Kanye West Responds to 'White Lives Matter' Heat ... 'Black Lives Matter was A Scam'

Kanye West seems to be saying he wore a "White Lives Matter" shirt because, in his mind, Black Lives Matter is nothing but a racket.

The rapper/producer took to IG to respond to all the blowback he's been getting -- and it's been A LOT -- over a shirt he and his Yeezy models were rocking during his fashion show Monday ... which had the controversial message plastered across the back.


What he's referring to, it seems, is the fact that a small handful of BLM executives who've been caught in alleged scandals over the past couple years -- including one honcho accused last month of siphoning $10 million from donors, and another who's been accused of using BLM funds to buy a house.

Candace Owens -- who was also on hand Monday for Ye's show, wearing the shirt too -- has been one of many critics on the right who've latched onto this, despite denials from the BLM execs ... and it would appear Kanye's skeptical too.

There's more ... KW also went after one specific person who criticized him because of his fashion choice/political statement -- a contributing editor for Vogue named Gabriella Karefa-Johnson, who called his shirt "dangerous" and "irresponsible" in a well-thought-out analysis.

His response was more simple, and quite frankly childish ... making fun of her wardrobe. He posted a photo of her, roasting her shoewear, saying -- "I KNOOOOOOW ANNA [Wintour] HAAAATES THESE BOOTS."

Kanye went on to say ... "This is not a fashion person. You speak on Ye. Ima speak on you. Ask Trevor Noah."

Gabriella doesn't seem to have responded to Ye's barbs just yet ... but she was far from the only blue checkmark to have blasted him for his stunt. Kanye was trending all day because of it -- with many recalling other controversial statements, including his infamous suggestion, while on "TMZ Live," that slavery was a choice ... not to mention all the MAGA stuff from over the past few years.

At any rate, it looks like Kanye is sticking to his guns. Not only was he wearing the shirt, but there are photos online from the Yeezy show that depict other people -- including models of his -- who were rocking it on the runway.

Kanye West

Just another day in the life of Kanye West. πŸ€·πŸ½β€β™‚οΈ

Coolio Was Set to Headline 1st Vegas Residency ... Before Sudden Death

Coolio had a lot of things in the works before his sudden passing last week -- including the fact he was about to headline his first ever Vegas residency this month ... TMZ has learned.

Shortly before he died, Coolio was actually in talks with a production company called Fan Rebellion -- which produces an ongoing Vegas residency show called Boombox!, held at the Westgate Las Vegas Resort & Casino ... this according to FB's Chief Creative Officer, Jimmy Maynes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Boombox! tends to specialize in old-school hip hop acts from the '80s and '90s -- and have booked big names like CeeLo Green, Tone Loc, and others -- so it's right up Coolio's alley .. and exactly why Maynes and co. were negotiating to get him onstage.

Maynes tells us the plan was to have Coolio come in and head the show starting at the end of October and running through the second week of November ... for a total of 10 days, with one performance per day at 5 days a week. In other words, ten concerts.

We're told Coolio would've been one of a handful of MCs -- he'd be the headliner -- and Maynes says he would've only done 3 songs when he was up. The tracks that were being considered ... "Gangsta's Paradise," '1, 2, 3, 4,' and "C U When U Get There."

As for the specifics of what Coolio had in mind ... it's pretty interesting. Maynes tells us Coolio made some requests for the stage for his set -- including a variety of props, upwards of 10 dancers, a 2-story background screen for visuals and two to three outfit changes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

We're told Coolio wanted his headlining set to be a look back on his story, and was excited for this next chapter of his career.

Of course, his death put an abrupt halt to things -- with Maynes telling us they're now scrapping that late October window and hoping to pick it back up in December with a whole new lineup. Indeed, Coolio passing away threw 'em for a loop.

One last thing ... Maynes says when Boombox! returns, they're going to be incorporating a Coolio tribute in each show, similar to what they're doing now for Biz Markie.

'This Is The Way I Live' Rapper Baby Boy Da Prince 'Memba Him?!

New Orleans native and rapper Lawrence Cennett AKA Baby Boy Da Prince was just 23 years old when his hit song "The Way I Live" transcended into the ears of millions and became an instant banger back in 2006.

