Pete Davidson & Chase Sui Wonders Hot & Heavy for Beach Day ... She Shows Off the Bod!!!

Pete Davidson and Chase Sui Wonders are still going strong -- now taking their Winter romance into the early part of Spring ... and showing off some skin for the season.

The couple is enjoying a vacay in Kauai right now -- where they're staying at a summer house, it seems, and were joined by friends Saturday. Eventually, the crew made their way to the beach ... but not before a little suck-face between PD and CSW on the front deck.

Before long, Chase hit the water with the group she was tagging along with ... but it doesn't look like Pete joined her in the water. He was all sweatered up ... she was in a 2-piece.

So, here's the thing ... we're being told this wasn't just a random getaway between Pete, Chase and some pals -- our sources suggest this was actually a meet-the-family trip. We're being told the folks with them might actually be siblings of hers ... but that's not confirmed.

However ... if this is, in fact, a familial thing -- as we've been told -- then it would signal Pete and Chase are getting serious. We know PD tends to cozy up to his SO's broods ... but that usually only happens when he's all in like he recently was with Kim Kardashian.

Speaking of her ... this trip actually has echoes of one he took with KK in a tropical setting while they were together -- only this time, if all holds true, it might be a family affair for his and Chase's first vacation ... and perhaps moving even faster than the last go-around.

Love is in the air ... and in the deep blue, too.

Matthew Lawrence & Chilli Lockin' Lips During Airport Pick Up... A Red Light Special!?!

Matthew Lawerence and Chilli are hot and heavy, and they don't care who knows it evidenced by their emphatic PDA at a Los Angeles airport.

Matthew was spotted at LAX Tuesday and he was clearly on boyfriend duty, as he waited to pick up his TLC girlfriend and all her luggage ... before greeting her with a long hug and kiss on the lips.

After a warm embrace, the "Boy Meets World" star opened her door before hopping in the driver's seat ... but the loving didn't stop there.

The two couldn't seem to keep their hands off one another... exchanging more hugs and kisses once inside his car.

TMZ broke the story ... Matthew and Chilli officially started dating right before Thanksgiving, and they spent the holidays together in Atlanta, where ML met her family. Chilli has also met Matthew's fam and they had nothing but good things to say about her.


You'll recall, the actor recently told us his gf was "one of the most spectacular people" he's ever known ... so we know the huge smiles on their faces during the airport pickup were as genuine as can be.

Of course, we know Chilli don't want no scrub hangin' on the passenger side ... and clearly, Matthew made the cut. BTW, picking up someone from LAX is the ultimate sign you're hooked!!!

Grammys 2023 Celebs Party Big-Time For A Second Night ... Jay-Z and Beyonce In The Mix!!

Some of the biggest names in music were out in force Friday for a second night of pre-Grammy partying, hitting several major shindigs around L.A.

Just like Thursday night, there were were a slew of celebrations in town ahead of the iconic awards show and the parties were flooded with bold-faced names, including Jay-Z and Beyonce.


Jay and Bey, DJ Khaled, Wiz Khalifa, Future and Rich Paul all showed up at the United Master Celebration of Independence in Hollywood. Khaled gave a big thumbs up and even bigger smile on his way out of the soiree. Seems like he had a rockin' good time.

In Beverly Hills, Cher and her much younger fiancé, Alexander Edwards, were spotted hand-in-hand entering and leaving Steven Victor and Tod's party at Matsuhisa restaurant. Cher was smartly dressed in a white jacket and grey slacks while Alex cut a more casual look.

Pusha T, Usher, Pharrell Williams, Tyga and Jermaine Dupri also dipped in and out of the bash -- which served as a celebration for Push and The Dream's Grammy nominations.

Adam Lambert, Casey Affleck and Alessandra Ambrosio were also in a celebratory mood, but they chose a more intimate setting for their get-together at a private home.


By the way...the 65th Annual Grammy Awards kicks off Sunday night at L.A.'s Arena.

Shawn Mendes In the Flower of His Youth ... Check Out the Gun Show!!!

Shawn Mendes is stopping to smell the roses lately -- which seems to be paying dividends, 'cause the dude's looking swole and refreshed as he continues to focus on his mental health.

The singer was out Sunday at a farmers market in L.A., where he stopped off for a little greenery. Looks like he sampled the options -- taking a big whiff of multi-colored flowers, but ultimately choosing what appears to be eucalyptus wrapped up and ready to go.

