Tish Cyrus Parenting Hindsight is 20/20 ... But Weed Woulda Made Me Super-Mom!!!

Tish Cyrus is looking back at her parenting and seeing ways she could've improved ... chief among them, rolling up a joint and mellowing out a bit!

The mother of Miley and Noah Cyrus opened up about her parenting skills on a recent episode of her "Sorry We're Stoned" podcast ... telling guest Wiz Khalifa she regrets not doing some toking back when her kids were growing up.

The way Tish puts it ... she didn't pick up the Mary Jane until she was in her mid-40s, years after her kids were in their teens -- so she feels she wasn't as much fun as she could've been with a little pot.

Tish's daughter Brandi -- seated right alongside her mom -- said she probably woulda chilled out about a few things too ... a jab Tish couldn't have agreed with more.

BTW ... Wiz also has a song about smoking weed with Miley Cyrus titled "23" which came out in 2013 -- a song that made a then-anti-marijuana Tish really upset!

It's a bit ironic Tish is looking back on her parenting ... since a lot of people online are currently gossiping about her relationship with her daughter Noah.

Remember ... reports surfaced earlier this week that Noah was actually dating Tish's new husband Dominic Purcell first -- before Mama Tish swooped in and stole him away.

The Cyrus family's dealing with a ton of issues ... with Miley not thanking Billy Ray Cyrus in her Grammys acceptance speech and Noah reportedly estranged from TIsh.the

Hard to say if Tish smoking weed way back when woulda helped fix some of cracks between the fam now -- TC might need to light up and ruminate on it.

Brittany Cartwright Would Give Jax Another Chance ... He's Gotta Make Changes


Brittany Cartwright's not closing the door on reuniting with estranged husband Jax Taylor ... but, she has to see serious changes before reconciliation can truly begin.

We caught up with Brittany out in Los Angeles on Friday ... and we asked her all about her split with her husband of almost five years -- specifically asking if the couple's taking any steps to mend fences.

Cartwright says Jax hasn't made much of an effort to work things out ... adding she's asked Taylor to hit some relationship benchmarks, but nothing's happened yet.

Despite Brittany saying there is a lack of movement on Jax's front, she says she's not giving up on her man yet ... seriously hoping to get back together eventually.

She's also confronting rumors that this separation is a publicity stunt head-on ... saying there's no truth to that online gossip.

Brittany alludes to a ton of fighting between her and Jax as well ... adding both she and the couple's son -- 2-year-old son Cruz -- deserve better.


Romantic issues aside ... Brittany says she and Jax still plan on working together --  cohosting their podcast 'When Reality Hits' and even filming their "Vanderpump Rules" spin-off "The Valley" while dealing with their issues.

We broke the story ... even though Jax claimed the couple was still living together through their separation, sources with direct knowledge told us that just wasn't the case -- and pics of her moving out provided further confirmation.

All this came after Brittany announced the news on an episode of their podcast earlier this week ... seemingly bringing an end to a relationship that began almost a decade ago.

Seems there's some chance the two work things out ... but, it doesn't sound like it's going to happen anytime soon.

Ex-NFL OL Chad Wheeler Sentenced To 81 Months In Prison ... For Attack On Girlfriend

Chad Wheeler -- a former New York Giants offensive lineman -- was just sentenced to 81 months in prison ... after he was convicted in November of roughing up his girlfriend during a violent encounter in 2021.

The 30-year-old learned his fate inside a King County, Wash. courtroom on Friday ... in front of some of his family and friends -- as well as the victim in the case, Alleah Taylor.

In addition to the nearly seven-year sentence, the judge also ordered Wheeler to have no contact with Taylor ... and to pay restitution as well. The sentence, according to court documents, is scheduled to begin immediately.

Wheeler was found guilty of one count of first-degree assault domestic violence back on Nov. 9 ... nearly three years after Taylor said he almost killed her during an altercation at their Washington apartment.


