Juelz Santana Meek Facilitates Prison Release


Juelz Santana is enjoying his newfound freedom thanks in part to Meek Mill ... and now he wants to give back to the inmates he met while behind bars.

Here's the deal ... Juelz is fresh outta prison after serving 19 months of his 27-month sentence in his airport drug case, and he's got Meek to thank for some smooth sailing.

Our sources tell us Meek helped Juelz by connecting his wife, Kimbella, with a lawyer who helped guide them through the process to ensure everything worked out. Courts and the prison system can be tricky, and we're told Meek wanted to ensure things would work out for Juelz.

The Dipset MC was able to come straight home and skip the halfway house he was originally destined for. Many halfway houses are shut down because of the pandemic.

Juelz is now on supervised release, which, as we first reported, means he'll have to submit to a drug test within 15 days of his release.

Now that he's out, Juelz tells us he wants to give back to inmates by working with non-profits whose missions include overturning sentences for wrongly convicted prisoners. Juelz says he also wants to help people in prison find a platform for the music and movie scripts they write in lockup.

On that same front, Juelz tells us he wrote a ton of new music on the inside, as well as a script for a TV series. He says he's going to get back in the studio Monday, but also wants to take time to focus on his family and make up for the 19 months he spent in prison.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Juelz's wife is happy to have her husband home ... she says it's surreal to have him back, wake up next to him and see him with their kids.

Sounds like Meek's inspired Juelz too ... his wife says she and Juelz will be working on prison reform efforts.

J. Cole Legit Shot At Making NBA Team ... Says Larry Sanders


Now entering the game for the (insert NBA team name here) ... J. Cole?!?

NBA player Larry Sanders says HELL YEAH ... telling TMZ Sports he truly believes the rapper has a real chance at making his pro ball dreams come true.

Of course, the idea took off when 35-year-old Cole -- who grew up loving and playing basketball -- starred in a Puma commercial hinting at trying to get a shot at the Association.

Master P told us Cole is dead serious about making it happen ... and even the Detroit Pistons told the "Lion King On Ice" MC to hit 'em up for a tryout.


We spoke with Sanders -- who's played in 6 NBA seasons -- and asked if Cole's got a realistic chance ... and his answer may surprise you.

"I do, for real. I've seen him hoop before in some games and I knew he took the game seriously when he was younger."

"He always raps about it, so that's dope. I'm excited to see that."

Sanders knows exactly what the process will be like, but in reverse -- the 31-year-old has made waves in the music industry off the court ... and even produced a song for PARTYNEXTDOOR.

"It's gonna be just like the music game. Me doing music, everybody laughed at me, everybody went at my head and challenged me ... and I had to go prove myself."

Sanders -- who recently told us he's working on making it back to the league as well -- says he loves the idea of joining forces with Cole on a team next year ... which could end up in some music collabs!!

"That would be dope, that would be fire!!"

Cardi B Posts BTS Video of Normani on 'WAP' Dancing with 'Motivation'


Cardi B's giving a lot of love to one of the famous female faces that appeared in her new music video -- giving fans a sneak peak at Normani's viral dance moves.

CB posted a video Saturday that showed behind-the-scenes footage of how the video for her new single 'WAP' was shot -- especially the dance solos featured by several different women ... including Fifth Harmony's Normani, who had the internet ablaze with her sexy number.

Turns out, the whole thing was shot on a green screen with the main song playing in the background. It's funny though ... Cardi was singing the lyrics to Normani's own song, "Motivation," over the 'WAP' beat -- giving her a little extra juice/hype for the performance.

Normani also posted incredible photo stills from the shoot -- and naturally, her fans (and her contemporaries) loved it. Her cameo was definitely one of the more notable standouts, according to Twitter anyway. Other appearances weren't as well-received, unfortunately.

As we reported ... the whole idea behind 'WAP' was women empowerment -- that's why Cardi and Meg had cameos from a bunch of different famous ladies across the entertainment industry, in an attempt to show solidarity.

Regardless of how some folks felt about each and every face that showed up, the video has proven to be a smash hit. It's got 42 million-plus views already, and it's steady climbing.

Kanye West Open Your Wallets Democrats and Republicans ... 'Cause Here's What You Get with Me

Kanye West wants you to donate to his campaign so he can become the 46th POTUS, and he's making the pitch by laying out his positions on various issues, and one thing's clear ... he's playing to both Democrats and Republicans.

Ye, who calls his platform, "Creating a Culture of Life," is seeking contributions ranging from $20 to a grand. As for his positions, the first is revealing ... "Restore faith and revive our Constitutional commitment to freedom of religion and the free exercise of one's faith, demonstrated by restoring prayer in the classroom including spiritual foundations."

