Taylor Swift's Dad Pap He Allegedly Attacked Willing to Forgive & Forget, But ...

The photographer that Taylor Swift's father, Scott Swift, allegedly attacked in Australia this week says he's willing to put this whole thing behind them ... on one condition.

Ben McDonald -- the paparazzo who claimed Scott roughed him up Tuesday as he and Taylor's security team were trying to escort her to a waiting SUV in Sydney -- tells TMZ that all would be forgiven if Papa Swiftie just issued an apology.

Bad Blood With Dad

If Scott did that ... Ben says he'd accept it and drop all this, letting bygones be bygones.

Of course, Scott doesn't seem inclined to admit he did anything wrong -- remember, a rep for Taylor told us the paps that night were being very aggressive and claimed they were the ones in the wrong ... something Ben here tells us is BS.


He insists the visuals speak for themselves -- and says he suspects the reason Taylor and her team (including her security detail) got so pissy is because they realized paps had figured out where they were after a ride on a yacht. Ben tells us he was just doing his job.

While Ben says the events of that night are well-documented, he does admit that he doesn't have any further proof that Scott punched him -- as he claims -- beyond the videos that are already out there ... including the one he shot himself, and another that has since surfaced.

In both videos, you cannot clearly see what Scott's doing ... but Ben's sticking to his claim that the guy got physical with -- as did Taylor's security guards, whom he alleges used their umbrellas on him. As we reported ... cops are investigating Ben's claims at the moment.

One last point of clarification we got from Ben. It's been reported he was involved in another high-profile pap run-in with none other than Nicole Kidman back in 2005 -- when she was reportedly granted a restraining order against him and another photog over alleged surveillance via a listening device -- but Ben tells us that story is old and sensationalized.

He denies planting any listening device near Nicole at the time ... and also notes that while she might've been granted a temporary protective order, a judge didn't find enough evidence to grant her a permanent one once they took a closer look at her claims.

TMZ Studios

Bottom line ... Ben doesn't think he crossed any lines here, and claims Scott totally did.

Natalie Portman Se sincera sobre sus problemas matrimoniales ... No alimenta los rumores de engaño

Natalie Portman finalmente se refirió a las especulaciones sobre sus supuestos problemas matrimoniales y los rumores de infidelidad que involucran a su marido Benjamin Millepied, aunque la artista no ofreció ninguna pista al respecto.

La actriz ganadora del Oscar se sentó con el escritor de Vanity Fair Keziah Weir para hablar sobre su última película "May December" y una serie de otros temas, incluyendo su vida personal.

En un momento dado, Weir abordó el elefante en la habitación, diciendo que en el período previo al estreno de "May December" en 2023, el matrimonio de Portman estuvo en el centro del debate "de una manera muy pública." A continuación le preguntó cómo era eso.

Portman no dudó en responder y afirmó: "Es terrible. No tengo ningún deseo de contribuir a ello". Y eso fue todo.

Por supuesto, la actriz se estaba refiriendo a las acusaciones de infidelidad por parte de Millepied, quien supuestamente tuvo una aventura con la activista climática Camille Etienne el año pasado, pero pronto terminó. Otros medios han informado que los dos se han separado debido a los rumores de engaño, algo que ellos aún tienen que confirmar o negar.

Millepied, bailarín y coreógrafo francés, ha estado casado 11 años con Portman. La pareja tiene dos hijos: Aleph, de 12 años, y Amalia, de 6.

En la entrevista con Vanity Fair, Portman también habló de su pasión por vivir en París y Los Ángeles, yendo y viniendo de ambas ciudades. Disfruta especialmente su tiempo en Los Ángeles, donde lleva una vida muy distinta a la de Hollywood.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Dice que sale con muchos amigos que no están en la industria de la televisión o el cine, cambiando las fiestas de famosos por cenas en el patio trasero. Pero admite que todavía tiene algunos amigos en la industria con los que se divierte de vez en cuando.

TMZ investiga
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Como todos saben, Portman ha tenido una larga y exitosa carrera en Hollywood. En 2011 ganó el Oscar a la Mejor Actriz por su papel en "El cisne Negro."

