Chinese Colleges How 'Bout a Spring Break Bone!!! Telling Students to 'Fall In Love'

Colleges in China are giving students a spring break mission -- don't just hook up, get to know each other and maybe even fall in love ... as the country's seeing a drastic decline in birth and marriage rates.

Nine colleges, all run by the Fan Mei Education Group, are asking students to use their annual week-long hiatus to "get in touch with nature, and with your heart feel the beauty of spring," and most importantly ... "Go fall in love."

The schools have a heavy focus on romance this time around, although the break's been an annual event since 2019 ... just without the boning angle.

The love-making plea comes at a pretty fitting time -- China's facing massive dips in marriage and birth rates, and the country's been going all-in on getting those numbers back up ... with this college instruction being one of the latest methods.

Many businesses and provinces have reportedly been trying to come up with other effective ways to boost the stats ... like implementing a 30-day paid marriage leave or campaigns looking for city women to hook up with older rural men. We smell a reality show!

Looks like all the schools participating are vocational schools, specializing in aviation -- so go do your homework and join that mile-high club!

Tyga Only the Best Bling for Avril ... $80K Worth o' Diamonds!!!

Avril Lavigne is looking iced out these days ... and the new, flashy jewelry around her neck comes courtesy of her new bf, Tyga.

Eric Mavani, a celebrity jeweler out of New York City, tells TMZ ... Tyga gifted Avril the custom diamond chain Thursday, and the piece is worth $80K.


Avril's already posted selfies flaunting the chain and was spotted wearing it Thursday night in Los Angeles.

We're told the bling features 50 carats of white diamonds, black diamonds and pink sapphires. Diversity matters! 💎😂

As you can see, the chain features several pendants ... one with Avril's first name, two with the letter "A" imposed over a pink heart, and a pair of skulls and crossbones with pink ribbons.

We're told Tyga reached out to Eric three weeks ago, right before Paris Fashion Week, to make the piece.

The timing is worth noting ... because Tyga and Avril started hanging out a lot more when they were in Paris, kissing for the cameras and strolling through the streets hand in hand.

TMZ broke the story ... Tyga and Avril are still in the early stages of dating, and they're not putting any labels ... like girlfriend/boyfriend on anything, at least not yet.

It will be interesting to see if the expensive diamond gift changes that.


No word on how Avril's ex, Mod Sun, feels about her new bling ... but we have an idea of how Mod Sun's fans will react.

Taylor Swift Drops 4 New Tracks Ahead of Tour ... Including Love Song for Joe

Taylor Swift's building anticipation for her tour ... releasing new songs, and while she's known for breakup tunes, one of her new ones is a love song for her longtime boyfriend.

Taylor gave fans a "Taylor's Version" re-recording of 3 songs -- "Eyes Open," "Safe & Sound" and "If This Was a Movie" -- exactly at midnight ... it's kinda her thing now.

She also debuted "All the Girls You Loved Before," which is an old outtake she decided was ready for the spotlight.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

'All the Girls' was originally considered for her 7th studio album, "Lover," but ended up on the studio floor.

Swifties got a taste of the song, because it "leaked" last month on TikTok ... now the whole track is out just in time for the start of Taylor's Eras Tour, which kicks off tonight in Glendale, AZ.

In the love song, T-Swift puts all her feels out in the open and confesses her love for her boo Joe Alwyn.

In the chorus she sings, "Every dead-end street led you straight to me. Now, you're all I need. I'm so thankful for all of the girls you've loved before and I love you more".

Taylor and Joe have been linked since 2016, and while they're not the couple that's out on the scene all the time ... they've pretty much been joined at the hip.

We're guessing he's a lock for a backstage pass in AZ tonight as the tour begins in the wake of all that Ticketmaster drama surrounding the presale -- which led to actual Congressional hearings!

Yeah ... Taylor, and her fans, are a big deal.


