Stipe Miocic Glad Brock Lesnar's Out of UFC 'Put Whole Division On Hold'


Stipe Miocic says it "kinda sucked" when Brock Lesnar was in the mix for a UFC title fight with Daniel Cormier ... telling TMZ Sports he didn't think it was fair since Brock hadn't fought in years.

Remember, Stipe had defended the UFC heavyweight title THREE TIMES (the most in UFC history) before losing to Cormier at UFC 226 in July 2018.

Stipe -- and many UFC fans -- believed he deserved an immediate rematch with Cormier ... but when Lesnar expressed interest in fighting DC, it seemed Brock became the priority.

Lesnar eventually ended talks with the UFC so he could turn his full attention to his WWE career ... and that's when the UFC decided to give Stipe the fight in August at UFC 241.

Miocic tells TMZ Sports the whole waiting game for Lesnar rubbed him the wrong way -- explaining, "I mean, the dude hasn't fought in like, 3 years. Been popped twice, suspended."

"It's like, how you gonna put a dude like that ... he's not even a money fight anymore."

Miocic continued, "When he fought Mark Hunt, it didn't get a lot of Pay-Per-View sales. So, what's the difference of bringing him in? So, I don't know, whatever, it's all good."

"Brock's doing his thing. Good luck with everything he does, but right now, it's me and DC."

The two are set to square off on August 17 -- and if you watch the clip, you can tell Miocic is laser focused on getting his revenge.

G-Eazy Sweden's Treatment of A$AP Rocky ... Proves White Privilege, Racism


3:35 PM PT -- G-Eazy just showed enormous support for A$AP -- posting our story with a powerful message -- saying, "Facts. This is the sad truth ... The difference between me and Rocky's treatment and process in Sweden brings to mind two concepts that disgustingly go hand in hand: white privilege and systematic racism." 

He continues, "Let's call it what it is. He should not be behind bars right now. My heart goes out to my brother @asaprocky and his team. We're riding for y'all. #JusticeForRocky #FreeRocky."

11:34 AM PT -- Jada Pinkett Smith's weighing in on the situation after apparently just learning about G-Eazy's experience in Sweden compared to Rocky's ... saying, "We got the message loud and clear Sweden. Trust me ... we got it."

As A$AP Rocky rots in a Swedish jail for weeks without being charged with a crime, you gotta wonder how another rapper -- a white rapper -- accused of the same crime and more spent a relative nanosecond behind bars before being allowed to go on his merry way and leave the country.

You may recall a story TMZ broke a year ago in May, when G-Eazy was arrested in Stockholm after punching a security guard in a club and snorting coke using a $100 bill.


G-Eazy was arrested for assault, possession of drugs and use of narcotics. There was no video of the attack, yet prosecutors allowed him to strike a deal a day-and-a-half later ... he pled guilty to violent resistance, a crime of violence against an official and illegal drug possession. His sentence -- a $10k fine and probation. He was also ordered to pay the security guard $900.

That was it ... G-Eazy was allowed to leave the country, no muss, no fuss.

Now, compare that to A$AP. There's VIDEO of the assault -- actually 2 videos, the other being the alleged victim assaulting Rocky first -- yet prosecutors and the judge have kept him in jail for more than 2 weeks as they continue to "investigate" and decide if he'll be charged. As we reported, prosecutors mistakenly played their hand Friday and said he was going to get indicted.

A$AP faces 6 years in prison for his alleged assault. G-Eazy spend less than 2 days behind bars.

JULY 2015

And, one more thing. Remember, back in 2015 Snoop Dogg was arrested in Sweden after being snatched out of his car because cops believed he was driving under the influence. He was forced to pee in a cup and was released after cops determined he was clean. Snoop, who was there for a concert, said it was a case of DWB and he would never return to the country.

So, what gives?

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Aaron Boone Suspended 1 Game For 'F*cking Savages' Rant

Breaking News

11:58 AM PT -- The MLB has announced it has suspended Boone one game -- plus an undisclosed fine -- for his epic rant against umpire Brennan Miller.

Boone will serve his ban Friday night when the Yankees take on the Colorado Rockies.

Yankees manager Aaron Boone FLIPPED OUT on an umpire Thursday ... and the whole rant was caught on a hot mic -- it was EPIC!!!

It all went down in the 2nd inning of the Yanks-Rays game in NY ... when Boone began chirping at home plate ump Brennan Miller over balls and strikes.

Boone didn't hold back from the dugout, telling Brennan to "Bear the f**k down! Let's go!"

It didn't take long for Miller to toss Boone from the game ... but that only made Aaron's profanity-laced rant grow.

