Sen. Chuck Schumer Let Voters Rock Candidate Tees ... But Guns at Polls Are a 'Very Bad Idea!!!'


Sen. Chuck Schumer is weighing in on an odd fact about most polling places in America -- where you cannot wear clothing with a candidate's face or name, but CAN carry a firearm.

The Senate Minority Leader was heading to his ride Thursday on Capitol Hill when we asked him about the rule banning voters from wearing t-shirts or caps hyping their candidate when they go to cast their vote.

In theory, it's about not coercing others to vote for your candidate ... but when we asked Sen. Schumer he seems to think t-shirts are harmless when it comes to the election process.

On the other voter intimidation hand ... there are guns. You might be surprised to know it's perfectly legal to bring your legally registered firearm to the polls. According to the L.A. Times, only a dozen states have banned guns where you vote.

We raised that with Schumer too, and again ... he answered quickly, but much differently from the t-shirt question.

If you're curious ... California, Florida, Arizona and Georgia are among the states that have outlawed guns at voting sites. Even if you live in an open-carry state it's not a guarantee that guns are okay when you cast your ballot ... especially if you're voting somewhere like a school.

As they say, check your local laws.

Joe Biden Possible Assassination Plot ... By N.C. Man Arrested with Guns, Explosives

Breaking News

A North Carolina man may have been plotting the assassination of Joe Biden and showed an alarming fascination with domestic terrorism ... this according to the FBI.

The feds filed legal docs detailing why Alexander Hillel Treisman -- who was originally arrested back in May on child pornography charges -- should remain locked up pending trial. Among the reasons the FBI wants to keep him behind bars ... a possible plot to assassinate the Democratic Presidential nominee.

The feds claim Treisman posted a meme on social media -- asking if he should kill Biden. The feds say he had planned on traveling to a Wendy's that's 4 miles from Biden's home. The feds claim they also found a checklist that ended with the word "execute."

And, then there's this ... in docs, obtained by TMZ, the feds say back in May they found Treisman's van filled with guns and explosives ... from an AR-15 style rifle and a Taurus .380 caliber handgun to a canister of the explosive material Tannerite. What's more ... the feds say Treisman had $509k in U.S. currency, books about survival and bomb-making and drawings of swastikas and planes crashing into buildings.

The feds also say they uncovered driver's licenses from 3 different states. According to docs ... Treisman's Internet searches between March and May 2020 also included information about Biden's home address and night-vision goggles, among other things.

And, if that's not terrifying enough ... the feds allege they found an October 2019 note created on Treisman's Samsung cell phone about a plan to carry out a mass shooting at a mall food court on Christmas Day or Black Friday.

The feds filed the order as reasons why Treisman should remain behind bars pending his trial on child pornography charges.

Neil deGrasse Tyson Pre-Election Day Asteroid Might Put on a Show ... It Won't Kill Us, Though!!!


Neil deGrasse Tyson is trying to ease fears about the asteroid that's got a shot of striking the U.S. before election day -- but also knows everyone wants to panic, cause it's 2020.

The famed astrophysicist joined us on "TMZ Live" Thursday for a science lesson on the refrigerator-sized space rock hurtling towards Earth. Here's the truth, folks ... he says the chance of it landing on American soil on Nov. 2 is less than 1 percent.

But, does that really sound comforting with all we've seen so far in 2020?!? Didn't think so.

The good news ... Neil's got some more information that might help ease your mind. Even if the asteroid does end up in line for a direct hit, he says it's NOT killer-sized, and instead, it'll just create one helluva light show.

Neil, who hosts the new Fox show, "Cosmos: Possible Worlds," says a direct hit is even getting a little ahead of ourselves. The prediction's based on a limited amount of data -- the proverbial "small sample size" for all you baseball nuts enjoying the World Series.

Of course, NASA's also confirmed the asteroid is on a trajectory to possibly strike ... and the space agency is staying mum on the 3 possible points of impact. Thanks?

Neil's also got cool nuggets about another asteroid that could hold clues to the origin of our solar system. Fascinating stuff that's clearly not in line with Bible teachings, but he even addressed that with us.