That seems to be a cornerstone of his campaign ... freedom of religion, which for him includes a hard-line, antiabortion stance. This position clearly targets Republican voters.

But, then he pivots to the Dems, promising to reduce household debt and student loan debt. He also wants to restructure the educational system, by opening it up to "at-risk and vulnerable populations."

He takes a stand on policing, promoting policies that "treat all Americans the same, regardless of race, color, or ethnicity." And, he promises to protect the environment by promoting clean air and water as well as renewables.

And, then he pivots back to Republican voters, promising to "place Americans' best interest first and foremost." He also vows to "Maintain a strong national defense."

Kanye says he's not a spoiler ... he's in it to win it. This turn shows he's trying to win votes by traversing party lines.

Again ... in a close election, he could make a difference. The question ... who would he help and who would he hurt?

Nick Cannon Kanye's Got My Vote!!!


Nick Cannon says America needs another Black man in the White House ... that's why he's team Kanye 2020.

Nick was at LAX Friday when the photog asked him what he thought of Ye's run. Answer: "I love it!"

Now, the photog took it a step further and asked if he'll still be with Kanye when he casts his ballot, and Nick gave the semi-emphatic "Yes." We say semi because there's clearly a slight smirk.

On another subject ... Nick was asked about his recent troubles over some anti-Semitic comments. Nick has been earnest in attempting to educate himself ... even meeting with rabbis.

Viacom gave Nick his walking papers for "Wild 'N Out" ... so the photog asked if he felt "cancel culture" was out of control. Nick's answer was genius ... it shouldn't be cancel culture, it should be counsel culture.

Cardi B & Megan Thee Stallion Carole Baskin Rips New Music Video ... Big Cats Aren't Accessories!!!


Carole Baskin is picking a catfight with Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion over their new music video, which she says sends a terrible message and is harmful to the future of big cats.

Carole tells TMZ ... the worst part of Cardi B's new music video is the way it glamorizes rich folk keeping tigers as pets, and she thinks it makes "every ignorant follower want to imitate by doing the same."

As we reported ... Cardi and Megan dropped the video to "WAP" Friday, and it's loaded with sexually suggestive imagery and lyrics, a Kylie Jenner cameo and tons of exotic cats, which is upsetting Carole.

While Carole is glad the cats likely weren't really in the room with Cardi and Megan -- only photoshopped in -- she says posing wild animals in front of green screens and using them in productions is unnatural and confusing.

Carole claims everything about the project points to producers working with one of the "big cat pimps" like Doc Antle or Mario Tabraue, who she believes mistreat cats ... something they strongly deny.

Bottom line for Carole ... nothing about "WAP" is good for big cats.

We've reached out to Cardi's team and the video's director who had no comment.

Kanye West Getting Booted Off Illinois Ballot ... 1,900 Signatures Tossed!!!

Kanye West's Presidential run just got a death blow, at least in Illinois, where election officials say more than half his submitted signatures are invalid ... and that means he's off the ballot.

TMZ broke the story ... multiple people stepped up to object after Kanye submitted his petition to get on the ballot in his home state. That triggered a review -- from the State Board of Elections -- of all the 3,128 signatures on his documents.

The tally is in, and 1,928 were ruled invalid ... which leaves Ye way more than a thousand short of the 2,500 needed to be a Presidential candidate on the state's ballots. What we don't know is what was wrong with the bad ones.

It could be any number of issues -- fake names, fake addresses, unregistered voters in Illinois -- or even simply an illegible signature.

Bottom line is Illinois will be officially removing him on August 21, or he still has the option to gracefully announce he's withdrawing.

Although Illinois isn't considered a swing state in the Presidential campaign, it's a big blow for Kanye ... not only because he's from Chicago, but he just boldly declared his "goal is to win."

Hell, he even posted his 2020 vision board, which included the number 46 ... as in the 46th President of the United States.

The road to the White House was already near impossible for Kanye ... but it just got a little bit harder.

Blue Jays' Reese McGuire Trolled By Braves Organist Over Masturbation Bust ... 'Beat It'

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Courtesy Of MLB


Blue Jays catcher Reese McGuire was epically trolled by the Atlanta Braves team organist mid-game Thursday ... and the scene was laugh out loud funny!!

McGuire -- playing in his first game since TMZ Sports posted video of his SUPER awkward masturbation bust -- was walking up to the plate in the 3rd inning when he was greeted by "Beat It" over the Atlanta loudspeakers.

The Michael Jackson tune played for several seconds ... and if you get the reference -- try not to smile!!


Of course, McGuire was stopped by cops in a parking lot last February after witnesses say they saw him inside of his car pleasuring himself.

In police footage of the incident ... McGuire apologized profusely for his actions, saying, "I've realized that I made a mistake having my pants down and doing what I was doing."