Gisele Bündchen and her jiu-jitsu instructor are reunited in familiar territory -- her home in Costa Rica, and she's giving him a peek at what her ex, Tom Brady, might be missing.

Gisele showed off her perfectly toned abs Monday as she got in some exercise with Joaquim Valente ... venturing out on a walk with a couple of super cute pups. We know GB retired from modeling years ago, but those abs still scream supermodel.

Costa Rica's fast becoming a favorite destination for Gisele and Joaquim ... we saw them down there a couple months ago, when they were riding horses together through the jungle.

Of course, Gisele and Tom used to frequent CR when they were married ... for family trips and romantic getaways -- but now it seems Joaquim is enjoying Gisele's slice of paradise. We're referring to her property down there.

The trip to Costa Rica would seem to lend more credence to the thought Gisele and Joaquim are more than just friends or jiu-jitsu buddies ... but they're still not making anything official. Or unofficial, for that matter.

Gisele's camp's been claiming Joaquim tags along on family trips to train her and her kids ... but they do a lot of things without the kiddos that, at least, look couple-y.

Costa Rica seems to be Gisele and Joaquim's territory now. But, Tom's got his cats!!!

Diplo I Got Oral Sex from a Man ... So, I'm 'Not Not Gay'

High Low with EmRata

Diplo says he's received oral sex from a man, and while he doesn't necessarily consider that gay ... he does admit he might be into dudes just a little bit.

The famed DJ was on Emily Ratajkowski's podcast when he dished the deets ... saying he's 100% sure he's "gotten a blow*** from a guy before" -- although, he can't recall the details.

What he does know for certain is that act, in and of itself, doesn't make him LGBTQ, per se.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Here's the line he personally draws -- it wasn't "gay" because he didn't make eye contact with the guy. 🤔

ER presses him quite a bit in the extended convo, noting he'd told her off-camera he might be a "little gay" -- however, he eventually settled on he's probably "not not gay."

Diplo also said he could see himself dating a couple guys long-term as "life partners" -- but, we also know he's very publicly dated women.

Despite the course of their convo, he stopped short of labeling his sexuality. So, what have we learned? The eyes have it, for Diplo!


Tyler Cameron Low On $$$ While Dating Gigi Hadid

Trading Secrets/Dear Media

"The Bachelorette" alum Tyler Cameron is gettin' candid about a time in his life when he was really in an odd place -- freshly famous, dating one of the world's most popular supermodels ... but also nearly flat broke!!!

Tyler opened up about his money troubles on fellow Bachelor Nation star Jason Tartick's podcast, "Trading Secrets" -- he says he only had a couple hundred bucks while dating Gigi Hadid back in 2019.

He even reveals he'd have to call his dad for extra cash while going on dates in NYC ... adding he didn't even have a credit card at the time, and would just hope for the best.

Tyler and Gigi were first linked shortly after he starred on the 15th season of the reality dating show -- he'd even been nominated for a People's Choice Award, so he clearly had celeb status.

Apparently, you can't have it all, after all.

As we reported, Tyler moved into a swanky condo in NYC shortly after their 2019 split ... talk about poor timing.

The new crib cost him around $7K per month, but the building came with some sweet perks like a bowling alley, golf simulator and even a theater room.

As we now know, Tyler's modeling career started taking off. Good thing, or it sounds like he'd be hitting up his pops to cover that hefty rent.

Avril Lavigne & Tyga This Ain't a Publicity Stunt ... We're Dating for Real

Avril Lavigne and Tyga aren't gallivanting around Paris to grab headlines ... they're actually interested in dating and getting to know each other without pressure or expectations.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Avril and Tyga are still in the early stages of figuring one another out, but they're not putting any labels -- ala girlfriend/boyfriend -- on anything just yet.

There's been speculation the two are only hanging out as a publicity stunt in order to generate some buzz around a possible music collab. Our sources say that's not true, and the two don't have any music in the works -- they're just really enjoying hanging out.

