Kennedy Space Center $45k in Taxpayer $$$ to Sterilize Center After Positive COVID-19 Case


Just ONE Kennedy Space Center employee testing positive for COVID-19 requires a massive and pricey operation to sanitize every inch of the complex.

According to federal docs, obtained by TMZ ... just under $191k in taxpayer dough is being paid to several companies contracted to sterilize the Kennedy Space Center in Florida and the Stennis Space Center in Mississippi.

One firm, LL & JP, received a total of $145,367 for cleaning "up to CDC standards for suspected or cases of Coronavirus Disease 2019" at Stennis ... which is NASA's largest rocket engine test facility.

According to the docs, the money came in 2 rounds -- first on March 18 for $80,986 and then again March 27 for $64,381. The second round came after 3 Stennis employees tested positive for the virus earlier this week.

Meanwhile, over at the legendary Kennedy Space Center, a firm called Brevard Achievement Center received $45,258 for janitorial services. The money was earmarked "for unanticipated precautionary coronavirus related tasks."

That's feds-speak for ... we had to scrub down real good after an employee recently tested positive for COVID-19.

Bottom line: There's no good place to contract coronavirus, but it's super expensive when it happens at NASA.

Ric Flair Praises WWE for Wrestlemania Precautions ... Charlotte's In Good Hands


Ric Flair says he's "more than content" with the COVID-19 safety measures the WWE has implemented for WrestleMania 36 -- and trusts Vince McMahon to look out for his daughter's health.

Of course, Mania is set to go down (without fans) this weekend in a virtually empty WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida ... due to the coronavirus pandemic.

And, while at least one WWE superstar has pulled out over health concerns, Ric tells TMZ Sports the wrestling org. is doing everything they can to protect the 'Mania performers, which includes his own superstar daughter, Charlotte Flair.

"I'm more than content that they have put enough safety measure in place." Flair says.

"Keep in mind, they also gave everybody an opportunity to not be part of it. So, anybody that was there, nobody had their arm twisted. It was strictly a voluntary basis."

Flair says the wrestlers are STOKED for WM36 -- explaining, "They worked their whole year, actually some of them work their whole career to be in a high level match in Wrestle Mania."

"Obviously there's gonna be some changes but it's gonna be a great show."

Plus, Nature Boy says he's sick of listening to all of the NFL offseason news dominating the sports media recently ... he's ready for some action already!

"Hey listen, I'm tired of hearing about Tom Brady and that Buccaneers. I'm tired of hearing about Tua, ok?! Let's talking about something that's really taking place!"

He added, "Saturday and Sunday will be kick-ass TV!!! WrestleMania! Wooooooo Wrestle Mania, coming up kids! Let's do it!!!!"

Dr. Anthony Fauci Gets More Security ... After Receiving Threats

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Dr. Anthony Fauci is getting a beefed-up security detail ... because our nation's top infectious-disease expert is now the target of a growing number of threats.

It's pretty crazy ... Dr. Fauci is facing threats to his personal safety and a wave of unwanted communications from fanatic followers, according to the Washington Post, forcing the feds to step up the good doc's security.

Fauci has fast become the face of the nation's response to the coronavirus pandemic, often appearing on TV and taking the podium at President Trump's daily briefings, where he's unafraid to deliver harsh truths about the spread of the virus and the need for Americans to shelter in place.

But, with added fame comes added criticism ... and he's facing tons of backlash from different pockets and corners of the online community.

While Fauci is suddenly getting more security, the Post says the exact nature of the threats against the doctor remains unclear.

As we reported ... Dr. Fauci's face is now plastered on a super-popular donut at a New York bakery ... and now his admirers are reportedly approaching him with requests to sign baseballs and other strange requests.

Dr. Fauci's security detail includes agents from the U.S. Marshals Service, according to the Post, and it's been in place since Tuesday at least.


While Dr. Fauci and President Trump's messages on the virus have often clashed, Trump says everyone loves the doc.

Also worth noting ... Dr. Fauci has advised presidents from both parties in his 36 years as the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases.

'Stacy's Mom' Songwriter Adam Schlesinger Dead at 52 from Coronavirus

3:58 PM PT -- 4/1 Adam's attorney, Josh Grier, says Schlesinger died Wednesday as a result of coronavirus complications. He was 52. RIP.

