Aubrey O'Day Yes, Don Jr. is My Soulmate But He Chose Politics Over Me

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Donald Trump Jr. opted for a life of faux conservatism and mud-slinging politics over a happy ever after with his one true love ... so says his self-described soulmate, Aubrey O'Day.

The Danity Kane singer chopped it up Tuesday night with a photog, who asked about her recent musing about Don Jr. as the one who got away. She confirms what TMZ first reported ... and it sure sounds like she considers him her meant-to-be. 

Aubrey says it point blank ... that she and Don are soulmates, and the dude trumpeting his dad's policies is NOT the guy she knew (and fell in love with) once upon a time.

As you might know, Aubrey and Don Jr. allegedly had an affair back in 2011, when she was a guest star on the "The Apprentice." 

She tells the pap that Donnie probably thinks they're connected as well, but wouldn't ever admit it ... especially now that he's dating Kimberly Guilfoyle and seemingly following in his father's footsteps, possibly even into public service. 

Speaking of that, Aubrey weighs in on potential First Lady title under the pretense they were still together. She says that'd never happen though based on their political differences.

And, if you're wondering whether Don Jr. and Aubrey still stay in touch, watch the clip. Something tells us they just might.

WNBA's Riquna Williams Suspended 10 Games After Dom. Violence Arrest

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WNBA All-Star Riquna Williams has been suspended 10 games without pay following a domestic violence incident with her ex-GF back in December ... the league announced on Tuesday.

The story behind the arrest is crazy -- Williams allegedly showed up at her ex's Florida home, destroyed her car with a skateboard, forced her way into the house, hit her in the head several times and pulled her hair out.

The 29-year-old is also accused of getting a firearm out of her car and pointing it at her ex's friend ... saying "you'll get all 18" before leaving the home.

The L.A. Sparks guard is facing 2 felony charges -- burglary with assault or battery and aggravated assault with a firearm.

Williams has been playing all season while the league conducted an internal investigation ... and now she's gotten her punishment.

"Based on the investigation, consultation, and a careful weighing of all the facts and circumstances, the WNBA determined that a ten-game suspension was appropriate," the statement says.

"Among other factors, the WNBA took into account the nature and seriousness of the conduct at issue, including the involvement of a firearm. The WNBA will also require Williams to participate in counseling."

As for Williams' legal fate ... she's due back in court in August.

Tamar Braxton I'm Officially Single!!!


Tamar Braxton is hitting the open market ... because a judge just ruled she's officially single. 

According to new legal docs obtained by TMZ ... the judge in her divorce with estranged husband Vincent Herbert changed their marital status and deemed them both single, even though they have yet to finalize the split of all their assets.

We broke the story ... the singer filed for divorce from Vincent back in October 2017 following nearly 9 years of marriage. 

Tamar and Vincent started dating way back in 2003 after they were introduced by her sister, Toni Braxton, who was working with the record exec. 

They got married in 2008 and have one child together, 6-year-old Logan Vincent. Tamar is 42 and Vincent is 46.

Tamar asked the judge in April to change her marital status to single ... and now she's finally got her wish.

R. Kelly Alleged Sex Slaves Fully Support Him ... Will Attend Court Hearing


R. Kelly's alleged sex slaves will be right behind the embattled singer Tuesday in federal court when he goes before a judge in his new sex crimes case, and they even plan to address the media. 

Joycelyn Savage and Azriel Clary will present a united front during Kelly's bond hearing ... according to Gloria Schmidt, the attorney for the women. 

After the hearing, we're told they, along with Schmidt, will hold a news conference to react to whatever happens inside the courtroom. As we've reported ... Kelly was arrested last week in Chicago on a new round of federal charges, including sex trafficking, obstruction of justice and racketeering.

Federal prosecutors in NY also want him there to face the 2nd federal indictment -- and they've made it clear to the court, they want Kelly held in custody through his trial.

Ashlee Rezin/Chicago Sun-Times

Amid all the allegations they're Kelly's brainwashed sex slaves ... Joycelyn and Azriel continue to publicly support the singer -- just as they did back in February when they walked hand-in-hand into court. They sat in the first row, reserved for friends and family, during that bond hearing for his arrest on sexual abuse charges in Cook County.


We broke the story ... Joycelyn and Azriel made it clear in a video shot on Sunday ... they're still living in Kelly's condo, and shot down reports they'd been evicted following his Thursday night arrest. 

Vanessa Hudgens & Austin Butler Yes, My Man Loves Me Tender ... He's the New Elvis!!!


If you think you saw Vanessa Hudgens walking with Elvis Presley in L.A. Monday afternoon, you're sorta dead-on ... since her BF is about to step into the king's blue suede shoes. 