Unclear who exactly these might be for ... but at any rate, Shawn was happy to flex that he's a plant dad. Emphasis on flex -- indeed, the guy was showing off the fact he's yoked.

SM's been out and about a lot over the past few weeks ... and like we said, it looks like this break from touring that he's on is working out for him. Shawn appears pretty happy these days, focusing on himself and, of course, promo'ing his new movie ... "Lyle, Lyle, Crocodile."

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

The hiatus from performing doesn't mean he's not thinking about music though -- on the contrary, Shawn's still proving he's got a song in his heart. He's been doing some acoustic stuff at home and posting on the Gram for his fans ... and yeah, the dude's still got it.

Until he hits a stage again ... enjoy these MOTS views, everybody. 😎

Angelina Jolie I Blabbed About Brangelina!!! ... Behind Famous 2005 Pics

Angelina Jolie was apparently responsible for breaking the news about her relationship with Brad Pitt, according to the founder of Rolling Stone magazine ... who attributes her for getting the bombshell shots back in 2005.

Jann Wenner's upcoming memoir, 'Like a Rolling Stone,' is full of stories about the celebs he's encountered over the years, according to Page Six ... but this one might take the cake, putting to bed a 17-year mystery on who first blabbed about Brangelina.

Jann owned Us Weekly when rumors were flying about BP and AJ being an item ... when their photographer got a tip about the two staying at a resort on the coast of Africa.

He puts it plainly -- "the tipster was Angelina." Of course, this was all going down while Brad was still married to Jennifer Aniston.

Not only did Jann's photog know where to find them, but Angelina gave specific details about their daily walks, and even where they could secretly snag a pic of them.

Jann says they finally got the proof after Angelina's tip ... adding "we had the worldwide scoop, the debut of Brangelina."


Some folks in Brad Pitt's camp think Angelina has continued leaking stories and believe she's behind the latest one about the FBI investigation into that private plane incident.

Kim Kardashian Shares Story of Pregnancy Body Shaming ... After Watching Britney Doc

Kim Kardashian says she totally understands what it's like to be Britney Spears after watching the new documentary about the singer's life ... because she went through the same intense media scrutiny when she was pregnant.

Kim just opened up on her own experience with media shaming, saying she totally empathizes with Britney after watching the "Framing Britney Spears" documentary.

For Kim, she says the hardest part was when she was pregnant with North, she recalls the media giving her a hard time over her weight gain ... and says the constant magazine covers, like the one comparing her to a whale, made her cry.

She shared a bunch of the covers, with headlines like ... "Dumped at 200 Lbs," "I'll Never Be Sexy Again," "I Can't Stop Eating," "Paid To Get Fat," "Don't Call Me Fat," "I'll Eat As Much As I Want," "Alone & Binge Eating," "Yes, I'm Fat," "Kim's Body Struggle," "You Call This Fat" and "My Butt Won't Stop Growing."

Kim says she was shamed on a weekly basis just like Britney and it really broke her spirit ... and she says no one deserves to be treated with cruelty or judgment, no matter how famous they are or how public their life is.

While KK says she eventually turned the media scrutiny into motivation, she says it still took a toll on her mental health.

Bottom line for Kim ... the media needs to show understanding and compassion, whether it's her, Britney or anyone else.

Alex Trebek I'll Take Hard Hats for $200 ... Precautions After Home Depot

Alex Trebek is not letting the coronavirus pandemic or his cancer battle slow down his DIY ways, but he is taking extra precautions.

The beloved "Jeopardy!" host and his wife, Jean, hit up a Home Depot in Van Nuys Tuesday afternoon ... and then busted out some cool, customized hard hats after their DIY shopping trip, and, of course, surgical masks. They made their way after to the construction site for a new homeless shelter in the San Fernando Valley -- where they took a tour, courtesy of the Hope of the Valley Rescue Mission.

If you didn't know ... Alex is a big fixer-upper guy, and seemed almost ready to get his hands dirty to help out the crew at the construction site! Appears he's still going strong doing all the handiwork himself ... coronavirus and cancer be damned. The work ethic on this guy!

Alex's son, Matthew, made it a family affair by tagging along to the hardware store, though he doesn't have an awesome customized helmet like mom and dad. Maybe he's still in his apprenticeship.

