Ariana Grande Bad Sinus Be Damned ... Cold-ass Weather Ain't Halting Dog Walk

Ariana Grande says she's having trouble breathing and it's hard to swallow ... so ya gotta imagine going on a stroll with temperatures in the 30s is NOT what the doctor ordered.

The pop sensation and her pit-mix pooch, Myron, went for a walk Monday night in NYC. It's been raining there and temperatures last night dipped pretty low ... especially when the wind chill kicked in.

That didn't stop Ariana ... who was bundled up and, in all honesty, an incredible sight for sore eyes even in a puffy jacket and sweats. Myron, who as you know was Mac Miller's adopted dog, also shined while in the holiday spirit.

Ariana over the weekend had said she's dealing with a bad sinus infection and feared it may lead her to cancel some shows. She updated her fans Sunday on Instagram and said she woke up even worse, which forced her to cancel her show that night in Lexington, Kentucky.

But, maybe -- just MAYBE -- she's suddenly gotten much better. Ariana tweeted early Tuesday morning, "y'all make me so happy tf. love u. see u tonight," which sounds a lot like she's ready to return the stage. She's scheduled to perform Tuesday night in the ATL.

Female MMA Fighter Dies After Collapsing In Ring ... Cops Investigating

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A 26-year-old female amateur MMA fighter died Sunday morning ... just one day after collapsing in the ring following a brutal loss at an event in England.

The Hampshire Police Dept. confirmed they were called to Southampton General Hospital around 1 AM on Sunday to respond to a woman who suffered a life-threatening brain injury.

The woman, Saeideh Aletaha, had competed at the Fast & Furious Fight series event at Central Hall in Southampton, England on Saturday ... and reportedly collapsed in the ring.

According to local reports, an ambulance was called to the venue around 9 PM and Aletaha was rushed to the hospital in "a serious and life-threatening condition."

Cops say Aletaha died at the hospital Sunday morning -- and they're now investigating her death.

Organizers behind the F&FFS event posted a statement early Monday morning essentially saying Aletaha knew what she signed up for ...

"All competitors get in [the ring] prepared that they may be injured and this is something not expected to happen 99.9% of the time."

FFS organizers say they had a full medical team on-site -- with doctors, paramedics and an ambulance -- along with an "experienced team of staff with numerous first aiders."

Exile Gym, where Aletaha trained, posted a tribute to the fighter ... saying, "Saeideh Aletaha was a lovely character with a beautiful soul. Her dedication to the sport was 110% travelling miles every day just to train."

"She found her place with us just a few months ago but has become apart of the family and will be sorely missed."

UFC's Ben Askren Retires from MMA I'm Done and So Is My Hip

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UFC star Ben Askren is calling it a career -- the 35-year-old is officially retiring from MMA after revealing his hip is shot.

Askren broke the news on Ariel Helwani's MMA Show on Monday saying, "I'm retiring from the sport of MMA. Frankly, I'm retiring from everything."

The biggest issue for Askren -- widely considered one of the best grapplers in the world -- is his jacked-up hip ... which he's been dealing with for the past few years.

In fact, Askren says his doctor is recommending a full hip replacement -- and since he's already 35, it ain't exactly a recipe for a comeback.

"I got really emotional the other day because I just started thinking about all the great experiences I've had and how lucky I've been to have the amount of success I've had," Askren said.

Ben was famously included in the blockbuster UFC, ONE Championship trade back in 2018 involving MMA legend Demetrious Johnson.

Askren raised eyebrows right away -- defeating Robbie Lawler in his first UFC fight -- but things went south in 2019 when he was knocked out by Jorge Masvidal in 5 seconds.

It got worse when Askren fought Demian Maia in Oct. 2019 and lost by submission in the 3rd round. It became clear to Ben he couldn't continue to compete at the highest levels.

Asken (19-2) wasn't just a stud fighter -- he's also one of the most entertaining personalities in the sport and will surely find a career in broadcasting now that he's done in the Octagon.

Congrats on a solid career and good luck!

Eddie Van Halen Out of Hospital After Painful Reaction to Cancer Drugs


Eddie Van Halen is back home, hanging out with his son after suffering through a few rough days in a hospital with what we're told were complications from his cancer treatment.

