MMA's Jason Knight Explains Insane Bathroom Fight ... Here's What Happened

The MMA fighter who beat up TWO guys in a bathroom stall in a WILD brawl caught on video is telling TMZ Sports why he was attacked in the first place ... and it's INSANE!!!

The man at the center of the scuffle in the s**tter is ex-UFC fighter Jason Knight -- who now competes in the Bare Knuckle Fighting Championship.


Knight tells us ... he was taking a leak at a club in Mobile, Alabama back in December when he heard two other guys in the bathroom complaining about their wives.


Knight says he jokingly yelled out, "F**k his wife" thinking it would a get a laugh -- but instead, the comment REALLY pissed off the pissers and they bum-rushed him in his stall.

"They snatched my stall door open and started talking crazy to me," Knight says ... and that's when he knew it was time to throw down.

You can see in the video ... Knight's backed up against the toilet, yet still manages to WAIL on the two assailants, landing some solid shots to the head in the process.

"I gave 'em the ol' shoulder shrug and I hit the big guy first. I was trying to put him down and make sure that it was a 1-on-1 fight, instead of a 2-on-1 fight. Either way, I pretty much put him down with the first couple punches. All he wanted to do after that was hug me."

"I think they were expecting me to kinda beg my way out of the stall, and then they beat me to a pulp right there in that little stall. But, I'm not the one to beg my way out. So, I figure, let's fight it out and see what happens."

Oh, in case you wondering ... 27-year-old Knight is 20-6 as a pro-MMA fighter -- and even beat UFC stud Dan Hooker in 2016.

"I fought MMA for years, but before I got into MMA, I was a street fighter, man. So, it wasn't nothing new to me."

"You hit the guy first and you don't stop 'til somebody comes. Somebody came and broke it up. But, I got in more licks than they did in the long run."

FYI, if you like watching Knight hit people ... he's got a (sanctioned) fight Saturday night against Artem Lobov at BKFC 9.

Lesson here ... don't start bar bathroom brawls with a bare knuckle fighter.


Taylor Swift Label Says She Can Play Hits at AMAs ... AOC Slams Scooter's Investors


3:01 PM PT -- You can count AOC as being firmly Team Taylor! Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez weighed in and called out Carlyle Group, the equity firm that partially backed Scooter Braun's purchase of Big Machine.

She said, "Private equity groups' predatory practices actively hurt millions of Americans. Their leveraged buyouts have destroyed the lives of retail workers across the country, scrapping 1+ million jobs. Now They're holding @Taylorswift13's music hostage."

In her post yesterday, Taylor pled with Carlyle to help her fight for her master recordings -- but still, AOC might be a bit off the mark here.

Fact is, even if Scooter hadn't purchased Big Machine ... the label would still own Taylor's masters. Taylor's ownership battle seems to be more about the contract she signed with the label.

Taylor Swift has been complaining she's been blocked from performing her early hits during the AMAs because of her old label, Big Machine, but the label tells us she's dead wrong ... Taylor can perform her entire catalog if she wants.

A Big Machine exec tells TMZ, "Taylor Swift can 100% perform all of her catalog, past and present, on the AMAs." The official adds, BM has no issue with her performance going out on the live broadcast, because it recognizes it doesn't have the right to block her. The official says, "Our confusion with her statement is that we have no legal right to stop this and have never tried. She and her team both know this."

Fact is ... Big Machine is correct. Labels can't block artists from performing any songs -- theirs or others -- live, and since the AMAs are airing live ... have at it, Taylor.

BTW ... it's interesting. Taylor performed "Shake it Off" -- a song from her Big Machine catalog -- live on "Good Morning America" on August 22.

The Big Machine exec says, "We are excited for all her fans, as all of the confusion has now been cleared up, and we now welcome Taylor to perform all of her hits on the AMAs."

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Popeyes Lines For Chicken Sando Simmer Down ... Folks Over It Or Afraid?!?


Popeyes is no longer a breeding ground for violence over its chicken sandwich ... the mania's finally died down at many locations.

We hit up the store on world-famous Hollywood Blvd., which is normally swarmed just because of tourists ... but there was only a small line of customers. Also, everyone was cool as a cucumber.

It's a far cry from the scenes we saw across the country earlier this month when the fast food chicken joint brought back its massively popular chicken sando, causing insane lines and wild moments of mayhem.


As we reported ... there was a fatal stabbing at a Popeyes in Maryland, and there was a rash of videos showing brawls between employees and customers alike ... all dealing with lines out the door and at the drive-thru.

