Hayden Hopkins Expecting Child With Joey Gallo ... Not Mark Davis

The woman rumored to be expecting a child with Las Vegas Raiders owner Mark Davis is actually welcoming a baby with MLB player Joey Gallo, TMZ Sports has learned.

The erroneous reports were made over the weekend ... with several irresponsible NFL social media accounts assuming Hayden Hopkins -- who was spotted alongside the team owner at a game in 2022 -- was pregnant with his first kid.

We got down to the bottom of things ... and as it turns out, there is still a sports connection to Hopkins' future baby -- just not what was previously indicated.

Chris Jericho Talks AEW Growth, Wrestling Future ... And Becky Lynch Rumors!


Chris Jericho's been with AEW since day one, and five years later, the promotion's rolling, and the wrestling legend's still kickin' ass ... so, when the FTW Champ stopped by the TMZ offices, we asked about the swirling Becky Lynch rumors -- could "The Man" be All Elite?!

53-year-old Jericho, in Los Angeles for Dynamite, sat down with Babcock Tuesday morning ... where the guys discussed everything from Chris' start in pro wrestling, his big move to All Elite Wrestling -- where he just retained his FTW belt at Double or Nothing -- how much longer he wants to compete, and Tony Khan's efforts to continue to build their brand, and much more.

Regarding Lynch, there's been a ton of speculation about Becky's future after she lost her WWE Women's World Championship title to Liv Morgan on Monday's ep of Raw. Lynch, whose WWE contract is reportedly up, was said to be very emotional after the match ... with many speculating she could be headed elsewhere.

TMZ TV Hot Takes Robert De Niro Slams Trump Outside Trial ... North West Hits the Stage & Mike Tyson's Health Scare

Hope you're well rested from the holiday weekend ... because we have some TMZ TV Hot Takes to share.

TMZ Live


First up, on "TMZ Live," Harvey and Charles break down Robert De Niro's appearance outside Donald Trump's trial ... where the Oscar winner went toe-to-toe with supporters of 45.



Next up, on "TMZ TV," the gang discusses North West's singing debut at the Hollywood Bowl's production of "The Lion King" ... debating whether she deserved to get the gig or not.

TMZ Sports

BACK TO 100%

Finally, on "TMZ Sports," Mike and the boys spill all about Mike Tyson's recent health scare ... sharing an important update for the boxer.

Check your local listings for when TMZ is on in your area or catch up on past episodes!

Guess Who This Girl In Her Tutu Turned Into!

Before this lil cutie from Salt Lake City was stirrin' up the pot on reality telvision, she was just diggin' into her treasure chest and pulling out the sparkles and tutus, before making her way to West Hollywood, California.

She may NOW live in the valley, but she opened up a sandwich shop just a hop, skip and jump away from her good ole' stomping grounds ... SUR!

No longer serving crispy chicken and goat cheese balls ... today you can catch her on the pod with Dayna Kathan.

"These are the best days of our lives!"

Can you guess who she is?

UFO Another Alleged Sighting in NY ... During Blue Angels Show


Another alleged UFO has been spotted in New York City -- if you buy this blink-and-you'll-miss-it footage, that is ... which looks eerily similar to other sightings of late.

Check out this video obtained by TMZ ... which lasts no more than a nanosecond, but where an unidentified object whizzes across a clear blue sky during a Blue Angels demonstration in Long Island last Friday.

The object in-question moves at a wildly fast speed ... as one of the planes does its thing in the air -- and considering this is a super hornet jet we're looking at, it's damn impressive.

Jason Kelce's Wife Confronts Rude Fan On Vacation


Jason and Kylie Kelce were seemingly trying to have a low-key date night when it was interrupted by a fan in need of a lesson in manners ... 'cause the Philadelphia Eagles legend's wife was forced to confront a woman in a heated exchange.

A brief clip of the interaction was captured and posted on social media ... with Philly-based podcast "Word to the Wise" claiming the married couple was minding their business when they were stopped by someone wanting a picture outside Steve & Cookies in New Jersey.

The outlet cited multiple witnesses who are adamant the Kelces politely declined the photo-op ... but the woman didn't take it lightly as she approached them and started yelling.