"My guys are f**king savages in that f**king box, right?!" Boone yelled in Brennan's face ... "And, you're having a piece of s**t start to this game."

Aaron continued, "I feel bad for ya. But, f**king get better ... Our guys are f**king savages in that box. Our guys are savages in the f**king box. Tighten it up right now, OKAY?!?"

Seemed a bunch of Yankees fans agreed with Boone's rant ... and even outfielder Brett Gardner -- who had just been called out on strikes -- gave the manager a standing ovation.

Unclear if the whole tirade was worth it ... the game is still tied up 2-2 in the fifth -- but we're all super grateful for the hot mics regardless!!!

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Max Holloway & Tyron Woodley 3 Questions We Hate the Most?!? ... Here's the Order

Tyron Woodley and Max Holloway have been asked every MMA question in the book during their prolific careers ... but what are the 3 WORST questions they hate the most during fight week?!

The Chosen One and the conductor of the Blessed Express are pulling no punches on this week's episode of "The Hollywood Beatdown" ... where Max was promoting his UFC 240 fight against Frankie Edgar.

Of course, the fight will be Max's first since his loss to Dustin Poirier back in April -- but Max says he's ready to prove he's back and more dangerous than ever.

Besides revealing the 3 Q's he hates more than anything ... Holloway also shouted out his pal, Justin Bieber, and said the guy is serious about taking an MMA fight, he'd LOVE the opportunity to train him up!

Make sure to check out "The Hollywood Beatdown" every week on the TMZ Sports' YouTube channel.

UFC's Dana White Interested In Jon Jones vs. Israel ... Here's the Plan


Israel Adesanya might get the chance to go G.O.A.T. hunting after all ...

UFC honcho Dana White tells TMZ Sports he's very interested in an Israel Adesanya vs. Jon Jones fight ... but Israel's gotta take out Robert Whittaker first!

Remember, Israel -- who's 17-0 with an impressive win over UFC legend Anderson Silva -- told us a fight with Jon Jones "tickles my loins" ... and added, "I already killed one G.O.A.T. and I'm hunting the next."


Jon saw the clip ... and fired back, "I’ll make you call me daddy by the third [round]."

In fact, Israel was ringside at Jon's UFC 239 fight earlier this month -- but later said he wasn't impressed with Jones.

So, when we saw White out in Beverly Hills ... we had to ask if he has any interest in putting an Israel vs. Jones fight together.

"I do," White said ... but he made it clear nothing's in stone and Israel has to get through Whittaker at UFC 243 in October first.

"If he beats Robert Whittaker, he's a very very dangerous guy and a guy Jones needs to take serious.

FYI, Whittaker is the current middleweight champ -- and famously beat Yoel Romero, TWICE!!

Should be fun ...

Keith Thurman Rips Floyd Mayweather You Ducked Me and You Know It!!!


Keith Thurman says Floyd Mayweather is straight CHICKEN -- accusing the boxing legend of running scared before he retired and now he's calling Floyd out.

"If he wanted a real fight, he would have saw me years ago," Thurman tells TMZ Sports.

"You never wanted to fight me. I was right there right underneath you for years. I was the #1 contender of the WBA and then they made you super champion so that our names didn't have to be in the same sentence together."

FYI, a WBA Super Champ is a fighter who holds multiple titles in the same division -- and is exempt from mandatory title defenses. Essentially, Super Champs can pick their own opponents.

Thurman says during Floyd's active fighting days, there were plenty of opportunities to make a fight between the two ... but Mayweather wussed out and didn't want the smoke.

Now, Thurman -- who's 29-0 -- is gearing up for the biggest fight of his career against Manny Pacquiao on Saturday ... and he knows a victory could open some huge doors.

In fact, Keith says he sees big fights with stars like Terence "Bud" Crawford and Errol Spence in 2020 ... and says, "I'm very open to those contracts."

But, for now, Thurman says the plan is to beat Manny and then take the rest of 2019 off to gear up for a massive 2020.

Oh, and when he is ready to announce his next opponent ... Keith says he's coming to TMZ Sports to drop the bombshell!!!

Jordyn Woods I'm a 'Boss' ... Check Me Out in Rick Ross' Music Vid

Jordyn Woods is making some boss moves after being kicked to the curb by the Kardashians ... linking up with Rick Ross and becoming a music video vixen!!!

Kylie Jenner's former BFF was on the set of the rapper's new music vid Wednesday in Miami, showing off her endless curves in some sexy lingerie and a super revealing dress. No wonder Rick recruited her.

