Patrick Mahomes' GF Harassed at Patriots Game 'Security Moved Us to Safe Place'

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"This place is horrible."

That's Patrick Mahomes' girlfriend ... who says Patriots fans treated her like such crap at Gillette Stadium on Sunday, security had to physically move her to a "safe place."

Brittany Matthews and Patrick's younger brother, Jackson Mahomes, are regulars at Chiefs games -- but Brit claims their experience in New England was one of her worst ever.

Early in the Chiefs-Pats matchup, Matthews said, "As soon as we sit down, drunk dude 'hey everyone this is patrick mahomes girl and brother, let’s give them sh*t' This shall be fun."

Later, she said things got even more aggressive ... with fans yelling at her for standing and cheering on her MVP quarterback boyfriend.

"This place is horrible, people already yelling every time I stand up, am I not aloud to stand up for football game?"

Eventually, Matthews claims things got so bad with New England fans around her ... security had to move her and Mahomes' brother to another part of the stadium.

"Gillette security came and got us and moved us to a safe place," Matthews said ... "That’s how you know it was bad."

Good news for all? Matthews didn't seem too fazed by the alleged incidents ... she was seen smiling and kissing Patrick after the big 23-16 win.

"Everyone was sleeping on us, so we woke em up," Brittany said.

She later added some shade toward Patriots fans on Monday, writing on her Twitter, "All patriots fans 'we still have 6 Super Bowls' Lololol"

"Once patrick has been in the league as long as Brady, then chat to me about Super Bowls! Patrick is 24, brady is 42 you just wait."

Mohamed Hadid Splits from GF Over Kids ... I Have Enough!!!


Gigi and Bella Hadid won't be getting any little siblings ... their dad and his fiancee called it quits in part because they couldn't agree on starting a family together.

Sources close to Mohamed Hadid tell TMZ ... he and Shiva Safai parted ways about a year ago -- even though she didn't confirm it publicly until this week. We're told the 39-year-old absolutely wanted to be a mom, but Mohamed wasn't looking to go down that road again.

As you know ... Mohamed is already a father to 5 beautiful children -- daughters Bella, Gigi, Alana and Marielle, and son Anwar.

Another reason for the breakup, sources close to Shiva tell us, was her reaction to a woman who publicly claimed she had a relationship with Mohamed. We're told it made Shiva reevaluate things, before having a heart-to-heart with him about their future.

It's still unclear who broke up with who, but we're told Mohamed and Shiva both agreed they were on different pages.

The now-exes got engaged way back in 2014, but we're told he came to the realization he didn't want to be married again -- he's already got 2 under his belt.

Our sources say he hopes Shiva can find Mr. Right, get married and have kids.

One last bit of accounting ... the ring. We're told Shiva's engagement rock is a Hadid family heirloom, and she gave it back to Mohamed, and he's passed it on his eldest sister.

For what it's worth, Shiva's now dating a new guy -- Niels Houweling -- but she and Mohamed are on good terms.

R. Kelly's GF Azriel Moves Out of Trump Tower ... Done with Legal Drama

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One of R. Kelly's longtime live-in girlfriends has had enough of the circus surrounding his myriad of federal and state legal battles ... so she's moved out of his Trump Tower condo.

Sources close to Azriel Clary tell us she recently got her own place in Chicago and is no longer living with Joycelyn Savage. We're told Azriel wanted to distance herself from the ongoing Kelly saga -- including Joycelyn's fake Patreon page -- and focus on her life.

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Our sources say Azriel does still support R. Kelly ... but being in the condo with Joycelyn and being immersed in the drama at all times became too much. We're told Azriel is making money to support herself through a TV project and modeling gigs.

Azriel's main focus is now on her singing career, something she put a lot of effort into before meeting R. Kelly. She has plans to document her daily life, showcase her singing and start acting.


Azriel's father, Angelo, told us back in July he would do anything to get his daughter out of Trump Tower ... including pay for her own apartment. The move certainly seems to be one in the direction of reuniting with her family.