Natalie Portman Opens Up About Marital Issues ... Not Feeding Into Cheating Rumors

Natalie Portman finally addressed all the speculation about her alleged marital issues and cheating rumors involving husband Benjamin Millepied -- but she didn't offer any real insight.

The Academy Award winning actress sat down for a recent interview with Vanity Fair writer Keziah Weir to talk about her latest film, "May December," and a range of other topics, including her personal life.

At one point, Weir addressed the elephant in the room, saying in the lead up to the 2023 release of "May December," Portman's marriage was in the spotlight "in a very public way." She then asked her what that was like.

Portman didn't miss a beat, stating, "It's terrible. I have no desire to contribute to it." And that was that.

Of course, Portman was referring to allegations of infidelity by Millepied, who supposedly had a fling with climate activist Camille Etienne last year, but it soon ended. Other media outlets have reported rumors the two have separated over the cheating claims -- which the pair has yet to confirm or deny.

Millepied, a French dancer and choreographer, has been married to Portman for 11 years. The couple share two kids, Aleph, 12,  and Amalia, 6.

In the VF interview, Portman also discussed her love of living in Paris and L.A., going back and forth between both cities. She particularly enjoys her time in L.A., where she leads a very non-Hollywood life.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She said she hangs out with many friends who are not in the TV or film industry, trading in celebrity parties for backyard dinners. But she admits she still has some industry pals with whom she spends time.

TMZ Studios

As everyone knows, Portman has had a long, successful career in Hollywood, winning the 2011 Oscar for Best Actress for her role in "Black Swan."

El divorcio de Kevin Costner está plagado de acusaciones De infidelidad

TMZ Studios

El divorcio de Kevin Costner fue bastante feo y gran parte tuvo que ver con las denuncias de infidelidad desde ambos frentes. Por supuesto lo negaron y todo aparece en un nuevo "TMZ Investiga".

La separación del actor de su esposa, Christine Baumgartner, comenzó con rumores infundados de que Kevin había embarazado a alguien en el set de "Yellowstone", rumor en el que nos sumergimos en detalle en un nuevo documental que se emitirá el lunes en FOX, "Kevin Costner's Divorce War".

Ahora -respecto a Christine- también hubo rumores de engaño, y por partida doble. Resulta que hubo un tipo que se alojaba en su casa de huéspedes y con el cual ella habría dormido... Christine dijo que eso nunca sucedió.

También estaba Josh Connor, un amigo de Kevin y Christine que, tan pronto como comenzaron a divorciarse, comenzó a salir mucho con Christine en vacaciones. Una vez más, las fuentes conectadas a ambos dicen que no había absolutamente nada romántico pasando antes o durante el divorcio.

tmz investiga
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"TMZ Investiga: Kevin Costner's Divorce War" se emite el lunes a las 9/8c en Fox y comienza a transmitirse al día siguiente en Hulu.

Kevin Costner Divorce Rife w/ Claims of Infidelity ... On 'Yellowstone' & Montecito

TMZ Studios

Kevin Costner's divorce was as ugly as they come -- and much of it had to do with claims of infidelity on both sides ... something denied by all sides and featured in a new 'TMZ Investigates.'

The A-lister's split from his wife, Christine Baumgartner, kickstarted with unfounded rumors of KC impregnating someone on the set of "Yellowstone"  -- something we dive into in detail in a new documentary airing Monday on FOX, 'Kevin Costner's Divorce War.'

Now, when it comes to CB herself -- there were rumblings of alleged cheating as well ... on two different fronts, actually. There was a guy who was staying in their guest house -- whom she was alleged to have slept with -- he shut that down, saying it never happened.

There was also Josh Connor ... a friend of Kevin and Christine who -- as soon as they were in the midst of divorce -- started to hang out a lot with Christine on vacations. Again, sources connected to both of them say there was absolutely nothing romantic going on before or during the divorce.

"TMZ Investigates: Kevin Costner's Divorce War" airs Monday at 9/8c on Fox and starts streaming the next day on Hulu.

Zendaya y Tom Holland Tomados de la mano mientras dejan el estreno de "Dune" Fin a los rumores...

