Taylor Swift Fully Confident with Sundance Fans As Eating Disorder Revealed in Documentary


Taylor Swift's army of fans have great timing -- putting on an incredible display of support for her just as she was going public about battling an eating disorder.

We got Taylor and an absolute WALL of Swiftees Thursday night in Park City, UT ... where her "Miss Americana" documentary premiered. We're used to seeing her fans show out in force, but you gotta see this ... 'cause they outdid themselves for the Sundance Film Festival event -- and Taylor took selfies with scores of them.

T-Swift was smiling and clearly overjoyed -- moments before going into the theater, where fans got to see her open up for the first time about starving herself while she was on the road. In the Netflix documentary, she says seeing herself in paparazzi photos "where I looked like my tummy was too big, or someone said that I looked pregnant" triggered her to stop eating.

She says the lack of eating started to affect her live performances -- but adds she now understands she's gotta have food to have the energy to get through her shows.

As we reported, Taylor's actually pulling back on live shows this year -- doing fewer huge stadium dates -- partly so she can spend more time with her mother ... who's battling cancer and a brain tumor.

Despite the hard times ... Taylor had a lot to smile about last night.

Meghan Markle Threatens Lawsuit Over Pics in Canada ... Testing New Legal Waters


Meghan Markle's already fuming mad over one aspect of her new life in Canada -- she's ready to sue over paparazzi shots of her and Archie hiking.

Lawyers for Prince Harry and Meghan fired off a cease and desist letter Tuesday to British media outlets saying legal action will be taken if they publish or purchase the pics of Meghan, Archie and 2 pups out for a walk on Vancouver Island.

The letter implies there's definitely going to be a lawsuit coming because the photos are already out there. Multiple outlets posted the pics in question on Monday ... and they're still up today.

The cease and desist letter says, "There are serious safety concerns about how the paparazzi are driving and the risk to life they pose" -- a clear reference to Princess Diana's tragic death in Paris.

Larry David Blows Up at Autograph Hounds ... Still Rewards 'Em!!!


Larry David went FULL Larry David on a gaggle of thirsty autograph hounds who really need to find a new gig, according to him -- and yet, in the end, he kinda encouraged them.

The "Seinfeld" co-creator and star of "Curb Your Enthusiasm" was leaving his season 10 premiere Monday night in L.A. ... and before he could get to his car, he was greeted by the John Hancock brigade. One of 'em told Larry he'd been waiting for 7 hours, and that set LD off on a 'Curb'-worthy rant.

Larry made it clear he didn't tell them to waste 7 hours ... and ripped the group, saying no celeb likes signing for these guys who follow them for signatures, which they turn around and sell.

Bella Hadid Helps Fallen Photog ... BH & Pals to the Rescue


Bella Hadid put on her Good Samaritan hat to help out a female photographer who fell flat on her face in front of the supermodel.

It all went down Tuesday night in Miami, where Bella was leaving Swan restaurant to get in a waiting SUV ... of course, she was greeted with tons of paps on her way out. Nothing too crazy -- that is, until one paparazzo took a nasty tumble at Bella's feet.

Bella was quick to bend down and help her up -- even before her brawny security guard could -- and a few other gals who seemed to be rolling with BH also sprung into action.

It's a pretty sweet moment as Bella and co. made sure the woman -- and her expensive camera -- were okay. Fortunately, she was ... the lady admitted to being a klutz, and was back on her feet in a matter of seconds. The group even chatted for a bit afterward.

The funny part comes when the convo ends and the photog very much tries to get back into job mode as Bella is about to leave. She got the shot she wanted ... we think.

Courteney Cox to Paparazzo Thank You, Thank You, Thank You!!! ... For Saving My Dogs' Lives

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Courteney Cox is filled with gratitude and can't stop thanking the photographer who ran out onto treacherous Pacific Coast Highway and saved her 2 pooches.

Courteney was leaving Giorgio Baldi restaurant Thursday night in Santa Monica and ran into the photog who scooped up her 2 Cavalier King Charles Spaniels after they bolted from her Malibu mansion onto the PCH.