Adam Schlesinger -- co-founder of the "Stacy's Mom" band Fountains of Wayne -- is fighting for his life as he battles COVID-19.

Adam's girlfriend tells TMZ ... he's been hospitalized in upstate NY and is currently on a ventilator. She says Adam "has been sedated to facilitate his recovery. He is in critical condition, but his condition is improving slightly and we are cautiously optimistic."

A fan page for the 52-year-old singer's current band, Ivy, claims Adam's been on a ventilator for 2 weeks and is in a medically induced coma. Adam's longtime lawyer, Josh Grier, refuted that ... telling Variety "no one has used the word 'coma' to me."

Adam's GF didn't say it either when we spoke to her.

Adam co-wrote "Stacy's Mom" with Fountains of Wayne lead singer Chris Collingwood. The band dropped the track in 2003 and it peaked at No. 21 on the Billboard Hot 100 -- but the music video, starring Rachel Hunter, etched the song in pop culture.

Originally published -- 3/31 7:36 AM PT

Tim Tebow Benches 140-Lb Dumbbells ... Insane Quarantine Workout

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If you needed further proof that Tim Tebow is strong as hell ... here's the NY Mets farmhand slinging around 140-pound dumbbells in a quarantine workout Wednesday -- FOR REPS!!!

The former Heisman Trophy winner posted the vid as an inspiration for those looking for some in-home gym ideas during isolation ... but it turned into a MASSIVE flex for the ex-NFL QB.

Check out the vid ... Tebow grabbed some of the biggest dumbbells we've EVER seen -- and pressed them SIX TIMES.

Later, the dude picked up the 115s for a little incline bench ... and he peppered in some heavy-ass back exercises too.

Oh, and get this ... he did it all for FOUR sets!!!

Tebow said with the MLB on suspension ... he's looking to continue to go heavier with his lifts -- and maybe even gain some MORE power and strength during the downtime.

Begs the question ... do they even make dumbbells that go over 140 pounds for him to move onto?!?!

Skate Legend Jeff Grosso Dead at 51 Tony Hawk Pays Tribute

Exclusive Details

7:11 AM PT -- Law enforcement tells TMZ Sports ... Grosso passed away Tuesday at Hoag Hospital in Newport Beach, California. We're told there is no obvious cause of death at the moment. An autopsy is expected to be performed.

Skateboarding legend Jeff Grosso -- one of the biggest skate stars of the '80s -- has died. He was only 51.

Thrasher Magazine's Michael Burnett confirmed the news ... saying on Tuesday, "Today we have the terrible task of saying a heartbreaking goodbye to beloved verticalist, commentator and friend of the mag, Jeff Grosso."

The details surrounding Grosso's death are unclear. We're working on it. He is survived by his 8-year-old son Oliver, who Burnett mentions in his tribute to Jeff.

"Jeff went from number-one amateur to '80s superstar to cautionary tale and back again. His latest role as lovable curmudgeon, host of his own history-packed web series and keeper of skateboarding’s righteousness, unafraid to offend or annoy in his quest to educate, was by far his greatest – second only to being Oliver’s dad."

The "cautionary tale" is a reference to Jeff's struggles with substance abuse. He talked openly about issues with pain pills and heroin. In fact, Jeff OD'd 3 times before 2017.

"He will be sorely, sorely missed. Our hearts go out to his family and many friends. RIP," Burnett said.

Jeff shot to skate stardom in the '80s and went on to host "Vans' Love Letters to Skateboarding."

Jeff was also BELOVED by skate legends like Tony Hawk -- who paid tribute to Grosso.

"Jeff was a true skateboarder at his core, and a great wealth of entertainment, insight and valuable philosophy to a younger generation. I was lucky enough to skate with him over the last four decades and occasionally featured on his Vans’ Love Letters series.”

Hawk continued ... "One of the last times we spoke, we talked about how ridiculous it is that we still get to do this for a living and that anyone even cares what we do or think in terms of skateboarding at our age."

"I believe Jeff is a big reason that anyone truly cares, and skateboarding was lucky to have him as an ambassador and gatekeeper to its history. He was also a great father, which is obvious in his last social media post. Thank you Jeff, words cannot describe how much we will miss you."

Originally Published -- 6:56 AM PT

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