Kim Kardashian 40th Bday Celebration ... Private Island and Villas On Me!!!

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Kim Kardashian did it BIG for her big 4-0 ... renting out a private island for a week of birthday celebrations.

The bday getaway was super lavish ... our sources say Kim flew 40 of her closest friends and family on a Boeing 777 to the private isle, where they were handed keys to their own private villas on the beach.

Kim's guest list included ... Kris, Khloe, Kourtney, Kendall, La La Anthony, Corey Gamble, NBA studs Devon Booker and Tristan Thompson, plus Scott and Mason Disick. We're told Kanye West was not present for Kim's actual birthday -- he had some work commitments -- but Yeezy joined the trip for the final few days.

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Our sources say Kim picked out an island that hadn't seen any COVID cases ... and she asked all her guests to quarantine for 2 weeks before the trip and get multiple tests. Smart and safe.

In addition to private beachfront villas, we're told Kim hooked her guests up with Skims pajamas, KKW Beauty products, GoPro's, waterproof disposable cameras and lots of other island essentials. Now that's hospitality!

Our sources say Kim and co. spent the entire week dancing, whale watching, swimming in lagoons, kayaking, snorkeling, playing volleyball and enjoying outdoor dinners right on the sand. Like we said -- lavish.

We're told Kim even treated everyone to a private screening of "This is 40" on the beach.

Kim got a sweet surprise herself ... sources say she was treated to an hour-long birthday video tribute featuring her four kids, old childhood friends, family members, work associates and celeb pals like Cher, Jennifer Lopez, John Legend and Chrissy Teigen.

Arizona Racist Busted for Telling Black Man 'This is a No N***** Zone,' Fired Too


A racist had the gall to tell a Black man to his face that the public area he was trying to film in was a "no-n***er zone" ... and somehow walked away unscathed, at least at first.

The victim is Andre Abram, who was recording an episode for his podcast in Old Town Scottsdale, AZ last Friday with his cameraman, who's also African-American. As they were doing their thing, Abram says he noticed a guy giving 'em the eye ... who then approached.

That's when he started rolling and caught the guy's vile words on camera. The older man -- who, interestingly, is of Asian descent -- walks up casually and asks them what they're doing ... to which Abram tells him, filming on a public road, as he asks why the guy came over at all.

The man, who has since been identified as Paul Ng, then flat out tells Abram ... "this is a no-n***** zone," while going on to admit that he is, in fact, a racist. Abram disputes his claim about the area, and Ng continues to press him on where he's from and why he's there.

Abram then tells Ng to back up and step away ... he's clearly upset, but controls himself as he addresses his own camera about the situation. Ng, from across the way now, proceeds to use a leaf blower in front of a building ... which Abram assumes is his place of business.

After the fact, local reports say Ng was later arrested by police on a disorderly conduct charge after the video was posted and went viral. Turns out, he was also fired from his real estate job -- with Russ Lyon Sotheby's Int'l Realty recommending his license be revoked.

One outlet reports that Ng later expressed regret for his comment -- and said he was simply looking out for his neighborhood, as they had had "trouble" there recently.

Philadelphia Protests Violence Erupts Over Fatal Police Shooting 30 Cops Injured, 1 Hit by Truck

The police killing of a 27-year-old black man wielding a knife in West Philadelphia set off severe unrest in the city ... and escalated to extreme violence and chaos.

At least 30 Philly police officers were injured overnight and 33 people were arrested for rioting, vandalism and looting. A 56-year-old female sergeant suffered a broken leg and other injuries when she was struck by a pickup truck.


Philadelphia PD says she's hospitalized in stable condition, and the other 29 officers suffered non-life-threatening injuries from being hit by bricks or rocks thrown at them. Cops say multiple businesses were looted and damaged, and 5 police vehicles -- along with one fire vehicle -- were vandalized.

Protesters first clashed with cops outside a police precinct as tensions rose over the fatal shooting of Walter Wallace. Around 2:45 PM Monday, cops responded to a call of a man with a weapon.

The officers discovered Wallace brandishing a knife and acting erratically, according to Philadelphia Police Chief Eric Gripp. Footage of the incident shows Wallace walking around a parked car as the officers back away with their guns pointed at him.


Wallace appeared to move toward them and they opened fire, taking him down instantly. He was taken to the hospital and pronounced dead.