RR is looking pretty fly himself ... throwing on a black and white animal print button down and dripping hard with some gold chains. Rozay is peak South Beach.

But, this is all about Jordyn and how well she's doing for herself without the Kardashians.

Check out the gallery ... Jordyn's a BAWSE!!!

Greg Hardy Jon Jones Is My Dream Fight 'I Want to Beat the Greatest'


Greg Hardy vs. Jon Jones?!

That's what Greg wants in a BAD way -- telling TMZ Sports he KNOWS he's gotta scrap with the G.O.A.T. if he truly wants to be known as the greatest combat sports athlete ever.

The 30-year-old ex-NFL superstar is making it clear he's closed the door on his football career to focus on MMA -- and says his goal is to climb the heavyweight ranks and fight for the title.

First step is getting past Juan Adams at UFC on ESPN on Saturday -- but Hardy says he can see himself upgrading opponents to guys like Stipe Miocic and Daniel Cormier as he continues to chalk up the Ws.

As for Jones, Hardy says he has nothing but respect for the guy -- even noting that he emulates Jon's fighting style in the Octagon.

"It's impossible not to dream of Jon Jones," Hardy said ... "It would be an honor and a pleasure to go to war with him, if I make it that far."

Hardy is currently 4-1 as a pro MMA fighter -- with all 4 of his victories coming by 1st-round stoppages.

Greg says he doesn't have any personal issues with Adams -- who's been talking A LOT of trash -- only giving this message ...

"I forgive you, I understand your ignorance and I apologize for sending you to the hospital. Hope you get better soon, brother."


UFC's Jorge Masvidal You Ain't Getting Conor McGregor ... Says Dana White


UFC stud Jorge Masvidal will NOT get a crack at Conor McGregor, despite his record-breaking victory over Ben Askren ... so says Dana White

"Hell no," White told us ... explaining that Masvidal is a welterweight fighter (170 lbs) and he's simply too big for take on the smaller McGregor, who fights at lightweight (154 lbs). 

"There's plenty of fights for him in his weight division without Conor," White said ... "He's too big for Conor. [McGregor] doesn't belong in 170."

"[Conor] has the balls to fight at 170, but he doesn't belong there."

So, when WILL Conor return to the Octagon and who will he fight? 

White says he expects to see Conor back in action either at the end of 2019 or early 2020 -- but he won't commit to an opponent until Khabib Nurmagomedov fights Dustin Poirier in September.

McGregor will NOT automatically get the winner of that fight -- but White says it will be easier to matchmake after that fight goes down. 

"A lot of things will shake out and we'll see who's next."

Conor hasn't fought since UFC 229 back in October 2018 when he lost to Khabib -- and he's currently nursing an injured left hand he busted up during a recent training session. 

Kobayashi Joey Chestnut Is A Cheater ... Questions Hot Dog Record!!!


Kobayashi has some Grade A beef with Joey Chestnut ... the former wiener-eating champ says JC is a huge cheater -- and is questioning if the guy is REALLY pounding 70-plus hot dogs!!!

We got Kobayashi out in NYC and he didn't hold back when we asked about Chestnut ... saying (through a translator) he thinks Joey's a food-chomping cheat.

"I've personally, definitely witnessed some cheating, yes," Kobayashi says. "One example, we were eating for a pizza P'Zone competition years ago and he was throwing the hardest part to eat -- the crust -- into the box the whole time."

In fact, Kobayashi thinks Joey is such a swindler, he's questioning Chestnut's most famous record -- 74 hot dogs in 10 minutes!!!

Kobayashi says Major League Eating is helping prop up Joey in order to drive interest in the sport ... and adds that he thinks the dogs Joey's been gobbling up are smaller than usual.

As for their relationship, Kobayashi says he and Joey just don't get along ... and he tells us he can't see himself EVER being friends with the guy.

By the way, if you're wondering what Kobayashi is up to these days ... he says he's about to enter a taco-eating contest in California -- and tells us he's got a dream job for the future!!!


Busta Rhymes Goes Off on Guy Who Hurled Homophobic Slur!!!


Busta Rhymes apparently wasn't in the mood to mingle with a fan, and all hell broke loose when that fan got sour and used a homophobic slur while arguing with the rapper.

TMZ's obtained video that picks up in the middle of the heated confrontation that went down around 5 AM Wednesday in NYC. You can see the rapper arguing with a couple of men wearing construction crew reflective vests. Busta's being held back by friends and several NYPD cops. 