It's easy to tell they're more than enjoying each other's company -- packing on the PDA during a recent trip to Paris, including a make out sesh at a fashion week party and strolling hand-in-hand through the streets.

TMZ broke the story, Avril called off her engagement to Mod Sun only a few weeks ago, after our Avril sources told us the whole thing had been unraveling for a few months.

Mod Sun was surprised by the news, but has powered through his concert tour to promote his "God Save The Teen" album ... a project with several songs dedicated to Lavigne herself.


Still unclear just how far Tyga and Avril will take things, but if these first few weeks are any indication -- remember the embrace at NOBU -- there's sure to be some hot times ahead.

'Farmer Wants A Wife' Farmers Look for City Love On TV ... It's the Real Deal!!!


There's a new farmer dating show in town ... and the fellas looking for love in the heartland firmly believe dropping city girls into an authentic country-living experience will lead to their dream women.

We got the four farmers -- Ryan Black, Allen Foster, Hunter Grayson and Landon Heaton - hanging out in NYC ahead of the U.S. premiere of "Farmer Wants a Wife" ... and they think there's a simple reason the show's been a smash hit around the world.

The series has aired in more than 30 other countries, and resulted in 180 marriages and 410 children! The guys say giving women a genuine taste of what life is like down on the farm is a much better formula than the matchmaking vacay scenarios on most other dating shows.

The series, hosted by Jennifer Nettles, follows the four farmers on their search for love in the Midwest -- they each host a group of women who leave behind their city life for the charms and challenges of country living.

In the words of one of the farmers, the women get to see if they're biting off more than they can chew ... which of course is important when looking for lasting love.

BTW, we asked why city women and country guys are such great matches -- based on the series stats, anyway -- and they have a great answer.

We'll see if their theory's on point when "Farmer Wants a Wife" premieres tonight on FOX.

Kendall Jenner Huggin' on Bad Bunny ... After Group Sushi Date


Kendall Jenner and Bad Bunny's rumored romance is no longer speculation -- they were finally photographed together in the same frame ... and they're touching bods.

The model and reggaetón superstar were out Tuesday night with friends -- including her sis, Kylie Jenner -- and while BB was trailing as they all left Sushi Park in WeHo, they were soon all over each other.

As they were walking along the balcony area of the celeb hot spot, Kendall and Bunny weren't interacting -- but the tell came with their hug and kiss goodbye.

Check out how BB and KJ parted ways when they reached Kendall's waiting SUV ... she turns and goes in for a cozy hug ... which he fully reciprocated. We can't see the lip-lock, but both her hands are around his neck the way one typically does while kissing. It definitely counts as PDA, and confirms dating rumors.


Remember, they were first linked in February ... when someone reported seeing them making out in a club. Soon after, they were seen at the same restaurant -- albeit, while making staggered entrances and exits -- in what felt like a double date with the Biebers.

Now, they seem to be stepping out as a potential couple in plain view ... no more hiding.

Celeb couples ... they grow up so fast!

Raquel Leviss More Proof She Hung Out with Tom for Months ... Before Affair Was Exposed


Raquel Leviss was cozying up with Tom Sandoval months before their affair was exposed -- and some of her appearances are on video ... which we now have.

TMZ has obtained footage from two different outings where Tom and Raquel are in the same vicinity ... without their other "Vanderpump Rules" cast members around. The first clip shows her coming to one of his shows with his band, Tom Sandoval & The Most Extras, when they performed near Sacramento this past November ... a gig Raquel just so happened to be at in the flesh.

Check it out ... you can see her clear as day hanging out with pals as she watched Tom and co. do their thing. Of course, this is nowhere near her home base of Los Angeles. We're also told RL was there with friends not associated with 'Vanderpump' ... a sign that she'd gone out of her way to be up there and support him, which is telling in hindsight.

There's another clip of Raquel at Tom's restaurant TomTom in West Hollywood from early February ... where she again went with folks not affiliated with her or Tom's show. It's yet another sign that something was going on for a while.

