Robert Kraft Audio Ripped Trump at '17 NFL Summit ... 'Divisive & Horrible'


New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft called out Donald Trump as "divisive and horrible" when talking about NFL kneelers at the '17 NFL summit ... and TMZ Sports has the audio.

It all went down in October 2017 -- roughly 1 month after President Trump called for NFL teams to fire any "son of a bitch" who doesn't stand for the national anthem.

FOX News

The owners felt the league was taking a serious PR hit and called for owners, players and league execs to come together to talk about possible solutions.

That's when Kraft addressed the room ... and explained how POTUS would twist whatever plan they came up with to advance his own agenda.

"I must tell you, I think these dialogues are great," Kraft said. "But, the elephant in the room now in my opinion, is this kneeling, which every player has a right to do if they feel it's right."

"The problem we have is, we have a President that will use that as fodder to do his mission that I don’t feel is in the best interest of the matter. It's divisive and it's horrible. And, it’s actually the opposite of what you all are trying to do."

Kraft explains there is 40% of the country that will crap all over any possible plan just because they'll side with Trump no matter what.

"I just hope one of the things that can come out of here is that we find a way to be unified. And, be able to carry through and follow through."

Remember, Kraft and Trump -- once close friends -- had a rift in their relationship over the kneeling situation ... but seem to have patched things up.

In fact, Kraft went on FOX News in February to praise POTUS ... saying, "[Trump is] working very hard to serve the best interest of the country."

Browns' Myles Garrett Doubles Down On Rudolph Racial Slur Claim ... 'I Know What I Heard'

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4:09 PM PT -- Myles Garrett is not backing down from claims Mason Rudolph hurled a racial slur at him during the helmet-throwing incident ... saying "I know what I heard."

Garrett just issued a statement ripping the NFL ... accusing league officials of leaking confidential information from his appeal hearing to the media.

Here's his statement in full ...

"I was assured that the hearing was space that afforded the opportunity to speak openly and honestly about the incident that led to my suspension," Garrett says. "This was not meant for public dissemination, nor was it a convenient attempt to justify my actions or restore my image in the eyes of those I disappointed."

"I know what I heard. Whether my opponent's comment was born out of frustration or ignorance, I cannot say. But his actions do not excuse my lack of restraint in the moment, and I truly regret the impact this has had on the league, the Browns and our devoted fans."

1:14 PM PT -- The NFL says it investigated Garrett's allegation and found "no such evidence" that Rudolph hurled a racial slur.

"We looked into it and found no such evidence," NFL spokesperson Brian McCarthy said.

Myles Garrett told NFL officials Steelers QB Mason Rudolph hurled a racial slur at him before the infamous helmet attack ... though Rudolph is calling BS.

As we previously reported, the Cleveland Browns star met with NFL officials to appeal the length of his suspension from the Nov. 14 incident.

During the meeting, Garrett told his side of the story ... and claimed it was a racial slur from Rudolph that got him so pissed off, he ripped off the QB's helmet and attacked him with it, according to ESPN's Adam Schefter.


But, Rudolph is VEHEMENTLY denying the claim -- his lawyer has already issued a statement calling the allegation a flat-out lie.

"This false allegation was never asserted by Garrett in the aftermath of the game, never suggested prior to the hearing, and conspicuously absent in the apology published by the Browns and adopted by Garrett."

"The malicious use of this wild and unfounded allegation is an assault on Mason's integrity which is far worse than the physical assault witnessed on Thursday."

"This is reckless and shameful."

Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens just addressed the situation at Browns practice on Thursday, saying, "I stand by Myles and that's not going to waver. I'll support Myles in every way possible."

Kitchens refused to disclose what he and Myles talked about following the incident.

Cleveland Browns

Story developing ...

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James Wiseman Cannot Accept GoFundMe Cash ... To Pay NCAA 'Fine'

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Jay Williams means well, BUT those GoFundMe donations to cover James Wiseman's NCAA "fine" won't do JACK for the Memphis superstar ... 'cause the org. won't allow it.

TMZ Sports has learned ... the NCAA is aware of Jay's fundraising efforts to help satisfy Wiseman's $11,500 mandatory donation -- but our sources say Wiseman is NOT allowed to accept the money.

