Elderly OKC Woman Sues Cops for Breaking Her Arm ... Body Cam Shows Rough Arrest


Newly released body cam footage shows Oklahoma City cops taking a 74-year-old Black woman into custody, and according to her ... the officers fractured her arm in the process.

Ruby Jones' attorney, Damario Solomon-Simmons, released this disturbing footage Tuesday not long before filing a lawsuit against the City of Oklahoma City and the 3 police officers involved with the August, 2020 encounter at her OKC home.

In docs, obtained by TMZ, Ruby claims she suffered a broken right arm due to the officers' "use of excessive force" when they came to arrest her mentally ill son, Chauncey.

The body cam footage shows the officers arriving with an arrest warrant for Chauncey, who officers alleged had called in a bomb threat at the Red Rock Behavioral Center. Cops said they traced the call back to Ruby's home.

But, in docs, Ruby claims she met the officers at the front door and they asked for consent to enter, but she refused. She also claims cops refused to provide proof of a warrant authorizing entry into her home.

You can see in the body cam footage ... cops threatened her with jail if she didn't get out of their way. When she didn't allow them in, they tried to handcuff her while screaming, "Let me see your f***ing hands."

According to the suit, Ruby pled with cops not to shoot Chauncey because he suffers from bipolar disorder and did not have a gun. In the video she repeatedly tells the cops Chauncey isn't armed ... but they tell her, "You're fixin' to go sit in the car."

When she refused to go outside, Ruby alleges they "grabbed her arm, and forcefully yanked her out of the bedroom." The video backs that up, and she also told the officers she suffers from heart disease. In the docs, she claims they broke her arm after throwing her against a mirror and handcuffing her.

Ruby is suing for assault and battery, excessive force, and more ... and she's seeking unspecified damages.

Chris Brown Cleaning Lady Sues ... Your Dog Gnarled my Sis to Pieces!!!

A cleaning woman is taking Chris Brown to court, because she claims one of his dogs got a hold of her sister's limbs ... which sounds like one bloody mess in a lawsuit she's filed.

The woman's name is Patricia Avila, and in docs, obtained by TMZ, she explains she and her sister had been hired by Chris to clean his Tarzana home twice a week for a rate of $600 a day.

She goes on to say they were aware Chris had dogs in the house, but insists they'd always been kept in a separate part of the property whenever they came over to do their work. That is, until one day she claims one of them made its way to the backyard.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

This is where things got violent, according to Avila ... who's alleging a harrowing dog attack from Chris' Caucasian Shepherd Ovcharka. In the suit, she claims the dog -- a very large breed -- has a history of being violent and aggressive toward people.

Anyway, Avila claims that her sister went out to the backyard to empty a vacuum ... and before she knew it, the animal was on top of her sister and tearing her body to shreds, ripping 3 to 4 inches of skin off her arm ... and allegedly bit her face and leg as well.

Eventually, she says they were able to get the dog off her sister ... and Chris was apparently the one who called 9-1-1. Avila says she thought her sister was going to die from the blood loss.

Avila says her sister was transported to a hospital and treated for several days ... undergoing at least a couple surgeries. Since then, she alleges the ordeal caused her a lot of emotional distress -- including PTSD, severe anxiety, and panic attacks.

She's suing Chris for and asking for damages, claiming he failed to protect her from the unreasonable risk of harm from the dog. Important to note that Avila is NOT the alleged bite victim ... and it's unclear if her sister is filing a separate suit.

Jordan Poyer's Wife Rachel Bush Rips Bills Stadium's Proposed Vaccine Requirement ... 'Bulls***'

Rachel Bush -- the wife of Buffalo Bills star Jordan Poyer -- just eviscerated the idea of a potential vaccine requirement at Buffalo games next season ... callin' the proposed plan straight-up "bulls***."

Erie County politician Mark Poloncarz announced Tuesday he wants to make it a rule at Bills and Sabres contests in 2021 that in order to attend games in person, ya gotta show proof of a COVID vax.

In his announcement, Poloncarz made it clear it's "the only safe way to have a full house" at the stadiums ... adding, "No Vaccine = No Entry."

Bush -- someone who's made it clear she's NOT getting the vaccine -- went ballistic over the idea ... going as far as to call Poloncarz a "moron" for wanting to implement the county rule.

"If Erie county wants to pull this bull s*** watch and see what happens," Bush said.

She added, "[Poloncarz] does know that you can still contract covid once vaccinated and pass it to others still too right? Buffalo you better speak up before you lose a whole lot."