Remember, we'd already been told Ariana Madix recently became aware of infidelity between Tom and Raquel dating back months -- since the summertime, in fact -- and this latest evidence seems to confirm that. As it turns out, the proof was in plain view for a while.

As we reported ... there's no chance of reconciliation for Tom and Ariana -- they're dunzo.

Madonna I've Got a New Lover ... Kissin' On Boxer Josh Popper!!!

Madonna's confirming she's got a knockout new boo ... this one's a young boxer boy toy, and they're already in PDA mode.

The 64-year-old singer went IG official Tuesday with 29-year-old Josh Popper ... she posted a shot of them smooching while wearing black masks -- very Ye-ish, TBH (sans antisemitism). Madge captioned the pic, "Killers who are partying."

She said they were making out at a Purium party, and she was dressed as Queen Esther -- maybe not a historically-accurate look, but it's not like anyone's gonna tell Madonna.

The Queen of Pop was spotted earlier this week with Josh, supporting him ringside at one of his recent matches in NYC.

FYI -- Josh hasn't turned pro yet in the boxing world, only competing in a few fights so far ... although he's made it clear that's his dream. Before stepping into the ring, he was a defensive lineman at Rowan University.

He's also featured on the latest season of Bravo's "Summer House" as a boxing coach to cast member Samantha Feher.

You'll recall, Madonna called it off with her model BF Andrew Darnell 2 weeks ago -- soon after getting criticized for the way she looked at this year's Grammy Awards.

As we reported, she slapped back at haters making fun of her physical appearance as she introduced Sam Smith and Kim Petras ... claiming the pics were taken with a long lens, and saying she's now "caught in the glare of ageism and misogyny that permeates the world we live in."

Chase Stokes, Kelsea Ballerini Smoochin' It Up!!! NYC Date Night Amid Divorce Drama

Kelsea Ballerini and Chase Stokes are making public appearances as a couple now, and they're all smiles about it ... despite her messy divorce drama with Morgan Evans.

KB and CS hit up the New York Rangers game Thursday night at Madison Square Garden ... and during their time in the stands, Chase grabs her by the chin for a kiss ... real romantic stuff.

The couple seems to be in great spirits -- while we've seen them all over each other at LAX, and havin' a great time at a Nashville honky tonk ... this is the first time they've both gone to a public event as a duo. That we know of, at least.

Of course, Kelsea being on cloud 9 comes on the heels of some serious turmoil between her and her ex-husband. The drama didn't end when she and Morgan called it quits last year, because Kelsea dropped an album on Feb. 14 about the end of their marriage.

What's more, she went on the "Call Her Daddy" podcast last week -- digging deeper into her side of what she saw as a nasty split, blaming him for forcing her to do stuff like give up half the house or cough up alimony.

As we reported, her recent comments got a public response out of Morgan, who said she's leaving out "what really happened."

He kept things pretty vague, but there are reports Kelsea cheated on Morgan back in 2019 with The Chainsmokers member Drew Taggart. Kelsea allegedly told Morgan about it in 2021, which led to the divorce.


Obviously, it's become a messy situation, but Kelsea and Chase still look pretty happy!


Billy Bush T.J. & Amy Were A Great Team ... Screw Cancel Culture!!!


Billy Bush thinks T.J. Holmes and Amy Robach clearly have something good between them, not just romantically but from a business standpoint ... so maybe a new show should be in their future -- so says Bush, who had a walk in the same shoes a few years ago.

We got the "Extra" host at LAX Thursday, and he says it's a shame they got the boot from ABC.


Billy might be the perfect person to give advice to T.J. and Amy ... as you know, NBC's "Today" pulled the plug on him back in 2016 after an infamous video/audio leaked of him and Donald Trump from back in 2005 -- laughing on a hot mic while Trump bragged about groping women.


