Kobe & Gianna Bryant Thousands To Pack Staples Center ... For Memorial Ceremony


Thousands of Kobe and Gianna Bryant mourners are just hours away from packing Staples Center for a ceremony celebrating the Mamba and Mambacita's lives ... and TMZ Sports will livestream all of it.

The event is expected to be incredibly moving and emotional.  As we reported, the demand to attend the memorial was unprecedented.

THOUSANDS of people applied for tickets -- more than 88,000 just in the first 5 hours.

The Staples Center only holds 20,000 ... and many of those tickets had already been accounted for with Kobe's family, friends and the NBA community.

We're told officials wrestled with the idea of moving the event to the L.A. Coliseum -- which seats closer to 80,000 people -- before ultimately settling on Staples. After all, it's where Kobe played for 20 years and became a beloved figure in Los Angeles and around the world.

We're told just like Michael Jackson and Nipsey Hussle's memorials -- which were also held at Staples -- streets around the building will be closed off for security and traffic control.

Law enforcement is urging fans without tickets to stay home and watch the broadcast on TV or online. The ceremony will NOT be broadcast on the screens outside Staples.

It's unclear who will speak at the memorial ... with dozens of people close to Kobe and Gigi wanting to take the mic to say kind words about the Lakers legend and his daughter.

We broke the story, Bryant and his daughter were 2 of 9 people who tragically lost their lives in a helicopter crash on Jan. 26.

Vanessa Bryant, who is expected to attend the event, said of the losses just days after the tragedy, "We are completely devastated by the sudden loss of my adoring husband, Kobe -- the amazing father of our children; and my beautiful, sweet Gianna -- a loving, thoughtful, and wonderful daughter, and amazing sister to Natalia, Bianka, and Capri."

The memorial stream will begin at 9:30 AM PT.

Dustin Diamond Is 'Saved by the Bell' Without Screech Even 'SBTB' at All?!?!


Dustin Diamond's pleading his case to the makers of the "Saved by the Bell" reboot, saying his character is synonymous with the show ... and he hopes his former castmates band together to make it happen.

The man who played Screech in every episode of the popular teen sitcom and its spin-offs isn't shy about letting us know that fact ... and he believes it's a major reason why he should be included in the reboot, which will star alums Mario Lopez and Elizabeth Berkley.


It's unclear what other former cast members might make an appearance -- both Mark-Paul Gosselaar and Tiffani Thiessen have yet to confirm a return -- but Diamond's pretty clear he's not one of them ... at least not yet.

Dustin -- who's made headlines the past several years for his criminal case and other unpleasant reasons -- suggests his snubbing is like that idiom about cutting off one's nose ... or something like that. Basically, he thinks it's unfair ... and the wrong move.

Screech also believes everyone involved in the OG 'SBTB' should show some solidarity and demand all the staples -- Zack Morris, Kelly Kapowski, etc. -- be brought back for the reboot ... otherwise, it's missing something.

He even has an idea of what Screech's storyline should be, and we gotta say ... it makes sense. Zoinks!

Jesse James 'Monster Garage' Back in Biz, Baby!!!


The monster is back in Jesse James' garage ... he's returning to reality TV after a 14-year hiatus with a reboot of his hit show.

Jesse is coming back to Discovery Channel with a brand new season of "Monster Garage" ... and he's coming in hot too. We're told the garage will be filled with upgrades, including some cutting-edge technology ... and a renewed passion for creating mind-blowing vehicles.

In the 14 years since "Monster Garage" ended, Jesse's been traveling the world, expanding his skill set in forging and blacksmith work -- learning from some of the best in the biz -- and now he's ready to unleash his new talents.


The first run of "Monster Garage" went like this -- Jesse and his 5-person team would modify vehicles into multi-tasking machines. For instance, there was a PT Cruiser that doubled as a wood chipper, a school bus that turned into a pontoon boat, and a police car that could morph into a donut shop.

It was cool stuff back then, but now Jesse says he's excited to step back into the garage to push the limits even more by showing what his team can do when they refuse to quit.

The reboot premieres later this year ... get ya popcorn ready!!!

