Adolf Hitler Rumored 'Pet Alligator' Dies at 84

An alligator rumored to have once belonged to Adolf Hitler has died at quite a remarkably old age.

The reptile -- who goes by Saturn -- recently passed away in the care of the Moscow Zoo, which he called home since the 1940s after he was discovered by British soldiers and gifted to the facility shortly thereafter ... once Germany suffered defeat in WWII, of course.

Saturn is actually said to have survived a bombing at the Berlin Zoo back in 1943 -- where he had been living after being shipped there from America in the mid-'30s -- and somehow lived among the ruins until he was found again in 1946. After that, Russia was his new home.

For some reason ... rumors swirled in Moscow that the alligator might've once been part of Hitler's personal collection of exotic animals. The Moscow Zoo says it became an urban legend but doesn't elaborate on why something like that might've even been thought.

Whatevs ... the scaly creature lived out the rest of its days in Moscow's care, and apparently -- he was a very good, but also cantankerous boy. Of the animal, the Zoo writes ... "He was fussy about food and loved being massaged with a brush. If he didn’t like something, he would gnaw on the concrete decorations." He had a diet of rabbits, rats and fish.

Now, the Zoo doesn't confirm whether the Hitler story is true or not -- the theory could never be proven -- but they do defend Saturn's rep by saying ... regardless of who he might've belonged to, an animal's an animal, and shouldn't be judged by any human action.

The alligator was 84.


Brody Jenner Not Back With Kaitlynn Carter ... Just Co-Parenting Dogs


Brody Jenner and Kaitlynn Carter may SEEM like they're rekindling a lost romance, but they're not getting back together ... instead, they're just co-parenting pooches.

Here's the deal ... fans have noticed Brody and Kaitlynn lookin' pretty chummy recently -- BJ was the muscular hunk in the reflection of one of KC's snaps, and they both posted similar photos from the same beach -- but we've learned there's nothing brewing, other than a new dog in the mix.

Sources close to the famous exes tell TMZ ... Brody and Kaitlynn have hung out and bumped into each other a few times, but it's NOT a sign they're getting back together.

When Brody and Kaitlynn were "married" -- it was never a real marriage, there was a ceremony in Indonesia but they never made it legal -- they shared 3 dogs together ... Radar, Tank and Shoey.

Our sources say Brody and Kaitlynn had an agreement when they split ... he would take the dogs full time, and she had visiting rights.

We're told Kaitlynn adopted a new dog, Dash, a couple months ago and wanted to introduce the pup to the pooches she co-parents with Brody, so the exes set up a meet-and-greet for the dogs.

They all hit it off -- the dogs, not Brody and Kaitlynn -- freaking out and playing like good boys and girls.

Brody and Kaitlynn are getting along too ... we're told they said hello and were friendly when the bumped into each other at the beach in Malibu, in what sources say was not a scheduled hangout.

The exes are both moving on, but we're told there's no bad blood ... Brody was spotted quarantining with a UCSB grad and witnesses say Kaitlynn went on a date this week with Amber Heard's ex, Kristopher Brock.

Bottom line for Brody and Kaitlynn ... they'll continue to be in each other's lives because of their dogs and families, but that doesn't mean they're getting back together.

Drake Kylie Jenner 'Side Piece' Track is Old No Disrespect to my Friend!!!

9:59 AM PT -- Drake clearly woke up to some problems, he just addressed the track, saying, "A song that mark ran last night on night owl sound live set shouldn't have been played. It's a song that leaked 3 years ago and got scrapped shortly after. He was just going too deep in the drake/future catalogue. Last thing I'd want to do is wake up having any friends of mine feeling disrespected so I just had to say that to start the day."

Drake's relationship with Kylie Jenner's been fueling the rumor mill for months, and now that he's referred to her as "a side piece" -- on wax, as we used to say -- expect it to heat up.


Here's the deal ... Drake went on Instagram Live Wednesday night to tease some unreleased music from a collab with Future.

On the track, the duo raps about all the hot women they're able to haul in, and Drake spits these lyrics -- "Yeah, I’m a hater to society / Real sh*t, Kylie Jenner that’s a side piece / Yeah, I got 20 motherf***in’ Kylies."

Future follows with similarly themed lyrics, but what's interesting is the 2 have been working on this song together for a couple years now, but in the past ... Future rapped the Kylie part.

It should be noted, the track shouts out Kendall Jenner and Gigi Hadid, as well -- "Yeah, I got 20 damn Kendalls / Young slim baddies and they in vogue / Yeah, I got 20 f***in’ Gigis."

Drake, of course, is no stranger to gossip related to Kylie and the Kardashian/Jenner crew. There were reports of romance with her in November, but we were told they were just hanging out as friends.

That friendship endured despite Drake's beef with Kylie's brother-in-law, Kanye West, over a variety of issues ... including a rumored affair he had with Kim.