Of course, Wiseman was suspended 12 games and forced to donate $11,500 to charity after his family accepted a loan from Penny Hardaway to help cover moving expenses in 2017.

Crowdfunding campaigns have popped on the internet to help Wiseman pay the monetary punishment ... with Williams and the Game Seven organization raising nearly $5k so far.

But, our sources tell us the GoFundMe cash won't fly with the NCAA.

As one well-placed source put it ... "Generally speaking, a GoFundMe would not satisfy a repayment requirement. The student-athlete and his or her family are responsible for making the donation, and that donation must also be in line with NCAA rules."

In other words, taking the GoFundMe money could lead to more problems for Wiseman.

The silver lining?? Those donations from Williams' GoFundMe won't be all for naught -- they'll still be going to charity ... and Wiseman will still be RICH when he gets drafted by an NBA team next year.

Liam Hemsworth Epic Surf Sesh ... After Sis-In-Law Says He Deserves Better Than Miley

Liam Hemsworth is boo-less in Malibu ... but he's still having a helluva time being single, ripping waves on his surfboard with older brother Luke.

Liam and Luke took full advantage of a nice swell Thursday in the 'Bu, paddling out to catch some waves and get away from all the drama back on dry land.

The youngest Hemsworth bro looked happy and at ease in the water, hanging ten before showing off his toned bod as he got out of his wetsuit.

As you know ... Liam's single for the first time in over a decade after filing for divorce from Miley Cyrus. She's already moved on to Kaitlynn Carter and now Cody Simpson.

Aside from an outing with Australian actress Maddison Brown last month in NYC, Liam's pretty much been flying solo.

Liam's sister-in-law, Elsa Pataky, made headlines Thursday when she said Liam "deserves much better" than Miley. Chris Hemsworth's wife also said her brother-in-law is a little bit down and coping well with the split.

It's the right idea here for Liam ... surfing's good for the mind, body and soul.

Montae Nicholson Breaks Silence On Woman's Death ... 'It's Been Rough'

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"Man, it's been rough, to say the least."

That's an emotional Montae Nicholson -- still clearly distraught -- talking about how he's been handling the death of a 21-year-old woman while cooperating with police.

"I'd like to make it known that this week has been extremely hard on not only myself but Julia's friends and family as well," the Washington Redskins safety said.

We broke the story ... cops say Nicholson and another man dropped Julia Crabbe off at a Virginia-area hospital last Wednesday night, where she died from a suspected drug overdose.

Montae played for the Redskins vs. the Jets just 3 days later -- and on Thursday, Nicholson was asked point-blank if the team pressured him to take the field.

"End of the day, it was my decision. I wasn't forced into anything."

In fact, Nicholson says the Redskins organization has been extremely supportive while he deals with the tragedy and police investigation.

"My teammates and fans ... the head office, they made it very well known that they have my back ... they could have shut the door on me and turned their backs, but they didn't."

As we previously reported, investigators believe Crabbe had been at Montae's house before the OD ... and a search of Nicholson's home turned up marijuana, pills and "foil with residue."

Nicholson has NOT been accused of any criminal wrongdoing -- and says he's cooperating with police.

Meanwhile, the Redskins are set to play the Detroit Lions this week and Montae says he plans on taking the field again.

"If I can play, I'mma play," Nicholson said. "I love this game. I love what it's done for me and the people around me and the opportunity that it's given me. And, if I can, I will be going."

Myles Garrett Suspension Upheld ... Still Banned Indefinitely

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Myles Garrett is officially done for the season ... and perhaps even longer.

The Cleveland Browns superstar was banned indefinitely by the NFL after he attacked Mason Rudolph with the Steelers QB's helmet at the end of "Thursday Night Football" last week.


But, the 23-year-old met with league officials Wednesday (in his swaggiest blue outfit) with the hopes of getting the suspension reduced.

Turns out, the NFL wasn't buying what Garrett was selling ... and upheld the ban -- saying Garrett is still barred from the league for all of this season and maybe some of next.

"[Appeals officer James Thrash] has upheld all discipline issued to Myles Garrett," the league said in a statement.

It's a huge loss for the Browns ... Garrett was considered a Defensive Player of the Year candidate with 10 sacks in 10 games.

It's also a big financial bummer for Myles ... the former No. 1 overall pick was slated to make $4.6 MILLION this season, but because of the suspension, he'll lose over $1 MILLION of that.