Sorry, Mr. President, but science is pretty awesome.

Astronaut Kate Rubins I Voted From Space

Exclusive Details

Kate Rubins just cast the mother of all mail-in ballots -- she's not even on Earth and she still cast her vote!!! What's your excuse?

The NASA astronaut voted Thursday from her post aboard the International Space Station, which is about 250 miles or so above our planet ... so you could call this the definition of going above and beyond.

Like most Houston area based astronauts, Kate votes in Texas ... and there's a super cool process for getting her absentee ballot from lower Earth orbit all the way down to the Lone Star State.

As you can see, there's a secure voting booth on the ISS ... and Kate voted using a secure electronic ballot generated by the Harris County Clerk's office and uplinked by Mission Control. Kate's completed ballot is then downlinked and delivered back to the County Clerk’s Office by e-mail to be officially recorded.

Astronauts have been legally allowed to vote from space since 1997, and Kate also cast her ballot from the ISS in the 2016 election. She says if she can vote from space, folks should be getting done on the ground.

See? No excuses.

Mike Pence Lesley Stahl Rails After Trump Bails 'You've Insulted '60 Minutes''


President Trump just released video of his failed "60 Minutes" interview where he just walked out and never came back, and when Lesley Stahl challenged Mike Pence as to why the Prez walked out and didn't get an answer, she said they insulted her show.


Mike Pence tried to steamroll through Lesley's questions over Trump's abrupt departure, but she wasn't getting answers. As she put it, she got a bunch of campaign speeches from Trump and Pence, and that clearly frustrated her.

As you probably know by now, Trump felt the interview was an ambush, and he walked out in the middle. He accused Stahl of bias, claiming all Joe Biden gets are "softball questions."

What's unclear ... what's "60 Minutes" gonna do on Sunday? We're pretty certain the interviews will air, especially with all the publicity surrounding them. The fact that Trump released the footage only adds to the intrigue.

Gene Simmons Kissing Bev Hills Mansion Goodbye ... Live Here For $22 Million!!!

Gene Simmons is ready to get the hell outta Beverly Hills after nearly 4 decades ... and he's looking to unload his mansion, which is primed for the rock star lifestyle.

The KISS frontman just listed his two-acre estate in beautiful Benedict Canyon for a cool $22 million ... which gets ya 7 bedrooms and 16,000-square-feet of pure luxury.

Gene's pad comes tricked out with a 60-foot water slide, parking for 35 cars, and a professional size tennis court. Yeah, rock star status. He's also got an incredible collection of KISS memorabilia ... but he's taking that with him.

The inside of Gene's custom mansion is super lavish too, complete with chandeliers, coffered ceilings and several balconies and decks overlooking the manicured grounds.

Josh and Matt Altman of Douglas Elliman hold the listing on this property, the second one Gene's listed this year. He's also selling a 3-story crib in the Hollywood Hills for $2.2 million.

GET OUT THE VOTE 2020 Bacon, Palmer, Brown Remind Folks ... Register To Vote!!!


100 million eligible voters did not cast a ballot in the 2016 election, and celebs like Kevin Bacon, Keke Palmer and Sterling K. Brown are determined to make sure those voices are finally heard.

Kevin, Keke and Sterling put together some fun and informative videos to encourage eligible voters to make sure they're registered this election, because 100 million people could have A LOT of sway.

Kevin's hilariously shaming folks into voting with a 'Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon' twist, Sterling's reminding Black voters why their ballot matters and Keke's got a message for millennials and Gen Z, the largest voting demographic in America.

The PSAs were put together by the Enough! Collective, a group of Hollywood bigwigs with visions of effecting social change on a systemic level by mobilizing voters for the upcoming election.

You can check out what the stars have to say about registering yourself -- but the gist is ... this election is too important to sit out, so register ASAP!!!

Twitter Calls BS on POTUS Account Hack ... It's a Federal Crime

Breaking News

Twitter's not buying what a Dutch man's selling -- that he hacked President Trump's account by guessing a very simple password, which is lucky for him ... legally speaking.

