Will & Jada Pinkett Smith Talk August Alsina ... Yes, It Happened But We Were Separated

Red Table Talk

Jada Pinkett Smith admits she had a relationship with August Alsina, but takes issue with his claim Will Smith gave permission ... because she and Will say it wasn't necessary, at that time.

Jada and Will sat down for her "Red Table Talk" show which streamed Friday on Facebook and admitted Jada did, in fact, have an "entanglement" with August around 4 and a half years ago ... after Jada and Will had quietly separated. At the time, Jada said she thought the separation was going to be indefinite and didn't think Will was ever going to talk to her again.


In that time, Jada says she and August -- with whom the Smiths were good friends -- started dating. She said initially it was about August's health and trying to help him heal.

As for August's claim, Will gave Jada his blessing ... that's not the case because the only person that could give permission is Jada herself and, remember, she and Will were separated. Near the end of their convo, Jada said she never felt this was a transgression, either.

They laughed and even invoked one of Will's famous lines when they said, in unison, "We ride together, we die together. Bad marriage for life."

As we reported ... August not long ago sat down with The Breakfast Club's Angela Yee and said he had been in a relationship with Jada after being introduced to her by her son, Jaden, in 2015. August said it lasted quite some time.

Initially, Jada's rep denounced the claim saying it was "absolutely not true." Seems Jada and Will wanted to really clear the air.

Armie Hammer, Wife Elizabeth We're Divorcing

Breaking News

Armie Hammer and his wife, Elizabeth Chambers, are calling it quits on their marriage ... the couple just announced.

Armie says ... "Thirteen years as best friends, soulmates, partners and then parents.
It has been an incredible journey, but together, we’ve decided to turn the page and move on from our marriage."

He adds ... "As we enter into this next chapter, our children and relationship as co parents and dear friends will remain our priority."

His Instagram post concludes with, "We understand this news lends itself to public dialogue, but in the interest of our children and our family, we’re asking for privacy, compassion and love during this time."

Elizabeth shared the same IG post at the same time as Armie.

The 2 were married in 2010 and have 2 kids -- 5-year-old Harper Grace and 3-year-old Ford.

At the end of May, Elizabeth posted this -- "TEN years married, twelve together, thirteen years as best friends. Happy Anniversary, my love. I’m beyond grateful for you, this decade, our family and the dreamiest Friday night anniversary sunset."

Armie, Elizabeth and their kids have been quarantining together in the Cayman Islands ... where Armie spent some of his childhood.

It's the first marriage for both Armie and Elizabeth.

Naya Rivera Heartbreaking Surveillance Video Presumed Dead in Drowning

Exclusive Details
Ventura County Sheriff's Office

6:37 PM PT -- The Ventura County Sheriff just released security camera footage from the boat launch where Naya and her son rented a pontoon boat on the lake.

In the video, you see Naya pull up in her G-Wagon, and she gets out with a bunch of gear and walks with her son over to the boat launch. The two of them get in the pontoon and head off into the lake.

11:12 AM PT -- More than 80 people are currently involved in the search, which is utilizing helicopters, boats, ATV vehicles and ground personnel to try to locate Naya ... according to the Ventura County Sheriff.

Specialized dive teams from surrounding counties are also en route to help.

8:32 AM PT -- Authorities have just made it clear -- Naya is presumed dead and the search has now shifted from a rescue to a recovery mission. She went missing in water with only 5 to 9 inches of visibility, and authorities say the lake is filled with trees and debris on the bottom. Law enforcement says it typically takes 7 to 10 days for a body to rise to the surface.

5:29 AM PT -- Authorities are now saying they're treating the case as a possible drowning and they suspended the search overnight. The search continues at first light, but the Ventura County Sheriff says they now believe Naya may have lost her life in the lake.

RMG News

Naya Rivera is missing on a Southern California lake after her toddler son was found alive, but alone on a boat ... TMZ has confirmed.

Ventura County Sheriff's deputies found the 4-year-old boy on the boat -- presumably rented by Naya -- shortly before 5 PM on Lake Piru, but Naya was not there. Law enforcement sources tell us her son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, told deputies his mom had jumped in the water ... but didn't come back up.

Divers immediately started searching the lake, but so far there's no sign of the "Glee" star. The search was suspended due to nightfall, but it's expected to resume Thursday, shortly after sunrise.

We're told Rivera's life jacket was still in the boat and Josey was asleep when the boat was first found. Josey is okay and is now with family members. Naya and the boy's father, Ryan Dorsey, divorced in 2018 and share custody of Josey.

On Tuesday Naya tweeted a pic of her kissing Josey with the caption, "just the two of us."

FOX11 in L.A. says Naya's G-Wagon was found in the parking lot near the boat rental company.

