YOUTUBER GETS 6 MONTHS BEHIND BARS Staged Plane Crash For Clicks!!


A YouTuber was sentenced Monday to 6 months in federal prison for obstruction of justice after deliberately crashing his single-propeller plane ... to bolster his social media.

Trevor Daniel Jacob, 30, of Lompoc -- a former Olympic snowboarder who was facing a max sentence of 20 years -- was sentenced to just 6 months by United States District Judge John F. Walter ... after pleading guilty to one count of "destruction and concealment with the intent to obstruct a federal investigation" on June 30.

Federal prosecutors say in a recent news release that Jacob confessed to orchestrating the crash on November 24, 2021 ... posting the pre-planned event to YouTube nearly a month later on December 23, titling it, "I Crashed My Airplane."

The video sees Jacob flying a single-engine plane from Lompoc City Airport to Mammoth Lakes ... before claiming the plane's engine had failed 30 minutes in.

The footage captures Jacob opening the side door and leaping out to deploy a parachute just as the plane hurtles downward into a crash below.


Prosecutors say he purposely waited two days to report the pre-planned crash to the National Transportation Safety Board, who advised him to preserve the wreckage --- though he stalled the investigation, telling them he didn't know where the plane went down.

Instead, he used a helicopter to lift the wreckage out of the Los Padres National Forest on December 10, 2021 ... before dismantling and disposing of it.

During his sentencing Monday, Judge Walter ordered him to surrender to the authorities by Jan. 29 ... with Jacobs saying in a statement conveyed by his lawyer: "This experience has been so humbling."

He added the sentence was the "right decision."


Facebook / Jalexis Monea Rice

A white female Alabama cop has been placed on leave for laughing while using a stun gun on a crying handcuffed Black man ... with the distressing video widely circulating online.

In the clip, the unidentified cop from the Reform Police Department in Pickens County was filmed Saturday swearing and berating the man ... who District Attorney Andy Hamlin says was arrested on a trafficking fentanyl charge.

She's seen shouting at the cuffed man to lie on the front of the vehicle with his face down and ordering him to "stay still."

However, when the man responds, "I ain't doing s***, bro. I got a gun right there," she takes the gun out of his pocket and immediately deploys the stun gun into his back.

With the man clearly in pain and crying, she warns: "Do you want it again? Shut your b***h a** up!"

In response to the venom shown by the cop, reform police Chief Richard Black and Mayor Melody Davis released a joint statement ... reading: "The Reform Police Department is aware of a video circulating involving a citizen's arrest on December 2."

It was added: "The department is in the process of turning over all materials related to this arrest to the Alabama State Bureau of Investigation and has requested a thorough investigation into the circumstances surrounding the arrest. In accordance with City Policy, the officer involved has been placed on administrative leave while the investigation is conducted."

The clip has drawn widespread fury online ... with some labeling it "sickening" and an "abuse of power" and others calling for her arrest.

The identity of the man taken into custody on the drug-related charge has not been released.

'Grand Theft Auto VI' Trailer Leaks a Day Early ... Rockstar Yanks Footage

The trailer for the highly-anticipated 'Grand Theft Auto VI' is dropping this week -- but it did so a full day early due to a leak ... which Rockstar Games is now scrambling to undo.

Here's the deal ... the trailer for 'GTA 6' was scheduled to be officially released on Tuesday -- but a good 24 hours beforehand ... an account on Twitter/X posted the whole damn thing in full, and it made the rounds for good couple hours or so online. Unclear how this happened.

The trailer was a minute and a half long, and it featured a lot of goods from what fans can expect in the new installment -- including new characters (like a male and female co-lead) and a bunch of other side roles. The maps were also unveiled in the leaked version.


Just about every tech/gaming account that covers this sort of stuff quote-tweeted the one account that posted the trailer -- but now, that video has been removed from the internet entirely, so it appears Rockstar and co. are leaping up and down to yank it ... and want to release it on their own terms tomorrow.

Unfortunately for them, screengrabs from the trailer are circulating all over the place ... and everyone's already seen what 'GTA 6' will entail. That also includes a lot of high-tech stuff within the game itself, including live streams from the characters themselves.

It certainly looks pretty cool ... and yeah, it sucks that Rockstar's thunder got stolen here. But hey, people are just happy this game is finally landing after a whopping 10 years.

BTW, 'Grand Theft Auto VI' won't actually come out 'til 2025 ... so there's a bit more waiting in store. Long-suffering 'GTA' heads will suffer just a bit more.

Jeezy Jeannie Mai Knew Divorce Was Coming Ask Marriage Counselors!!!

