Ludacris' Manager Chaka Zulu Allegedly Fired Back in Self-Defense During Deadly ATL Shooting

Ludacris' manager, Chaka Zulu, was scared for his life, and actually fired back, allegedly in self-defense, during the Atlanta shooting that's left the music honcho in critical condition.

We've spoken with multiple sources who have viewed surveillance footage recorded Sunday outside the APT 4B restaurant. We're told Chaka, his daughter and another friend were leaving an event, walking through the parking lot when Chaka was approached by another man.

Our sources say, in the video, Chaka and the other man start exchanging words, but things escalate, and the conversation becomes visually more intense ... all while the other man allegedly keeps his hand on and around his waistband.

We're told at one point, a female bystander pushed the other man away from Chaka, but he didn't back down ... and then things really got intense when Chaka approaches the man again, who seemingly bumps Chaka with his chest, and Chaka grabs the man by the collar.

From there, our sources say, a group of about 3 or 4 other men -- who'd been standing in the parking lot with the man confronting Chaka -- get involved, rushing in, and knocking Chaka to the ground with a punch followed by kicks and stomps.

We're told one guy in the group makes his way between 2 vehicles, produces a gun, and fires at least 2 shots. Our sources say Chaka, who was also armed, can then be seen getting back on his feet and firing at least one shot in return.


TMZ obtained the dramatic 911 call from the scene, where a man claiming to be restaurant security works to help Chaka ... who had suffered a gunshot wound in the exchange.

A source close to Chaka tells us he was shot at least once -- the bullet came close to his heart -- and he's currently in critical condition.

As for what started the verbal altercation ... we're told it's unclear, though it might have been some sort of dispute about the man not being allowed entry to a party.

A 23-year-old man was also killed during the incident, our sources say, at this time, it's unclear who shot him.

D.L. Hughley I'm Done Dealing With Mo'Nique ... After Contract Feud


D.L. Hughley isn't wasting any more time on Mo'Nique after their public spat over her contract ... even though she's tried to make nice with an apology to his family.

We got D.L. at LAX Wednesday, who not-so-coyly pretended he didn't even know who Mo'Nique was, and claimed he hadn't even heard about last week's apology Mo'Nique offered to D.L.'s daughters and wife.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If you missed it ... the comedians recently got into a very public feud over who was supposed to headline the Fox Theater in Detroit last month. Mo'Nique felt she hadn't been paid appropriately for the gig ... and things spiraled from there.

After trading digs online, Mo'Nique then posted an old clip of D.L. recounting how he initially didn't believe his daughter when she said she'd been sexually assaulted.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He called Mo'Nique a "monster" and said the character she played in 2009's "Precious" ... earned her an Oscar for "being exactly who you are."

Fast forward to our convo at LAX, D.L. says arguments like the one he had with Mo'Nique aren't worth his time. D.L. recently came back from a comedy benefit show for those affected by the Buffalo shooting, so it appears he's looking at things from a new perspective.

Mo'Nique apologizing isn't looking like a way to heal D.L.'s wound -- he puts it plainly, "My line is my family."

R. Kelly Gets 30 Years For Federal Sex Crimes

R. Kelly has just been sentenced to 30 years in federal prison following his conviction for 9 federal charges, including sex crimes and human trafficking.

The disgraced singer was in the federal courthouse Wednesday in Brooklyn when Judge Ann M. Donnelly announced his sentence ... bringing a close to one of the U.S. Attorney's Office's highest-profile criminal prosecutions in years.

Kelly's known he could get 10 years to life since he was convicted last September on all 9 counts. He declined to give a statement during sentencing.

As we reported, federal prosecutors had recommended no less than 25 years in prison based on the severity of Kelly's crimes.

Kelly's trial had taken just over a month, and his attorneys seemed overmatched in court -- federal prosecutors called for more witnesses than the defense.

Kelly's legal team called on a handful of ex-Kelly employees and associates -- all saying, under oath, they never saw Kelly abuse anyone.

Prosecutors, however, brought dozens of witnesses to the stand, poking holes in that claim ... some said Kelly had managers, bodyguards and assistants who rounded up his potential victims before the singer groomed them for unwanted sex, among other things.

Kelly himself never took the stand.


We spoke with one of Kelly's victims, Lizzette Martinez, who told us he's more than earned a life sentence ... she says the guy's proven multiple times he's using his power to get what he wants, and he shouldn't be given the chance to prey on women again.

Keep in mind, Kelly is still facing another federal case out of Illinois, plus a state trial in Minnesota.

Nipsey Hussle Alleged Killer Gets Jumped ... Needs Staples in Head For Injuries


11:25 AM PT -- Holder's attorney tells us he was attacked by two people while in his holding cell Tuesday, he was cut in the head by what is believed to have been a razor. Needed 3 staples in the back of his head ... Holder allegedly lost consciousness during the attack.

Nipsey Hussle's alleged killer, Eric Holder, got jumped by other inmates on his way to court ... and the beatdown was so bad he apparently needed stitches to close his wounds.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... Holder was waiting Tuesday to catch the bus to court for his murder trial when he got jumped, causing the trial to be delayed.

