Sin City's Frank Miller Sues Ex-Wife ... Gimme My Sketches!!


Graphic novel icon Frank Miller claims his ex-wife's being super sketchy by hiding and secretly selling some of his famous drawings ... this according to a new lawsuit.

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... Frank claims Lynn Varley's illegally holding onto a slew of sketches he drew as references for the final illustrations for his comics and graphic novels.

What's more, Frank claims Varley's already sold some of his sketches through her art dealer --- offering them for sale to "under the table" to collectors. Literally, under the table.

In docs, he claims one of Varley's reps kept Miller's sketches in a binder under a table at this year's Comic-Con in San Diego. Miller claims when a potential buyer would ask about the sketches, the rep would pull out a separate binder from under the vendor's table.

Frank claims Varley got some of his work as part of their divorce settlement, but also insists HE is the rightful owner of others she's been secretly selling. He's suing for her to turn over the sketches and wants a full accounting of what she's already hocked and for how much.

Miller, of course, is the famed comic book writer and artist behind "Sin City," "The Dark Knight Returns" and "300."

Halsey Bad at Love ... Great at Stirring Preggo Rumors!!!

Halsey's stirring the pregnancy pot with a hand gesture that could mean there's a bun in the oven ... or a bad meal just wasn't sitting right.

The singer was out Sunday with her boyfriend, Evan Peters, in Santa Monica -- where they both went in for a drawn-out rub of Halsey's belly, and they both seemed pretty happy about it. Toss in the fact she was wearing a baggy jumpsuit ... and ya get the rumor mill in full swing.

The couple went on to hit the beach, going into full-blown make-out sessions a few different times. They certainly look smitten after just a month or so of dating -- Halsey and Evan went public just this past October.

Prior to hooking up, Halsey was reportedly dating singer Yungblud as recently as this summer -- and before that, she was linked to Machine Gun Kelly and, of course, G-Eazy.

Evan was engaged to actress Emma Roberts for 3 years until breaking things off just a few months ago. He's mostly known as a regular on "American Horror Story," but he's been in a ton of stuff over the years ... including roles in the most recent 'X-Men' movies.

As for these suspicious belly rubs, we've reached out to Halsey's rep. So far, no word back.

Safaree Drops $42K on Necklace For Erica ... Birthday Motivation


Safaree knows how to motivate his wife ... spending a fat stack of cash on a necklace for Erica Mena's birthday, a present that also serves as inspiration to restart her business.

Safaree's new wife celebrated her 32nd bday earlier this month, and we've learned he showered her with gifts, including a custom pendant and necklace worth $42,750.


The piece bears the name of Erica's clothing and jewelry line, Her. Safaree commissioned Eden Diamonds to make the pendant, which features rose and white gold alongside 28.5 carats of VS 1/2 clarity diamonds.

Sources close to Erica tell TMZ ... she's relaunching her jewelry line in the first quarter of 2020, this after she completely shut down the business in the wake of finding out one of her employees was allegedly embezzling.

We're told after Erica discovered the employee's double-cross she just needed a break from it all. Now she's ready for a comeback, and Safaree's hoping the birthday bling will inspire her to get her brand back up off the ground.

Big Sean & Jhene Aiko Back Together?!? Uh, 'None of Your Concern'


Big Sean and Jhene Aiko's on-again, off-again relationship appears to be very much so back on after they released a super personal song with a little TMI attached.

The rapper and singer -- who've dated and broken up at least a couple different times over the past few years -- were spotted grabbing dinner in Malibu Saturday at a fancy place called Geoffrey's ... where they looked like more than just friends and collaborators.

TMZ obtained photos of Jhene sitting on Sean's lap at one point as they looked out at the ocean on the restaurant's patio deck. He's holding her pretty tenderly too, BTW.

This, of course, is a major development considering the new song they released together Thursday. JA's single, "None of Your Concern," caught fans off guard with a Big Sean feature.

The song is incredibly introspective, and touches on their relationship ... and a big takeaway from Sean's verse was how he pleases his lady in the bedroom. Apparently, he once made Jhene orgasm 9 times in a day -- and he doesn't think any average Joe deserves her.

Well ... it certainly seems the collab might've brought 'em closer than ever -- 'cause the homie-lover-friend wheel they often spin seems to be on the lover corner right about now.

Oh, and if you're wondering who picked up the tab during this intimate meal ... it looks like BS did, as he's seen signing off on the bill here. Good man right there.

