North West Takes Private Jet Home Back to L.A. After Paris 'Vultures' Gig

North West is living the good life ... jetting back home in a private jet after performing her chart-topping collab with Kanye West in Paris.

Kanye and Kim Kardashian's oldest daughter touched down Monday in Los Angeles aboard a PJ, hustling back home after doing her thing Sunday at a "Vultures" listening event halfway across the world.

North's traveling party included her nanny and at least one bodyguard ... and it looks like she did some shopping in Paris, because they walked off the plane with bags from Chanel and Celine, two French luxury fashion houses.

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The private flight home caps off a big week for North and her pops ... all 16 tracks from Kanye and Ty Dolla Sign's "Vultures 1" album cracked the Billboard Hot 100, including North's feature on the song "Talking."

North's little brother is doing big things too -- the same day North was performing in Paris, Saint West escorted soccer star Lionel Messi to the field at the Inter Miami vs. L.A. Galaxy match.

Inter Miami CF

Time to reboot that ol' TV show ... (rich) kids do the darndest things!!!

Princess Love Ray J Divorce Purge Or PR Stunt???


Princess Love put the final nail in the coffin containing her marriage with Ray J by abruptly filing for divorce on Monday ... or did she?

TMZ Hip Hop caught up with Princess out in Bev. Hills shortly after she publicly told the world she and Ray were splitting for the fourth time.

Princess tells us she's still on the up after the latest divorce filing but she wouldn't exactly spill on what prompted her to sign the paperwork.

Their "Love & Hip Hop" fanbase was extremely skeptical of the news and suspected foolishness afoot ... in the form of a classic PR stunt.

Princess had no comment for her critics ... which will likely fuel their suspicion even more, but of course, she has no control over that.

She does guarantee, however, rain or sunshine, the two will always remain friends.

Ray J's Wife Princess Love Files for Divorce (Again) ... 4th Time's the Charm???

Ray J and Princess Love are on the outs again -- and she's ready to throw in the towel in court ... filing to end their marriage, marking the 4th time they've been down this road.

The 'L&HH' star filed for divorce Monday in L.A. County -- and while the details of what she wants out of it are unclear at this point ... the fact she's calling it quits isn't. The only thing we know for certain is she notes there are minor children involved, and money's gotta be hashed out.

Worth noting ... she's the petitioner this time, and Ray's the respondent -- on their third divorce attempt, RJ was the one who filed ... and that was back in 2021. He also initiated their second divorce filing in late 2020 ... and she kicked it off initially in Spring '20.

So, they've kinda been going back and forth over who files ... this time, it's her doing it.

PL posted a lengthy statement on IG addressing the news, writing ... "It is with heavy hearts that we share the news of our decision to divorce. After much reflection, discussion, and counseling, we have come to the difficult realization that our paths have diverged, and it is in the best interest of both of us to part ways."

She goes on to say they're doing this with both of their well-being in mind, and that they're committed to being great co-parents to their two kids, a young daughter and son they share.

Princess Love asks for privacy over their divorce, finishing by saying ... "Though this chapter of our lives may be closing, we look forward to embracing the opportunities for growth, healing, and new beginnings that lie ahead. We are confident that with time, understanding, and the support of our loved ones, we will navigate this transition with grace and resilience."

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They've had a number of issues over the years, but until now ... they've been able to make peace and yanked all the divorce filings leading up to this. Now, it seems truly over.

ScHoolboy Q FOH With Bobbi Althoff Interviews ... I'm Standing With Hov!!!

ScHoolboy Q is dropping his new album this Friday and the promotional landscape has changed since then ... but he's rejecting one of the biggest platforms of the moment, Bobbi Althoff's podcast!!!

Q scratched Bobbi off his list while fielding questions about his "Blue Lips" album, but also was able to nix another bucket list item for the project ... playing the album for Jay-Z!!!

Last week, the TDE rapper wished upon a star to have a chance to give Hov an exclusive preview, which he did on Monday when he and label president Punch took a trip to the Roc Nation offices.