We're in the courtroom today, and Holder showed up with stitches running up the back of his head. Holder also appears to have a slightly swollen left eye, plus more stitches cutting their way through his hair.

It's interesting ... Holder and his defense attorneys are all wearing face coverings, which they generally have not done in the past.


The jury is in the courtroom too, but no one has so far addressed Holder's injuries ... the judge, prosecution and defense are just moving forward as if nothing happened.

As we reported ... the murder trial began with chilling details about Nipsey's shooting death, with Holder allegedly telling Nipsey, "You're through" before killing the rapper.

Travis Barker Hospitalized for Pancreatitis Following Colonoscopy

Travis Barker is in the hospital because he has pancreatitis, and doctors believe it was triggered by a colonoscopy ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources connected to the family tell TMZ ... Travis' Tuesday hospitalization was a result of the condition -- which is an inflammation of the pancreas -- and includes symptoms like nausea, intense stomach pain and vomiting. We were not told precisely when Travis had the colonoscopy, but we're told it was recent.

As we reported, Kourtney Kardashian took Travis to West Hills hospital, near their home, early Tuesday. From there, he was taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in L.A. -- one of the best facilities in the country.

Travis' daughter, Alabama, posted and deleted a pic of her dad in the hospital while he rested in a hospital bed.

It was pretty evident Travis was in severe pain during his ordeal, tweeting "God save me" from his Twitter account.

Travis and Kourtney have been married for just over a month ... and she's been by his side through his hospital stay.

Ricky Martin Sued By Ex-Manager ... I Saved Your Career!!!

Ricky Martin's former business manager claims the pop star shorted him millions of dollars, and now she's filed a lawsuit trying to get a piece of his pie ... which she believes is rightfully hers.

In legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Rebecca Drucker says she originally represented the singer from 2014-2018, but after a 2-year hiatus he called her back into service in May 2020 when his "personal and professional life [were] in absolute turmoil."

Drucker says she did just that ... getting his life and singing career in order, guiding him on recording contracts, touring and sponsorship deals and helping him make millions of dollars on his recent North American tour with Enrique Iglesias.

She also claims she protected him in 2020 when he was allegedly threatened with an unspecified career-ending allegation, bringing in top attorneys to handle the matter ... and Ricky walked away unscathed.

The only problem ... Drucker says Martin stiffed her out of $3 million worth of commissions as she was jumpstarting his career. She says Ricky routinely manipulated and lied to her, ultimately forcing her to quit in April of this year.

She said when she persisted in asking for her money, Martin began threatening her to stay silent and demanded she sign a nondisclosure agreement ... which she refused to do.

Drucker's now suing Martin for the $3 mil, plus punitive damages.

We've reached out to Ricky's reps for his side of the story.

O.J. Simpson Forget My Trial ... L.A. Needs Cops!!!


Pigs are flying ... O.J. Simpson is supporting Los Angeles County law enforcement.

The ex-con took a stand (not THE stand) Wednesday for the L.A. County Sheriff's Department with a video rant ripping West Hollywood for voting to cut funding for the agency.

Simpson says the decision is all wrong, pointing  out his infamous history with the law in L.A. and saying, "Trust me, we need police, we need the sheriffs' department" ... referring to the time he spent behind bars during his murder trial.

Frankly, the fact O.J. is supporting L.A. County law enforcement is rich, and probably pretty galling to cops -- considering his murder trial defense team famously and viciously attacked LAPD for allegedly contaminating evidence and being racist.

They effectively made the trial more about LAPD actions than O.J.'s.

Now years later, Simpson says he's always been against defunding the police ... claiming he's always said instead of cutting funding, money should be redirected and used for better training and expanding Internal Affairs departments where police investigate other police.

Besides his eye-brow-raising thoughts on police, O.J. is also weighing in on Donald Trump's actions on January 6th and what's going on at the southern border.

The whole rant is bizarre -- it's as if he's auditioning to be a cable news talking head. Although, we guess stranger things have happened.

Travis Barker Daughter Posts and Deletes Pic from Hospital Condition Still Unknown

Travis Barker's family continues to be by his side during the drummer's hospital stay ... as evidenced in a photo shared by his daughter.

Alabama Barker posted and then deleted an image on TikTok of her holding Travis' hand while he lay in what appears to be a hospital bed. The 16-year-old included the message, "Please say a prayer" along with the image.

It's still unclear what has landed Travis in the hospital, but you can see in the photo he's got a brace on his left wrist -- though that's likely just a result of decades of playing the drums.

As we reported, Kourtney brought Travis to West Hills hospital Tuesday, near their home, before he was transferred by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai a short time later.

Travis tweeted, "God save me" during the medical ordeal, and in another post, Alabama wrote, "Please send your prayers."

Tom Brady, Gisele Share Ice Cream On Italian Vacay ... Is That Avocado?!?

Adorable moment between Tom Brady and Gisele on their Italian vacay this week ... the two lovingly shared an ice cream cone -- but it's got us all wondering, is that avocado flavor?!?!

