Taylor Swift Minneapolis Mayor All in For Her Return!!! Hopes She's at Next Game

Taylor Swift has a chance to make it 3 consecutive trips to see Travis Kelce's games, and the Mayor of Minneapolis is leading the cheers for her to do so this coming weekend ... TMZ has learned.

Mayor Jacob Frey tells us he and the rest of the city are ready to welcome TayTay with open arms this Sunday, which is when the Kansas City Chiefs play the Minnesota Vikings for an afternoon match-up -- he even has an on-the-nose message to encourage her.

Frey says, "We know All Too Well the positive impact Taylor Swift has on the cities she visits -- Minneapolis is no exception."

The Mayor has fond memories of her tour stop in Minneapolis earlier this year, adding ... "Her two, sold-out concerts at U.S. Bank Stadium in June led to a record-setting tourism weekend including booked-up hotels and packed downtown restaurants... boosting our local economy beyond our Wildest Dreams."

Here's how you know Mayor Frey has his fingers crossed ... "If Taylor chooses to come back to Minneapolis [sometimes known as Swiftieapolis] this weekend, we’ll be Ready For It. It’s possible she will have to console Travis Kelce after the Vikings beat the Chiefs, but there are plenty of great spots across town for them to go on a date and lift their spirits!"

FWIW, the Swiftieapolis thing is real ... they literally changed city's name (if only for a short time), so yeah -- with his clear knowledge of Taylor's catalog -- it's fair to say Hizzoner's a full on Swiftie.

Fact is, every NFL city would feel this way ... as Taylor's proven to have massive appeal in terms of media attention, and consumer spending across multiple industries, that usually translates to more traffic ... and oftentimes, more moolah, too.

The 2 NFL games she's attended have turned out to be a ratings bonanza for Fox and NBC, the networks that televised them. Next week, it's CBS's turn and it sounds like Mayor Frey wants to get in on the action as well.

The football's in TS's court!

John Salley Swift Relationship Will Make Travis Kelce Play Better ... Here's Why!!!


If Travis Kelce starts going off in the next couple weeks, John Salley says Chiefs fans can thank Taylor Swift for it ... telling TMZ Sports he believes a committed relationship with the pop star will help the tight end's game tremendously.

As for why ... the four-time NBA champion says it's simple -- Kelce spending his time with just one woman going forward this year will free him up to focus way more on ball.

"He now doesn't have to worry about 100 DMs," Salley told us out in Los Angeles this week, "or making sure certain girls got tickets. He can be focused, right?"

Courtesy of NFL

"So, he has practice, go to sleep, talk to his girl. That's easier than when you get to be the playboy that he used to be."

And, if for some reason Kelce even thinks about straying from a relationship with the "Love Story" crooner ... Salley made it clear he believes there's just no way her fanbase will let it happen.

"You can't do that," the former Lakers center said with a smile. "Those Swifties got cameras!"

Of course, it's unclear if Kelce and Swift are even looking for something serious ... while the two obviously have some sort of romance brewing -- there's no indication yet whether boyfriend/girlfriend labels are on the horizon.

Salley, though, says he's rooting for the couple ... and, check out the clip, he's also got some advice for Kelce on how to keep the relationship going strong for the foreseeable future.


Los fans de DJ Quik (y sus haters) ya no pueden meterse con él en Tuiter (ahora X). El pionero de la Costa Oeste tuvo que elegir entre la plataforma de medios sociales y terminar su décimo álbum.

Una fuente cercana al campamento de Quik le informó a TMZ Hip Hop que el tiempo fuera de X ha sido beneficioso, y mientras él todavía está en Insta, también ha estado metido de lleno en su trabajo. Los fans pueden esperar capas de instrumentación, como en la mayoría de los álbumes de Quik.

Quik había anunciado el proyecto aun sin título en marzo y puso en marcha el lanzamiento con un nuevo track, pero pronto comenzó a hacer titulares para hacer competir su vida en redes con el rap.

Nos informan que el álbum va en un 80% y que su vibración se pondrá en manifiesto en noviembre, cuando Quik interprete su "Quik's Grooves" con una banda en vivo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Si recuerdas, Quik ha sido serio acerca de obtener el mismo respeto que su homólogo de Compton Dr. Dre cuando se trata de su legado en el hip hop.

En pocas palabras para Quik, cuando se está creando la grandeza, ¡no se puede perder el tiempo y la energía discutiendo con los trolls!

