Jay Leno I Won't Stop Riding Motorcycles ... Despite Bone-Breaking Crash

Jay Leno isn't letting a few broken bones stop him from getting back on his motorcycle ... telling us he's got no plans to quit riding despite a recent scary accident.

Jay tells TMZ ... everyone's telling him to stop riding motorcycles, but "when you're 72, crashing a motorcycle is better than slipping in a walk-in bathtub."

As we reported ... Jay recently revealed he crashed his vintage motorbike January 17, suffering a broken collarbone, two fractured ribs and two cracked kneecaps during the accident -- an incident that flew under the radar.

Jay tells us he still plans on riding motorcycles despite the accident, because ... "Once men get past the age of 40 you can't teach them anything!"

The TV host says he didn't even realize how badly injured he was after flying off his motorcycle when he was clotheslined by an unmarked wire stretching across a parking lot ... he says he actually drove himself to the doctor, where he was diagnosed with broken bones.

As for the bike, Jay says it kept going after he was knocked off ... crashing into a building. He tells us the bike is at his famous Burbank garage and he plans on fixing it.

Jay's shouldering the blame for the incident ... telling us he's not going to sue whoever strung up the wire without hanging a flag from it, because he's not a "lawsuit guy."


The former "Tonight Show" host is having some pretty scary accidents of late ... back in November, he sustained severe facial burns and other injuries in a car fire at his garage.


Jay insists he's fine, though ... telling us he plans to perform Sunday night at The Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA for a soldout crowd.

Paul Pelosi Chilling 911 Call ... After Intruder Smashed in Back Door


Paul Pelosi's attacker cased the family's home before making a move inside, leading to a chilling 911 call from Paul where he subtly relayed to the operator he was in danger.

We've obtained additional footage from outside the Pelosi home in San Francisco from the night of the attack when David DePape broke in and struck Paul with a hammer. At first, DePape checks around the house, possibly looking for a way in.

A few minutes pass, and he returns with a bag ... pulling out a hammer and gloves. DePape doesn't waste a lot of time smashing the back door with his weapon and climbing inside.


The 911 call Paul made is equally as terrifying, you hear him try to stay calm -- without outright saying there was a problem -- it's clearly an attempt to keep DePape at bay.

He tells the operator his name, and states his friend is there but he doesn't know the "friend" as you can also hear DePape in the background. Paul then tells the operator he has to go, and that his "friend" really wants him to get off the phone.


In additional footage released Friday, you see cops find Pelosi and DePape at the door, Pelosi tries to wrestle the hammer away from the intruder -- but he strikes him in the head -- knocking Paul out cold before cops intervene.


DePape has been charged with attempted murder, residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder, and threats to a public official and their family.

Priscilla Presley Challenges Lisa Marie's Trust ... Claims Amendment May Be Fraudulent

Things have gotten almost immediately contentious in the wake of Lisa Marie Presley's death. Turns out there's apparent beef between Lisa's mom and her oldest daughter.


Priscilla Presley has filed legal docs, asking a judge to set aside an amendment to Lisa's 2010 trust, and money is on the line. Priscilla was named trustee, along with Lisa's former business manager, Barry Siegel, to run things.

Priscilla says she discovered what appears to be an amendment to the trust, eliminating both her and Siegel as trustees and appointing Riley and Benjamin Keough as trustees.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, Priscilla is questioning the validity and authenticity of the amendment, claiming it was never delivered to Priscilla, the date on the document is suspicious, the document misspells Priscilla's name, and Lisa Marie's signature "appears inconsistent with her usual and customary signature."

As you know, Benjamin died by suicide in 2020, and Lisa broke ties with Siegel after claiming he gutted her assets. Since Benjamin has passed, the amendment would leave Riley as the sole trustee.

Priscilla wants the amendment declared invalid. This squarely puts Priscilla at odds with her granddaughter.

Paul Pelosi Bludgeoned by Hammer Police Body Cam Shows


Police body cam footage from Paul Pelosi's hammer-wielding home burglar attack has been released ... showing the 82-year-old getting struck in the head by a hammer.