The popular track was first played on a popular radio station in New Orleans, and within three weeks ... the song hit the number one spot.

"Lil Boy still pushin' big wheels, I stack my money, lay low, and chill. Don't need to work hard that's the way I feel, I feel, I This is the way I live."

Guess what he looks like today!

Russ Stop Worshipping DSPs ... Blackballed Artists Don't Exist!!!

DaBaby and Tory Lanez are both under the impression their music is blackballed on streaming services -- but Russ says his expertise tells him it's highly unlikely artists are truly getting blackballed.

On Monday, the proud independent rapper posted a message related to the ongoing debate ... prompted by Akademiks and Apple Music's Ebro Darden's claims DaBaby and Tory are being silenced.

Both Tory and DaBaby recently released albums ... with DB pulling in dismal 16K units sales, down from the 120k his 2020 solo project sold in its first.

Tory's project was noticeably absent from all the top playlists but reached the top of Apple's album chart after being released last Friday ... which pretty much proves Russ' point.

Russ argues that unless an artist has all internet access cut from their fan's visibility, there's no blackball in place, noting how fans have the personal choice to push play or skip the music altogether.

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The Diemon Records founder also tackled the notion that famous artists who need the editorial playlists to thrive don't have real fans as those listeners are only loyal to the platform -- which clashes with Tory's recent claim -- made on Ak's 'Off The Record' podcast -- that 80 percent of top artists' streams come from playlist support.

Akademiks and Ebro traded shots last week over claims DB was blackballed after Ak accused him of using his chief global editorial position at Apple to bury artists dripped in controversy ... namely DaBaby.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The North Carolina rapper released his "Baby On Baby 2" album last week with a lead single claiming he slept with Megan Thee Stallion ... but it appears fans simply don't care ... word to his New Orleans ticket sales.

Boosie Badazz To Kanye West How Can You Diss George Bush ... Then Wear a White Lives Matter Shirt?!?

Boosie Badazz is making it VERY clear, Kanye West's "White Lives Matter" shirt has taken it way too far ... and the Louisiana rapper is calling for someone to pull Ye's Black card!!!

The ever-outspoken Boosie laid into Ye after the WLM shirt made its rounds on the internet ... accusing the YZY brainchild of abandoning his race in spite of all the opposition African Americans have historically faced.

Ye has yet to explain the true meaning behind his latest racial stance, but Boosie says Ye blatantly doesn't care about any Black deaths at the hands of White people.

Boosie then went for the jugular ... dismissing Ye's infamous 2005 Hurricane Katrina moment when he said then-President George Bush didn't care about Black people during a live telethon.

Political pundit Candace Owens also joined Kanye in wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt during the presentation ... which angered people even further.

Ye describes the new Yeezy line as the "future" ... but some people feel like the gear is setting Black people back.

Hot Boy Turk Drake & Master P Owe Me Answers ... Cut Me Off Projects!!!

Former Cash Money Records rapper Turk is looking for answers from both Drake and Master P ... after the hip hop icons allegedly left him hanging over the years.

Turk was a recent guest on the 'B High ATL' podcast where he shared his experience guesting for Drake's 2013 "Worst Behavior" video ... or so he thought!!!

The Director X visual was ripe with cameos from Drake's dad as well as Memphis rap legends Juicy J, Project Pat, 8Ball & MJG ... but Turk says his scenes got cut in post-production, and he still wants to know why!!!

The ex-Hot Boy says he initially got a personal call from Drake, inviting him to the 'WB' set and even later that evening to party after filming wrapped.

Turk says he signed paperwork to solidify his cameo but was embarrassed after telling everyone he knew to look out for the clip!!!

Waiting for your permission to load Vimeo video.

The ex-Hot Boy clarified he wasn't clout-chasing or looking for a handout and challenged his internet critics to compare bank accounts if they didn't believe him.

Turk also directed some ire toward Master P ... claiming they had a conversation about his Rap Snacks brand, only for the No Limit Records boss to unveil the very same "Honey BBQ" details he says they discussed.

