Donovan Mitchell Rips Refs After Ejection 'Getting F***ing Ridiculous'

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Utah Jazz

NBA star Donovan Mitchell says the refs straight-up "screwed" the Utah Jazz out of a win Wednesday night against the 76ers ... slamming the officiating as "f**king ridiculous."

The All-Star guard was booted from the game in the final minute of the Jazz's 131-123 loss to Philadelphia in OT ... after receiving two technical fouls for arguing with refs over calls.

Mitchell was LIVID as he headed to the locker room ... unleashing his frustrations on a nearby water cooler as he left the court.

After the game, Mitchell continued to blast the refs ... saying, "It's tough to go out there and see how we fight and compete, and to have a game like that taken from us."

"This whole refereeing stuff ... We're nice, we don't complain, like, we don't get frustrated, we fight through things, and the fact that we continually get ... screwed, in a way, by this. You know?”

Spida -- an MVP candidate for the Western Conference-leading Jazz -- had a fantastic game leading up to the ejection with 33 points, 8 rebounds and 6 assists ... and feels the Jazz should have gone home with the W.

"We won this game, in my personal opinion," Mitchell said. "But like I said, I’m going to give them credit. They won. Whatever. Cool."

"But it’s been a consistent thing, and the question is, ‘Can we do it? Can we sustain it? Are we for real #1? And, yeah, the hell we are. And it’s getting f**king ridiculous that this is what is happening."

Jazz big man Rudy Gobert had Mitchell's back after the game ... telling the media he hopes the refs are embarrassed by their performance.

"I think it's disrespectful, to be honest, to the game of basketball and to our team, and hopefully, they're going to watch the game when they get home," Gobert said.

"Hopefully, they feel ashamed when they watch the game."

It’s a good bet Mitchell and Gobert can expect a letter in the mail from the league in the near future.

John Geddert Killed Himself at Rest Stop After Agreeing to Surrender to Authorities

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Disgraced ex-Team USA Gymnastics coach John Geddert took his own life next to a dumpster at a rest area in Michigan ... minutes before he was scheduled to surrender to authorities.

A family member called 911 on Feb. 25 when Geddert failed to turn himself into law enforcement officials to face 24 criminal charges stemming from alleged misconduct during his career as a gymnastics coach.

As we previously reported, 63-year-old Geddert was facing 20 counts of human trafficking, 2 counts of sexual assault, 1 count of racketeering and 1 count of lying to a peace officer -- he was facing life in prison.

According to a 911 call released by officials, a woman who claims to be a family member says they started tracking Geddert's phone when he didn't show up at the scheduled surrender site ... and used GPS to locate him at a rest area in Michigan.

When they got to the scene, they found Geddert dead next to a dumpster with an apparent self-inflicted gunshot wound to the head.

The woman on the 911 call is in tears as she describes the scene to the dispatcher.

"He's not in a vehicle ... he's on the ground by the dumpster."

Officials had announced the charges against Geddert in a press release earlier in the day -- and he was scheduled to be arraigned in the afternoon. He never made it to court.

As we previously reported, Geddert's death essentially ends the criminal case against him -- because there's really no point in prosecuting a dead person.

Alleged victims will likely take action against Geddert's estate in civil court -- but it's usually more difficult to win a civil case without a criminal conviction.

Geddert was the coach of the famous 2012 Team USA Gymnastics team -- known as the Fierce Five -- comprised of superstars Aly Raisman, Gabby Douglas, McKayla Maroney, Kyla Ross and Jordyn Wieber.

Tiger Woods Possible Reckless Driving Led to Search Warrant For SUV's Black Box


The L.A. County Sheriff got a search warrant to seize the black box in the vehicle Tiger Woods crashed ... because a judge believed there was probable cause to believe a crime may have been committed, and law enforcement sources say the possible offense is misdemeanor reckless driving.

Multiple law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the search warrant prepared by the Sheriff's Dept. outlined details of the crash that left Tiger badly injured. Some of the items go to the heart of the warrant -- establishing probable cause -- the fact there were no skid marks, the objects struck by the SUV before it came to rest, the fact it was a single-vehicle crash, Tiger's horrendous injuries as well as damage to the vehicle and apparent excessive speed.