DJ Quik Ditched Twitter to Kill Distractions … Album 80% Complete

DJ Quik fans (and his haters) can no longer engage him on Twitter-turned-X -- the West Coast pioneer had to choose between the social media platform, and finishing his 10th album.

A source close to Quik’s camp tells TMZ Hip Hop ... the time away from X has been beneficial, and while he’s still on IG, he's also been nose-deep in his studio bag o' tricks and fans can expect layered instrumentation, like most Quik albums.

Quik announced the still-untitled project back in March, and kicked off the rollout with a new track … but soon began to make headlines for waging war on his timeline with rap and the lifestyle.

We’re told the album is around 80% done, and its vibe will become clear in November when Quik performs with a live band while transforming his “Quik’s Grooves” series to real life.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

If you remember, Quik’s been vocal about getting the same respect as his Compton counterpart Dr. Dre when it comes to their hip hop legacies.

Bottom line for Quik -- when you're creating greatness, you can't waste time and energy arguing with trolls!!!

Taylor Swift, Travis Kelce Reality Show Would Be TV Gold ... Says Channing Crowder


Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce ... reality TV superstars??

HIGHLY unlikely ... but if the pop singer and Super Bowl champ ever welcomed the cameras to document their every move, it would become the "biggest reality show ever" -- so says ex-NFLer and "Baller Wives" star Channing Crowder, who tells TMZ Sports the entire planet would tune in!!

"Taylor Swift is worldwide," the former Dolphins star said. "Most reality shows are national. This would play in Australia, this would play in the damn North Pole and everywhere you wanna say -- India, Egypt. Like, it would be the biggest reality show in the history of reality shows."

Of course, celebrity couples have been known to let the cameras detail every part of their lives in the past ... from Jessica Simpson and Nick Lachey to Britney Spears and Kevin Federline and more.

Crowder knows what it's like to open his doors for the country to see -- he appeared alongside his wife, Aja, on the VH1 series in 2017.

The Chiefs superstar is no stranger to reality TV either -- people aren't going to let him forget his dating competition, "Catching Kelce" -- but Swift is famous for trying to keep most of her private life out of the spotlight ... so don't hold your breath, folks.

There's no doubt it would be a hit, though ... as fans have been watching their every move after Swift was spotted at Kelce's games the past two weeks.


Speaking of football -- we also talked to Crowder about his gig with "Inside the NFL," which airs Tuesday nights on the CW ... and he said the whole team is amazing.

Crowder -- who played six seasons in the NFL -- said he's really enjoying the TV experience ... and compared it to his days on the football field.

KRAYZIE BONE I Fought For My Life In Hospital ... 'Won The Battle This Time'

Krayzie Bone says he spent 9 days fighting for his life in a hospital ... literally.

The Bone Thugs-N-Harmony rapper just posted a picture from his hospital bed on social media, and he's thanking God for being alive.

Krayzie says ... "Just fought for life Literally for 9 days straight. And I only won the battle this time because I know Jehovah God was with every step of the way fighting for me."

As we reported ... Krayzie needed at least two surgeries to address internal bleeding, which he now says was threatening his life.

KB was hospitalized last month after he started coughing up blood ... so doctors ran some tests and discovered a bleeding artery in one of his lungs ... and he twice went under the knife.

When Krayzie was in the hospital, tons of celebs and sports figures wished him the best ... and he says he's thankful for all the prayers.

Krayzie concludes ... "Never take life for granted enjoy it while have you have it! Thank you all for your thoughts and prayers trust me I needed every last on [sic] of them."

YNW Bortlen Arrested for Witness Tampering In Melly's Murder Trial

YNW Melly's co-defendant YNW Bortlen is facing a new charge after prosecutors claim he engaged in witness tampering behind the scenes of the double murder case.

Miami Dade Police tell TMZ Hip Hop ... they arrested Bortlen Monday afternoon at a residence in Broward County on a felony warrant for witness tampering.

According to court docs we obtained, officials say Bortlen tampered with at least one potential witness in his and YNW Melly's double murder trial, which ended in a mistrial.

Jury selection for their new trial begins on October 9, and it seemed like Bortlen had been using his free time after the mistrial to resume his rap career -- but this new charge could derail those efforts if he's found guilty.

Both Melly and Bortlen still stand accused of killing their YNW bros Juvy and Sakchaser in cold blood ... and Bortlen now has another charge to deal with in the case.