Muy en serio

Zendaya y Tom Holland siguen siendo una pareja y lo demostraron esta semana cuando salieron de la mano del estreno de su película en Londres, aplastando todos los rumores de ruptura.

Tom estaba tomando firmemente la mano de Zendaya el jueves por la noche mientras salían del estreno de "Dune: Part Two" y dejaban atrás a los paparazzi y a los cazadores de autógrafos. Él tomó la iniciativa aquí, ayudándola a entrar en un carro que los estaba esperando y jugando sin duda un buen papel de novio.

Esta es la primera vez que Zendaya y Tom son vistos juntos en público desde que comenzaron los rumores de su ruptura incesante. Hasta ahora, habían estado un poco separados, incluso estando en la misma ciudad en el último tiempo.

Recuerden, los rumores comenzaron en diciembre cuando Z dejó de seguir a todo el mundo en IG, incluido Tom y sin ninguna explicación.

"Definitivamente no"

A principios de enero, Tom le dijo explícitamente a un fotógrafo que no habían terminado y hace un par de semanas redobló su defensa con algunos mensajes que alababan a Z en sus redes sociales. A pesar de eso, no los habíamos visto juntos en el mismo lugar hasta el gran momento de Zendaya en el estreno.

Ahora está más claro que el agua, la relación de Z y T va viento en popa y no hay problemas en el paraíso.

Históricamente, se han distinguido por ser bastante privados, así que este es un mensaje fuerte de su parte. Parece que Tom quería enviar un mensaje de una vez por todas.

Zendaya y Tom llevaban trajes negros a juego la noche del jueves y ella parecía mucho más cómoda de lo que estaba en el estreno.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Respiren tranquilos, amigos, la pareja favorita de todo el mundo sigue junta.

Zendaya and Tom Holland Hold Hands Leaving 'Dune' Premiere ... Put End To Breakup Rumors


Zendaya and Tom Holland are very much still a couple -- something they proved this week by holding hands after her big movie premiere in London ... squashing all the rumors.

Tom was firmly holding Zendaya's hand Thursday night as he led her away from the "Dune: Part Two" afterparty ... leaving paps and autograph hounds in the dust as he helped her into a waiting car. Indeed, he's taking the lead here ... and certainly playing the BF role.

This is the first time Zendaya and Tom have been spotted together in public since the incessant breakup rumors first started -- until now, they've kinda been apart ... even when they've been in the same city of late.

Remember, the rumblings began in December when Z unfollowed everyone on IG ... even purging Tom from her social media with no explanation.

"absolutely not"

Tom told a photog, explicitly, they were not dunzo earlier in January -- and a couple weeks ago, he doubled down with some social media posts doting on Z. But, we still hadn't seen them at the same place at the same time until Zendaya's big moment at the premiere.

Now it's clear as day, Z and TH are going strong ... and there's no trouble in paradise.

They're historically a pretty private couple too, so this is a strong message as far as these two are concerned. Seems like Tom wanted to send a message once and for all.

Zendaya and Tom were wearing matching black outfits Thursday night ... and Zendaya looked a helluva lot more comfortable than what she showed up to the premiere wearing.

TMZ Studios

Breathe easy, folks, everyone's favorite class couple's still together.

Kim Kardashian Quiero estas características en mi próximo hombre ¿Estás escuchando, Odell?

Mi hombre ideal
This Life of Mine with James Corden / SiriusXM

El matrimonio de Kim Kardashian con su ex marido Kanye West no funcionó, pero ella está abierta a encontrar el amor de nuevo ... Solo que esta vez tiene una lista muy estricta de requisitos que desea en su próximo hombre.

La estrella de los reality shows, que se rumorea está saliendo con Odell Beckham Jr., compartió lo que busca en su próxima pareja en el podcast de James Corden el jueves y dice que hay algunos rasgos que quiere en cualquier chico con el que vuelva a salir.

Solo una muestra de lo que ella espera en su próximo compañero: que sea responsable de sus acciones, que asuma sus responsabilidades, que la contenga, que no tenga que cuidar de él y, por último ... que tenga buenos dientes.