Master P's team tells TMZ Hip Hop that Turk's allegations are unconditionally false, so that's that.

According to Turk, he's just telling his story and doesn't want those involved in his stories to get upset ... which should make for a helluva memoir down the line!!!

Kodak Black Apologizes to PnB's GF ... I Was Wrong to Follow Social Media Haters

Kodak Black is attempting to right at least one wrong ... blaming PnB Rock's girlfriend, and her Instagram post, for his murder -- something he now regrets doing.

A clearheaded Kodak hopped on IG Live over the weekend to apologize to Stephanie Sibounheuang, the mother of PnB's children, after learning her post was not responsible for spurring the fatal armed robbery.

Kodak explained he had woken up with a migraine headache when he learned the PnB news on September 12, and says he made the immediate mistake of following the social media groupthink.

Kodak even went as low as to tell Stephanie to "kill herself" at the time, but he's now directly apologizing and wishing her peace going forward.

TMZ broke the story ... LAPD arrested a man named Freddie Lee Trone, his 17-year-old son and his wife -- and slapped them all with murder-related charges ... with the teen being named as the shooter.

The Florida rapper wasn't the only artist who jumped out the gate targeting Stephanie. Following the shooting, Nicki Minaj went on the attack -- but Cardi B screamed the complete opposite, and she's still calling for all offenders to apologize!!!

At least Kodak can check his name off the list.

Coolio Struggled with Severe Asthma Friends Believe it Contributed to Death

Coolio appeared to be both happy and healthy in his final day of life, but friends say the rapper had severe asthma ... a condition they believe contributed to his death.

We've spoken with several sources close to the late rapper who each told us about his asthma, and how it was something he struggled with over the years. What's more, we know Coolio's family also told investigators looking into his death about his history with asthma.

We're told Coolio would always travel with several inhalers to keep his condition in check -- even using them on stage during some of his performances.

A recent study by the American Heart Association found people diagnosed with asthma have a higher risk of heart attack. Additionally, people who use a daily asthma medication were 60% more susceptible to heart attacks, strokes or other cardiac events.

TMZ broke the story -- Coolio died in the bathroom of a friend's Los Angeles home last week.

We're told before his death, he entered the bathroom, locked the door and apparently collapsed. Coolio's friend had to break down the door to get to him.


Once first responders got to the house, they worked for 45 mins in an effort to resuscitate Coolio. He was pronounced dead at the scene.

Kanye West 'White Lives Matter' Shirt ... At Yeezy Fashion Show


1:47 PM PT -- Turns out Ye was also joined by controversial conservative Candace Owens at the show, who also wore a shirt with the same message.


Kanye West is stirring the pot again ... this time wearing a "White Lives Matter" shirt at his Yeezy fashion show.

The Yeezy head honcho was on hand Monday in Paris for a showcasing of his Season 9 collection, and during the show -- Ye was seen rocking a black T with a very clear "White Lives Matter" message on the back. The lettering is bold and in white without context.

Kanye West

The front of the shirt features images of Pope John Paul II and the message, "We shall follow your example."

The show started about an hour late, and featured a kids chorus, including his daughter North that sang while the models walked.

Kanye described the new collection as something you can "pull on and pull over" ... dubbing it the future of clothing. He also ranted a bit -- musing about how Elvis would fare in 2022 if he was alive, and saying "You cannot manage me" for good measure.

Before the show came to an end, a new song with Kanye and James Blake played through the speakers ... and everyone cheered.

Remember, Kanye wore a red MAGA hat for a while back in 2018 ... even sporting it at The White House when he met with Donald Trump.

Originally Published -- 10:54 AM PT

War in Ukraine Russian Rapper Dies by Suicide ... After Being Drafted in War He Opposed


A Russian rapper who was opposed to his country's invasion of Ukraine jumped from a high-rise building to his death ... after being drafted to fight in the war.

27-year-old rapper Walkie posted a video in which he said, "If you are watching this video, then I am no longer alive. I can't take the sin of murder on my soul and I don't want to. I am not ready to kill for any ideals."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Walkie went on ... "I choose to remain in history forever. As a man who did not support what was happening I am not ready to take up arms and kill my own kind."

