TMZ TV Hot Takes Robert De Niro Slams Trump Outside Trial ... North West Hits the Stage & Mike Tyson's Health Scare

Hope you're well rested from the holiday weekend ... because we have some TMZ TV Hot Takes to share.

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First up, on "TMZ Live," Harvey and Charles break down Robert De Niro's appearance outside Donald Trump's trial ... where the Oscar winner went toe-to-toe with supporters of 45.

Mike Tyson Back To '100%' After Airplane Medical Scare

Mike Tyson is back to feeling like iron once more ... the boxing legend says he's "100%" healthy again after suffering a medical scare on a flight over the weekend.

The 57-year-old required medical attention while aboard an American Airlines flight from Miami to Los Angeles on Saturday ... but in a post on his X page on Tuesday morning, he revealed he's doing just fine now.

Mike told his followers he's at full strength ... before he made it clear his plans to fight Jake Paul in July remain unchanged.

Ryan Garcia I'm Sorry For Criticizing Prime ... I Love You, Logan Paul

Ryan Garcia is doing his best to save his ass from a lawsuit ... extending an olive branch and apologizing to Logan Paul for publicly trashing Prime -- this after the massive drink company took legal action against the boxing superstar.

As we previously reported, King Ryan made several wild claims about the beverage on social media ... which prompted the brand to sue him for defamation, trade libel, violations of Lanham Act, unfair competition and unjust enrichment.

Waiting for your permission to load TikTok Post.

Garcia addressed his ongoing beef with the WWE Superstar during an interview with Ana Paula Saenz this week ... and it sure as heck sounds like he got a stern talking to from his attorneys -- 'cause he's now singing a different tune.

Terry Crews I'll Be At Anderson Silva Match ... But Not To Fight Him!!!


Terry Crews plans to pull up to Anderson Silva's boxing match in June ... but, he's not going to fight the MMA legend as he recently implied on social media -- he's simply going to support his buddy!

In case you missed it, the shirtless actor went on Instagram last week and delivered a message for the UFC legend, saying he's been training and is ready to see him June 15.

JUNE 15TH ... LETS GO!!!

Fans figured Crews was throwing out a potential fight, but the 55-year-old told TMZ Sports that's simply not the case.

Mike Tyson In-Flight Medical Emergency ... Is There a Doc Onboard???


10:10 AM PT -- Jake Paul is shutting down any online chatter about their fight being called off in the wake of Mike Tyson's health scare.

Jake says people "love to make s**t up," but reassured fans the July 20 bout is still a go. As he put it, "nothing changed."

Mike Tyson is recovering from an ulcer flare-up he suffered while flying cross-country -- and it was so bad, airline staff had to put out the call for any medical professionals on the plane to come forward.

Devin Haney's Dad Calls For Lifetime Ban Of Ryan Garcia 'Get Him Out Of The Sport'


Devin Haney's father Bill Haney, who also serves as his coach, wants Ryan Garcia out of the sport of boxing forever ... telling TMZ Sports he believes the star fighter's flunked drug tests should lead to a lifetime ban.

Bill made the comments to us on Friday ... some 24 hours after Garcia's B-sample came back positive for Ostarine -- a banned substance. His A-sample previously tested positive for the same PED weeks prior. Garcia initially took the tests on April 19, the day before he beat Devin in an instant classic at the Barclays Center in New York.

Bill said the two tests show Garcia is, indeed, a cheater -- and he's now calling for boxing to turn its back on the 25-year-old for good.

Jake Paul I'm Not Taking It Easy On Iron Mike ... Despite Huge Age Gap

it's been a transition

Mike Tyson might be 30 years older than Jake Paul, but that won't stop El Gallo from going for the kill if the opportunity presents itself on July 20 ... telling TMZ Sports there's no chance he takes it easy on the boxing legend in their upcoming fight.

The combat sports community is torn on who's got the upper hand in the Paul vs. Tyson bout -- Tyson is obviously one of the greatest to ever do it, but he's decades removed from his dominance ... while Paul is far less experienced, but in his prime when it comes to age.

We spoke with 27-year-old Paul as the big day rapidly approaches ... and asked if there's any part of him that would hold back based on the fact his opponent is a few years from being a senior citizen.

Logan Paul's Prime Sues Ryan Garcia

Logan Paul is going head-to-head with Ryan Garcia ... but not in the ring -- the WWE Superstar's Prime Hydration just hit the boxer with a defamation lawsuit.

The Maverick aired his frustrations on social media just minutes ago ... claiming his drink company is "under attack" by false narratives being thrown around on social media -- and it's time to take action, with King Ryan being the first on his list.