The footage, released Friday, shows officers approach Paul and Nancy's home. Paul opens the door, standing next to his attacker, both men have their hands on the hammer in an effort to control it.

The attacker breaks away, holding the hammer, and immediately strikes Paul in the head with the weapon. Both men fall to the ground as police move into the house and take the attacker into custody. Paul is totally out cold from the impact.


As we reported, Paul was asleep at his San Francisco home in October when suspect David DePape broke in ... later telling the FBI he was planning on shattering the then-House Speaker's kneecaps because he thought she was a liar.

DePape allegedly brought zip ties, tape and rope for Nancy -- who was in D.C. during the attack.


Pelosi made a 911 call, reportedly speaking in codes to the operator while alerting them something was wrong. Cops said they saw Pelosi fighting with DePape over a hammer when they arrived, which is when he got hit in the head.

The suspect's been charged with attempted murder, residential burglary, assault with a deadly weapon, elder abuse, false imprisonment of an elder, and threats to a public official and their family -- and, if convicted, he faces 13 years to life.

Since the attack, Paul's had successful brain surgery, and attended a few public events where he seemed to be well on his way to making a full recovery.

As for the Pelosi home ... Nancy recently revealed she hired priests to perform an exorcism in the house after the attack.

Colorado Bear Poses Fur 400 Selfies!!!

Move over Yogi, there's a new bear influencer in the game -- this furry fella in Colorado is striking hundreds of poses, turning a trail camera into its personal glam cam.

The motion-detection cameras at Open Space and Mountain Parks system (OSMP) were placed in the Boulder area to passively observe wildlife activity ... capturing photos and videos of animals as they passed by the lens, but this bear couldn't get enough, and kept coming back for more headshots.

The agency says it found about 400 shots of the bear-turned-model on just one of their 9 cameras.

Will Keeley, senior wildlife ecologist for OSMP reportedly said, "The motion-detecting cameras provide us a unique opportunity to learn more about how local species use the landscape around us while minimizing our presence in sensitive habitats".

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Apparently, the wildlife cameras snap still photographs in the park, when an animal steps in front of it. At night, they use infrared light to minimally disturb nocturnal wildlife.

Keeley said, "We are fortunate to live in an area with a rich diversity of wildlife species, and these cameras help us to learn what animals are really out there, and what they are up to over the course of a day, a week, or even years.”

Someone get this bear an agent and a ticket to Hollywood ... no filters needed!!!📷

T.J. Holmes & Amy Robach Out at ABC ... Source Calls Ouster 'Witch Hunt'

T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach are both out at ABC ... TMZ has learned.

Sources connected to the network tell us, after a marathon mediation session Thursday, ABC and the 2 'GMA3' anchors have severed ties, and both will receive payouts per their contracts.

We're told the mediation was "extremely contentious," with ABC reps accusing both Amy and T.J. of various forms of misconduct, which one source characterized as "a witch hunt."

We're told one of the accusations is that Amy had liquor in her dressing room, which the ABC folks said was a violation of policy. One source called the accusation "ridiculous," noting some of the bottles were sent from top ABC News execs. The source said those execs sent other on-air talent liquor as well, so this just looked like a way to justify getting rid of her.

We're told another accusation was that Amy went to the College Football National Championship game a year ago, and came to work the next day drunk. One source called that "insane," adding she was simply tired.

As for Amy and T.J., we're told it became clear in mediation they did not handle their romance appropriately ... waiting too long to disclose it to ABC execs. ABC also made it clear ... their "behavior on set" was "uncomfortable" for some ABC staff.

Our sources say the mediation will continue as both sides negotiate the fine points of Amy and T.J.'s exit.

It's a stunning change from what the network initially said when the relationship was made public -- stating the two had not broken any rules -- as they were essentially considered equals at the show in position.


It was December 2 when both T.J. and Amy were last together on "GMA3" desk. ABC honchos pulled them as they investigated whether the couple's relationship had violated company rules -- or if company resources had been used in keeping it a secret.

We don't yet know what the two will do career-wise moving forward ... but they certainly haven't slowed anything down in the relationship department, our sources say they've remained a united front throughout the entire ordeal.