It was just this week when TMZ obtained a video of R. Kelly's other girlfriend, Joycelyn Savage, making a statement in full support of the singer. Savage claimed she wasn't the one behind the pay account that claimed to have info on Kelly ... and that she and Azriel still fully supported him.


Unlike Joycelyn, Azriel has really pushed her social media pages lately. She's started a Twitter and YouTube page ... and will restore her Instagram shortly.

CP5 Exoneree Raymond Santana I'm Engaged Thanks to Instagram!!! And I Have ZERO Interest in a Bloomberg Apology


Raymond Santana -- one of the wrongfully convicted Central Park Five -- just got engaged to a reality star, and tells us it wouldn't have been possible without a little Instagram flirting.

Raymond was on "TMZ Live" Friday to give us the lowdown on his engagement to "Flavor of Love" star Deelishis, to whom he proposed on Thursday during a lunch date in ATL. Ray says he was pretty sly about it, dropping a faux attitude on his girl before he popped the question.


And, for all those thirsty folks on the 'Gram ... Raymond's here to tell you why shooting your shot can pay major dividends. The story of how he and Deelishis met is so 2019, ya gotta watch the clip. Dude's a romantic.

Of course, Ava DuvVernay's Netflix series "When They See Us" turned a spotlight on Raymond's story -- highlighting the injustice of his conviction for the brutal 1989 rape and beating of a female jogger in NYC.

We asked Raymond if he would accept an apology from former NYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg for his administration's role in avoiding a settlement in the CP5's damage suit against the NYPD after their convictions were vacated.

You might recall ... Bloomberg avoided settling the case before leaving office, and Mayor Bill de Blasio's administration agreed in 2014 to pay the CP5 a settlement of more than $40 million.

Bloomberg just entered the 2020 presidential race ... and Raymond tells us why it would be hard to see an apology from the billionaire as genuine.

Tennis' Juan Martin del Potro Forget My Injury ... Peep My Model GF!!!

Here's tennis star Juan Martin del Potro showing us how he's recovering from that pesky knee injury ... a Miami beach romp with his model girlfriend!

Feelin' better already?!

Juan -- the former #3 ranked player in the world -- fractured his kneecap earlier this year after slipping on grass during a tourney and had to undergo surgery to repair it.

He's hoping for a big-time comeback when he's all healed up -- but in the meantime, the 31-year-old Argentinian stud is relaxing in Miami with actress/model Sofia Jujuy Jimenez.

They reportedly started dating earlier this year -- and it seems to be going REALLY well ... at least judging by the PDA in the pics!

From what we can tell on her IG page, Sofia is a pretty good model ... meaning, she looks damn incredible in a bikini.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

Holly Sonders & Vegas Dave 'We're In Love' Talk Marriage After Dating 6 Days


Talk about moving FAST!!!

Sports reporter Holly Sonders and high-stakes gambler Vegas Dave have only been dating for 1 WEEK ... and they're already dropping L-bombs and talking marriage!

"It's love," Dave told us while out with Holly in Bev Hills ... "We're getting married in Cabo."

Seems like he's joking about the quickie marriage, but they're super into each other and have been virtually inseparable since they started dating last week.

"Our first date was at a strip club in Vegas and it was on Thanksgiving," Holly says with a smile.

"We had a good time," Dave adds ... "We both got our hustle on, we both got our millions so it's like we're a good power couple."

The two have been strip club regulars since they hooked up -- hitting up Crazy Girls in Hollywood this week where they were seen throwing tons of cash at the dancers.


"If we spent $15,000 at a strip club last night with no lap dances, we're doing well," Dave explained.

So, what's the plan moving forward ... Dave says he's bringing Holly as his date to the Lakers game, where he spends a FORTUNE to sit in Jack Nicholson's floor seats.

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Dave says he spends more than $20k on those 2 seats -- and usually leaves one empty as a resting spot for his Birkin handbag.

"But, now I get to go," Holly brags.


Papa John's Founder Wife Files for Divorce ... After His Bizarre Interview

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Papa John's founder John Schnatter might be scarfing down even MORE pizzas -- he's officially heading for the bachelor life after his wife of 32 years filed for divorce.