Gripp says the officers ordered Wallace to drop his weapon multiple times to no avail ... which you can hear on the video. One witness, Maurice Holoway, says several people were yelling for him to drop the knife, but Holoway told reporters he also thinks cops could have shot him in the leg instead of shooting to kill.

Wallace's father, Walter Wallace Sr., says his son was shot at least 10 times. He told reporters his son had mental health issues and was on medication, and questioned why he had to be gunned down instead of police using non-lethal force.

Both the mayor and the police commissioner say an investigation will address what happened.

'60 Minutes' Lesley Stahl Family Gets Death Threat, Security After Trump Interview


The "60 Minutes" interview President Trump cut short over what he felt was unfair questioning from Lesley Stahl has left her, and her family, in a dangerous situation ... TMZ has learned.

Multiple sources tell us ... CBS is now providing Stahl with around-the-clock security due to a death threat made to the home of one of her immediate family members on the west coast.


We're told the network has guards monitoring the homes of Lesley and her family members, and escorting them if they go out in public.

Law enforcement sources tell us the death threat call was reported to LAPD around 9 AM Thursday, October 22. We're told the caller directed the threat toward Lesley and her family, and also said something about neo-Nazis.

The call came a couple days after word got out the President bailed on Lesley. That's also a few hours before Trump released the full interview ahead of Sunday's broadcast.

Stahl's "60 Minutes" interview aired Sunday night on CBS ... including her follow-up questioning of VP Mike Pence as to why the Prez walked out on her.


Pence didn't really have an answer, but it was obvious from his abbreviated interview POTUS felt Lesley was unfairly grilling him. For her part, Stahl accused Pence and Trump of insulting her show.

Our sources say the police have an open investigation into the death threat.

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmation Triggers Protests Outside U.S. Capitol


Amy Coney Barrett's confirmation to the Supreme Court is bringing out heated reactions -- pro and against -- which spilled onto the steps of the U.S. Capitol.

Tons of protesters -- including some dressed as characters from "The Handmaid's Tale" -- showed up Monday night on Capitol Hill to rail against the third SCOTUS Justice nominated by President Trump.

Check out the video ... things were pretty tense as one man -- not wearing a mask -- is getting into an argument that quickly turns heated. Another man with a bullhorn interjected, but that only amped up the rage. Police responded to separate the angry parties.

As we reported ... Barrett was sworn in as the 115th Supreme Court justice in a ceremony at the White House. During her speech, she promised to carry out her duties independently from the presidency, congress and her own private beliefs.

FOX News

But, it's clear protesters are not confident ACB will keep her religious views out of her decision-making while on the highest court in the land ... hence the protesters dressed as 'Handmaid's Tale' characters.

Protesters gave Brett Kavanaugh the same treatment back in 2018.

DeAndre Hopkins Admits Flipping Off Trump Train ... They Were Messing With Me

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7:57 AM PT -- DeAndre Hopkins admits throwing the double bird at a caravan of Donald Trump supporters on Sunday ... but he says it's only because they were screwing with him in traffic.

The NFL star says he was just trying to get State Farm Stadium in Glendale, AZ. to play the Seahawks ... when he came upon the Trump train on the highway.

"I guess I got in between a train or a bunch of cars that I wasn't supposed to be in between," Hopkins said on the "All Things Covered Podcast" with Patrick Peterson and Bryant McFadden.

"They were honking the horn at me to tell me to get out of their way -- and I didn't -- and the guy in front of me stepped on his brakes and tried to stop dead in traffic."

In other words, Hopkins says the Trump supporters were messing with traffic and he didn't appreciate it.

"I was going to do the peace sign to him but this finger here [index finger] was kind of hurting so it didn't make it up in time," Hopkins said.

Hopkins is adamant he did not throw anything at the Trump supporters and was NOT speeding or driving dangerously.

He even dropped this quote ... "If I was in a Ferrari speeding, I don't think you would be able to take a still picture of me."

He's got a point.

NFL superstar DeAndre Hopkins is accused of swerving in and out of a Trump caravan in his Ferrari before his game in Arizona on Sunday ... all while shooting POTUS supporters 2 middle fingers.

People who claim to be a part of the Trump rally say the scene all went down at around 1:30 PM in the Phoenix area ... just a couple hours before Hopkins' Cardinals took on the Seahawks.

One Twitter user, Richard Williams, claimed the 28-year-old receiver was driving recklessly in his pricey convertible ride amid the Trump caravan ... and accused the NFL player of straight-up putting lives "at risk."