Originally Published -- 7/7 10:08 PM PT

Mystic Inn Racial Attack Suspects Face Added Hate Crime Charge ... Cops on the Hunt

Breaking News 6/26/20

Police are still searching for 2 suspects seen on video pummeling a black female employee at a Connecticut hotel last month -- but their charges have already been upgraded.

The Stonington Police Department in Connecticut announced Friday it has issued new warrants and new charges for Philip Sarner and Emily Orbay, the couple who attacked Chrystal Caldwell on June 26 at the Mystic Inn ... as she was working at the hotel.

Sarner was initially facing charges of second-degree assault and third-degree assault, but the State's Attorney's Office tacked on a charge of intimidation based on bigotry and bias.

Orbay is facing 2 counts of third-degree assault as well as the additional intimidation based on bigotry and bias charge. We're told multiple law enforcement agencies are working together in the search for Sarner and Orbay.

As we reported ... Caldwell was brutally assaulted -- she suffered a concussion -- and the couple allegedly called her a racial slur. She says they were upset about not having hot water in their hotel room.

Police said Sarner and Orbay fled the hotel and the state immediately after the attack.

Family RV Disaster Dad's Toilet Tank Nightmare ... Poop Flows Into Street!!!


Here's a dad trying to drain his RV's toilet after a camping trip with his family ... and the disgusting video turns into a total s**t show!!!

The guy's got a hose hooked up to the bottom of his RV, and he's trying to empty the toilet into a street drain, but things turn ugly in the blink of an eye.

All of a sudden, the hose comes loose, spilling tons and tons of dark brown sludge onto the ground and sending the family running and screaming for their lives!!!

The kids and their father can barely breathe as they document the disgusting episode ... and in the end, the ground is covered in poop. Cleanup on aisle 6!

Gotta hand it to one child ... the little fella seemed to have an idea dad's foolproof plan was doomed from the start, but sadly no one listened to his warning.

This dad's a regular Robin Williams in his unforgettable 2006 movie, "RV." Yes, there was a similar poop incident too.

Such a crappy way to end a presumably fun camping trip.

Naya Rivera Angry Locals Demand Protection for Swimmers After Presumed Drowning


Naya Rivera's presumed death has angered locals who know the hidden perils of Lake Piru, and now they're demanding more protection for swimmers whose lives are at risk.

More than TWELVE THOUSAND PEOPLE and counting have signed a petition ... demanding more effective warnings for swimmers who are clueless that the waters below are perilous.

The locals have reason for concern ... Naya would mark the 9th drowning death at Lake Piru since 1994.

As we reported ... when Naya jumped in the water, the visibility was 5 to 9 inches. Piru is not a natural lake, and its bottom is covered by trees and other debris, in which a swimmer can easily get entangled. The lake also has strong currents, making swimming difficult.

RMG News

The petition reads, " ... people have been asking for years for the city to put up warning signs for swimmers. Locals of Ventura County don’t go to Lake Piru for this reason! Tourists have no idea what they’re getting into. Lake Piru needs signs. We’re tired of waiting. We need justice for all those who got lost at Lake Piru. Put up the signs."

There are some marked swimming areas for those who jump in from the shore, but people on boats don't seem to get the proper warnings. It's perilous because just about anyone on a boat in the middle of a hot summer day is going to want to jump in the water to cool off.

Law enforcement sources tell us ... they don't know where Naya and her 4-year-old son, Josey Hollis Dorsey, were when they both jumped in the water. Josey got back in the boat and fell asleep. When authorities arrived, he told them Naya never returned.

Lake Piru does not have many lifeguards, and swimmers "are engaging in a hazardous recreational activity and do so at their own risk" ... according to its policy. Locals want to make it less risky ... thus the petition.

Flavor Flav I Had to Get Steve Mnuchin Pic ... His Wife Knew Me!!!


Flavor Flav says it was a chance encounter at a swanky hotel that led to him snapping a photo with Steve Mnuchin -- nothing strange about it ... in his eyes, anyway.

The Public Enemy rapper's surprising pic with President Trump's Treasury Secretary left Twitter fans flummoxed Thursday after he posted it with the caption, "F**k politics - but I'm always happy to talk to anyone about the importance of knowing when your time is up."

Turns out, Flav actually met Mnuchin "a little while back" -- he doesn't say exactly when -- at the Hotel Bel-Air when he was having lunch. He tells us Steve and his wife, Louise Linton, called him over to say hi ... apparently, she's a fan.

So, the rapper says he went over to their table and exchanged pleasantries, but before Mnuchin left ... Flav was adamant he had to get a picture with the guy.

Flav doesn't specify why he felt this way, but he makes it clear it wasn't about politics. He says his partner, Chuck D, is the political one ... and that's pretty clear in their new track, as well.

SoCal 'Karen' Battery Arrest Mug Shots ... Karma's a Bitch!!!


