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K-Fed Hits Brit's Place

12/4/2006 12:43 PM PST BY TMZ STAFF

Kevin Federline: Click to watchKevin Federline made a visit to Britney on her birthday weekend.

TMZ spotted K-Fed Sunday morning as he was leaving the Malibu Colony area where Spears and the kids are currently staying. We're not sure if Federline spent the night, and he wasn't talkin' when cameras rolled during his stop at a nearby gas station.

When asked if the kids looked good, Federline responded, "Always man." Even sweeter, one photog asked if Kevin was currently on tour. His response -- "Take it easy."


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He is so handsome!

2878 days ago


I can't believe I'm going to say this, but go KFED, lol

2878 days ago


You're kidding right? BARF.

2878 days ago


Lacey? Seriously? Most money hungry a**holes are sooo handsome. I hope you arent as dumb as britney!

2878 days ago

Actually I Surprise Myself    

Considering I've spent two years thinking what a rotten guy he is who reminded me way too much of my ex-hubby (from looks to jerk cocky attitude to cheating), and like others I've waited for him to fade into the background PLEASE! But considering how disgusting Britney's been behaving, and putting herself out there,my opinion is definitely changing... A LOT! It iIS understandable when you've been in a relationship that hurts like all hell... and you feel like the World's Biggest A$$ for being with a guy who everyone else could tell was bad for you, that you want to regain some of your pride by saying "Hey, look at me Jerk! I'm not crying, I'm done crying, and you get to see what you lost!" I understand that at first Britney was doing that and the drinking is understandable too. But Holy Hell she could have been private about her pain, and here is Kevin actually being low key and quiet!? He is looking smarter and better than her now and well... that just surprises me, I didn't expect that in a months time the two roles would be reversed! Hmph, let that be a lesson to all spurned spouses out there, don't make the mistake of thinking everyone will feel bad for you and cut you slack. Keep your dignity and don't air dirty laundry and you can actually gain respect back... can't believe it but Kevin has actually gained respect from me for his hush-hush behavior over Britney's!

2878 days ago


I almost feel sorry for the guy these days. ALMOST.

2878 days ago


Yo, the main man Kev's lookin smooth, mabey all the haters ought to try being cool sometimes like k-fed!!!!

Take it easy Bro, you are both a better parent and artist that Britney ever was and ever will!!!!! PERIOD!!!!!!

2878 days ago


She needs to beg HIM to take her skank ass back.

2878 days ago


Looks like Kevin maybe getting better advice from his lawyers, you don't see him in the press partying with who else her new hoefriend Paris. Personally Brit you have a lot to lose. I would be out there acting like a respondible mother before I would be partying with Paris. DUH I'm starting to think you both really did deserve each other after all.

2878 days ago


what are you people crazy. he is not quiet selling there sex tapes is not quiet.

2878 days ago

Ellen Pace    

Give her a break!!! Going out one night and having fun...for like the first time since the births is her entitlement. it doesnt make her a bad mom...look how long he did it.............she brought sexy take justin cameron looks like she smells

2878 days ago


He ain't worth the time!!! Ewww and yuck are my comments.


2878 days ago



2878 days ago


they both suck and r has beens

2878 days ago


Lacey, are you kidding me? K-Fed, HANDSOME?

He looks like some wino that Britney picked up out of the gutter and didn't bother to give a shower or shave to before she slapped some designer clothes on him. He is one of the ugliest people I've ever seen in my LIFE, and it has nothing to do with his personality - it has to with his FACE.

2878 days ago
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