Taylor claimed Wheeler attacked her after she refused his orders to bow down to him. She alleged the football player grabbed her, threw her on a bed and choked her until she was unconscious.

Taylor said Wheeler was so violent, she suffered a concussion and an arm injury that required metal hardware to fix.

On Thursday night, just hours before Wheeler's sentencing took place, Taylor wrote on her X page, "Sending Chad to prison tomorrow!"

"I appreciate everyone that has supported me and the legal process to make this happen! It’s been a long road but we are finally here and finally receiving justice!"

Wheeler -- who was a member of the Seattle Seahawks at the time of the incident -- had initially blamed everything on a "manic episode."

'Big Brother' Star Memphis Garrett Files to Divorce Christmas Abbott


3:41 PM -- The divorce docs are in, and it was Memphis Garrett who filed first. According to the filing, obtained by TMZ, the 'BB' star is citing the classic irreconcilable differences for his reason ... and he wants a court to not sign off on giving Christmas Abbott alimony, noting she's gainfully employed.

There's no minor children ... and in terms of assets, Memphis wants a judge to divvy up what they have equitably. Pretty boilerplate -- but the larger message is ... the marriage is over.

No storybook ending for "Big Brother" alums Memphis Garrett and Christmas Abbott ... they are no longer living under the same roof, and they're hurtling toward a divorce.

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Memphis and Christmas officially split last week when she filed for a temporary DV restraining order against Memphis and a judge granted her court-ordered protection.

We're told infidelity and lying are at the core of the breakup ... with Christmas feeling like Memphis is not the person she thought he was when she married him.

Our sources say Christmas has been asking Memphis for a divorce for several months now, and she's going to follow through soon and file divorce docs.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In the meantime, we're told Christmas has been granted occupancy of the family home in Fort Lauderdale.

We reached out to Christmas for comment and she tells TMZ, "It is unfortunate that the actions and intentions of individuals involved in this situation have led to the exposure of personal and sensitive information. I believe that matters of this nature should be resolved in a private and respectful manner. I ask for privacy at this time to focus on my family."

As for Memphis ... sources connected to his camp tell TMZ that he, too, suspects infidelity has been afoot -- we're told he believes it's actually Christmas who's been unfaithful, including over the past 6 months.

We're told Memphis feels like Christmas made up DV claims to get him caught up with the law -- and we're told cops did indeed escort him from their home with his son, River, in tow.

Memphis tells TMZ, "My heart hurts. I did not want to have to file for divorce. I was doing everything in my power to work on our marriage. I only wish the very best in life for her and Loyal" ... her 5-year-old son.

The couple does not have any children together.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Christmas has been going through a lot lately ... as we first told you, her baby daddy's been arrested for allegedly sharing explicit images of Christmas without her permission.

Our sources say Christmas' custody battle has taken a huge financial and emotional toll and her main concern is her son.

TMZ Studios

'BB' fans will remember Memphis and Christmas first met during season 22 of "Big Brother: All-Stars" when they forged an alliance together.

They confirmed they were an item after the season ended, and in 2022 they got hitched.

Originally Published -- 12:45 AM PT

JUSTIN BIEBER HACE MUCHO NO ES UN NIÑO ¡Una mirada retrospectiva a su vida!

Justin Bieber tuvo un día muy especial el viernes... finalmente cumplió 30, y digamos que ha sido un largo y accidentado viaje para llegar a este número, y vale la pena mirar hacia atrás.

Ha sido un viaje salvaje para Bieber, que primero llamó la atención del super-manager Scooter Braun en 2008. Firmó con Braun y Usher no mucho después, pero, no antes de que tuvieran que superar la oferta de Justin Timberlake.

Desde entonces, la carrera musical de Bieber, ha despegado, con Justin ganando Grammys, embarcándose en giras mundiales y ganando millones durante los últimos 15 años más o menos. Por supuesto, su base de fans es enorme... con millones y millones de Beliebers.

