Jason Kelce's Wife, Kylie Shuts Down Pregnancy Rumors ... Reveals Past Miscarriage

TikTok / @kyliekelce

Kylie Kelce -- the wife of former NFL star Jason Kelce -- says she's not pregnant ... and she's blasting all those who have fueled the rumors -- all while revealing she's previously had a miscarriage.

The 32-year-old mother of three took to TikTok to air her grievances ... letting her followers know she's fed up with people questioning whether or not she has another bun in the oven.

She explained the inquiries were highly insensitive ... as just prior to the birth of her eldest daughter years ago, she suffered a miscarriage.

Sean Kingston Federal Indictment in $1M Fraud Case!!!

Sean Kingston and his mother are now facing federal charges after being accused of defrauding businesses out of more than $1 million.

Federal prosecutors say a Grand Jury in Miami indicted the "Beautiful Girls" singer and his mom, Janice Turner, hitting each with one count of conspiracy to commit wire fraud, and 5 counts of wire fraud.

The charges, announced Friday, are for allegations Sean and his mom cooked up a scheme to swindle multiple businesses out of jewelry, luxury vehicles and other goods.

Rep. Seth Moulton BIDEN DIDN'T RECOGNIZE ME ... Despite Long Friendship

President Biden's cognitive chops have been a hot topic in the political arena -- and Rep. Seth Moulton has just stoked the flames with his worrying account of their last hangout.

The Democratic congressman dropped a bombshell from last month's D-Day anniversary meetup in France ... writing in a Boston Globe op-ed Friday that Biden seemed to forget who he was during the event, even though they’ve crossed paths plenty of times ... heck, Moulton even competed against him in the 2020 primaries.

Seth's kept it real, acknowledging memory slips can happen to anyone -- but notes the Prez ain't no average Joe ... and after rewatching his shaky debate against Trump, he’s connecting the dots and thinks his forgetfulness is, in fact, a bigger issue.

WNBA Star Brittney Griner, Wife Our Baby Boy Is Here!!!

We Need To Talk / CBS Sports

Brittney Griner made a special announcement Friday ... she and her wife, Cherelle, have welcomed their first child!!

The Phoenix Mercury star dropped the exciting news on CBS Sports' "We Need To Talk" ... prior to the WNBA's All-Star Skills Challenge and 3-Point contest in Phoenix, Arizona.

"He's here," the Phoenix Mercury center said. "Seven pounds, eight ounces."

Joy Behar Blasts Trump As Narcissist ... Real Christians Don't Say God's Watching Them!!!


Joy Behar's Sunday schooling Donald Trump on live TV ... slamming the former prez for claiming God was watching out for him during the attempt on his life.

The 'View' cohost ripped the 45th president's RNC speech Friday -- her show's 6,000th episode -- and said it wasn't very Christian of him to say God was watching over him while, just feet away, another man ended up dead.

Check out the clip, Joy -- who says she grew up Catholic -- claims it's not proper for Christians to say God's looking out specifically for them because it's "narcissistic."

Richard Simmons Cause of Death Still Unknown, Buried in L.A.

Richard Simmons' death certificate sheds no further light on the mystery surrounding his death ... but does provide some interesting details on his final resting place.

In the document obtained by TMZ ... Richard's manner of death is not listed -- instead, it notes the manner of death is still pending an investigation. This explains why there is still no cause of death to report.

However, it appears the fitness guru -- who is actually referred to as a "Health Motivator" on the cert -- has already been laid to rest a week after his death. Per the doc, Richard was buried here in L.A. at the Pierce Brothers Westwood Village Memorial Park and Mortuary.

PHILADELPHIA GUNWOMAN Cops Say She Shot Baby in Leg ... Captured in Wild Video

the disturbing footage
YouTube / Philadelphia Police

A seven-month-old baby in Philadelphia is miraculously in stable condition after being shot and left to fend for himself -- with his ordeal caught on distressing CCTV footage.

Take a look at your own discretion ... a couple was out for a stroll with their baby in Holmesburg, Philly, on Thursday when a gunwoman waltzed up and started shooting at them -- but cops say it was the innocent baby who ended up taking a bullet to the leg.

FOX 29 Philadelphia

If that wasn't shocking in itself ... the CCTV shows as soon as the dad hears the gunshots, he immediately bolts -- leaving the woman and baby behind.

Mauricio Umansky Snuggles Up With Actress In Greece


Mauricio Umansky is logging some quality time with actress Nikita Kahn over in Greece ... snuggling up at a famous beach club and looking very much like a cute new couple.

TMZ obtained photos and videos of Mauricio and Nikita at Scorpios Beach Club in Mykonos ... where they shared a cabana together for a few hours before holding hands on their way out.

