R. Kelly Alleged Net Worth Mocked ... -$2 Million?!?

R. Kelly is so deep in the red, a lot of people are claiming to be richer than him -- that is, if you believe a site's estimation of his net worth ... which has it pegged as a negative.

At some point this year, Celebrity Net Worth updated R. Kelly's page to list his overall value in assets as negative $2 million ... something the Internet appears to have just caught on to in the past few days or so, including one 42 Dugg -- who was howling over the news.

He posted a video showing himself cackling with his buddies, as they recorded different articles (all circling back to CNW) reporting on Kelly's latest alleged numbers.

Ditto for the rest of Twitter ... whose users are posting jokes about how they're technically wealthier than the one-time R&B icon -- who's in the middle of several criminal cases, as well as one that's about to wrap up, with jury deliberations having officially gotten underway.

As for how Celebrity Net Worth landed on the -$2 mil figure ... it seems they're simply citing a story we broke last year -- in which R. Kelly told a judge, via court docs, that he owed Uncle Sam nearly $2 million in back taxes ... which he cited as a reason why he wouldn't be a flight risk if released on bail. The court shot him down ... he's remained in custody since.

Now, whether or not R. Kelly actually has a negative net worth is pure speculation -- but one thing is for sure ... the guy does seem to be strapped for cash, and apparently has been for years now. He revealed as much himself in song back in 2018 ... calling himself "broke."

Of course, he's been struggling on the business side of things even before "Surviving R. Kelly" aired ... as different streaming platforms took down his music, and several venues refused to book him for concerts. And, with the addition of a cadre of attorneys who've been in and out for at least 2 years now ... you can only imagine the legal bills he's racked up.

Speaking of lawyers, we reached out to his current troop to see if they're handling this Brooklyn case pro bono, or if there's some payment that'll be due. No word back yet.

6ix9ine Gets Drink Thrown at Him, Retaliates At UFC Event in Vegas


Tekashi 6ix9ine might be on probation, but the dude isn't afraid to fire back if someone tests him out in public -- which is exactly what happened in Vegas this weekend.

The rapper showed up Saturday to the T-Mobile Arena for UFC 266 ... and as he was making his way in and past fans behind barricades -- he had a little face-off with someone who was NOT a fan.

Check out this video TMZ obtained of the altercation -- you see 69 ignoring the taunts from this dude, who's calling him a bitch and a ton of other insults. As he passes, the man appears to chuck something at his back, and it makes contact with Tekashi.

Eyewitnesses tell us it was the man's drink that he threw, and Tekashi circled back to look at him ... and to also a hurl a drink of his own. We're told it looked like coffee -- and it went splashing on others nearby. Security rushed in and broke it all up ... ushering T69 away.

No word on whether 6ix9ine was dealt with for this -- but sources on the scene say the guy who initiated it was, indeed, led away in handcuffs.

We've reached out to Tekashi for comment ... so far, no word back.

J Lo Performs at Global Citizen Live Concert ... And Ben's Watchin' Me!!!

Jennifer Lopez and Ben Affleck were all about the Global Citizen Live concert in NYC ... and she jumped on stage with a performance that definitely did not disappoint.

The concert was part of a worldwide event, staged in London, Paris, Rio, Lagos, Nigeria and the Big Apple ... all to put a spotlight on the hunger epidemic, the climate crisis and COVID vaccines.

Billie Eilish, Coldplay, Lizzo and Paul Simon all performed in New York, but J Lo got the most buzz as she took the stage with LL Cool J and Ja Rule for "All I have" and "I'm Real." She also sang "If You Had My Love" and "Love Don't Cost a Thing."

Global Citizen

She also wore a gold-colored Yankees hat ... interesting given her breakup with A-Rod.

The concert ran 7 hours and was a big hit ... a lot better than the rained-out Central Park concert this past summer, for sure. The skies were kinder on Saturday night.

Machine Gun Kelly Flipped Off and Booed ... At Louder Than Life Festival

Gage Puffinbarger / YouTube

11:26 AM PT -- Machine Gun Kelly is pushing back on the idea that he was getting nothing but hate at Louder Than Life.

He writes, "i don’t know why the media lies in their narrative against me all the time but all i saw was 20,000 amazing fans at the festival singing every word and 20 angry ones."

10:15 AM PT -- Looks like there was more one-on-one interaction with the audience last night than we previously thought -- because there's video of MGK apparently trying to squabble with concertgoers.

