British Airways Pilot Admits to Coke-Fueled Romp ... Before Trying to Fly

A British Airways pilot partied his face off in Africa before trying to hit the skies less than 24 hours later -- but, thankfully, he was reported before that could happen ... and fired too.

Mike Beaton reportedly spilled the beans to a flight attendant friend of his a few weeks ago after a wild night on the town in Johannesburg -- this during a brief grounded period he was enjoying before he was scheduled to fly again the following day.

In texts, obtained by The Sun, Beaton purportedly bragged about a hot hookup he experienced with a Welsh woman ... which was full of cocaine, booze and sex. Beaton wrote, "I’ve lost my shirt somewhere and one of the local lads produces a plate with a few lines of coke. So then there’s a debate about whose chest is the best to do a bump off."

He also proudly boasted ... "I've been a very naughty boy."

Crazy enough, Beaton tried boarding his flight the next day and was attempting to fly back to London ... but his friend ratted him out to their bosses, and they halted everything.

Beaton was forced to stay in Johannesburg for at least an extra day as they did drug testing -- which he reportedly failed at first. Once he was sober again, though, they shipped his ass back to the UK as a standard passenger ... and he got fired from BA shortly thereafter.

British Airways tells us, "Safety is always our top priority. The matter was referred to the CAA and this individual no longer works for us." BA brass was reportedly shocked by his behavior.

Last but not least ... this fella is apparently married. So not only is his piloting career likely over, but his relationship probably isn't doing so well back at home either.

Travis Kelce Taylor's 'Pretty Ballsy!!!' Opens Up About Relationship

New Heights with Jason and Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is opening up about the one thing everyone is talking about -- his romance with Taylor Swift!!!

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end sat down for an interview with the podcast he shares with his brother Jason Kelce called "New Heights," during which Travis admits he no longer has any privacy after Sunday's rendezvous with the pop star.

Check out the video ... Jason kicks off the convo by saying, "We've been avoiding this subject out of respect for your personal life -- now we've got to talk about it."

Travis replies, “My personal life that is not so personal. I did this to myself Jason, I know this.”

Jason asks, “So Trav, how does it feel that Taylor Swift has finally put you on the map?"

Courtesy of NFL

Travis starts chuckling before launching into how his life has changed since Taylor came into it. He says he's been seeing a lot more camera-wielding paparazzi with British accents outside his home, trying to catch a glimpse of him.

Travis also gave kudos to Taylor for being "pretty ballsy" by showing up at his NFL game and hanging out with his friends and family in his personal suite.


He said she "looked amazing" and everyone saw her in a positive light, adding that it was a game he will never forget. He said the image that sticks out most in his mind was Taylor giving chest bumps and high fives to his mom.

He also mentioned about the Taylor friendship bracelet he wore while also claiming he wanted to "respect both our lives."

But Travis never addressed the one burning question on people's minds -- is he dating Taylor Swift?


TMZ broke the story, Taylor and Travis have been hanging out privately over the last few months and there's pretty clearly some sort of relationship ... as we reported, she was sitting on his lap during a party after Sunday's game.


Of course, Travis has been the talk of the town --- and the world for that matter -- after Taylor swooped into Arrowhead Stadium to watch Kansas City trounce the Chicago Bears 41 to 10. After the game, Taylor and Travis were filmed fleeing the media circus in their getaway car -- and the rest is now history.

Dramatic Police Video Two Teens Steal SUV ... Arrested After High-Speed Chase


Two teens stole an SUV and went for a joyride in Florida, but they got into a wild, high-speed police chase and ended up under arrest.

Sunday's dramatic pursuit was captured on aerial footage from a police helicopter as marked vehicles followed the juveniles in a red Toyota along the Tampa freeways, going at dangerous speeds. Earlier that day, the suspects had stolen the vehicle, which was left unlocked with the engine running in a driveway.