A spokesperson for Twitter's vehemently denying Victor Gevers, a Dutch security researcher, got into Trump's Twitter account last week when he guessed POTUS' password as "maga2020!" Twitter says, "We've seen no evidence to corroborate this claim, including from the article published in the Netherlands today."

It should be noted ... if Victor did, in fact, hack Trump's account -- giving him access to tweets and direct messages sent to and from the leader of the free world -- it's a federal crime under the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act. That explicitly states it's against the law to intentionally access social media accounts without proper authorization. See, huge no-no.

According to a TechCrunch report ... Victor claims he notified Homeland Security's cyber unit division to inform them about the security breach. Victor also claims Trump's password was then changed shortly thereafter. What's more ... Victor shared what he claims to be a screenshot inside Trump's Twitter account.

The security expert told TechCrunch he guessed Trump's password on the 5th attempt. He also claims to have done the same back in 2016 when he discovered Trump's LinkedIn password was "yourefired."

For what it's worth ... White House deputy press secretary Judd Deere also said Victor's story is "absolutely not true."

2020 Presidential Election Disinformation Campaign Threatens Voters ... Democrats & Republicans

Registered Democrats are being targeted and threatened by a disinformation campaign ... the question -- who's it supposed to hurt and who's behind it?

An email has gone out to an untold number of Democrats ... supposedly sent by the Proud Boys -- the white supremacist group Trump told to "stand back and stand by."

The email reads, "We are in possession of all your information (email, address, telephone ... everything). You are currently registered as a Democrat and we know this because we have gained access into the entire voting infrastructure. You will vote for Trump on Election Day or we will come after you. Change your party affiliation to Republican to let us know you received our message and will comply. We will know which candidate you voted for. I would take this seriously if I were you."

What's especially unnerving ... the email has the voter's home address. In other words -- they know where you live.

The Director of National Intelligence came out Wednesday and said Iran and Russia were actively trying to interfere and said it was to hurt Trump. It's puzzling ... the threat is against Democrats. The only way it would hurt Trump is if people recoil because it looks like it's coming from a radical group Trump seems to support.

There's another letter going around to registered Republicans threatening to burn down their homes if Biden wins and Trump doesn't concede. Some think this is actually anti-Biden because the point is scaring Republicans, so they go to the polls and vote for Trump in larger numbers. Whatever the motive, it's clearly threatening.

BTW ... the email is bogus. No one knows who you voted for except you, unless you tell people.

President Trump Admits Systemic Racism in Policing ... Still Won't Say the Words

Sinclair / America This Week

President Trump might be having a change of heart -- he's acknowledging systemic racism exists in police forces ... or, at least, he guesses it's there.

The President, who has repeatedly denied racism is a problem in America's policing, was asked about the topic during a town hall taped for Sinclair TV stations. The moderator, Eric Bolling, said, "Is there systemic racism within police departments and is there any sort of retraining they need?"

Well, ya really gotta see how POTUS hemmed and hawed -- "Is there? I guess there probably is, and that's very sad. There is, and I think there's not much. Hopefully there's not much."

He went on like that for a bit before finally settling on this statement ... "I guess there always is, and it's a shame."

Now, it's really interesting because what's glaringly obvious is while he danced around his answer, Trump never actually said the words "systemic racism."

On the other hand, he did -- in the end -- say it does exist. That's a shift from everything Trump has said since George Floyd was killed, sparking anti-police brutality marches around the world. He's also denied it when questioned about Breonna Taylor's death.


Just last month in Kenosha, Wisconsin -- in the wake of police shooting Jacob Blake -- the President said, "I don't believe that," when a reporter asked if racism is an inherent issue in policing.

The question ... is Trump truly changing his view on racism in policing, or pandering to Black voters 12 days before Election Day?

That's for voters to decide.

Amber Rose Slams Kanye West As a Narcissist Bully!!!

Amber Rose is railing against her ex, Kanye West ... claiming he's consistently bullied her since their breakup in a way that reminds her of President Trump.

Amber pulled no punches as she called out Kanye as a narcissist in response to the "30 showers" jab he took at her in 2015 ... 5 years after they split.

