Chael Sonnen On Jon Jones Arrest Please Stop Driving!!!


Chael Sonnen says he's straight up "baffled" by Jon Jones' recent DWI arrest -- telling TMZ Sports it's about time he STOP DRIVING once and for all.

The two have history -- Chael famously fought Jon back in 2013 (Jon won in a 1st round stoppage) ... and they've had a cordial relationship ever since.

So, we asked "The Bad Guy" for his thoughts and he didn't hold back.

"It's baffling. You look at this guy, and this guy is blessed in so many ways. Great family, not just mom and dad, but the brothers and his own internal family, his kids, his career, he’s a handsome guy, charming guy."

"You look at him, there’s nobody that can beat him except for him. Every wound he has is just self-inflicted and that’s just hard. It's to the point where you just grab him and go 'hey man, there's people that care, there’s another way.'"

Of course, Jon has had multiple issues with the law over the years -- including a previous DUI arrest in 2012, a hit-and-run in 2015, a drag-racing stop in 2016 and the newest DWI in 2020.

"Man I gotta tell ya, it just seems like if he would just get the Uber app, it just seems like so many of his problems would go away," Sonnen says.

"I sit back like anybody else and read, Jon and I don't have the best relationship, but I've known Jon for a number of years, I've competed with Jon, I've done stuff with Jon. But I observe Jon, more than anything I can observe him from the outside. And I'll just tell you, it would just seem like if he didn't just get behind the wheel."

"So many of his problems, which are self-inflicted by the way, would not exist."

As for Chael, he's staying REAL busy during the pandemic -- in fact, he's promoting a HUGE Submission Underground event on March 29th, live on UFC Fight Pass.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Miguel A. Nunez Jr. Arrested For Shoplifting ... Juwanna Pay For Your Groceries?!?


"Juwanna Mann" star Miguel A. Nunez Jr. really didn't want to pay for hundreds of dollars of groceries ... at least according to cops, who say he gave himself the ole five-finger discount.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the actor was checking out at an L.A. Ralphs supermarket this week when his credit card got declined, so he just took his groceries in his cart and walked right out the front door without paying.

Pretty bold move ... allegedly.

Our sources say Miguel returned to the same Ralphs a few days later, but he wasn't allowed inside and cops were called. We're told Miguel was placed under citizen's arrest, and when LAPD showed up, police cited him for misdemeanor shoplifting and he was sent on his merry way.

Cops arrested Miguel but didn't take him into the station ... they gave him a ticket and he was on his way. During the pandemic, L.A. cops are not booking and jailing people for minor offenses. Cops still call it an arrest.

Miguel's spinning a different tale ... he tells us he was in a long line to check out -- ya gotta stay 6-feet away from folks because of coronavirus -- and he got tired of waiting and bounced with his items, but intended to return another day to pay.

Miguel says he tried to pay for his $200 worth of groceries when he returned, but claims the store manager told him no and that he wasn't special.

Guess Juwanna Mann just doesn't have pull these days.

Floyd Mayweather Blasts NFL Over Antonio Brown Arrest Record Shouldn't Matter!!!

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Floyd Mayweather thinks it's RIDICULOUS that the allegations against Antonio Brown are keeping him out of the NFL ... and he put the league on blast during a video chat with AB.

"They need to let you play in the NFL, man. They need to stop worrying about what you do on the outside."

"You can get arrested 40 times, 50 times," Mayweather told AB on Friday ... "Do that got something to do with you catching the ball or what you doing on the field?"

Of course, the allegations against Brown are very serious -- he's been accused of violent rape and he was arrested back in January for attacking a moving truck driver.

The league is investigating the allegations against AB -- but in the meantime, no team wants to touch him out of fear he'll likely get a big fat suspension.

But, Mayweather told Brown ... "You're supposed to be in the NFL. Tom Brady is one of the best quarterbacks of all time! He's not requesting you for no reason!

"He's requesting you because he know every time he throw it to you, you're gonna catch it."

Mayweather also brought up Brown's helmet issues with the NFL -- and suggested he was being singled out because he came from "nothing to something."