Kim le dijo a James Corden que no es tan ilusa como para pensar que alguien va a tener todos y cada uno de esos requisitos, pero asegura que es una lista bastante seria, ¡así que parece que Odell tiene mucho trabajo por delante!

En cuanto a si va a pasar por el altar de nuevo, Kim le dijo a James que no está segura. Sabe que se necesita a alguien muy "especial e único" para hacer frente a su épica y enorme vida. Sabe que es un gran compromiso y no lo toma a la ligera. Pero no hace falta decir que quienquiera que sea se divertirá mucho, o así es como Kim lo describe.

Ahora, Kim dice que no está desesperada por encontrar el amor, señalando que no se siente sola con sus 4 hijos, su trabajo y su familia. Por supuesto, también explica que sería bueno compartir su vida con alguien.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Kim añade que aunque es una romántica empedernida, sabe lo que es una relación real, sobre todo porque se ha casado tres veces ya, por lo que está siendo cautelosa respecto a los rumores de que está saliendo con Odell Beckham Jr.

Dicho esto, ambos fueron vistos por última vez en la fiesta Fanatics en el Marquee Dayclub en el Cosmopolitan el pasado fin de semana. Aunque intentaron pasar desapercibidos, los pillamos en una fiesta donde Kim y OBJ se estaban dando un abrazo, aunque leve.

Cada vez más cercanos

Supongo que Odell tiene trabajo que hacer para asegurarse su confianza en el largo plazo, suponiendo que eso es algo que él quiera.


This Life of Mine with James Corden / SiriusXM

Kim Kardashian's marriage with ex-husband Kanye West didn't work out -- but she's open to finding love again ... only, now, she's got a super strict list of qualifications for the next one.

The reality star -- who's rumored to be dating Odell Beckham Jr. right now -- shared what she's looking for in her next man on James Corden's podcast Thursday ... and she says there are a few traits she wants in any new guy she starts dating seriously.

Just a taste of what she wants in her next fella ... being accountable for actions, taking accountability, holding her down, not having to babysit him and finally ... good teeth.

Kim tells JC she's not delusional enough to think that someone will check every single box ... but nonetheless, that's a pretty serious list, so it looks like Odell's got his work cut out for him!

As for whether she'll walk down the aisle again, Kim tells James she ain't sure ... and knows it'll take a  very "special, unique person" to deal with her huge, epic life -- 'cause she realizes it's a massive commitment and doesn't take it lightly. But, it goes without saying .. whoever comes along will have whole lotta fun, that's how KK puts it here anyway.

Now, Kim says she's not desperate for love -- noting she isn't lonely with her 4 kids, her work, and family. Of course, she explains it'd be nice to share her life with someone.

TMZ Studios

Kim adds that while she's the biggest hopeless romantic out there, she knows what a real relationship is, especially since she's done the marriage thing three times now -- so as for the rumors she's dating OBJ, it looks like she's being cautious and taking it slow.


With that said ... they were last seen out together at the Fanatics Party at the Marquee Dayclub in the Cosmopolitan the past weekend. Even though they were tying to stay on the DL, we peeped them at a bash ... where Kim and OBJ went in for a hug, albeit a slight one.


Guess he's got his work cut out for him to try and secure her long-term trust -- assuming that's something he even wants.

Larsa Pippen y Marcus Jordan se borran de las redes sociales Y se disparan los rumores de ruptura

Larsa Pippen y Marcus Jordan están teniendo problemas. Todas las señales apuntan hacia una ruptura después de que dejaron de seguirse en Instagram el fin de semana.

La pareja eliminó todas las fotos que tenían del otro en sus aplicaciones de redes sociales... al parecer, todo se acabó.

Ninguno de los dos ha hecho comentarios al respecto, aunque Larsa escribió en una encuesta en sus historias de Insta el domingo por la noche: "¿Deberían tus amigos dejar de seguir a tu ex?" Ella también compartió una cita sobre elegir a tu pareja "sabiamente".

Jordan, mientras tanto, parecía pasar el domingo del Super Bowl lejos de Larsa, optando por ver el gran juego con su famoso padre en su lugar.

