Sabrina Carpenter References Barry's 'Saltburn' ... Bathwater Like Red Wine!!!


Sabrina Carpenter incorporated Barry Keoghan into her latest outro ... referencing a scene from his flick "Saltburn" -- and leaving fans with a really raunchy line.

The singer-songwriter took the Coachella stage Friday and finished it off with her hit song "Nonsense." If you don't know, the track ends with Sabrina saying a couple lines -- usually sexual -- and she changes it up from performance to performance.

Friday night's lines ... "Made his knees so weak / he had to spread mine. He’s drinking my bathwater like it’s red wine / Coachella, see you back here when I headline!”

Taylor Swift Smooches Travis Kelce In 'Fortnight' Vid

Taylor Swift can't hide she's totally smitten with BF Travis Kelce in her new YouTube promotional clip for her first music video, "Fortnight," off her recently released 11th album.

Youtube/ @TaylorSwift

The pop superstar's short, but sweet YT montage shows various parts of her personal life as the "Fortnight" track plays in the background with Travis appearing almost instantly.

The clip begins with Taylor rocking out in the studio, then cuts to Travis giving her a smooch as she cooks in the kitchen.

Stars and Scars You Be the Judge

Taylor Swift's new album has sparked some controversy for sure, and how on earth can anyone say Sydney Sweeney isn't pretty?!? So we gotta ask ...

Taylor Swift's 'Tortured Poets' Album ...

Taylor Turning On fans Over Matty Healy ...

Whose Side You On?

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Travis Scott Wants A Grammy ...

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Trump Verdict Prediction ...

Chris Brown Takes Quavo Beef to New Level ... Wish You Died Instead of Takeoff

Chris Brown's not fooling around in his beef with Quavo ... dropping a new diss track -- and invoking the name of Quavo's late nephew, and Migos star, Takeoff.

The singer-songwriter -- whose well-documented beef with Quavo's reignited in recent days -- put out his new track "Weakest Link" on YouTube and Instagram ... and, he's clearly going for Quavo's throat throughout the track.

And, one of his biggest disses ... "R.I.P. Takeoff, he the only real one, I got true respect / Crazy how when he died, everybody really wished it was you instead" -- so yeah, Brown's taking the kid gloves off.

Lana Del Rey Hits All The Right Notes At Coachella ... With Camila Cabello

Lana Del Rey has done it again at Coachella ... first surprising the crowd on weekend 1 with Billie Eilish and now with special guest Camila Cabello to kick off weekend 2.

Youtube/ @inlovewithCamila

That's right ... Lana belted out a second performance Friday night at the festival in Indio, California, but walked off stage during her set after singing her hit "Bartender."

Suddenly, Camila strolled onstage, launching into her new single “I Luv It,” and soon prompting a return from Lana on a balcony overlooking her fellow crooner.

Kanye West Hit the Wrong Twin After Bianca Run-In ... Famous Restaurateurs

The guy Kanye West allegedly punched in the face was one half of a set of twins who are big shots in the restaurant scene here in L.A. -- and we're told he hit the wrong one.

Eyewitnesses who were on the scene Wednesday morning at the Chateau Marmont hotel tell TMZ that what Kanye's team said about what happened -- namely, Bianca herself had been assaulted by the man who ran into her -- is totally off base and simply not accurate.

Here's what our sources tell us about how this went down, from their perspective ... a man accidentally bumped into Bianca in the hotel lobby, which they say was busy at the time. We're told it happened quickly, and the man went on about his way.

Donald Trump Criminal Trial Man Declared Dead ... After Self-Immolation

The man who lit himself ablaze outside the Trump trial courthouse in NYC has died.

Max Azzarello was rushed in critical condition to a hospital Friday after he doused himself with a flammable liquid and set himself on fire outside Manhattan Criminal Court, where jury selection for Donald Trump's hush money criminal trial was winding down.

X / @emilyngo

Azzarello, an alleged conspiracy theorist, died later that night from massive burns to his body.

Bill Maher How Dare You Disney!!! ... You Put Kids at Risk

Quiet on Set

Bill Maher has no kids, but he was all about them Friday night as he RAILED on Hollywood and others for putting them at risk.

The 'Real Time' host began with 'Quiet on the Set,' lambasting Nickelodeon for putting child actors in highly-charged, sexual skits.

He then pivoted to Disney, and it quickly became political. Maher noted how Ron DeSantis was skewered as a "hick" and a "bigot" for going after Disney, which Maher says is like an aphrodisiac for pedophiles.

'Balthazar' Owner Keith McNally Rats on You!!!! ... After Nasty Bezos-Sanchez Remarks

The beef between NYC restaurateur Keith McNally and Jeff Bezos and his fiancée, Lauren Sanchez, just took an odd turn ... and it involves a dirty rat!

