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'Black Mirror' Sorry, Halsey ... Ashley O Ain't You!!! Producers Laughing at Her 'Crisis' Over Miley Ep.

6/20/2019 7:27 AM PDT

Halsey claiming an "existential crisis" over the "Black Mirror" episode starring Miley Cyrus, has people connected with the Netflix hit show laughing their asses off ... TMZ has learned.

If nothing else ... Halsey provided some entertainment for 'Mirror' producers when she shared her reaction to the episode about a character named "Ashley O" -- played by Miley. If you missed it, Halsey tweeted, "Black Mirror episode about a pop star named Ashley with colorful hair. Existential crisis: Engage."

She went on to point out her real name is Ashley and joked, "If I die they killed me." 

TMZ has seen emails between production execs connected with the much buzzed about episode and they say Ashley O is obviously not based on Halsey. They note that even before shooting the episode ... writers had publicly said they wanted "someone like Miley" to play the character, but never dreamed MC would do it.

In the email chain, one production exec says 'Mirror' co-creator and writer Charlie Brooker was "only vaguely aware" of Halsey. The exec goes on to say, "and if we get asked about it in an interview we'll cheerily confirm that."

Sources connected to the show tell us the Ashley O story was always intended as a metaphor for the careers of young pop stars such as, obviously Miley, but also Britney Spears, Christina Aguilera and even Whitney Houston.

So, as one 'Mirror' exec in the email chain put it, "I think most people can see it's a shameful desperate attempt at self-promotion."

Bottom line, we're told ... Ashley O ain't Halsey, and Halsey ain't Ashley O.

Existential crisis averted.

Baseball Brawl Video Shows Pregnant Woman with Bat ... 'I Don't Give a F*ck'

6/20/2019 7:20 AM PDT

The Colorado youth baseball brawl just took a disturbing twist -- we've now obtained footage showing a very pregnant woman brandishing a bat as a weapon and telling other parents, "I don't give a f*ck!"

The new footage shows heated parents from both youth baseball teams on the field at Westgate Elementary School arguing with the 13-year-old umpire about rules involving the number of players on each team. 

You can hear people from the stands screaming for the parents to back down ... saying, "He's a kid!"

As the situation grows more intense, the pregnant woman runs on the field and grabs a metal baseball bat and begins to wave it around screaming, "F*ck you b*tch. I don't give a f*ck!"

One of the male parents tries to pry the bat away from the woman -- and that's when other men on the field attack him ... throwing him down to the ground and firing off punches.

The pregnant woman is forced back into the dugout -- where the fighting continues right in front of her.

It doesn't appear she was harmed in the melee ... but wow, it's close.

Other parents continue to brawl ... including a group of women throwing haymakers at each other down the 1st baseline.

All the while, the 7-year-old players are watching the violence in shock.

As we previously reported, cops eventually arrived and handed out citations for disorderly conduct and fighting in public.

Cops are still looking for at least one of the combatants who knocked a man out with a sucker punch.

Cops have also seen the new footage involving the pregnant woman. We're awaiting comment. 

Billie Eilish From the Window with Love ... Rocks to Adoring Crowd!!!

6/20/2019 8:18 AM PDT

Billie Eilish gave an encore performance in NYC ... from her window, and her fans roared in approval.

The 17-year-old alt-pop singer rocked back and forth Wednesday night from her dressing room at Radio City Music Hall as a huge crowd gathered below ... blasting Billie's hit after hit. The "Ocean Eyes" singer had just performed there and the crowd clearly thirst for more. And, she gave it to them.

Watch ... Billie danced and recorded her fans down below. She posted her vantage point on Instagram and you can see why she's cemented her status as a bonafide star. BTW ... her gig at the iconic Radio City Music Hall followed Tuesday night's NYC debut at Rooftop at Pier 17 ... which sold out.

You can see why Universal scooped her up at 16 and advanced her millions.

Machine Gun Kelly, Yungblud Spontaneous Tour Bus Rooftop Gig ... What Goes Up, Must Come Down!!!

6/20/2019 7:36 AM PDT

Machine Gun Kelly and Yungblud joined forces after separate gigs in different cities ... with an impromptu performance atop a tour bus that had fans losing their damn minds.