Fuera de su carrera musical de gran éxito, Justin ha demostrado ser popular con las damas. Recordemos que fue vinculado a varias caras famosas los últimos años, incluyendo a Sofia Richie, Nicola Peltz, Kourtney Kardashian y, por supuesto, Selena Gómez.

Ninguna de esas relaciones duró, en parte debido a los problemas personales que Justin trató en la década siguiente. Los últimos años de la adolescencia y los primeros 20 de Justin estuvieron llenos de controversia y tumulto (quién puede olvidar el mono confiscado) que incluyó su notorio arresto por conducir ebrio en 2014.

Bieber luchó con problemas personales durante años, hasta que finalmente se volvió a Dios, mientras que también volvió con otra de sus famosas ex, Hailey Baldwin, que ahora es la señora Bieber.

Justin y Hailey se casaron en septiembre de 2018 luego de reencontrarse de manera fugaz. Han estado juntos desde entonces y son muy felices.

Instagram / @justinbieber

Más recientemente, Justin ha estado plagado de problemas de salud, incluyendo el síndrome de Ramsay Hunt que paralizó parte de su cara y lo obligó a cancelar su gira mundial "Justice". Él no ha actuado mucho desde 2022 y no hay ninguna señal de que vaya a pisar los escenarios pronto.

Recordemos que fue abordado la idea de unirse a Usher en el Super Bowl, pero al final no lo hizo, aunque sí asistió al juego.

Bieber optó por permanecer como espectador, pero siempre es bueno verlo. Él realmente visita la ciudad bastante seguido con Hailey estos días, pero no está hablando mucho con la prensa.

Sin embargo, sus fans lo adoran hasta el día de hoy. Obviamente, él es una gran estrella y este es su cumpleaños número 30. Es una locura pensar que hemos pasado todos estos años con él en el centro de atención pública.

TMZ Studios

¡Feliz cumpleaños, Justin! Brindamos por 30 años increíbles más y muchos otros por venir. 🥂.

Justin Bieber Dirty Thirty ... A Look Back on His Life!!!

Justin Bieber hit a big milestone on Friday -- he finally turned 30 ... and let's just say, it's been a long, eventful ride getting to this number, which is worth looking back on.

It's been a wild ride for the Biebs ... who first caught the attention of super-manager Scooter Braun back in 2008. He signed with Braun and Usher not long after ... but, not before they had to outbid Justin Timberlake.

Since then, Bieber's music career has obviously taken off ... with Justin winning Grammys, embarking on world tours and rolling in millions over the next 15 years or so. Of course, his fan base has absolutely ballooned as well ... with millions upon millions of Beliebers.

Outside of his wildly successful music career -- Justin has proven to be popular with the ladies ... remember JB was linked to several famous faces over the years ... including Sofia Richie, Nicola Peltz, Kourtney Kardashian and, of course, longtime GF Selena Gomez.

None of those relationships lasted ... partly because of personal troubles Justin dealt with over the next decade. Justin's late teens and early 20s were full of controversy and tumult (who can forget the confiscated monkey) which included his notorious 2014 DUI arrest.

Bieber fought with personal issues for years ... that is, until he finally cleaned up his act and turned to God, while also getting back together with another one of his famous exes -- Hailey Baldwin, who's now Mrs. Bieber.

Justin and Hailey married in September 2018 -- the end of a whirlwind rekindling that reportedly began just months before the two said their vows. They've been together ever since ... looking lovestruck every time they're spotted together, and tied at the hip.

Instagram / @justinbieber

More recently, Justin's been plagued by health issues ... including Ramsay Hunt Syndrome which paralyzed part of his face and forced him to cancel his "Justice" world tour. He hasn't performed much since 2022 -- and there's no sign he's gonna hit the big stage again soon.

Remember, he'd been approached about performing with Usher at the Super Bowl Halftime Show -- but in the end, he passed on it ... even though he did attend the game itself.