Mind you ... Courteney profusely thanked the photog Wednesday after he handed off the dogs to her, but the appreciation was in full bloom at Giorgio Baldi. Matter of fact -- watch the video closely -- she definitely hands him something that seems to be a cash reward.

The photog is really gracious ... making it clear he didn't want anything in return for saving her dogs -- not even a photo.

Courteney was curious ... since the photog jumped out of his car who got video of the incident? As we reported, the photog had a dashcam that captured the action. You just never know what's gonna happen ...

Kevin Hart Quit Asking Me the Wrong Questions ... Think Big Picture!!!


It's not like Kevin Hart wants paps to hold hands and sing 'Kumbaya' ... but he would like for peeps to focus on important things instead of stuff like safely operating a motor vehicle.

The comedian was out Monday in WeHo leaving a studio where he looked like a man on a mission. But, he was clearly riled by questions about his car crash.

Kevin scoffed at a question about safety regulations on muscle cars -- installing safety harnesses. As we reported, Kevin's 1970 Plymouth Barracuda did not have harnesses and no one in the car had a seat belt on at the time of the crash. Nevertheless, Kevin wants peeps to focus on living life and things that matter ... laughter and love. His words.

As we reported ... Kevin made his first public appearance since his car wreck more than 2 months ago ... accepting the Comedy Act Award at the People's Choice Awards Sunday night. He got the award for his Netflix special, "Irresponsible."

It's worth noting ... Kevin strapped in after hopping into a supped up SLS Mercedes-Benz sports car. Dude definitely seems happy to be back out and about living a busy life after serious rehab and physical therapy for his 3 spinal fractures.

Aaron Carter Lashes Out at Paps You're Not the Boss of Me!!!


Aaron Carter can't take direction well ... or so it seems, after losing his cool with paps.

The singer made an appearance at the "Marriage Boot Camp: Family Edition" premiere party Thursday night at the Mondrian Hotel in WeHo where things quickly went from 0 to 100. Aaron had just arrived, flashed a smile and then flipped the double bird to photogs.

It's unclear what paps wanted him to do -- maybe not flip them off -- but as you can see from the video ... Aaron didn't like it and chastised paps, "You don't tell me what to do. I tell you guys what to do." Aaron then walked away and gave paps a death stare.

Serena Williams Heads to U.S. Open Final ... Mum on Meghan


3:14 PM PT -- Serena Williams just lost the U.S. Open Women's Singles championship to 19-year-old Bianca Andreescu, who handled the tennis legend in pretty convincing fashion -- 6-3 and 7-5, respectively.


Meghan Markle is in the house at the U.S. Open, and she seemed ready to cheer Serena on as she sat behind Anna Wintour. Looks like MM went with a caj outfit for the day, rockin' a denim top and some aviators too. Good choice -- it's a nice 76-degrees out there today.

Serena Williams was in championship mode ahead of the U.S. Open Final -- and that means she didn't have time to chat ... especially for silly questions about Meghan Markle.

The tennis icon left her hotel Saturday with a look of determination on her face as she boarded a waiting SUV, which was ready to drive her to the Billie Jean King Tennis Center in Queens, NYC ... where Serena is facing off against Canadian Bianca Andreescu in the Women's Singles championship later. Paps were standing by, but SW made no time for them.

One photog asked if the Duchess -- a close friend of Serena's, who flew into town this week to watch her pal battle for the trophy -- was going to be a good luck charm for her. She didn't answer ... and the reason is probably this, Serena doesn't need luck.

While we're sure she appreciates Meghan coming out, her presence alone in the stands isn't likely to make a huge difference on how Serena performs. Nice try though.

The camera man made a pretty obvious note to Serena as she closed the door ... saying that the world would be watching this afternoon.

Yes, thanks for pointing that out. She's aware of that too.

Originally published -- 11:32 AM PT

Moby My Apologies to Natalie Now, Can We Talk Earth for a Sec?


Moby is ready to move on from his claim that he once dated, or tried dating, a young Natalie Portman ... 'cause he's got another hot topic up his sleeve: the planet.

The musician was questioned Monday by a pap in L.A. -- just a couple days after he publicly apologized for including Natalie in his new memoir. He drew a ton of backlash when she denied ever dating him in the '90s, despite his assertion they were kinda-almost a thing.