Jeannie Mai claims she found out about her divorce from Jeezy like the rest of the world ... which couldn't be any further from the truth -- at least from her estranged husband's POV.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ Hip Hop that Jeannie Mai being blindsided by the divorce filing is absolutely false ... 'cause the clear signs of their uncoupling were long established and manifesting right before their eyes.

We're told the couple serially engaged in marriage counseling -- with multiple therapists -- before Jeezy came to the realization that the relationship was "irretrievably broken.”

No matter who the professional was, it seems like Jeezy walked away with the same answer. Clearly, it would appear he feels the writing was on the wall here ... and that Jeannie's suggestion this came out of nowhere is disingenuous.


Jeezy hasn't highlighted an exact reason for the split but has maintained he felt it in his gut that it best to walk away since filing for divorce back in September.


Jeannie spoke of strength and putting up on a hardened exterior to Jennifer Hudson on Monday ... the same interview where she also spoke on allegedly being ambushed by Jeezy's court filing, which she says gutted her.

Remember, Jeannie has now suggested Jeezy might've cheated in their marriage in some form or fashion, which he also denies like the blindside. Just call him Michael Oher!!!

Kelly Oubre Jr. Breaks Silence On Accident ... Expected To Return Wed


Kelly Oubre Jr. is finally speaking out about the hit-and-run accident that left him with serious injuries last month ... speaking with media in Philly ahead of his return to the basketball court on Wednesday.

Remember, the Philadelphia 76ers forward hasn't played any basketball since he suffered a broken rib, in addition to hip and leg injuries, after he was struck by a vehicle on November 11.

The 27-year-old has kept quiet about the incident ... until now, as he's been cleared to play and is expected to be available against the Washington Wizards on Wednesday.

"First and foremost before anything, I just want to say thank you to my family and my friends, the 76ers organization, especially coach [Nick] Nurse, for the utmost support throughout this whole process," Oubre said to the media on Monday.

"I’ve spoken to the police about this situation and they have an ongoing investigation. So I’ve spoken to who I need to speak to about it and I keep that where that is. I won’t be speaking on any details about that because they’re looking into it."

Even with all the injuries, Oubre says he does not have any ill will towards the driver, saying he's always about "love and peace".

Kelly also addressed rumors he made up the incident.

"I'm just really blessed that it wasn't worse than what it is and that I'm able to come back to work and smile, walk, talk, and breathe," Oubre said. "So yeah, that's what I have to say about the conspiracy theorists."


Remember, TMZ Sports posted video, with permission, showing Oubre returning home after the accident, clearly in a great deal of pain. His wife immediately called 911, and Oubre was rushed to the hospital.

Oubre -- who signed a 1-year, $2.9 million deal with the 76ers in September -- was averaging 16.3 points and 5 rebounds a game before the incident.

Welcome back, KO!

Kelsey Grammer Interview Allegedly Cut Short ... After Trump Talk Began

did someone say ... trump?
Today/BBC Radio 4

Kelsey Grammer's recent BBC interview was short-lived as soon as he started talking about Donald Trump -- and it wasn't the outlet's decision ... so says one of their radio hosts.

Justin Webb was talking to KG on the air Monday for BBC Radio 4's 'Today' show ... and they were talking all about this new 'Frasier' reboot that's coming to Paramount+ -- and at one point, the host brought up Grammer's famous support of ex-President Trump.

Webb said he knows Grammer once *was* a Trumper, and asked if he still was even all these years later -- to which Grammer replied, yes indeed!

Grammer didn't really elaborate, saying he'd just let it lie there -- but in the next breath, Webb picks up the chat -- which was clearly pre-recorded -- to claim Kelsey actually had a lot more to say on the subject ... suggesting the Paramount honchos shut it all down.

Apparently, KG was excited that Webb brought Trump up ... although, it doesn't sound like Paramount's PR people were thrilled about it at all, and wanted to get back on message.


Webb says Grammer offered up some rationale on why he still backs Trump, even heading into the 2024 election -- but since he's now involved with Paramount and co. on this new show, it doesn't seem we'll get to hear the why of it all.


Remember, Kelsey was a vocal DT supporter during his first term ... and he didn't shy away from that. Now that he's a TV poster child again, though, things are lil' different, it seems.

NFL Official Suffered Dislocated Knee, Broken Fibula ... In Collision With Kamara


2:35 PM PT -- Nick Piazza -- the NFL official who went down with an injury following the collision with Alvin Kamara -- suffered a dislocated knee as well as a fractured fibula.

But, thankfully, his blood vessels remained intact, according to New Orleans Saints writer John DeShazier.

DeShazier added that surgery for Piazza is likely to happen next week.