There's a lot of shouting going on and Busta gets right up in the grill of one of the construction dudes. Things quickly escalated when one of the guys appears to drop the f-word on Busta. You can see in the video ... Busta appears to retaliate by throwing a punch but misses. Cops step in between the man and Busta and that's where the video ends.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... one of the construction workers filed a harassment report around 10 PM later that night .... claiming Busta was the aggressive one before cops showed up and before action picks up in our video.

The man alleged Busta swung at him but made no contact, and told him "I will f*** you up" after saying hello to the rapper. The man said he felt threatened and dropped his phone because he was scared.

Our sources say cops didn't witness what the man alleged. We're told besides the harassment report, cops have washed their hands of this incident. There's no further investigation and the matter's considered closed.


Lately, it seems everyone wants a piece of Busta. As we reported, he got into a heated argument with another man who was pissed the rapper hit on his wife

Busta was not arrested during that incident either.

Daniel Cormier On Brush With Jon Jones 'We're Not Friendly'


Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones came face to face in the lobby of an L.A. hotel right before the ESPYs ... but according to DC, the two kept it cordial. 

Sources tell us the UFC rivals had a brief conversation -- but it was more civil than friendly. In other words, they acknowledged each other's presence just to be polite. 

When we spoke with Cormier about the situation, he downplayed -- "Nothing happened. All my energy is on [my upcoming fight against] Stipe Miocic."

Cormier reiterated about Jones -- "We're not friendly."

Of course, these guys have one hell of a history -- they have one of the nastiest rivalries in pro sports and have talked an insane amount of trash to each other over the years. 

At one point, Cormier even mocked Jon's wife for having a "flat ass."


Jones won both UFC fights against Cormier, though his second victory was overturned after Jon tested positive for an illegal substance. 

But, Jon recently told TMZ Sports his animosity toward Cormier has been fading -- and claimed he would even shake his hand if the opportunity presented itself. 


We're not sure if the two actually shook during Wednesday's run-in -- but DC made it clear he has no desire to have a friendly relationship with Jon. 

It seems the two are on a collision course for a 3rd fight ... Cormier told us it's possible -- but he's gotta get through Miocic first. 

When we asked if it would a "dream" to end his career with a victory over Jones -- DC laughed and responded, "It was my dream twice."

Third time's the charm?!

Angry Bagel Shop Guy History of Unruly Behavior ... Loud Public Rants and Confrontations


There's something a little off about the enraged man who went viral for ranting about women on dating sites before getting attacked -- he has a pattern of noisy and disturbing altercations.

In case you missed it, this NY bagel shop video went viral Wednesday due to the guy tearing into women who ridicule him for his height. The added bonus of him challenging 2 larger men to fight before getting his ass kicked had all the makings of social media gold.

TMZ's learned the vid's just the latest in a series featuring the guy getting into arguments and altercations all around Long Island, usually because he claims he's been harassed for his height or slighted in some way.

The videos come from the YouTube channel of Chris Morgan, who is presumably the 5' tall man from the bagel shop, but unlike the viral vid ... they are selfie vids he's angrily narrating. In several of them, the people he is accosting and filming call him Chris.


In a 2-parter from May, the man is pissed off in a 7-Eleven because he says one of the employees asked him how tall he was. He shouts at the guy for a couple minutes before calling the cops to file a harassment charge, but as you can see ... the officer's mostly confused and irritated. 

In another bizarre and disturbing vid from December, the man accuses a woman of cursing in front of her child and cutting in front of him to use the bathroom at a store. It looks like things get physical and she accuses him of putting his hands on her, and he yells that she slapped his phone.


The woman is referred to as a "ghetto hoodrat" in the video title, and he yelled at her ... "f**k you, bitch" and "you're a loser ghetto skank."

There are many more vids on the channel that include the guy using homophobic slurs (calling his neighbor the f-word after calling the cops on him), being racist (posting a vid of 2 Asian men talking and titling it "The Orient Express") and getting into fights with people who seem to know him ... including a Jets fan at a bar. There are also more examples of him being misogynistic.

It's all very strange -- and maybe he's just doing this for attention -- but we probably haven't seen the last of this tool.

UFC's Henry Cejudo Hey Amanda Nunes ... Wanna Fight?!?


UFC double-champ Henry Cejudo says he wants to add MORE gold to his collection -- and if that means fighting Amanda Nunes, he's DOWN! 

He seems like he's joking ... but maybe not! 

After all, Cejudo usually fights at 125 pounds. And, Amanda's last fight was at 135 pounds. And, since she's got the women's bantamweight and featherweight belts, Henry is calling her out!

