Aaron Carter Back Together with Melanie ... After CPS Call

Aaron Carter is going back to square one with his baby mama -- trying to patch things up after a dramatic weekend ... which included a call to Child Protective Services.

Aaron tells TMZ ... he's back with fiancée Melanie Martin, and they're trying to work it all out for the sake of their family. He says he feels hurt by her being in contact with his estranged family, but also says everyone deserves a second chance.

You'll recall ... Aaron told us he discovered Melanie had been in touch with his sister, Angel, which he felt was a betrayal and caused them to temporarily split. He also thought she was in cahoots with his fam to try to get him under a conservatorship. He even dropped a new song about his estranged siblings called, "So much to say".


That's all water under the bridge now, it seems, but the reconciliation came with even more tension -- because we're told Aaron's fans called CPS on him after seeing Melanie put their newborn, Prince, in his bed ... which some felt was too rough for a baby.

Aaron tells us CPS came by his Lancaster, CA home to check on the baby and the general living conditions -- but found everything was in order and left without incident.

Going forward, Aaron says he wants a united front with Melanie ... and fend off their haters as a team.

Jussie Smollett Takes the Stand ... Talks Sexual Relationship with Osundairo Bro

Jussie Smollett just took the stand in his own defense, talking about his career and his sexual encounters with one of the men he says is responsible for attacking him.

Smollett was called as a witness for the defense Monday, and opened up about his family, the loss of his dad and finding success on "Empire." Jussie claimed to have made $25K-$35K per episode on the first season of the FOX show.

Jussie also got into how he met Abel, saying the two met at a gay club one night and went to a Chicago bathhouse where they did drugs, including cocaine and marijuana. During another visit to the bathhouse, Jussie says they made out and masturbated together.


We had Fox News correspondent Matt Finn on TMZ Live who was inside the courtroom when Jussie took the stand, and gave us a better idea of the actor's mood.

This is the second week of the trial, last week saw testimony from the Osundairo brothers, who Jussie says attacked him. Of course, the Osundairo brothers have maintained Jussie was in on the whole thing, and staged the attack with them for publicity.

Last week, Ola Osundairo fought back against previous claims Jussie had made calling him homophobic. He presented the court with a photo of himself dressed as a Trojan warrior and handing out condoms at a gay pride parade to show he was friendly with the gay community.

In describing the planning of the attack, the brothers testified Smollett originally wanted them to punch him, put a noose around his neck and pour gasoline on him. However, the gasoline was changed to bleach because the brothers felt gasoline could be too dangerous.

Smollett has pled not guilty to 6 counts of disorderly conduct for allegedly making a false police report.

Gorilla Glue Girl No More Chemicals in My Hair!!! Dye Disaster the Last Straw


‘Gorilla Glue girl’ is back at it again … this time she's swearing off all chemicals -- non-adhesive ones too -- for use in her hair, after a failed attempt at dying her 'do.

TMZ caught up with Tessica Brown Monday at LAX as she explained that she's flown to L.A. to get another hair treatment … explaining that her hair now frizzes up and falls out “whenever you touch it”, after using chemicals to change the color.

Tessica says she thought it would be safe because her hair had grown “so pretty”... and it had been a year since her tragic incident where she accidentally used Gorilla Glue instead of hairspray and ended up needing surgical repairs on her scalp.

@im_d_ollady / TikTok

She's back in L.A., desperate to stop her hair from falling out, but we gotta say ... her makeshift home repair looks pretty good.

From now on, she says she will be on a “natural [hair] diet.” When asked if she has a message to girls out there, Tessica simply says ... “it’s not worth it.”

Best of luck on your natural journey!!!

Drake Yanks Grammy Nominations ... Was Up for 2 Awards

Drake won't be partaking in the upcoming Grammy Awards -- despite being nominated -- because the guy just pulled his submissions ... TMZ has confirmed.