Bieber chose to remain a spectator for that one, but it was still good to see him out and about. He actually hits the town a lot with Hailey these days ... but he ain't talking much.

And yet ... his fans absolutely adore him, to this day. For good reason obviously -- he's a star among stars, and then some -- and on his 30th birthday ... it's crazy to think we've spent all these years with him in the public spotlight.

TMZ Studios

Happy birthday, Justin! Here's to 30 more incredible years, and many more to come after that. 🥂

'vanderpump' Alum Jax Taylor Not Living With Brittany After Split ... Despite What He Claims

Brittany Cartwright is NOT moving back in with her estranged husband Jax Taylor in the wake of their separation ... contrary to what Jax is suggesting to the media.

Sources with direct knowledge tell TMZ ... despite the former "Vanderpump Rules" star's recent claim that he and Brittany are living together again, that's simply not the case. We're told they are, in fact, living separately at the moment.

Instead, our sources tell us Jax and Brittany are still taking time apart after fighting a lot over the past year ... which ultimately ended with them separating. Our sources say both of them need space away from each other -- part of that includes them being under different roofs right now.


Now, Brittany did stop by the family home Thursday ... but we're told she was only there to grab some of her belongings, which she brought over to the nearby home that she's renting.

The reality stars announced their separation Thursday on their joint podcast, "When Reality Hits with Jax and Brittany" -- with BC saying she needed time apart for her mental health after a rough time in their marriage.

Our sources tell us the separation was a long time coming, and it was brewing over the past year or so as they fought about a number of different things.

Jax and Brittany have been together romantically for nearly a decade and they got hitched in 2019, and we're told they're going through a tough patch in their marriage ... just like any other couple.

Our sources say the fighting isn't over any one specific issue, and more importantly -- we're told there is NO infidelity from either side here. We're told they need just time apart for their own mental health ... and for the sake of their 2-year-old son, Cruz.

TMZ Studios

We're told Cruz is shuttling back and forth between the family home where Jax lives and Brittany's rental home ... and the parents want to keep things amicable for their kid.

On the issue of divorce -- which Jax shut down during his interview this week -- the jury seems to be out on that ... it's too early to tell if they're going down that road or not.


Rihanna actuará este fin de semana en una lujosa fiesta pre-boda en la India para el hijo del hombre más rico de Asia y ya está en la ciudad y lleva una tonelada de equipaje.

Échale un vistazo a estas imágenes de principios de semana que supuestamente muestran una cinta transportadora llena de enormes maletines, unidades de almacenamiento y cajas. Es una locura... ¡Hay un montón de cosas!

llevando el equipaje

La cantante ha sido contratada para actuar en una fiesta pre-boda para Anant Ambani -el hijo menor del multimillonario Mukesh Ambani- y Radhika Merchant, que están listos para casarse en julio, sin embargo, estarán celebrando antes de tiempo durante 3 días seguidos a partir del viernes en Gujarat, India.

Han invitado a innumerables famosos y magnates, y algunos ya han volado a la ciudad para celebrar con la pareja. Rihanna ha sido contratada como artista principal. Aunque sus honorarios se mantienen en secreto, puedes imaginar que es un buen bastante.

La familia Ambani es conocida por contratar a las estrellas más grandes del mundo para que actúen en sus fiestas: Beyoncé actuó en la ceremonia previa a la boda de Isha Ambani y Anand Piramal en 2018. Un año después, Chris Martin de Coldplay y The Chainsmokers subieron al escenario en la celebración preboda de Akash Ambani y Shloka Mehta, la cual tuvo lugar en Suiza. Ahora, tienen a RiRi, así que sí, van con todo.

Está claro que Mukesh vuelve a no reparar en gastos para celebrar la ampliación de su familia. Al parecer, el famoso mago David Blaine también ha sido contratado para actuar durante un fin de semana repleto de estrellas y probablemente sus servicios tampoco sean baratos.

