Paris Hilton Put Life Jacket on Son Wrong ... Moms Share Concern Online

Paris Hilton's parenting is under the microscope again ... 'cause people are pointing out another parenting mistake online after seeing a clip of her swimming with her son.

The reality TV star and mother-of-two shared a clip to TikTok where she hops in the water with her 1-year-old son, Phoenix.

backstroking backwards

It's a sweet little video ... capturing loving mom Paris bouncing her baby in what looks like a lazy river on a relaxing day -- and, it seems safe. She's holding Phoenix tightly -- and he's happy and smiling -- so all good right?

Jelly Roll Weed's the Best Aid to Sobriety ... Keeps Me Off Codeine

Jelly Roll's sober strategy involves just a dash of drugs ... 'cause he says he needs marijuana to live a clean lifestyle -- claiming without it he'd go back to harder stuff in a heartbeat.

The singer-songwriter opened up about his coping mechanism during an interview with Taste of Country ... admitting he smokes weed to stay away from other drugs he's used in the past.

JR says, "I think a world without weed, Jelly Roll’s drinking codeine and popping Xanax and snorting cocaine again, but a world with weed, I’ll be alright" -- it's a bold statement, and Jelly admits it's a hot-button issue to argue Mary Jane keeps him sober.

Nicki Minaj Threatens to Fire Tour DJ ... Pic of Him Signing Boobs!!!

Nicki Minaj doesn't seem too happy with the DJ on her tour ... tweeting out he might end up on the chopping block -- all 'cause he signed a fan's breasts.

The rapper tweeted out a response to a pic floating around the internet of DJ Boof -- the DJ on her "Pink Friday 2" tour -- putting a sharpie to a fan's boobs ... scribbling his name with a big ole grin on his face.

Boof says the fan asked him to sign her chest ... adding text to the post claiming he'd finally hit famous status -- 'cause people wanted his John Hancock on their boobs!

Richard Dreyfuss 'Jaws' Screening Alleged Sexist, Homophobic Rant ... Theater Apologizes

Richard Dreyfuss is in hot water with fans after a Q&A before a "Jaws" screening allegedly took a wild turn ... with many online accusing him of sexism and homophobia.

The actor appeared at The Cabot Theater in Beverly, Massachusetts Saturday night for a discussion with fans of the hit 1975 film ... during which fans are saying he made comments about transgender people -- particularly transgender kids.

Video of the rant itself hasn't surfaced yet ... but, a clip allegedly shot in the lead-up to the convo is floating around on YouTube -- and, it shows Dreyfuss wearing a dress and performing a dance of sorts to Taylor Swift's "Love Story."

Bill Walton Hall of Famer Dead at 71 ... After Cancer Battle


2:27 PM PT -- Tributes for Bill are pouring in from all over the world -- and, former President Barack Obama even posted in his honor -- remembering Bill as a grinder on the court and his wonderful spirit off it.

Bill Walton -- the NBA legend who delighted fans for decades both on the court and in the commentary booth -- has died, according to the NBA.

The league put out a press release Monday morning announcing the sad news ... saying Bill passed away at his after a prolonged battle with cancer. He was surrounded by family when he passed.

NBA Commissioner Adam Silver remembers Bill as a dominant force on the court and a colorful personality off it ... while also lauding Bill for his positive, upbeat personality at league events.

Beyoncé Wasn't Always the Queen Bey ... Bullied As Kid, Mom Says

Beyoncé may have risen to the top of the Beyhive, but her peers didn't always look at her as a queen, according to her mom ... who says the pop star got bullied growing up.

Tina Knowles sat down for a conversation with Vogue and, she shares memories about her three girls -- Bey, Solange and Kelly Rowland -- growing up ... including the heartbreaking bullying her elder daughter experienced.

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Listen to Mama Knowles tell it ... despite her onstage persona know, Tina insists Beyoncé was quite shy back in the day -- and, unfortunately, the timidness led to some run-ins with bullies.

Britney Spears Says Someone Stole Her Jewelry ... No Police Report Filed

Britney Spears says she's been the victim of theft ... telling her millions of Instagram followers someone stole all her jewelry -- but, she hasn't filed a police report yet.

The singer-songwriter took to IG Sunday night and shared a video she took where she shows her fans a series of small empty drawers ... claiming it's where she kept her valuable trinkets and now they're all gone.

all gone

She still has a couple small pieces -- including a Virgin Mary pendant -- in the set-up ... but, basically, she's saying her bling's pretty much MIA.

Chris Brown It's Royalty's 10th Bday, Let's Rodeo!!!


Chris Brown's little girl ain't so little anymore -- his daughter Royalty's celebrating her 10th birthday today, and it looks like she's a big Beyoncé fan!

Chris and Royalty were super close and in the pics her mom, Nia Guzman, posted from the bday celebration ... where everyone where everyone was rocking some western flair.

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As mom announced on social media, "THIS WAS A TEXAS RODEO" ... an apparent shout-out to Bey's "Texas Hold 'Em" lyrics. The party featured line dancing, a ferris wheel and more western-themed decorations than you could shake a stick at!