He added, "I really am apologetic. And, I know I shouldn't have been doing this."

McGuire eventually was forced to pay fines and fees over it all after cutting a deal with prosecutors ... but clearly, MLB teams ain't going to let him off that easy.

To make matters worse for McGuire ... he finished the night 0-for-3 with two strikeouts after the troll job -- AND the Jays lost in heartbreaking walk-off fashion.

Talk about a tough day at the plate.

Cardi B New Vid w/ Meg ... Features Cameo from Kylie Jenner

Exclusive Details

Cardi B's long-awaited return to the rap game wasn't just a collab with Meg Thee Stallion -- the two got support from a bunch of famous ladies ... including Kylie Jenner.

Cardi's track, "WAP" dropped Friday with an accompanying music video all about female empowerment -- and to fully embrace that, CB enlisted some hot up-and-coming femcees in the game.

Normani, Rosalia, Mulatto, Sukihana -- all relatively big names in their own right -- are also featured in the video.

Kylie's cameo features the self-made-billionaire decked out in leopard print and strutting down a hallway. Sorry, no rapping or singing from Kylie. We're told the billionaire cosmetics mogul was included to reflect togetherness among women across the entertainment industry.


Our sources also say the video was shot the week before the Tory Lanez drama unfolded last month -- and that could explain why Meg was hanging out with Kylie the night she was shot in her feet. It would appear working on the song/video brought them closer together.

Cardi's fans have been hungry for new music for a while, and now they've got it ... with some visual bonuses.


Cardi was all over Instagram once the project dropped, she clearly took note of the outpouring of love and excitement over her first song in 9 MONTHS -- and she's clearly grateful for the fandom.

President Trump Blares 'Live and Let Die' at Ohio Event ... Crazy Hype Song Choice in a Pandemic!!!

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Someone on President Trump's campaign team is painfully tone-deaf, opting to crank "Live and Let Die" before his Ohio event ... as about 1,000 Americans are killed daily by COVID-19.

Ya probably wouldn't believe it, if there wasn't video, but a reporter covering Trump's speech at a Whirlpool factory posted it -- and Guns N' Roses version of the Paul McCartney classic was, sure enough, blaring on the live feed.

The reporter, Robert Mackey, points out the obviously disturbing nature of the track blaring at a time like this. Not to mention, Ohio's Governor, Mike DeWine, couldn't attend the event because he just came down with COVID-19.

And, of course, the virus is on the rise in a majority of states and killed more than 1,400 Americans just Wednesday.

Bottom line: It's either the worst timing ever or someone's idea of a sick twisted joke. BTW, Mackey says it played twice!

For the record, GnR frontman Axl Rose is no fan of Trump or his handling of the coronavirus, and actually used the song title to mock the President back in May.

The band released a bunch of shirts reading ... "Live N’ Let Die With COVID 45."

You absolutely can't make this stuff up.

Mariah Carey's Son One Sweet Day I'll Get Mom on TikTok But Definitely NOT Today!!!

@gamercannons / TikTok

Mariah Carey's son clearly knows the rules about Mom being "camera-ready" ... as evidenced by this hilarious video of him trying to get her to appear on his TikTok video!!!

Mariah and Nick Cannon's 9-year-old, Moroccan Scott Cannon, aka Rocky, was playing around on TikTok and one of his fans asked if he could get his famous mama to react ... on camera.

Bless his heart, Rocky's confidence was so cute as he said ... "Of course I can do that!" -- but watch what happened when he found Mariah and asked her to say hi to his fan.

Mariah's response? "Tell her I'm on a business call." Rocky did not ask twice, and quickly explained to the fan, "So yeah, if I bug my mom ... well, I don't really know what'll happen but I'm not gonna test it!" Smart kid.

Even better was his response when someone on TikTok tried to give him crap about not getting Mom on cam. You gotta see him handle the troll!!!

Rocky's been trained well by Mama Carey. Remember Mimi's classic line, "I don't know her" -- referring to Jennifer Lopez -- well, Rocky's definitely seen that video.

President Trump I'm Not Helping Kanye Get On Ballot ... Oh, and I Just Love Kim!!!

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Donald Trump says he's not pulling strings to help Kanye West get on state ballots for the presidential election ... but he's got lots of good things to say about Ye and Kim Kardashian.

Trump denied claims he's encouraging Republicans to help Kanye get on the ballot for prez in swing states. He was asked by a reporter during a Wednesday press conference if he was encouraging several Republican operatives who allegedly were helping Ye ... he said no.

POTUS says he likes Kanye very much. He did not seem to know about Kanye's recent struggles with mental illness but said Kanye has always been nice to him.

That paled in comparison to his praise for Kim, whom Trump largely credited with convincing him to release several inmates, including Alice Johnson.