Bush -- a regular at Bills games prior to the pandemic -- wasn't done there ... she fired off several more tweets defending her position, writing, "I would compare covid to the flu rather than a cold but couldn’t pay me to get the vaccine, especially after having it."

"It was bad. But not bad enough to turn myself into a lab rat for an experimental vaccine."

Bush continued, "So now my daughter is missing ANOTHER year of watching her dad play live in a very short lived career. Not even an option available to her since we already know kids can’t get the covid vaccine. How is that fair or acceptable. It’s not. FL and TX would never."

For the Bills' part, the team said in a statement it will follow Poloncarz's orders if still in place for the season ... explaining, "As we did last year, we will continue to cooperate and comply with all New York state and local government regulations regarding our sporting events."

The Bills are expected to open their season in September.

FYI, the CDC fully supports COVID vaccinations -- explaining on its website, "COVID-19 vaccination works by teaching your immune system how to recognize and fight the virus that causes COVID-19, and this protects you from getting sick with COVID-19."

"Being protected from getting sick is important because even though many people with COVID-19 have only a mild illness, others may get a severe illness, have long-term health effects, or even die."

"There is no way to know how COVID-19 will affect you, even if you don’t have an increased risk of developing severe complications."

As we previously reported, Russell Wilson and Ciara will be hosting an NBC special this weekend aimed at educating people about COVID vaccinations and debunking unsubstantiated claims.

Several medical experts and influential people will appear on the show including Dr. Fauci, President Biden, President Obama and more.

Russell Wilson and Ciara To Host COVID Vaccine TV Special ... Featuring Obama, Biden

The couple that hosts together, educates America about COVID vaccines together?!

That's what Russell Wilson and Ciara are hoping to accomplish when they co-host NBC's "Roll Up Your Sleeves" TV special on Sunday.

The star-studded show will include huge stars and influential people from all walks of life ... from Barack Obama and Joe Biden to Charles Barkley and Shaquille O'Neal.

Of course, Dr. Anthony Fauci will be involved because there will be TV cameras there.

Eva Longoria, Billy Crystal, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Jennifer Lopez, Faith Hill, Ken Jeong, Matthew McConaughey, Demi Lovato and many many more are also slated to appear on the show.

Event organizers say the point of the special is to "educate viewers, raise awareness and dispel concerns surrounding the COVID-19 vaccines."

The show will also aim to "inform and encourage those who have vaccination concerns to learn the facts."

So far, there have been more than 30 million COVID cases in the U.S. -- with more than 560,000 deaths, according to The NY Times.

The CDC reported more than 66 million Americans -- roughly 20% of the U.S. population -- have been fully vaccinated so far.

Harvey Weinstein Nearly Blind, Losing Teeth ... Lawyer Claims at Extradition Hearing

Harvey Weinstein's been indicted on sexual assault charges in L.A. and now faces extradition from New York, but he's hoping to stay put because his health is failing... so claims his legal team.

The disgraced movie producer appeared Monday for his extradition hearing via video conference along with his attorneys, Mark Werksman and Norman Effman, who argued against him being sent to L.A. for "humanitarian" reasons.

Effman claims Weinstein is technically blind and has major dental issues -- he's allegedly lost 4 teeth and is in danger of losing more. According to his lawyer, prison officials in NY have scheduled 2 medical procedures for Weinstein ... one for his sight and one for his teeth.

On top of all this ... Effman says his client's still suffering from cardiac issues, diabetes and back pain, along with sleep apnea.

For all of these reasons, Weinstein's team's asking the judge to allow him to remain at the medical unit he's been confined to at the maximum-security prison in New York, where he's serving his sentence for rape.

The judge set the next hearing for later this month, so for now Weinstein will stay put in his prison cell.

As we've reported, despite his 2020 conviction in New York, Weinstein was still facing criminal charges in Los Angeles ... where a grand jury recently indicted him on 11 counts of sexual assault connected to alleged assaults of 5 women.

It should be noted -- during Monday's hearing, Weinstein's lawyers insisted their client believes he can beat the charges.

Luke Bryan COVID Keeps Him from First 'Idol' Live Show ... Paula to the Rescue!!!

Luke Bryan's going to miss out on the excitement of "American Idol" going live for the first time this season due to the coronavirus ... but a familiar face will take his place.

The country music star and 'Idol' judge says he tested positive for COVID-19, so he won't be part of Monday night's first live show of the reality singing competition.