Question is ... is the bloom off the rose, or are hungry customers just too fearful of potential violence?

We're not trying to start another rush, but if you're spicy chicken curious ... looks like the coast is clear.


Guess George Lopez struck a chord when he told us some fried chicken stuffed between a bun ain't worth risking your life.

Stay safe, America.

Kodak Black Drugged And Set Up For Prison Fight!!! Rapper's Reps Claim


Kodak Black was set up and possibly drugged when he got into a fight behind bars ... at least according to the rapper's camp.

Sources close to Kodak tell TMZ ... his team believes last month's prison fight, which left a guard injured, was all a setup because they claim someone slipped something in his drink to set him off.

We're told surveillance video shows Kodak drinking a cup of coffee about 20 minutes before the fight broke out ... and his reps believe Kodak's coffee was spiked with a chemical substance intended to make him lose control.

Our sources say an agent from the FBI testified Wednesday that witnesses said Kodak appeared to be under the influence during the brawl.

As for the fight itself ... we're told Kodak got into it with another inmate, and a corrections officer sprayed KB with mace. Our sources say it took several prison guards to restrain Kodak, who displayed incredible strength after allegedly being drugged.

Bureau of Prisons spokesperson Emery Nelson tells us a staff member was physically assaulted during the fight and was taken to a hospital for treatment.

As we reported ... Kodak was sentenced Wednesday to 46 months in prison after pleading guilty in his federal gun case. Prosecutors were gunning for 96 months after KB was involved in the fight.

Kodak's camp thinks it's suspicious the other inmate in the fight was placed in KB's prison pod earlier in the day, and the same inmate was released on bond about 12 hours after the brawl. Kodak's team says the fact the fight went down 2 weeks before his sentencing is also fishy. KB's been behind bars before, and we're told it's the first time he got in trouble.

Black's reps tell us they don't know for sure who allegedly drugged him, but they have their suspicions ... telling us a lot of people want to see him jammed up.

We reached out to the U.S. Attorney's Office ... but they have no comment.

Kodak's attorney, Bradford Cohen, declined comment other than to say he's investigating the prison fight.

Gym Members Banned For Life After Insane Brawl ... Police Investigating

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Gym members who beat the hell out of each other with exercise equipment are now in serious trouble ... they've been banned from the facility for life and cops say they're now investigating.

The wild fight all went down shortly after noon on Nov. 7 at Ab Salute Gym in England ... and video of the scene -- which just surfaced this week -- shows a violent affair.

Unclear what kicked off the skirmish ... but several members grabbed gym equipment and weaponized it, swinging it at each other wildly.

You can see in the footage ... one man hits another guy on the ground with a metal bar -- while later in the brawl, a man swings a long horizontal bar.

The person who posted the footage didn't offer very many details on the fight, writing only, "so man are fighting in the gym now wow."

But, cops in Essex say two guys were hurt in the fracas ... saying, "A 17-year-old boy suffered bruising and cuts and a 27-year-old man suffered a cut above his eye."

Cops add they are investigating the fight.

As for the gym members' futures at the facility, an Ab Salute Gym spokesperson told The Sun, "The individuals concerned have been banned from our gyms for life."

"We do our very best to safeguard all members of the public and our staff across all gyms. We are deeply sorry to anyone who witnessed this incident or has been affected by it."

Waffle House Woman in Arrest Vid Sues ... You Hate Blacks!!!

6:45 AM PT -- A rep for Waffle House, Inc. tells TMZ ... it hasn't had the chance to review the lawsuit because it hasn't seen it. The rep adds, "As we’ve said previously, we regret this incident happened at all. As anyone who has dined with us knows, we have a very diverse customer base and workforce. We have had a culture of inclusion since we opened our doors in 1955, and are very proud of the fact that our restaurants have been open to all."

Waffle House is being sued for discrimination by a black woman whose arrest went viral ... and she's claiming the restaurant treats black customers like crap.

The woman behind the lawsuit is Chikesia Clemons, and she says she went to the WH in Saraland, AL with 2 friends in April 2018 -- a visit that ended with her in handcuffs following a scuffle with police ... all of it recorded by a friend.

In the suit, Clemons claims within 2 minutes of walking in, the manager told a Waffle House employee to call 911 and tell the dispatcher the group was intoxicated and refusing to leave. Clemons claims the 911 operator asked if the customers were male or female, but the employee responded, "They're black."

According to the docs, Clemons claims a white waitress told her she would be charged 50 cents for plastic utensils, which sparked an argument because Clemons says white customers don't get hit with that charge. Clemons says the waitress then refused to serve the table.

