Chris Cornell Widow Sues Soundgarden ... Alleges Unpaid Royalties, Strong-Arming


The relationship between Chris Cornell's widow and his former band is in black days, to say the least ... because she's suing over money and the rights to 7 unreleased recordings.

Vicky Cornell filed legal docs, claiming the remaining members of Soundgarden are withholding hundreds of thousands of dollars in royalties owed to her and Chris' minor children.

She calls the move an "unlawful attempt to strong-arm Chris' Estate into turning over certain audio recordings created by Chris before he passed away."

The rights to those recordings -- some of Chris' final ones -- are the crux of the dispute between Vicky and the band. According to the docs, obtained by TMZ, she says the 7 tracks were "solely authored by Chris; contain Chris' own vocal tracks; and were bequeathed to Chris' Estate" for the benefit of her and their kids.

Vicky claims she's offered to share the recordings with Soundgarden, so they can be released in a way that respects Chris' wishes -- including having his producer involved -- but she says the band refused.

She also accuses lead guitarist Kim Thayil of putting her family in harm's way by suggesting she's the main obstacle to Soundgarden putting out another album.

In the docs, filed by powerhouse attorneys Marty Singer and James Sammataro, Vicky says those comments are intentionally misleading to Soundgarden's "loyal, rabid fan base" ... and she believes Thayil knows Chris worked on the music solo.


However, Soundgarden is claiming Chris and the other members had been "working on the files in a collaborative effort." In a letter to Vicky, they say ... "The entire band was feeling very positive about their rekindled artistic energy and creativity" before Cornell died.

It also lists various members as co-songwriters along with Chris on 5 of the 7 disputed recordings.

Vicky's not buying it, and wants the judge to declare Chris' estate the sole owner of the unreleased tracks ... and force the band to fork over the alleged unpaid royalties.

We've reached out to Soundgarden ... no word back yet.

'Greenleaf' Star Lamman Rucker I Feel Sorry for Kid Rock ... But Lay Off Oprah, Man!!!


Lamman Rucker's got mixed reactions to Kid Rock's drunken rant -- he sticks up for his "aunties," Oprah and Joy Behar ... but says he feels compassion for whatever the rock star's going through.

The "Greenleaf" star -- whose show airs on Oprah's OWN channel -- was at LAX Wednesday when we asked about Kid Rock's latest controversy ... he tells us it makes him uncomfortable. He says he can't understand why the musician would attack these 2 women ... but suggests maybe he's not in a good state of mind.

On the plus side, he doubts Oprah's losing any sleep over the situation ... and believes she's got love and understanding for whatever KR's dealing with.


We broke the story ... Kid Rock went off on Oprah and Joy at his Honky Tonk bar in Nashville last week, and many thought his rant got racist despite his insistence it wasn't.

The backlash was severe regardless, especially in his hometown of Detroit, and led to his decision to bail on his Made in Detroit restaurant at Little Caesars Arena.

Kid says he's still got love for the city, but he's learned to "go where you're celebrated, not tolerated," adding, "I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough."

He also insists, again, he's not racist and supports the black community.

Sounds like he could have an ally in Rucker ... but only if he leaves Oprah alone from here on out.

Joe Biden Intense Showdown at Town Hall!!! Voter Attacks His Son, Joe Fights Back


So much for Joe Biden's "No Malarkey" tour of Iowa -- there was plenty of it when he got into a heated argument with a voter Thursday morning.

The Democratic candidate was holding a town hall meeting in New Hampton, IA ... when an attendee stood up and challenged Joe on his son, Hunter Biden's now infamous dealings with a Ukrainian gas company.

The man suggested Joe was no better than President Trump because he had placed Hunter in a position for which he wasn't qualified -- and Biden immediately stepped to the guy, barking, "You're a damn liar!" He got right in the guy's face and then challenged him to do push-ups, go for a run or take an IQ test. You gotta see it ... it's kinda bizarre.

Biden, who's in the middle of an 8-day, 18-county swing through Iowa -- which he's deemed the "No Malarkey" tour -- demanded the potential voter get his facts straight.