Annette Cox filed the paperwork Thursday in Kentucky, saying her marriage to John is "irretrievably broken." According to the docs ... she says they separated back in April. They've been married since April 1987.

In her divorce petition, Cox points out she's self-employed but adds John is not employed. It plays like a shot, but those are just the facts. As we've reported, he was ousted from his pizza company last year following the n-word scandal.

According to docs, Annette and John already have a property settlement agreement, and she just wants the judge to sign off on it. They own several homes, including million-dollar pads in Utah, Florida and Kentucky. They also have 2 kids, but they're adults ... so no child support issues.

Schnatter's worth an estimated $500 mil, even after the fallout at Papa John's. We don't say we saw the divorce coming, but the man did say -- during a recent, bizarre interview -- he'd eaten 40 Papa John's pizzas in 30 days. Just sayin' ...


Divorce is just the start of his legal troubles ... Schnatter's also suing the creative advertising firm, Laundry Service, and its parent company because he claims it leaked the audio that led to him losing his PJ's gig.

John claims a "secretly-taped meeting led by Laundry Service in May 2018" resulted in the news story alleging he used a racial slur ... which he calls false reporting.

Schnatter's consistently defended himself over the comments in that meeting, insisting they were taken out of context and used as an excuse to get rid of him. He claims it was a revenge job because he refused to pay Laundry Service a $6 million fee.

Pauly D Back On with 'Double Shot' Star ... Double Dose of Nikki!!!

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DJ Pauly D's giving it another spin with the chick he sent packing on 'Double Shot at Love' ... which makes sense considering their recent make out session in Vegas.

The "Jersey Shore" star had a set at Avalon in Hollywood Saturday night, and Nikki Hall was with him in his DJ booth and beyond. Our sources say the 2 were very flirty, all over each other, and just like at the Vegas club in October ... spent a lot of time smooching.


We're told it definitely seems like the 2 have rekindled their dating show relationship and are officially together.

For the uninitiated ... Nikki was a finalist on Pauly's reality show with his boy, Vinny -- "Double Shot at Love with Pauly D & Vinny." The good vibes ended there though because Nikki was sent home in the season finale when Pauly decided to go it solo.

After the show, they reportedly dated anyway, but things got nasty when Pauly blocked Nikki on social media for sharing text messages he allegedly sent her.

Must be water under the bridge -- as we first reported, they were back together at Drai's Nightclub in October, getting handsy and making out alongside Vinny and Maria Elizondo.

Seems like those good times in Sin City carried over. Maybe this third shot will be the charm.

Justin Hartley I'm Moving On From My Wedding Ring ... After Filing For Divorce


Justin Hartley is getting back to work after filing divorce docs, and he's doing it with a little less weight ... on his left hand.

Check out these pics of Justin Thursday on the set of a photoshoot -- you can clearly see his wedding ring is now MIA, which, honestly ... is to be expected at this point. As we first told you ... the "This Is Us" star filed to divorce actress Chrishell Stause 2 weeks ago ... after 2 years of marriage.

Justin's filing appears to have blindsided Chrishell ... because there's a huge 5-month difference in their accounts of when they separated. He says they separated on July 8, but in her response, she lists it as Nov. 22 ... the day Justin filed the divorce petition.

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The breakup is proceeding quickly now. Chrishell packed up her things Wednesday and moved out of the former couple's L.A. home and into a place of her own.

Justin ditching his wedding ring, publicly, the very next day is a sure sign he's moving on too.

Kourtney Kardashian Back with Younes ... They've Been A 'Thing' for Months


1:23 PM PT -- Sources close to the two tell us they've actually been seeing each other for several months. We're told it's been very private and things are moving slow, but they're definitely a couple.

Kourtney Kardashian keeps her friends and family close and her exes closer ... partying it up behind the DJ booth with Younes Bendjima.

Kourt was spotted at LIV in Miami Beach around 2 AM Thursday with her ex-boyfriend, and we're told they were together and very cozy the entire time at the nightclub.