An NFL official had to be taken off the field on Sunday on a stretcher ... after he suffered a gruesome leg injury following a sideline collision with Alvin Kamara.

The play happened in the second quarter of the Saints' matchup with the Lions in New Orleans ... when Kamara took a pitch from Derek Carr and accelerated toward the first-down marker.

On his way, though, a Detroit defender shoved him out of bounds ... and when he went crashing toward the turf, his momentum carried him right into the knee of a game official.

The sideline worker crumpled in pain as soon as Kamara hit him ... and broadcast cameras showed his leg had bent awkwardly inward as a result of the hit.

Trainers eventually raced to his aid ... and strapped him to a backboard -- before carting him away from the field for further treatment.

The NFL has not yet released an update on his condition as of Monday morning.


Kamara and the Saints, meanwhile, were able to try to mount a comeback despite the gruesome scene at the Superdome ... but they ultimately lost to Detroit, 33-28.

Originally Published -- 6:14 AM PT

Brenda Lee 'Rockin' Around' Song Tops Hot 100 ... 65 Years After Release!!!

Brenda Lee finally has another #1 hit on her hands -- and it's the holiday classic she cranked out more than 6 decades ago ... which finally topped a major chart all these years later.

The songstress' famous 'Rockin' Around the Christmas Tree' topped Billboard's Hot 100 list Monday, just in time for the holidays. If you can believe it, this song has never reached No. 1 before this -- and it first got released waaaay back in 1958.

Now, 'RATCT' is the most popular song this week ... which is a huge milestone obviously. We should also note, the benchmark reached today has been a long time coming -- especially recently.


As with many things, BL's famed song grew in popularity as it got older ... and it's been hitting especially hard these past few years. Starting in 2019, 'Rockin' Around' began peaking on the Hot 100 at #2, and it stayed that way (around this time of year) for 3 years straight.

At long last ... the song has broken through and become #1, beating out Mariah Carey's beast of a Christmas song -- plus all the other hit singles out right now. BTW, this is Brenda's 3rd #1 single ... she hit no. 1 twice in 1960 with a couple ditties from back then.

Funny enough, Brenda is still singing this beloved classic even today ... including on airplanes.



'The Blind Side' Michael Oher Extorted Us, Tuohys Claim I'll Tell TMZ If You Don't Ante Up Big-time

Michael Oher repeatedly demanded $15 million from the Tuohy family over "The Blind Side" royalties, and if they didn't ante up he would "defame them on social media and/or TMZ as 'fakes' and 'thieves,' according to new legal docs obtained by TMZ.

The Tuohys filed the docs in connection with Oher's legal claim he was allegedly screwed out of the proceeds from the movie. Oher has claimed the Tuohys pocketed his portion of the royalty checks. The Tuohys have said he got his fair share.


According to the legal docs, Oher sent a slew of texts alleging he was "robbed of fifty million+" and then lowered his final offer to $10 mil.

In one text, Oher wrote, "If something isn't resolved this Friday, I'm going to go ahead and tell the world, how I was robbed by my suppose to be [sic] parents. That's the deadline," adding, "Think how it will look when it comes out."

The docs say the Tuohys rejected the $10 million demand, and Oher fired back, "It was 10 million. Now I want 15 after taxes."

According to the new docs, the grand total for each of the Tuohys and Oher was identical -- $138,309.90, and that's what they received.

As for the fact the Tuohys never legally adopted Oher, they say they feel as if Oher is their son, notwithstanding his "vindictive and unfounded legal and reputational crusade against them."

Deathbed Confession Dad Tells Daughter ... I Was a Bank Fugitive, Hun

A woman dished all on her father's shocking deathbed confession ... saying her life changed when she discovered he had been a wanted man for most of his life following an old bank heist.


Ashley Randele came on 'TMZ Live' Monday to tell her tale -- saying her father, Tom Randele, came clean with an estimated 6 weeks to live following a lung cancer diagnosis ... suddenly off-loading the decades-long secret as they watched NCIS.

The 71-year-old explained to Ashley and her mom that he had to change his real name ... and they ought to finally know in case it came up after his passing ... because authorities "were probably still looking for him."

Ashley says she pressed him for more info the next day after realizing it wasn't a "terrible dad joke" -- adding it was vital for her to know her dad's real name: Ted Conrad.

Ignoring his pleas not to look into it, Ashley later found herself searching his name online ... yielding various "vault teller robs bank" headlines ... and recent articles stating the 50-year hunt was still active.