For his part, Garrett did apologize for the Rudolph altercation ... but ESPN's Adam Schefter reported Thursday that Myles claimed the whole thing started because Rudolph hurled a racial slur at him.

Rudolph, through his attorney, has ADAMANTLY denied that accusation.

The NFL also announced it has reduced Pittsburgh Steelers offensive lineman Maurkice Pouncey's suspension from 3 games to 2 after he appealed his ban for his involvement in the brawl.

Terrell Owens Blasts Stephen A. Over Kaepernick Criticism White Cohost 'Blacker Than You'

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12:58 PM PT -- Things are getting even more petty between Owens and Stephen A. ... the two are now in a heated argument on social media over who asked who to be on Thursday's show.

"They called my guy @douggiefresh21 and asked ME to be on the show!!" Owens said. "Let’s not get it twisted! I got the texts from my guy @douggiefresh21 himself asking if my ears were burning because someone at @Espn had just called him to have me come on the show."

Owens added in a tweet directed at Stephen A., "Again, 'THEY' have given u information, wrong information at that and u believed it!! AND I’M GONNA LEAVE IT AT THAT!"

Terrell Owens just ripped Stephen A. Smith for his Colin Kaepernick criticism ... and straight-up told the ESPN star his white cohost, Max Kellerman, "almost seems blacker than you."

SAS has been one of Kap's biggest detractors since his NFL workout over the weekend ... essentially blasting the QB for not publicly explaining his situation further.

TO has taken major issue with the TV talent's takes, and even sent Stephen A. a private text message about it -- so Smith invited Owens on "First Take" to air it out.

The two were arguing alongside cohost Max Kellerman over the issue ... when Owens interrupted the discussion to say, "Max almost seems blacker than you, Stephen A."

SAS was FURIOUS about the comment -- calling a "timeout" and telling Owens he "crossed the line."

"Imma check you right now," Smith said. "You done crossed the line."

Eventually, Owens explained his comment by telling Smith, "You're taking it as disrespect. There's no disrespect ... it's tongue-in-cheek."

Doesn't seem Smith saw it that way ... 'cause he went on his ESPN Radio show later Thursday and said he wished he were on another network so he could curse about the whole incident.

Owens hasn't talked about the drama on social media yet ... but we're sure a tweet or IG post will be coming soon.

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Jake Burton Carpenter Burton Snowboards Founder Dies ... After Cancer Battle

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Jake Burton Carpenter -- the founder of Burton Snowboards and a pioneer of the sport -- has died after another bout with cancer, the company announced. He was 65.

Carpenter built his very first snowboard in a barn in Vermont in 1977 ... and things exploded from there. The sport became massive and now you can't go to a mountain anywhere in the world without seeing people shredding on a Burton board.

The news of Carpernter's death was revealed to Burton employees in an email on Thursday ... with co-CEO John Lacy saying, "It is with a very heavy heart that I share the news that Jake passed away peacefully last night surrounded by his family and loved ones as a result of complications from recurring cancer."

"He was our founder, the soul of snowboarding, the one who gave us the sport we all love so much."

Lacy added, "This all happened very sudden, and it’s a tremendous loss for his family, his friends and all of you. We will share more details about plans to celebrate Jake’s life soon."

Carpenter had battled testicular cancer in 2011 -- but on Nov. 9 he told the company the cancer had come back.

"It’s the same tumor as the first time around," Carpenter said at the time ... "We just never got rid of it all. A bit of it hung out in my lymph nodes and got back into business."

Carpenter added, "As much as I dread what is facing me, it’s easier to deal with when you know that you have a family that will carry on. I feel the same way about my company, my friends and our sport."

He noted the company was in "good hands, which is an amazing feeling when entering this zone of uncertainty."

Carpenter is survived by his wife and 3 sons.


Candidate Andrew Yang Rips NCAA 'Let James Wiseman Freaking Play!!!'


James Wiseman is getting support from a Presidential candidate -- with Andrew Yang saying it's "so bogus" for the NCAA to hit him with a $11,500 "fine" for accepting a loan.

"Oh my gosh, come on! Let James Wiseman freaking play," Yang tells TMZ Sports ... "We should be paying NCAA athletes on the regular instead of cutting them off!"