"My 8 yr old son was in one of the cars you were swerving in and out of as you were disrupting the PHX Trump Train drive and trying to cause an accident," Williams wrote in a scathing message to the Cards player.

"You're a piece of trash. Make your political statements, but you out people at risk today."

Several other people who claimed to witness Hopkins at the rally say they too believe Hopkins put people in danger with his actions.

"It's scary when they are coming up fast and swerving into you," April Garcia told

The Cardinals have yet to comment on the allegations. Hopkins, meanwhile, has not addressed the alleged incident either.

We've reached out to DeAndre's reps for comment, but so far, no word back yet.

Hopkins -- who's advocated heavily for social justice throughout the Black Lives Matter movement this summer -- played a huge role in getting Arizona a win over Seattle, catching 10 passes for 103 yards and a TD.

Originally published -- 6:52 AM PT

Murder Hornets' Queen She Lives!!! Still in Tree, Job Not Done

Washington officials would've really liked to say, "off with her head" ... as it relates to the queen bee hornet in that nest they destroyed ... but, sadly, they can't just yet.

The Washington State Department of Agriculture has confirmed their team from the Pest Program who ventured into the woods this weekend did NOT retrieve the mother of the hive -- the queen remains in the tree as far as they can tell ... implication being, she's alive.

An official for WSDA also told 'GMA' the tracker they recently placed on another one of those hornets was also still in the trunk ... so clearly, there's still some buggers in there somewhere. They say they sucked out roughly a hundred or so with their high-tech mission.

You'll recall ... about ten of those folks went out there at the crack of dawn Saturday in a sneak attack of sorts -- hoping to catch the hornets off guard by wrapping the area where their nest was in plastic wrap, filling it with a substance and then sucking 'em out dry.

They captured quite a lot in their haul -- but it appears the most important one remains ... and they might need to head back for a 2nd go. The WSDA official adds ... there are probably a handful of other nests they need to locate in the state, so the job's definitely not done.

Here's another scary factoid about these little bastards ... apparently, they can sting you with their venom multiple times. Not only that, but they can SPIT IT TOO!!! Worst of all, the hornets have a habit of wiping out bee colonies -- which can affect our crops/food supply.

Take heed, y'all.

Arizona Cardinals Comeback Cost 3 'Fox Bet Super 6' Users ... $1 Mil Grand Prize!!!

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Not everyone was thrilled with the ending of that wild Cardinals vs. Seahawks game ... because the final seconds of regulation cost 3 "Fox Bet Super 6" users the chance to split $1 MILLION!!

Three women -- Gloria, Kim and Sherry -- had gone 5-for-5 in the Fox Bet "Super 6" pick'em challenge (you may have seen promos for "Win Terry Bradshaw's Money" campaign).

Users have a chance to win the grand prize if they can correctly pick the winners of 6 NFL games, as well as the margin of victory for each game. This week, there were 1.1 MILLION entries!

"Fox Bet Super 6" had upped the grand prize to $1 MILLION for Week 7 -- and going into Sunday Night Football, the 3 remaining players all picked the Seattle Seahawks to win by 1 to 3 points.

Gloria -- a retired grandmother who lives in the Atlanta area.

Kim -- a nurse from Ohio.

And, Sherry -- also a retired grandma who lives in Nevada!

All 3 women were first-time players!

The Seahawks were leading for the entirety of the game -- and late in the 4th quarter, they were up 34 to 31 ... and just had to close out the end of the game for the bettors to win.

But, with time expiring, the Cards kicked a field goal to tie the game -- sending it into overtime ... where Arizona eventually won the game!

Sucks for the women ... but the folks at "Fox Bet Super 6" say they were so impressed and heartbroken for the women, they offered up a $10,000 consolation prize for each player for making it as far as they did!

After the game, Kim said she would have LOVED to take Terry Bradshaw's money because "He’s a Pittsburgh Steelers legend but I’m a Cleveland Browns fan."

Rivalries never die!

CP5's Raymond Santana Trump's Still Racist ... Biden's Got Our Back


Raymond Santana, one of the exonerated Central Park Five, thinks President Trump's full of it when he says he's the "least racist person" ... and he's thanking Joe Biden for sticking up for them at the debate.

Raymond tells TMZ he firmly believes Trump's still very much a racist, despite what he claimed on the debate stage -- mainly because the President's never apologized for, or withdrawn, his statement that the 5 young men were guilty.