Our sources say the words "reckless driving" are not mentioned in the warrant. In fact, our sources say no specific crime is listed in the warrant. Nevertheless, a judge is prohibited from signing a search warrant unless there's probable cause of a crime. That's the essence of the 4th Amendment to the Constitution.

Our law enforcement sources say one of 2 things occurred ... either a member of the Sheriff's Dept. went into the judge's chambers to discuss the warrant -- something that is frequently done -- and mentioned reckless driving, or the judge simply looked at the documents and determined there was probable cause of possible reckless driving. Nevertheless, our law enforcement sources say examining the black box for possible reckless driving was the object of the search warrant.


By the way ... our law enforcement sources say one crime is specifically excluded in the search warrant documents -- it says there was NO evidence of impaired driving on Tiger's part.

Alex Ovechkin NHL Star 'Speared' Opponent's Groin ... Fined $5,000

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Alex Ovechkin's wallet is now $5,000 lighter ... the NHL just hit him with a fine after it says he "speared" a Boston player in the man junk during their game Wednesday night.

Ovi and Bruins winger Trent Frederic went after each other often during the Washington Capitals' tilt with Boston ... with Frederic even challenging the NHL legend to a fight at one point mid-game.

35-year-old Ovechkin declined the scrap ... but the drama didn't end there, 'cause later in the night in the 3rd period, Frederic tried to get under Ovi's skin once again.

The Bruins' 23-year-old stole a puck from Ovechkin and then cross-checked him with his stick several times.

The Caps superstar eventually had enough, and slashed the hell out of Frederic's groin!!!

Both players were hit with penalties for the incident ... each being forced to sit for 2 minutes.

The NHL clearly felt Ovi's penalty, though, needed more ... with the league slapping him with a fine Thursday morning, explaining the dollar amount was "the maximum allowable under the Collective Bargaining Agreement."

All in all, it was probably worth it for Ovechkin -- dude's made over $120 MILLION in his NHL career AND his team came out with the 2-1, shootout win.

In other words ... ice up, Frederic.

JuJu Smith-Schuster Violent Rib Punches From Ryan Garcia ... Insane Video!!!

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FILE UNDER: Things a pending NFL free agent should NOT be doing!!

Here's JuJu Smith-Schuster eating over TWENTY punches from boxing superstar Ryan Garcia for a "body shot challenge" video ... just days before he's set to sign a new, mega-contract!!

JuJu -- who will likely move on from the Steelers and ink a multi-million dollar deal with a new team later this month -- decided to hit the gym with Garcia and take a pounding.

If you're unfamiliar, Garcia has made the "body shot challenge" famous over the last few months ... both taking and giving punches to and from celebs in wild, viral videos.

@kingryang / Instagram

To his credit, JuJu held up pretty well despite the barrage of violent left and right hooks from one of the world's best boxers ... but in the end, the NFL wideout was hit so many times, he crumpled to the ground.

Don't worry, the 24-year-old is going to be okay -- at least, it appears that way -- he posted on social media afterward, "Amazing workout with @kingryan, so much respect for Pro Boxers! This was no joke!"

Garcia also commented on the clip, joking he KO'ed one of the NFL's best receivers!

"DOWN GOES JUJU 🗣 😂😂 Body Shot Challenge claims another 🥊🥊 Respect to Juju for doing it with little to no protection."

Good times ... but, hey, maybe save the next round of punches for AFTER free agency?!?!

Baker Mayfield Convinced He Saw UFO In Texas ... 'Very Bright Ball of Light'

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Baker Mayfield ... SAW ALIENS?!!

The Cleveland Browns QB believes he may have seen a spacecraft in Austin, Texas on Wednesday ... and he wasn't alone!

25-year-old Mayfield says he was leaving a restaurant in his hometown when he and wife Emily Mayfield witnessed some visitors from another galaxy zoom across the night sky.

"Almost 100%, Em and I just saw a UFO drop straight out of the sky on our way home from dinner," Mayfield says.

"We stopped and looked at each other and asked if either of us saw it."

So, what did it look like?

"Very bright ball of light going straight down out of the sky towards Lake Travis. Anybody else witness this?"

That's when former NFL star turned analyst Nate Burleson chimed in -- saying he's ALSO witnessed a UFO in real life and promised to share his story later today.