Dennis Quaid I'm Voting Trump ... 'He's My A**hole'

Dennis Quaid is primed to join the Trump train for the upcoming U.S. Presidential election ... and he's making some pretty unfiltered statements about his pick, with choice language.

The actor went on "Piers Morgan Uncensored" this week, and he flat out said ... he's voting for Trump come November. He says it makes sense to him seeing the state of politics nowadays ... adding he couldn't care less about the backlash or what people say about DT.

Piers Morgan Uncensored

As DQ eloquently put it ... "People might call him an a**hole, but he's my a**hole."

Beantown Buzz TV News Anchor Appears to Swallow Fly ... But Powers on Through!!!

A TV news anchor in Boston appeared to swallow a fly live on the air -- but rather than cough up a storm or make a big fuss ... she just downed it and kept on going.

Check out this wild clip that shows Boston 25 News reporter Vanessa Welch leading a newscast late last week when something seemed to fall right into her mouth and down her throat in a flash ... which, of course, happened to be caught on camera.

On its face, it looks to be a bug of some sort -- likely a fly if it was in fact an insect -- but some have suggested it was something else entirely ... maybe an eyelash.

Jenna Ortega Supports Palestine ... After 'Scream' Costar's Firing

Jenna Ortega has voiced her support for Palestine ... 6 months after her "Scream" costar, Melissa Barrera, was fired from the franchise for doing the same thing.

The actress -- who played Melissa's little sister in 2022's "Scream" and 2023's "Scream VI" -- took to her Instagram on Tuesday, sharing her stance on the Israel-Hamas war after airstrikes hit Rafah and reportedly killed at least 45 people.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The "Wednesday" star wrote ... "Masses debating over a ceasefire while thousands upon thousands of children continue being slaughtered. Where is the humanity."

Marc Lamont Hill Defends North West in 'Lion King' Nepotism is Everywhere!!!


Marc Lamont Hill is over people complaining about nepo-babies in Hollywood ... sharing his stance on the heels of North West's controversial "Lion King" casting.

We got the author Tuesday on "TMZ Live," where he defended Kim Kardashian and Kanye West's oldest daughter for using her celebrity status to land a role in the Hollywood Bowl production of the Disney classic -- despite her lack of singing ability.


Marc said out loud the thing just about everyone in showbiz already knows -- "In every movie, every play, every domain of pop culture, somebody casts somebody who's not that good ... We've put rappers in movies for the last 30 years ... and the reason we do it is because people are famous and famous people bring in tickets."

Travis Scott No Worries After Cannes Brawl ... Jet Skis & QT with Kids!!!

Travis Scott isn't letting the Cannes brawl ruin his quality time with his children Stormi and Aire ... as they enjoyed some fun in the sun while in the South of France.

The rapper -- dressed in a long-sleeved shirt, shorts and blue swim shoes -- hit the water Tuesday with the kids he has with his ex, Kylie Jenner ... basking in the sun while on a yacht off the coast of Saint-Tropez.

Stormi stayed on the boat with her younger bro while dad rode a jet ski around the crystal clear French Riviera water. If the photos are any indication, Travis was having the time of his life.

POPE FRANCIs Gay Slur Ain't Really a Big Deal ... Says Openly Gay Priest


Pope Francis' homophobic slur is being dismissed as no big deal, especially considering most seminaries are mostly made up of gay dudes ... so claims one priest anyway.

Father James Alison -- a practicing Catholic and theologian in Madrid, and who's openly gay -- shared his POV on "TMZ Live" Tuesday ... explaining when the Pope speaks to Italian bishops behind closed doors, he's most likely addressing a group primarily composed of gay men -- with FJA theorizing he's likely fully aware of their sexuality 'cause he lives with them.

Therefore, Father James says he likely used the term in a positive/light-hearted context, among people he knows, rather than in a negative way typically associated with the term.

'TEXAS CHAINSAW' Star Bill Moseley Struck by Cyclist in Hit & Run ... 4 Ribs, Pelvis Fractured

Bill Moseley -- known for 'The Texas Chainsaw Massacre' franchise -- got an unwelcome scare of his own last week after being slammed into by a cyclist ... who apparently took off.