Biden denied Hunter did anything wrong, and also denied placing him in the position. The former VP eventually calmed down, and the man claimed he didn't want to argue.

77-year-old Biden got in the final shot though -- an odd jab about the angry man's being "too old."

Glass houses, Joe

Cedric the Entertainer Trump Getting Mocked Isn't New ... Surprised Trudeau's First to Get Busted!!!


Cedric the Entertainer says President Trump deserves the trash talk other world leaders were dropping on him this week, and news flash -- he thinks it happens ALL the time!!!

We got the comedian at the Bounce Trumpet Awards in Hollywood Wednesday night, and asked about Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau getting busted gossiping with British PM Boris Johnson and French Prez Emmanuel Macron ... about Trump's lengthy news conference.


Cedric tells us it's a case of Trump reaping what he sows, and the only shocking aspect of the NATO Summit smack-talk sesh is it's the first time a prominent world figure's been caught poking fun at POTUS.

As for how Trudeau can smooth things over -- Trump did call him "two-faced" after all -- Ced had some advice, based on experience.

The PM's already trying ... as we reported, Trudeau addressed the video by admitting they were discussing "certainly notable" events, but claims it wasn't as bad as it looked.

Not sure the Prez is buying that -- he left the Summit early.

Ray J I'm Wearing My Wedding Ring Again ... But Wife's Still Mad At Me


Ray J is back to wearing his wedding band after briefly ditching it, but he still doesn't know if there's a chance of working things out with his wife after their fight and divorce threats.

We got Ray J leaving Chelsea Studios in New York City Wednesday, and asked how he's holding up now that Princess Love says she no longer wants to be married to him.

Ray says only God knows if there's a real shot at reconciliation with his pregnant wife. Remember, Princess claims he left her and their daughter "stranded" in Vegas after a heated argument.

The slight bit of good news is Ray is once again rocking his wedding ring.


As we first told you ... Ray J ditched his wedding ring before catching a flight Monday outta LAX. However, the fact he's wearing it again doesn't necessarily mean the couple's headed for a reconciliation.

Watch the clip ... he says Princess is still fuming, and his body language doesn't exactly exude confidence.

Kid Rock Bails on His Detroit Restaurant ... Blames 'Racist' Backlash, Al Sharpton Responds

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11:39 AM PT -- Sharpton's clapping back at Kid Rock ... by telling him to take a look at the scoreboard.


The civil rights activist shed some light on why the musician took a shot at him -- he tells us it stems from his organization protesting Kid Rock's use of the Confederate flag back in 2015 and pushing for General Motors to cut ties with him.

The Rev says now that KR's announced he's leaving Detroit, he's chalking it up as another victory ... and gets in a parting shot of his own. We smell another Kid Rock rant coming soon.

Kid Rock's saying good riddance to his hometown restaurant because he's sick of people labeling him a racist -- due to his Oprah rant -- and he's taking a parting shot at Al Sharpton on his way out.

The rocker announced he's not going to renew his licensing agreement next year for his Made in Detroit restaurant at Little Caesars Arena -- effectively closing one of the signature dining spots at the home of the Pistons and Red Wings.

The news comes on the heels of Kid's drunken rant about Oprah last week at his Honky Tonk bar in Nashville. Some people in the crowd, and many others who saw the video, took it as a racist diatribe -- and he even acknowledged that during the rant, but insisted it's not true.

KR says he still has love for Detroit, but he learned long ago to "go where you're celebrated, not tolerated." He adds, "I guess the millions of dollars I pumped into that town was not enough."


He's certainly not been celebrated since his verbal attack on Oprah, and organizers were planning to protest at his restaurant Wednesday before his decision was announced.

As for being called a racist, Kid Rock says ... "I may be guilty of being a loud mouth jerk at times, but trying to label me a racist is a joke, and actually only does a disservice to the black community, which I have supported my entire life."

