Bob Saget Family History of Heart Attacks ... Affected Dad, Three Uncles

Bob Saget wouldn't be the first one in his immediate family to die from a heart attack ... it's what killed 3 of his uncles.

In Bob's book, "Dirty Daddy: The Chronicles of a Family Man Turned Filthy Comedian," he references that 3 of his uncles died from a heart attack between the ages of 37 and 41.

When Bob was 8, his Uncle Ozzie died at 40 from a heart attack while chasing some kids down the block after they stole a tire.

Tragedy struck again the following year ... Bob lost his Uncle Manny to a double heart attack.

Then, when Bob was 15, he says his Uncle Sammy died at 37 of a heart attack suffered while playing tennis.

Bob also notes his own dad suffered a massive heart attack when he was a kid ... then had another heart attack just 6 months later.

Bob's family history of heart attacks may be significant ... TMZ broke the story, the operating theory is that Bob died in his Orlando hotel room of either a heart attack or a stroke, although the official cause of death won't be determined for weeks.

Viagra Warns Players Of Bart Scott's Advice ... Talk To A Doctor!!!

Josh Allen might wanna avoid taking Bart Scott's advice and poppin' Viagra before Saturday's playoff game ... 'cause the makers of the blue pill are warning NFL players to talk to a doctor before using their product.

A rep for Viagra tells TMZ Sports the medicine should only be used for its intended purposes ... even if Scott swears it'll help with blood circulation in cold temps.

"Viagra or Revatio, both of which contain sildenafil as an active ingredient, should only be used in the approved indications and always under the supervision of a physician," the rep tells us.

Of course, Viagra is known to help men in another department ... which is why Scott's comment on ESPN's "Get Up" earlier this week had folks buzzing.

Scott's advice to Allen -- who has a history of not performing well in cold weather -- directed the QB to take the blue pill before the game against the New England Patriots to get his "circulation going."


"Take some Viagra before the game, baby," Scott said, much to the chagrin of his colleagues. "That'll get that circulation going right."

"Viagra was first a heart medicine, right?," Scott added. "So, it builds up circulation, which makes sure it gets circulation to the feet."

Allen -- who admittedly has bad circulation which leads to cold feet -- has had one of the worst completion percentages in the NFL over the last 15 years in freezing temps.

FYI, the forecast for the Bills-Pats game isn't doing Buffalo's star any favors -- the weather is expected to be in single-digits with a wind chill around -10 degrees.

Unfortunately for Josh, he'll have to find another way to stay warm.

Britney Spears Claps back at Jamie Lynn After 'Nightline' Interview

Welp, Britney Spears has seen her sister's full "Nightline" interview, and it's only made her more pissed off at Jamie Lynn Spears ... who she's accusing of completely fabricating a story about Britney and a knife.

Britney just blasted JLS ... saying, "Congrats babe you've stooped to a whole new level of LOW... I've never been around you ever with a knife or would I ever think to do such!!!"

This was in response to Jamie Lynn's account in her book, "Things I Should Have Said" ... about a moment when she claims Britney grabbed a knife and locked herself and her sister in a room.


Jamie Lynn told ABC she included that passage -- which she had to know would incite Britney -- because she was traumatized and suffered panic attacks after that event, and she wanted to share her experience.

For her part, Britney claims the only time she's ever seen Jamie at home with a knife is when they were attempting to cut a really big squash. She told her sister ... "Please stop with these crazy lies for Hollywood books!!!"

Britney did some name-calling too in her post as she adamantly denied the incident -- "NOW and only NOW I do know only a scum person would make up such things about someone." She added, "Around the kids???? Jamie lynn, seriously??? come on!!!"

Britney has clearly had it up to HERE -- she ended the post with ... "Congrats on introducing your older sister to the concept of getting LOW ... LOWER ... LOWEST ... because you win on that one, babe!!!"

Although Jamie seemed to tear up at times during the interview, she said she still has love for her sister.

That might be, but it's obviously going to be a long, long road before these 2 can squash this family feud.

Jamie Lynn Spears Britney's Lying ... My Book's Factual, and I Can Prove It

Jamie Lynn Spears has taken the gloves off, accusing her big sister Britney of lying and claiming she has the receipts to prove it.