So check it out ... MGK had a scheduled performance Wednesday night at the City National Grove in Anaheim while Yungblud was performing at world famous Roxy Theatre in WeHo. But, just after midnight ... MGK rolled up on his tour bus, spotted YB and, in endearing fashion, yelled, "What's up, you f***? Come here."

Halsey's man didn't hesitate joining MGK on the bus rooftop and quasi performed their new hit "I Think I'm OKAY" featuring Travis Barker. The crowd ate it up. One problem ... the duo had no idea how to get the hell down. Lucky for them ... the crowd had an easy solution. 

BTW ... MGK and Yungblud sauntered over to On The Rox ... joining Travis to perform their hit track. MGK was hanging all over the place Yungblud sprayed champagne everywhere.

Super BTW ... we ask MGK if the new tattoo on the back of his head -- which reads "Hotel Diablo," the name of his new album -- hurt at all. Ya might -- or might not -- be surprised by his answer.

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album comes JULY 5th. #HotelDiablo

A post shared by @ machinegunkelly on

Kendall Jenner Alleged Stalker Gone Missing ... Security on High Alert

6/20/2019 1:00 AM PDT

Kendall Jenner's alleged stalker has gone off the radar -- with cops and his family -- and his whereabouts is unknown ... officials are afraid he's trying to get back to L.A. and Kendall.

38-year-old Canadian citizen John Ford was deported from the U.S. earlier this month after ICE arrested him in New Mexico. You'll recall, LAPD arrested him last fall after he scaled a hill and made it onto Kendall's property ... more than once.

Now, we're told Ford's family members in Toronto -- who were supposed to keep tabs on him -- say they have no idea where he is. The last communication law enforcement had with Ford was when they dropped him at the Toronto airport, but he's gone completely MIA since then. 

That's a problem for a number of reasons -- not the least of which includes any attempt to return to KJ's place in Bev Hills. Our sources say Kendall and her team are on high alert and prepared to act if need be.

We're told it would be near impossible for Ford to reenter the country at border checkpoints since law enforcement's looking out for him -- however, if he attempts to get in illegally ... all bets are off.

Authorities ask that if he's spotted, people call their local law enforcement. 

 Kendall does have a restraining order against Ford -- he has to stay 100 yards away from her for the next 5 years. If he violates it, he'd subject to immediate arrest, possible jail time and once again ... deportation. All of that is of little comfort, though, if you're Kendall.

Mod Sun Bella Getting Hacked Scares Me ... Whoopi Has a Point!!!

6/20/2019 7:49 AM PDT

Mod Sun's been feeling uneasy ever since Bella Thorne got hacked because he thinks he might be next in line to have racy pics revealed ... and says Whoopi Goldberg was right to criticize his ex-GF.

We got Bella's ex heading into the Roxy late Wednesday night in WeHo ... his takeaway from the situation -- Thorne releasing topless photos on Twitter to beat a hacker to the punch -- is that it sucks, and it's got him worried.

Maybe not too much -- Mod boldly says he feels pretty good about his nudes -- but it's easy to see he doesn't want them to get out, and says he definitely wouldn't have handled things like Bella did.

As we reported ... the actress says she posted the pics to take back the power from her hacker, who she says was trying to extort her. Whoopi more or less shamed Bella on "The View" for taking nude photos in this day and age ... and Thorne fired back in a series of emotional posts, blasting Goldberg for causing her more pain and anguish.

Mod seems to side with Whoopi, though and says he won't be sending out crazy pics anymore.

Then he introduces us to his new lady friend, who won't be getting Mod nudes.

President Trump Proved He's Racist with 'Two Sides' Response to CP5 ... Says NY Congressman

6/20/2019 12:50 AM PDT

President Trump isn't even trying to hide his racist language based on his staunch refusal to apologize to the Central Park Five ... at least that's how Congressman Gregory Meeks sees it.

We got the distinguished gentleman from New York near Capitol Hill and he went OFF about Trump saying earlier this week there are "two sides" to the story of the wrongly convicted boys in the Central Park 5 case. 

Meeks recalls Trump using the same rhetoric in response to questions about the white supremacists in Charlottesville -- but says this time is worse ... because DNA evidence is PROOF there's only one correct side to the CP5 story.

