Psychiatrist Charles Sophy Yeah, Things are Bad Now ... And They Could Get Worse


Dr. Charles Sophy -- one of the leading psychiatrists in the country - has a scary outlook on the direction America's heading -- downright terrifying -- but on the bright side ... he thinks we can turn it around.

The famous shrink joined "TMZ Live" Friday, and we wanted to know ... why all the craziness right now?! It seems even the smallest thing sends people into a rage.

Unfortunately, Dr. Sophy thinks it's gonna get worse ... because we're in a perfect storm of chaos.

The way the doc describes it, people are lashing out because they feel contained, caged, and they don't have control of their lives ... due largely in part to COVID-19, but also because of the ever-pronounced divisions in this country.

The question no one can answer -- what will the next 6 months hold? Scary to even ponder.

NHL's Oskar Lindblom Completes Cancer Treatment ... 'Happy That I'm Alive'

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Amazing day for Philadelphia Flyers forward Oskar Lindblom ... the 23-year-old has officially completed radiation treatment for cancer!!

The Swedish pro was diagnosed with Ewing's sarcoma -- a rare form of bone cancer -- back in December ... and has been fighting ever since.

Lindblom reached a milestone in his recovery on Thursday ... by ringing the bell at Abramson Cancer Center at Pennsylvania Hospital to signify his treatment being complete!!

"I can’t even explain how I feel," Lindblom said. "It feels like having a birthday, Christmas, and all those holidays at the same time."

"It just feels awesome to be done. Can’t wait to get back to normal life again, start to feel like I’m living.

"Everything, from family to friends to fans, I can’t even explain how much it meant to me, especially in the start when it was a rough time, got all those kind words, it made me feel so much better and calm and it really helped, for sure."

Lindblom showed his appreciation to all the workers who took care of him during treatment ... gifting them with a signed jersey.

Congrats, Oskar!!

LeBron And Anthony Davis Return To Lakers Practice ... 'And We Back'

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Los Angeles Lakers

The NBA's reboot just got really real ... both LeBron James and Anthony Davis made their returns to Lakers practice Wednesday -- and they look GOOOOOOOOODDDDD!!!

The team announced their superstars' comebacks in a sick highlight video Wednesday night ... showing shirtless Bron getting after it in the weight room and getting buckets on the hardwood.

Davis' jumper looked wet as well ... and the Lakers captioned it all with a subtle, "And we back."

The vid is FINALLY a breath of fresh air for the NBA ... lately, it's been nothing but pessimism toward the restart as COVID-19 cases rise and players continue to question if there should even be a season.

Of course, the Lakers haven't been immune to it all ... Dwight Howard is still pondering whether or not to play -- while the team had to sign J.R. Smith to replace Avery Bradley, who opted out of the restart last week.

But, LeBron's maintained throughout this offseason that the league SHOULD play ... and as Clippers star Pat Beverley tweeted last month, "If @KingJames said he hooping. We all hooping."

The Lake Show is the prohibitive favorite heading into Orlando's bubble -- King James' squad had the best record in the West before teams suspended operations back in March.

And, after seeing the new clips ... you really ready to bet against LeBron in the return?!

Marv Albert Sitting Out NBA Restart Over COVID ... 'I Had Second Thoughts'

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Is Marv Albert opting out of the NBA restart in Orlando? YESSS!

The 79-year-old broadcasting legend says it's just too risky to travel to the Walt Disney World bubble environment in Orlando with the pandemic surging -- and therefore will NOT be a part of TNT's on-site coverage.

"I had second thoughts," Albert told the NY Post.

Albert told the Post he got a call from Turner Sports boss Jeff Zucker about the move -- and even joked about his own age.

"He said to me, 'Maybe this is something you should skip in my age bracket,'" Albert said while joking, "I’d like to point out to you that 79 is the new 78.”

The good news ... Albert WILL contribute to the NBA broadcasts from a remote location -- he just won't be doing the play-by-play from the sidelines.

Of course, this is all contingent on the season actually starting again -- but with the new wave of positive COVID tests sweeping through the league, commish Adam Silver admits there's a chance things could get shut down before the July 31 tip-off date.

Just recently, several players have tested positive -- including DeAndre Jordan, Spencer Dinwiddie, Jabari Parker and more.

L.A. City Councilman Take LAPD Off Non-Violent Calls ... Proposes Police Reform


L.A. City Councilman Herb Wesson says it's time to have the right people responding to situations where force is not needed -- and his plan could be a model for the future of policing in America.

Wesson came on "TMZ Live" Wednesday to discuss a new city-wide measure he and his fellow council members voted on and passed this week, which aims to pull cops off on non-violent calls for service, and instead ... send specially-trained, and unarmed, community members.

The Council's intent is clear ... reduce the possibility of police using excessive force, and have social workers and mental health pros on the scene to deescalate and help citizens in need.

@jzapata23 / Twitter

For example, the incident that went down in Tampa this past weekend -- where officers responded to a call for a mother in mental distress. Cops ended up ripping away her children in a heartbreaking scene.

Wesson wants to put a stop to unnecessary roughness like that, by deploying specialists who can calm situations and talk down subjects.

The measure will require defunding the police -- or more accurately, reallocating the city's budget. The City Councilman thinks the change would free up LAPD to better police violent cases. Win-win.

It also sounds like this is a plan that could be adopted nationwide -- if it's effective in the city of Angels.

D.L. Hughley I'm a Regular 'Typhoid Mary' ... Unknowingly Spread COVID to My Team!!!