Jamie Lynn is reacting to Britney's reaction to her book, "Things I Should Have Said." Jamie Lynn says in the memoir ... Britney exhibited paranoid, erratic behavior over the years, and even talked about an incident where Britney locked the two of them in a room with a knife, saying she was scared.

Britney lashed out at her younger sister, posting on social media Jamie Lynn was "never around me much 15 years ago [when the conservatorship began], so why are they even talking about that unless she wants to sell a book at my expense??? REALLY???"


Britney wasn't done ... "She never had to work for anything. Everything was always given to her!!!!" She says her family "ruined my dreams 100 billion percent and try to make me look like the crazy one."

Jamie Lynn wasn't shy about responding ... "It's become exhausting when conversations, and texts we have in private don't match what you post on social media. I know you're going through a lot and I never want to diminish that, but I also can't diminish myself."

Jamie Lynn went on to say she and her family have been getting death threats, and she blames Britney, saying her "vague and accusatory posts" have triggered her fans, adding Britney could "tell the truth, and put an end to all of it in one second if she wanted to."

And, then she leaned in even harder ... "I hate to burst my sister's bubble, but my book is not about her. I can't help that I was born a Spears too, and that some of my experiences involve my sister. I've worked hard since before I was even a teenager, and I've built my career in spite of just being someone's little sister."

All in all, this sounds like the opposite of reconciliation.

Rays Bullpen Catcher Jean Ramirez Death Ruled Suicide

Tampa Bay Rays bullpen catcher Jean Ramirez died by suicide, officials in Texas announced this week.

The Tarrant County Medical Examiner revealed the ruling on the manner on Thursday, TMZ Sports has confirmed, adding that the cause was a gunshot wound.

Ramirez was just 28 years old.

"The loss of our son has been the most excruciating experience we have lived," Ramirez's family said in a statement following the release of the tragic news. "Unfortunately, we sometimes don't see the signs. Struggling in silence is not OK."

"It is our commitment to honor our son's life by helping other families. No parent should have to endure the loss of their child. We are very grateful to the Tampa Bay Rays organization, whom we consider our family, for their love and support."

The family continued, "Our son felt loved by all of you. Thank you to our family, friends and everyone else far and near for the outpouring of love and support. God bless you! Rays Up in Heaven."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The Rays announced Ramirez's death on Tuesday -- and many Tampa Bay players, both past and present, mourned the tragedy ... with former Cy Young winner Blake Snell saying, "Man this one hurts."

Ramirez -- who was drafted by the Rays in 2016 -- joined the team as its bullpen catcher in 2019. He had said his goal was to move up in the ranks and perhaps one day manage a roster in The Show.

If you or someone you know is struggling with depression or thoughts of suicide, call the National Suicide Prevention Lifeline at 1-800-273-8255.

U.S. Skier George McQuinn Knocked Out After Brutal Crash ... Caught On Video

Scary moment for professional skier George McQuinn who was knocked unconscious after a brutal crash during the FIS Freestyle World Cup event in Deer Valley Utah on Thursday.

But thankfully, he's okay.

The terrifying incident was caught on video ... showing the Team USA skier taking a nasty spill on the last jump of the course, smacking the back of his head as he took off.


McQuinn is immediately knocked out cold from the blow to his head, and you see his body go limp, as he then slides down the mountain, face first.

Medical professionals quickly jumped into action and removed McQuinn on a backboard from the course. Thankfully, officials announced shortly after the crash that he'd regained consciousness.

Later that night, McQuinn let his fans know that he was okay after the "gnarly crash" -- posting video of the incident on his IG and a photo of his facial injuries with a thumbs up.

All things considered ... disaster averted.

Bob Saget I'll Fight Scleroderma 'Even When I'm Gone' ... Made Vow in Final TV Interview


Bob Saget made a promise to honor his deceased sister just a few weeks before his own death ... and what he said in his final TV interview now feels somewhat eerie.

Bob spoke to his friend, and "CBS Mornings" correspondent, Dr. Jon LaPook a few weeks ago about coping with the loss of his sister, Gay, who was killed by a rare skin disease called scleroderma when she was just 47 years old.

During the interview he had a very poignant description of the moment she passed -- which he somehow managed to punctuate with humor -- and then he added, "I can't watch what happened to my sister happen to more people."

Bob said, "My sister should not be dead. And that's one of the things that's kept me doing this ... will keep me doing this until I'm gone. I'll do it when I'm gone."