Sources close to the legendary guitarist tell TMZ ... he was admitted to the hospital last week with intestinal issues and abdominal pain. We're told both were the result of a bad reaction to the drugs Eddie is taking to battle throat cancer.

He was released Sunday and we're told he's doing fine now.

We broke the story ... the rocker has been flying between the U.S. and Germany for 5 years to get radiation treatment. Eddie believes he developed the cancer from a metal guitar pick he used more than 20 years ago -- he would hold the pick in his mouth and has been told it could be the source of the cancer.

When he got home from the hospital ... we're told Eddie and his son, Wolfgang, hung out and rehearsed music. If ya don't know, Wolfgang became Van Halen's bassist in 2006.

Rock on, guys!

The Calling Singer Alex Band I Got New Teeth for My Comeback ... And Pulling the Old Ones Was Gnarly!!!

Alex Band -- lead singer of the rock band, The Calling -- is mounting a comeback after his infamous kidnapping ... and reintroducing himself to the world with a new set of chompers.

TMZ broke the story ... Alex was abducted in Michigan way back in 2013 when he was grabbed off the street, beaten severely and then dumped on some train tracks.

Alex's life spiraled into a deep and dark place after the horrifying incident, but now he says he's overcome the hard times and he's ready to make music again ... with the aid of a new smile.


Alex recently traveled to Las Vegas with his wife and child for a 24-hour dental procedure to fully restore all of his teeth. Dr. Mike Golpa performed the surgery over 2 days, which included the removal of 11 teeth and over 10 implants in Alex's mouth.

Dr. Golpa's the guy to see in Vegas ... he's got a ton of famous patients, like Diamond Dallas Paige, Jake "The Snake" Roberts and 'Sopranos' star Joseph Gannascoli.

Alex tells TMZ ... “As most everyone knows I’ve had a rough bunch of years to say the least; from battling to regain my health and then having to overcome being kidnapped and broken. In 2020 I will finally be back out performing consistently worldwide for the first time in 8 years, and releasing new music!"

The singer says he can't wait to perform in front of his fans again, and he says Dr. Golpa gave him the last thing he needed to regain his confidence ... a brand new smile.

Lil Xan Relapses, Suffers Seizures ... on Heels of Lil Peep's Death Anniversary


Lil Xan said he relapsed but what really scared him straight were the seizures he suffered ... the effects of quitting cold turkey in his attempt to beat his drug habit.

Rumors were swirling as to why the rapper had been out of the public eye for some time. But, Xan now tells TMZ he relapsed on pain killers -- specifically Xanax and hydrocodone.

He says he wanted to get back on track -- by quitting ... cold turkey. But, Xan says that was a TERRIBLE idea ... because the withdrawals resulted in several seizures while he was in the hospital getting detoxed.


The rapper says the seizures were a massive wake-up call. As we first reported ... Xan admitted last November he had an addiction problem. He vowed to kick the habit following the deaths of Mac Miller in September 2018 and Lil Peep in November 2017. Xan says he thought a lot about Peep as he was relapsing ... the late rapper's 2-year anniversary was fast approaching.

Xan ultimately went to rehab and got better ... until his recent setback. He says when rumors were swirling he wasn't ready to tell the world about him falling off the wagon.

But, the rapper says he's now sober ... and ready to let the world know he's not giving up on his fight to remain sober.

Kevin Hart Check Out My New Fitness Routine ... I'm Doing This for ME!!!


Kevin Hart is hard at work on the road to full recovery, and it looks like he's diving back into a gym routine that looks grueling for someone who nearly died in a car crash.

The actor-comedian posted a video of himself working out in what appears to be his home gym with a personal trainer -- seemingly someone from this fitness/wellness company called VitaHustle ... which KH was happy to plug on his social media page.

In his post, Kevin made a point to say that he was trying to not only get back to tip-top shape ... but actually become better than he was before. He also said he was trying to achieve these new levels of fitness for himself, and not anybody else ... including fans.