The revelation left her stunned ... after all, she had just learned the man she always perceived as an average suburban dad stole $219,000 --- the equivalent of $1.8M today -- while working as a vault teller at the Society National Bank in Cleveland, Ohio, on Friday, July 11, 1969, as a 20-year-old college dropout.

He fled to Washington, D.C., that night ... and when bank bosses discovered the theft on Monday, the FBI was called, and Conrad became a wanted man.

He ended up in Boston ... assuming a new identity and resuming normalcy despite his picture plastered across headlines.

Whether the heist was worth it or not would have been a question for Ted, AKA, Tom ... as Ashley says, most of the stolen money was blown on ritzy digs and at least one bad investment ... reaching the point of her loaning her parents 10K before they filed for bankruptcy in 2014.


She adds to us her dad never Googled himself ... refusing to believe that, after all this time, people cared about his crime. He passed away 2 months after his confession.

Nelly & Ashanti Baby On Board??? Reports Say It's True!!!



11:28 AM PT -- Ashanti apparently is pregnant after all -- at least according to Us Weekly, which is citing a source that says, "Nelly and Ashanti are welcoming their first baby together."

If true, it'd be Ashanti's first child ever ... and it would be Nelly's 3rd -- he already has two other kids from a previous relationship, and both of them are adults.

We've reached out to Ashanti's camp for comment ... so far, no word back.

Nelly and Ashanti's latest barrage of PDA has led to pregnancy speculation -- and it's all because they created it!!!

Over the weekend, Nelly, Ashanti and many more got suited and booted for the "Country Grammar" rapper's 11th Black and White Ball at the Four Seasons Hotel ... which brought the event back to St. Louis after a seven-year hiatus.

The superstar couple appeared to share an inside joke on stage when Ashanti placed her hands on her stomach, to which Nelly did the same ... making them both burst out laughing. 👀

Could be a bun in the oven ... or they were planning to bake one that night. Either way, fans have been happy to see Nelly and Ashanti on the prowl after breaking up 8 years ago.

Nelly's event also benefitted a good cause ... proceeds went to the Make-A-Wish Foundation and scholarships for Harris Stowe State University were also awarded.


We'll know in due time if they created a toddler or were just trolling ... in any case, people are living for this relationship -- and as the MC said, make it official!!!

Lord knows it's been a long time coming and then some.

Originally Published -- 8:45 AM PT

Mexico Bloodbath Mom Dies After Shark Bites Off Leg ... Young Daughter Saved

the bloody aftermath ...

A mother in Mexico died after her leg got bitten off by a shark in the ocean -- this as she attempted to save her daughter ... who ultimately survived.

The shocking aftermath of the shark attack in Melaque was caught on video that made the rounds this weekend -- and it's incredibly brutal. You can see 26-year-old Maria Fernandez Martinez Jimenez being carried to shore by a group of bystanders ... and her limb's missing.

People scream in terror as those nearby rush over to help and flag down first responders -- but, sadly, Jimenez ended up losing her life after a massive amount of blood loss.

Per local officials, Jimenez was in the water with her 5-year-old when she noticed a shark swimming close by, about 75 feet from shore. The mother quickly hoisted her daughter up onto a floating play platform ... however, the animal ended up going after her instead.

The child is said to have been uninjured in the episode, but it's an absolute tragedy ... because she lost her mom. Law enforcement shut down the beach in the aftermath, including surrounding seaside areas as a precautionary measure.

It's unclear what species of shark may have been responsible. Jimenez is reported to have been a former marine biology student at the University of Guadalajara, and lived in Jalisco.

GEORGE SANTOS Cashing In on Cameo ... After Congress Expulsion

George Santos says getting fired from a job is no big deal -- because it's all down to what you make of the experience ... something he's now telling his Cameo legion.

That's just one questionable piece of advice he's already dished out after joining the personalized video message platform ... less than a week after he was booted from Congress.


The disgraced politician proudly introduces himself as the "Expelled member of Congress from New York City" and "Former congressional "Icon"!💅🏼" on the site ... where for $200, you can nab yourself a customized message from the man himself.

Santos has already been hard at work doling out responses to some requests ... leveraging his recent experiences to inspire and motivate one person in his new career.


This comes hot on the heels of the House's vote to expel him earlier this month -- a decision spurred by a controversial time in office, which includes multiple felony charges.

Back in May, Santos was arrested on a variety of felony charges, including lying, wire fraud, money laundering, theft of public funds, and making false statements to the House of Representatives.


As for now, Santos appears to be earning easy money on Cameo -- but given his rap sheet of bad decisions, we're not sure how qualified Santos is with playin' Agony Aunt.