Bob's been a champion for the Scleroderma Research Foundation ever since Gay's death in 1994, which was the main reason he sat down with CBS. He said awareness is key in the search for a cure.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

And, he was very serious about helping others battling the disease. As we reported, Bob reached out to the family of Sophie Anne Seaman, a 9-year-old girl who was diagnosed 2 years ago. The family told TMZ ... Bob became their lifeline, and also told them he'd keep fighting until there's a cure.

In a way, Bob really is keeping up the battle. More than 1,200 people have donated to the Scleroderma Research Foundation, and even more are learning about the terrible disease as they see more stories about Bob's enormous charitable efforts.

Novak Djokovic Australian Open Visa Canceled Again ... Star Facing Deportation

Novak Djokovic's participation in this year's Australian Open is in jeopardy once again ... officials have canceled his visa for a second time, and he's now facing deportation.

Australian Immigration Minister Alex Hawke made the ruling early Friday morning ... revoking the 34-year-old's visa just days after a judge had allowed the tennis star to go free in the country.

In announcing his decision, Hawke explained pulling Djokovic was in the best for "public interest" ... due to the athlete's COVID-19 vaccination status and controversial claims to a vaccine exemption.

"In making this decision, I carefully considered information provided to me by the Department of Home Affairs, the Australian Border Force and Mr. Djokovic," Hawke said.

"The Morrison Government is firmly committed to protecting Australia's borders, particularly in relation to the COVID-19 pandemic."

Djokovic has already started the process of an appeal -- and it's possible he could play in the opening round of the Australian Open on Monday while the arguments play out in court.

Australia's Prime Minister, Scott Morrison, meanwhile, backed Hawke's decision Friday ... writing in a statement, "Australians have made many sacrifices during this pandemic, and they rightly expect the result of those sacrifices to be protected."

"This is what the Minister is doing in taking this action today."

If ultimately deported, Djokovic could face a 3-year ban from the country.

Story developing ...

JJ Da Boss & Wife Tricia Injured In Car Wreck ... Filming 'Street Outlaws'

'Street Outlaws' Star JJ Da Boss and his wife Tricia got in a car wreck while filming the show ... TMZ has learned.

The reality show is all about street racing ... and of course, who can rank fastest. Well, unfortunately, we're told JJ Da Boss and his wife were driving in separate cars while filming "Street Outlaws: America's List" and things went sideways.

A source with knowledge tells TMZ ... both were injured in the collision. Tricia was hurt seriously enough that she was taken to the hospital. We don't know her condition.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As you see in the photo, the collision was pretty bad. For now, It's unclear what caused the crash and who was at fault.

'Street Outlaws' premiered back in 2013. It was renewed for a 13th season in 2019 ... and JJ Da Boss is considered a top cast member this season.

Here's hoping for a speedy recovery for both JJ and Tricia.

Britney Spears So Sick I Think I Might Die ... And My Sister's Using Me!!!

4:49 PM PT -- She didn't mention it before, but for whatever reason, Britney just clarified her fiancé Sam Asghari helped her score some medicine, tweeting, "Pssss my fiancé got my medicine ... I survived !!!!"

Britney Spears says she's got a fever so bad, it feels like it could be the end ... and, yet, she's still taking shots at her sister Jamie Lynn over her book and recent interview.

Brit just posted a long rant, detailing her symptoms ... saying she had a 104-degree fever Wednesday night and complained her security wouldn't leave to get her Aleve. She admits she's being a drama queen by saying she's possibly dying, but says she never gets sick.

While Britney makes her illness sound very unpleasant -- drama queen or not -- she says it actually made it easier to stomach Jamie Lynn's interview with "Nightline" ... even though Britney's got some big issues with what was said.


Britney's got 2 bones to pick with Jamie Lynn ... saying it's ridiculous she said Britney was out of control 15 years ago. Britney says her sister was not around her enough to speak on the topic and chalks it up to Jamie Lynn trying to pump up book sales.

The other issue Britney has involves Jamie Lynn remixing some songs ... and you can read her full rant about everything.

Britney's also railing on her security for not getting her some pain meds, comparing it to the way she feels she's been treated by her family

Bottom line ... she says her relatives just love to bring her down, and that's why she prefers cats and dogs. That's ruff.