As you know ... Trump and Kim have worked together on presidential pardons.

J Lo & A-Rod VIP Tour of Citi Field As Part of Plan to Buy NY Mets

Exclusive Details

Ya don't buy a car without checkin' under the hood, right?

And, if you're Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez, ya don't buy a pro baseball team without checking out the stadium!

That's what J-Rod did on Wednesday -- getting a VIP tour of Citi Field in Queens as part of their plan to buy the team.

J Lo -- sporting a flowing white sundress -- led the charge with A-Rod and a few other businessy-lookin' dudes.

As we previously reported, the power couple has been gunning to buy the team for months -- and recently linked up with some rich partners to add to their ownership group.

The most recent addition to Alex and Jen's team is Mike Repole -- who co-founded BodyArmor and Vitaminwater. He's rich and also a life-long Mets fan.

They had previously brought on a dream team of current and former NFL ballers including Travis Kelce, Brian Urlacher, Joe Thomas, and DeMarco Murray.

There are two NBA stars in the group as well -- Washington Wizards beast Bradley Beal and Denver Nuggets center Mason Plumlee.

J Lo and A-Rod had previously tried to buy the Mets for around $1.5 billion -- but it didn't exactly work out since the Wilpon family (which owns the team) was hoping to get around $2.5 billion.

Hedge fund billionaire Steve Cohen was the front-runner to buy the team -- he's loaded and has already made a $2 billion bid, according to the NY Post.

But, ESPN says the Wilpons would prefer to sell to Lopez and Rodriguez if they can come closer to the top bid.

Clearly, they're fighting like hell to make it happen -- don't count 'em out!!!

Migos Rapper Takeoff Denies Rape Allegation


2:55 PM PT -- Takeoff is adamantly denying the allegations made by the woman. His attorney, Drew Findling, tells TMZ, "We have reviewed the allegations and have similarly done our own due diligence. What has become abundantly clear is that the allegations made against Takeoff are patently and provably false. The claims and statements made regarding this lawsuit indicate that the plaintiffs’ representatives have not spoken with relevant witnesses or reviewed available evidence."

He continues, "Takeoff is renowned for his artistic talent as well as his quiet, reserved and peaceful personality. In this instance, those known personality traits have made him a target of an obvious exploitative money grab. As his counsel, we are well aware and well versed on the importance of civil and criminal prosecution of true sexual assaults. This is not one of those situations."

1:38 PM PT -- Law enforcement sources confirm the LAPD is investigating Takeoff for the incident.

Takeoff's just been sued by a woman claiming he raped her at a party in L.A.

The woman, who's filed the lawsuit as a Jane Doe, claims the Migos rapper made her extremely uncomfortable at an L.A. party back in June before he raped her in the bedroom of the person she says invited her to the party.

According to legal docs, obtained by TMZ, the woman claims Takeoff stared at her while at the party and that made her extremely uncomfortable. She also claims he offered her weed later in the evening, but she snubbed him.

In the suit, she says things went south after that -- she claims she was going upstairs with the man who invited her to the party when Takeoff, who was coming down the steps, got pissed. She says Takeoff and the man got into an argument, prompting her to go into the man's bedroom to wait it out.

She alleges that's when Takeoff entered the bedroom and started touching her buttocks. She claims she very clearly refused his advances, but Takeoff then flipped her over face-down, pulled down her clothing and raped her. She claims after he finished he immediately left the room.

After getting over the initial shock, the woman claims she went to a nearby hospital the same day where she claims hospital staff observed physical evidence of forceful rape. She claims hospital staff notified LAPD.

She's suing for sexual battery, assault, emotional distress and more and wants damages.

We've reached out to Takeoff for comment, so far no word back.

Originally Published -- 9:32 AM PT

Diddy Son Injured in Wild, Ferrari vs. Tesla Crash ... Life Flashed Before My Eyes!!!

ANG News

6:18 PM PT -- King just broke his silence on the scary incident and says he saw his life flash before his eyes.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Diddy's son says he was fortunate to walk away with only a couple scars and says he's already back to work in the studio.

Diddy’s son, King Combs, got smoked in his Ferrari by a Tesla, and though both drivers were okay, the guy in the Tesla got taken away in cuffs.

King was involved in a car accident a little after midnight in Bev Hills, when cops say a man in a Tesla speeding down Sunset Blvd. lost control and smashed into King's red Ferrari.

We're told Diddy's son suffered injuries, but was treated at the scene and didn't need to be taken to the hospital. He's super lucky, because both cars were totaled.

Law enforcement sources tell us the Tesla driver -- who can be seen taking a field sobriety test in the video -- was arrested for DUI.

King is the 22-year-old son of Diddy and Kim Porter, who died tragically in November 2018.

Originally published -- 6:56 AM PT

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