Luke says he's doing well and hopes to be back at it soon, but in the meantime ... Paula Abdul is back!!!

The show just announced while Bryan's quarantining and recovering at home, the former judge will be filling in as guest judge alongside Katy Perry and Lionel Richie.

It's unclear how long she'll have to hold down the fort in Luke's chair, but as you know ... she has a lot of experience. Paula joined the series in 2002 as one of 3 judges with Simon Cowell and Randy Jackson, and had numerous memorable clashes with Simon.

She left before the 9th season of 'AI' so it's been a while ... but it's gotta be like riding a bike for her. Fans will find out Monday night.

NHL's P.K. Subban Suffers Bloody Wound After Skate Slash ... Thigh Ripped Open!!!


NHL superstar P.K. Subban was slashed with a skate so badly during a game Sunday ... the dude suffered a massive thigh wound -- and the pics of his gross injury are GNARLY!!!

The 31-year-old New Jersey defenseman shared the images of his leg after he was cut during the Devils' game against the Penguins ... and you can see, the wound is deeeeep.

In fact, it was so bad ... P.K. had to get stitched up mid-game!!!

Don't worry ... Subban's fine, he even wrote of it all that he didn't lose any time on the ice despite the cut, explaining, "Never missed a shift..."

As for how it went down, video of the accidental slash in the Devils' 5-2 loss to Pittsburgh hasn't been unearthed yet, but Subban explained it this way on his social media ... "Skate blizzy caught me slippin."

Guess that's one way to put it.

Hockey players, man.

'Sopranos' Actor Joe Siravo Dead at 66

"The Sopranos" actor Joseph Siravo, the actor who played Tony Soprano’s father in several flash-back scenes, has died.

Siravo succumbed to cancer after a long fight with the disease. One of his co-stars, Garry Pastore, broke the news ... “RIP my dear friend, who fought an incredible fight. I will miss you. See you on the other side.” The actor Kelli O’Hara also honored Siravo, noting on Twitter that “the stage and screen and I will miss you.”

Siravo was an accomplished actor with numerous credits, but the fan-favorite was clearly Johnny Boy on "The Sopranos." He appeared in dream scenes in 5 of the episodes.

He also starred in FX's "The People v. OJ Simpson:  American Crime Story" -- he played Fred Goldman, Ron's father.

Joe's credits include "For Life," "New Amsterdam," "Blue Bloods," "Third Watch," "Law & Order" and many others.

He also appeared in numerous movies, including "Maid in Manhattan," "Shark Tale" and "Motherless in Brooklyn."

Joe's 'Sopranos' co-star, Michael Imperioli, said, "His performance [as] Johnny Boy Soprano was spot on and he also made a perfect John Gotti in Nick Sandow's "The Wannabe. In my opinion, he was the best of all the actors who've played the Teflon Don."

Joe is survived by his daughter, son-in-law, sister and 2 brothers.

Joe was 66.


Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson Emotional Video for Ashley Cain's Baby Girl ... As She Battles Leukemia

@mrashleycain / Instagram

Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson is sending his love and support to "The Challenge" star Ashley Cain ... as doctors say his 8-month-old daughter only has days to live.

Ashley and his wife posted the video message Dwayne sent to them just days after they got the heart-wrenching prognosis for their baby girl, Azaylia. The Rock said, "Brother, I'm so sorry to hear this news. My heart breaks for you."

But, he also sent words of encouragement, saying ... "You tell that little lion I said, 'Let's go Champ, and to stay strong."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Ashley -- who was a UK soccer player before joining MTV's hit reality series -- and his girlfriend announced last week little Azaylia was battling leukemia and had tumors on several of her organs.

His fans, in Great Britain and the States, are showing incredible support. The family started a GoFundMe for Azaylia's medical bills, and it's already raised nearly $1.8 million.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Doctors thought she wouldn't survive the first round of chemotherapy, but she's already had 2 treatments. The Rock talked about the amazing impact Azaylia's already having on loved ones ... and that clearly includes fans around the world, as well as her family.

Actress Chantel Giacalone Family Awarded $29.5 Mil Malpractice in Peanut Allergy Emergency

The family of an aspiring actress just received a whopping $29.5 million verdict, after the woman became a quadriplegic after suffering a severe allergic reaction and not getting proper care from paramedics.

Chantel Giacalone was in great distress back in 2013 when she went into anaphylactic shock after eating a peanut butter pretzel. At the time, she was at a convention at the Mandalay Bay South Convention Center in Vegas, modeling clothing at the MAGIC Fashion Trade Show.