He had already served in the Russian Army, and despised the experience. This time around he tried to get a deferment because of mental illness, but that did not fly with the Russian military.

Walkie was 27.


If you or someone you know is thinking of suicide, please call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 988.

Tory Lanez Sued by Pregnant Woman Alleging Hit & Run ... His Team Says It's a Lie


7:44 AM PT -- Tory's attorney, Andell Brown, tells us the couple's filing is baseless and will be laughed out of court. What's more, Brown says it's odd the alleged incident happened in January, yet tells us the claim wasn't made to Tory's insurance until July.


Brown says the whole thing is made up, and believes the couple simply looked up Tory's license plate to try and nail him to the case. Their initial report they made with cops said the car was silver in color, and then changed it to say it was green in the lawsuit.


Brown says once the insurance claim was made, the company investigated the incident, spoke with attorneys on the other side and concluded there was no basis to the claim.

Tory Lanez allegedly ran into a woman's car -- and the driver was pregnant -- and then took off ... that is, if you believe a lawsuit she's now filed against him.

The rapper is being sued by a couple named Krisha and Jesse Grullon, who claim he sideswiped them with his luxury vehicle in Miami during New Year's Day 2021 ... only to then allegedly flee the scene without even checking on them.

According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, the Grullons allege they exited a highway and stopped at a red light at the end of the off-ramp. Moments later, they claim, Tory came out of nowhere and struck their car from the rear left side with a green Bentley SUV.

The Grullons insist Tory never exited his ride, but instead ... claim he took off without a second thought. The worst part, they say Krisha was 4 months pregnant at the time.

The couple is gunning to have him sit for a deposition, which they're requesting be conducted early in 2023. They're also denying Tory responded to their claims in 45 days' time ... either admitting or denying each specific part of their claim.

As you know ... Tory's already embroiled in a legal case here in California over allegations he used a firearm to cause bodily injury to Megan Thee Stallion -- something that's going to trial next month. He was also recently accused of beating up August Alsina in Chicago ... but it doesn't appear the cops are involved in that one just yet.

We've reached out to Tory's camp ... so far, no word back.

Originally Published -- 7:16 AM PT

Lizzo Invited to James Madison's Crib ... After Playing Crystal Flute

Lizzo playing James Madison's flute might have conservative pundits up in arms, but the folks repping the 4th president's home couldn't be happier and they're urging her to make a house call ASAP.

A rep for James Madison's Montpelier estate tells TMZ ... Lizzo now has an open invitation to take a private tour of Madison's well-preserved estate after she made history with the crystal instrument formerly owned by the prez.


They're even hoping she'll put on a performance during her visit -- whether it be a planned concert or a simple jam session on the fly!!!

They hope something can be worked out with the Library of Congress to get the crystal flute -- which dates back to 1813 -- brought there for Lizzo's set. The estate notes there's no evidence JM ever played the instrument, so Lizzo could be the first to play Madison's flute at Madison's home. Iconic.

FYI -- the historic Montpelier, located in Virginia, is a 2,650-acre estate ... acting not only as a monument to the former president, but also as a museum of American history and a center for constitutional education.

It's unclear if Lizzo will accept the gig -- she is currently in the middle of a tour -- but, it should be noted close to 100 slaves worked at Montpelier back when Madison lived there.

As we reported, Lizzo made history by playing some notes with the 200-year-old instrument Tuesday ... and we're told Montpelier doesn't think anyone else is more deserving -- calling it "a flute for royalty," with the singer fitting the bill.

The moment rubbed some people the wrong way (what else is new?) ... as they claimed she degraded American history by using such a unique relic as part of her performance.


Clearly, the people who know Madison best are cool with it.

Kanye West Muddies it Up in Paris ... At Balenciaga Fashion Show


Kanye West engaged in some high-fashion mudslinging this weekend in the City of Light.

Ye and a gaggle of models walked the runway in getups slathered in mud. Yeah, it's a look and, we're guessing, an acquired taste.