She went off on him on the popular "No Jumper" YouTube channel, and told Adam22 ... "I don't know if he says things to make his wife more comfortable but to slut-shame me and say you needed 30 showers?" Amber added, "You took me around the world. Since when do you need 30 showers?"

Amber's essentially saying she's stunned that 10 years after their breakup Kanye's still bullying her, saying, "Even if someone is picking on me, which he has for 10 years. He has picked on me, he has bullied me for 10 years."

The most recent example? Amber says Kanye, at one of his so-called presidential campaign rallies, called her a prostitute. She said, "He just called me a prostitute at his rally. Ten years later. Just leave me alone. I don't talk about you. Obviously, it comes up in interviews 'cause it's a big part of why I'm famous so I try to give good interviews and not shy away from that, but at the same time, it's like, 'Bro, leave me alone.'"

When Adam22 brought up all of this, Amber responded, "That's what narcissists do, you share 2 years with someone, you take them around the world, you buy them all the jewelry, you shout-out to the world how much you love them and how much you love this person and then the person decides this isn't what they want their life to be. I opted out."

Amber also talked about Kanye's presidential bid and said there's strong similarities between him and the President.

She said, "I can see why he loves Trump, they're twinsies, they're the same person. There's things that Trump says and I'm like, 'Oh my God, that's Kanye.' He probably sees himself in Trump and that's why he supports him."

John Cena Eric Andre Injured In Stunt Gone Wrong ... Not WWE Star's Fault

Breaking News

Eric Andre was seriously injured -- and hospitalized -- after a wrestling stung gone wrong with John Cena ... and it's all on video.

The comedian revealed the whole story on "Jimmy Kimmel Live" ... saying he was shooting a bit for "The Eric Andre Show" which required Cena to hulk out and throw him through a shelf.

Kimmel watched the footage and asked Eric if the stunt hurt as badly as it looked.

"John Cena did the stunt right, but we prepped for the stunt wrong. And, that metal shelf came over and clocked me in the head," Andre said ... "And, I got concussed."

Andre says he went to the hospital immediately -- noting, "I had like a Fred Flintstone, like Bugs Bunny [welt] on the side of my head."

The good news ... Andre seems to be okay now and was joking about it with Kimmel.

"They did a CAT scan, and I haven’t been able to speak English since. I memorized this interview phonetically, actually."

Yeah, we know pro wrestling is fake ... but the stunts are VERY real and come with real risks.

Just ask WWE superstar Ridge Holland -- who underwent REAL surgery after suffering a gruesome injury on live TV earlier this month.

Hope everyone gets well soon!

Rick Ross Drops $1 Million for 87 Acres!!! Building a Georgia Empire


Rick Ross seems to be following Kanye West's Wyoming blueprint, because he just scooped up a huge chunk of property ... to expand his Promise Land in Georgia.

The rapper dropped $1 million to become the proud new owner of 87 acres in Fayetteville, GA ... not far from the multi-million dollar mansion he calls home.

Da Boss's large plot of land -- located about 20 miles outside of Atlanta -- comes with 2 houses on the property that could be renovated for Rick to live in, or could be used as rentals.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Mitt Conerly of Metro West Realty brokered the sale. We're told Ross made the purchase as a property investment ... it's adjacent to his estate.

Rick's 87-acre purchase is a BIG deal, and reminiscent of Kayne's Wyoming land grab just over a year ago -- although Ye's plot covered several thousand acres.

And, if you're wondering ... yes, the compound Ross owns nearby is what you'd expect from the "Hustlin'" hip hop artist. That compound features an astonishing 109 rooms, including 12 bedrooms and 21 bathrooms.

It used to belong to Evander Holyfield, but Rick scored it in 2014 for $5.8 mil after a bank had foreclosed on it.

Now, Rick has plenty of room to expand ... even further than his eyes can see.

NASCAR's Bubba Wallace Berated By Famous Helmet Artist 'F**k Bubba and F**k BLM'

Breaking News

Bubba Wallace is taking the high road after a famous helmet artist -- who worked with Bubba in the past -- blasted the NASCAR driver on social media for bringing politics to the sport.