The former Disney star was hand in hand with Austin Butler on the heels of the big Hollywood casting news -- he's playing Elvis in an upcoming biopic, and beat out heavy hitters like Ansel Elgort, Miles Teller and Harry Styles.

The decision to go with Austin caught some folks by surprise -- fact is, he's relatively unknown compared to his competition, but looks at these pics and it's easy to see why he was tapped for the role. Dude's got the hair and the look working!


His appearance and acting skills obviously impressed director Baz Luhrmann and co. enough to land the potentially career-changing gig. 

As for Vanessa, she wrote on social media Monday that she was "OVERRRR THE F***ING MOOOOOOOOONNNNN" for her man, with whom she's been with since 2011. 

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

BTW, just 'cause you might not have heard of Austin before today ... that doesn't mean he's a hound dog in the acting game. He's been in the biz since 2006, having appeared in numerous hit series like 'Ned's Declassified,' "Zoey 101," "Life Unexpected," "Switched at Birth," "The Carrie Diaries," "The Shannara Chronicles" and tons of other shows and movies.

Don't be cruel now ... give this stud a chance! 

Robert Kraft Goes Public with New Mystery Lady ... Still Friendly with Ex


Robert Kraft has a new lady in his life ... someone he's been holding hands with at multiple major public events -- but her identity is a mystery!!!

People first noticed Kraft's new lady at the French Open in Paris back on June 9 -- when the New England Patriots owner showed up to watch some tennis from the VIP boxes with a female friend on his arm. You can see the two holding hands. 


Fans -- and even major media outlets -- mistakenly identified the woman as Ricki Noel Lander, Kraft's ex-girlfriend ... but our sources say that woman is definitely NOT Ricki. 

The following month, Kraft attended the Women's World Cup final in Paris on July 7 to watch Team USA defeat the Netherlands ... with the same new lady on his arm. 

Again, fans and media outlets mistook the woman for Lander. 

Sources connected to Kraft tell us he's still on good terms with Lander -- but they broke up last year and they're living separate lives. 


As for the new woman, we haven't been able to get a name -- and our sources won't tell us if they're "officially" boyfriend, girlfriend ... but he's now taken her to two major international events so it seems like they're more than friends at this point. 

Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello Smooching in San Fran ... Clear as Day


12:26 PM PT -- Here it is -- a clear shot of Shawn Mendes and Camila Cabello locking lips in public ... with what appears to be some gnarly morning-after hair to boot. Heyooo!! TMZ got a hold of these photos of Shawn and Camila enjoying coffee this Saturday AM at another cafe in SF -- a different joint than where they initially smooched Friday, we're told. You can see them laughing it up in between pecks and sips of their morning Joe. Shawn looks like he just rolled out of bed ... Camila too, for that matter. If yesterday's clip didn't make things official, this almost certainly does. They're together.


Shawn Mendes certainly insinuated he was not dating Camila Cabello, but who's you gonna believe ... him or your lyin' eyes???

Check out this vid of Shawn and Camila making out at Dottie's True Blue Cafe Friday in San Francisco.

It did seem all too coincidental that Shawn and Camila were all over each other at the exact time they released their song, "Senorita," but they seem to be all over the place -- L.A., SFO, etc, and they're all over each other!!!

Shawn's in San Fran because he's got a concert at the Oakland-Alameda County Coliseum tonight and tomorrow. He's currently touring the U.S.

We're guessing he's comping Camila.

BTW ... Shawn is 20 and Camila is 22.  

'Marrying Millions' Star Bill Hutchinson Cracks Edgy Joke About GF's Parents!!! (Yikes)


Real estate tycoon Bill Hutchinson says he's totally in with his GF's folks -- who are actually younger than him -- and he must be to crack the kinda joke about them he did with us.

The 61-year-old "Marrying Millions" star and his 21-year-old GF, Brianna, are one of 6 couples on the new Lifetime reality show where one-half of the couple is rich like Bill ... and the other is on the opposite end of the income spectrum ... like Brianna.


So, we asked Bill how it went meeting Brianna's parents, considering their age and wage gap and their different backgrounds ... and he said it went surprisingly smooth. Brianna's Mexican, and Bill's fluent in Spanish, which he says certainly helped.

Then, Bill went and possibly spoiled the good thing he's got going by cracking a joke that might make ya laugh ... unless you're Brianna's parents. Or anyone who lives near them

Watch the clip -- he might have some 'splainin' to do at home.

In case you're wondering ... Bill, who's twice divorced, met Brianna at a popular Dallas restaurant where she was working as a hostess. They're not engaged yet -- so you'll have to watch and see if sense of humor derails that process.

Angry Bagel Shop Guy I Don't Trust Women ... And I'm Not Racist, But I Do Use the N Word


The enraged man who went viral for ranting about women on dating sites before getting ragdolled in a bagel shop is defending his misogyny ... he says it's women's fault in the first place.  