One witness says they looked very much like a couple -- talking, laughing and enjoying the music -- but also seemed like they were trying to avoid being seen ... they mostly remained in a little corner of the club.

This isn't the first time they've been back together since their August 2018 breakup though ... we got them at a coffee shop earlier this year, and they appeared to be on very good terms then too.

Kourtney and Younes are in Miami for Art Basel. They also both attended the Dior Men's Fall 2020 fashion show Tuesday, though not together.

Of course, Kendall Jenner and Bella Hadid are also hanging out in Miami this week ... and both ladies were partying at LIV as well. They also were spotted eating at Swan restaurant and hanging out at E11even nightclub.

Kendall even got on-stage and took control of the DJ booth for a bit. We're told she chose some hits by Miley Cyrus and Travis Scott ... but didn't play "Reunited" by Peaches & Herb for her sister and Younes.

Missed opportunity.

Originally published -- 8:56 AM PT

Holly Sonders Hits Strip Club with Vegas Dave ... We're Dating!

8:51 AM PT -- They're dating!

We spoke with both Holly and Dave who told us they're all couple'd up!

Here's sports reporter Holly Sonders hittin' the strip club with notorious high-stakes gambler Vegas Dave ... begging the question -- you guys a couple or what?!

Sonders and VD have been pretty tight recently -- she's been promoting him like crazy on social media ... the assumption is that she was doing paid promo work for the guy.

But, Wednesday night Holly and Dave were holding hands on the way into Crazy Girls in Hollywood ... and inside she was kissing the guy on the face while throwing stacks of cash.

So ... dating?


FYI, Vegas Dave -- real name David Oancea -- is currently on probation stemming from a federal criminal case where he was accused of using other people’s Social Security numbers to open player accounts at casinos.

Dave denied the allegations but ultimately cut a plea deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 3 years probation, community service, ordered to stay out of Vegas sportsbooks for 3 years and he also had a complete a gambling treatment program.

But, apparently, he's still cool to hit strip clubs and date celebrities!!!

For the record, we've reached out to both Dave and Holly for comment -- so far, no word back.

Ray J I'm Wearing My Wedding Ring Again ... But Wife's Still Mad At Me


Ray J is back to wearing his wedding band after briefly ditching it, but he still doesn't know if there's a chance of working things out with his wife after their fight and divorce threats.

We got Ray J leaving Chelsea Studios in New York City Wednesday, and asked how he's holding up now that Princess Love says she no longer wants to be married to him.

Ray says only God knows if there's a real shot at reconciliation with his pregnant wife. Remember, Princess claims he left her and their daughter "stranded" in Vegas after a heated argument.

The slight bit of good news is Ray is once again rocking his wedding ring.


As we first told you ... Ray J ditched his wedding ring before catching a flight Monday outta LAX. However, the fact he's wearing it again doesn't necessarily mean the couple's headed for a reconciliation.

Watch the clip ... he says Princess is still fuming, and his body language doesn't exactly exude confidence.

Justin Timberlake I'm Sorry, Jessica for Boozy 'Lapse' with Costar ... But 'Nothing Happened'

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Justin Timberlake is apologizing to Jessica Biel for getting cozy with his female costar in New Orleans ... and while he admits he was drunk, he insists nothing sexual happened.

Justin was photographed with Alisha Wainwright on a balcony at a NOLA bar last month, and they seemed to get handsy. He's clearly seen and heard all the buzz about the pics. He says he "displayed a strong lapse in judgement" with Alisha, his costar in "Palmer" ... a movie they're currently filming down there.


He added, in a lengthy IG post, the rumors about the incident are "hurting the people I love."

Justin blames the whole situation on alcohol, saying he drank way too much that night, but adds nothing happened between Alisha and him.

Translation, we held hands but didn't have sex.

JT says he should be setting a better example for his and Jessica's 4-year-old son, Silas Randall, and apologizes to his wife and family for putting them through what he calls an "embarrassing situation."

Justin says he's focusing on being the best father and husband he can be, and admits his night out with Alisha was not one of those moments.