Bottom line ... looks like nothing's gonna stop Alex.

Kim Kardashian Sued That's a Sweet Shot of You & Kanye ... But Ya Stole it From ME!!!

Kim Kardashian and Kanye West got love for each other -- as they've declared on social media posts like this one -- but now she's got a lawsuit too.

This tender moment between the Wests ended up on Kim's Instagram -- back in October 2018 -- and while more than 2.2 million people liked it, one professional photographer hates it to the point he's suing Kim.

Saeed Bolden says he's the guy who snapped the loving shot, and therefore he owns it. According to the suit, obtained by TMZ, Bolden says he never gave KKW permission to use it, nor did she pay him to use it ... so he wants a little something for his trouble.

For sure, it's a rare pic ... Kanye's smiling, after all. The photo was snapped at Nas' album release party, which Kanye produced.

As for how much the pic is worth? Bolden doesn't name a price -- he's suing for any profits Kim's made off the post, plus punitive damages.

Oddly, he's also suing Kim's shapewear line, Skims Body. because he claims it shares Kim's IG account ... though the solo Skims account never posted the photo.

Britney Spears Jet Skiing Off into the Sunset ... Or So It Seems

Britney Spears seems to be getting back to her normal life one couple's activity at a time -- this time she's jet skiing in Florida ... but not without some advanced planning on the part of her father/conservator.

The singer was down in Miami this weekend alongside her boyfriend, Sam Asghari, as the two of them mounted some WaveRunners and hit the water with a splash. She was riding solo, and seemed to be enjoying herself as she caught some speed.

Britney's been going out a lot more lately with Sam -- whether it's hitting the town on a date near Thousand Oaks or going for a bike ride with the dude ... she's very visible.

What's even more intriguing about her cross-country trip here is that her father and primary conservator, Jamie Spears, filed court docs last month seeking to extend the conservatorship to include 3 other states outside of Cali ... and Florida's one of them.

At the time, we were told Jamie knew the Sunshine State is one of the places Brit likes visiting, so he preemptively sought to get a handle on things amid all the #FreeBritney drama from last month ... which appears to have simmered down since her court appearance.

We don't know if Jamie's request to make the conservatorship valid in those 3 states was ultimately granted or not, but if it was ... you can bet he's maintaining a watchful eye.

Justin Bieber Just a Bump in the Road Or a Big Ol' Dent in My Van!!!

Justin Bieber had a little chat with cops in Hollywood Wednesday afternoon, but it wasn't his driving that drew them out to an accident scene ... it was his hired driver.

Bieber's limo van was involved in a 2-vehicle accident that would normally be just a tiny fender bender -- if the freakin' van wasn't so huge! Looks like the back end of a Hyundai Sonata met the side panel of Justin's ride. Unclear who initiated the contact, but police were there to talk to all parties ... and possibly take down an accident report.

Officers spoke to Bieber, but again ... he was just a passenger. Law enforcement tells us both parties exchanged info and went on their way. No harm, no foul. In other words: this is why you pay insurance premiums.

Bieber's gotta know it coulda been way worse. It's a sweet van and all, but it ain't worth $2 million. Tracy Morgan knows what we're talking about!

Too soon?

Josh Duhamel Hangin' with New, Young Date ... Future Baby Mama???

Josh Duhamel says he's in the market for a woman who can give him another kid or 2, and he's definitely found a new candidate ... at least based on the look of the YOUNG woman with him.

The actor was grabbing dinner Monday with a mystery brunette at Nobu in Malibu. There was no blatant PDA here, but it sure seems like it was a dinner date. It was only the 2 of 'em hanging out.

Here's what makes it super interesting -- Josh went on Dax Shepard's "Armchair Expert" podcast late last year and said he wants to father more children, and if he settles down again it's gonna be with someone who's young enough to make it happen.

Armchair Expert with Dax Shepard

Funny enough, Josh had been seen getting cozy with actress Rebekah Graf right around that same time. They aren't hanging out so much these days -- case in point, these pics -- and it should also be noted that Rebekah is already 36 years old. Josh -- who's only got 1 kid so far with his ex, Fergie -- is 46.

We don't know how old this woman here is -- looks to be a 20-something, though -- but based on what he wants ... she might very well be the perfect fit.

Get busy, y'all. Ticktock, ticktock!!!