The rapper has withdrawn his 2 Grammy nominations -- one for Best Rap Album in "Certified Lover Boy" and another for Best Rap Performance in "Way 2 Sexy" -- after having gotten nods about two weeks ago.

A source close to Drake tells us the decision was made by Drake and his management team,  and the Grammys board respected it. Variety was first to report Drake's withdraw.

He's obviously no stranger to the award ceremony -- having racked up multiple wins over the years, including one in 2019 -- but Drake has also publicly noted he isn't a fan of accolades like this ... saying they're virtually meaningless.

He was also one of the first to speak up after The Weeknd was snubbed by the ceremony, saying, "I think we should stop allowing ourselves to be shocked every year by the disconnect between impactful music and these awards."

Of course, this move might have more to do with his involvement in Astroworld Fest than his stance on awards -- the guy's been relatively low-key since the tragedy, especially since he's been named in a few of the lawsuits that have surfaced thus far.

He did something similar with French Montana recently -- refusing to clear a song they did together because he didn't think it was appropriate in the wake of Astroworld.

Philadelphia Flyers Police K-9 Craps All Over Ice ... On Team's Logo!!!

The Philadelphia Flyers' season just got a whole lot crappier ... 'cause on the day they fired their head coach amid a losing skid, a police K-9 defecated all over their center-ice logo.

Just hours after the team canned Alain Vigneault, several dogs from the Philadelphia Police Dept. took a trip to Wells Fargo Center ... and you can see in video of their visit, things got messy quickly.

One of the dogs walked all the way out to the red line ... popped a squat and then let its bowels go.

The dog pooped for several seconds -- and then appeared to unleash even more on the logo!!

Of course, we're pretty sure it'll all get cleaned up in time for the Flyers' Monday evening game against the Colorado Avalanche ... but it's yet another reminder of how badly Philly's season has gone so far.

The team is currently in the midst of an 8-game losing streak ... and they've played so poorly recently, there's not a whole lot of optimism in the City Of Brotherly Love at the moment.

Rough Ruff times for sure.

Travis Scott Wants Astroworld Lawsuit Dismissed Files First Response of Many

Travis Scott doesn't believe he should be tied to litigation when it comes to the tragedy that happened at Astroworld ... which is why he's asking a judge to nix one of the lawsuits against him.

The rapper just filed legal docs, obtained by TMZ, denying the claims against him by a guy named Jessie Garcia, who's alleging he was in the crowd at the festival. Trav's asking that his suit be dismissed with prejudice ... specifically, as it pertains to TS himself, his company (Jack Enterprises) and his foundation/label (Cactus Jack).

Travis is issuing a "general denial," which is a legal term in civil suits that allows one to submit one blanket response to all the allegations against them.


In other words, Travis is making clear that the deaths and injuries are not his responsibility, and he's asking the judge to toss the suit against him and his entities.

BTW, sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... Travis is planning to issue a similar response for every civil suit against him -- and trust us, there are many. He might be able to do it in one fell swoop though -- last week, there was a motion filed to combine all 275 cases that have been filed thus far into one "multi-district litigation," which would consolidate many of the suits.


The reason for the ask is because a lot of the claims are eerily similar ... so just for efficiency, they're asking one judge be assigned to the case. The court has yet to rule.

Anyway, now it's clear where Travis stands ... up until now, he's only denied liability through public statements -- saying he was unaware of what was going on that night -- but now, he's making it official.

Russell Westbrook Enjoys Day W/ Family At Disneyland

Russell Westbrook isn't letting the Lakers' early-season struggles put a damper on his spirit ... 'cause the SoCal native hit up the Happiest Place on Earth with his wife and kids.

The Lakers -- who last played Friday against the Clippers -- had the weekend off ... providing Russ the perfect opportunity to spend some quality time with the fam.

Westbrook and his wife, Nina, took their kids to Disneyland in Anaheim on Sunday ... where they enjoyed some rides at the famous theme park. And yes, they had delicious Churros too.