Attorney Ben Crump Details 'Heartbreaking' Tyre Nichols Attack Ahead Of Body Cam Release


Attorney Ben Crump, representing Tyre Nichols' family, is detailing the horrors of the brutal beatdown he saw in body cam footage from the incident ... telling us what he expects will happen once it's released to the public Friday night.

Crump will join us on "TMZ Live" Friday, in a preview from his interview, he says police will provide multiple angles of the incident, as well as graphic audio ... calling the clip, which he watched privately with the Nichols family, heartbreaking.


He tells us officers disrespected Tyre constantly in the clip, despite the 29-year-old asking them if he can just go home -- Crump believes it'll instantly strike a chord across the country.

As for what's next, Crump thinks peaceful protests will go down in Memphis  -- but he digs deep into the rough comparison between these 5 Black officers getting arrested swiftly and countless investigations into similar situations with white officers dragging out.


As we reported, Crump likened the horror of Tyre's beating to that of Rodney King back in 1991 ... and the public believes a response in terms of protests could be similar, too.

While the 5 officers were charged with second-degree murder, 4 of them posted bail and were released as of Friday morning. The footage releases to the public at 6 PM CST on Friday.

tWitch Friends Slam Todrick Hall ... For Implying 'Ellen' Drama Behind Suicide

Friends of the late Stephen "tWitch" Boss are calling out his "pal" Todrick Hall ... after he suggested the pressure around Ellen DeGeneres' workplace scandal might have been a factor in tWitch's suicide.

For those unaware, Todrick made the implication this week while promoting a new reality show he's doing ... telling Page Six he believed the public calling on the DJ to stop supporting Ellen took too big of a toll.

Referring to tWitch opting to take his life, Todrick added, "I don’t know what was going on in his life that may [have led] him to make that decision but I do understand."

A source close to tWitch tells TMZ ... it's extremely negligent and self-serving of Todrick to assume he knows what led to tWitch's death. The source also found it unfortunate he would speculate, especially while promoting his own project.

We're told tWitch loved his time on "Ellen," and had a ton of respect while working on the series ... pointing out he was even named co-executive producer in the final season.

As we reported, tWitch left a suicide note behind when he passed, which we're told referenced past challenges ... without going into specifics.


You'll recall, Ellen was accused of creating a toxic work environment while the show was running, as several former employees alleged racism and intimidation. tWitch, however, stood by the talk show host.

Ellen also expressed her intense heartbreak after his death ... telling people to love each other as she continued to mourn in late December.

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Call or text 988 or chat 988lifeline.org.

Tom Brady Spends Quality Time W/ Daughter Vivian ... Off-Season Daddy Duty!!


Tom Brady has a lot more free time this off-season, and the 7x Super Bowl winner is putting it to good use ... spending an afternoon with his 10-year-old daughter, Vivian, while she took horse riding lessons!

It's the first off-season since Brady and Gisele Bündchen divorced, and with his ex-wife spending a lot of time in Costa Rica with jiu-jitsu instructor Joaquim Valente ... Tom took Vivian to a stable in Miami on Wednesday.

Brady, clearly, is a very proud dad, and was seen photographing Vivian as she rode her horse.

At one point, a brunette woman approached Tom, and seemingly asked for a photograph ... and Brady obliged. The two also had a friendly chat.

While Tom is in relaxation mode, there's a ton of speculation about his future and whether he'll play football next year ... but Brady's made it clear he hasn't made up his mind, and for the time being, just wants to spend time with his kids.

Of course, Brady's Tampa Bay Bucs squad lost to the Cowboys in the playoffs a couple of weeks back, ending Tom's 23rd NFL season.

What's interesting ... there's lots of speculation Gisele and Valente are dating. In fact, two were also spotted riding horses in Costa Rica on January 18. Though, they've continued to claim JV is nothing more than their martial arts instructor.

Tom and Gisele, who officially divorced in October, have two kids, Vivian and Ben.

Conor McGregor Struck By Car While Biking ... 'I Could Have Been Dead'

Terrifying moment for Conor McGregor -- the UFC superstar was just hit by a car that was traveling at full speed while he was riding his bike on Friday ... but luckily, he appears to be okay.