Q claims Jay asked him to run it back after listening ... on March 1, both of their credibilities will be on the line. Hov did break out his Reebok S. Dot Carter sneakers for the occasion though ... so album must be a banger!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The album marks Q's first album in nearly 5 years ... he's more comfortable nestling up to the legends than newcomers at this stage in his career.

Drake Fans Mother, Daughter Ran Over By Speeding Car ... After His St. Louis Concert

Tragic Collision

Tragic new video shows the moment a mother and daughter leaving a Drake concert were killed by a car running a red light -- and you can see just how fast this person was driving.

The dramatic footage shows Laticha Bracero and her adult daughter, 21-year-old Alyssa Cordova, walking through a crosswalk on early Feb. 14 -- right after Drake's concert in St. Louis -- when, suddenly, a car comes flying into frame, blowing through a red light and sideswiping another car before running them over.

It all happens in a flash -- and we've stopped the video to avoid showing the gruesome moment of impact -- but make no mistake ... Bracero and Cordova were obliterated.

Obviously, the fatal incident is absolutely horrific -- and worse yet, it happened a few blocks away from the Enterprise Center in downtown St. Louis, where the women had just left a Drake show ... the 2nd night of his two-show performances there in town.

The St. Louis Metropolitan Police Department says the mother died at the scene and her daughter later died at a hospital.

Cops also claim the alleged driver, 22-year-old Monte Henderson, was running red lights for several blocks and speeding in a Jeep Cherokee before running over the women and injuring several other pedestrians. They ended up finding him and arresting him shortly after this.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Henderson's been charged with two counts each of armed criminal action and involuntary manslaughter. Cops say he was speeding at over 70 MPH -- it's unclear why he might've been driving that fast ... but in any case, he has reportedly since bonded out of jail.

TMZ Studios

According to the St. Louis Post-Dispatch ... a judge overseeing his case denied a request from prosecutors to keep him locked up -- with them arguing he's a danger to the community -- and allowed to be freed on a $20,000 bail. He has since been released from custody.

The mother and daughter apparently weren't even from St. Louis -- word is, they'd traveled into town from Chicago just to catch Drizzy in person. A GoFundMe to help pay for funeral arrangements and other costs has been started in their name.


Kanye West Need My Fans to Boycott Adidas!!! They're 'Raping' My Designs

They're Suing Me!
Instagram / @kanyewest

Kanye West's beef with Adidas is far from finished, despite the fact he recently posted a shot with its CEO Bjorn Gulden -- making it seem like the cold war had thawed, but now he's accusing the company of creative "rape."

On Monday, instead of celebrating his "Vultures 1" album staying at No. 1 for the 2nd straight week, Ye called out Adidas for selling colors of his popular Yeezy sneakers that he never approved, and claiming it was using contract clauses to "rape an artist, one of y'all's favorite artists" -- clearly referring to himself.

Adidas is aggressively promoting the Yeezy Boosts in a new "steel grey" shade which Ye says is as fake as a $3 dollar bill.

Ye says Adidas is using legal loopholes and muddled language to pull a fast one without his consent, in addition to suing him for $250 million.

And Ye is calling for his true fans to turn their back on the brand.

TMZ Studios

On February 12, Ye and Gulden posted up together, where all signs pointed to a reconciliation ... which clearly isn't the case anymore.

Drake Free Tory Lanez!!!

Drake is throwing more support to his fellow Canadian Tory Lanez as he serves out his 10-year sentence in the Megan Thee Stallion case ... but Champagne Papi wants him out ASAP!!!

Following the Cleveland show of his, "It's All a Blur - Big As the What?" tour, Drake tossed up a black-and-white photo of Tory and captioned the flick "3 you" ... as in free the "Alone At Prom" singer from his current predicament.

Tory was found guilty of shooting MTS last August and promptly sentenced to 10 years ... and was eventually denied bond.


Megan's lawyer told us Drake and other doubters would eat crow ahead of the verdict but Drake's going Team Canada all the way.