Ed Sheeran Bucket List Backfire ... Snoop Got Me So High I Could Barely See!!!

Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Ed Sheeran's lightweight lungs were no match for Snoop Dogg when they smoked together ... in fact, the singer says he got so high the sesh made him temporarily go blind!!!

Ed says it was earlier this month when he found himself backstage with Snoop, his wife and Russell Crowe in Melbourne, Australia.

Instagram / @snoopdogg

Ed admitted to Conan O'Brien on his "Needs a Friend" podcast that he isn't much of a smoker, but still lit up at the chance to say he "smoked with Snoop" when The Doggfather hit him with the puff, puff, pass.

The conversation got so good Ed says he continued to take pulls of the blunt until he looked up at Snoop and realized his vision had become blurred.

Of course, it's a well-known fact Snoop can smoke like a chimney at any given time ... so you can't really blame Ed for trying to keep up.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Shockingly though, Ed says Burna Boy is actually the biggest smoker he's encountered to date.

ED SHEERAN Me pegó tanto el porro de Snoop que no podía ver

Siguiéndole el ritmo a Snoop
Conan O’Brien Needs A Friend

Los ligeros pulmones de Ed Sheeran no pudieron competir con los de Snoop Dogg cuando fumaron juntos recientemente... De hecho, el cantante dice que se drogó tanto mientras pasaban tiempo juntos, que se quedó temporalmente ciego.

Ed dice que todo ocurrió a principios de este mes cuando se encontró con Snoop, su esposa y Russell Crowe en el backstage de Melbourne, Australia.

Un encuentro improbable
Instagram / @snoopdogg

Ed admitió a Conan O'Brien en su podcast "Needs a Friend" que no es un gran fumador, pero aun así encendió un cigarrillo para decir que había "fumado con Snoop".

La conversación se puso tan buena que Ed dice que siguió dando caladas al porro hasta que miró a Snoop y se dio cuenta de que se le había nublado la vista.

Por supuesto, es un hecho bien conocido que Snoop puede fumar como una chimenea, por lo que realmente no se puede culpar a Ed por tratar de seguirle el ritmo.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Aunque, sorprendentemente, Ed dice que Burna Boy es en realidad el mayor fumador que ha conocido hasta la fecha.

Tupac Murder Case Outlawz Rapper Says ... Pac Wouldn't Want Keefe D In Jail

Tupac Shakur's former artist and Outlawz rapper Napoleon agrees with the narrative Duane Keith "Keefe D" Davis is only behind bars, and charged with Pac's murder, because he wouldn't stop running his mouth.

On Tuesday, Napoleon spoke to The Art Of Dialogue -- one of the platforms, coincidentally, where Keefe blabbed about his role in the Tupac case -- and he has little sympathy for Keefe's situation.

Napoleon says he never mustered enough interest to watch a full Keefe interview, but thinks clout-chasing got the best of the man, as he was openly bragging about riding in the car involved in Tupac's murder.

Keefe turned 60 in June, and Napoleon says not only is he too old to be cyber-banging, but reliving the events around Tupac's murder nearly 30 years after the fact is also a bum move.

Despite Keefe's self-incrimination, Napoleon says if Tupac had survived the shooting, he wouldn't want Keefe to rot in prison -- a sentiment echoed by Suge Knight, who was driving the BMW when he and Pac were shot.


Suge called TMZ from prison this week, and triple-downed on his refusal to rat out Keefe in any instance, in addition to denying Keefe's relative, the late Orlando Anderson, pulled the trigger.


Orlando was Keefe's nephew, and has long been believed to be the shooter, but he was killed in a 1998 shooting. Suge and Keefe are the last men standing among the 6 people involved in the 1996 shooting.

Tupac's own father is also discrediting Orlando as the shooter with a dash of conspiracy theory ... he's claiming the gov't killed his son and Keefe's just a pawn.

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

Rapero de Outlawz Tupac no querría que Keefe D se pudra en la cárcel

El ex artista de Tupac Shakur y rapero de Outlawz, Napoleon, está de acuerdo con la narrativa de que Duane Keith "Keefe D" Davis está únicamente tras las rejas, y acusado del asesinato de Pac, por haber hablado más de la cuenta.

El martes Napoleon habló con The Art Of Dialogue, casualmente una de las plataformas donde Keefe cotorreó sobre su papel en el caso Tupac, y no tiene mucha simpatía con lo que le está pasando.