No lyrics about that on any new music from Drake, though ... at least not yet.

Originally Published -- 8:11 AM PT

Megan Fox Ditches Wedding Ring During Promo ... But 'Green' is Still Her Family Name

Exclusive Details

Megan Fox appears to be putting out mixed messages about her relationship status with Brian Austin Green -- her wedding ring's gone, but she's hanging on to something else of his.

The actress made an appearance Wednesday on a live stream hosted by home decor guru, Colin Wayne, who's the CEO of Redline Steel ... which recently partnered with Megan to plug their company and this $2 million Memorial Day giveaway she was hired to promote.

Her online gig was quite telling ... for a couple reasons.

For one, Megan wasn't wearing a wedding ring on camera -- mind you, this chat went down very shortly after Machine Gun Kelly released his new music video, which shows Megan and MGK in intimate scenes. Colin even congratulated her on it.

Reality is, Megan hasn't been wearing her ring for at least a week or two, and ditto for Brian. The weirder moment came when Colin asked her to show off some of her own Redline goodies ... so, she picked up a custom family tree with "GREEN" stenciled at the bottom.


MF referred to it as her "family name" -- going on to add that she's got one with her kids' names carved in it too. It was kind of an awkward moment, considering BAG himself all but confirmed they're dunzo just 24 hours earlier.

She probably ordered those trinkets in better times, but, at least publicly, Megan's not disavowing her estranged husband's last name. Not yet, anyway.

We'll just call this a hopeful sign their break-up will be as amicable as Brian's making it seem.

Brian Austin Green Megan Got Bored with Us ... And That's Why She's Hangin' with MGK

8:39 AM PT -- Brian Austin Green just posted a cryptic message which seems to squarely relate to Megan and their circumstances ... "Eventually butterflies get bored sitting on a flower for too long. They start feeling smothered. It's a great big world and they want to experience it." Translation -- sounds like he's saying Megan got restless.

Megan Fox is getting chummy with Machine Gun Kelly ... and it's just the latest sign there might be trouble at home.

The actress was spotted with MGK Friday grabbing some coffee and grub to-go near L.A., then hopping in his whip and leaving together -- presumably back to her place in Calabasas, or so we've been told. They seemed super friendly in the car ... and super caj.


It's just the latest sign that something's probably amiss with Megan and her husband, Brian Austin Green, whom she married in 2010. Meg's recently been seen not wearing her wedding ring ... ditto for him. Reports say they're even living separately during quarantine.

Their relationship has famously been on and off throughout the years -- they once called off their initial engagement before getting back together and finally pulling the trigger. Megan also once filed for divorce a few years back, but they got back together yet again.

Megan and Brian made a red carpet appearance together late last year -- the first time they'd done so in a while. They share three children together ... all of them are young.

Originally published -- 12:37 PM PT

Sofia Richie Signs of Split with Scott ... New Boyfriend???

Sofia Richie is Disick-free ... or so it seems, because she's been hanging out with a new dude day after day after day.

Sofia's been staying at a Malibu mansion over the last 3 days at the beach house owned by a guy .... a guy people seem to think Sofia's now dating.

Sofia and Scott have been dating for 3 years, and there have been some bumps along the way, but this time she may have actually moved on.

As we reported, Scott checked into a rehab facility earlier this month but bailed a day later after it appears someone took a photo of him at the front desk. Scott's lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, believes a staff member from the facility took the pic and has threatened legal action.

There were reports Scott had checked in for alcohol and cocaine, but his people insist that's not the case, saying he was there because he hadn't dealt with the grief over the death of his parents. He has, however, struggled with alcohol and drug abuse and has had several stints in rehab in the past.

Tristan Thompson Woman Claiming Paternity is Old One-Time Hookup ... Before His Khloe Days


Tristan Thompson did have sex with the woman saying he's her baby daddy, but it was years before she claims, years before her baby was born and long before he began dating Khloe Kardashian ... TMZ has learned.

Sources close to the NBA power forward tell us ... he had a one-night stand with the woman, Kimberly Alexander, sometime during his rookie season in 2011-2012. However, we're told this doesn't line up with her repeated claim he fathered her child ... because the kid in question is between 4 and 5.

After Alexander made the paternity claim, our sources say Tristan confirmed with his legal team he had sexual relations with her but was confident about taking a test because it was impossible for him to be the father based on the timeline.

We're told Tristan and his lawyer, legal pit bull Marty Singer, made it clear ... if Tristan was the dad, he'd gladly pay child support, but he was confident he wasn't, and the DNA test proved his point.

As we reported ... Tristan and Khloe are now threatening to sue Alexander, claiming she's been lying about the kid -- despite Thompson's paternity test proving he's not her child's father -- and defaming Khloe.