Paramedics from MedicWest Ambulance were on-site and attempted to help Chantel, who appeared in "The Butterfly Effect 3: Revelations" and "Hollow Walls." The problem ... the paramedics did not have IV epinephrine, an adrenaline treatment, which Nevada law requires paramedics to have on hand. She lost oxygen for a period of time, which ultimately devastated her body.

Chantel now lives in her parents' dining room and must be fed through a tube. She can only communicate with her eyes and requires round-the-clock care.

Chantel's mom said after the verdict, "At least my daughter will be taken care of. I'm happy about that." Her dad added, "All the anguish that we've been through for the last eight years, I'm not happy about. I just hope MedicWest changes their ways."

Chantel is now 35. Her doctors say her life expectancy, at best, is 55.

Rep. Dan Crenshaw I'll Be Blind for a Month After Surgery ... But I'll Get Through it!!!

Congressman Dan Crenshaw has gone dark, the result of what he calls a "terrifying" medical issue in his eye that will leave him temporarily blind following emergency surgery.

If you aren't familiar, the GOP Representative from Texas is a former Navy SEAL who lost an eye in an IED blast in Afghanistan ... but the injuries also caused serious damage to his other eye.

Dan says he began to experience "dark, blurry spots" in this eye last week and when he went to the doctor Thursday ... he was told his retina was detaching.

Rep. Crenshaw says, "Anyone who knows the history of my injuries knows that I don’t have a 'good eye,' but half a good eye" ... making his prognosis incredibly scary.

So, Dan underwent emergency surgery Friday at a VA clinic in Houston, and says the doctors put a gas bubble in his eye to act as a bandage for my retina ... which means he has to rest face-down for about a week, unable to see anything.

He says that he'll be effectively blind for about a month, so he won't be doing any interviews or social media posts except to update on his health.

Crenshaw's staying positive though, adding ... "I have gotten through worse before, and I will get through this."


As you may recall ... the Congressman gained wide attention and popularity back in 2018 when he was running for an open seat in Texas' second congressional district, and was the butt of a Pete Davidson joke on 'SNL.'

Black Lives Matter Army Lt. Held at Gunpoint and Repeatedly Pepper Sprayed

Windsor Police Department

A U.S. Army Lieutenant was repeatedly pepper sprayed and physically attacked by a cop ... all over the fact he didn't have a rear license plate.

Lt. Caron Nazario, who is Black and Latino, was driving his Chevy Tahoe in Windsor, Virginia when cops noticed he didn't have plates. You can see from the bodycam, the Chevy appears to be new and there's a registration attached to the window. Once cops lit him up, he drove a little under a mile before pulling into a well-lit gas station.

It's hard to watch. The cop with the bodycam is unrelenting ... screaming at Nazario to get out of his SUV. At one point the Lieutenant says, "I'm honestly afraid to get out." The cop barks back, "You should be!"

Nazario has his hands up in the air the whole time, but the cop is increasingly frustrated and then amps things up, pepper-spraying Nazario 4 times. His dog was in the back choking from the pepper spray.

Nazario is pulled out of the SUV and is sobbing as he's ordered to the ground and cuffed. He claims one of the cops told him if he complained, they'd throw the book at him with all sorts of charges -- obstruction of justice, eluding police, assault on a cop, etc.

The incident went down December 5, but the bodycam video was just released. Nazario has filed a lawsuit alleging a violation of his Constitutional rights.

It's interesting ... the younger cop who is watching as the other officer is barking orders seems uneasy, but ultimately does what his superior tells him to do.

DMX Fans Not Slippin' ... Create Memorial at Hospital

After rallying for DMX all week, his fans are still pouring out their emotions, and showing him love in the hours after his death.

Almost immediately after the news of X's passing ... a makeshift memorial wall was started just outside White Plains Hospital in New York. The hip-hop icon's loyal followers are lighting candles, leaving flowers and stuffed animals ... and writing notes of love and support for X and his family.

Someone left 3 large mylar balloons to spell out DMX on the fencing.

Meanwhile, nearby fans are playing his music and break dancing to honor the 50-year-old rapper who died Friday after his organs started shutting down Thursday night.

TMZ broke the story ... DMX fell into a coma after an overdose last Friday. Doctors said his brain was deprived of oxygen for nearly 30 minutes, and the outlook was grim from the start.