In the footage, the helicopter cop talks over the radio with another officer, confirming the color of the SUV and that it's traveling in the left lane.

The video then jumps to another highway, where police cruisers surround the Toyota and try to corral it.

But, the SUV drives off the road and onto a grassy embankment, managing to escape, though it's only for the moment.

While continuing its pursuit, one cop car performs an approved police maneuver called PIT, plowing into the Toyota, which spins around and comes to a stop on the thoroughfare.  (PIT stands for precision immobilization technique, which is used as a tool to end police chases.)

Deputies exit their vehicles and point their guns at the teens, ordering them out of the SUV.

The Hillsborough County Sheriff's Office said they arrested the 15-year-old driver who was charged with aggravated battery on law enforcement deadly weapon, grand theft motor vehicle and fleeing to elude high speed. The 14-year-old passenger was charged with grand theft auto.

No one was injured.

Kyle Richards Shows Out for Mauricio on 'DWTS' ... Amid 'Separation'


Kyle Richards and Mauricio Umansky's separation is the nicest one in Hollywood history -- 'cause the guy's estranged wife showed up in person to watch him dance on live TV.

The 'RHOBH' star arrived for Tuesday's taping of "Dancing With the Stars" -- which debuted its latest season on ABC ... showing off all the contestants and their round-1 moves, including Mauricio and his dance partner Emma Slater's jive number.

His first outing wasn't all that great numbers-wise -- he scored just a 15/30 from the judges -- but either way ... Kyle was out there to see him do his thing, sitting front and center and loudly cheering MU on. She also brought out their two daughters for extra support.

Obviously, this is interesting ... y'know, considering they're currently "separated" and all -- even though they're clearly on good terms and continue to live in the same home all kumbaya.

Mauricio's little pre-taped introduction video actually touched on his relationship with Kyle ... he said it'd been a rough year and that he was hoping 'DWTS' could serve as a good distraction.

Remember ... the "DWTS" folks actually wanted not just Mauricio on this season, but they actually made a play to get Kyle and her good female pal Morgan Wade as well -- but that didn't materialize in the end.

Kyle and Morgan's close relationship has led some to suspect they might be more than friends -- but we've been repeatedly told they're just friends and business associates. Kyle is working on a documentary about Morgan's life/career.

As for Mauricio ... he's already told us he's cool with Morgan -- and he clearly remains cool with Kyle too, as they continue to spend holidays together with the whole family.

It's certainly not the traditional uncoupling we're used to seeing in showbiz ... and yet, they're proceeding with a united front in front of all of America. Good for them, we suppose.

Ohio H.S. Football Team Uses 'Nazi' Play Call ... Head Coach Resigns After Backlash

A high school football coach in Ohio has resigned this week ... after officials say he and his team used the word "Nazi" as a play call during their game last Friday night.

The inappropriate language happened during the first half of Brooklyn High School's game against Beachwood High School in Beachwood -- a Cleveland suburb that's predominantly Jewish.

During the first 30 minutes of the game, Brooklyn Hurricanes head coach Tim McFarland and his players were accused of yelling out "Nazi" over and over again. According to Beachwood Schools Superintendent Robert Hardis, at halftime, Beachwood H.S. threatened to pull its players from the field if Brooklyn didn't stop using the term.

"Brooklyn's coach acknowledged using this word as the play call, apologized, and agreed to change it when the teams returned for the second half," Hardis said.

However, Hardis said while the word was apparently not used during the second half of the contest, a racial slur was still said "freely throughout the night" by Brooklyn players.

On Monday, McFarland -- who became Brooklyn's HC two years ago -- resigned over it all.

Brooklyn Schools Superintendent Ted Caleris said the coach was remorseful for his and his team's actions ... writing in a statement, "McFarland expresses his deepest regret about the matter, and offers his sincerest apologies to the Beachwood and Brooklyn School Communities."

