Michael Jordan Worn Undies Sell For $2,784 'Show Definite Use'

Think your new J's are the s**t? Nah, think again ... 'cause somebody just copped a real deal pair of Michael Jordan's worn underwear, and they cost about 3 grand!!

We're serious ... a lucky Jordan fan just bought a one of a kind pair of boxers at Lelands Auction Saturday night ... with the final bid coming in at $2,784.

As we previously reported, the gray and black boxers hit the auction block in August ... and the company says the trunks have evidence of "definite use" by the G.O.A.T. himself.

It's not what ya think ... there are some loose threads and a dry cleaning tag attached to the drawers.

While you may think most people wouldn't want to get their hands on these skivvies, think again ... there were 19 bids!!!

Lelands secured the garment from Jordan's buddy and bodyguard John Michael Wozniak, who you might remember from "The Last Dance" documentary.

Woz also gave the company other items worn by MJ -- suits, coats, dress shirts and ties that were included in the auction lot.

To whoever copped those undies ... you wearing 'em or framing 'em???

Kofi Kingston I'm Impressed With Lamar Jackson's Flip ... He'd Kill It In WWE!!!


MVP quarterback today ... WWE superstar after that?!?

Kofi Kingston says that's entirely possible for Lamar Jackson ... telling TMZ Sports after watching the Ravens star flip during a touchdown run this past Sunday, he could see the QB killin' it in the ring!

"I would love to see what Lamar could do in a wrestling ring," Kofi says. "He would be incredible."

Lamar put his athleticism on full display in Baltimore's huge win over the Chiefs ... somersaulting into the endzone on a key fourth-quarter play.

The 24-year-old didn't exactly stick the landing -- he joked he hurt his backside in the tumble -- but Kofi tells us the sheer athleticism of it all stuck out to him big time.

"I'd give it a 10 out of 10," Kofi said of the flip. "I don't really care about the form ... He was just out there showing off."

And, now, Kofi says he's pretty damn sure Lamar could be as big of a star as he is in Vince McMahon's world!!!

"It'd just be a matter of getting the psychology aspect of putting matches together and stuff like that," Kingston says.

Sounds amazing to us ... but good luck convincing John Harbaugh to allow it!

NFL's Tre'Davious White Gets Cookies & Ice Cream Cleats Matching Pre-Game Ritual!

Did you know Tre'Davious White eats cookies, ice cream and hot fudge before EVERY game?!?

It's true ... the Buffalo Bills cornerback does this as his pregame ritual ... and it turns out he just got hooked up with a pair of cleats resembling his tasty habit!

The 2-time Pro Bowler revealed his ritual in an interview with Bills' junior reporter Vida, saying he has to eat the following before every game:

-- 3 chocolate chip cookies

-- a scoop of vanilla ice cream

-- hot fudge

TMZ Sports has learned that shoe artist Mike Jordan -- who's done work for TW before -- caught the interview ... and surprised the Bills CB with a pair of cleats featuring his ritual.

"When I have a good idea, extra cleats and a little spare time, I don't mind taking care of my clients," Jordan tells us.

And, they came out lookin' delicious -- Jordan painted chocolate chip cookies, ice cream and hot fudge on the sides of the Adidas cleats ... and it only took about 8 to 10 hours to deliver.

Definitely a dope way to feed his tradition and Bills season ... White says in the interview, "If you can keep me loaded up on stock this season I think we're in for a very good season."

So far, so good -- the Bills are currently 1-1 (before Sept. 23 matchup with Washington) and lead the AFC East division.

Now we're hungry.

Jeffrey Jordan, MJ's Son Accused Of Assault Allegedly Attacked Hospital Staff After Slip & Fall

3:08 PM PT -- Jordan was booked Saturday for one count of aggravated assault of a healthcare professional. He has since been released.

Jeffrey Jordan, Michael Jordan's 32-year-old son, is accused of assaulting staff at a hospital in Arizona Friday night, where he was being treated for an injury he sustained in a bar, TMZ Sports has learned.

Here's the deal ... Jeffrey was at Casa Amigos bar in Scottsdale when he "fell and hit his head," according to police. They say Jordan then became combative with security who were attempting to escort him out of the bar to receive medical attention.

Scottsdale PD, who were in the area for an unrelated call, were summoned to assist. Cops interviewed bar staff, and eventually deemed the incident "medical in nature," not criminal. An ambulance was called to transport JJ to a hospital.

After arriving at a local hospital, that's when things allegedly took a turn.

Jeffrey is accused of assaulting hospital staff while being treated for the injury he sustained at the bar. A report for aggravated assault, a felony, was taken at the hospital.