The Lakers star rode the Radiator Spring Racers, where he sat in the front row (photo below). The 33-year-old also hit up the new Web Slingers Spider-Man attraction in the new California Adventures Park's Marvel Land.

The former UCLA product has been all smiles since being traded to his hometown Lakers ... despite a season that has been mired with inconsistency due to injuries and lack of chemistry.

Of course, Russ isn't the first celebrity to grace Disneyland with his presence. A host of A-list stars like Kim and Kourtney Kardashian, Halle Berry, Mario Lopez, Nick Cannon and Trey Songz have visited the park.

Disney was also a favorite of Kobe Bryant over the years ... who LOVED the park.

Russ and the Lakeshow look to get back in the win column when they take on the Celtics Tuesday at Staples.

Staples Center Sign Comin' Down ... Amid Crypto.com Arena Name Change

Anyone have a staple remover??

The iconic Staples Center signage is officially coming down on Monday ... with workers slowly removing the red letters off of the building to make way for Crypto.com Arena.

As we previously reported, the cryptocurrency company bought the naming rights to the venue last month ... which came with a whopping $700 MILLION price tag.

While the name change won't officially happen until Christmas Day, AEG wasted no time kick-starting the rebrand ... which will undoubtedly have some fans upset.

Of course, Staples Center was often referred to as "The House That Kobe Built," as a nod to the late Lakers legend, who played at the venue for the majority of his Hall of Fame career.

No matter what people officially call the arena, Vanessa Bryant made it clear all the history that Kobe made inside will always live on.

The new deal will see Crypto.com's logos on the building for at least the next 20 years ... so maybe people will get used to it by 2042.

Lil Wayne Allegedly Pulls Gun On His Security ... Cops Investigating, He Denies it Happened

Lil Wayne allegedly pulled an assault rifle on one of his own bodyguards during a dispute at his home, and now police are looking into the incident.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... one of the rapper's guards told cops he and Wayne got into a fight at Weezy's Hidden Hills, CA home, and cops say they were told the altercation escalated to physical violence and a brandished firearm.

We're told the guard claims Wayne told him to get outta the house after the initial dispute, but the guard went to the bathroom first and he claims that's when Wayne dramatically escalated things.

We've spoken with a source close to Wayne who strongly denies the incident even happened ... and tell us Wayne doesn't even have a gun.

That's not however, what the guard told cops ... our sources say the guard claimed Lil Wayne pulled out an AR-15 ... and that's when the guard booked it out of the house to the gated community's guard shack, where he called police.

We're told cops went to Weezy's place to get his side of the story, but he was already gone. The guard told police the fight started with Wayne accusing him of taking photos and leaking them to the media.

Other law enforcement sources involved in the case tell TMZ ... cops have issues with the guard's story, and they say he did not have any marks on his body or injuries from the alleged physical confrontation.

We're told the guard also does not want to press charges against Wayne -- and while police have doubts about some of the allegations, they will nevertheless investigate.

We reached out to Lil Wayne's camp ... so far, no word back.

Jake Paul I May Never Fight Tommy Fury ... After He Pulled Out


1:04 PM PT -- Tommy is breaking his silence on pulling out ... saying he's been dealing with the infection for months and was doing his best to fight through it, but the broken rib became the last straw.

Tommy even provides hospital scans to back up his reason for withdrawing from the bout ... saying in no way is he dodging Paul, and he's looking forward to rescheduling the fight.

@tommyfury / Instagram

12:04 PM PT -- Jake Paul won't be fighting Tommy Fury on December 18 -- or possibly ever -- 'cause the YouTube superstar says he may be slamming the door on rescheduling the bout after TNT pulled out due to medical issues.

Jake just spoke with the media after the new fight with Tyron Woodley was announced ... and he's doubling down on his claim that Tommy got cold feet and was looking for an excuse to back out.

Jake says he's pissed off over the whole situation ... and will have to think long and hard before agreeing to step in the ring with Fury, claiming he also did a terrible job at promoting the fight.