As we previously reported, the NCAA has suspended the Memphis basketball superstar for 12 games and told him he "must donate $11,500 to a charity of his choice."


The money part of the punishment is what's really pissing people off because Wiseman isn't allowed to accept cash gifts from people or he'll forfeit his amateur status ... and how the hell is a college kid with a full-time hoops obligation gonna make that kind of money??

"I feel for James Wiseman," Yang says ... "Happily, he's still gonna wind up a Top 5, Top 10 pick in the NBA Draft so it's gonna be okay for him but he should still be on the court right now playing."

Wiseman's family admitted to accepting an $11,500 loan from Penny Hardaway back in 2017 so they could pay for moving expenses to attend a prominent Tennessee high school.

The NCAA considered Hardaway to be a booster because he had previously donated $1 million to Memphis in 2008.

Hardaway was hired to be the head basketball coach at Memphis in 2018.

Other high-profile stars have rallied for Wiseman -- including ex-NBA player David West who told TMZ Sports the suspension is total B.S.


NFL Rookie Chase Winovich Buys Mom Brand New Car ... 'It's Already Paid For!!!'

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Get your tissues ready ... 'cause this one is gonna hit you right in the feels.

New England Patriots rookie DE Chase Winovich wanted to thank his mom for everything she did to raise him throughout the years ... so he hooked her up with a brand new car!!!

... And, her reaction is perfect!!!

Winovich posted a play-by-play of the big reveal ... pointing at the shiny new 2019 Mazda MX-5 Miata with a bow on it and saying, "It's yours, I bought it for you."


"Get out of here ... I'll go for the Prius!" Chase's mom, Nina, said in disbelief.

Chase said it's a way of giving back for all the times she drove her car without a radio from their home in Pittsburgh to Ann Arbor to watch him play at Michigan.

"I can never repay you, but here’s a start. I love you mom," Chase said on Instagram.

The 24-year-old had previously said it was his goal to get his mom a new car when he made it pro ... and now he's finally made it happen.

Winovich -- who signed a 4-year, $3.8 mil rookie contract after being selected in the 3rd round -- has been balling out for the Pats this season with 4.5 sacks and 14 tackles ... but this is the best highlight.

Props to Chase ... and enjoy the new whip, Nina!!!

NFL's Mark Walton Bizarrely Skips & Sprints Out Of Jail ... After Battery Arrest

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Bizarre scene at a Florida jailhouse Wednesday night ... NFL RB Mark Walton skipped and sprinted past a line of reporters after he bonded out -- all while making weird noises.

The former Miami Dolphins player had been locked behind bars in Broward County after he was accused of punching his pregnant girlfriend in the face and head on Tuesday.

But, Walton posted $10,000 bond ... and when he was confronted by media members outside the jail, his strange actions were all caught on video.

The 22-year-old danced, skipped, made high-pitch noises ... and then sprinted toward a car to take him away from the scene.

As we previously reported, Walton is accused of pushing the woman -- who's 5-weeks pregnant with his baby --- against a wall and punching her "several times" in the face and head at around 4:15 AM ET on Tuesday.

In a police report from the incident, cops say Walton found out about the pregnancy just two days before the alleged attack.

In 911 audio obtained by TMZ Sports, you can hear the woman sobbing over the incident ... telling dispatch, "My boyfriend beat me up!"


Walton has been charged with aggravated battery against a pregnant person -- a 2nd-degree felony which carries a maximum sentence of 15 years in prison. He's been ordered by a judge to have NO contact with the woman while he's out of jail.

For their part, the Dolphins almost immediately cut Walton after learning of the arrest, saying, "We hold our players to a high standard and take these matters very seriously."

Walton -- who had rushed for 201 yards on 53 carries this season -- is currently serving a 4-game suspension for violating the NFL's personal conduct policy stemming from 3 arrests that all went down earlier this year.

Antonio Brown Countersues Rape Accuser Claims 'Back Incident' Was Consensual

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7:43 AM PT -- TMZ Sports has obtained Brown's countersuit in which he spells out his side of the story ... down to the graphic details. We'll hit these one by one ...

-- AB's attorney says point-blank, "Brown did not rape Taylor, nor did he exert physical force upon Taylor. Taylor and Brown had a consensual sexual intercourse on May 20, 2018."

