Simon Cowell Orders Himself Set of New Chompers!!! ... During Back Recovery


Simon Cowell is still on the mend from his broken back -- and while he recovers, he decided to polish up his smile while he was at it ... TMZ has learned.

Sources tell us the music exec and 'AGT' host recently got a new set of pearly whites from Beverly Hills cosmetic dentist Dr. Apa, at his private practice. We're told Simon came in last month looking for the makeover, and just had new veneers installed this past weekend.

Turns out, Simon was actually in need of a new set -- we're told he was doing away with older, temporary veneers he'd been rockin' -- but had one request ... less Simpson-y and more streamlined. In other words, he wanted a thinner, more natural-looking smile ... and sources say he even had a pic of his OG teeth for reference on the updated design.

After two appointments at three hours a pop, we're told Simon walked away happy as can be -- and even posed with the doc on his way out. As for cost ... our sources tell us Dr. Apa usually charges around $4,000 per tooth. Considering Simon got both upper and lower veneers in this job -- 28 teeth total, we're told -- that can certainly add up to a fat bill.

That said, it's unclear how much he ultimately paid.

The silver lining here -- it looks like SC is back up on his feet again after breaking his back a few months ago and undergoing a grueling surgery process to get it all fixed up. Word is the dude is still healing and in intense rehab mode right now to restrengthen those muscles.

In the meantime ... good for him for taking care of the rest of his body in one shot.

Britney Spears' Dad Goes After Her Lawyer ... She Can Speak for Herself!!!


Britney Spears' father doesn't buy her lawyer's assertion that he's the only one who can speak for her ... and he's using the upcoming election to try to prove his point.

Jamie Spears filed new legal docs -- obtained by TMZ -- in Britney's ongoing conservatorship case which fire back at her attorney, Sam Ingham, for recently likening her to a comatose patient who lacks the capacity to sign declarations.

Spears says his daughter's conservatorship doesn't mean she's stripped of all of her rights -- for instance, she still has the right to vote -- and he notes she's testified at deposition and multiple times in court during the conservatorship.

According to the docs ... Britney's dad claims Ingham does not have the unlimited authority to be her "exclusive voice" -- she has the right to be heard.

We broke the story ... the reason this all came up in the first place is because Ingham told the judge earlier this month that Brit does not want to perform again. Jamie's side called that hearsay, because it was coming from Ingham and not Britney herself.

The judge asked why Britney had not filed a declaration about her career intent -- and Ingham said that's because she lacks the mental capacity to do so ... like a person in a coma.

Jamie disagrees and seemingly wants to know where Britney personally stands on the issue. Something a lot of other people want to know as well.

Phil Collins Demand Letter to Trump ... No More 'In the Air' at Your Rallies!!!


Phil Collins is still NOT feeling Donald Trump's rally playlist ... he wants the Prez's campaign to quit pumping "In The Air Tonight" through its PA speakers.

Here's the deal ... Trump's campaign blared Phil's hit song at his Des Moines rally earlier this month -- and at several others since then -- and the singer is royally pissed.

Phil's legal team fired off a cease and desist letter to Trump's camp, obtained by TMZ, claiming the song choice makes it seem like Phil's fully onboard the Trump train, which he's not.

In the legal doc, Phil says he wants no affiliation whatsoever with Trump or his campaign ... and he rips the President for seemingly making light of the coronavirus pandemic with the song choice.

FOX News

Phil says he doesn't condone trivializing COVID-19 and says he's worried Trump's gonna stain his reputation if he keeps playing the song at rallies.

He also claims Trump pulled the same stunt back in June at the infamous Tulsa rally, and didn't respond to an earlier cease and desist.

Bottom line ... Phil's demanding an assurance from Trump that he'll keep his songs off his playlists at future rallies.

Big Boi Big Ups to ATL Poll Workers Your Meal's On Me!!!


Big Boi is looking out for some fearless Atlanta poll workers braving the pandemic to help folks cast their ballots early ... he hooked 'em up with free grub.

The Outkast rapper made sure poll workers weren't serving their community on an empty stomach, teaming up with Postmates and World Central Kitchen to serve them over 150 hot meals.

As you can see, Big Boi used the food delivery app to send over several trays full of pan-seared chicken and shrimp tacos. It looks like a pretty nice reward for working the polls, a much higher risk task this year than ever before.

As you know, the coronavirus pandemic is making it tougher for polling locations to find poll workers, but these fine folks are helping keep our democracy running.

Big Boi made the big gesture Saturday, and all the images we're seeing confirm what officials are saying -- early voting is HUGE in Georgia, and the whole country for that matter.