Check out this video ... it seems to be toward the end of his set as he's being ushered off. He gets near some folks in the front row, and suddenly ... he's charging at them, with his security team pulling him back. You can also hear someone scream, "F*** him up!"

Yeah, the LTL crowd definitely doesn't dig him. Not at all.

Machine Gun Kelly got an earful Saturday night at the Louder Than Life Festival in Louisville, Kentucky, when the fans turned on him and began booing and flipping him off.

Check out the video ... the fans unleash on MGK. As for why ... well, maybe a couple reasons. First, a lot of metal/rock fans aren't happy he went from rapper to rocker. It's partly a purist thing, and partly shade that maybe he pivoted to rock out of necessity.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The second reason -- MGK trashed Slipknot recently, saying he was happy to not be a 50-year-old wearing a mask. Corey Taylor of Slipknot was the target, and MGK wasn't done with him, claiming Corey did a verse for MGK's album, "Tickets to My Downfall" but, as MGK put it, "it was f**king terrible," so it was 86'd from the album.

Corey proceeded to own MGK with receipts in the form of email screenshots, in which it was pretty clear -- MGK loved Corey's track but it was Corey who passed.

Anyway ... a good time was had by some.

Originally Published -- 6:43 AM PT

Lil Baby's Celeb Jeweler No More Fake Patek Philippe's On My Watch!!! Here's What I'm Doing ...

Lil Baby's celeb jeweler is doing more than just profusely apologizing to the rapper for selling him a fake Patek Philippe watch ... he's taking costly action so it never happens again.

Gabriel Jacobs from Rafaello & Co. tells TMZ ... moving forward he's going to hire a professional watch authenticator who will inspect all the watches he sells ... to avoid another fake watch disaster.


What's more ... Gabe tells us anyone who has purchased jewelry from him can return and have it authenticated to assure them the jewelry's legit. He says he has no issue whatsoever with that in wake of the fallout from selling Lil Baby a fake Patek Philippe watch for $400k.

As we reported ... Lil Baby posed with the watch before hitting up the Met Gala but got pissed off after watch enthusiasts alerted him that the 40th-anniversary Patek Philippe Nautilus watch was a fake.

Rafaello & Co. issued a lengthy apology, copped to the mistake, refunded the dough and gifted the rapper 4 diamond rings. Gabe, who says he quickly righted the wrong because he wants to continue working with the rapper, doubled down a week later saying his mistake was not doing enough due diligence.

In fact ... Gabe says he showed the watch in question to 2 other dealers who also couldn't tell the Patek Philippe was a fake. That said ... Gabe insists it was an honest mistake.

He says he has NOTHING to gain by selling a budding rapper a fake watch. He also told us he gave Baby $3.5 million worth of jewelry to wear at the Met Gala ... so what's to be gained by selling him a fake watch?

Gabe says cashing in on an easy $400k is NOT worth his reputation.

GOSPEL SINGER KELLY PRICE Seems to Weigh In Herself Reposts Message, She's Not 'Missing'

1:03 PM PT -- It looks like Kelly Price is finally speaking for herself on her mysterious situation -- and she seems to be putting to bed theories that she's unaccounted for ... albeit, in someone else's words.

Price posted an update on her Instagram Story Saturday, which appears to directly speak to whether she's missing or not. Based on what she has up there, it sounds like she's doing alright ... but still battling COVID.

It's a repost from another person's IG Story, who writes ... "Just spoke to @mskellyprice she is recovering with her supportive partner. She sounds strong. I hope this fabrication can stop and she is able to heal." Underneath that caption is a headline about Price's sister disputing her attorney's claim that she's fine.

The fact Kelly's weighing in now might just be the nail in the coffin here -- she's essentially saying, I'm here. As for whether she's speaking to her family or not ... that's another story.

Gospel singer Kelly Price is NOT missing and is safe, at least according to her attorney.

Monica Ewing, Kelly's rep, tells TMZ ... the singer is continuing to recover from COVID at an undisclosed location.

We're told Kelly's legal rep reached out to Cobb County police to notify law enforcement Kelly is accounted for ... even though she's now listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center.

TMZ broke the story ... Georgia officials say Kelly has been listed as a missing person, following last weekend's welfare check conducted at her home.

@mskellyprice / Instagram

Before going missing, Kelly revealed in July she had COVID and was battling symptoms, and her family says she was eventually admitted to a hospital and ended up in the ICU.