Tyga Yeah, I Got a Type


Tyga's undeniably got game ... and you don't have to go further than this pic for proof.

Kylie Jenner's ex was leaving Delilah restaurant in WeHo Saturday night in a fire engine red Ferrari and a beautiful woman riding shotgun. Is it just us or does she resemble Kylie in a big way?

Several people at Delilah -- including our photog -- tell us Kylie was also there, but we have no evidence of that. The 2 were seen together at Hyde nightclub on the Sunset Strip last month, fueling rumors they were getting back together. They were also in Vegas together at the end of Summer. Hard to know ... but based on the photo it sure looks like Tyga's moved on.


Kaia Gerber, Pete Davidson Hook Up After 'SNL'

Pete Davidson and Kaia Gerber sure seem like a couple ... of course they're a couple, and if there was any doubt, check out the photos.

A photog got the two turning in for the night -- 3:30 AM to be exact -- after Pete assumed the role of Michael Avenatti on "Saturday Night Live."

BTW ... Pete turned 26 Saturday, so his 18-year-old GF hit up the famed Magnolia Bakery in the West Village and scooped up a large, round birthday cake and banana pudding.

They entered her apartment together at 3:30 AM after his SNL performance and after-party in New York.

They've been pretty much inseparable for about a month. The first time we saw them together was at a New York City restaurant on Oct. 24.


Jamie Foxx & Kate Beckinsale Cozy Up At Party ... But Not As a Couple


2:56 PM PT -- Kate just responded to the pics, making it clear she's VERY single, saying, "I would like to point out that standing next to someone does not mean I am dating them. Currently in line at the dry cleaners and if that's true I've got a hell of a problem."

Jamie Foxx couldn't keep his hands off Kate Beckinsale at a fancy party ... and the timing is interesting considering both are recently single.

Jamie and Kate looked pretty comfortable with each other Thursday night at Catch LA, dressed to the nines for a Golden Globe Ambassadors party in West Hollywood. Jamie's got his arm around Kate's lower back, and she's pushing right up against his body.


Sure, they did the thing where ya take a couple of pics with other friends, including Tyrese -- some call that cover -- but Kate and Jamie stayed close together, even in the group shots.

The cozy pics have some folks wondering if there's something brewing between Jamie and Kate. They certainly LOOK like they would make a great couple.


TMZ broke the story ... Kate is no longer married to Len Wiseman -- earlier this month a family law judge made their divorce official.

Jamie's back in the single lane too ... he split from Katie Holmes this summer after 6 years of dating.

Originally Published -- 11:44 AM PT

Alex Bregman Island Vacay With Smokin' Hot GF ... What Astros Scandal?!?

Breaking News

Here's Alex Bregman super concerned about the Astros' cheating scand -- AHH JUST KIDDING, BREGS CLEARLY COULDN'T CARE LESS ABOUT YOUR ACCUSATIONS!!!

The 'Stros superstar bolted from all the drama in Texas this week to get in a sick island vacay with his smokin' hot GF -- proving no matter what's going down in Houston, he's still winning!!!

The third baseman joined up with his GF, Reagan Howard, and his Astros teammate, Jake Marisnick (plus some other buds), to hit up St. Barts in the Caribbean ... and there's obviously zero worries about the possibility his 2017 World Series title could now be tainted.

Bregs has been cruisin' around the island with Howard -- soakin' in the beach and the pool and very obviously not covering all parts of his bod with sunscreen.

Looks like great times are being had by all!!!

Of course, back home in Houston ... things are going less swimmingly. The Astros have launched an investigation into claims they stole signs during the 2017 season.

Bregs has yet to comment on the matter ... but seems he's pretty comfortable letting these pics do all the talking for him.

And, hey, if the team DID cheat during 2017 ... it's not like Alex should care all that much -- 'CAUSE HAVE YOU SEEN HIS GIRLFRIEND?!?

Hayden Panettiere Me & BF Brian Are All Good, Man ... We Never Even Fought!!!


Hayden Panettiere is shrugging off any suggestion that she and her boyfriend were ever anything but a-OK -- despite the fact he got arrested for allegedly roughing her up.

The actress was at LAX Tuesday when we ran into her and asked for a life update, considering the last time we heard from her was in a very negative light -- her new-ish BF, Brian Hickerson, had been charged with felony domestic violence against her.

As we reported ... the couple allegedly got into a scuffle earlier this year at their home that left red marks on Hayden's body, and police took Brian in for it.