Lil Pump Endorses Trump ... I'm with Fiddy & the Prez!!!


Lil Pump is taking a cue from 50 Cent, and throwing his support behind President Trump ... saying he doesn't wanna pay a dime more in taxes, as Joe Biden's proposing.

The rapper chirped up this weekend in pretty clear terms, posting a pic of him shaking hands with DT -- clearly photoshopped -- and a ringing video endorsement.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

As for why ... it seems to be in line with what Fiddy voiced just last week when he endorsed Trump as well -- they're not down to fall into a new tax bracket under Biden's plan. If he wins, JB has said he would try to upend Trump's tax law and get folks who make more than $400k to chip in their fair share -- way more than what they're paying now.

Of course, both 50 and Pump fall into that category, and neither seem willing or eager to give up any more of their wealth to Uncle Sam.

It seems 50 didn't mean it after all -- or he's on the fence. He later said "F*** Trump" when his ex, Chelsea Handler, called him out on 'The Tonight Show.'

She said she'd be willing to give him another go in the bedroom if he changed his tune ... and sure enough, he did. When it comes to LP, though, he sounds a little more serious.

Here's another thing ... Pump is actually catching a ton of flak right now for his endorsement, but more so for his use of the n-word in his video (and in general).

Dude's heritage is Hispanic, but a lot of people think it's ironic and flat-out wrong for him to be using it, when A) he's not Black and B) he's backing someone who's dog-whistled to white supremacists.

Joy at the Polls Philly Voters Bust Out Line Dance ... During Long Poll Lines

@ResistanceRev / Twitter

Voters in Philadelphia turned waiting in long lines to cast their ballot into a fun experience ... by mixing in some "Cha Cha Slide."

The good times went down in Philadelphia, as a large group of voters waiting for early voting in the city Saturday passed the time with some group dancing ... moving in unison to the hit by DJ Casper usually reserved for wedding receptions.

The viral video's more than just a random feel-good moment though -- it's part of the work being done by Nelini Stamp of the Working Families Party, who's also the campaign director for Election Defenders.

Nelini and the nonpartisan coalition's goal is to assure that voters are "staying safe and healthy outside of polling places across the country and bringing them some joy."

More importantly, it's aimed to combat voter suppression and intimidation by bringing "Joy to the Polls" ... which kicked off this weekend in Pennsylvania for the inaugural Vote Early Day.

The result is what you see here, and Stamp says it feels good to see people responding positively to the movement ... even though she feels the long lines are a burden people shouldn't have to deal with.

NBA YoungBoy Investigated for Alleged Assault


NBA YoungBoy and his crew allegedly beat the crap out of a man in the garage of a studio ... this according to law enforcement.

A spokesperson for the Harris County Sheriff's Office in Texas tells TMZ ... a sheriff's task force investigated the rapper and several of his cohorts for allegedly assaulting a man at a studio in Katy, Texas.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... a man and his girlfriend headed to a studio to work with YoungBoy on October 5. We're told when the couple arrived, security told them no women were allowed in the studio. The GF left, and that's when things allegedly went south.

Our sources say the man went into the garage at the studio and that's when he claims YoungBoy and his crew pounced on him, put a bag over his head and proceeded to beat the crap out of him ... allegedly kicking and punching him before pistol-whipping him.

According to our sources, the guy said he caught a glimpse of YoungBoy when the bag was removed. Then there's this ... the man claims he saw a body bag in the room and when he asked why it was there ... he told officers they responded they were going to put him in it.

At this point, our sources say NBA YoungBoy then FaceTimed his manager and said, "I got him here." We're told the man claimed the manager told NBA to release him because he just beat a case and didn’t need more legal trouble.

Our sources say someone was then ordered to drop off the alleged victim in front of his house. Once there, the alleged victim was driven to the hospital by his mom and GF.

We're told the man suffered cuts and abrasions to his face plus bruises to his legs but no life-threatening injuries. Law enforcement is still looking into a possible motive for the alleged beatdown. So far there have been no arrests.

We've also reached out to NBA YoungBoy, so far no word back.

Adele Jokes About Weight Loss on 'SNL' ... Attributes it to COVID

Adele was awesome on 'SNL' Saturday night, and made a hilarious joke about her weight loss.

The '"Someone Like You" singer looked INCREDIBLE as she took the stage to host the show. She acknowledged, "I know I look really, really different since you last saw me." THAT is an understatement.

But, then she jokingly explained ... "But actually, because of all the Covid restrictions ... I had to travel light and I could only bring half of me," she joked. "And this is the half I chose."