Kanye's ex, Kim Kardashian, did not join, but all four of their kids were there. Khloe Kardashian and Kylie Jenner were also in attendance ... plus other stars including Offset, Naomi Campbell and Salma Hayek.

West opened the show ... aptly titled, Balenciaga's Apocalyptic, Mud-Filled SS23.

The creative director for Balenciaga, Demna, said the mud is "a metaphor for digging for truth and being down to earth."

Kanye has never walked the runway before, and actually, he didn't this time ... he stomped down it, wearing leather pans, a security jacket, a baseball cap and a hood.

Demna went on to say, "Let us let everyone be anyone and make love not war." The timing is interesting, given Russia's invasion of Ukraine.


BTW ... Bella Hadid also hit the runway. Her face was made to look bruised and beaten as she walked with a baby carrier strapped to her body ... again, covered in mud.

Khloe, Kylie and North were seen together backstage. Christine Quinn and Alexa Demie watched from the sidelines too.

Vanilla Ice Choked Up Over Coolio ... We Were Talkin' About His Kids Last Week


Vanilla Ice got pretty emotional, recalling the last time he had a heart-to-heart with Coolio about being a parent ... adding he's put a brief hold on his tour following the rapper's death.

Ice tried keeping it together while talking about their last convo ... and it sounds like Coolio's kids were on his mind the last time they hung out. He says family was a big topic during their chats.

He tells us Coolio was all about positivity ... and was a good friend all this time -- adding he'll be missed.


Ice also says he's taking the weekend off from performing after learning about his bud's death ... because he doesn't think he's in the right mindset to put on a show.


As we reported, Coolio's last performance was with Ice ... coming out onstage with him last week to freestyle during his set. V.I. says he had no clue this performance would be his last -- he was more focused on how honored he was to have such a legend up there with him.

Ice tells us he's going to make sure his friend's legacy lives on forever.

Coolio Website Crashes After Death ... Too Many Fans Trying To Grab Merch

Coolio fans flocked to his website after his death to grab some merch ... and the response was so overwhelming, people were met with a big ol' "404 error."

The rapper's merch store was out of service as of Friday morning ... folks were unable to grab Coolio swag online -- instead seeing the message, "Page not found -- Somehow you have come to a page that does not exist."

Normally, a response like this would come up if the page were deleted, or because of heavy traffic. It looks like the latter is the culprit.

FYI -- the site normally has lots of great finds for Coolio fans ... stuff like fanny packs, mugs, hoodies and face masks.


As you know, the death of the "Gangsta's Paradise" rapper has his fans shook ... including his close pal Vanilla Ice -- who last performed with the legend days before his passing.

Ski Mask the Slump God L.A.'s Crazy, But I'm Still Iced Out!!! Gotta Move Cautiously


You can count Ski Mask the Slump God among the rappers who won't stop wearing iced-out chains and jewelry after PnB Rock's murder, but he's taking some precautions and relying on good energy!!!

TMZ Hip Hop chopped it up with Ski Mask Thursday at LAX and asked about his massive chain inspired by the popular Yu-Gi-Oh! manga card game ... which he shamelessly wears while being searched by TSA.

The piece is modeled after a Millenium Puzzle and opens up to reveal his name engraved on a diamond-encrusted globe -- it's nothing short of insane, and totally conspicuous.

Ski Mask says he leaves on all his bling and rings through TSA searches, simply because it'll take too long to put them back on!!!

That being said, the Florida rapper definitely has thoughts on this week's arrests in the PnB case, he and echoes the recent remarks of Roddy Ricch and DJ Drama that L.A. is a dangerous place.

While he's aware of the violence, Ski Mask says keeping good energy typically prevents altercations in his circle ... and he also avoids most trouble by simply not going out at all!


TMZ broke the story earlier this week ... a father and son duo were arrested and charged with PnB's Sept. 12 murder at a Roscoe's Chicken & Waffles in South Los Angeles.

Of course, Ski Mask went through a similar tragedy when his close friend XXXTENTACION was shot and killed in 2018.

The "Nuketown" rapper also reacted to LAPD busting the alleged shooter's stepmother for aiding and abetting. That nugget was news to Ski Mask, and he has strong feelings about it.

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