OMAROSA on Trump Assassination Attempt Won't Sway Black Voters At All

While some pundits suggest the assassination attempt on Donald Trump will resonate with Black voters, Omarosa says that's bull crap ... and not just that, it's racist.

We talked to the former 'Apprentice' contestant -- who worked with Trump back in his NBC days, and in the White House -- and while she's certainly no fan of DT these days, she makes it clear from the jump that she condemns the violence against him.


That said, she also weighed in on a since-deleted Forbes article floating a theory -- namely, that Trump might use his shooting, and the fact he survived it, to pander to African-Americans.


"Dance Moms" star Christi Lukasiak is facing a DUI charge after a violent car crash ... TMZ has learned.

We obtained the police report -- the reality star was busted in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania after cops say she crashed her vehicle into a tree. The wreck, which happened on June 27, left a telephone pole hanging over Christi's car.

Cops say she exhibited all the classic DUI signs ... bloodshot and glassy eyes, slurred speech and the officer on the scene reported the smell of alcohol on Christi's breath.

Megan Thee Stallion Drops Hot Girl Merch ... Exclusive Prime Day Deals

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Megan Thee Stallion has brought a whole new meaning to WAP ... with her "Wild Amazon Prime" Day Deals.

As y'all know Meg's a Savage and her new Lifeguard line of merch is total Thot Sh*t ... with booty shorts, skimpy bikinis, and the ultimate rockstar shades.

TMZ STUDIOS 'STRANGE & SUSPICIOUS' Gilgo Beach Case: 6 Confirmed Victims ... But Were There Others???

TMZ Studios

The alleged Gilgo Beach killer has been charged with the deaths of 6 people -- but many believe the body count is way higher, which begs the question of a possible police coverup.

TMZ Studios' new series, "Strange & Suspicious," dives into weird and unexplained stories -- and here, we’re looking into whether cops may have swept things under the rug in the years-long case ... especially since human remains of 11 different people were found in the area between 1993-2011.

The team dives deep into this ... noting Rex Heuermann also owned places in South Carolina and Las Vegas, the latter being a hot spot for sex workers -- exactly the kind of victims he's accused of killing. So, the fact he allegedly murdered only 6 victims on Long Island doesn't hold up, at least that's how some of the 'S & S' crew feel.

Ex-Secret Service Agent, CFB Star Trump Shooting 'Inexcusable'


Retired U.S. Secret Service Agent David Hoffmann, a 2x All-American football star, is weighing in on whether his former agency dropped the ball during the attempted assassination of Donald Trump, saying the tragedy never should've happened.

"I'll tell you it's very frustrating," Hoffmann told Babcock on the "TMZ Sports" TV show (airs nightly on FS1) ... "it just really pisses you off that this happened."

The longtime USSS special agent added ... "Sometimes everybody says 'things happen,' but this is something that just can't happen. This is inexcusable. And it's something that everybody needs to take a real hard dive at and look into this."

TMZ TV Hot Takes Donald Trump's Attempted Assassination ... Richard Simmons, Jerry Rice

The horrifying moments surrounding Donald Trump's attempted assassination and the shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks, Richard Simmons' death, and Jerry Rice's threat to reporters ... all this on today's TMZ TV Hot Takes.

TMZ Live


On "TMZ Live" Harvey and Charles detail the timeline of the attempted assassination of former President Donald Trump and break down all the known facts about the 20-year-old shooter Thomas Matthew Crooks.

'Miss Texas' In 'Miss Congeniality' 'Memba Her?!

American actress Deirdre Quinn was in her late 20s when she played Mary Jo Wright AKA "Miss Texas" -- the southern belle representing her home state at the Miss United States beauty pageant -- in the 2000 comedy/action film "Miss Congeniality."

Deirdre shared the big screen with Sandra Bullock as the scraggly FBI agent turned beauty queen, Gracie Lou Freebush, Benjamin Bratt as the handsome swaggy FBI agent who has goo-goo eyes for Gracie, Eric, and Heather Burns as the naive baton twirler and "Miss Rhode Island," Cheryl.

Guess what she looks like now in her early 50s! 

Amber Rose Rocks the House at RNC ... Explains Backstory to Her Trump Turn

Amber Rose showed up at the Republican National Convention to kick off a week's worth of speeches -- and proved to be a powerful speaker ... explaining why she back Donald Trump.

The model and social media influencer -- who once famously dated Kanye West -- was front and center Monday night in Milwaukee where she was once of the key speakers for night #1 ... and she certainly took a hold of her opportunity and delivered a compelling message.

AR got into the backstory of how she came to support Trump and became a Republican -- and the way she tell it ... it all has to do with her challenging her father, a DT backer.

Home Run Derby Ingrid Andress Roasted ... For Terribly Bad National Anthem

Courtesy of MLB / ESPN

Folks might've thought Fergie gave the worst National Anthem performance ever -- but a new contender has entered the chat for a chance at the title ... and her name's Ingrid Andress.

The country singer was tapped as the talent to belt out the 'Star Spangled Banner' Monday during MLB's special event ... and as soon as she started to croon, it became clear this was gonna be one for the record books, for all the wrong reasons.