Adele explained she wasn't a musical guest this time around because she hasn't finished her latest album so there's nothing new to sing about. Besides, she said she was too scared to sing and host on the same show.

Thing is ... she did sing later in the show, during a 'Bachelor' skit.

It's been a long 5 years since Adele dropped an album. And, she's been absent from TV ... last appearing on the 2017 Grammys.

This isn't Adele's first go-round on 'SNL.' She performed in 2008 ... during the show where Sarah Palin appeared with Tina Fey during the election.

Adele's amazing.

Mike Tyson Makes EDM Debut ... Self-Titled Banger!!!

Breaking News

Mike Tyson's next opponent ain't Roy Jones, Jr. -- it's your EARDRUMS -- 'cause the boxing legend has officially made his EDM debut ... and the song is a BANGER!!!

The 54-year-old is preparing for his huge fight against 51-year-old RJJ on November 28 ... and took it upon himself to get pumped up for the huge event by getting on the mic!!

Tyson hooked up with LA-based group Tiki Lau for the collab ... coming up with the perfectly-titled track, "Mike Tyson."

Iron Mike is heard saying some intense lines throughout the track ... like, "I've been the wildest, I've been the craziest, I've been the outrageous, the vicious, the most destructive fighter."

There's more ... "An international warlord that'll strip your heart out ... and guess what?? I'M MIKE TYSON!!!"

Now, this ain't the first time Tyson has shown off his pipes ... remember this?!?!

There are rumblings Iron Mike could use the track as his walk-out song for the Jones fight next month ... so is an RJJ track in the works?!

Check out the vid ... and try NOT to get hype.

Silento Busted in GA for Reckless Driving Cops: He Drove 143 MPH!!!


Silento's so famous he needed to drive 143 MPH to lose 10 cars following him after leaving the club ... at least that's what cops claim the rapper told them when they busted him.

The "Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae)" rapper was arrested Friday around 3 AM in DeKalb, County Georgia after cops claim they clocked his 2020 BMW X3 sports SUV doing 143 MPH on Interstate-85, which is a 65 MPH zone.

According to the police report, obtained by TMZ, cops say they observed the car slowing down, changing lanes and swerving before pulling it over. Cops say when they approached the SUV, Silento rolled down the window, handed the cop his driver's license and said, "We ain't do nothing wrong."

The cop begged to differ ... telling the rapper his radar gun clocked him driving at dangerous speeds. Cops say when they asked him why he was driving so fast, Silento pulled the famous card and said "people be following me everywhere I go."


And, get this ... cops say Silento -- who said he'd just left a club where he was promoting his new track, "DXB Money" -- claimed he had the right to drive at those speeds and justified it this way -- "If there is like 10 cars following me, I can do 143 because I am not a regular person."

That answer apparently didn't fly with cops ... who arrested Silento for 1 count of exceeding speed limit, 1 count failure to maintain lane, 1 count of reckless driving and 1 count of improper stopping. He was taken to DeKalb County Jail.

Not a good look for Silento, who just last month was charged with assault with a deadly weapon in a bizarre hatchet incident.

B.B. King Film Blues Legend's Estate Has Beef ... Doesn't Back Wendell Pierce!!!


Wendell Pierce might be singing the blues soon, because he's NOT been tapped to play B.B. King in an upcoming film as he's proclaimed ... according to King's estate anyway.

Pierce -- known for his roles on "The Wire" and "Treme" -- made his announcement Monday, saying ... "We are official. Preparation has begun on a film where I will be honored to play the great, BB King. Humbled."

Something doesn't add up though, because Vassal Benford -- chairman of B.B.'s estate -- tells TMZ ... they're furious Pierce announced he's the lead in the biopic. Benford claims Pierce has not been named by the estate or King's family members to play him, and in fact ... he says other actors are being considered, like Kenan Thompson.

Benford insists there's no official news about who's playing B.B. unless it comes from the estate, and he adds ... "I think Mr. Pierce misspoke."

To further muddy the waters ... Michael Zanetis -- producer and co-writer of the B.B project, which is titled "The Thrill is On" -- tells us King's estate has known about this film for years and has never had a problem with anything until now.

Zanetis claims Wendell has been under contract for the role of B.B. since 2009, and there's nobody better to play him. He adds that King's grandson, Eric Mitchell, has been an executive producer on this film since 2012 and fully supports the story.

Finally, he claims B.B. himself gave him his blessing to make the movie before he died in 2015.

So, it's even stranger Pierce tweeted out a clarification this week, saying ... "The Estate of BB King has requested I clarify the film THE THRILL IS ON is not a biopic in the traditional sense. It is a dramatized version of a real-life friendship story."