The pap gets to the meat of what many feel was left unanswered ... are the details of what he alleged true or not? Moby fully deflects ... switching gears to climate change.

Waiting for your permission to load the Instagram Media.

In his mea culpa, Moby said ... "As some time has passed I've realized that many of the criticisms leveled at me regarding my inclusion of Natalie in Then It Fell Apart are very valid." He went on to say, "I also fully recognize that it was truly inconsiderate of me to not let her know about her inclusion in the book beforehand, and equally inconsiderate for me to not fully respect her reaction."

Worth noting ... Moby did NOT retract his characterization of their relationship -- which came off as romantic in his book. He paints it like they were circling a full-blown relationship ... saying they kissed a few times and slept in the same bed together once, until Natalie eventually told him she'd started seeing someone else.

Meanwhile, Natalie responded by saying the brief time she knew him wasn't anything close to dating. In fact, she labeled their dynamic at the time as "creepy." FWIW, she didn't specifically deny any of his details either ... other than to say she was 18 and not 20, as he recalled.

So ... case closed?

Olivia Jade In Full Rebuilding Mode ... Amid College Scandal


Olivia Jade is putting her life back together one furniture purchase at a time -- at least that's what it looked like as she left IKEA with a mystery man.

Lori Loughlin's youngest daughter was walking out of the home furnishings store Friday in LA -- with a dude who wasn't her boyfriend, Jackson Guthy -- pushing a cart with just one boxed item in it. A Fjällbo coffee table? Or a Skarsta desk? Maybe even a Vittsjö shelf unit???

Who the hell knows? One thing that is clear -- she's gonna be building something, and seeing how we're told this was shot AFTER a trip to USC ... it's likely she's on the move.

Olivia didn't say much about the college cheating scandal, FWIW. The pap grilled her though, asking if she'd been in contact with her mom, and whether she was moving out.

As you know ... both of Olivia's parents have pled not guilty to the slew of charges brought against them since they were first indicted back in March for allegedly paying upwards of $500k in bribes to get their daughters into USC under false pretenses.

Felicity Huffman went a different route -- copping a plea, but still facing the possibility of jail time ... if prosecutors get their way.

As for Olivia here ... just a snippet in her wonderful everyday.

Kate Walsh Meltdown Mode at LAX Over Bag!!! TSA Couldn't Care Less


Kate Walsh damn near had a meltdown when she realized she left behind a bag on her flight ... though you couldn't tell by TSA's sloth-y reaction to her anxiousness.

We saw Kate shortly after she landed Thursday at LAX, but before our guy could ask a question, she went into sheer panic. The issue? She forgot one of her bags on her Delta flight, and desperately wanted to go back to get it.

Check out the vid ... she was clearly NOT having it with Delta, LAX and TSA staffers who wouldn't let her back into the gate area after exiting. We all know that's absolutely forbidden once you walk out.

Kate, however, eventually talks her way back in ... at least to the TSA checkpoint -- and you gotta see the agent's reaction as she continues her rant. Kinda hilarious.

Equally entertaining here is our photog's play-by-play. For what it's worth, there's a happy ending here.

John Legend Disappoints Paps ... Where's Chrissy Teigen?!


So THIS might be what John Legend meant when he sang, "We're just ordinary people" -- 'cause without Chrissy Teigen, some photogs kinda treated him like a normie.

Kinda ridic when ya think about it ... the Emmy, Grammy, Oscar and Tony award winner was leaving Madeo Thursday night in Bev Hills, and the first question he got -- WHERE'S CHRISSY?!?!

Ya gotta watch the vid ... John's response is hilarious as a throng of paps are immediately deflated. It is true ... we're used to seeing the couple together -- almost always -- so forgive us, John for expecting to see your better half.

Luckily, he wasn't offended, and still shared his thoughts on Donald Trump and the release of the Mueller report.

We still don't know what Chrissy thinks about it, though!

P!nk Cleans Her Hollywood Star Anything for You, Jimmy Kimmel!!!

Exclusive Details

P!nk ain't afraid to get down and dirty ... not when it comes to cleaning her own Hollywood star, and especially when it's for Jimmy Kimmel's cameras.