We got Chris Morgan in New York City ... and he's proudly wearing his misogynistic ways on his sleeve ... saying he's prejudice toward almost all females because he's been burned by them. 

Ya gotta see Chris defend his crazy viral rants in this clip ... he says he's not a racist because he has black friends, but he'll use the n-word in certain situations. He says he's not a homophobe, but there's a catch. Just watch the video.

But, let's be real, the 5-footer is infamous because of his relationships -- or lack thereof -- with women ... and he says he's got a short fuse with females because he feels they're too materialistic.  


As you know ... he started going viral Wednesday after video surfaced on social media showing him losing his mind inside a NY bagel shop. He rips into women on dating sites who ridicule men for their height, and challenges some larger customers to a fight before getting his ass absolutely handed to him. 


As for his meltdown, Chris explains the chain of events that led up to his tantrum ... and says he wants to press charges against the man who tackled him to the ground after Chris told him to attack.

Aubrey O'Day Donald Trump Jr. Is My Soulmate!!! Kimberly is 'Crazy Looking'


Aubrey O'Day is still holding a candle for Donald Trump Jr. ... she's absolutely convinced the President's son is her soulmate and she's about to say it on national TV. 

Aubrey is featured on MTV's reality show, "Ex on the Beach," and sources tell TMZ ... the singer openly talks lovingly about her ex, Don Jr., while cameras are rolling.

Our sources say Aubrey also takes shots at Junior's current girlfriend, Kimberly Guilfoyle ... calling her "crazy looking" and begging Don to dump her. 

Aubrey and Don Jr. had a steamy affair back in 2011, when his wife was pregnant ... but since early last year, Junior's been dating Kimberly. 

Seems Aubrey fancies herself as some kind of political seer ... our sources say, on the show, she talks about President Trump and theorizes his days in the Oval Office are numbered. We're told the way she put it was, "The White House fiasco is about to be over." 

While she sure sounds like she's holding out hope Don Jr. washes up on the beach with the exes of other cast members ... he does NOT make an appearance. 

Sorry, Aubrey.

Heidi Klum Secretly Married Tom Kaulitz!!!


Heidi Klum is a married woman, and has been for several months now ... TMZ has learned.

Heidi and Tom Kaulitz essentially pulled off a secret marriage the same way Justin and Hailey Bieber did, but looks like they were way better at keeping it under wraps.

According to a public document, the German rocker and supermodel obtained a marriage certificate, and sources familiar tell us they said their "I dos" way back in February of this year.


They were seen out on February 22 on what we thought was just a dinner date at Mr. Chow -- but now we know they were quietly celebrating becoming Mr. and Mrs. just a few hours earlier. 

BTW, that's a significant date for the couple -- Heidi's said they first met on Feb. 22, 2018.  

You'll recall ... Heidi said yes when Tom, guitarist for the band Tokio Hotel, popped the question back in December -- she posted a grinning pic of them and flaunted her engagement ring.

This is Heidi's third marriage -- after Seal and Ric Pipino -- and Tom's second. He doesn't have any kids ... of course Heidi has 4 from her previous marriages. Welcome to stepfatherhood, Tom.

Mazel tov!

Dina Lohan It's Over with Online BF ... He's Pals with My Ex-Husband!!!


Dina Lohan's done with the California man she's had an online relationship with but has never actually met, but not because of that ... it's because he's buddied up with her ex-husband.

A rep for Lindsay's mother tells TMZ ... she's called it quits -- officially this time -- with Jesse Nadler for a "myriad of reasons," but most significantly ... due to Nadler being in constant contact with Dina's ex-husband, Michael.

Dina's side says despite her having an abusive relationship with Michael, he "makes a habit of inserting himself in her life even after many years apart and remarrying" ... including getting close to Nadler.

Apparently the guys' connection was the final straw for Dina, who was already miffed at her catfish-questionable boyfriend for going to the media to air their personal biz.

Dina's rep says Jesse "became obsessed with having his name in the press and then made delusional statements of proposals, diamond rings, elaborate meet ups and breakups," adding it was all "grossly exaggerated for his personal notoriety."

As we've reported ... the couple's been on-and-off ever since Dina revealed their e-relationship on "Celebrity Big Brother" last year. It appeared to be over in April, but then Jesse claimed he bought her an engagement ring and planned to propose once they finally met. They never did.

News of another breakup came in June, but the 2 seemingly reconciled -- based on lovey-dovey social media comments -- as of just days ago.

According to Dina's rep ... there'll be no more of that, and insists the relationship between the couple was just a friendship.

We're told Dina is "ready for a real relationship with a present and caring man." We reached out to Nadler who confirmed the split. 

Daniel Cormier On Brush With Jon Jones 'We're Not Friendly'


Daniel Cormier and Jon Jones came face to face in the lobby of an L.A. hotel right before the ESPYs ... but according to DC, the two kept it cordial. 