You'll recall ... the NFL legend is famous for never putting away sweets, and turning to the ultra-healthy avocado ice cream alternative whenever he wants to be somewhat naughty with his diet.

But, it sure seems he deviated from that TB12 Method out in Portofino while on vacation with his wife and fam on Tuesday ... 'cause that definitely looks like a chocolate/vanilla swirl to us!!!

To be fair to the 44-year-old GOAT, it seemed he only had a couple bites of the treat ... so, breathe easy, Alex Guerrero and Bucs fans.

And, yes, if you were wondering, Brady is still working out despite the vacation ... he was spotted getting in a sweat sesh on a yacht on Tuesday before the QT time with his supermodel bae.

FYI -- as for Brady's trademark avo ice cream, our sources tell us it SUCKS.


NFL season is just two months away ... hope ya enjoy the downtime -- and the cheat meals! -- while you can, Tom.

Video Shows Angry Bison Attacks Man and Family ... Sending Him To Hospital

Rob Goodell

A scary moment for a man and his family, when an angry bison charged the group, goring one person and sending them to the hospital.

It all went down on Monday, the 34-year-old man and his family were walking on a boardwalk near the animal at Yellowstone National Park. Apparently, the trio got a little too close for comfort to the bison, who charged them ... knocking the man and a child to the ground.

Officials say the man was gored, suffering injuries to his arm and sending him to the hospital for treatment.

Park reps say this is the second time this year a visitor got too close to a bison and was not only gored, but also tossed 10 ft into the air.

Actress Mary Mara Drowning Death May Have Involved Blunt Head Trauma


11:12 AM PT -- According to the Jefferson Co. Medical Examiner's Office, Mara's cause of death has been ruled an accident -- due to asphyxiation and water drowning.

Actress Mary Mara's drowning may have resulted from a serious head injury ... this according to her rep.

Mary's rep Craig Dorfman tells TMZ ... investigators informed her family about new evidence ... that she may have died after slipping and hitting her head following her swim in the town of Cape Vincent.

They say she took a dip in the St. Lawrence River Sunday morning -- one of her favorite places to swim ... and after getting out of the water, investigators think she slipped and hit her head, causing her to fall in the water and drown.

Their reasoning ... when they recovered her body she had face abrasions.

So far there's no working theory on what object injured her head ... but they believe the only logical explanation is she came in contact with some object that either rendered her unconscious or debilitated.

As we reported, her rep says investigators have ruled out foul play -- it's unclear why they are certain the trauma to the head was accidental. Dorfman says he and Mary's family believe drugs or alcohol did not play a role in her death.

Mary's family has deeply appreciated the outpouring of support they've received in the past two days.

Travis Barker Hospitalized in L.A. Kourtney There, Daughter Asks for Prayers


8:27 AM PT -- 6/29 -- The last time we saw Travis out was last Wednesday when he was leaving a studio in L.A. -- so it seems his medical emergency came on quickly.


5:14 PM PT -- Travis' medical emergency is starting to sound more serious ... because his daughter is asking for prayers.


Alabama Barker took to social media after her dad was hospitalized and asked folks to send prayers to Travis.

Unfortunately, the "in sickness" part of Kourtney Kardashian and Travis Barker's vows is already coming into play ... the drummer was just hospitalized, with his new wife by his side.

Barker and Kourtney first showed up at West Hills hospital Tuesday morning for a health issue Travis was experiencing. Apparently, the medical crew at West Hills felt Travis needed additional care, because he was then taken by ambulance to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center.

Kourtney followed closely behind the ambulance, wearing black sweats and a hoodie.

It's currently unclear what Travis' condition is, or what medical emergency brought him to the hospital. Interestingly enough, during the ordeal, he tweeted, "God save me."

Of course, the health scare comes just a month after the two swapped vows during a multi-day ceremony in Portofino, Italy -- surrounded by their closest friends and family members.

Get well soon, Travis!!!

Originally Published -- 6/28 3:57 PM PT

Russell Westbrook Celebrates $47 Mil Lakers Payday W/ Kevin Hart ... All Smiles At L.A. Hotspot


Russell Westbrook had the best Tuesday EVER -- because after he scored a $47 MILLION payday from the Lakers ... he celebrated with Kevin Hart at an L.A. hotspot!!

Russ opted into the final year of his Lakers contract early Tuesday morning -- making him richer than ever -- and hours later, he, Hart and some other buddies grabbed dinner at LAVO Ristorante, a swanky West Hollywood joint.

The two were in great spirits -- laughing and dappin' each other up outside of the eatery ... and while Russ didn't say too much, it's pretty clear he's fired up to be staying in L.A. for at least another year.

Of course, the 33-year-old's first year in Lakers purple and gold didn't go smoothly -- he was heckled daily over his play -- but he made it obvious with an impromptu Beyonce car karaoke sesh Tuesday morning that he's shaking all of that off in 2022-23.

BTW, no official word on who picked up the tab at Tuesday night's dinner ... but if we had to guess, something tells us it was probably Russ.

Westbrook and Hart have been tight for years -- remember, the duo were spotted out together right after the guard was traded to L.A. last year.

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