The pop singer was going to town on her star Tuesday around 7:30 PM in the middle of Hollywood ... as cameras from paps and bystanders rolled. What ya didn't know is some of those cameras were rolling for Kimmel's show. P!nk was filming at Kimmel's studio yesterday, and it appears they took the skits to the streets.

Check out the vid ... you can see P!nk -- who got her star back in February -- down on her knees wiping away with some disinfecting wipes. She also had a roll of paper towels and a scrub.

Some might call it dirty business, but in Hollywood ... it's just show business, baby.

Justin Bieber Pap Sues for Truck Accident You Ran Me Over, Now Pay Up!!!


4/16 -- Wilson's attorney says they're only suing because settlement talks with Justin's insurance company broke down a couple of months ago when they got a "lowball" offer.

In a statement, the attorney says Wilson suffered a torn meniscus and knee cap damage in the accident and had to undergo arthroscopic surgery.

Justin Bieber's getting sued by the photographer he accidentally drove over as he was leaving a church event.

The accident was pretty brutal to see and hear -- back in 2017, Justin was leaving a worship service in Bev Hills when he pulled away in his 2017 Dodge Ram 2500 pickup. The photog, William Wilson, was no match for the monster truck and went down in a heap.


Wilson is now suing Bieber, claiming the singer was negligent in the way he pulled out into the street. In docs, obtained by TMZ, Wilson says he suffered "permanent disability, emotional damages and general damages."

He doesn't specify his injuries, but at the time ... Wilson posted a video from his hospital bed.


You might recall, Justin immediately pulled over and tried to assist Wilson. He also stayed on the scene until police arrived to take a report. Police eventually decided not to pursue any criminal charges against Bieber ... and chalked it all up to an accident, partially caused by camera flashes blinding Justin.

Cops also said the photog shouldn't have been standing in the street.

Wilson's suing Justin for unspecified damages. We've reached out to Justin's camp ... but no word back yet.

Originally Published -- 4/15 3:33 PM PT

Ariana Grande I Won't Get Ripped Off By Photogs Anymore ... Hence My New Photo Policy


Ariana Grande is laying down the law on concert photographers for a perfectly good reason -- she's been taken advantage of by greedy photogs in the past ... and she's over it.

Sources connected to the "thank u, next" singer tell TMZ ... Ariana's new concert photo policy stems from years of being exploited by a number of photo agencies that would often shoot photos of her in concert ... and then turn around to use those to make a profit.

Here's how it would happen ... we're told Ariana would perform, photogs would take as many pics of her as they wanted ... and then, shortly after, merch she didn't approve of would hit the streets with those photos emblazoned on the items. AG never saw a dime from any of it.

A few examples include calendars, photo books, memorabilia and other items that never got the green light from Ari, or her team.

Our sources say after multiple incidents, she and her camp made the decision to tighten things up in the pit. Of course, the National Press Photographers Association doesn't like this new policy one bit -- which is pretty strict -- but we're told Ariana couldn't care less.

Aside from the new rules she has in place, Ariana and her team also have their own in-house photog, and are happy to distribute whatever photos these publications want ... so long as they're approved by her.

While we're told it was only a handful of bad apples who crossed the line with their photo privileges, it was more than enough for Ariana to switch things up.

That's what we call a thank u, flex.

Zachary Levi 'Shazam!' Star Says Scram ... To Pushy Autograph Hound


Zachary Levi felt a grown man seeking his autograph got a little too up close and personal ... so he told him to beat it.

The "Shazam!" star arrived at LAX Thursday night to a swarm of fans and graphers wanting him to sign their merch. Levi was happy to oblige ... except for the guy in sunglasses shoving a photo in his face.

Check out the clip -- the DC Comics superhero argues with the bearded man about his intentions ... then scolds him for pushing people around. The autograph hound disagrees on both accounts.

Zachary also appears to deny a fan a selfie before hopping in his getaway ride, but it's a lot more friendly.

Unclear how many of these fans said the magic word ... "please."

BTW ... "Shazam!" stars Levi as the adult superhero version of a 14-year-old foster kid who transforms into him when he shouts the film's title. It comes out April 5.