"Aliens definitely exist!!!"

Roy Jones Jr. I'll 'Probably' Fight Again Gunning to Box Anderson Silva


52-year-old Roy Jones Jr. says he's ready for ANOTHER boxing match after that war with Mike Tyson -- and he's eyeing a UFC legend.

Roy has his sights set on 45-year-old superstar Anderson Silva -- widely considered one of the greatest MMA athletes of all time.

So, why Silva ... and not a rematch with Iron Mike?

"I think [Mike Tyson is] gonna do a fight with Evander Holyfield," Jones said ... "what I'm thinking is I'll probably fight somebody else."

"Truthfully speaking ... my dream next fight will probably be Anderson Silva."

Roy says he's been trying to lock up a fight with Silva for years -- but the timing finally seems right.

"Anderson's available now, I'm available now. So, we've been wanting to box for the longest time. Why not me and Anderson go out there and put it on for the people?!"

Silva was an excellent striker in his heyday -- and as RJJ points out, Anderson had a stint as a pro boxer before he switched to MMA.

In other words, "He knows how to pro box."

Anderson racked up a 34 and 11 record in MMA -- with wins over guys like Dan Henderson, Forrest Griffin, Vitor Belfort, Rich Franklin and more.

Jones says there's no doubt he would DESTROY Silva if the two fought during Roy's prime years -- "but now that I'm older and I'm older than him ... it's something good to look at now because I think his chances are better now than they ever were before."

So .... who ya got?

Shaquille O'Neal Destroys Tables, Gets Tag Team Win ... Wild AEW Match!!!

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Shaquille O'Neal made his highly-anticipated return to the squared circle at AEW Dynamite on Wednesday ... and MAN, WAS IT A SHOW!!!

The 7'1" NBA legend and Jade Cargill got into the ring against Cody Rhodes and Red Velvet in an epic mixed tag-team match ... and we gotta be honest, Shaq looked good!!

Of course, O'Neal has spent time training at Rhodes' "Nightmare Factory" recently ... and he clearly learned a thing or two -- showing off some solid chops and other moves.

The craziest moment of the 10-plus minute showdown came when Rhodes jumped over the ropes and onto Shaq ... forcing both to crush through two tables outside the ring!!!

While all that chaos went down, Jade was able to handle business for her team and pin Red Velvet ... helping secure the victory with Shaq!!

As for the "Inside The NBA" analyst, he was taken away in an ambulance ... but ended up disappearing later on in the show.

The "Dynamite" appearance marks the first time Shaq has taken the ring since the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal at WrestleMania 32 in 2016 ... and it was well worth the wait.

RIP, tables.

Super Bowl LV Not A COVID-19 Super-Spreader ... Officials Say

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Dr. Fauci is gonna sleep well tonight -- officials in Florida have determined Super Bowl LV was NOT a hotspot for COVID-19 ... with just 53 confirmed cases reported in the weeks following the game.

The Hillsborough County health department in Florida released its preliminary report on Super Bowl-related COVID-19 cases on Wednesday ... with chief epidemiologist Michael Wiese announcing case levels were just "a little bit higher" compared to the rest of the state.

Wiese says that small spike was believed to be a result of house parties and gatherings at restaurants and bars -- NOT fans in attendance at the game.

"While we didn’t really have a lot that was associated directly with the Super Bowl, we do know that the community kind of celebrated and got together in response to the events, which did show some increase in the transmission during the weeks afterward," he said.


Super Bowl host committee president and CEO Rob Higgins says more than 280k fans and workers took part in the game and related activities ... but just 1 out of every 4,700 attendees reported a positive test for COVID-19.

During that same time, the health dept. reported 1 in every 99 citizens in the county tested positive for COVID-19.

"Plain and simple, our collective job was to work together to mitigate risk, and the results shared today show that's what happened," Higgins said. "The Super Bowl was not a super-spreader."

Of course, there's obviously a chance some fans went untested or chose not to reveal their positive tests ... so take it with a grain of salt.

Alabama Star WR Jaylen Waddle I'd Take Mac Jones Over Tua ... As My Quarterback

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Surprising revelation from Jaylen Waddle ... the Alabama star wide receiver and top NFL prospect says he'd prefer Mac Jones to be his QB over Tua Tagovailoa.

