeup Free ... Still a Knockout Though!!!

Megan Fox had folks confused this week -- but in a good way, 'cause they could hardly recognize her without makeup on ... seeing a completely different beauty.

The actress threw up an IG post that served as an ad for a hair product -- this as she explained she fixing her locks after having gone to the desert last weekend. She wrote, "repairing my hair (and 26 inches of extensions) post coachella."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Megan plugged a certain hair product, but it's unclear if she realized the bigger takeaway here was the fact she was nearly barefaced and natural ... something we hardly see.

Sydney Sweeney's Acting Coach Defends She's a Talented Actress, Not a Supermodel

Sydney Sweeney's former acting coach is jumping to her defense after her talent and looks were slammed by a Hollywood producer.

Scott Sedita from Scott Sedita Acting Studios tells TMZ ... Sydney is a well-trained actress, whose career started when she was just a teenager. While he agrees Sydney doesn't have "supermodel" good looks, Scott does say she's beautiful for a myriad of other reasons.

As he put it to us, "Sydney is beautiful because she has inner depth, intellect, compassion, style and facial features -- eyes, smile, cheekbones -- that the camera angles pick up on. The camera loves her 'look' as well as the audience. Audiences love her because she’s relatable and approachable."

Blake Griffin Future In Comedy After NBA Retirement??? ... Brad Williams Says Yes!!!


Comedy star Brad Williams says Blake Griffin could easily go from setting screens to setting up jokes now that he's retired from the NBA ... telling TMZ Sports the former hooper is legitimately good at standup.

Williams said out in L.A. on Tuesday -- just hours after Griffin announced he was hanging up his basketball sneakers -- that he's seen the ex-Clippers forward rock the mic before ... and he's been seriously impressed.

And, Williams told us if Griffin uses his newfound free time to really commit to standup -- he could be a real player in the comedy world.

TMZ TV Hot Takes Sydney Sweeney Blasted ... Bianca Censori, Jontay Porter's Ban

It's only Wednesday, but TMZ's already reported on tons of hot topics this week. Check out some of the best clips below.

TMZ Live


On "TMZ Live," Harvey and Charles break down Hollywood producer Carol Baum's comments about Sydney Sweeney's looks and talent.

Guess Who This Mini Martian Man Turned Into!

Before this smiling boy posing with his blown-up alien turned into a rapper and singer, he was just reppin' his New York Yankees tee, singin' his heart out in the church choir, and growing up in Vega Baja, Puerto Rico.

He currently holds 3 Grammys, and he performed at the Super Bowl halftime show alongside Jennifer Lopez and Shakira in 2020. He's collaborated with other big names in the music biz like Karol G, Cardi B, and Drake ...

When he's not up on stage, he's often posting sultry snaps on his Instagram.

Can you guess who he is? 


Jenna Jameson's estranged wife might be rethinking her approach to their uncoupling ... because she took down her tell-all "divorce" video for the sake of her ex's well-being.

Jessi Lawless tells TMZ she pulled the video down from her social media Wednesday after having a heart-to-heart phone call with Jenna. She says she understands Jenna's been catching heat online since Jessi posted it ... announcing she was filing to end their marriage.

She Tried To Lie

She says, "I don’t want her mental health impacted any more than it already has been. I love her. This is a very delicate time for us. We’re both heartbroken and trying to find hope for the future."

Albany's AJ Simon Dead At 25 ... Was NFL Draft Hopeful

Former Albany defensive lineman AJ Simon, who was hoping to get picked in the upcoming NFL Draft, has died at only 25 years old.

The university announced the tragic news on social media on Wednesday, writing ... "The UAlbany football program was deeply saddened to learn of the passing of former student-athlete Amitral "AJ" Simon this morning."

"AJ was a tremendous young man and even better teammate throughout his time at UAlbany. he was a role model both on and off the field, serving as a pillar to this program over the last two years."

Brazilian Woman Brings Dead Uncle to the Bank ... Yo, Can We Get a Loan???

Grave Robbery
Jam Press

A Brazilian woman tried to pull a "Weekend at Bernie's" with her dead uncle ... wheeling his body into her local bank and trying to take out a loan in his name, which got her busted.

Erika de Souza Vieira Nunes got caught on camera earlier this week in Rio de Janeiro -- where she appeared to have a corpse with her as she attempted to secure some financing ... about a $3,400 loan, per reports.

The video is super eerie ... as she tries to force him to sign paperwork with his limp hand.

GloRilla Arrested for DUI in Georgia ... Cops Say Boob Popped Out

GloRilla found herself in a jail cell this week after cops busted her for DUI -- and she apparently had a wardrobe malfunction while this all went down ... TMZ has learned.

According to a police report, obtained by TMZ, the rapper was arrested and booked early Tuesday morning on suspicion of driving under the influence, consuming/possessing an open alcoholic beverage container and a separate traffic charge in Gwinnett County, GA.

She was hauled into jail around 6:12 AM ET and bonded out a few hours later. Her booking info, obtained by TMZ, notes that one of her aliases is Hallelujah ... which is her legal middle name.

Caitlin Clark Reporter Dragged For Interaction With Fever Star ... Cringeworthy Comment

Indiana Fever

An Indiana Fever reporter is being dragged for how he interacted with Caitlin Clark on Wednesday ... with many fans blasting the journalist for the way he shot a cringeworthy comment at the WNBA's newest star.

The encounter happened just minutes after Clark was introduced to Indiana media members for the first time since she was drafted by the Fever ... when Indianapolis Star columnist Gregg Doyel stepped up to the microphone to ask her a question about her new hometown.

At first, things seemed innocuous -- he politely introduced himself -- but then he paused, and sent a hearthand gesture to the 22-year-old.

Fatal Ohio Shooting Tech Expert & Scam Busters Weigh In ... How to Avoid Disaster!!!

A poor woman lost her life because both she and her alleged murderer were being scammed by a nefarious third party -- and we talked to some experts who say ... this ain't gonna stop.

Tech expert Lance Ulanoff -- who's covered this field as Editor at TechRadar -- came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to discuss the fatal shooting of Loletha Hall ... who was gunned down late last month in Ohio after 81-year-old William Brock mistook her for someone trying to secure a ransom out of him.


Lance tells us this is an extreme case of these types of stories -- which he says happen all the time, but usually don't rise to this level of violence and tragedy.

Unfortunately, here it did, and he says it's a cautionary tale on the dangers of these bad actors.

Ashanti I'm Preggo with Nelly's Baby ... And We're Engaged Too!!!


2:33 PM PT -- According to Essence, Nelly and Ashanti are also engaged -- so big day for them.

Ashanti says, "This new year of my life is such a blessing full of love, hope, and anticipation. Motherhood is something that I have looked forward to, and sharing this with my family, fiancé, and loyal fans, who have been so supportive of my career, is an amazing experience."

Ashanti is finally confirming what we've suspected for months now ... she and Nelly are indeed expecting a child together!

George Wallace Backs Comedian's Elderly Ban ... Geezer Should've Shut Up!!!


Comedian Blake Pavey is banning all people 85 and up from attending his shows, and he's got at least one legendary comic on his side ... George Wallace!

We caught up with the funnyman Wednesday outside LAX, and asked him about the Australian comedian's new rule, which George says he fully supports.

Wallace speaks directly to Pavey ... saying he doesn't blame him in the slightest for keepin' the old folks out -- even if it's really just a shtick to get publicity, as George suspects it to be.

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