He added, "I want to inspire & motivate people to challenge themselves to be great. We all have greatness’s up to us to tap into it. Nobody knows what your are capable of more than YOU. I can’t wait to show ME the new levels that we are about to reach!!!!"

As for what exercises Kevin is partaking in these days ... one-legged dumbbell curls and shoulder presses, exercise ball planks, loose strap lat pulls, dumbbell squats, dumbbell single-arm rows and more. Pretty reminiscent of what he posted just last month, actually.


What's crazy is that as tough as this workout of his looks, he's actually told us that it's not really at the peak of his usual fitness levels or what he was even used to pre-crash.

Looks like he's getting there though. Feel better, man.

Aaron Carter Alarming Weight Loss Sparks ER Visit Family Stress to Blame

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The mounting family drama's getting to Aaron Carter ... cause it's landed him in the hospital.

Aaron's mom, Jane, tells TMZ ... Aaron arrived at her house Thursday in Florida and she was immediately alarmed at his dangerously low weight. She tells us he's now at a mere 115 pounds. At one point, Aaron weighed nearly 160 pounds.

We're told Aaron's stress stems from the restraining orders against him brought on by his brother, Nick, and sister twin Angel. Jane took no chances ... driving him to the hospital and checking him into the ER.

Jane tells us Aaron's had his blood pressure tested and he's currently hooked up to a heart monitor and awaiting results. Aaron posted on Instagram a picture of himself on a hospital bed and he captioned it, "Mommas gonna take care of me."

As we reported ... Nick got a restraining order against Aaron back in September after claiming Aaron allegedly threatened to kill his pregnant wife. TMZ broke the story ... Angel also got a restraining order after claiming Aaron threatened to send hit men after her following a disturbing phone call. Aaron's got a hearing next week to address both orders.

Kevin Hart's Friends First Images from Hospital Bed ... After Car Accident

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Kevin Hart's 2 friends who survived that car crash with him are giving us a glimpse into their recovery for the first time since sustaining very serious injuries.

Rebecca Broxterman, the backseat passenger, posted images of the driver -- and her fiance -- Jared Black in a neck brace following the accident. She says the hospital bed photos of Jared are from Sept. 17 ... a little more than 2 weeks after the wreck.

Not surprisingly, Rebecca called the night of the accident the scariest of her life.

More than 2 months later, she's opening up ... saying after the accident she was terrified when she had to be separated from Jared when they were airlifted from the crash scene to the hospital.


Jared, who suffered very similar spinal injuries as Kevin did, underwent major back surgery, and Rebecca says they're doing physical therapy together a few times each week.

TMZ broke the story ... Kevin's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda -- driven by Jared -- crashed into a ravine Sept. 1 and Hart suffered serious back injuries which required surgery and a grueling physical therapy routine.


Now, Kevin's counting his blessings and moving around quite well ... and it's good to see Rebecca and Jared progressing, too.

Angry Bagel Guy Suffers Apparent Stroke Outside Deli


Chris Morgan, aka The Angry Bagel Guy, is currently in a New York hospital after suffering an apparent stroke ... TMZ has learned.

Morgan's manager, Bill Shannon, tells us Chris was outside a Long Island deli Monday when the medical emergency happened. Shannon says he's with Chris in the hospital now, and it appears he's lost feeling on the left side of his body. A video posted on his Twitter account showed Chris laid up in his hospital bed.


There does seem to be at least one positive sign -- Bill tells us Chris was able to raise his right arm to respond when Bill entered his hospital room. Bill says Chris has diabetes, but it's unclear if that's related to the apparent stroke.

We're told Chris' family members are on their way to the hospital.


Morgan gained internet fame back in July when he was caught on video in an angry confrontation inside a NYC bakery.

Since the incident, Morgan's had quite a ride ... including signing up for and then bailing on a celebrity boxing gig.

Gloria Steinem T.I.'s Virginity Check Abuses Daughter's Human Rights


Gloria Steinem believes T.I. is violating the law by going to his daughter's gynecology exams to make sure she's a virgin, and she says the courts should get involved. Seriously.

We talked to the pioneering journalist and feminist Tuesday at LAX, where she weighed in on Tip's controversial confession about his now 18-year-old daughter, Deyjah. Like many have said, she thinks his behavior reeks of a classic sexist with control issues

But, Gloria went further ... calling the practice a human rights violation.