Napoleon dice que nunca reunió suficiente interés para ver una entrevista completa de Keefe, pero cree que las ganas de involucrarse en el chisme sacó lo mejor de él, ya que se jactó abiertamente de viajar en el carro implicado en el asesinato de Tupac.

Keefe cumplió 60 años en junio y Napoleón dice que no solo está demasiado viejo para andar provocando, sino que es una mala jugada revivir los acontecimientos en torno al asesinato de Tupac, casi 30 años después de los hechos.

A pesar de la auto-incriminación de Keefe, Napoleón dice que si Tupac hubiera sobrevivido al tiroteo, no le gustaría que Keefe se pudriera en la cárcel, un sentimiento del que hizo eco Suge Knight, que conducía el BMW cuando él y Pac fueron baleados.

Se niega a testificar

Suge llamó a TMZ desde la cárcel esta semana y triplicó su negativa a delatar a Keefe en cualquier instancia. Además de eso, negó que el pariente de Keefe, el fallecido Orlando Anderson, haya sido quien apretó el gatillo.

Afuera con las manos en alto

Orlando era sobrino de Keefe y por mucho tiempo se ha pensado que él fue el tirador, sin embargo, falleció en 1998 en otro tiroteo. Suge y Keefe son los últimos hombres en pie de las seis personas implicadas en el incidente de 1996.

El mismo padre de Tupac está desacreditando la idea de que Orlando era el tirador con una pizca de teoría conspirativa. Asegura que el gobierno mató a su hijo y que Keefe es solo un peón.

Lo cubrimos todo en el último episodio de The TMZ Podcast, disponible en todas las plataformas de podcast.


¡vas muy bien!

Britney Spears tiene una relación tormentosa con su hermana, Jamie Lynn, pero el exmarido de Britney está totalmente del lado de Jamie mientras compite en "Dancing With the Stars".

Kevin Federline dice que su familia, incluyendo a sus dos hijos con Britney, han estado viendo a Jamie Lynn en el programa de concurso de baile de ABC y ella tiene su voto.

un buen comienzo

K-Fed, Jayden James y Sean Preston se mudaron recientemente a Hawai junto con la esposa de Kevin, Victoria, por lo que la diferencia horaria hace que sea difícil ver a Jamie Lynn en vivo en "Dancing With the Stars", pero le dijo a un fotógrafo en Oahu que la familia vio a Jamie Lynn después en una repetición.

Britney y Jamie Lynn han tenido sus idas y vueltas los últimos años, pero como informamos  la primera vez, cuando Britney supo que su hermana iba a participar en el programa la apoyó tal como K-Fed y los chicos lo hacen ahora.

Han pasado cerca de dos meses desde que Kevin trasladó a los chicos a Hawai, donde están viviendo en una nueva casa de alquiler, y K-Fed dice que no tiene ninguna queja acerca de su nuevo entorno.

Kevin y Victoria estaban en su camino a The Lei Stand, un salón de cócteles en Honolulu, con otra pareja el lunes por la noche cuando habló con un fotógrafo ... y ya está dando vibraciones de la isla.

Mientras que Kevin está feliz de hablar de Jamie Lynn ... tienes que ver su reacción a una pregunta directa sobre Britney.

New York Giants Fans abuchean el anuncio de Taylor Swift en el estadio En el Monday Night Football

El público del MetLife Stadium fue bastante "malo" con Taylor Swift durante el Monday Night Football. Los seguidores de los New York Giants abuchearon el anuncio de la nueva súper fan de la NFL, en medio de su incipiente relación con Travis Kelce.

La presencia de Swift en los dos últimos partidos de los Kansas City Chiefs ha sido la gran noticia del fútbol en el último tiempo. La liga se ha sumado fuertemente a la locura, utilizando incluso su nombre e imagen a través de sus plataformas de redes sociales.

Pero los fans de los Giants dejaron claro que estaban hartos del alboroto en torno a Tayvis, cuando una promoción de la película "Eras", de Swift, apareció en la pantalla grande este lunes y causó un montón de abucheos en las gradas.

Como hemos informado anteriormente, las cosas se han ido calentando entre Taylor y Travis en las últimas semanas. Se han reunido en privado en varias ocasiones e incluso salieron juntos después del partido de Kelce contra los Osos de Chicago el fin de semana pasado. Swift incluso mostró algunas expresiones de afecto en una fiesta en Kansas City.