"If Amanda Nunes wants to get it too? Valentina [Shevchenko]? I'm calling you guys out too. I take no prisoners."

Of course, Cejudo already holds the titles in the UFC's bantamweight and flyweight divisions -- plus, he's got an Olympic gold medal -- but he's a self-described "gold-digger" and he's very greedy!

In all seriousness, Cejudo says he wants to fight the winner of the upcoming Max Holloway vs. Frankie Edgar featherweight title fight at UFC 240 later this month. 

Cejudo says Holloway would pose a greater challenge because of the obvious height difference -- but tells TMZ Sports he still thinks he could win. 

"The fight would have to be so strategic," Cejudo says ... "But, he can get it too, man!"

Cejudo says his goal is to be known as the greatest combat sports athlete of all time. 

There's more ... we also asked Henry to break down that crazy Jorge Masvidal knockout of Ben Askren ... and he demonstrated on one of TMZ staffers (Lucas!). 

Don't miss the "TMZ Sports" TV show -- weeknights on FS1. 


A$AP Rocky Arrest Becoming Serious Human Rights Issue ... American Embassy Involved


1:18 PM PT -- Sources close to A$AP tells us the rapper voluntarily went to the police Tuesday night for questioning and was immediately taken into custody. We're told cops are holding him on restricted visitation and will only allow him to speak with an appointed attorney.

Our sources say it's standard practice for the U.S. Embassy to be immediately alerted when an American is arrested -- but that never happened -- instead, police are refusing to let the U.S. Embassy rep meet with A$AP or his team.

We're told the situation has gotten so severe, it has been taken up with the Swedish Embassy in Washington D.C. to avoid what has quickly become a breach of Rocky's human rights.

A$AP Rocky is under arrest in Sweden for a street fight and now faces a very serious charge -- this despite video that seems to show he and his team were NOT the aggressors.

Law enforcement in Stockholm tell us ... cops busted A$AP on suspicion of aggravated assault. TMZ broke the story ... the rapper and his team got into the brawl last weekend. 


We posted the first video of the incident, showing Rocky and his entourage tossing a guy and punching him. 

Witnesses told us the fight started because the man was hounding A$AP and his team over a pair of headphones he claimed they had broken.

However, AR later posted a nearly 3-minute long video which showed the man had actually broken his headphones when he smashed them on the head of A$AP's bodyguard. Even after that clear first shot was taken ... Rocky is seen on camera playing peacemaker, trying to calm the situation.


It appears the fight erupted several minutes later when the man continued to hound A$AP and co., and after a woman claimed the man had groped her butt.

We're told Stockholm cops can now hold Rocky for up to 3 days while prosecutors determine whether to charge him. If they do, he's looking at the possibility of up to 6 years in a Swedish prison.

We're told 3 other people were also arrested ... 2 on suspicion of aggravated assault, and 1 for suspicion of assault. It's unclear what their relationship is to A$AP.

Originally Published -- 5:23 AM PT

A$AP Rocky Swedish Beatdown ... Tosses Dude During Street Brawl!!!


6:09 AM PT -- Law enforcement sources tell TMZ police are actively investigating the fight after a police report was filed. They have spoken with the alleged victim, witnesses on scene, and investigators are also reviewing video.

At this time police do not have any suspects.

A$AP Rocky and his crew pummeled a guy in Sweden, leaving him battered and bloodied in the street ... according to witnesses on the scene.

TMZ obtained video that starts with the rapper having an intense convo with a couple of guys at Max restaurant in Stockholm Sunday night ... allegedly over Rocky breaking a pair of their headphones earlier.

Our sources say the 2 young men kept following AR and threatened to call the cops over the headphones. We're told someone stepped in to translate the argument between the 2 parties, and Rocky delivered this message -- stop following us ... or else.

Apparently, that's when another woman interrupted the convo, and accused one of the 2 men of grabbing her ass earlier. Witnesses say that's when A$AP and his crew decided to throw down.

The video shows Rocky -- in a white hoodie and green shorts -- absolutely toss one of the guys like a ragdoll. You can also hear someone smash a bottle during the fight. Three other men, apparently on Rocky's side -- jumped in and joined the beatdown, punching and kicking the guy.

Our sources say Rocky and his crew then took off, leaving the guy knocked out on the ground. An ambulance and cops showed up shortly after and took statements from witnesses.

Law enforcement sources tell us officers are looking into various fights that went down Sunday night in the center of Stockholm, but they had no info about A$AP Rocky being involved.

Sources close to A$AP Rocky's team tell us he and his friends were only responding to "an assault."

Originally Published -- 7/01 11:19 AM PT