He says he's still walking on eggshells because Trump's refusal to acknowledge their innocence still influences people unfamiliar with the facts of the Central Park rape.

Trump's had beef with Raymond and his 4 friends since the crime was committed in 1989. The then real estate tycoon took out a full-page ad in The New York Times calling for their execution.

FOX News

Raymond tells us he was grateful, emotional and relieved when Biden brought up the CP5 case at last week's Presidential debate.

He's applauding Biden for standing up to Trump, and says the look on Trump's face when Biden dressed him down was "priceless."

While Raymond's hopeful Biden sends Trump packing come Election Day, he knows it's far from a sure thing. He believes another 4 years of Trump would be unbearable for Blacks and Latinos.

Simon Cowell Orders Himself Set of New Chompers!!! ... During Back Recovery


Simon Cowell is still on the mend from his broken back -- and while he recovers, he decided to polish up his smile while he was at it ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the music exec and 'AGT' host recently got a new set of pearly whites from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Apa, at his private practice. We're told Simon came in last month looking for the makeover, and just had new veneers installed this past weekend.

Turns out, Simon was actually in need of a new set -- we're told he was doing away with older, temporary veneers he'd been rockin' -- but had one request ... less Simpson-y and more streamlined. In other words, he wanted a thinner, more natural-looking smile ... and sources say he even had a pic of his OG teeth for reference on the updated design.

After two appointments at three hours a pop, we're told Simon walked away happy as can be -- and even posed with the doc on his way out. As for cost ... our sources tell us Dr. Apa usually charges around $4,000 per tooth. Considering Simon got both upper and lower veneers in this job -- 28 teeth total, we're told -- that can certainly add up to a fat bill.

That said, it's unclear how much he ultimately paid.

The silver lining here -- it looks like SC is back up on his feet again after breaking his back a few months ago and undergoing a grueling surgery process to get it all fixed up. Word is the dude is still healing and in intense rehab mode right now to restrengthen those muscles.

In the meantime ... good for him for taking care of the rest of his body in one shot.

Julio Cesar Chavez Jr L.A. Home Burglarized Thieves Jack $750k In Valuables


Boxing star Julio Cesar Chavez Jr. claims burglars ransacked his L.A. home -- taking roughly $750k in jewelry and other valuables, TMZ Sports has learned.

34-year-old Chavez -- son of boxing legend Julio Cesar Chavez Sr. -- believes the burglary took place last week while the family was out of town. We're told it appears the intruders got into the home through a bathroom window.

Our law enforcement sources tell us ... Chavez and his wife, Frida, believe the crooks snatched up several items, including a small safe that contained roughly $600,000 in jewelry and designer purses.

They also got around $150k in other belongings from around the home ... totaling $750k.

We're told cops are investigating but so far, no arrests have been made and no suspects have been named.

Chavez Jr. -- the former WBC middleweight champ -- is married to Frida Chavez, who recently gave birth to their 2nd child.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Frida was previously married to Edgar Guzman Lopez -- the son of Sinaloa Cartel boss Joaquin Guzman, AKA El Chapo.

Edgar was killed in 2008 when he was ambushed in a supermarket parking lot by a gang of rival cartel members.

We're told police are aware of the family ties -- but it's unclear if the El Chapo connection has anything to do with the burglary.

Guess Who This Grinning Guy Turned Into!

Before this picture-perfect pip-squeak was dunking on the competition, he was just another grinning guy growing up in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.

This happy young man made a name for himself in sports when he was a first-overall pick in the 2009 NBA season. In his first year playing for a California team, he showed off his talents to win Rookie of the Year.

After taking up an interest in comedy, this cute kid performed stand-up for multiple special events including a Comedy Central 'Roast' and also made an appearance on the hilarious sitcom "Broad City."

Can you guess who he is?

Amy Coney Barrett Confirmed

Breaking News
FOX News

6:28 PM PT -- Barrett was just sworn in as the 115th Supreme Court justice in a ceremony at the White House.

She gave a quick speech, promising to carry out her duties independently from the presidency, congress and her own private beliefs.

Barrett then walked a flight of stairs with Trump and they appeared to have a chat as they mugged for cameras.

There were no eleventh-hour surprises -- Amy Coney Barrett got the votes she needed to be confirmed to the Supreme Court of the United States, which is now staunchly conservative.

President Trump's pick to replace the late Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg was confirmed by the Senate Monday with a final tally of 52 to 48 ... with Senator Susan Collins as the only Republican to join every Senate Democrat in voting no.