Take a listen ... Ingrid was kinda all over the place with her notes in the performance, and yes it was pretty off-key too at various points -- so bad in fact, some players looked like they were about to burst out laughing.

Bianca Censori Eyes Up Here, Boys ... Or, Just Look Right Through Me 🍈🍈

Bianca Censori has gone from risqué outfits to basically nothing at all -- 'cause here, she's literally got her tatas out for everyone to see ... with a thin veil of an attempt to cover up.

Kanye West's wife -- famous for walking around in everything but her birthday suit -- seems to have wandered over into stark naked territory after pushing the envelope for months ... or at the very least, she was doing that upstairs ... 'cause her bare breasts were on display.

Indeed ... Bianca was leaving a tanning salon in L.A. Monday -- and on her way out to her car, she stepped out in this little number, which was devoid of any sort of bra under her top.

Donald Trump Jr. at RNC Dad Joked About Getting Shot ... Post-Assassination Attempt


Donald Trump Jr. says his dad was having a bit of a chuckle after he got shot this weekend in what the feds say was an assassination attempt ... which is very uniquely DT.

The ex-Prez's son was at the Republican National Convention Monday and he talked to CNN about the immediate aftermath of the shooting -- when Thomas Matthew Crooks opened fire on Trump but missed ... only to be shot and killed himself almost immediately after.


Here, Don Jr. explains what was happening from his end of things -- saying he tried getting a hold of his father directly ... but couldn't get through at all for about an hour and a half.

President Biden I Regret Using 'Bullseye' to Refer to Trump ... But My Rhetoric is Tame!!!

my bad, but ...

President Biden says he regrets using the term "bullseye" to refer to Donald Trump -- especially now that there's been an assassination attempt on him ... but there's a catch.

POTUS sat down for an interview with Lester Holt, which is airing Monday -- the first look of which was played on NBC ... where the veteran news anchor peppered JB with questions about using that phrase during a donor call last Monday post-debate debacle.


If you hadn't heard, Joe was quoted as saying ... "It’s time to put Trump in the bull’s-eye." Of course, in the wake of Thomas Matthew Crooks trying to take a shot at DT ... many have been critical of Biden saying that, suggesting it may have incited the young to action.

Miranda Lambert Scolds Crowd for Fighting at Show ... Stop Fighting, Y'all!!!

TikTok / @misshollyallen

Miranda Lambert has a tendency to stop singing and start talking -- and she did that yet again this weekend ... getting on her audience's ass for apparently fighting in the crowd.

The country singer was performing Saturday at the Under the Big Sky festival in Whitefish, Montana -- where she was a headliner -- and at one point during her set ... she halted the show and started to kinda chastise the people down on the ground.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The video picks up right in the middle of her lecture -- ML says to no one in particular that she can see some folks out there are not facing her and enjoying the music ... and to that she says, eyes up here!

Ex-Sniper Tim Kennedy Trump Shooting a Disaster Heads Need to Roll at Secret Service!!!


Ex-UFC star and former American sniper Tim Kennedy says many people need to answer for the disaster that was the Trump shooting ... and he thinks folks need to lose their jobs.

Tim -- who was once a U.S. Army Special Forces sniper -- tells TMZ he believes the training of those immediately around Trump during the Pennsylvania rally Saturday was most definitely not up to par for protecting him against the shooter, Thomas Matthew Crooks.

Tik Tok/@nicoofnewyork

He says the site survey team was supposed to identify any locations that could pose a threat to Trump, which he believes they utterly failed to do ... and now, he thinks key people at the Secret Service and beyond should have to pay for it with their careers.

Bhad Bhabie OnlyFans Has Been Good To Me ... Posts HUGE Earnings 👀

Bhad Bhabie may be going through a rough patch relationship-wise -- but it's smooth sailing as far as her finances are concerned ... 'cause she's apparently raking in the dough, big time.

Over the weekend, BB posted her OnlyFans all-time earnings statement dating back to 2021 -- and the figure is staggering, as it eclipses $57 million ... and what's more, we're being told the number is 100% legit and that her receipts check out.

The interesting part ... based on the cash breakdown, BB seems to have made more money from DMs than subscriptions ... meaning her fans really wanted to get their points across personally and communicate with her.

Thomas Matthew Crooks JOKINGLY BRAGS ABOUT PENIS Size In New School Days Vid


Thomas Matthew Crooks -- the shooter who tried and failed to take out Donald Trump -- clearly had a raunchy, sophomoric sense of humor ... as seen in new video obtained by TMZ.

In the clip we got from a former pal of Crooks, you can see him joking about being endowed with 10 inches, and also claiming he's a 6'4" student at Stanford. In reality, Crooks was just a 10th grader when this was shot, and we're told he was making funny videos with classmates while they were all in a computer tech class.

His buddy tells us the video was shot in Feb. 2020 at Steel Center Career and Technical Education in Jefferson Hills, PA -- which provides career and technical education to students attending several public school districts in PA. We have reached out to the school to confirm Crooks' enrollment ... but haven't heard back.

Old news is old news!
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