34-year-old McGregor shared footage from the scene on social media ... showing his expensive Orbea cycle lying in the middle of the road.

"Got a bang of a car just now from behind," Conor said in his Instagram post. "A sun trap, the driver couldn’t see me. Full spreed straight thru me. Thank you God, it wasn’t my time."


In video following the accident, a flustered McGregor shows the aftermath of the accident ... and you can hear the driver profusely apologizing.

"All good, all good," McGregor said. "Don't worry about it."

Conor clearly understands the seriousness of the situation ... saying, "I could have been dead there, mate, look!!" and "Jesus Christ ... I think I got away with my life, there."

McGregor's pants ripped as he fell to the ground ... but as for any body damage, he seems to have no injuries.

"Thank you wrestling and judo also," Conor said. "Having an awareness on the landing saved my life. 🙏"

Eventually, Conor caught a ride from the driver who hit him ... after he explained his bike was "f***ed."

"God bless ... I'm still here. Thank God. That's all that matters."

Drake L.A. Home Burglarized

Drake's Los Angeles mansion came under attack after a man allegedly broke in, alerting the rapper's security, who in turn called the cops.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ, officers responded Thursday night to Drake's home after his security reported seeing an unknown man leaving the house -- carrying something in the process.


We're told the suspect had disappeared by the time cops arrived, and a search around the neighborhood started. Our sources say just a few hours later, a man matching the suspect's description was spotted walking down a street.

Cops stopped and arrested the man -- who we're told was carrying an item from the home -- which is believed to have been taken from Drake's place.

Our sources say Drake was not home at the time of the break-in.

This isn't the first time Drake's had to deal with an intruder -- TMZ broke the story, a man was arrested at the same place back in July for misdemeanor trespassing ... with the 23-year-old suspect claiming the 36-year-old rapper was his pops.

You'll recall, Drake picked up the 10-bedroom estate for $75M last year ... buying the property from "Take That" singer Robbie Williams!

Peloton Instructor Leanne Hainsby Battling Breast Cancer ... 'I've Got This'

Leanne Hainsby, one of the many popular instructors on Peloton, is opening up about her scary diagnosis ... telling people she's been going through treatments for breast cancer.

The cycling coach took to Instagram Friday morning ... saying she was diagnosed back in August after being terrified for weeks straight, undergoing "multiple scans and appointments with both consultants and cancer nurses."

She says it all started after finding a lump in her breast -- tragically just 2 days before her best friend, Dani Hampson's funeral. Hampson was the fiancée to 'X Factor' star Tom Mann who passed away at only 34 years old, as we reported.

Leanne says going through the loss of a close friend was hard enough, but having to navigate through the world with her diagnosis on top of it made it much worse. While getting treatment, she says her classes have been a huge point of focus for her, and she's extremely grateful for those that have worked out with her.

Apart from her treatments, Leanne says she's already had one surgery, with another one coming up to remove her port where she's been receiving her chemo -- followed by another 2 weeks of radiotherapy ... adding "I'm in fantastic hands, and I've got this."

Her fellow Peloton instructors have been coming out in droves to support her ... like her fiancé, Ben Alldis, who says, "Your shining light is shining brighter than ever✨."

Harry Styles Coming Apart at the Seams!!! Rips Pants, Fans Go Wild


Harry Styles fans won't forget his latest show -- especially those in the first row -- since he split his pants wide open while performing for a packed house that included his first celeb crush!!!

Harry was onstage at the Kia Forum in Inglewood, CA Thursday night ... as a continuation of his "Love On Tour" when the wardrobe malfunction went down.

He was in the middle of singing "Music for a Sushi Restaurant" when he dropped low to his knees and ripped a huge hole near his crotch area, giving everyone an eyeful. As you can see, he was pretty stunned by the whole thing.

There's a debate about whether Harry was commando under his leather pants. We invite you to slo-mo, zoom in, enchance -- whatever -- and decide for yourself.

Nice bonus for the A-list celebs who pulled up for the concert -- Kylie Jenner, Trevor Noah, Julie Bowen and Ellen DeGeneres were there. Jennifer Aniston also witnessed the Styles family jewels coming out party ... and that's interesting because she's reportedly Harry's first celeb crush.