Zanetis confirms with us the film is a docudrama -- not a biopic.

Regardless, Zanetis claims the estate is trying to suppress him ... and tells us that goes against everything B.B. King stands for.

Offset Cuffed, Released After Bev Hills Run-In with Trump Crowd

Breaking News

6:56 PM PT -- Bev Hills PD says they've arrested Marcelo Almanzar, Cardi's cousin, for possession of a concealed loaded weapon. Offset was only detained, but has been released. His camp says he's on his way home now.

Meanwhile, we're told Cardi is, understandably, concerned about her cousin.

Offset was just put into handcuffs in Los Angeles, this after apparently having some sort of run-in with Trump supporters, who were out and about in force.

The Migos rapper was detained by cops Saturday in Beverly Hills, where he actually live streamed a good majority of the encounter on Instagram. The video starts with Offset having a conversation with some officers who pulled him over. He tells them he's not getting out of the car, and he's not removing his hands from his steering wheel either.

According to him, it sounds like officers might've had their guns drawn ... because somebody claimed Offset had actually waved firearms at people from his own vehicle. Offset disputes that on camera, and says somebody was following him on the street.

Eventually, he's pulled out of the car and put in handcuffs. It's unclear if he was arrested -- we're being told by people directly in his camp that he was NOT, but was detained. Another twist to this ... we're told Offset's car was actually attacked by Trump supporters, which seems to be backed up in video Cardi B posted.

In her video, she and Offset were cruising together in L.A., when they came upon some sort of a caravan going on in support of the President. Cardi captured tons of pick-up trucks with Trump flags and American flags flying ... which she said was freaking her the hell out.

@iamcardib / Instagram

Cardi also recorded what appeared to be a few Trump supporters near their car in some sort of alleyway, covering their faces and flaunting water guns. We're working on getting more details now from the police.

Originally Published -- 6:09 PM PT

Kanye West on Joe Rogan's Podcast Open to Running for Gov Pre-POTUS Talks Politics, Race, Religion, Health, More

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how does ca Governor sound???
The Joe Rogan Experience

Kanye West and Joe Rogan finally had their recorded sit-down, touching on lots of different topics ... including the fact Ye's willing to make a pitstop on his way to the White House.

Ye appeared on Joe's hugely popular podcast, "The Joe Rogan Experience" Friday -- and it just went online Saturday ... running nearly 3 hours long. There's a lot to unpack, but what stood out to us right away -- Kanye saying he's down to run for Governor of California.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Naturally, Joe opened the show asking Kanye why he was running for President, which led to Ye recounting the fact that he was inspired in the shower around 2015 -- something he's mentioned before -- and how he feels a higher power calling him to serve and lead.

While discussing his political journey, Kanye said he was open to running for Gavin Newsom's job if it helped him get his feet wet ... but insists the presidency is his ultimate goal, even if that means trying again in 2024, and even if it means running as a Dem.

Another interesting nugget in all that political chatter ... Kanye claims Oprah actually discouraged him from running when he first said he would at the 2015 VMAs.

That just scratches the surface of what else they got into (politics and otherwise) -- in fact, we encourage you to go listen for yourself, 'cause it was truly a fascinating episode.

Kanye also talked medication, his mental health, religion, abortion, the music and entertainment industry, family and so, so many other things. He and Joe also discussed race, of which Kanye made a lot of interesting, and perhaps controversial, points. Namely, he believes much of the way white Americans treat African-Americans is inherently racist and meant to keep Black people down, even if they appear like advocates on the surface.

To make his point, he brought up the argument that Disney has essentially erased what a true "Black Panther" is ... because the Internet is now flooded with their movie, which Kanye thinks was actually meant to be a distraction by a "white man" and a "white company."

YE 2020

He also brings up Black History Month -- and the idea that Americans constantly putting "Black" in front of occasions and moments like that actually serve as reminders to Black people that they were once considered lesser-than ... which he doesn't think is healthy or helpful. Basically ... he's sick of qualifying Black achievements and progress, and wants to redefine how we talk about it as a whole. Ye also re-invoked the name of Harriet Tubman, but this time ... he had more time to flesh out his thoughts and put it in context (ish).

Still, some might find his train of thought a bit backwards ... almost in the vein of his "slavery was a choice" remark, which also caught him some heat at the time. Watch his full thoughts and judge for yourself.

In any case, Ye was able to achieve what he set out to do just a couple weeks ago ... when he tweeted out that he wanted to get on Joe's show and talk. they certainly did that and then some. Now, as for whether this will end up helping Ye at the polls or not ... time will tell.