As for Jeffrey's side, our sources tell us he was confused and disoriented following the fall.

Jordan was NOT arrested or charged with a crime. As of this morning, he still remains in the hospital.

Police tell us the relevant reports will be sent to the Maricopa County Prosecutors Office ... where they will review the case and determine if charges are warranted.

6'1" Jeffrey, MJ's oldest son, played college basketball at the University of Illinois, before transferring to the University of Central Florida in 2010. He played 107 college basketball games over his career, averaging about 2 points a game.

Originally Published -- 12:15 PM PT

Bill Maher Black National Anthem Promotes Segregation

Bill Maher laid it all out Friday night ... saying the United States is becoming a segregated nation again, and the latest evidence is the push for 2 National Anthems.

The 'Real Time' host blasted the NFL for playing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" -- often called the Black National Anthem -- in addition to the OG N.A. at football games.

Maher's not against a new National Anthem -- one that better reflects current times -- but he's flatly against more than one.

His argument goes like this ... Martin Luther King Jr. and many others fought hard -- even some losing their lives -- to end segregation. The battle was won 67 years ago when the U.S. Supreme Court put an end to separate but equal, which at the time was considered a victory for human rights.

Not so anymore, Maher says, pointing to colleges which now offer segregated residences, segregated graduation ceremonies, and on and on.

He invokes the words of Barack Obama, who said, "There is not a Black America, and a white America, and Latino America, an Asian American, there's a United States of America."

His overarching point ... diversity is a virtue that was celebrated until recently, and to cast that aside threatens the very fabric of America.

Something to talk about this weekend.

Floyd Mayweather Open To Oscar De La Hoya Fight ... Wants More Than $100 Mil

Floyd Mayweather vs. Oscar De La Hoya 2?!

Maybe, just maybe.

Our Mayweather sources tell us the 50-0 fighter is aware De La Hoya called him out ... and Floyd's actually open to a fight with Oscar, IF he really has $100 million.

But, we're told, people in Floyd's camp highly doubt he has the dough.

Remember, we saw De La Hoya leaving dinner with his GF Holly Sonders in L.A. ... and when we asked him about his fighting future, ODLH said he wanted Mayweather.


"You know who I'm gonna call out for my next fight? Floyd Mayweather."

And, that's when the Golden Boy threw out a huge money proposal ... "I'll offer Floyd Mayweather $100 million."

Of course, Oscar and Floyd last boxed at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas in 2007 ... where Mayweather won a 12-round, split decision.

Mayweather retired in 2017 following his fight with Conor McGregor ... but has been fairly active, taking several exhibition fights since -- including a bout this summer against Logan Paul.

Oscar hasn't fought since 2008 ... when he lost to Manny Pacquiao.

De la Hoya was scheduled to fight MMA legend Vitor Belfort ... but unfortunately came down with a serious case of COVID, forcing him into the hospital.

But, Oscar made it crystal clear ... he wants to fight this year, and he wants it to be against Mayweather.

Bottom line, if the bag's real, and it's big enough, Floyd will listen.


Rudy Gobert Unfazed By NBA's 'Random' Drug Tests ... I'm All-Natural!!!


Utah Jazz star Rudy Gobert says the NBA can come knocking on his door any time it wants ... telling TMZ Sports he ain't scared of the league's "random" drug tests!!

Of course, it's become quite the trend in the Association -- you post a jacked pic on Instagram, you get "randomly" hit up for a test.

Just ask Sacramento Kings guard De'Aaron Fox, who posted a shirtless pic showing off his buff bod in the gym earlier this month ... and then got contacted the very next day.

Before that, then-Lakers player Alex Caruso was "randomly" selected to test just one week after a photoshopped pic of him looking like the Hulk went viral on social media.

Are ya starting to see the trend here??

Gobert could be the next guy to fall victim to the NBA's far-from-sneaky ways ... 'cause the 3-time defensive player of the year posted a snap looking absolutely shredded on social media earlier this week ... so when we saw him out at LAX, we had to ask if he was worried.

"No, I'm not worried," Gobert told us. "I'm all clean, all organic, all-natural, all work."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Now, there's a chance the NBA could see this post and decide to hit Rudy with a "random" test of his own ... and if that happens, we sincerely apologize.

Teofimo Lopez On George Kambosos He Took Trash Talk Too Far 'I'm Gonna Break His F***ing Face!'


"I'm not trying to kill nobody. My whole thing is that I'm tryna break some faces, so come October 4, I'm going straight to this dude and I'm breaking his f***ing face."

That's 24-year-old Teofimo Lopez vocalizing his violent intentions ... telling TMZ Sports 28-year-old George Kambosos Jr. confronted his family in South Florida, while Lopez was battling COVID-19, and that's out of bounds -- so he must pay.