Dad's in charge
Ladies Like Us with Nazanin and Nadia

As for Deyjah signing off on doctors sharing her medical info with her dad -- GS thinks there's an off-balance power relationship there too.

As we reported, T.I. went on the "Ladies Like Us" podcast and told the hosts he attends Deyjah's annual gynecology visits and asks the doctor for "his results." He said he wants the doctor to ensure her hymen is intact ... which he believes proves she's still a virgin.

When our photog broke the news to Gloria that T.I.'s cool with his younger teenage son having sex, well ... let's just say that was her breaking point.

As far as she's concerned, it's time for a judge to step up. Just watch.

John Witherspoon Suffered from Coronary Artery Disease ... Acc. to Death Certificate

John Witherspoon was dealing with several heart-related ailments when he suffered his fatal heart attack ... according to his death certificate.

TMZ obtained the document which says the beloved actor was battling coronary artery disease. It also says he had hypertension, although that's not listed as a direct cause of the heart attack ... but it certainly didn't help his ability to survive it.

As we reported, John died Oct. 29 at his home in Sherman Oaks, CA. The death certificate lists his time of death as 5:30 PM.

We obtained dispatch audio from John's death ... and you can hear the dispatcher request rescue for an unconscious man, saying he's under cardiac arrest and CPR was in progress.


It wasn't long before the dispatcher said the man had died and cancels the rescue.

His family announced the sudden passing saying, "It is with deep sadness we have to tweet this, but our husband & father John Witherspoon has passed away."

The statement went on, "He was a Legend in the entertainment industry, and a father figure to all who watched him over the years. We love you 'POPS' always & forever."

John, of course, was a legendary comic and actor who had TONS of TV and movie credits to his name. Most notably ... John played Willie Jones, father of Ice Cube's character, Craig, in all of the "Friday" movies." He was also simply Pops on "The Wayans Bros."

He was 77.

NBA's Corey Maggette Defends Clippers' Load Management Would've Saved My Career!!!


Corey Maggette says the Clippers are doing a "phenomenal job" by giving Kawhi Leonard load management days ... saying if he had those when he was playing, they could've saved his career!

L.A. coach Doc Rivers has been under fire this month after he's given his superstar days off to prevent possible injuries down the road ... but Maggette says all that criticism is BS.

The former Clippers star -- who was out in L.A. this week with fellow ex-NBA stud Cuttino Mobley -- told us he absolutely LOVES the idea of load management days.

"I retired because of major knee injuries," Magette says. "So, I wish they would have had a position where, from me and Cuttino's perspective, that we had a chance to rest and get our bodies back to 100 percent."

In fact, Cuttino says if he was given days off similar to Kawhi ... his body might feel a hell of a lot better now than it currently does.

"Listen, if it were happening when we were playing, I wouldn't have so many aches and pains as we do now," Mobley says.

Of course, NBA fans don't really love the move ... it's led to some of the biggest stars sitting out of some of the biggest regular season games.

But, Mobley and Maggette's response to that??? Too bad!!!

"There's a lot of older guys that are walking around right now that can't really walk because they've been forced to play in their mind," Cuttino says.

"So, if they would have had that load management back then a lot of those guys' injuries wouldn't be as significant."

Alex Trebek Chokes Up On Set ... After 'We Love You, Alex' Answer


Alex Trebek got super emotional after a "Jeopardy!" contestant honored the host with a heartfelt message on the final round of Monday's game show ... choking up as he read the guy's answer.

The beloved game show host could barely hold back tears during the "Final Jeopardy" round when contestant Dhruv Gaur wrote an answer that tugged at Alex's heartstrings.

"We love you, Alex," Gaur wrote after being stumped on the answer ... drawing a heart to symbolize the word love.

Alex read the answer, choked up and thanked the contestant for his kind gesture, pausing a moment to collect himself before moving on with the show.

We broke the story ... Alex was diagnosed earlier this year with stage 4 pancreatic cancer, though he has no plans to retire. Trebek is undergoing a second round of chemo, and he has yet to miss a show.