Larsa y Marcus encendieron los rumores de citas por primera vez en septiembre de 2022, cuando fueron vistos en Miami. En ese momento, los dos afirmaron ser solo amigos.

Pero, con el paso de las semanas, cada vez quedaba más claro que eran algo más que eso, y para el día de San Valentín de 2023, ya se estaban diciendo "te quiero".

En agosto, Marcus realmente dijo que los dos estaban planeando casarse, diciéndole a un paparazzi después de una noche de fiesta que la fecha de matrimonio estaba en camino.


No está claro lo que ha provocado estos problemas, pero recordemos que Michael Jordan dijo que no aprobaba su relación, un comentario que Larsa sintió de forma bastante amarga.

Larsa Pippen, Marcus Jordan Trouble In Paradise?!? ... Spark Breakup Rumors With Social Media Activity

Larsa Pippen and Marcus Jordan appear to be headed toward Splitsville ... all signs are pointing toward a breakup after the two unfollowed each other on Instagram over the weekend.

The couple also removed all pictures of each other on the social media app ... indicating they're caput.

Neither, however, has publicly commented on the situation ... though Larsa did write on a poll in her IG Story on Sunday evening, "Should your friends unfollow your ex?" She also shared a quote about choosing a partner "wisely."

Jordan, meanwhile, seemed to spend Super Bowl Sunday away from Larsa ... opting to watch the big game with his famous father instead.

Larsa and Marcus first ignited dating rumors way back in September 2022 ... when they were seen hobnobbin' around Miami. At the time, the two claimed to be just friends.

But, as the weeks went by, it became more and more clear they were more than that -- and by Valentine's Day 2023, they were swapping "I love you's."

TMZ Studios

In August, Marcus actually said the two were planning on getting married ... telling a pap after a night out with each other that a wedding date was "in the works."


Unclear what's sparked the apparent trouble in paradise ... but you'll recall, Michael Jordan famously said he didn't approve of their relationship, a comment that Larsa had a tough time swallowing.

We covered the drama on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Brad Pitt fue supuestamente "volátil" En el rodaje de "Legends of the Fall"

Brad Pitt era un actor joven e inquieto en el set de "Legends of the Fall" en los años 90, según afirma el director de la película, que pinta a Brad como un apasionado hasta la exageración.

Edward Zwick, que dirigió la famosa epopeya romántica que lanzó a Brad a la fama como galán y actor de primera línea, ha publicado un nuevo libro titulado "Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: Mis cuarenta y tantos años en Hollywood".

Vanity Fair obtuvo algunos extractos de la próxima memoria y hay una buena cantidad de escritura sobre Brad, quien fue la estrella principal de la película, interpretando a uno de los hermanos Ludlow, el espíritu de libre y corazón salvaje Tristán.

Resulta que el personaje y el hombre que lo interpretaba no eran tan diferentes, al menos según Zwick, que dice que Brad podía ser "volátil" cuando se enfadaba durante el rodaje. Incluso afirma que Brad quería renunciar después de la primera mesa de lectura.

Una vez que consiguieron que Brad se quedara, a menudo se enfrentaban a la hora de obtener las mejores tomas de Brad, por no hablar de lo que cada uno de ellos quería del personaje, especialmente cuando se trataba de mostrar diferentes facetas de sí mismo como actor.

Escribe que Brad "se ponía nervioso cada vez que estaba a punto de rodar una escena que requería que mostrara emociones profundas". Zwick dice que quería que Brad se expresara más en la interpretación de Tristan, pero afirma que Brad se desinflaba y le hacía retroceder.

Zwick dice que una vez le dio unas instrucciones de actuación a Brad delante del equipo y que se enzarzaron en una acalorada discusión, que Zwick describe así: "No sé quién gritó primero, quién insultó, o quién tiró la primera silla. ¿Yo, tal vez? Pero cuando levantamos la vista, el equipo había desaparecido. Y no fue la última vez que ocurrió. Con el tiempo, la tripulación se acostumbró a nuestras broncas y se alejaba para dejar que nos peleáramos".