Another waitress -- also white -- tapped in, but things didn't go any smoother ... according to Clemons who claims the woman said, "You're racist," and "You need to learn your place."

The viral video shows 2 cops showing up, one grabbing Clemons and throwing her to the ground. One of the officers told her, "I'm about to break your arm," as they tried to put cuffs on her.

In her lawsuit, Clemons claims the only reason the officers roughed her up was because Waffle House employees falsely reported her and her friends as being drunk. She wants Waffle House to serve up some money -- as in damages -- and to stop the alleged discriminatory treatment.

We reached out to Waffle House for comment ... no word back, so far.

Originally published -- 4:46 PM PT

Skip Bayless Fires Back At Zeke Elliott's Mom ... 'I Cannot Tell A Lie!!!'

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TMZ/Getty Composite

Skip Bayless is firing back at Ezekiel Elliott's mom over criticism of the Cowboys running back -- he feels bad she's upset over his comments, but says, "I cannot tell a lie!"

The FS1 megastar trashed Elliott and his No. 21 jersey after the RB had a rough game against the Minnesota Vikings on Sunday ... and Momma Zeke was NOT happy about it.

"I certainly hope I don’t ever see @RealSkipBayless post another pic wearing my son’s jersey," she wrote on social media.

But, Skip went on "Undisputed" on Wednesday to explain himself ... and said he's hurt that she's upset by his comments -- but he's standing by them regardless.

"Does it pain me that Momma Zeke is down? Yes, it does! Yes, it does!" Skip said. "But, I cannot tell a lie. I cannot defend her son when he doesn't deserve being defended!"

Skip says because of Elliott's fat contract ... he deserves criticism when he's not playing well, saying, "I have a job to do, and he has a $50 million guaranteed job to do on Sundays."

Skip added he's hoping he can eventually take Elliott's jersey out of his trash ... saying he wants to see a HUGE game out of the star this weekend against the Lions or next weekend against the Patriots.

As for Momma Zeke's reaction to the show? She seemed understanding of Skip's explanation ... writing on social media that she still hasn't dumped the photo of Skip and Zeke that "Undisputed" execs sent to her months ago.

"I haven’t thrown out the pic, even though MY mother asked me why it was still on my nightstand," she said.

Jason Garrett, for everyone's sake ... feed Zeke on Sunday!!!

Tyson Fury Agrees to Box Stipe Miocic ... After Wilder Rematch

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If Stipe Miocic is SERIOUS about a boxing match with Tyson Fury, the Gypsy King says he'll gladly ACCEPT ... as long as they can book it AFTER his rematch with Deontay Wilder.

Of course, Stipe is the reigning UFC heavyweight champ -- but he's so confident in his striking ability, he recently said he'd be down to fight Fury in a boxing match.

So, Fury -- never one to back down -- responded to Miocic ... and he's ALL THE WAY DOWN!

"Stipe says he wants to box me, that would be a good fight for sure," Fury told MTK Global ... "After I get Wilder out of the way I’ll fight Stipe in a boxing match if he wants it."

"It would be a big crossover fight like Mayweather and McGregor."

Fury continued, "I’m open to that fight so he should come and see me. It would be the same outcome for any of them, they’ll all get smashed."

Miocic isn't the only UFC star who wants a piece of Fury -- Francis Ngannou wants a 2-fight deal so he can fight Tyson in boxing and then MMA.


Fury has said he's interested in an MMA fight too -- and even trained with UFC star Darren Till over the weekend.

"It was exciting training with Darren Till and we get on like a house on fire," Fury said ... "He put me through a hard training session and it was really good."

We recently spoke with Dana White about the possibility of a crossover fight with Fury -- and while White's a huge fan, he thinks Tyson would get DESTROYED in the Octagon.

dana on tyson fury

Jorge Masvidal Rips Conor McGregor 'That Dude Don't Want This'

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Conor McGregor is straight-up SCARED to fight Jorge Masvidal -- so says Street Jesus himself -- which is why the Irishman hasn't said a PEEP since he beat Nate Diaz.

The UFC's reigning BMF champ went on the 'Dan Le Batard Show' and was asked about a potential fight with Conor ... and that's when Masvidal spelled it all out.

"To be quite frank, [Conor] was flirting with fighting the winner when the possibility of the winner was Nate," Masvidal said.

"He kept throwing it out there. He even made his prediction. But, since I've won, he hasn't said a peep."

"That dude don't want it, man."

Masvidal says he's not a bully -- and won't trash Conor in the hopes of baiting him into a fight -- but it seems pretty clear Jorge wants it.