He also sent a personal message to Sharpton, with whom he's been beefing for years -- "PS - Hey Al Sharpton, you or your cronies will never beat me you tax evading, race baiting clown!" Kid also threw in a "Trump 2020!!" for good measure.

Guess it really is "so cold in the D."

Originally Published -- 7:48 AM PT

President Trump Trudeau is 'Two-Faced' and Cheap!!! PM Explains Apparent Mocking of Trump


9:19 AM PT -- Trudeau's addressed the video, and admits he and the other world leaders were discussing Trump's unscheduled press conference ... which he says was "certainly notable."


As for the "jaws dropped to the floor" comment ... the Canadian PM says it was a reference to the surprise announcement that the next G7 Summit will be held at Camp David.

For President Trump, the gloves are off with Justin Trudeau after the Canadian Prime Minister was caught talking smack about Trump during a NATO Summit event.

The incriminating vid plays like a "Mean Girls" scene, but at Buckingham Palace instead of a school cafeteria. Trudeau, British PM Boris Johnson, French Prez Emmanuel Macron and others seemed to be chatting Tuesday night about Trump's impromptu 40-minute news conference earlier in the day.

To be honest, it seemed more catty than chatty, and Trudeau went on to say Trump's team's "jaws dropped to the floor."


Of course, once Trump got wind of that convo, he went in on Trudeau, calling him "two-faced." He also floated the theory Canada's PM was just being pissy because of a NATO funding dispute.

Trump says he called out Trudeau for not paying 2 percent of Canada gross domestic product into NATO's defense spending.

He tried to play it cool, adding, "[Trudeau]'s a nice guy. I find him to be a very nice guy" -- but ya know this beef is just heating up.

The NATO Summit just turned into "Melrose Place."

Originally published -- 7:02 AM PT

Doc Gooden Attacks Celeb Boxing Opponent ... During Tense Face-Off

Bang Productions

Doc Gooden just couldn't wait 'til March to get a piece of his celeb boxing match opponent -- attacking Catfish Cooley at a press event -- and TMZ Sports has the video!!

The 54-year-old MLB legend and 29-year-old "Nitro Comedy Tour" star are set to square up for real March 7 at the Showboat Hotel in Atlantic City.

The duo met up for a press event Chima Steakhouse in Philly on Wednesday and started trading verbal jabs before Catfish said something that REALLY pissed Doc off -- he brought up that epic brawl from 1990.

"I'm 5'5" and we're in Philly, but I ain't Pat Combs, brother!!" Catfish says as Gooden springs at the comedian!!!

"You be ready March 7, I'm coming for you!!" Catfish says.

As we previously reported, Doc says the fight is a good way to stay focused on his health and sobriety.

Cooley, on the other hand, doesn't have much experience as an athlete ... but he can squat 605 pounds, so there's that.

But, yeah ... these guys don't like each other!!

Tekashi 6ix9ine Trippie Redd Beef Was Staged ... Former Bodyguard Claims

Tekashi 6ix9ine and Trippie Redd were only at each other's throats for publicity -- faking beef to help their careers -- according to a Nine Trey Bloods member.

Anthony "Harv" Ellison is asking a judge for a new trial after being found guilty of kidnapping Tekashi. In new docs -- obtained by TMZ -- he spills the beans on the alleged reason Trippie and Tekashi69 feuded.

Specifically ... Ellison says he was brought on as Tekashi's security after defending 6ix9ine during a "staged publicity beef" with Trippie Redd.

Elizabeth Williams

You'll recall ... during Ellison's kidnapping trial, Tekashi claimed Ellison punched Trippie Redd in the mouth during a November 2017 confrontation between the rappers in an NYC hotel lobby.

Now, Ellison says Trippie's manager told Tekashi where to find Redd in order to set up a "staged confrontation."

It's interesting ... Ellison has maintained his kidnapping of Tekashi was actually staged by 6ix9ine ... and this is the first time Harv's saying the Trippie Redd beef was also fake.

