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The Pete Doherty Diet:

Ketchup and Water

4/19/2007 1:22 PM PDT BY TMZ STAFF

Babyshambles singer and supermodel crush Pete Doherty crawled out of his hole just long enough his share a meal with the paparazzi.

At night, he offered a bucket of water to photogs waiting in front of Kate Moss's London pad.

Pete then resumed his hospitable treatment the next morning by offering the paparazzi a squirt of ketchup.

Now we know how Pete keeps his trim look; homemade tomato soup.


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Dawn Day    

Crack is whack!!

2723 days ago

Baby Shamble    

He can chase me down the road with a bottle of ketchup any day.

This photographer actually looks scared!

2723 days ago


Am I missing something?? Why are they taking his picture? He seems like a CRAZY crack head who should just do the world a favor and OD already.

2723 days ago


Who even cares about this loser? He's a drug-addicted, foul mouthed, slut-dating moron.

2723 days ago


He's still alive?

2723 days ago

Baby Shamble    

You people are idiots. I suppose you're all crying over Sanjaya, because you can't hang with rock and roll. Go listen to your Justin Timberlake records. Whether you like it or not, he's the biggest thing in British pop in decades. Both the Babyshambles and the Libertines are legendary already. He sells more tabs in the UK than Lady Di. I suppose that the inadequate American education system and the I.Q. of you all would make it impossible to understand Pete Doherty. Which of you can even name a Romantic Poet, or a War Poet, or even a book, for that matter?

2723 days ago


Baby Shamble, so who cares is his 'band' is famous overseas. he isn't famous over here in america and he is dating an over the hill model. does anyone besides you find this moron interesting and famous???

2723 days ago


Whining paparazzi.

2723 days ago

Fed Up    

War: McCrae
Romantic: Pushkin, Burns, Poe

What about the Beats?

Incidentally, it's not lack of an adequate education that contributes to our inability to understand the little crackhead. It's his relative obscurity. He's not well known off your island, I'm afraid.

2723 days ago


Paul McCartney would never do such a thing. He has always been honest and polite with the media. And he had groupies that hung out at his London home 24 hours a day, and was always polite to them. In fact, a groupie once crawled through his bathroom window while he was not home, and stole some items. This inspired Paul to write a song about it.

2723 days ago

Robin Givens, Toronto, Canada    

He should have taken the bucket of water and dumped on himself, at least he could say he's taken a shower in the last decade.

2723 days ago

miss smiff    


He's an ugly filthy talentless crackhead,,,,,,, pictured injecting drugs into a young girl, remember that ? ......... Trying his hardest to be a tortured artist, how very Rock and Roll ! Just a dirty crackhead and if he didn't have his pathetic crappy band and has-been girlfriend he would be mugging tourists in London with the rest of the junkies.........

2723 days ago


I like Pete and Kate. ;-) Keep representing Baby Shamble - and I know, it sounds like alot of people who post on TMZ don't really understand rock and roll. Don't waste your time trying to explain...

2723 days ago

Whammer Jammer    

Why doesn't someone just get rid of this obnoxious junkie?

2723 days ago


Sorry, Baby Shamble, I am a product of the British education system, and I would be struggling to hum you a Pete Doherty tune.

He is famous as tabloid fodder, not for his musical genius.

2723 days ago
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