Originally Published -- 4:36 PM PT

Rob Gronkowski My Pup Is Sick ... Sad Times Days Before Bucs' Playoff Game

Rob Gronkowski ain't just worried about the Eagles this week ... he's got dogs on his mind too -- 'cause his adorable pup, Ralphie, is sick.

The Buccaneers tight end and his girlfriend, Camille Kostek, shared the news on social media Wednesday -- just days before Tampa's playoff game against Philadelphia -- explaining poor Ralphie has some kind of lung infection that's been keeping him up at night.

Kostek revealed she and Gronk took the fur baby to the vet this week ... after the dog had been breathing abnormally, not sleeping and not eating.

"He was waking up pretty much every hour on the hour, having some kind of wheezing fits," Kostek said. "His regular breathing is off. He's been super uncomfortable."

Thankfully, Kostek said the issue does not appear to be too serious -- with the vet prescribing some meds after discovering a lung issue.

Kostek said she's hoping Ralphie is better in a few days.

@camillekostek / Instagram

She and Gronk, meanwhile, have been firing up the steam room for their dog with the hope that it helps the animal breathe better too.

The Tampa vs. Philly game kicks off Sunday morning ... here's to hoping Ralphie will be full strength then to catch Dad's important tilt!

Jamie Lynn Spears Britney Was 'Erratic, Paranoid, Spiraling' ... But I'm Not Going to Judge Her Mental State


Jamie Lynn Spears says she's in no position to evaluate Britney Spears' mental state, but that's exactly what she did in her book, clearly suggesting her big sister had mental issues.

In an interview that aired Wednesday night on "Nightline," Jamie acknowledged she wrote in her memoir that over the years Britney's conduct was "erratic," "paranoid" and "spiraling."

She described an incident in the book where she says Britney took a knife, and locked herself and Jamie Lynn in a room, saying she was scared. As for why she included the story ... Jamie Lynn essentially said the book was a memoir and she was recounting stories that had an impact on her life ... namely, she says she suffers panic attacks from past trauma.

Up to now, it seemed Jamie Lynn was trying to extend an olive branch to Britney, but based on what we now know she's saying in the book, she's clearly trying to make a case that Britney has serious mental issues.

She also says her relationship with Britney fell apart during the pandemic, recounting a story where she says Britney was holding her toddler, Ivey and got in Jamie Lynn's face, cursing at her. Jamie Lynn says her 12-year-old daughter tried to mediate the situation. As for their parents' reaction ... Jamie Lynn says it was simple ... Don't Upset Britney -- and that angered Jamie Lynn.

Britney is at war with her family, and that includes Jamie Lynn, whom Britney says has tried to profit off her during the conservatorship.

Bob Saget Privately Helped Child with Scleroderma ... Donations to Find Cure Pouring In

Bob Saget very privately turned a personal tragedy in his life into a mission to spare others similar grief ...  and a 9-year-old girl named Sophie Anne and her parents are forever grateful.

Sophie Anne is afflicted with Scleroderma, a group of rare diseases that involve the hardening of the skin and connective tissues. It's a disease that took the life of Bob's sister, Gay, who died in 1994 at age 47.

Bob became a tireless advocate and fundraiser for the Scleroderma Research Foundation, but we found out he also reached out to families suffering from the illness to offer comfort and support.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Bob found out about Sophie Anne roughly 2 years ago, after she was diagnosed.  Her parents, Martha and Jeff Seaman, tell us they felt they were in the middle of the ocean without any lifeline, when suddenly, Bob came into their lives.

Bob sent the little girl personalized videos, always with comfort and hope ... "We are going to find a cure, sending lots of love."

Bob knew how the disease affects an entire family, so he offered support to Sophie Anne's sister with a school paper. The paper she chose to write, "Bob Saget: My Everyday Hero." We're told Bob was incredibly patient and candid about his life ... spending more than 30 minutes with her on the phone.

It didn't stop there. Just a few months ago, Bob invited Sophie Anne's parents to his show in North Carolina. He comped their tickets, meals and brought them backstage after his show.

The Scleroderma Research Foundation is benefiting from the massive goodwill embodied in Bob. More than 1,200 people have donated a total of more than $80,000. And, people are learning about the disease because of Bob's good work.

There are many other examples of Bob's kindness, but this one really stands out.

