Ice Cube I Got Rap's Best Diss Song ... Not Kendrick, Pac, Nas!!!

Ice Cube is reminding hip hop fans that his iconic "No Vaseline" packed more bang for its buck than any other rap diss track around ... he didn't just kill soloists, he annihilated an entire squad!!!

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The Don Mega was Sunday night's co-headliner for California Roots Festival '24, where W.C. joined him and they gave the crowd a piece of his mind about today's beef culture ... a hot-button topic in the Drake-Kendrick Lamar aftermath of 2024 Rap Wars.

Cube showed love to Tupac Shakur's "Hit 'Em Up," Nas' "Ether" and K. Dot's "Not Like Us" --  all brutalizing tracks in their own right, but because his "No Vaseline" knocked out the entire N.W.A and their manager Jerry Heller ... he says he deserves the crown!!!

Cardi B Defends Porn ... After Candace Owens Demands Ban

Cardi B doesn't want any WAP censored on her timeline -- 'cause she's sticking up for XXX content ... this after Candace Owens proposed it should be completely illegal.

Candace recently called for a pornography ban on her X account, arguing its true intentions were to psychologically control and weaken men -- and amid all the pushback, Cardi herself chimed in with her opinion ... and as it turns out, she's very pro-porn.

Cardi's thoughts on the subject came courtesy of an IG comment she left on a blog that published Candace's recent tweet about this ... and it's clear CB wants to keep porn around.

Sean Kingston Hit with 10 Charges in Fraud, Theft Case ... Allegedly Jacked Nearly $500K in Jewelry!!!

When Sean Kingston gets back to Florida he'll be facing a mountain of charges in his fraud case, and cops claim he and his mother racked up around a million bucks worth of merch ... without paying.

According to the arrest warrant issued in Broward County the singer is facing a total of 10 charges related to the raid Sheriff's deputies conducted last week ... with the biggest one being an alleged organized scheme to defraud several companies.

In the docs, authorities say Sean and his mother, Janice Turner ripped off a jeweler, an exotic car dealer and several other businesses for well into the 6-figures. For instance, the car dealer allegation is over a Cadillac Escalade worth $159,701.49 ... and the jewelry was worth a whopping $480K!

Nicki Minaj Threatens to Fire Tour DJ ... Pic of Him Signing Boobs!!!

Nicki Minaj doesn't seem too happy with the DJ on her tour ... tweeting out he might end up on the chopping block -- all 'cause he signed a fan's breasts.

The rapper tweeted out a response to a pic floating around the internet of DJ Boof -- the DJ on her "Pink Friday 2" tour -- putting a sharpie to a fan's boobs ... scribbling his name with a big ole grin on his face.

Boof says the fan asked him to sign her chest ... adding text to the post claiming he'd finally hit famous status -- 'cause people wanted his John Hancock on their boobs!

Chris Brown It's Royalty's 10th Bday, Let's Rodeo!!!


Chris Brown's little girl ain't so little anymore -- his daughter Royalty's celebrating her 10th birthday today, and it looks like she's a big Beyoncé fan!

Chris and Royalty were super close and in the pics her mom, Nia Guzman, posted from the bday celebration ... where everyone where everyone was rocking some western flair.

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As mom announced on social media, "THIS WAS A TEXAS RODEO" ... an apparent shout-out to Bey's "Texas Hold 'Em" lyrics. The party featured line dancing, a ferris wheel and more western-themed decorations than you could shake a stick at!

Sean Kingston Mom Bails Outta Jail in Fraud Case ... Sean Awaits Extradition

Sean Kingston's mother is breathing fresh Florida air again -- after spending 4 days behind bars, she's bailed out following her arrest in the raid at Sean's house.

Janice Turner got busted a few hours before Sean during the Broward County Sheriff's raid Thursday on the singer's Florida home. As we reported ... Janice was taken into custody on a warrant for fraud and theft.

According to court records, the 61-year-old is facing 8 charges, including conducting an organized scheme to defraud, grand theft and identity theft. After her bail hearing Friday, she posted a $160,000 bond to secure her release. The Broward County jail tells us she was released Sunday around 5:54 PM.

Diddy Sean John Out At America's Best ... He Won't Be Getting Framed

Diddy's wallet's about to take a hit ... 'cause his famed Sean John frames are out at a huge eyewear retailer while his legal troubles mount.

America's Best Contacts & Eyeglasses has halted sales of Diddy's company's frames, TMZ has learned ... with a rep for the company confirming the move as well.

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Stores received a message Tuesday to remove all Sean Johns from the frame boards and replace them with frames at an appropriate price point from understock. They put a hold on selling the frames and told the stores to wait for further instructions. Unclear what the company plans to do with the merchandise.


A die-hard Kanye West fan is turning his beef with Adidas into serious bucks ... with his album signed "F*** ADIDAS" hitting the auction block.

Moments in Time is putting Kanye's expletively-signed 2010 album "My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy" on the market -- but it's gonna cost ya big time 'cause they're only entertaining offers north of $500,000 for this one-of-a-kind rap gem.

What adds to the album's value is the moment Ye put pen to vinyl -- caught on camera.