'Beverly Hills Cop' Actress Pit Bull Getting New Home ... After Mauling Her!!!

Getty Composite

Heather Elizabeth Parkhurst -- an actress who's appeared in "Alpha Dog" and "Beverly Hills Cop III" -- is finding a new home for one of her pit bulls that damn near ripped her arm off.

TMZ broke the story ... Heather ended up in the hospital with some very gruesome injuries after her pit bulls turned on each other, mauling her arm and hand in the process.

Heather's fiance, Mark Nason, tells TMZ ... they've decided it's best to get the younger dog, 9-month old Shorty, out of the house and under a new roof.

Heather and Mark have already reached out to three different organizations ... Vanderpump Dogs, the Blair Foundation and Pit Bulls for Parolees ... to see if they will take in Shorty.

While Shorty is fresh off a violent episode ... we're told the orgs say it's not an issue and they're willing to work with the pup. Heather and Mark haven't picked a landing spot yet -- they're still figuring out what's best for Shorty.

Heather and Mark, two huge pit bull advocates, are getting rid of Shorty for two reasons ... the dog barks a lot and it's not ideal for their apartment, and they're worried another fight could break out between their two pit bulls.

While Shorty is being relocated, we're told Heather and Mark are keeping the other pit bull, 8-year-old Buddha.

Holly on 'Land Of The Lost' 'Memba Her?!

Massachusetts-native Kathleen "Kathy" Coleman was only 12 years old when she gained fame for her role as the young time-hopping survivalist, Holly Marshall -- who dodges grumpy Tyrannosaurs and befriends dopey Brontosaurs -- in the thrilling '70s sci-fi series, "Land Of The Lost."

Kathy Coleman was cast in the prehistoric show with some other throwback actors including Wesley Eure as the big brother and protector Will Marshall, Spencer Milligan as the less-than present father Rick Mitchell, Ron Harper as the uncle Jack Marshall ... and of course Phillip Paley as the furry little friend, Cha-Ka.

Guess what Kathy looks like now at 58 years old!

Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Stormi Three's Company


Kylie Jenner and Travis Scott are still hanging out quite a bit in the wake of their breakup -- but it looks like they're only doing so when their kid's in the picture.

KJ and TS were spotted with young Stormi Sunday at Sky High Sports in Woodland Hills -- which is a giant trampoline warehouse. As you can see, it was just the three of them here (plus at least one bodyguard trailing behind) ... and the parents got pretty close.


It looks like Kylie might've even attempted to take a selfie of the trio while they were walking in. BTW, eyewitnesses tell us they didn't rent the place out -- the family just rolled up like regular customers, although they did bounce around in a VIP area.


In any case, it's clear they're not averse to one another ... which we'd heard was the case at Stormi's recent birthday party. Remember, sources told us the former couple were hanging out pretty much through the whole party and gave off signs of a possible rekindling.

Anyway, later on Sunday ... they hit up a nearby mall and plaza where we're told they stopped off for frozen treats at Afters (great ice cream spot out there). At this point, you could definitely make out one security guard who was rolling with them, but again ... pretty intimate setting.

If they aren't meant to be together romantically, it's at least comforting to know they can get together and co-parent their child successfully. Good on them.

Lizzo Hilfiger Thong Line, Though??? ... Yeah, I'm Into It


Lizzo says Tommy Hilfiger has connected with her on a future collab, and the article of clothing she thinks they can peddle best ... butt cheek dental floss.

We got the pop superstar Sunday outside of the Sweet Chick waffle house in L.A., where our guy asked what's on the horizon for after a mega-year of praise and accolades. Before she can even answer, Lizzo tells us straight-up ... she's pretty hungover. So, we helped her out.

Our photog suggests politics as a new lane she could pursue, but Lizzo literally laughs in his face. Hm, okay ... maybe not. On the fashion front, however, she's apparently making moves.


You'll recall ... we ran into Tommy in December when he told us he wanted to work with Lizzo in some capacity for a potential new line ... telling us he thought she was a star.

Welp, it seems TH may have gotten in touch ... and Lizzo says she's landed on good old-fashioned thongs as what they might be working on. Makes sense, that's kinda her thing.

