Posh 'n Tots Pop Up

2/12/2007 3:00 PM PST
Notify the paparazzi! Posh has landed in the US again -- time time bringing her tots along for the trip.

The day after hubby David Beckham's triumphant return to team Real Madrid with his stellar game-equalizing goal, Victoria and the couple's two children, Brooklyn and Romeo, arrived in New York City. While the celebritots were dressed for the frigid weather, a mannequinesque Posh turned JFK airport into her own aviation fashion runway, opting for an off-the-shoulder gauzy blouse with her signature Darth Spice cap -- in which a non-robot would have a hard time navigating ... but not Posh!

Fashion victim or not, at least Poshtron had enough sense to strap her kids into their seat belts before their Town Car sped off. Britney, pay attention!