The artist is Jason Beam -- one of the top helmet designers in racing. He's worked with stars like Jimmie Johnson to Kyle Busch and more.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Beam's also pretty outspoken -- and when Richard Petty Motorsports announced they have officially named a new driver to take over the #43 car (now that Bubba has left the team), Beam went after Bubba publicly.

"RPM will actually have a wheelman behind the wheel and not a political statement looking for attention," Beam posted on Twitter.

A fan responds to Beam saying -- "So is this your final position? Cuz I remember a lot of flip flopping when you started getting called out by drivers."

That's when things escalated ... big time.

"I never once flip flopped," Beam said ... "F*ck Bubba and F*ck the BLM movement and F*ck anyone who wants to censor opinions and let politics get in the way of business relationships."

"You can quote me all you want, that’s my stance and has been from the get go."

Bubba saw the tweets and decided to respond -- expressing his disappointment with the artist.

"Can usually let the BS roll off but when it’s somebody I’ve met personally and was genuinely excited to have my first few lids painted by him .. hits different."

Bubba then explained why he left Richard Petty Motorsports to join Michael Jordan's new racing team.

"I ultimately left bc I just wanted a different look. No hard feelings just a personal feeling."

Wallace had this final message for Beam -- "Damn dude. Roger that."

As for the new Richard Petty driver -- RPM announced 24-year-old Erik Jones will take over the #43 car.

"Erik is an exceptionally talented driver, and we are excited to have him join our team,” RPM CEO Brian Moffitt said.

"At only 24 years old, Erik is part of NASCAR’s next generation of stars. He has won races at every level in NASCAR he has competed in – including in the NASCAR Cup Series. Erik is a proven winner and we look forward to providing him with the opportunity to add more wins to this already impressive resume."

Eddie Van Halen Rare Guitar from 2007-08 Tour ... Hot for Auction


Eddie Van Halen's sadly gone, but this one-of-a-kind piece of rock 'n' roll history helps his legend live on ... and it's going up for grabs soon.

The iconic guitarist had the red, white and black Charvel guitar -- similar to his famed Frankenstrat, AKA "Frankenstein," he played for decades -- custom-built for Van Halen's 2007-2008 North American Tour.

The tour's known for reuniting original lead singer, David Lee Roth, with the band -- along with the debut of Eddie's son, Wolfgang, on the bass -- and for being their most profitable tour ever.

We're told this particular guitar was the only one personally crafted by EVH for the tour, making it truly unique, and was played by the rocker during Van Halen's concert at Seattle's KeyArena on December 3, 2007.

After the show, Eddie signed and dated the body of the guitar with a thick silver marker, so a protective clear strip's been added to protect his John Hancock and inscription.

The piece comes with a custom EVH case, a signed certificate of authenticity and a great photo of the legend doing what he did best ... shredding on stage.

According to Heritage Auctions, it's expected to go for more than $20,000, but we're thinking it could go a lot higher given he was one of the greatest guitarists in music history. Bidding opens next week for its Nov. 14-15 Entertainment Auction, so if you want it ... might as well jump.

Joe Exotic Carole's Boxer Beef With 'Casket Baskin' Briefs


Joe Exotic's still managing to piss off Carole Baskin even from behind bars ... she's got beef over her old nemesis' new underwear line.

Here's the deal ... Joe's selling limited-edition "Casket Baskin Briefs" as part of the men's underwear line of his "REVENGE" fashion collection with Odaingerous streetwear ... but Carole's not feeling it.

Carole's legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Joe and the folks at Odaingerous, obtained by TMZ, claiming Joe and the brand have no right to make money off her name.

She's threatening legal action if Odaingerous doesn't pull the merch. Carole is also demanding a full accounting of any sales they've made off merch featuring or referring to her name or likeness.

As we first told you ... Joe's underwear line is selling like hotcakes, and the top seller is the 'Casket Baskin' boxer briefs, which are going for $29 a pop. So, there could be a lot of money at stake here.

You had to know it was only a matter of time before Carole pounced.

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