"From what I heard, because I wasn't in Miami, he was acting all big and bad and tough, I was over here having COVID and I was dying here in Vegas," Lopez says.

"I heard that he had screamed at my whole team, my whole family and cursin' at them while I wasn't there. He wouldn't have done that had I been there. So, it comes to show, like, that's just something that you don't do, especially with my mom, ya know?"

FYI, Teofimo (16-0) and George (19-0) are both undefeated. Lopez is the unified lightweight champion.

The bad blood originates from earlier in the summer ... when Lopez was forced to pull out of their originally scheduled June 19 fight because he caught COVID.

Kambosos was pissed, believing he sacrificed time with his family to train for the fight, but it never happened.

Things were said ... and Teofimo believes George took the trash talk to a place it shouldn't go -- families.

"This is the fight game, but when you take it to that next level, and I think everybody understands that family -- you don't ever cross that," Lopez says.

"I think that's where it comes down to and I just look at it now where I'm at the point where look, he has kids of his own so I'm praying for his health afterwards, but in the meantime, nah man, I'm trying to break necks."

The men FINALLY get to put hands on each other when they step in the ring on the Triller card in less than 2 weeks.

Greg Knapp Accident Driver Won't Face Charges ... Lack Of Evidence

The driver who struck and killed NFL coach Greg Knapp has reportedly been cleared of any wrongdoing ... and will not face criminal charges.

58-year-old Knapp was riding his bicycle in San Ramon, CA on July 17 ... when he was hit by a car and rushed to the hospital with severe injuries.

Knapp -- who had just been hired to be the New York Jets' passing game coordinator -- tragically passed away on July 22 ... a loss that was felt throughout the NFL community.

The incident was investigated by San Ramon PD and sent over to the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office ... which declined to pursue charges.

"The San Ramon Police Department's investigation has concluded and it was submitted for review," the police said in a statement to Danville San Ramon.

"We received official word from the Contra Costa County District Attorney's Office that they will not be filing criminal charges on the driver involved in the collision."

The DA's office explained the decision to the New York Post on Friday ... saying, there was "insufficient evidence to satisfy the requisite standard of criminal negligence on the part of the suspect driver."

Officials do not believe drugs or alcohol were a factor ... and the driver was fully cooperative with authorities.

Knapp was beloved amongst players and coaches throughout the league -- he won a Super Bowl ring as an assistant with the Denver Broncos in 2016, and is survived by his mother, wife, brother and 3 daughters.


Paul 'Bear' Bryant Worn Houndstooth Hat Hits Auction ... Name Stamped In Gold!!!

Paul "Bear" Bryant -- arguably the greatest college football coach of all time -- famously wore a Houndstooth fedora on the sideline ... and now you can own an actual game-worn hat rocked by the late Alabama coach, cause one recently hit the auction block.

Of course, Bear was the head man at Alabama for 25 years (1958-1983) ... where he won 6 national championships and 13 conference titles.

The hat -- available at Lelands Auctions -- is a size 7 3/8 hat with a gold stamp that says Paul "Bear" Bryant.

There's also a logo inside the hat that confirms it's an original. There's also a letter of authenticity from Robert Crawford, a photographer who worked the Crimson Tide's sidelines for 4 decades.

The hat shows minimal wear, according to Lelands.

The fedora currently has 7 bids ... with the highest offer coming in at over $4,400.

If the price remains near where it currently is, it's a huge bargain. Lelands previously sold 2 other Bryant hats for a combined $100+K this past year.

And, the 6 figure price tag isn't surprising ... that's how important Bear was to the game of football.

In fact, the Coach of The Year award was renamed to the Paul 'Bear' Bryant Award in 1986.

Bryant also has several buildings on the Alabama campus -- including the football stadium -- that are named after him. He was also honored with a U.S. postage stamp in 1996.

So, if you want that Bryant swag ... ya better act fast. The auction ends tomorrow night.

Good luck!

Josh Gordon NFL Reinstates Receiver ... Eligible For Week 4

Josh Gordon is back in the NFL once again.

The troubled former All-Pro wide receiver has reportedly been reinstated by the league on Friday ... and is eligible to return as soon as next week.

30-year-old Gordon has been in and out of the NFL due to substance abuse issues since joining the Cleveland Browns in 2012 ... missing three complete seasons in the process.

Most recently, Gordon was conditionally reinstated in December 2020, but that was short-lived as was booted from the league again just months later in January 2021.

During his time away from the NFL, Gordon stayed competitive by participating in the Fan-Controlled Football league alongside former teammate Johnny Manziel.