Al final, pudieron superar sus problemas creativos y terminar la película, y Zwick terminó con una nota positiva sobre Brad, al que calificó de "franco, directo" y "capaz de una gran alegría". Francamente, ¡así es como era el propio Tristan Ludlow!

Es bastante gracioso que Zwick sienta que Brad no emitía lo suficiente en cámara, si has visto esta película, sabes que Brad lo da todo y hay un montón de lágrimas e intensidad en su personaje.

La forma en que Zwick habla, hace que nos preguntemos si vimos la emoción real de Brad en la gran pantalla porque el director realmente le empujó a dejarlo salir.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

Nos hemos puesto en contacto con el equipo de Brad para hacer comentarios, pero hasta ahora, no hay respuesta.

Brad Pitt Allegedly 'Volatile' on 'LOTF' Set ... So Claims Director in Book

Brad Pitt was a young and restless actor on the set of "Legends of the Fall" way back in the '90s -- so claims the director of that film ... who's painting BP as passionate to a fault.

Edward Zwick -- who helmed the famed romance epic -- which launched Brad into orbit as a heartthrob hunk and a mainstream A-list actor -- has this new book coming out called "Hits, Flops, and Other Illusions: My Fortysomething Years in Hollywood."

Vanity Fair obtained some excerpts from the forthcoming memoir ... and there's a fair amount of writing about Brad, who was the lead star of the movie as one of the Ludlow brothers, the free-spirited and wild-hearted Tristan.

As it turns out ... the character and the man playing him might've not been so different -- at least according to Zwick, who says Brad could be "volatile when riled" while they were shooting. Even from the jump EZ claims Brad wanted to quit after just the first table read.

Once they were able to get Brad to stay on, they would often clash when it came to getting the best takes out of Brad -- not to mention what each of them wanted from the character ... especially when it came to showing different sides of himself as an actor.

He writes that Brad would "get edgy whenever he was about to shoot a scene that required him to display deep emotion." Zwick says he wanted Brad to express himself more in portraying Tristan -- but he says Brad would challenge him and push back.

Zwick then says he once gave an acting instruction to Brad in front of the crew, and that they got into a heated argument ... which Zwick describes this way, "I don’t know who yelled first, who swore, or who threw the first chair. Me, maybe? But when we looked up, the crew had disappeared. And this wasn’t the last time it happened. Eventually, the crew grew accustomed to our dustups and would walk away and let us have it out."

In the end, they were able to work past their creative issues and finish the film -- with Zwick ending on a positive note about Brad ... calling him "forthright, straightforward" and "capable of great joy." Frankly, that's exactly what Tristan Ludlow himself was like!

It's also pretty funny that Zwick feels like Brad wasn't emoting enough on camera -- fact is, if you've seen this movie, you know Brad goes balls to the wall as a thespian ... and there are a lot of tears shed by his character.

The way Zwick characterizes things now -- makes you wonder if we only saw the raw emotion Brad showed on the big screen because the director truly pushed him to let it out.

TMZ Studios

We've reached out to Brad's team for comment ... so far, no word back.

Taylor Swift Fans Run Wild With Theory Stars Aligned for Coachella Pop-In?!?

Taylor Swift's loyal supporters think they've got a new theory about her all figured out -- and based on the clues, they might be on to something ... namely, a possible Coachella drop-in.

Here's the deal ... with Tay Tay announcing her new album last night during the Grammys -- "The Tortured Poets Department" -- Swifties have been kicked into high gear with speculation that her release date, April 19, is no coincidence ... especially considering who she came onstage with later in the evening during her Album of the Year win.

Of course, we're talking about Lana Del Rey ... who was among a small group of people who joined T-Swift at the end of the show when she accepted her big award.

Taylor insisted on dragging her up there ... not to mention pouring on a ton of praise -- calling Lana an absolute legend and giving her her flowers and then some in her speech.

accepting the big award

It's because of this strong friendship that people are thinking Taylor might hop onstage during Lana's headlining set at Coachella in April -- it's well-known at this point, the moody crooner is going to handle Friday night duties, including a big Weekend 2 set on Fri. April 19.