Kelly's family told us her kids recently got a call that she was discharged, which surprised them because she was apparently not fully out of the woods.

The family says Kelly has gone radio silent and they told police her boyfriend is allegedly keeping her children from visiting her home ... and it led the fam to have cops conduct a welfare check.

We asked Ewing to clarify why Price had seemingly been ignoring her family and what her current status was with her fiancé, Ewing reiterated Kelly is safe and recovering from COVID and is trying to get well and will further address the story later.

Originally Published -- Sept. 24 6:04 PM PT

Bill Maher Black National Anthem Promotes Segregation

Bill Maher laid it all out Friday night ... saying the United States is becoming a segregated nation again, and the latest evidence is the push for 2 National Anthems.

The 'Real Time' host blasted the NFL for playing "Lift Every Voice and Sing" -- often called the Black National Anthem -- in addition to the OG N.A. at football games.

Maher's not against a new National Anthem -- one that better reflects current times -- but he's flatly against more than one.

His argument goes like this ... Martin Luther King Jr. and many others fought hard -- even some losing their lives -- to end segregation. The battle was won 67 years ago when the U.S. Supreme Court put an end to separate but equal, which at the time was considered a victory for human rights.

Not so anymore, Maher says, pointing to colleges which now offer segregated residences, segregated graduation ceremonies, and on and on.

He invokes the words of Barack Obama, who said, "There is not a Black America, and a white America, and Latino America, an Asian American, there's a United States of America."

His overarching point ... diversity is a virtue that was celebrated until recently, and to cast that aside threatens the very fabric of America.

Something to talk about this weekend.

Britney Spears Sam Rips Brit Documentaries

Sam Asghari ain't a fan of the Britney docs, that's for sure, because he shaded them all on the heels of the latest.

Sam got a jump on "Controlling Britney Spears," which aired on FX Friday night, saying, "Past docs left a bad after taste. I'm hoping this one will be respectful."

Sam wasn't done, saying, "I question producers who made them 'just to shed light' without input or approval from subject [Britney]."

Sam's loyalties are clearly stated when he says, "Any credit for light being shed should go to #freebritney."

Britney said back in March she cried for 2 days after watching "Framing Britney Spears."

This all comes days before an enormously important court hearing, when Jamie will almost certainly say goodbye to the conservatorship. Britney's lawyer, Mathew Rosengart, has filed legal docs declaring his intention to make a case for ending the conservatorship altogether this fall.

The big question -- and the one that could be make-or-break -- is whether the judge orders a mental evaluation as a prelude for deciding whether to 86 the 13-year-old conservatorship. Britney, Rosengart and Jamie Spears have all said they wanted the conservatorship terminated without such an evaluation.

There have been 2 dozen medical professionals who have weighed in over the years in closed court, presenting their diagnoses. If the judge orders an evaluation, this could turn into a war of the doctors, and the judge will have to decide who's more credible.

The judge has already said Britney was capable of hiring her own lawyer, and that's a clear sign she's competent to run her own life. What's more, now that she's engaged to Sam and Britney's personal conservator, Jodi Montgomery, has agreed to stay on and work for Britney post-conservatorship, the judge may feel she now has a good safety neet.

The hearing is Wednesday.

JLo Bustin' Moves with Ja Rule and LL ... For Global Citizens Festival


Jennifer Lopez took a trip to Central Park in NYC Friday night, to rehearse for the big concert Saturday.

J Lo hit the stage with Ja Rule and LL Cool J at around 8 PM and went through the paces, rehearsing 5 songs. They were on stage for a half hour, prepping for Saturday's Global Citizens Festival.

Two of the songs were collabs with Ja Rule and LL ... 3 were J Lo's, including "Dinero." She and Ja Rule sang "Ain't it Funny."

The woman who just said she feels like a Hollywood outsider will be at the center of the action tonight. And, it's a good bet Ben will be watching ... and cheering, and maybe even busting a move or 2!

Ben and Jen have been inseparable for months, and, as we reported, they are looking for houses together in L.A. -- super-expensive houses, with price tags that go north of $80 million.

Gospel Singer Kelly Price Missing in Georgia After Revealing COVID Battle

Gospel singer Kelly Price has gone missing in Georgia, TMZ has learned -- and it happened shortly after she was released from the hospital after battling COVID.