El CEO de Meta y multimillonario Mark Zuckerberg y su esposa Priscilla Chan ya han dado un vistazo a las festividades, publicando en Instagram una foto vestidos de punta en blanco.

Ivanka Trump, por su parte, también fue vista entre los invitados, con otros asistentes, que incluyen a Bill Gates y el CEO de Google Sundar Pichai, y se espera que todos sigan un supuesto código de vestimenta de nueve páginas.

Ahora, antes de que te burles de este despliegue de riqueza, la pareja se ha asegurado de devolver a la comunidad, dando inicio a su fin de semana de amor con una cena comunitaria para 51.000 locales. Sí, literalmente, organizaron una comida masiva para decenas de miles de personas en su área. ¡Genial!

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

¡Buena suerte!

Rihanna To Perform At Indian Billionaire Son's Pre-Wedding Bash ... Brings Literal Crates of Crap

Rihanna is set to perform at a lavish pre-wedding event in India this weekend for the son of Asia's richest man ... and she's already in town, with a crap ton of luggage with her.

Check out this footage from earlier in the week that purports to show a conveyor belt full of massive briefcases, storage units and full-blown crates ... all of which are said to have been carrying her belongings. If true, that's pretty crazy ... this is a helluva lot of stuff!


The singer has been booked to perform at a pre-wedding party for Anant Ambani -- the youngest son of billionaire Mukesh Ambani -- and Radhika Merchant, who are set to tie the knot in July ... but who are raging early for 3 days straight starting Friday in Gujarat, India.

Countless celebs and tycoons have been invited -- and a handful have already flown into town to celebrate with the couple. Rihanna has been hired as the main talent -- although her fee has been kept a secret. Ya gotta figure it's quite a bundle ... 'cause she agreed to do it.

The Ambani family is known for hiring the world's biggest stars to perform at their parties -- Beyoncé notably performed at the 2018 pre-wedding ceremony for Isha Ambani and Anand Piramal. A year later ... Coldplay's Chris Martin and The Chainsmokers took the stage at Akash Ambani and Shloka Mehta's pre-wedding celebration -- which took place in Switzerland. Now, they got RiRi on the lineup ... so yeah, they go all out for their own.

It's clear that Mukesh is once again sparing no expense to celebrate the expansion of his family. Famed magician David Blaine has reportedly also been booked to perform throughout the star-studded weekend ... and his services probably don't come cheap either.

Meta CEO and billionaire Mark Zuckerberg and wife Priscilla Chan have already given a glimpse at the festivities -- posting on Instagram a photo of themselves dressed to the nines.

Ivanka Trump, meanwhile, was also spotted among the guests, with other reported attendees including Bill Gates and Google CEO Sundar Pichai -- who are all expected to follow an alleged nine-page dress code.

Now before you scoff at this display of wealth ... the couple has made sure to give back to the community -- kicking off their loved-up weekend with a communal dinner for 51,000 locals. Yes, they literally hosted a massive meal for tens of thousands of people in their area. Wild!

TMZ Studios

Congratulations to the couple ... and good luck RiRi!

Joe Jonas The Calm Before the Storm(i) ... Paddleboards With Model

Joe Jonas has moved on from Sophie Turner ... hopping on a yacht with Stormi Bree, and yeah -- they 100% look like a couple now, in case it wasn't already obvious.

The JoBro singer enjoyed a day on the water in Sydney Harbour -- yes, he's in Australia right now with his brothers -- with the model/ex-Miss Teen USA winner ... swimming, stand-up paddleboarding and even enjoying a few beverages onboard.

Joe and Stormi have been spending a bunch of time together ever since he and Sophie divorced. It's easy to see why Joe's into Stormi ... just check out her bikini bod -- it's rockin'!.

While Joe and Stormi enjoyed some quality time together on their paddleboard, this was actually a group outing. Also onboard the yacht ... Nick Jonas and a few other party people.

Stormi's body isn't the only thing that's smoking, BTW... Joe's also lighting one up, puffing away on the deck.