The confirmation comes just 8 days before Election Day and after Barrett's nomination was fast-tracked despite an outcry from Democrats, who think the American people should have a say in the makeup of the highest court in the land.

Senate Democrats huffed and puffed while unable to halt Barrett's confirmation ... and when all was said and done, a majority of the Senate overlooked recent precedent and determined ACB was deserving of a spot on SCOTUS.

Justice Clarence Thomas is expected to swear-in Barrett at the White House during tonight's outdoor ceremony.

As you know ... Barrett's confirmation gifts conservatives a 6-3 majority on the High Court, where she's likely to serve for decades as she's only 48 years old.

Get ready ... abortion rights, the Affordable Care Act, LGBTQ rights, voting rights and tons of other fundamental issues and policies are now squarely in the crosshairs of the justices.

Originally published -- 5:12 PM PT

Black Teen Dragged Kid Forgives Cop ... Says Don't Fire Officer


The 17-year-old who got dragged across the pavement by an arresting officer -- despite being handcuffed and compliant -- says he forgives the cop for doing him wrong, but he'd appreciate an apology.

D'Angelo Chapman tells TMZ ... even though Officer Jordan Moore's actions are inexcusable, he's not one for holding grudges. He knows what the cop did has his family and his community in Mansfield, Ohio justifiably upset ... but he feels Moore's paid suspension for the dragging incident is fine, even if others disagree.

The teenager tells us he doesn't want the officer to get fired because he'd be without a paycheck for his family, and says as long as Moore learns from his mistake, and takes the training necessary before returning to his job ... he's okay with that.

D'Angelo says he'd be down to speak with Moore too ... as long as the officer is prepared to make a genuine apology.

Though his reaction to the incident is noble, D'Angelo has been feeling negative effects from it. He says he's lost trust in police and gets anxiety now when he sees cop cars ... something he never felt before.

He also tells us the attention he's been getting is a bit overwhelming, but he does appreciate the support.

As we reported ... Moore's suspended with pay until January 11. The Mansfield police chief said, "Moore’s response was found to be improper which resulted in the misapplication of force used on a person that was handcuffed, in custody and offering no resistance."

Cops were reportedly called to the scene initially because Dwaine Chapman, D'Angelo's father, was allegedly threatening to have his dog attack his roommate. Dwaine is facing charges of menacing, disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Jamie Foxx Pays Tribute as Sister Dies at 36 ... She's in Heaven 'Dancing with Wings On'

Jamie Foxx says his heart's been shattered into a million pieces after his younger sister, DeOndra Dixon, died.

The actor/singer penned a touching tribute Monday, saying her passing has "left a hole in my heart." They were super close, which was obvious in the series of photos he shared of DeOndra and himself.

In a moving post, Jamie wrote, "Anyone who knew my sis... knew that she was a bright light... I can’t tell you how many times we have had parties at the house where she has got on the dance floor and stolen the show... even gave her boyfriend @chrisbrownofficial a run for his money."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

He added, "well I know she is in heaven now dancing with her wings on...tho my pain is unbelievable I smile when I think of all of the great memories that she left me... my family... and her friends."

Back in 2018, Jamie credited DeOndra for always reminding him of what's really important in life -- "You see this girl over here, 'I just want to live. I want to dance. I want to love.' So, she brings you back down to what life is."

He said some of the fondest memories of his sister included DeOndra being named Ambassador for the Global Down Syndrome Foundation in 2011 and her dancing in his "Blame It" music video.

DeOndra was 36.


Washington D.C. Buildings, Shops Boarding Up ... Prep for Election Violence

Trouble may be just around the corner in this volatile election/pandemic year, because businesses coast-to-coast are starting to board up in anticipation of election unrest.

Washington D.C. is starting to shutter itself ahead of what might turn out to be a violent day and/or night. Check out these photos taken Monday in the business district of Downtown D.C. -- just a stone's throw from the White House. As you see, lots of different buildings and shops in the area are nailing up wooden boards to cover windows.

Construction crews are on hand doing their thing as passersby look on at an ominous scene -- folks don't usually do this unless they expect people to break in, like in a riot, for example.

D.C. isn't alone. Beverly Hills is bracing for unrest and the pricy shops on Rodeo Drive will also be boarded up ahead of November 3rd.

We saw a lot of this during the social justice protests that took place over the summer. This promises to be even more intense.

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