DJ Paul Drake Finished After K-Dot Beef?!? 😂 Time to Make More Hits!!!


DJ Paul says it's crazy to write off Drake after his heavy Kendrick Lamar battle -- insane, actually, because Drake ... is Drake!!!

The Three 6 Mafia star chopped it up with TMZ Hip Hop at LAX, where he told us the Kendrick-Drake beef was great entertainment ... but the subsequent convos about Drake's career being over are totally overblown.

Paul says Drake and Kendrick's feud diverted his attention from the action of the NBA Playoffs -- it was that good -- and, in his book, he doesn't see either rapper as a loser!

Nicki Minaj Detained For Alleged Drugs ... Cops Says She's Under Arrest!!!


1:46 PM PT -- Despite fans' high hopes, it appears the concert in Manchester's been canceled ... with some sharing a notice they say they received at the venue on X.

1:03 PM PT -- It appears Nicki Minaj's been released from custody ... the police department put out a statement saying it had released a 41-year-old American from custody with just a €350 fine. While again they don't name Nicki, it appears they're referring to her.

Nicki Minaj's flight out of Amsterdam didn't proceed as planned ... 'cause cops detained her on her way to the UK -- and, now, she's seemingly been arrested.


Calls to remove Diddy's Hollywood Walk of Fame star are gaining traction amid his downfall -- but the team behind the honor has made no such move.

A Hollywood Chamber of Commerce spokesperson tells TMZ ... they have not discussed it and the org is powerless to make the star disappear.

The Chamber says, while it has the authority to nominate star recipients, manufacture and install stars upon city approval and conduct the Walk of Fame installation ceremony, it lacks the authority to remove them.

TMZ TV Hot Takes Diddy's New Lawsuit ... Kabosu, Travis Kelce

First day of a long weekend ... and, TMZ's got the best stories on TV to kick off three days of fun in the sun. Check out the best from our past week.

TMZ Live


On "TMZ Live," Charles and Harvey discuss another new lawsuit against Diddy from a woman who claims he raped her multiple times.


Kanye West may end up avoiding legal trouble for allegedly punching a guy at a famous hotel last month ... 'cause cops say everyone involved has gone radio silent.

Law enforcement sources tell TMZ ... the rapper and twin brothers Mark and Jonnie Houston have clammed up over claims Ye socked the wrong twin in the face at the Chateau Marmont after he thought one of them assaulted his wife Bianca Censori in April.


Although Kanye's camp claimed Bianca got assaulted ... cops said they saw no evidence of an assault when they checked out surveillance footage. Best they could figure, it was just one of the twins accidentally bumping into Bianca.

Houston Storm Trae Tha Truth & Relief Gang Workin' OT Debris Cleanup Post Derecho Disaster

Certain areas in Houston are still reeling from the May 16 storm that toppled homes, and that's keeping Trae Tha Truth and his Relief Gang on the move -- without much sleep -- for days.

Trae tells TMZ Hip Hop he and the crew have managed to deliver over 1,000 meals to families, along with cutting fallen tree branches and removing debris ... but there's still much to be done.

The Houston rapper notes some people in low-income areas are still without power nearly 10 days later and others have resorted to sleeping in cars and checking in to hotels.

J. Cole Trying Sexy Drill After K. Dot Battle ... Fans Think He's Shell-Shocked

J. Cole's 2nd guest appearance since apologizing and exiting his lyrical duel with Kendrick Lamar isn't striking the right chord with fans ... even though he's riding rap's hottest wave at the moment!!!

On Friday, Cash Cobain released his new "sexy drill" single, "Grippy" with a rare Cole feature on what's really just an updated version of CC's 2023 track "Dunk Contest."

Sources close to the song's production tell us Cole DM'd Cash to hop on the song, and the rest is now history.

Cole avoids all references to his abbreviated K. Dot beef with playful lyrics -- "I call her that 'cause it's grippy/She thinkin' it hip, she a hippie/And she thinkin' of lips, she gon' lick me" and "Believe it or not likе Ripley's/She said she was gay until I slayed/Now she's strictly dickly!"

Fans didn't find it cool that Cole dumbed down his lyrics -- even if it was for the sexy drill cause., and gave him an earful on social media .. where the consensus is Kendrick is still in his head.

Cole also got flak for a line that appeared to be yet another dig at the LGBTQ community ... 2024 has been one backfire after another for the North Carolina rapper.

Not "Fo' Sho," It's "Fisherrr"

CC outlined criteria for the sexy drill movement to TMZ Hip Hop when the original version of his smash hit "Fisherrr" came out ... too bad the Cole collab isn't checking boxes for fans.

Sean Kingston Arrest Caught on Video ... Cops Waiting After Concert


Sean Kingston's sitting in county lockup, awaiting extradition to Florida ... after cops nabbed him Thursday night, and TMZ got footage of authorities meeting him moments after his concert on a military base.

Check out the clip ... you see officers leading Sean to an RV, right after he stepped off the stage. While they don't immediately cuff him -- his hands are free in the video -- we know he was subsequently arrested, and cops did note that he went peacefully.

Eyewitnesses tell TMZ ... the video was taken around 4 PM Thursday at Fort Irwin, the base in the Mojave Desert where SK was performing.

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