Despite Drake's wishes, it appears Tory will be staying put for the time being ... a scenario Tory says he's since made peace with.

TMZ Studios

Fans are pissed at Drake for still standing by Tory and this isn't the first time he rubbed them the wrong way.

Drake sent a slick shot to Megan about her lying about being shot by Tory on his Grammy-nominated "Her Loss" album ... and his new call for freedom says the Hotties won't be getting an apology anytime soon.

Keyshia Cole Surprises Middle Schoolers 'Love' Is In The Air!!!


Keyshia Cole's music has transcended several generations ... just ask the group of middle schoolers the R&B songstress just floored with a surprise performance of one of her earlier hits!!!

A choir of middle schoolers at Ron Clark Academy in Atlanta were recently belting out Keyshia's 2005 track "Love" at a concert ... but were caught off guard when Clark stopped and cut the music mid-way, instructing them to sing it more like the originator.

The gag could've potentially killed the little guy leading the choir's confidence... Clark told him he wasn't bringing enough heart and soul to the show!!! 😬

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Little did they know, the originator was waiting in the back to crash the party ... and the kids completely lost their minds when Keyshia showed up and joined them in a super "Love" sing-along.

TMZ Studios

The song has been blowin' up on TikTok and is also a go-to for up-and-coming singers to show off their vocal range.

Coco Jones covered "Love" a few years ago and won a Grammy for Best R&B Performance!!!

Keyshia's a pro. She went on to headline her own "Love Hard" tour right after!!!

Beyoncé Uncle Butch Dead At 77

Tragedy has hit Beyoncé's family ... the megastar's uncle has passed away.

Bey's mom, Tina Knowles, delivered the news on Instagram just hours ago, revealing her brother, Rowland Martin Buyince, who went by Butch, died over the weekend. No word yet on how what happened.

Tina uploaded a black and white photo of Butch in a United States Air Force uniform with a caption honoring his memory.

She called Butch her "Beautiful big brother" who was now with God in heaven, while expressing she'll miss him "so much."

She described Butch as a handsome "career Airforce man” who had a passion for riding motorcycles and was a black belt in karate.

TMZ Studios

Tina noted Butch's "beautiful green eyes," while emphasizing that he was a "great story teller" and was beloved by his incredible wife Jeanette, daughter Dana, and two grandchildren Yvette and Roland.

So far, Bey has not commented on Butch's passing ... but we expect something from her to down the pike.

As you know, Bey's been making headlines lately with her recent pivot to country music, releasing the hit country song, "Texas Hold 'Em."

Butch was 77.


Bad Bunny Taken to Task By PETA ... Don't Ride Horses Onstage!!!

Bad Bunny's got animal rights activists up in arms for a stunt during his new show ... and PETA's not horsin' around in their response.

ICYMI ... singer-songwriter kicked off his "Most Wanted" tour in Salt Lake City Wednesday night, and at one point he trotted out in style -- on the back of a horse.


Check out the video ... BB's in an all-denim 'fit on the back of a chestnut-colored horse heading out to the spotlight with tons of fans screaming for him.

PETA wasn't cheering Bad Bunny on though, posting the video to TikTok with a sharp condemnation attached in white lettering.

Their main point ... horses are skittish animals who have no business being near the loud noise and bright lights of a concert setting, and adding the horse, the crowd or even Bad Bunny himself coulda been hurt.

If all this feels vaguely familiar ... it's 'cause PETA's called out other artists for this exact same thing before. Notably, CeeLo Green, who fell off a horse last year.

Courtesy of Willie Ross

Remember ... Green wanted to make an impact with his entrance to Shawty Lo's birthday party last April. The horse was clearly nervous at the time, jolted forward then slipped on the tile floor, spilling CeeLo from its back.

PETA told us at the time the fall was essentially inevitable ... for all the same reasons they think BB shouldn't have been on a horse. Loud noises and flashing lights and horses just don't mix.