Our Khloe sources point out she has no direct ties to the paternity case -- she only got her lawyer involved because Alexander allegedly made false claims about her after Tristan's test came back negative.

We're told Khloe's mindset is it's an issue strictly between Tristan and the woman ... since it occurred years before Khloe and Tristan began dating in August 2016.

Tristan, we're told, thinks it's all just a money grab.

G-Eazy & Ashley Benson Cozy Ride for Delish Take-Out ... Side Order of Dating Buzz

G-Eazy and Ashley Benson are each other's ride or die ... for eating out and also for dating, it appears.

The rapper and actress were hanging out again on Wednesday as they and another couple hit up the popular joint Apple Pan Restaurant in L.A. to pick up some grub. Ashley was behind the wheel while G-Eazy dialed things riding shotgun.

They were kicking it on the same day pictures surfaced of them together last weekend on a grocery store run, so food seems to be their thing. Hey, these are the quarantine rules.

The apparent new coupling comes about a month after Ashley reportedly split from Cara Delevingne. Ashley and Cara were last seen together in late March going on ... what else? A grocery store run with their new pup.

For her part, the "Pretty Little Liars" star tried throwing cold water on the new hookup rumor by liking a fan account's IG post shutting down the G-Eazy buzz.

To be fair, it's quite possible G-Eazy and Ashley became super-close friends after they collaborated on Radiohead's "Creep." G-Eazy posted that video to his YouTube page a few weeks ago. They've seemed inseparable since then.

Where there's smoke?

Khloe Kardashian Not Pregnant With Tristan's Baby ... Despite Swirling Rumors


10:39 AM PT -- Khloe just addressed the rumor too ...

Khloe Kardashian and Tristan Thompson do NOT have another bun in the oven, despite lots of speculation otherwise ... TMZ has learned.

While rumors and reports started swirling Wednesday morning saying Khloe was pregnant with the NBA star's child, our sources tell us that's not the case.

Sources close to Khloe tell TMZ ... she is NOT pregnant and the rumor mill started simply because eagle-eyed fans noticed she was posting a lot of pink flowers recently, which they mistook as a sign of another daughter on the horizon.

Fans also noted a lot of the photos and videos Khloe's been posting on social media are from the waist up or throwback pics ... but we're told it's not a sign she's actually expecting.

As you know ... Khloe and Tristan have one child together already, True Thompson, who recently celebrated her 2nd birthday.

Sounds like things are good between Khloe and TT, even though they don't live under the same roof ... our sources say they've been seeing each other from time to time during Cali's stay-at-home order because of their daughter, and the family celebrated Mother's Day together.

Khloe's still a mother of one ... and that's not changing any time soon.

Originally Published -- 10:25 AM PT

Kim Jong-un Body Double Theory Likely BS Side-by-Side is Fake

Kim Jong-un might not be alive after all and instead has a convincing body double -- so says one former member of parliament ... who appears to be pushing actual fake news.

Louise Mensch -- who used to serve in the UK government as a conservative a while back -- sent the body double theories into hyper-drive on Friday after she posted a would-be, side-by-side comparison that she claimed proved the guy who took that factory tour in Pyongyang last week wasn't actually KJU -- but another person entirely posing as him.

She pointed out the different brow, and other facial features ... but much of her claim was on the teeth themselves. In her photo, they certainly do look different. The problem ... her photo of Kim at the fertilizer plant isn't authentic and is almost certainly a doctored image.

We know this because we downloaded the high-res image itself and zoomed in with our own gear -- and it does NOT show what this woman's pic depicts ... namely, mangled and mashed up teeth that are vastly different from Kim's famous Bugs Bunny-like chompers.

As you can tell in an actually zoomed-in photo, those two long incisors are the same here ... it definitely looks like Kim -- and not whoever that other guy is up there in Louise's comparison.

That said, we still don't know when these photos were actually taken -- and it's hard to take government-run media there at their word that he's a perfect picture of health ... especially after international reports pegged him as either dead, brain dead or on his death bed.

We'll keep an eye out for Kim ... real or otherwise.

Tom Brady's Dad TB12 Has No Beef With Belichick ... Pats Exit Wasn't 'Divorce'

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Raising Fame Podcast

Tom Brady has NO hard feelings toward Bill Belichick despite his New England departure ... and calling their split this month a "divorce" wouldn't be fair -- so says the QB's dad.

"Divorce sounds a little bit harsh," Tom Brady, Sr. says, "I think it's a separation, you know?"

When Tom bolted for Tampa Bay earlier this month ... reports indicated Tom wasn't exactly pleased by the lack of love Bill and the Pats showed him when it came to free agency.

But, Tom's dad spoke with Steph Curry's parents, Sonya and Dell, on their "Raising Fame: Sports Edition" podcast ... and he shot down all rumors of a rift with The Hoodie.