"The Brooklyn City Schools echoes this regret, and apology as well. As stated, this hurtful and harmful speech will not be tolerated, in any form, by Brooklyn City Schools leadership."

It's not clear yet if any of the school's players will face discipline.

Charli D'Amelio Blows Up At Dixie, Storms Out Over Dog-Killing Joke ... 'WTF Is Wrong With You?!'

Charli D'Amelio was in attack mode after her sister, Dixie, joked about killing her dog, Rebel ... dramatically storming out of a family meeting about Rebel's eating habits.


The sisters went at it on the latest episode of their Hulu series, "The D'Amelio Show" ... 19-year-old Charli and 22-year-old Dixie were talking with their parents, Marc and Heidi, about moving houses when the focus shifted to Charli's pup.

Dixie calls "Charli's fat dog" a monster, with Heidi agreeing Rebel is pretty big, adding, "She's gonna die" and they need a plan.

That's when Dixie dropped the sarcastic bombshell, quietly saying, "Execute her?" -- which didn't sit well with Charli, at all.

She immediately blew up, telling Dixie, "What the f*** is wrong with you? That's so mean, you can't put that out in the world." Mom agreed.

The younger sister left a lot of tension behind as she walked out of the convo ... and Dixie rolled her eyes, calling her sister "a bitch."

BTW, Marc obviously didn't want to fuel the fire ... telling producers the fam "can't afford them not to be speaking."

Lots of drama in the D'Amelio household, and cupcake-snatching Rebel's caught in the middle of it!

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Taylor Swift Heinz Honors Travis Kelce Date ... New 'Seemingly Ranch' Condiment

Wanna eat like Taylor Swift at Arrowhead Stadium ... now ya can Swifties -- and it's all thanks to Heinz!!

The condiment company revealed on Tuesday it's debuting a new flavor honoring Swift's appearance at Travis Kelce's game on Sunday.

It's called "Ketchup and Seemingly Ranch" ... and it, of course, is a nod to the snack choice Swift made while she was hanging out with Donna Kelce in Travis' suite during Kansas City's blowout win over the Chicago Bears.

The pop star was seen munching on a piece of chicken with some ketchup and what her fans dubbed "seemingly ranch" -- and to capitalize on the moment, Heinz has made it possible for her and Travis' supporters to replicate the mini-meal.

Heinz says 100 bottles of the sauce will be made -- an ode to Taylor's favorite No. 13 and Travis' No. 87 jersey. No word yet, however, on when it'll go on sale or how Swifties can get their hands on it ... as the condiment co. has promised to release more info later this week.

In the meantime, there's plenty that Kelce and Swift fans can do to memorialize the big day -- merch is available all over the internet ... and Kelce's famous game day 'fit was for sale for fans of the couple too (although it is currently sold out).

Traylor-mania is officially here.

Jamie Lynn Spears Mommy Lynne Cheers Her On ... During 'DWTS' Debut


Jamie Lynn Spears had her mom, Lynne, front and center for her debut on "Dancing With the Stars" -- but one person went unaddressed during her time on screen ... Britney.

The former Nickelodeon child star -- and BS's famous little sister -- did her one, two-step Tuesday for Season 32's premiere of 'DWTS' ... performing a tango with her dance partner Alan Bersten, which ended up receiving a somewhat average score of just 15/30.

Of course, the real focus seemed to be what was happening offstage -- namely, with who showed up in person to support JLS ... including her mama and other family members.

Lynne was out there cheering her head off for her daughter -- which is awesome ... but the sweet moment was unfortunately somewhat overshadowed by looming concern for Britney, who's been posting disturbing videos over the past 48 hours.

Instagram / @britneyspears

Of course, we're referring to Britney's knife dance clips that have gone up on her social media ... including one just yesterday that appeared to show her injured, with a bandaged arm, a nicked though, and some sort of red mark on her hip.


Some have speculated they could be from the knives she's been wielding during these at-home dance routines ... and it's spurred a lot of commentary about her well-being.