Here's a good look at the "Karen" who went on multiple racist tirades in Southern California last month ... mugging for her booking photo.

TMZ's obtained the mug shots for Lena Hernandez, who, as we told you, was charged with criminal battery last week. It's unclear why cops snapped more than one pic of Hernandez, as there's only one charge.

@mynamegangg/Twitter - @myullz/Twitter

It took a while after a warrant for her arrest was issued, but Hernandez was eventually located by police in the SoCal beach city of San Pedro and hauled into the station.

Her battery charges are related to an incident that occurred Oct. 11 at a mall in Torrance. Though there is no video of that incident, there is video of 2 separate incidents where the woman hurled racist comments.


The first featured Hernandez yelling at a young woman who was trying to work out in the park. Another vid surfaced showing her making more racist comments in a parking lot ... believed to be from the same day as the park incident.

Pop Smoke 5 Arrested in Connection With Killing ... 2 Men Booked for Murder


6:25 AM PT -- Police have revealed the adult suspects are 19-year-old Corey Walker, 18-year-old Keandre D. Rogers, and 21-year-old Jaquan Murphy. Walker and Rogers were booked for murder Thursday morning while Murphy's facing an attempted murder charge. Their bail's set at $1 million each. Info on the 2 juvenile suspects has not been released.

Police say members of an L.A. street gang were involved in Pop's murder, as well as the murder of 18-year-old Kamryn Stone, who was killed in a Rose Bowl parking lot in Pasadena on September 14, 2019. As a result, the LAPD teamed up with Pasadena PD on its investigations.

Pop Smoke's murder investigation just led to a slew of arrests ... TMZ has learned.

Our law enforcement sources tell us the LAPD served multiple search warrants around Los Angeles early Thursday morning, and 5 people were arrested on warrants in connection to the rapper's murder.

Sources tell us 3 adults and 2 juveniles were arrested. It's unclear what the suspects are being charged with, but we're told all 5 will be interviewed by police and then booked.

TMZ broke the story ... Pop Smoke was shot and killed by 4 masked gunmen back in February in what appeared to be a home invasion robbery at a rental pad in the Hollywood Hills.

Originally Published -- 7/9 9:40 AM PT

TikTok Influencers Terrified of Potential Ban ... Looking for 'Real Jobs'


TikTok influencers are dusting off their resumes because of President Trump -- they're terrified he's about to ban the app, and force them to find J-O-Bs outside social media.

With the Trump Administration considering a ban on the super-popular video creation app -- due to the escalating trade war with China -- TikTok influencers who make a killing on their posts tell us they fear the future.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Sean, whose magic trick-themed page @seandoesmagic has 13.5 million followers, says the China-based app shutting down would be financially crushing because he makes $15,000 to $20,000 per sponsored post.

Yes, you read that right ... Sean is cleaning up as an influencer, but fears the only thing he'll be cleaning soon is the fry machine!

Okay, that's a slight exaggeration, but Sean says he's in talks with McDonald's to do a promotional tour this fall, which would involve live magic gigs -- but he's worried that'll vanish if the app is banned.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Drage Kamerman's comedy channel @dragekamerman has 2.1 million TikTok followers, and while he has a plan B, it won't offset immediate financial losses.

Drake says he makes $7,000 to $10,000 every few weeks on TikTok, but it took him a year and a half to build his followers and start making that kinda cheddar. If the app goes away, he'll jump to YouTube and Instagram. He just worries his international followers won't find him -- not at first, anyway -- and his sponsor money would go with them.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Niko Valdes, whose family-centric page @babyfaceniko has 1.5 million followers, tells TMZ ... he's terrified he won't be able to make ends meet and put food on the table for his fam. His channel is all about his wife, his toddler and him -- and TikTok is their primary source of income ... $7k to $10k a month.

Without that cashflow, his wife would have to go back to her therapist gig, and he's not sure what he would do. Niko says he just inked a flurry of endorsement deals on TikTok after 4 fruitless years trying to make dough on YouTube and IG.

Of course, these high-paid influencers would be added to the more than 21 million people currently unemployed in America ... so, worst possible timing.

Sounds like TikTokers, much like Joe Exotic, really need an in with the Prez.

Guess Who This Pretty Princess Turned Into!

Before this mini monarch with a cool crown was living the life as Hollywood royalty she was just another cute kid playing princess dress up with frilly gowns and sparkly tiaras in Houma, Louisiana.

If you're still feeling stumped about who's behind the jeweled kid maybe you should take a look at some of the hit shows that have been graced with her highness including "Pretty Little Liar," "Daytime Divas" and "The Carrie Diaries."

Even though this little lady has a laundry list of accomplishments in the entertainment industry, the one that's most impressive is her degree from Columbia University.

Here, here!

Can you guess who she is?

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