Lizzo's certainly not afraid to show (and shake) what her momma gave her, as we've seen in the recent past. She actually showed off her thong at a Lakers game in December, and now ... it looks like a Tommy Hilfiger partnership could follow. Assuming either of 'em is serious.

In any case ... Lizzo's upgraded from "kiss my ass" to something a bit more graphic. We'll let her explain for herself.

Justin Bieber Crashes Kanye's Sunday Service ... Gets on the Mic!!!


Kanye West has linked up with another A-list celeb who's just as religious as he is ... one Justin Bieber, who put his talents to good use at Sunday Service.

The Biebs was a special guest this weekend at Kanye's latest gathering, which appears to have migrated indoors after almost a full year of outdoor get-togethers. At one point, Kim filmed Justin giving the crowd a taste of his crooning voice ... they loved it.

Sounds like Justin's singing the opening lines to Marvin Sapp's gospel hit, "Never Would Have Made It," which was actually remixed by Teyana Taylor on her album that Ye produced.

Full circle!

Anyway, it's pretty interesting ... Justin and Ye are definitely the pillars of Christianity and faith these days when it comes to the mainstream music scene, so you would've figured it was just a matter of time before they met up in a creative setting like this.

Mission accomplished.

Philadelphia Phillies Mascot New Phanatic Look ... Doesn't Look Very New At All 🤔


The Philadelphia Phillies debuted a new look for their beloved mascot, the Phanatic, this weekend -- but in very anticlimactic fashion ... he appears to have not changed very much.

The lovable, green monster furball trotted out onto the field Sunday ahead of the team's game against the Pirates in Clearwater, FL -- where they're hosting their Spring Training home opener. The buzz was that the costume would look a bit different ... for legal reasons.

Long story short ... Phillies brass are in the middle of this legal sitch with the original creators of the Phanatic's design, Bonnie Erickson and Wayde Harrison, who drew up what fans have come to enjoy for decades now. Well, the rights expire this summer ... and the two designers want their fair cut in order to have the mascot continue being used by the team.

It doesn't appear the Phillies wanna pay Erickson and Harrison though, so they've come up with this new design that's supposed to be different enough to avoid having to pony up potentially millions. This is what they came up with, and frankly ... kinda the same, no?

ACTUALLY ... there are slight modifications to the suit. The nose is a bit shorter and more evenly rounded, and it looks ol' Phanatic here dropped a few pounds too. The new mascot also has different colored socks, shoes and a bigger caboose -- plus, wings along the arms.

The question in court will obviously be ... are these changes unique enough to stand as its own new creation??? Hmmm ... our eye test is telling us, nah. Thoughts, judge?

'The Batman' Ready for My Close-Up ... Of My Arm, NVM the Beanie & Shades!!!


"The Batman" isn't all work and no play -- as you can see he takes a load off whenever possible, and lets Hollywood magic do the rest. Case in point ... cool-guy stuntman A.

Matt Reeves' upcoming superhero epic about the early years of The Dark Knight is in the middle of filming right now out in Scotland -- and on Saturday ... the crew got some shots of Batsy riding around on his motorcycle. Well, sorta ... they got a close-up of his arm.

Check it out ... you see the stuntman -- doesn't really look like Robert Pattinson under there -- sitting next to the Batbike which is on top of a moving platform being pulled by a truck. The dude's got the Batsuit on, but he's not rockin' the cowl, 'cause there's no need.


Looks like this shot is just of the hero's arm gripping the handlebars, so the stunt double's chilling with a beanie on and a pair of shades as they run through it a couple times.

This mild shoot day isn't nearly as involved or complete as the one from a few days ago when what appeared to be another stuntman was doing a complete motorcycle ride through a graveyard, complete with a mask and some falls off the bike. Bat-mode, initiated!

Of course, this all comes about a week or so after Matt showed off what Pattinson's gonna look like in a sneak peek test shot (more or less), which already had fans squawking.

As for this latest look ... we're getting Caped Ski Bum vibes.