In true Harry fashion, he made the best of the moment ... and the crowd went wild at the funny mishap.


He told fans, "My trousers ripped. I feel I must apologize to a certain few of you right down in the front there. I mean this is a family show" ... before jokingly asking "Or is it?!"

He later put a towel around his waist as he continued to rock out onstage.

Safe to say fans and Harry had a hell of a night, and the show went on ... As It Was!

Rodney King’s Daughter Tyre Nichols’ Family Can't Prepare For Heartbreak to Come

Rodney King's daughter knows Tyre Nichols' family is going to be in a world of hurt for a long time once the world sees the extent of their loved one's fatal beating ... and she's offering some advice before the body cam footage is released.

Lora King tells TMZ the pain her family went through after her father was brutally beaten by cops was indescribable -- adding the whole thing continues playing on a loop in your head after seeing the video, as Tyre's family has.


While she's trying to offer them some guidance, she also notes nothing can really prepare them for just how heartbroken they'll be while going through the legal process, and watching the public's reaction.

Lora was only 7 years old when the police brutality against her dad sparked nationwide outrage, which eventually erupted with massive riots when the involved LAPD officers were acquitted.

King died in 2012 of an accidental drowning in his pool.


Attorney Ben Crump -- who is repping Tyre's family and saw the body cam video of the arrest -- called the clip "appalling" and "heinous" and likened it to the beating of Rodney King.

All 5 officers involved in Nichols' death were promptly fired, and on Thursday, arrested and charged with second degree murder. Each of them face additional charges that include official misconduct, official oppression and aggravated kidnapping.

As the nation braces for the release of the Memphis PD footage, and the possibility of social unrest ... Lora advises Tyre's family, "There's no way to be normal after this."

Those words could also apply to the whole country

Brad Pitt My Super Bowl Pick??? 'Chiefs, Baby!!!'


Sorry, Joe Burrow ... Brad Pitt is definitely NOT in the Bengals' corner this weekend -- saying Thursday night he's still ridin' or dyin' with his hometown team!!!

The "Once Upon a Time in Hollywood" star made the not-so-shocking football pick after finishing up filming some scenes for his new flick with George Clooney out in NYC ... saying, as expected, it's Kansas City or bust for him this year.

"Chiefs, baby!" he said of his Super Bowl selection as he got into his ride.

Of course, Brad's been a longtime supporter of the Chiefs ... while he was born in Oklahoma, he moved to Missouri at an early age and was raised just a few hours from Arrowhead Stadium.

In fact, he's been seen sporting K.C. gear multiple times over the years, even rockin' a Chiefs cap at an awards show back in 2020.

In order for Pitt's championship dream to come true, the Chiefs have got to get through Burrow and the Bengals this weekend -- before they'll take on the winner of the Eagles vs. 49ers in Super Bowl LVII.

AFC Championship Game kickoff is slated for 3:30 p.m. PT -- no word if Pitt will be there in person ... but it's abundantly clear he'll be cheerin' for Patrick Mahomes no matter what.

Abby Lee Miller Auctioning Off 'Dance Mom' Items Come Get What's Left!!!

Abby Lee Miller is getting rid of her final ties to the "Dance Moms" franchise ... auctioning off a ton of memorabilia from the series on the heels of selling her famous dance studio.

The "Dance Moms" maven is teaming up with The Clean Out Krew to auction off iconic items from her hit reality series. She announced it was simply time to close out the chapter, as she expands all over the world.

And, there's some really cool stuff up for grabs, like Abby's infamous bench ... given to her by Kendall's mom in season 2. Its starting bid is $1,000!

Some of the other items include ... Abby's necklace and silver scepter used in promotional pictures for Season 8, her chalkboard from season 2 and the Broadway Baby's sign ... prominently displayed in several seasons.

Of course, this all comes after Abby sold her Pennsylvania dance studio for $300k back in December. Right after that, she listed her house in Davenport, FL for just under $400K.

Ya can spend way less, and score some sweet gear when the auction begins Friday, Jan 26 and bidding will be open till February 8.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Proceeds will benefit Dancers Against Cancer.

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