"I like Mac Jones," the expected first-round draft pick told NFL Network on Wednesday. "Just my preference."

Waddle played with both signal-callers for years when the guys were all Tide teammates ... but Jaylen didn't mince words when talking about the Mac vs. Tua debate.

"Both of them great quarterbacks," Waddle said, "but I love Mac."

Now, Waddle does have SOME bias ... Waddle says he feels a bond with Jones 'cause the two had to go together from third-string in 2018 to 1st-round draft prospects this year.

But, what makes Waddle's comments very interesting is the fact that just last month, according to Sports Illustrated, star Bama wideout DeVonta Smith ALSO said he'd take Mac over Tua.

Look, the guys clearly love the now-Miami Dolphins star -- remember, DeVonta caught the game-winning TD from Tua in their national championship win over Georgia in 2018 -- but the comments certainly speak volumes about Mac's potential.

Jets, Falcons, Eagles and everyone else in the draft's top 10 ... you listenin'???

Cavs Players Channel Big Show, Triple H At Practice ... Hilarious Entrances!!!

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Wrestling legends Triple H and The Big Show showed up to Cleveland Cavs practice on Wednesday ... oh wait, that's Dylan Windler and Damyean Dotson!!

The Cavs players channeled the iconic superstars as they made their way to the court for practice ... and the results are nothing short of amazing!!

Here's how it went down -- Windler posed behind the rising door as Triple H’s introduction music blasted over the speakers ... and as he makes his entrance, he takes a sip of water and does the signature spit-water splash!!

Not to be outdone, Dotson followed up by hoisting a championship belt while Big Show's intro music plays ... and ends up tossing his practice jersey to hype up his teammates!!

It clearly worked -- the players are seen laughing and cheering as the intros unfold.

If you're wondering why this happened, JaVale McGee -- who documented the whole ordeal on IG -- explained these guys do it all the time when they shoot against each other during their pregame routines.

Somebody get Vince McMahon on the line ... he might have some new talent.

Kellen Winslow Jr. Sentenced To 14 Years In Prison ... Judge Blasts Ex-NFL Star

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Kellen Winslow Jr. is now slated to spend the next decade-plus behind bars ... a judge sentenced the ex-NFL star to 14 years in prison Wednesday, and blasted him in the process.

The former Cleveland Browns Pro Bowler appeared in a San Diego-area courtroom via video conference for a sentencing hearing in his rape case ... but did not comment.

The judge in the case did, however ... saying Winslow can be described with "two words and that is sexual predator."

The judge continued by saying the 37-year-old ex-tight end preyed on his victims because of their ages and their living situations ... and that Winslow thought he "would get away with it."

As we previously reported, Winslow was accused of sexual misconduct -- including multiple allegations of rape -- by 5 different women.

He was initially hit with 12 charges over the allegations ... and faced up to life in prison if convicted on all counts.

But, a jury in 2019 found him guilty of several charges, and Winslow cut a plea deal on the remaining charges to avoid further prosecution and help secure a lighter sentence.

Winslow Jr. -- son of Hall of Fame tight end Kellen Winslow Sr. -- played 9 years in the NFL from 2004 through 2013.

Yankees Manager Aaron Boone Needs Pacemaker ... Taking Medical Leave

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3:14 PM PT -- The Yankees just announced Boone is out of surgery ... and is currently recovering at a Tampa area hospital. The team says the surgery went well.

New York Yankees manager Aaron Boone is immediately stepping away from his team ... after announcing he must undergo surgery Wednesday to have a pacemaker installed.

The 47-year-old skipper underwent open-heart surgery in 2009 ... and says he's recently experienced "mild symptoms of lightheadedness, low energy and shortness of breath."

After getting checked out by several doctors, it was determined Boone would require a pacemaker.

Of course, the Yanks are currently prepping for the 2021 MLB season at Spring Training in Tampa ... but the good news is Boone says he expects to be back full strength in no time.

"They are confident that today's surgery will allow me to resume all of my usual professional and personal activities and afford me a positive long-term health prognosis without having to change anything about my way of life."

Boone joined the Bronx Bombers as manager in 2018 ... and has led them to the playoffs each season. Before he was a manager, AB played in the big leagues from 1997 to 2009.