TMZ Studios

Unclear if this horse stunt was a one-off ... but, PETA's not likely to back off if this cowboy keeps mosying out centerstage.

Busta Rhymes Seemingly in Physical Altercation ... With Rapper Nizzle Man

Busta Rhymes seemingly got into an altercation at a club last night ... with fellow rapper Nizzle Man, appearing to draw much of his ire.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Here's the deal ... video of a melee leaked to the popular IG account The Shade Room, and it seems to show Busta getting right in Nizzle Man's face.

Nizzle Man appears to have fallen down the stairs -- whether he tripped or was pushed is unclear -- and Busta's running right after him, grabbing the guy by the wrist to have a word with him.

Not clear exactly what went down ... but BR's not happy with the dude one bit, berating him as a couple other guys drag the 23-year-old rapper down a corridor away from the action.

A few people make to follow after Nizzle and Busta, but several others who look like event security step in front and block them from going any further.

We've checked ... doesn't look like their any pre-standing beef between the two MCs as far as we can tell.


This all reportedly went down at French Montana's album release party in NYC ... the mixtape, "Mac & Cheese 5 (Versions)" is a gigantic project with over six hours of content packed into it -- and French told us all about it in a recent interview.

TMZ Studios

We've reached out to Busta's team for comment ... so far, no word back.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Jack Harlow No 'Lovin On Me' Remix Coming


Don't anticipate Jack Harlow to force out a remix of his blockbuster jam "Lovin On Me" ... that track is a 1 of 1!!!

ICYMI ... Jack revealed to TMZ Hip Hop earlier this week that his lovable dog would remain nameless -- and he also told us there's a fat chance there will be a sequel to "Lovin On Me" -- his biggest hit to date!!!

You can see Jack pause for a moment and mentally debate on the possibility of remixing a track before shutting down the idea completely.

If it ain't broke, no need to fix it or even reach for the glue ... the song's been killing since releasing in November with nearly 500 million Spotify streams and 75 million plays on YouTube!!!

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

It also returned to No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for the 6th time this week -- which you gotta admit, has boosted Jack's skin in the music game.

Not even new songs from Beyoncé and Kanye West could slow down his bop.

She's Anxious !!!

His furry sidekick can also take credit for the track's success after shining as his video costar ... but she's not talking to press!!!

BOBBI ALTHOFF AI Deepfake Video Was Made This Way!!!

Bobbi Althoff's leaked AI deepfake video nearly broke the internet recently ... and even though she called it fake as hell, TMZ knows how the technology fooled thousands.

Paul Dawes, CEO of More.AI, gave TMZ the lowdown ... saying it scours all available 2D footage to find patterns to create original content. In Bobbi's case, there's already a ton of online content for AI to use as a basis for creating the deepfake vid.


The same goes for other celebs, politicians, and any branded entities ... all prime targets for AI manipulation.

AI programs have a harder time deepfaking 3D images ... but judging how quickly things are evolving with the technology, it's only a matter of time before it masters that too.

What's more ... a lot of these AI programs are open-source, so even if a company shuts down, the open-source code is still available for the public to use. Yikes.

Of course, he reminds us social media has a big responsibility in controlling the content being distributed. Unfortunately, online platforms are inundated with all sorts of offending content without much oversight.

For now, he says the best we can do is buy enough time so regulatory tools can prevent people from being subjected to sexually explicit images of their likenesses.

TMZ Studios

Of course, AI has already violated the privacy of Bobbi and many others ... so the misuse of AI-generated content is definitely a concerning issue in the new age of the internet.

For more viral news, check out TMZ Verified, available on all podcast platforms.

French Montana Don’t Hate My 126-Song Mixtape … It’s The Taylor Swift Blueprint!!!


French Montana has returned to his mixtape roots with his new “Mac & Cheese 5” project and it’s catering to every kind of fan out there … there’s a version bursting with 126 tracks!!!

The Diamond-selling rapper connected with TMZ Hip Hop on Friday and eased everyone’s fears that he wasn’t out to spam streaming companies with a massive hack job.