Josh's agent released a statement Friday ... saying, "We are grateful that the NFL appreciates the work that Josh put in and now he has earned another opportunity to be part of this league," Zac Hiller said via Adam Schefter.

"We are proud of Josh, and I know all the fans can’t wait to see him on Sundays."

There's no doubt Gordon is a top talent when he's focused ... so here's hoping he can stay on the right track and contribute this season.

Now, the question is ... will anyone take the chance on him??

Tyson Fury Hey Deontay Wilder ... 'I'm Gonna Smash Your F***in' Face In'

Well, this is terrifying.

Tyson Fury has a short, yet super menacing, message for his rival Deontay Wilder ahead of their trilogy fight next month ... saying, "I'm gonna smash your f***ing face in, you prick ... how's that for a message??"

Of course, the two boxing superstars have been going at each other for years ... and it's clear the hatred is continuing to fill every ounce of Fury's being.

Deontay has vowed to get his revenge after his shocking loss back in February 2020 ... most recently saying, "I just want to beat Tyson Fury's ass."


The guys even had a pretty bizarre moment at a recent press conference ... when the two stared at each other for MINUTES without speaking before being pulled from each other.

Remember, Tyson and Deontay fought to a split draw the first time around in 2018, with Fury taking the rematch in 2020 ... which Wilder partly blamed on his extravagant entrance outfit.

The third fight is set to go down October 9 at T-Mobile Arena in Las Vegas ... and we're expecting nothing short of fireworks.

UFC's Jon Jones Arrested For Domestic Violence ... In County Jail

UFC star Jon Jones was arrested early Friday morning in Las Vegas for domestic violence and tampering with a vehicle, and is currently behind bars, TMZ Sports has learned.

Our law enforcement sources tell us they received a call from Caesars Palace around 5:45 AM. Cops responded to the hotel ... where they made contact with the UFC superstar.

34-year-old Jones was ultimately arrested for misdemeanor domestic violence and injuring or tampering with a vehicle, a felony.

Jones is in Vegas this week because his 2013 fight against Alexander Gustafsson was inducted into the Fight Wing of the UFC Hall of Fame.

The fight was inducted Thursday night ... just hours before he was arrested.

It's not the first time Jones has been in trouble with the law. He's previously been arrested for DUI, among other crimes.

The circumstances that led to the arrest are not yet clear.

Story developing ...

NBA's Isaiah Austin Lands League Front Office Role ... Ruled Ineligible To Play In 2014

The journey has been long and grueling, but Isaiah Austin has officially made it to the NBA -- the ex-college hoops star has received a fellowship to work for the league’s front office this season!!

Remember, Austin was a talented center coming out of Baylor and was projected to be a first-round pick in the 2014 NBA Draft ... until his medical reports showed an underlying condition of Marfan Syndrome, which affects the connective tissue in the body.

At the time, this would put a halt to his league aspirations ... but the NBA showed love by giving him an honorary draft pick.

After 2 years away from the game, another medical evaluation allowed Austin to play professionally overseas in Taiwan, China, Serbia, Puerto Rico and Lebanon. He even scored the opening point of the 2021 BIG3 season.

Now, Austin is happy to move on from his playing career and start his life off the basketball court in retirement.

"Here I am, in year five, and I’m ready for the next stage of my life," Austin told Shams Charania.

Austin says he's out to prove he's willing to start from the ground-up and earn a living by learning the ropes in each department the league has to offer.

Austin’s fellowship will start October 4 and last a full year ... and he’ll be looking to work with an official team by next season.

Congrats to Isaiah!!

Jordan Spieth Nearly Tumbles Into Lake Insane Shot At Ryder Cup


Jordan Spieth almost sent himself into Lake Michigan on the 17th hole at the Ryder Cup on Friday ... but somehow managed to land an insane recovery shot in the process!!

It all went down during the first day of Ryder Cup action at Whistling Straits in Wisconsin ... when Spieth was facing a tough shot in thick grass and couldn't even see the pin.

But, the 28-year-old took his best swing, lost his balance and started tumbling towards the water.

The dude managed to stay on his feet the whole time, but it definitely required some quick thinking as he navigated through the steep terrain.

But, the best part?? Spieth was so busy trying to stay dry that he didn't see his shot land about 10 feet from the hole!!

It was a remarkable effort from the 28-year-old ... but unfortunately, it didn't help Team USA win the hole ... as Justin Thomas ended up missing the putt.

Jon Rahm and Sergio Garcia won the hole and the match for Team Europe ... but man, what a helluva moment for Spieth.

Congrats on the shot ... AND for not having to be fished outta the lake.

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