Este domingo, Taylor estuvo en el estadio MetLife viendo el partido de Travis contra los Jets, junto a sus amigos Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, Ryan Reynolds y Hugh Jackman.

Swift no fue la única razón por la que los fans de los New York Giants estaban molestos el lunes por la noche. El equipo local perdió ante los Seahawks de Seattle, 24-3.

Donald Glover Confident Humanity Will Nail AI Tech ... EVENTUALLY

Most artists have been scoffing at the use of artificial intelligence, but not Donald Glover -- he thinks there's plenty of upside to the technology ... with some fine-tuning of course.

DG revealed Tuesday he's on the brink of returning to the music scene in a new interview with Complex, which could reintroduce his Childish Gambino alter-ego.

When the topic of AI came up, DG says he shares the same general concern about computers interfering with human society, but thinks if the current AI movers and shakers refocus as a team and use their tools to actually fix common problems ... the outcome could be positive.


Grammy-nominated artists such as Khalid have told TMZ Hip Hop they predict AI will replace vocal talents -- but DG thinks it won't be AI that takes jobs, it'll be a human who's good at using AI getting promotions.

Instagram / @harveymasonjr

Speaking of the Grammys, the viral AI Drake and The Weeknd track recently had its chances shot down for being nominated next year, slowing the movement a bit.

DG also called for government fail-safes -- he doesn't think AI should progress without proper legislation, but then again ... you never know with lawmakers these days!!!


Neil deGrasse Tyson also gave us an astrophysicist's take on AI, saying it won't be the death blow to humanity many fear.

Just like Donald ... Neil says we'll be fine as long as the (human) team bands together.

Kevin Federline My Fam's Rooting For Jamie Lynn ... Hope She Wins 'DWTS'


Britney Spears has a rollercoaster relationship with her sister, Jamie Lynn ... but Britney's ex-husband is fully on Team Jamie Lynn as she competes on "Dancing With the Stars."

Kevin Federline says his family -- including his two sons with Britney -- have been watching Jamie Lynn on the ABC dancing competition show and she's got their vote.


K-Fed, Jayden James and Sean Preston recently moved to Hawaii ... along with Kevin's wife, Victoria ... so the time difference makes it hard to watch Jamie Lynn live on 'DWTS' ... but he told a photog on Oahu the fam watched Jamie Lynn after the fact.

Britney and Jamie Lynn have had their share of beef over the years ... but as we first reported, Britney got a heads up her little sister was going to be on 'DWTS' and Britney was fully supportive and, apparently, even excited for JLS ... and now we know K-Fed and the boys feel the same way.

It's been about two months since Kevin moved the boys to Hawaii, where they're living in a new rental home, and K-Fed says he's got no complaints about their new surroundings.

Kevin and Victoria were on their way to The Lei Stand, a cocktail lounge in Honolulu, with another couple Monday night when he talked to a photog ... and he's already giving off island vibes.

While Kevin's happy to talk about Jamie Lynn ... ya gotta see his reaction to a direct question about Britney.

New York Giants Fans Boo Taylor Swift Ad At MetLife ... During 'MNF'

The crowd at MetLife Stadium was pretty "mean" to Taylor Swift during Monday Night Football ... with New York Giants supporters booing the hell out of an ad for the NFL's newest superfan amid her budding relationship with Travis Kelce.


Swift's presence at the past two Kansas City Chiefs games has been the biggest story in football ... and the league has leaned heavily into the craze, even using her name and image across its social media platforms.

Giants fans made it clear they were fed up with the Tayvis hype during the primetime matchup ... 'cause when a promo for Swift's "Eras" tour movie showed up on the big screen, a ton of folks in the stands let out some jeers.

As we previously reported, things have been heating up between Taylor and Travis over the past few weeks -- they have met up privately a few times, and even hung out together after Kelce's game against the Chicago Bears last weekend ... with Swift showing some PDA at a party in K.C.

Taylor was at MetLife for Travis' game against the Jets on Sunday ... where she and her VIP friends like Blake Lively, Sophie Turner, Ryan Reynolds and Hugh Jackman checked out the game in a suite.

Swift wasn't the only reason NYG fans were left looking for the getaway car on Monday -- the home team stunk up the place and lost to the Seattle Seahawks, 24-3.


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