'Mr. Bojangles' songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker Dead at 78

Breaking News

Legendary country singer/songwriter Jerry Jeff Walker, famous for writing one of the most iconic country/folk/pop songs ever has died.

Jerry had a storied career, but his crowning achievement came when he got inspired after meeting a New Orleans street performer in a drunk tank. That interaction led to the song, "Mr. Bojangles," which he recorded in 1968. The song didn't hit big until 2 years later, when the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band recorded it and it became a huge hit.

"Mr. Bojangles" became a staple for numerous singers who covered it ... Bob Dylan, Sammy Davis Jr., Neil Diamond, Harry Belafonte, King Curtis, Dolly Parton, Nina Simone and more.

Jerry was born in New York back in 1942 and spent a lot of time as a young adult in Greenwich Village in the folk scene back in the '60s. He migrated in the '70s to Austin, and is considered a founding father of the City's vibrant music scene.

He had famous pals, including Willie Nelson, who hit it big, but Jerry didn't seem to crave the spotlight and was better known for his songwriting and his efforts to make Texas a musical force, which he did. He did, however, record 36 albums, including the awesome, "Up Against the Wall Redneck Mother." He's considered one of the founding fathers of Texas country music.

Jerry helped form a couple of bands years ago, including the Lost Gonzo Band and a record company, Tried & True. He experimented with outlaw rock, blues, and Mexican-influenced music.

Jerry was a hard-living guy and made no secret of his penchant for alcohol and drugs.

Jerry revealed in 2017 he had throat cancer and pneumonia, and it was so bad it looked like he might not make it, but he was able to recover. His former publicist tells TMZ, Jerry's wife told him 2 months ago to prepare an obituary. The publicist says Jerry died from cancer and related ailments.

He released his last album a year later ... "It's About Time."

Jerry married his manager, Susan, in 1974. He's survived by Susan, his daughter Jessie Jane and son, musician Django.

Jerry was 78.


Busta Rhymes Seriously Heavy Lifting to Shed lbs. ... Gets Seriously Shredded!!!

Victor Munoz

The secret to Busta Rhymes' jaw-dropping weight loss -- he did what most people wish they'd done in quarantine ... focusing on heavy-duty training and bustin' a sweat every chance he got.

Celebrity trainer, Victor Muñoz, is the guy who guided the rapper through the program that made his bulging gut vanish ... and he tells us the key was pushing heavy metal. Seriously heavy, as you can see in some of Busta's training videos.

Victor tells us, Busta ripped through full-body workouts to strengthen his chest and cut down that belly fat. In the video, it looks like Busta was pushing more than 300 lbs on his bench press!!!

He also drastically changed his eating habits by hiring a chef who prepped meals with leaner meats like chicken, salmon and bison. Victor says Busta also dramatically limited his booze intake.

Victor and the Queens MC have been working together for 8 years, but the trainer says the COVID lockdown offered a rare opportunity -- lots of free time that would normally be spent traveling for performances. He says they committed to using the time to transform Busta's body.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

They started with twice a week sessions, sometimes as long as 2 hours -- but now they're up to 3-4 per week. Busta posted a dramatic before-and-after pic, encouraging others to never give up. Muñoz says the results weren't immediate, but they came in due time.

His new album, "Extinction Level Event 2: The Wrath of God" is about to drop, but Busta's not letting up on his fitness. Victor -- who's also trained Diana Ross and "Boardwalk Empire's" Devin Harjes -- says Busta's so dedicated ... he'll choose to walk 16 flights of stairs, instead of taking the elevator, to get to his NYC studio.

Can't deny it's working for him.

Jennifer Aniston Don't Vote Kanye ... Not Funny Or Responsible!!!

Jennifer Aniston isn't laughing with the folks voting for Kanye West ... she says a vote for Yeezy is flat out irresponsible.

The actress says she just dropped her ballot off and her early vote is for the Joe Biden and Kamala Harris ticket ... adding there's nothing cool about voting for Kanye.

Jen explains her vote like this ... "a few men in power are deciding what women can and can’t do with their own bodies. Our current President has decided that racism is a non-issue. He has repeatedly and publicly ignored science... too many people have died."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

She's urging voters to consider the implications in the election ... suggesting if Donald Trump wins re-election, it will hurt our nation's daughters, minority groups, elderly folks with illnesses and on and on.

Jen says the future of our country and the world is on the ballot and the election is all about voting for equal human rights, love and decency.

Lots of folks consider a vote for Kanye a vote for Trump, and Jen says ... "It's not funny to vote for Kanye. I don’t know how else to say it. Please be responsible 🙏🏼"

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