The NY Rep. is also refusing to give the Prez any credit for signing prison reform measures like the First Step Act. He says the real credit for that progress should go to Jared Kushner ... whose father spent 14 months in federal prison.

You gotta see how heated Meeks is, because -- as he puts it -- the President's just riding his son-in-law's coattails. Not the other way around.

Billy Ray Cyrus 'Old Town Road' is STILL #1 ... I Gotta Shout Out Stevie Wonder!?!

6/20/2019 12:30 AM PDT

Billy Ray Cyrus took a break from basking in the glory of his collab with Lil Nas X to give one of his heroes a major shout out ... Stevie Wonder!!!

We got Billy Ray at LAX and he couldn't stop grinning from ear to ear after Billboard announced this week Nas and Billy's massive hit, "Old Town Road," is topping the Hot 100 for the 11th straight week. 

But, check out the clip ... our guy asks if Billy's now gonna make the crossover to rap after Nas forged his way into country. Billy -- who is in town to perform with Nas Sunday night at the BET Awards -- gave us a safe answer, but he segued outta that convo ... telling us what his daughter, Noah, got him for Father's Day -- a Stevie Wonder album.

Billy, who said the album's the best Father's Day present ever, couldn't help but shower the legendary singer for being a massive influence in his career. Watch, just for a nanosecond Billy gives "Superstition" a shot.

Also, we think he tipped his hand on what he and Lil Nas X have planned for the BET Awards this weekend. 

Zion Williamson Hit Baseball 400 Feet, Threw Football 70 Yards ... Says H.S. Hoops Coach

6/20/2019 12:40 AM PDT

Zion Williamson's incredible athletic feats don't end on the hardwood ... 'cause the hoops phenom smashed a 400 foot home run and threw a football 70 yards -- as a 16-year-old high school student!!!

Lee Sartor -- Zion's basketball coach of 4 years at the Spartanburg Day School in South Carolina -- told TMZ Sports about some of the ridiculously amazing stuff he's personally witnessed.

First up, football.

Remember that video where Zion airs out the pigskin ... launching it into the air?

Well, Coach Sartor -- now the head coach at Erskine College in S.C. -- was there ... and saw it go down with his own eyes.

"I actually witnessed that and it was about 70 yards in the air."

There's more.

"I also witnessed him hit a baseball over 400 feet," Sartor says ... "He was just messing around on the baseball field and he said, 'let me hit one.' And he hit the thing over the fence about 400 feet."

FYI -- a ball launched 400 feet would clear the fence in any Major League ballpark.

What makes it even more impressive?

Coach says this all happened after Zion completed his junior year of high school.

That ain't all ... Sartor also cleared up a big mystery -- where the hell are Zion's exploded Nike sneakers.

Remember, the PG 2.5's had seemingly gone missing ... Zion told us to ask Coach K, Duke told us they had no idea where the shoe was, and Nike said they had no "information" on the shoe location.

So, where is it? At the house of Zion's parents ... according to Coach Sartor.

"I don't think they got it in the trophy case or anything like that, but I do know they have the shoe."

In other news...

Britney Spears' Rep Calls Instagram Comment Allegations 'Absurd'

Lady Gaga raised a few eyebrows after she kissed a married man at her Las Vegas residency show.


Kandi Burruss' Hubby Taking My Daughter to the Strip Club ... Brings Us Closer Together!!!

6/20/2019 12:20 AM PDT

'Real Housewives' fans chewed out Kandi Burruss' husband for bringing his adult daughter to a strip club to celebrate her birthday, but hear him out ... he has an interesting defense.

'RHOA' star Todd Tucker says he has ZERO regrets about taking 23-year-old Kaela to see some T&A up close for her big day -- despite the fact he was getting dragged over it on social media after posting a video of the, umm ... unique father-daughter outing. 

Don't worry ... ya don't see anything too raunchy here, and it looks like his kid isn't even looking at the dancer's booty in this shot. Still, it caused quite a fuss in the Insta-verse.

View this post on Instagram

@kpt__ watch out for the bootie! Lol!

A post shared by Todd Tucker (@todd167) on

We asked Todd why he thinks it was appropriate to bring his daughter to such a sexually-charged environment and he tells us quite simply ... it makes for great bonding. 