According to officials in Cobb County ... Kelly has been listed as a missing person following a welfare check conducted at her home last Saturday.

We're told the authorities found no evidence of foul play and spoke with Kelly's boyfriend at the residence, BUT ... she's now listed as missing with the National Crime Information Center.

@mskellyprice / Instagram

As for what led to this ... Kelly posted a video July 29 revealing she had COVID and was struggling with symptoms. According to Kelly's family ... she was admitted to the hospital about a week later and ended up in the ICU because her condition worsened.

Her family tells TMZ ... they were in touch with Kelly while she was in the hospital in early August, and her children visited her several times. However, 3 weeks after she was admitted ... we're told her kids got a call that she'd been discharged, which was surprising because she was apparently still not fully healthy.

The family says Kelly has not been heard from since, and they told cops her boyfriend is allegedly keeping friends and family members from visiting her home.

We're told this concerned many people close to Kelly, and led to someone alerting the authorities to do a welfare check last week.

Now, she's officially considered missing, and we're told there's an active investigation to find her.

Gene Simmons Sells Beverly Hills Mansion For $16 Mil

Gene Simmons is finally kissing his Beverly Hills mansion goodbye ... and now it's going to get a facelift.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... the KISS frontman just closed on the sale of his two-acre property in Benedict Canyon for $16 million.

He's getting less than asking ... as we first told you, Gene put the home up for sale back in October for $22 million but couldn't unload it, so then he made some renovations and relisted it in March for $25 mil.

Our sources say the buyer is Max Nobel of Nobel Development Group ... and we're told he's planning to remodel the estate.

The property is 16,000-square-feet with 7 bedrooms ... or now, the bells and whistles include a 60-foot water slide, professional size tennis court and parking for 35 cars.

We’re told Gene bought the property back in October 1986 for $1,337,500.

"Million Dollar Listing Los Angeles" stars Josh and Matt Altman of Douglas Elliman represented both sides of the sale, but did not want to comment.

Kelly Clarkson Officially Divorced

Kelly Clarkson has been a single woman for nearly 2 months, TMZ has learned, but a clerical error has thrown everyone off the scent.

Brandon Blackstock's lawyer, Samantha Spector, filed legal docs which lays out what has been decided so far in the divorce and what issues remain. There's a notation in the docs, saying the actual divorce will become final on 1-7-2022. That obviously makes it seem like Kelly and Brandon are still married.

We've learned this was a screw-up by the clerk, who mistakenly wrote 1-7-2022. In fact, Kelly and Brandon have been divorced since August 3. We're told the clerk is correcting the mistake.

TMZ broke the story ... the judge has already upheld the prenup -- something Brandon was aggressively contesting. There was a trial and the judge said Brandon signed it fair and square. That said, the property issues should be fairly easy to resolve, although in a nasty divorce -- which this is -- nothing should be taken for granted.

Kelly's income is separate, and considerable ... she earns $1.9 million a month. Brandon makes $10k a month.

The judge has awarded Kelly primary custody of their 2 kids on a temporary basis. As we reported, Brandon is living at the former couple's ranch in Montana and Kelly is with the kids in L.A. BTW, because the prenup has been upheld, the ranch is owned by Kelly, and she wants Brandon out, but he's still there.

21 Savage Charged with Gun, Drug Possession Stemming from ICE Case

21 Savage's notorious ICE case from 2019 is circling back again ... the rapper's now facing gun and drugs charges in connection with the original incident with ICE agents.

According to the DeKalb County Sheriff's Office ... Savage is facing 2 new charges related to his arrest in Atlanta back in Feb. 2019 -- possession of a schedule II controlled substance, and possession of a gun.

The rapper turned himself in to authorities Thursday and bonded out right away. According to 21's lawyer, Charles Kuck, this is a state law charge related to his incident with ICE 2.5 years ago.

Kuck tells us, "Last night’s manufactured charges are yet another example of how our justice system, from ICE down to the local level, unjustly targets young Black men who seek to exercise their rights. There is no legitimate basis for these charges nor for ICE’s continued antics, and we will fight until Mr. Joseph is justly vindicated.”

As we reported back then ... Savage was arrested and placed in ICE custody because it was discovered that his visa expired and he's been here illegally for years. ICE is still trying to deport Savage to England ... something the rapper has been fighting.

What TMZ has now learned, is that during the Feb. 2019 arrest ... authorities allege 21 threw a bottle of liquid that had codeine in it out of his car, and a handgun was found inside the vehicle.