Most famously for the Reds and Yankees ... where he hit one of the most memorable post-season home runs ever against the Red Sox in 2003.

Get well soon!!

Originally Published -- 11:44 AM PT

Luka Doncic Creates LinkedIn Profile ... 'Skills: Basketball'

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If anyone is looking to hire a 2-time All-Star, Luka Doncic is putting his résumé on display ... with the Mavs superstar creating his very own LinkedIn page -- and it's as awesome as you'd think!!

The 22-year-old former Rookie of the Year's profile surfaced on the job-focused social media site this week ... and it's laden with nuggets that would make any company wanna add the hooper to their team.

For instance, Luka's experience section includes guard/small forward for the Dallas Mavericks (duh) ... as well as "Global Chief Hydration Officer" for BioSteel -- a company he announced a partnership with this week.

Things get good when we get to the "Skills" section of Luka's profile ... which includes basketball (duh, again), hydration and fitness.

As for other skills listed?? Magic ... which makes sense. After all, have you SEEN this guy play?!

The biggest flex of all comes in the "Honors and Awards" portion of the page ... which lists all of the baller's accomplishments so far in his young career -- 2-time All-Star, All-NBA First Team, NBA Rookie Of The Year, EuroLeague 2010–20 All-Decade Team, EuroLeague champ and MVP.

Yeah, not too shabby.

It's not the first time a huge name like Luka has ventured on to the site -- athletes like Shaq, Julian Edelman and Brandon Marshall have famously logged on in the past.

Of course, Luka might be busy for the next decade or so on the court, but it's always nice to have a backup plan juuuuuuuust in case.

Peyton Manning Alma Mater Tennessee ... Reaffirms Scholarship Offer To Star QB Nephew

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The Univ. of Tennessee is one step closer to having another Manning on campus ...

Peyton Manning's alma mater just reaffirmed its full-ride scholarship offer to the NFL legend's star quarterback nephew, Arch Manning ... according to 247 Sports.

The Vols had previously offered Arch -- Cooper Manning's son, Eli Manning's nephew, and the top quarterback recruit in the 2023 class -- but the scholarship disappeared when the school cut ties with former head coach Jeremy Pruitt in January.

Now, though, new head man Josh Heupel has reportedly wasted no time getting Tennessee back in the mix for the QB ... re-sending the offer Tuesday.

It's a big deal ... many believe Tennessee could be a top option for Arch throughout his recruitment because of Peyton's family ties -- so getting the offer in a couple years before he has to make his college decision is huge for the Vols.

Of course, Arch is going to be one of the most heavily recruited H.S. players EVER ... the dude -- who just wrapped up his sophomore season -- is considered a QB prodigy and already has a ton of suitors.

In fact, Eli Manning's alma mater -- Ole Miss -- has also reportedly thrown an offer Arch's way.

Getcha popcorn ready for signing day in 2023!

Washington Football Team Replacing Cheerleaders With Coed Dance Team ... For 2021 Season

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The Washington Football Team is making another drastic change -- the organization will feature a coed dance team in 2021 ... ditching its cheerleading program for the first time in more than 50 seasons.

WFT's new senior advisor Petra Pope made the announcement Tuesday, saying the "First Ladies of Football" -- the longest-running cheer program in the NFL -- will be replaced by a coed team for a more "modern and diverse" look.

"We want to be more inclusive, so we are going to invite a coed entity (to audition)," Pope said to USA TODAY Sports.

"We’re able to do more things with the strength of a male, and lifts, so that’s changed a great deal. The inclusivity, strength and interest of choreography has changed."

Even though it's a dance team, former cheerleaders will be allowed to try out for the new squad ... which will consist of more than 36 members.

Of course, this change comes after several former cheerleaders made serious allegations in a Washington Post article last August ... claiming staff members secretly recorded them naked while making a bikini calendar in 2008 and 2010.

The Post said a former staffer was told by the WFT's lead broadcaster that the video was made for team owner Dan Snyder -- a claim Snyder has adamantly denied.

WFT reportedly reached a settlement with the former cheerleaders in 2020.

The NFL is still investigating the WFT for multiple sexual harassment allegations.

With that, Pope says the dance team will not be doing any calendars.

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