Our photog asked Billy if he's learned his lesson about talking on a hot mic -- remember he was dragged for joking about Kendall Jenner's Halloween costume -- one where she dressed up as Jessie from "Toy Story" and there were "a lot of woodies," according to him.

Billy is unbothered, saying he will stay true to himself, whatever people think, and he clearly believes lots of folks in this country share that point of view.


Avril Lavigne Parties in Paris with Tyga On Heels of Mod Sun Split


Avril Lavigne and Tyga certainly aren't doing anything to help silence rumors they're dating, being spotted together in Paris ... the same city where she and Mod Sun got engaged.

The pair hit Leonardo DiCaprio's party Wednesday at Kuku, both dressed head to toe in black ... while trying to maintain a low profile.

Of course, the Paris trip comes about a week after TMZ broke the story Avril called off her engagement with Mod Sun about a year after he proposed. Our sources said the two had been on and off for several months before she called it quits.

At the time, Mod Sun was on tour, promoting his "God Save the Teen" album. His rep told us Mod was unaware things were over with Avril, but took to Instagram a few days later to write, "In 1 week my entire life completely changed…I just know there’s a plan for it all. I’ll keep my head up + always listen to my heart, even when it feels broken 💔."

Prior to ending the engagement, Avril and Tyga were seen embracing in the parking lot at NOBU after a dinner out with friends. They later left in the same vehicle ... though, sources close to Avril told us they were just friends.

It appears things are either heating up, or that friendship is getting a lot tighter in the City of Love.

Larsa Pippen Yes, I've Met The Parents MJ Okay W/ Me Dating Marcus

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan have reached the "meet the parents" level of their relationship ... which means Scottie Pippen's ex-wife spoke face-to-face with Michael Jordan about dating his son -- and apparently, the G.O.A.T. is totally cool with it.

48-year-old Larsa opened up on going full BF and GF with Marcus, 32, on the "Tamron Hall Show" on Tuesday ... and she said Marcus' mom and pops have no issue with them coupling up -- despite MJ's well-documented beef with his on-court wingman over the years.

Larsa added both families are happy and fine ... and when pressed on whether she's gotten His Airness' blessing, she's adamant Michael isn't intervening and trying to sink their ship.

"Yeah, I feel like we're great, yeah," Larsa told Hall. "I feel like -- we've spent holidays together and it's good. We're in a great place."

Larsa also spoke about the 16-year age difference with Marcus ... and she believes age doesn't determine one's maturity -- and all that matters is that she's happy.

As for why she's dating MJ's son of all people, Larsa said she doesn't care one bit about how Scottie feels about the Jordan clan ... and their relationship wasn't something that was planned.

Larsa said she first met Marcus four years ago at a party in L.A. ... shutting down any notion she knew her man as a kid when they both lived in Chicago as MJ and Scottie racked up championships with the Bulls.

When asked if they're in love ... Larsa said, "I think so. We're in a really good place."

Sorry, Scottie.

'Family By The Ton' Star I Love My Sex Life!!! Talks Dating After Losing 600 Lbs

"Family by the Ton" star Casey King has shed HUNDREDS of pounds since his time on the series ... and his dating life and sex life have dramatically improved.

Casey tells TMZ ... being with women has been a new experience, saying that wasn't a part of his life back when he was at his heaviest at 845 pounds. He didn't lose his virginity until his mid-30s.


With the lbs coming off, Casey says he's gotten more confident in the bedroom ... using a potato metaphor --- watch the video, you'll understand.

The reality star is gung ho on getting his excess skin removed sometime this year ... he's meeting with doctors for a pretty radical procedure. A GoFundMe for his surgery has produced results ... he says $18k is already sitting in his bank account.

Fans of the show remember Casey got gastric bypass surgery, which reduced his weight to 525 lbs. Now, how's this for progress? He now tips the scales at 232 pounds! From his heaviest, Casey's dropped an astonishing 613 lbs!!!

Congrats on shedding those pounds, Casey -- and get it!

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