Jeannie Mai Says Jeezy Divorce Gutted Her ... Heard News Through the Press

Jeannie Mai says she was blindsided by Jeezy's divorce filing -- and claims she heard about their split through the media ... this, of course, after she recently suggested he may have been unfaithful.

The actress appeared on the 'Jennifer Hudson Show' Monday, and right off the bat ... she was asked how things were going in her personal life. Naturally, Jen was referring to her divorce with Jeezy -- which has been making headlines lately.

Check out her response for yourself ... JM says that she's doing better now, but notes she was "gutted" when she first heard Jeezy wanted to end their marriage -- something she claims she first caught wind of through press reports.

With that said ... Jeannie says her focus now is on being there for her young daughter, Monaco, whom she shares with Jeezy ... and who they welcomed into the world last year. She's going to make sure their daughter gets time with her dad for the holidays to experience both sides of her family.

Jeannie also says that although she's been the most broken this year she ever has been ... she says that, in the same breath, she's found herself to be incredibly strong as well.

No word on what she insinuated in her court docs last week -- namely, that Jeezy had might have possibly broken their prenup by allegedly cheating on her ... something Jeezy has since denied through his reps.

There's been speculation Jeannie herself may have cheated too -- but we're told she's completely denying that. Funny enough, Jeezy himself has recently addressed the topic of infidelity ... telling Nia Long that real dudes don't cheat on their girl.


Based on what Jeannie's floated ... she seems to think he was full of it when he said that.

Kim K TV Divorce Lawyer Role ... Based on Disso Queen Laura Wasser!!!

Kim Kardashian's going to be playing a famous divorce attorney for a new TV show -- and yes, it is indeed based on the Disso Queen herself ... TMZ has learned.

Sources with direct knowledge tell us that Kim's just-announced role for this Ryan Murphy-led show -- which is going to air on Hulu -- is inspired by the famed Laura Wasser ... who's well-known in L.A. as being the go-to celebrity divorce lawyer for all the big shots.

In fact, Laura actually handled Kim's divorce from Kanye ... but her list of celeb clients is long and extensive, going well beyond the Kardashians. Some of the biggest stars who've retained her over the years include Kris Jenner, Ariana Grande, Ryan Reynolds, Angelina Jolie, Kevin Costner, Britney Spears, Heidi Klum and Christina Aguilera ... just to name a few.


As far as what the show will be about ... well, Deadline says it's gonna be a "sexy adult procedural" that covers her career as a hot-shot lawyer working in Los Angeles. The outlet reports that there's a big series commitment from the streamer ... although it's unclear how many episodes it'll be.

Kim will be heading a fake all-female law firm in the show, and it's being written by Jon Robin Baitz and Joe Baken. Of course, Murphy is EP'ing. Deadline reports the trio pitched Kim and Kris on this show ... and they both were apparently all in on it right away.


The fact Hulu picked this up is also no surprise considering they already air "The Kardashians." Word is, they signed on right in the pitch room and committed to a straight-to-series play. Of course, this comes on the heels of Kim's recent Netflix movie ... for which she'll also star and produce. Seems like Hulu wanted to mark their territory a bit!

Kim's already got some experience with Murphy ... she just acted in his latest season of 'AHS' and did pretty well. Her acting career is well on its way now -- what a time.

Ariana Madix Donates Big to 'VP' Pal w/ Brain Tumor Other Costars Chip In Too

Ariana Madix opened up her wallet big time to help out a friend of the 'Vanderpump Rules' family ... this after a major health scare that's threatening their life.

AM was among several 'VP' stars to draw attention to the GoFundMe page of Jesse Montana -- who's a pal of theirs and who's appeared on the reality show. He recently revealed he's been diagnosed with a brain tumor, and he's looking to raise funds for his hospital stay ... 'cause he's going into surgery on Monday.

Like we said ... a lot of the 'Vanderpump' cast members have donated, but Ariana has shelled out the most by far -- offering up a $9,000 donation to help Jesse.

In hopes that Jesse's unexpected health woes don't leave him with a financial burden, the GFM page has a goal to raise $100,000.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The cast began donating over the weekend ... and other 'VPR' contributions include Katie Maloney giving $3,000, Scheana Shay dropping $2,000, Tom Schwartz and Rachel Leviss chipped in $500.


'VPR' alums Brittany Cartwright and Kristen Doute donated $100 and the show's executive producer, Alex Baskin gave $250. The donations touched Jesse ... who said in his IG Stories ahead of surgery Monday that he'll "forever be shocked at how fast life can change."

He thanked his Pump Rules family, his parents, boyfriend Joseph Newham, his doctors and everyone who supported him ... adding: "I'll be dreaming of you in colors that don't exist during surgery, cya on the other side angels."

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