'RHOA' Star Eva Marcille Baby Daddy Indicted on Felony Charge For Court Escalator Fight


"The Real Housewives of Atlanta" star Eva Marcille's baby daddy has officially been slapped with charges for his courthouse scuffle with cops ... including a felony.

A Georgia grand jury has indicted Kevin McCall Jr. on 3 counts for his role in the escalator altercation last month with a sergeant, which stemmed from Kevin refusing to stop recording on his phone in the courthouse.

According to the legal docs ... the charges include obstruction of a law enforcement officer by use of threats or violence, terroristic threats and criminal damage to property in the second degree. The latter is the felony count.

The indictment alleges McCall wrestled with the officer and attempted to strike him, resisted arrest and made threats of aggravated assault. As for the felony criminal damage to property ... McCall's accused of intentionally damaging the sergeant's eyeglasses.


As we reported ... Kevin revealed surveillance footage of the escalator tussle, which shows the cop chasing him down in an effort to detain him before making a tackle. Another officer then steps in to assist.

McCall believes the video supports his claim that he's the victim in the ordeal. He also told us he plans to sue the cops because he thinks he was targeted due to his black skin ... and he also claims he got injured.


We broke the story ... McCall was originally in court to fight Marcille for child custody but started beefing with the courthouse cop because he refused to stop recording on his phone. Kevin was live streaming the inciting incident ... and is seen on the vid repeatedly calling a cop a bitch and challenging him to take off his badge and fight.

Unfortunately for him ... it did lead to a physical altercation, and now he's looking at hard time if he's convicted on the charges.

Transgender Singer Kim Petras Shows Westboro Baptist Her Ass ... Trolls Hateful Church, In Person This Time

Kim Petras is sticking it to the Westboro Baptist Church once again, but this time ... she's her own walking billboard.

The transgender singer made her way to Kansas City, Missouri Sunday night for a show planned months ago. We're told WBC members set up shop outside the concert, picketing with hateful messages, and Kim decided to step out and show them what's up.


Kim shared a photo and video of the scene along with an update -- "hoes still mad ..."

The post is being flooded with comments calling her legendary and a genius, and Katy Perry commented with just one word ... "icon."

We broke the story ... billboards for Petras -- whose songs have been blowing up in the LGBTQ+ community lately -- began popping up last month all over Topeka, Kansas last month, near the headquarters of the hate-mongering church.


Kim told us she enjoys razzing the homophobic folks at Westboro Baptist, even if she didn't know for certain who was responsible for the billboards.

There's no doubt who's responsible for the latest expert troll job, though ... well done!

Jay Leno Calls Gabrielle Union a 'Great Girl' ... Mum on 'AGT' Firing Her


Jay Leno's trying like hell to put a positive spin on the firestorm around Gabrielle Union's 'AGT' firing and his role in it, but for the most part ... he's at a loss for words.

Leno was asked point-blank Sunday night about Gabrielle calling him out to 'AGT' producers for making a joke about Koreans eating dog. On his way out of the Comedy and Magic Club in Hermosa Beach, CA ... Jay would only say he enjoyed working with Gabrielle, and she's a "great girl."

As for Gabrielle, and others, labeling his joke racist ... Jay pleaded the Fifth, but in his own unique way.

As we've reported, prior to her firing, Gabrielle complained to 'AGT' honchos about the workplace environment -- due to Leno's joke and what she reportedly called "excessive notes" from producers about her hair, wardrobe and appearance.

The insinuation from Gabrielle's camp is she was fired because she complained.

The photog asks Leno if he thinks Union was treated fairly -- he's refusing to commit one way or another.

Either way, her firing has garnered a lot of attention, and SAG-AFTRA has even announced it's investigating the matter ... but so far, it has nothing to report.

Baker Mayfield Wife Goes After Browns Reporters Now Too

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Baker Mayfield isn't the only one in his family ripping Cleveland Browns reporters in public -- his wife is getting in on the action too!!

After the Browns lost to the Pittsburgh Steelers (sealed by a Mayfield interception) Emily Mayfield went on social media Sunday to blast Browns beat reporter Mary Kay Cabot.