Mauricio is wearing board shorts and Nikita, who has a role in an upcoming movie starring Alec Baldwin and Terrence Howard, is rocking a tiny black bikini with a bandana in her hair.

Samurai Sword Attack Bloodied Woman Carries Katana Through Streets ... Video From Deadly Incident

Danielle Leivo

A bleeding woman carrying a Samurai sword down a residential street in California flags down police in a wild video ... and she's allegedly involved in a fatal domestic dispute.

TMZ obtained footage showing a woman bleeding from multiple gashes to her leg and dragging a katana as she walks in a San Dimas-area neighborhood.

She tries to catch the police's attention a couple times before Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department deputies pull up and order her to drop the weapon.

Armie Hammer Denies He's a Cannibal, But Admits to Branding ... 'There Wasn't Even Blood'

YouTube / Piers Morgan Uncensored

Armie Hammer is hitting back at those cannibalism allegations, denying he's ever eaten human flesh ... though, he has copped to some other kinks.

The actor addressed the controversial misconduct claims that derailed his career, as he appeared on "Piers Morgan Uncensored" Friday for a tell-all interview. As Armie put it to Piers Morgan ... he never sexually assaulted anyone -- nor was he ever really a cannibal.


Rather, A.H. admitted to having a very intense and sexually charged affair with Effie Angelova -- who accused him of sexual assault, abuse and of having cannibalistic fantasies in 2021. Per Armie, he and Effie had "similar proclivities and kinks."

Clint Eastwood Longtime GF ... Christina Sandera Dead at 61

Christina Sandera -- the longtime girlfriend of Hollywood legend Clint Eastwood -- has died ... according to the actor-director.

The Western star shared the sad news in a statement, where he confirmed his companion's death Thursday evening ... but provided no further details on the circumstances of her passing.

He says ... "Christina was a lovely, caring woman, and I will miss her very much."

I See Dead People??? 'Ghost' Caught on Camera ... In Front of House Where Woman Recently Passed


Believers in the paranormal may flip over this ... a purported ghost captured in Ring camera footage -- and the spot is said to be pretty spooky.

Check it out ... a floating specter floating in front of a home in Bellflower, California -- where a woman reportedly died of cancer. For those unfamiliar with the area, Bellflower is a stone's throw from Long Beach -- where the notoriously haunted Queen Mary ocean liner is docked.

For the non-believers out there, we've confirmed a lady did, in fact, die at that address earlier this year ... so, the story is checking out.

Mark Zuckerberg Donald Trump's a Bad MF … No Endorsement Coming

Donald Trump’s a bad man for popping right back up after an assassination attempt, says Mark Zuckerberg … though he’s stopping short of giving him an endorsement.

The tech guru discussed the 45th POTUS taking a bullet at his Pennsylvania Rally in a Bloomberg interview published Thursday  … adding the dude’s a straight-up “badass.”

MZ says it wasn't just him hopping back up … but the visual of DJT pumping his fist while the American flag waved in the background really struck the Facebook founder. Zuck adds it’s not about politics, but instead speaks to his inherent patriotism.


Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie's daughter, Shiloh, is taking the next step to ditch her dad's last name -- all so a judge can speed things up and make it all official.

Shiloh -- who just recently turned 18 -- recently took out an ad in the L.A. Times newspaper to announce she'd filed a petition to drop "Pitt" from her surname -- which is a standard legality before the court green lights a name change.

Shiloh filed to change her name from Shiloh Nouvel Jolie-Pitt to Shiloh Nouvel Jolie, per the newspaper notice. It also states anyone who has objections to the petition should show up in court later this month. Otherwise, she's going forward with her plan.


robbed !!!

Platinum-selling rapper Blxst is the latest celeb to get caught in the burglary wave hitting L.A. -- surveillance videos show crooks invading his house and snatching a bunch of his shoes in the caper!!!

Blxst posted the clips Friday morning, and you can see the creeping crawlers slink into his backyard. As you'd expect, Blxst is making no apologies for his frustration and anger.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ Hip Hop ... the incident happened around 2:30 AM Tuesday -- 3 dudes in hoodies smashed a glass door and broke into the back of the house.

President Biden Family Discussing Him Dropping Out ... Campaign Insists He's Not

President Biden's reportedly talking to his family about dropping out of the presidential race -- but that's news to his campaign team, which insists their guy's not going anywhere.

NBC News reports the First Family's talking about possible plans for POTUS to make a hasty exit ... saying the overall tone of the discussions is about having a concrete plan in place so Biden can bow out without ruining Democrats' chances to beat Donald Trump.

Among their considerations ... his health, his family and the country's stability. Biden reportedly wants to end his bid in his own time, too -- so don't expect him to rush an announcement.

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