"I don't see a reason to come back next year and give him that big of an opportunity and that big of a payday," Jake says. "It would almost be more fun and more satisfying for me to just leave him in the dust and make him fight until he's 25-0, if he gets that far, to get the same payday that he was getting in his eighth fight."

10:19 AM PT -- Jake's brother, Logan, is getting in on the smack talk ... saying everyone should've seen Tommy backing out from a mile away.


"It's a good thing you're beautiful, you sexy blue-eyed beast," Logan said on Instagram. "'cause you are a p***y."

8:06 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has learned ... Tommy is backing out of the fight due to a bacterial chest infection and a broken rib.

"The beginning of my camp was going so incredibly and I never expected anything to come in my way from a victory on December 18th," Tommy said in a statement Monday.

"I can't express how disappointed I am and I really do hope we can get this fight rescheduled in the new year. I want this fight to happen more than anything. I'm now regretfully putting my focus on recovery and a further reschedule date."

Tyron Woodley's getting his rematch after all -- Jake Paul just announced Tommy Fury has backed out of their December 18 fight ... with the ex-UFC champ taking his place.

24-year-old Paul just posted a video confirming rumors of Fury pulling out on Monday ... saying he will go head-to-head against Woodley once again in less than 2 weeks' notice.

"When my team woke me up on Friday to tell me Tommy Fumbles was pulling out, I told them I’ll fight anyone on December 18th," Jake said. "Troy, Trey, Trevor, Travis,… I don’t give a f*** who it is."

Naturally, Jake also had some words for Tommy.

"Tommy’s pulling out because of a 'medical condition' called vaginitis," he added. "Unlike the Furys, Tyron actually has some balls, is stepping in, and contractually he is getting an extra $500,000 if he knocks me out."


Of course, Paul and Woodley duked it out in Cleveland on August 29, with the YouTuber getting the split decision win over Tyron.

As we previously reported, Tommy agreed to fight Jake back in October ... after months of trash talk and failed contract negotiations.

Speaking of failed negotiations, Woodley initially lost his shot at the rematch after Paul claimed he took too long to get "I love Jake Paul" tatted on him.

Woodley eventually got the ink a month after the fight ... getting the phrase on his middle finger.

This time around, Jake is guaranteeing a different outcome.

"First time I outboxed him. This time I’m gonna punish him and leave no doubt."

It's a quick turnaround for Woodley ... but the dude's a pro, so we're sure he'll be fine.

Originally Published -- 7:34 AM PT

President Biden Age Roasted By Michael Che ... During Kennedy Center Honors

President Joe Biden welcomes back the Kennedy Center Honors, post-pandemic, and immediately gets totally roasted by ‘SNL’ star Michael Che ... who said, "There’s no way he is awake right?"

The age-appropriate shot was well-received, though, during a night of jokes, laughter and great music. President Biden slipped into his tux for the Sunday night gala honoring 5 legendary artists for their lifetime achievements -- Motown Records creator Berry Gordy, "Saturday Night Live" creator Lorne Michaels, famed actor Bette Midler, singer Justino Diaz and folk music legend Joni Mitchell.

This night was particularly special because the Prez and First Lady were in attendance --bringing back the tradition. President Trump had skipped the event since 2016 after honorees threatened to protest if he participated.

In fact, Biden got a standing ovation as he entered the event and praise from attendees such as late-night legend David Letterman, who also took a swipe at Trump, saying ... "It's quite nice once again to see the presidential box being occupied."


The President also hosted the honorees before the event and cracked a few jokes himself ... foreshadowing the tone of the packed 44th annual event.

Canadian Football League Player Throws Punch At Fan In Stands ... Wild Scene At Game

Several members of the Toronto Argonauts went into the stands to confront fans on Sunday -- with one player actually throwing a huge haymaker at a man who got in his face.

The wild scene all went down at the end of the Argonauts' playoff loss to the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, when a few Argos players leaped over some railing and got into an altercation with patrons.