"If you wanna fight, I'm licking my chops."

As for Conor, he announced his return to the Octagon will go down on January 18 -- but didn't reveal his opponent.

Dana White recently told us the UFC is eyeing Donald "Cowboy" Cerrone but the deal isn't done yet.

Evander Holyfield Hey, Mike Tyson ... I Bit Someone In The Ring Too!!!

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Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson

"I bit somebody too ... it just wasn't on TV" -- Evander Holyfield.

Bombshell bite news is coming out of Mike Tyson's podcast, where the guy Mike famously bit admitted he ALSO weaponized his mouth during a boxing match back in the day!

Iron Mike invited his former nemesis to "Hotboxin' With Mike Tyson" -- where they discussed the infamous 1997 ear chomp ... and Evander explained why he ultimately forgave Tyson.

"People keep asking, 'How are you gonna forgive somebody?'" Holyfield says. "I say, everything that ever happened, at some point in time, I did it."

"Mike bit me, I say I bit somebody too ... it just wasn't on TV."

Evander continued ... "I bit a guy in his shoulder. He dropped me, and I didn't know when you had a concussion, you'll bite too."

Holyfield didn't name his bite victim during the podcast -- but says the guy called him up after the Tyson chew incident and said, "Remember when you bit me?"

Holyfield responded, "I sure did, bitch! You shouldn't have grabbed me!"

Both Tyson and Holyfield laughed about it ... and then Tyson made a business proposition involving weed and edible ears!

Long story short, Mike wants to sell THC edibles in the shape of Evander's chewed up ear -- and Holyfield says he's VERY interested!

One more fun fact ... Mike says fans are still so obsessed with the bite, he made back the $3 MILLION he was penalized by charging fans $250 a pop for pics reenacting the chomp.

Trina Goes Off in Walmart ... Call Me 'N***** Bitch' Again!!!


Trina's shopping trip to Walmart turned racial when another customer allegedly called her a "n***** bitch" ... and cops ended up getting involved.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... someone inside the Walmart in Cooper City, FL called police after people started mouthing off and screaming at each other inside the store.

Witnesses who were there tell us Trina bumped into another woman in an aisle and the lady told Trina, "Watch out, you n***** bitch."

Trina lost it, and her epic rant was caught on video. You hear Trina screaming at a white woman, "say it again you dirty-ass bitch! I am a n***** bitch. Say it again! I dare you to say it!"

Our law enforcement sources say cops didn't take a police report because Trina decided against it. Officers escorted her out of the store to her car for safety measure.

We're told police did not speak with the woman who allegedly hurled the racial slur.

We reached out to Trina's team ... so far, no word back.

Logan Paul Loses to KSI ... In Controversial Boxing Rematch


Logan Paul took an L Saturday night in his fight against KSI ... but it was not without controversy.

Logan lost to KSI in a split decision at the Staples Center in L.A. ... in a highly-anticipated boxing rematch. They went toe-to-toe for 6 hard rounds.


KSI did the early damage with some ferocious body shots, but things started to turn for Logan in the 3rd round when he started landing body punches of his own.

Paul caught KSI with two huge uppercuts in round 4 that sent him to the canvas, but held his head on the way down and seemed to land another punch. The referee counted the knockdown but took two points away from Paul, changing the course of the fight.


The final round saw KSI get a second wind as he tried to take Paul’s head off.

In the end, the two points cost Paul and KSI ended up walking away with the split-decision win. Had the referee only taken one point away from Paul, this rematch could have ended up in another draw.


Justin Bieber entered the ring after the match -- and even walked out with him at the beginning -- hoping Logan would pull it off. The Biebs didn't take the loss well, saying, "Logan was the better fighter. Period."

Wiz Khalifa was also there with his girlfriend. Also on hand ... Tyron Woodley, DaBaby, Ed Sheeran, Desiigner, Dan Bilzerian and Tana Mongeau.

Logan Paul and KSI had their first boxing match back in August 2018, which ended in a draw.

Cris Cyborg Down for Amanda Nunes Rematch ... Suggests UFC vs. Bellator Crossover


Don't count out a Cris Cyborg vs. Amanda Nunes just yet ... Cyborg tells us she's still down for the fight if her boss at Bellator can work out a crossover deal with UFC.

Remember, Cyborg parted ways with UFC back in August and signed with Bellator the next month. She's set to fight Julia Budd on Jan. 20 in L.A.

But, you can tell Cyborg feels she has unfinished business with Amanda Nunes -- who knocked her out in the 1st round when they clashed back in Dec. 2018.