B. Smith Lifestyle Guru Dead at 70 After Battling Alzheimer's

Breaking News

B. Smith, a groundbreaking model, restaurant owner and lifestyle guru, died Saturday night ... according to her husband.

Dan Gasby announced her death, saying, "It is with great sadness that my daughter Dana and I announce the passing of my wife, Barbara Elaine Smith." He says she passed peacefully at 10:50 PM Saturday at their home on Long Island after having battled Alzheimer's Disease for several years.

B. started her career in the 1960s as a model who was signed to Wilhelmina modeling agency. In 1976, she became the first black woman featured on a cover of Mademoiselle.

She went on to open 3 of her popular B. Smith restaurants in New York City, on Long Island and also in Washington, D.C.

B. landed her own cooking and lifestyle show in 1997 when "B. Smith with Style" debuted.

She and Dan married in 1992 and she became a stepmother to his daughter from a previous relationship.

B. was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer's disease in 2013. You might recall, Dan faced some criticism in 2018 when he went public with the fact he had a girlfriend who was living with him and helping care for his ailing wife.

Dan thanked the hospice caregivers who "helped us make B. comfortable in her final days." He added, "Heaven is shining even brighter now that it is graced with B.'s dazzling and unforgettable smile."

B. was 70.


Dwyane Wade Season Ticket Holder at E11EVEN After Jersey Retirement


Dwyane Wade followed up his jersey retirement ceremony with a late night full of booze, tunes and sweaty nightclub goers -- the only way to go out in Miami.

D-Wade hit up the city's hottest spot for raging after the Miami Heat put the man's No. 3 jersey up in the rafters of AmericanAirlines Arena forever ... honoring their hometown hero and making it so no other player can ever rock it again. It's official ... he's a pantheon great.


Fast-forward a few hours ... and D found himself at E11EVEN, where we're told he showed up with about 30 people around 1:30 AM with enough energy to party his face off -- ordering rounds of Armand de Brignac,  Don Julio 1942 and E11EVEN Vodka. The guy even got on the mic at one point and performed a bit for the packed house of fans and loved ones.

No, he wasn't putting up shots for everyone like he has in the past -- dude actually rapped a verse. ICYMI, Dwyane is featured on Rick Ross' new song, "Season Ticket Holders," and kinda drops some heat in the process. As soon as the DJ put it on, DW didn't hesitate.


Unclear if Gabby was with him here at the club, but we know she was definitely at the game earlier. It's possible she let her hubby have a boys night out ... 'cause this is Dwyane cuttin' loose like we don't normally see.

Congrats, bud!!!

Gigi Hadid Jake Paul, You're an Irrelevant, Ugly Ass!!!

Exclusive Details
TMZ/Getty Composite

8:49 AM PT -- Before Jake went after Zayn on Twitter, a fan went after him and his GF, Julia Rose, while in the crowd at the Fury/Wilder fight. An eye-witness tells us the unruly fan confronted the couple, started taunting them….and things almost got physical. The video shows Julia lunging at the troublemaker, and giving him a piece of her mind as Jake holds her back. It looks like Jake was able to diffuse the situation, as him and Julia are seen walking away.


Gigi Hadid has no problem standing up for her boyfriend, and she proved it in spectacular fashion early Sunday AM when she launched on Jake Paul.

Jake was at the Fury/Wilder fight Saturday night in Vegas and apparently ran into Zayn Malik. Apparently, Jake felt dissed because afterward he tweeted, "almost had to clap up zane from 1 direction because he is a little guy and has an attitude and basically told me to fuck off for no reason when I was being nice to him.... zane ik you’re reading this... stop being angry cause u came home alone to ur big ass hotel room hahaha."

And, Jake wasn't done ... "bro he literally started yelling and freaking the fuck out  “you wanna test me mate. lol I feel bad for childhood stars."

Gigi was more than ready to jump in ...  "Lol cause he doesn’t care to hang w you and your embarrassing crew of YouTube groupies ..? Home alone with his best friends like a respectful king cause he has me, sweetie. Unbothered by your irrelevant ugly ass. Go to bed."

Granted ... not as good as the Fury fight, but pretty damn close.

Lil Nas X Crashes Disney World Wedding


Lil Nas X trumped Mickey Mouse Saturday, by crashing a wedding reception at Disney World, and some of the guests fully melted down!