The doc continues, "At all times, Taylor conveyed to Brown her willingness to engage in consensual sexual intercourse."

-- The Back Incident ...

Taylor had claimed in her lawsuit that Brown creeped up from behind her while she was watching a church video in 2017 and ejaculated on her back without consent.

In the docs, Brown "admits that he has ejaculated on [Taylor] with her consent in his home in Hollywood, Florida."

Brown denies the rest of her version of the incident.

-- The Sexual Relationship

Brown says they had a consensual sexual relationship for years but only had vaginal sex 1 time and that was in 2018, days before Taylor got engaged to her current husband.

Brown says he has proof of his consensual romantic relationship with Taylor -- claiming they "were filmed in romantic and sexually suggestive positions and situations, wherein consent is evident."

-- Brown admits when he hired Taylor as his personal trainer, he signed a contract that included a "no flirting" clause, which Taylor claims she included to ensure things would stay professional.

Antonio Brown is countersuing the woman accusing him of rape -- claiming Britney Taylor is LYING and has "all but ruined Brown's career."

The NFL star filed documents Wednesday lashing back at Taylor who sued Brown back in September. In her suit, Taylor claims AB sexually assaulted her 3 different times ... including a violent rape in 2018.

31-year-old Brown has previously denied the allegations -- but now he's going after Taylor for defamation.

"In summary, after enduring a failed business endeavor and also failing to gain the relationship status she desired with Brown, Taylor began a vicious campaign of lies and deceit targeting Brown both personally and professionally," Brown's says in docs obtained by ESPN.

"Taylor's acts have all but ruined Brown's career, causing him to lose a number of substantial and lucrative business contracts, and impacting the public persona in such a manner as to cause Brown and his family significant personal and financial harm."

Brown has claimed Taylor -- a former gymnast -- only filed the suit to punish him for refusing to invest $1.6 million in a gymnastics "business project" back in 2017.

Taylor's attorney David Haas has issued a new statement in response to Brown's countersuit, saying, "Antonio Brown countersued the woman he raped and blamed her for the self-destructive conduct that led to the demise of his NFL career."

"In the past, Defendant Brown has used intimidation to avoid responsibility for his actions. However, Ms. Taylor will not be bullied and remains steadfast in holding Defendant Brown accountable."

Taylor and Brown met at Central Michigan, where they were both student athletes. After Brown went pro, both sides say Taylor worked for AB as a personal trainer. AB claims they DID have a sexual relationship but he's adamant it was consensual.

Taylor had filed her lawsuit AFTER the New England Patriots signed him to a $15 million contract and stuck with him for more than a week after. The team finally cut him after he sent menacing text messages to a different woman who had publicly accused him of sexual misconduct.

BEFORE the lawsuit was filed, the Oakland Raiders had released the WR after feuding with the team's general manager over fines.

Brown has been on a mission to get back in the NFL -- just this week, he publicly apologized to Patriots owner Robert Kraft after making light of his prostitution scandal.

Will his strategy work? Stay tuned ...

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Deontay Wilder Ruiz Will Smash Joshua Then I'll Smash Ruiz!!!


Ya can't say Deontay Wilder isn't a planner ... he's got his fight schedule for 2020 all mapped out -- and it sounds AWESOME!!!

The Bronze Bomber is gearing up to fight Luis Ortiz on Saturday at the MGM Grand on FOX Sports Pay-Per-View ... but he's super confident he'll crush Ortiz, which sets up another huge fight.

"After I get past Ortiz, then [Tyson Fury]. And, then after Fury, the winner of [Andy Ruiz vs. Anthony Joshua]. I'm thinking Ruiz will get that one. And, we'll have a big unification bout!"


Of course, it all starts with Ortiz -- and if you remember the last time these two monsters stepped in the ring in March 2018, it was VIOLENT!

Wilder knocked Ortiz down in the 5th -- but fought back and ALMOST knocked Wilder out in the 7th -- only to get put down by the champion in the 10th. Insane fight.

We also spoke with Deontay about the new trend of UFC fighters calling for fights with boxing stars and if he'd be interested in taking on an MMA star.

"I don't think I would have a purpose to," Wilder said ... noting that he wants to fight for 6 more years, establishing himself as the greatest heavyweight ever and then retire.

"I don't do this to tie. I do this to be the best in the world."