What a coinkidink ... that also just happens to be the day Taylor's dropping her project!

Some are suggesting Taylor's gonna take the opportunity to make a big splash to get people to listen -- which she could most certainly do without Coachella ... but something like that would absolutely break the Internet, and that's exactly what many believe will happen.

If Taylor does hit the main stage at Coachella ... it'll be her first time there, as she's never headlined before -- and she hasn't made a guest appearance either in all these years.

Lop on the fact that this year's lineup is getting crapped on left and right for being underwhelming ... and you can see why a Taylor cameo is just what Goldenvoice needs.

Oh, and did we mention that she has this April window open??? Yeah, she'll be on a break from her international "Eras" tour between March and May ... just in time for something like this. We're not saying we've heard one way or another, but fans sure seemed convinced.

TMZ Studios

If this does come to pass as many suspect it will ... it might be one of the biggest Taylor Swift moments in a long time, and that's saying something considering the years she's had.

Time will tell ... April's right around the corner, so we'll know sooner than later what's what.



Taylor Swift was a sucker for Olivia Rodrigo's performance of "Vampire" ... debunking any beef rumors between them at the Grammys Sunday evening.

Olivia gave a bloody good rendition of the fiery tune ... with Tay Tay singing and dancing along -- something that didn't go unnoticed on Olivia's end as she blew her a kiss at the end ... signaling a mutual respect between the two.

The "Guts" singer Olivia returned the supportive favor ... standing up to clap for Taylor as she scooped the Best Pop Vocal Album. Yeah, you wouldn't be doing all that for your arch-nemesis, now would you?

The duo's fandom first speculated they were feuding when Olivia retroactively credited Swift and producer Jack Antonoff on her single "Deja Vu" -- though she's denied any clash between them since.

"I don't beef with anyone," Olivia clarified to Rolling Stone in Sept 2023  ... noting that falling out with someone was unlike her cause she's a chill person who keeps to herself.

TMZ Studios

She concluded on the matter: "There's nothing to say. There's so many Twitter conspiracy theories. I only look at alien-conspiracy theories." Underlying point, fandoms need to chill.

So, there you have it, folks ... things between O&T are good and had never soured in the first place.

This all was evident as Taylor was seen doing what she does best ... doling out a serious dose of girl power for her pals when they're killing it.

Olivia Rodrigo y Taylor Swift Poder femenino en los Grammys ¿Cuál pelea? Está todo bien

"Vampire" en los Grammys

Taylor Swift se quedó prendada de la interpretación de Olivia Rodrigo de "Vampire" este domingo en los Grammys, desmintiendo cualquier rumor de bronca entre ellas.

Olivia dio una buena interpretación de la poderosa melodía, con Tay Tay cantando y bailando durante toda la canción, algo que no pasó desapercibido para Olivia quien le lanzó un beso al final, lo que indica que hay un respeto mutuo entre ellas.

La cantante de "Guts" le devolvió el favor a Taylor, al ponerse de pie para aplaudir su premio al Mejor Álbum Pop Vocal. No harías todo eso por tu archienemiga, ¿o sí?

Los fans de las cantantes especularon que estaban peleadas cuando Olivia retroactivamente le dio crédito a Swift y al productor Jack Antonoff en su single "Deja Vu", aunque ella ha negado cualquier enfrentamiento entre ellas desde entonces.

"No me peleo con nadie", aclaró Olivia a Rolling Stone en septiembre de 2023, señalando que eso no es propio de ella, pues es una persona tranquila que se las vale sola.

TMZ investiga
TMZ Studios

Concluyó: "No hay nada que decir. Hay tantas teorías de la conspiración en Twitter. Yo solo miro teorías de conspiración alienígena". Punto subyacente, los fans necesitan calmarse.

Así que ahí lo tienen amigos, las cosas entre Olivia & Taylor están bien y nunca estuvieron mal en primer lugar.

Todo esto se hizo evidente cuando Taylor fue vista haciendo lo que mejor sabe hacer: repartir una buena dosis de girl power para sus amigas cuando están arrasando.

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