"Bill's got a lot of responsibilities to keep the Patriots on track and that is a bigger responsibility than keeping Tommy under the hood," TB Sr. says.

"So, both of them are mature individuals and I really respect Bill's decision and respect Tommy's decision as well. It's okay to take different paths. You don't have to stay joined at the hip."

In fact, Tom's dad claims his son has nothing but love for the Patriots' head man ... even after the split.

"I mean, I can't tell you the hundreds of times that Tommy has said Bill is the best coach in football. Tommy sings Bill's praises."

As for Brady's goals in Tampa Bay ... Tom's dad told the Currys they're pretty simple -- win a 7th ring!!!

Tyler Cameron Airport Pickup for Hannah Brown ... More One-on-One Time???


The 'Bachelor' might be losing its stakes as far as engagements go, but it's becoming a great set-up show for future dating ... exhibit A being, Tyler Cameron and Hannah Brown.

The former 'Bachelorette' lead and her runner-up contestant last season were spotted together Saturday at the Palm Beach International Airport -- just 30 minutes outside of TC's hometown of Jupiter, FL -- where the guy was doing a chivalrous curbside pickup.

In video obtained by TMZ, you can see Tyler packing Hannah's luggage away in the back, before they both hop in and drive off. Hannah's face isn't perfectly visible here ... but she was there. HB put up tons of video of herself hanging at an empty airport the same day.

We're also told fans were coming up to her in baggage claim to tell her how much they loved her -- so there's no question, this is definitely our girl.


Put two and two together ... and it seems Hannah is once again in Tyler's backyard, hanging out with the guy more than a year after her season ended, and she gave him the boot.

You'll recall ... Hannah was by Tyler's side last weekend following his mother's tragic sudden passing -- where she's said to have attended some events with him. Now, a week later ... here she is again flying back into town to see the dude. Talk about being a good friend!

Of course, Tyler and Hannah could be seeing each other again -- two get-togethers in a week's time could possibly point to that. Plus, they have post-show hang out history as it is.

Again ... not too many people are walking down the aisle for the franchise these days. But, at least they're playing a fantastic wingman to 20-somethings after the camera stops rolling.

Brad Pitt Not Dating at All ... Alia Shawkat a Good Friend


Brad Pitt relationship rumors -- including the one about his recent concert date, Alia Shawkat -- can be put to bed because there's NO lucky lady ... not even one.

Sources close to the Oscar winner tell TMZ ... he doesn't feel any need to get back on the dating scene right now -- his focus is elsewhere. We're told he's much more involved in his kids' lives these days, so that's where most of his time and effort goes ... followed by work and his sobriety.


We broke the story ... Brad went to a Thundercat show at The Wiltern in L.A. Saturday night with a "mystery woman" we later learned was the "Arrested Development" star, Alia. The outing was nothing new for them either -- they've been going to concerts, comedy shows, museums and galleries together for months.

Our sources say despite the frequent sightings, they're not romantic ... it's strictly platonic.

As we've reported ... the "not dating" tag goes for Pitt and Jennifer Aniston as well. Though there was a frenzy when the ex-couple shared a warm embrace at the SAG Awards -- and they hit up the same award season parties -- the consensus is ... they're still just friends.

Brad Pitt 'Mystery Woman' is Alia Shawkat ... Catch Concert Together


11:13 AM PT -- We've learned the woman is "Arrested Development" actress Alia Shawkat. The two have been spotted together a lot recently.

Brad Pitt looked comfy over the weekend next to a mystery woman at a concert -- and while it's unclear if this is romantic, what is clear is Brad's not scared of getting out there.

BP was spotted Saturday night at The Wiltern in L.A., where musician Thundercat was performing. Eyewitnesses tell us he arrived with the woman, whom he sat next to pretty much through the whole show. It's hard to see her face, but you get a decent side profile.

At one point, she takes off her beanie, revealing really short hair -- almost like a buzz cut. There's no clear signs of PDA, but they're clearly watching the show together ... which becomes even more evident when Beck comes over to chat them both up.

BTW, he wasn't the only other celeb there ... we're told Ariana Grande, Ty Dolla $ign and Anderson .Paak were among the stars in the VIP area. Brad and his lady friend, included, obviously.

Now, again, we don't know if this get-together was romantic or friendly -- but fact is ... Brad out with anyone is always worth a convo. He's joked anyone he stands next to is immediately pegged as a new flame -- so we should give him the benefit of the doubt.

That said, it's also pretty apparent Brad is somewhat conscious and careful about who he steps out with in public -- which was evident at the Oscars last month. He showed up with his manger as his date but the media went nuts trying to figure out who exactly she was.

The potentially bad news this could pose for Brennifer shippers ... Brad's recent encounters with Jen Aniston might've been much ado about nothing after all. In any case, we've reached out to Brad's camp for clarification on this outing ... so far, no word back.

Originally published -- 1:00 AM PT

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