Joe and Stormi got the full Sydney experience -- the yacht took them past two famous landmarks ... the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House, which they documented on social media.

The rumored couple -- who, frankly, are probably/most definitely dating -- is Down Under as the Jonas Brothers continue on their tour in Australia ... making this their third trip together in as many months.

We've previously seen Joe and Sophie hanging out in Los Cabos and going skiing in Aspen. They've also been spotted hobnobbing in other cities -- they're hanging out a ton these days.

Remember ... Joe and Sophie are sharing custody of their kids, and we usually see Joe with Stormi when it's Sophie's turn to parent. Of course, they're in the middle of a divorce too.

Speaking of Sophie ... she's moved on herself, coupling up with British aristocrat Peregrine Pearson.

TMZ Studios

Rebounds for everyone!

The TMZ Podcast: Bianca Censori's Dad Unhappy w/ Her 'Trashy' Outfits & Stephen Baldwin Asks for Prayers Over Justin & Hailey 👀

On this episode of The TMZ podcast ...

Bianca Censori's father, Leo Censori, believes Kanye West is tearing her away from her family and wants to confront him about her "trashy" nudity.

Hailey Bieber is reportedly "pissed" at her dad Stephen Baldwin for asking the public for prayer over her and Justin Bieber's marriage. Speaking of Hailey ... her sister, Alaia Baldwin Aronow, was arrested for assault and battery after she allegedly threw a used tampon at staff in a Georgia bar.

Rachel Leviss has filed a lawsuit against Tom Sandoval and Ariana Madix, alleging a number of accusations, including revenge porn.

Plus, Geri Halliwell flew in to Bahrain reunite with her husband Christian Horner amid the leaked texts scandal.

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Hosts: Charlie Cotton & Nikki Hendry

PADRE DE BIANCA CENSORI VAMOS A ACLARAR LAS COSAS YE Dice que quiere hablar sobre la ropa

Si la ropa de Bianca Censori te ha llamado la atención, imagina ser su padre... quien ha visto todo y parece que está muy enfadado al respecto.

Fuentes cercanas a Bianca le dijeron a Daily Mail que su padre, Leo, quiere sentarse a charlar con Kanye West para discutir los trajes que su hija está usando.

De acuerdo con el informe, Leo quiere preguntarle a Ye a quemarropa cómo es posible que pueda pasear a su esposa con ropa apenas transparente como un "trofeo desnudo de mala calidad", no son exactamente las palabras que cualquiera querría escuchar de su suegro.

Al parecer, Leo también quiere preguntarle a Ye si le parecería bien que sus hijas se pasearan por ahí con ropa igual de transparente cuando crecieran, porque francamente, lo duda.

Como ya hemos dicho, Bianca está sorprendiendo constantemente con su moda y recientemente lo mostró todo usando medias transparentes.

Definitivamente, ha dado de qué hablar, pero no es la primera vez que lleva ropa reveladora, ¿recuerdas cuando estaba totalmente desnuda en un impermeable o los bodys que usó en Italia? Claramente no es de las que se abrigan.

Obviamente, Leo parece pensar que Kanye está forzando a su hija, similar a lo que se comenta en línea.

abordado en la calle

Leo también tiene muchas ganas de preguntarle a Ye por qué está aparentemente aislándola de su familia, por lo tanto, suena como que el querido papá cree que Ye está controlando a Bianca en múltiples ámbitos de la vida.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

¡Tomaremos incómodas charlas familiares por $800, Alex!

Lo cubrimos todo en el último episodio de The TMZ Podcast, disponible en todas las plataformas de pódcast.

Bianca Censori's Dad Let's Rap, Ye ... Reportedly Wants to Talk Bianca's Clothes

If Bianca Censori's racy, barely-there outfits have your eyes popping, imagine being her father ... who's seen all the worldwide attention, and it sounds like he's pretty enraged about it.