While he lay in a coma this week, DMX's family -- including his 15 children -- were all able to see him before he passed, and fans took time to give him his flowers, literally and figuratively.

NCAA Ref Bert Smith Blood Clot in Lung Caused Tourney Collapse

Referee Bert Smith is opening up on his frightening collapse during an Elite 8 game of the NCAA Tournament ... revealing the cause was a blood clot in his lung.

... and he's extremely grateful to the doctors who may have saved his life.

56-year-old Smith was officiating the Gonzaga vs. USC matchup on March 30 when he collapsed to the hardwood a few minutes into the game. He later regained consciousness and was stretchered off the court.

Smith spent 2 days in the hospital while docs tried to figure out what triggered the medical emergency. Finally, IU Health Methodist doctor Katie Trammel tracked down the issue -- a pulmonary embolism.

WebMD defines a P.E. as "When a blood clot gets caught in one of the arteries that go from the heart to the lungs ... the clot blocks the normal flow of blood."

Smith says doctors are not sure what caused the clot. Smith tested positive for COVID-19 in August, but docs say they can't confirm whether that played a role.

But, he's extremely grateful Dr. Trammel was able to identify the problem and treat it quickly.

"You don’t know where that clot was going next," Smith told the Indy Star.

Smith was placed on blood thinners to address the issue. He was allowed to return home soon after and says the welcome he got was incredibly special.

"The hugs were pretty intense," Smith told the outlet. "They were pretty intense, man."

Smith says the incident taught him a valuable lesson on the important things in life ... something he won't take for granted.

"It puts in perspective the value of each day, because we all go through our lives – we’re all guilty of it – and we just live, right? But do we say ‘I love you’ enough? Do we give an extra hug enough? Do we do the things with our family and friends that have value to them?"

"When you live something like I did, it hits you square in the eyes that you really have to value each day."

So, what's next for Smith?? He says he'll be back on the court doing his job again next season.

"I hate the fact I passed out in the Elite Eight ... but you know what? I’m happy I did it around a bunch of people who had the ability to help me."

DMX Organs Failing Family Says He's in Final Hours

8:48 AM PT -- We have more information, X's liver and kidneys have virtually shut down ... as has his lung function. Sources with direct knowledge tell us the family is now meeting with doctors, but the expectation is X might not make it through Friday.

DMX's health is rapidly deteriorating as he remains on life support, with not much more doctors can do ... and he's experiencing significant organ failure.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... as of Friday morning, X's "organs are failing by the minute" ... a sign, under the circumstances, indicating end of life. We're told friends and family have been told to fly in immediately to be with DMX and his loved ones.

As we told you, X's mom, fiancee, kids, ex-wife and mother's of his children have become a tight unit over the last week, staying and praying together ... holding out hope, although hope is clearly waning.

TMZ broke the story ... DMX, who remains in a coma, underwent a series of brain function tests Wednesday, and sources told us the results were "not good." He has not improved since he was rushed to the hospital with "little brain function." Our family sources say the final decision, if and when it happens, to take X off of life support will be made by his mother, Arnett.

Originally Published -- 8:32 AM PT

DMX Still on Life Support ... Mom Nears Difficult Choice

DMX's family is still holding out hope for a miracle, and while he remains on life support with no improvement in brain function -- the grim circumstances are bringing his fam closer together than ever.

As of late Thursday night, the rapper's manager and close friend Steve Rifkind told TMZ  ... his condition has not changed. However, sources close to his family tell us, X's mother, Arnett Simmons, his fiancée, Desiree Lindstrom, his ex-wife, Tashera Simmons and his baby mama, Yadira Borrego, along with his children, have become a tight-knit group over the last week while praying for improvement.

We're told his loved ones have been staying at his home and friends' homes in the area ... never too far from White Plains Hospital where DMX remains in a coma.

While the women in DMX's life have never had beef in the past -- we're told X made sure he kept everyone cordial -- the trauma of the last 7 days has strengthened their bond.

They'll all need each other's support in the days ahead, because they may soon be faced with an agonizing decision -- perhaps as soon as Friday -- about whether to withdraw life support. If and when that choice needs to be made, we're told X's mom will have the final word.

As we first told you ... the battery of tests performed on DMX Wednesday showed no signs of improved brain activity since he was first hospitalized late last Friday night. Multiple sources, including Rifkind, have told us the prognosis is not good.

Still, his family members -- like millions of fans -- remain prayerful, and in full support of his mother, Arnett.

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