Like we said ... Jamie Lynn didn't talk Britney at all during Episode 1, nor did she even allude to her. We know JLS and Britney have had a rocky relationship over the past year and change, but despite this ... our sources say BS knew her sis would be on TV here.

Whether Brit actually watched or not ... it's anyone's guess. She hasn't publicly acknowledged Jamie Lynn's casting whatsoever.

Jamie Foxx Hot Date With GF In Mexico

Jamie Foxx is fully back to living the good life after his health scare ... taking in the sights, sounds and some good grub on a hot date with his girlfriend in Mexico.

Check out the pic obtained by TMZ of the Oscar-winning actor holding hands with Alyce Huckstepp late Sunday afternoon as they enter a restaurant at Nobu Los Cabos Hotel in Cabos San Lucas.

We're told staff escorted the pair to a table for an early dinner on a patio outside where they could enjoy the stunning ocean views of the Baja Peninsula. Eyewitnesses tell us they seemed "very happy" and looked smitten as they laughed and flirted with plenty of affection.

Our sources say they were definitely a couple and, while Jamie hasn't confirmed it yet, there have been plenty of sightings of them making out and having dinner as of late with friends in Los Angeles.

As you know, Jamie has been on the road to recovery ever since he suffered a medical emergency that landed him in the hospital back in April. He's never disclosed exactly what happened to lead to his hospitalization, but we know he was working in ATL when it happened.

Last month, Jamie released a statement, saying he was beginning to feel like himself again.

Britney Spears Take Dogs Away from Her!!! Fans Urge After Knife Vid

Britney Spears not only poses a serious danger to herself by dancing around with sharp knives, but onlookers believe her tiny dogs are also at risk ... and should be taken away.

Britney's got the internet talking after putting her fascination with knives on full display Monday night in a bizarre video where she danced with, jabbed and even clanged knives together.

Instagram / @britneyspears

Throughout the video, you can see 3 of Britney's dogs looking on in fear as she twirls around with the sharp tools. In fact, when Britney bangs the knives together, the dogs run for cover.

Britney fans and critics sounded off about the pooches on social media, writing, "Those poor dogs just ran scared they need to be rescued and she needs HELP." Another writes, "Someone please save this puppies!!" and, "I'm now concerned about her having dogs let alone any animals after this video."

We should note, Britney's original caption with the dancing video read, "I started playing in the kitchen with knives today," she later added to say they were fake Halloween props. However, it's pretty clear to tell from the sound, the knives are real.


One fan pointed this out, saying, "The knives made a clanking noises. They're clearly real. Real enough to fall on and kill one of those poor worried pups."

Britney may have confirmed her fans fears that the knives were real, posting a video of herself Tuesday where she appeared to have a cut on her leg and bandage on her arm.

We contacted Ventura County Animal Services who told us they hadn't yet received any complaints about Britney's conduct. However, the rep added, "We reviewed the video, and while the dogs appeared to be startled by the clinking of the knives, we didn’t feel they were in a situation where an officer needed to be dispatched."

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Kanye West Working on New Solo Album

Kanye West is cooking up more than nude bodysuits for his wife -- he's also hard at work on his next solo project, one that might put his popularity to a major test.

Sources connected to the production tell TMZ Hip Hop, Ye is in a "truly great headspace" and has been cranking out songs at a rapid pace ... completing nearly 10 tracks this week alone.

It's been more than 2 years since Ye released a project, the last being 2021's "Donda," and we're hearing the music and themes will be closer to the "old Kanye" sound ... with less political theatrics than some of his recent endeavors.

We're told Ye's frequent collaborator Ty Dolla $ign has also been on hand in the studio, so it's also possible they create a joint album in addition to his solo endeavor.

Fans have been fiendin' for new music from Kanye for some time, which would explain Tuesday's frenzy over a leak of Ye's Dr. Dre collab album "Jesus Is King 2."