Sources close to Bianca told Daily Mail that her dad, Leo, wants to sit down for a chat with Kanye West to discuss the outfits his daughter's wearing ... and these sources are saying he's outright gonna go on a tirade if he does get face time with him.

According to the report, Leo wants to ask Ye point-blank how he could possibly march his wife around in barely-there clothes like some "trashy naked trophy pony" -- not exactly the words anyone would wanna hear from their father-in-law.

Leo also apparently wants to ask Ye if he'd be cool with his daughters walking around wearing similarly sheer clothing when they grow up -- 'cause quite frankly, he doubts it.

As we've told ya ... Bianca's constantly pushing the envelope with her fashion, recently going as far as straight-up flashing her vagina while wearing sheer tights.


She's definitely going further and further with each new outfit, but it's not like this is the first time she's worn super revealing clothing -- remember her being totally naked in a raincoat or all the nude-colored bodysuits in Italy? She's not the bundling-up type.

Obviously, Leo seems to think Kanye's forcing all of these choices on his daughter ... similar to online buzz that sparked up a few months back about Ye taking away his wife's free will.


Leo's also reportedly keen on asking Ye why he's seemingly shutting her off from her family ... so, it sounds like dear ol' Dad believes Ye's controlling Bianca in multiple arenas in life.

TMZ Studios

We'll take uncomfortable family chats for $800, Alex!

We covered it all on the latest episode of The TMZ Podcast, available on all podcast platforms.

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A "Saturday Night Live" comedy trio is taking credit for Taylor Swift and Travis Kelce's romance -- but only if it goes the distance ... otherwise, they want nothing to do with it.

The topic of Traylor kickstarted when comics Ben Marshall, John Higgins, and Martin Herlihy -- who make up Please Don't Destroy on 'SNL' -- spilled the beans on working with Tay Tay.

Mike Birbiglia’s Working It Out

They told host Mike Birbiglia on the 'Working It Out' podcast the star told them she had watched Travis' 'SNL' episode before they first met and she liked what she saw.

Ben added that Taylor told them she thought Travis seemed super funny in the clip ... saying that it was in that moment that they kinda, sorta brought them together.

However, Ben shared some serious reservations about taking credit for the Traylor romance -- only 'cause of Taylor's army of devoted fans, the Swifties.

TMZ Studios

He said that if things were to ever go south between the pair ... they'd be the ones getting roasted over the coals for it.

Travis, of course, got in on the action hosting 'SNL' in March 2023 -- about six months before he went public with Taylor. It's interesting ... they're saying this is when Travis first fell onto Taylor's radar -- but whether she was actually interested or not ... well, anyone's guess.

Travis also appeared in a pre-taped sketch written by Please Don't Destroy, where he played a hilarious self-defense instructor named Kurt Lightning ... so yeah, they have 'SNL' history.

So, there you have it folks .. the story of how Traylor first began!


Tish Cyrus está siendo acusada de robarle el novio a su hija y luego convertirlo en su marido, y en medio de todo el ruido, el propio hombre se dirige hacia el mar.

Dominic Purcell -la ex estrella de "Prison Break", que ahora está casado con Tish- fue a surfear el jueves en Malibu, donde era solo él y su tabla cogió algunas olas y disfrutó de un poco de tiempo a solas en el océano durante un día sombrío.

Las fotos son bastante geniales, Dom parece saber lo que está haciendo. Luce como un surfista bastante experimentado y no un principiante, al menos eso es lo que podemos deducir.

Lo más notable es el ambiente nublado y las olas agitadas que parecen reflejar la situación en la que él y su esposa se encuentran ahora, es decir, directamente en contra de su hija -Noah- quien se informa ha estado saliendo con Dominic antes de que Mamá lo acapara para ella.

Teniendo en cuenta lo guapo que se ve Dominic aquí, suponemos que podemos entender el atractivo, pero si lo que se está informando acerca de cómo él y la relación de Tish surgió es cierto... bueno, es un poco desagradable por decir lo menos.