Sources tell us the UFC rivals had a brief conversation -- but it was more civil than friendly. In other words, they acknowledged each other's presence just to be polite. 

When we spoke with Cormier about the situation, he downplayed -- "Nothing happened. All my energy is on [my upcoming fight against] Stipe Miocic."

Cormier reiterated about Jones -- "We're not friendly."

Of course, these guys have one hell of a history -- they have one of the nastiest rivalries in pro sports and have talked an insane amount of trash to each other over the years. 

At one point, Cormier even mocked Jon's wife for having a "flat ass."


Jones won both UFC fights against Cormier, though his second victory was overturned after Jon tested positive for an illegal substance. 

But, Jon recently told TMZ Sports his animosity toward Cormier has been fading -- and claimed he would even shake his hand if the opportunity presented itself. 


We're not sure if the two actually shook during Wednesday's run-in -- but DC made it clear he has no desire to have a friendly relationship with Jon. 

It seems the two are on a collision course for a 3rd fight ... Cormier told us it's possible -- but he's gotta get through Miocic first. 

When we asked if it would a "dream" to end his career with a victory over Jones -- DC laughed and responded, "It was my dream twice."

Third time's the charm?!

Madonna Tupac's Love Letter Finally Goes to Auction ... For a Bloody Fortune!!!

Getty Composite

Madonna's infamous love letter from Tupac Shakur has been in limbo for years -- an auction wants to sell it and she wants to block it -- but it's finally hitting the block, and all the conflict and legal threats that made headlines have inflated the value, because it's expected to fetch a fortune.

Tupac penned the breakup letter when he was in prison, and the handwritten and signed note is going up for auction through the memorabilia company, Gotta Have Rock & Roll ... and the opening bid is $100,000 ... and when the gavel drops the expectation is someone's gonna snag the letter for around $300k!!!

In his three-page breakup note, Pac confesses he broke off his sexual relationship with Madonna because she's white.

As we've reported ... Madonna previously filed a lawsuit against Darlene Lutz, her old pal and art consultant, to stop the sale ... but a judge tossed out her suit out said a release she signed back in 2004 meant she couldn't sue. Darlene consigned the letter to the online auction house.

The legal battle didn't end there, because Madonna filed an appeal ... but just last month she whiffed on her chance to slam the brakes on the sale of the letter.

A portion of the proceeds will be donated to Darlene is a breast cancer survivor. 

Bidding starts online July 17.

Andrew McCutchen Tear-Jerking Thank-You To Wife ... After All-Star Party

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Andrew McCutchen's wife threw him an All-Star party Tuesday since an injury wiped away his chances at a real ASG invite ... and the MLB stud's reaction to the gesture will make ya cry.

The Philadelphia Phillies outfielder tore his ACL back on June 3 ... immediately killing any chances the 32-year-old former MVP had of making Tuesday night's All-Star Game in Cleveland.

But, McCutchen's wife wasn't going to let that stop him from feeling special ... 'cause she threw him an AMAZING All-Star party of his own instead!!!

The bash had it all ... there was a custom "Cutch" sign, baseball-themed snacks, balloons, pizza and even a cake with a mini-McCutchen topper on it!!

The best part of the party ... McCutchen's reaction afterward -- 'cause the dude clearly wanted to shed a few tears after his wife went all-out for him.

"She took the time out of her life to do something like this for me. And, it means a lot. It means so much because you work so hard, you know?"

"And, to have an injury like this to where it gets wiped away -- all your work, everything you prepared for -- the year's just wiped away. And, for her to do this for me, it means the world to me. Honestly."

McCutchen's expected to be out for the next 10-or-so months recovering ... but at least Phils fans know he's clearly being take care of at home in the meantime!!!

Matt Lauer Annette Files Divorce Settlement ... Judge to Make it Final

TMZ/Getty Composite

Matt Lauer and Annette Roque are one signature away from being legally single.

Annette filed divorce docs Tuesday in Suffolk County, NY and, according to court records, Matt's not contesting. Makes sense ... last month, the couple reportedly hammered out a settlement that has her walking away with $20 million in assets. 

It's unclear exactly how they're splitting up their properties -- they've got a ton in NY state and even New Zealand -- but the NY Post reported Annette's getting their horse farm in the Hamptons.

The couple split up back in 2017 after Matt was fired from 'Today' over a slew of sexual harassment allegations at NBC. 

Matt and Annette, and of course their lawyers, hashed out the division of their assets in private before filing the paperwork with the court. Annette's attorney, John Teitler, confirms to TMZ that the matter has been settled.

Now, they just need the judge to sign off and they'll be ready to mingle, as they say. Court officials say there's no timeline on when they'll get that stamp of approval -- there's no waiting period, it just depends on the judge's workload.