French tells us the tracklist is simple science he adopted from Taylor Swift when she surpassed every artist on the PLANET by recreating her old hits … as we know, made her catalog boom as a result.

The Bronx native also credited City Girl JT and her team for making her “Sideways” banger accessible in multiple formats and figured that was the new wave.

French explains “MC5” has 21 songs on 5 different versions … the standard, acapella, and instrumentals for the DJs and sped-up and slowed installments for TikTok, which add up to its 126-song grand tally!!!


Fans not complaining noticed “MC5” features Kanye West on not one but TWO tracks — perfect timing with his “Vultures 1” currently dominating the Billboard charts.

French says Ye was in his corner when he first got signed so he’s not about to abandon him when his antisemitic rants were making him a liability to many.

Loyalty can go a long way … just ask the fan who lets 126 cuts play straight through!!!

Benzino Call Me The 'Eminem Slayer' He Can't Use My Tears Against Me!!!

Benzino thinks he destroyed Eminem in their most recent battle -- and is dancing on Slim Shady's grave ... at least that's how he sees things, anyway.

In a new interview with "Art Of Dialogue," Benzino maintained he nailed Em's coffin shut with his "Rap Elvis" diss ... all because Marshall is still delinquent on responding.

Em did respond to Benzino's first shot of 2024 with a diss of his own but the former Source magazine owner threatened to release another one if he continued to be met with radio silence.

He also wants the history books to call him "The Eminem Slayer" ... it's been 20 years and Benzino claims he's the only rapper with the cojones to wage war with Marshall Mathers for so long.

Em's loyal Stans also caught a stray for being "soft and cuddly" but they called him much worse after the beef caused him to break down crying during his latest "Drink Champs" interview.

According to Benzino, crying helps him balance out his violent emotions and he says his vulnerability is immune to any of Em's future disses. Basically, he's not going out the way B-Rabbit beat Papa Doc.

Em vs. Benzino is one of the oldest rap battles in history ... nobody cares more than them!!!

Ye's Wife Bianca in Milan The Naked Truth ... Wild Outfit for Fashion Show!!!

Kanye West and Bianca Censori are doing the fashion thing in Milan right now -- and if you're wondering what Bianca was wearing ... well, it basically amounted to a skimpy tarp.

The couple posed for cameras Friday for Fashion Week, where they put on their best attire and stood shoulder-to-shoulder as Italy's "it" couple -- and by that ... we mean fabric and clothing material, 'cause these aren't the most stylish getups, at least in our eyes anyway.

Take a look for yourself, specifically as it pertains to Bianca -- who's in a VERY revealing ensemble, which looks more like a bag made of leather than an actual outfit.

Indeed, she appears to be butt-ass naked under there ... and when you see her from the side, you'll see a lot of skin, even more than usual you might say. Ye is just ... well, Ye.

The only thing to really note about this look here is that he's still going strong on his permanent tooth grill thing -- a titanium plate that's cemented at the top of his mouth.

Truth be told, the real star here is Bianca ... who continues to turn heads with her eye-popping costumes -- frankly, that's sorta the best way to describe them at this point.


Ye's definitely into her bod ... and he seems insistent on showing it off to the world, too.

What she's wearing here isn't too different from what she was rocking on Thursday at Kanye's 'Vultures' listening event -- where he seemed to have a packed stadium full of Italians ready to jam out. That 'fit made us blush, this one's making us melt!

Anyway, they did their thing at the show ... and went out to dinner afterward, where you could really see what BC looked like from the front and back. Solid angles here, for sure.

She's also still rocking her new bangs ... but that's the last thing anyone's noticing about her.

It's funny ... so much of Bianca has been revealed at this point -- figuratively and literally -- and just when we think we've seen it all, she somehow tops herself and shows even more.

Then again ... she can be pretty shy at times -- completely covering up, and ducking away from cameras. On Friday, however, she was more than ready for the spotlight with Ye.

TMZ Studios

Ye and Bianca ... the gift that keeps on giving.

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