The excitement for that surprise drop might bode well for Ye's ability to bounce back from controversy ... again.

He's been silent, publicly, since last year's antisemitic rants that cost him several business partnerships, and his billionaire status -- so, it will be interesting to see how the public responds to a musical comeback.

We're told there's no imminent release date for Ye's new tunes, and he's taking his time with the album in order to mirror the quality his reputation used to hold.

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Kansas City Businesses Fuel Rumor Mill ... They're At Our Shop, Too!

Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce have turned Kansas City upside down ... false sightings have caused swarms of fans to descend on local businesses, and there's no reasoning with them.

A massive crowd formed outside Free State Brewing Company in Lawrence, KS Monday, after the rumor mill decided Taylor and Travis were dining there. An employee at the brewery told us they let the Swifties know T&T were not in the house, but fans weren't buying it.

It's become a Whac-A-Mole-type game, one local businesses are using for viral marketing.

The Dentists In Lawrence posted, "Rumor has it Taylor Swift stopped by to get her teeth cleaned after she left Free State Brewery today."

The Kansas Rebels Baseball Class of 2030 got in on the action, writing, "We would like to address the alleged rumor that Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce were spotted at practice with the Rebels this afternoon."

The Lawrence Work for Success Program put this out ... "Taylor Swift was so intrigued with class!!! Very attentive. She's a great listener and offered some wonderful advice! Can't believe the rumors that she took the time to stop by some of the Lawrence small business!"

As we reported, clothing line KidSuper cashed in on the worldwide attention Taylor and Travis have been getting ... by changing the name of the 'fit Travis was wearing while spotted with Taylor to align with her "1989" album.


That stunt obviously worked, because the company's jacket already sold out.


BTW, the brewery manager tells us Taylor's fans weren't great customers -- they were doing a lot more "stalking" than buying.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Taylor Swift Attending Game Was Bigger Than NFL ... Says Ryan Clark


The NFL is king and there are few things that could ever overshadow it, but Taylor Swift did just that after attending the Chiefs game on Sunday -- so says Ryan Clark, who tells TMZ Sports her appearance was SO big, it became more important than what happened on the field!

Swifties and sports fans are still buzzing after the pop superstar was spotted cheering on Travis Kelce from a suite with his mom during the Chiefs vs. Bears game at Arrowhead Stadium ... which solidified months of rumors surrounding the potential couple.

We spoke with the Steelers Super Bowl champ about all the hoopla ... and he said it just goes to show how massive T-Swift really is to the general public.

"It's very few things or people in the world that can be bigger than the NFL -- even for a second," Clark told us. "The MLB, NBA and NHL ... they're all trying to figure out how to be what the NFL is."

"Taylor Swift comes to a game for a day and it totally changes it. And here's the crazy part -- Kim Kardashian dated Reggie Bush, Gisele [Bundchen] was married to Tom Brady, and the world never stopped for those people."


Clark continued ... "When Taylor Swift was sitting in the suite with Donna Kelce, it totally changed the dynamic of that game. And when Patrick Mahomes is out on the field playing against a team that decided to draft Mitchell Trubisky instead of him, and he's absolutely doing it big nobody cares because freakin' Taylor Swift's in the suite saying, 'Let's effing go.'"

It's no small feat to be "bigger" than the NFL. In fact, despite only being shown to two-thirds of the country, over 24.3 million people tuned in to the game ... and saw Swift sitting alongside Donna Kelce.


The NFL is routinely the most viewed show on television ... and nothing else is even close. An astounding 200 million people globally watched the Chiefs and Eagles battle for the Lombardi Trophy in February.

Swift's impact was also shown in merch sales -- as we previously reported, there was a 400-percent increase in Kelce jersey purchases after the game.


Clark understands how big the moment is -- he literally analyzes the league for a living and is currently featured on "Inside The NFL," which airs Tuesdays on The CW.