Recordemos que la afirmación es que Noah estuvo en realidad con Dominic primero, y que Tish finalmente comenzó a dirigirse a él a través de redes sociales.

La línea de tiempo que se ha informado es un poco borrosa, pero parece que hubo algunos problemas, lo que podría explicar por qué Tish y Noah están distanciados.

Todavía hay un montón de preguntas sin respuesta... pero en cualquier caso, Tish y Dom fueron vistos el miércoles en los talones de esta gran noticia de última hora y ninguno de ellos parecía dispuesto a hablar con los paparazzi al respecto.


Tisha y Dom iban en vehículos separados para su almuerzo en Los Ángeles, y cuando Tish se alejó, ella mantuvo sus ventanas habiertas haciendo caso omiso de las preguntas de los fotógrafos.

En cuanto a Noah, ella no ha dicho mucho acerca de esto públicamente por el momento, pero el hecho de que ella faltó a la boda de Tish con Dominic el pasado mes de abril es revelador, especialmente a la luz de este presunto desarrollo.

No hace falta decir que la familia Cyrus está seriamente fracturada en este momento, ya que parece que algunos de los niños han tomado partido en todo este asunto, por no mencionar el reciente divorcio entre Tish y Billy Ray. Miley parece ser anti-Bill, y Noah es anti-Tish.

Ya había mala sangre, pero ahora se le agregó leña al fuego y no pareciera que las cosas vayan a calmarse.

tmz investiga
TMZ Studios

Hemos llegado a Tish y Noé, pero no hay ninguna palabra de vuelta todavía de ninguno de ellos.

Tish Cyrus' Husband Choppy Waters Amid Noah Rumors ... He's Just Riding the Wave

Tish Cyrus is being accused of stealing her daughter's boyfriend and then turning him into her own husband -- and amid all the noise ... the man himself is heading out to sea.

Dominic Purcell -- the former 'Prison Break' star, who's now married to Tish -- went surfing Thursday out in Malibu, CA ... where it was just him and his board as he caught some waves and enjoyed a little solo time out in the ocean during a gloomy day.

The pics are pretty cool ... Dom seems to know what he's doing out there, looking like a fairly seasoned surfer and not a kook (beginner) -- at least that's what we can glean.

More importantly though ... the overcast environment and choppy waves also seem to telegraph the situation he and his wife are now in -- namely, squarely against her daughter, Noah, who is reported to have been dating Dominic before Mama Bear swooped in.

Based on how studly DP looks here, we suppose we can understand the appeal -- but if what's being reported about how his and Tish's relationship came about is in any way true ... well, it's a little unsavory to say the least.

Remember ... the claim that's been floated here is that Noah was actually with Dominic first -- and that Tish eventually came along and started hollering at him over social media DMs.

The timeline that's been reported is a little fuzzy, but it seems like some overlap may have possibly occurred -- which might be able to explain why Tish and Noah are now estranged.

There are still a lot of unanswered questions about this ... but in any case, Tish and Dom were both spotted out Wednesday on the heels of this big news breaking -- and neither of them seemed ready to talk to paps about it.

stepping out, staying silent

Tisha and Dom were rolling in separate vehicles for their lunch outing in L.A. -- and as Tish pulled away, she kept her windows rolled up ... ignoring questions from the photogs.

As for Noah, she hasn't said much about this publicly just yet -- but the fact she skipped Tish's wedding with Dominic last April is telling ... especially in light of this alleged development.

It goes without saying ... the Cyrus family is seriously fractured at the moment, as it seems some of the kids have taken sides in this whole thing -- not to mention the somewhat fresh divorce between Tish and Billy Ray. Miley appears to be anti-Bill ... Noah's anti-Tish.

There was already bad blood in their brood as it was ... but now, this is yet another divide that's being thrown into the mix -- and it doesn't sound like things are gonna simmer down.

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We've reached out to Tish and Noah ... no word back yet from either of them.

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