Mike Tyson In-Flight Medical Emergency ... Is There a Doc Onboard???


10:10 AM PT -- Jake Paul is shutting down any online chatter about their fight being called off in the wake of Mike Tyson's health scare.

Jake says people "love to make s**t up," but reassured fans the July 20 bout is still a go. As he put it, "nothing changed."

Mike Tyson is recovering from an ulcer flare-up he suffered while flying cross-country -- and it was so bad, airline staff had to put out the call for any medical professionals on the plane to come forward.

Sean Kingston Mom Bails Outta Jail in Fraud Case ... Sean Awaits Extradition

Sean Kingston's mother is breathing fresh Florida air again -- after spending 4 days behind bars, she's bailed out following her arrest in the raid at Sean's house.

Janice Turner got busted a few hours before Sean during the Broward County Sheriff's raid Thursday on the singer's Florida home. As we reported ... Janice was taken into custody on a warrant for fraud and theft.

According to court records, the 61-year-old is facing 8 charges, including conducting an organized scheme to defraud, grand theft and identity theft. After her bail hearing Friday, she posted a $160,000 bond to secure her release. The Broward County jail tells us she was released Sunday around 5:54 PM.

Diddy Sean John Out At America's Best ... He Won't Be Getting Framed

Diddy's wallet's about to take a hit ... 'cause his famed Sean John frames are out at a huge eyewear retailer while his legal troubles mount.

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses has halted sales of Diddy's company's frames, TMZ has learned ... with a rep for the company confirming the move as well.

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Stores received a message Tuesday to remove all Sean Johns from the frame boards and replace them with frames at an appropriate price point from understock. They put a hold on selling the frames and told the stores to wait for further instructions. Unclear what the company plans to do with the merchandise.

Cannes Film Festival Korean Actress Got Kelly'd Too!!! Same Guard, New Video


11:58 AM PT -- Another Cannes' attendee has called out the same security guard ... Ukrainian model Sawa Pontyjska -- better known as Miss Europe 2023 -- shared a clip where she ended up in a bear hug by security. Unclear exactly what led up to the confrontation.

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Kelly Rowland is racking up allies in the South of France -- a South Korean actress is now the third woman to get into it with the same Cannes Film Festival security guard Kelly chewed out.

Yoona -- a K-pop star turned actress -- was on the same grand staircase Kelly had been on a couple days earlier, and as she posed for pics and waved to fans ... the female security staffer blocked Yoona with her arm and rushed her into the event.

It was the same exact move the usher pulled with Kelly, except Yoona went much more peacefully. Not a single finger in the face this time around.

Kate Beckinsale Goes On IG Rant ... Rails Over Weight Criticism

firing back

Kate Beckinsale had a mini meltdown Sunday on Instagram, going off on her fans who pointed out that she was too skinny.

The actress posted an IG video, showing her posing in a form-fitting black dress inside a trailer on the set of her new movie, "Stolen Girl." Kate was also seen dancing and goofing around with another woman.

The flick is based in the '90s, which is obvious from Kate's retro hair style and clothes -- and she even talks about it in her IG caption. But it was Kate's waif body that really caught everyone's attention.

Travis Kelce I Like Booze, Not Boos!!! Clowned at Mav's Game

boo'd without his boo

Travis Kelce got an unwelcome welcome at Game 3 of the Western Conference Finals ... some pretty thunderous boos!!!

Travis and teammate Patrick Mahomes were sitting courtside when they were shown on the video board and announced. Travis got some cheer, but lots of boos, and he seemed a bit taken aback, but still smiling.

Then his QB was announced, and the reception was way friendlier ... lots of cheers and PM stood up to hype up the crowd. Brittany was sitting by his side, basking in her hubby's glow.

'General Hospital' Actor Johnny Wactor Shot & Killed ... Alleged Theft Gone Wrong

Johnny Wactor -- an actor best known for appearing in nearly 200 episodes of "General Hospital" -- has died, TMZ has learned.

Wactor was shot and killed in downtown Los Angeles early Saturday morning, his mother Scarlett tells TMZ. She says Johnny was with a coworker when they saw three men messing with Johnny's car. While authorities haven't release his name, this matches the description of an incident where three suspects allegedly tried to steal a catalytic converter.

Scarlett says she was told Johnny didn't try to fight or stop them ... but, the men shot him anyway before taking off. According to police info, paramedics rushed to the scene just after 3 AM PT. He was pronounced dead at the hospital.

'Bachelorette' Star Trista Sutter I'm Ok Amid Self-Doubt, Fear Journey

Trista Sutter is putting to bed rumors she's missing or dead ... resurfacing with her fam in Mexico and telling fans on Insta she's on a journey to combat self-doubt and fear.

Trista wrote, "Geez, people. Can't a girl have a nervous breakdown/trial separation/midlife crisis/death/divorce in peace around here?!"

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Unclear which, if any of her scenarios are true, but she went on ... "In all seriousness, for those concerned, I'm safe and sound, happy and healthy, in love and grateful."

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