"Today we begin to hold those accountable who’ve damaged our brand for attention while we correct the narrative," Paul said on Instagram. "We're here to stay and will continue to change the world of hydration with bold flavors and creative innovation 📈."

Horrific Video Bully Puts Boy In Headlock ... Body Goes Limp


Everyone knows kids can be cruel, but nowhere was that more evident recently than in a video making the rounds on social media showing a boy getting choked out by an adolescent bully.

Check out the horrific footage posted to X by MMA Fighter Dillon Danis ... the vid opens with the bully coming up behind the boy as someone else films them.

The bully then orders the boy to tilt his head back before putting him in a headlock. The helpless youngster asks for the bully to stop if he says to.

Ricky Stenhouse Jr. & Kyle Busch Get Offer From Celebrity Boxing ... Hash Out Your Beef In The Ring, Boys!!!

If Ricky Stenhouse Jr. and Kyle Busch wanna take their beef from garages and pit roads to an actual squared circle ... TMZ Sports has learned Celebrity Boxing is more than willing to put on the bout for them.

Damon Feldman -- the honcho of the fight org. -- said in a video message Monday he's ready to put the wheels in motion on a boxing match between the NASCAR stars ... as soon as they give him the green light.


"Come on, NASCAR," Feldman said, "let's make this the biggest deal in the country!"

Drake Blows $565K Bet on Tyson Fury!!! Worse 'L' Than Kendrick???

Drake's losses are coming at a fast and furious clip -- the embattled rapper/sports gambler put more than half a million down for Tyson Fury to win his boxing match ... and, he did not.

It's debatable who's in more pain this morning ... Drake or Tyson, after the boxer lost to Oleksandr Usyk by a split decision Saturday night in Saudia Arabia. Prior to the bout, Drake posted his $565,000 wager backing Tyson, and IF he'd won ... Drake would've won $1 million.

Shoulda woulda coulda ... the massive financial blow has fans buzzing about the ol' "Drake curse" in the sports world.

Shane Mosley Returning For Exhibition Fight ... Looking For Celeb Opp!


52-year-old Shane Mosley hasn't fought in over 8 years, but the boxing legend's coming out of retirement -- for one fight, at least -- and the Hall of Famer is looking for a celebrity to share the ring!

TMZ Sports has learned "Sugar" -- last in the squared circle in May 2016 -- signed a contract with Celebrity Boxing ... and is gearing up for a return in late summer or early fall.

"I want to announce that we just signed to do an exhibition fight with the official Celebrity Boxing," Mosley said, adding, "I will be stepping back in the ring in August or September."

Ring Announcer Dan Hennessey Quits After Declaring Wrong Winner At Fight

Ring announcer Dan Hennessey is putting down his mic for good ... he says he's done with the gig after he was dragged for declaring the wrong winner at a big fight last weekend in Australia.

The blunder happened on May 11 at the RAC Arena in Perth ... just after Cherneka Johnson and Nina Hughes went toe-to-toe against each other for 10 rounds with the WBA bantamweight belt on the line.

Hennessey read the three judges' scorecards ... but, he said Hughes won -- when the real winner was actually Cherneka.

Boxer Sherif Lawal Dead At 29 ... After KO In Debut Fight

Middlewieight boxer Sherif Lawal has passed away after collapsing in the ring following a knockout punch in his professional debut in the UK.

He was only 29 years old.

Lawal's first pro fight went down Sunday at the Harrow Leisure Centre in London ... where he faced Portuguese fighter Malam Varela (2-4).

Tyson Fury's Dad Headbutts Usyk Team Member ... Wild, Bloody Scrap


Tyson Fury's dad just went ballistic leading up to this weekend's big fight ... with John headbutting a member of Oleksandr Usyk's crew -- resulting in a bloody mess.

Fury and Usyk are slated to face off in Saudi Arabia on Saturday ... but the Gypsy King's pops couldn't leave the violence to the two boxers when their camps crossed paths on Monday.

The wild altercation broke out minutes ago ... with "Fury" and "Usyk" chants ringing throughout the room as John approached the Ukrainian fighter's group.

Evander Holyfield Chased In Car By Overzealous Fan ... Police Respond

Evander Holyfield had a run-in with an overeager fan after a meet and greet in Los Angeles last month ... and when the legendary boxer wouldn't sign for the guy, he began following The Real Deal, prompting a call to police.

The incident went down in Duarte -- a city in Los Angeles County -- on April 27 ... just minutes after the event, meant to be a cool opportunity for fans to interact with one of the best boxers ever, wrapped up. A fan approached Evander and tried to get some memorabilia signed. When he refused (the guy was given a signed 8x10 photo instead), things took a nasty turn.

We're told the man started to follow Evander, on foot, and then in his vehicle ... as Holyfield's driver attempted to get away.

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