The actor's rep tells TMZ ... it all went down in Raleigh, NC Friday -- where the horror icon was expected to attend Carolina Fear Fest ... but shortly before the event kicked off, he was hit from behind during an afternoon walk, leaving him with 4 fractured ribs and a fractured pelvis.

We're told Bill was walking behind his hotel along a dual pedestrian-bike path and that a dude came flying down the lane and ran right into him from behind ... at a speed which we're told was about 30 MPH. Rather than stop to help, Bill's rep says this man bolted ... fleeing the scene.

Bill, as a result, was left writhing in pain ... and we're told help was eventually called for him ... and he was transported to a trauma hospital, where he underwent multiple CT scans.

In the end ... Bill suffered multiple pelvic and rib fractures -- something he noted himself on IG, posting a couple shots of himself in a hospital gown, and eventually being wheeled out in a wheelchair. While what happened to him was serious ... he's keeping his spirits up.

As for the biker who hopped back on his bike and rode off, Moseley -- who's also starred in 2007's "Halloween" threw in a horror character reference, saying ... "And here I thought Jason packed a punch!"

Bill's since been discharged from the hospital, and has a 6-week rehab stay ahead of him, and has been ordered by docs to avoid putting weight on his left leg at all costs.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The folks behind Carolina Fear Fest also confirmed Bill's expected to make a full recovery, and have announced anyone who purchased a photo op with Bill will receive an immediate refund.

Bill's undoubtedly loved and respected in the horror community. In addition to starring in the 1986 sequel to "The Texas Chainsaw Massacre," he also appeared in "Texas Chainsaw 3D" in 2013 as Drayton Sawyer.

He's also a staple in Rob Zombie's "Firefly" trilogy, among countless other horror projects solidifying his status as a genre icon.

No police report was filed over this, BTW ... we're told Bill's just focused on his recovery.

Bam Margera Married Again ... Says 'I Do' to Dannii!!!


4:57 PM PT -- Bam Margera announced there will be ANOTHER wedding! Just minutes ago he posted a pic of his bride, Dannii, with the caption, "Danielle Marie MARGERA, it’s official. To all family and friends there will be a November wedding in Pennsylvania for everyone with a @yelawolf performance! Everyone is invited except Paul (head)😂❤️💍😘"

Bam Margera is once again a married man -- this time putting a ring on Dannii Marie's finger and locking her down for good ... and TMZ's got the first photos of the ceremony!

The 'Jackass' star's manager Mike Quinn tells us Bam and Dannii got hitched Tuesday in Socorro County, New Mexico ... where we're told they're down there filming a movie right now called "Collecting Souls," in which Dannii is the lead.

I Do !!!

It seems shooting the film got her in the mood for love ... 'cause she and Bam exchanged vows at the Val Verde Historic Hotel -- with a bunch of people working on set in attendance.

Jason Kelce Claps Back At Troll ... My Wife's Not A 'Homemaker'

Jason Kelce is adamant his wife isn't "a homemaker" ... saying in response to a social media troll this week that he considers Kylie Kelce his partner and his "equal" when it comes to raising their family.

Kelce faced off with the heckler on X on Monday morning ... after the app user criticized the future Hall of Famer for the way he disagreed with some of the remarks Harrison Butker made during the Chiefs star's controversial Benedictine College commencement address earlier this month.

The keyboard warrior called Jason a "hypocrite," insisting Jason's wife "is a homemaker whose home is a mess." Jason then took about 24 hours to respond ... and, it's safe to say he disagreed vehemently with the ridiculer's accusation.

Molly Ringwald Recalls Being Taken Advantage Of By 'Predators'

Molly Ringwald is opening up about her experiences as a teen star ... sharing her time in Hollywood was more daunting than fans realize, 'cause she says she was preyed upon.

The 'Breakfast Club' actress reflected on her early career during the latest episode of the "WTF with Marc Maron" podcast, where she recalled being "taken advantage of" -- this despite her shy demeanor and introverted nature as a budding celeb.

WTF with Marc Maron

She added ... "You can't be a young actress in Hollywood and not have predators around." Now, while Molly says she wasn't sexually assaulted by any one individual -- she does feel she was exploited ... although she doesn't quite get into the details of how, or by whom.

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