Now that Cyborg fights for a different promotion, it's highly unlikely the two will ever face off again ... but Cris says there's still hope!

In fact, Cris says she's already asked Bellator boss Scott Coker if he would be open to a crossover fight with UFC and Coker told her that he would be down!

Of course, the issue ... Dana White.

UFC did a crossover event with Pride back in 2003 -- but we can't recall a crossover fight in recent memory involving UFC and another MMA promotion.

The closest thing we've seen is when UFC teamed up with Mayweather Promotions for the Floyd vs. Conor McGregor boxing match in 2017.

Bottom line ... anything's possible but don't hold your breath.

UFC's Israel Adesanya Warns Jon Jones ... 'You'll Face Me Eventually'


UFC superstar Israel Adesanya says he will "eventually" brawl with Jon Jones ... and he's spelling out the situation to TMZ Sports.

"He will face me eventually, but I'm gonna respect the game," the UFC middleweight champ told us.

"I'm gonna honor the game and defend my belt. I mean, he didn't jump up to heavyweight right after he won the belt. I want to do the work. If he wants to come down, come see me. But if not, shut the f**k up and wait 'til I come see you."


Seems Israel and Jon are on a collision course ... but first, Israel wants to continue to wreck everyone in the middleweight division, starting with Yoel Romero.

"I've called the guy out. I've said I want to fight him. The UFC don't think it's gonna sell, but f**k records, I just want to fight," Adesanya tells us.

Israel says he's got a plan B in case the Romero fight doesn't come together, but it's clear Yoel is the priority.

"I said I want Yoel. F**k records, he's a great fighter. I want to beat all the greatest of this era. I've taken Whittaker, I've taken Gastelum, I've taken Silva."

"I've said I've wanted to fight [Romero]. I've never backed down. I'll see you soon, boy."

And, get this ... Adesanya -- who put together one of the greatest ring walkouts EVER for the Robert Whittaker fight -- says he's already planning to TOP IT!!

"Expect the unexpected. I might f**king fly from the rafters like Shawn Michaels right into the Octagon!"

Stay tuned!

Popeyes Madness Employees Gang Up On Coworker ... Allegedly Selling Chicken Sandwich On The Side


The fights over the reintroduction of Popeyes' chicken sandwich are not slowing down ... workers at one franchise ganged up on a fellow employee they say was selling the popular item on the low.

Check out this insane video from a Popeyes restaurant in Los Angeles ... it's a madhouse behind the counter, with employees swinging on each other and one worker wielding a frying pan above their head.

The person behind the camera claims the violence erupted after an employee was caught selling the chicken sandwich out of the back door.

In the video, you hear a worker screaming, "You f**king hit me, bitch!!!"

As we've reported ... fights have been erupting across the country after Popeyes brought back the chicken sandwich last weekend, and a man waiting in line in Maryland ended up dead after a violent altercation.


A fight in another part of Maryland shows a customer brawling with employees behind the counter, and getting a bunch of flour dumped on his sweatshirt.


Footage from a fight in Florida showed two men going at it in the drive-thru line, with one dude hitting the pavement after taking a punch.

Despite the chaos and violence, Popeyes is adamant they won't remove the chicken sandwich from the menu ... so it's a good bet more fight videos will keep rolling in.

Pro Female Tennis Players Fight Breaks Out After Match Over Aggressive Handshake

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ITF/World Tennis Tour

There was definitely no love in this tennis match ... as 2 female pros got in an intense shove-off after the final point on Thursday ... and it was all over an aggressive handshake!!!

The match was between Canadian player Katherine Sebov (white shorts) and American Alycia Parks (pink shorts) in the round of 16 of the ITF W60 tournament in Las Vegas.

Sebov won the match in straight sets, but things got physical after Parks claims Sebov squeezed her hand too hard at the net following the match ... and made it clear she didn't like it one bit.

Parks -- who was already heated and had thrown her racket after the final point -- went after Sebov following the shake and that's when all hell broke loose ... with the 2 players shoving each other!!!

The line judge had to interfere ... and Parks' dad jumped a fence (hilarious BTW) to get on the court to help break it up.

Things finally cooled down ... and Parks addressed it with reporters after the match, saying, "She squeezed my hand very hard."

Another pro, Sachia Vickery, also backed Parks' claim, saying, "I was there she def squeezed her hand at the net. I hope they don’t try to spin this."

"The ref clearly says he saw it . Won’t be shocked if nothing is done about it tho"

The ITF is investigating ... but hasn't announced any punishment.