Barack & Michelle Obama We're On the Vineyard Now!!! Close on $11.75 Mil Estate

Barack and Michelle Obama are busting out the champagne, we imagine, to celebrate closing the deal for a mega-estate on Martha's Vineyard.

The Obamas got the keys Wednesday for the awesome mansion which sits on 29 acres of beachfront property. TMZ broke the story back in August when the former Prez and First Lady were in escrow on the luxurious home ... formerly owned by Celtics owner Wyc Grousbeck.

As we told you, it was listed for $14,850,000 ... but our sources told us the Obamas were paying much less. Now we know how much less. According to real estate records, they're plunking down $11.75 million.

That kinda dough gets them 6,900 square feet with 7 bedrooms. The enormous pad has a pool, outdoor fireplace, and vaulted ceilings. It also has 2 guest wings off the main home.

Michelle and Barack test drove the house over the summer ... when they were renting it. Obviously, they were impressed and decided to make it permanent.

Tom LeClair and Gerret Conover of Landvest were realtors for the transaction. We reached out, but they had no comment.

Congrats to the new homeowners! Did we mention their estate comes with a private beach and a boathouse?

Translation: The housewarming party next summer is gonna be lit!

Terrelle Pryor Stabbing Suspect 'Danger To The Community' ... Judge Denies Bail

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The woman accused of stabbing Terrelle Pryor will remain in jail ... a judge just called her a "danger to the community" and denied her request for bail.

Shalaya Briston was arrested and charged with felony attempted homicide on Nov. 30 after a fight with Pryor ... but she had hoped to get bail on Wednesday.

But, the judge DENIED that request ... and now 24-year-old Briston will remain in jail until, at least, her next court appearance on Dec. 12.

As we previously reported, Briston and Pryor -- who had been dating for the past year -- got into an argument at their Pittsburgh-area apartment last week when things turned violent.

After a night out of partying, Briston returned home to find a pissed off Pryor ... and according to court docs, witnesses say they got into a physical fight.

At one point, a witness says Briston appeared to stab Pryor ... and the 30-year-old NFL player required emergency surgery to fix the wounds.

According to Pryor -- who was just released from the ICU -- he nearly died TWICE from the injuries ... but is doing better now.

As for his role in the alleged altercation ... he was charged with misdemeanor assault -- and cops tell TMZ Sports he'll need to be booked as soon as he gets out of the hospital.

NBA's Patrick Patterson On Interracial Marriage Hate ... 'I Love My Wife'


L.A. Clippers player Patrick Patterson hit the streets of Bev Hills with his wife this week ... in the wake of a social media war that erupted over their interracial marriage.

Some quick background -- Patterson posted an anniversary message to his wife Sarah on IG back in October ... which didn't go over well with one of his followers who suggested Sarah only married him because he's an NBA player.

"I bet she’s the only one in her family history to date a black. Stay woke my guy."

Patterson clapped back -- saying, "So I should settle for a bulldog and act like I’m happy with my life and preach ‘keep it in your race’ to the world as if Dr. King didn’t fight/die for equality, acceptance, all cultures loving one another, and no hate? No thanks. That may be your life but I don’t want that for mine or for my family. Color doesn’t matter. Wake up."

People were furious with Patterson, claiming the "bulldog" comment was insulting to black women.

30-year-old Patterson -- a 1st round pick in the 2010 NBA Draft -- apologized and said the comment was only directed at the commenter's wife ... but acknowledges he shouldn't have used the term in the first place.

Now, Patterson tells TMZ Sports he and his wife are trying to move on from the controversy  -- saying, "At the end of the day, what happened, happened. I apologized for it, I would just like to leave it at that."

We asked Patterson if he and his wife are treated differently in real life as opposed to social media.

"The only experience that matters is the one that I share with my wife right here and that's the love we share. At the end of the day, nothing else matters."

"Social media is one thing, it's a different animal. The real world's a whole new animal, so each aspect is different from another in their own way."

As far as moving forward, Patterson says ... "It happened, you can only deal with it so that's what I'm trying to do. Live day by day with my wife and try to enjoy our life together."