Check out his answer ... Todd says more parents should follow his lead, and if they did, they'd have better relationships with their kids. The way he sees it, smacking "a couple of booties" with your kid could be the best way to maintain close ties, especially as they get older.

Todd also says this kinda family outing is in his genes!!! Really. You gotta hear what his mom did for him.

Maybe he's on to something, here ... but probably not.

Belloq in 'Raiders of the Lost Ark' 'Memba Him?!

6/20/2019 12:01 AM PDT

Paul Freeman is best known for playing the rival archeologist and Nazi helper-outer Dr. Rene Belloq in Steven Spielberg's first installation of the classic Indiana Jones franchise, "Raiders of the Lost Ark."

Paul Freeman shared the big screen with an epic cast of characters including Harrison Ford as the whip-slinging archeologist and all-around cool guy Indiana "Indy" Jones, Karen Allen as the alcohol expert and ark protecting Marion Ravenwood and Arnold Ernst as the palm-scarred Nazi Toht who has the iconic face melting scene at the end of the film. 

Freeman went on to star in "Falcon Crest" and "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The Movie."

Guess what he looks like now!

In other news...

Farrah Fawcett's Friend Reveals Her Final Words Before Her Death

Farrah Fawcett‘s dear friend, Mela Murphy, is opening up about the late star’s final words before her death in 2009.


Danielle Bregoli Screw Tweeting More Carefully After Nixed Jordan Gig

6/19/2019 4:25 PM PDT

If you thought Danielle Bregoli was gonna pay more attention to her Tweets after her concert in Jordan got canceled ... you are DEAD WRONG.

Bhad Bhabie was out Wednesday at LAX where she was asked if she's gonna think twice about joking on Twitter. Her short answer ... HELL NAH!!! You'll recall Jordanian promoters canceled her upcoming show there set for July 8 ... because her tweet from last week was deemed insensitive.

Check out the clip ... Bregoli says she has no idea how the promoters felt her jokey answer was insensitive. It's crystal clear Bregoli's still hella confused about the ordeal.

As we first reported ... a verified account tweeted at her in a bunch of Arabic text. Bregoli playfully replied with a little sass saying, "why yes, I do like McDonald's fries. They be tasting good as f*** sometimes. I appreciate u asking bich. Much love."

Problem was ... the tweeter was a prominent Palestinian marathon runner who was tweeting for concertgoers to boycott Bregoli because he believes she supports Israel.

As we told you ... she's not taken a stance or pledge any allegiance to either Israelis or Palestinians.

Carrie Fisher WOF Star Won't Replace Trump ... Despite New Push From Mark Hamill

6/19/2019 4:15 PM PDT
Breaking News

Carrie Fisher is still years away from getting a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame despite a massive push from Mark Hamill and "Star Wars" fans ... but when she does, she won't be replacing Donald Trump's star. 

Mark ignited the movement to get Carrie a star to replace Trump's ... tweeting Wednesday morning in favor of the West Hollywood City Council approving a proposal calling for the removal of the President's star. 

Luke Skywalker's stance quickly gained traction, but we're told Carrie finally getting a star is still gonna take some time.

The Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells TMZ ... they would love to consider Carrie for a star on the Walk of Fame, but because it didn't happen before her death ... the process is a little complicated. 

In most instances, a celeb can be nominated by anyone, but the application has to include a written statement from the celeb stating she or he wants the star and will attend the ceremony if approved. 

But, in the case of a deceased celeb ... the Chamber of Commerce can only give out a star on the 5th anniversary of their passing, and with the written consent of their family members ... and only one deceased nominee gets approved each year. 

Trump's star has been targeted by vandals time and time again ... being defaced by fake blood, a golden toilet and a pickax

While some want Trump's star scrubbed forever ... the Hollywood Chamber of Commerce tells us that ain't happening ... and they say they would never replace any celeb's star in favor of someone else's. 

Trump received his star in 2007 for his work producing beauty pageants ... and Hamill got his star last year, with Harrison Ford paying tribute to Carrie during the ceremony.

The Chamber of Commerce tells us they're still hoping Carrie's family will contact them during the 5th-anniversary of her death so she can finally get her star.

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