Clark told us it's been an amazing experience working with some of the greatest minds in the sport ... and broke down what makes the opportunity so special.

Guess Who This 3-Year-Old Turned Into!

Before this little princess in purple turned into a singer and actress, she was just making her bday wishes ... blowing out her candles and becoming a young star while growing up in Pasadena, California.

She's currently 30 years old; however, she's been workin' in Hollywood since she was just a youngster ... you may recognize her as playing Celeste Burnette alongside Charlie Sheen on "Two and a Half Men", and she was also a member of the girl group, The Stunners, with Hayley Kiyoko.

Need one more clue? "I love to get 2 on/When the drink be too strong!"

Can you guess who she is?

Travis Kelce All The Times He's Talked About Taylor in The Past ... From Dancing To Her Songs, To Wanting A Kiss!!!

Travis Kelce has been a fan of Taylor Swift for a while now ... dancing to her hits, making friendship bracelets and talking about wanting to kiss her over the years.

One of the first times Travis publicly talked about Tay Tay was back in 2016 ... when he played "Kiss, Marry, Kill" during an interview -- ya see where this is going.

The Kansas City Chiefs tight end was given the choice between Taylor, Ariana Grande, and Katy Perry. Taylor didn't get the axe -- RIP Ari -- but instead was chosen for a smooch ... while KP was granted the long-term option.

TikTok / @emily.mccart

Travis was also seen groovin' along to a remix of her 2008 track, "Love Story," this past February. He even traded his black shades for a fan's pink ones while he kept the dancing going.

He took a page out of Taylor's book in July, making friendship bracelets for the guys at this year's Tight End University, which he founded in 2021 with his fellow NFL stars George Kittle and Greg Olsen.


Travis went to her "Eras" tour concert at Arrowhead Stadium -- his home turf -- that same month ... and said he was "butt hurt" that he wasn't able to give a bracelet to her while she was in the building.

TikTok / @chiefs

He also talked about her last month, which might be the most revealing sign yet -- the Chiefs were all talking about who their celebrity crush was growing up ... and as Travis was thinking, his teammate, Marquez Valdes-Scantling, answered for him.

MVS shouted out, "Taylor Swift," making Travis chuckle. He ended up goin' with Christina Aguilera, but come on -- we can read between the lines!

Writers' Strike Officially Ending at Midnight ... 5 Months After Shutdown

The long-running writers' strike is officially coming to an end, as the union's leaders sign off on the tentative deal struck Sunday with Hollywood studios ... almost 5 months after the stalemate began.

WGA leadership voted Tuesday to end the strike, approving the new 3-year deal with the AMPTP ... and it will be effective just after midnight.

The breakthrough means striking writers can start working on Hollywood productions as early as Wednesday ... even though the ratification vote is not until next week when it's expected to pass.

Bill Maher, who was going to bring his talk show back without writers before reversing course after the tentative deal, says his writers are coming back ASAP and he will have a new episode of his HBO show Friday.


As we reported, the strike began back on May 2 ... stretching all summer long with writers on the West and East Coasts fighting for fair wages and residuals, a crackdown on use of AI by the studios, transparency from streaming companies and other important issues.

The WGA and AMPTP went back to the table recently for a number of days until a tentative deal was struck over the weekend -- with producers finally meeting writers on most of the guild's demands.

As for the new contract ... a lot of the nitty gritty comes down to pay increases, limits on AI and more guaranteed jobs in writer rooms, just to name a few.

Just because writers can pick up their pencils again, doesn't mean Hollywood productions are back up and running like normal ... the actors in SAG-AFTRA are still striking for a fair deal of their own.

The roughly 65,000 actors joined the writers in July, fighting for many of the same issues the writers were facing. We've seen loads of celebs on the picket lines since pushing pause on some of your favorite shows and movies.

Now, those projects can be developed once again ... but Hollywood won't fully reopen until SAG-AFTRA hammers out an agreement with the studios.

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