However, you'd never know anything was wrong by the way Hayden reacts here ... insisting the two of 'em never even fought ... comparing it to a squabble with the family dog.

Lions Share News

We kept pressing her to make sure things were good, asking if family members were right to worry for her well-being -- especially after she's been seen with Brian again lately, including last week at the airport -- but Hayden doubles down ... noting she can handle herself.

A couple things oughta be noted here -- for one, Brian's criminal case in L.A. was recently dismissed for not being able to secure a "material witness" -- aka, Hayden. Also ... HP seems awfully nervous here as she boards a waiting car that seems to be driven by Brian.

She's got an explanation for that too though -- here's hoping she truly is okay, after all.

Lamar Odom Praises New Fiancee ... She's the Star, I'm the Wingman!!!

Exclusive Details

12:56 PM PT -- 11/12 Lamar and Sabrina hopped on "TMZ Live" and chatted with us about how they met, how long they've been dating and what fuels their connection. The former Lakers star also dished high praise for Sabrina ... and LO gave it to us in pretty awesome basketball terms.

8:15 PM PT -- The two got engaged at Myles Chefetz's Prime 112 restaurant in Miami ... and in classic Odom style, there was a TON of sweets to celebrate!


NeNe Leakes was sitting at the table with the couple during the dinner and helped celebrate once Odom busted out the ring.

Lamar Odom is engaged ... again ... but this time he swears he found "The One!"

The 40-year-old ex-NBA star popped the question to his 32-year-old girlfriend, Sabrina Parr, with a MASSIVE diamond ring ... and she said, "Yes!"

"Introducing my new fiancé," Odom said ... "Soon to be Mrs. Parr-Odom. She's the ONE!!!"

Parr is a health and life coach -- and we first saw them together back in August when they hit up Chipotle for a lunch date in Atlanta.

Things escalated quickly ... and 3 months later, they're engaged!

There were reports the relationship was "fake" when they first got together -- but doesn't seem so fake now, does it?

As for the proposal, 'Real Housewives' star NeNe Leakes was apparently in the building ... she posted, "So glad I could be here wit you. Love both of you and praying over this union."

Of course, Odom has a history of proposing quickly -- he popped the question to Khloe Kardashian back in 2009 and they tied the knot after only 1 month of dating.

The two split in 2013 -- but for years, Odom was adamant Khloe was the love of his life and he'd win her back.

Khloe eventually moved on ... and it's good to see Lamar has too.


Originally Published -- 11/11 7:28 PM PT

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello The Clippers Don't Suck ... But We Do!!!

Who knew Steve Ballmer was an aphrodisiac?!

Check out Camila Cabello and Shawn Mendes sucking each other's faces off Monday night at the Clippers game at Staples Center ... getting more action than Ivica Zubac!!!

The couple was all over each other -- and EVERYBODY noticed -- since they were sitting in the best courtside seats in the house.

They kissed, they cuddled, they kissed more, they whispered secrets into each other's ears ... good times!!!

By the way, 22-year-old Camila and 21-year-old Mendes have been dating since July ... and have basically been seen getting intense with PDA all over the place.

As for the game, the Clippers beat up on the defending world champion Toronto Raptors in front of a celebrity crowd that included Kevin Hart, Adam Sandler and Adam Devine.

YK Osiris I Didn't Choke or Bite My GF ... Just Ask the Witnesses!!!


YK Osiris vehemently denies allegations he choked and bit his girlfriend at his birthday party ... and the singer claims he has witnesses ready to testify on his behalf.

We broke the story ... Osiris was arrested last week in Atlanta on a felony charge of aggravated assault by strangulation after his GF told cops he choked her and bit her face at his September bday bash.

Sources close to YK tell TMZ ... the allegations made by his former flame are 100 percent false, and there was never any type of assault. We're told the singer has friends who were at the party and intend to come forward as witnesses to prove his innocence.

We're told Osiris is saying there's also physical evidence to prove he didn't assault the GF. As for why she made the allegations -- our sources say YK has no idea.

As we reported ... the woman told cops YK started beating the crap out of her after she confronted him over a picture she found on his phone allegedly showing another woman.

According to our sources, YK turned himself in to cops because he's confident he'll be cleared of any wrongdoing. We're told Osiris was released from the Fulton County Jail over the weekend.

YK’s attorney, Gabe Banks, tells us ... “YK Osiris maintains his innocence and looks forward to his day in court to defend against all of the allegations against him."