Jeff Goldblum & Emilie Livingston Everything's Roses ... Down on Melrose

Here's a little something to make your day a bit brighter -- or a lot -- Jeff Goldblum and his wife, Emilie Livingston, acting like high school sweethearts who are deeply in love.

Jeff and Emilie were strolling down Melrose Ave. Tuesday in L.A., hand-in-hand and smiling gleefully while doing it. He's rocking the perfect shirt, too -- a rose-patterned button-down on Melrose. Works for him!!!

Em looked great too, but Jeff's in a baller class of his own.

As for why the couple was so damn happy -- well, they have lots of reasons. Jeff's about to get his own docuseries on Disney's new streaming service, aptly called the "The World According to Jeff Goldblum." He dives into the history and science of everyday objects.

JG ... never a dull moment.

Mick Jagger Down, But Not Out

Mick Jagger might have to sit out a new tour due to illness, but he was all smiles a day after breaking the news ... an encouraging sign, to say the least.

The Rolling Stones frontman was seen hanging at his Miami Beach oceanfront home Sunday -- marking the first time he's been spotted since the band announced they were pulling the plug on their North American tour, which was set to get started in April.

He looks to be in good spirits here, which has got to be a relief to RS fans.

As we reported ... the Stones cited doctors' orders to sit Mick out, saying Mick needs medical treatment and was told to skip the tour. They also made a note that he's expected to fully recover the undisclosed ailment.

Mick released a statement of his own, apologizing to his fans ... but promising to work as hard as possible to get back to 100% so he can the stage again.

The fact that the singer was on his feet and rockin' a big old grin Sunday is at least proof that he isn't fully bedridden and feeble.

Get well soon, MJ.

Channing Tatum & Jessie J Spotted in London Hand in Hand on Jaywalking Date

Channing Tatum and Jenna Dewan are both officially on the move with their new flames ... Channing's finally been spotted out with Jessie J.

The "Magic Mike" actor and singer took a stroll Thursday in London, with big smiles on their faces. It's one of the first times we've seen Channing and Jessie together in public ... after a LOT of juicy speculation.

As you can see -- they looked pretty into each other as they jaywalked across a road and waded into a bike lane while across the pond -- but lucky for them, traffic seemed to be nonexistent.

Meanwhile, back at home, Jenna's been doing her thing as well with her new BF, Steve Kazee. They recently took Jenna and Channing's daughter, Everly, on a Disneyland trip ... just the three of them.

Looks like the conscious uncoupling thing is going swell for these two exes since their big split. Good for them.

Ben Affleck & Lindsay Shookus Back Together ... On a Walk to Remember

Ben Affleck and Lindsay Shookus are reunited ... and it looks so good!

The former couple was back together Monday night, taking a stroll through L.A. ... and they sure seemed to be happy to be in each other's company. Nothing beats an evening walk with your former bae ... who's sure looking like she's back to full-blown bae status.

Ben and Lindsay started hanging out again last month ... after splitting up last summer. They're already back to doing public events together too. The couple was super tight in NYC last week as they flew back to the west coast after one of his premieres.

Not much PDA during their L.A. walk, but we're still ready to call this romance rekindled.

After all, they've got some history, and now that Ben's clean ... why not go full steam ahead? We're guessing, anyway.

Not everyone's looking to be single for the summer.

Khloe Kardashian Quite a Catch for Malika's Bday ... In See-Through Fishnet Suit

Khloe Kardashian might be looking past her Tristan Thompson drama ... but everyone else is looking directly at her rocking a very sheer outfit for her BFF's party.

Khloe was on the prowl Sunday night in Las Vegas, where she was celebrating 2 birthdays -- for her best GF, Malika Haqq, and her twin, Khadijah Haqq McCray. They're well into their dirty 30s at age 36 -- meanwhile, Khloe's a couple years younger at 34.

Either way, it looks like Khloe's ready to embrace single life again -- her wardrobe definitely is. Y'know what they say about fish in the sea, and nothing catches 'em like a see-through fishnet suit.

We haven't seen her with Tristan since his latest cheating scandal -- and there's no reason to think we will anytime soon. As you know, Khloe let Kylie's BFF, Jordyn Woods, off the hook and laid blame on Tristan.

He seems to be moving on, based on the company he's been keeping -- so, Khloe should too.

Get it, girl!

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