D.L. Hughley's got a good idea where he picked up the coronavirus, and even without experiencing any symptoms ... he's pretty sure he passed it on to his radio show staff too.

The comedian tells us he's recovered from COVID-19 and is in the last days of self-quarantine, and while the virus probably contributed to his on-stage collapse last month at a Nashville comedy club ... he says he's remained asymptomatic -- before and after diagnosis.

Unfortunately, as health experts have warned, it seems that's also the reason D.L. spread the virus to his team ... making him a "regular Typhoid Mary," as he put it.


Hughley says he was in Dallas for a few days -- where COVID precautions were a bit more lax -- but returned to do his radio show on Tuesday, June 16. A few days later ... he had the scary incident at Zanies Comedy Club, and subsequently tested positive for coronavirus.

He tells us everyone he came in contact with on that Tuesday has since tested positive, as well -- except for his daughter -- but it sounds like, so far, everyone's gonna be okay.

Meanwhile, D.L.'s promoting his new book, 'Surrender, White People!' ... which tackles centuries of white supremacy in America -- and ends with a very unique plan for peace. We'll let him explain, but you might wanna look up your closest Magic Johnson Theater.

7-Eleven TX Woman Freaks Over Mask Policy Spits on the Counter!!!


'Rona-truthers have infiltrated the Lone Star State -- here's a Texas woman melting down at a 7-Eleven over their mask policy ... only here, she left behind a gross remnant to mark her territory.

The woman is trying to buy a rack of Miller Lite -- but the front counter clerk won't let her check out because she's not wearing a face covering. She starts throwing a tantrum, and it's all downhill from there.

The guy points out the obvious ... she doesn't have a mask. She agrees, flabbergasted that he won't sell her the beer because of it. He stands firm though, saying it's the convenience store's policy to have one on while shopping, and that pisses her off even more.

The woman says the amount of time he's wasting is probably spreading more germs than if he would just let her purchase the booze and be on her way -- and his response is ... buy a mask here. The lady absolutely refuses to do so, starting to proclaim ... well, 'MURICA!!!

In the latter half of the video, the woman continues to escalate the situation ... outright spitting on the counter before storming out. The 7-Eleven guy keeps his cool throughout.


No word on whether this got to the point of getting cops involved, or if things ended here. In any case, it's another example of would-be freedom fighters pushing back with all their might against a simple policy that even some of Trump's closest allies are starting to follow.

It's also proving once more ... the mask-less are not getting much shopping done these days.

Commish Adam Silver New COVID Wave Could Kill NBA Reboot

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"Certainly if we had a lot of cases, we are going to stop. You cannot run from this virus."

That's NBA commissioner Adam Silver acknowledging his plan to continue the season in Orlando could hit a huge speed bump if players and staff continue to test positive for COVID.

Of course, several NBA players have tested positive for coronavirus recently ... including DeAndre Jordan, Jabari Parker, 3 members of the NO Pelicans, several members of the Denver Nuggets organization and more.

And, with concern growing, Silver addressed the issues Tuesday during an appearance on 'TIME 100 Talks' ... saying he's still "pretty confident" the season will happen, but nothing is certain.

"We and our players together with their union, look at the data on a daily basis. If there were something to change that was outside of the scope of what we are playing for, certainly, we would revisit our plans."

"We are testing daily," Silver continued ... "We haven't put a precise number on it, but if we were to see a large number of cases and see spread in our community, that would, of course, be a cause to stop as well."

Silver says the league has a team of medical and science experts to help guide them through the pandemic plan.

Still, Silver believes the bubble environment at Walt Disney World in Orlando will still be relatively safe.

"I am absolutely convinced that it will be safer on this campus than off this campus because there aren't many situations that I am aware of where there is mass testing of asymptomatic employees," Silver said.

"In some ways, this is maybe a model for how other industries can ultimately open. But, I am only going to say we will be responsible and watch what is happening, but the biggest indicator will be if we begin to see a spread in our community."

The NBA season is set to tip-off on July 31 -- but some teams are planning to begin travel to Orlando as early as July 7.

Stay tuned ...

UFC Fight Island Hype Video Is Bonkers 2,000 Square Miles of Awesome!!!

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It took 400,000 man-hours and 350 tons of metal -- but now Fight Island is ready to roll and it looks AMAZING!!!

Dana White just dropped the hype video showing the tremendous effort it took to bring Fight Island to life in just a few months ... transforming part of Yas Island in Abu Dhabi into a city custom-built for the UFC.

Of course, Fight Island was created to provide a safe place for the UFC to host fights in the midst of the COVID-19 pandemic -- so, there was clearly an emphasis on testing facilities on the premises.

There are 17 medical personnel stationed on the island, according to UFC -- and they've already administered more than 2,000 tests.

You can see in the video the massive construction effort it took to erect the main fight arena, the beach Octagon and other facilities necessary to host all of the upcoming UFC events.

White has said all fighters and their crews will undergo 5 rounds of testing -- starting with tests before they board their flights to Yas Island.

Once on the island, there will be 3 more rounds of testing before the fights -- and then a final post-fight test before fighters are allowed to fly home.

There is a massive security presence on the Island to keep things safe -- and Dana White is fired up!

"I can't wait to get there," White said.

The first event on Fight Island is UFC 251 on July 11 -- featuring some crazy bouts ... including Kamaru Usman vs. Gilbert Burns.

Max Holloway is fighting Alexander Volkanovski and Paige VanZant is fighting Amanda Ribas.


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