Cabot had asked Browns head coach Freddie Kitchens about his decision to wear a "Pittsburgh Started It" shirt before the game ... a clear reference to the Myles Garrett helmet attack incident a few weeks ago.


Emily Mayfield had an issue with Cabot's decision to ask the COMPLETELY FAIR question ... and took to Twitter to call her out.

"Why is this the focus of your questions? 🤔 MUCH more to focus on than that.... @MaryKayCabot."

Cabot responded, "I asked exactly one t-shirt question after the game. I asked Baker what he thought of it, and he defended Kitchens, which I thought was pretty cool. He gave a great answer, saying 'I’ve done much worse.' Funny, and struck the right note."


When a fan chimed in and sarcastically pressed Emily, she stood her ground.

"Please Mrs. Baker enlighten all of us as to what the focus should be on? Questionable play calling, veterans missing practice, inability to get the ball to playmakers, inability to have guys coming off injury and know the playbook, poor clock management? Where should we focus?"

Mayfield wrote back, "Football, in general, would be a good start."

Obviously, Cabot is in the right here ... Kitchens intentionally wore a controversial, provocative shirt referencing the BIGGEST controversy in football this year. Plus, as Cabot mentions in her article, a Steelers player said it "motivated" the team to beat Cleveland.

Of course, reporters should ask Kitchens about the shirt.

What's funny is just a few weeks ago, Baker Mayfield blasted a Browns reporter for asking football questions ... and kept pointing out the reporter didn't know what he was talking about because he never played in the NFL.

Anyone know if Emily has any experience as a pro reporter?

Joycelyn Savage Parents Threaten to Sue Tasha K ... Over R. Kelly Patreon Acct, Audio Recordings


R. Kelly's GF, Joycelyn Savage, might not be behind that bogus Patreon account -- but her parents don't want anyone claiming they started it either, and they're ready to sue over it.

Timothy and Jonjelyn Savage have fired off a cease and desist letter earlier this week to blogger Tasha K, claiming she's been defaming the couple with several social media posts regarding R. Kelly, Joycelyn and her family.

In the letter, obtained by TMZ, the Savages say Tasha made "utterly false statements" regarding alleged drug abuse, possession of a "black box full of audio recordings" and accusing the parents of creating the Patreon account, purportedly owned by Joycelyn.

You'll recall, Patreon shut down the account after a series of posts seemed to reveal Kelly's alleged abuse of Joycelyn -- however, Patreon said it could NOT confirm Joycelyn was the account holder.

Meanwhile, Tasha claimed on her YouTube channel ... she believed Joycelyn's parents were behind the account. The ATL blogger also posted what she claims is an audio recording of Joycelyn's father talking to R. Kelly's team, and saying Kelly can have his daughter.

As we've reported, Tasha K.'s already in a nasty legal battle with Cardi B.

The Savages attorney, Gerald Griggs, says Tasha's statements are "defamation per se in that they depict our clients as engaging in fraudulent activity that violates civil and criminal law."

Joycelyn's folks want Tasha to take down all posts containing the alleged defamatory statements, and pay for their attorney. If she doesn't, they say a lawsuit will be coming.

Thanksgiving Brawl Punches, Tackles and More ... At PA Shopping Mall

Sam Safadi

Forget Black Friday -- the madness now begins when stores open up early on Thanksgiving night ... and a Pennsylvania mall's one of the first to have a fight break out as holiday shopping kicks off.

The chaos reportedly went down at the Lehigh Valley Mall in Whitehall Thursday night after 9 PM ... when at least 5 men got involved in a brawl outside the Forever 21.

As you see in the video, it appears 2 men are involved in a fistfight when a third in a striped shirt jumps in to deliver a few blows. Security tries to separate it to no avail, and at least 2 more men join in on the ruckus.

It's unclear what ignited the fight, but a local report says it lasted about a minute before it was separated ... and it didn't appear anyone was arrested. We're working on more details.

As we've reported ... Black Friday's known as one of the most dangerous shopping days -- the craziness just started a bit early this year.