Anna Faris All Smiles Talking Engagement!!!


Anna Faris finally confirmed that new rock on her left hand is NOT a promise ring -- she IS engaged!!! But, still nowhere near ready to start talking about a wedding date.

Anna and her fiance, cinematographer Michael Barrett, were leaving a dinner party over the weekend in Santa Monica -- and when paps started taking photos, you could see she was glowing. Anna smiled and thanked the photogs who were congratulating her on Michael putting a ring on it.

When they asked if she's ready for the big day, Anna thought about it and confessed ... she's not at that stage just yet. Cut her some slack ... it was just last week when Anna was first seen wearing her new diamond ring.

The Image Direct

As we reported ... Anna's not the ring-wearing type of gal so when she was walking around L.A. with that rock, we suspected Michael had popped the question.

Diamonds that size don't lie. Congrats!!!

Justin Bieber Does His Best Maverick ... With His Own 'Bike'


Justin Bieber seems to still have Tom Cruise on his mind, 'cause he unwittingly recreated an iconic movie moment made famous by the actor ... just without as much horse power.

JB was out with his wife, Hailey, Sunday riding around L.A. on what looks like a pretty nifty bicycle, which has a seat attached on the back. Hailey was riding top shotgun, holding on about as tight as Kelly McGillis did on Tom's Kawasaki Ninja motorcycle all those years ago.

Take my breath away

Yes, we're referring to 'Top Gun' ... and if you check out the video of Mr. and Mrs. Biebs cruising around Bev Hills, it's reminiscent of Maverick and Charlie's ride through San Diego.

Of course, Justin himself might've had to work a little harder here than TC did in the flick. The bike doesn't look or sound motorized in any way, so he was definitely pedaling his heart out to get the missus off the busy main roads ... with traffic building up behind him.

Who knows if Justin actually knew he was harkening back to the '80s here with this joyride, but we'd like to think so ... assuming he still wants to go toe-to-toe with Tom, that is.

Hey, celeb fights are all the rage right now. No better time to start beating that drum again.

Kylie & Travis Take A Trip to Astroworld ... As Mommy & Daddy

Getty Composite

It's been a family affair this weekend in Houston -- Travis, Kylie and Stormi are together for Daddy's music festival -- just like old times, except they're not a couple anymore.

Sources close to the former couple tell TMZ it's important for Travis to have Stormi with him for his second-annual Astroworld Festival ... and he wanted the event to be a bonding experience. She was at the Festival last year.

We're told while Kylie and Travis remain friends, and parenting partners, they're not back together. Kylie's made the trip to Houston too ... but only to show her support and to make things as comfortable as possible for Stormi.

Travis holds the festival in Houston because that's where he grew up, and any trip home is a chance for Stormi to bond with her dad's side of the family ... so there will be plenty of that too. We don't know if they'll all be staying under the same roof.


You'll remember ... Travis busted his knee 3 weeks ago during a show in New York. Surgery was on the table so he could heal quicker. He had appointments with surgeons, but we don't know if he followed through and went under the knife. Travis had to cancel his show in Vegas last weekend because of the injury.

He's clearly in good enough shape to perform. Then again, there's a spare throne -- once used by the likes of Axl Rose and Dave Grohl -- so Travis could easily inherit the crown.


Blac Chyna Wanna Be Mom's Lover?!? Ya Gotta Be a Freak in the Sheets


Blac Chyna is trying to help Tokyo Toni find true love by making sure her mom's suitors know how to pleasure a woman!!! Yep, go ahead and file this vid under super awkward

The clip is from TT's new reality dating show, "Tokyo Toni: Finding Love ASAP" -- and in it, Blac Chyna, Toni and 'Love & Hip Hop' star Lyrica Garrett are sizing up one of Tokyo's eligible bachelors. The women encourage him to, umm ...  show off his best bedroom stroke.

We'll say this ... the guy gave it his best shot, but Tokyo looked a little too hot and too fast for him to handle. Blac Chyna was NOT impressed and seemed more concerned the dude was gonna break something ... like his hip!


TT joined us Friday on "TMZ Live" and said there's one thing she's looking for more than anything else in a man ... and it involves looks. Or, the lack thereof.

Hard to argue with her logic and you can see in the clip, Tokyo will have plenty of options -- of all ages, races, genders and sexual orientations -- when the show debuts Sunday on The Zeus Network. Game on!