According to witnesses, some fans had spilled drinks on the players, causing the initial commotion, and you can see in footage shot by bystanders, things quickly turned violent.

A fan dressed in Hamilton Tiger-Cats gear ran into Toronto defensive back Chris Edwards, who then threw a looping right hand at the man's face in response.

Argonauts wide receiver Dejon Brissett then jumped in to try to break things up, pushing the fan into a wall.

Fortunately for everybody involved, security quickly stepped in ... subduing the fan and allowing the Toronto players to return to their locker room.

Cops tell TMZ Sports they are investigating the incident. A CFL spokesperson, meanwhile, told Sportsnet the league is reviewing the matter as well.

Mountain Lion Comes Face-to-Face with Family Dog In Terrifying Video


Things could have ended much worse for a family's dog had it not been for a pane of glass stopping a hungry mountain lion from making it dinner.

The video, taken by a woman in Colorado, shows her dog named Dash frozen in fear as the mountain lion spots it from outside. The mountain lion seems puzzled by the barrier, trying different ways to get in, even tapping on the glass with its paw.

You can hear the fear in the woman's voice as she records and tries to get Dash away from the door, without any luck. The dog is clearly terrified, not moving.

Finally, the mountain lion gives up ... walking away into the backyard, and that's when Dash finds his courage again, barking as the animal trots off.

Finnish Prime Minister 36-yr-old Hits Club 'til 4 AM, No Mask!!! Her Country's Super-Vaxxed

Yeah, it's good to be the King/Queen -- but Prime Minister's pretty badass too, especially when you're Finland's Sanna Marin out partying until the break of dawn!!!

The Finnish PM was all up in the VIP at Butcher's Nightclub in Helsinki over the weekend -- she was seen hanging with her husband and some friends at a private table. NBD, right?

Well, keep in mind Marin, at just 36 years old, is the Nordic country's youngest Prime Minister ever -- and the glamorous world leader's clearly not letting the gig hold her back from doing regular 30-somethings activities.

PM Marin reportedly stayed out until 4 AM and as you can see, neither she nor anyone else in the club was wearing a face mask ... so, they don't seem too worried about COVID-19 or the Omicron variant.

There's a good reason for that. Under PM Marin, who took over 2 years ago -- just before the pandemic -- Finland has achieved a staggering 72 percent vaccination rate! For comparison, the U.S. is still under 60 percent.

We'll pass on President Biden clubbing till sunrise ... but the 72 percent vaccinated sounds damn good!

UFC's Julianna Peña Amanda Nunes Isn't Taking Me Seriously 'I'm Not A Sacrificial Lamb'


Julianna Peña is less than a week away from the biggest fight of her life against Amanda Nunes ... and the "Venezuelan Vixen" has a message for the doubters, telling TMZ Sports she isn't satisfied just being here -- she's gunning to win.

"I feel like a lot of people are sleeping on me and they think I'm a sacrificial lamb but I definitely think that, you know, I know that I'm definitely not a sacrificial lamb and everyone loves an underdog," Peña told us.

32-year-old Peña is the #3 ranked bantamweight in the UFC -- and has been all but demanding a title shot with the 33-year-old champ, Nunes -- because she truly believes she will get the W when they fight at UFC 269.

"I'm ready. I am in the zone. I have never felt more physically or mentally prepared in my life and it's my time. It just feels so great to know that I have literally left no stone unturned. I'm ready to go. I'm in the zone!"

Peña's been with the UFC since 2013 ... and has a professional record of 10-4. She's beaten some badass women like Jessica Eye and Cat Zingano.

Despite the impressive resume, Julianna's a big underdog against Amanda. In fact, bettors have to wager about $900 just to win $100 on Nunes.

And, it's not just the oddsmakers who doubt Peña can win ... 'cause Julianna told us she feels Amanda isn't taking her seriously.

"[Nunes] called me delusional. She said that I'm reckless. I don't think that she's taking me seriously at all and you know, that's fine."

The best part ... these women step into a locked cage together on Saturday.

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