McNally – the owner of Manhattan's famed Balthazar bistro – jumped on Instagram Friday to report a suspicious middle-aged man had one drink at the establishment before quickly paying and emptying a bag of 5 white rodents inside the joint.

restaurant rats
Instagram/ @mmanningbarish

Customers enjoying their meals freaked out at the sight of the critters scurrying around their feet. One diner shot a cell phone video of a small rat racing across the floor, but it was dark in color, poking a hole in McNally's description.

Taylor Swift Blasted For Line About 1830s ... People Mocking, Pissed!!!

Taylor Swift's new album's already causing some controversy ... and, it ain't about an ex either -- it's all got to do with T-Swift's view of American history, including the ugly part. 😬

The singer dropped "The Tortured Poet's Department" Friday ... and, while many fans are jammin' out to the tunes and diving into hints about Matty Healy and Kim Kardashian -- others took aim at her song "I Hate It Here" ... which includes some eyebrow-raising lyrics.

In the song, Tay Tay sings, "My friends used to play a game where / We would pick a decade / We wished we could live in instead of this / I'd say the 1830s but without all the racists / And getting married off for the highest bid."


O.J. Simpson's Bank of America credit card has hit the auction block ... and let's just say the seller is banking on it raking in some serious cash.

Jonathan Lepore is selling the business account card over at Goldin Auctions ... telling TMZ he snagged the piece of plastic, which expired in 2023, on eBay last summer for a steal at $70, adding it to his trove of sports memorabilia.

Later, Jonathan planned to gift the card to his pal's dad, who apparently used to chill with O.J. and Nicole Brown Simpson in the Hamptons during the '80s and early '90s.

Al Harrington My 4/20 Advice ... 'Get High As F***!!!'

Get High As F***!

Ex-NBA hooper and current weed entrepreneur Al Harrington has some solid advice for any newbies looking to celebrate the 4/20 holiday this year ... telling TMZ Sports it's pretty simple -- "get high as f***!!!"

Harrington knows his stuff -- the guy built an entire company around his love for Mary Jane ... serving as the CEO of the Viola brand.

He's doing pretty well for himself, too ... with the company valued at over $100 million.


Joaquin Phoenix has an ally on the Hollywood battlefield -- the historical advisor from his film, "Napoleon" is leaping to his defense following some biting criticism from Brian Cox.

Lorris Chevalier tells TMZ ... Joaquin did the best with what he was given on-set -- even though he himself wanted to take "Napoleon" in a different, unique, direction ... but he faced stiff opposition.

Despite his ideas being shut down, Lorris says Joaquin really threw himself into the role ... hitting up spots like Napoleon's private castle, the Malmaison and several other Napoleonic sites around Paris for some hands-on character research.

What's The Big Frigin' Difference?!

Next up on stage ... country music star, Morgan Wade! Do you think you've got what it takes to have these 'Frigin Differences made? There's only one way to find out, and your challenge begins now!

Earlier this week, the singer and songwriter performed in Pelham, Tennessee and graced a live audience with her southern twang singing skills. Ms. Wade was rockin' a Rolling Stones tee and some dope combat boots. She was also sporting her tats and a couple of accessories 😜!

Can you find the switch-ups? Drop the mic!

**HINT: There are THREE differences in the above Morgan Wade photos!**

TMZ TV Hot Takes GloRilla Arrest Video ... Barry & Sabrina, LeBron

It's finally the weekend, and we've got more hot takes from the past week for you to enjoy.

TMZ Live


Harvey and Charles break down GloRilla's DUI arrest video, including the moment her breast slipped out of her clothes, on "TMZ Live."



Our "TMZ on TV" team delves into Barry Keoghan and Sabrina Carpenter's Disneyland date.

TMZ Sports


And, on "TMZ Sports" Babcock and Mojo examine basketball's G.O.A.T. debate between MJ and LeBron.

Check your local listings for when TMZ is on in your area or catch up on past episodes!

Rip Into These Smoking Stars To Get Your 4/20 Lit!

What better way to blaze into the 4/20 occasion than to get your high-holiday started with some smoking stars?! And for those who don't partake in "flower" hour, there's no need to trip out ... You can still enjoy these dope pics ... there's plenty to pass around!

Livin' the high life, you already know Wiz Khalifa rolled one up and shared it on the 'gram ... social media star Vinnie Hacker sparked a smokin' hot selfie with his big ol' j and Natalie Nunn paraded her green goodies in some lacey lingerie!

Come consume our gallery of smoking stars ... just watch out for that contact high!

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