But, he ended the conversation with this ...

"Just stay focused, you'll get back in the NFL. You'll get back! There's too much talent for them to let go down the drain! We need you with the Raiders, we need something in Vegas!"

Brown responded, "I want to get it back. Tell 'em we can run it back, do this right!"

Stay tuned ...

Jason Pierre-Paul Claps Back At Mangled Hand Shamers ... I'm Still Rich!!!

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Have you seen those memes making fun of Jason Pierre-Paul's mangled hand? The ones where they compare him to a Ninja Turtle?

Yeah, JPP has seen 'em too ... and he's laughing all the way to the bank!

The Tampa Bay Bucs star finally decided to clap back at his hand-haters on Friday -- almost 5 years after a fireworks accident blew off parts of his right hand.

"For those all those memes out there with the ninja turtle hand lol. I'm still counting dem racks with it."

JPP ain't lyin' ... the 31-year-old just inked a 2-year, $25 MILLION contract to stay with the Bucs last week ... and has earned more than $75 million throughout his career.

But don't worry, the guy has a sense of humor ... and says he got a good laugh out of all the memes.

"I remember shiii was funny tho 😭😂😆🤣 never give up."

Glad we can all laugh about it now ... but remember kids, DON'T PLAY WITH FIREWORKS!!!

PGA Tour's Davis Love III House Burns Down In Massive Blaze ... No Injuries

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A massive fire scorched PGA Tour star Davis Love III's Georgia home to the ground on Friday ... but fortunately, officials say no one was injured in the giant blaze.

Glynn County Fire officials say they responded to Love III's home at around 5:20 a.m. ... but when they arrived, the home was completely engulfed by fire.

Firefighters weren't able to save the house ... but they say no one was hurt -- and add that an investigation over the cause of the blaze is now underway.

"While everyone in our family is saddened at the loss of our home that was filled with so much laughter and incredible memories, we're very blessed that everyone is safe and unharmed," Love III said in a statement.

"We're very thankful to the first responders who made a valiant effort to save our home, and we're keeping things in perspective as people across our community and around the world are struggling with the current unprecedented health crisis."

Love III added, "We appreciate all your thoughts and prayers and your respect for our privacy."

Love III has been a star on the PGA Tour for decades ... winning 21 events, including the 1997 PGA Championship.

The 55-year-old has reportedly earned over $44 MILLION in winnings on the Tour in his 30-plus-year career.

LaVar Ball Big Baller Brand Is A B-B-Billion Dollar Company

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Pardon My Take

LaVar Ball is adding a 4th "B" to the Big Baller Brand -- claiming he believes the company is worth ... A BILLION DOLLARS!!

And, yeah, he's dead serious.

Here's the deal .. Papa Ball joined the guys on Barstool Sports' "Pardon My Take" on Friday to talk about the BBB comeback -- and that's when the topic turned the brand value.

The guys brought up to LaVar that if you do a Google search for "Big Baller Brand Worth" -- the first site that pops up claims BBB has a BILLION DOLLAR valuation (unclear how they came to that number).

So, when the hosts joked about Ball paying Google to make that article the top result, Ball doubled the hell down.

"Everybody knows it's worth a billion," Ball says. "Why do you think they coming at me so hard? They don't want this to take off, baby!"

You may laugh ... but Ball turned BBB into a household name when it launched in 2016 -- with everyone from Jay-Z to The Game buying up those $495-a-pair shoes.

But, things went south quickly over issues with shipping, product design issues and Lonzo publicly trashing the brand (he even got his BBB tattoo covered up).

And, don't forget Lonzo sued BBB co-founder Alan Foster for allegedly embezzling more than $2 million, allegations Foster has denied.

Now, LaVar is bringing it back -- and says the NEW Big Baller Brand will be bigger and better than ever ... with new shoes, shirts, hats and more.

In fact, Ball recently came into the TMZ office and told us he has BIG plans for BBB in 2020 -- from an animated TV series to tire rims and even BBB water.

And, with stars like Master P and Metta World Peace throwing their full support behind him -- who knows where it could go.

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