Hence, he's now been formally charged with drug and gun possession as his upcoming hearing in immigration court approaches. It's set for November.

As we first told you ... Savage's career was essentially derailed by the ICE case, and it seems like it's far from being wrapped up.

Joe Jonas & Sophie Turner Bye, Bye La, La Land Unload Encino Estate for $15.2M!!!

Joe Jonas and Sophie Turner just sold their L.A. residence ... unloading the beautiful Jae Omar-designed sanctuary for top dollar.

The couple sold their 15,000-square-foot house for $15.2 million. The new buyers will enjoy the property's 10 bedrooms, 11 full bathrooms and 3 half bathrooms. Omar, a famous designer favored by A-list celebs, specifically designed the home for the famous couple.

The home features beautiful outdoor living options the open-style kitchen is great too.

There's a lap pool, spa, custom wine cellar, gym, theater room, and 6-car garage. And, get this ... the home also features a 2-bedroom guest house outfitted as an entertainer's paradise ... with an aquarium, cigar humidor, kegerator, disco lights and even a DJ station.

Too tired to hit the golf course? There's also a putting green!!!

The sale comes on the heels of Joe and Sophie dropping $11 million for a Miami mansion.

Carl Gambino of Compass repped the sellers and Ethan Peskowitz and Fred Bernstein of Westside Estate Agency repped the buyers.

Nirvana's 'Nevermind' Album Grown-Up Baby Begs ... Nix Genitalia Album Cover for 30th Anny Editions!!!

Universal Music is on the verge of commemorating the 30th anniversary of Nirvana's "Nevermind" with several multi-format reissues ... but the grown-up baby on the iconic album cover has one message -- don't use the damn genitalia pic!!!

Spencer Elden -- the man who was the naked baby pictured in a swimming pool on Nirvana's 1991 iconic album cover -- has already sued over the image. His lawyer, Maggie Mabie, tells TMZ ... she's demanding Universal redact the image of Elden's genitalia from all future album covers.

What's more ... Mabie says it's time to "end this child exploitation and violation of privacy." She says every year, during the anniversary of the release of "Nevermind" ... Elden has to brace himself for renewed, unwanted attention from the media and fans alike.

She says with the 30th anniversary of the album release slated for Friday, Elden's once again fears he'll be subjected to public scorn and ridicule.

Then there's this ... Universal is planning to release several multi-format reissues beginning November 12. There will be a total of 94 audio and video tracks -- including 70 previously unreleased -- made available in digital, CD and single-disc vinyl with a bonus 7-inch. The reissues have all been digitally remastered. The video tracks are CD and Blu-ray.

That's all fine and dandy ... but Elden wants Universal to quit using the famous naked baby on future album covers.

TMZ broke the story ... Elden sued the band, its surviving members and Kurt Cobain's estate to get them to end what he claims is child sexual exploitation.

Nicki Minaj & Husband Woman Suing Says Barbz Sending Threats ... After 'Real' Interview

Jennifer Hough -- the attempted rape victim of Nicki Minaj's husband, Kenneth Petty -- says she's been bombarded with hate-filled messages from Nicki's fans ever since giving her first on-camera interview about her lawsuit against the couple.

Hough's getting a flurry of disturbing direct messages and some threats ... according to her attorney, Tyrone Blackburn. He tells TMZ it all started immediately after Jennifer went on "The Real" earlier this week.

We've obtained some of the DMs sent to Jennifer, which include inflammatory insults, someone wishing death upon her, and we're told there was also a concerning tweet in which someone shared her personal contact information.

Blackburn says the scary response from Nicki's fans reinforces what Jennifer expressed in her 'Real' interview -- she's had to live her life in constant fear for years, change her phone, move and quit jobs ... all because of her connection to Petty.

If you aren't familiar, Jennifer was the victim in Petty's 1995 conviction for first-degree attempted rape in NY -- which is why he has to register as a sex offender. You may recall, Petty was charged with not registering in California, and recently took a plea deal.

In August, Hough sued Nicki and Kenneth for allegedly harassing and threatening her to not speak about the incident. On a more positive note, Blackburn says Jennifer's TV appearance has inspired other women to tell their own stories, and they've reached out to say they're standing behind her.

We're told in the past 24 hours, Blackburn's received messages from 30 different women expressing their support for Jennifer and thanking her for her bravery.

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