Sundance Fest and Hotels Yeah, We Canceled It, But Sorry ... NO REFUNDS!!!

Hollywood execs and celebs who were planning to attend this year's Sundance Film Festival are in for a rude awakening ... because the event was canceled just days beforehand and now they stand to lose a boatload of cash.

This year's Sundance was scheduled for Jan 20-30 as a hybrid event with both in-person and online events ... it was expected to bring out filmgoers from around the U.S., volunteers and, of course, celebs and Hollywood honchos.

Well, that was until the festival was canceled only 15 days before the curtain was raised, due to the explosion of COVID. We're told hotels and Airbnb jacked up the prices like crazy -- $3k and up for some rooms and suites -- and now we're told a lot of them are not giving refunds.

Likewise ... Sundance organizers are not offering refunds to folks who paid to attend in person. Instead, attendees can either gift their packages to someone else or turn the money spent into a tax-deductible donation to the Sundance Institute.

Back to the hotels ... one example is Auberge Resorts Collection, which was charging $3,798 per night for some of the suites ... and guess what, it's non-refundable. The hotel is telling guests to come anyway and enjoy the skiing, or just reschedule.

When COVID strikes this way, a lot depends on what's in the contract.  If there's an "Act of God" clause, although it's not clear there have been successful arguments that money should be returned.

Something to think about in COVID times.

NBA's Shawn Bradley I've Battled Suicidal Thoughts ... In Wake Of Tragic Bike Accident

Life has changed so much for Shawn Bradley since he was paralyzed in a tragic bike accident last year, the former NBA star admitted he battles suicidal thoughts regularly.

The 7-foot-6, ex-Dallas Mavericks fan favorite made the revelation during recent interviews with Sports Illustrated -- explaining things have not been easy since he suffered a serious spine injury in a Jan. 20, 2021 bicycle crash.

"Maybe it'd be better if this was just all over," Bradley says he sometimes thinks to himself in the wake of the tragedy.

"Yes, those thoughts creep in -- and they're real. I can't ever imagine myself acting on those thoughts, but I definitely have them."

Bradley revealed that when a minivan bumped into the back of his bike in the accident last year, he landed on a parked car and damaged vertebrae in his neck so badly, he was paralyzed from the chest down.

Because of the injury, the once towering basketball player has been relegated to a wheelchair -- which he and his wife, Carrie, said have made even the simplest tasks, like going out on dates or even getting around his home, nearly impossible.

Bradley now needs help eating and bathing ... and he says when friends and former teammates have seen him in his new state, it can get overwhelming.

"People that I'm very close with, the first time they see me, it's emotional," Bradley said. "It's extremely draining."

Bradley, though, says he has realistic goals of improving his ability to move around his big frame in the near future. He said the family is also hoping to move into a more wheelchair-friendly home soon.

And, in the meantime, he says he's seeking to educate people on the importance of bike safety.

Novak Djokovic Knew He Was COVID Positive ... When He Posed for Photo Shoot

Novak Djokovic is navigating waters that have gone from warm to boiling, because the tennis star admitted he knew he had COVID when he posed for a photo shoot and chatted with a reporter from a French magazine.

Beyond that ... Djokovic attended multiple public events and posed for photos on December 16 and 17 -- in particular the 17th, when he handed out awards at a children's event -- but he says that shouldn't be held against him, because he got a negative rapid test on the 16th.

However, he also took a PCR test that same day that turned out to be positive. The Serbian government's records show that result came back at 8:19 PM on the same day -- but Novak insists he didn't get the info until the evening of the 17th.

So, the question is ... what did he know and when???

Whatever the case, he still did the photo shoot with L'Equipe magazine in Belgrade on the 18th when he knew he was positive.

He says, aside from the actual shoot, he was socially distanced from the reporter and photographer and masked. Djokovic now says he made a mistake and should have canceled.

He also acknowledges his visa application was incorrect ... he says his agent checked the wrong box, declaring Novak had not traveled internationally, which he very clearly did.

Djokovic, the number 1 seed in the Australian Open, was allowed into the country after the tournament granted him a medical exemption ... because he had just gotten over COVID and had antibodies, that apparently qualified.

What we don't know yet ... will officials from the Australian Open or the Australian government boot Djokovic for knowingly exposing people to the virus.

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