The "Old Town Road" icon apparently schemed with the bride, because the 2 of them walked into the reception hall and guests as his song filled the room ... and guests were shocked.

You hear one woman scream, "What the f*** is happening right now!?!!"

The 20-year-old rapper hit the dance floor and no doubt about it ... it made the wedding a night to remember.

Lil Nas X has reason to celebrate ... he snagged an NAACP Image Award Saturday night for Outstanding New Artist. And, as you know, he also won 2 Grammys for "Old Town Road."

Donald Trump L.A. Fundraiser Guests ... Disgusted By Food In Bathroom!!!


Donald Trump's Beverly Hills fundraiser guests -- at least some of them -- say they are totally grossed out by the fact appetizers from the function were left sitting out by a toilet.

TMZ broke the story .... hors d'oeuvres from Trump's campaign fundraiser at The Montage this week ended up in a small bathroom, stashed between the john and a bathtub. Yuck!!!

Guests who attended the fundraiser tell TMZ ... it's disgusting the swanky hotel would store food in a bathroom, especially considering the fact some of those in attendance plunked down six figures to dine with the President.

What's not clear ... what was food doing in the bathroom? You see some appetizer trays that appear to have already been passed around, so the leftovers could have simply been stored in the bathroom. But check out the food warmer. You see the light on, which means the oven is on, and you see trays of untouched empanadas and other hors d'oeuvres. We have repeatedly called the hotel for days, trying to find out if this was the staging area. So far, no response.


The guests say they would've never expected this kind of behavior from the Montage, and they're left wondering if hotel employees did this on purpose as a middle finger to Trump?!?

You don't need to be a health inspector to know it's dangerous to expose food to the bacteria present in bathrooms ... but the guests tell us they are even more freaked out because it's a dangerous time in the world with the spread of coronavirus!!!

But, laughter is the best medicine, and the guests are trying to laugh this off ... jokingly telling us, this might explain why the appetizers during cocktail hour tasted like liberals. Sick burn!


This one's actually funny though ... one guest says the restroom meatballs still aren't as nasty as this infamous image of one guest's plate filled with meat and fish ... now forever known as "meatfish."

Anyone else just lose their appetite right now?!?

Tyson Fury Celebrates Like A Champion ... Wild Vegas After-Party

Exclusive Details

9:52 AM PT -- 2/23 Fury went on to celebrate his victory at Hakkassan Nightclub at the MGM Grand. Around 1 AM, he rolled in with a crew of 50 people including his brother and former “Love Island” star, Tommy Fury.

After enjoying a couple bottles of Grey Goose and Dom Perignon, Fury took the stage with EDM icon Steve Aoki. He lead the crowd in an epic rendition of “Sweet Caroline” by Neil Diamond, followed by Don Mclean’s “American Pie.”

Fury wasn’t the only champion in attendance, Kansas City Chief players Patrick Mahomes and Travis Kelce were there also living it up. Former One Direction singer Liam Payne was also there. The party came to a close around 2:30 AM ... but surely there will be more celebrating for Fury & co. to come

Tyson Fury ... YOU NASTY!!!

The boxing star not only beat up Deontay Wilder in their heavyweight clash Saturday night -- he LICKED THE BLOOD off Wilder's neck during the fight!!

31-year-old Fury had dominated from the start -- teeing off on the Bronze Bomber (and likely busting his eardrum in the process) in their highly anticipated rematch.

Wilder was dripping blood all over the place -- and during the 6th round, Fury flicked out his tongue and began licking the blood off of Wilder's bloody neck!!!!

It was super gross -- and Fury loved it.

Wilder's corner ultimately threw in the towel in Round 7 -- it was clear Deontay just didn't have it Saturday night.

After the fight, Fury's crazy antics continued ... he grabbed the mic and sang Don McLean's "American Pie" while encouraging the Vegas crowd to sing along! The place went nuts!

Fury praised Wilder as a great fighter and said he thinks Deontay will be champion again -- but for now, Tyson reminded everyone why he's the "Gypsy King."

Still, the tongue thing was super gross ... your highness.

Originally published -- 2/22 10:29 PM PT

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